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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 25, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ [sirens] >> militants attack ad crowded mosque in egypt sinai peninsula today. the death toll is in the hundreds. >> president trump reacted strongly on twitter writing in part, quote: we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. need the wall. need the ban. god bless the people of egypt. >> former national security advisor michael flynn was one of donald trump's earlier political supporters. he could be breaking with the president as his legal trouble deepens. >> various reasons why you would withdraw from this type of agreement. it doesn't mean that you are going to cooperate. >> the dems legislative agenda awaits as he returns to washington next week. he has major meetings on the hill.
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the white house looks at potential showdowns. tax reform and, of course, government funding. >> the busiest shopping day of the year, some frantic bargain hunters are coming to blows over the best deals. [shouting] >> you are breaking it. ♪ ♪ ♪ walk this way ♪ she told me to walk this way ♪ walk this way pete: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning in for abby huntsman who is still on baby alert by the way lisa booth. >> lisa: i'm not a forensic videographer i think that
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was you wrestling over that television. >> lisa: i really wanted it. griff: she doesn't want to answer that question. have her from washington because we are going to have double d.c. duty here. lisa. the smarter answer should have been i cannot confirm or deny. griff: take the girl out of d.c. and bring her to new york and this is what you will get. griff: it's very great to have her. all the tuckery, all the shopping, there is news and we have a lot to give you this morning. lisa. i did a lot of eating, too. pete: we have leftovers in our fridge enjoy them this morning. turkey for breakfast? try your dish if you can it's been a tough day. we got news yesterday about a horrific attack at an egyptian mosque, president trump over 200 people killed as isis claimed responsibility for an attack on a muslim mosque. the president tweets.
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griff: who is working by the way. pete: president trump said this will be calling the president of egypt in a short while to discuss the tragic terrorist attack with so much loss of life. we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. we need the wall, need the ban, god bless the people of egypt. griff: this is significant because the president also held a call while he is on supposedly vacation as some in the media will point out. he is putting the tweet out, but he had a call with egypt's presidency is i si si about this. we have got to get tough and significant and i know our audience doesn't want to hear a lot about egypt and different tribes in the muslim faith. at the end of the day, it is the worst attack in egypt's history and it is on a mosque. of the sunni tribe most tolerant. this is the radical, the
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absolute isis terrorist clan attacking those within their own group, within their own religion that wants to preacher peace, love and tolerance and the president on his vacation takes time out in mar-a-lago and says this isn't okay. calls the president of egypt. what do you need? in turn, the united nations security council put out a statement shortly after the president's call saying that's right, yes. we totally agree with that every nation should condemn that. lisa. we know the sinai province has been rocked by this insurgency. what we saw by president trump and his tweet is tough talk like we saw on the campaign trail as well. calling for that travel ban, travel pause. also calling for the wall. calling for tougher enforcement in battling these terrorist activities that we have seen from across the world. pete: he made a shift from previous administration i will back el-sisi because i want him to tamp down on radical islamists. maybe the muslim brotherhood
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don't get elected which they had in the past. we had lieutenant colonel tony shaffer on this network earlier. he had this to say about the dynamic in egypt. take a listen. >> we have to be aware it's not just mexican drug cartels that can figure out how to get elicit goods across the border. bad folks will too. we do know they plant people in both refugee pipeline as well as any sort of illegal or illicit activity that they can get ahold of. that's why some of the folks are coming across out of libya into europe because they have gotten into the refugee stream there. this is not a muslim ban. the muslims i have spoken to here, jesse, don't want the violent muslims coming here to kill them as well. >> jesse: right. >> the idea here the president has to do things to set up mechanisms and gateways so the good folks get through. we maintain commerce and shut down any potential of the bad guys coming here. >> jesse: yep. pete: that's right. ultimately it's about
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keeping america safe. you have a strong man willing to take on isis and may not mean all the freedoms we want for the freedoms of that country you allow. griff: that's not all what the president tweeted about. he also tweeted about the cover of "time" magazine, something he likes to tweet about. let's put the tweet up from president trump. he says "time" magazine called to say i was probably going to be named man person of the year like last year. i would have to agree to interview and major photo shoot. i said probably is no good and took a pass. thanks anyway. pete: last year the president was the man of the year and on the cover of "time" magazine. this year they call him they said you will probably be, so we'll take photos and do and interview and probably be. the president says i don't do probably. i'm the man of the year, then i will take the photos. if not, skip it. lisa. for some reason i was
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thinking wasn't it "newsweek" that temporarily ran the madam president article about hillary clinton and then she lost and they are stuck with all these publications that are not factually accurate? griff: can you buy "newsweek"? pete: it's not a publication anymore. turns out they didn't sell enough of them. lisa: maybe it's because of their madam president. pete: "time" magazine tweeted back at the president saying this the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. "time" does not comment on our choice until publication, which is december 6th. i will just say this. i see what they are saying, the reality is "time" magazine, if they are going to have a publication, they are going to have a photo shoot and they are going to have interviews and a story to go with it. clearly "time" has reached out to the 2, 3, 4 people who may or may not be the person of the year. lisa. they called me and said i have got a lot going on. pete: i have to host on the
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weekend i'm really busy. griff: we should ask our people right now lis. griff: should president trump do it? actually, we really wants you. you are our top guy. pete: do you know how often the twitter feed has exposed a sham. they have this facade what they do and how they do it. when is the last time his tweet was shown not to be truthful about the mainstream media? he is saying they called me. they said maybe we'll do it. i don't want to do it if it's a maybe. of course that's what happens. lisa. they have been very supportive of hillary clinton as well. maybe the president was a little hesitant because of that as well. griff: speakin pete: speaking of hillary clinton she has a book out. we haven't heard about it lisa. what's it called?
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griff: we will learn out a whole lot about it if "time" magazine decides to put her on the cover. pete: she may be the person of the year. "time" assistant manager her name is claire howclinton offers one questio one answer te question that rang out collectively from more than half the country on november,2016. the write something frank, reflective, and a piece of modern history. griff: it is interesting to see, too. lisa: that's a strong plug. griff: see where donna brazile fits in there lisa: yeah. griff: and of course the campaign. pete: it's amazing. you think about how -- i don't know what the book sales are on hillary clinton's book. i will look that up in the break and bring it back to you. lisa: i saw it in your briefcase. had you highlighted it.
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there was the little notes on the side for things that you wanted to revisit. pete: why are you looking in my briefcase? lisa: i'm curious. griff: included in our news. just talked to everybody else. give them headlines. we have to turn in here. there is serious news breaking overnight. a fugitive teen wanted in connection with the death of his grand mother caught trying to cross the canadian border. he was caught missing with his grandmother french. finding french's body buried the backyard of the home where mott also lives. police plan to interview mott to find out what happened. intense standoff between guards and prisoners ending with injuries overnight. two inmates taking a paver officers hostage at maximum security unit in tucker, arkansas, about 30 miles southeast of little rock. staff injuries are described as minor. while no update is being
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provided on the inmates. the latest in the string of several violent incidents inside of arkansas' prifnsz, including two others at this facility. and two people are named interim head of a consumer watchdog agency sparking confusion over who is in charge. president trump naming white house budget director mick mulvaney as the acting director of the consumer financial protection bureau. the appointment coming hours after outgoing director richard cordray and obama appointee named his own successor. the dueling appointments setting up high stakes regulators leadership. that's what we need more high stakes legal wrong glings. and president trump spending time on the links with pga stars tiger woods and justin john jon. inviting the stars to jupiter beach, florida during his working vacation sunshine state. fans and club members catching a glimpse of the trio. no word on who won the
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round. those are your headlines. i would be curious to know justin johnson is the number one golfer in the world. tiger pretty good. lisa: i was busy so he called tiger. pete: i feel like that would be a good trio. griff: let's recap what we told them. the president dealt with the worst terrorist attack in egypt killing more than 235. he has dealt with the wishy washiness of time magazine who may or may not be wasting his time. he is taking time to hit the leagues with justin and tiger. pete: we want you to stay with us but that was basically a summary of the last 12 minutes. the left is celebrating the idea of michael flynn flipping on president. >> this is big news, folk he is. >> when i talk to a lot of democratic voters there is this hope and desire that this is going to go into the oval office. pete: the hope and desire. but our next guest says not so fast. griff: democrats say they are looking for fresh blood in 2020. so who are they turning to?
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michael flynn turning on the president. >> michael flynn's lawyers cut ties with president trump's legal team. this is big news, folks. > when i talk to a lot of democratic voters there is this hope and desire that this is going to go into the oval office. that this can be traced back to the president. >> i think mueller is going to want something from flynn on kushner, don jr. or trump himself. lisa. is this just more left wing wishful thinking on trump collusion.
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with us is j. christian adams. >> good morning. griff: christian, tell us what you think about the latest news, we played that sound bite on some of the left getting excited about it what do our viewers on this thanksgiving weekend need to know about this news the headline, of course, the indication that since not communicating with white house lawyers and deal struck and big shoe dropped. what is this about? >> yeah, the democrats you just played are in a rabid frost. they hate the president. they want to get rid of him anyway they can. they are unhinged. what we know about flynn is he is pressuring pressure like other administration people are from this special unrestrained counsel robert mueller and, you know, the latest, the latest leak out of mueller's shop is this might have something to do with a documentary film related to a turkish
3:18 am
dissident who lives on a lake in sailorsburg, pennsylvania. i mean, let's go there because if that's what it is all about, it's going to be even more ridiculous than an indictment about manafort wiring money to an alexandria rug store. it doesn't have anything to do with trump or the white house or the campaign or russia. it's like let's find anything bad somebody did over 10 years. lisa. christian, obviously, we have the "new york times" report that flynn's attorneys, as griff a mentioned pulled out of the joint defense agreement. is it too early to conclude that this is somehow because is he striking deal with mueller or that these conversations are even ongoing? >> yes. because it's just speculation. but, listen, lisa, there is troubling signs here for the "wall street journal" to get a leaked report as there have been lots of leaked reports out of this special prosecutor's office. that this involves a turkish dissident, which was just published. that's a real troubling
3:19 am
sign. and to tell you the truth, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, these leaks fall on hills lap because it's illegal. it's illegal for robert mueller to leak. it's illegal for his staff to be leaking secret grand jury testimony. those are crimes in and of themselves. and if rod rosenstein can't get robert mueller's leaking under control, rod rosenstein needs to go. he needs to be fired. this is about an unhinged special prosecutor that's out of control and nobody in the deputy attorney general's office will do anything. griff: very quick because we don't have much time. were you surprised that man ford engaged or charged with essentially a fara violation not registering as a foreign agent and many people thought it would be flynn first who got that now we realize that flynn jr. could be in quite a bit of trouble as well. do you anticipate what we will see is a similar track as ma manafort engage trying to keep his son out of trouble.
3:20 am
>> you have to keep the lunatics happy. whoever can you indict whether it's family members, maids. distant cousins go ahead. that's the attitude of mueller's office to put as much political weaponization on the president as possible to try to discredit the results of the election last year. griff: thank yothank you, j. christian adams. aide says dan bongino never worked on her security photos. the photos don't lie. dan is here to respond. that's coming up. >> president trump says nfl commissioner roger goodell has lost control after another player kneels on thanksgiving. we'll debate it next. stay tuned. ♪ i can't go for that ♪ no can do ♪ i can't go for that ♪ no ♪ no can do i ♪ i can't go for that
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griff: and some quick headlines roy moore is expected to make first public appearance in two weeks as telling fox news the alabama senate candidate will speak at a rally in fort payne, alabama on monday night. moore has been facing accusations of sexual misconduct by nearly 10 women. the special election is december 12th. and capital police are now investigating whether a nude photo of congressman joe barton posted online is a crime. the texas republican claiming he may be the victim of a former lover who threatened to share the picture after he broke off an affair. and, pete, we are throwing it over to you. pete: thanks, griff. president trump fires off on
3:25 am
roger goodell after another nfl player protested on thanksgiving day. can you believe the disrespect for our country, our flag our anthem continues without penalty to the players. the commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging league. players are the boss. well, does the president have a point? here to debate is democratic strategist michael star hopkins and the managing editor of olympic media katie frakes. thank you both for being here this morning. michael, i will start with you. the criticism is why is he focusing on this with so many other things on his agenda. could you not acknowledge the president can do two things at once or more than two things at once? comment on something critical to our culture while also advancing policy? does he not have a point that politics is downstream of culture? if you don't address what's happening in your culture, eventually it manifests this your politics. what do you say? >> there is a lot to that so let me unpack it.
3:26 am
if the president of the united states wants to be a political pundit i will gladly switch jobs with him. i really don't understand how this is requesting to get the tax bill passed and obamacare repealed and replaced. more importantly what you have is the president punching down. these are private citizens using their first amendment right to talk about issues that they think are important. issues that have been brought to the light and we're all now discussing. i think that's something that we should actually be talking about in a positive way not going after these players. that's what america is about. is being able to talk bun comfortable things. that's what we are doing. >> punching down or elevating the conversation? >> the problem here is that i don't think that the players are bringing up a topic that anyone understands anymore. originally, yes, this was about police brutality. i think that's an important conversation to have. but they have not kept that up. it has diffused into simply a political topic of left versus right. i do think trump has honestly won the debate on this. however, i'm not a fan of his tweets and i never have been. but the real loser here is the nfl. it is the commissioner and
3:27 am
the teams who have refused to take a stand on what they think and they let the players run roughshod over them and they felt the effects as far as viewers and advertisement and clout. pete: michael, i heard what you said about punching down. setting that aside, if you are the president of the united states, and you feel like you are charged with sort of the perspective of our country, have you got young kids watching a game that they love. seeing the players they revere taking a knee during the anthem we all should respect is it not understandable that he would say you know what? if you want to protest, protest somewhere else. but in this game that we love with the national anthem that we love, why can't everyone stand? is that not an important cultural critique when we live in a world where in our schools say kids are taught to be global citizens before they're taught to be patriotic americans? do you get what he is getting at here? >> i don't know which schools they are teaching to be global. every school i have gone to they are taught to be american first. listen, i think there is a
3:28 am
conversation to be had by the president, absolutely. there is a way to do it. i think when you start lobbing tweets and using twitter as rhetorical bomb, i think it makes the conversation so much more loaded. there is way to do it to bring the players and the league together. have a conversation that makes the country better and engages everyone not a way that's divisive. pete: is it not divisible to take a legitimate protest about their perception of police conduct and mix it in with the national anthem that should be a unifying aspect? would you not make that critique as well? >> i think it can be divisive. i also think part of protesting is making people uncomfortable. i know that you served. i hope that other military people like you can understand that it's not solely about disrespecting you guys and that was never the intention about bringing to earth -- or bringing to light an uncomfortable conversation. pete: it's uncomfortable conversation unfortunately conflated with the perception of patriotism and anthem that so many people
3:29 am
revere. katie, the nfl has really suffered from. this ratings have been a problem. folks like myself who are big fans of the league have stopped watching certain games and a lot of other people have as well. what does the nfl need to do to move this forward and, you know, reach some common ground here? >> first and foremost, telling the players to stay inside during the anthem, this new idea that's been floating around is absolutely the worst thing that the commissioner and the nfl could do. telling them to stay in the locker room. that is, again, just the nfl kicking the football down the field saying we don't want to deal with this issue. we are not going to take a legitimate stance as private entities that have hired these people to do a job. if they are not going to do that, fans are going to continue to be angry and continue not to watch. if the nfl, a past time that america loves, has become this political fracas. pete: it sure has. michael and katie thanks so much for your conversation. >> thank you. have a great morning.
3:30 am
pete: have great morning. former clinton aide says dan bongino never worked on her security detail. oh those pesky pictures they don't lie. dan is here to respond next. a judge just delivered a major blow to seattle. on its plan to tax the rich. stick around for this one ♪ i give a little bit ♪ i give a little bit of my life for you ♪ one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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>> i had the privilege of working with and for her as a secret service agent. i found mrs. clinton to be the most deceptive human being, manipulative political person in a position of power i had ever met in my entire life. it wasn't so much that she was a liar is it was that she did it and she deceived and manipulated with such ease. that was dan bongino strong words. we are going to bring in dan bongino former secret service. you triggered some people former hillary clinton staffs who took to twitter and had a different view of whether or not you have a view of hillary clinton. this was nick merrill this is what he tweeted after your segment on tucker on
3:35 am
wednesday. he said i worked for hillary clinton for a decade and two things are true. she has enormous respect for the secret service and a great relationship with the agents on her detail number two this guy, meaning you, was never on the clinton' detail and i don't recognize him in the slightest. so, dan, you know the internet has a way of working this thing out there. are some photos that have emerged of you on detail. griff: the photo doesn't lie. that looks like a young dapping bongino. what happened between that photo and now but the point is, the photos don't lie. it's the same. what do you say now that this has played out. >> this is interesting. that photo was taken in 2001 at the u.s. open tennis tournament was on the back cover of news day. actually a color photo. i don't know why i made it black and white a long time ago.
3:36 am
give it some emotion in it or something. i'm not sure. i had it on instagram. what's interesting about that is these people are very clever. he was right i was not on her presidential campaign detail. but i was there way before nick arrived. my mounds of work and the government documents i have showing my pile of work with the clintons is probably this thick. i knew the clintons probably before nick did. so it's just interesting that he would pick a fight with me. let me just make this point, guy. this is important. this is how the clinton mob works, right? what they do is they need the clintons to stay in power and to stay relevant. they need to discredit anybody with information on the clintons that may impugn their reputation and cover up the bevy of secrets that are still out there. i'm telling you guys because sources feed me stuff all the time. there is stuff out there on the clintons that hasn't been made public. believe me, they know it because they were there when it happened.
3:37 am
griff: stop for one second, dan. i want to get your take on how did this actually make you feel when nick merrill put that out. a you think so communications guy, a spin guy, that's what he does for a living. that's what the press folks in washington do. put that photo up again one more second. you are sitting literally behind her in proximity. your job at the very moment your job is to protect her should the unthinkable happening. you are in close proximity to her we have seen certainly in public events like this things can happen. your life is technically on the line there. we shouldn't overlook that point how does that make you feel when nick merrill says you weren't there. >> it's disgusting and is he a disgusting human being. he really is he has not put his life on anything other than maintaining the political ora the clintons. i say to nick, who tweeted that and went after me with the message. that's fine. you are certainly entitled to do that i respect your right to fight back but i'm
3:38 am
going to fight, too. i swore an oath to the constitution in the secret service. did i not swear an oath to cover for the miss deeds of your messiah, hillary clinton, neither did the people who contact me. i can't give them up. some people have said if you have information put it out there. i totally understand that and i get it i don't think you understand the position i'm in. these are friends of mine associates who have contacted me over the course of many years with very damaging information on these people that are unpeachable and more than credible. i can't just put it out there without getting them hurt. if they say listen this is here i'm afraid to talk because i'm afraid of the clintons which they are. i am not going to put them and their families in jeopardy with their job. the clintons have to be very careful about poking that bear. i'm telling you. i can't say this enough. people know what happened with them. lisa: we want to hear from you on another topic as well. ms-13 victim was stabbed 100
3:39 am
times. his heart ripped out of his chest and a sanctuary jurisdiction out of maryland. when we hear stories like this. obviously president trump has talked about ms-13. he talked about the gang on the campaign trail and also as president of the united states. when we hear stories like this doesn't it make more difficult for critics to oppose sanctuary jurisdictions? >> you know, lisa, the critics have no point we just passed thanksgiving. every day fighting men and women and keeping this country safe, right? that flag drape themselves with what does that mean to you? i'm serious. to the listening audience out there and i know we have a lot. of course you are always welcome to put your eyeballs on this channel what does that mean to you? we have jurisdictions taken that flag and felony it out the window and said hey anybody is welcome here any time for any reason. policies and laws be damned.
3:40 am
what happens? people die. people are killed in the real world when really stupid people in positions of power drag the flag and the rules and regulations out the window and let anybody and their family come in despite the rules and regulations. i asked one simple question to those people. where do you want to go if you are a potential criminal coming into the country illegally? where? do you want to go to a sanctuary county knowing you will never be reported to the immigration for deportation and be protected by police or do you want to go to a law and order county? where do you want to go? pete: we only have a couple of seconds here. how bad is the problem in that district there. >> pete, it is -- it's like a nuclear explosion of illegal immigration in this county. as anybody knows. go there and check it out if you think i'm misleading you. pete: i don't think you are. lisa: we will take your word for it dan, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks.
3:41 am
lisa: new court filings revealing that the research firm anti-trump dossier paid journalists potentially for positive coverage. the house intelligence committee accusing fusion gps hiring journalists who either reported or quoted stories about the document. the assertion made part of the bill to force of the firm to turn over additional bank records. griff: legal battle grew brewing in seattle controversial attacks on the wealthy calling it illegal. the judge says the officials overstepped their north by imposing the tax because state law prohibits tax on state income. the city isn't backing down vowing to appeal setting the stage for a washington state supreme court showdown. pete: i'm still hung up on. if you are paid you are not a journalist anymore. lisa: exactly. democrats looking for fresh blood. 76-year-old bernie sanders is tapped as a favorite to face off against president trump in 2020. yes, you are right. you heard that right bernie
3:42 am
sanders and fresh blood in the same sentence. fightinfight citing sanders as a leading candidate. senators elizabeth warren, camera harris and sherrod brown as well as former massachusetts governor divol patrick rounding out the top 6. those are your headlines. >> make you feel like you have a big future ahead of you. pete: oldest child. rick: i have a bright future ahead of me. pretty nice weekend overall. everybody got to travel back home now. little bit of rain here across parts of the great lakes. it's not that cold. a little shot of cold air tomorrow. and tomorrow any travel plans tomorrow? looking great. we have a system pulling in across the pacific northwest maybe california. portland towards seattle a few light delays but overall that's about it. i got to tell you guys, you
3:43 am
lucked out with this thanksgiving. sometimes have you horrible travel problems. this wasn't one of them. a lot of green. pete: i'm learning green ask good. griff: there are only 12 working days left for the house. can republicans pass tax reform before the clock runs snout and if not, what happens next? ♪ don't bring me down ♪ don't bring me down ♪ paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything-like prescription drug plans... and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare.
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ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. griff: welcome back. it's the final countdown the president continues to push his agenda but the republican's clock is starting to run out. lisa: 12 days left pass tax reform or obamacare before the end of the year? if not, what happens next.
3:47 am
griff: here with her answers is fox news contributedder contd contributor talk show host tammy bruce. did you have a nice thanksgiving? >> i did. griff: did republicans have a nice thanksgiving and are they ready to get something done the next 12 days. >> probably resentful of the fact that something is expected of them. probably prefer not to do anything and take more vacation days. this is some ways artificial deadline they have set for themselves. we have seen signs that mcconnell realizes how desperate the situation is he got a wake-up call primarily from cory gardner the senator leading the efforts for the g.o.p. griff: a democrat. >> pretty much have you got plunge of conservative money. they don't care so much about the grassroots they hate the president. but they do care about big money fundraising. that's having an impact on the nature of what's happening for next year. and they realize that this
3:48 am
is an immediate problem. second is alabama. they have luther strange in there until the end of the year at least. in the event that the democrat wins. now this artificial deadline becomes a serious one. good news is mcconnell he can make happen whatever he wants to make happen. he is not a passive victim here. senator murkowski is suddenly on board. delegates wanted for four years hasn't happened drilling in anwr. they invited her in the resolution of the budget proposed drilling that area. 50/50 split with the revenues for alaska and federal government will bring in over a billion dollars to the federal government. something that she can tout for alaska. it's huge. and that's why she is suddenly on. that's what the senate majority leader can do. lisa: you had mentioned the grassroots it does matter to
3:49 am
the 2018 election. turnout matters. we saw in the senate gubernatorial race ralph northam was able to turn out the democratic base. how nervous should republicans be of inaction on tax reform and being able to get that turnout and getting voters motivated to head to the polls. >> democrats have been winning as we have seen not because they have brought more people out or have the enthusiasm. the republicans haven't had it and they haven't brought it out. can you only do that with money. if the donor class is saying we are kidding you off if you don't get nothing done they will be in bigger trouble. i think it will happen before the end of the year at this point. griff: i like the optimism although the senate has a math problem. thank you very much. remember this antifa leader and teacher who got arrested for assault? >assault? >> [bleep] our street [bleep] >> sir. griff: now she might get her
3:50 am
day in court. a student now suing her. lisa: plus kurt the cyberguy is here with holiday tech for kids of all ages coming up next. ♪ en we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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pete: the national retail federation estimating that consumers, you, will spend more than $950 a person this season. wow. griff: what should you get for your children on your christmas shopping list? i certainly need an answer to that with two teenage daughters. let's bring in kurt the cyberguy. pete: good morning, happy thanksgiving weekend. lisa: sometimes adults like these games too. not just kids. >> to us grownups we will start with this one. this is just out literally days ago.
3:54 am
this called the mototab very cool, very affordable. extremely easy to take on the go. this is a docking thing speaker called home assistant. it's called android on the side. what this is really great at doing occupying kids with video on the go. and it's sold at the at and t stores now 15 bucks a month or it's about $299. i think it's a solid piece of hardware. don't you think? really well made. it does a bunch of great stuff for a fraction of the price of other tablets. this is playstation vr so virtual reality. this takes you off the boring screen of a tv and really immerses you in this interactive game experience. you jump in the game and put this on. spin you out in the parking
3:55 am
lot. it's really gotten great traction. 150 plus titles on it. grand turismo just came out. you want a good deal on this go look for bundles online. griff: that's playstation. >> it will hook into a playstation 4 which that brings us to. lisa: unchartered what did s. this? >> this is a huge, huge franchise. unchartered has just came out with latest one lost legacy. this is amazing game where, you know, you really are going out into space. naughty dog made this. really great for kids. you can't go wrong with that one. great adventure game. put the head set on. hyper x cloud. these are amazing headsets known for winning quality of
3:56 am
gaming. griff: this is for gaming? >> it's for gaming and take off the mikes. lisa: griff doesn't want to let go. what people love about these and they are. griff: what? >> known to be super, super comfortable for long durations of time. that also is just out about $99.09. lastly look down there, another game. this is what i love about this. this is destiny 2. what's cool about destiny 2 is suddenly the girls are in charge. the girls 10 year franchise. the girls are now running the show lots of sin max stuff. giant titles. lisa: so cool now. griff: legends will rise. speaking of rising. kurt. >> go to on go to "fox & friends" and
3:57 am
search cyberguy. griff: we will leave it right there. coming up core lewandowski and president trump versus "time" magazine. you don't want to miss it burgess owens is joining us. ♪
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workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo! >> militants attack a crowded mosque in egypt. the death toll is in the hundreds. >> president trump reacting strongly on twitter writing in part, quote: we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. need the wall, need the ban. god bless the people of egypt. >> former national security advisor michael flynn was one of donald trump's earliest political supporters. he could be breaking with the president as his legal trouble deepens. >> there are various reasons why you withdraw from this type of agreement. this doesn't mine that you are going to cooperate. >> the dems legislative agenda washington next week. the president planning major
4:01 am
meetings on the hill. the white house looks at potential showdown. tax reform and, of course, government funding. pete: last year the president was the man of the year. this year they call him and said he will probably be. the president tweets out and says i don't do probably. if i'm the man of the year then i will take the photos. if not -- ♪ ♪ ♪ when i'm with you ♪ there's no place i would rather be ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪ no, no, no. ♪ no place i'd rather be. griff: start this broadcast with a fox news alert. fox news own pete hegseth probably "time's" man of the year. pete: fake news that is the definition of fake news. lisa: how does it feel? pete: it feels great. i would like to thank my parents and my brothers. thank everyone. griff: we have lisa with us super excited.
4:02 am
lisa: actually time person of the year. pete: let us know if you were to nominate person of the year. lisa: out of the three of us. pete: if you want or choose and rick, he is here, too. anyone else in america. who would your person of the year be? there is a reason we are talking about this. pete: you may be eating turkey or shopping and don't know what the heck we are talking about. we are talking about the cover of "time" magazine and president trump who was notified that he would probably,. pete: probably being the operative word. last year he was the man of the year. person of the year. rightfully so. won an election that no one thought he would win. this year it turns out it looks like "time" magazine was interested thinking about maybe the president will be the man who is put on the cover of time magazine as person of the year. president tweets. i have done it again. i have done it so far. president trump tweeted this about time magazine saying. this "time" magazine called to say that i was probably going to be named or person of the year, like last year,
4:03 am
but i would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. i said probably is no good and took a pass. thanks anyway. proactive tweet from the president. griff: he is taking -- doing phone calls with president of egypt. terrible terrorist attack happened on a mosque there. he is doing all this. and notified hey, listen, we may waste your time to give you the same award we gave you last year. we are just thinking about it we need to waste your time to get ready for it he said no, i don't have time. i'm too busy. i'm dealing with terrorism and all these other things. "time," by the way. "time" tweeted this to balance things out. "time" tweeted this. the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. "time" does not comment on our choice until publication, which is december 6th. and we have nobody better other than corey lewandowski
4:04 am
from new hampshire to weigh in on this. corey, what do you make of "time" cover gate? >> well, you know, why should would he be surprised? the mainstream media has never wanted to give this president the credit that he has deserved. as you know. stock market is through the roof. people's 401(k)s are better than they were a year ago. i don't know who else would be the "time" magazine man of the year other than our president, donald trump. steve: corey, to set this up. does it surprise you at all? because the president came out preemptively and said hey, "time" magazine reached out to me and said i will probably be man of the year but not sure. they want to take photos and do an interview, "time" magazine defensively comes out and said no that doesn't happen, we never talk to people before we reveal it on december 6th. of course they talk to people because they want to do the interviews and the photos. how often does the president expose the media for who they? >> i can tell you this. two years ago in the middle of the campaign when he was about to be the republican nominee, "time" magazine called up the campaign. i remember speaking to them
4:05 am
directly. they said, look, we want to come in and take pictures in trump tower. donald trump may be the man of the year. we can't tell you if he will or won't be. last year the president is now basically the president elect. and now they say we want to come in and take pictures, same thing, we know he should be the man of the year. "time" magazine does this all the time and the difference is this president calls out the media when they are dishonest and no one has ever done it before and that's why the american people love him. pete: i think we have a full screen of the cover from last year "time" magazine of president trump being the man of the year. of course, person of the year, man of the year in that context. how important, corey, i mean, stepping back from this, how significant is his ability to both talk to, interact with the so-called media, see the news that's actually happening, and whether it's true or not true, and then report basically through his twitter feed to the american people what he sees as true or fake news. i mean, almost nobody else has that kind of perch to both see and comment. and what's the lasting
4:06 am
critique the president will have? >> it's so important that, you know, the reason he was elected was because all of the other politicians we just play the game with the mainstream media and he wasn't a politician. he can go directly to the american people through all this social media. he has probably 1,120,000,000 people who follow him. he has 42 million people on twitter alone. what he now does is calls out the dishonest media all the time. what we see now is fusion gps looks like they paid three reporters. let's find out who those people are let's find out when the president goes out and tells people what the truth is, why the media doesn't want to report it that way. so the difference here with this president is unlike the previous administration, he is willing to call the media out when they're dishonest and that's what the american people love about him. lisa: another big topic this upcoming week is tax reform and president trump trying to work with republicans in the senate to get it done. we have seen senators mike lee as well as lindsey graham say that basically republicans are dead if they don't get tax reform done in
4:07 am
the 2018 midterm elections. does president trump share that same concern about the political ramifications if they don't get it done? >> well, i think everybody shares that concern. and when you have mike lee and lindsey graham working together to get a significant tax cut bill done, which is what the president has ran on as a candidate, and has pledged to do as the president. it so important. i think it's going to be very difficult if they don't get this bill done for those republicans to go back to their districted in the elections year next year and say look what we have accomplished because they really haven't accomplished anything. what the president has been able to do through executive orders and through deregulation is to get the economy moving again. to make sure those businesses know that there is a future for them. that they are going to get a tax cut. but now we are relying on congress to get that done. and if they don't get that done, and we have a very short window. we have about a dozen days left in the congressional calendar, then there will be accountability at the ballot
4:08 am
backs. griff: time is running out tuesday the president has a big meeting with the big four, ryan, pelosi, mcconnell and schumer. can we expect? what are they going to talk about. >> look, what i think the president is going to say is u. have to cut the business taxes from that 35% to 20% so we can continue to be competitive in the global marketplace. you have to give individuals a tax cut. this is what he has pledged. this is what he ran on and this is what he says he wants to do. now it's time for congress to act. i think the biggest thing that president wants to talk about is tax cuts for corporations, tax cuts for middle class and making sure people have more money in their pockets because that is what is stimulating this economy. we have $6 trillion in new value. we have unemployment at the lowest it's been in literally a lifetime. but you have to give people the tax cuts because that's what they have do. griff: hang on corey, what you are saying there. let's assume hypothetically the senate comes back and actually this week passes their version of the bill. county house and senate by
4:09 am
year's end reconcile that one thing you've talked about, which is the corporate tax rate cutting from 35% to 20%? the senate bill, if passed as it is, will delay it one year. the house enacts it immediately. the president drew a line in the sand and said 20% right now do you foresee a problem in reconciling that? >> i don't understand what proposition these geniuses in washington think of delaying tax bill until 2019 to delay the cut. it doesn't make any sense. get it done. let's get the relief to those businesses right now starting in january. look, if it were me and i could do it, i would retroactive this whole thing so you could have the tax cuts right now. this is what the president wants. he wants to see small businesses take off. he wants to see people hire more people. make those capital investments. but delaying this until 2019 in my opinion is a big
4:10 am
mistake. let's get that significant portion done. look, if you have to spend an extra day at work, let's do that get what the american people deserve, which is the tax cuts that they have asked for. and let's not just say we have only 12 days to work in christmas in december. maybe you have to work 13 or 14 days, whatever it may be, let's get the bill done. pete: corey i'm not going to dwell on the fact that i. >> hey, hey, the play offs or the play offs. >> come to the home state and play in the super bowl. we will see. the nfl, the cultural critique of the nfl is something this president has made front and center over the last couple months saying stand for our national anthem. on the other side of the aisle there is a different perspective including ben rhodes who has been a long-term mouth piece of sort of the obama point of view. he tweeted this yesterday about president trump. he said trump has done far more disrespect to our country and our flag than any football player. including these constant attacks on black athletes. you know, corey, again, it always go to race.
4:11 am
is the president making it about race or is he making it about the anthem? >> well, as you know, this hassing to to do with race. this is standing up and respecting the flag that my family, my brother, my grand father, my father all fought for in our military that you have fought for to show the respect that it deserves. and, look, remember, this is a game. i stand with jerry jones where he says roger goodell should not be paid $50 million a year a free jet and healthcare for life for a league which is falling apart when you can't, you know, they make rules so that players have to wear certain socks and certain shoes and can't wear certain things on their jerseys but you can't ask them to stand and show the respect for the flag? it has nothing to do with race. this is all about showing the respect for our children and our grandchildren and making sure that they understand that the flag is something that we honor. that our families have fought for. that as a symbol of our great country. you know what? if you are not willing to stand for that amazing symbol. then maybe you shouldn't have the privilege of
4:12 am
playing a game for a living and make a lot of money doing it and i hold roger goodell responsible for that. griff: you are in new england your patriot owner bob craft on the board whether or not they rehire they hire roger goodell or not. pete: keep those bawls inflated all right, bud? >> do my best. griff: corey lunged, thank you very much. turning to your headlines breaking overnight. a fugitive wanted in connection with the death of his grandmother caught trying to cross the canadian border. logan mott was reported missing with his grand mother french earlier this week. found the body in backyard of their home where mott also lives. the home as ransacked and several guns missing. police plan to interview mott to find out what happened.
4:13 am
lisa: maximum security unit in tucker e arkansas southeast of little rock no. update is being provided on the inmates. two others at this exact facility. pete: tucker was a popular guy didn't know they were flaming cities after him. what is the most american thing that you can think of? ♪ living in america ♪ eye to eye ♪ living in america pete: that's pretty close dancing from in front of russians american flag. posting the most americans things they can think of. among their responses i open a beer with an ammo clip last night. i won a shotgun in a raffle. deep fried bacon wrapped cheeseburgers and baseball and hot dogs should have added a beer. those are your headlines.
4:14 am
lisa: pretty american. griff: excited about the idea of michael flynn turning against the president. is this another far-fetched russia fantasy? that's coming up next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
4:15 am
4:16 am
and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough...
4:17 am
until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> this is big news, folks. >> when i talk to a lot of democratic voters there is this hope and desire that this is going to go into the oval office. pete: well, if you are watching any other network this morning, of course, as usual it's wall-to-wall russia, russia, russia as the left celebrates, frankly, the possibility possibility, just the possibility that general flynn might flip and turn on president trump but is this just another farfetched russia fantasy? i normally have my print edition of the failing "new york times." i don't have it this morning. i don't know why.
4:18 am
griff: it failed you. pete: i was going to have it on my iphone but that would not be useful the headline of the "new york times" is a split from trump ibsd indicates flip is moving to cooperate with mueller which could be one of many scenarios not clear that that's what happened. griff: flynn's attorney stopped communicating with the president's attorney ty cobb and said look, we are not talking to you anymore. and that, in many cases, indicates that flynn may be try position cut a deal or has a reason not to share it. now, remember, as lawyers know, and i'm not one. pete: but you play one on tv. griff: defense attorney shares information. we also know that michael flynn's son michael flynn jr. has been under federal scrutiny as well for some of the same reasons that paul manafort and rick gates were indicted, which is essentially lobbying and not ledgering as a foreign agent, right? pete: sure. what have you now is the "new york times" making a
4:19 am
big thing suggesting that flynn is ready to cut a deal and that is because they are implying that flynn is going to talk about, among other things, president trump asking james comey then fbi director james comey to drop the case against flynn. these what they're hoping. lisa: a lot of hypothesizing going on. it served their interest no longer to be sharing this information and having these discussion among the attorneys. we simply don't know. if you read the headlines, you look at the mainstream media, you would obviously -- you wouldn't think that you would think that there is this deal that has already been struck, which we simply don't know. even if they are communicating with mueller, we don't know if there is going to be a deal that they ultimately strike. there is so much that we don't know here yet that's not what you would think if you read a lot of the headlines. griff: again, many thought that flynn would be indicted before manafort and gates
4:20 am
based on his communications and the work did he prior to the campaign and his connections with russians in the same reason that manafort was indicted. but a larger leap of faith that they suggest that it's going to come back to president trump. we have had to this date no piece of evidence, nothing that suggest collusions and this one glimmer of hope is they have quinn saying. pete: what you are saying is ultimately jumping to the banner headline it's got to lead to the top man. lisa: we simply don't know is the probable we have right now. pete: or it couldn't and they are covering hyperbole. griff: we could talk forever. lisa: we don't have time. pete: remember this antifa leader and teacher who got arrested for assault. shouting [bleep] pete: punching people now she might get her day in
4:21 am
court. a student suing her. his lawyer joins us next. lisa: forget about finding water on mars. one company wants to make beer in space. how about this? sounds interesting. pete: we have him on the show ♪ ♪ in? no, thanks , santa, i got this. looks a little tight. perfect fit. santa needs an f-150. that's ford, america's best selling brand. hurry in today for 0% financing for 72 months across the full line of ford cars, trucks and suvs! and just announced... get 0 % apr for 72 months plus $1000 cash back! take advantage of these exclusive holiday offers during the ford year end sales event.
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4:24 am
griff: time for news by the numbers, $3.5 billion is how much americans spent online during black friday. the sales up 15% from last year. next, over $100 billion, that's how much amazon founder jeff base zos i bezos. jumped 2% from black friday sales. finally $6.6 billion. that's the amount of money americans are expected to spend on monday, cyber
4:25 am
monday, the day now surpassing black friday as the top post thanksgiving shopping day in the country. pete? bay zos has $100.2 million more than i do. protest leader and middle school teacher. she is a middle school teach his or her got arrested for assault. take a look. [shouting get the [bleep] off our street. >> police officer. pete: middle school teacher. now she is being hit where it hurts. former uc berkeley college republican president troy warden is suing yvette for $100,000 in damages. he claims she threatened him and limited his right to free speech. his litcsh the attorney representing troy warden and he joins us now. >> hey, thanks for having
4:26 am
me. his lisz you are seeking $100,000 worth of damages alleging assault -- or alleging harassment on college campus, troy is. tell us a little bit about that. tell us about. so harassment he is facing. or he has faced. >> yes. well, yvette actually through warden got a harassment restraining order which affected his first and second amendment rights and restricted his ability to get around the campus and made it impossible for him to do his job at berkeley college republicans. in order to get this temporary restraining order, she had to lie to the courts and said troy said things that we had video evidence of their encounter which he never said. and she alleged events that occurred certain time and date, and school showed that troy was at work during those times. so she lied to the courts, got this temporary
4:27 am
restraining order. the purpose of which was to -- so that she could have her meeting to disrupt the ben shapiro event in august. we are now counter suing her back for damages and we are suing her attorney for sanctions for bringing this frivolous action. pete: mark, we have been showing videos of yvette and punching a protester that was not your client troy worden. we will note that yvette is the leader of a group called by any means necessary, an anti-fascist group, by any means necessary according to her means punching people at events if necessary. where do you believe this will go ultimately? your client is suing because he doesn't want to be assaulted and wants the ability to have free speech as a college republican at berkeley. what's your hopeful outcome on this? >> well, you know, as you said earlier, hit them where it hurts in their pocketbook. and, you know, we're not
4:28 am
just going after her. we are going against her attorneys. her attorneys are actually driver is one of the actual leaders for the organization by any means necessary. so we're going against the organization. this was a clear plot by the organization by any means necessary to restrict the berkeley college republicans because they did not like the speech that they were given. yvette has said that she thinks it's self-defense to beat up somebody who she calls a fascist and she is calling the berkeley college republicans fascists. so, by implication, she thinks it's okay to beat up college republicans. this all arose from a meeting that she was having where she was planning on disrupting the ben shapiro event. and when the berkeley college republicans showed up to try to discuss it with her. they tried to use fort to keep the berkeley college republicans from attending a meeting where they intended to disrupt the event.
4:29 am
go ahead. lisa: mark, i want to get your reaction from a statement from her attorney to the eastbay times in quote: this motion is his attempt to use the courts to continue stalking -- to continue stalking ms. felarca the first amendment does not give worden the right to stalk people or to violate rerestraining order in and be in her face and take video of her for 30 minutes, which worden did after the court commanded him to stay away. >> they are blaming troy worden for the action that they themselves are doing. the allegation that he violated a restraining order actually came out in court that she basically served him when he was -- you know, she obtained a temporary restraining order. waited until he was like within 20 feet of her and then had one of her friends serve it you know, based
4:30 am
upon the interaction between the team, it was like paper thrown at him. he said let's call the police over here. took the police about a half hour to come over and when the police came over and said yes this is, call this in. yes, this is a temporary restraining order, he left but, it's a complete recitation of the truth which is their tactics. lie, cheat, tell lie loud enough, long enough, hopefully people will believe it. pete: you have a group called by any means necessary and you use violent means why are you going to be surprised if you are held to account for it mark muser, attorney for mark worden, thanks for being on the program this morning. >> thank you. pete: the video is crazy. a woman pulled from the tracks seconds before a speeding train arrives. look at that my goodness. so, why was she on the tracks in the first place? we will bring it to you. lisa: that's pretty scary.
4:31 am
forget watergate or russia. the new scandal for the white house. pie gate. ed henry is here next to react. you don't want to miss it. (door bell rings) you're drew brees?! i'm sorry to bother you, but my car broke down and i'd really appreciate a ride to the stadium. yes! ...but, no, i have to stay here and wait for a package. i thought anybody who rooted for me would have fedex delivery manager. that way you can sign for your packages remotely and even customize your delivery time. (car alarm beeps) excuse me sir, could you take me to the stadium? sure! hop in. - thank you.- hope you like jazz fusion. (neighbor starts singing) sorry. customize your deliveries with fedex delivery manager.
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4:35 am
♪ take a look what you done pete: that is your shot of the morning. twitter feeds between wendy's and mcdonald's. start with this tweet when mcdonald's forgot to paste crucial information about black friday you need a link. >> wendy's coming in hot replying quote when the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine. mcdonald's responding blaming the mistake on not having enough mccafe coffee that morning. i can tell you this is a throw down in the dirt. lisa: i love bad blood playing. griff: bring in ed henry to weigh in on this pick a side. ed: i think mcdonald's had that wrong tweet on purpose we are talking about it. you notice about this whole thing starbucks gets your name wrong a lot of times. wolf blitzer pointed one recently and they called him a starbucks wolf. they post it and gets retweeted 5,000 times and
4:36 am
talking about it and they sell more coffee. i think mcdonald's made that mistake on purpose. i could be totally wrong, you are on the couch, every time someone comes here is pete being okay? sometimes he says the most outland dish things. we want to make sure you are doing okay. lisa: i grew up with three brothers that prepared me for everything. i'm good. d.c. is well represented on this couch. pete: this couch is full of good journalists. we are learning now this morning that the firm behind the dubious trump. ed: dirty dossier. pete: may have paid up to three journalists on the trump dossier savment journalist still a journalist if they are paid by a third party to create a document? ed: no. especially because in this case what have we heard about the spin why the dirty dossier is not a big deal. we have heard opposition research.
4:37 am
opo research happens in all campaigns. search democrats and republicans working on oppo about each other. journalists who are supposed to be monopoly partisan who are not supposed to be biased helping, maybe? being paid to help dig up dirt on donald trump as a candidate? a, and b, potentially being paid for favorable coverage of a dossier attacking donald trump? that, obviously, is not journalism. lisa: we don't know who these journalists are. what's the likelihood we find out. >> i think we will find out the names. devon nunez, who is the republican on the house intelligence committee has been pushing for this. it turned out to be a great strategy. a lot of people mocked devon nunez for along time. he was demanding the bank records from fusion gps. they went to court. that's how we learned that the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign funded the does yea when it wept, you know, focused on russia. the early stage we also learned we should be fair that the washington free beacon which has a lot of conservatives who are sort
4:38 am
of never trumpers fufnsded the early stages of this which was just negative research during the primaries. not related to the russian dossier part. nonetheless, it was getting those bank records where we found out. so now they are demanding the bank records of which journalists got paid and what's fusion g.p.s. saying? the first amendment protects us. i believe strongly in the first amendment. but not to protect people who are not really journalists. griff: we may get the names. let's talk about other names. that is the fresh blood in the democratic party. you may have seen this, the hill reporting the new fresh blood names bernie sanders. lisa: not ironic. it's real life. griff: even more new blood elizabeth warren camilla harris and sherrod brown. what do you make of this? we have the graphic up here all the new blood. pete: this is what democrats are saying they want. >> democrats keep saying that they got donald trump on the ropes and robert mueller is going to do this and that. you were just talking about
4:39 am
it. they don't really know. they don't have facts on what is happening in that investigation. the democrats are not regenerating their party. while they are trying to, you know, press president trump. they are not coming up with new leaders. they are the same old faces. go beyond the presidential candidate. ed ed nancy pelosi is still in charge of the house democrats. chuck schumer, they have the same faces. pete: you have been in washington a long time. have you power you don't want to relinquish it. ed: they want to grasp power and keep it when i have conversations with senior democrats in washington they say two things. one they can't stand donald trump that's obvious. they do that in public. what do they say in private. they think he is going to get reelected. they don't think senior democrats that they have neighbor can take them on and beat them. that's the trump card. >> senator camilla harris senator from california. rising star. president obama tried to help her raise her profile. we are hearing a lot of
4:40 am
chatter which you heard a lot of the former obama money may be going to camilla harris. how hard is it going to be for her to break in againsts sanders and warren? he had ned a weird way it might be easier because what we're talking about now, i think, democrats will some point wake up, maybe not before the mid terms but after that they need new leaders. we didn't see barack obama coming so it's hard to break that or donald trump. there is somebody we don't know right now. lisa: we have to get your take on the most important topic of the pie gate. managed this pie family farm to which april ryan responded show it to us on a table. ed: she d.c. didn't believe. pete: press pool critical of the president. says i don't believe you sarah sanders. lisa: she responded don't worry, april ryan, because
4:41 am
i'm nice, i will bake one for you next week. #real pie, #fake news winky face to which april ryan responded okay, i want to watch you bake it and put it on the table but forget -- forgive me i won't eat it remember you guys don't like the press. ed: as if she is going to be poisoned by the white house. look, i think god forbid the media looked at uranium one or any other big story out there. lisa: pies. ed: there is only one response there must be a special counsel and i predict at the end of it the white house is going to get creamed. ed: come on, that was good. lisa: someone offers it you bake you a pie the only answer is yes. ed: who would question. griff: let me connect some dots here. while it was very entertaining, remember april ryan, a member of the white house press corps got into a big spat with sean spicer
4:42 am
and there is a book out. cnn commentator taking it farther and talking earlier in this segment about journalists being paid for. are we in a new age where really the opinions of members of the white house press corps who are supposed to be the fairest arbiters in a hold that executive branch accountable. are we in a new age. >> its embarrassing that we are pie as opposed to being in the pressroom. i got april ryan and other reporters. pete: totally unbiased. they all have biases, we all do. ed: i think it's frivolous to be going after pie. pete: you, griff do a good job playing it down the middle and understanding. so many members of the media have exposed themselves and small petty stuff like that. ed: attack sarah sanders for nothing. air sara sara we have terror
4:43 am
attacks arranged the globe. ed: this is what we focus on. lisa: you mix it up on the pies. come on, get real. pete: you care more about pie gate or uranium one giving away $15 million. ed: they have to issue subpoenas or supienas. [laughter] pete: fred i pete: ed is on a roll this morning. griff president trump says roger goodell has lost control after another player kneels on thanksgiving. super bowl champ burgess owens is here to weigh in on it ♪ don't you know i'm still standing ♪ bought a house. -oh! -very nice. now i'm turning into my dad. i text in full sentences. i refer to every child as chief. this hat was free.
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lisa: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines for you,
4:47 am
intention moments as police rescue a woman seconds before a speeding train pulls into the station. woman was drunk when she tried crossing the railway in australia. police released this video warning people not to walk across the tracks. she is charged with entering restricted area. king of beers king of space. planning to brew beer on mars after announcing plans. sending a shipment of barley to the international space station next month. if the grain reacts well to the environment, bud says it will move forward and be ready for a toast on the red plan nevment pete? i'm sure you would like to try that beer. pete: president trump putting the nfl on notice once again. griff: president tweeting yesterday. can you believe disrespect to our country or anthem our flag continues without penalty to the players. the commissioner has lost control of the merging league, players are the boss. pete: so does our president have a point joining to us weigh in former nfl player
4:48 am
and super bowl champion and author of the book "liberal or how to turn good men into whiners, wienies and wimps, burgess owens. thank you for joining us this morning. happy thanksgiving weekend. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. pete: if you would, give us your renewed update on the cultural critique this president is making. just one kneeler on thanksgiving, his point is one is one too many. what do you say to that? >> first of all, this let's start off with what most of us recognize our institutions are under attack. god, family, country. i'm so excited that we are having these conversations and would only happen because we have a president who is willing to tweet and drive the left nuts. and so i am excited about. this at the end of the day, nfl, i played for 10 years. i would have loved to have been asked how to one the new york jets when i was there because at 20 years old you knew it all. have you all the answers. we need leadership. the nfl needs to step up to the plate, recognize what's going to work for it country and pride and country flag
4:49 am
and culture is what the bought line. if you want to run a business and be successful, you teed to protect that young people don't understand that yet until they get out there in the real world. it's all leadership. and thank goodness we are having the conversation because young men need to recognize how proud we should be of that flag. griff: burgess, let me cut to the chase. the president in the last tweet directing directly at commissioner goodell. what advice do you have? what would you tell commissioner goodell? >> i would say this: we have a president who has been a builder. he has built empires. he has understood how to make business happen. he has gone risk, had a vision. i would suggest that he takes advice of president trump and listen to what a builder says. get back to where our country -- our young men and women respect the flag and you do that again, the nfl just might come back to be the great institution that we all grew up with and we are proud to be part of. they need to do something different. right now taking their own advice is not going to do it for them.
4:50 am
pete: you describe what's happening happening now behind the curtain that the black community something radicalized by the left to be anti-american, antipolice and antiwhite. in effect, racist. expand on that. will you? >> i would be happy to, pete. what you are seeing on the sideline is the result of 20 years of indoctrination. we don't have young men that make millions of dollars per year that stand on the sideline and do not appreciate where we are unless they have been taught that. so, behind the curtains we have in this environment have you socialists and marxists, i will say that again, to teach our kids to be antiwhite, antifamily, anti-american and to go to black entertainment television you will see exactly what they see the black people as. so understand at the end of the day we need to get back to that. deal with that issue. griff: all right, burgess owens, thank you very much. we have to leave it right there. we will see if anybody kneels today. thank you very much. pete: tomorrow. >> bye. griff: exactly one month away from christmas. we will help you pick out the perfect tree and tips to
4:51 am
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i am the proud father of aeness very strong little girl named adelaide who was diagnosed with infantile spasms an incurable and debilitating form of epilepsy. it's been a devastating journey that has robbed my baby girl of normal development. that's why i have launched the my shot at epilepsy campaign and i'm asking you to join me. take your shot at the hamilton pose, donate to help us find a cure, and lastly, share it on social media. this is our shot to take. learn more at:
4:54 am
griff: tough time finding the perfect christmas tree. lisa: we won't let that happen to you. pete: i don't know about you. i feel like you always land on what is perfect for you. here to take some time here to show you how to pick the perfect one is harold from nyc trees. harold, thanks for being here this morning. lisa: what do we need to know. >> know when it's cut. ask the person you are buying it from when it was cut. pete: will they know.
4:55 am
>> it's their responsibility to know. big retailers will cut their tree in mid october for shipping. those trees won't last until the holidays. when was the tree cut from the farm. you want a late cut and fresh cut. rick: is there a general rule? >> if they can't tell you definite that it wasn't cut in the last week from the farm. try to go to the next place or ask for a different type of tree. you want the tree cut from the farm within the last week or two. and then before they give you your tree, you actually want to give it a fresh cut. what that does is they cut off a couple inches off the bottom and opens up the poors of the tree so they can absorb water. >> they will do that for you? >> they absolutely should. griff: me dad used to pull on the thing. we only sell frazier firs. quintessential perfect tree. they take longer to grow than regular christmas trees. it grows super strong good for ornaments and look at the needle retention. no needles will come off.
4:56 am
lisa: smells like christmas. brian: does anyone come to your lot and ask you to turn this upside down? there is a thing now upside down tree. >> i heard about this very unique. lisa: what do you think about it? >> i personally like my trees standing upright. whatever the people want, we do. rick: a price for everything. >> actually a couple years ago i hung a couple trees upside down they wanted it from their ceiling. whatever they want nyc tree also do it for you. rick: how they find you fyc >> yeah, nyc guaranteed a perfect tree. delivery date and time. rick: that's for here. griff: you deliver to the house? >> yes. deliver to the house. pete: never heard of this. lisa: visit. griff: thank you very much. all kinds of good tips. >> thank you, guys. griff: dr. sebastian gorka, alan dershowitz and geraldo rivera all coming live.
4:57 am
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by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. look at us. >> militants attack a crowded mosque in egypt sinai peninsula today. the death toll is in the hundreds. >> president trump reacting strongly on twitter, writing in part, quote: we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before and we will. need the wall, need the ban, god bless the people of egypt. >> former national security advisor michael flynn was one of donald trump's earliest political supporters, but he could be breaking with the president as his legal troubles deepen. >> there are various reasons why you withdraw from this type of agreement. it doesn't mean that you are going to cooperate. >> the president planning some major meetings on the hill. the white house looks at potential showdowns over tax reform. >> we have already seen
5:01 am
signs that mcconnell realizes how desperate the situation is the doppler class is saying we are cutting you off unless you get something done. bigger trouble. pete: last year the president was the man of the year. this year they call him probably be. and the president tweets out as you said, griff, i don't do probably. >> "time" magazine does this all the time. the difference is this president calls out the media when they're dishonest and no one has ever done it before him and these why the american people love him. ♪ ♪ ♪ boom, crack ♪ sound of my heart ♪ beat goes on and on and on and on ♪ boom, crack ♪ make me feel good ♪ come on to me. >> charli xcx never heard of them. griff: boom clap, we have lisa booth with us. i will boom clap for that. lisa: thanks for having me here. i appreciate it. pete: saturday after the thanksgiving that is thanksgiving. it's kind of like no man's
5:02 am
land. some people worked yesterday. it's weekend. we hope you are laying in bed under the covers flipping on the tv and watching us. pete: i will tell you who is working. the president. the president trump working making calls to egypt where there was a terror attack worse in egypt's history tweeting about something we are going to talk about which are magazine covers but also tweeting about tax reform. i hope the republicans stuff themselves, got some rest and maybe even went shopping and got something. when they come back, they are going to have to do the nation's business. pete: that's what lawmakers need more of at this point is more vacation. they don't take any vacation. it seems like all they do is take vacation. they have a few days left before the end of the year. 12 days on the legislative calendar to get something done. tax reform has not just policy cobs sequences for our country and our economy. but very real political consequences for republicans. we at corey lewandowski chief strad strategist of america first policies and a former campaign manager for president trump. we had him on the program earlier. he talked about the stakes of the next month and a half
5:03 am
on capitol hill as it pertains to republicans. take a listen. >> i think it's going to be very difficult if they don't get this bill done for those republicans to go back to their districts in the election year next year and say look what we have accomplished. because they really haven't accomplished anything. what the president has been able to do through executive orders and through deregulation is to get the economy moving again. to make sure those businesses know that there is a future for them, that they are going to get a tax cut. but now we are relying on congress to get that done. and if they don't get that done, and we have a very short window. we have about a dozen days left in the congressional calendar, then there will be accountability at the ballot box. those republicans at the house and the senate will be held accountable. griff: here is where we are. the president holding a meeting with a big four. the leaders of the house and senate. he even said he is going to go to a policy luncheon for the senate. okay, guys you are not going to get it done. i will sit here while have you lunch and get tax bill passed what do you make of
5:04 am
this. lisa: trying to come up with a deal to avoid a government shutdown as well on funding the government. tax reform has been a huge issue for republicans. the house got it done. but there is a lot of concerns that the senate are going to fail just like they did with obamacare and not being able to get that done. what's at stake here as corey laid out is really the midterm elections and the concern that republicans are not going to feel motivated. republican voters are not going to feel motivated to get out into the polls. we have had senators mike lee, senator lindsey graham all express concern that republicans are essentially dead electorally and politically if they don't get tax reform done. pete: lisa, you have been involved in republican politics. how does the president navigate if you are never trumpers and more strident conservatives to get to 50 votes which he needs? what's the strategy at this moment? lisa: i think the hope is there is that political pressure of every republican looking at the senate map, looking at the house map and looking at 2018. realizing the fact they have made all these promises to republican voters and concerns headings into the midterm elections that voters are just not going to
5:05 am
feel motivated to turn out. we have seen the democratic party is energized. would hwe have seen that in the marches, the protest. we saw that the virginia gubernatorial race. the concern is that they are going to be more motivated than republican voters. pete: don't get it done we all hang. lisa: new blood. pete: president involved in policy. left likes to talk how you can't do policy and tweet at the same time. lisa: president tweet. pete: dipete i did call him president tweet in prior hours. is he president trump. "time" magazine you will remember last year he was "time's" person of the year. he has insight about the process this year. president trump tweeting this yesterday. he said "time" magazine called limb to say that i was probably going to be named or person of the year. like last year. but i would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot and i said probably is no good. and took a pass, thanks anyway. and that brought a quick rebuttal from "time" magazine. of course, these are some
5:06 am
video of the photo shoot last year when he was named "time" man of the year. "time" tweeted this back at the president. they said the president is incorrect about how we choose person of the year. "time" does not comment on our choice until publication, which is december 6th. griff, i mean, but he is pulling back the curtain, of course they talk to people that could be the person of the year. because they need the photo shoot. they need the interview. griff: the president is trying to pass the most historic tax reform in more than three decades to bring tax relief for all americans. is he dealing with expleading isis problem in egypt. and they said we may take up your entire day and make you play with an eagle. i don't know if we have that video. pete: that is the past one. griff: have you seen these things. i have got to tell you. i have been on photo shoots when i worked with oliver north he would be featured on magazines. they take hours. there is a lot of people and it is time-consuming.
5:07 am
there is the eagle there how long do you think he had to play with the bird. he said i'm not playing with any birds. you either one or i don't. i'm busy. >> we asked you what you think and that's what we really want to hear joyce on facebook said if i were the potus i would not give them the time of day. steve said this was a brilliant move on trump's part. who can be on the cover now? second best? the donald strikes again. and marianne said those of us who care about our country do not care what "time" magazine thinks. pete: again a larger critique from this president saying i'm going to let you all underneath the hood of how these things really really happen. what "time" magazine doesn't want you to know there is stuff underneath the hood. in reality there is a process that goes into these things. he was asked and considered rightfully so one year into his presidency. who else is more influential in the world than this president driving conversations across the spectrum he said preemptively i said no thanks. "time" denies it? why doesn't "time" come out
5:08 am
and say -- he tells the truth they go no, no, no. we don't do that because they get called out and can't handle it they have never been called out before. griff: i'm going to ask our viewers to take a vote. do you want pete or lisa or pete and lisa on the cover of "time" magazine. pete: i love lisa but neither is also an option. lisa: no, that's not an option. griff: maybe they should put a by on the cover. lisa: speaking of by there is by gate. sarah huckabee sanders had tweeted out. that was not the pie. i don't cook much these days but managed this chocolate pecan thanksgiving at the family farm to. which april ryan who is a white house correspondent tweeted show it to us on the table. pete: a dare. we don't believe you made
5:09 am
it. lisa: put up. it didn't stop there the press secretary responded don't worry at april d. ryan because i'm nice i will bake one for you next week. #real pie. #fake news. winky face you can't forget that. steve: i didn't know that's a winky face. griff: they are not done. lisa: april ryan tweeted back okay. i want to watch you bake it and put it on the table but for give i won't eat it remember you guys don't like the press. very interesting exchange there what's ridiculous. if i had a pie i probably would have purchased it. i wouldn't have wanted to have to post the video of me making it. but i believe sarah huckabee sanders actually did make this pie. it looks delicious. i wish you would share it with us. i would love to eat it. griff: she is a member of the white house press corps. i don't want to belittle my colleagues. testified we are trying to hold our leaders, our government accountable.
5:10 am
pete: you are, griff. she is trying to hold republicans accountability. she lobs softballs at bomber for 8 years. now he is holding press secretary sarah huckabee sanders accountable? she is the -- you won't say it, i will. lisa: do you really have time to go back and forth on this? celebrating thanksgiving with her family. like leave it alone. griff: there is a lot going on. we have to give you headlines here. let me turn now to headlines breaking overnight. a fugitive wanted in connection with the death of his grandmother caught trying to cross the canadian border. 15-year-old logan mott was reported missing with his grand mother christina french earlier this week. police finding french's body bury you had in the backyard of her son's florida home where mott also lives. authorities say the home was ransz sacked and several guns missing. police plan to interview mott to find out what happened?
5:11 am
lisa: intense standoff between guards and prisoners. taking a pair hostage at maximum security unit in tucker, arkansas about 30 miles southeast of little rock. staff injuries are described as minor while no update is being provided on the inmates. it's the latest in the string of several violent incidents inside arkansas prison including at least two others in this facility. pete: president trump naming white house budget director nick mull vanely as acting director of the consumer financial brection bureau. only problem with that his announcement came just hours after the yacht going director of that bureau, richard cordray an obama appointee named a different successor of his own. this sets up a big fight heading into next week with the outgoing claiming he has the authority to name his own replacement. no thanks. we will see what happens next. it's a big department. one created by obama. championed by elizabeth warren. we have to wait and see who actually ends up running it. another one for the courts.
5:12 am
griff: i would be willing to make a wager. i love mick mulvane is doing his job. he has two jobs. president trump spending time on the links with tiger woods and dustin johnson. inviting golf pros to jupiter, florida during his working vacation in the sunshine state. fans and golf club members catching a glimpse of the trio. no word on who won the round. dustin johnson number one gowfler in the world pretty impressive. lisa: they asked me but i didn't have time. those are your headlines. [laughter] >> including -- griff: the president has tiger woods and dustin johnson but we have you. lisa: i have lot going on. pete: president trump talking tough on terror after hundreds are killed in terror attack in egypt. who you do we discredit the isis ideology, they took credit for it dr. sebastian gorka is on deck. griff: democrats say they are looking for fresh blood in 2020. who are they talking to? this man 76-year-old young
5:13 am
bernie sanders. ♪ ♪ have fun tonight ♪ baby, i know ♪ have fun tonight ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ ♪ griff: welcome back. president trump talking tough on terror after a horrific attack on egyptian mosque. hundreds killed by militants while worshiping. lisa: the president tweeted in response the world cannot tolerate terrorism. we must defeat them militarily and discredit the extremist ideology that forms the basis of their existence. pete: president trump also renewing his calls for a wall and a travel ban. so how can we defeat the
5:17 am
terror threat? here with insight is fox news national security strategist and former deputy assistant to the president and author of the book "defeating jihad" dr. sebastian gorka. doctor, thanks for being here. have you been inside the white house. have you attack in the mosque. el-sisi strong man wants fight against radicals. how too we enable at getting at both the ideology but also islamists where they are. >> well, pete, the president has it absolutely right. there is two parts to this war. number one is the kinetic part of it, the part that you are familiar with the application military force on target. in the last 10 months, the president has unleashed our military and you see what the results are. you see mosul liberated. the caliphate no longer exists. now combings the harder part. the harder part is to destroy the ideology. just as we defeated fascism, just as we defeated communism. we have to take down the
5:18 am
attractiveness of the concept of jihad. and the way we do that is we support wholeheartedly people like presidency is i. people like king abdullah of jordan to have their version of islam become the real version that is dominant in the world today. they'res the people on the front line. look at the numbers. it's not just this mosque attack. it's all over the region. their version of islam in which they wish to be friends with us has to be the dominant one so really it's a counter propaganda campaign with our muslim partners on the fronts line. lisa: are we doing enough on that front to fight the propaganda and the ideology? >> no. as i wrote in my book, we have to go back to the model we had in the 1980s under president reagan. we had something called the active measures working group. functioning out of the interagency that went to deliberately target the propaganda of the soviet union. we need that same kind of
5:19 am
white house driven counter propaganda push. these tweets by the president tell you he knows what we need but we have to build it now and build it with our muslim partners. it will take time but absolutely essential, lisa. griff: dr. gorka, talking about building things, the president tweeted on building the wall. here is what he said we have to get tougher and stronger than ever before. we will build the wall u and the ban. god bless the people of egypt. tying all of this together in terms of his all security fronts. what say you? >> he is absolutely right, griff. look at what we have seen happen in europe already. when you destroy the physical basis of these organizations like al qaeda, like isis, you never kill everybody. some of them escape. and some isis members have actually made their way to europe. we know one of the brussels attackers was on a false
5:20 am
syrian passport acquiring refugee status before the attack. we need to stop that happening here in america. so the essential. the immigration stop extreme vetting. these are all absolutely crucial to our security. and the president knows that because he takes his responsibility to protect all americans very, very seriously. pete: critics call him islamophobe. can you hold the used god bless the people of egypt and also want a ban at the same time to secure your own country. lisa: thank you for joining us. >> they know it better than anybody else. pete: yeah. >> they know how their communities in egypt has been infiltrated by isis fighters. the isis franchise in the sinai and they are doing exactly to that country what they wish to do to us and what they have done to europe. you can be friends to muslims who are on our side while wishing to keep extremists out of america u.
5:21 am
lisa: thank you, dr. gorka, we appreciate your time. >> thanks, guys. griff: amazing story of survival. next guest nearly escapes three separate terrorist attacks. paris brussels that's coming up. i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house. but having his parents over was enlightening. ♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh. huh. [ both laugh ] here, blow. blow on it. you see it, right? is there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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5:24 am
facing accusations by sexual misconduct by nearly 10 women. the special election is december 12th. and capital police are now investigating whether a nude photo of congressman joe barton posted online is a crime. the texas republican claiming he may be a victim of a former lover who
5:25 am
threatened to share the picture after he broke off the affair. pete, lisa? pete: a 19-year-old mason wells was at the boston marathon to cheer on his mother. i witnessed the chaos unfolding when two bombs were detonated near the finish line. lisa: then two years later he was in france doing immigrationary work when a series of thai attacks killed 130 people in pairs. the city where he had been working just days before. pete: but last year mason's luck ran out. if you want to call it that. he was at the brussels airport when two suicide bombers blew up that terminal answered barely made it out alive. mason spoke to us on "fox & friends" from his hospital day bed just days after the attack. listen. >> everything i have lived um alivedup to this point i fels love several times i know if i can feel his love sitting on a sidewalk next to a destroyed airport that god,
5:26 am
he will talk to his other children, too. i know that he does listen to the prayers and that the prayers of the people are doing right now, they make a difference because i felt them. lisa: it's been more than a year since that interview. mason wells is here with us today to share how his faith has carried him through his tragedies. he writes about it in his new book called "left standing." thank you for being with us. your book is called "left standing" have you been through so much in these critical moments of your life. for viewers to know what's the most important aspect of your book that you would want viewers to know about. >> big thing that i hope people take out of this hope is the attitude to adversity. we all face challenges in our life. adversity, hard financial times, illness and loss of a loved one. during those times i hope people will realize their choice also effect what they become. we have two roads in front of to us embrace. one is this road of bitterness and the other is
5:27 am
a road of hope. i hope the book encourages people to embrace hope. pete: you chose not only a book of hope but a road of action. naval academy. you decided to commit your career in the interim to united states government and united states navy. what was it about these three? was that something you were planning to do anyway? did these three attacks motivate to you serve? >> well, i always had the aspiration to atepsd the naval academy ever since i was young. i wouldn't say these attacks changed my reasons for wanting to join. it definitely made me more aware of good and evil in this world. there is a definite good. there is a definite evil. the people that commit these horrible acts that kill innocent people, they are evil. and we need to stand up to that obviously i'm joining the military so that kind of says what i think about it. on an individual basis by being good people, by taking time to be patient with people that are different from us, i think that goes a long way to making this world a better place. lisa: mason, you talk about how your faith really helped
5:28 am
shape you and guide you through these tough moments in your life and also the healing process. part of that you actually penned a letter to the terrorists and in part you said despite my harsh feelings about your acts, i have forgiven both of you. i have chosen not to allow hate to overtake my heart for either of you. i hope that one day we can meet so you can know that good has indeed come in the wake of your evil acts. can you just tell our viewers about what motivated that forgiveness? i assume faith was a large part of that was it difficult to forgive? >> it was something that happened, i would say, fairly quickly. but getting past, i think, some of that anxiety, getting past my frustrations in my recovery process, that's something that's taken a lot longer. ultimately my faith has always, you know, reassured me that god has a plan for me and he has a plan for every single one of his children. that definitely went a long way to getting me where i am now. pete: on a personal sense have you chosen to forgive which is part of getting past. moving past. have you also joined the
5:29 am
military committing to kill these guys wherever they are and where they live. have you have forgiveness for individual act but also a clear sense as you said of good and evil that there is justice to be had for these type of actions? >> i didn't join the military to kill people. pete: to defend, sure. >> to defend if i have to. i won't hesitate to defend my country. just because i forgave these people doesn't mean it make what is they did permissible. i think that's something we have to realize is we can get past this bitterness and anger. but we can also stand up to it at the same time. it's not one or the other. i think the two go hand in hand. pete: absolutely. when did you get the idea to write a book about this and where does -- not a kid. i will shouldn't call you a kid. where does a guy your age going to the naval academy find the time to write a book. lisa: i assume that was emotional process as well. >> in a way almost therapeutic. taking everything i have been thinking the last 18 months and put it down on paper. it wasn't a decision i took lightly. i didn't want to do this when i was first injured. it was, you know, something
5:30 am
convince me it could help people. it could help people i had a expawnsability to share that. pete: mason, the book is called left standing. when do you have to be back. >> in about two days. pete: when you are a freshman at the naval academy liv, life is not easy. lisa: thank you for joining us and doing great things in life. >> thank you for having me. lisa: search for heroes and lead them to victory in 2020. they may have found their man. ready to feet berne again? pete: rick reichmuth is about to unveil the last umbrella you have ever owned or ever need. it can handle winds over 50 miles per hour. the big debut is next. rick, we will see you. look, it's withholding. not giving. in my umbrella would have given in by now. lisa: knowing my luck ♪ thunder, thunder ♪ thunder, feel the thunder ♪ lightning and the thunder,
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5:34 am
♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me. griff: i recognize one face in that picture second to the left. our own lisa booth. lisa: this is a topic i don't know anything about. griff: let me just set this up because i have the privilege of knowing lisa in d.c. lisa: there is my mom. griff: i bet your mom is
5:35 am
proud. you are joining us for the first time. i know you now america is learning to love you. who is this. lisa: that's me. pete: how old are you in that photo. lisa: like 6. griff: surfer? lisa: i grew up with three brothers. i have always liked sports. get out there and get active. there is my puppy bella. i'm pretty much obsessed with her. she turns 1 next month. pete: how old are you in the lineup of brothers? lisa: i'm second. makes a lot of sense. older brother and two younger brothers. i'm very, very close to my family. i got to spend thanksgiving with them. also i can say this now because it's already out there but my sister-in-law who i'm very close with, whose wedding we were at as you saw in the photo, they are having a baby. my older brother and sister-in-law. i have permission. griff: fox news alert right there. lisa: i cleared it with them to say. this i am so excited. my parents are super excited. pete: that's the whole fam.
5:36 am
>> it was hilarious. after we found out we went to this store called jack and jill. i was taking all of these photos with my parents they were crazy looking at the baby clothes. i'm taking all these paparazzi photos, texting them to my brother and my sister-in-law. because i mean it was hilarious. they were just like unhinged looking at everything in the store. first grand baby. so they are super excited. griff: first time hosting the show. lisa: "fox & friends," yeah. i have done a bunch of different. griff: how is it going so far? lisa: you tell me. griff: email us. lisa: very poorly. >> i'm having a blast. pete: usually have a welcome binder. griff: i got one. pete: i don't know how she is doing it without the welcome binder. griff: that's because i stole it i took it home with me. pete: we will get it to you tomorrow. helps our new host learn how to host. you are not amateur. lisa: i didn't get it. griff: as a pro, give you
5:37 am
headlines. lisa: moving on to your headlines more interesting things alan than lisa booth. new court filings paid journalists for coverage. house intelligence committee finding that fusion gps hired journalists either reported on or reported on stories about the document. assertion made as part of the bid to force the firm to turn over additional bank records. and a new legal battle now brewing in seattle. a judge ruling against the city's controversial tax on wealthy. calling it illegal. the judge saying city officials overstepped their authority by imposing the tax because state law prohibits tax on net income. but the city isn't backing down. vowing to appeal, setting the stage for a washington state supreme court showdown. and journalists ronna pharaoh calling out his bosses at nbc news again over target harvey weinstein expose. pharaoh posting this picture
5:38 am
of himself rose mcgowan back in january. he writes thankful for the women and men who have come forward with painful stories and who helped to chip away at a culture of silence. nbc reportedly refused to run his bombshell story that would have outed harvey weinstein as a sexual predator months earlier. the political left is still searching for someone to lead the 2020 presidential race. the democratic people have now spoken. the hill survey ago dozen party leaders, finding that 76-year-old bernie sanders is the leading candidate to face off against president trump. former v.p. joe biden, senator elizabeth warren, kamala harris and sherrod brown as well as devol patrick are rounding out the top six. those are your headlines, pete? pete pete i'm fat sin nateed by this umbrella. he is a weather man here at
5:39 am
fox. the last umbrella you will ever own. chief meteorologist and founder of the weatherman rick reichmuth. rick, i was admiring the smooth technology of this umbrella. rick: thank you. pete: this is a company you have founded and started to make the world's best umbrella. rick: five years ago i was standing in front of a rack of umbrellas at the store. most of these are bad. my experience is the throw away single use umbrella. there is probably a good one out there but we don't know what it is. somebody just tell me what a good umbrella is i thought i bet i could do that. so i set out for years trying to make an amazing umbrella. i have taken thousands apart in my apartment. and i have come up with this. so i believe it's awesome. try to put a lot of attention to detail. starting with the handles. pete: i can feel it. rick: handle that feels good universally in everybody's hands. pete: feel that doesn't that feel nice on your hand? lisa: that's awesome. rick: that's one thing. everybody hates the wind. griff is outside right now with the wind machine. so, the biggest thing is you
5:40 am
want your umbrella to stay in the wind. pete pete any umbrella i have ever had couldn't take 10 miles per hour. rick: at some point anything is going to break. househouse trees fall down. griff, i want you to come back inside. i have something for you. other problem is water. so you know your umbrella gets super soggy. pete: try to shake it off and make your house all wet. get in on that. he was showing me before we did the segment. rick: the water repels right off of it now you are dry. you know, pretty much dry instangtly so you are not dealing with big soggy umbrella. i had a friend said he is a lawyer tried a couple of cases people hit in the dark with their umbrellas. dark and rainy. you are under a black umbrella. everyone is like this. we are going to dim the lights down. i think so. here we go. and you get the idea here. lisa: how cool. it's reflective. pete: bottom part is
5:41 am
reflective. bottom part is reflecting. that will always be with every one of our umbrellas safety. lisa: i'm always umbrellas behind. i'm always afraid to invest in nice umbrella. this is different. rick: people are going to invest in a good umbrella. the other thing is you don't have it with you, you forgot to bring it or lose it. there is an app. that comes along with it, weatherman umbrella app. pete: website is weatherman rick: that's where you buy it. weatherman lisa: very sharp looking. rick: i wanted the color as to be something interesting and something new. we have an app. you get alerts on mornings before you leave for work. if you need your umbrella that day. his little i need this in my life. rick: if you don't remember where it is you hit locate and there is a tracker and show where you were last located through blue tooth to your umbrella. try to mitigate all of these -- the problems that we face with umbrellas. and one commitment that as a
5:42 am
brand, we're going to have is we will never sell bad umbrellas. launching with two different sizes, the collapsible, this is $59. the stick is $65. it's an investment in that we are going to make a couple other sizes out there. but we will always only make great umbrellas. one last thing, they make amazing gifts. comes in this beautiful box. makes an amazing gift. because of that, guys, it's christmas here. so, i have gifts for you guys. pete: oh my goodness. lisa: yea. pete: santa rick. rick: weatherman umbrellas. pete: what they understand the amount of business dedication that went into this. lisa: three years in the making. pete: investment, time, manufacturing. rick: i will be very hun most with you i so never done anything harder in my life. i have such respect for small business owners. i. lisa: some democrats celebrating the idea of michael flynn flipping on the president. is this another left wing fantasy? lifelong democrat alan
5:43 am
dershowitz here to react next. and can food affect the forecast? listen to this. ♪ >> it really works. lisa: well, some say trying food can change the weather. is that just an inconvenient truth? pete: we'll have to ask rick. [laughter] ♪ because i'm burning up ♪ for you, baby ♪ now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people
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5:46 am
i faulk to a lot of democratic voters there is this hope and desire this is going to go into the oval office, that this can be traced back to the president. >> i think mueller is going to want something from flynn on kushner, don jr., or trump himself.
5:47 am
pete: wow,. griff: but is this just more of the left's wishful thinking of trump russia collusion? here with legal insight is harvard professor emeritus. lifelong democrat and author of trumped up alan dershowitz, professor. thanks for being here. >> thank you. griff: let's cut to the chase. you say mike flynn was up for sale. explain. >> yeah. well several months ago and in my book trumpsd up i predicted his lawyer went out there and said, look, my clients, flynn, is not going to jail. i will accept offers from either side. if the president doesn't want him to testify he should pardon him. if the president doesn't pardon him i'm making a deal with mueller. he is up for sale highest bidder. the problem is with a witness you can't buy them you can only rent them. they change their mind. they are not credible. the only thing president trump has to fear is if flynn has self-proving documents. his testimony has been shred he had. griff: which would show what? >> who knows? i don't think there is
5:48 am
anything. griff: the article in the "new york times" today suggests that flynn perhaps in an effort to save his son facing scrutiny as well that flynn would talk about the president having a conversation with former fbi director james comey and would spill the beans on the president telling the fbi director comey that you need to drop the flynn stuff. >> number one, that's not a crime. the president has the complete authority to say to the director of the fbi do not investigate a, b, c, d. he could also have pardoned them all the way president bush number one pardoned casper wineberger on the eve of his going to trial. that is not a crime. cannot be a crime. simply exercise your constitutional power. if a president take as bribe, of course it's a crime. it's taking the bribe. that's a crime. but the exercise of the constitutional power in and ever itself cannot be a crime. it's not clear to me that flynn has anything to offer. but the point i want to emphasize flynn's testimony has been his credibility has
5:49 am
been shattered. he has made a deal. any defense lawyer, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, he is trying to save his son. this man would sell you his grandmother. to do that. pete: what then is the likelihood of belief that the "new york times" is making that this must mean he has turned on the president? you are saying it could be anything he needs to save himself. >> that's right. but likely it means that his lawyer is sending a powerful message to the president, this man is either your friend or your enemy if you want him to be your friend, pardon him. if you don't pardon him, he is your enemy. could be a bluff. could be flynn doesn't have very much. but that's the way his lawyer is playing. how do i know this? because lawyers play that game all the time. prosecutors play that game all the time. lisa: professor, even against the special counts investigation and against one for hillary clinton as well. are you worried about the precedent this is setting? >> absolutely. if you appoint a special counsel, and just say get them, or get her, they use
5:50 am
every tactic available. this is domino tactic. did you go for the low hanging fruit. you indict them on something. it could be jaywalking. and you say unless you testify against mr. big, unless you testify higher up, we're going to squeeze you, you better sing. if you can't sing, maybe you ought to compose. i don't think mueller wants him to make up any stories. but people like this do compose. they try to make their evidence even better. they know the better of evidence the sweeter the deal. griff: professor dershowitz, thank you. lisa: always enlighten. griff: business book as he pointed "trumped up" thank you, sir for being here. lisa: thank you. griff: big hour ahead. geraldo rivera and diamond and silk. pete: can food affect the weather forecast? >> it really works. pete: well, a new study says trying food can change the weather. we'll have to find out whether al gore is behind that study or not. our next guest says that's
5:51 am
silly science. he will explain why. ♪ ♪
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ ♪ lisa: can food affect our forecast? you've seen it happen in kids' movies. ♪ it really works! [laughter] pete: well now a new british study says that trying fatty foods has an impact on cloud formation and can even cool down the planet and potentially slow global warming, really in.
5:55 am
griff: lehr to discuss it roy spencer ph.d. deception how who al gore climate science and energy policy. what do you say, roy, is this a real thing? >> from a practical point of view i would say no, it's not a real thing. you know, in order for clouds to form the droplets have to form around little tiny particles in the atmosphere. we call them cloud condensation nuclei. they are everywhere. there are thousands of them in the cubic inch of the atmosphere. the vast majority of these are produced by vegetation, natural processes, from the ocean, from trees. so, apparently these researchers say well, okay, wait, we can't let mother nature be responsible for all these clouds forming. let's see if we can find some way that humans are impacting cloud formation. pete: sure. >> i suppose it's technically true that some of the food that we -- that we cook, whether it's meat or whether we deep fry things, produces more of
5:56 am
these so-called vocs, volatile organic compounds which go up in the atmosphere and can also help clouds form. you know, whether we do that or not, the clouds are going to form anyway because at least 90% of these con denialization sites for clouds to form produced by mother nature. pete: you are right. the other 10% of this study in large cities like london cooking pat is responsible for 10% of small air particles. interesting to know but you are noting that hey, in the life cycle of our weather systems, this is not all that significant. >> yeah. it's not going to make any difference whether we produce these or not. just because maybe some cloud drop elizabeths form on some of these man made particles doesn't mean those clouds wouldn't have formed anyway on natural particles. griff: we don't have to stop eating meatballs. pete: i didn't know any of that inconvenient truth out are speaking this morning. thank you very much roy spencer, appreciate it all
5:57 am
right, well, still ahead, geraldo rivera on president trump versus "time" magazine. we will ask him about that. griff: other big media scandal rocking washington this morning, it is pie gate. you are looking at that pie. we will tell you what this is. hey, man. oh!
5:58 am
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sexual reward for whatever it is they are large guess. i'm not sure what conyers did or did not do. i think the ethics committee will determine that. and if they find a crime, they will refer to to the u.s. attorney. in terms of rejudging him now as the democratic congresswoman from new york state is doing, i get a little queazy about that. i'm telling you the point with conyers and the most important point, and i'm going to come back to this is that how did this old
6:07 am
coulkeith. coot get the taxpayers to pay for his misdeeds. lisa: i'm sure you have seen the back and forth between "time" magazine and the president he tweeted out suggesting he was probably going to be the "time" magazine person of the year. "time" magazine responded in saying that, you know, actually that's not necessarily the case. we wouldn't have announced this until i think it was december 6th. what's your take on this latest feud, this latest back and forth with the president and the media? >> to me, it's another big distraction, what the hell? i don't know why the president, you know, is always punching down, why he is picking fights that are meaningless. pete: when you are the president, aren't you always punching down? there is no one higher than you. is he not litigating the way the media does business at some level? >> i don't know how the
6:08 am
media at some level is doing business though, major. i don't know what exactly this process is. all i know is "time" magazine says that they keep deep secrets as to who the man of the year is maybe the president suspected he wasn't getting to get it two years running. i don't know. all i know is we have bigger fish to fry here. you know, "time" magazine is a shadow of its formerself. i think that's a much bigger issue demise of once powerful institution has been unfolding right before our very eyes. the president had, you know, a fake "time" magazine person of the year cover for many years. i know, you know, maybe in our generation it still counts for something. but i wish the president, you know, really, other things to do. griff: we need to check your schedule. the president is tweeting look, i don't have time to be nominated but could you be the man of the year? i would like to see you on the cover of "time" magazine to be honest with you. that might help bring the "time" magazine back. >> the president will sell
6:09 am
magazines if he is on the cover. you know, i remember one time i was on the cover of "newsweek" magazine with a broken nose and the same year i was on the cover of play girl. so i really enjoyed it that was very exciting year in my career. i don't know if the president has ever been on the cover of play girl. maybe should lobby for that. griff: my vote geraldo for the cover of "time" magazine. pete: appreciate your time. ultimately you can punch and punch and punch. i understand geraldo's point. the death by a thousand cuts by institution like "time" and mainstream media all of those cuts add up to exposing how incredible some of those sources have become. look at one instance. but look at the volume of all of those incidents we have pulled the wool back. griff: tuning to a few headlines. fugitive wanted in connection with the death of his grand mother caught trying to cross the canadian border. logan mott was reported missing with his grandmother christina french earlier
6:10 am
this week. police finding french's body buried in the backyard of son's home where mott also lives. authorities say the home was ransacked with several guns missing. police plan to interview mott to find out what happened. >> and intense standoff between guards and prisoners ending with injuries overnight. two inmates taking a pair of officers hostage at a maximum security unit in tucker arkansas about 30 miles southeast of little rock. staff injuries are described as minor while no update is being provided on the inmates. it's the latest in the a string of several violent incidents inside arkansas prison including at least two others at this exact facility. pete: it's an american tradition stampeding and fighting. best black friday deals among this year's brawls was yuan in k-mart leaving one man with a shattered hip. lisa: i think i saw you in the background. [shouting] pete: i have been to a lot of the kmarts.
6:11 am
nothing worth fighting over at k-mart. lisa: i will tell you are right there. pete: you didn't see face. this guy clashing over a toy car. alabama wal-mart. people of and it wasn't just shoppers. protesters also brawling with police, briefly shutting down stores at a st. louis mall. [sirens] i mean, really, people? the protesters, i guess they are called protesters or shoppers whatever they are calling. they are calling their stance an economic boycott. griff: canadian prime minister justin trudeau getting emotional while apologizing to the country's indigenous people. >> i humbly stand before you to offer a long, overdue apology on behalf of the government of canada and all canadians.
6:12 am
griff: about 150,000 indigenous children were taken from their families over the course of a century in order to, quite, be educated by white families. last year the government agreed to seattlement paying $50 million to survivors. those are your headlines as protesters by the way in that st. louis stemming from the riots happening at the end of the summer there over the death of someone. and they kept going to the malls and it never got out of hand like that. but i guess it just increases around black friday. lisa: black friday big fights and stuff over the various -- pete: toy car? lisa: i can't believe it. griff: let's talk about what's coming next week that is crunch time for the republicans to pass their tax reform plan. what are. so hurdles they face? grover norquist knows a thing or two about taxes. he joining us next. pete: forget watergate or russia. the press just inventinged a new scandal for the white house. called pie gate. if you haven't seen it, you are going to want to.
6:13 am
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>> griff: president trump is getting ready for a make or break week for the gop tax bill. >> president trump: we're going to give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas, so the democrats giving us no votes for tax cuts for purely political reasons, and it will be up to the republicans to come through for america. i'll be there right in the middle of it and we will come up with a bill that will be spectacular for growth and spectacular for the people of this country. >> pete: so as this week looms what are the hurdles the republicans face? here to break them down is founder and president of americans for tax reform grover
6:17 am
norquist, hello, hope you had a great thanksgiving we hope the republicans did too because they have a lot of work to do. i just quickly want to throw up what i sort of perceive as a reporter covers this some of the major hurdles and then have you weigh in. first there is of course the inclusion of the repeal of the individual mandate in the senate bill. there is the concerns of a handful of republicans on the increase of the deficit that this will bring and then there is ron johnson the only republican who is on record saying no, he's upset because he says that the pass through favor s corporations over small businesses. what do you see as these biggest hurdles and how they get through it? >> the summary is you've got to 50 plus the vice president so you can lose two republicans. you mentioned the senate. you mentioned a number of places where you might lose somebody. together you can only lose two of them. i think it looks good. we have a house bill written and passed by the house. we have a senate bill written
6:18 am
and going to the floor, so we now can look at the two and see that actually they mesh together pretty well, so if the senate passes this bill or something very much like it, you could imagine that in a week, the house and the senate could sit down and come together and get something that they could all pass in both houses so really the one hurdle is getting it through the senate, looking at the way it does, you'd mentioned ron johnson. he's a strong pro freedom pro economic growth guy. he would like to see lower taxes on pass throughs, so would i and the president and all the republicans in the house. it's just a question of what we can afford. he will not be a no vote at the end of the day. he would like to see the bill improve in the direction he points to. >> griff: i want to stop you there because ultimately what you're saying is it comes down to the math problem that the senate has. they have the same math problem with healthcare and it failed and now they have the same
6:19 am
problem and so ron johnson holding out for what he wants although you've got senator susan collins who says she's not okay with the individual mandate repeal in there and then you've got a handful of senators namely you've got jeff flake of arizona , bob corker of tennessee both of whom are retiring from the senate out of disgust essentially with president trump making it personal and they said they're upset about the increase of the deficit and so when you can only afford to lose two in this razor thin majority in the senate and you've got collins upset about her issue, ron johnson upset about there's an this handful of others and i'd include mccain as well, you're talking about five or six that are on the fence and you've got only a matter of days to get the set next week. >> i'll solve this for you. ron johnson wants something more and better on pass throughs. we can get that because we eliminate the obamacare tax mandate. getting rid of that gets $340 billion a year in lower
6:20 am
taxes that you can pay for, so we can solve ron johnson's concern and montana has similar concerns. they've already announced march could you ski one of the three no votes on obamacare appeal that she supports including getting rid of the obama tax mandate, that gives you more money, so we're not-- there is a lot of pressure the left and the spending interests are really focused on susan collins and mccain at the end of the day, both flake and corker. corker helped write this bill. >> griff: we've got to leave it there, grover and i've got you on record you say it passes we will see it as a crunch week coming up grover norquist thank you very much for joining us. >> we'll see what happens. >> pete: coming up the federal judge who permanently blocked this president's sanctuary city order is a major obama done or, so was that politically motivated? judge alex on the case coming up
6:21 am
and smartphones will be at the top of many kid's christmas list this year. how young is too young for them to have one. our parenting panel takes that up next. for just $59- the lowest price of the year. it's the only dna test that can trace your origins to over 150 ethnic regions- and open up a world of possibilities. save 40% at ends monday.
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>> lisa: welcome back news by the number first $3.5 billion that's how much americans spend online during black friday. i helped out with that and the sales up 15% from last year. next over a hundred billion dollars that's how much amazon founder jeff bezos is now worth. must be nice a wording to bloomberg bezos wealth increased after amazon shares jumped 2% from black friday sales and finally $6.6 billion, that's the amount of money americans are expected to spend this cyber
6:25 am
monday. the days now surpassing black friday as the top post- thanksgiving shopping day in the country. pete? >> pete: thanks lisa. well christmas shopping season is officially here and at the top of the many kid's wish list is a smartphone. well according to a 2016 study kids are getting their first smartphone at 10 years old, which on average which begs the question, how young is too young here to discuss child and adolescent family therapist darb y fox and psychotherapist and author of the book disconnected how to reconnect our digitally distracted kids tom kristen. couple of experts on a very important topic. i'll put up a couple more statistics before i go to you da rby. as far as time spent on mobile device children's 0-8, in 2013 they were spending about 15 minutes a day on a mobile screen as of today it's 48 minutes a day and only going up. talk to me about the implications of so much screen time for young kids? >> the problem with so much
6:26 am
screen time is they don't learn how to entertain themselves and that is a huge piece of what they're doing as kids as they should just play and if they are on the screen time they are always expecting somebody else to entertain them. they don't know how to entertain themselves and that's a huge problem. >> pete: it changes how they inter about with the whole world as they get older? >> exactly what are their expectations, they can't delay their gratification so they want things immediately and they don't know how to resolve those issues. >> pete: tom you wrote an entire book about being disconnected but the digital world today phones are everywhere eventually kids will have access to them and use them. what is the right time? >> what you said earlier the average child 10 years old to me that's insanity that kids are getting these weapons of mass destruction as i refer to them at the age of 10 so i heard somebody say one-time and i use this in my lectures what is the appropriate age to get my child the smartphone and the answer is when you feel comfortable with your child watching pornographic material because if you think for a moment a 12, 13, 14 year
6:27 am
old boy goes on youtube and a provocative image pops up and that boy won't click on it you have another thing coming. >> pete: human nature is it, you're exactly right. is there a difference between a smartphone and a phone. we live in a world of blended families we want access to kids where do you draw that line? >> there's a big difference and i think 15 is late. i think you start around 12 it is a social connection, but a phone actually just calls somebody or texts. you don't need the access to the internet. a smartphone is a computer and that does open a whole new world . >> pete: thomas your stance is wait later but if a parent decides they have something earlier i got to believe it's about drawing parameters. >> it is. you have to have parameters around the household. i actually have a cell phone contract if you decide to get it you can download it and the message if i buy you this device , i own it i'm the parent and you'll follow my rules because the reality is as much as we want our children, as much as we want to believe our kids
6:28 am
could control this my research and my experience tells me they cannot control themselves. >> pete: quick question is there a phone that does that well right now these days? >> no. flip phone. i mean, you want to teach them, you don't need to control them as much as team them what's appropriate and what's not. >> pete: a contract or a conversation laying out the parameters. ultimately parents are in charge >> have to keep that in mind. >> pete: darby fox and thomas kristen thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pete: well the mainstream media claims to be objective a lot of claims about that but this washington post reporter just got caught directly working with the democrats and their outside forces, big shocker. then it's the biggest media scandal to hit washington in years. it's called pie gate. social media stars diamond and silk are here to weigh in on that there they are. they will be chiming in, next. hello mom.
6:29 am
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♪ big time >> pete: that big time. >> griff: i'll show you what's big time. so they're big. you can't get bigger time than diamond and silk. you can not. >> pete: social media stars
6:33 am
diamond and silk are joining us thank you for being here. i don't know if you're first of all you're in the christmas spirit i can tell we've got the christmas tree behind you wearing red and you may also be wearing red because of time magazine which is the first topic we'll ask you about so happy thanksgiving i appreciate you being on. president trump came out and tweeted yesterday that this is what he tweeted at time magazine he said time magazine called to say that i was probably going to be named man or person of the year but i'd have to agree to an interview and major photo shoot and i said probably is no good and took a pass. thanks anyway. time magazine not missing a beat responding to the president saying president is incorrect about how he treats person of the year. time does not comment on our choice until publication which is december 6 so the president was the person of the year last year, they were considering them this year, he exposes them for that process. what do you make of this back and forth? >> listen first of all, i have to really commend the president. first of all you're not going to
6:34 am
waste his time because he's working for the american people so he's spending his time working on tax cuts, so somebody needs to take the time and go tell time to look, save it, okay the president is working for the people he don't have to be on the cover of a magazine so don't waste his time. >> griff: silk let me just ask you then, when they try and pick the person of the year and they're going to take a lot of time, we had video earlier of the president last year having to hold an eagle in all that stuff, but the president even taking time over his working holiday where he was dealing with other issues like the attack in egypt. should the president actually be responding to time magazine. there he is with his bird where it took his time up but should he be punching down as they say? >> well president trump is president trump. he could respond to whomever he chooses too and he loves to tweet just like he retweeted diamond and silk and we appreciate it because at the end of the day trump is your president and do you know what else? that's why he was all down low
6:35 am
trump is your president at diamond and silk trump is your president baby and he could retweet whoever he wants to tweet including time magazine. >> lisa: and there's also another element of this as well because time magazine named hillary clinton's book what happened as the top non-fiction book of the year, so do you think there's some politics involved with this back and forth as well given the fact that they clearly gave this nod to hillary clinton's book? >> well you know this is what i really and truly think about time magazine is they take and put hillary clinton on their book, their magazine is going to do just like her book, it's not going to sell. keep hillary clinton off the cover of your magazine. hillary clinton you need to go somewhere, sit down and go home so yes i think they're playing politics and trying to play one against the other but there's nothing to play here. the president said you ain't going to waste husband time so save it. >> that's right and at the end of the day he's still the man of the year. >> that's right, baby. >> pete: well we'll see. her book, they think, is the best non-fiction book of the
6:36 am
year. we'll see what buyers thought about it as well. there's another scandal we have to get your thoughts on. they are dubbing it pie gate. our press secretary sarah huckabee sanders took a vacation like us did. tweeted this picture out and said i don't cook much any more but managed this chocolate pecan pie at the thanksgiving family farm so one of the members of the press pool april ryan responded it saying show it to us on the table and the press secretary responded back saying don't worry april because i'm nice i'll bake one for you next week and the exchange went on with april replying one more time saying okay, i want to watch you bake it and put it on the table but forgive me if i don't eat it. remember you guys don't like the press. diamond and silk the idea there is that maybe the press secretary would poison the pie. where is this animosity coming from? >> you know first of all april is just upset because the only thing she knows how to cook is the very fake news.
6:37 am
>> that's right. >> and she keeps questioning that she wants proof of sarah huckabee's pie. well we want proof if she's really a journalist okay? because when we look at the whole deal, she ain't no more journalist than miss piggy was so we want to know her because we really never heard of her until this administration. she's just trying to be relevant and guess what? listen to me we won't eat none of her cooking. we know since she don't like us the reason we would never eat none of april's cooking is because we know it's probably nasty. >> and fake. >> pete: [laughter] >> lisa: do you think she has too much time on her hands to play up her previous topics? >> repeat that question again. >> lisa: do you think she has too much time on her hands are there other things she should be reporting on? tax reform? >> absolutely. i think april is trying to be relevant. we don't know who this lady is. >> that's right. >> what does she hold, what kind of newspaper does she hold? what company does she work for?
6:38 am
she didn't get her job with the very fake news until this administration so we didn't hear about her in the last administration. she's trying to be relevant and we all need to ignore her. i love pecan pie. bake me one baby i'll eat it. >> griff: silk let me get you in here too, what's your message to america this thanksgiving? >> my message to americans-- >> he wants to know what your message is to americans this year. >> my message to americans this holiday season is to love one another, stop with all the hate and respect the fact that president trump is your president. that's right. >> that's the main message because we all got to be able to get along here in order for us to survive and be able to make america great again. go to diamond and silk and get trump your president download it as your ring tone so we can get america know that trump is your president and we are here to make america great again. >> pete: and you are already making christmas great with the tree in the back and very
6:39 am
festive thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it. thank you all. >> lisa: have a great day. >> pete: you got it now to a few more headlines and a fox news alert. we've just learned unfortunately the names of the navy pilots and sailors lost at sea after their plane crashed off the coast of japan. the navy identifying them as lieutenant steven comes, aviation airthen matthew kilostr i, and aviation apprentice brian brosso, coming one day after the navy suspended its search for the plane on the way to the uss ronald reagan when it went down on wednesday. eight sailors were safely rescued and navy officials are investigating a possible engine failure and how much fuel the plane had when it crashed. really unfortunate. >> lisa: so sad. and tampa police turning to mounted patrol as they hunt for a possible serial killer. the department officials hoping the added presence brings comfort to the community that has been plagued by four homicides since october 9. authorities believe the same man is responsible, targeting people walking alone in the dark.
6:40 am
and one $100,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. more than 1000 tips have already come in thus far. >> griff: capitol police are investigating whether a nude photo of this congressman joe ba rden posted online is a crime. the texas republican claiming he may be a victim of what is known as revenge porn, after a former lover threatened to share the picture when he broke off their relationship and sharing revenge porn is a misdemeanor in texas. >> pete: and a washington post reporter is under fire after she was caught attending a top secret meeting with the democracy alliance where democratic donors were outlining their future of the agenda. according to the washington free beacon that reporter gave a presentation at the california event without notifying her superiors at the washington post the paper says she's been reminded that the post discourages participating events that can be perceived as
6:41 am
partisan. i wonder what would happen if the same so-called journalist attended i don't know a coke brothers session. do you think they would be reminded or fired? >> griff: we'll talk more about that. >> pete: we might be the only place reporting that. >> griff: as well as talking about the weather from rick richmuth who gave us these awesome umbrellas. >> pete: what about weatherman >> reporter: there a quote o on weatherman umbrellas. if you always bring them to get on tv, blue line bears loves fox & friends. >> it's my non-profit and i make teddy bears out of the uniform shirts out of fallen police officers and give them to their families. >> how can people find it? >> on facebook. >> god that's amazing how old are you? >> 15. >> oh, my gosh that's spectacular what you're doing. i hope you get lots of likes. take a look at the weather. we have an amazing weekend in the store. put the map in motion a little
6:42 am
bit of rain later today colder air moving in we'll see a little bit of snowfalling across the higher elevations but that's very scattered down to the southeast a spectacular day and get ready for temps this week are really going to warmup and you'll be much above average and that trend looks like it's going to stay with us for a number of days. into the northern plains spectacular weather as well, tons of sunshine temps starting off cooler but you'll be warming up a lot of places above average and finally out across the west, later on tonight we'll see rain moving into the pacific northwest but that is our only little issue we have which is amazing for people traveling back home from this long holiday weekend the weather is spectacular no problems at all in the airports guys back to you >> griff: it's actually amazing that young girl he's got out there making-- >> pete: blue line bears. bears for the families of those who have fallen officers. >> lisa: her parents must be proud of her. >> griff: coming up the federal judge who permanently blocked the president's sanctuary city order is a major obama donor, so
6:43 am
was that specifically motivated? judge alex on the case is next. >> lisa: christmas is exactly one month away we are all so excited about it and we'll help you pick out the perfect christmas tree that lasts all season long. >> pete: rick is picking one out right now. >> lisa: [laughter] us. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us.
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>> griff: a federal judge blocking president trump's executive order to ban funding from sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with immigration officials calling it unconstitutional. >> lisa: but a quick look at the judge's past reveals huge monetary highs to president obama and the democratic party. so could his ruling be politically motivated? >> pete: it's huge, $200,000, here to weigh in from miami former dade county circuit court judge alex farrer.
6:47 am
thanks for joining us so there's two parts to this. you've got the constitutionality of the ruling but also the revelation that this judge has given upwards of raised upwards of $200,000 for obama and was nominate nominated by president obama in 2013, so if you would, is this the right ruling and could that color his decision? >> well, i think the ruling is correct. i think the judge makes some very good points, one of which is that the strings that you attach to funding is really a decision for congress to make and that's something that of course president trump can have fixed if this congress can get it together, but you can't, you can't and this is long-standing law you can't pass a law and then the president coming afterwards and saying by the way i'm putting additional restrictions on that law and he also had an argument about the fact that restrictions on all moneys would be overbroad because the supreme court has already said you can restrict federal moneys to states as long as the money is
6:48 am
related to the strings that you are attaching to it, so for example, president reagan's restriction on roadway money for states that did not abide by the 55-mile per hour speed limit. things like that, so-- >> pete: more targeted you're saying? >> yes exactly and so this ruling does have sound to it.
6:49 am
his restraining order is supported by california law which as you know, they intended to prosecute i don't remember what the outcome of that was for violation of california law, politically, fellow judges tend to be political animals. that's how they get avoided and i don't know if the public knows that and most people were appointed many of the judges were appointed to the federal bunch. huge political connections to the party in question and our do nors are there. >> lisa: judge i'd like to take your take on the fact that president trump is filling judicial vacancies at a rate we haven't seen in nearly 40 years so what is the impactfulness of that as you're talking about some of these judges leaning one
6:50 am
way or the other? >> that is exactly right. president obama filled the federal vacancies with judges he felt would have the same viewpoints or similar viewpoints and president bush did the same and president trump will do the same so that is not unusual. what we want to make sure is not that judges are oh, this judge is more inclined to be aligned with democratic views or republican views because judges aren't growing petri dishes or test tubes they come with their life experiences and personal beliefs just like justice roberts has his conservative views and the question is do they let those influence their decision? i had to make decisions i didn't agree with because they were the law and i was not going to just put in my own opinions and that's what we want to make sure is these judges are following the law. it doesn't matter whether this judge likes or dislikes hates president trump. what matters is is he letting it color his decision. his particular decision.
6:51 am
i don't see it. >> pete: is it at the dell it the constitution or is it a living document, judge alex thank you very much for being here. >> lisa: thank you. thank you. it's a pleasure. >> pete: one month away from christmas mark it on your calendar we'll help you pick out the perfect tree that lasts all the way through the month of december and doesn't start dropping needles well talk to you about it. ♪ have yourself a marry little christmas ♪ a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. grandma's. aunt stacy's.
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>> griff: do you normally have a tough time finding that perfect christmas tree? >> this is from our yard. it's not going in our yard, russ it's going in our living room. >> ready? i give you the griswold family christmas tree. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> griff: no we won't let that happen to you. here to show you how to pick the perfect tree is harold dilucci
6:55 am
from new york city trees harry, how do we pick the perfect tree? we need to know right now. >> thanks guys for having me. the best thing to pick the perfect tree is knowing when the tree is cut. you want the tree fresh cut from the farm and within the last week, you also want the tree to receive a fresh cut at the bottom of the tree. >> pete: of all these places do they really know when they were cut? >> some trees you'll find the guys that can't answer your question properly and kind of not informed where it's from they don't know the chain. >> griff: is it important to get a tree cut recently? it lasts you through the holidays. >> lisa: is there any way you can tell, can you tell? >> absolutely literally put your fingers-- >> lisa: could someone like me tell? >> use your hands and put your fingers through the branches if you're getting a bunch of needle s that tree is a bit older >> griff: once you have this home how often do you water your tree? >> perfect great question. every tree is different. literally they have a mind of their own. >> griff: we need an easier answer of that.
6:56 am
every day? >> every two days is good is what they want you to know but some trees drink a lot of water and then just check it. you don't want your tree to go without any water. >> pete: keep checking it. >> griff: and then the additives >> best things from soda to aspirin, nothing. that doesn't take that in the field all it takes is water and that's all you need. >> griff: can i turn this upside down? because this is a fad right now. it's not working so well though. people ask you for upside down trees? >> more and more people are talking about upside down trees but i'll stick with my tree up right. >> lisa: is anyone else worried about griff? >> griff: don't go anywhere we'll be right back. ♪ candles in the windows, carols at the city, and we need a little christmas, right this very minute ♪ comfort your sleep number setting.
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>> griff: we have breaking news to leave you with. harry here is now after i told
7:00 am
him the target selling christmas trees upside down for $1042, harry you're selling them $1041. >> pete: yeah so do it. thanks for joining us. >> lisa: bye guys. >> griff: welcome to fox & >> dagen: protesters kicked off about police ticking off shopper s in chicago during the kickoff to this crucial holiday shopping season. are they helping or hurting their cause? hi everybody i'm dagen mcdowell this is bulls & bears. the bulls & bears this week, gary b. smith, joan as max ferris, john layfield along with patrice lee and julie alvin. welcome to everybody. john do these protests do more to hurt the cause? >> john: they do because forget about whether the cause is good or bad. i agree with a lot of what they're protesting but the problem is this we have this year in the united states 7600 retail stores closing compare that


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