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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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keep up with my videos. you can also message me. >> the president returns to washington today with a lot on his plate. and he and congress tried to pass tax reform here but a showdown with democrats trying to shut down the government over immigration reform.hello everyone welcome to "americas news headquarters", i am arthel neville. >> i am eric. >> welcome back! >> happy thanksgiving weekend everyone i am eric shawn. the president basing a slew of issues in the final weeks of the up your meeting with congressional leaders from both parties on tuesday hoping to reach a deal on a spending bill and avert a potential
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government showdown. all eyes are on the goal of getting the tax bill done and signed by the end of the year. we are live in west palm beach, florida. the presidents mar-a-lago estate where his wrapping up his thanksgiving break on this sunday. >> hello! just a few more hours to go and for the fifth consecutive day, while the president has been spending along thanks giving we can here in palm beach county, he is shooting out tweets. around 9 am the presidential motorcade arrived down the street at the international golf course. that is where the president remains as usual. the white house office does not allow the media to take pictures of these outings, nor does it divulge home the president may be golfing with. on friday though donald trump himself tweeted out his golf partners, tiger woods, number one the world, dustin johnson and brad paxton.
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that at trump national injury prepared what he liked to play 18 holes with the president? they wrote this for golf essentially not intimidating. quote donald trump is a fun guy to joke around would think you would have to tiptoe around a bit with the president. but he medially puts you at ease. the president was courageous and entertaining. he told his stories and things he loves about the job. and things he does not love. next week in washington will be a big back to work week for congress and the president with the tax cut and tax reform bill looming as the legislative priorities. on tuesday the president will for the very first time attend the weekly gop policy luncheon. leaders say that tax-cut bills could actually see a full vote as soon as this week. also tuesday big for legislative leaders will meet with donald trump at the white house. and figure out a way to avoid a government shutdown. but as the president told the troops on thanksgiving, his top priority is this. >> i especially like saying the
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company is started to come back. now we are working on tax cuts, big fat beautiful tax cuts. and hopefully we'll get that and you can really see things happening. >> is going to get done. it has to get done the american people. with politics and timing it is more about the president has begun to turn the economy around. >> we are expecting the president and the first lady as well as melania trump parents to believe in mar-a-lago. currently in a couple of hours to make their short trip over to west palm beach international airport where air force one has been parked since tuesday afternoon. then probably sometime right around in the 4 o'clock hour, the first family will take off and depart and go back to washington. >> a family thing skin with lots on the plate, back in washington next week. thank you. >> meanwhile the president doubling down on his support for alabama senate candidate
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roy moore. tweeting that his democratic opponent is a bit of nancy pelosi. in the present sting and odds of most republican leaders that are calling on roy moore to quit the race. amid sexual misconduct allegations. but others in the gop said the decision lies with the voters. this is south dakota similar john thune on "fox news sunday" today.prices far as i'm concerned the president to the degree he wants to use his influence in this race could i think help everybody out by doing what he can to try and get roy moore to step aside which is what we believe is in the best interest again. certainly the country, certainly the presidents agenda and i would argue for the people of alabama although like i said, it is a decision that they make and they do not care what washington d.c. things. >> maryann rafferty is live with more. >> hello arthel! just before our bar and pulled up a big when against the
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crimson tide is in the democrat, doug jones is busy campaigning tailgate style. he's a big iron bowl rivalry to remind voters that he needs their support to pull off is on wood against roy moore. >> i think we will win. that is all i felt. we have a really great i mean they're just thousands of supporters that have come out to this campaign. we have talked about the issues that matter to people. from day one. you get sidetracked and other things that we were talking about the economy, talking about healthcare. those are the issues people care about the most. and it is resonating with them. >> and the president weighing in on the important senate race which could have an impact on the gop plan for tax reform. the tax cuts and jobs act. the president tweeted earlier today quote - i addressed luther street in the alabama primary. he shot way up in the polls wasn't enough. can't let john schiumo/pelosi when this race. liberal jones would be bad! >> now by bad, he may be
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referring to the fact that if jones wins it would be a narrow margin for republicans in the senate currently stands at 51 ã 49. the possible loss of the center is in alabama, republicans are hoping to push the tax reform bill before the end of the year. meanwhile, we have not seen much of roy moore the last couple of days in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. but he does have plan to hold a rally tomorrow before paying alabama. this will be the first ones is november 16 where he did not allow any questions about the allegations against him.we will see if you plan to address them tomorrow. >> thank you marianne rafferty in los angeles. eric? >> a chilling warning from iran to europe and the american -- >> the most powerful leaders of the revolutionary guard is turning that they will put america's allies in our troops in europe in the bull's-eye. increasing the flight businesses of the missiles. their reporting that they will both to the ballistic missiles
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in europe if quote - europe wants to turn into a threat. in the french president emmanuel macron and the president tromped have called on iran to address the ballistic missile capability which critics say currently violates the united nations security resolutions though tehran denies that. to joining us now we have the ambassador, the morning and good afternoon. first of all, how seriously think that we should take this that? >> i think is a very serious docket it would not require much for iran to increase the range of the missile systems that has indeed come if you look at north korea's lodges over the past couple of years, they can read it seen the range
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to hit targets in europe. i think iran could purchase whatever needs from north korea. it is really quite interesting that people in europe when they see themselves coming into range, get upset about security council resolutions. but let's talk about that because the resolution that really focused on 2231 is a resolution that also embodies the iran nuclear deal. it has two annexes, nuclear deal is one and the statement by the five permanent members of the security council in germany focuses on missiles. in other things. it is the other. but that statement on missiles, was negotiated among the five with russia and china acting as iran's scribners. that was the deal that iran could participate in. and i will take, there are three deals if they are together. the nuclear deal, the missile deal and the hostage deal. so all of this was part of one negotiation. it may have taken place in different locations and whatnot. but they all came together the same time.
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that is why i think people who focus on missiles are not talking about something unrelated to the nuclear deal. and that is why it is a record i think iran is trying to do this as per usual trying to threaten the europeans. it works all too often and i'm sure that they are a little worried about what the trump administration may do next month when congress 60 day period following donald trump decertification of the iran deal ends. then we will see what congress does if they scrapped that are try to change it. or continue that. we just mentioned that you resolutions and that russia you say and china obviously are working on behalf of tehran. this is what they say. >> they say court iran is called upon not to take any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering this including lodges using such ballistic missile technology. five years earlier, un security council 1929 iran shall not
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undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering weapons including lodges using missile technology and they shall take all necessary measures to prevent the transfer of the technology or technical assistance iran related to such activities. i mean look, iran has been called upon, they are being requested. is this enough to drive a mack truck through? >> actually, is one of the reasons why all of the resolution and this annex speed at 2231 is more loophole than prohibition. and particularly when you write about missiles designed for carrying nuclear warheads, their maintenance siblings that we do not have a nuclear warhead program for therefore none ago missiles are designed to carry them. it is an embarrassment that should be to john kerry and barack obama. but more importantly issues that i ran things and agreements, security council resolution. they could not care less. what do be do? >> i think iran continues both
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the nuclear program and its missile program. both of them quite likely in conjunction with north korea. i think the president should go to the next step in december. congress is not going to do anything to fix the nuclear agreement and nobody should be holding their breath for that. i think the president should take the next step, aggregate the deal, create a new reality and bring europe into realizing that they're just as much a target or could be as we are. >> ambassador, that is chilling. thank you and stay with us. we will back. >> there are new developments in the special counsel russia investigation. lawyers for president trump former national security advisor michael flynn recently notifying the presidents legal team that they can no longer discuss robert mueller is probe. that could be a sign that michael flynn is cooperating with federal prosecutors were negotiating a deal. garrett tenney is live in washington now with more.
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>> hello. michael flynn is lawyers heading sharing agreement with the presidents legal team. the agreement ended earlier this week when general foods attorney spoke with the present-day city can no longer can participate. sources close to the investigation tell fox news flynn is likely no cooperating with the investigation or trying to get a deal for his corporation and or preparing to plead guilty to forthcoming charges in order to protect his son who is also under investigation by the team. the presidents legal team believes the charges most likely stem from michael things work with turkey and are not related to his contact with russia for the trump campaign. a member of the residence legal team tells fox news notions of the conclusion that this means anything about general flynn cooperating against the president. it is important to remember that general flynn received his security clearance under the previous initiation.the criminal defense attorney says there is still a lot of questions special counsel team
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has that michael flynn will be able to answer if he decides to cooperate. >> there is no doubt about that general flynn was involved in the campaign early on. should he decide to cooperate with prosecutors, he can give insight into what was taken place with meetings and what was happening during the trump campaign. which is potentially what the special prosecutor is looking at. was there any collusion between russian officials in the trump campaign? >> the wall street journal is also reporting the special counsel team is investigating michael flynn expanding and is not including an unfinished documentary that was paid for by the turkish government and targeted an xl political rival of turkeys president who now lives in the united states. >> thank you garrett tenney. eric? >> martin is let's bring back ambassador john bolton. and ambassador one of the things that they are doing including the american media, the russian propaganda outlet
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is now registered as a foreign agent in our country. you think that you can consider american organizations that they are on par with this or are they in your place a kremlin outlet? >> i think this is clearly a kremlin outlet. no one should doubt that russia has been trying to get his news into american media for quite some time. it uses a device of purchasing special supplements for example in the washington post. by the way, the china daily also purchases special supplements in the washington post. there build his advertisers but they look a lot like newspapers. these are elements, this is part of russia's effort and china's effort to implement the united states. there is no doubt that cnn is not an arm of the us government peers are treating it like that is obviously completely a cost
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comparison. >> for you this goes beyond what we here from facebook and social media trying to influence elections care because i think the russians and chinese have been very bold and quite upfront about it. and they allow them to buy advertising supplements that you can follow but when people just turning the pages and the newspaper looking at their websites, it looks a lot like real content. when you imagine russia's daring enough to do that you can imagine what they're doing over the internet.>> appreciate what happened. rt america, i was walking home last night took these pictures. this is ed schultz, a talkshow host that had been with msnbc. and these are bus ads and their tagline is, is is america enough for you? trying to claim that they are american. if they are registered as a foreign agent, should and
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schultz register as a foreign agent? quickly receiving a lot of scrutiny but robert mueller in his office of special counsel but if you are working for a registered foreign agent and as he is, it may well be under the new expansive interpretation. he should register as a foreign agent. >> we will see if the host in the child do that were asked to do so. as always, john bolton, happy thanksgiving weekend. good to see you. >> you too. >> is starting hollywood, dozens of women accusing music executive harvey weinstein as misconduct. but has since gone much much allegations washington is handling. alright, off you go.
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casual fridays at buckingham palace? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> and was happening in new
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york, hollywood and washington dc. more sexual harassment claims continued to dominate attention on capitol hill. right now there is an investigation into democratic michigan congressman, john conyers on the right. he happens to be the longest-serving member of the house. the guy in the left, minnesota senator al franken. he is issuing another apology
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that some say fall short of admitting any guilt. we are live in washington with the very latest on these cases. hello molly. >> hi eric. al franken says he needs to regain the trust of minnesota voters and today he will speak to them through three different interviews about the allegations by at least four women that he grabbed them and groped them. in his most recent apology and statement on friday, he said that he is a quote - warm person and he hugs people. that he quote - crossed a line for some women and wants to make sure that never happens again. one of his democrat senate colleagues since al franken is handling the allegations in a quote - responsible way. >> al franken has acknowledged what he did was wrong and it was wrong. he has also submitted to his whole case to the senate ethics committee. i think that was the right thing to do. a hearing and an investigation. let's let this really reach whatever conclusion it is going to reach. but through a due process.
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>> meanwhile the president is urging alabama voters not to vote for doug jones. the democrat in the special election, special senate election on december 12. a republican in the race is roy moore who has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers when he was in his 30s . today, donald trump tweeted quote -, the last thing we need in alabama and the u.s. senate is a schumer/pelosi puppet weak on crime, week on the border, back to the military and the great veterans, that the second amendment and wants to raise taxes to the sky. jones would be a disaster for this one gop senator on the election and the presidents tweet. >> he is right at the democrat wings it will be a vote for the pelosi, schumer which will be against tax reform, constitutional judges, the other alternative will be effort roy moore wins and company to the senate in january, they will be immediately an ethics
9:23 am
investigation which will be a cloud that he will be operating in. >> senator thune was a presence use his influence to get roy moore to step aside to alabama voters could write and another candidate. eric? >> thank you molly. >> as mentioned a few minutes ago, general michael flynn's lawyers today are no longer sharing information with the white house on the russia investigation. many see that as a sign of the former national security advisor has cut a deal with special counsel, robert mueller people all the wins says not so fast. to break it all down for us is the media reporter for the washington examiner, good to see you nep request thank you. >> does his corporation with special counsel robert mueller say more about him wanting to protect himself or his son? or could michael flynn flip and implicate other players? classic could very well mean that but people have reason to speculate. but people should remember that this is not much different from what michael flynn did back in
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late march when he and his lawyer basically said that they were willing to testify in front of congress in their own separate investigation in exchange for immunity. this is something he has been looking for in some capacity, a deal as some kind whether it is a plea or not. but the bottom line what we know is that his lawyers are not committing with the white house anymore. and in any official capacity. chris intending off to medication with donald trump lawyers, it does not prove that he is cooperating with mr. mueller. that remains to be seen exactly how that will play out. but meanwhile, are you doing any reporting of lawyers representing anyone in the trump administration? perhaps changing their strategy in the wake of this? >> we have seen public reports in the last several months, we have the white house very confident, they have a white house lawyer that did an interview with the new york times what he said, even with the indictments that have come out, they do not see anything that could put the white house or the president in particular
9:25 am
in jeopardy. they seem to behold an outline even with the new report from the times that came out on thanksgiving about michael flynn. there holding the same talking points i think if you want to call it that. they are not afraid and they're just letting the system play out right now. >> and michael flynn is a former national security advisor. we all know that. how does his now former relationship with the president differ from from former campaign manager paul manafort? >> right. michael flynn in the early days of the campaign in 2016, he was very key in backing donald trump formulating what his policy preferences were. creating i guess, what the trump view is in terms of foreign policy in the america first deal that he came up with. paul manafort came in a lot later. he was a specific, he had a specific role going into the republican national convention. after that, we saw michael flynn coming into the white house as a national security
9:26 am
advisor. so he is been a lot more crucial in the trump saga. and has had a much bigger role. so he has a reason for this to want to interview him more closely. i think that's what the deal is about. >> what is a talk on the hill now that michael flynn's attorneys are no longer cooperating with the white house and sharing information, yet they may be cooperating with special counsel robert mueller? what is the talk there? >> you see this in a lot of different columns and newspapers that are about this idea that michael flynn has flipped on donald trump but i would like to say that we do not know he is doing anything quite different than what he was doing back in late march which is when he was looking for to speak to congress which inevitably reports would have done out about that whatever he said. but to speak with them about the russia investigation and he just simply said i want immunity in that case. it could be similar here. it is just a new set of circumstances. >> and again, you have already said that donald trump legal team is saying we are going to
9:27 am
continue as we have been. this is not a big deal. do you think now that they are saying guess what? this does not mean things will drag on and on. in fact, we will get to the end quite soon. >> right. the white house was saying that they expected the investigation at least as far as it gets into the white house, interviewing different staff and whatnot about this. it is about to wrap up around christmas time or shortly thereafter. i think this may make them recalibrate that, reestimate how long this will go on. but so far right now they still have maintained that this is not really the presidents in a meaningful way. >> i want to switch gears and talk you about a report we were discussing earlier in this newscast. the vladimir putin, signed a bill allowing russia to register international media outlets as foreign agents. you know that is in retaliation for the us lengthening the russia television is a state
9:28 am
run channel. what is the impact on the already strained relationship between the president and let them into them? and what you think about that as a member of the media? >> this is a weird dichotomy that you see between the us and russia relations. because you have a president that made sense he wanted the relationship with russia. justified as ago he had an hour long phone call according to the white house with vladimir putin about isis, terrorism and things like that. also north korea. but at the same time we have us policy, actually us official policy putting between the two countries, putting them kind of at odds. and what that has to do with president trump or the doj. in this case it has to do with the doj has said it is a foreign agent. it basically means that we will categorize this outlet as russian propaganda. and in retaliation russia is doing the exact same thing to us. it is not necessarily apples to apples but it is tit-for-tat. >> eddie scarry time i had to leave it there. enjoy the rest of your day!
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>> thank you. >> meanwhile, egyptians one the victims of the horrible attack on the mosque in the sinai peninsula. egypt's president battling to bring the terrorists responsible to justice. where live in jerusalem with the latest on this overwhelming tragedy. plus an explosion level buildings in china. what happens? next.
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eric: egyptians are morbid sense of the deadly mosque attacking the site finance allowed friday. more than 300 people were killed including dozens of children after terrorists they are carrying isis laxer grenades inside the mosques during friday prayers. then they waited outside and opened fire on the worshipers as they tried to escape. live now with the latest. we are getting a sense of how well organized and well planned
9:34 am
the attack was hurt while isis has yet to claim responsibility come egyptian authorities are pointing the fingers at the nicest affiliate site has launched a wave of violence across not only the sinai desert region but across the entire country. what survivors of the attacks until egyptian authorities is just as the mullahs and the mosques in starting to start his sermon in the middle of the day, several dozen gunmen, as many as 30 or so turned out outside the mosque and 500 people or so were fleeing the mosque in utter chaos to my five or six different vehicles of gunmen opened on his worshipers as they were trying to get to someplace that was saved from a mowing down 305 people they are, killing them come in many, 20 or so, many young adults.
9:35 am
isis has not claimed responsibility, that this is similar to the types of attacks we've seen from isis particularly in the air they have routinely attacked checkpoints in that area and launched attacks on the christian community in alexandria and cairo. egyptian presidents have vowed to use out the isis attacks to get revenge to bring stability. this is the claim in the values made several times in the last year or so, particularly as isis has ramped up the attacks and so far the egyptian government despite ini and military justice have not been able in there are several questions about whether they will be able to in the near future. >> we are facing a common thread. thank you. arthel: taxi firm in the top of the agenda as lawmakers return to capitol hill tomorrow from
9:36 am
the thanksgiving break good republican maters looking to push through a senate bill and president trump looking to drum up support. with a very narrow margin of error, this version may be harder to pass in the one gotten through the house. joining us from her new york senator and fox news contributor algernon. nice to have it on the set with us. should this pass a segment of the bill and should it? >> i selected they would have not too difficult time. it's 64 day, but it does not pass. if they lose three members, it is finished. you earn the house raised serious questions, senator corker, senator johnson and at least three others. senator mccain, senator murkowski and senator collins.
9:37 am
they've got in trouble. they are going to make some changes as it presently stands if it's going to pass. i think 6040 at this time. there's some provisions that just don't make sense. for example, you could have saved revenue by doing away with carried interest, but they made a little tinkering and that's billions of dollars that could have gone to reduce the deficit or reduce taxes for middle income families. they didn't do it appeared they did away with the death tax. that is again tens of billions of dollars that could have been saved or used to reduce the deficit. and then they go ahead and say do away with state and local taxes. real property taxes throughout the country. you will no longer be able to deduct and that is going to hurt
9:38 am
homeownership. >> it's how a lot of people are able to afford their home. they look forward to that. >> the difference between owning a home and not. the history of our country has been give people an opportunity to own a piece of the rock. that's the biggest savings that working families and middle-class families have is in their homes. we are going to be discovering not come are particularly in high-cost states. i think it has difficulty in making a better job. this is not the bill and vision. arthel: as you well know they will leave the republican leaders on tuesday with the congressional leaders as well including the bipartisan big four will put up a baseball card have been meeting with senator mcconnell, also speaker ryan, senator schumer, house minority leader pelosi. if you were coming senator d'amato, creating a plan for success, how many parts with beane and how many parts
9:39 am
contributing specific tax reform ideas? >> let me say this to you. do you. doing away the state and local taxes and injustice not just in new york, but to other states as well, and you will taxes people twice, i might face in the corporate tax reductions. instead of on the right to tony come and go to 25 for the first two years and then to tony. and then you're encouraging business. don't just try to make it a republican bill. that's what i would thought to do. he said, tip o'neill book on the house of representatives and we worked out a bill that cut billions and billions of dollars
9:40 am
and stimulated the economy. arthel: that was then. why was there such bickering and partisanship? >> the right wing and the republican party seeks to control within the party. the left wing of the democratic party seeks to control both make it almost impossible for people in the middle to talk to each other, to work together. consequently you've got this warfare and we see it in society today from the left and the right, extreme groups in the extreme groups. you've got the extreme situation deteriorated in the congress. people don't work together. they are more worried republicans on the right side have the guys in the middle. similarly on the left side, the moderates are afraid because the
9:41 am
data primary against them. arthel: at the end of the day when they go to the voting booth and we will see what happens. senator d'amato thanks for coming in on this thanksgiving weekend. >> my pleasure. good to be with you. eric: thank you to my senator and arthel appeared in major airline is finding out a new way to board passengers and it's not flying. is a new sign of class warfare and it could be the new normal when they take to the skies? wait to see within a travel expert expert has to tell us next. ndable. ohhhh. ughh. wow. that's just not fair. does she have to? she doesn't have to! oh, i don't? no, but it's a tough choice, isn't it? yes. well luckily, chevy makes it a little easier. cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs - two years in a row.
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trained you just need to plan for the holidays can be more stressful. a new controversial boarding policy called considered pele's board last peer british airways next month travelers who paid for the most expensive tickets will be seeded first while the
9:46 am
rest of us from those who scored the cheap seats will board last peer british airways jordan u.s. airline and so-called basic economy fares piglet is all about? editor of the travel website p. in motion. now we've got first class and last class. what does this mean? >> good afternoon. good to be with you. it is a copy of what the u.s. airlines are doing with base economy. i'm almost surprised it took her to share ways to get there this long. they've got a lot of low cost competition in europe. ryan air in easyjet have been doing him a long time. they wanted to as little as possible. they can cut as much as possible to force us to pay a little more. eric: if you're put on the back of the line, some people could be embarrassed, but some people could be proud.
9:47 am
first-class people looking at us as green and the at us agree then be saying them on the same flight, i get there at quarter of million second before they do because they are in the back and they paid less for the same flight horrible people be covering their faces or be proud? >> a little bit of both paid the number of people they squeeze on airplanes today, i do want to be on there any earlier than i have to. i am because i do favor the overhead bin space, but if you travel light, spending less for your ticket and squeezing on at the last minute is probably better than sitting in the toobin extra 20 minutes. eric: british airways -- the basic economy invention, what is that? what is it the latest doing what other restrictions? >> restrictions vary by airline's. the testing is in the u.s. it is american, delta, spirit and frontier.
9:48 am
we will charge you less for your ticket but you are not going to get common things you might expect like a seat assignment or ability to bring on a carry-on bag if you're traveling with your children you might not be able to sit next to them. the hope by u.s. airlines as you will come for low fares and it'll scare you enough to buy a marked infancy. eric: they even say you can't use the overhead bin. >> in some cases you won't use an overhead then. everything will sit in front of the seat in front of you. they'll charge you more at the gate to check the bag and if he checked it early. eric: what is next? they keep cheapening the meals. what's next, you can't use the bathroom? just the whole that the whole flight? >> the ceo of ryan eric joked about that a few weeks ago. i don't think within the last of what airlines can charge us for. eric: they will put us in
9:49 am
straphangers like in a subway if the faa allowed it in the ntsb would. thank you so much. as long as we get there in one piece in their luggage as they are, good enough for me. arthel: thank you, eric. as mourners gather at the funeral of a border agent taxes come exactly how and why he died in the line of duty is still a mystery. the latest on a tragic loss near the mexican border. (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible.
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eric: fox news alert. john conyers denying a misconduct allegations but announcing he is stepping down as top democrat on the house judiciary committee. congressman saying he would like to remain ranking member, but feels his presence will serve those efforts. congressman conyers is asking in agreeing to congress launching an ethics investigation into the allegations against them. he is the longest serving member on the house and we are going to have more in the latest development in a little bit later all threat than fox news and eric and i will be back again at 4:00 in 6:00 p.m. eastern. eric: certainly have experts on now. a man this weekend.
9:54 am
maybe confirming the death of an officer and two sailors killed in the car crash of the transport plane last week. the aircraft was flying to the uss ronald reagan. branyan is a five in new york with the latest. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> yes it is. for two days now they let a search and rescue effort with help from the japan maritime self-defense force searching 1000 square nautical miles using ships, helicopters and aircraft but ultimately they could not find the three sailors. identifying the sailors lost in a plane crash as lieutenant stephen collins aviation and aviation ordinance men burning gross out. reportedly the 2013 valedictorian for his high school in baton rouge louisiana. he had received the ribbon among
9:55 am
other awards. the greyhound crashed in route with cargo on wednesday the philippine sea carrying almost 11 crew and passengers. you were saved at the scene of the crash. our navy team stick together. we have each other's backs. together our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and ship named of these three great americans. of lost was steven combs, 20 year old in massachusetts, childhood friends in pittsfield. his infectious laugh and dream of becoming a pilot. >> first 18 years of my life, just a very selfless and genuine in. it's been really tough past couple of days. i hope what time a lot of our questions are answered so we can really understand.
9:56 am
>> it continues that this marks the latest deadly incident and string of mishaps in japan. seven sailors died in june when the uss fitzgerald collided off the coast of japan in 10 sailors died in the uss john s. mccain in an oil tanker collided off the coast of singapore. the two top officers were fired and led to the firing of fleet commander. eric: will keep them in our prayers. arthel: is the season of giving and already hearing stories of great generosity. why this man decided to donate $1 million to her veteran. -- our veterans. omach acid at t. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino!
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arthel: that does it for us. back at 4:00 p.m. eastern eric: is 06:00 p.m. eastern. >> democratic congressman john conyers is stepping down as ranking member of the house judiciary committee will congress investigate sexual-harassment claims against him. >> president trump calling on voters in alabama to vote against e. schumer pelosi puppet. is this endorsement and everything enough for the embattled worry more? resident heading to capitol hill on tuesday to push republicans on the fence about the tax reform bill?


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