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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 27, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> james cameron telling vanity fair that leonardo decaprio's role died because that was what was in the script. "fox & friends first" continues now. rob: monday november 27th and fox news alert, volcano eruption, thick ash leaving hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded at an airport, the massive rush to escape this inferno. >> plus a battle over paintings with the pen gone, new york city college trying to profit off art made by terrorists. rob: clock is ticking, jam-packed scheduled for president trump as he sets sights of biggest revamp in decades, can congress get this done before christmas is the big question in "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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♪ jillian: beautiful monday. everyone still full from thanksgiving feast. maybe the leftovers that you had all week long? it's time to get up and get you restarted, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm jillian mele. rob: have to get back to work. no fun. thanks for waking up with us today. president trump getting to work as well working on tax reform this week with the republican and the administration's self-imposed year-end deadline fast approaching. jillian: democrats to stop bill right on its tracks. griff jenkins live from washington, d.c. with what we can expect this week, hey,
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griff. >> hey, good morning, it's crunch time. only 12 days on legislative calendar and the laundry list is long, tax reform at the top as well as spipping bill deadline next week, immigration, funding for the border wall and children's health care also on the list, the president tweeting this as members return to dc, he says back in dc, big week for tax cuts and many other great things of importance to the country, senate republicans will hopefully come through for all of us, tax cut bill is getting better and better, the end result will be great for all but at least six senators are on the fence for a variety of reasons ranging from increasing the debt to repealing mandate and unfairly favoring corporations over small businesses, gop conference chairman senator john thune predicts they will get there. >> we have members expressing legitimate concerns, ideas on how to make the bill stronger and better and we are certainly open to those, people can offer amendments, those amendments can get debated and voted on.
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>> funding for the government runs on december 8th, congress must pass something to avoid shutdown as democrats hold onto fix on daca program, deferred action for childhood arrivals something republican senator lindsey graham is open to. >> i think most americans want to give the dream act kids a more certain life so let's do it in december, let's do it for the good of the country. let's take care of a lot of problems at one time to show the country we actually can function. >> so funding for border wall as well as other few odds and ends like children health care, a lot to do this week, congress' first vote will be later this afternoon. we will see what happens. maybe a vote by the end of the week on tax reform, guys. jillian: all right, griff jenkins, keep us posted, thank you. rob: fox news alert, law enforcement on high alert as terrorists look to target u.s. trains, tsa warning about attacks similar to 2012 plot to derail a new york bound train,
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under cover fbi agent foiled the al-qaeda plan after would-be terrorists were scouting, 40,000 miles of rail from coast to coast. al-qaeda publishing detailed introductions for how to derail trains in propaganda magazine. jillian: officials raising evacuation to highest level. rising ash shutting down airport and stranding 60,000 tourists. the volcano erupted last in 1963 killing more than a thousand people. rob: nation of egypt vow to go fight back after terror attack in mosque left more than 300 people dead. jillian: president trump offering the united states full support in the fight against isis. andy kellogg -- amy kellogg is
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live in milan with the latest. >> hi, the problem is no easy solution to cracking down on terrorist in sinai, a lot of criticism. but he has a really serious problem down there in sinai, speak in radicalism since 2013 since he came to power and a military coupe and after the collapse of the government in libya, guns started flowing into egypt. there's always been a problem with certain agent of lawlessness down in sinai known for smuggling and we are seeing violence add retribution from where there doesn't seem to be easy escape, where christians and police have been primary target, this time they hit a mosque killing 305 muslims, 27
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muslim children, isis considers they are not real muslims. mystical peaceful people and they were gunned down as they tried to escape the mayhem caused by 30 terrorists arm today teeth and hungry for the blood of as many worshipers as they could cut down. no group has claimed responsibility yet for the attack but egyptian police have said that they found at least one isis flag and the -- in the vehicle used by attackers, air strikes on those vehicles and apparently some clean-ups in areas that they believed to have come from. biggest in history followed by isis shot down a plane traveling from sinai to russia. rob and jillian. rob: horrific attack on innocent people, thank you, amy.
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all right, president trump urging alabama voters to pick republican candidate roy moore instead of democrat doug jones. the president slamming liberal jones in a tweet writing the last thing we need in alabama and u.s. senate a schumer-pelosi puppet who is weak on crime, weak on border, bad for military and great vets, bad for second amendment and wants to raise taxes to the sky, jones would be a disaster. the latest poll numbers have moore slightly ahead of jones at this point, moore has been accused of inappropriate contact with minors nearly four decades ago, this allegedly happen, allegations that he denies. alabama's special election is scheduled for december 129, just a couple weeks away. senator al franken vowing to work this morning. he will not vow out over own sexual misconduct allegations.
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>> have you talked about seriously resigning, have you considered that? >> no, no. the ethics committee is looking into all of this and i will cooperate fully with it. listen, i know that i have a lot of work to regain the trust of people i have let down. rob: accused of groping several women to call himself a champion and ally of women in that interview. jillian: nfl protests showing no signs of slowing, roughly two dozen players to sit, kneel or raise fist during national anthem, among them oakland raiders lynch, this after president trump called him out in a tweet for standing during the mexican national anthem in méxico city while sitting for our national anthem. fewer fans also showing up to see, once again making those rounds on social media. holiday decorations unveiled today at the white house marking
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president trump's first christmas in office. first lady teasing some of this year's decor on social media and on thursday the first family will participate in national christmas tree lighting ceremony. 79'christmas tree arriving overnight at joint base andrews. rob: all right,let check the weather, janice is back. nice arizona suntan. [laughter] >> did i really? rob: i don't know. >> this is fake stuff. if you go to rob's instagram he posted pictures of thanksgiving, next year you come to the dean residence. you poor thing. you had to self-park on television and can of beer on -- anyway. rob: that was a glass of water and a pizza. i swear. >> you come to my house next year. here are current temperatures across the great lakes and northeast right now.
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39 in new york city, you know what, that really cold air is still up in canada and remain in canada for the next week or so. now, the next ten days we could see some of the really cold air moving southward but for now not too bad in terms of temperatures, we are looking at the potential for more wintery weather across the west and little bit of snow, just a little bit up state new york and new england and next big system that moves to west coast, that will bring heavy rain and mountain snow for the skiers and again that system is going to move east ward but the good news is we don't have any of that really arctic air, the polar vortex, that will stay away for the next week or so. >> thank goodness. janice: nice to be back. jillian: nice to have you. ten minutes after the hour. curing conservatives, solutions that yale came up to help half of of the country. rob: faith of illegal immigrant
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in the hands of the jury this morning, next guest former member of the trump hispanic advisory council, why steve cortez this tragedy is perfect example of liberals putting their agenda over public safety. jillian: we will talk to him next. add them to nice list, the firefighters being credited for saving christmas, we will come right back. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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jillian: wedding to take place in 2018, prince harry is sixth in line for the throne. rob: i like him better single. running in las vegas running into trouble. jillian: jury deliberations for illegal immigrant deported five times accused of killing kate steinle. rob: what does this say about sanctuary city and crack down on illegal immigration. jillian: here to weigh in fox news contributor steve cortez, thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. jillian: a guy who had been deported, was in custody weeks prior, what needs to happen in your opinion? >> jillian, that to me is the tragedy. this was totally preventible. he was in custody by the san francisco police department weeks before as you mentioned, weeks before her murder. they ignored an ice detainer
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which is the federal request that he be turned over to be deported a sixth time, that in and of itself is absurdity but even more absurd is the fact that the san francisco police department and i don't blame the cops by the way, they are following the rules established by liberal politicians in cities like san francisco in cities like my hometown of chicago, so-called sanctuary cities, i hate that term. i prefer to call outlaw city because what they are doing is willfully ignoring federal law, willfully disregarding the safety of citizens for agenda, and i also point out that they think they are pandering to hispanics by doing that. kate steinle is not hispanic but many times the victims of dangers illegal immigrants are hispanics themselves. so this is not pandering to hispanics in the end and totally, totally disrespectful policy and sometimes political
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correctness it only isn't dumb but deadly. rob: trump taking a hard stance on illegal immigration, calling it a sanctuary city, they are trying to be as nice as they can be and obama policy i thought was dead on, they did a job and this has gone so far left and unrecognizable to even members of that party. >> no, rob, i'm glad that you bring that up. some people recall president obama, the deporter in chief. he deported more people than all other u.s. presidents combined. >> he went after the criminals. >> the idea that the left or that president obama was somehow kind to illegal immigration and there's a sudden crack-down under president trump defies logic and the reality of the situation. i think what has changed,
2:18 am
though, is that ice was very much restrained under the previous -- you talk to ice people, the handcuffs have been taken off of ice, they are allowed not to do their job different in the trump administration particularly to dangerous people. we don't knock on doors and take a grandma, drag her out of the building and sent her back to home country was but dangerous people like the one who killed kate steinle. jillian: she was walking in the pier with her father. tragedy in itself. >> simply awful story. she literally died in her father's arms, this man took a gun, loaded weapon into incredible crowded space and fired it off. he claims he wasn't trying to kill anybody, reckless behavior that in my opinion will come back with a decision of murder. >> how long do you think that'll take?
2:19 am
>> i have no idea, i'm not a lawyer, not a trial guy. the point is he deserves to go to prison. known dangerous people can't hide in plain sight. that should not happen in america any longer, not in chicago, not new york city, not san francisco. rob: common sense people you -- understand and they push thing that many people don't agree with. thank you, steve. jillian: good to see you, thank you. rob: 19 minutes after the hour. battle over paintings, new york city college trying to profit off of art made by terrorists. jillian: not with her, a-list actress that says we would be at war if hillary clinton had become president. carley shimkus here with the online reaction excuse me a minute...
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rob: singer nick liche calling for justice after one of the bartenders was killed while walking outside. jillian: tell us about this one. >> scary stuff right here. 27-year-old eli richardson had just left work when according to police she almost got hit by a van outside the restaurant, she and the driver reportedly got into a verbal altercation and that's when the driver according to police pulled out a gun and shot her in the face. well, now the cincinnati police nick lache and brother drew take to go social media to find suspect, picture of a van asking anybody who recognizes it to
2:24 am
call them with information. asking for his followers to help richardson's family with medical expenses tweeting please help eli and her family get through this most difficult time, thank you, now a lot of people on social media are offering their words of condolences and encouragement really tragic time. jillian: so sad. carley: 27-year-old, 3-year-old son, so horrible, horrible situation right there. jillian: someone from hollywood city thinking hillary would have been a dangerous president. carley: yeah, actress susan, she supported bernie sanders during election and said in interview with the guardian that she received vicious, vicious attacks from the left because she did not support hillary clinton. it appears, though, that she is sticking to her political viewpoints, she said, i did think she was very, very dangerous, we would still be fracking, we would be at war, it wouldn't be much smoother.
2:25 am
a lot of president trump supporters are interestingly chiming in on this, steve on this, make america great again, very brave woman because of the sisterhood will now turn on her, bk tweets, the voice of reason from the left and another twitter user says great article, i have a lot of respect for her convictions, kind of interesting. supporting bernie sanders even more far left than hillary clinton is now getting support from trump supporters, strange how that kind of works out, right? rob: it is. people do really think she's a savior of the party and they defended her to death. >> more political division in this story. washington post just wrote a piece about a yale university experiment that aim today turn conservatives into liberals, here is a quote from the study, before they answered the survey questions, we had them engage in intense imagination exercise, imagining being completely safe
2:26 am
from harm, it had turned conservatives into liberals, oh, my goodness. social media chiming in on this. one person says, guys, yale has find a cure for conservatism. one more tweet. another waste of young minds on this bs. [laughter] carley: do you think it's going to work, conservatives into liberals? rob: who never had a job before. >> very strange. thanks so much. jillian: 26 minutes after the hour. for years called the consumer agency massive waste of your taxpayer dollars. >> the place is just -- it's a wonderful example of how a bureaucracy will function if it has no accountability to anybody. it turns up being a joke. jillian: this morning the trump administration vowing to clean house with mick mulvaney with the swamp is all right fighting
2:27 am
back. live with the brand-new court battle. rob: democrats top pick for 2020 socialist, bernie sanders, democratic socialist bernie sanders, is this really the direction that the left should be going? is he their best man, political man on deck to debate that next
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this is not a cloud. this is a tomato tracked from farm to table on a blockchain,
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2:31 am
mulvaney for taking over before then. she was appointed as acting director by former head richard and she would likely follow his lead at going hard at financial institutions pushing for tougher regulations and enforcement with little oversight. head of bureau until friday when he quit. the dodd-frank act that created the agency says it can name successor, hero for some watchdog groups and major target of republicans and the banking industry who say he was completely overstepping his mandates. one of those republican critics has been president trump's pick for the position white house budget director mick mulvaney. >> the place is just -- it's a wonderful example of how a bureaucracy will function if it has no accountability to anybody. it turns up being a joke and that's what the cfb is in a sad kind of way. >> the president tweeted this on saturday, the consumer
2:32 am
protection bureau, has been a total disaster as run by the previous administration pick, financial institutions have been devastated and unable to help public, we will bring it back to you. >> here is democratic senator elizabeth warren, if there's a vacancy, the deputy director becomes acting director. donald trump can't override that. the white house says president trump will nominate a permanent head of the agency in the coming weeks and the senate will have to approve it. rob and jillian, back to you. rob: all right, caroline, thanks so much. a huge week ahead for tax reform. president trump planning to crash a republican policy meeting tomorrow, can they get it done here at all. here to debate charlie kirk and democratic strategists chuck rocha. chuck, you the hat on, i love
2:33 am
it. what are the chances they get this through in current form, are they going to have to mess with it a little bit? >> it's a great form. in current form i don't think it's very likely. republicans need a legislative victory for this year to each be able to look constituents in the eye next year, they need to be able to pass tax reform. i think they will get it done, they just need 50 votes, the vice president can break the tie. you have a lot of questions, lisa murkowski that's agreed to it and susan collins maybe, jeff flake who is a maybe, senator rand paul and currently one of the no's out there is ron johnson from wisconsin. so the senators are going to have to work nights and weekend, something they are not used to get this done and the president needs legislative victory as well. rob: he certainly does. chuck, he needs to win something, if they get rid of the salt deduction thing they were planning, people on high-taxed states already, if they drop the mandate on obamacare, getting rid of that, do they have a chance here? >> i think they do.
2:34 am
i think anything can happen in washington but i wouldn't much to happen in the next two weeks. i will tell you this, the republicans and donors -- republicans have been promising donors, big wall street guys, people who make lots of people, they have been promising tax cuts for years and years just like they have been promising to get rid of obamacare, at the end of the day in washington, you will see a trip-down version of this, corporate tax break to corporations because donors have had enough them promising and not getting anything. rob: looking far ahead about three years ahead to 2020 and vision for democrats that they have a lot of people saying that bernie sanders could be a top contender in that election which has some pretty big names in the field and i think 43 democrats rumored as potential 2020 contenders, obviously everybody thinks with unpopular republican president they all have a shot
2:35 am
in getting in the white house, chuck, we will stay with you for a second, you worked for the bernie sanders, is he the best man for the job? >> you know, he probably has the best name, you're right, a lot of people who think they can run. what will happen is republican primary year and a half ago, all of the people exactly how donald trump got elected, the base that could overcome and exactly bernie sanders, running against nafta, bringing backs to america, does that sound familiar to you, exactly how he can win this thing. rob: if it would have been bernie and trump, would trump have turn pped those five blue states red, bernie had a very similar kind of plan in those areas, over to you, charry, what do you think of bernie sanders in 2020? >> you know, as a conservative republican i hope the democrats nominate someone like bernie sanders in 2020, it would be a complete move to the left that i think distances themselves even further from middle america, you
2:36 am
look at wisconsin, michigan, ohio, these states that quite frankly are center-right states now. they are not going to want outwardly identifies as socialist let alone democratic socialist. as conservative i hope the democratic party keeps on moving to the left and continue to deliver victories for the american people, economic freedom, cutting spending and hopefully getting toward the balance budget in the next couple of years, this is something the democrats, specially democratic socialists want nothing of. rob: chuck respond to that, tempered moderate from the democrats would be a better play, to kind of round up a lot of people but the presidency? >> we would say that donald trump is unusual presidency, we are living in unusual times, we have the establishment kind of consultants and politician who is constantly run our government who just give everything to the richest among us and leave out the poor middle class whether you are blue, red or middle, i think that's where people are looking for the changes.
2:37 am
bernie sanders changes it, i think so. the fact is we need to shake up our government and get it back to working for the people. rob: i agree with you both. i personally would love to see bernie versus donald trump, a blast in the debate and chuck, thank you so much for coming on this morning and i got your name, rocha, you're one of my favorite guests, i have to say the guy's name right and i love the hat. gentlemen, thank you so much. jillian, over to you. >> teenager who is considered a person of interest in the death of his grandmother claims he did nothing wrong, 15-year-old logan arrested by border property agents at the canadian border in buffalo, new york after driving a car all the way from neptune beach florida, ploys found what is grandmother's body. not charged with her death but being held in grand-theft warrant. packed united airlines force today make emergency landing
2:38 am
overnight. muin itch to london after several passengers complained of feeling light-headed, emergency personnel quickly boarded the train and evacuate them. no word on what was making people feel sick. americans imprisoned oversea for filming at the airport, randomly selected for more security in vacation, agents going through his bag not knowing it was illegal, the family hasn't heard from him since, lee's family asking texas lawmakers for help. well, people were buying this black friday, guns also in high demand, usa today reporting the fbi received a record-breaking 203,000 requests for instant gun background checks, that's up nearly 10% from last year. the total number of firearms sold is likely higher because multiple firearms can be purchased by one buyer. rob.
2:39 am
rob: all right, jillian, thanks so much. time now is 38 minutes after the hour. art by terrorists, a taxpayer funded college trying to profit off of these paintings, can you imagine that? our next guest new york city council member says this is a huge slap in the face to the victims of 9/11. also bad news for democrats who have been screaming at the sky over the election. it could actually take some years off your life, we will explain that, 20 years later, fans still complaining about the ending to this film. >> i will never let go. i promise. rob: but if you didn't figure it out during the movie, we finally can tell you for sure why rose didn't allow jack to get on that door. you should already know this but if you don't know the answer is coming up.
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rob: british singer says he would assassinate president trump if given the chance. yes. the 58-year-old telling german newspaper if he were given a button that could instantly kill president trump he would not hesitate to push it saying, quote, i would for the safety of humanity, it has nothing to do with my personal opinion of his face or his family but in the interest of humanity, i would push. all right. a controversial request raising eyebrows here after a church is force today stop helping the needy in one to have biggest welfare states, the mayor of malibu california, beautiful mali burkes backtracking claims that city told baptist church to stop giving meals to homeless. church leaders who have been feeding the homeless for the
2:44 am
past years, forced to find a place away from the church and neighborhood homes, this as the county's homeless epidemic reaches nearly 30,000 people there in the ever popular california, jillian. julie: battle over painting with the pentagon outrage as new york city college tries to sell art work made by terrorists in guantanamo bay, the department of defense now demanding the 36 paintings be destroyed. joining us now councilman, adjunct professor joe. thanks for joining us this morning. exhibit started in october goes through end of january 2018, when you heard that this was happening, what was your initial reaction? >> i'm appalled. as someone who teaches is proud of the fact i'm appalled and i wouldn't feel comfortable teaching students at this
2:45 am
school. let's be clear, this is not put up because of artistic value, they are put because they are political statements, the university trying to say how they feel about a certain issue and it's very wrong for a school that really seeks law professionals. >> you look at the fact that there's 67 victims of 9/11 and they were students and faculty of that school, how are they -- the families suppose today feel about something like this? >> to be honest i see this as spiking the football. we wouldn't have the mandalay bay putting a picture of paddock. this is a school which educates predominantly law enforcement career people, chief of our fire department, our police commissioner were all notable alumni, this is something that young people who study law enforcement wanting to into and want to be a part of and the fact that they have to come to
2:46 am
school and feel offended because somebody who may have had a hand in killing predecessor and neighbor and friends and family would be displayed, the art would be displayed. jillian: displayed and potentially sold which is the other crazy part of it. >> the notion that they be doing for profit or money back in schools is incredible to think. i grew up in this town, i knew people who died in 9/11, we still feel the effects, still naming monuments and streets. to do this it is offensive not only to memory but offensive to just the general decency of where public institution would be about. july jill people have now signed petition that john jay professor started online. let's pull it up. i will read an excerpt and get your take, burning art is
2:47 am
something done by fascist and terrorist regimes but not the american people that's because some people are saying the art should be burned or destroyed. >> look, this is not people, these aren't people who have relationships to 9/11, these are people who had a hand in killing the alumni and former faculty members of this school. let's not forget, this is just a series of hits from cuny, we had the professor who tweeted about cops, brooklyn college who wouldn't let police officers use restroom. another professor saying that having white family was white supremacy. this is unfortunate becoming par for the cause for otherwise great institution in new york city. jillian: do you think the petition has a chance? >> i hope so. i hope -- i'm sorry, i will be -- jillian: wait a second. >> people to not doing it. [laughter] >> good grief, thanks for correcting me. jillian: hold on a second.
2:48 am
that's not what you just said. rob: we knew what he meant, we got it. the deals ain't over yet, cybermonday now underway and taking you behind the escapes of all the action live at amazon coming up next. first here is brian kilmeade and what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> hey, rob, we will talk about tax time, will the president get what he wants and will americans get what they need and we will talk to somebody who is a maybe yes and maybe no, senator lankford will be with us. the president will be meeting with chuck, nancy and paul and mitch, would they get anything done? on another note, we will talking about cybermonday and dog and beth chapman. maybe ainsley, probably not steve. also christmas decorating tips and how to do it and not get injured.
2:49 am
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rob: all right, bargain hunters the shopping continues, get ready with a click of the button today cybermonday, sales expected to smash some serious records today. jillian: yes, kayla joins us live inside the amazon fulfillment center in new jersey where i'm sure they are hard at work. >> absolutely. very hard at work. this is amazon's super bowl and last cybermonday was massive for them. they are expecting this one to be bigger and better. they are giving us behind the scenes look at method to
2:53 am
madness. this is where all of the magic happens, this facility is actually the size of 28 football fields. now last year amazon said 64 million items were ordered. that was last cybermonday and that's 740 items per second. according to adoe digital insights, $34 billion last year and expect the number to nearly double this cybermonday, that's because of numbers from last black friday which shows americans took advantage of online deals, that's nearly up 17% from last year. adobe digital found foot traffic to be up 2% and all signs point to online shopping. amazon offering great deal on products like echo, other websites offering their own sorts of deal, gap, for example, 50% off worldwide and bobby brown, make-up brand, offering
2:54 am
25% statewide. we are live in new jersey, i will send it back to you, guys. jillian: good stuff, thank you, kayla. rob: one of the most popular shows on netflix is looking to make it back to small screen, producers of house of cards announcing to cast and crew that it will hold off on production of the sixth and final season until at least december 8th, so they are going to try to go forward with this thing, the show put on hold while investigation launched into dozens of reports including on the set of sexual misconduct against the star, it's not clear how he would be removed from the story but we understand that he will be. jillian: two decades after the film's release the director of titanic revealing why jack died. >> i will never let go. i promise. jillian: james cameron telling vanity fair that leonardo
2:55 am
dicaprio was rob: if jack hadn't died it wouldn't have been as nearly as romantic. the guy had to die. at the end of the show i hope that i can survive so i can be back tomorrow. 55 minutes after the hour now. one family's wild thanksgiving discovery coming up next. jillian: the firefighters being credited for saving christmas, that story is next. ♪ ♪ bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. ♪ ♪
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rob: the good, the bad, and the ugly. we begin with the good. fighters helping a colorado homeowner who broke his leg after falling off a ladder hanging christmas lights. first responders hung the rest of the lights for him. jillian: bad news for liberals who have been screaming at the sky. [screaming] jillian: new study says angry men are one and a half more times to die earlier from psychological damage from the threat.
3:00 am
rob: bobcat lucky to be alive after 50-mile journey after the grill in the car. once she parked, it was released back into the wide. probably there to try to stay warm. that's why cats like car engines. jillian: that's crazy. thanks for joining us on this monday. we will see you later. >> president trump has now arrived back in washington. he will be meeting with senate republicans tuesday. >> he just tweeted this is a big week coming up for tax cuts. >> well, do i believe in prayer, number one. i hope we get it done by christmas. >> conyers announced he was stepping down on the powerful house judiciary committee. >> john conyers is an icon in our country. he will do the right thing. >> i'm someone who hugs people. i have learned i have crossed the line for some women. >> a fox news alert, across the country on high alert as terrorists look to target u.s. trains. >> prince hey officially offer the market


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