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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 27, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> i think ainsley is the winner. >> congratulations. >> this is my ugly christmas sweater ornament. >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> bill: good morning, everybody. president trump back in washington a very busy week ahead starting today in the battle over tax reform. it's now reaching a critical stage. keep an eye on that. a showdown looms between the obama and trump administrations. we say good morning. hope you had a great holiday. i'm bill hemmer, welcome back to "america's newsroom." how was it? >> sandra: good morning, wonderful weekend. >> bill: mine was nice. getting the gears going again. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. everyone is back to work including us. president trump preparing to meet with senators today as he makes a final push to win support for his tax bill ahead of a possible vote as early as this week.
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>> i think in the end we'll get the votes. it's a process. a legislative process takes time to move it across the finish line. i think we'll get a bill to the president. >> the economic growth is in there, tax cuts are in there. an opportunity for us to fix the broken tax code. >> failure is not an option when it comes to the republican party and cutting taxes. the fate of the party is in our hands as well as that of the economy. the economy needs a tax cut and the republican party needs to deliver. i think we'll get there. >> sandra: new controversy this morning over president trump's pick to lead the consumer financial protection bureau after a lawsuit is filed by the departing director an obama-era appointee. >> bill: all that now. kristin fisher, good morning to you. who is in charge at the bureau this morning? >> depends on who you ask, bill. you could have two people showing up for work for the same job fighting for the same office. just a little bit of a back story here. the cfpb was established during
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the financial crisis in 2008 by the obama administration. it has never been fully supported by many republicans here in washington and so over the weekend the director of the cfpb resigned and when he resigned he appointed a woman by the name of leandra english as acting director. the white house says he can't do that. the white house says only the president has that power. they named mick mulvaney to the post. someone very critical of the agency. english sued last night. the top attorney sided with the trump administration and the white house press secretary is saying this, quote, it's unfortunate that the-out going director desighted to put political ambition above the interest of consumers with this stunt. director mulvaney will bring a more professional approach to running the cfpb. while most of washington is absolutely fascinated by this story, most americans probably are a bit more focused on tax
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reform. that's the white house's top priority this week. the president has promised to get it done by christmas. so today president trump is going to be sitting down with five members, five republicans on the senate finance committee here at the white house to try to get their bill across the finish line. they're set to vote a little later this week. and then tomorrow he will head to capitol hill to try to get this bill passed before christmas. >> bill: have to read the fine print on the bureau issue. where does the president stand on the alabama senate race in two weeks? >> he still won't come out and say that he supports roy moore but what he is doing is saying that he does not support his democratic opponent and he is actively really campaign against him. he put out a series of tweets over the weekend. one says the last thing we need in alabama and the u.s. senate is a schumer/pelosi puppet. wants to raise taxes to the sky. jones would be a disaster but
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yesterday his former republican primary opponent carly fiorina accused the president of playing politics. listen to this. >> it's a little bit like george washington warned us 200 years ago, the problem with politics and political parties is they will care about winning above all else. donald trump cares about a vote in the senate, no more, no less. >> so roy moore is expected to speak tonight in alabama. bill, a lot of folks will be watching to see what he has to say and president trump kind of continuing today with his non-endorsement endorsement of roy moore, bill. >> bill: kristin fisher starting us off on a new week at the white house. >> sandra: another big issue looming over washington new fallout from the allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct rocking capitol hill. john conyers says he is stepping aside as the judiciary committee's ranking member.
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senator al franken is speaking publicly about the accusations he is facing. >> i want to say that this whole thing has been, you know, embarrassing and, you know, it's been difficult. this is what i'm doing. i'm taking responsibility. i apologized to the women who have felt disrespected. and to everyone i've let down. >> sandra: mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. good morning to you, mike. >> good morning. by doing those minnesota media interviews it is clear senator al franken is trying to get back to work. he called it embarrassing and tried to explain his behavior. >> i'm someone who, you know, hugs people. and i've learned from these stories that some of these
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encounters i've crossed a line for some women. >> then there is michigan democrat john conyers who has faced misconduct including a $27,000 payment from an office account to one former staffers. he responded to pressure yesterday saying after careful consideration and in light of the attention drawn by recent allegations made against me, i have notified the democratic leader of my request to step aside as ranking member of the house judiciary committee during the investigation of these matters. conyers was under tremendous pressure to step down from that post. leadership did not want it to look like he was being pressured to get out. that came after the house democratic leader showered him with praise. >> john conyers is an icon in our country. he has done a great deal to protect violence against women act which the right wing is praising him for his work on
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that. >> they're hanging onto their post at this stage. interesting to see how they handle questions from reporters when they return to capitol hill later today. it is worth noting that conyers hometown paper the detroit free press and one house democrat have called on him to go. sandra. >> sandra: the week begins. mike emanuel, thank you. >> bill: i want to bring in byron new york. good morning to you. start with the harassment issue. don't underestimate the damage done to nancy pelosi from the comment on sunday. >> pretty shocking. she came out and defended john conyers as an icon and said that he deserved due process. i think in that statement she basically gave up the standing that a lot of democrats had had to demand the resignations of roy moore, asking that he drop out of the race. and demanding that basically all of them get due process.
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so i think that she has probably increased the frustration level of those younger democrats who are frustrated with her leadership. she has done this to defend an 88-year-old chairman who was pretty much on the way out anyway. so i think that it will have a ripple effect throughout this whole sexual harassment. >> bill: challenge to her leadership? there has been one for some time but hasn't gathered the momentum that some would like. >> it has not and there are a number of democrats who would really like to see her go. so far she has maintained a pretty strong grip. >> bill: i want to talk about the calendar. between taxes and the calendar it is daunting. what strikes you about this number of legislative days to work in 2017 and how long the list is, byron? >> the senate there are 15 legislative days left in 2015
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and by the way, that is three five-day weeks in a row, a pretty big deal for the senate. it means they're hitting it hard. but there is a lot to do just on this tax bill. when president trump tweeted that the bill is getting better and better, another way of saying that is they're making changes in it. they're making last-minute changes in it because there are a number of senators who have objections. probably the biggest right now being the objection of senator ron johnson and perhaps a few others who object to the way smaller businesses are treated in this. they don't get the big tax cut that corporations get. so there will have to be some compromise there. then there are a lot of other issues about the deficit, about the obamacare individual mandate. a whole lot of things that have got to be settled fast. >> bill: what about the personal dynamics? how do you see that shaking out? >> there are personal dynamics at work here. you have among those republican senators who have trouble with
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this bill, you have three john mccain, bob corker and jeff flake who have had very public and ugly spats with the president. and they may have other completely policy objections to what is going on here. one question will be whether they put aside that personal animosity and those personal feelings in their final decision. >> bill: interesting point. hope you had a great thanksgiving break. in washington back with us today analyzing all that stuff. mark short is coming up to address a lot of stuff about the taxes and obamacare repeal, etc. >> sandra: governor mike huckabee coming up as well. stunning new details this week on what is being called the most deadly terror attack in egyptian history. an isis group slaughtering more than 300 people at a mosque. >> bill: a legal showdown
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unfolding between the trump team and the obama team all over the president's pick to lead a consumer protection agentz. read the fine print. will an obama holdover be able to block that? royal wedding bells ringing soon. >> how are you guys feeling? >> thrilled. >> meghan, how are you feeling? >> sandra: that was happening moments ago posing for pictures. prince harry and meghan markie making their first appearance since announcing their engagement. what the happy couple is saying next. to taxpayers. who could possibly be against that? well, the national debt is $20 trillion. as we keep adding to it, guess who pays the bill? him.
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and her. and her. congress, we should grow the economy. not the debt. ♪
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>> sandra: activists say 25 civilians were killed in eastern syria after russian war planes carried out air strikes on an isis-held village. it conducted air raids but claims it hit terrorist targets. it comes days between up unpeace talks were set to resume. >> bill: new details in a deadly egyptian terror attack. 305 killed including 27 children. occurred over the weekend when dozens of well-armed terrorists opened fire inside a mosque. one was carrying an isis flag. no claim of responsibility yet. that rampage described as the most deadly terror attack in
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modern egyptian history. gillian turner. staffer to presidents bush and obama. good morning to you. this is a stunner for that country. for a president who has cracked down on terrorists like these to have something like this occur is shocking. >> shocking and devastating i think for the whole world. it really underscores a point that's often overlooked which is that radical islamic terror groups like isis. they haven't claimed responsibility for this, end up targeting and killing more muslims than they do people from any other of the world's major religions, christianity, judaism. this was especially shocking because we haven't seen an attack on muslims inside egypt like this for almost a century. >> bill: military style uniforms and you wonder where they are getting the help and where they come from and more answers on that. in the meantime it appears israel is cooperating with the egyptian government to some
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degree in the area of the sinai using drones among other devices. >> israel and egypt have been decent allies with the united states in the war against terrors. you mentioned the egyptian president's crack down on militant muslims inside the country and launched a fairly successful campaign to get mod ral muslim clerics to preach against the turn to radicalism. that is something president trump has liked to talk about and emulated across the middle east. >> bill: speaking of drones, there is a warning that appeared in an al qaeda magazine several months ago. the folks in philadelphia are taking this seriously and putting the rail system. you have hundreds of miles of train rail system that could be watched by drones. >> hundreds of thousands of
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track miles and train stations that would need to be secured around the united states. this is not happening yet. it is -- the train system here in the northeast is what i would call partially secure. if we were actually going to make a move to fully secure it, it would cost billions of dollars. >> bill: 140,000 miles of rail lines. madrid, brussels, it can be a popular target. >> terrorist organizations would love nothing more than replicate the attacks in europe here in the united states. the reason they haven't done it so far doesn't come down to rail safety standards in the united states, it comes down to the fact that our screening measures are much tougher that those in western europe. the folks who would like to take those attacks haven't been able to get to u.s. soil to carry them out. >> bill: more on that story out of philadelphia and also new york city. thank you very much. nice to see you on a monday.
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sandra, what's next? >> sandra: a big story today. a battle brewing between the trump and obama administration essential. an obama official is suing the white house over his pick to lead an agency. >> bill: former national security advisor michael flynn. he cut off the line of communication between his legal team and the president's team. judge andrew napolitano is here to tell us what it might mean for robert mueller's investigation. and did you see this from over the weekend? have a look here. >> we have a fight on the other side. look at this. after crabtree -- helmets being thrown. referee is down and holding onto his ribs. >> sandra: we'll tell you what sparked that brawl. >> crabtree actually blocked him. >> we have another one right here. >> look at this. >> a swing right there.
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>> bill: dramatic video of shots fired in a stand-off east of los angeles. police opening fire on the suspect who was holding his 7-month-old daughter hospital taij inside his car. he was initially pulled over for suspicious driving. the infant is rescue. the suspect later died from his injuries on an l.a. freeway. >> sandra: a legal battle over president trump's appointment to lead the consumer financial protection agency. an obama-era official, the outgoing deputy director suing to block mick mulvaney from heading the post. president trump tweeted saturday the consumer financial protection bureau has been a
6:24 am
total disastrous run by the previous administration's pick. financial institutions have been devastated and unable to properly serve the public. we'll bring it back to life. joining us now maria bartiromo that you can watch weekdays from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. every day eastern time. good to see you. this is quite a fight brewing. i think first things first. there are employees showing up this morning who don't know who their boss is or who they are working for. this is an unbelievable fight brewing. >> it is. it shows you once again the pushback against president trump. anything that the left can do to obstruct his nomination, his staffers, they're doing. they've been doing that this entire first 10 months of his presidency. obstruct and get in the way of who he wants to run agencies and putting his team in place. i love that one of the last lines of the op-ed in the journal today that basically
6:25 am
they say democrats created an executive branch agency insulated from congressional appropriations and presidential control and claim to be able to run it like a branch of government. you can't have it both ways. this is part of the obama administration where they -- obama created czars. all these people in place that only answered to president obama. this was also similar. this actually is supposed to be answering to the federal reserve and not be subject to congressional leadership. again, i think at the end of the day the president is the president and he will prevail on this. >> sandra: you wonder about the protection of the actual consumer. the point of all of this, the consumer has been left out, maria. president trump says we'll bring this back to life. this bureau and liz warren tweets trump has put a cloud of uncertainty a but trying to overrun dowd frank. mulvaney should take no action
6:26 am
before this issue is decided in the courts. the president has the authority to name a new leader with senate approval. so you wonder what happens next. >> elizabeth warren wants everything to be decided in the courts. she is trying very hard to make long, lengthy processes out of anything that the president tries to do. and that's the point. but you really hit on the point of all of this. that is the consumer. what exactly has this agency done? i was watching another network earlier. they were heralding the idea that the consumer financial protection bureau made sure wells fargo paid up for the scandal. that agency did not do anything about wells fargo. they didn't trip over the fact that wells fargo had created fake accounts. the "l. a. times" did that. the "l. a. times" broke the story of wells fargo and then the consumer financial protection bureau said you have to give us money. i can't think of one thing that
6:27 am
this agency has done to actually empower the consumer and help the consumer. what they have done is taken a lot of money from the banks. major banks have paid up. >> sandra: made it hard for them to do business. >> they sat on cash. we talk about economic growth and why all of a sudden 3% quarter here and there. why? this president has been the least regulatory president and that has enabled businesses to loosen the purse strings and start investing again. >> sandra: wall street republicans have been outspoken critics of the bureau and sarah sanders is part of the official statement saying it is unfortunate that it was decided to put political ambition above the interest of consumers with this stunt. director mulvaney will go back to a more professional approach. we don't know who is running it this morning? >> that stunt that you refer to before he left he appointed his deputy and under the rules of
6:28 am
dodd-frank the deputy is supposed to run things. it doesn't cancel out a president who wants his people. >> sandra: a line in the "wall street journal," a perversion of constitutional government. the president is right to resist and the courts should reject. maria bartiromo, so busy. we knew it was something you were hot on. thank you for joining us. >> bill: thank you, ladies. fox news alert. a warning of imminent danger as a massive volcano threatens tens of thousands on an island of maier eye -- paradise. >> sandra: former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us next. >> bill: actress susan sarandon taking aim at someone you might not expect. why she is calling out hillary clinton. what's that all about? do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped!
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6:32 am
vacation if you can believe that. one big issue looms large. sexual harassment allegations on capitol hill. john conyers says he is leaving his post as ranking member of the judiciary committee but still denies any wrongdoing. senator al franken breaking his silence saying he has no intention of resigning. >> have you talked about seriously resigning? have you considered that? >> no, no. the ethics committee is looking into all this and i will cooperate fully with it. listen, i know i have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of people i've let down. >> sandra: mike huckabee former arkansas governor and knocks news contributor. thank you for being here this morning. as i mentioned earlier you're coming on here and giving us perspective. as we start off this week the sexual misconduct and harassment allegations loom large over capitol hill. al franken saying he is
6:33 am
embarrassed but not going anywhere. >> he should be embarrassed but he should be going somewhere perhaps home. the fact that he isn't nor is john conyers is really changing the entire nature of the debate of the senate race in alabama. up until now you had democrats saying that roy moore had to step down. you had a lot of republicans, most of the republicans particularly the washington ones saying roy moore needed to step aside even though he has admitted nothing. right now they're allegations, they're troubling and disgusting and sickening if true. we don't know. there were 40 years ago. the stuff with conyers and al franken have admitted to as much and also have happened since they've been in office. happened recently and they say we aren't going anywhere. the republicans in the senate look silly saying roy moore has to leave. it gives him a different standard than the democrats. it has turned washington and
6:34 am
the country on its head. frankly, i think the democrats have put themselves in an impossible situation. >> sandra: as a lead story this morning starts off president donald trump going all in for roy moore even if he didn't actually mention his name. what do you make of the president's current stance and the way he is going about this? attacking moore's opponents, not specifically endorsing moore. as he has said, it didn't happen and you have to listen to him also. >> and i think what he is saying is something that all of us recognize. the american system of jurisprudence. innocent until proven guilty. there is due process that needs to be involved and there must be evidence. there has to be witnesses who can corroborate. those are all things that need to be done. if they are proven true about roy moore absolutely he needs
6:35 am
to step aside whether it's after he is elected to the senate or to prevent him from being elected to the senate. but to ruin a person's reputation, career and opportunities and to do it just before the election, not during the primary when it could have truly changed and put luther strange as the nominee, why wait until after the process just before the general election when it is too late to make any changes? i think that's what the president is responding to. at this point we're looking at two different individuals who will vote differently. the people of alabama will ultimately make this decision. it's a tough one for them to make. but doug jones is a person who supports abortion at every level. for most people in alabama, i would like to think the rest of the country, that's disgusting. and forget the economic policies. certainly he will be for raising taxes and having greater regulation. but there are some fundamental things that aren't in sync with the people of alabama who will
6:36 am
be voting and making this decision. >> bill: >> sandra: do you have any predictions as to how that senate race is going to go? >> i think if the national scene continues to play out like it is and there is all of these not just allegations but now facts that not only did people like john conyers commit some serious indiscretions but even greater we the taxpayers bailed them out and it was shrouded in secrecy. if that doesn't make everyone democrat, republican, liberal and conservative seething with anger nothing will. as a taxpayer i have no obligation to pay for john conyers' zipper repair, i just don't. >> sandra: speaking of john conyers, nancy pelosi over the weekend responding to him stepping down as the ranking member on the judiciary committee and talking bill clinton and about why she and fellow democrats supported him at that time. listen. >> let me just say the concern
6:37 am
that we had then was that they were impeaching the president of the united states. and for something that had nothing to do with performance of his duties. nobody is proud of president clinton's behavior at the time. >> sandra: what do you make of her thinking and response on that? >> bill clinton was never impeached for his sexual activities as disgusting as they were. he was impeached for lying under oath. something that cost him his law license and $850,000 in the paula jones case. had nothing to do with just his sex activities. that's been the smoke screen the democrats used then and continue to use 21 years later. i'm appalled and astonished by that. it was lying under oath as the sitting president that was the reason for his impeachment. >> sandra: over the weekend a lot of people were busy with holiday activities and get theing back to work this morning. some tuning in and catching up
6:38 am
on the news. it seems to continue, governor huckabee, and these allegations on capitol hill, a dark cloud over washington still this morning. how would you describe this moment? >> you know, we've heard the term drain the swamp. actually swamps have an ecological function. they provide wetlands, they're a natural filter. the swamp is a terrible analogy here. what we really need to be talking about is the sewer because washington isn't a swamp, it's a sewer. and i think people need to flush it. that's why we need term limits, we need a lot of these people to resign and go home. we need fresh faces, fresh blood, fresh attitudes in washington what's happening there now i think is utterly disgusting and both parties should be ashamed of themselves. >> sandra: a new week and a lot of work to do. like tax reform. aggressive agenda to finish off 2017. governor huckabee, thank you,
6:39 am
good to see you this morning. >> thank you, sandra. >> bill: nfl sunday. ugly scene in oakland. snatching the golden chain off crabtree's neck and that's just where it starteded. three players ejected. flags flying. crabtree was fighting this thing without a helmet on the field. that's a disadvantage. raiders win the game 21-14 over denver, their rival there from california. that's ugly, right? i'm a big football fan. i enjoy the end zone celebrations as they have come back and the league has allowed. really some fun stuff. duck, duck, goose, have you seen that? the bowling incident. that was really clever, too. >> sandra: spiking the football. >> bill: more creative. you have to work on this thing during the week and then perform. >> sandra: there you go.
6:40 am
i'll have to watch more then. meanwhile an unusual scene unfolding at several nfl games yesterday. new concerns after drones starting to fly over stadiums dropping propaganda leaflets into the crowd. what police are saying this morning. plus sorry ladies, prince harry is officially off the market. the next royal wedding is set for the spring. welcome! how's it going? hi! okay, so you've got two friends here. yes. this is the j.d. power award for dependability. now i want you to give it to the friend that you think is most dependable. ohhhh. ughh. wow. that's just not fair. does she have to? she doesn't have to! oh, i don't? no, but it's a tough choice, isn't it? yes. well luckily, chevy makes it a little easier. cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs -
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6:44 am
>> sandra: buckingham palace announcing prince harry and meghan markie will engaged. they met through mutual friends and got engaged in london earlier this month. 36-year-old markle is moving to the u.k. the wedding is set for next spring. >> bill: pleasant people and happy together. i guess may 5th. >> sandra: that's interesting. >> bill: that's a saturday. >> sandra: this could be a reality. >> bill: the gardens will be in bloom. >> sandra: we're awaiting the next royal baby from kate and will. >> bill: we'll put you on royal watch. >> sandra: good assignment to have. >> bill: she will bring the updates. congratulations to them. >> sandra: congratulations to them. >> we are strengthened by due process. just because someone is accused, was it one accusation
6:45 am
or two? john conyers is an icon in our country. he has done a great deal to protect women. we've asked the ethics committee to review that and he will do the right thing. >> bill: what happens here? nancy pelosi speaking on behalf of john conyers the democrat from michigan amid allegations of sexual harassment. he denied wrongdoing but stepped down as of yesterday as ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee. katie pavlich and mary anne marsh, good day to both of you. a comment about an icon. does she want that comment back, mary anne perhaps? >> john conyers is an icon in the civil rights movement. that's true. he led the fight in the legislation to pass violence against women. that's true as well. unfortunately it doesn't appear that john conyers personal conduct matches his political record. i think that's what she was talking about there. >> bill: she has been a target
6:46 am
by some on the left, katie. you wonder if the drumbeat gets louder now? >> let's keep in mind that nancy pelosi's qualification or justification of john conyers behavior because he has done things for women in the past is part of her behavior. bob filner was harassing women who had been veterans who were victims of sexual assaults in the military claiming to advocate for them and nancy pelosi covered it up and she was forced to ask him to step down. this idea that nancy pelosi is a champion for women, a feminist who should be looked up to, someone who actually believes women should be believed when they come forward with allegations gave john conyers somewhat of a pass by saying he may have done some bad things but don't forget he is an icon and we need to qualify some of these allegations. >> bill: we have due process.
6:47 am
does he get due process or not. >> he is being held accountable now. nancy pelosi got john conyers to step aside. she foreshadowed that. he is being held accountable for the settlement he has with at least one woman staffer, as he should be and any others that are revealed. john conyers is being held accountable and exactly what should happen here. >> bill: ron desantis is a republican from florida and our guest in 30 minutes. to both of you ladies this is what he is proposing. make public all the payments funded by taxpayers that go to claims of sexual harassment in the past. something i think a lot of people did not even know about. number two, bar the use of tax dollars in future to settle harassment claims and require that any member of congress named in the settlement pay by the taxpayers reimburses the money. katie, i think a person of -- let's say sound logic would say
6:48 am
that sounds all right. why in the world wasn't this happening before? >> the idea that american taxpayers have sent out $17 million of their hard-earned money so that congressmen can engage in sexual harassment or other kinds of discrimination against staffers is absolutely insane and just a perfect depiction of washington, d.c. and the problem most americans have with it. a great idea and been passed earlier and we should have, ever allowed taxpayer money to be paid out for bad behavior. there has been no accountability and hopefully this bill will bring that so behavior stops. >> katie and i agree on this. the bare minimum is reveal the names of everyone who is a party to any of these settlements, members of congress or senate. i don't think you need legislation to do it. you could do it today. what's stopping paul ryan and mitch mcconnell from releasing these names? i don't know if there was
6:49 am
legislation put together to put these settlements together. nobody knew about them. you are a public service and accountable to the public. public funds were used for the settlements, make it public. there is no real recourse. everybody talking about ethics investigation and legislation, it will never happen before the 2018 election. all we have is public pressure and elections. put the names out there now. >> bill: final comment. >> let's not forget it isn't just about the settlement fund that has been used the pay out these claims. john conyers actually used his own budget in his office to pay out another claim. there needs to be a review and accounting for all payments made for sexual harassment or other discrimination from congressmen because it has been covered up through other means and tricky accounting. it is not just through -- full transparency. >> bill: i said that was the last word. mary anne, thank you for your time. >> we agree. >> bill: thank you very much. >> sandra: as bill mentioned
6:50 am
congressman ron desantis says it is time to name names. he is working on a bill that would end the practice of paying out taxpayer money for sexual harassment claims and joins us next hour to explain. >> bill: also there are thousands stranded in paradise as this volcano gets dangerously close to erupting. tell you all about that coming up next. >> we're now waiting to i guess go home. we have to find a hotel and spend more of our money that they aren't going to cover us for when we get home unfortunately.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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>> bill: fox news alert on the island of bali, volcano alert. it erupted over the weekend. loud explosions heard miles
6:54 am
away. 100,000 people told to leave the area immediately. the airport is expected to reopen tomorrow after being closed over the weekend. so they don't expect a major eruption, but in a country of 13,000 islands with active volcanoes all the time you never know. stand by. >> sandra: pope francis arriving in burma today. he met with the company's powerful military leader. one of the biggest questions hanging over the trip, will the pope address accusations of ethnic cleansing against its muslim minority? amy kellogg is live in italy with more on this, amy. >> hi, sandra, this is supposed to be a pastoral trip and it turned out to be something very political and extremely sensitive. the pope has even been told by local catholics not to even use the word rohinga while he is on the ground. he used it in the past when he
6:55 am
referred to the plight of his brothers and sisters. the vatican has not commented on what language the pope will use on this visit. only to say that rohinga is not a forbidden word. he arrived in burma this morning in intense heat. his decision to travel to burma and bangladesh was made before the crisis start evidence in august. he wanted to visit the small catholic minorities in these countries. they are really happy to have him. catholics in burma make up just 1% of the population. the pope has met with military chiefs today. this is key because they do wield the power in burma and they are the ones who can stop the campaign against the rohinga who are considered illegal bangladesh immigrants. they're stateless mum limbs and bangladesh doesn't want them, either. even though 600,000 of them have fled to camps there since a wave of brutality against them began in august. a deal walls cut last week
6:56 am
between burma and bangladesh for the return of the rohinga. many have said they have nothing left. their homes have been burned. the rohinga have lived in burma for sen tour aoefs but they have never been given the right to have citizenship there. >> sandra: the story we'll continue to follow. amy kellogg, thank you. >> bill: another fox news alert. a stunning new report claiming the f.b.i. failed to warn many u.s. officials about russia's attempts to hack their email accounts. those details top of the next hour plus a looming showdown between the trump and obama administrations. why an obama official is now suing the president. that's next. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain.
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>> sandra: a legal battle brewing over the future of a major federal consumer watchdog as an obama-era appointee sues
7:00 am
the trump administration to stop the president from appointing mick mulvaney as the next head of the consumer financial protection bureau. i'm sandra smith. good morning to you. >> bill: is it wearing off, the long weekend? >> sandra: a lovely weekend but we're back. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. the current deputy chair woman claiming she is the legal interim replacement. the justice department argues the president has the ability to make his own appointments. mick mulvaney has argued it is -- >> how a bureaucracies will function if it has no accountability to anybody. it turns up being a joke. that's what the cfpb has been in a sad kind of way. there is very little your elected members of government can do to protect you against overreach or abuse by that institution. >> sandra: joining me now is
7:01 am
steven hayes, no accountability to anyone. steven, you are left wondering should this bureau even exist? >> that's a real question. and one of the things that we learned from president trump's tweets over the weekend he wants to reinvigorate the bureau rather than shut it down which i think some conservatives who were watching this fight as it has escalated were hoping he would opt to just shut it down. it is so out of control and so unaccountable. it runs opposite just about everything that the founders imagined when they set up the kind of government that we have here today in washington >> sandra: so president trump tweeted this. he said the consumer financial protection bureau has been a total disaster as run by the previous administration's pick. financial institutions have been devastated and unable to properly serve the public. we will bring it back to life. steven, what is the aim of this agency?
7:02 am
what is it supposed to be doing? protecting the consumer obviously, but what is it doing? >> protecting the consumer bust -- but it has -- it can mean anything to anybody. it is not accountable to congress. it was set up as this independent agency. but of course what you might think is unfair and what a small business owner in wisconsin might think is unfair is very different than what elizabeth warren would think is unfair. >> sandra: who is for it? you'll tell me elizabeth warren is for it. tom cotton says it is a rogue, unconstitutional agency. we know republicans have long been critics of this. we know wall street doesn't like it. who is actually for it? >> it is an institution, an agency championed by the far left of the democratic party. this is the kind of agency that
7:03 am
the ralph nader people would have been enthusiastic about. you've seen elizabeth warren who played a role in getting it started championing everything that the cfpb does and people like that. the obama administration eager to boost it and give it more power. that's been a problem and something that has driven republicans crazy. no, sir just conservatives but moderates as well. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" editorial board highlights this very important concern in a piece this morning titled the political stunt. democrats pretend the cfpb is its own branch of government. hostility to mr. trump is causing opponents to violate the rules of law themselves. democrats created an agency insulated from congressional appropriations and presidential control and now claim to run it like a branch of government
7:04 am
unto itself with a self-sustaining directorship. it is a perversion of constitutional government that the courts should reject. >> they're right. what happens next in all likelihood a lengthy court battle. you had this lawsuit as you mentioned earlier but you had interestingly the general counsel of the cfpb weigh on the side of the trump administration saying the vacancy takes residence over the cfpb statute itself and president trump should be able to name the interim or acting director. and i think that is the broad view here. what is curious to me is these rule of law liberals who have been quick to criticize donald trump and beat him up for not following not adhering to the rule of law or saying things that are authoritarian seeming are running to embrace the cfpb
7:05 am
and these arguments which contravene the rule of law if you look at the language. >> sandra: in the "wall street journal" article and maria bartiromo was on last hour saying it highlights the hostility toward the president and trying to block anything he does. he does have the authority to name this person with senate approval. this is quite the battle brewing here. as i noted earlier, employees of that bureau showing up this morning not sure who they work for. we'll continue to watch it. steven hayes, thank you for coming on this morning. good to see you. >> bill: watch the calendar. there is a packed agenda greeting president trump and congress as they return to work in washington lawmakers have a couple weeks to plow through a massive to do list with tax reform and averting a government shutdown. doug mcelway. tax reform is priority number one. >> for sure it is priority
7:06 am
number one here. in the large part it affects every american. beyond that the republican-controlled house and senate, as well as the trump administration, need a big legislative victory. to date there have been none for this administration. all that said passage of tax reform is not at all assured at this point. at least five gop senators have expressed some reservations. deficit hawk senator bob corker and jeff flake of arizona. senator susan collins of maine and jerry moran have concerns about the obama mandates. senator ron johnson of wisconsin and steve danes of montana. congress returns. it begins at the white house today. the president invites five gop
7:07 am
senators hatch, tuomie, portman, scott and cornyn and the president will visit the hill tomorrow. republicans largely publicly remain confident that passage is within reach. >> i believe it will pass, chris. i think that in the end we have members who are expressing what are legitimate concerns who have ideas about how to make the bill stronger and better. we're open to those and we'll have an open process on the floor of the united states senate where people can offer amendments. they can be talked about and voted upon. there are opportunities to change the bill. on the other hand we need to get this accomplishment. >> undergirding that optimism is the fact that this is unlike obamacare, the repeal of obamacare, this is not taking something away, perceived something taken away from the american public but giving something new to the public allowing them to spend more of their hard earned money and on
7:08 am
that front the republicans are united. >> bill: a week from friday, december 8 is the deadline for funding the government. where are we on that now? >> that is indeed a very huge obstacle. look for democrats, when the time comes, to include some form of action on deferred action for childhood arrivals to be included in any government funding bill. republicans don't want that in a funding bill but they believe to take the blame for government shutdowns. they don't want that to get in the way of priority number one, which is tax reform. >> bill: thank you, doug. doug mcelway from the white house. >> sandra: an alarming report about the f.b.i. failing to warn high-level u.s. government officials after finding russian hackers were targeting them for cyber espionage. catherine herridge is live with new information on this. >> thank you, sandra.
7:09 am
a leading cybersecurity analyst tells fox news this morning that they were warning law enforcement and intelligence community as early as 2015 that 2300 officials and spouses were targeted by the cyber espionage group known as fancy bear. linked and backed by russian military intelligence. the coordinated attack coming one year before the u.s. election is seen to helping to lay the ground work for russian interference during the campaign. the analysts said the come prom aisles of yahoo and gmail accounts was used to compromise the them. the bureau did not alert the targets a spokeswoman said the f.b.i. routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threats to the best of their ability given the volume of the threat information. >> sandra: what are we learning about the former national security advisor and his cooperation with the special counsel? >> a source close to the
7:10 am
investigation confirms that former national security advisor mike flynn's legal team has told the president's legal team they can't share information about the probe. flynn's team contacted a number of parties and the president's team was no way singled out. they said flinn is not the man he served with. >> the man i've seen since he made a decision to endorse president trump. >> source close to the president's legal team thinks flynn's greatest exposure is on his work for turkey outside is role as the national security advisor. >> bill: as we've been mentioning here there is a big to do list in washington sexual harassment allegations continue to loom large. senator al franken breaking his silence apologizing for his actions but he will not resign, he says. so what he is saying about all that this morning. >> sandra: on the house side veteran democrat john conyers
7:11 am
leaving his leadership post on the judiciary committee amidst misconduct allegations. ron desantis sits on that committee and joins us live. >> there are a lot of really troubling issues both with the conyers issue and then in the broader question of how are our tax dollars being used to cover for private misconduct of congressmen and staffers.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
>> sandra: lawmakers pushing for new legislation to force public disclosure of any payments made to settle sexual harassment claims against members of congress and their staffs. this as michigan democratic congressman john conyers announced this weekend he is stepping away from his post as ranking member of the house judiciary committee while congress investigates harassment claims against him. joining us now florida congressman ron desantis who announced plans for his own bill to bar private settlements using taxpayer money. congressman, let us know first what it is -- what kind of change are you trying to enact here. >> several things. first is we need transparency in all these past settlements and the money paid out. we know there has been money paid out. we don't know for why or what members or staffers were offenders and we have to know that. i think the transparency part is very important. i think going forward if a
7:16 am
member is committing harassment against somebody or a staffer is committing harassment against somebody there is no way that the taxpayers of america should be funding that. that should be something that they are required to do individually and i think past harassment settlements that have been paid from the treasury, i think the members need to be forced to reimburse for those expenses. >> sandra: i think most taxpayers listening now would agree with that and are quite shocked by what we have learned through this process. congresswoman jackie spire over the weekend talking about the process for reporting claims on capitol hill. she is charging that it's set up currently to protect the harasser. listen to this. >> i think it was a system set up in 1995 to protect the harasser. this is not a victim-friendly process. and one victim who i spoke with said you know, the process was almost worse than the
7:17 am
harassment. this is an absolutely priority that we must focus on in terms of fixing the system. >> sandra: she went on to say harassment prevention training is one step, which we know is taking place on capitol hill. paul ryan is pushing for that. it's a good step but a small step. she says the whole system needs to have a comprehensive shift. do you see that happening? >> i think clearly the system that was implemented in 1995 is not serving the interests of people who have been harmed. i think it needs to be looked at. i think it needs to be overhauled. clearly when you have people put in this situation -- i mean, conyers, for example, allegedly fired a staff member because she would not succumb to his sexual advances. that's a major example of abuse of power and harassment. and so somebody who is the victim there, if they are going in a process that effectively
7:18 am
revictimized them is unacceptable. the training is fine but you need more structural changes. >> sandra: can i get you to weigh in on john conyers, a colleague of yours. he is under investigation. he is stepping aside from the judiciary committee. he is fiercely denying that he acted inappropriately in any of these case. >> well, sandra, that's why if you make all this public now the payment didn't -- in conyers' case didn't come from the flush fund but out of his office budget and camouflageed. unveil the statements and documents. clearly if the allegations are true i don't see how you can continue serving in the congress having behaved the way that he is alleged to have
7:19 am
behaved. >> sandra: meanwhile incredibly aggressive agenda right now that the trump administration, republicans have laid out for year end. and you wonder with this jam-packed agenda and with all that is happening with sexual harassment allegations on the hill, whether or not taxes will actually get done. >> this is the make or break week over in the senate, sandra. as you know, the house, we've passed almost everything that we promised that we would pass, including the tax bill a week and a half ago. so the senate has struggled to do anything legislatively all year. i think this is make or break. if they are able to advance that bill out of the senate this week, then i feel confident that we will have tax reform signed into law by the end of the year. >> sandra: by the end of the year, before christmas are we talking? >> i think almost assuredly. if the senate can pass it this week these members will want to get it done. i think it will be a good sign. if they don't it complicates. doesn't mean it can't happen but this is a very important
7:20 am
week for taxpayers. >> sandra: congressman ron desantis thanks for coming on this morning. >> bill: 20 minutes past. susan sarandon calling out hillary clinton and why she says she believes the democratic nominee was very dangerous. what's that all about? president trump set for a big meeting with key republican senators on tax reform. four weeks until christmas. congress has a lot of business to get done. we'll talk to the white house and legislative direct for marc short about where we are on all of that next. >> this affects everybody in america. it should be right and not something rushed but should be done. hopefully we can get that through.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> sandra: it is not even an hour and the trading on the
7:24 am
first full trading day after the thanksgiving holiday and look at this. up 63 points. the dow hitting a fresh record. 23,620. it is cyber monday, bill. when everybody goes back to work and shop online. while they're working in some cases. by the way, one of the big stocks up today, you probably guessed it, amazon. amazon doing very well. >> i can't imagine we won't support this at the end as a whole as the senate. i'm still working on some specific parts of it. a back stop to make sure it's if place and other aspects of it. this will get done. we have got to get this done for the nation. >> bill: that's james langford earlier today. a big moment at the white house. president trump meeting today with senate finance committee members to see if they have the votes on tax reform. we're under a month until christmas and remember that's the deadline the president wants to get it signed into law.
7:25 am
with me now white house legislative affairs director marc short. thank you for your time and thanks for coming back here. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> bill: what is the biggest obstacle now? >> well, i think honestly, bill, where we are is that this week we'll have budget committee vote, likely tuesday because it is being done on their budget reconciliation rules and hopefully get a floor vote in the senate by the end of the week. at this point sausage making is never fun but all senators are trying to get to yes on the republican side. we're disappointed we don't have democrat members looking to provide tax relief and corporate relief. that's our biggest obstacle. >> bill: do you think you get any democratic votes? >> we're hopeful. at the end of the day the tax package is focused on middle income families, those earning $70,000 will get over $2,000
7:26 am
tax relief and it will help bring jobs back to america. we hope that many democrat senators, particularly those in the upper midwest with so many companies flee their states and move overseas would want to be part of this tax relief for their citizens. >> bill: let me show our viewers -- let's call it six senators to watch, okay? on the screen, collins, corker, flake, mccain, murcowski, johnson. i asked you what is the biggest obstacle. i didn't hear an answer there. who is the biggest obstacle on that list? >> i don't view those members at obstacles. they're all looking the try to get to yes as you heard senator langford say before. >> bill: corker and flake are really concerned with government spending. that seems to be a conversation that we've lost now in government now. >> that's true, bill.
7:27 am
keep in mind a couple of things. one, this administration put forward a budget that balanced in 10 years. we're sincere about understanding the spending problems this nation faces and we've tried to fix that. but there is no way -- there is no way that we can fund the things that this government needs unless we get growth. if we're growing at 1.8% as we did during the obama years we will never be able to fund the military needs of this country. therefore, we need to get this economy growing again. it is done 3% under president trump but we need to do better than that. we think we can with the right tax relief. the way to get the deficits under control and pay for the things we need is to get the economy growing again. >> bill: can you tell our viewers now, has the bill changed from last week to this week? >> a couple things. the house bill has passed. senate finance committee there continues to be negotiations. you will see an amendment that comes forward at the end.
7:28 am
that's par for the course. minor changes. >> bill: on that question can you specifically say what is being debated now? >> i think that ron johnson and steve danes have raised concerns about pass throughs and being treated the same way c corps are. the national federation of small business has endorsed the bill as it $400 bill with the senate bill currently. there are some things going on. >> bill: are you working to satisfy senators johnson and dane? >> we're working to satisfy all the members in the senate so we can get the most yes votes as possible. but we feel very good about where we are in this process and that members are looking to give us a yes vote because they understand how important it is to get tax relief for middle income families. >> bill: two more questions and hope you can hear me over the siren there. on the obamacare repeal, has
7:29 am
the white house dropped the push to have that in this legislation? >> no, i don't think that we've dropped it, bill. i think -- keep in mind the individual mandate was one of the most insidious parts of obamacare. justice roberts sided with the arguments that it was a tax. it's appropriate to put it in tax reform. over 80% of the families paying the individual mandate tax penalty earn less than $50,000. those who are most impacted are middle income families in the country. >> bill: remember the promise repeal and replace. >> sure, i think the president still remains committed that we are anxious to repeal obamacare. we haven't given up on that, bill. >> bill: thank you for your time. i hope you come back. a big meeting today. the president goes to capitol hill tomorrow. we'll be watching this and see whether or not the success can bear out. thank you for your time. >> sandra: it could be decision
7:30 am
day for the illegal immigrant accused of murdering kate steinle. what we can expect in court today. >> bill: former national security advisor michael flynn cutting ties with president trump's legal team. what the move could mean for robert mueller's investigation. the judge is on deck next. >> given the potential charges against flynn including false statements his credibility is suspect. to put him on the witness stand against those charges they will need some corroborating evidence to support his testimony going forward if he agrees to cooperate.
7:31 am
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7:33 am
>> bill: 10:33 in new york city. california jury deliberations resuming in the kate steinle murder trial after the long holiday weekend. the jury got the case last tuesday. her death put san francisco and its sanctuary city policy in the national spotlight. refusal to allow city officials to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.
7:34 am
the defendant illegal mexican immigrant has been deported five times before shooting and killing steinle in what he says was an accident. >> sandra: a russian war plane killed 25 civilians during air strikes in syria meant to take out a village held by isis. connor powell is following the story for us live in jerusalem. >> as u.n. backed peace talks are set to resume in geneva this week the violence of death toll in syria continues to mount with very little chance these talks lead to some significant progress. both isis militants and anti-government rebels have been targeted by russia and the assad regime in the past few days. over the weekend they launched strikes in a damascus suburb. it is one of the last areas still under control by anti-assad rebels. now across the country russian air strikes killed more than 50
7:35 am
people in eastern syria on sunday. the russian minister of defense did say its bombers were targeting isis militants in the area but among the 53 dead also 21 children. now sandra as i said the talks are set to resume this week but it doesn't look like much will come out of it. essentially the assad regime is unwilling to consider any type of talks that would remove bashar al-assad from power, while the opposition groups fading in terms of their ability to do much negotiation because they are losing ground all over syria are still insisting that assad step down. that is something that russia, sandra, will not tolerate. >> sandra: connor powell live in jerusalem for us. thank you. >> bill: back at home big news potentially over the holiday weekend. lawyers for former national security advisor michael flynn no longer sharing information with president trump's legal team. what does that mean possibly?
7:36 am
judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. nice to see you. hope you had a good thanksgiving break. >> i did. back at you. >> bill: it is not uncommon for lawyers to enter into a legal agreement. what does that do or mean? >> so if the government is investigating a group of people that have a relationship with each other either by family or by financial relationship, they will often enter into a joint defense agreement. a contract reduced to writing in which the lawyers for each one of the members of the group, we know who is in the group, the president of the united states, his son, donald jr., his son-in-law, jared kushner and until last week his former national security advisor general flynn. they agree we'll share communications between the government and us the rest of you and share with you whatever documents we give the government and whatever the
7:37 am
government gives us and not point fingers at anybody in the group no matter what is government wants us to do. it is confronting a wall of all the defendants are together. last wednesday evening, lawyers for general flynn wrote to the lawyers for the others in the group including the lawyers for the president of the united states saying we're no longer in the group. we are removing ourselves from this agreement. that tells those of us who watch these things that they have either negotiated with special counsel mueller or they want to negotiate with mueller because they have something of value for him and he has something of value for them. >> bill: that would suggest there is a plea deal in the works. >> for the general. >> bill: for general flynn. we don't know that but guessing based on legal history that's what's happening. >> correct. >> bill: what does general flynn have that he could offer robert mueller? >> it would have to be credible evidence. there are questions about the
7:38 am
general's credibility. one of the charges against him, potential charges. he hasn't been charged with anything yet is lying to the f.b.i. there have to be some credible evidence that is corroborated of some unlawful activity on the part of somebody else in the group. the president, donald junior, jared kushner, within the past five years. five years is the length of the statute of limitations. now, normally one testifies up, not down. meaning you give evidence about somebody north of you on the totem pole. only one person north of general flynn if you rank the hierarchy of these people and that's the president himself. >> bill: is this a big move, a big deal or do you know? >> i don't know. because i haven't -- i'm not privy to what the general and his lawyers and bob mueller and his lawyers are negotiating. but i think it's something the white house should be very concerned about because the
7:39 am
general was a confident of donald trump going back to the summer of 2015 when he first began his run for the presidency. if the general is willing to offer something of value, he is exposed to decades in prison if he were to be charged with all the crimes for which there is evidence. and convicted of all those crimes. he would probably do almost anything to reduce that exposure and that reduction would only come about if he could give bob mueller something in return for the reduction. what would he give them? evidence of criminal behavior on the part of the president. >> bill: does flynn face criminal potential here? >> oh, yes. >> bill: felonies? >> i can tell you what they are. lying to the f.b.i., conspiracy to kidnap, being a foreign agent and not reporting it, receiving money from a foreign government while in the employ of the united states.
7:40 am
these are very serious felonies which expose him to far more than 20 years in federal prison. he wants to reduce that exposure by trading information to the special prosecutor in return for them lessening the charges against him. >> bill: thank you, judge. i don't know when we get answers on this but all in time. thank you, buddy, very much. what's next? >> sandra: blunt words for hillary clinton from actress susan sarandon. while she is calling the former presidential candidate very dangerous. >> bill: an unusual scene unfolded at nfl games. a drone pilot under arrest for his actions on sunday. what's that about?
7:41 am
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7:44 am
cool. mrs. trump welcoming people to view the holiday decorations. 25,000 tourists will visit the white house in december to see those displays. cool stuff. >> sandra: the most beautiful time of year. >> bill: 25,000. more people than you had for thanksgiving dinner. >> sandra: a beautiful place, the white house for sure. all right. liberal actress susan sarandon is calling out hillary clinton. sarandon who backed bernie sanders tells the guardian things wouldn't be much different now had clinton won the white house. i did think she was very, very dangerous. we would still be fracking, we would be at war. it wouldn't be much smoother. look what happened under obama that we didn't notice. chris bedford. editor and chief. brad wood house, former communications director for democratic national committee. chris, what did you think of
7:45 am
this? she is a vocal bernie sanders supporters but answering the question who was a bigger threat, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> you have to hand it to her. she isn't afraid of people dislikeing her. it seems to rub off and not bother her at all. she has gotten a lot of hate over this, too. some of the never trumpers have found out there is a certain level of dislike for the person who breaks party lines. she has done that by attacking hillary clinton after the election. but from a hard left point of view. she spent a career on the hard left. hillary clinton wasn't the candidate and things would have continued the same way. a different fight over taxation and obamacare would be the same. the words would be a little more hawkish. hillary had a reputation for that. it makes sense for sarandon to say that. >> sandra: to your point this won't make her too popular in hollywood talking like this.
7:46 am
>> look, she hasn't been popular in a long, long time. here we are talking about a formerly popular actress. >> sandra: i would think she is a household name to this day. put out a lot of movies. >> her only claim to fame in the last couple years has been her involvement with the sanders campaign and bashing hillary clinton. look, she doesn't even know what she is talking about. she said we would be at war in hillary clinton was president. we are at war by the way. we're at war in afghanistan. >> sandra: she is saying things wouldn't be much different had hillary clinton been in the white house than donald trump. let me continue. >> i suspect hillary clinton wouldn't be endorsing a pedophile for the united states senate in alabama. the things would be vastly different and the fact that she doesn't see that just shows how delusional she is towards hillary clinton. >> sandra: getting back to the words she used in this interview with the guardian.
7:47 am
she slammed her as not authentic and an opportunist. >> hillary clinton has never really gotten along well with the hard left. maybe more of a centrist before that like her husband was initially. the democratic party was not exactly quite ready for her politics. she came back and you've seen in the last few weeks especially with prominent democrats and liberal magazines and newspapers attacking the clintons. the love for them was more attached to the power and prestige and the ability to win the white house. now that they're caste out it is safer than ever for leftists and democrats to attack them. >> sandra: in the interview she talks about what it means to be a feminist. she is 71 years old. she sees herself as someone working well beyond the age many women in hollywood do and can. she said it has come back and gotten warped with the election. if you're a woman, you have to support hillary clinton.
7:48 am
>> i don't think anyone felt like they had to support hillary clinton because they were a woman. that wasn't even the issue. look, i was involved in the campaign. i ran a super pac for hillary clinton. i did research on bernie sanders. the truth is on nine out of ten policy questions they were the same. people like susan sarandon that lost their minds over hillary clinton, i don't even understand where it comes from. it is one thing to be -- have a difference of opinion and feel like this person doesn'tfall on the same spectrum as you do but to say hillary clinton would be more dangerous than donald trump is really beyond the pale. >> sandra: chris, we're reminded while she was heavily campaigning for and supporting bernie sanders, she had criticism back in 2016 during the election of hillary clinton basically saying her foreign policy background would make
7:49 am
her a greater risk to national security than donald trump. she was asked about that, then later she back tracked but said not exactly. i don't mind that quote. >> it was a surprising to me when we were on the primary trail in new hampshire going to a bernie sanders rally. he got the crowd going talking about economics and socialism. at the end he finished with a call against the iraq war and hillary clinton who voted for it and the roars i heard around me in the stadium was chilling just to remember it. and the reality is hillary clinton was a significantly more hawkish candidate and why neoconservatives supported her over donald trump. she is more hawkish. donald trump was pushing for pulling back. >> sandra: i think it's safe to say she will be very pleased if bernie sanders makes another run at the white house. thanks to both of you for coming on. good to see you. >> bill: jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." >> all eyes are on the u.s.
7:50 am
senate this week as tax reform passage could take a giant step forward. but forces are gathering against the bill. critics calling it a giveaway for the wealthy. president trump set to dine with republicans on the senate finance committee next hour as pressure ramps up. a developing political battle at the agency charged with with helping consumers and president trump goes on a tirade on twitter against the media. >> bill: there was an investigation underway after drones dropped leaflets over two nfl stadiums on sunday. what's that all about? details coming up next. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods
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7:53 am
>> bill: investigation after a pilot used a drone to drop
7:54 am
leaflets to spectators on nfl on sunday. the raiders and san francisco 49ers. northern california, what is going on? >> a local troublemaker with strong anti-government views. the drone dropped but what it could have. police arrested the guy for dropping anti-free speech lef laoets at the 49ers game and laider at the raiders game in oakland. the drone showed up over levi stadium in the first half. most fans thought the team authorized the drop until they saw the papers with the big red xx and diatribe against tv news. >> we figured it must have been something put on by the team by the stadium to drop off free things to the crowd. >> we wanted free stuff. >> is suspect broke at least two laws. one flying a drone within five
7:55 am
miles of an airport and 500 yards of a stadium. >> bill: drones will sell like mad this holiday season. what can police do? >> it is almost impossible. you know that. the hobist who thinks he have is a good one. not just a crazy guy but a criminal one. the drone carries up to 15 pounds. an explosive, anthrax, impossible for police to police the airspace. fast and hard to see and penalty is after the fact. >> he dropped leaflets. he can drop down anything when you think about it. it is kind of a scary thing to think someone can fly something over during the game and nobody can really stop it. >> you could argue every stadium needs the drone killers that disrupts the gps or a judge sending a message. history tells us even when a penalty fits the crime it is not always a deterrent. >> bill: wow.
7:56 am
intriguing story. thank you in l.a. on that. he is right about that. imagination runs wild with the possibilities. >> sandra: it is uncharted territory and still trying to figure it out. they can be fun. but there are concerns. >> bill: i agree. >> sandra: one woman getting a real surprise over thanksgiving after she found this bobcat stuck in the front of her car. where and how this happened. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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8:00 am
bobcat could cause some serious. >> up in your grill, that's right. hope you had a great weekend, everybody. how was your thanksgiving? >> at ten. how about you? >> i agree. well-deserved. >> see you tomorrow. >> fox news alert, new records for the markets with the dow just touching an all-time today high. 23 6:30 one right now. joining the s&p on the nasdaq composite, if the dow keeps this up, it will be the 61st record close under president trump, clearly melissa francis did some shopping over the weekend. >> melissa: i did. >> jon: now that's fox news alert on the battle for tax reform with the president about to hold a key meeting. good morning to you, i am jon scott and good morning to you. >> melissa: good morning, i melissa francis. did you have a great thanksgiving? me too. we


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