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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 28, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the 18-foot fir tree and traditional spot in the blue room, decorated with ornaments bearing the state of >> nearly 10,000 feet into the air since this weekend. >> it will be the biggest tax reduction in history of our country. >> the tax bill in the senate, a huge victory and raises a lot of problems. >> since my name is on the door i want to be your. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago, they call her pocahontas. >> the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. ♪
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♪ ♪ living in another life ♪ ♪ rob: you're watching "fox and friends" first tuesday morning, hope everyone had a nice long holiday weekend. now we are moving straight to christmas and the fox news alert, christmas in new york, a new threat from isis targeting millions of americans in one of the biggest tourist spots in the world the terror group posting a chilling picture of
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santa next to a box of dynamite in new york city's times square. the propaganda poster after isis named christmas markets across europe as targets over the holiday. mimicking the carnage of last year's truck attack in berlin. the message to the jihadist last week the group noting the crusaders ceased is approaching which included a grim depiction of a fighter driving at high speed towards the vatican. a lot of concern there. more concern over a massive volcano on the verge of erupting any moment, authorities preparing for the worst in bali. the popular tourist island airport shutdown, 60,000 people including americans still stranded blue scientists are warning an explosion could repeat a 1963 eruption, mudslides ripped through
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villages destroying homes and crops and killing 1600 people. a close call for hundreds of passengers as planes collide overnight. and egyptian air flight clipping the left wing of a virgin air plane while taxiing on the runway at newark at jfk airport. the jetliners were heading overseas returning to the terminal as crews cleaned up debris, pickup truck clicking away the clipped wing is the virgin airbus was towed. passengers were safely evacuated but no word what caused the explosion or how long their flights were delayed. donald trump heading to capitol hill to meet face-to-face with republican senators to pass tax reform but can he convince all 51 republicans to get on board? griff jenkins joining us live with gop hold outs who could keep the bill from passing. i am misspoke, talked about the
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plane, they collided, did not explode, they collided. >> reporter: the senate gop leaders acknowledged they don't have the votes yet as a second republican senator says he is no in its current form the same reason ron johnson of wisconsin, they believe it favors large corporations over small businesses. both trying to get to yes, thank webmac i would like to see -- 100 billion to $200 billion in revenue so it actually helps but the president who had to capitol hill to join the republican policy lunch was upbeat about it. >> it will benefit everybody. it is going to mostly benefit people looking for jobs more than anything else because we are giving great incentives. >> they can only afford to lose two votes in his razor thin majority, four other senators on the fence, susan collins, jeff flake and john mccain are concerned about the repeal of
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the individual mandate increasing the federal deficit, the cbo says the senate plan would lead to an increase in $1.4 trillion, the senate budget, democrats are uniformly opposed to it as finance committee chairman orin hatch expressed frustration. >> i just hope they will start working with us rather than voting as a block against everything we come up with. >> one bright spot, rand paul, traditional deficit hawk signaled he is a yes vote, the senate hopes to get to voting on this by the end of the week, there will be a lot of horse trading going on today. jillian: very close, you got to come up with something coinciding with the 12 days of christmas. have a good day. the senate is once again the last major obstacle between the
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trump administration and a legislative victory. newt gingrich says if tax reform gets passed it will pave the way for other major agenda items. >> if they can get the tax bill through the senate, they are going to get between 100 to 150 appointees approved between now and christmas. that will move judgeships, ambassadors on their jobs at a past until they leave christmas eve so a different appearance unlike the healthcare fight, this is a straightforward thing. to you want the american people to have more money for the government to have more money? republicans will come down for the government having more
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money. >> there is this going on, the legal battle for control of the nation's top consumer financial watchdog agency. heating up as donald trump gets to work draining the swamp. jackie, the question is who is in charge? >> reporter: who is in charge? is confusing, a power struggle that would make an episode of the apprentice seem tame. mick mulvaney named as acting director of consumer financial protection bureau versus leander english name to the same post by the agency at outgoing director richard cordray. the team firing off the first shot with a picture of him writing, quote, sitting in director's office, hard at work as acting director at cfpb, minutes later he sent an email to staff trying to make it clear she was in charge signing
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it acting director. mick mulvaney instructing staffers to, quote, disregard any instructions you received from miss english and her presumed capacity as acting director and stop by the fourth floor to say hello and grab a donut. >> my name is on the door, one person showed up at work as director. >> the cfpb was established by barack obama as part of the dodd-frank reform after the 2008 financial crisis. the trump administration calling a donor bank for democrat and has numbers to back up, workers running checks for liberals raising 193 to republicans. mulvaney has called a sick joke and his feelings having changed, ordering a hiring freeze to crack down on financial practices. >> learning about the powers i have, would frighten most of you and where you to think how little oversight congress has
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over me. now i am the director. jillian: legally the president to nominate the next director but the attorney says donald trump does not have a say in the interim. the government filing opposition to the lawsuit, up to a judge to decide. to answer your question. heather: who showed up for work and showed up with donuts? >> reporter: it is a matter of who brought the donuts. todd: brings us to former arkansas governor mike huckabee, the financial protection bureau is making it more difficult for consumers and time for it to go completely. >> this was done by academics like elizabeth warren who lied about her ancestry to get a new job and keep a job, cultural appropriation, another issue but here's what happens in the real world that people in
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congress don't know. if you try to get a consumer loan today because of dodd-frank and the extraordinary regulations it may cost more to process the loan then the bank could make in getting the loan and charging interest so one banker told me, we don't have consumer loans anymore, we stopped. what kind of loan is that? $25,000 loan that helps the family to add a room on the house when therefore child comes, small business guy who needed to put inventory on his shelf so he can stay in business, the kind of loan that is the bread and butter of america, the bread and butter of real consumers but the cost of it is impossible which is why the agency is out of control. >> much more you can expect on that throughout the day but we have to talk about roy moore intensifying his fight refusing to bow out of the alabama senate race. the first time in two week the republican candidate holding a rally and claimed the sexual
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assault allegations calling this completely false and malicious. >> after 40 years of service to the state and this community 50 if you count my military service to the country, never once has this been alleged. this is simply dirty politics. heather: the the rally comes as a retired us colonel announces his plans to launch a right in campaign against more and doug jones. the washington post reports will run as an independent in alabama's december 12th special election coming up quickly. senator out frank and apologizing once again still vowing not to resign. as a so-called champion for women instead promising to learn from his mistakes. >> this has been a shock and it has been extremely humbling.
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i am embarrassed, i feel ashamed. i am going to have to be much more conscious in these circumstances. >> much more conscious not to grope women, he was accused of groping several women, says he is working hard to regain the voters trust. it is starting to look a lot like christmas. look at these beautiful pictures at the white house, first lady melania trump posting military families for the holiday decor. the children joined the first lady for holiday arts and crafts including making christmas cards, decorations include 71 reese, a massive gingerbread house, 53 christmas
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trees including a gold star tree honoring fallen troops. the family christmas party is on display and it reads merry christmas, happy new year. almost there. the time, 12 minutes after the top of the hour and marking middle america, the msnbc host 2 things role americans are a core threat to democracy and the new york times ripping tax reform is a total sham that will add big bucks to the national debt. where were they when the deficit doubled under the obama administration? our next guest is the papers blinded by bias, lights out on the christmas tradition, money for sick children, the plug is being pulled on this 3000 light display. ♪
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heather: the new york times ripping the republican tax plan to shreds in a fire op-ed
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calling the overhaul ashamed saying of all the lies republican lawmakers and donald trump tell about their tax will the biggest whopper is that these windfall tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy would generate so much growth that they would pay for themselves. here is business and finance at kings college in new york brian bloomberg, thank you for joining us to explains this. the corporate tax rate is the hardest bill, cuts 20% from 35%. help or hurt, what does the new york times say? >> the new york times spent their entire up and criticizing the corporate tax cut forgetting the fact that over the past 10 years we have seen 36 companies relocate out of the us precisely for the reason the corporate tax rate is too high. it is a case of selective memory, this is the kind of cut that helps companies come back
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to the us, stay here because the tax rate is competitive around the world. heather: says the opposite, some experts warned by lowering tax rate for foreign earnings the bills would encourage businesses to ignore operations overseas. >> great op-ed in the wall street journal, when you cut corporate taxes urging companies to come back to take the profits they were keeping overseas and bring them back to the us where they can invest in us jobs, this is common sense, president obama was proposing this a few years ago so even democrats can't see this, everyone across the board who is honest about it can see this is cutting the corporate tax rate to companies in the us. heather: saying the bill will increase the national debt by $1 trillion over ten years. >> where have they been with the national debt doubling the past eight years, donald trump inherited a budget situation from obama that will lead $10 trillion to the debt over the
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next we 10 years. it is fine to be concerned about the debt and deficits but the new york times has not been on this issue the past eight years and they are to be because that is where the problem is. mary negritude gdp has to proficiency too. >> there has been such a slow growth economy that people at the new york times are so pessimistic the us can get back to its historical growth, i think the us can do that. even if they get half way there comes close to paying for the tax-cut. the new york times is leading with ideology, so invested in pitting businesses against the workingman it is the wrong approach and has been the wrong approach for the past decade. using the president saying helping businesses get back to the us will help working people and we need a solution because we have been so slow growth. jillian: they talk about the economists they consulted, more about ideology versus the number. >> a range of perspectives how much the economy could grow from the tax-cut, there is legitimate debate but the new
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york times is accusing the gop of lying about this, the only way the new york times can say it is a lies if they knew how the economy was going to grow, they don't have a crystal ball. there is a range of perspectives but they are not making a helpful contribution to this debate, sibley taking one ideological side assuming everybody else with a different opinion is a liar. >> thank the people even if you may be happy in the short term with these tax cuts he warns because he will be paying for them later. >> these are about increasing investment which is a long-term gain, they are trying to cut taxes for businesses both small and large so over the long term companies are pumping more money into the us economy. is not a short-term thing but a long-term thing so they are being disingenuous. jillian: hiring more people with more money to spend on other goods. >> these things work together. they are committed to seeing businesses and working people are against each other and that
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is the wrong period. jillian: thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. the time is 20 after. we will be right back.
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beaches welcome back once again. marking middle america. rural americans are a core threat to democracy. twitter does not agree. serious xm 115, the outrage online. >> reporter: a lot of outrage started with a tweet from an msnbc producer who wrote by 2040, 70% of americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states.
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they will only have 30 senators representing them while the remaining 30% of americans will have 70 senators representing them. msnbc host joy reed responded to that was a tweet of her own saying this is a core threat to our democracy. the role minority, have been and will continue to have disproportionate power over the urban majority. a liberal author who recently ran on a long trader ranch talking how dangerous donald trump and his supporters are. that is what she is referring to in her sweet. a lot of reaction to this as you can imagine, star says her ignorance is scary, truly is was another twitter user rights and yet they still don't understand why trump won, the founding fathers were creating the electoral college, joy gives joy new meaning. jillian: interesting the prison mentioned the founding fathers, she said trump supporters do not believe in the constitution
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or the founding principles. let us know what you think as well. first lady melania firing back at reports she didn't want to be first lady. >> vanity fair magazine published the article she didn't want this come hell or high water, inside melania of secretive east wing. the magazine cites an unnamed friend as their source for that article, trump spokeswoman responded saying once again the liberal media, this time vanity fair has written a story riddled with unnamed forces and false assumptions as a magazine tailored to women, shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean mrs. trump rather than focus on her positive work as first lady and supportive wife and mother. what a response, more responsive on social media. jack says it is not a report. what has been said or done
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accurately and without bias. another twitter user said fake news is barking up the wrong tree. i don't think you're ever ready for that job but she has said she is honored to be the first lady. >> the white house looks like it is going to be beautiful this year. see those decorations? >> and engagement and a roasted chicken. >> prince harry, engaged, one of the biggest questions, how did he propose? he answered that during his first interview as an engaged couple, take a listen. >> roasting some chicken and just an amazing surprise, sweet and natural and romantic. >> who knew check in could be so romantic, roasting a chicken is madly in love and megan
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markel had a lead on her show, the costar, patrick adams, said she said she was just going out to get some milk. she is never coming back. thank you so much. appreciate it. the time is 28 after the top of the hour and nancy pelosi in damage control mode after supporting john conyers as another accuser surfaces. >> one accusation, was a two? john conyers is an icon in our country, he has a great deal to protect women. >> the house minority leader is backtracking big time. ivanka trump speaking in india in an hour. where live with her message to help women around the world. ♪ my name is jeff sheldon,
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change a fox news alert, north korea said to be on the verge of testing another ballistic missile, japanese media reporting the rogue regime is showing signs of launch could happen any day, building its nuclear ability, this comes after two months without a launch as international sanctions have been passed, hawaii is on high alert planning a colder era nuclear attack on friday, citizens having 15 minutes to prepare for an unlikely attack. russian jet buzzing a navy aircraft and gun officials say the russian fighter jet came as close as 50 feet to a surveillance plane while flying over the black sea. the man everlasting 24 minutes causing, quote, file in turbulence, this is the ninth incident involving russian jet
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and us military personnel in the last two years. in 2016 russian fighter jets flew within 30 feet of the us destroyer in the baltic sea. a new accuser, the latest allegations against congressman john conyers. former deputy chief of staff accusing this again democrat of touching her inappropriately twice in the late 90s as nancy pelosi is backtracking after defending as a congressman after making these comments. >> one accusation of the two, john conyers is an icon in our country, he has done a great deal to protect women. >> now she believes melanie sloan, one of the accusers, she released a statement saying in part i find the behavior she described unacceptable and disappointing. so that continues. the war of words reaching new heights between donald trump and elizabeth warren after the
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president referred to her as pocahontas during a ceremony honoring native american veterans. >> we have a representative in congress they say was here a long time ago, they call her pocahontas. >> it is unfortunate the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. >> there huckabee sanders dismissing warren's claims the nickname was meant to be used as a racial slur. >> that is a ridiculous response, that was not the president's intent. senator warren was offensive when she lied about something specifically to advance her career. i don't understand why no one is asking that question, why that isn't constantly covered. >> question about her claim to native american heritage
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started during her 2012 senate race after she revealed that she listed herself as a minority. to india, rolling out the red carpet for senior advisor to ivanka trump, she will deliver a keynote speech promoting women in business. amy kellogg is live with the latest on international headlines. >> reporter: a flying visit for the first daughter and senior advisor, she will be speaking about something very near and dear to her heart and that is women entrepreneurial empowerment. ivanka trump arrived in india's it hub. she will give the keynote address at the global entrepreneurship summit. the state department isn't sending a high-level delegation alongside, there has been a rising chorus of reporters and rights group asking for proof the factories of india and
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china around the world follow ethical practices. 10,000 extra security, local media reports hundreds of beggars haven't swept off the street in advance of the vip arrival. trump will be in india 36 hours, prime minister's guest at a lavish dinner at the grand palace. the media reports say a masterchef has been flown in for each dish and there will be quite a few. this is her third international high-profile mission, last spring she launched the women entrepreneurs initiative which is gathering capital to help women particularly in developing countries start and grow businesses. >> live for us, thanks. the archbishop of canterbury is baffled by christians who
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backed donald trump. >> i genuinely do not understand where that is coming for him. i think we can have different views on many issues, i don't understand. jillian: weight evangelical christians have been a key part of donald trump's states with 80% voting for him in 2016. joining us to discuss this is pastor robert jeffers, thank you for joining us. the archbishop of canterbury doesn't understand, he is baffled. can you explain? >> not that hard to understand why conservative christians support the president in great numbers. beyond donald trump's excellent leadership in reviving the economy, rebuilding the military, remaking of the judiciary donald trump has become the most pro-religious liberty pro-life president in us history. earlier this year i was privileged to meet with him in the rose garden when he signed
1:38 am
that sweeping religious liberty executive order and at that time he said as long as i am president no american will ever have to choose between practicing his faith and obeying the law and on the pro-life front he has done what he said he would do, appointed a conservative justice to the supreme court, packing the courts with federal judges who will protect life as well. when the archbishop says he is baffled what is baffling to me is why a religious leader like the archbishop wouldn't support a pro-life pro-religious leader like donald trump. >> the majority of white evangelicals agree with you when you look at the work that has been done since he has been in office. this poll is from october 2017, do you approve or disapprove of the job donald trump is doing as president, 66% approve with 31% disapproving. where do you think the archbishop is getting his
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information? >> i think the archbishop is accessing his own personal prejudice, that is why he is so baffled. when you read his comments in totality he seems to feel he is morally superior to donald trump. that is at the heart of this and he reminds me of the religious leaders jesus condemns when he talked about religious leaders who have a self inflated view of their own righteousness and look down on others. all of us are sinners, we all need a savior, that is the heart of the christian message, you would think someone like the archbishop would understand that. jillian: is it a case of misinformation being put out across the world by the mainstream media when you look at headlines, you don't see headlines that you mentioned at the top of the segment come all the good things going on, you hear negative things, people calling the president names and disparaging him. is that what he is listening to? >> that is partly true and i think it illustrates the divide
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between the establishment elites whether it is governmental, political or religious elites and the average person. you remember during the election many religious leaders were opposed to donald trump and yet the people in the pew swept into office and right now it is still the average person in the pew who continues to support this president as he delivers on his promises. >> the nativity scene in the white house and we are saying merry christmas, appreciate your insight. have a good day. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, seldom crackdown the white house staffers may no longer use their personal phones. starbucks for a cup of controversy by taking the christmas design off its coffee cups. this year they started with a multicolored design. now there is a whole new cup. halfway through the season, why one cup won't cut it. ♪
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♪ you ain't been around ♪ my plan
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>> i thought this was already happening but apparently not. the white house may ban all staffers from using personal cell phones at work, the proposed been driven by fears of potential cyberattacks and not concerned about unauthorized information leaking to the press. john kelly's personal phone was found to be compromised by hackers earlier this year. get ready for the dance floor. now that it is legal in new york city. bill diblasio rolling back the city's 1926 cabaret law which
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banned cutting the reagan most bars. 26,000 bars and restaurants got a special license, the law was designed to crack down on speakeasies during prohibition. today marks the beginning of the season of giving and this giving tuesday donald trump has a message for all of us. tracy is here with how he is urging americans to get involved. >> yesterday was cybermonday and hope you saved money, this is the sixth year of the global day of giving and donald trump is urging americans to help out saying americans are a resilient people particularly when they support each other through acts a charity, kindness and generosity, that is on full display as we work to rebuild america, and those people affected by natural disasters. here are five easy ways to give
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back, you can donate to a nonprofit, you can start a fundraiser, volunteer, send a message like spreading awareness and give to more than charities, help out someone in your neighborhood so just an easy things you can do, doesn't cost money, giving tuesday. heather: the online shopping, records every day, walmart lowering prices as low as amazon. >> according to a price analysis by market track they found amazon's prices, walmart prices are almost as low as amazon's prices, 0.3% more expensive, the closest those two have been, walmart has been lowering prices in brick and mortar stores and slowly caught up online. compares this to 2016, when walmart's prices were 3% higher
1:47 am
than amazon. heather: the lowering prices, the price war, starbucks unveiled a second holiday cup, one was not enough. >> a controversy around these cups, why they decided to do this, the first time ever they have released a cup in the middle of the holiday season so there it is onscreen, red with white heart and starbucks is encouraging you to write the name of someone special in that hard so last year they released 13 cups with different designs, this year they have got two. heather: the trying to get prices down. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour, the va failed to report 90% of potentially dangerous medical providers was a veteran says
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this is exactly why we elected donald trump. cut green handed, the grinch trying to steal christmas and the officers who made sure justice was served. ♪
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the change welcome back to "fox and friends" first. a stunning new report shows that the va's failing america's heroes. 90% of potentially dangerous medical providers, how does this happen? wise is not being fixed. thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it.
1:52 am
where you surprised by this finding? >> absolutely not. the government accountability office report verifies reporting done by usa today, this was done for years until earlier this year until the va took action to stop it. this was happening in large part because it was difficult to fire bad employees including clinicians, doctors etc. and this was part of a deal to get them out of the va including payoffs as well and the result, not only causing problems at the va, but this billion medical a system because a lot were leaving and working private-sector. >> 5 va hospitals, let's look at a segment, the gao found from october 2013 through march 2017 the five selected
1:53 am
mcs did not inform providers who should have been reported to national practitioner data bank or state licensing board in accordance with the age a policy. how do we fix it? >> the things it needs to happen is the law donald trump signed into law needs to be enforced and donald trump's secretary is enforcing it so you need to fire, not pay off or allow doctors without medical boards, get out of the medical system. just like donald trump campaigned on, didn't give veterans real choice so there's competition and the va is forced not to engage in this practice so they can keep veterans in the system so that is why you have legislation, the veterans empowerment act which would give that choice and this is something donald trump campaigned on, incredibly
1:54 am
popular at other campaign stops, something as va secretary supports and needs to pass legislation like that bill. bill: needs a health care choice. how do you think donald trump is doing so far? >> i think overall this has been a success story for the administration, the va despite continued problems is in a better path. still a lot of work to be done. they can only do so much themselves, congress needs to pass va reform giving veterans more choice because that is what they want. patty: 1 we are hearing that a lot these days. thank you for your service.
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the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour, christmas controversy, lights out on a christmas tradition that raised money for sick children. the plug is being pulled on his 300,000 light display. the town up in arms over that, we will have more straight ahead. ♪
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heather: a town is up in arms calling for an 18 your christmas tradition, they are calling for it to go dark, 50 neighbors filing petitions to shut this down, a family christmas light display due to parking problems, features 350,000 lights, attracting 30,000 visitors a year. some neighbors are against this. >> i love it. see the kids coming and people coming. doesn't bother me. heather: the hollowell family collecting donations giving thousands of dollars to a local children's hospital. card green handed. new jersey police posting this video of officers stopping the grinch from stealing christmas. >> that's it, grinch, you are under arrest. heather: the infamous dr. seuss character sentenced to
2:00 am
community service to spread holiday cheer, collecting presence for toys for tots. the grinch is locked up. that wraps it up for "fox and friends" first, see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues now, by. it is tuesday, november 28th. security threat, students just uncovered, the columbine style attack shutting down a handful of schools. >> the biggest tax reduction in the history of the country, it will bring jobs, i think it is doing very well. >> as donald trump has the capital hill delivering on tax reform, what could happen as early as tomor


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