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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 28, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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community service to spread holiday cheer, collecting presence for toys for tots. the grinch is locked up. that wraps it up for "fox and friends" first, see you back here tomorrow, "fox and friends" first continues now, by. it is tuesday, november 28th. security threat, students just uncovered, the columbine style attack shutting down a handful of schools. >> the biggest tax reduction in the history of the country, it will bring jobs, i think it is doing very well. >> as donald trump has the capital hill delivering on tax reform, what could happen as early as tomorrow. >> bringing christmas back to
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the white house. ♪ >> live look at midtown manhattan. a large building on avenue of the americas. you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: donald trump heading to capitol hill to meet with republican senators to pass tax reform. >> can he convince all 51 republicans on board. griff jenkins joins us with gop holdouts who could keep the bill from happening.
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>> reporter: let me put this as simply as i can, they have a real math problem, the don't have the votes yet for the second republican senator james montana because the same reason senator ron johnson of wisconsin opposes it, favoring large corporations over small businesses, both appeared to get to yes, saying, quote, i want to see changes to the tax-cut bill to ensure mainstream visitors are not put at a competitive disadvantage against large corporations. the president is on capitol hill to join a republican policy lunch and was upbeat yesterday. >> it is going to benefit everybody, it will mostly benefit people with jobs because we are giving great incentives. >> reporter: republicans can only lose two votes in this majority, four senators appear to be on the fence.
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susan collins, bob corker and jeff flake and john mccain concerns ranging from repeal of the individual mandate to increasing the federal deficit, the cbo says the senate plan would lead to an increase of the deficit of $1.4 trillion in the next 10 years. democrats uniformly oppose the bill, or and has expressed frustration. >> i hope they will get off their duffs, and block everything we try to come up with. >> a positive element, rand paul who is a traditional deficit hawk signaled he said yes. we will see what happens. looks like clamoring for a vote towards the end of the week, this is friday or into the weekend depending where things stand, working on the spending bill as well.
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>> a major agenda item coming to a crucial vote in the senate. >> unlike the push to repeal and replace obamacare, deputy chief of staff for george w. bush karl rove says republican holdouts have not given up on a compromise. >> this is different from the vote on health care. you didn't have people saying i am trying to get there or people like ron johnson, trying to be a yes. i have something i need and want to try to get it and willing to settle for some, not all. in this big piece complex, so complex, if you change the dial you can compensate someplace else unlike we will get rid of obamacare or not, your state will be better off or worse, the biggest threat to the passage are legitimate concerns people have about what this will do to the deficit.
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>> the legal battle for control of the nation's top consumer financial watchdog agency heating up as donald trump gets right to work in efforts to drain the swamp. >> jackie ibanez here with the latest. it is a power struggle that would make an episode of the apprentice seem tame. the white house budget director mick mulvaney named as acting director of the consumer protection bureau versus leandra english named by the obama era director richard cordray. the team firing off the first shot with a picture of him writing sitting in director's office as acting director at cfp v. minutes leader english sent an email to staff trying to make it clear she was in charge signing it acting director. mulvaney instructing staffers to please disregard any
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instruction you receive from miss english and her presumed capacity as acting director and stop by the fourth floor and grab a doughnut. >> my name is on the door. one person claiming to be director. >> the cfpb established by barack obama as part of the dodd-frank reforms act, the trump administration calling it a donor base for democrats and has numbers to back it up. executives and workers writing checks for liberals at a rate of 593 to one republicans. mick mulvaney has called the agency a sick joke and his feelings have an change, ordering a 30 day hiring freeze to crack down on predatory financial practices. >> i'm learning about this, they would frighten most of you. they would worry you to think how little oversight congress has over me as i am director.
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>> the president can nominate the agency, mister trump does not have a say in the interim. overnight the government filing opposition to english lawsuit, to a judge to decide but it really decides who brought the doughnuts. >> crazy who comes out on top of this thing. >> in other news a frightening plot forcing three colorado schools to shut down. police say a student threatened to opens fire, placing guns and explosives in a small town school southwest of denver. no firearms or explosives were found at the school but police say they found guns at students homes. he is in custody while several others are being questions. the school plans to reopen today. a massive volcano on the verge of erupting forcing authorities to prepare for the worst.
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the popular tourist island airport shut down for the second straight day, 60,000 people including americans are still stranded. scientists warning an explosion could repeat a 1963 volcanic mudslides ripped through villages destroying homes and killing 1600 people. mika brzezinski rob: boy more refusing to bow out of the senate race. for the first time in two weeks the republican candidate holding a rally, slammed the sexual assault allegations calling them completely false and malicious. >> after 40 years of service to this state and this community, 50 if you count my military service, never once has this been alleged. this is simply dirty politics. >> the rally comes as a retired
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us marine colonel announces plans for a writing campaign against more and doug jones, washington post reports lee busby will run as an independent in the special election. senator our frank and trying to capitol hill to apologize for vowing not to resign. the so-called champion for women instead promising to learn from his mistakes. >> this has been a shock and has been extremely humbling. i am embarrassed which i feel ashamed, i am going to be more conscious in these circumstances. rob: he has denied this but he is accused of groping several women is working hard to regain
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voters trust. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. >> melania helping to unveil this year's holiday decor. ♪ jillian: the children enjoyed the first lady to make christmas cards. decorations include 71 wreaths, massive gingerbread white house and 53 christmas trees including a gold star 3, the christmas card raised merry christmas and happy new year. looking good at the white house. 10 minutes after the hour, the new holiday threat from isis targeting america's largest tourist attractions.
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>> he had a license to carry but was staring down the barrel of a 5-year prison sentence after crossing state lines. >> i didn't wave it or shoot it and told the truth. >> congress trying to right this wrong and the woman's inspiring move is a step in the right direction, she joins us with lawmaker pushing for the policy change next. >> stylish tribute to one of america's iconic flight teams, sneak peek at the navy's uniform football game versus beyond coming up. ♪ harry's meeting clients... ...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.
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if only harry used some... ...bounce, to dry. he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.
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♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. these good morning. and obama appointed intelligence watchdog speaking out saying hillary clinton was ready to fire him for digging
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in to an email scandal, inspector general charles mcauley, the camping plans if she won the election. top-secret information on her private email server when secretary of state. >> personal blow back to me and my family, my office, i was explaining to congress i was doing what they expected me to do and all of a sudden i was the enemy. >> if he was the one with a private server he would be in prison by now. one of the sharpest critics of the president calling it quits, democratic representative sierras is expected to make the announcement in chicago. the advocate is considering running for governor of puerto rico, this just weeks after firing new articles of impeachment against donald trump. >> congress aiming to right a wrong after being arrested on
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unlawful weapons charges in 2013. finally pardoned, newhope is restored for conceal carry owner alan as legislation heads to the house judiciary committee that would ease the burden for legal gun owners who are crossing state lines in states that are much stricter. here to discuss is that woman and the man behind this legislation, congressman richard hudson. i will start with you coming in 2013 you are driving from philadelphia and go into new jersey which is not much of a drive and you get pulled over and you have this gun in your purse and that is where the trouble started. take us through it. >> driving to jersey and had my kids and got pulled over by a state trooper and had my license to carry and my firearm
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on me and let the trooper know that i had on me at the time and was arrested for 38 days in state prison. >> you carry a gun, legally licensed in the state of pennsylvania which is not the easiest state to get a license to protect yourself or your kids and you admit you have the gun and get thrown in jail, did that seem egregious to you, and overstep in the state of new jersey? >> very much. i have never been arrested in my life and for someone like me who wanted to get a firearm to protect myself and my children i got thrown in state prison. very hard for me. >> chris christie would exonerate you from this way th
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should. in this case it is almost like it is a tricky one. >> a tricky situation for law-abiding gun owners because all we are trying to do is protect someone who is trying to protect themselves, protect their family and the state laws that are set up now, hard for someone trying to do the right thing to avoid becoming a criminal by crossing state lines. rob: does this impede states rights to design their own laws? >> great question but absolutely not. article iv section i of the constitution says each they will give basic credit to legal documents, and congress has responsibility to determine how those documents are recognized. i drive from my home in north carolina to dc, i hit the virginia state line and don't have to take a new drivers
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test, stay in virginia, recognize my license but in the same way my legislation, don't have to follow all the laws, some of the critics of this legislation, doomsday scenarios, the truth is this is simple common sense measure that says each state, half of the states recognize reciprocity, just have to recognize the legal right to carry but use the decision to follow all the laws of the state or municipality. rob: what was this like for you? you are a law-abiding citizen, you cross into new jersey which is next to pennsylvania and then you are in jail for 50 days. >> every day has given me psd. my kids are going through it. i'm glad to have someone as
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strong as me and i'm here to fight to help and try to keep my kids as aware as i can of gun laws and what is going on, trying to protect myself and protect them and it got me in trouble and it is something that needs to stop. it is my birthday and i celebrated with my kids and with you all and to fight not only for my gun rights but everyone else's. it is a blessing. >> a great reason we have that amendment in the constitution, the right to bear arms, we appreciate that and glad you have been exonerated. full vindication, thank you and happy birthday. >> thank you. jillian: the white house turning tables on elizabeth warren. >> most people find offensive,
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senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> sarah huckabee sanders shut down the mainstream media. >> including me and through buying it. >> one of the best actors around has fought crime in hollywood films but denzel washington has a message for criminals in the black community, the prison system is not the problem he says, carly shimkus with the controversial comments and the reaction coming up next.
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>> he has fought crime in hollywood films, denzel washington has a message for
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criminals, the prison system is not the problem. jillian: carly shimkus is here with comments that are creating controversy. >> reporter: there is controversy around everything but denzel washington did way in on the prison system, he is promoting a new movie where he plays a defense attorney. when asked how black communities can create positive change he stressed the importance of solid parenting. take a listen. >> the father is not in the home, i saw it in my generation and every generation before me and every one since starts in the home. >> words of wisdom from one i have respected for a long time. he is absolutely right, boys need older male role models regardless of ethnic or racial background and alex tweets
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excellent point by denzel washington, unarguable. getting support for his perspective on that front. >> we say merry christmas this year. >> the president delivering on one of his campaign promises, the first family released a christmas card where they wish everybody a merry christmas and happy new year. a little different than president obama's christmas card last year where he wished everybody a more politically correct happy holidays was a lot of excited reaction on this front, lauren says america and its traditions are finally back, no more happy holidays nonsense, trump girl on twitter, so beyond excited our president says merry christmas, i am done with happy holidays, and another twitter user called the card elegant, tasteful and classic just like the first lady and so grateful to welcome
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back christmas. >> getting married, let's hear the details of this. >> prince harry and megan markel announced yesterday one of the biggest questions how that he propose? we have the answer. take a listen. >> it was just an amazing surprise, so sweet and natural and romantic. >> he popped the question over a roasted chicken, as if the day couldn't get more delightful, he can from the royal proposal involve a roast chicken. i never roasted chicken could be so romantic. >> the same goes for you. >> 25 years. >> 27 minutes after the hour a
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church pressured -- because those living in lovely malibu don't want to deal with it. >> he wonders where this government outreach will stop. ♪ man: proper etiquette is essential for every social occasion. so the the broom said, "sorry i'm late. i over-swept." [ laughter ] yes, even the awkward among us deserve some laughter. and while it's okay to nibble in public, a lady only dines in private. try the name your price tool from progressive. it gives you options based on your budget. uh-oh. discussing finances is a big no-no. what, i'm helping her save money! shh! men are talking. that's it, i'm out. taking the meatballs. that's it, i'm out. you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia, that can take you out of the game for weeks, even if you're healthy. pneumococcal pneumonia is a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that in severe cases can lead to hospitalization.
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rob: we meet at christmas in new york, a cigarette from isis targeting millions of americans, one of the busiest tourist spots in the world, the terror group posting a chilling picture of santa next to dynamite in times square, the propaganda poster comes after isis named christmas markets as potential targets over the holidays hoping to mimic carnage of the truck attack in berlin, germany. a message to jihadists noting
2:32 am
crusaders feast is approaching each included the grim depiction of a fighter driving at high speed towards the vatican in italy. a close call to passengers as planes collide overnight, egypt air flight clipping a virgin atlantic plane while taxing on the runway at jfk airport, heading overseas, returning to the terminal as they cleaned up debris from the wings, a pickup truck taking away the clipped wing as the virgin airbus was towed. passengers were safely evacuated but no word how the big mistake happened at jfk. the war of words reach researching new heights between elizabeth warren, the president referred to her as pocahontas during a ceremony honoring native american veterans. >> we have a representative in
2:33 am
congress here a long time ago. >> it is deeply unfortunate the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring heroes without having to throw out a racial slur. rob: warren jumped on tv, sarah huckabee sanders dismissing claims that the nickname was meant to be used as a racial slur. >> that is a ridiculous response, that was not the president's intent. i think senator warren was offensive when she lied about something to advance her career. i don't understand why no one is asking that question and why that isn't covered. >> questions about her native american heritage started during her 2012 senate race after she revealed that she lifted herself as a minority
2:34 am
while in law school. >> just in time for the holidays the controversial request raising eyebrows on the west coast, officials pressuring one church to stop feeding the homeless in the area because they are increasing homelessness. is the government stepping too far forcing christians to ignore their convictions? army veteran and daily -- randel and thank you for joining us. what is your reaction when you heard about it? >> interesting story about sanctuary city, they won't about the refugees in, now they tell the church we can't have homelessness legally, you can't have them. at what time does the church say this is what we are going to do, we are not going to get dictated to, when will the government tell you to stop saying this or doing this? >> how amazing is that we are having the same conversations.
2:35 am
one thing to have the trending topic, community service, illegal immigration and nobody wants to interfere but when it comes to your community and your front door they make changes, the for top 50 richest cities in america and things like that, not a good look for them. >> a population of 1300, 180 homeless residents, no shelter or housing, this started because allegedly the city mayor helps the church to stop doing this, a report from the mayor says never formally asked, you got to bring people together because this is something the city is compassionate about. my question to you guys is will people be okay with it if there were another solution, should it stay at the church?
2:36 am
>> not that we have a problem with feeding the homeless, hanging around in town, barbra streisand has a home of 11,000 ft. , she already said she wants to get the refugees a place to live so why not extend it to the homeless, and i see the homeless on the street in the shadow of mentions, how much, a little hypocrisy going on here. >> why would it not be. it goes along with overall problems that every little -- wants to be part of the topic of conversation but when it comes to the real solutions, nobody wants to do it. >> the daily value to get things off your chest what do you want to get off your chest about this or do you have a solution at work?
2:37 am
>> the solution was fantastic, the biggest thing i would say is the biggest thing i talk about is the problem i feel with america now is everyone forgets what it means to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, we have a homeless community issue and if you don't think we do it is everywhere so what is the solution? to allow community outreach programs to do what they do. you have a larger homeless community visible to you in your ferrari and things you are driving down the street. >> some argue feeding them isn't enough, where do they go? they are still on the street so what do you do? >> that is the longer solution,
2:38 am
social working communities, outreach center, job communities, a lot of homeless community people are veterans who have skills that can be used but implementation back into regular society is a long-term job, to be upset because there is a more visible homeless population in your area and that we should wash it away is the wrong answer. >> so much of what is happening, the deals culturally, the church is no longer doing its job, how much more difficult is it to say we don't want you to do your job, step back and say we want to deal with it but the church does do the job. jillian: the star-spangled tour coming up. >> thursday night some shows coming up, in december all over the country, in milwaukee, all kinds of stuff going, all of
2:39 am
the solutions, we will take one today and solve all the world's problems. jillian: thanks for joining us and thank you for your service. today's giving tuesday, the first tuesday after thanksgiving, promoting charitable giving, world vision international, setting up a pop-up in midtown manhattan where janice dean joins us live. >> it is a beautiful morning in new york city, let's look at your forecast, not much to tell you about, very quiet conditions across the country except in the northwest where we have some rain, really a beautiful forecast with above average temperatures and it is giving back tuesday and world vision is here with pop-up shop
2:40 am
in ryan park and what is going on? >> so exciting, all about being back and this is the gift shop, a unique place that brings pages to give catalogs to life, donkeys, farm animals, this donkey stepped on my foot earlier but everything is okay, don't need medical attention. there are animals here, child sponsorship, one of the most powerful ways to make a difference and these are gifts to give in the name of a loved one. in new york you can go online at and pick up these gifts to make a donation in the name of a loved one giving a tangible gift to make a meaningful impact in the lives of families who need it. jillian: she is coming later on. >> we are excited about this
2:41 am
partnership, she is helping world vision to try to reach 1 million act class of generosity, that is our goal so she is trying to help spread the word about that and building care tips to help families in the us. >> a wonderful way to give back and we are talking about donkeys later today. >> thanks, 40 minutes after the hour, remember the pokémon game where everyone was running around creating chaos, the amount of money and accidents these clueless players caused during that mayhem will shock you. jillian: not a morning person? you have been sleeping all your life but you may be doing it wrong. asleep expert with a schedule
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image one or two or three or four cups of coffee to get your day going? >> wouldn't you love to know your body's most productive hours of the day to make the most of your day? >> michael bruce is here to use sleep patterns to redesign your work today. tell us about this, there are four types of sleepers i guess. >> exactly. my research and research that has been going on for 20 years is looking at krone biology.
2:46 am
many people have heard what these are. if you have been called in earlybird or night owl those are krone types. there are not just two, there are actually four and people can figure out what it is by taking a quiz which is available online. if you go to you can learn what it is, one of four different categories so early birds are replaced with the lion. you guys are probably pretty good people who wake up really early, not quite as early but 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning but by 8:00 in the afternoon or evening they are done, socially it might not work out so well but workwise they are taking names. next is people in the middle we call bears, 55% of the
2:47 am
population, my extroverts, go-getters, people who get work done. and the leaders of companies, next come the wolves, i never go to bed before midnight, this is really early for me on the west coast, wolves have a tendency to be nice people so the actors, the creative people who never follow the free flow throughout what they do and dolphins are problem children, the people with difficulty sleeping because they have very irregular sleep patterns, once you know your sleep pattern you know about the 24 hour cycle. what we did was matched when your home owns are naturally a the level for particular activities, everything from when to have coffee, when to eat a cheeseburger, to go for a
2:48 am
run. >> what do you think you are? >> i'm not on that list because i went online and took the quiz early this morning, i wake up at 1:00 in the morning, sleep 5 hours at night, three during the day, a lot of people work early morning shift, what are we? >> shift workers characteristically if you can adapt to your shift and stay on 7 days a week, i can show you how to adapt, there's a special section just for shift workers but you guys have it right. never met a morning journalist, never met a morning journalist who has had great sleep because you have to sleep in multiple bouts throughout the night. . >> i am the lion. >> you have adapted well but most people, shiftwork can be a real challenge. >> we are a lion, a bear, a
2:49 am
wolf or a wolf or a dolphin and the bears went to bed in november and wake up in months. >> wooden that be great? bears are the best because they have so much, 50% of society is a bear so following that schedule can be productive and work out quite well. one thing people ask about is when should i have my first cup of coffee. let's talk about that. >> i hate to do this but we got to cut you off because we have run out of time but you explained it well and you have that website, we appreciate your time. >> the group known for sparking violent riots is targeting christmas, black lives matter is a black only holiday. >> let's check with steve, how did you sleep last night?
2:50 am
>> wake up! i sleep like you guys do, whenever i can. we are joined by judge andrew napolitano and former governor mike huckabee, and america's christmas tree was delivered to the capital, we will talk to the truck driver who drove it there and it was the honor of his life to do it. he has a great story, been to all 50 states, how do you drive to hawaii? a busy 3 hours kicks off 10 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. we will be right back.
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>> today marks the beginning of the season of giving, this was giving tuesday, donald trump
2:54 am
has a message for you. >> how he is urging americans to get involved. >> hope you saved a little money from cybermonday, donald trump is urging people to give to charity, americans are a resilient people particularly when they support each other through acts of charity and kindness and generosity. this spirit is on full display as we work to rebuild america, talking about people who have suffered natural disasters, and easy ways to give back, start a fundraiser, volunteer, send a message, spread awareness of a charity and give to more than just charity come help a neighbor or a friend or loved one. doesn't have to cost anything. >> i hoped we would never have to talk about pokémon go again but you are breaking my heart.
2:55 am
>> a recent search found pokémon go players cost $2.3 billion in traffic damages. they cross those stops and the locations of these accidents and found they did contribute to accidents. >> aliens looking down saying humans are morons. 55 after the hour, attribute to one of america's iconic flight teams, the new football uniform for the annual showdown. >> a car under that tree? a man pulled over, a little christmas spirit. ♪ in the blink of an eye. because safety is never being satisfied
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and always working to be better. [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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elight pilots using the same design features as the flight suits. very cool. rob: next the bad. one man's christmas spirit a little overboard. massachusetts state police pulling over a car with a massive christmas tree on top. isn't that amazing? they are reminding the public to trnt your trees responsibly. jillian: get a bigger car if that's the case. finally christmas is too white? a california black lives matter chapter planning a
3:00 am
black christmas initiative urging people to only buy from black owned businesses throughout the holiday season in an effort to resist president trump. thanks for joining us this morning. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> lawmakers are back to work after the thanksgiving break. a lot to do before the end of the year. for instance, the tax plan. tremendous tax cut. the biggest in the history of our country. >> who is really running the government agency that regulates the u.s. financial industry. >> you have a president obama holdover going against president trump appointee. >> i still think it's an awful example of a bureaucracy that has gone wrong. i'm just learning about the powers i have as an acting director. they would frighten most of you. >> the president honoring code talkers at the white house. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they c


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