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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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congratulations all around. >> kimberly: well-deserved. >> jesse: never miss an episode of "the five." set your dvrs. "special report" is up next. bret, congratulations. >> bret: thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. busy day today. i am bret baier live at the white house. a short time ago, north korea launched another intercontinental ballistic missile, with greater range than any fired by the communist north to date. escalating tension with washington and its allies in the region of course. it breaks a ten week pause in kim jong un's middle testing. late this afternoon, president trump did not say much but was insistent. >> a missile was launched a little while ago from north korea. i will only tell you we will take care of it. >> bret: the u.n. security council has called for an emergency meeting tomorrow afternoon. the north korea escalation comes on the big day for the president's tax reform push. we have fox team coverage on both stories.
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john roberts at the white house to tell us where we are in the tax package. we start with nationals security correspondent jennifer griffin. north korea's first missile test since september. >> good evening. expert telus north korea can launch a missile over 7500 miles on a flattened trajectory, putting every city in the united states now in range. if the warhead survives rancheria. it is the third time north korea has ever fired and intercontinental ballistic missile. the icbm flu 2800 miles into space for a total of 15 minutes. that's more than ten times higher than the orbit of nasa's space station. >> it went higher frankly than any previous one. >> it splashed down in the waters off japan within 280 miles of shore. >> translator: today at 3:18:00 a.m., ballistic missile was launched from north korea's western coast and has landed in
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our exclusive economic zone. >> the launch time unusual. north. normally they launch at dawn or daylight. the latest provocation comes more than a week after president trump put north korea back on the state sponsor of terrorism list. after trump warned north korea, do not try us, and a speech in south korea earlier this month. south korea responded with a precision strike of its own, firing a short-range missile with a clear message for pyongyang. this occurred 6 minutes after north korea's launch. this is the 16th ballistic missile test for north korea this year. with each test, experts say north korea is getting closer to perfecting their reentry of a potential nuclear warhead into the earth's atmosphere capable of one-day striking the united states. >> it's likely the envoy from china who just visited recently was trying to negotiate with them. that has not succeeded. spherical earlier, the
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south korean reunification minister warned north korea's nuclear program is advancing more quickly than many thought. we cannot rule out the possibility pyongyang may declare the completion of their nuclear program in a year." tonight, u.s. diplomats have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting to debate a possible naval blockad blockade. >> bret: national security council official here in moments. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. president trump says americans are going to get the largest tax cut in the country's history. that burst of optimism came after the president met with senate republicans to try to secure the needed votes for tax reform. it came on a day that included a heated back and forth and a meeting that never happened with democrat leadership. chief white house correspondent john roberts tells us where we stand. >> good evening. senior white house source told fox news they had taken the tax reform one day at a time and they don't know where it's going to go by today the president did
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have some reason to celebrate. after getting snookered by senate republicans twice on obamacare, president trump came a step closer to the goal line on tax reform today when the budget committee voted to send the bill to the full senate. >> we have a unanimous vote on the tax bill. it goes now the next step but i think we're going to get it passed. speak of the vote came after president trump led a lunchtime pep rally with republican senators. >> we had a phenomenal meeting with the republican senators. i wish you could've been inside the room. it was very, very special. somewhat of a love fest. >> sources say the president was quite frank with wisconsin senator ron johnson with rentable development committee. telling him to vote yes and work out any differences he had with his colleagues. >> what the president told me is, we need this thing passed through committee and we are going to fix your issue. when the president of the united states tells you he's
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going to fix your problem, and asks for your vote, i was more than willing to give it to him in conference today. >> the bill goes to the full senate for consideration with president trump acknowledging that will be "lots of good adjustments" of the bill. senator johnson and steve daines of montana want a more generous tax cut for small business, bringing it closer to the proposed corporate tax rate of 20%. senators corker, flake, and langford are concerned about tax reform blowing huge hole in the deficit. they want a trigger to increase taxes with economic -- if economic growth doesn't offset the cost. corker said he would not let his feud with the president influenced his vote. >> i would never vote against something because of some disagreements i have learned than individual, nor would i vote something solely because i like someone. >> whatever form it takes, if a plan is approved by the senate, it will go to the conference to many to be reconciled with the house plan. predictions are the committee will give deference to that senate plan to ensure passage.
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the final bill would then go back to the house and senate for approval and if passed, go to the president's desk. president trump met with the republican leadership and members of his team, there were two conspicuously empty seats. democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi bailed out of the meeting after the president tweeted this morning: "i don't see a deal!" >> they are weak on crime, weak on illegal immigration. they want the illegal folks to come pouring into our border and a lot of problems are being caused. they want tax increases and we want major tax decreases. they decided not to show up. they have been all talk and no action. >> president trump predicted schumer and pelosi will soon come to the table because of the latest missile test from north korea. >> i think that will have a huge effect on schumer and pelosi.
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i think. we'll see. we're going to learn very soon. they should be calling immediately and say we want to see you. we want our military funded and we wanted funded now. it's going to be bigger, better, stronger. it already is. than ever before. we want to get going on that now. >> president trump suggested the latest north korea missile test is completely change the dynamic of the budget debate. now that kim jong un has gotten intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach any city in north america, particularly the united states, republicans and democrats working together is become an urgent matter. >> bret: in the december 8 government shutdown, usually it's the democrats who managed to get republicans on the blame game. seems like president trump is preparing for the other way. >> he is laying the groundwork for the democrats pretty good at assigning blame. >> bret: there's a verdict in the trial of the man accused of planning and executing the
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attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi libya. also the cia operation there, in 2012. that left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador. after a long trial, here in washington, the results may surprise you. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. >> three years ago the obama administration described ahmed abu khatallah as an essential player in the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack. today after a week of deliberations, a federal jury here disagree. the benghazi suspect was found guilty of supporting and participating in the 2012 attac attack. ahmed abu khatallah was convicted on weapons charges and the destruction of u.s. government property. the 46-year-old was found not guilty on the most serious crime, the murder of four americans. state department foreign service officer sean smith, u.s. ambassador chris stevens, and former navy seals ty woods and glenn doherty.
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the defense argued khatallah was a peripheral player that he arrived at the compound after the attack. the claimant seems to be backed up by security camera video evidence. the defense also highlighted the government's reliance on a paid informant who received a $7 million reward for tracking down the suspect and providing testimony against him. the mother of sean smith said i am not surprised. i'm not happy. my son died horribly. i studied it over and over and lost all the way around. my son and my grandkids. i think the people who bear responsibility, secretary of state hillary clinton, aren't even touched. in the message of the cia workforce, mike pompeo called the verdict a small measure of justice for the terror he inflicted upon the patriotic men and women in benghazi. khatallah will be sentenced at a later date and he is not eligible for the death penalty. it's not clear how the verdict will impact the prosecution of a
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second benghazi suspect who was recently brought to washington, d.c., for trial. >> bret: catherine, thank you. we said u.s. embassy. obviously state department location, as we reported many times in benghazi as well as the cia. the man accused of driving a rented truck down a crowded bike lane in new york on halloween, killing eight people, pleading not guilty. he was arraigned today in federal court. president trump says the suspect should get the death penalty. back to the top story. the north korean launch of the icbm paired with me, senior national security council official. there have been a pause. there was a hope i think perhaps china was having some success. sending an envoy to north korea. is that dashed? >> i wouldn't say that at all. if you look at the history of
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north korea in 2017, i don't have account but they are launched more than a dozen missiles this year. they've been consistent in their provocation. there is no question, not just the chinese actions but american, south korean, international actions. part of a coalition president trump has led to put together has had an effect on north korea. it is harming the banking system, curtailing its imports, limiting access to hard currency and limiting its limited ability to export any commodities or products than any other country wants. >> bret: today, president trump was pressed a couple times. he didn't say much about the situation. >> your basic approach. >> nothing changed. very serious approach. nothing changed. we take it very seriously. >> bret: nothing changed. if it continues and again,
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today's icbm traveled the farthest of any of the tests so far. the highest. which would translate to farthest. something has to change, doesn't it? >> we'll see how this maximum pressure campaign works. it is taking an effect. we try to analyze as best we can the economic situation in north korea. the u.s. government believes it had a very serious effect on, as i say, curtailing the north korean economy and putting a strain on the regime. nobody thought this would be easy or quick, however. i think this campaign still has at minimum months to play out. as it does, we may see further pressure on the regime. >> bret: that time is ticking. the messages there's a time in which this comes to an end. some other action happens. >> i think the president and this senior national security cabinet made it clear that yes, time is running out.
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we don't have a lot of time. it's urgent that all nations who want to see this thread address need to put that diplomatic and economic pressure on now. >> bret: the biggest question is south korea and how they are aligned with the u.s. there had been some pushback from south korea and the president there, moon, about having missile batteries, the thaad system. they are facing an artillery threat immediately if there is any action by the u.s. >> that's true. the artillery threat has been there for a long time. you bring up the missile. it was an issue that south koreans were deployed, the thaad system. they were getting significant pushback from the chinese over that system. there was a dispute that was ultimately resolved in south korea's favor. the system is going to be installed and deployed. at this point, not over chinese objections. that was progress. also you saw the president and south korea earlier this month,
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given extra ordinary speech, had a state visit, showed the strength of the u.s.-south korean alliance in addition to the u.s.-japanese alliance. he was in japan before south korea. it showed how well aligned the two countries are. >> bret: i interviewed prime minister aid and asked him about the situation. is there anything short of military action you think can be done to force north korea to denuclearize? >> translator: the international community has put pressure on north korea so they will have to change the policy. we would like to create a situation whereby north korea itself would come to us and say they will change their policy. and that they would like to engage in a dialogue. >> bret: is there anything, the u.n. security council's meeting tomorrow. north korea is the most sanctioned country in the world. is there anything the u.s. security council can do that ratchets it up.
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>> we passed two resolutions. we are always looking at new ways to apply pressure whether it be through the security council or unilaterally by the united states alone or a multilateral combination. we know there are other countries closer to the border of north korea that have much more leverage than the united states does. we don't really have diplomatic relations, economic ties. we want all the nations of the world to do more. that means russia and china at the utmost. the greatest amount of economic ties and leverage over north korea. we have seen progress. the president is encouraged by the progress he's seen, especially from the chinese government over the course of the year. i think we don't believe there's any country on earth that has exhausted all its alternatives. we think everybody can do more. we are encouraged by the progress and we're going to be pushing for more progress. >> bret: but today was dangerous. >> any time they do it, it's dangerous. the program itself is dangerous and we believe every new test, whether successful or failure, several missiles blew up on the launchpad.
3:16 pm
we think they learned something from every test, whether it's a success or failure or something in between. we are constantly concerned and worried about it. >> bret: busy day. thank you. up next, who was the boss at the government's consumer watchdog. the case goes to court.
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♪ >> bret: less than 90 minutes ago, of federal judge weighed in on the consumer protection bureau.
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president trump named his own acting director. both were on the job today, sending out dueling instructive to agency staff. chief washington correspondent james rosen here was the latest. >> good evening, judge timothy kelley, placed on the bench by president trump, ruled against the request for temporary restraining order that would have blocked the president's acting director from fulfilling his duties. we also learned in court today that mick mulvaney, the president's man at see cfpb, reprimanded leandra english, the liberal bureaucrat who claims she is the acting director. president trump's acting director mick mulvaney began the morning projecting casual confidence in his leadership of the agency. later blasting out a photo of himself digging into the details as he put it on twitter, all without mentioning the mounting challenge to his authority. cfpb's deputy director leandra
3:21 pm
english installed on the post last week as one of the final acts of ex-director richard cordray before his resignation sued the president and mulvaney in federal court seeking an emergency order to bar mulvaney from exercising authority on the grounds that the 2010 law that establishes cfpb makes for the acting director. an attorney for english tweeted her statement. "i plan on spending the day at cfpb headquarters taking calls and meetings with external stakeholders and bureau staff." >> this agency has fought for working people, and now it's time for us to fight for the agency. >> in court papers, attorneys backing the president sought to squash the suit on the grounds that the vacancies reform act. arguments to the contrary rest on a bureaucratic sleight-of-hand, effective on the final day a former director richard cordray's tenure. the agreement of the agencies
3:22 pm
general counsel. it's acting director mulvaney in residence at the cfpb. he is listed as acting director on the website of his begun work. november 25, the cfpb's general counsel advised all bureau personnel to act consistently with the understanding that director mulvaney is the acting director of the cfpb. >> in my mind there's no doubt mr. mulvaney is quickly running the agency. actually the cfpb's current general counsel agreed. ms. english is suing on her own behalf. >> with english emailing officials, mulvaney fired off two memos apologizing for the confusion and disruption and adding "please disregard any emails sent by or instructions you received from ms. english when she has purporting to act as the acting director." mulvaney has instituted what lawyers call a soft freeze on hiring while this management issue is resolved. the "washington examiner" has
3:23 pm
found that employees at cfpb, an agency established by president obama and elizabeth warren, have contributed to democrats over republicans bret by a ratio of 593: 1. >> bret: thank you. stocks finished at record highs today. the dow surged 256. s&p 500 jumped 26. nasdaq gained 34. republican kentucky senator rand paul says he's still in pain several weeks after being attacked by a neighbor. senator paul gave his first interview since coming back to work to fox news medical analyst dr. marc siegel. he says he had not spoken to rene boucher in ten years prior to this attack. >> the bottom line is, if someone mugs you, is it really justified for any reason? the more people belabored, was it about yard clippings, was it because he hates donald trump, does he hate you because you
3:24 pm
oppose obamacare? you don't really know what's in someone mind. >> bret: paul says he has six broken ribs. boucher is out on bail and is pleaded not guilty. a staffer has made sexual harassment allegations against michigan's john conyers. the woman says she rejected the congressman's offer to have sex in 1997. she says he touched her inappropriately twice in the two years that followed. conyers' lawyer says he denies any wrongdoing. conyers met with the congressional black caucus chai chair. talking about the allegations. longtime chicago area democratic congressman luis gutierrez will not run for reelection next year. the move came as a surprise because gutierrez filed his canada petitions for illinois march primary ballot i day
3:25 pm
earlier. he says he still plans to fight for immigration reform and advocate for puerto rico, where his family is from. >> i'm going to leave congress that the end of my term in 2019. but i'm not retiring. i am not giving up on the fight for equality for immigrants, for latinos, for women, fighting for lgbt, the environment, racial justice. the whole range of progressive issues have been fighting for. >> bret: gutierrez is serving his 13th term in the house. up next, as we told you earlier, the two top democrats in congress skip out on the meeting with the president and they talk government shutdown. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox nebraska, the keystone xl pipeline developer and its opponents both ask the state public service commission to clarify last week's decision on a new route.
3:26 pm
the commission approved an alternate route but not the one transcanada requested, the company creating the pipeline. the company wants to know why. opponents want the panel to reconsider the approval. fox 25 in boston. the parents of the 3-year-old boy say he was left alone on a school bus for several hours. the parents say the schoolteacher mark tim present when he was not. the boy was eventually found in the bus in a locked 6 miles from school. officials say the staff involved have been removed from duty. live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. one of the featured stories tonight, artwork from terror suspects at guantanamo bay being held at john jay college. the pentagon does not like it. eight suspected terrorists have contributed. four have been since release. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be back.
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this >> bret: as we have told you, there were two empty seats at the table for president trums meeting with leaders this afternoon at the white house. she congressional correspondent mike emanuel to tell us why the democrats top lawmakers decidedo take a pass. >> run to the white house for a meeting that i gather senator schumer and leader pelosi are not coming too. >> the government is due to run out of money next friday, december 8 and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi backed out of a scheduled white house meeting with president trump. majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker pauline. schumer said after a tweet from president trump, saying he doesn't see a deal on the end of the year issues, they want to cut him out of the physical talks. >> as long as he remains a destructive force, it would be a waste of everyone's time to continue working with someone who clearly has no interest in coming to an agreement.
3:31 pm
we hope the president, in order to avoid this calamity, will change his mind. >> the senate majority leader knows he never backed out of a meeting when president obama was in the white house and the senate republican whip suggested denigrate our leaders want to shut down. >> i can't imagine why the democratic leader and ms. pelosi decided to not do their job. what they need to do a step up and say yes to doing their job and keeping the government running. >> democrats have tried to flex their muscles noted their votes are needed on issues such as spending and debt. they are needed in the senate where most major pieces of legislation require 60 votes and they are only 52 republicans and schumer has rattled off a laundry list of items he wants included in his spending bill such as cost-sharing reduction e hurricane relief money and a debt ceiling increase. other democrats have pushed for addressing the status of children brought to the country
3:32 pm
illegally. >> you don't have two18 votes to pass a budget and you need our help? you know we are ready, willing to keep the government open. >> schumer and pelosi asked their republican counterparts for a late afternoon meeting. g.o.p. leadership sources say the meeting was at the white house. they skipped it, so no side meeting. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the help. thanks. secretary of state rex tillerson insists he is not gutting the state department. tillerson challenge critics today saying he has done a lot to bring diplomatic staffing levels up. correspondent rich edson reports from foggy bottom. >> secretary of state rex tillerson claims the state department is fully staffed despite months of complaints from democrats, republicans, and current and former state department officials. >> there is no hollowing out. the numbers people are throwing around or falls. they are wrong. >> in a memo, the american foreign service association, the
3:33 pm
foreign services officers union, says they have lost career ambassadors. fewer senior officials like career ministers administer counselors. >> diplomacy keeps us safe and allows us to use soldiers only when we need soldiers. it has not received the priority it should. >> senator cornyn's office as the trump administration's failed to nominate nearly half of the available 153 positions. former ambassadors nicholas burns and ryan crocker right that "we are witnessing the most significant departure of diplomatic talent in generations." the drop and morale is obvious. we are ringing the village bell. the state department says once congress approves more than 60 promotions, there will be 1,048 senior foreign service officers. only ten fewer than last year. >> there's a hiring freeze i
3:34 pm
have kept in place because as we redesigned the organization, i don't want to have to fire a bunch of people. i said let's manage some of our staffing targets, which is normal attrition. >> does the secretary believe there are inefficiencies that with 75,000 people operating here, that there are redundancies? of course he believes that. the secretary is trying to make cuts where he sees fit. >> state department says the secretary will cut to match a smaller budget. the departments target, and 8% reduction in staff. officials say they are preparing to offer $25,000 buyouts to more than 600 employees. >> bret: rich edson, thank you. vice president pence says president trump is actively considering when and how to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. he made the comment at an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the united nations vote that led to the founding of israel.
3:35 pm
last summer the president backed off a campaign pledge on the embassy move as his middle east envoy sought to reinvigorate peace talks between israel and the palestinians. up next, reaction from the panels north korea's testing of an icbm today. first, other stories beyond our borders. the volcano on the island of bali is still erupting. the airport has been closed for second day. experts say the volcano could stay at its current level of activity for weeks. or have an explosive eruption. pope francis told verma's civilian leader has country's future depends on respecting the rights of all ethnic groups. the pope did not specifically mention the rohingya muslims today but he lamented how burma's people continue to suffer from conflict and hostilities. ivanka trump is talking about the difficulties faced by women at a global entrepreneurship summit in india. officials there are trading the trip by the president's daughter like a royal visit.
3:36 pm
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♪ pudding...
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...pudding... ♪ [sigh] did grandpa win again? what do you think? yes! download the new words with friends 2 today. ♪ >> a little over two and a half hours ago, north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. it went higher, frankly, the name previous shot they've taken. the research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missiles that could threaten everywhere in the world. in response, the south koreans have fired some pinpoint missiles into the water. the bottom line is, it's a continued effort to build a ballistic missile threat that
3:40 pm
endangers world peace. >> we will take care of it. it's a situation we will handle. >> bret: we will handle. the president here at the white house today, the north koreans firing an intercontinental ballistic missile traveling higher and there by farther than any other icbm they've been testing. it landed about, as you see on the map, 1,000 kilometers in the sea of japan. this is now the 24th missile launched in 2017. 16 missile tests. you see the rack up of the missile tests, launches and tests over recent years. today, moments ago, we got word president trump spoke to prime minister shinzo abe abe of japan about the launch. the leaders, according to the white house, green the north korean regime actions are undermining its security, isolating it from the international community. the leaders "reaffirmed their
3:41 pm
commitment to combat the north korean threat." how are they doing it and what's next? let's bring in the panel. mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. from st. louis, matt schlapp and tom rogan. tom, to you, it seems like what's been happening has not been working. the pause we saw from north korea ending today in a big fashion. >> think that's exactly right. what you see is the north koreans showing capability that far exceeds anything we've seen up until this point. i think there will be some shock in the white house and the pentagon and the intelligence community about what has happened. for president trump, the critical decision is, exert pressure on chinese financial entities or do you take military action? what we have seen with this test is the failure of, or the
3:42 pm
unwillingness i think more likely, of the chinese government but the kind of pressure on kim jong un's regime. >> bret: i asked michael antone about that earlier and last night, general jack keane was talking about this chinese envoy in the two ways it could go. >> if they start testing again, it's likely the envoy from china who just visited recently and was trying to negotiate, that that's not succeeded. to the point where north koreans are willing to start standing down somewhat and maybe get into some kind of a negotiation phase as a result. if the testing resumes and the bellicose resumes, we are kind of back where we were. >> bret: we are back where we were. speak on the president has put so much stock in getting his friend xi to solve the problem. he has tweeted about it, boasted
3:43 pm
about it. chinese president xi. it doesn't work, according to general keane, the envoy went there and they started testing again. i don't know what kind of pressure the u.s. can put on china to get it to put pressure on north korea if it doesn't want to pair >> bret: u.n. security council meets tomorrow. they are already the biggest sanction country in the world. >> bret: the chinese can cut off all the oil shipments. they haven't done that yet. >> china can do a lot more, and i hate to use an old term, but the axis of evil between these nuclear powers and the border with china is incredibly troubling. i do think it's not widely discussed but a lot of people believe there is significant computer hacking going on with these missiles that's causing them to hit the sea of japan and not a more menacing target which i hope it's true. the problem is with even that strategy, it takes one to get
3:44 pm
through the defense. and we are in a whole new world of chaos. i don't blame donald trump for this. you can say his diplomatic approach has not worked yet, but he inherited a 20 year problem which was to kick the can down the road. now, this is the biggest challenge of the trump presidency. he's faced with terrible options and he's got to do something that takes away this nuclear menace from reaching our allies and may be our own shores. >> bret: we were just there in the dmz, and really it's seconds if the u.s. military launches, the artillery from north korea would hit seoul. i want to talk about this other big development here in washington and that's the ahmed abu khatallah trial coming to an end. 3 out of 18 charges, found guilty but not for murder for the benghazi attack that left four americans, including the
3:45 pm
u.s. ambassador dead in 2012. >> i think here you see in the most, the clearest possible since the repudiation of, in my point of view, about the obama narrative of counterterrorism in the sense that you bring people into civilian courts and allow them to use federal criminal procedure for their own benefit. rather than employing, as president george w. bush endorsed and president trump we believe endorses, the military tribunal system. again, i think there's a real palpable sense of anger on a lot of different parts tonight about this result. and what it says in terms of the american pursuit of justice. >> bret: we haven't heard from the 13 hours guys but we heard from tyrone woods, a statement from charles woods saying this is outrageous, it's a miscarriage of justice. like the driver of the getaway car is just as guilty as the robber who kills the bank teller. and accessories equally guilty of a major crime in this case,
3:46 pm
the murder of my son ty woods. i am bothered by the fact that the u.s. gave due process rights to a foreign national who allegedly killed americans outside the u.s. mara, this is the back-and-forth we go through all the time about whether military tribunals or the judicial process is the way to go. >> donald trump has been very clear about which he prefers. he wants military tribunals. he likes the idea of using guantanamo. he has decisions. when terrorists commit crimes in his administration, he gets to have some control over it, including the new york city bike path. >> bret: and another benghazi suspect now in the u.s. >> presumably he would want them tried in different way. >> bret: next up, a big week for tax reform. we will talk about all the dynamics next. fast,
3:47 pm
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♪ >> the president said i don't see a deal three hours before our meeting before he heard anything we had to say. >> chuck schumer and nancy pelosi did not show up for our meeting today. i'm not really that surprised. we have a lot of differences. they are weak on crime. they are weak on illegal immigration, and the event paying, they want tax increases and we want manager tax decreases. they decided not to show up. they have been all talk and no action. and now it's even worse. now it's not even talk. >> bret: it started with this tweet this morning about 9:00: "meeting with "chuck and nancy" today about keeping government open and working. problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our country unchecked, are weak on crime and want to substantially raise taxes. raise taxes.
3:51 pm
i don't see a deal!" you saw the back-and-forth. house minority leader tweeting "donald trump now knows his verbal abuse will no longer be tolerated. his empty chair follow-up shows he's more interested in stones than addressing the needs of the american people. poor ryan and mcconnell relegated to props. sad!" using a tweet, sad. >> signature. >> bret: it was a bit of a back-and-forth but they have to keep the government running. tax reform vote is coming soon. >> to keep the government open, you need 60 votes and that means you need democrats. this whole thing was a bunch of ridiculous political theater. did he really think chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were going to sit on either side of him in that meeting? no. they're going to have to talk to each other because the government can't stay open without democratic votes in the senate and probably in the house
3:52 pm
too. that's why he made a deal with them before to keep the government open until mid-december. he's going to have to do it again. >> bret: previously democrats did not like to tie other things to keep in the government open. they were very adamant about it but now they would like to tie a clean daca piece of legislation for the kids in the country of illegal immigrants. and there is this question about how it's all going to come together. >> yeah, i remember them saying we need to see a clean budget deal. now all of a sudden when you bring up the topic of immigration, that's the toughest politics there is. i am in st. louis because we are trying to find chuck and nancy. they are apparently missing. i tell you one thing. the politics of blaming the republicans for shutting down government, which they do effectively, it's going to be hard for them to blame republicans when they can't show up.
3:53 pm
it's a stupid tactical mistake by the democrats. the president dealt with them in the last budget deal and came to an agreement. he has shown a preference to listen to them, and the happiest people today were mitch mcconnell and paul ryan who didn't have to worry about the rug being pulled out from under them again. >> bret: speaking of counting heads, tax reform, you have some republicans who have expressed some problems and they are trying to deal with that. they are in different stages of may be, i said the other night, senator ron johnson, one of the nos today. >> he has been engaged, gracious. he's quite funny. certainly brought a couple that had real reservations. i have got enough movement, assurances we will get it fixed that i was able to vote yes. >> bret: senator johnson talking about president trump being engaged. he wanted the path through her
3:54 pm
company is not corporations that pay individual taxes to be the same or closer to what corporations pay. you see the breakup of the different republicans who had problems with that. you have that debt talks in the middle concerned about adding to the deficit and the health care repeal concerns about the individual mandate. tom, where do you stack it? >> i think the radical issue will be how did they address the deficit. it's not just the three senators. there are other senators concerned about the scenes -- behind the scenes. on the part of the president, the white house, they opportunity they have. there needs to be a legislative accomplishment by the republicans. they control the house, senate, white house and so far, something has to happen. that's why you see the rhetoric from senator johnson and other senators about getting it done. i think they will get over the
3:55 pm
finish line. >> bret: it seems like they want to get to yes. >> they really, really want to get to yes. it's the only thing they can bring home to voters. if you tried to satisfy the deficit hawks. you're going to drive away people on the other side. the chamber of congress doesn't want the trigger. they want predictability. >> bret: i need a percentage. do they get it done? >> 80%. >> 75%. >> 90%. >> bret: 98, 80, 75. we have an optimistic panel tonight. they may be after hearing today. i think there were signals from capitol hill. we shall see. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, a wrap up of a busy day at the white house.
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3:59 pm
the white house. a busy night. breaking news on the north korea icbm launch, tax reform, capital one. a win for the white house on the consumer financial protection board. in court a not guilty suspect for the central player in the benghazi attacks. that's just one day. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. if you want to know how a previous white house dealt with a dangerous time and got big things through congress, my book just came out in paperback today. a look back at ike's time in office. i commend it to you for christmas reading.
4:00 pm
"the story with martha maccallum" starts now. >> martha: good evening. what a story at the white house today. the options were abundantly clear. the president invited cameras in are empty chairs. the democratic leaders who refused to show up to fund the government. >> they are all talk and no action. now it's each worse. now it's not even talk. >> i think it's regrettable that our democratic colleagues in leadership chose not to participate. we have to negotiate these bills to get this work done. >> i can't recall ever turning down an opportunity to go down to the white house. >> martha: the tax battle progress comes in tonight. in the middle of this hugely and important legislative day today, north korea got everyone's


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