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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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threaten a shutdown to get their demands." stay with fox news for development on that and every developing story. in the meantime, good night from washington. time for sean hannity. see you tomorrow. >> sean: welcomed us to suite 20. big news, president trump blasting democrats. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi for skipping the white house in a meetingt. on funding your government.. schumer and pelosi were refusing to do their jobs by not coming to the negotiating table. they were doing nothing which means they now own the possibility of a government shutdown tonight. also, north korea, madman dictator kim jong un continues to endanger the entire world, now with brand-new icbmm capability. are we now on the birth of a serious conflict? president trump is responding, saying the united states will takeua care of the situation. north korea has precipitated was a worldwide crisis. at some point, the u.s. and the world will have to stop them. we'll have the details.
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plus, why did "the new york times" magazine, they took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, and that's the one they chose of me? do you think -- stop laughing. do you think it might have something to do with liberal bias? wow. even that's atrocious. first, tonight's breaking news. open monologue. ♪ ni lazy, and effective, do-nothing democrats, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, are refusing to even sit downn with president trump and congressional republicans to negotiate a budget, so we can avoid a government shutdown. before heading to capitol hill earlier today, to meet with republicans about the tax bill, president trump tweeted, "meeting with chuck and nancy today about keeping the government open and working, the problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our countryea contract. they are weak on crime and want to substantially raise taxes. i don't see a deal." in typical, liberal, protect wow
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predictable, why don't my crybaby fashion, they threw a tr tantrum that rivals a 3-year-ol. attacking president trump during the press conference he held today. watch this. >> mr. president, it's time to stop tweeting and start leading. as long as he remains a destructive force, it will be a waste of everyone's time to continue working with someone who clearly has no interest in coming to an agreement. the president does not indicate he serious. we are not going to sit down just for a photo op. this is serious stuff. >> sean: serious stuff, a waste of time to meet with the president to negotiate aen stoppage of a government shutdown? the president responded by talking to the press corps in front of two empty chairs were schumer and pelosi were supposed to be sitting. look atlo this. >> chuck schumer and nancy pelosi did not show up for our meeting today. i'm not really thatd. surprised.
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we have a lot of differences. they are weak on crime. they are weak on illegal immigration. they come up before this meeting, and before this missiln military, in terms of spending, they are very hard to get the military, they wanted for a lot of other things, but the military is always secondary to. the other thing, they want tax increases and we want major tax decreases. so they decided not show up. they have been all talk and they have been no action. and now, it's even worse. now, it's not even talk. >> sean: can you think of one thing nancy pelosi, chuck schumer have done to help donald trump was elected? nancy pelosi tries to fire back at the president, tweeting "donald trump knows that his verbal abuse -- she will call that verbal abuse -- will no longer be tolerated. his empty chair photo op will show that he is more interested in stones than addressing the needs of the american people.
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poor ryan and mcconnell relegated to props. sad." she is saying that it was a political stance. what about the fact that she and schumer, they would not show up to have a meeting to fund the government? that is the ultimate political stunt. the president responding by tweeting, "after north korea, the missile launch, it is more important than ever to fund our government and military. democrats shouldn't hold troop funding hostage for amnesty and illegal immigration. i ran on stopping illegal immigration and won bag. they can't threaten the government shutdown to get their demands." what's even more hypocritical is pelosi and schumer want everyone to feel sorry for them because president trump hurt their little feelings. pelosi and schumer forgot all about the horrible things. we'll remind them tonight, their fellow democrats and the media have been saying about donald trump for ten months and longer. you may remember this. >> his motives and his actions are contemptible.
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and i will fight every day until he is impeached! impeach 45! >> i rise today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> there president's decision to end daca was heartless and it was brainless. >> we all agree that president trump's decision to end daca is a despicable act of political cowardice. >> are we getting closer and closer to the possibility of yet another impeachment process?n >> after watching the clinton impeachment, i thought i would never see another one. but i think we are in impeachment territory. >> president trump today tweeted last night and a tweet this morning, not presidential. >> the president's fitness for office is something that has been called into question. i'm very worried about his fitness. >> sean: really? they are just the tip of the
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iceberg when it comes to democrats trashing thet president. they do it every day. they call him every name in the book and then some. democrats and their irrational hatred for the president is unlike anything we have seen in modern political history and that is not including the liberal mainstream media that has been trying to destroy president trump since he launched his campaign. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they can try and play the victim all they want and act like petulant little children. all they want, but in reality, they are just creating moral outrage like they always do. when it comes to negotiating a budget, the democrats who want to play games, if you are refusing to come to the bargaining table, guess what, you will on the government shutdown. from what the president said today, it sounds p like he is nt going to be backing down to accommodate your ridiculous demands that he should not back down. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they will try and pressure republicans to go with every liberal agenda item from daca on down. the american people don't want it.
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they want to blackmail president trump and met republicans into breaking their campaign promises. that will be stupid. democrats will try and deploy their government shutdown scare tactics like they always do. the g.o.p., for once, you should not bunch and inch let them own. the government, by the way, never ends up shutting down despite the threat, the lies, democrats have been telling over the years. guess what? if they do have a "government shutdown," social security checks, they still go out. the post office delivers mail. foodod stamps, that is not impacted. the executive branch still operates. the judiciary branch, they function. congress, they pretty much go on like nothing happened. the only people that are directly impacted our nonessential government employees, and guess what they get? to get a furlough, which means they end up getting a paid vacation because historically, congress is always retroactively pay their salaries and they got all the free time off. republicans need to show spine and backbone for once, please. and actually start fighting for
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the president's agenda and for the forgotten men and women in this country. you know, the people that actually voted you into power. if chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, they want to go out and cry, they want to suck their thumbs in a corner, then so be it. the g.o.p. need to stop folding under pressure. start keeping your promises, start leading. the budgetet is a great place to start. get to work. also tonight, the u.s. and the world are facing an escalating threat from a rocket man himself, kim jong un, after his rogue regime now carried out what the pentagon believes to be a new a new icbm test. this missile flew over 600 miles. it was in the air for almost 50 minutes. it flew 2,800 miles into space, which is higher than any previous launch from north korea before landing in the ocean near japan. now japan's prime minister has ordered an emergency cabinet meeting and says the missile could have landed in his
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country's exclusive economic zone. south korea responding by holding a national security council meeting and also conducting a precision strike drilled by firing their own missile into the ocean as their show of force. hawaii tonight, they began testing nuclear attack warning sirens. it's the first time that d8 has done that in nearly 30 years. president trump also weighed in on what is now a clear and present danger. that is the growing north korean threat that took place earlier today. take a look. >> a missile was launched a little while ago from north korea, i will tell you that we will take care of it. we have general matters in the room with us and we had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> sean: secretary of defense general james mattis address the situation, as well.og let's >> a little over two and half hours ago, north korea launched
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an intercontinental ballistic missile. it went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they have taken. it's a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missiles that can threaten everywhere in the world, basically. but the bottom line is, it's a continued effort to build ballistic missile threats that endangerth world peace, regional peace, certainly the united states. >> sean: with north korea beginning to a point we would never reach. pyongyang's dangerous nuclear ambitions are now progressing at a very rapid pace. as you just heard, secretary mattis say, the missile fire today went higher than any other previous test and now can reach. that means a north korean icbm could be capable of hitting the continental u.s., destroying major american cities like new york and boston, los angeles, chicago, tens of
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millions of american lives now are in danger. not to mention the hundreds of millions that are being threatened in south korea and japan and kim and kim jong un has created a situation that the united states and the world cano longer ignore. right now, we are getting to the point where force might very well be necessary, because clearly, there is little -- this little crackpot dictator is not interested in stopping his missile tests. the way i see it, america and the world have only a few options going forward, none of them good, in order to stop north korea from reaching full nuclear program capability. we either have to destroy the next north korean missile test on the launchpad, shoot it out of the air after it's been fired, and if that doesn't stop north korea, then we can attack and try and destroy the nuclear site, but that comes with massive risks and huge uncertainties. what if we are not successful? what we now know is not working. the approach that has been taken by democrats, appeasers like bill clinton and barack obama,
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they tried to appease north korea. itit has failed miserably, as appeasement always does. 81994, the clinton administration, remember, they tried to bribe kim jong ung il. they gave north korea $4 billion in energy eight in exchange for a promise that the rogue regime would freeze and eventually at the nuclear weapons program. a lot of good that did.. at the time, clinton went on national tv, for a reading about how his bribery work, it was such a good idea, such a good deal for the american people. remember this? >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze ands. dismantle its nuclear program. south korea and our other allies will be betterr protected. the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. south korea, with support from japan and other nations, will bear most of the costs of providing north korea with fuele to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing. they will pay for an alternative
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power system for north korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons. the united states and international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. only as it does so, will north korea fully join the community of nations. >> sean: out of what you heard was true. it all turned out it was a terrible deal with north korea.r your tax dollars at work. bill clinton completely wrong and it's now let us to where we are tonight, and the situation. we now find ourselves in. democrats and the left, they'll never get it. obsessed with sucking up to murderous, radical dictators and experts, more willing to bend over backwards for people like kim jong un and his father, kim jong il, but guess what, history has proven over and over again, and never works. we saw what happened with neville chamberlain and adolf hitler. his appeasement policies, that clear the way for germany's
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invasion of europe. bill clinton throwing billions of north korea let us stay where we are today. if anything happens, the blame will fall at the feet of bill clinton and his stupidity and his ignorance and his belief in a fantasy that despots listen to him. by the way, this led to that situation and foundation of where we are today and the same goes with president obama's disastrous nuclear deal with their brand. this will b come back to bite u. obama giving tehran upwards of a hundred $50 billion. obama allowing that rogue regime to keep spending their nuclear centrifuges and put them on a path towards getting a nuclear weapon. as a result, obama now owns that terrible decision to appease a country that routinely calls for death to america, wants to wipe israel off the map. and before we bring in kellyanne conway for reaction, two other breaking news stories to tell you about. one, catherine herridge is out with an explosive report. take a look at the headline.
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"blowback, clinton campaign planted to fire me over email probe, obama intel watchdoge. says." the former intelligence community inspector general who played a key role on the clinton email investigation is now saying that clinton allies literally corrected him, hison family, and his staffers, and the clinton campaign also made it known that this inspector general would be fired if hillary in fact won in 2016. also finally, a majoroh development in the uranium one scandal. "the hill"'s john solomon out with a brand-new headline. "clinton's understated support from firmru hired by russian nuclear company." he will join us later. the clinton foundation may have significantly under reported the donations they got from a company with deep ties to russia. more later. first, joining us now with reaction, counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. if the president of the united states of america invites the opposition party to the white house and wants to appoint
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a government shutdown, don't they -- or shouldn't they have the decency to show up for that meeting, instead of the stuff tt nancy pelosi and chuck schumer showed today? >> in a word, yes, they should. theypr are not there representig the opposition party, they are there is the minority leaders of the two chambers in congress. it's a major disappointment, especially when you see the president's reaction, north korea firing as highest missile to date, sean. he saying, let's not play politics, funding the military, let's not leave that on the altar of the liberal agenda. i find it really regrettable that nancy pelosi took time out of her sunday schedule to go and call john conyers an icon and yet, name calling our president -- >> sean: due process. >> i want to say, today was a great example as to why donald trump and his party prevailed and why the other party has failed. it'sar based on ideas. and bedrockrt principles. the president and his party
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forged ahead and they got this tax bill passed out of committee. it's a greatrd step forward to making sure that our job creators get a a lower rate. you know, the president just had a five nation asia trip. the five nationstr that president trumphi president trup visited, guess which one has the highest corporate tax rate among them all? us, the united states of america. that is completely unacceptable. it is this president who is trying to work with both parties and both chambers in congress, sean, to make sure this job creators tax rate is lowered, make sure the middle class gets a tax rate they deserve, repatriate the wealth, and simple by the code. why are we spending billions of dollars and hours every single year trying to comply with the codes? he is making good on promises, i also think he was very respectable to the process, saying to the senate, listening to their concern. a few of them came forward and talked about small businesses and what
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the relief they will get, and the president listened very patiently to that. others are talking about the deficit. so he went to the senate to say thank you for working through the process, encouraging them to come forward, bring their concerns to reconciliation, and get the tax cut. the democrats have spent all of 2017 talking about thel presidential election in 2016 and the presidential election in 2020.. >> sean: can you name one policy? >> i can't. i wish i could see differently.r >> sean: $10 trillion and more spending, $11 trillion in new taxes. >> that's right. that is why they are the minority party, sean. that is why they lost 1,000 seats in state legislators and the house, and the senate, and the governorships, and of course, the biggest prize ofse all, the white house. it's based on the policies. donald trump and mike pence prevailed on policies and they are trying to make good on those. but the democratses have been reduced to carrying around a stop sign, and their code word s
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resistance, and the people see that. i traveled this country weekly for the white house, and i don't like to curate the republican audiences, i am talking to small businesstu owners, i have no ida what their politics are and i don't care. >> sean: kate trump and prussia, russia, russia, that is all you get. feigning outrage afterhe they cl the president every name in the book. >>t they have been supporting this president. they want to -- they appreciate the fact that on north korea, he and the u.n. and ambassador haley have gotten 15-0, 2 consecutive unanimous votes to sanction north korea. she is hosting another meeting tomorrow about this the economic and diplomatic isolation of north korea will continue if they continue to do this. it's a president showing leadership. the democratic party is talking about presidential elections instead of passingsi policy and telling the american people, even folks who didn't vote for this person, come up and tell us
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all the time, they can't standit the constant negativity, resistance, lies, and the rest of all the blather. they want a government that functions and he is leading the way. >> sean: i don't see with north korea, and again, i would not be privy to whatever newnd weaponry that our defense department and our military probably designed in i recent a years and i assume that there are a lot of secrets and i'm hopeful there are because on paper, responding to north korea as they fire missiles over japan, and into japanese waters, as they threaten guam and hawaii, it is going to get to the point where the options are not good. take it off the pad, take it out of the sky, and we don't know what this madman will do. then we take out the nuclear sites, you got to worry about nuclear fallout, worry about who they have a missile site that we don't know about firing into south korea or japan or guam or
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hawaii or the continental united states. sold i would say, as he now is precipitating us and pushing us to the brink, there is not a lot of good options and a lot of people will die. will try to play the role they should play? >> this president certainly has fortune improved relationship with the president of china sinceut the beginning, particularly on the matter of north korea. trying to work together to contain this. north korea is everybody's problem. anybody who doubted that he sawi that today. this president and bringing on board and talking to japan and china andna south korea, and again, the u.n. security council voting twice unanimously in an unprecedented fashion to sanction north korea, shows that the world is responding to donald trump leadership as presidentnd and commander in chief. sean, he inherited a big mess in north korea and many other places. if you can show one big distinction between donald trump
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and hillary clinton, there are many, all national security foreign policy, his ideas prevailed. >> sean: he assured us he had a deal at the used american packs. -- he used american taxpayer dollars. are you confident or more confident that the senate that has really been fairly ineffective, that they'll actually get this tax bill across the finish line? >> we are optimistic and certainly hope that democrats will come aboard to. they might not be -- hopefully those who are in states or people are suffering and the middle class needs add break, ty will come aboard. we are hopeful because we have been listening to those concerns and we know that the senators know they have an open mind to the president and to his economic team to express themselves, talk to the vice president, and they have all promised what donald trump has promised, which is tax cuts for their constituents. sean, let me make clear, this is not important to the republicans on the senate, it's important the american people.
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we are here for the job creators in the job seekers the jobseekers. >> sean: they are supposed to serve the forgotten men and women, and property, on food stamps, and out of work. kellyanne, great to see you. on this busy breaking newsou night, when we come back, and investigative report. "the hill"'s john solomon just released another major story on the uranium one scandal. you will hear it right here first, along with sara carter. later, more bad news for democrats, another moment has come forward accusing congressman conyers of sexual misconduct.on we'll talk about that double standard and sebastian gorka and more straight ahead. ♪
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donations that they received from a firmne with deep connections to russia and its nuclear energy holdings. this according to a brand-new article from "the hill"'s john solomon. thee report details "the clinton foundation's donor disclosure site vastly understated support that the clinton global initiative received from worldwide, a global communications firm that lobbied on behalf of for a show the state owned nuclear company." we reached out to them for a statement and they gave us the same one that they gave "the hill." executive chairwoman said, "our activities involving client work on behalf of ken xmi clinton global initiative were totally e and unconnected in any way. all activities on these two unconnected activities were appropriate, publicly documented from the outset, and consistent with regulations and the law. any assertion otherwise is false, i found it, and a lie." with more, "the hill"'s john
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solomon and sara carter is with us. do let's start with underreported donations received from a firm with deep connections to russia at the nuclear energy holdings. he did that happen or not? >> it definitely happened. apco i acknowledge it offered services to the clinton global initiative. they only disclosed $50,000 of cash. payments that were made by apco and the other million plus has not been disclosed until we learned about it from our records. we also know that the fbi undercover informants, according to his lawyer, is prepared toth tell congress that the russians told him they picked apco specifically because of a contingent connections and they expected apco to support -- >> sean: they picked apco specifically? >> they expected apco support for the clinton foundation to go up after russia hired them. we will wait to see if he says that the congress. that is what his lawyer is saying. i think it significant.
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>> sean: misses before the nine separate government agencies, including state and the attorney general signed off on it, right? >> remember, apco was hired to do another part of lobbying. they were not working on uranium one, they were helping the russian government help win urm contracts with the united state united states. billions of dollars of new utility contracts united states that were authorized by barack obama. >> sean: sara sarah, let's go o the money side of this. you know the fbi informant and you have discussed these things with him.on two things that are important here, one is follow the number two, the timing of the donations. let's put those two together and couple it with john's new report. where did all of this money, the hundred 45 million come from and what was the timing based on the activities as it relates to uranium one, cvs, and the
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clinton foundation? >> we certainly know there has been a number of -- the number of 45 millionrs that came from members of the board that were connected to uranium one, and if i want to go back to this really quick, the apco story is very important. they signed the contract in april of 2010. that was before the process went through. later that october. that was very important. the informant made that clear to his attorney. john is right on that. it is something that he is expected to testify to. let's go back now to the money. look at the money trail. how did they move this money? where was the money moved to? how do they get it to the clinton foundation? this is the reason why a special counsel or prosecutor, an investigator, needs to look into this. right now, we know that there are four different committees looking at this. the judiciary committee, the oversight committee, the house intelligence committee, and the house foreign affairs committee. this is a very serious,
10:31 pm
expansive investigation, it's going to require somebody with the know-how and capability. >> sean:lo a follow-up. the fbi informant knew about putin's plan to get a foothold in the uranium market, by the way, we need uranium allowing someone to control it is beyond stupid. but bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering. is there evidence of any money-laundering? in other words, the people in canada, is there any evidence -- where did they get all of these millions to donate to the clinton foundation, and is there any chance that money was laundered and funneled to the foundation? >> i absolutely think that once an investigation gets started, may find some of that evidence. now i don't want to sit here and say definitively that they will -- >> sean:n it's an open question now.ue >> it is an open question now. we are looking at a couple of issues. we know that money was laundered through banks in cyprus, particularly banks, latvia, the
10:32 pm
seychelles, and a lot of evidence out there. one thing that is very important, sean, the informant isis going to be able to show tt he was actually providing evidence to the fbi and the justice department long before they voted on this. showing how much russia wanted to penetrate the u.s. energy market. john's absolutely right on one point. it was way beyond uranium one. it was $6.5 billion of u.s. energy. >> sean: i see you shaking your head. >> i think we focus so much on uranium one because that is what the story started in 20s 15. of a larger thing. the state department helped through.t and get it is a much larger giveaway. here is the most important thing about today. large parts of the store that hillary clinton and her defenders have given the media have not been proven wrong. let's go through some of them. there was no reason to reject
10:33 pm
the uranium one deal. the fbi had evidence of criminality by the very buyer of uranium one. all of the donations were disclosed where they were not all disclosed. there was lots of concerns inside the fbi about where the money was coming from and we have not had a full hearing about that. my favorite one, repeated on shepard smith's show a couple of weeks ago on fox, that no root u uranium left the united states. the uranium one did export american uranium out of the united states after russia bought it. we went to canada, europe, and maybe asia. it's because that is one. the three key defense points that have been put outut there y the clinton defenders are now improving false, by documents and by true reporting. i think that is one of the things a that is most important about today's story. one of the key pillars is not true. >> sean: we all know more about the story than we are telling. i can only say to our audience that has been following this, stay tuned, tick tock.
10:34 pm
i think you will agree with that. thank you, great work both of you. when we come back, democrats sexual harassment problems are way far from over. we will tell you about the latest accusations against congressman conyers. later, north korea's icbm launch is now a game changer. we have a live update. ed henry is in washington. sebastian gorka has a reaction. that and much more straight ahead. joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> sean: as we continue, another woman is >> sean: as we continue come another romanesque accusing congressman conyers of sexualep misconduct. according to reports, this accuser served as deputy chiefs of staff at 21997 to 2005. she claims conyers touched her inappropriately on at least three occasions including one time when she says conyers placed his hands under her dress. we've reached out to conyers' office for comments on this don't make these claims but they have yet to respond. over the weekend, political commentator cokie roberts made this startling comment about conyers' reputation on the hill. pretty shocking. >> i mean, the culture of capitol hill, for so many decades, was men being bad. we have already talked about for years, don't get in the elevator with him. and every female in the press corps knew that. don't get in the elevator with him. now people are saying it out
10:39 pm
loud. i think that does make a difference. >> sean: here with reaction from a obama economic advisor, austan goolsbee and cohost of the hit show "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. what are people to do, what is the right thing to do? we see a lot of hypocrisy. for 30 years, a lot of your democratic friends, they were a part of a smear, slander, verse merging attack against all the clinton women. by the way, it ends up he was a predator. but they did it for 30 years. in the case of politics, some people say, john conyers now deserves due process. but nobody gave roy moore due process when he denied the allegations, serious as they were. is the right thing to do here? >> look, it doesn't look too good for congressman conyers. he has already been forced to resign his position on the do share very. >> sean: . not forced.
10:40 pm
>> he is resigning from his position. i think the right thing to do here is to investigate and take these people's story, and if we've got situations where members of congress are reaching settlements where they are paying people not to tell their story -- >> sean: i think that's crazy. i think that's crazy. >> absolutely. i think it is a miscarriage of justice and it's a gross misappropriation of taxpayer funds. hardworking men and women of this country have to pay for their misdeeds, the sexual misconduct, the sexual harassment ofex members of congress, that then get continue in office and sweep it under the rug, and pretend to serve the people when they are really severing themselves and asking someone else to pay for their sins. i mean, it is totally inappropriate and i don't know why nancy pelosi would go out on a limb like this, austan, and try to defend this man and say that he is iconic and say that he is someone who is a champion
10:41 pm
of women n when it is far from e truth. >> sean: austan? i was agreeing with you until the very end. it is outrageous and they should make public whoever received this kind of money and meet me settlements, no matter what party they earn, they should reveal that information on those people should be punished. now to try to turn this -- if there is a double standard is, the double standard thus far has been, there was small, there has been some consequences to the democrats. and rory morris case, there has been no consequences. and the president's case, there has been no consequence. so i think we should either apply consequences to everyone and investigate all of them or, well, that's what we should do. >> as a former prosecutor, i am all for due process, and actually determining the facts and the truth of what transpired. but how about people like congressmen who have settled cases and admitted wrongdoing
10:42 pm
and in fact have agreed that they have done these misdeeds? that is a very different case from somebody who contests it and still has not adjudicated it or determine what happen, especially when it's over a long. lackck of time in the past. >> i agree with that. >>t. that is the difference that should be observed and paid attention to. >> sean: what about -- >> it doesn't mean we should ignore -- in roy morris case, he is accused of really felony as well as other very serious crimes. and we should look into that. we should not say, just because -- >> no one is saying that he should we should not look into it. how can you do that? >> sean: that goes for john conyers, too. >> if you were to bring a case like this in front of a district attorney's office, a case of sexual assault of a criminal level, you would get a jury of
10:43 pm
your peers and a full and thorough investigation and you don't see that in a lot of these cases. the wide section of conduct and sometimesf in some of the cases, we see an accusation is enough to convict somebody. >> sean: the bottom line, austan, the democratic party defended the predatory behavior bill and they did everything they could do to slander every woman in that case, drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park. you don't know what you are going to find. it is so many examples -- >> i don't think they should be proud -- when republicans defended clarence thomas, they shouldn't be proud of that, either. the question -- >> sean: did you just come e: compare clarence thomas to bill clinton? >> i am not going to defend -- if that's what they did, they should be embarrassed by that behavior. the question is, today, what
10:44 pm
should we do? >> sean: for 30 years, they knew it, up to and including last year. >> we should find out this information. >> you agree that in the case ot bill clinton, they should have handled thatho better? they should not have smeared the women? >> i think they should have handled it better and they should be embarrassed. >> sean: so convenient now that the clintons have no power. all the liberals defended them. >> i wasn't in the administration! >> sean: okay. you don't read a newspaper either. and you don't watch my show. you know nothing about it. >> i have a football that you signed that said i'm a great american, sean. >> sean: thank you. did you like my picture in "the new york times" magazine, i'm sure he had a fun time looking at that. the serious issue of north korea's nuclear program now threatening every single american. how do we deal with this? ed henry in washington, sebastian gorka. plus, my reaction to this,
10:45 pm
"the new york times"'s profile picture of me on their cover. you're not going to put it up? it is so bad. the question -- it is so awful. the question is, did they do -- do we not have the picture? did you not photoshop the thing? anything? we'll show it later in the show. ♪ ♪ of course, the holidays are about giving. but we all remember the one gift. the one we wrote letters asking for. and finished all our vegetables for. at bass pro shops, you'll find big savings on great gift ideas. like select ladies and youth flannel shirts for only $10. save $50 on merrell men's trailwik waterproof hikers. and save $50 on this redhead 30 inch smoker. plus visit for daily cyber week specials and free shipping.
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10:48 pm
>> as you probably have heard and some of you >> as you probably have heard, and some of you have reported, a missile was launched a little while ago from north korea. i will only tell you that we will take care of it. we have general mattis in the room with us and we have had a
10:49 pm
long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle. but the bottom line is, it's a a threat -- a ballistic missile threat that endangers world peace, regional peace, and certainly, the united states. >> thank you, general. and we will take care of that situation. =speeone that is the president, secretary of defense james mattis responding to north korea's launch of yet another ballistic missile earlier today. with the very latest in washington, ed henry. >> the president of south korea and prime minister of japan are staying on top of this. as you notice, missile experts say this is how big it is. this shows north korea can launch a missile that puts every single american city in its range. that is because my north korea had previously fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles, this one went higher than the others, shot off the west coast of north korea, flew 2800 miles into space for a
10:50 pm
total of 50 minutes. that is ten times higher than the orbit of nasa's space station. before falling just 280 miles off the shores of japan. that led vice president mike pence, just a few moments ago in a speech, to warn pyongyang not to test this american president and this american military. >> the kim regime and north korea would do well not to test the resolve of this president or the capabilities of the armed forces of the united statesteat of america. as president trump said today, we will take care of this situation. all options are on the table. and we will continue to marshal the full resources of the united states to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear until north korea abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all. >> just a few moments ago, the
10:51 pm
president issued a warning to democratic leaders in congress that he does not want a government shutdown, tweeting that it's more important than ever that the military be fully funded. fully funded. sean. >> sean: ed henry live in washington. thank you. joining us with reaction, fox news national security a strategist, former deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka. we've discussed in detail, not a lot of good options, it will be taken off the pad next time, taken out of the sky as was launched, and then potentially all hell breaks loose and we would have to take out all their sites, correct? great danger, great peril. >> there is great peril but in fact, it is north korea that has escalated the peril. at some point, the president will have to take action. secretary mattis has been very clear today, this is a direct threat to the united states and we cannot wait until the next missile lands on u.s. soil, whether it is guam or whether it is the continental u.s. there are three very special issues here, sean. at some point, the credibility
10:52 pm
of the united states is put in question. the president has shown leadership, whether it is in syria, the missile strikes, the 21,000 bomb in afghanistan, we need to maintain that credibility to our sure our alle japan. secondly, there is the issue of other regimes cannot be encouraged to behavior the way north korea is. this is a very, very bad example to set for others. lastly, sean, there has to be a cost for threatening the united states of america. i'm not an interventionist. i know you are not an interventionist, and i know, because they work for him, the presidentot is not interventionist. but if you threaten us, if you are a tin-pot bully like the regime in north korea, little cam, sooner or later, he will py for your threats. that is where we have reached today, sean. >> sean: i e would expect this will not be a constructive conflict. this will be massive and overwhelming, a use of force.
10:53 pm
there is nuclear fallouts. what is kim jong un's reaction? to see fire at japan's? do see fire at guam or hawaii or south korea? obviously, south korea. >> the united states is the most powerful nation in god's earth, the most powerful nation we have ever seen in american history. by comparison, north korea may be a nuclear state, but the president has had it, secretary mattis has said it, we will destroy you. we are not talking about the north korean people, we are talking about the regime. we can do amazing things if we are pushed to do so. we don't want to. the president told me, one day in the oval office, just the two of us, i do not want to go to war in korea. sooner or later, you make threats that are explicit, you must be dealt with. it will not be nice. it will be the last resort. >> sean: agreed. not a favorable, but it will
10:54 pm
happen, and they will invite it at this point. well said. dr. gorka, thank you. when we come back, i will address the oh, so predictable photos. "the new york times" sunday magazine using of me in a profile, straight ahead. ♪ but at home. she thinks she's the boss. she only had me by one grade. we bought our first home together in 2010. his family had used another insurance product but i was like well i've had usaa for a while, why don't we call and check the rates? it was an instant savings and i should've changed a long time ago. there's no point in looking elsewhere really. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: before we go i want to >> sean: before we go tonight, i want to address a profile of me in "the new york times" sunday magazine, it was released earlier today. for years, i have called out
10:58 pm
"the new york times," fake news, the liberal media outlets for portraying conservatives in a bad light. angry and disgruntled. some have said that picture is worth a thousand words, so naturally, here is with "the new york times" magazine shows as a profile cover of me. how far will sean hannity go? it does not end there. look at that. could you pick a worse picture? the very top of the articles online version, three of the images. they all suck. they took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. this is the best they could take? not exactly flattering. but i'm not the only one who thinks these photos were looking a little unfair. look at this headline, a websit website, "the new york times angry hannity photo select confirms host's belief of media bias." there was one could picture. let me see if you can pan in on that, one good picture. they put in aa baby picture of me. you can see right there. that is me.
10:59 pm
i was kind of a cute kid, right? there it is. see? little baby anyway, this is not my first rodeo. it did not surprise me. let me take you back 26 years ago when i was -- 1991, i was a radio host in alabama, interviewed by the huntsville times. i love the photographer was so stupid. they photographed me for three solid hours, and this is what they came up with. look, take a look at that. that was 26 years ago, when they published. they picked the worst picture. my mouth wide open, my face contorted. so from that point on, whenever i have a photographer come in studio to take photos, i say, i will give you 5 minutes. here is the photo you want. because the media always wants the phony caricature of conservatives. you know, we care about the forgotten men and women, people in poverty, on food stamps come out of the labor force. they push their narrative through photography. you know what? a picture is worth a thousand
11:00 pm
words. anyway, i did like the baby picture. i have not seen this in your. sean spicer is here. let not your heart be troubled, we are always here. we are not the destroy trumped electronic media. laura ingraham. did you like the baby picture? 's going to do? this happened to me in 1995 when i was on the cover of "new york times." they always make the conservative look scary. >> sean: dig that up and show that us to. >> laura: i will get right to. that the leopard skin mini-skirt, i borrowed. sean, thank you very much. good evening from washington. we will get right to it tonight. a first lady double standard. the focus of tonight's "angle."


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