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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 29, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PST

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the air? >> it's called what's on your mind for a reason. these are god fearing freedom loving folks and talk about whatever is happening. >> great to have you back. we'll see you folks tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news now. an institution of morning television is out at the "today" show. matt lauer has been fired. the network announcing his firing for inappropriate sexual behavior after a complaint from a colleague right before air time today. yet again this is a stunner. good morning, i'm bill hemmer live inside "america's newsroom." >> sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. matt lauer has been a fixture at nbc since 1994. they received a complaint from a colleague that they saw as credible and possibly not isolated. >> bill: his former co-hosts breaking the news two hours ago on air.
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>> we're heartbroken. i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear friend and partner and has been loved by many, many people here. i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. and we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced. how do you reconcile your love for someone in that they have behaved badly? i don't know the answer to that. >> sandra: rick leventhal joins us with more on this breaking story. >> a swift and stunning move by nbc. never got a complaint about his behavior in two decades but the allegation monday night was too serious to be handled any other way according to nbc news chairman andy lack who said this morning on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer.
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it represented after a serious review a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. lack went on to say this may not have been an isolated incident. our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected and actions that run contrary to our core values are met with consequences no matter who is offenseer. >> as i'm sure you can imagine we're devastated and still processing all of this. and i will tell you right now we do not know more than what i just shared with you. we will be covering the story as reporters and journalists and we'll learn more details in the hours and days to come and we promise we'll share that with you. >> lauer joined the today's show as news anchor in 1994 and became co-anchor in january of
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1997. he has interviewed three sitting presidents, covered seven olympics and traveled the world at a salary rumored at $20 million a year. his days at nbc are over because of this reported detailed complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior. the "new york post" is reporting it was an incident between him and an nbc female colleague at the rio olympics next year. >> sandra: i'm sure we'll be hearing more on this story. >> bill: howie kurtz host of media buzz and fox news media analyst. the news broke from inside nbc not from outside. what does that mean? let's start there? >> nbc rather than reacting to an outside news report. it was a preemptive move by nbc because others were investigating the story. gets the control the narrative and take the first step and means we don't know very much
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about what matt lauer is alleged to have done. nbc is not saying at this point nor have we heard from matt lauer himself. no statement or apology at this hour. >> bill: savannah guthrie on the air this morning said the following at one point. >> i do know that this reckoning that so many organizations have been going through is important and long overdo and must result in workplaces where all women, all people feel safe and respected. >> bill: the bigger picture, we've gone through that here, cbs is going through it now as of two weeks ago with charlie rose and now nbc. how do you look at the media for how they manage or handle matters such as this? >> first of all someone who has interviewed matt lauer many times i was stunned watching the heartbroken savannah guthrie and shows you in this hot house environment the most
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harvey weinstein and post al franken we're in news organizations feel they have to move swiftly. two of the three network morning show anchors fired over these kinds of allegations. the other thing is it's hard to overstate how important lauer is to that nbc franchise. the face of nbc news from the thanksgiving parade, olympics, the "today" is a gold mine. this had to be serious for him to do this. >> bill: he has become the face of this network, wouldn't you agree? after brian williams and brokaw it was lauer. >> he has been on the air since he was paired with katie couric in the 90s and matt lauer said there is a vast right wing conspiracy out to get my husband. that about allegations of
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sexual misconduct. how important he was to nbc news. >> bill: the president fired off twitter, wow, matt lauer fired from nbc. when will the top executives at nbc and comcast be fired for putting out so much fake news? check out andy lack's past. the chairman of nbc. >> donald trump has a deep seeded resentment for nbc when he was running the apprentice for 14 years. whatever matt lauer did doesn't have anything to do as far as we know with journalism and reporting on the air. the president couldn't resist taking the shot at and' lack as well. ironically he thought matt lauer was fair to him during the campaign when lauer got criticism for being tougher on hillary clinton than president trump. the president seizing on it to tie it to his mantra of fake
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news. >> bill: thank you for the analysis. matt lauer was a colleague, friend. wasn't close with him but a man that many of us in the industry have looked up to for a long time. for anyone to survive for 20 years at that level, you really have to have dedication and commitment. however, we are having this ongoing national conversation. it is a cultural change in our country. and for those who have not met it squarely face-to-face, it is time because as savannah said. this is a wreckoning for america. who knows where it takes us? >> sandra: a big moment for sure. we'll learn more details on this story as they come out. it just broke two hours ago. >> bill: stunning stuff. seven minutes past the hour. a lot more to get to. >> sandra: there are pressing matters with north korea after they successfully fire a new kind of icbm. a missile they say is capable
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of hitting any city in the u.s. president trump promises to, quote, handle it. >> president trump: as you probably have heard and some of you have reported, a missile was launched a little while ago from north korea. i will only tell you that we will take care of it. >> sandra: john roberts is live from the north lawn this morning. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. we thought the president might have engaged in more bombastic language following the launch of this missile. a week ago the president put north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the president fairly muted in his response. clearly the white house concerned about this latest provocation and this latest development in north korea's nuclear program and missile program with this new missile that flew to a height of 2800 miles. it basically goes straight up and east and almost comes
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straight back down again. if you were to convert that 2800 mile elevation into a traditional trajectory if you're trying to attack somebody. it could hit literally any city in the united states prompting this response yesterday at a white house meeting in the roosevelt room from secretary of defense james mattis. >> it went higher frankly than any previous shot they've taken. it is a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missiles that could threaten everywhere in the world basically. >> white house officials have assumed since the first test of a ballistic missile in june that north korea had something that could hit the united states. the big question now is whether or not it was a nuclear warhead that can be put on it. >> sandra: a couple big meetings the president had on capitol hill. what kind of progress on tax
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reform? >> it now goes before the full senate maybe by a vote for the end of the week. yesterday he was up on capitol hill putting a hard sales pitch on senate republicans ahead of a budget committee meeting which resulted in a 12-11 vote to advance tax reform to the full senate. at a lunch meeting with senate republicans you can see the president going in there. he had a very frank conversation with ron johnson, senator from wisconsin who had threatened to hold the bill up in the budget committee meeting saying vote for this thing and work out differences with your colleagues. the president proclaimed the meeting a success. listen here. >> president trump: it was very special, that meeting. in many respects i wish you could have been inside the room. the camaraderie, somewhat of a love fest. they want to see it happen not only for the republican party. i think much more importantly they want to see it happen for the country because they know how important it is. for us to compete and win.
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>> those comments made at a white house meeting in the roosevelt room. only the republicans showed up. two empty chairs, one for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they bailed out after the president tweeted earlier in the day he didn't see the chances of a budget deal with the president said. hear what the president said about their absence yesterday. >> president trump: we have a lot of differences. they're weak on crime, they're weak on illegal immigration. they want the illegal folks to come pouring into our border. a lot of problems are being caused. the other thing they want tax increases and we want major tax decreases. so they decided not to show up. they've been all talk and they've been no action. and now it is even worse. now it's not even talk. so they're not showing up for the meeting. >> a little bit of political theater prompting this response from nancy pelosi.
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donald trump knows his verbal abuse will no longer be tolerated. his empty chair photo op showed he is more interested in stunts than addressing the needs of the american people. poor ryan and mcconnell relegated to props. sad. what happens with tax reform? the president optimistic it will get through the senate. it looks good but they are taking it a step at a time. if it passes the senate, then to the conference committee to reconcile it with the house version and back to both houses. if it passes there it hits the president's desk and we have tax reform. >> sandra: john roberts, thanks. >> bill: heard a lot of ifs in there. sarah sanders, live here. you can throw a dart on the board. there is a lot to get to on her. >> sandra: her latest tweet she sounds optimistic. >> bill: how far was paul ryan sitting away from the president yesterday? much more coming up on that. >> sandra: meanwhile top republicans were determined to
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find out the answers behind the benghazi terror attack. >> we simply want to know the truth. we have four dead americans. >> we will continue to doggedly pursue this until we get the truth, justice and accountability. that's who we are as an american people and what i'm fighting for. >> sandra: years later the so-called mastermind behind the attack will be spared the death penalty after being acquitted of murder. jason chaffetz was at the forefront at the search for answers when he was in congress. his reaction in moments. >> bill: a big break in the hunt for a serial killer. police making an arrest tied to a string of killings in tampa, florida. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> it has been 51 days they've been terrorized in their neighborhood. letting the families know we'll bring the person to justice and letting this neighborhood get some rest. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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>> bill: terrorist involved in the benghazi attack found not guilty of several counts of murder in the killings of four americans including the u.s. ambassador in libya in 2012. that was a 9/11. jason chaffetz is with us.
6:18 am
your reaction to the verdict first of all. was it done well or a miscarriage? >> it was a sliver of justice. he should be incarcerated the rest of his life. let's not kid anybody. this is not the mastermind of this attack. he was involved and engaged. i don't think president obama should have brought him back to the united states and given him constitutional rights. i think he should have been brought into guantanamo bay and when you have an f.b.i. not able to get into benghazi until 18 days after the attack i've never heard of that ever happening before. then you are going to have a hard time collecting the evidence you need in order to convict people like this and others. there were lots of others. >> bill: this is an ongoing debate. this is charles wood's statement with regard to the verdict from yesterday. he said this is outrageous, the miscarriage of justice like the driver of the getaway car is just as guilty as the robber who kills the back teller.
6:19 am
an accessory is just as guilty. i am bothered by the fact that u.s. government gave due process rights to a foreign national who allegedly killed americans outside the u.s. think about the arguments former president obama made on this, congressman. >> and that is -- >> bill: the legal system in the united states can manage these matters and that's where it should be carried out. you mentioned guantanamo. i know you would have liked to have seen it take place there. is the suggestion in your answer that our legal system cannot handle this? >> i don't think it can. again, the f.b.i. 18 days to get there. i think justice would be putting a bullet in his head quite frankly. and let's not kid ourselves. this is not over. you won't tie it up, put a bow on it and don't need to talk about it anymore. there are still lots of outstanding questions and lots of others engaged in this.
6:20 am
terrorist organizations. you had a vacuum after benghazi where we haven't had the intelligence gathering. tens of thousands of weapons disbursed throughout africa and the world. i feel for charles woods. i talked to him yesterday. guys on the ground fighting and saving lives in the united states. i don't think anybody feels like it was justice. >> bill: do you expect this president to repopulate guantanamo bay? >> absolutely. >> bill: haven't seen any yet. >> we taken me combatants from overseas, we should bring them to guantanamo bay. tribunals is the best way to do it. president trump should continue that. >> bill: thank you for your time today. see you back in new york real soon. >> sandra: we all remember how six military contractors ran into that burning building and
6:21 am
battled terrorists for 13 hours on that fateful night in 2012. next hour we'll speak to one of them. chris paronto will be here. a game changer after the rogue regime after it climbs its latest missile can hit the u.s. mainland. >> a continued effort of a ballistic missile threat that endangers the world peace and certainly the united states. anda indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days.
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>> it went higher than any previous shot they've taken.
6:25 am
it is a research and development effort on their part to continue developing ballistic missiles that can threaten everywhere in the world basically. >> sandra: that was defense secretary james mattis commenting on the latest missile test from north korea. it went 10 times higher into orbit than the international space station. the rogue regime claiming they now have the capabilities to strike anywhere in the united states. let's bring in retired u.s. army green beret commander michael waltz. is this a game changer? >> well, you know, the north koreans have demonstrated now that they have the range to reach anywhere in the united states. if that missile had launched on a different trajectory it would have reached the continental united states. now they have to demonstrate the warhead can come into the atmosphere and put a nuclear warhead on top of the missile and they're there. they have the ability to now
6:26 am
hit us. time is not on our side. they are marching towards that capability according to our intelligence community in the next year. or two. and the other point i want to make is that they will continue to march even past once they have that capability. they'll go to mobile launchers. harder for us to hit them. they'll go to solid fuel, which means they can launch it faster without having to refuel on the rocket pad. they'll go to submarines and multiple missiles at once. we have to decide as a policy matter how long are we going to give diplomatic and economic efforts with china and with the region before we decide we're going to stop the break-out capability and take it out through a preemptive strike? >> sandra: the clock is ticking and threat the growing. we got the read-out of the president's phone call with president xi of the people's republic of china.
6:27 am
he emphasized the need for china to use all the levers to convince korea to stop its provocations and go to denuclearization. the president said he will handle it. what do you think the president's strategy is? >> you know, i would like to see the president take this even a step further. yes, we have to pressure the chinese. the chinese need to believe -- i think they do with this president unlike his predecessors, that either you take care of it or we will. i think there are other things we can do in the meantime. we can build an international coalition that also begins sanctioning internationally all of the chinese entities continuing to do business with north korea and truly ratchet up the pressure. we have to throw the entire kitchen sink at this thing. cyber, covert, full range of diplomatic and economic efforts before we go to the preemptive strike. at that point we're either guaranteeing that hundreds of
6:28 am
thousands of people in the region could die in a war, or we're betting and rolling the dice on millions of american lives. i'm not willing to take that bet. i don't think this president is, either. >> sandra: when looking at some of the political response to this latest test senator lindsey graham warning we're headed to war if things don't change. >> he is absolutely right. if we take the presumption that president trump -- and i think this is correct -- will not roll the dice on a nuclear tipped icbm flying through the air when our ground missile defense in california and alaska is only about 50% effective. if he is not going to allow that to happen, then either the chinese are going to take care of it or we're going to take care of it militarily. so far we haven't seen the bold steps we need to from china. >> sandra: as far as diplomatic and economic sanctions, as we watch them move toward more capability, you just wonder how
6:29 am
much more we can say rather than act. that's where we are today. colonel waltz, thank you for coming on with us this morning. >> bill: shock at 30 rock. matt lauer terminated from his long-time position at co-anchor of the "today" show. how his colleagues are reacting to that and what we're learning about the allegations and plus this today. have a look. that's a gunman opening fire on a street in reno. the strange coincident linking the suspect to the las vegas shooter. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved
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6:33 am
from yesterday. >> president trump: we had a unanimous vote from the republican side at least. we had a unanimous vote on the tax bill. and it goes now the next step. i think we'll get it passed. i think it will pass and it will be very popular and have lots of adjustments before it ends. >> bill: what will it look like? we await. in the meantime, check this out. the dow 30 is now looking at 24,000. >> sandra: whoa. i wonder if they're making hats. >> bill: hit an all-time high yesterday. we were just below 18,000 the first week of november. remember that? man. >> sandra: and the president tweeting about it this morning. looks like another great day for stock market. consumer confidence at a record high. i guess somebody likes my policies, the president said. >> bill: they like this on wall street. november of last year we should make it clear. 12 months ago. it is crazy.
6:34 am
>> sandra: we just passed 23,000. >> bill: sarah sanders coming up next hour. we'll talk to her about this, taxes, north korea. so much on the table. next hour coming up from the white house. >> sandra: all right. back to a news story. nbc news firing "today" show host matt lauer because of inappropriate sexual behavior by the co-worker. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years at nbc news we were presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. lauer's former co-hosts reacted to the news this morning. >> i've known matt for 15 years and i've loved him as a friend and as a colleague and again like you were saying savannah, it is hard to reconcile what we're hearing with the man who we know who walks in this building every single day. we were both woken up with the news kind of pre-dawn and we're
6:35 am
trying to process it and trying to make sense of it. it will take some time for that. >> we're processing it with all of you at home and we promise to be transparent and be straightforward and continue this important conversation. >> sandra: joining me now a brad blakeman, former assistant to george w. bush and richard fowler, fox news contributor. there is a lot we don't know. even savannah guthrie saying we'll be covering this as reporters and journalists as we learn more info we'll share that with you. we still don't know a lot here. we know matt lauer has been fired and he is gone. brad. >> we kid ourselves when we think this is just confined to media personalities or politicians. this kind of abuse is happening on wall street, main street, every place in between. the culling of the herd is way overdo. if there is a silver lining in this at all it is now women who have been abused or in abusive situations now understand that
6:36 am
it's okay to come out and air their grievances and they know they will be heard and they are going to be believed and these people are going to be brought to account. so it's an important time. a watershed time in america, but it is happening everywhere, not just the famous or the empowered. >> sandra: savannah guthrie brought up that point at the top of one of the "today" show hours this morning talking about the reckoning. >> i know this reckoning is important and long overdo and must result in workplaces where all women, all people feel safe and respected. >> sandra: will the culture change, richard? >> i think reckoning is the first part. the second part has to be education. we have got to start educating our young men and boys about how to treat women. i think it starts from -- we have to start a lot earlier now. i think beyond that we also
6:37 am
have to open up the space to allow for those who have been falsely accused to tell their stories and allow them to sort of tell a cautionary tale to educate younger boys who enter the profession on how to treat their women co-workers and so we can really create a society where everybody is treated justly and fairly in the workplace, in the classroom, everywhere. >> sandra: brad, the president has chosen to weigh in on this. he tweeted after this broke this morning, wow, matt lauer was just fired from nbc for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. but when will the top executives of nbc and comcast be fired for putting out so much fake news. >> bill: the president adds fuel to the fire.
6:38 am
i would caution him not to conflate his grievances with the news product with the seriousness of the allegations that have come forth not only in the media but also in the political world of women who have been abused in the workplace. we need to keep the focus on that. >> sandra: richard, to remind everyone, this is coming just one week after cbs fired charlie rose. and after that, the question was will there be more? now matt lauer has fired. we ask that question again. >> that's a proper question. i was having a conversation with my mother about this story. she said it best. growing up her grandmother always told her it doesn't matter how powerful the man is, if you feel that they've done something wrong to you, you need to address it right away. that's advice that i pass on to every woman watching the show. doesn't matter how powerful they are. you have to speak up, speak out and know you'll be believed and heard and on top of that we
6:39 am
also have to understand that there has to be truth told. i think that's very, very, very important here. to go to the president's tweet, i agree with brad 100%. we can't mix apples and oranges. fake news is one thing. these allegations are another. >> sandra: he has been there a long time as bill was saying at the top of the hour. he has not just been the face of the "today" show, the face of the network and with today since 1997. brad and richard. good to see you. thank you. >> bill: brad makes an interesting point. it is not just confined to the media although it's been in the headlines. no one knows where this ends, where it goes. >> sandra: could be the beginning. >> bill: it's a great point. are we at the beginning, the middle or -- wow. president trump meanwhile striking an optimistic tone on tax reform. he said this yesterday. >> president trump: very special, that meeting. in many respects i wish you could have been inside that room. it was very, very special.
6:40 am
>> bill: but can senate republicans get the 50 votes needed to get it done? senator john thune is on deck live and we'll talk to him about that. plus there is this. >> they were not happy that their information was not protected the way it should have been. this was seen as cavalier. when we heard about this to begin with, there was an unsecured server, frankly we looked at each other and said who does that? >> sandra: the government watchdog turned whistleblower on the hillary clinton emails describing the intense backlash he and his staff faced as the investigation played out. more on our exclusive reporting coming up. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you-
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>> sandra: a gunman in reno opened fire from a condo where the las vegas shooter once owned an apartment. this video capturing the sound of the gunshots. the gunman standing on the eighth floor of the montage
6:44 am
building while holding a woman hostage. a swat team getting her to safety while the gunman died. it is unclear if he was shot by police or if he shot himself. the las vegas gunman stephen paddock, sold his unit in the same building nearly a year ago. >> president trump: i do believe this vote on taxes, which are really tax cuts and reform, is going to be very, very important. they want to see it happen. they want to see it happen not only for the republican party. i think much more importantly they want to see it happen for the country because they know how important it is. >> bill: there is president trump yesterday white house notching another victory for now. the tax bill advancing out of the senate budget committee. in that vote two senators changed their vote to yes that moved the bill forward. can they get it done? senator john thune. good day to you. thank you for your time. tell our viewers where we are.
6:45 am
how close are you right now? >> we're getting close. as it is with any major legislative undertaking like this, it has been a bumpy ride but we have until the end of the week, until friday to stick the landing. i think we will. we're getting close. our members who had concerns we're doing our best to address and resolve those. the president i thought was very good yesterday in terms of sounding upbeat and encouraging members to get to yes and work out whatever issues we main. i think we're headed in that direction. >> bill: a couple of questions. i have a lot of them as you know. >> you do. >> bill: yesterday newt gingrich said to two to watch are susan collins and john mccain. >> we met with senator collins. she had issues we wanted to see addressed and we were able to help with some of those. i hope we're getting her closer to where she will be a yes. senator mccain, i don't know at this point. i think his big issue has been
6:46 am
the process. we have filed a very open process on this during the finance committee mark-up last week. we had 70 democrat amendments we voted on. everybody is having a chance to be heard and hopefully in the end if the process is one that is an open one, and it has been very transparent. senator mccain will be in favor of the bill. i think on the merits it's something he should support. >> bill: marc thiessen is coming up in 15 minutes. strong conservative. he said why are republicans raises taxes on millions of americans? >> every income group will get a tax cut. every income group. if you look at the analysis that has been done on this and the thing -- a couple things about this. >> bill: not in the house bill, though. >> the house bill is slightly different than the senate in the way it distributes. in the end we'll have a bill that ultimately drives most of the assistance to middle income
6:47 am
families. you double the standard deduction. double the child tax credit and the senate bill increase in the house bill and lower rates. those will all benefit middle income families. we believe in the end those are features that will be in whatever the ultimate bill is. >> he writes in two years, 2019, 9% of taxpayer see an increase of $2700 including almost 11% of middle income taxpayers. so based on what he is writing in his analysis and based on what you just said, what's the truth? >> well, i think the overwhelming majority of people within each income group will see a tax cut. there will be outliers always who might have some circumstances that are, from a tax filing standpoint, might lead them to see some sort of a tax increase. what we try to do is design it in a way that every family across this country gets the benefit of a doubling of the
6:48 am
standard deduction, increase in child tax credit. you take a family of four making a combined income of $73,000, that family will see a tax cut of $2200 over what they are paying today. and i think that's most of america. there may be rare exemptions. >> bill: i hope you are right about that. it doesn't seem like it adds up. i talk to a lot of people, family and friends and they -- so many of them do not have an idea as to what is in it for them. and i think that comes back to a messaging issue. what they'll mention is the corporations are getting a break but i'm not getting a break. and on that point what would you say to those americans, first of all? answer that and as you do, there is this thinking and this belief -- i've heard many say we hope that corporations take advantage of the reduction in their taxes and reinvest the money back here at home. hope is not a plan.
6:49 am
hope is not black and white. >> if we make this an attractive place to do business and we do with the reforms we've made. cutting taxes for middle income families and reforming a tax code to encourage companies to invest at home. those companies -- if they will expand they will need to hire new workers and when the demand for labor goes up the price goes up. that means higher wages. we need to see higher wages in this economy. you get an economy growing and expanding what we've seen for the past couple of years we are starting to get into a good place. tax reform can help accelerate the economy and get the good paying jobs created in our economy. that benefits every individual in this country, every american. if you look at that family, you asked me the question, i don't take it from me. sit down and actually look at your tax circumstances, take these provisions that i just mentioned, plug them into your analysis that you do every year when you file and see if you
6:50 am
come out better or worse. a lot of people will say we will pay a lot less in taxes. >> bill: appreciate your time today. we'll see if you go to the floor today and how close you are. come on back, thank you. john thune. thank you. >> sandra: the search for a missing 3-year-old taken from her bedroom sunday night. the f.b.i. releasing photos of a woman with a little girl who they believe may be mariah woods. what police are telling us. >> bill: a nightmare in tampa might be over. police announce the arrest of a suspected serial killer. >> tonight is the beginning of when justice will be served and then the process will occur when this individual rots in hell.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> bill: mick mulvaney keeping
6:54 am
his post. the president put him in a job on monday after the former director resigned last friday. this woman, leandra english says the job should be herself. she was promoted to deputy director. she tried to get a restraining order to bar mulvaney from serving. a judge rejected that request. mulvaney will temporarily run the bureau. he says he will work six days a week until a new director can be sworn in. >> sandra: police in tampa believe they have caught that serial killer who had the city on edge for weeks. officers announcing this arrest of a suspect in the killings of four people after a tip from a mcdonalds employee where he worked. >> we received over 5,000 tips in this case. i am pleased to announce that tonight we will be making an
6:55 am
arrest in the seminole heights murders. >> sandra: steve harrigan is live with the latest. how did they finally catch him? >> an than usual scenario at this mcdonalds in tampa. the suspect, howell donaldson in his mcdonalds uniform came to the restaurant with a mcdonalds bag. inside the bag was a semi automatic pistol. he handed the bag to a co-worker. asked her to watch it when he went to a loan payday store. upon his return he was surrounded by police. the co-worker alerted her manager and the police officer inside mcdonalds. they surrounded and arrested him. preliminary information from the clothing found in his car and gun and from his cell phone all correspond to the dates, the times of those four murders in tampa, sandra. >> sandra: it must have been an intense couple months for the people of tampa. we saw so many shots down there
6:56 am
people not coming out of their houses, not traveling, not going shopping. >> it was a 51-day ordeal for tampa and for the seminole heights neighborhood. all four murders were carried out in a half mile area. people there as you say were too afraid to go out at night. there is a real sense of relief now from police officers and from city officials who say now this is likely over. >> 51 days ago i said this was a struggle between good and evil. well, tonight goodness has won. tonight in the battle between darkness and light, light has won. >> still unanswered questions in the murders. no known motive yet. the four people killed no connection between those four, either. sandra, back to you. >> bill: as we mentioned here the senate moving a lot closer to a vote on tax reform. we could get a clue where the
6:57 am
senators stand. if leader mcconnell does the vote today we're watching that. north korea claiming success with a test of a new ballistic missile they say could strike anywhere in the united states. how will this administration respond at the top of the hour. ? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing
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>> sandra: fox news alert. long time tv anchor and "today" show host matt lauer out at nbc news, fired over what the network is calling, quote, inappropriate sexual behavior. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: stunning stuff. nbc released a statement saying it received a detailed sexual complaint against lauer and it had reason to believe it was not an isolated incident. savannah guthrie reacting to the news at 7:00 eastern time. >> as i'm sure you can imagine we're devastated and we're still processing all of this. i will tell you right now we don't know more than what i just shared with you.
7:01 am
we'll be covering this story as reporters and journalists, we'll learn more details in the hours and days to come and we promise to share that with you. >> bill: stunning stuff when the news crossed right before air time. >> sandra: what is making this moment different than say learning this through a "washington post" report, the company was the first to issue a statement and was the first to let us know the details and to let us know that matt lauer had been fired after this sexual complaint. is marc thiessen with us now? >> bill: he will be. >> sandra: i want to share a bit of the statement. he received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. while the first complaint about his behavior in over 20 years, we were presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.
7:02 am
so as you rightly pointed out we don't have a lot of details yet. he is gone. the company put out this statement and we have yet to learn more. >> bill: some high profile public figures between matt lauer and charlie rose at cbs two weeks ago. the cases circling washington and capitol hill now with the democrat john conyers. this is as savannah guthrie said earlier today a reckoning in american culture and society and something being dealt with in the media, hollywood, washington, d.c. and at the white house. the president has been tweeting about this already today several times and has directed his target toward nbc. so we'll share a lot of that with you. sarah sanders coming up in 20 minutes and we'll talk to her about this and many other things coming up. >> sandra: that tweet from the president, he weighed in pretty much immediately after we learned of this saying so now that matt lauer is gone, what will the fake news practitioners at nbc be
7:03 am
terminating the contract of phil griffin and joe scarborough based on the unsolved mystery that took place in florida years ago? investigate. that was the president weighing in. now we want marc thiessen to weigh in. you've been right about all the news breaking this morning, north korea, taxes, and now matt lauer. your thoughts here, marc. >> my first reaction is first as a father of two daughters i'm glad that matt lauer and the sex predators are getting called out and exposed. hopefully it will make the world safer for my daughters when they enter the workplace but i'm struck how different the response is in the private sector and public sector. abc news fired mark halperin and harvey weinstein's kari is finished. when you go into the public sector in the world of
7:04 am
politics, there seems to be no accountability. john conyers is still in congress, al franken will continue to serve and roy moore is still running. what we have in the public sector is the lack of public accountability and it's a legacy of one man, bill clinton. bill clinton during the monica lewinsky scandal was the first politician to decide that he wasn't going to resign and do the right and decent thing and step down. and as a result he taught a generation of politicians that if you just push through, if you just have no shame and you just push through you can survive any scandal. what the politicians are doing is saying i'll push through and continue serving and wait for people to forget. we need to find accountability for public officials who engage in this kind of contact. >> sandra: your point is well taken. if you look at one week at the firing of charlie rose, media companies are handling this
7:05 am
quite differently but you point out a difference. private companies handling this much different than the government. >> because private companies can fire or hire at will. in the public sector you can't do that. we used to rely on the basic -- people had shame. that if you got exposed doing something unethical you had the common decency to step down. we don't have that anymore. you have someone like -- what happens is these politicians put voters in an untenable position. if you were an alabama voter now and conservative, you have to choose between a radical pro-abortion democrat and republican sex predator. no one should have to make that choice in the voting booth. the comparison would be imagine if nbc news couldn't fire matt lauer but had to choose between keeping him on and hiring alex jones as info wars as the new host of the "today" show and the only two choices you had. that's exactly the kind of
7:06 am
choice the voters in alabama are stuck with. in an earlier era someone like roy moore would be have been drummed out of the race and replaced by a normal republican who doesn't abuse women. >> sandra: you started out by pointing out you have two young daughters. you are concerned about their future and the culture in the workplace looks like going forward. certainly a lot is changing by the moment with all this. marc thiessen, thank you for coming in and weighing in on this this morning. >> bill: breaking news now from overseas and back here at home. reaction from president trump about north korea's latest icbm test. just spoke to xi of china. more sanctions on north korea today. the situation will be handled. all this coming after north korea tested another missile and a new type of missile they say can reach anywhere in the united states. greg palkot live on the story
7:07 am
in london. he has been to north korea numerous times. what can we report about this launch, greg? >> we can report that north korea taking another dangerous step forward launching its longest range ever intercontinental ballistic missile. it is something like what we saw at a military parade we attended in pyongyang in the spring, a modified version of two icbms that they launched in july. this one went farther, 2800 miles up and 600 miles down range in the sea of japan. the dangerous part, bill, is that if that trajectory is flattened out according to our own sources the range is well over 7,000 miles meaning it could hit all of mainland united states, washington, new york, miami, you name it. now, state tv the regime of kim jong-un saying they have
7:08 am
completed a state nuclear force to fend off the united states. our sources do say they have a ways to go. back to you. >> bill: more on this as we get it. >> sandra: another big story to watch today senate republicans moving one step closer to a possible floor vote this week. the proposal clearing the senate budget committee yesterday after president trump addressed some concerns. >> president trump: i think we have tremendous support. i was just informed by rich that we had a unanimous vote from the republican side at least. a unanimous vote on the tax bill and it goes to the next step. i think we'll get it passed. i think it will pass and it will be very popular. >> sandra: doug mcelway live on capitol hill this morning. good morning, doug. >> yesterday they voted 12-11, a significant step forward yesterday in light of the fact that two republican committee men who had expressed reservations about the bill
7:09 am
voted yes yesterday. bob corker of tennessee and ron johnson of wisconsin voted yes helping to put the bill over the top on the party line vote. it doesn't mean they'll be supporting the final product but an encouraging sign for republicans. johnson had been concerned about pass-through businesses being hit harder than big corporations. >> they have given me their assurance it will be fixed. i spoke with speaker ryan as well. i've been given assurances, the recognition that everybody says it's a problem certainly helps me support this measure. >> and corker had been concerned about the bill adding too much to the debt. he wanted to see a trigger to increase taxes if the bill added too much to the debt but other republicans are wary of any kind of trigger. >> i think it's a horrible idea. i love bob. i understand where he is coming from but i think it's way too blunt of an instrument to deal with that. look, if this tax -- if this
7:10 am
doesn't work and it doesn't help the economy, i -- i dare say most if not all of my colleagues will be the first ones to admit it and be back to try to fix it. >> it capped a wild day yesterday that began with this presidential tweet. meeting with chuck and nancy about keeping government open and working. the trouble is they are weak on crime and substantially raise taxes. i don't see a deal. schumer and pelosi did not take kindly to that and boycotted the meeting. >> given that the president doesn't see a deal between democrats and the white house, leader pelosi and i believe the best path forward is to continue negotiating with our republican counterparts in congress instead. >> the counter puncher in chief returned fire at that meeting by leaving their seats vacant
7:11 am
but leaving name tags in place while mcconnell and ryan sat a seat away. the senate could begin debate on the floor. ending later this week friday or saturday. as debate progresses keep your eye on john mccain of arizona. he voted against tax cuts in the past and kept his mouth pretty much shut saying there is nothing in this bill or a lot of things he does not like. watch for john mccain. >> sandra: the clock is ticking. >> bill: white house press secretary sarah sanders is live and will talk to us in 30 minutes on the busy news morning. plenty of topics coming up there. >> sandra: this fox news alert as we expect fiery new reaction on the suspected benghazi terror attack suspect being spared the death penalty. we remember the six military contractors who ran into that burning building to battle those terrorists for 13 hours.
7:12 am
one of them, chris paronto, joins us next. >> the system failed them. the system that was supposed to protect them and keep people accountable has not.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
terror attack. left four americans dead back in 2012 including the u.s. ambassador. that jury did convict him of terrorism. let's bring in kris paronto. one of the people what ran into the embassy and stayed to fight off the attack for 13 hours. kris, it is great to have you on this morning. you have had time to digest this news. what is your reaction to the verdict? >> disgusted. to be honest with you it should never have gone into a criminal court to allow a terrorist to have due process and to be covered our constitution is completely ridiculous and why i didn't testify. i didn't testify at the trial because i thought it was really a side show. this guy at the very best should have got a military tribunal. in his case at the very best. the best in my case the extraction team should have put a bullet in his head. it's a travesty.
7:17 am
>> sandra: one of the fathers said it was a miscarriage of justice and other family members are outraged. >> no closure to the families and they should be angry. you don't bring a terrorist and waste taxpayer money and give him a criminal trial. you put him in gitmo or you interrogate him and then you execute him. that's how you deal with terrorists. >> sandra: you take issue with the word mastermind when describing this terrorist. >> yeah. he is a middleman at best. this guy was no mastermind. was he there? yes. could he have assisted in the planning? possibly. i'm not going to say he did. . was he there and did he help commit the murders of the ambassador? he did. to call him a mastermind was a political poi from the past
7:18 am
administration so they could put it to bed. when the team speaking up again when it came out it was disputed and he is found to be a middleman. >> sandra: this is the first time we've heard you speak following the verdict. on social media last night you made your views on this very clear. you said when do terrorists deserve due process? this shouldn't have taken to a criminal court. what is next? granting terrorists their miranda rights? >> it's so ridiculous. one of your contributors, rob o'neill, we're on the same page with that. you don't give animals due process. that's what terrorists are. right now the terrorists are laughing at us. i'm sure right now they are looking at the tv or watching their social media or doing what they do saying wow, they'll try us in a criminal court. let's stop doing terrorists attacks against americans are
7:19 am
emotion pathetic. we show our weakness again. we fight fire with fire and making it so awful to attack americans they're afraid to do it. >> sandra: you called it purely political and a circus show for politicians. >> i will stick by that. if they wanted to do it the right way they would have grabbed him t.cia and it would have went to gitmo. something for political gain for the past administration and i will always stick to that. that will never change. >> sandra: what is your message to those who made his extradition possible. the politicians after we look back at that night and the impact that had on you and the risk that you took and the fighting the 13 hours that you spent there. what is your message to them? >> you know, i would say especially the defense attorneys, pick them up, drop them in the middle of a fire fight with a terrorist and let's see how their views change. they are so well protected in their cushy seats they're able
7:20 am
to pass judgment. it is wrong judgment. they don't have the experience. then to hide behind constitutional laws that we're giving to a terrorist. get up there, get out of your seat and go fight terrorists and see how you feel about that. it disgusts me to this day that i have to see politicians and attorneys still trying to say they know how the world operates and then they are doing something like this. they don't. they need to get out of their little cushy bubble world in the beltway and get out and see how things really work. >> sandra: kris paronto, our thoughts and prayers are still with the families who lost their loved ones that night. thank you for coming on. >> bill: paul ryan the house leadership talking on capitol hill. taxes a big issue. so, too, are the claims of sexual harassment. house speaker paul ryan addressing that a moment ago. >> sexual harassment has no place in any workplace. let alone in the united states
7:21 am
congress. whether it's the former staffer or a member walking into this ka*p building i can't tell you how every day i feel the honor and the opportunity and privilege it is to work in such a place. that's how so many people feel. but the fact that some people end up walking these halls, are subjected to a threatening or hostile work environment when they came to serve their country and ideals, that's wrong and a disgrace. we cannot and we will not tolerate that kind of behavior. that's why representative barbara comstock's legislation we're doing this week is important. it requires lawmakers, staff and interns to complete mandatory training and workplace rights and responsibilities each session of each congress. with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service
7:22 am
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7:24 am
>> bill: a big follow-up in the
7:25 am
inspector general for the intelligence community speaking out against the backlash he says he faced for raising the alarm about classified information that was on hillary clinton's email server. he says he was threatened by superiors and believes there was coordination between the clinton team and the state department. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge got the interview and is live with more from washington what more now? >> good morning. writing in a tweet president trump praised the formal federal watchdog first interviewed on fox news. the president said the public was misled about the classified clinton emails and national security impact and questioned why there wasn't more done to investigate? mcculloch spoke to fox news on monday. >> was there an effort to mislead the public about the email? >> certainly on the part of the campaign to mislead people into
7:26 am
thinking there was nothing to see here. a lot of people in the intel community spend a lot of time keeping secrets secret. >> the clinton spokesman did not return fox's calls requesting comment in light of the allegations but sent out a tweet which interestingly enough did not take issue with the specific claims but tried to cast down on mcculloch's reputation as a straight shooter. >> what is feinstein saying. >> dianne feinstein told the daily caller she simply couldn't remember, i have no idea what he is talking about. but feinstein was one of seven democratic senators who sent this march 2016 letter telling him they had serious questions about the email review and whether it was impartial. after months of back and forth mcculloch said there was a confrontation with feinstein's office six weeks before the 2016 election. >> i told the staff director i
7:27 am
wasn't going to respond to it. tell her i'll resign tonight. >> you were given a warning? >> absolutely. i was told that we would be the first two to be fired with her administration. that was definitely going to happen. >> is that how it is supposed to be? >> no. i was in this context a whistleblower. i was doing exactly what they expected me to do and all of a sudden i was the enemy. >> we asked feinstein's chief of staff on monday. no comment. we'll ask today and update our reporting if there is new information. >> bill: thank you, catherine herridge in washington >> sandra: the republican tax bill could come to a full senate vote as early as this week. is a major legislative victory for president trump coming before the end of the year? white house press secretary sarah sanders is on deck as we
7:28 am
also learn north korea launched its most powerful missile yet. >> bill: also dr. marc siegel sitting down with rand paul. his first on-camera discussion since he was attacked at his home and seriously injured. >> i was short of breath and every breath was painful. i couldn't lift my hands over my head. i knew something had happened. and i didn't know how bad it was until the x-rays came back.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> sandra: the f.b.i. now circulating this image of what could be a missing 3-year-old girl. the picture was taken by a wal-mart surveillance camera in coastal north carolina. it comes as authorities say their search for mariah woods is now expanding. >> our intention is to search everything that we can search. so, you know, we've been very
7:32 am
active but as the investigation goes on, we continue to search in expanding circles. >> sandra: they believe she was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night and hasn't been seen since last saturday. >> president trump: consumer confidence has been setting records. the confidence in the people leading their country. and i will say that i think it's going to go better and better. i do believe this vote on taxes, which are really tax cuts and reform, is going to be very, very important. so we had a good day today. >> bill: president trump there yesterday at the white house seeming confident the senate committee moved the tax bill out of committee. we might see it on the floor later today. do they have the votes? sarah sanders, good morning and
7:33 am
appreciate your time here. thank you for showing up. >> great to be with you again. >> bill: where do you think the white house thinks it is on the tax bill now? are you at 50? >> we're very confident in the progress we've made. it has been a big week for tax reform and tax cuts. the president is focused on this and spent a good bit of the day yesterday on capitol hill meeting with senators, pushing this, calling for them to step up and make sure they make it a priority and get it done for the american people. he is going to missouri again to make the case again. you'll continue to hear him lead on this topic and this issue. i think we can see by the confidence in the economy, the boost in the economy, the stock market is hitting again record highs. gdp is growing constantly. these are all good things. we think these are all things that are pushing tax reform in the right direction and we feel very confident moving into the rest of this week and heading into the christmas holiday that
7:34 am
we will get it done before christmas. >> bill: okay. now we'll see how that goes on the calendar and follow the trip to missouri later today. the dow over my shoulder is looking at 24,000. an extraordinary thing to see frankly when you think a year ago you were at 18,000 with the dow 30. come back to the issue whether or not you can get this done. has the president had direct contact with senators mccain and senator susan collins? >> i know he met with senator collins yesterday. he met with the republican senate members yesterday for lunch. he will continue engaging senators across the board to make sure that we get this done again. the administration has made no secret it's a big priority for us because it's for the country. he knows one of the reasons we're seeing so much growth is because people have confidence that we will get this done. we have confidence that we will get it done and we'll keep pushing forward to make sure it happens. >> bill: i keep an eye on flake
7:35 am
and corker and on and on. it's close, you would concede that. we'll see what ron johnson and others do. he said he was convinced based on the change in the conversation with the president he would vote for it. however, some americans are going to be paying more in taxes. why is that okay? >> look, the focus since we started this process was laying out those priorities. focusing especially on the middle class and making sure those were the top priority individuals they had helped by the tax cut and tax reform package and that's what this does. we'll continue pushing forward in conference. some of the details will work out to help the most americans and make sure the ones helped again the most would be middle class families, small businesses, the people that really power and run this country and that's what this president is focused on. >> bill: some studies say people will see their taxes go higher. why is that okay?
7:36 am
>> a lot of the studies have shown the growth and the tax cuts and people that benefit the most are middle income americans and families and small businesses which are typically run and impact middle income families the most. we firmly believe this is the best path forward to help this country's economy continue to grow like we've seen it do since this president was elected. that we've seen the stock market hit these record highs and we think a lot of it has to do with the deregulation the president has pushed and put in place as well as his ability to really message and drive the tax cuts and tax reform package we're seeing in the senate. >> bill: i want to see americans ceo saying how much money they'll bring back to the country and we haven't seen enough of it yet. chuck schumer described his relationship with the president when he said this. >> as long as he remains a destructive force it would be a
7:37 am
waste of everyone's time to continue working with someone who clearly has no interest in coming to an agreement. we hope the president, in order to avoid this calamity, will change his mind. >> bill: you might need democrats on votes on the budget to keep the government up and running. how would you characterize the relationship with democratic leaders today? >> the destructive force the president is focused on are things like north korea, things that actually have the ability to impact and hurt americans. the president wants to make sure that we do what is necessary to fund defense spending, the military, democrats are playing a political game. and it is sad that schumer and pelosi didn't come and meet with the president yesterday. it is a disgraceful move by democrats despite the fact that republicans didn't agree president obama on most everything during the eight
7:38 am
years we came to the table and sat down and argued for our side. instead of doing that the democrats showed their weakness, showed their inability to actually push their message forward and actually put the priorities of the american people ahead of their own and i think it was a really sad day for democrats. >> bill: it seems like a tender moment. we'll see where it goes next to be patched up. on north korea how do we live with a nuclear north korea? >> i think it's one of the reasons the move the democrats made yesterday was so disgraceful because that's a real threat, because that's a real problem. because it's something we have to address they should have come and sat down at the table and helped make sure that they were part of the process of protecting americans. this is a president who is not going to sleep and not going to stop until he does every single thing he can to make sure we're doing all that we can to protect people of this country. he said earlier today we will continue putting maximum pressure on north korea and do it by increasing and adding
7:39 am
additional sanctions. we'll do it by continuing to work with our partners and allies in china, try to push russia to take a bigger and bolder stand to put more pressure on north korea. we're committed to doing that and we hope that chuck and nancy pelosi will come to the table and be part of that process. >> bill: back to the issue of china. there has been a lot of talk even today, in fact. what assurances has beijing given you that north korea will not be able to continue on the path that it has? you look at the number of ballistic missiles that have been tested this year alone they are testing this president. so what can we do about it now? >> look, as the president said earlier this morning and as we saw on his historic trip to asia a couple weeks ago we're committed to working with china continuing to put pressure on them. the president spoke with president xi and will continue to do that and ask them to step up and help us in this process.
7:40 am
china knows what a serious threat this is. they know it has to be dealt with and we've seen them take bigger and bolder actions over the last couple of months as the relationship between president trump and president xi has developed. china has stepped up and done more. they voted with us at the u.n. and we hope they'll continue to put maximum pressure on north korea. i think all of the world and all of our allies and partners have to join us. >> bill: have you reached a dead end? >> no. as the president said we'll add additional sanctions very shortly that will continue to put that maximum pressure on north korea. we will continue doing everything that we can under the direction of general mattis and under the direction of the president to make sure we're taking every step possible to protect americans and to do what the ultimate goal is, that's to denuclearize the korean peninsula. >> bill: come back any time. appreciate the conversation
7:41 am
here. we'll see what happens today later in missouri. thank you. >> thanks. >> sandra: coming our political panel has more reaction to breaking news on matt lauer's firing and the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. >> bill: also fox news alert. al qaeda reemerging as a force dismantling isis in the middle east. how the group is calling on terrorists from all organizations to come together. what is that about today? that's next. ♪ video-game dance music
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[burke] abstract accident. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> bill: back to the fox news alert. al qaeda's propaganda arm calling to unite jihadi groups in syria. let's fight them as a solid structure. the al qaeda leader urging all jihadi groups to collaborate with each other. denying that al qaeda was behind the misery of the people
7:45 am
in syria. >> sandra: nbc news firing today co-host matt lauer after receiving a detailed complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. joining me now is ben kissel and david hoppe. this is new for everybody. news of matt lauer's firing. >> it's a good thing that nbc fired him and acted quickly. there appears to be information that made it very clear that he had done not only this act but some others. but actually 20 years ago we had a societal discussion about this and for political reasons it was swept under the rug. under almost anybody's definition bill clinton was a sexual predator. but for political reasons that societal discussion got swept under the rug 20 years ago and in some ways we're reaping what
7:46 am
we sewed in that time. no one should be excused. it's wrong, people should be fired and one has to make sure that this should be wherever they are, the public or private sector, public sector especially. this is a societal issue which we have -- we actually threw away the discussion 20 years ago. i think now we're paying for it. >> sandra: interesting, ben. you wonder how a few years out how this moment will look. was it the beginning, the middle, the end? >> right. i think what we're going through right now in a series of growing pains as we mature as a society when it comes to what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. i think this purge that is occurring right now in society will have a good outcome at the end. this is something that is obviously needed. evidently as we've seen the allegations come it seems to be every day whether it be the president himself and president
7:47 am
donald trump, whether john conyers out of michigan, the representative, the democrat. something we're going through as a society. these growing pains are what happens as a society matures. >> sandra: while it appears that nbc may have moved swiftly with firing matt lauer upon learning and seeing evidence as the statement put out by andy lack, the chairman of nbc detailed. we're learning a bit more. it is coming out slowly from the reporter who originally report -- reported the firing. he said the client for a woman who came forward. we met at 6:00 p.m. monday night for an interview that lasted several hours. our impression is that nbc acted quickly as all companies should when confronted with credible allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. and that is new.
7:48 am
we're just getting that. >> once again, the reaction of nbc seems to be a quick reaction and a good reaction given the evidence they had and the overwhelming evidence apparently they had from other issues beyond this individual one that was -- they talked about with the lawyer and his client on monday night. for a long time in our society women were not in the public part of society. they were not in leadership positions, which was wrong. and now they are. but once again society has to look at what's going on here. men cannot be excused for this. it's wrong and that societal discussion has to go on and move forward. we covered it up and put it down politically 20 years ago. we can't do it now. it has to be brought forward. >> sandra: he did indicate when he announced the firing it may not be an isolated incident.
7:49 am
>> if you want an example of what systemic sexism looks in in government or -- monica went to work for bill clinton. huma went to work for hillary. possible that huma could be in the white house now. we saw what happened with monica. this is a very serious issue and as a society we will handle it and hopefully we improve. >> sandra: we'll keep learning more i'm sure. ben and david thank you. >> bill: jon scott is coming up in a couple of minutes. >> good morning to you. concerns intensify after north korea fires another long-range missile. it demonstrated the rogue nation's ability to hit the u u.s. mainland. police arrest a serial killer thought to be responsible for four senseless murders. what will more automation mean to american jobs? staggering numbers on how many
7:50 am
workers could lose their jobs to robots at the top of the hour. >> bill: it's coming. >> i think we're okay for now. >> bill: see you in 10 minutes. senator rand paul has given his first on-camera interview since being assaulted at his home in kentucky. his neighbor facing a criminal probe. the senator is working his way back to health. dr. marc siegel has the interview you'll only see here on fox. cloud that drives business. the ibm cloud. the cloud for business. yours.
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>> bill: senator rand paul opening up about his attack inside of -- outside of his home in the state of kentucky. dr. marc siegel sat down with the senator for his first on-camera interview. how are you doing and good morning to you? what happened? >> it's a lot worse than anyone ever thought. you wonder he got three displaced ribs, six rib
7:54 am
fractures, developed pneumonia. how could it happen? you asked me this before. guy was running down a hill. let's watch. >> how come six ribs got broken? >> completely unaware he was running full speed down a hill. you can run pretty fast down a hill. >> his shoulder probably plows into me as i hit the ground. on impact. initial impact or as we probably went through the air 10 or 12 feet and then hit the ground again. >> 10 or 12 feet. he called it like an nfl spearing injury which is illegal in the nfl. you can't hit a player from behind like that. he doesn't believe anything the media is saying because they have hardly talked -- he hasn't talked to the guy in 10 years. it is not about lawn or clippings. he thinks it's political. some hatred of donald trump or
7:55 am
obamacare positions or personal >> the pain is going down. he is slowly recovering. >> bill: wish him the best. he is back in washington for a reason. what will he do on this tax bill, a yes or no? >> he is a yes but said something interesting to me. he doesn't like getting rid of the deductibles. in kentucky there is a 7% state tax in many parts of kentucky and if you get rid of those deductions he says the middle class will be paying a higher rate than they are paying now. he wants the deductibles put back in. take a look. >> if we get rid of the deductibles isn't the overall tax rate for the middle class going up? >> i'm still pushing them to make sure we keep some of those deductions. the other thing i've been trying to tell people and i
7:56 am
will tell it to anybody. the top 1% pay most of the income tax. the top 1% pay 40% of the income tax. if we make this about class warfare we're buying into what marx and stalin and all the communists said all along. they were pitting people against each other. >> he likes 1.5 trillion saved over 10 years. he wrote about that on fox but he is a deficit hawk at the same time. he wants spending to go down. he is concerned for kentucky. he wants the tax rate to be such that the middle class is protected. >> bill: that piece said he is a yes for now >> he likes the individual mandate taken out. >> bill: thank you, marc. >> sandra: president trump firing back at democrats after they skipped a budget meeting yesterday. what he is saying as he works to pass tax reform.
7:57 am
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>> we're on, kid.
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i got you back, all right. we have another show to do. you have to keep -- >> "outnumbered" at noon. the emails keep coming in. thanks for the heads-up. >> have a great day. >> goodbye. >> jon: fox news alert on the last famous head to role over sexual misconduct in the workplace. >> nbc firing matt lauer this morning. in a statement the news division chairman, andy lack, explained what led to the stunning decision. it reads in part on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result we have decided to terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he has


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