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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  November 30, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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house in the first place. that's all the time we have. shannon bream takes it from here. >> shannon: matt lauer fired alleged sexual misconduct. multiple women now making claims. >> we're heartbroken. >> shannon: a long time adviser debate. rose, weinstein, lauer, who else? what it means for the media, the left and capitol hill. and tax reform fears. another major hurdle. >> we'll give the american people a christmas president. >> how the president is working to win over hold-outs. and a campaign promise demanding answers why the u.s. embassy in israel hasn't moved to jerusalem.
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we're joined live. the new york times said lauer summoned her to his office and had sex with her and she complied out of fear of losing her job. here's the reaction this morning from lauer's co-host after the firing but before the allegations of the details against him went public. >> i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear, dear friend and my partner and beloved by many
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people here and heartbroken by the brave colleague who told her story and other women who have their own stories to tell. >> shannon: lauer is the latest in the string of journalists and police stations politicians and the complaint was the first formal finding and acted swiftly. variety said the rude behavior wasn't a secret. several women said they complained to executives at the network which fell on deaf ears given the lucrative advertising surroundings. nbc declined to comment. the morning news show was number one in the ratings and executives were eager to keep him happy. so far no public response from the former anchor. here in washington the caucus saying the decision is up to a congressman and the house passed
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a bill for anti-harassment training. and this morning a leader walked out of a meeting and was fuming. >> let's talk about the big elephant in the room. that's why i was done with the meeting. i don't have time for conversations that are not real or going to invent the ball for all of us here in washington. and i for one will not stand silent even in the face of leadership. >> shannon: congressman is part of a team introducing a bill to unmask members who settled lawsuits with taxpayer dollars. a scandal that doesn't seem to go anywhere let's talk about it with the reporter from the examiner. welcome. there was also a firing news today of allegations of imp
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impropriety and an l.a. host goes public and there's talk of resignation. it leads to a code of public deadliness. no kidding. where are we going in this conversation? >> in circles it seems like. it's a classic example of the hypocrisy this moment is exposing. there are men on the left who have proclaimed themselves to be advocates for feminism who themselves are being revealed to have engaged in the exact behavior they de credited in the past. that's why the allegations against senator al franken were potent. he's advocated forcefully for women's rights in the past and found to have violated them in egregious ways according to some
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accusers who stepped forward. >> shannon: it's a split-personality decision on both sides. do they support them because they way they'll vote on capitol hill versus what we're finding out about them personally and their misbehavior and advocate that because the ends justify the means. >> they'll want someone in washington that will vote like they'll vote. in alabama you have the one the way i'd vote though i don't think of them as a highly moral person or the guy that supports everything i oppose. this is one of the things people can't understand. why would a christian conservative vote for donald trump? they knew what hillary clinton stood for and didn't want part of it. you have never seen a group of people who say they're on top of everything and then don't seem to realize they have a sexual
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predator in their midst for 20 years. >> shannon: it's interesting. it gets to the place in the conversation wroo where we're talking about supporting people because of how they'll vote in the end despite allegations because 20, 30 years ago during the bill clinton scandal when he was president, there were top-name feminists writing op-eds saying listen, he'll be good for women in the end so this is his private life. it doesn't enter what he does publicly. >> it's interesting because just before we start to have democratic politicians accused of engaging in this sexual misconduct there was a reckoning protecting bill clinton in the democratic party and it's come to a screeching halt. democrats were examining whether it was proper to dismiss credible allegations like
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kathleen willy or others that accused bill clinton of misconduct because he was a pro-choice democrat and advance pro-women policies from the white house. now we've seen that conversation all but disappear because it implicates the democrats protecting and currently-sitting democratic politicians accused of the same behavior. >> shannon: tim, quickly we're almost out of time and there were accusers of bill clinton and the networks doesn't show up. >> it's just a pattern weaver seen since paula jones first came forward they sat there in february of '94 and looked at each other and said do we have to cover this and decided, no, we don't have to. that mentally remains. >> shannon: we'll talk more about that coming up. sara and tim thank you both. today journalists confronted
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the head of the black caucus where the congressman still has a job and matt law -- lauer has a job and he doesn't. >> there's accusations out of the way and resigned, stepped down. [indiscernible] >> harvey weinstein, charlie rose, matt lauer. >> shannon: fox news editor chris, what elected them? >> it's true to a point. look, john conyers is not going to serve out his term in congress. he has been trying to appease the beast, step down from your committee chairmanship and say you're not going to run again.
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he won't finish out this term. >> shannon: you don't think? >> no, he won't finish the week. the private sector we can act swiftly the executives at nbc acted like those at fox, done, get out, go, pack your stuff. here's your box. that's the way the private sector works. these are elected people. for example, if the people of alabama choose to elect roy moore he's coming to the united states senate. whatever he has done wrong in his life, whatever that says or does or bears or brings, he will be the democratically elected choice of the people of alabama and gets a seat in the united states senate. so that goes for people who commit impropriety. the people that sent them to washington keeps them there. >> shannon: it's about voters. not just the court of public opinion but going to the ballot box.
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a piece in the federalist was talking about the idea of due process and you don't want one accusation to take anybody out. there has to be some kind of accountability and conversation about what happened. while voters are heading to the polls what they're hearing is going to the media and have to make their own gut check. >> there's been plenty of due process. >> shannon: not in the sense of a court of law. >> exactly. what i mean is, for the voters they're like jurors. we have voters and jurors play similar roles and they bring their whole selves and we count on them to acquit their offices with whatever respect and dignity they can bring to it. so you are in fact a voter in alabama, you can say all right, i've seen the evidence and think he's guilty but i'll still vote for him or seen what's in front of me, i don't believe it's true and will vote for him. you can choose whatever you want. due process is for people who
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are in already in position. one more is trying to get a job. for people already in jobs you have to have due process but the due process in the house and senate is different. two-thirds plus one to be expelled. >> shannon: voters and lawmakers have a decision to make. in the federalist they noted an example that has been around for decades saying this is senator ted kennedy he left me to drown while the called his lawyer and took a nap and went on to win votes as the lion of the senate. >> and if the people of massachusetts wanted him. if the people of wanted roy moore they can have him. if the people of minnesota want al franken they can have him. john conyers can run for re-election if the people wanted him, that's fine. it's important in fact we do not set standards for -- if we
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started setting decency standards -- >> shannon: clean up the offices. >> that's right. it would be extra light. so if alabama wants a ted kennedy of its own they can have what they want because they're the voters and it's their franchise not what the rules say or due process. >> shannon: if he is seated it turns into an issue for the senate to decide as a body on its own. so, anyway, we'll stick around. december 12 will be here before we know it and lots of pontificating. chris stirewalt, thanks for coming in. they're burning the midnight oil to get the gop tax bill across the finish line. we're now in a special 20-hour window during which it's expected to go to a bill and go before the end of the week and president trump said why not today. there's potential road blocks from both sides of the aisle. here is our own ed henry. >> they passed the first test by
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getting the motion to move forward and it's coming in part because you had the president yesterday in capitol hill and today in missouri giving a speech and directly making a sales pitch we did not see him do on health care reform to the point that i'm picking up new information tonight from top republicans they think even john mccain end may get on board. here's how it played out today. the president's sales pitch getting reluctant republicans to move to the yes column from susan colins and bob corker to center daines saying they can provide more jobs in manhattan and across the country. that was after direct conversations with the
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president. but with little margin for error there's still concerns on mccain who voted against the bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. he said it was skewed to the rich and he's been a thorn in the president's side saying the russia probe is reaching the scale of watergate when mr. trump said he preferred war heroes who weren't captured and mccain shortly after brain cancer surgery gave a thumb's down to a bill that would have repealed obama care after the president lobbied him by phone. mccain telling esquire, quote, i don't approve of the way he's conducting his presidency and saying i don't think there were doubts about his views to me but i'm a loyal republican. and he think mccain and other
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wavering republicans will come on board. >> it's complicated stuff. it's not so easy but we had an incredible session. i said can we do the vote today. i'm a business guy. they said how about friday and i said i don't want to wait until friday. >> they're still trying to work out the details. the president wants the corporate tax rate lowered from 35% to 20%. there are other republicans tonight talking about maybe making it 22% to use some extra money for other tax cuts. there's a lot of bargaining left to go but the president is starting to clear hurdle suggests for the first time he could be on the verge of a big victory tax cuts. >> shannon: he needs it and the folks on the hill need it as well. thank you very much. it looks like wall street's feeling good about the prospect of tax reform the dow closed at an all-time high shy of 24,000 points.
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as wall street continues to bet on a strong economy. even before the closing bell rang, president trump chimed in on twitter, quote, looks like another great day for the stock market. next, u.n. ambassador nikki haley is not mincing words tonight and we'll be joined and one california democrat said there's rapists in the state capitol and asks why no one is doing anything about it. details when we return.
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>> shannon: what do you make of the quote basically saying the guys can get away with stuff because in the end their interests line up with women. >> it's crazy to say liberal men either suffer from this or get away with it more. i think we've seen if we look at what's happening now we have a senate candidate in alabama who pretty much has been accused of doing as much as the rest of everyone else combined right now. i think that's overly simple to say that. i'd like to think both parties take it equally seriously and this isn't fundamentally about partisanship. it's about behavior that's intolerable. >> shannon: there were people like gloria steinam saying, you know, he's still in our corner. >> i can't speak to what they were thinking. obviously i took issue with
12:22 am
something a united states senator now said. i think there's a big difference. we're just learning of the accusations whether it's senator franken or a candidate moore or john conyers. president clinton not only was it long ago but president clinton had what i would call a reckoning. maybe as big of a reckoning you can have -- >> shannon: serving two terms as president and becoming a celebrated world leader and making millions. >> he was impeached and had millions of taxpayer funds into the allegations. >> and admitted wrongdoing and paid a massive fine and disbarred. this is the cardinal sin for the left and democrats, because he was pro-choice and progressive on a lot of the questions,
12:23 am
people like gloria steinemsaid we have to look the other way they were lies. it taught american women if you come out you'll be attacked and attacked by the people you think are advocates of women. thank got we're not living through a hillary clinton presidency because it could be worse. >> shannon: we'll stay on track here. the country has to deal with what happened back in the clinton administration in order to deal with what's going on today. >> i don't think it's either/or. if you want to look back, we can, if you look at what's happening now but it's too convenient politically to say we're not doing the right thing with roy moore or president trump. >> shannon: no one can take the moral high ground if they don't look at their own people. that's one thing we can agree
12:24 am
on. >> and when politicians use their office, right, to badger and bully these women, the power of government -- our taxpayer money like with the slush fund like what the clintons did with their office is particularly egregious. >> shannon: i want to tell you something about today and get your reaction. several women who accused then-president clinton of various things including rape had a press conference today at the national press club and apparently a lot of folks didn't show up. here's what happened. >> i was hoping to see an nbc camera today or thought it would be appropriate if a nbc cameraman and reporter came today but are any of you guys with nbc? abs? abc, cnn? cbs? pbs? >> shannon: i wasn't there but i'm told no hands were raised. why wouldn't they be there? >> i'll tell you who else wasn't
12:25 am
there, representative barbara comstock was invite and chose not to go and i think probably you're a fan -- >> shannon: there may have been another conflict but let's talk about the networks not showing up and not covering the story. >> it's crazy to say the networks are annoying. as someone who watches cnn and it was matt lauer the fake news as president trump says you couldn't find news about north korea if you tried. >> shannon: that's coming up. >> i think what needs to happen on the questions of quanita and broderick and all these women, bill clinton's an old man now, apologize and it helps the whole
12:26 am
country get over the stress of the scandals if people just stand up and admit they did the wrong thing. >> shannon: most has not been adjudicated in the court of law. >> he paid huge fines and admitted he was not honest and disbarred. >> there's a different between an accusation not being proven -- >> she felt she couldn't come forward. >> ken star interviewed ms. broderick and determined there was nothing to investigate. i think we can all agree he was not a fan of bill clinton. >> the statute of limitations had long since passed. >> he might have found a way. >> shannon: we'll have to leave it there, gentlemen but come back soon. >> we can have our own show. >> shannon: i'd like to be part of it. >> we'll be debating president
12:27 am
trump's behavior to women. >> shannon: we'll sell tickets. could investigators start playing hard ball with the justice department in the search for answers over who funded the dirty dossier and whether it was justified to spy on members and we'll talk about the woman behind the controversial videos and our findings, next. rosen has obtained a critical
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internal memo with a senior memo urged devin nunes to pursue contempt of congress citations against the department of justice and fbi. accusing the agencies of withholding key documents and an fbi witness in the russia probe. tonight it has supported congressional investigators and
12:32 am
the doj said the members who chose to attend should have a clear understanding of the facts surrounding the matter. earlier tonight president trump tweeting the house of representatives seeks contempt citations against the justice department and the fbi withholding key documents. give this information now. as the president tries to rally his troops trying to get the tax plan passed there are around the clock negotiations not across the aisle but at a dinner at the president's house. pressure is mounting. will it happen? colorado senator joins us live. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: the president said why not just vote today. do you get this? >> i think the point is let's
12:33 am
get it done soon because the sooner we can bring relief to the american people the sooner we'll see wage growth and opportunity grow for the american people. >> shannon: there's folks on the left of the saying it's not good for the american people it's good for rich people. >> some are putting out documents by well respected economists saying it's defensible the studies being put out. in colorado the net after tax income will be over $3,000 for the people of my state as a result of lowering the corporate tax rates and we can see it grow as much as $4,000 by some estimates. the bottom line is people will be before after the bill than before the passage of the legislation. >> shannon: you've had concerned members who talked about the impact on the deficit. saying when did we get so
12:34 am
comfortable spending all this money and not offsetting it. there's concerns on triggers that would raise and increase taxes if things don't work out correctly. senator kennedy had something to say about this. let's play that. >> one trigger i don't like if we don't hit our numbers there would be automatic tax increases. i don't like that. there's another alternative which i like much better which says if we don't hit our numbers we'll have automatic spending cuts in terms of discretionary spending. >> shannon: what about that? what about this side of the equation of cutting enormous spending? people like spending the tax dollars because they see what happens to it. >> let me american people keep more of their money and businesses keep more of their own money and invest where they think it's wise to do to and we'll see economic growth as a
12:35 am
result. i'm not in favor of a snap-back tax. let's let the american people keep their own dollars and see the economic growth projected between 3% to 4% to 5% gdp growth will more than fill any deficit concerns as a result of the new revenue coming back to the federal government. >> shannon: as we're watching and waiting it can come down once again to senator mccain. do you have a beat on where he is tonight? >> i think it's a serious vote and i think he'll make the right decision for arizona and the people of his country. i don't think anybody can say they speak for john mccain bull sweet make sure everybody has the information they ned to do what's right for the country. that's to get washington out of the way and let america get back to work. >> shannon: i want to ask about north korea before. u.n. ambassador nikki haley had
12:36 am
this to say after the launch. >> china must show leadership and follow through. they can do this on its own or take the situation into our own hands. >> shannon: are they doing enough? >> i'm going to commend ambassador haly for making the strong statement. if china wants to be a responsible power it means they have to cut off oil and trade. they're responsible for 90% of trade with north korea. china has to simply do more. it's not enough to say we'd like kim jong-un to stop and send a delegation and say we told them to stop or cut back on some coal imports from north korea into china. they need to cut off oil, we need a global economic embargo and stop the slave labor out of north korea. we can and should do more. the doctrine from this president is maximum pressure not
12:37 am
cajoling. we need to apply that maximum pressure on enablers like china as well. >> shannon: they called kim jong-un a kick puppy and it didn't go over well but you can't imagine it would. next up, did you see him today? out of the white house the president retweeting controversial unverified video. the reaction went viral and we decide to investigate and what we found out is next. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if
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>> shannon: from capitol hill to a state capital where testimony is saking the golden state. quoting we have rapist in this building and molesters among us. what's that about? we're joined from los angeles with more on the shocking story. >> we should note in 25 states at least 44 lawmakers have been accused of sexual misconduct and of the two dozen states involved california is where the accusations are rampant and they're hearing victim testimony about the consequences of sexual harassment and the lobbyist who said there's molesters among us is christine pelosi. another lobbiest saying at 25 a
12:42 am
lawmaker trapped her in a bathroom and masturbated to her and has not named him because she fears retaliation that would hurt her ability to make a living. >> we experience this, we start to crumble under the pressure of feeling unsafe. >> this hearing is the first opportunity for the legislature to say in a public way whatever's gone on is unacceptable. >> the flood of california accusations began in the wake of the harvey weinstein allegations when the crowd of me too became us too when lobbyists wrote a culture that's pervasive in state government and why we didn't speak up was sometimes out of fear and shame. often these men hold our professional stakes in their
12:43 am
happened. our relationship with them is crucial to our personal success. so far two california lawmakers have been forced out but more names are expected to come out. and there are now six women who work in florida's state capital that claim the powerful budget chairman has inappropriately touched them without their consent. and jack lavola is being accused by women from both major parties and he denies the accusations. >> shannon: the story will continue. i have a feeling. thank you very much. a trans-atlantic back and forth following retweets by president trump. the unverified video coming from a controversial group across the pond and the presidential retweets prompted a response from prime minister theresa may's office. he said don't focus on me focus on the islamic terrorism happening within the united
12:44 am
kingdom. we are doing just fine. he sent it to the wrong twitter handle. if you're going to reach out to the prime minister you use a different handle. now to update us on te videos and the group that started the whole thing. >> it's fascinating. where the videos came from is from the twitter account of a far-right british politician jayda fransen of the ultra-right party britain first and want to outlaw islam in the u.k. fransen's already been convicted of hate crime for causing aggravated harassment. she tweeted a series of videos purporting to show muslims committing acts of violence. the first shows a muslim migrant beating up a dutch boy on crutches. that turned out to be true and
12:45 am
the second showed an islamist mob pushing a teenaged boy off the roof and beating him to death but it did happen in another country and the third showed a muslim destroying a statue of the virgin mary. that appears to be legit. so one's real, one's kind of real but taken out of context and the other is flat-out false. >> shannon: so president trump apparently retweeted them and talk about what the prime minister said. >> her office sent a message saying it was wrong to do this and britain first seeks to divide communities through their use of hateful nar tifdz and pedal lies and inciting violence but the white house is defending
12:46 am
the president's decision. the president secretary said it doesn't matter if the videos are real because the threats are real. >> you're focussing on the wrong things. the threat is real and that's what the president is talking about the need for national security and security expending. those are real. >> there's also nothing fake with the idea fransen is looking at serious jail time and asking president trump personally to intervene in her behalf. >> shannon: we'll see. >> you have to use your 15 minutes to get out of deal. >> shannon: thank you for digging in and getting us information. it could be a seismic move by the trump administration as the pressure grows on president trump to make good on his promise to move the u.s. embassey to jerusalem. that's next. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures.
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12:51 am
alike. vice president pence is addressing the concerns. >> as we speak president trump is actively considering when and had how to move the american embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. >> shannon: a republican congressman joins us now. you have been fighting hard and there's another deadline coming. what happened? >> 22 years ago the act was passed that the embassy should be in jerusalem and for 22 years presidents signed waivers saying it's against our national security interest. the president signed a waiver in may and said the look, i'm committed to doing it and we'll do it it's just a matter of when. so i think now would be a good time. we're still the 50th anniversary of the reunification of
12:52 am
jerusalem and times are changing. 25 years ago it could have caused a kerfluffle but you look at after the iran deal, the saudis are working with israel, the emeratis and recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel is the right thing to do and i think would be in our national security interest to do it. >> shannon: lots of people think it wouldn't be good for the peace process and mahmoud abad sent a letter saying don't do it and saying doing this would have a disastrous on the stability and security of the entire region. so how do you answer those concerns? >> what do palestinian asia --
12:53 am
arabs do we stop the money to do that. he never admitted israel has the right to exist as a jewish state. so the idea they want two states to live in peace, they've never believed in that from the founding of the modern state of israel so the president is warning, with all due respect, i take it with a grain of salt given their history of being involved with terrorism. >> shannon: do you think the president's hesitancy has been because of mobilizing jarod kushner to work on this. >> i think people will say don't do it. it will be too complicate the but the same with any iran deal. he certified it at first because they were telling him to and he said i want a plan and the third time he said i'm in the
12:54 am
certifying it. it's not good. i take him at his word when and if. >> shannon: we'll see. always good to have you. more trouble for a member of the clinton inner circle. former virginia governor being former virginia governor being sued over an immigration scam. liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> will present them to you, the jury, for your consideration. virginia's democratic governor, and possible 2020 presidential hopeful could be in serious trouble. reports tonight that color clinton's brother received $17 million fraud lawsuits by chinese investors spread these investors allege that they were lured into a cash for green card scam to ensure their immigrant visa applications would go to the top the pile thanks to their
12:59 am
political collections. will check that. the grammys coming under fire for the lack of diversity over the years but this year it turns out there excluding a gender and race in a category that's important. not a single white male artist or group has been nominated for album of the year. nominees are jay-z, bruno mars, lord, childish gambino, and kendrick lamar and none of that tracks nominated were byway artists. the pendulum is swinging backwards and the other direction. there's a new princess in the magic kingdom. the lead character marco divas goes undercover as a princess to help save a group of princesses by the bad guy. when he is revealed to be a boy they said what does it matter if he's a boy. another says he can be a princess if he wants to. thanks for joining us tonight. grateful that you spent the evening with us on fox news at night. good night from washington. our next new starts early,
1:00 am
4:00 a.m. don't miss that. >> the biggest tax cut in the history of our country, bigger and reagan. if they send it to my desk i promise to all the people in this room, my friends, so many friends in this room, i promise you i will sign it. >> we never sought war with north korea and we do not seek it. >> the president believes the north koreans have the capability to launch in icbm with a nuclear weapon on the top that can hit america he will never let that day happened. >> there were rumblings of things that were going on


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