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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 30, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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is he in or out? who might step in after the first of the year. also, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they can expect to begin voting on the tax bill on the senate side tonight. catch it all right here on fox. i'm harris. here's sandra in for dana. >> sandra: sources tell fobbing news rex tillerson could be leaving his post in january. hello. i'm sandra smith in for dana perino. this is the "daily briefing." president trump said to be considering replacing tillerson with the cia director. the cia job could go to arkansas senator tom cotton. here's a live look at the state department at this moment, where a press briefing will begin this hour. we will bring you any news from that as we get it. meanwhile, john roberts joins us
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now. john, what are the options that are being looked at currently? >> reporter: sandra, good afternoon. i want to point out that within the last hour "the wall street journal" is quoting john kelly, the chief of staff here as saying, whoa, there's no plan to remove rex tillerson as secretary of state. we should point out thereofn't a plan to remove him, only to replace him if and when he decides he wants to remove himself. so let's go back to where we started. that is plans to replace secretary of state rex tiller son, whom i'm told is expected to leave. this could all change. but, it's kind of an open secret around here that he probably wants to step down at some point. i'm told late january might be the timing. mike pompeo, leading candidate to replace tillerson as secretary of state. if pompeo leaves the cia to go to the state department, the plan here would be, and this
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could also change as well, because this is still a long way off politically, for the president to get arkansas senator tom cotton with whom he has an absoluter the risk relationship and cotton has been, i don't want to say 100%, but maybe 90%, a strong supporter of the president. they have been at odds in a couple of small items, but for the most part cotton is right there behind the president. he would be tapped to be cia director. there's a second scenario being talked around inside the white house. some of this wishful thinking on the part of players involved. i'm told that it's not likely that this could happen, but it's a possible scenario. that would be that the president would take nikki haley from her position as the u.n. ambassador, move her to the state department. that would leave a vacancy at the united nations. that vacancy could be potentially filled by the deputy national security adviser for
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security, dina powell a very important figure. we saw her in europe and the middle east. we saw her in asia as well. but again that's the second scenario. that would be less likely to happen. this might not happen. tillerson might decide to stay. i'm told it's likely that by the end of january he may be gone and then we'll see who replaces him. >> sandra: to go back to the president's words, when asked, he hears. the president appears to be in a war of words with the british prime minister teresa may. >> reporter: i think the operative word that should be added to that is yet again. what this stems from, yesterday the president tweeted, retweeted rather, three videos that were put out by a woman who is the deputy from the britain first party, which is an all tra nationalism, some people call it
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neo fascist party. these were videos reporting to show violence perpetrated by muslims. one has been shot down by the police in belgium where this incident occurred. but teresa may didn't take too kindly to the president retweeting this because she said britain first is a hateful organization. listen to how she put it yesterday. >> the fact that we work together does not mean that we are afraid to say when we think the united states has got it wrong and be very clear with them. i am very clear that retweeting that britain first was the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: president dug in his heels yesterday tweeting back at teresa may, teresa, don't focus on me, focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism taking place in the united kingdom. we are doing just fine. the white house explanation was he wanted to focus on the threat, but there is some belief
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that when the president tweeted out videos, he might not have known what they were or where they came from. >> sandra: john roberts, thank you. we have another fox news alert for you. the entire house democratic leadership falling behind nancy pelosi and calling behind john conyers to resign after a string of sexual harassment accusations but conyers attorney is pushing back. mike emanuel live on capitol hill on a busy day. things changing by the moment. what can you tell about the growing calls for conni kwreyer step aside. >> reporter: the latest calling from john crawly. there was a dramatic shift from the house democratic leader, who called john conyers an icon sunday and today called for him to go. >> i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish
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them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. zero tolerance means consequences for everyone. no matter how great the legacy, it's no license to harass or discriminate. >> reporter: congressman conyers attorney fired back saying it is not leader pelosi's call to make. >> first of all it is not up to nancy pelosi. she did not elect the congressman and she sure won't be the one to tell the congressman to leave. that decision will be completely up to the congressman. he's not thought about that. he's thinking about his health. he's thinking about getting well. >> reporter: that's a reference to him being in a detroit area hospital in what are described as stress related symptoms. >> sandra: where do things stand on tax reform? >> reporter: big moment came when john mccain said he was a yes on the tax reform package.
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quote, i believe this legislation, though far from perfect, would enhance american competitiveness, boost the economy and provide long overdue tax relief for middle class families. now gop leaders are being asked if a few democrats might vote for this tax reform package. >> i think this is a bill that a number of democrats in the senate should vote for. this is a bill several democrats in the house may vote for. you know, it's better to move forward with a bipartisan effort than a partisan effort, but sometimes you just have to move forward. >> reporter: numerous sources that i have spoken with said it is quite possible a few democrats might vote if it's clear republicans have the votes to pass it on their own. sandra. >> sandra: the stock market really thinks this is getting done. down in the lower corner, it's up over 300 points on a day where it's a loser record. mike emanuel, thank you. meanwhile, senators marco rubio
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of florida, mike lee of utah introducing an amendment to set the corporate tax break at 22%. remember, president trump wants that corporate tax rate two points lower. >> we're gonna cut our tax rate to the very competitive number of 20%, as i said. we're gonna create jobs. factories will be pouring into this country. >> sandra: dan sullivan of alaska is on the arm services committee and he joins me now. first of all, senator, thank you for being here. we'll see where things lead as we go through the afternoon into the evening. can you confirm first for us, are you a yes? >> i'm a yes. >> sandra: yes at this point. corporate tax rate. you just heard, talk of 22%. the president originally called for 15%. it's 35%, he wanted it to drop to 15%. he settled at 20%.
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would the president sign off on a 22% corporate tax rate? would you be okay with that? >> look, we're still discussing some of what we're calling the dials of this bill, some of the different components. but overall bringing down that corporate tax rate. right now we're at 35%, highest in the industrialized world. highest. so we have to bring it down. i have been supportive of 20%. we're still looking, i just came from the republican lunch. lot of good debate, constructive debate, on where that might land. i think we're still gonna be there. the good news is there's momentum. to me, this is all about, lot of focus on the corporate tax side. this is really about middle class families, getting more take home pay for middle class families. that's what it's going to do, clearly. and growing the economy. one thing -- i was on the floor this morning with some of my democratic colleagues. i said you never talk about growing the economy. that is the key. the person who is going to benefit the most from this tax
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bill in my view is the american who doesn't have a job now and who is going to have it now because we'll get back to robust growth. >> sandra: the joint committee on taxation, a nonpartisan committee, put out these numbers which would indicate that 80%, four out of five house holds would actually end up with a tax increase or basically get nothing out of this at all. you see the various income levels laid out here. this is what they say would be the impact on the middle class. not tax cuts for everyone in the middle class. but actually increases to their classes. how do you respond to that? >> well, look, every tax bracket right now, every single tax bracket of the seven in the senate bill is a tax reduction. there's other studies that show the average say middle class family making about $74,000 a year, they would bring home a family of four would bring home an additional $200 a month in
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terms of their pay check. >> sandra: senator, sorry to interrupt. it's a very simple question. does everybody in the middle class get a tax cut or not? >> i think everybody does get a tax cut on this. one of the things that's missing in the joint tax study and is missing is this issue with regard to individual mandate. they view that as somehow a tax increase. sandra, that's going to be a tax decrease because, remember, you have millions of american families who are paying that tax, the individual mandate tax because they can't afford health insurance under the affordable care act. 80%, 80% of the americans who are paying that tax right now make under $50,000. we're gonna get rid of that penalty. that's going to lead to middle class tax cuts. >> sandra: it's really important that we ask you about this growing threat coming from north korea. you are calling for more sanctions on north korea. what sort of response are you
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getting on that? >> i think there's strong bipartisan support for more sanctions. making sure our allies work closely with us to close loopholes. the other thing that's happening on the hill, the president is going to sign the authorization act soon. very bipartisan bill that dramatically increases america's missile defense. when you see north korea increasing its capability with regard to intercontinental ballistic missiles, we have to move on that. i had a bill that had 28 co-sponsors, democrats and republicans. increasing nation's missile defense is a key component in dealing with north korea. >> sandra: your state of alaska is uniquely affected because of your geographic location, obviously. but also strategically as well. very good of you to share your time with us today. very busy day. shocking details emerging as more women accusing matt lauer
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of sexual misconduct tell their stories. and two more women come forward accusing senator al franken of inappropriate behavior. plus new calls for congressman john conyers to resign over the same issue. >> he is not going to be pressured by nancy pelosi or anyone else to step down. usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. for over 100 yearsaking like kraft has,al cheese you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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>> sandra: new details emerging about the sexual misconduct allegations against matt lauer one day after he was fired by nbc news. this coming as lauer speaks out for the very first time. rick levanthal live outside nbc news headquarters.
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>> reporter: matt lauer said there is no word to express his regret and said repairing the damage is now his full time job. nbc has not yet responded to our request for further comment after multiple other women came forward, who they say he was protected by executives because of his power and $25 million a year salary. one woman told variety lauer called her to his office, exposed himself, anothered said he gave her a sex toy with an lewd note, other in violation of company standard and said their complaints to executives fell on deaf ears. one former boss, now president of cnn, jeff zucker who was vp of the today show from 1992 to 2000 said there was never a complaint about matt, there was never a suggestion of that kind of behavior. there was never even a whisper of it. but many now say lauer's bad behavior was well known around the office and the women who -- the woman who went to hr this week reportedly an intern when
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she was sent to the winter olympics in 2014 and said lauer began harassing her there. she showed allegedly nbc text messages and photos including one that reportedly left the network no option but to fire him. in a statement, lauer said to the people i have hurt, i am truly sorry and writing this, i realize the depth of the damage and disappointment i have left behind at home and nbc. some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. sandra, those two words were also used by al franken during his apology earlier this week. >> sandra: interesting similarity. rick, thank you. now to capitol hill, where even more women accusing senator al franken of sexual misconduct. an army veteran telling cnn franken grabbed her breast while they posed for a photo during a uso tour in kuwait in 2003. and a former elected official
11:19 am
telling a website that franken tried to kiss her at a 2006 event in the runup to his first senate campaign. so far franken has resisted all calls for him to step down. james holman author of the daily 202 in the washington post. you have been writing about this. your thoughts at this moment? >> sandra, it really is striking that there has been this paradigm shift. we saw nbc moving swiftly to get rid of lauer. on capitol hill, as we've heard over the last few minutes, there hasn't been the same level of accountability. al franken seems to be determined to stay on. john conyers is not going to step aside even though nancy pelosi called for him to do so. three recent polls show roy moore is now in the lead in that senate race in two weeks. that he could end up getting elected to the senate despite allegations by multiple women
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when they were teens and he was in his 30s. striking how in the media world there has been a lot of people to lose their job with allegations of sexual harassment but in the political world it hasn't translated the same way. that really is a big culture change. >> sandra: you say as men in the media and entertainment industries are being more accountable than politicians, at this point, it's safe to say that's an observation many have had. why do you think that is? >> there's a lot of reasons. i think some of it is tribalism. so many folks react to sexual harassment allegations against politicians depending on what party the politician is, regardless of the seriousness of the allegation. not everyone, but a lot of folks. they disbelieve people if it's sort of goes against what they think politically. so there's tribalism in play. what we've learned is the congressional system for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment is broken. lot of women who have come
11:21 am
forward on capitol hill to report allegations against members of congress get stuck in this system where they are forced into secrecy and reach secret settlements that are paid for by taxpayer. >> sandra: right. whether or not what we will see happen with that, mitch mcconnell has been talking about whether or not names should be unmasked of those who settle. i want to show you nancy pelosi because the next question is about conyers. she's calling on him now to step down. she said it's time. she's come a long way from what she was just saying on sunday. watch this. >> do you believe john conyers -- >> i don't know who they are. they have not really come forward. >> you don't know if you believe the accusations? >> that's up for the ethics committee to review. the allegations against congressman conyers, as we have learned more since sunday, are serious, disappointing and very credible. it's very sad. brave women who have come forward are owed justice.
11:22 am
i pray for congressman conyers and his family and wish them well. however, congressman conyers should resign. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. we have to leave it there. we will be right back. the phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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>> sandra: a record day on wall street. unbelievable. the dow passing through 24,000 for the first time then it just kept on going. 316 point gain right now. let's look at these numbers. so far this year the dow hitting 20,000 in january. who knows how high it can go. joining me now, what is causing the surge? 20,000 in january. look where we are today. that's fast, nicole. >> it's running fast, running hot. there's no doubt traders are
11:26 am
calling it the mccain tax relief rally. there's optimism the gop will have the votes necessary to push this thing along. we broke through 24,000. a new milestone. they're already getting ready for 25,000. so we are seeing -- at one point it was the best day of the year. we were up 387 points. we'll see whether or not we can clock that in by the end of the day. right now we're up about 318 points at this time. we've had a great 2017. take a look at some of the best performers that we're following, including square, which is up 190 points, groupon 70%, amazon 55%, netflix more than 50%, google 30%, bank of america, sandra. so you've certainly seen a great year on wall street. on the night of the election it was in the 17,000 range. then 18,000. then today we got 24,000. it's been quite a run. >> sandra: unbelievable.
11:27 am
who ever is making those hats is making a lot of money. sears reported earnings today. the company's sales continued to decline. what can you tell us about that name? >> it's unbelievable. this stock was up over 30 opinion in the premarket. everybody thought it was going to be the great winner of the day. they have a new plan moving over with appliances, mattresses and car services. they're shifting gears to focus a new strategy. they did report a loss that was in line. obviously they're getting better at the losses. they've narrowed those losses. ultimately that bodes well for the company going forward. it had a huge gain in the early going. but guess what? it is back in the red today after being up 25% during trading. it is now down 2%. if you own this one over the last year, it is down about 68% in one year. >> sandra: they've tried to reinvent themselves many times. >> also filed for bankruptcy as
11:28 am
well. let's focus on the dow 24,000 and a record. >> sandra: what a day. i guess that puts 25,000 in reach now. all right, nicole, thank you. the u.s. border patrol agent who died on duty may not have been attacked as previously thought. the county sheriff telling the dallas morning news he thinks a tractor trailer side swiped the vehicle the two agents were in. it happened more than 100 miles southeast of el paso. both agents were hurt, but agent martinez died from his injuries nearly two weeks ago. well, the gop tax bill just got a big boost with senator john mccain saying he is a yes. now a floor vote in the senate could be hours away. what about the remaining undecided, on the fence senators? the latest from capitol hill next 37
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>> sandra: more calls for democrats from congressman john conyers to step down after multiple sexual misconduct allegations. the latest is from his home state. peter doocey is live from his home state. who do you have here? >> reporter: a democrat from michigan. district includes flints. he's the first michigan democrat now calling on john conyers to resign. what was it that finally pushed
11:33 am
you to decide this? >> this morning i took a look at the interviews that the two victims gave and just paid close attention to what they said. sort of tested my senses. they were credible. this is painful. i have known john conyers for a very long time. i have served with him here for five years. it doesn't matter where you work. doesn't matter your seniority or partisanship, this behavior can't be tolerated and he has to resign. >> reporter: if he doesn't resign, is there a place for him here? leadership now, d.ic leadership, republican leadership are calling for him to resign. at least one democrat from michigan is calling for him to resign. how would it play out if he decides he's going to come back, like his lawyer said? >> it's a good question. i think he has to ask himself that question. examine his own conscience and determine whether or not he can continue. it's his decision clearly. we also have to be able to speak
11:34 am
our own minds. after looking at this carefully, i couldn't draw any other conclusion but that might be who engages in this kind of behavior should resign. representative conyers should resign. >> reporter: if he decides that he is going to stay in congress, keep the seat, would you appeal to him personally to quit? >> i have not had chance to talk to him. if i spoke to him, i would tell him the same thing i am telling you. as hard as it is for everybody, it's hardest on the victims. these are people who have carried this pain for a long time. we have to keep them in mind. >> reporter: would this do damage to democrats in michigan if he stays and he is still the longest serving member of the house, democrat from michigan. >> might surprise you to hear me say this, but i don't care about that. partisanship is too thick in this town already. some issues just not even be viewed through a partisan lens.
11:35 am
this is really a much bigger question than that. >> reporter: all right, congressman dan kildee, first one from john conyers state to call for him to resign. >> sandra: peter, thank you for that. president trump taking aim at "the tphorb times" after its editorial board tweeted out the phone number of republican senators on the fence about the republican tax plan. the board encouraged people to call the offices of seven key lawmakers and urge them to vote against the bill. this morning the president fired back tweeting the failing "new york times" the pipe organ for the democrat party, has become a virtual lobbyist for them with regard to our massive tax cut bill. they are wrong so often that now i know we have a winner. we now bring in guy benson, political editor of town and democrat campaign consultant joe trippy. what did you think of that move? >> i think it's kind of an over
11:36 am
the line possibly. definitely a different way of doing this. >> sandra: you don't sound shocked. >> these papers have been endorsing candidates for years. actually coming out and arguing on issues of war and peace and taxes and everything else. what's different is directly communicating -- using social media directly connecting with voter, telling them to take action. that hasn't happened. not to my knowledge has it happened before. in terms of how people are looking at social media and how it's disrupted in our politics, this seems like the next shoe to drop, i guess. >> sandra: guy, to go to the lengths of supplying the phone numbers of all of susan collins offices and saying if you live in maine, ask her to oppose the tax bill because it would repeal oba obamacare, hash tag the tax bill
11:37 am
hurt. >> yeah. that is not opinion journalism, that is directage taeugs and political activism. new york times editorial board went from being an inforral apendage to the democratic party to a formal apendage of the democratic party. i'm sure some would say the reverse would be true on this network, very pro republican. but i wonder if for example, fox news handed oeufr its twitter feed, an official twitter feed to shawn hannity and lou dobbs and they sent out phone numbers for people to call. that is a new level to me of activism from "the new york times" editorial board. sandra, not only putting aside the journalism ethics involved, they were also tweeting that the bill doesn't help the middle class which is false. so they were giving people a phone number to call senators with bogus talking points. >> sandra: joe, isn't the
11:38 am
responsibility of journalism to provide the facts so that your readers, those you are informing, can decide for themselves? was the president okay to react the way he did, joe? >> first of all, any paper has a right to state an opinion that they believe hurts the middle class. it is a fiscally responsible draft. >> sandra: they went beyond sharing an opinion. they're telling their readers what to do. >> newspapers from the man chester union leader to the new york times have been telling people how to vote, who they endorse and what they should think about things for years. that's not new. what is new is, just as the president has used social media and twitter to go directly to the people, it seems like the opinion, at least on the ed board of "the new york times" is trying to directly connect with its readership and say this is what -- these are the people you should call if you agree.
11:39 am
i do believe there's a question about that. about whether -- you can't complain that corporations shouldn't have a voice on one hand and then try to exercise it yourself. >> sandra: guy? >> great point. major hypocrisy there. i'm going back to the obamacare debate. the wall street journal was superb arguing against the bill for all sorts of reasons that turned out to be true. the wall street journal, what they did not do was take to social media with an official social media handle and ask readers to hall their senators who oppose the bill. they engaged in opinion journalism, putting out their opinion, which was rooted in fact for reasons and explanations for why they thought obamacare was a bad idea. that is completely fair game and the new york times does that all the time. they have a very particular point of view that i disagree with almost all of the time. this, as joe indicated, was a
11:40 am
turn. this was different. call your senators. it was like the dnc took over that twitter feed. >> sandra: we'll see what the effect is of all of this. we're looking at possibly a vote happening tonight, joe. this is gonna be a big week. big moment when we see if they can get the yes to this thing. >> looks to me like they will. i agree with guy. question is does it spread now to other opinions. do other people start to do this to interact on social media and actually call to action? that is a big step that i think there are big questions about. >> sandra: guy, i have a few seconds left. last word to you. >> it's difficult for me here to disagree too much of what joe is saying. i also agree that right now as of now it's looking good that the republicans will have the votes to slash our uncompetitive corporate tax rate and cut taxes across the board including for the middle class. >> sandra: all right. thanks to both of you.
11:41 am
we have brand new photos of matt lauer after he was fired over multiple sexual harassment allegations. we will bring those pictures to you yes. lots of dangerous spots around the world, from north korea to iran. so how will any change at the state department affect all of that. plus trying to prevent a holiday travel nightmare. what american airlines is doing to correct a massive scheduling error. your insurance company won't
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replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. >> the white house briefing is set to start at the top of the hour as the trump administration deals with reports of another staff shake-up. rex tillerson apparently on the chopping block this time. the chief of staff, john kelly, tells the wall street journal newspaper that there is no plan in place to remove the secretary of state. sources tell our chief white house correspondent john roberts expect tillerson to leave in january. we're expecting a reaction from the white house which we'll
11:45 am
bring to you live. that's unless breaking news changes everything on shepard smith reporting. >> sandra: brand new photos now emerging of the ousted today show anchor matt lauer. he was fired by nbc yesterday after a complaint alleging sexual misconduct. today several more women have come forward with allegations against him. photographers from the daily mail capturing lauer leaving his home in the hamptons today. pope francis breaking his silence on the situation in burma which the u.n. declared a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. the international community should take decisive measures to resolve the muslim refugee crisis. he praised bangladesh for welcoming those ref few skwreus and said world leaders must help the bangladeshi government provide for them. >> what i read is we may turn
11:46 am
everything topsy turvy by moving the secretary of state out. i have no way in knowing if that is the white house plan. i just know what i read this morning. there's a pattern of really under mining the diplomatic muscle. >> sandra: that's senator tim cane's assessment of what would happen if rex tillerson is replaced especially given the hot spots on the international front. colonel, thanks for coming on with us. first of all i want to get your take on the situation that's unfolding our senior white house reporter has sources telling him tillerson's out, john kelly says that's not the case, not yet at least. president said he's still here. but what do you make of what you're hearing so far on this? >> we've seen these reports kind of rear their head every couple of months now. at the end of the day, sandra, the secretary of state, i served in the white house under the
11:47 am
bush administration for vice president cheney. the secretary of the state regardless of how good a job he or she's doing or how bad a job, that relationship with the president has to be air tight. when world leaders engage with the secretary of state, they have to know that he is speaking for the white house. i'm not sure that's the case anymore. whoever is leaking this, doing it months in advance knowing that it also will take some time to get someone new in place through a confirmation process, i don't think it's helpful given what we are dealing with with iran, across the middle east, what we're dealing with isis, with a very delicate situation with china and north korea trying to stave off war there. if we're going to get someone new in place, get them in place, or her in place now, so we can engage on the diplomacy and the hard work that needs done. >> sandra: now how does that uncertainty change things? especially with the growing threat from north korea?
11:48 am
>> that's right. with both our allies and adversaries, it under minds a number of efforts. when we're saying, china, you take care of this or we will, the chinese have to believe that that is the message from the president. i think the other thing, secretary tillerson had this real focus on this kind of corporate shake-up at the state department. you're seeing a lot of our most talented diplomats leave. that takes any agency could operate more efficientsy. any government agency. but the expertise with our most talented diplomats takes decades to get into place. i'm with where mattis was during his confirmation testimony when he told the senate, hey, for every diplomat we lose, i need to buy more ammo. it's our diplomats that keep us out of war. >> sandra: i want to show you what nikki haley had to say yesterday on north korea,
11:49 am
specifically on this latest test moving one step closer to war. watch. >> we now turn to president xi to also take that stand. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it. we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it. if war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday. and if war comes, make no mistake, the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. >> sandra: she started out by saying we now turn to president xi, who also takes that stand, calling on china to act. >> that's right. i think the ambassador is exactly right and well said. this president, president trump, rightly has decided we will not live in a world where we are under threat from a despotic regime with an icbm.
11:50 am
the only entity i think can stop that, short of military action, is china. they have to change their own calculus now to believe that even if they choke off the oil, if they choke off north korea economically and that causes the fall of the regime, that is better than the united states doing it militarily. they have to believe that the president and, by extension, his secretary of state is serious when we say, you take care of it or we will. >> sandra: colonel waltz thanks for coming on. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: if you booked a flight home for the holidays, particularly on american airlines, you might want to pay attention. how a massive scheduling error at the airline could leave thousands stranded at christmas.
11:51 am
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>> sandra: a massive error by american airlines, not scheduling pilots for thousands of december flights. adam housely is live in los angeles. adam, what caused this mess? >> reporter: at the heart of it is simple math until you have a computer system that decides to have a glitch. you don't have enough pilots for the plane. what american is saying that is computer glitch allowed pilots to take days off and not take into account other factors, the fact they would normally have pilots in reserve to be able to take over that spot. it's all going to happen during the christmas travel season starting the week before christmas according to american airlines. some people are saying maybe as early as december 9th this could have been a problem. because of this, the pilots union at one point said 15,000 flights may not have the required crew to take off. many passengers would be
11:55 am
stranded at gates truly making the travel season that much more difficult for those who already maybe try to avoid it if they don't have to make that flight around the country. >> sandra: could be a mess for so many. the obvious question now is what is american airlines going to do to resolve this issue? >> well, first of all they have ten days of the earliest time frame to figure it out. obviously had everybody worried. especially if you had american airlines tickets freaking out. they put out an updated statement that makes it seem like they've made significant head way. in part that statement reads, out of the 200,000 flights american will operate in december only a few hundred are currently unassigned a pilot. that number of open flights continues to decrease thanks to our pilots who are stepping up to the plate and picking up trips to ensure customers are taken care of. another example of why we are thankful to have such an
11:56 am
incredible team. they say also they had reserve pilots on hand normally in case pilots are sick or whatever issues might rise during the holiday season. again, this really caused american to scramble. there was obviously some back and forth with the union, sandra. at this hour it seems to me they're making head way. we'll know for sure in ab nine days whether they have it all covered. >> sandra: that's good news for so many who have plans to see family and friends all over the country, all over the world. thank you very much for the report, adam. >> it's already bad enough, flying out of lax for example. >> sandra: good point. they thought they lost everything in the california wild fires. the surprise for one family weeks later that will make rebuilding a little bit easier. . they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on
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>> a family that thought they lost everything in the california wild fires gets a big surprise. >> i know. it's going to be okay. >> thomas the cat's owner
12:00 pm
thought he died. seven weeks later, rangers found him. >> you never knew it would happen. if they didn't contact us, i don't think we would have found him. >> thomas is thinner. thanks for joining us. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. we're monitoring a potential shakeup in the trump administration. the white house is pushing back on reports that the president may replace secretary of state rex tillerson. it would be a big move as washington deals with north korea. president trump declining to knock down the news. the white house briefing is set to start at any moment. we expect reporters to ask about the investigation into russia's election meddling after we learned that jared kushner met with robert mueller's team. the attorney general jeff sessions testifying before house lawmakers today. while donald trump jr. is


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