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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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puts something in that container. >> remarkable person. thanks for joining us here in denver, colorado. i'm dana. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. 2:00 in alabama. and go get'em roy! those are the words from president trump to the republican senate candidate roy moore today. moore has denied accusations that decades ago he assaulted and harassed teens and now the president has endorsed him saying roy moore would be better than the democratic candidate. the president also pushing back against the russia investigation calling it a witch hunt and accusing the fbi of playing favorites. a top democratic senator talking about a possible obstruction of justice case against the president. the president's lawyers say the case won't stick. both sides ahead. the house and senate work on a tax bill. we'll see how it can affect your
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finances. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. it's a done deal. president trump has formally endorsed the republican senate candidate, roy moore, of alabama for the first time since multiple women accused moore of sexual misconduct. moore has denied the allegations and refuses to drop out of the race. the endorsements came in a phone call from air force one. despite the fact that political analysts don't consider roy moore to be a reliable yes vote on all of the president's agenda. according to moore, the president ended the phone call with go get'em roy. the white house confirmed the president called him after supporting him on tweeter. the president tweeted "democrats refusal to give one vote for massive tax cuts is why we need republican roy moore to win in alabama. we need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration,
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judges, second amendment and moore." and several women have accused roy moore of sexual harassment or assault. one says she was 14 years old and he 32 when he touched her and tried to force her to touch him. moore has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong. he said to face the democrat, doug jones, in a special election next week that was vacated when jeff sessions became attorney general. jonathan serrie with more. >> 90 minutes after the president chimed in with his official endorsement on twitter, roy moore also took to twitter responding, thankful for president trump's support. the america first agenda, #maga. can't wait to help him #draintheswamp. in a written statement from the moore campaign, moore adds, president trump knows of the future of hisrvative on
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this election, shep. >> shepard: will the president the president has still announced no plans campaign within the state of alabama. he does have a rally scheduled for friday in pensacola, florida, just over the state line. so close to mobile, alabama, the two cities are part of the same tv market. so anything the president says there wi by national news but people can watch it on their own local news. everybody will watch the president to see whether or not he weighs in on the alabama senate race. the website reports that some alabama residents have received robo calls inviting them to the president's rally in pensacola. meanwhile, roy moore is scheduled for a separate rally tomorrow in fair hope, not far from where i'm standing in point clear, alabama. the rally tomorrow. he's scheduled to appear with steve bannon, the former white
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house chief strategist and something that is garnering some criticism from moore's democratic opponent. take a listen. >> he's a divisive figure. he does nothing but play on fears. i'm so glad that he's not here. it's typical. it's appropriate that he represents or tries to help someone like roy moore. we do not need that kind of red rick, we don't need that kind of divisiveness in the united states, much less the state of alabama. we have had too much of it in the state of alabama and it's time to move on. >> over the released a new poll showing moore leading jones by three points. moore is in the average lead under three points. way too close for either candidate to get much sleep before the december 12 general election, shep. >> shepard: no doubt. jonathan serrie in lower alabama. president trump blasting the russia investigation as a witch hunt and defending his former
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national security adviser who is facing prison time in this case. this is the president's lawyer responds to criticism that the president may have admitted to a crime on twitter. the attorney reportedly said the president cannot obstruct justice because he's in charge of justice. details on that in just a moment. the president this morning saying the russia investigation ruined michael flynn's life. here's what he told john roberts. >> i will say this: hillary clinton lied many times to the fbi. nothing happened to her. flynn lied and they destroyed his life. i think it's a shame. >> shepard: the justice department did not bring charges against clinton over her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. law enforcement officials say they do not believe she misled investigators. michael flynn pleaded guilty last week to lying to the fbi about conversations with the russia ambassador. he also said that he would cooperate with the special counsel, roy moore, who is
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investigating russian interference in the election and the trump campaign's possible ties to the kremlin. this comes as legal experts say the president may have omitted -- i should say admitted to obstruction of justice in one of his tweets. here's what the president posted over the weekend. "i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. he guilty to those lies. it's a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. there was nothing to hide." lawmakers from both parties said they had concerns about the tweet. at issue here, james comey testified back in june that he believed the president directed him to end the bureau of investigation into flynn. if the president did ask comey to drop the flynn investigation, his tweet suggested so he did so knowing that michael flynn lied to the fbi. the president tweeted i never asked comey to stop covering
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flynn. just fake news. the president fired comey in may. the top democrat said the panel is investigating possible obstruction of justice by the president. here's what senator dianne feinstein of california said on "meet the press". >> i see it most importantly in what happened with the firing of director comey. it is my belief that that is directly because he did not agree to lift the cloud of the russia investigation. that's obstruction of justice. >> shepard: that was yesterday. a lawyer for president trump said the president cannot obstruct justice because he's the chief law enforcement officer under the constitution. the lawyer took the blame for writing the president's tweet about michael flynn lying to the fbi. saying it was misleading and sloppy. he says he's tweeted for the president one time that he dictated it and that time. the attorney said the first time
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that the president knew that flynn lied is when the justice department charged him. john roberts is on the north lawn for us this afternoon. this is a lot coming together here. >> yeah. a lot of pieces to the puzzle, shep. once in a while they come together. i spoke with the same attorney this morning that insisted the president did not know that michael flynn had lied to the fbi in two statements when he made the statement to james comey that he helped he could let the whole thing go and the first time the president knew in fact that flynn had lied to the fbi is when he learned about it when they filed charges against him last friday. the president weighing in, as you saw earlier, for the first time in person about the flynn guilty plea on friday. i threw a question at him to ask him more about it. listen to what he said here. >> i feel badly for general flynn. i feel very badly. he's led a very strong life and
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i feel badly, john. hillary clinton on the fourth of july weekend went to the fbi, not under oath. it was the most incredible thing anybody has ever seen. lied many times. nothing happened to her. flynn lied and it's like they ruined his life. >> again, back to the tweet that caused so much consternation over the weekend on the president's twitter feet. this wasn't the president himself saying that he fired general flynn because he lied to the fbi. attorney john dowd saying he was the one that dictated the tweet. the white house social media director, that he conflaited the two things.
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the president did not know at that time that flynn had lied to the fbi. shep? >> shepard: so flynn lied to the fbi and now the president is attacking the fbi. >> yes. well, you know, the president has been known to attack the fbi from time to time. now getting new ammunition with the revelation that this principle investigator on mueller's team who is a former fbi agent, peter stroke, had been found to have sent text messages earlier in the year to another colleague that were anti-trump and pro hillary clinton. let's remember, too, that stroke was one of the principle investigators in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. all of that prompting the president to tweet report anti-trump fbi agent led clinton e-mail probe. now it all starts to make sense. the president also including james comey, the former fbi director in that criticism saying after years of comey with the phony and dishonest clinton investigation and more running the fbi, its reputation is in
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tatters. that was too much for james comey who has in recent months decided that he's going to take to twitter to voice his opinion on some of the news items of the day. comey tweeting back something that he said a number of months ago. he said "i want the american people to know this truth. the fbi is honest, the fbi is strong and the fbi is and always will be independent citing me june 8, 2017." so this feud that the president has had with the fbi literally since the day he took office, shep. continuing the pace. >> shepard: john roberts on the north lawn of the white house. let's turn to stephen mulroy, currently a professor at the university of memphis where he teaches constitutional law. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: there's times when a president can obstruct justice
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and it not be a crime of any kind. but are there times, sir, when if a president obstructs justice he can be charged for that? >> shepard, it's a very interesting question. no court has ruled on it. but the majority of legal experts show that if the president corruptly in the language of the statue obstructed justice, that is to say tried to stop or impede an ongoing investigation for corrupt reasons, because he got a bribe to do it or because he was trying to protect himself or those close to him or political allies from potential legal liability, if he did it for that corrupt reason, then i think most people would say that it is possible to say that the president violated the obstruction of justice law. >> shepard: if indeed under those circumstances that you just laid out there, if it is found that he did obstruct justice under those circumstances, could the president then be charged with a
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crime while a sitting president? >> that is an excellent question, shepard. i think even more of a disagreement among legal experts on that and certainly no court has definitively ruled. the official position of the department of justice as far back as 1973 during the nixon controversy and the clinton controversy, their position is no, you cannot legally indict a sitting president. the only remedy for ill legality by a president would be impeachment. the other hand, the special prosecutors from those times from watergate and kenneth starr in the clinton impeachment controversy said it would be possible to indict a sitting president. we don't have a definitive answer on that. >> shepard: i guess we'll know when we know. >> that's a good way of putting it. >> thanks, steven mulroy.
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i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shepard: president trump dramatically scaling back some of america's monuments. not everybody is on board with this plan. there's an understatement. millions of acres as the president put it a short time ago. are the locals better or should this be federally protected land? that's the controversy. we'll have that and the rest of today's news coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. today we're out here with some big news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...and lower your a1c. wow. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. symptoms include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, tiredness, and trouble breathing. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash,
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>> shepard: the president a short time against signed the paperwork to scale back two large areas of land that were protected as national monuments in utah. they're known as bears ears and the grand staircase. and they cover millions of acres. former presidents obama and clinton created those areas. they're among more than two dozen monuments which president trump asked his interior secretary to review. the president says the monuments are part of a massive federal land grab. the people in utah should decide how to handle those areas. >> some people think that the natural resources of utah should be controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats in washington. guess what? they're wrong. >> shepard: environmentalists and native american tribes are
12:18 pm
promising to sue to protect the land. the president focusing on utah's 83-year-old senator orrin hatch encouraging him to run for re-election next year. >> you meet fighters and people you thought were fighting. he's a fighter. we hope you continue to serve your state and your country and your senate for a very long time to come. >> shepard: senator hatch has not said whether he will run again. mitt romney is getting ready to campaign if hatch doesn't run. romney has called the president a fraud and a phony and word that president is trying to keep mitt romney out of the senate. dan springer has the news. he's live. the president called him a good man earlier today. >> yeah, but shep, he doesn't want to see that good man in the u.s. senate. a report in politco detailing behind the scenes, president trump has been really trying to
12:19 pm
lobby 83-year-old orrin hatch to run for an eighth term in the u.s. senate. he's the longest serving republican in the senate in u.s. history. he wants hatch to run again because he doesn't want romney in the office. he's been no fan of romney ever since 2016 during the election cycle. you'll remember that news conference that he had in which he took the mantel of the never trump campaign. calling candidate trump a fraud and a phony. ever since then, there's been the bad blood and between the two and apparently the president is getting hatch to run. >> shepard: what were some of the headlines from the national monument speech that the president gave an hour or so ago? >> not only did he give a speech, he signed two declarations. they drastically shrinked two national monuments.
12:20 pm
one was signed by president obama. it was 1.3 million acres. the other, 1.9 million acres. it's been cut in half. that was done in the clinton designation. trump said this was due to a reversal and federal overreach and he said the president presidents have abused the 1906 antiquities act for responsible land development. no president used the act more than president obama that designated 500 million acres of monuments. here's president obama. >> these abuses have not just threatened your local economies, they have threatened your very way of life. they have threatened your hearts. >> so president trump has left
12:21 pm
utah and now on his way back to d.c. he's been looking forward to meeting orrin hatch ever since. >> shepard: thanks, dan. i said mitt romney was the governor of utah. he was the governor of massachusetts. i apologize. remember when top congressional democrats cancelled their went n twitter? looks like everybody is all made up now. with just a few days left to avoid a government show down, might a meeting with these two fix everything? yo, check it out dawg. that was just a'ight for me. i mean, you got the walk. you got the stance.. but i wasn't really feeling it. you know what, i'm not buying this. you gotta come a little harder dawg. you gotta figure it out. shaky on the walk, carriage was off. randy jackson judging a dog show. i don't know dawg. surprising. what's not surprising? how much money lisa saved by switching to geico.
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>> shepard: democratic leaders are set to meet with president trump on thursday after they cancelled a meeting with him last week. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi
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have accepted an invitation to the white house. in a joint statement, they wrote "we're glad the white house reached out and asked for a second meeting. they said we hope the president will go in the meeting with an open mind deciding that an agreement can't be reached beforehand." that's what happened last week. hours before a scheduled meeting, president trump attacked senator schumer and nancy pelosi on twitter and said he didn't think they would reach a spending deal. so they cancelled the trip and the president held a photo op with their empty chairs. congress needs to agree on some sort of funding measure by the end of the week to keep the federal government up and running. otherwise, a shut down is coming. mike emanuel has the news. he's live on capitol hill. hi, mike. >> shep, good afternoon. democrats made it clear they also want to work on the status of the young people that were brought to the country by their
12:26 pm
parents. leaders schumer and pelosi say we have to come together on a bipartisan deal to pass the dream act and tough boarder measures. there's a bipartisan path forward on all of these items. it should not be tied to funding the government. >> they last week showed how political this whole process has been. it's a manufactured crisis. the question about what we're going to do with the daca, it doesn't have to be solved until march and this is a manufactured crisis to try to try it to spending in the end of the year. >> thursday, white house meeting. friday funding deadline. seems tight and likely they with all to put off these till later. >> shepard: we're in the middle of a process on taxes. what is the next step in the process of getting to this take change? >> everybody here in terms of republicans seems focused on trying to put this on the president's desk by christmas. so the how is scheduled to go to a conference tonight to vote to
12:27 pm
work out the differences. some on the other side they could skip that step if they want to. >> i'd give it 50/50 there's no conference. i think there's a chance because i don't think either side wants to take -- wants to bring this back to the floor. the house just may take the senate bill and send it to the president. >> the president talked a short time ago about this being a giant christmas gift for the american people. so there's pressure to finish up. >> shepard: thanks, mike. as republicans start to iron out the differences between the house version and the senate version of this tax change, they say their final tax plan will boost the economy and help middle class families. the democrats say the republican plan will benefit corporations, which it will, and the democrats say that instead of the people that really need it. gets get some fact checks. gerri willis, you've been reporting this is largely a matter for corporate interests.
12:28 pm
>> yeah, it starts there and everything else is written around that. what i'm finding when i check out statements that people have been making is that, you know, there's stinky lawyers on both sides. democrats and republicans overstating -- >> shepard: tell us what the stinky lies are. >> democrats say hey, at the end of the day, middle class people are getting killed here. poor people will be hurt. that's not true necessarily. let me show you what the middle class will get. standard deduction doubles from 12,000 to 24,000. that's real money. the first $24,000 are taxed. the child tax credit is doubled. the medical expense deduction comes back for two years. so there's some benefits for people in the middle class. the republicans keep saying everybody gets a tax cut. you know that's not true. if you're in a blue state -- >> shepard: every middle
12:29 pm
classer. >> republicans make big, big -- they say everybody and their mother gets a tax cut. what i'm saying that's not true. people even middle class people in blue tax states will see a tax increase. why? it's because of the state and local tax deduction. taking that away. even if you leave $10,000 for real estate, still will hit people hard. this is the surprise about this, high income tax states. states where income taxes are high and charged by their state capitols. you'd be surprised at some of these. you know california, but what about oklahoma? minnesota, iowa. new jersey and new york. there's some states in there that you might not have expected. >> shepard: so some of those states -- some of those are trump states. some of those will see and overall tax increase, not a decrease. >> they'll get a little back on the income tax brackets. so that will be a benefit. but i have to tell you, if you really rely on the deductions, it's a problem. >> shepard: you know when people
12:30 pm
will figure it out? next year. >> you think you'll get rid of these accountants? i don't think so. >> shepard: no. >> they're already starting to tell people how to prepare. >> shepard: gerri willis from fox business, thank you. >> nice to see you. >> shepard: dozens of religious leaders are holding a rally for john conyers in detroit. he's facing criticism over sexual harassment allegations. john conyers is deserved to clear his name, says the naacp. >> quite frankly, this is oppressing the right to vote. >> shepard: the house eminority leader and nancy pelosi and other democrats have called for
12:31 pm
him to step down. john conyers' lawyer said his client would make a decision in the coming days. a judge in florida sentencing corrine brown to five years in prison in a fraud case. prosecutors said the florida democrat used her charity as her own personal fund. corrine brown says she was in the dark about the charity spending and blamed the theft on her former chief of staff thats will got prison time. that former chief of staff said he was acting under her orders. corrine brown's lawyers say she plans to appeal the sentence. from north korea, new warnings of nuclear war. ahead, what the dictator kim jong-un is all riled up about now. but first, the stadium demolition that did not go quite as planned. that's coming up in two minutes. ♪ this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. more of today's headlines. a man in north carolina going to court after investigators found the body of his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter in a creek. a judge keeping bond at a million dollars. cops say earl kimery moved and concealed the girl's body knowing she's died of unnatural causes. rebel fighters say they killed yemen's former president as he tried to escape to saudi arabia. the country is locked in a bloody civil war. and demolition crew blaming a bad wire after failing to blow up an old stadium, the pontiac silverdome. the former home of the detroit lions. no word on when they will try to finish the job. the news continues with shepard smith after this. keyboard clacking ]
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>> the u.s. and south korea lawnching major joint and air drills. the so-called vigilant ace exercises involving hundreds of aircraft including a couple dozen american stealth jets. u.s. officials note these sorts of drilled happen every year and are not in response to action by north korea. but they do come a week after north korea launched a long range missile which the north koreans claim can strike anywhere in the united states. a senior u.s. official said the missile broke up when it reenters the atmosphere. h.r. mcmaster told fox news that the potential for war with north korea is increasing every day. yesterday lindsey graham said he would urge to pentagon to get military members families out of that area. >> it's crazy to send spouses
12:38 pm
and children to south korea given the provocation of north korea. so i want them to stop sending dependents and it's time to start moving american dependents out of south korea. >> shepard: nearly 30,000 troops are in south korea right now. gordon chang is here and author of "nuclear show down." is senator graham right? should dependents be leaving south korea? >> yeah, it's a little premature. a lot of things we can do to disarm north korea peacefully. for instance, much more intensive sanctions, on north korea but their backers, china, russia and other countries. when you start evacuating american dependents, you spook a lot of people. you can create a situation where the dynamic just goes out of control, this is early to talk about this. >> shepard: the war games, military exercises, i've been reporting on these at this time of year for as long as i can
12:39 pm
remember. why are they using it now? is it convenience? >> we've got to do this. >> shepard: no. why are the north koreans going look at this, brink of war? >> they're always going to do that. every time there's a drill, they say the same thing. may not say nuclear war but they say war. the united states and south korea need to do this. we have to have our forces prepared for an north korean invasion. they have about 70% of their army on the dmz. so that creates a dynamic where we have to practice all the time. >> shepard: do we have an idea of the end game? i ask, if you want an icbm to carry a warhead to be part of the international discussion, you're probably there. is north korea about to ask for some sit-downs? >> they could in ninth months to a year when they're confident. they have a few things they have
12:40 pm
to do. the heat shielding, a little guidance. if they have an electromagnetic pulse device, they don't need to reenter the atmosphere to kill americans. that's what they've been talking about. the north koreans want to intimidate us. they want us off the peninsula so they can get south korea into submission and take it over. that's the real danger here. >> shepard: so what they want is not talks. they want to control the entire korean peninsula. >> that's the out it end game. that's been since 1948 when the regime was founded. that's been their consistent goal, talk about it all the time. kim jong-un himself talks about final victory these days. that's north korean code for intimidating the south into submission. >> shepard: china does not want that. >> probably not. >> shepard: we don't know. >> we don't know. the other thing we do know is a lot of north korean's inventory comes from china. a lot of questions that the united states needs to ask. some things we can't confirm.
12:41 pm
if indeed a lot of this equipment does come from china, that changes our conversations with beijing and the way we approach them with north korea and other things. >> shepard: before we go, the designation of north korea as a state sponsor of terror, something that happened with the president after they were off the list, has that helped our cause of peace or hurt it and if so why? >> the thing about that designation, it's symbolic but brings with it about a handful of sanctions that were important. the way that we settle this peacefully is starve the regime of funds. funds to build nukes that make stuff, launch missiles, engage in politics and kim jong-un buying the loyalty of people around him. we need to cut off that money. that helped a little bit. there's many more things to do. that's a small part of the puzzle. >> shepard: gordon chang, nice to see you. >> thanks. >> shepard: the japanese coast guard reports the bodies of
12:42 pm
three people believed to be north koreans washed up on its shores. this happened after a ghost boat was found. japanese officials say they saw about 30 of these fishing boats. some make landfall with bodies on boards and other teams they're empty. there's been no survivors. some north koreans may be trying to escape but others may be fishermen taking longer trips to try to meet dictator kim jong-un's increased quotas. the former access hollywood anchor billy bush speaking out about his infamous access hollywood reporting. ahead, his comments and why he says he thought the president was just putting on a show.
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news. attorney for john conyers says a decision is coming soon on whether the michigan democrat can get due process and remain in office after accusations of sexual harassment. he denies any wrong doing. as i reported, his supporters head a rally today. billy bush now is calling out president trump over that infamous access hollywood recording from the year 2005. you'll remember back then, donald trump was hosting "the apprentice." as he rolled up for an interview, he got caught making obscene comments about women with billy bush laughing in the background. the recording leaked last year about a month before the election. that caused billy bush his job and the former access hollywood anchor has written an op-ed in "the new york times." it appear's in sunday's edition. he writes that when it happened, he thought donald trump was just
12:47 pm
putting on a performance. trace gallagher live in los angeles. what else is bush saying? >> billy bush says when he heard the president say the voice on the access hollywood tape isn't his, he said it hit a raw nerve. of course trump said it. along with donald trump and me, there were seven other guys on the bus and every one of us assumed we were listening to a crass standup act. here's part of the tape with the proper edits. listen. >> i'm going to use some tic tacs in case i kiss her. i'm automatically attracted. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> you can grab them by the [bleep]. do anything. >> bush said at the time he didn't think trump was being real but now he knows better and he believes the women that have made claims against the president. he says he can imagine how the
12:48 pm
tape opened the wounds of the women that came forward. we should also note the president has denied all of those allegations. shep? >> shepard: trace, did billy bush say why he's speaking up now? >> no. but he has been out of work since the tape has been out. he will appear on stephen colbert's show. he believes that nbc executives sacrificed his career over politics and he wasn't the only one playing along with trump when he made the comments in 2005. getting here, was i acting out of self-interests? you bet i was. was i alone? far from it. with mr. trump's viewership then, everybody from billy bush to the top brass on the 52nd floor had to stroke the ego of the big cash cow along the way to higher earnings. bush is now trying to convince the world that he's learned from his mistake and he's grown into a better man, a better father
12:49 pm
and that he's certainly employable. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thank you. you might have noticed more people than usual staring into space last night. they may have been trying to catch a glimpse of the super moon. some of the best pictures we've been able to find coming up from. the chopping block to the unemployment line, our g-men making huge moves today. details on the changes, eli manning's status and the chances a new coach of the football giants will be some guy named saban? that's coming.
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>> shepard: the sentencing hearing today for the former south carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african american man as he ran away in a traffic stop. this happened in april of 2015. the officer claimed he shot scott in self-defense when scott tried to grab his taser. a bystander captured cell phone video this showed the man getting shot in the back. the police officer pleated guilty to violating scott's civil rights as part of a plea deal. he face as max numb of life in prison and a $250,000 fine according to the justice department. folks around the world looking to the skies to catch a glimpse of the super moon. did you see it last night? scientists say the moon looks bigger because it's traveling
12:54 pm
closer to the earth than at any point during the entire orbit. pictures to show you. it's hard to tell. does it look bigger? it does to the naked eye. here it is behind a mountain range in burma. scientists say super moons look 14% bigger and 30% brighter than average. here's a picture over yorkshire, england. 200 miles north of london. the abby inspired the book dracula and looked extra spooky there. this is a view from space. the astronaut randy bresnick tweeted this photograph. here's a jet in front of the moon in beijing. you can catch the next super moon new year's day a. it's a total eclipse of the moon! that's something else. the twins a sued facebook
12:55 pm
founder mark zuckerberg because they say he stole facebook are now billionaires. cameron and tyler wenklevoss bought $11 million of bitcoin stock. it's been exploding. they were relatively new when the twins bought them. since then, their values have increased 10,000%. and there's fans that make them dance. the new york giants fired ben mcadoo after two seasons. after fans have gone whack-a-doo over the benching of eli manning. the team dumped the general manager, jerry reese. here's a picture of them together in happier days. reese on the left. he was the g.m. in 07 and won two super bowls with the giants. both of those super bowls, eli
12:56 pm
has an mvp ring, lest we forget. for mcadoo, no surprise. the team is 2-10. the latest loss after he benched our man, eli manning. when reporters asked mcadoo about the job, he said he would coach the team as long as his key card works. your key card no longer works. espn reports manning will be back under center this week. there's more on that and i'll have that in a moment. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. check this sunday's paper for extra savings on products from aleve.
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tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> shepard: so some final notes on the giants and football. a list of those that may or may not make the cuts as the giants coach. the wrong thing is up there right now. i just said at the end of f3. here's what it is. mike smith that used to be the head coach, well, he's now the defensive coordinator at tampa and used to be the head coach in atlanta. anyway, he's at plus 350. he could be the favorite. harbaugh's name is on here.
1:00 pm
this is from nick saban is also listed. they suggest he probably won't want the job. the question is who will have a coach first? the giants or the tennessee volunteers. >> neil: all right. thank goodness stocks stopped trading a few seconds ago. the market day is over for a while. we were up a lot stronger than this. again is a gain and a record nor the dow is a record. and that's how we close things up. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. the tax cut buying spree continues. it wasn't as big as it was earlier, but it was impressive nonetheless. a lot of this has to do with something we heard when we did the live coverage over the weekend. that is this. that lawmakers believe it's distinctly possible that they're going to get this thing signed, sealed and delivered before santa is anywhere near your house. take a look. >> the house is comac


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