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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 8, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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about president trump? have a great weekend. >> good evening from washington welcome to the ingram angle. >> wow, it was a make america great again extravaganza tonight. president trump ral ed the faithful in pensacola, florida. it wrapped up a short time ago. that's not all. conservatives are now calling for the president to go on offense against the mueller probe now that a lot of it is anti trump bias made clear. plus, a so called, bomb shell report from cnn on donald trump junior and wiki leaks blows up.
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more trump gifts including the booming economy and the best job's market since the year 2000. first, tonight's top story the president brought down the house in florida, pensacola. the white house bill today as a campaign stereoil it was so close to the alabama border it served as a really for g. o. p. senate candidate roy moore. alabama special election is on tuesday here are the highlights from the night in florida. >> tonight we will speak straight to the american people and cut through the fake news media. right through. >> i think it will be hard for somebody to beat us in a few years we're talking about a few yeeshs. all you say is with us it guess up with them down. that is the end of the election. >> du see the corrections the media has been making sorry, we
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made a -- they have been doing that all year never apologized that is coming with being the president. they took the fraudster from abc and suspended him they should have fired him. >> drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes. which, tell you they like me. you know what he cost peopleful i said to everybody get a lawyer. and sue abc news. [applause] and cnn apologized. they apologized. thank you, thank you so much. you should have been apologizing for the last two years of true. >> these resistors. hilary resist anded she lost the election in's landslide. you know what? they are resisting?
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they are resisting the will of the american people. it is prune we have a rigged system does not happen easy. this system will be a lot of changes. this is a rigged this is a rigged system. >> this is a sick system from the inside. and -- you know, no country like ours but -- we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions. it is wrong and dangerous but congressional democrats to hold troop funding hostage for amnesty letting people pour in our country we don't know who they are or where they come from. you saw what happened with kate ste steinly. >> that was a miscarriage of justice. he didn't know it was a gun. the real changes that we are facing are the drugs and the
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gangs pouring in our country. millions of people over staying visas. chain migration that cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars and sanctuary cities that set free vi11 criminal ail yens all over our country and protect them. people come in and they are not -- necessarily good like the man that ran over the animal many people in new york city. we have to end chain migration. we have to end chain migration. one by one we are finding illegal alien drug dealers, gangs, criminals and killers praying on our children and everybody and we are throwing them the hell out of our country or put them in prison.
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and because our borders are strong as they should be and they will get much stronger. we will not let these people back in. how many people here are from the great state of alabama? you see what happened tud know the year book? did you see that? there was a little mistake made she wrote things in the year book. what are we going to do? gloria allred. when you see her you know something is going wrong. we cannot afford this country the future of this country cannot afford to lose a seat in the very, very close united states. we can't afford it. we can't afford to have a
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liberal democrat who is completely controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we can't do it. his name is jones and he is their total puppet and everybody knows. he will never vote for us. we need somebody in that senate seat who will vote for our make america great again agenda. we upon jobs. jobs. jobs. so get out and vote for roy moore. >> troops don't wear a foreign uniform. we will never surrender our rights to international tribunals. we will not do that. [applause]. we proudly sing the star spangled banner. our brave troops fight and die
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for the red, white and blue. and we protect and preserve the american constitution that we cherish. i'ved it aunt my job is not to be president of the world. my job is to be president of the us of america. >> we need love in the country. i love to bring both sides together if that is possible there a lot of hate there i would love to bring both sides together. >> the same failed voices in washington who oppose our movement from the beginning are the same people who have undermined the credibility of our gentleman. the washington insiders who oppose our movement are the same people who sacrificed our sovereignty and wealth, boarders. they had their chance at running
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this country and they failed. >> our guys did amazing editos that. they turnd that around so fast. joining to yous discuss it in washington forme un embassador and former senior advisor to the bernal sanders campaign and house oversight committee chair jason, i will go to you, john, first what is your take on trump and pensacola tonight. he is on offense and happy tames are burdens of the president looking for a way to get out. i didn't see that tonight i thought the line on the economic growth in the country were a good foretaste member of 2018 that he is delivering by
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removing more regulations. and we will go on for my own interview when he talked about it right in the blue collar get together, you work for bernie sanders we will play it in a mobile home. sanders ran on getting back to the heart of the american worker. american people. and kept saying as he said i'm for the working man and people the forgotten people. trump said i want to bring both parties together there are ways for some democrats to work with him on the trade deal and it is renegotiation. i know everyone says i will not work with trump on that issue sander supporters could work with trump. >> i have been doing campaigns for 27 jeers and worked a factory when i the 19. the reason i became a democrat i
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fought clinton inspired me to get involved in politics. it resonates with a group of people i saw get motivated traveling on the road with bernie that's why you saw the bernie supporters when it came down to eye general election support trump the numbers bear that out. tonight i watched the speech and prepared lots of pol suspicions for speech he is at his best in this element. when you get him out of the element and twit are that's when we take advantage. tonight he was at his best that's what he loves doing. >> jason a lot of people are talking about how the republicans are they are not going in offense enough. they are not hitting the mother probe which is filled with democrat part sans. hit harder. clinton did successfully and his
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band of prosecutors. trump had energy. he was not mentally deficient that's what the ms nbc crowd saying. i don't know if anyone is watching the other network this is is trump at his best and it is playings offense and making america great and he is producing results that is show whenning he talks benefit 401k and home overship in communities that have not had high home overship and employment numbers are doing well. i think that the president needs to play offense and pound on that law. lines resonated the best when the president talks about securing our boarders. locking the boarders and building the wall. >> he thinks roy moore with the past allegation says he needs that senate vote. he needs the vote.
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he needs that support in the senate for everything he is doing. yet, could that come back to by the him in 2018 in the other close race. democrats will make it come back. i find an irony the most straight laced bigoted hard leaned people are in the belt buckle of the bible bechlt so moralistic they have no tolerance. they will vote for roy moore next ttsz the open minded cosmopolitan people in the cities are against him. there is an inversion here and i think what it reflects is the support trump has across the working class vote not just in the south butt north. people recent the correctness that's what you see. >> now we will play bernie sanders from today on cbs this morning. let's listen. >> we have for president of the us acknowledged on a tape seen
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all over this country he assaulted women. i would hope that may be the president of the united states might pay attention what is going on and think about resigning. >> chuck was that classic bernie. he saw al franken forced out allegations that. if i were al frankin and innocent i would have stayed and fought it out. i said on the show it is outrageous that 30 senators push out someone elected by the voters of minnesota. but what about this. trump should resign because of the bill bush tape. americans elected trump they heard that tape. i was disgusted by it. they heard that tape and elected him anyway. what does that say about the american people in the key states thought about the old ways of politics trump talked about. >>you are talking about two things i agree with partially in a moment in time in politics
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anything is happen. bernal sebernal and he smart pol teches. people frustrate who had voted for trump who voted for us in the primary now may be feeling diselusions. >> economy is great >> does the average american working man feel that. >> yea. >> wages are starting to crawl up a bit. >> i agree we have not had wage growth in 21 years the elections that were helgd a month ago are a barometer. a snop shot in time. virginia is a democrat state. republicans had a 17 seat in the state house. residence must have been doing something. it is a moment in time snapshot. if the economy was doing well how did we do well? >> jason what is anything when trump said what happen in the nato ciprofloxacin he gave that
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speech urging them to pay their fair share he was smashed by the elites asked other countries to pay up this is what we said. >> helps us. okay. they should pay. germany is paying one percent we're paying 4, explain that. germany has unsustakenable cash flow. their cash flow is unsustainable. i said, anning la, send that cash flow our way. and she said, but donald, because we are protecting them. we have 40,000 soldiers in germany. nobody knows that. let us have some, she said, donald. the german people would not be happy with that. i said you what? the american people are not happy with the way we have it now.
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>> and at that point he said. we got 30 billion dollars more in the dues paid at nato for -- we are actually getting more out of this arrangement. jason, i think that is powerful for people who said, why are we paying the money at the un. we are not getting equal participation and carrying a lot. we are happy to do it but people have to pay more. i thought it was a great moment. it was. i lead a delegation trip. we traveled through countries al ice of the united states. and i'm telling you to a t every one of them lead their meetings with us by explaining the 11 members of congress hathey were doing in order to pony up and pay more money. money they knew was due. there is one reason and it is because president trump made it an issue. said it during the campaign and following through and everyone
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of the countries was worried about it because they have to have the united states the military might of the united states in order to survive and it is a better, fairer deal and good for america. >> john, i have to take a by the thaf he was trashed for that. isolation you will not. and going on 12 stops in the asian tour. chien avietnam, korea this is not a man afraid to travel he wants to do more bilateral trade deals and have an honest relationship with the could you want reese. >> hard pressed to say anyone ever violates a treaty. they do it all the time. trump said we will not let that go on. he is right. that's how you get to free trade. >> with trump racking up wins and the partisanship in the russian probe now may be the mobile home for the president to turn the tables and go on the attack against mull and his
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biassed gang we will have that debate next. thank you for being here, stay right there. force force
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special prosecutors shown no evident of collusion. none. not a. with every passing day we
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learn about the shocking anti trump biassed of bob mueller's team. peter, jamie and andrew the list grows and growing and just today we learned that attorney aaron d debway muellers right hand man represented the guy who helped set up hilary's e mail system. i can't believe it. destroyed the devices with a hammer. i wish we could put that in the smithsonian. the president's al ice had enough and according to the w l "wall street journal" urging him to go on the offense nothing bia lynch mob. joining us is andy bigs of arizona and michelle of the center for american progress. i want to start with you. because -- when you look at this list, i think we have a graphic
7:23 pm
of the contributions that some of the team made. james begin 30,000 dollars to democrats. jeannie reid. 9 thousand dollar. greg, andrew goldstein. rush@kin son, $200. no big deal. you add that the fact that a lot represent the clinton foundation and ben roads how does a regular american person not look at the mull are team as political add sears who want to undue a presidential election >> when we say you serve in law enforcement, we don't have a political test for those individuals. you sign up and give your country well is no test. you don't have to pledge aliegence to the president you pledge it to this country. when robot he fired what we want
7:24 pm
him to do. the meamerican admissiblep opinn i think what he is how this was of people involved in an investigation that could lead to the impeachment of a period. if there is an appearance of i conflict try to get this information. >> do what he did. to fire it. i want to know what they said politically and the e mails. >> if we focus on every
7:25 pm
individual as opposed to this. t the gates. of course i do. if you have if you have ill-gotten games -- because of a bad actor or a biassed actor. everything that come as a result could be called to question. i want to go to the congress man. y timed the president's legal team to be a little bit -- -- the mueller team tough on justice department and has been in tweets. his legal team has been circumspect there. this is the very creature that america is looking at. it is not that robot mueller said this is why we got strack what we found out from director
7:26 pm
ray is they don't have a possess for vetting and conflict of interest. most priest sector law firms and prosecutors if you have a biassed you gotta disclose that because it is an ethical violation to take a conflict of interest case. people check that out. these dice biases are not kons comfortable. if you are giving 30,000 dollars you are all in. if you are being critical of president trump in an oshg vert way showing up at resist movement issues. you are not just saying, hey i'm a political payment. >> undermines the credibility. does this man undermine the credibility of an investigation when you have rank partisans who worked for ben roads and worked for the clinton foundation and now someone who represented the guy who destroyed the e mail the
7:27 pm
devices with a hammer. >> you are working for the political adversary of the guy you are investigating. if that is none an apparent conflict of interest i don't know what is. i think it undermines the integrity of an investigation that is unasailable. michelle? >> laura i think we need to remember we are talking about someone who serve third degree country in vietnam had respect on both todays of the aisle for years, if we are saying somebody respected as robot mueller is. of course you can make a mistake, why are we raising the questions now? do you agree. >> question. bill clinton went after. you know i will ask bill clinton went after ken star's legal time for being biassed du criticize him? >> when we are focused on
7:28 pm
national security and want to get to the root. >> there is no russia collusion. that was long ago. >> where the russia collusion this is protecting one another. >> where the russian collusion. he is interested. >> where is the russian collusion. >> well is none. it is comical the fbi. >> it is comical you can't answer the question. >> who care. >> we are saying all of the sudden. >> who no, no. >> there are people on the investigation. >> like comical. >> andrew is a raging conservative? >> it is almost comcam >> what is comical you did not criticize bill clinton's people when you trashed ben star. because they were smart they went on the offense against ken star and that's why in the end the star report ended up leading to impeachment bill ended up more popular. gals in the senate ended up
7:29 pm
doing a pep rally for him. yea. congress man, close it out. >> look, nobody is criticizing mueller's veteran's history we are criticizing he is conduct thanksgiving investigation which is loading up the team like playing basketball and the team is against you but the revs and everyone else. that is what you got going on here. >> all right. >> okay. the establishment guys and the media may have big are black eye than the prosecutor's office. capped up by a massive screw up at c flshgs n today. wait until i tell you about this one. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before
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sloppy reporting. this morning cnn delivered that they advertised this major scoop. >> braking news two reports this morning, new e mails show an effort to give hacked documents to the trump campaign >> received an e mail offering a dekripgz key for hacked documents according to september fourth e mail. >> you know looking at timing that mona reported don junior tweeted the same day this e mail he does not recall came through. politically difficult or legally implications here. >> one little problem, they got the date wrong. this shows the e mail sent to john junior last year on september 14th. not the fourth that was after
7:35 pm
wici made the documents public. leaving cnn with a friday face. this was the latest in a long line of media screw ups. look at the examples from the past seven days. in addition to the cnn mistake donald trump directed mike flynn to contact russians during the 2016 campaign and the new york type his to heavily amend a report that former trump aide lied to congress about flynn's communication with russians and multiple outlets walked stories that downy bank targeted trump's bank records regarding real estate deals. now is jim warren the chief media writer at so sight professional journalists and roger simons of pj media and
7:36 pm
screen writer. i would love to have that bio, jim, you represent a society of professional journalists, jim? this has been a wild week for journalists. given the mistakes and the fact checking and slopping reporting. we mentioned a few issue what are your thoughts on cn network rushing out with this don junior story this morning. >> yea, you are right in less than a week have you this and the one last friday brian ross of abc news who was suspended for botching a michael flynn store that he targeted president trump. this the thrust was a coziness with wiki leaks and the curious mr. asafrj in the embassy in london and donald trump junior. critical mistake happened to be a digit september fourth rather than the 14th and by the time that don junior tweet third degree.
7:37 pm
as youed all the stuff was publicly available. and now -- i think a lot of this is explained by -- the nature of the internet and putting a primacy on speed. nothing to do with, no biassed. >> i think. >> the mistakes go one way. they always go against trump. they never seem to be wow the economy is better or -- mueller is has not found anything yet. you know it always goless against trump. i think it hurts the media's credibility. >> roger you can weigh in. >> i'm nodding for a reason. i think there is a real psyc psychological component why do intelligent people make mistakes? the reason is a syndrome the people hate trump so much they will grab a fact like that and bad for trump and accept it. without doing the normal due
7:38 pm
diligence a reporter would do especially for royaltiers and cnn have tremendous facilities they don't do it. they are anxious to get at this time hate is what00 eye think we know that hate does bad things to everybody. every time i hate somebody i can't write or think well. i think that is a factor here. i don't know. i don't know if my colleague agrees but i. >> i will play one more sound byte from tonight's really and have you react. let's watch >> they took this fraudster from abc and suspended him for an among they should have fired him and cnn apologized for -- thank you, cnn. thank you so much you should have been apologizing the last two years. >> jim the media get the backup when he says this it worked.
7:39 pm
most people are fed up with things washington. sick of lawyers and tired of the media. the mead wra is biassed toward the left wing >> most interesting piece of survey information i have seen is how this is related to speeches like tonight. a year ago 75% of republicans and democrats supports the media having a watchdog role now that changed that number is in the 40s. there is a primacy on speed which is craft many of us. we forget the work done every day on the whole issue of sexual harassment the new york times and the "washington post." in the case like donald trump junior quickly oust box for
7:40 pm
media the washington post called out cnn and making clear what were the facts with donald trump junior and making notes that there were other examples that are irrefutable of a cozy relationship with wiki and donald trump junior. all right temperature is that time of year for your office christmas parties. is the me too movement killing the fun? wait until you here who silicon valley nerds are invite to parties. stay right there. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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the rich tech nerds are hiring models. the modelizing. pretending their holiday gatherings making them look cooler. and actor seth rog an is boycotting xm radio. is the me too movement a spoil are if this season's christmas parties. joining us is jimmie all right. i'm not an office christmas party person myself. but -- i can see this year it might be -- a little less
7:45 pm
festive, let's say that. no alcohol or fun and may be that is better. is this killing the fun of christmas? >> in terms of office parties what we are talking about here is vioxx place a two drink max on employees. i think will make people drunker now they will pregame before they get to the party if. you know you are cut off at two when you go to a college football game you know they don't serve in the stadium you drink triple in the parking lot. >> you need two drinks to get through reading vioxx. [laughter]. >> forget giving me -- how do they monitor the two drink max? [laughter] they said they will give out drink tickets. i'm the opposite i'm proholiday christmas party. i think it serves the purpose which is the bill build comraderie over someone getting
7:46 pm
trashed. you know you get that one night a year to be like, simmons took his shirt off and jump in the the water fountain. i know that i have been simmons in the past. gi heard that last week. >> by the way, i have a question are you in a swivel chair >> i was excited be here. >>you are my kid at the din are table. moving. i see you you are making me dizzy. >> funny. xm now follow tell us you knew someone there. we have seth rog an in that show the disaster artist. yea. a mess. >> in super bad and -- knocked up and he is a richard burton get him mixed with joanna hill. he is now not on xm because bannon has a show. >> seth rog an is a dope. first and foremost. it speaks to a lack of self
7:47 pm
awareness he got famous making stone are comedy. nobody wants political advice from the stone are friend. you know what i mean. if you recommend a ben and jerry flaf i get it. this idea of anyone in hollywood questioning the character of a person in public is rich. you know. considering the year they had. i thought that was silly. and i think he should stick to doing what he does best is making bad movies. >> no one will miss seth's importance on extinguishing m. we are not talking about a large audience. i liked him better when he was fat. he had a presence when he was fat and when he got skinny he took himself too seriously >> he lost his jolliness. i like fat elvis better than skinny elvis. fat elvis had a self awareness.
7:48 pm
they don't recognize the audience does not want this from them f. you watch seth movies it is because you like goofy stories. >> they are stupid. >> [laughter]. >> i don't know these movies. i go, what. pineapple express. >> talk about the modelizing going on at tech companies. they have a lot of coders and kids that sit around and code. they are not exactly lacrosse players of they are geeky kids like my executive producer. these are little weeny guys they are smart but hire models women and men to come in and mingle but they will not take anybody's card. they are not hooking up the presence to make them look cooler. >> it is a cruel thing to do to the poor nerds.
7:49 pm
they have been streak out with women their life. reason laura that they are running silicon valley because of the trauma of being rescombrektjected the way they were. so subject them to more off limits women this is the starving man and you are giving him plastic fruit. you know what i mean. can't do him good. go a step further and have a gym class pick up basketball game >> dodge ball. >> yea. >> dodge ball. it is great to see you and thank you for being with us we could use goodness. we all need christmas parties and more christmas appears and need to have fun but be responsible. we have per to get to tonight touch that channel.
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>> so many guests to be thankful for this christmas and some of them courtesy of the president and hes administration. think about the guests. stocking full this year. attack the booming economy. stock market hits record heise. invest investor confidence soring. jobs are back. unemployment down to 4.1% the lowest sense the clinton
7:54 pm
administration. 2 million new jobs have been added. record 3 unemployment for manufacturing hispanic unployment lowest in american history. red tape slashed and major tack relief on the way including the death of the obama care individual mandate, thank goodness. isis has been shattered military. the travel ban thank goodness in affect. jerusalem the capitol of israel. a major peace plan is on the way that is a lot to be thankful for. you may not hear that on other broadcasts they what the administration is doing. look past the tweets. think about where we were. just a year ago and think about
7:55 pm
where we are today. they said the stock market would collapse we will be isolationists and not deal with other countries the trade negotiation would not work. it has been a very good year and up next. what is milannia's trump tradition. gives her answer after this. this is electricity. ♪ this is a power plant.
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8:00 pm
and make the biggest impact this time of the year, with the family and all those that we love. i loved her coat. that's all the time we have tonight. shannon green is up next. have a good weekend. >> trump supporters have plenty to cheer about in pensacola. jobs up 228,000 last month. tax cuts moving forward in congress. jerusalem recognized as the capital. and fewer immigrants across the border. the president has make america grade. but was it get elected more rally. >> get out and vote for roy more. >> what does this admission mean for the alabama senate race. >> you made some notes underneath. >> one of the embattled accusers admits there's a hole in her story. >> we always said in the end truth will be known. >> is it the whole truth and is it


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