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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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both. he was there to see army break their 15-year losing streak. we will see what happens with that. i guess i'm going to get it out there and, go army. ♪ >> president trump at this hour has just concluded a tour and remarks at the new civil rights museum in mississippi. among those who greeted the president at the institution located in the heart of don town jackson were the state's republican lieutenant governor and evers. hello, everyone, i'm james rosen sitting in for kelly wright. >> you're like santa claus, you brought snow. thank you for that gift. >> any time. likewise to be here. >> weather is beautiful outside but nice to be inside when we are not getting all wet. gorgeous city in new york city
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under snow i'm julie banderas. john lewis of georgia was beaten during famous civil rights march in 1965 said in a statement the president's quote hurstful policies are insults to people portrayed in civil rights museum. lewis, of course, during the transition that the president would not be a legitimate president. garrett tenney live, hi, garret, how was the president received? >> well, there's a huge crowd here at the museum and take a look, they've just now opened the doors for this museum. there were certainly a lot of controversy though around president trump's attending today's event and instead he actually spoke at a smaller private event inside the museum earlier today and along with ben carson got a tour of the museum.
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evers brother charles was part to have president's greeting party at the airport and evers widow was there at the president's speech today and he praised them for being there and for the legacy of their brother and of their late husband and the principles that he and so many other of civil right icons fought for. >> we want our country to be a place where every child from every background can grow up free from fear, innocent of hatred and surrounded by love, opportunity and hope. >> yeah, the president stayed on script for the most part for nearly 10-minute speech and praised christian pastors including martin luther, jr. said he has studied and watched and really admired for his
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entire life, julie. julie: garrett, a number of protests surrounding the president's visit as well i understand. >> yes, julie, we saw a few dozen lining when the president's motorcade arrived. more notable though was those individuals what you did not see at today's events including several civil rights leaders and local and state elected officials who opted not to come to today's event to boycott it in protest of president trump's speech and two of those were who congressmen who were honored here at the museum, mississippi bennie thompson and georgia's john lewis, both schedule today speak but this week lewis said the president's attendance at the museum was insult to those that it is meant to honor and he said that given the president's response to the white supremacist rallies in charlottesville, the commander
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in chief should have never been invited. they do plan to come visit later with their families, julie. julie: thank you so much. >> joining us with analysis of today's clash between president and congressman lewis and intensifying battle of senate seat in alabama is josh, editor and acquaintance from the washington bureau green room, thank you for joining us. what lingering political impact do you see from congressman lewis boycotting appearance at civil rights museum or does that play to audience that is already made the minds about the two men? >> this is a reminder about how politically polarized our country s. if you listen to president trump's speech it's a kind of speech that any president republican or democrat would have given, he stuck to teleprompter speech, tribute to civil rights leaders of generation's past and well received in the audience. long history between president trump and congressman lewis,
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civil rights icon, john lewis boycotted trump's inauguration, trump personally attacked him in pretty scieting -- president trump supported the birther movement. it doesn't come as a surprise, you wish that even in the polarized times you can have two groups to come together in a time like this. >> maybe over christmas. a capacity crowd of 10,000 people in pensacola, florida, where among other things the president addressed the case of the embattled senate candidate in alabama, judge roy moore who has denied of inappropriate sexual assault advances on minors, pept offered another endorsement for judge moore. >> we cannot afford, this country, the future of this country cannot afford to lose a seat in the very, very close
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united states and we can't afford it, folks, we want people that are going to protect your gun rights, great trade deals instead of the horrible deals. [cheers and applause] and we want jobs, jobs, so get out and vote for roy moore. >> short of actually stumping with roy moore, put him over the top over democratic doug jones. >> endorsement plays a key role on close race on tuesday. big fear of alabamans have, moore is going to win over line share of republican voters, the big question who is going to
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show up to the polls, the only race that's going to be on the ballot. so if republicans stay home in has and good turnout, african american turnout, that's formula for doug jones upset and trump's endorsement, involvement in the race indicates this is going to be a very close race and thinks he can make that impact and turn out republican voters that might otherwise have stayed home. >> josh, we have 90 seconds left. as we know two prominent women have expressed conflicting statements about the roy moore case, counselor kellyanne conway has said that no senate seat is worth a child, sanders reaffirmed that the president finds allegations trouble lg but stands behind the endorsement because the agenda is so pressing that the president needs congress in the seat. there is a senate seat that's worth more than a child? >> this is a very awkward moment for the white house who initially try today keep distance from roy moore and from
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the senate race, initially that they should let the voters of alabama decide this one but trump can't help himself, he thinks his legacy, his agenda, when it comes to tax reform could be on the line with this one senate seat. the short-term gain, however, that trump might get from having roy moore, another republican vote in the senate could be overwhelmed by the consequences of having someone who is accused of molestation in the upcoming midterms, democrats are eager to use roy moore against other republican candidates across the ballot come november of 2018 and could be some long-term pain for republicans if roy moore gets elected. >> before we let you go, we ask you to peer deeply into cristal ball and tell us who will win the special senate election of alabama on tuesday? >> you're putting me on the spot. doug jones has a real chance. >> thank you, josh. >> thanks. >> new revelation in the russia nlings focusing on top adviser
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to president trump, according to new york times, the fbi reportedly cautioned communications director hope hicks earlier this year after repeated attempts by russian operatives to make contact with her during the presidential transition. kristin fibber is live, according to times, this came after american intelligence agencies publicly accused russia of meddling in the 2016 election? >> that's right. that's why some were so surprised, some fbi agents were so surprised that the russians would be so brasent. let's start with the big news from last night that you were alluding to. hope hicks, white house communications director finally interviewed yesterday and the day before, that's according to new york times, attorney has decline today comment. the papers also reporting that
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during the transition, she was warned by the fbi that russian operatives were trying to contact her. now the other news that broke yesterday, the judge presiding over the case of michael flynn has rescued himself without any explanation, rudolph contreras randomly reassigned according to spokeswoman for the court but this, of course, raises all kinds of questions why contreras didn't recuse himself before when pled guilty to lying to the fbi, there's also new questions about mueller's top deputies, according to wall street journal andrew was in new york city and on the same week that another fbi investigate o in special counsel's office peter was removed from the rubio probe for allegedly sending antitrump text messages, when you add it all up, some republicans are now saying that it's hard to see how this can truly be independent investigation. listen to this.
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>> so dirty that who is watching the watchman, who is investigating these people? there is no one. >> democrats argue that those kinds of attacks from republicans are simply a sign that the special counsel is doing its job. >> i predict that these attacks from the fbi will grow louder and the walls close around the president. >> one more thing, paul manafort and rick gates will be back in court monday mourning and this should be interesting and mueller filed a ton of evidence to convince the judge that manafort had violated gag order by ghost-writing an op-ed on, improve his own image. so should be a very interesting hearing monday morning, julie. julie: will be. we will have the hearing on fox. kristin fisher, thank you so
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much. >> thank you. >> california wild fires turning deadly after a 70-year-old woman is killed while trying to evacuate. thomas fire is largest of six wild fires burning in the southern part of state, it's only 10% contained and today fire crews are facing the same challenge, high winds. dan springer is live in ventura california, dan, we are hearing that 15,000 structures remain at risk. >> yeah, james, with the fire this big and this widespread there are so many stories of heartbreak and heroism and they often live right next door to each other. residents of this neighborhood gist able to get back in the neighborhood, evacuation orders lifted today and this behind me used to be a four-story, 16-unit apartment building, it is all gone. the house next door also destroyed and 73-year-old, he followed mandatory evacuation orders but then something told
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him to come back and there is no doubt in his mind that that decision was both dangerous and also saved his house. as he poured water from garden hose on embers and bamboo burning all around him. >> i kept thinking, i'm too old to start over again. this is my dream house. >> the fire here in ventura county is by far the biggest and most destructive of the six that are still burning, up to 148,000 acres with now 537 structures destroyed and that one fatality was a 70-year-old woman killed in car crash as she fed -- fled the flames, the fire is now 15% contained as lighter winds yesterday and today really help the 8700 firefighters spread throughout southern california. >> breaking weather as chief brown mentioned we have made good progress but the progress is limited to those areas that are safe to fly in. >> southern california is still in a red-flag warnings going
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through about 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we are having some pretty calm winds right now but there's expected to pick up tonight through early tomorrow morning with wind gusts hitting 50 miles an hour, very dangerous night and early morning tomorrow for fighters and for residents in the southern california area, james. >> sounds like the firefighters are making some slow progress. thank you. >> after years of blood shed, internal revenueacys announcing that isis is out of the flaición. what this means on war on terror next. get ready these 5 pairings are gonna floor ya. like our new feast with lobster-wrapped scallops and a juicy sirloin, plus a savory lobster-and-shrimp smashed potato. and our new lobster and seafood-topped filet? every bite is better than the last. the classic is here too. come indulge in surf & turf
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julie: major milestone in the fight against isis as iraq claims victory against the terror group. this comes after more than three years of combat during which iraqi forces worked to drive the militants out of land they once controlled. the nation's prime minister announcing the accomplishments at a conference in baghdad. >> wewe have achieved great victories against daesh today. i would like today to announce the good news to all iraqis, during the last hours our forces have completed deliberation of
11:19 am
island and are in full control to have syrian forces. >> joining me now republican congressman of michigan who is also a retired three-star general, thank you very much u. this is incredible news coming out of iraq. >> well, it is incredible news because it shows that coalition forces working together and not quitting and understanding how training and the war to fight can make the difference and they are largely led by their own people with a lot of support and historical training in the last ten plus years from american forces. julie: you remember president obama had made mission to pull troops out of iraq and went back and forth and the decision was to keep more troops there, how much has that lent to getting isis out of there? >> well, it's lent greatly because you have to show commitment to your allies, to your partners and in this administration specially with
11:20 am
the leadership of general mattis, general kelly, general dunford, all who i served with, top leadership that's faux -- focused on the long-term win for allies. julie: you spoke to military officials who are now the voice to president trump, what do you believe their advice is to president trump when dealing with iraq and now, you know, they've managed to wipe isis out of iraq, how about syria? what advice do you think they have for syria? >> i believe what they are telling the president is to make sure that we as the united states first of all develop our own definitive national strategy because the threat has changed. even though we are helping our fellow partners in iraq, that threat in iraq would love to get inside our own borders, so the threat has changed since the likes of vietnam, world war ii, so the device that -- advice that the president is getting make sure you have strategy and
11:21 am
shows the world that we are the best partner, the united states is the best partner. julie: this is incredible. when you look back before isis, there was al-qaeda and osama bin laden and president bush, in fact, had warned years ago that if you don't defeat al-qaeda that someone will come out, a more ugly vicious force will veer its ugly head, of course, he didn't predict isis but ironically that in a way he sort of did. what now moving forward, how does the president handle what's happening in tid manile east specially when it comes to jerusalem because as you know internationally arab countries, arab leaders are up in arms over decision to move capital jerusalem the capital. >> jerusalem is the capital of israel. i have been there several times, toured israel extensively. that's the birthplace, we are
11:22 am
enforcing what congress passed in 1995. julie: 1995, correct. >> until president trump had the opportunity, every six months did not do it, president trump is fulfilling campaign promise but most importantly full filming the promises for world and specially israel our best partner. >> i want to read something from "the new york times". you know hamas had basically declared three days of terror and this is what it says regarding terror groups and their stance on the president's decision, the taliban, hamas and shiite extremist leaders are rallied against the move, also rallied against the move but the other, the outlier was the islamic state which waited until friday to publish an editorial in its weekly news letter, one that appeared mainly concerned with critiquing what it saw as hypocritical and statements by other jihadist groups and arab leaders, what do you make of
11:23 am
that? >> if only those groups existed they would fight amongst each other. that's what you're seeing right here. whether we are involved or not, we have to understand as a world that the -- future of the world is in large part tied to the future of israel and the united states and by the way, iran is the number one issue here, it's not the palestinians, it is not hamas and hezbollah, they are in large part funded by iraq. julie: yeah, and iran is also in large part involved directly with what is happening in syria, so it all, of course, ties together. i guess moving forward, you know, when you look at it's is and defeating isis in iraq and what does that say overall for the terrorist group, we haven't been seeing propaganda videos that we have been seeing repeatedly. they have been trying to absorb
11:24 am
funding so that they would run out of money in order to be able to continue terror, what does this say about the terrorist group? >> it says that they are going to stop, reset, figure out a way, they are not quitting, they are not going away. in fact, the single biggest weapon that they use for evil that we use for good is the internet. they recruit. they train, they execute missions and -- >> and they inspire. we unfortunately saw in new york city biggest terror attack since 9/11 tragically. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you, julie. >> president trump has landed in florida after giving the speech at the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum. he doesn't have anier other events listed for the day, he did tweeted that he would be watching the army-navy game which starts half an hour from now, julie. julie: more allegations rocking capitol hill as more lawmakers
11:25 am
resign, how party leaders are dealing with the problem and the growing problem next. plus old-man winter early slamming many places with major snowfall, i'm in a really good mood over this today. we will go live to the fox extreme weather center to see what's going on next. visit
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>> lawmakers on capitol hill stepping down after being accused of sexual misconduct, waves of accusers coming forward leading to resignations of members in both house and senate including senator al franken and republican congressman trent franks. caroline has more from washington. >> sexual harassment scandals forced conyers and trent franks and al franken to quit this week, the pressure had been building for weeks but franks was a surprise to most of washington. he reportedly offered a female
11:30 am
staffer $5 million if she would conceive a child with him as he and his wife were not conceiving n. the midst of cultural and media climate, i'm deeply convinced i would be unable to complete a house ethics investigation. we are also learning more about how your tax dollars got secretly got paid to workers allegedly harassed by members of congress. house ethics committee stepped up investigation of congressman blake farenthold who was accused of harassing staffer and retaliating against her when she complained. settled the case for $84,000 out of the secret hush fund. last night he knew nothing about 220,000-dollar payout to settle
11:31 am
lawsuit harassment against him. reaction to all the cases has been swift. >> there's no place for sexual harassment in our society especially in congress, period. >> this is not about politics, i just -- it's the last thing it's about. this isn't about poll fiction, this is about america and that's about our country as well. >> it's also bipartisan, the accused come from both sides of the aisle, julie. julie: thank you so much. james. >> so with the movement obviously having an extraordinary affect in society and overseas, will it rebound to the benefit of two main political parties in this country? here with thoughts vincent palacio, and capri, executive and resident of university school of public affairs and former democratic minority leader in the ohio state senate, welcome to you both.
11:32 am
>> absolutely. >> vincent, in your view has one political party handled than the other better? >> yeah, unfortunately. the democrats are handling it better. you had representative conyers, 35 members, i believe it was 35 members called for al franken to resign and, you know, by all accounts, franken is liked in his caucus and they are taking pure no quarter approach, getting rid of these people who have alleged to commit -- commit these acts and you contrast that with what's going on in my party and unfortunately this is a strong warning, you know, my party has trouble with -- with women and expanding our base. >> wait, vickent. slow down for a second. most people credit house speaker paul ryan for moving quickly to ensuring the resignation of trent franks, what's the problem that you see? >> the elephant in the room is the race in alabama. this is going to come back to haunt us in 2018 and we are
11:33 am
going to lose women voters on this issue. we have been very inconsistent on this. >> capri, house minority leader nancy pelosi in the initial statement about congressman conyers pleaded for, quote, due process, was that warranted by her and if so are we seeing that. >> due process is certainly important but at this state of the game because of the metoo movement, because it has become politically charged issue in regard to sexual harassment, really i don't think it's an opportunity for appropriate due process through the ethics committee, frankly, look, had there not been so much attention paid to the issue of sexual harassment, none of this would be happening. i think that is the real problem here. the issue of sexual harassment has been institutionalized from hollywood to washington and every place in between and no one has been doing anything. all of a sudden because it has become an international sensation, people are finally
11:34 am
taking action, women are finally speaking out and, you know, both parties frankly are, you know, marred with this and that's why i frankly don't think either side -- either democrats or republicans have the moral high ground on this, i think we are going to see more people from both sides of the aisle being accused and stepping down because people are finally listening to women and women are finally brave enough to stand up. >> so capri, if i understand you correctly, this is a sensation can so much publicity that due process is going by the boards, that's your view? >> i think that's partially the case. i mean, i think that, you know, unfortunately while due process, part of what it means to be american and have things adjudicated and be innocent before you're proven guilty, what has happened here, that because there has not been any fairness around sexual harassment and sexual assault for so many years and women have been ignored and allegations have been brushed under the rug and taxpayer dollars have been utilized to silence accusers that now were overcorrecting
11:35 am
because we have no choice and i think maybe things will balance out but frankly because there's been a blind eye, you know, paid to this issue for so many decades, i think that we are going through a period of course correction where people have no choice but to step aside and be proved an example. >> vincent with a growing number of office holders and each party falling from grace, should with we expect on balance that the me too would benefit or hurt one party from the other. i gather that do you believe that your party stands a lot more to lose in all of this? >> we are trying to make some exemptions but -- and i think also that congress believes that they may be unique in this issue. people have been fired like matt lauer, because voters elect them and they are elected officials that the voters need to have a say and now with the revelations that there are taxpayer funded slush funds to make their lowest
11:36 am
based experience go away, that i think all americans have a stake in this and we can't leave it to the voters and that's where i do commend speaker ryan and leader pelosi on the issue who have been trying to catch up to other industries. >> yeah. >> vincent belasio and capri, we thank you. >> thank you very much. julie: 29 people are hurt seriously after bus flips over in san francisco, the crash closing down most lanes on a busy freeway last night. the cause of a crash still under investigation, fire officials say that the driver was not impaired. >> a roller coaster ride for bitcoin ahead of the launch of future's trading, some investors are jumping on the band wagon but is it a really bubble? that is coming up david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪
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>> bill coin futures set to begin trading for the first time tomorrow evening. digital currency has been rallying at phenomenal speed this year. deidre bolton has details. >> bitcoin launched in 2009 after the global credit crisis when many people lost faith in government and the financial system. from a practical standpoint bitcoin is digital currency, no government guarantying it, no central bank printing it. it is peer-to peer software system that mimics what cash does in the physical world. every bitcoin is signed in open ledger constantly updated across every participating computer's program in a public spreadsheet maintained by its users that's called the block chain. as for bitcoin safety whether or not you should buy it, most experts say not without a strong stomach. >> bitcoin is a safe as you can make it. there are elements of it that make it extremely safe and extrially transparent but there
11:42 am
are also issues about it. there's a lot more put onto you as the users to secure bitcoins and the bank is responsible for all your money and you are responsible for bit coins, element that is make it more secure but also a lot more responsibility put on the user to ensure that. >> there are few venders that accept bitcoin in exchange for a physical good such as a bowl of french onion soup. a lot of people will say do you take bitcoin and they will say, what's bitcoin. as long as you can find somebody else who is willing to accept bitcoin in exchange as a payment, yeah, you can use it to exchange it for real goods. >> even bitcoin experts say they are not sure that they will ever come that american wills use bitcoin instead of dollars, it's just too early to tell. the people who are jumping on the bitcoin band wagon are investors. the reason, the value is soaring, on thursday alone, the
11:43 am
value of a bitcoin rose 40% in 40 hours, year to date gain is now 1500% for the investment community, bitcoin is becoming mainstream. starting on sunday the chicago board of exchange will begin offering trading bitcoin futures, competing exchange will offer the same later this month nasdaq in first half of 2018, as for wall street, there's a mixed reaction, morgan stanley will wait and see, goldman sachs said it will trade bitcoin futures on a case-by-case basis but jpmorgan case jamie dimon says this is a fraud and he will fire anyone who trades it. deidre bolton fox news. >> what else can you do with bitcoin? do you even understand what bitcoin is after we just watched the story? many might not. bret larson here to try to make it all make sense. you're morning anchor for fox news headlines 24/7 and a buddy of mine.
11:44 am
first of all in laymen terms what is bitcoin? >> it is digital cash. it is what is called crypto currency. it is something that is sort of in the ether of the world. you buy a bitcoin you will not get an actual coin that you take, you will get a percentage of something that has value to it. julie: okay, you take your money out of your bank and you put it in an account with bitcoin? >> right, you would go to bitcoin exchange, kind of the same way you go to a bank and you'd open bank account and put cash in it and the bank would take care of your cash and make sure that it was safe. with bitcoin you go to bitcoin exchange, you put your money into that and it gives you a certain percentage of a bitcoin. let's say they are $10,000, you will put $10,000 and you have a bitcoin and now you can go spend it, what's interesting about the crypto currencies is you can spend them fractionally, so it's sort of like in the dollar
11:45 am
there's 100 pennies so in a bitcoin it's whatever the value is, if somebody says i need 10 bucks from you, however much percentage of a bitcoinly transfer. julie: people get transferred with banks because there's hidden service fees and if you don't actually watch checking account like a hawk and use debit card like myself which is my visa, if i don't actually check which i will be honest i don't have time to actually look at every month at all the service fees, if you go and check there are service fees there. what about with bitcoin. you're in charge of your money, are you paying fees for the service? >> you play be paying fees to buy them. similar to when you buy stocks, $4 for a stock trade, what's sort of fas -- fascinating for the bank it's one place where everybody is served. with the crypto currencies they are using as deidre explained
11:46 am
block chains, imagine ten people in the room and they all have ledger and you walk in and say i have $100 and they say that's correct, all of them say that, that's what sort of keeps it safe is the transparent layer of security where it's all these little bits of information all have the same bits of information that sort of proof you are who you are. julie: you don't have to worry about your money being hacked into because that's a concern as well that somebody could hack into your "and take your cash. >> somebody could hack into bitcoin exchange and create problems -- julie: but chase is going to take responsibility, who takes responsibility for your money? >> that's what we don't know. that's the weird, gray area and scary to a lot of people and it should be. it's new technology, it's fascinating technology, the way that this was -- julie: can't be bullet proof. i don't think anything the bullet proof or half proof.
11:47 am
>> it's curious to see how wall street pays attention to it, something that's tradeable, tangible, hedgable if that's a word, i think people are going to start paying closer attention to it. but the block chain technology is fascinating because you're basically saying, you can't -- you can't hack something that exists everywhere. julie: what's cool is you don't have to carry your wallet, you don't have to use credit card because you have the cash on your phone, so long as the restaurant takes it or a lot of participating restaurants involved? >> i see it in airport stores and big international airports, we take bitcoin, that's kind of strange, what's interesting about bitcoin since it has gone up so much in value, cash isn't really like that. you put $100 in the bank, it's $100. if you put 100, it might be $300 tomorrow or it might be $50 the day after since the value keeps going up and down. i'm curious to see how this rolls out in the future but also bringing in a whole group of
11:48 am
people into the gloibl economy because when you think about there's no physical currency you could go to a village somewhere in the middle of nowhere, hey, we are going to put solar panels on your roof with battery and it's, you know, .005 bitcoin to power your place a month and you trade apple for 50 bitcoin and suddenly you bring the ability to exchange goods for money to places that have never had that before so there's a lot to the story that i think we are just on the cusp of it. julie: i definitely think so. yeah, it's very interesting but i will stick with my debit card. >> go with cash and paypal. i'm with you on that. julie: that's okay. brett larson, thanks for coming in on the saturday. >> i think hedge fundable is not a word, it is two words, it's a winter wonderland in the big apple. we will check weather across the
11:49 am
northeast and president trump just landed in florida after visiting the new civil rights museum in mississippi. we will tell you what the president has planned for the rest of the afternoon. stay with us. >> we cannot afford, this country, the future of this country, cannot afford to lose a seat in the very, very close united states senate. we can't afford it, poll, so get out and vote for roy moore. [cheers and applause] lower back pain has met its match. aleve direct therapy. the only remote controlled tens device that's drug free, wire free for deep penetrating lower back pain relief. and now get aleve direct therapy. available at walmart. ♪ but it might be hard to handle ♪ ♪ like the flame that burns the candle ♪ ♪ the candle feeds the flame ♪ topped steak & twisted potatoes at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> it's always beautiful to look at but doesn't make for convenient traveling. julie: i guess not. >> i heard you say that you are a skier. are you accomplished? >> i am, since age 3 or 4. but i love skiing. it's my favorite. >> i started 3 to 4 years ago and took major courage. >> that's actually very, very intimidating, i would never as an adult say this is a great idea. >> i enjoy it now. >> it's amazing, good for you. i hear that learn to go snow board as an adult is easier. i don't want to spend my whole day on the bottom because that's
11:54 am
how it would work out. there's not enough snow to ski yet. >> winter storm dumping heavy snow in northeast right now and causing dangerous travel conditions across the region. julie: bryan llenas with the latest, people are going to brave the storm no matter what because it's christmas shopping season, my question to you bryan, are shoppers powering through snow to spend their bottom dollar? [laughter] >> that's exactly what they are doing julie banderas, it's not even snowing, they are not intimidated. they are just determined to go out there and buy their gifts, about a thousand dollars worth of gifts people will be buying this year and here in bryant park, fox news can confirm it is snowing in new york city, 3 to 5-inches, snowing that and along the coast in the northeast it'll be about up to 6-inches of the snowflakes falling along the coast in new jersey,
11:55 am
connecticut, up into maine as well. you know, this snowstorm started in the south, we are talking about brownsville, houston getting snowed a couple of inches before new york city in boston this season on top of that also we had places like in mississippi and southern mississippi get record snow because of this very storm that has found its way up the coast. but you know what, julie and james, besides really the shoppers, the thing that you have to worry about in the city is thousands of drunk santa claus, elves and people dressed as reindeers bar hopping and that's the concern here. it's slushy as well as when you're driving out there, you have to be careful. the annual santa con, people not only brave the elements but brave santas.
11:56 am
[laughter] >> again, people are actually going to be spending more money this year than last year, so you have to brave the elements and the drunk santa but feels like christmas and it's beautiful out here. take a look at the christmas tree, awesome shops. i have to tell you, guys, you know what the number one gift is by the way, gift cards which is very lame. and here you can get things that are specific to new york and i think -- take care, guys. julie: all right, bryan, we will be rightt back, thank you, bry. is this where you typically shop? is this where anyone typically shops? it's time to switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, everywhere, every day... not just airline purchases.
11:57 am
seriously... double miles... everywhere! what's in your wallet?
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> the big army and navy game is
12:00 pm
about to begin. >> army is going for a second straight victory when the two met for the 118th time. >> secretary of state tillerson will do the coin toss. that's it for me. james rosen. julie: we will be back, 4:00. >> today i'm announcing that in the coming weeks, i will be resigning as a member of the united states senate. i of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office, and the man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with a full support of his party. >> welcome to the journal editorial report i'm paul


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