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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 11, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PST

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akayed ullah, and there were other reports that he was inspired by isis but did not have direct contact with that to regroup. >> we will stay on that story. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, an investigation underway hours after an attempted terror attack in new york city at the height of morning rush hour. that explosion went off just blocks from a busy times square. and it set off panic as you can imagine inside an underground passageway in the subway system. police say the suspect had a pipe bomb strapped to his body when it went off. that explosion temporarily shut down one of the nation's largest transportation hubs and brought the streets above to a standstill. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. few today, the host of kennedy on fox business network, kennedy. and fox news contributor lisa boothe. former national security advisor under presidents bush and obama gillian turner. and "outnumbered" today, former
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press secretary under president george w. bush, ari fleischer is here. i'm glad you're here. a lot of good news, bad news, hard news. >> ari: typical day. >> harris: we will work through it. the mayor of new york city is calling today's explosion and attempted terror attack. here's a picture of the alleged bomber. the image was released by the nypd. he's reportedly 27 years old, was curing a crude pipe bomb. he apparently was battling injured, burned in the incident. three innocent people also hurt. state officials are saying this could've been much, much, much worse. >> this mail was wearing an improvised low tech explosive attached to his body. he intentionally detonated that device. pick up the device is based on a pipe bomb. it was effects to this person with a combination of velcro zip ties. >> this is new york, the reality
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is that we are the target by many would like to make a statement against democracy him against freedom. we have the statue of liberty in our harbor and that makes us an international target. >> harris: live outside the port authority bus terminal in new york city. >> here is, still plenty of serious armor and heavy weapons came outside the port authority bus terminal. the incident taking place in an underground walkway that connects the port authority which is the largest bus station in america to times square and the busiest subway station in manhattan. this individual was walking that underground passageway and according to authorities detonates was described as a low-tech device that was strapped to his body, pipe bomb strapped to his body with velcro and zip ties. the suspect as you mentioned, possibly originating in bangladesh, we are going to
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confirm that. authorities say he was the only one to suffer serious injuries in this blast with burns through his abdomen, his hands, and other lacerations, the entire incident captured on transit system video. three other people were hurt but not seriously, described headaches and rings in their ears could have been much worse. the port authority weeding out thanks to four officers, jeff common, drew preston, and anthony, those were police officers with the port authority police department forced to take down the suspect. authorities now investigating who this guy is, what help he might've gotten along the way and now also focusing on getting the city back up and running. >> new york city is blessed with the finest law enforcement and what our first responders did today was another example, the ability to adjust the situation quickly and pain and make sure people are safe. let me just say it's very important for my fellow new yorkers to know there are no
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additional note instances at this time. there are no additional known activities. >> obviously, that is a key concern and remains the focus of this ongoing investigation by the nypd and the fbi and other agencies investigating who the suspect is. they are now at a home affiliated with him, his address, other locations affiliated with him and his family trying to piece together what may have inspired this guy to do what he did here this morning. >> harris: thank you very much for giving us the latest from the streets of new york. for more on the investigation, i want to bring in former new york state homeland security director michael balboni. you were with us, and as you look at this, i said good news off the top and many people may bristle at that but when you get one of these guys alive, you have told me that that is a day of opportunity and we had a low heart rate if you will, injured rate, the most serious injuries with the bomber. >> when you take a look at where
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this happened, thousands of people go down this passageway every single day. and when you have any type of explosive device detonates in that confined area in the middle of rush hour as he pointed out, you could have a great number of casualties and possibly fatalities. you're absolutely right. we were lucky in that it did not happen the way it could have. however, there are so many questions why a pipe bomb, why there, where did he come from? is that where he originated his journey in the morning? obviously his motivation, what with the means? and i talked about a low tech device. the boston marathon bombing that used a pressure cooker but again, use low explosive black powder. of course, with the underwear bomber that his device went off in a way that did not take down the plane and so the question is what was this guy really planning to do? was it his target or was he
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going to try to head to the port authority bus terminal? >> harris: when you hear the staggering number of people who are gathered at any one point during the day, they move north of the million people daily through their light during rush hour, you've got hundreds of thousands of people moving through now in one place but the potential targets are mind-boggling. >> as you know, we talked about this in the past, the random nature of this type of attack were you go to a very crowded subway system and how do you possibly anticipate that someone is going to arrive and have a device like this and detonate at that moment? what were they thinking? and the other thing is i know everybody's talking about that this is an isis inspired device or attack. they would like to wait a little bit not presume anything and maybe he said something when he was arrested and detained but i just don't think at this point we know all the motivations but that's what everybody is doing right now at his home looking at
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all of the pieces of informatio information. when you bring up a good point because i know they have these new conferences expected to roll out this morning as we have more to tell us. but one the questions has been what did he say, was there anything significant and officials have told us they're not ready that information so we don't the total picture of what was happening for this individual. i want to mention to our audience that you help write the home and security lock your new york city. that are now part of the law and some things seem to work this morning in terms of how you heard authorities kind of talking about how they responded to, and it wasn't a pat on the back, it's a let people know necessarily where they are in this journey. >> an incredibly important point for. for everybody in new york city to keep in mind this is a huge and vibrant city. it also has one of the most effective police forces in the world. when you have this array of
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cameras, this is now the holiday season. the city has really stepped up anticipating any type of possible attacks. of course, you cannot stop everything but the response is there and if you want to try and new york coming to take that into account. you're going to be stopped and if you do have something happen, you're going to arrested and taken into custody if not other means can take you out because this is a very secure and safe city given its size and unfortunately the target it's always been in some of them stepping up patrol, the port authority, we are talking with fairies, buses, it's much more than just this one terminal. the port authority is a massive operation and obviously all the airports and world trade center sites, george washington bridge, the tunnel and the port authority bus terminal. but also the railway lines. the metropolitan transportation
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authority runs that. there police forces work hand-in-hand with the new york city police department in and of itself. what they're doing now is they have secured the site, there also reassuring the public than doing the investigation. the forensic examination of what the device was, are there any fingerprints on it, something else you can take from that device itself and then of course, they're back in their department. in talking to neighbors, talking to friends, finding out what's on their computer. one for the rest of the city, the police are out there, always vigilant, but it's a part of their job, but there really vigilant if there's anything else going on, may be a copycat possibility or something else? and that's with the city's focus on right now. >> harris: michael balboni, former new york state homeland security director, thank you for your time and your expertise on this breaking news. ari fleischer, you have a unique experience here on the couch. 9/11, and you have seen this and all of its resilient parts.
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today was a tough day because it's a reminder that we are hated. >> ari: we are hated and we are fortunate. but what struck me here today was how lucky we are. you follow this with the times square bomber that came earlier which turned out to be a dad, a street vendor brought that to the attention of the police. the horrible pattern here is september 11th, was for attacks in a row, much bigger magnitude in europe when they have things like this happen. hasn't just been a one-off, and israel often will happen attacks like this, the indolence people can overcome a second bombs go off. that's right. they were firing on him. kennedy? >> harris: its >> kennedy: is interesting because we are entering the holiday season and this is where a lot of people vote. this is one of the great destinations on earth for the holidays. and it's so festive good
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times square is arguably the most visible place on earth for the holiday season and honestly, there are people who want to disrupt that. what i'm curious about, whatever inspired this guy is there some other system that's inspired other people to your point. and it is their actionable intelligence that law enforcement is working with right now? >> ari: what inspired him his hatred. islamic hatred for the united states. that's the frustrating thing about this, law enforcement will tell you there's no actionable intelligence between anybody anywhere. >> harris: where are we on this journey of national security with this issue? it seems like today, it's quick-acting and you heard michael balboni talk about the amazing police force that we have in new york city and that sharing of information all over the country. >> gillian: already was right to point out that as horrible as this is that this perpetrator got this far today, we are also incredibly lucky because something like this, transit
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system like the mta handling a million people just in new york city has potential to be far more deadly. in the aftermath of this right now, the most important thing law enforcement is doing is gathering information. was he connected to anybody else? was a connected to any cells, where those cells domestic or international, quick point that just last week in response to president trump's jerusalem declaration, the state department issued the warning for americans which tells us wherever you are in the world the united states or abroad him a you are more vulnerable today than you were yesterday and i think that to a certain degree, this is going to last well past the holiday season. >> lisa: we are learning more about this guy, the source of radicalization if there any times for terrorist organization. but remember not too long ago there was that image that surfaced from isis that santa claus and times square with dynamite, so i think that
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looms over this as well as the most recent terror attack in new york that let a eight dead. if we drive these terrorist groups like isis out of the middle east, many are saying that there's a concern about online what happened with the online caliphate. i know that jillian has written about this for the hill talking about this is where the fight is as well. we drive out these terrorist from their physical location that fight online. so it looks like. >> harris: many of them have sites online, many of them have gone places on the web that we can find them. will move on. our coverage of this conversation continues all day long here on fox. there are a lot of unanswered questions in the investigation to this attempt to terror attack as they are calling it new york city. did the attacker act alone. you heard that term lone wolf, i want to ask and talk about that more as we widen out and see who people are connected to her as us an act of terror cell inner city? how concerned should americans be as we enter the busy holiday season, a lot of questions.
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and a stunning new fox news poll and what it could mean for tomorrow's alabama special senate election. we will talk about that. president trump stepped up his push to get roy moore across the finish line. speak with the future of this country cannot afford to lose at in a very close united states, we can't afford it. we can't afford to have a liberal democrat who was completely controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. harry's meeting clients...
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>> harris: fox news alert, can you watch the investigation to that explosion this morning in new york city. the mayor called it an attempt to terror attack. it happened near times square in an underground passageway packed with commuters. authorities say a 27-year-old man intentionally set up a pipe bomb that was strapped to his body. for people who including the attacker. he was the worst of the injuries. the other had concussion type injuries, that sort of thing. we are told they're going to be okay. we are following the story. we will bring you all the new developments as we get them. >> kennedy: this is a fox news alert in just about 24 hours, voters go to the polls in alabama special senate race.
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democrat doug johnson republican roy moore making their final pitches. president trump also stepping up his involvement after endorsing him last week. here's white house counsel filling in conway. >> i think the president could be more clear about how he feels about this race. he has said this is the president talking now, the president has said go vote roy moore. he's made it very clear he wants at vote in the united states senate. the president has said vote for lower taxes and more secure borders, certainly less regulation, more around the globe. >> kennedy: democrat doug jones leading by ten. >> one more is holding what he calls a drain the swamp rally located in the southeastern portion of alabama. he'll be joined once again by former white house chief strategist steve bannon who
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rallied with him and another last tuesday and is sending out a robo call reported by president trump. listen. >> get out and vote for boy more. his vote is our republican senate and it's needed. we need roy to help us with the republican senate. we will win and we will make america great again. >> a new fox news poll shows democrat doug jones pulling ten points ahead of him. this is in a state that normally favors republicans but some conservative voters are saying the allegations against him make them uncomfortable. take a pulse of alabama voters, we said fox news reducer dan gallo to a restaurant in greensboro alabama called pie lab. their motto is pie in conversation and talking with customers there, he got plenty of conversation about tomorrow's election. >> i'm going for jones.
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>> i'll be voting for judge moore. >> i haven't really decided yet. my granddad is going to ride in because he's a republican, but doesn't like roy moore. still kind of talking. >> i want a republican in the senate. >> a doug jones campaign official has confirmed a fox news that both former president obama and former vice president joe biden how recorded robo calls on behalf of doug jones. those robo calls going out to alabama voters statewide today. back to you guys in new york. >> kennedy: me time, not all republicans are getting behind roy moore. in fact some g.o.p. members of congress setting up the criticism of their party senate candidate. >> i didn't vote for the democrat or advocate for the democrat but i couldn't vote for roy moore. the state of alabama deserves better. but in the constitution requires
9:22 am
us if he wins, we have to seek him. they will immediately be an ethics investigation. will have greater opportunity for us to look into all of the issues, the allegations and perhaps even talk with some of the folks who were witnesses. that will give us a clear picture. >> it doesn't represent me, i don't think it represents republican women as well and cory gardner. >> so what is the problem for republicans if he wins or if he loses? >> i think this is the lulu's. i would love to have a republican vote in the senate. i would hate to lose a seat but there were other things that come into play. and the thing is fundamentally and i say it an opinion, and about i am very uncomfortable with 30-year-old men with young teenagers. it's as simple as that. it doesn't get more complicated. i don't put politics into it. i don't put vote counts it as much as i want to win a vote for
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capitol hill. it's a moral equation. having said that and i wish he had dropped out. if he wins, i think republicans cannot unseat him. he cannot throw him out. because this is now been adjudicated by the people of alabama. and they know the facts, is on last-minute surprise. if they have all these matters to consider and i hope that's my opinion. it's up to the people of alabama. but i do like this at all for the future republicans. >> harris: i'm just marveling at how you condemned the one thing that and you can hold those two competing thoughts in your head. there are clearly two things that can exist together, so where does that leave this party because if they lean toward where you are as a father and a human being and you want the women to be heard and so on and so forth, you and i talked about this before, but the reporting to the people of alabama. they let everything go for group, we don't know, those
9:24 am
numbers are still, they could move, they always knew before elections, but if you get them in, you have senators who stated that they could constantly exercise that right is try to unseat him and then what do you do? >> ari: i just think it's wrong. at the end of the day coming up to go to what's right and what's wrong. and that does become a simple moral matter. and it is important for votes in the senate. >> kennedy: the political price and i think that's a very important to point out right now, but what happens procedurally if he makes it to the senate? >> lisa: that's the problem because the senate would need two-thirds vote. i don't think that's going to happen and i think maybe even some democrats worry about the president that sends to try to expel duly elected member of the united states and their particular when voters had knowledge of these allegations before heading into the pole. and that's the key and what are we laid out what you heard from
9:25 am
the congressman who was in a deeply competitive district in northern virginia is a sort of feel like this is a pick your poison election where you either lose the senate vote which gives republicans 51 votes in the senate which means it's going to be virtually impossible to move legislation forward. >> kennedy: people peel off, as the death of any of these. >> or you have a situation where people like barbara comstock and other members of the robo can party or worry that they're going to have to run alongside of roy moore in 2018. the only wrinkle for democrats is i suspect we are going to hear more sexual harassment allegations from both sides of the aisle. >> harris: the thing with frank into his the voters in minnesota didn't necessarily know about what was going on. so i completely understand. he actually didn't give the voters the opportunity to know in this case with roy moore, they know what they know, they vote but if he stays, if he gets
9:26 am
elected and the senate keeps him in the seat, the cost of the democratic party, the cost of the publican party is the democrats are already lining up and painting roy moore as the poster child for all that is wrong with the g.o.p. that's what al franken did even in his resignation. already started to hone in on that and going into 2018, the very sort of heavy albatross around the republican party. >> kennedy: is interesting because you can hear democrats cheering for him to win. it allows them to embody the competition and appears to be an attempted terrorist attack from times square. what authorities are now saying about possible terror links and if this was possibly inspired by isis. plus going down to the wire on tax cuts. by republicans remain optimistic on getting the job done before years end at a hurdle that may stand in the way. all that coming up here to stay right here.
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>> harris: if you were just tuning in, went to get you caught up on the huge news that's breaking today. a fox news alert on what's being called an attempted terrorist attack in new york city during the busiest time of the day. police are saying our stomach at 27-year-old man was setting off a pipe bomb. it happened in underground passageway near times square at the of morning rush hour. reports say he was inspired by the islamic state savages but law enforcement said that he apparently had not had any direct contact with that group. now the fbi is working with the nypd to get to the bottom of it. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is collecting the facts for us today from washington. catherine? >> short time ago, fox news confirming that the joint terrorism task forces working jointly with the nypd. these units specialize in terrorism pieces and combine the resources of 12 government agencies from law enforcement as well as ncis.
9:32 am
meantime, tells fox news that has been no responsibility though limited isis accounts are celebrating which we have seen in recent domestic terrorist attacks. the device is described as low-tech and strapped a 27-year-old suspect body the nypd police chief said he intentionally detonated the device in that underground passageway at new york's port authority. meanwhile here in washington, kristin anderson is less than a week ago as the sixth secretary of homeland security. the national counterterrorism center is monitoring the situation in new york. the analysis that was established after 9/11 and now that they've got the identity on the suspect, the nc tc is now running the name for their data holding and that includes the watch list. those searches will allow them to identify close associates and whether the individual was on a
9:33 am
watch list or has an existing tied to a known terrorist group. also this morning, new york authorities are searching the residence. >> what i worry about it i sent a message two weeks ago saying we will see you in new york for christmas soon. so we know that they are directing, targeting attacks around the christmas season. >> everything right now points to a well-known actor but they're going to be looking closely at that device see whether it was very low-tech, very cruder weather had any kind of signature that they dissociate with the bomb maker who may be working in the area. >> harris: thank you very much and you set it up perfectly for our next guest. investigation on it. more knowledge valid spring and former boston police commissioner ed davis who led the city's police department when terrorist attack the boston marathon in 2013. he's also a fox news contributor. thank you for being with us. you just heard catherine talking about the crude nature of this and i do think back to the
9:34 am
boston marathon that's what i said with those pressure cookers, that they weren't overly sophisticated but they were effective. >> right, that's the problem. it is fairly simple to get the recipe for building one of these things from the internet. and as we saw in the marathon, even though they are low-tech devices, they can be very effective at killing and hurting people and causing chaos. which in this particular case is probably the secondary aim of the suspect. inside that small walkway, the possibility of people trampling themselves was very high and those are injuries that count beyond the explosion. >> harris: that's a really good point and it also brings me to the idea that you keep hearing the word lucky talked about today, lucky i like to say bless, whatever the situation, but what does that have to do with what we are actually doing to catch these guys before they happen because when i've heard you say time and time again is
9:35 am
something like this, you cannot predict it. you almost can't prevent it, so then look at the play a role? >> so it's good to have luck on your side but the truth is you we can settle the strategy. the nypd has the best intelligence operation of any police department in the world. we have plugged in and all the places where these guys are operating from. we have hercules teams that are all over manhattan that are a show of force, you see when they are on screen right now. all of these things went together give us the air of invulnerability if you well. that's what we're trying to protect people who think they're going to do something like this. unfortunately because there is no at these locations, just sort of a surveillance in the crowds going by, you can sink a device in here and it can cause an enormous and chaos. >> harris: really quickly before i let you go, the day after the boston bombing, i can imagine that all the focus was
9:36 am
on then looking at sites around the city. and that's what we are being told is happening here in new york, it's the height of the holiday season, a lot of people congregating not just in times square but rockefeller center to see the tree, so on and so forth. what is that really like to provide that kind of search and readiness for police department? >> i talked to chris romeo just a couple of weeks ago about this. they have a enormous amounts of assets that are out there watching what's going on, presenting a show of force but the truth of the matter is the congress men said, there are thoughts. this is christmas time, there is a very attractive time for our enemies to attack us. so we have to be hyper alert right now. we have to be careful of everything that happens. >> harris: a former police commissioner of the city of boston, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> kennedy: a big week ahead on tax reform.
9:37 am
president trump about to deliver a closing. this is house and senate negotiators worked to iron out their differences with the goals of having legislation on the president's desk before years end. the president tweeting this weekend "getting closer and closer on the tax cut bill shaping up even better than projected. house and senate working very hard and smart and the results will not only be important but special. the hurdles of course loom. main senator said his support was crucial in setting says she's not yet decided. there she will back the final measure. >> i always swayed until the final version of the bill is brought before us before i make a final decision on whether or not to support it. the major differences between the house and senate bills and i don't know i don't know how it's going to come out. >> kennedy: house majority leader kevin mccarthy says is very confident that republicans can get it done on tax reform.
9:38 am
partly thanks to the president's enthusiastic support. >> i've never watched a president so engaged. i was speaking to the treasury secretary last night. talk to the president last week. he is engaged to make sure this happens because he wants to keep his promise to create more jobs and make sure that the middle class in this country gets an increase in their wages. >> kennedy: ari fleischer, if they do it right, could be more jobs and a big boost to the economy. still some big differences here. how insurmountable is it? >> ari: is not insurmountable at all. i love this. this is what government is supposed to be about. this is where you have big choices, big decisions that ultimately can change the economy and create jobs for people or not. the democrats say that this will work, it's a tax cut for the rich and the democrats turn out to be right which i don't think they will be, the republicans deserve what they get. if republicans are right in the economy booms again, the republicans can say we helped drive this because of what we did with the tax cuts. and that helps republicans and everything they do in their future. but that's what we are supposed to have government for.
9:39 am
i love the fact that they're this close and the ultimate test will come right before the senate votes on it after the conference agreements reached the house and senate. it'll pass the house, the test of the senate. going to ask over the basic question, is of the economy booming right now? >> ari: is at two quarters in a row 3% growth. >> harris: which is higher than what does it protect it to bring 2.9%. >> ari: the economy is protected for the next ten years by the congress to grow 1.9%. if we can sustain 3% growth because this tax cut keeps it going actually raises even higher to 3.5, 3.4, anything above that means the deficit will drop. this is huge and this is what you do. this is how you keep the economy rolling. >> kennedy: is that enough to gamble on? >> gillian: what about middle-class? >> lisa: the public polling hasn't been that great on the tax reform bill as well. if they win, and other test is selling this to voters and making them believe that this is going to benefit their families because right now, they don't
9:40 am
know or at least supporting public opinion. but the horsetrading on this still wasn't done because to get the senate bill passed the finish line, there were promises made to people like senators johnson, collins, and flake and so do those senators feel like those promises are going to be particularly when you look at someone like senator johnson, the way that passes through and the way that these are being treated in the senate bill that differentiated itself from the house bill, is that promise kep kept? does not end up being tested so that's another thing to keep in mind when this bill does make its way out of conference. >> gillian: i think the important question comes down to does it benefit the middle class and i think that's where some of these public opinion polls are showing who voters aren't buying that. to me, that's what matters. not the pants to whatever senators and who supports a wide period at the end of the day, it's going to benefit the middle class. >> ari: but it's not polls that will decide that, that's the real life. i vote on the basis of one year from now, how is economy doing?
9:41 am
>> kennedy: we will see. a new bombshell when it comes to taxpayer dollars being settled harassment suits. the latest congressman caught up in the scandal in moments. for years i've trained dogs for the marines - like me, some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty. and for the past 15 years i've been a navy federal member. thanks to their fast approval process, when it came time to buy a new car, we got everything we needed to transport my wife's little bundle of joy... ... who i just adore. open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union.
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and it won't cost you a cent. this is a free service. call today. a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> lisa: and other sexual harassment rocking capitol hill. will call reporting the government pay $220,000 to settle a complaint involving congressman. alleges unwelcome sexual advances and advances and unwelcome touching. the florida democrat calling the charge is ludicrous and saying he was never informed of any settlement. the payout was also not included in an official tally of payments to subtle discrimination complaints against house lawmakers for the past five years. this is raising questions once again about the secretive way congress handles complaints of
9:46 am
sexual harassment. so you spent your career and crisis communications and getting out in front of crisis is like this. so from your opinion, congress has been blocked about this but how do they get out in front of it, can they get out in front of it, and what do they need to do? >> kennedy: there's no getting out in front of it, their past is coming to catch up with them. that's the problem here. that's why these guys are facing it that's why you're seeing the retirements that you've seen. in the case of congressman hastings, he knows whether or not he touched somebody inappropriately. that's knowable. he very well may have done that and then said to the people who work for him, make this go away. figure out how to pay off he didn't want to know anything about it. money doesn't just flow from the treasury without somebody making it flow. this is going to be congressman hastings problem or opportunity depending on what the facts show. >> harris: i'm so glad to hear you say stuff like that out loud. if you are one of those plain speaking people that i know. so glad you're in my constellation of teachers in this lifetime. but that really the issue
9:47 am
knowing what is knowable. and if it's knowable, that is so basic, but why put yourself in a position of having to defend it? >> kennedy: there's a group of congressmen, especially the ones that been there for a long time i congressman hastings were used do the structures of congress set up to protect these guys. >> lisa: is talking about those structures. you think this changes because there's been legislation introduced, bipartisan legislation to bring more transparency to disclose an individual's names involved in some of these sediments. just to bring structural changes to the reporting process as well, so how important do you think that is and you think that that is going to have move in on capitol hill? >> kennedy: i think it's incredibly important. i was lobby for more transparency from the government and i also think that we should have more credibility and more personal responsibility. that's one of the things you're not hearing from two of the people who resigned and one who may be elected to the senate tomorrow. it's interesting because this is not a republican or democrat issue.
9:48 am
this is not a male or female issue. this way you're seeing people from both genders in both parties get together and say this has to change. we cannot have a system we protect people in this cocoon were touching someone inappropriately is seen as the perk of the job. >> gillian: and incumbent upon congress to figure it out yesterday because the country first erupted over the scandals that were taking place in the media. in the news world, in hollywood, that pales in comparison to the idea that our elected leaders in washington are spending taxpayer money to pay people off so that they can continue this behavior. it is incumbent upon congress to set up a bottle for the rest of the country. >> lisa: sadly, i think we're going to be talking about this more in the coming days. president trump is ramping up his feud with the mainstream media. bashing so-called fake news as a stain on america. you're going to want to stay tuned.
9:49 am
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>> gillian: president trump ramping up attacks on the mainstream media after reports that outlets were forced to contract and correct. very little discussion about the
9:53 am
purposely false and defamatory stories put out this week by the fake news media. they are out of control, correct reporting means nothing to them. forced to be withdrawn after they are exposed. a stain on america. this is very dramatic coming from the president of the united states. what i want to suss out from you is what at the guidelines for fake news, which is deliberate misinformation versus honest reporting mistakes. do we have to distinguish between those two and his politics the line? it can't be, right? >> ari: facts of and i think the president has done well to make this an issue that politically benefits him. i personally never use the word fake news. i don't like it. i think people make mistakes. but in the case of what happened with cnn and cbs and msnbc with the bogus story about the wrong date that email came to the trump campaign suggesting. >> gillian: this is the wikileaks email.
9:54 am
>> ari: this remains to be settled. this remains to be solved. still a lot of explaining to do. i find that absolutely incredible to believe that two sources on three different occasions misread an email and give a wrong date. trying to explain to their peers how they got it wrong. spaces contrast that with "the washington post" reported this week and that we did out a photo of the empty stadium for the president and pensacola. that's not fake news, right? that was an honest mistake? >> ari: fox made a mistake when they reported that the yearbook had been a forgery. that wasn't the case. it was in exactly the case. people have to be precise. it's important when you make a mistake in the journalism business it happens. explain to reviewers how and why it happened. so the case of explain how they felt. >> lisa: the problem is all these questions have to be made with stories that are damaging to the president we already know
9:55 am
based on pulling that the media tends to skew less. not only do you have partisans in the mainstream media but you also have an utter disdain for the president which is clear if you watch most networks are read most publications. most of these corrections are being in an effort to damage the president and if you want to know if his fake news is having an impact on the media business, look at cnn's new ad campaign facts first to let you know that it is having an impact. they are running an entire ad campaign to try to counteract president from the tax. >> kennedy: what are the fall with the whole apple banana scenario? it's interesting, this is why journalists get really upset because good people can make bad mistakes, but it also makes legitimate journalists. i want to make sure harris lays in. on the question i asked, how do viewers distinguish between the intention of journalists? is there way for us to do that responsibly? you what i think you're assuming
9:56 am
that they're going to try that hard. most people are pretty busy on what they really want are just the facts. little do with the figure out who gives them the most with the fewest mistakes and people that they like to watch or listen to and that's what they'll do here too. it is pretty plain and simple. when you do focus groups, it doesn't go any deeper than that. they don't have time to do our jobs, they're expecting us to do them. >> gillian: we have to leave it there but more speed 22 coming up in just a moment. stick with us.
9:57 am
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>> kennedy: thank you so much to ari fleischer, we are back tomorrow at noon eastern. we are ready to go to harris faulkner and the power seat. >> harris: a pipe bomb detonated in a new york city subway passage between times square and the port authority bus terminal. one of the busiest transit hubs in the world during the morning rush hour today. that explosion injured three people and the suspected bomber and caused commuter chaos, filling the passageway with smoke, while it was crowded with morning commuters and sent many running for the exits as you may imagine. authorities say the suspect as of 27-year-old bangladeshi man who had an explosive device strapped to his body and may have set off that device by accident. a photo from


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