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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 12, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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time. check it out. you can always reach me on twitter and of course hit me up on facebook. let me know what you thought about tonight's show and that is all we have this evening. shannon bream is up next. ♪ >> shannon: and could have been devastating. it would homicide bomber attacks the world's busiest bus station during rush hour. and it appears he got here through an immigration program the president's head has got to end. >> this attack underscores the need for congress to work with the president on immigration reform. >> shannon: is there any appetite to get that done on capitol hill? the left-leaning southern poverty law center sues the trump administration over things that happened over president obama. is that legal? "night court" will convene on a case that could have a major impact on the crackdown on illegal immigration. plus... >> i don't know what i'm going to do. >> shannon: has a clock ticks down to election day in alabama,
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secretary of state john merrill talks to us in a fox news at night exclusive. ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." item shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news alert. new developments tonight on the port authority terror attack, where 27-year-old bangladeshi named akayed ullah allegedly tried to detonate a pipe bomb during a busy morning commute. he apparently watched her, instead severely injuring himself and causing a rush hour stampede. the drop administration moving quickly to identify ullah as a immigrant who benefited from chain migration, a major political target for the white house in his attempt to undo decades immigration policy. the department of homeland security weighing in late tonight. dha's tweeting, "we can confirm
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that the suspect benefited from extended family chain migration. the chain was initiated by the suspect's relatives who became a u.s. citizen after entering the country via a visa lottery program. he entered the u.s. in 2011 receiving a green card after the family-based preference." the administration has advocated for ending chain migration and the visa lottery program. we'll have more in just a minute but first let's go straight to the port authority for the latest from eric shawn. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. isis has called for a terrorist attack against our country during this christmas season. police say that would be suicide bomber took the terrorist group up on its challenge. this morning at 7:20 when he was walking that subway hallway, he passed a poster that had a christmas holiday motif and that's where he decided he wanted to pull himself up but he loved. tonight, his family says they
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are "outraged" over the actions of u.s. law enforcement, they are also heartbroken at the violence and the allegations. as you said, that suspect is tonight identified as 27-year-old akayed ullah of brooklyn. he is in bellevue hospital in serious condition at this hour with burns on his hands and stomach. he also wounded seven passerby's according to police. officials say he did tell them that this act was revenge against the u.s. for bombing isis in the middle east. take a look at the shocking surveillance tape of the confusion, of the smoke, and that he is, as people were walking down the walkway, they say he had the palms track pugh his chest with velcro and zip ties. when it went off, police call a low-tech bomb made for a broken christmas lights, sugar, 9-volth heads. he admits that he watched isis propaganda videos, and he learned how to make the bomb online on the internet. new york city police commissioner james o'neill. >> he had wounds to his body.
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the investigation of the scene of the case, this mail was wearing an improvised, low-tech, explosive device attached to his body. he intentionally detonated that device. >> ullah originally came from bangladesh in seven years ago with his parents and four siblings are not so called change chain migration vesey of where you have to have a family member as a u.s. citizen to come here, something that president trump has long qualified to an. department of homeland security saying that the suspect was admitted to the united states after presenting a passport displaying and 43 family immigrant visa in 2011. he is a lawful, permanent resident from bangladesh who benefited from extended family chain migration. the president was sharp in his reaction, saying, "america must fix its lax immigration system which allows far too many dangerous and adequately bedded
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people access to our country. congress must and changed migration. attorney general jeff sessions was even blunter, saying, "the 20-year-old son of the sister of the u.s. citizen should not get priority to come to this country ahead of someone who is highly skilled, well-educated, has learned english, and is likely to assimilate and flourish here. in the brooklyn neighborhood of flatlands, the fbi were at the police where he lives with his brother and sister. they say he had traveled a extensively overseas and are looking for any connections there, returning from bangladesh in september. new york city maser bill de blasio said targeting the ark city subway system strikes at the very heart of this city. >> let's be clear, as new yorkers, our lives revolve around the subways. when we hear of an attack on the subway, it's incredibly unsettling. and let's be also clear, this was an attempted terrorist attack. thank god the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals.
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>> ullah will likely face terrorism charges in federal court, ironically, shannon, the very same federal courthouse were just six weeks ago, the arraignment on terrorism charges for his alleged isis inspired attack where he mowed down and killed eight people near the world trade center. sadly, radical islamic terrorism is not new to the city. just eight blocks from here, the first radical islamic terrorist attack in this country occurred on november 5th, 1990. that is when he shot to death the extremist rabbi and tonight, 27 years later, that threat remains. back to you in the studio. >> shannon: we turn another corner. eric shawn, thank you for the life of a report from new york. the new head of the department of homeland security and attorney general jeff sessions will hold a news conference, 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. they will talk about chain migration and the port authority bombing.
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here to discuss the administration's response, washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor charles, we call him charlie, hurt. and an executive in residence at the american university school of public affairs. great to have you with us. i want to read you more about what the president said in his statement. he said, "congress must and change migration. it also must act on my administrations of the proposals to enhance domestic security including increasing the customs and enforcement officers and ending fraud and abuse in our immigration system." charlie, does congress have any appetite to dive into all of those things and get this done? >> i think it is going to be kind of tough but i have to say, we saw signs out of the senate with mitch mcconnell talking about his interest in doing something about chain migration that i think it's important, after every time we have an episode like this, politicians of every stripe want to come out and come up with some sort of policy to somehow deal with this
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for. but to donald trump's credit, this is something he has been talking about for some time now. chain migration is a real, genuine issue, it's not comfortable for anybody to talk about because we like the idea of being an open society and encouraging legal immigration. but this is a real problem and as is evidenced by this attack this morning. >> shannon: it's interesting because we got numbers from the administration within the last week or two that looked at this period of 2005-2015 and they noted that more than 70% of their immigration came from chain migration and people are asking about whether that is the smartest thing for the country, if you want to focus on people who bring special skills here and that kind of thing, should our priority be reuniting families or having a different approach? >> a different priority needs to be striking a balance between protecting our national security interests and at the same time,
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preserving our values as americans. free and open society, you know, a nation built on emigrants. that is a very difficult needle to thread. chain migration is interesting because conventional wisdom would dictate that if you have a family member here who has already dedicated themselves to becoming an american citizen and investing in being part of this country, you would maybe have a better opportunity to have gainful employment, p.a. taxpayer and participate. you would think that might be a good way to bring in better people because there is already demonstrated a desire to be part of the american framework. i think the big question with chain migration is how far do you let that chain go. >> shannon: my understanding is what we know so far, it appears it was an aunt that was a connection for this young man to come and pray adherence with the attorney general had to say and we will here for more
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tomorrow. it is a failure of logic and sound policy to not adopt a merit-based system, welcoming the best and brightest in turning away not only terrorists but gang members, fraudsters, drunk drivers, and child abusers. charlie? speak of the most thing here is to look at for what is best in america and our immigration system. that said, another thing to consider, you have a lot of people who want to come to america for obvious reasons. the question becomes, do you want to come here on the basis of merit or do you want to come here just because you have a sibling or a child or a mother or whatever who is already here? i think that raises interesting questions that we probably ought to deal with. >> shannon: over to you? >> i think it's a tough issue, it's one where we are grappling with what it means to be in america an end as i said, striking that balance between national security and preserving our american values and congress has a lot of work to do, finishing taxes -- >> shannon: we are busy. >> keeping the government open. hopefully in 2018 they will
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finally get to this issue. >> shannon: we'll see. there is a lot of passion on both sides of the aisle to find some kind of solution to this. we'll see. easier said than done on capitol hill. thanks, guys. turning now to the hotly contested bitterly divisive alabama senate race. we are hours away from voting in alabama. will it be democrat doug jones, attempting an upset victory in the deep red state amid allegations of sexual misconduct against embattled g.o.p. candidate roy moore? on the eve of the vote, fox news is releasing a new poll conducted over the weekend that puts jones at a lead over moore over likely voters. but we know 10% are still unsure about how they will vote. among the factors for jones' leader how your interest in more enthusiasm the interest among the democrats. let's break it down with fox news politics editor and editor of the halftime report, chris stirewalt fly from new york. chris, how is this fox news poll so different? we have the realclearpolitics
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that gives moore to point to point advantage and now, our poll says ten points in favor of doug jones. >> averages or averages. i will say this, our track record, our posters track records that we saw in virginiad their statewide elections, we were -- it was a good job. we were very proud of our guys. we have been sitting down at the decision desk looking at stuff for tomorrow, getting ready for tomorrow, getting ready for these to commend. obviously, we don't know how this will turn out but based on what we are seeing with our quite good methodology, there is an enormous amount of enthusiasm, enormous amount of attention among democratic voters because remember, they never get a chance for their votes do matter. almost never. they have have not elected a democrat statewide -- they havet elected a democratic senator for 30 years. i think what you are saying is
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that democrats, sensing an opportunity, especially african-american voters, their votes will actually matter for once in a deep red state. i think they are fired up and i think they are ready to go. >> shannon: a lot of this is about turnout, enthusiasm, who is fired up. let's talk about with the polling showed us. first of all, what flavors rory moore? what works to his advantage? this is where he is showing strength, white voters, white voters with no degree, white evangelicals, and those who described themselves that very conservative. 65-point advantage. for doug jones, his strengths are those who are extremely interested and that will be key for driving turnout tomorrow, women, those under age 45, who don't always show up, and nonwhites, minority voters. what does that tell you about who we should expect at the polls? it is an off year, weird special election. everyone knows about it but will they actually vote? >> even in the year were alabama will be in the player for the national football championship,
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i would imagine this is the overwhelming topic of discussion here, i can alabama. >> shannon: oh, i don't know. [laughter] >> fair. >> shannon: this is college football i am talking about. i don't know. >> that's fair, counselor. let's put it this way, if it's number one, is a close object. if you read local media, talk to reporters that have been down there, the amount, this saturation is huge. basically here is what you can look for tomorrow. if turnout is in the 20-25% range, that is really good for rory moore. that means you are down, the surgeon turnout didn't turn out for african-american voters vote for democrats and you are at the core of what you would normally expect. normally, in an election like this in alabama, you would normally expect they were public into win by 30 points. the smaller the turnout, the better it is for roy moore. this is imprecise, obviously, fewer voters, better for moore,
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more voters, better for jones. >> shannon: i want to make sure i hit this, democratic pollster chris anderson says he could prevail with the people who typically vote in alabama, meaning roy moore, should not tomorrow, which is what happens in special elections. this is appears to be a special special election with blacks and young voters animated by acosta republican voters. candidate. it seems to sum up what you have been saying, chris. tomorrow night, we'll be here tomorrow no matter what happens to break it down. >> i love election day. >> shannon: oh, do i. what will we talk about come wednesday? chris, great to see you. >> you back. >> shannon: this is a a "fox news @ night" exclusive. alabama secretary of state john merrill answers your questions about what happens in tomorrow's election, right in both, certifying the winter, and accusations, we'll have answers, that he is making it harder for people to vote. amid devastating wildfires, hollywood gets fired up over tax reform.
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we'll explain the political connection. later, left-wing activists attempted to stop i.c.e. from raiding the homes of illegal immigrants. who has the constitution on their side? stick around for heated debate when "night court" se cannot live without it.
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>> shannon: welcome back to "fox news @ night." we will be live right here tomorrow night with special coverage of the alabama senate race. make sure to tune in for the results. in the hours leading up to the vote, there have been strong statements from national republican leaders against g.o.p. candidate roy moore. well, top state republicans appear to stay steady in their supports. here to discuss in a "fox news @ night" exclusive, alabama secretary of state john merrill joins us live for montgomery. good to see you, mr. secretary. >> good to see you, shannon. thanks for having me as your guest. >> shannon: i know you probably of all people are ready for the thing to get wrapped up one way or the other. did you ever anticipate there would be this much attention on all of your electoral procedures and exactly how this thing is going down? >> absolutely not. of course, this is the most widely covered event in the electoral process in the history of the state of alabama. we are all ready for this to be over. >> shannon: i will ask you this. first of all, i want to play something from your senior senator there, richard shelby. this is what he had to say about what he decided to do.
12:21 am
>> i could not vote for roy moore, i did not vote for roy moore, but i wrote and indistinguishable her broken name. i think a lot of people could do that. >> shannon: secretary, how does that factor into what happens tomorrow? >> we have a procedure for right ins and we had actually received a lot of attention for them even before this information was introduced. one of the things that we did to help our people at the local polling sites was to produce a sheet of paper that answered frequently asked questions and also gave clear directions about what an individual needed to do if they wanted to write-in a candidate of their choice whose name did not appear on the ballot. >> shannon: depending on how close this is or is not tomorrow, is there anything that would trigger a recount by statutory means or can a candidate challenge it if it does come down to the wire? how does it work? >> yes, less than one half of 1%
12:22 am
difference between the two candidates will automatically trigger a recount which will result in that occurring without either candidate having to pay for it. >> shannon: okay. i want to give you a chance to respond to some things that you have been accused of in the media. namely, as the secretary of state, discouraging people from voting, particularly minorities and others. i want to read a little bit of this "mother jones" piece. "when alabamians go to the polls on tuesday to elect republican roy moore or democratic doug jones is a new senator, an untold number will not participate due to the decisions made by his office, which is in charge of ensuring a fair voting process and by the republicans who run the state. these laws and policies overwhelmingly make it harder for minorities to vote." your response? >> shannon, these people are entitled to their own opinion but they are not entitled to their own facts. word of the facts? since january 19th, 2015, we have registered 865,000, 170 voters in alabama.
12:23 am
what it is unparalleled and unprecedented in the history of the state. as a matter of fact, per capita, no other state in the union has done what we have done in the last 34 months. let me also add that we now have 3,328,117 registered voters in alabama. unprecedented and unparalleled history of the state. we are making it easy to vote and hard to cheat in alabama. >> shannon: i understand that you went to google about an ad that you said was misleading or confusing. what is the story i'm not? matt? >> we did. there was an ad running on behalf of doug jones and his team that indicated that if the voters cast their ballot in support of judge roy more than that individual would be known in his or her community. it made a lot of people very uncomfortable. that information was introduced to us and we began to do some research. we actually contacted the young man who actually prepared the
12:24 am
ad, had conversation with him, and ask him if he would modify the ad or if he would consider taking the ad down. he indicated that he had absolutely no intention to do that. at that point, we realized we had to do something else. we went straight to google and to youtube and indicated to them why we had concerns about the ad, showed them the facts that were associated with that and they authorized the removal of that advertisement. >> shannon: basically if you vote tomorrow in alabama, no one's going to know who you voted for unless you decide to tell them. correct? >> no. you are ballot is a private matter for you and for only those that you choose to share that with. >> shannon: we will see you right here tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. eastern. we look forward to, if we have results of the time, if we don't, we'll talk it through with you and the process of what happens next, certify go over the winter, getting them to d.c. we look forward to it. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> thank you so much, shannon. >> shannon: thank you mr. secretary. it is not slowing down, the
12:25 am
flood of accusations. we'll break on the latest sexual misconduct allegations. new ones tonight from hollywood, washington, d.c. later, our immigration activists stewing over something that happened under president obama in order to sandbag president trump? our legal eagles are ready for "night court" ." this is electricity. ♪ this is a power plant. this is tim barckholtz. that's me! this is something he is researching at exxonmobil: using fuel cells to capture carbon emissions at power plants. this is the potential. reducing co2 emissions by up to 90%... while also producing more power. this could be big. energy lives here. you for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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♪ >> shannon: firefighters may finally be getting a handle on some of the california wildfires but the political rhetoric seems to be heating up. as hollywood jumps on the devastation to criticize republican led tax reform. trace gallagher droids from los angeles to explain. good evening. >> good evening. the way it works, if you were his property in an earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, other natural disaster, anything that is not covered by insurance or other assistance can be written off on your taxes. for example, in 2015 americans
12:30 am
deducted $1.6 billion of uninsured losses from natural disasters. well, the house version of the tax reform bill, that natural disaster deduction goes away altogether. an an under the senate tax bille could only take it if the president declares a natural disaster. so far, he is only declared the fires burning across southern california as a state of emergency. even the thomas mayer, 231,000 acres, the fifth largest fire in state history and has destroyed almost 900 buildings, would not qualify for the tax write off. no surprise, the plan is being criticized by everyone from california's democratic congress members to hollywood. senator dianne feinstein says a family that loses everything in a wild fire shouldn't have to pray for a federal declaration so they can recover. and the actor samuel l. jackson retweeted an "l.a. times" headline, quoting, "as california burns, congress plans to slash tax write offs for
12:31 am
fires and other disasters. why am i not surprised"? he's not exactly the biggest trump supported but in this case, the trump administration agrees that fire victims should get the right off. to add insult to injury, the house bill does include a deduction for the victims of hurricanes harvey, irma, and maria, even for the victims of super storm sandy in 2012 who have not yet filed their returns, but noel write off for wildfire victims. for the g.o.p. chair of of thes and means committee kevin brady plans to introduce legislation offering tax relief for wildfire victims but going forward, in the future, looks like congress will deal with these disasters on a case-by-case basis. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher from l.a., thank you. another day, another round of allegations against big names in entertainment, politics, and beyond. kristin fisher is tracking it all. she's got the latest on sexual misconduct allegations and it's not slowing down. >> i will start at the top and
12:32 am
work my way down, shannon. the sexual harassment allegations against president trump are nothing new. what is new is the cultural awakening the country seems to be experiencing, this me to movement. today, it extended all the way to the oval office. three of the 16 women who publicly accused president trump of sexual misconduct spoke out doing a joint press conference. they first came out during the campaign but now they are calling on congress to launch a formal investigation just like they did for senators franken and con years. >> i want to believe that as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things, in fact, do transcend politics. we will hold mr. trump to the same standards as harvey weinstein and the other men that were held accountable for the reprehensible behavior. >> tonight, four senators are calling on president trump to resign, all democrats. i think it is safe to say that is not something he is even remotely considering, instead, today, the white house press
12:33 am
secretary denied all the accusations and said that if voters had a problem with them, then they wouldn't -- then he wouldn't be in the white house today. >> the president has addressed these accusations directly and denied all these allegations and this took place long before he was elected to be president and the people of this country had a decisive election, supported president trump, and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process. >> for me to movement claimed more casualties today. brian was a come of the reporter for the new yorker who effectively ended the anthony scaramucci tenure at the white house, he was fired for improper sexual misconduct, though he denies it all. celebrity chef mario batali. and finally, roll call is
12:34 am
reporting that taxpayers paid more than $200,000 to settle a sexual harassment case involving congressmen all see hastings, a democrat from florida. so today, we have had a chef, a journalist, a congressman, and a president while feeling the wrath of this me, too movement, shannon, shannon. this b end in sight. >> infected seems to be building momentum. thanks, shannon. >> shannon: a louisiana man pleading to jail time and a hefty fine after he pled guilty to trying to use the president's social security number. all part of an effort to obtain the president's tax returns and via a student aid application. after getting a username and password with the president's social security number, 32-year-old private investigator jordan hamlet allegedly attempted to use an irs tool to access the president's return. he now faces a maximum five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. his attorney says his client to
12:35 am
look forward to presenting his case and motives and then letting a jury decide whether he did anything wrong. going after i.c.e. agents for doing their job. a new lawsuit says they are crossing the line and going after illegal immigrants. we'll separate facts from fiction next in "night court." then, remember the d.o.t. official recently demoted? james rosen uncovered an even more interesting link, and exclusive report on that just exclusive report on that just ahead.
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♪ >> shannon: "night court" is now in session. the left-leaning southern poverty law center announcing they are suing the trump administration over i.c.e. rates that happen under the obama administration. they claimed that immigration and custom enforcement agents entered the homes of immigrants without warrants or probable cause, the raids in question happened nearly two years ago. in its complaint, they said, "when it turns out the agents are not police and they are not looking for a criminal because there is no criminal, and they are in fact immigration agents looking for one of your family members, it cannot reasonably be argued that you provided knowing consent for complete search of your home." we will talk about it with emily compagno with the government's perspective and national law
12:40 am
journal contributor kent zimmerman arguing for the splc. good to see you tonight, both of you. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: i want to read about what we are getting from the splc. "the freedom from unlawful searches and seizures are among america's most fundamental values. law enforcement officials at all levels are legally required to protect these constitutional rights. the anything goes method of the i.c.e. agents a liberated due process for families and did nothing to enhance national security." emily, they say they were stronger pretending to be police officers are looking for specific criminal suspects but what they were trying to do was to get inside. they say that does not comport with the fourth amendment. what say you? >> the 11th circuit has held that police officers or federal agents can lie to get their way in the door. in terms of the warrantless search, viewers need to understand that the construed constitutional protection against warrantless searches is not immutable. here, the department of homeland
12:41 am
security approved operation border resolve in direct response to a spike in illegal border crossings by certain central american countries. the targets of this operation were those family units and unauthorized alien children who under the age of 18 and confirmed on suspected gang member 16 years and older. every single one of these targets that i capture prior as well as a final order of departure by a federal immigration judge i not had any pending motions before an immigration port. actually, southern poverty law center hints at this when they mentioned the ankle bracelets as one of their plaintiffs, as the majority of them had additional criminal convictions for violent crimes. so here the authorization and the execution of this operation qualifies as the special and sufficiently strong justification and exigent circumstances needed for a warrantless search greatly when i feel like i just went back to law school. kent, that's a lot that we have learned. let me read a little bit. they did not respond to us directly because there is pending litigation.
12:42 am
but this is what they had to say days ago in a press release about how they go about doing their job. "despite numerous stories and allegations of the media falsely accusing i.c.e. of indiscriminate raids, the fact is that 92% of all aliens arrested by i.c.e. had criminal investigations, and immigration punitive -- an immigration fugitive -- are they doing what they were hired to do? >> shannon, then, here's how i see it. when the show was over tonight and i go home to my house and we all go home to our homes, and everybody watching america tonight, we all have a right under the constitution, the fourth amendment of the constitution, to not have law enforcement bust into her house without probable cause, a search warrant, or without is giving permission. >> shannon: is a different for american citizens? is there a distinction? >> a great question. in fact, there is case law going all the way back to the 1800s
12:43 am
that says the fourth amendment applies to citizens and noncitizens alike in the u.s. whoever you are, if you are in the u.s., citizen or not, you have a right under the constitution, which is really important to point out. every president, president obama, president trump, all those before them, they take an oath on the steps of the capital to protect and uphold the constitution of the united states. and that is what we are talking about. this is not a democratic issue or a republican issue. this is about protecting the constitution and that is paramount for all of us to do. >> shannon: our two legal eagles do not see this the same way. tweet us. let us know what you think. that is the opening and closing argument from both sides. that is "night court." we'll let you decide. emily and kent, thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: will let you know how that turns out. let us know on twitter. a senior justice department official demoted last week for concealing his meetings with the
12:44 am
men behind the anti-trumped rca had even closer ties to the group fusion -- gps, responsible for the incendiary come unverified document. james rosen has an exclusive report and connection between the g.o.p. official and the group responsible for the dirty dossier that is raisi ..ngier that is raisi new disclosures confirmed to fox news by top investigators on the house intelligence committee show that the link between fusion gps, the firm behind the anti-trumped rca, and a top justice department official, ran deeper than previously known. fox news was averse to tell you last week about the abrupt emotion on wednesday of bruce or, the isuzu deputy attorney general who was stripped of that title and is fourth floor office at main justice amid an ongoing investigation into his contact g figures in the controversy over the dossier, meeting with the jy
12:45 am
official said that ohr had withheld it from his superiors. he met last year with both christopher steele, the former british spy who authored the dossier with input from russian sources and that he met glenn simpson, the founder of fusion gps, the operatives and research firm that paid mr. christopher steele with funding from the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee. now fox news has confirmed that nelly ohr, and the wife of bruce ohr, worked for fusion gps, was paid by the opposition research firm through the summer and fall of 2016, a time when the places are on the company payroll around the time the dossier was funneled to the fbi and perhaps through to the election. some two weeks after which her husband met secretly with glenn simpson. the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes said that they are looking into all facets of the connections between the department of justice and fusion gps, including mr. ohr.
12:46 am
doj, which initially said that mr. ohr had been stripped of his duties because he was holding two jobs, tonight had no comment about the revelation that mrs. ohr work for cheap fusion gps last year. shannon? >> shannon: thank you, james. in the wake of another new york terror attack, the state's governor questions whether silicon valley is doing its part. we will look at whether it is fair to criticize big tech. in case you missed it, president trump made a big announcement about sending astronauts into outer space. his very ambitious plan s ..
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert parade on the heels of another terror attack in new york today, democrat governor andrew cuomo pointed out the role of technology in pe radicalization. he's asking whether there is a bigger role for tech companies to plate and cracking down on terror. >> i am saying the internet service providers have a degree of information, right? you know what websites you are going to and what you are shopping for because that is how they target the advertiser. you go to buy a sweater, and the next time you go on the website, you see all the sweaters for sale. >> shannon: joining us know, cyber security analyst and
12:51 am
senior fellow at the center for digital government, morgan wright and former nypd intelligence division and former cia analyst buck sexton. welcome, both. >> hi. >> shannon: buck, i want to us, as somebody who has worked in this field from the law enforcement perspective, how important with that information from big tech to be and what are your concerns about it being released under any circumstance? >> governor cuomo is in a position where he feels like he has to come up with some kind of solution, some way to prevent this in my future, but relying on tech companies do police content is just simply not going to work. there has been a long time and effort to knock down pro jihadi twitter accounts. an effort to knock down certain websites, all good for the period up time for this postingn the sites to figure out we have to go somewhere else. when you add on the difficulty of getting into these newly encrypted apps and the different chat rooms and ways that the
12:52 am
jihadist community has communicating on top of trying to decipher what in fact is jihadist versus islamist versus just -- they are all these distinctions. it is particularly complicated here and there is no way that the answer to this -- i'm not saying it's not a piece of it, it's a piece of it -- the answer to this is not just massive internet surveillance by the tech companies because they can't do it even if they want to do. >> shannon: morgan, what are the civil liberties concerns about this? where is the line? i've heard a couple of lawmakers saying from both sides of the aisle that they were very concerned that this guy was not on anybody's radar. he is looking online to identify with ices, trying to find out how to build a bomb and apparently building a bomb or attempting to while he was at work. a lot of questions here. >> began to keep people from watching the final four in college football at work. it can be very difficult to find who is visiting which sites. i spent a year training the fbi as to how to conduct internet investigations, the late '90s.
12:53 am
it was tough back then. it's even tougher now because there are 50 billion devices on the internet by 2020, only about 8 billion people, so that is one device for every eight people. it is asking the toll taker, the state trooper, to know what is my content of every car that is passing by you on the highway. it won't happen. the massive size of the collection of surveillance efforts he would have to undergo, it is not up to the united states to outsource the national security to tech companies. rather, how do we work together? we got to be better at targeting suspected people and going deeper on them as opposed to casting a wide net to see what we can come up with. >> shannon: i want to play a sound bite from congressman mike mccaul talking to bret baier on "special report" and get response. >> as we crush the caliphate and defeated isis in iraq and syria, it reminds us that they have ballooned elsewhere, they are ever present on the internet, they are also in africa and the philippines. this threat is not going away.
12:54 am
>> shannon: ever present on the internet. >> this is an ideology more than it ever was a state when we are talking about isis and the crumbling of vices in iraq and syria, certainly something to be celebrated. they announced that they have defeated the islamic state in iraq. but these different affiliate groups around the world are very strong, very problematic from a security perspective and then you just have the ideological adherence and we don't know what the numbers are but the numbers are far too large and unfortunately it only takes one individual who is dedicated and homicidal and has decided to go about this jihadist mission and you can have a mass casualty attack on your hands. this is an ongoing fight, shannon. there are no easy answers in a tech companies are not a silver bullet. >> shannon: ten seconds, morgan. >> there is an old joke, what is the difference between love and youtube? youtube is forever. you will never get rid of the stuff. we have to go back to targeting people, let's not blame the technology, let's go after
12:55 am
people and apply technology to do it more effective. >> shannon: morgan and buck, thank you so much for stopping in tonight. >> thanks. >> shannon: coming up, president trump makes an out of this world announcement. >> we will not only plant our flag in the hour footprint, we will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars and perhaps, someday, too many worlds beyond. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: president trump making a major announcement today about the future of american space program. earlier today, the president signed a directive that marks a significant shift in national space policy, calling for a u.s.-led program that teams with private sector partners to not only return americans to the moon, but to mars and is the president said, many worlds beyond. well, make sure to tune in tomorrow for our special coverage of the alabama senate election right here at 11:00.
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we'll have resulted in analysis. most-watched, most trusted, and was grateful that you spent this evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. we will see you at >> intentionally detonated that device. >> shocking. >> i want to make america great again with donald trump. i want to make america to be great but good and she can't be good until we go back to god. >> it is dependent upon me to set the record straight. ♪


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