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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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head to d.c. with tucker carlson. have a good night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the fbi conducted a number of politically sensitive investigations in the past couple of years. no single agent has been more involved in more of them than peter strzok. he led the investigation into hillary clinton's email server and was responsible for changing jim comey's finding to a less serious extreme carelessness. strzok signed the order launching the federal investigation into collusion between the trump campaign and russia, the one that paralyzed
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the federal government for a year. and strzok oversaw the interview of michael flynn at the white house that led to felony charges. until august strzok was a central member of robert mueller's independent counsel investigation. peter strzok is a major figure in american political history. his finger prints are over things that will send people to prison. it is critical that he is beyond question. yesterday fox news obtained copies of the famous text messages he sent to his mystery. she said maybe you are meant to protect the country from that
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menace. what menace would that be? days before strzok signed off on the start of the fbi's investigation of ties between russia and donald trump. strzok texted this to paige. i want to believe there is no way trump gets elected, but i am afraid we can't take that risk. it's like an insurance policy in the event you die before you are 40. the andy is mccain, he came under fire. he was helping to oversee the hillary clinton email investigation. mccabe did not recues himself from that investigation. top fbi officials met in his office to plan insurance against trump becoming president.
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would that include ham stringing the trump presidency with a russian investigation? this raises deep and troubling questions about the political motivations of the fbi and it makes you wonder about the intellectual of those people. strzok exchanged a series of striking messages with his mistress about the presidential race. trump is an idiot he said in one message. america will get what the voting public deserves. weird coming from a public servant. around the time of the democratic convention, strzok sent this message to his girlfriend. congrats on a woman nominated for president.
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about damn time and said hillary clinton should win the race 100 million to zero. strzok ridiculed the trump family. turn it on! this is the man the "new york times" described as one of the most experienced and trusted fbi counter intelligence investigators. others paints him as sherlock holmes and batman. he sounds like the 6th man of the view. the legitimacy of the investigation depends on the public's faith that the people doing it are unbiassed. rod rosenstein in testimony today before congress, he insisted this is no problem at
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all. everything is fine. >> i expressed concern about certain aspects of certain things done by the fbi. in general, working with the fbi agents over decades, i found them to be an exceptional group of public servants. loyal, faithful and dedicated and some of the finest people i know. >> tucker: rosenstein said he has total confidence in robert mueller. >> it would be difficult for anybody to find somebody better qualified for this job. direct mueller throughout his lifetime has been a dedicated and respected and heroic public servant. after college he volunteered to serve as a marine in vietnam. >> tucker: he is a vietnam veteran? so is roy moore. that's an impressive resume point, but what does that have to do with the question? nothing. it's misdirection.
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nobody is attacking mueller as a man. the question is why did mueller hire so many partisan democrats to investigate a republican president? 9 out of 15 are clinton donors. why did mueller hide the reason for peter strzok's demotion? why has he stone walled congress's many attempts to exercise consitutional over sight to what he is doing? we have a congressman from california join us. he is a democrat. i would think that you would share my interest in seeing this investigation is not only fair but has the confidence of the public. >> exactly right. >> tucker: given that we know that peter strzok was a seething partisan, does it bother you he had a hand in so many key
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investigations? the last 2 years? >> the current fbi director is also partisan. he is a republican. given money to republican causes around. within the fbi, there are men and women who are democrat and republican. i would probably say that the majority of the fbi key agents tend to be conservative and on the republican side. >> tucker: that send to be true, but robert mueller himself was so concerned by strzok's part partisan ship he pulled him. >> as soon as he found out. >> tucker: he hid for months from congress these texts. does it bother you that the fbi is stone walling your body's efforts to get answers? >> not at all.
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this is a criminal investigation under way and investigation of national security of extreme importance to this nation and the way we run our elections. we ought not be in any way slowing down, harming or stopping or rather in one way or another, causing that investigation to not go forward. it's about our democracy. it's about a foreign government involvement. having to do with the president is just one piece. >> tucker: here is one piece we think we know. the fbi used this dossier to form its investigation and paid for it. that already happened. the fbi won't answer the question, did they pay for that dossier? why doesn't your body have the right to know that? >> whether they did or did not, the question begins with what is
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the dossier? the dossier has been a template for the investigations. it turns out that much of that dossier has already proven to be accurate and correct. it was important enough that the intelligence community informed the president it existed so the president would know these issues are out there and they would be -- >> tucker: where did that information come from? it came from russian intelligence. does that bother you. in the dossier. the claim is russian intelligence influenced our election. you said the dossier influenced this investigation. >> well, apparently, and we not yet know where all of that information came from. but we know it came from an individual who was involved in the british intelligence services for 3 decades working
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on the russian portfolio. he knew what was going on and had contacts. some of whom would talk to him russians and others. he put together the dossier. the dossier is an important part of what happened. it's informative. >> tucker: hold on. your concern is that a foreign government may is influenced our election. >> well, we know that they did. >> tucker: we know that dossier came in part from a foreign intelligence service and the u.s. government may have paid for part of it. why wouldn't you be calling the fbi and say what? you gave money to get information from russian intelligence? >> no. the information came from mr. steele. >> tucker: where do you think he got it?
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>> from a variety of sources some of whom were russians. >> tucker: that information provided by the putin government influenced a u.s. investigation of a sitting president. >> i think you are going way out on a limb. >> tucker: i am not. >> you are. >> tucker: you are saying that's okay. that information from russian intelligence -- >> back up a bit. we know from our intelligence agencies who got information from their sources in russia and other places that the russian government attempted to and did engage in influencing the american presidential election. we also know from our intelligence agencies that got information from russians, not only did they attempt to influence the presidential election, they attempted to hack into our electorol process.
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>> tucker: russian intelligence is influencing a federal investigation into the president. >> you are way out on a limb. >> tucker: no, i am not. you said the dossier was the basis of this investigation. >> no, i said it was an element. it informed -- >> tucker: the fbi should settle this for us. did they pay money for that dossier? what was their contact with mr. steele. congress can't get answers. why? >> it may be interesting but so what? >> tucker: it would show that a foreign government was influencing a federal election. >> it's not necessarily a foreign government. the information of the dossier and the information collected by all of our intelligence agencies, some came from sources in russia. we do not this: we do know that from all of that gathering of information the dossier being one piece of it,
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perhaps a small piece, we know that the russian government at the highest levels attempted and fact did get involved. >> tucker: i don't understand this. you could tell them to answer your questions and you should. >> you are -- you are dealing with a fly on a dog's back. you need to look at the over-arching issue. there are things we know. all of our intelligence agencies said russia involved itself in the american election. russia hacked our electoral system unsuccessfully. >> tucker: i want more information. >> we all want information. >> tucker: thank you. there are tough exchanges during that testimony on capitol hill.
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mr. rosenstein, here's a selection. >> any opinion on the lack of the fruit from the poisonous tree via peter strzok? >> i can tell you if evidence is tainted, and that would raise a concern for me, our cases where we prosecute based on witnesses and documents and not on the agent unless the agent were a witness in the case. that would concern us if there were tainted evidence in the case. >> tucker: a professor at george washington law school joins us tonight. what was your take? >> we didn't learn a whole lot. >> tucker: no. >> many of these questions don't go to witnesses. they don't go to sensitive issues. they go to the role of prosecutors. i don't understand why some of those questions could not be answered. what we have is allegations on both sides of the political
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aisle involving political corruption or influence on the department of justice. how did we respond? it would be nice if both parties would say fine, there are so many questions. let's have an independent and full investigation and be transparent. i think congress with investigate the doj allegations, but we need a commitment on both sides to say the american people have a right to hear it all. we didn't get that today. >> tucker: we have an obligation to preserve public trust that our system is not corrupt. that's the point of the independent counsel to take it out of the department of justice. given that, why in the world would the fbi apparently and the investigation hide these texts from strzok and the knews from the congress for months he was demoted? what was the point of that? >> i find that perhaps the most
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troubling aspect. there was no reason for this information to be with held. it's an example of how agencies thumb their noses at congress. they should have been held in contempt. congress has a right to this information. it's our government. these are serious allegations. you talk about someone involved -- we are spending millions and we have a lot at take here. if there are people there who are partisan and biassed we have a right to know about it. >> tucker: it looks like mueller did the right thing. he has this high level fbi official strzok who stepped out of the lines and he demoted. why be uncomfortable telling congress? that suggests there is something else going right. >> you're absolutely right. the only way to sanitize this is
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exposure to sunlight. they are resisting this exposure. some of these texts are deeply disturbing. some are just stupid. major justice officials going to the campaign party of one of the two major candidates. it's stupid. >> tucker: a lot of these people have political opinions. that doesn't mean they can't do their jobs. if you are an independent counsel and under public scrutiny and you hire 9 out of 15 people who are donors to the other candidate. is it impossible to find competent investigators who did not just donate to the other candidate's campaign? >> there is no lead to come up with a list that can be challenged. i thought mueller's appointment
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was a mistake. i think he will do a good job. but his connection to comey and his interview for comey's job baffled me he would be on the list. you would think after that start, he would sanitize this team. >> tucker: public faith is at stake here. >> it is. >> tucker: thank you. more evidence of failures and foul play at the fbi. the agency doesn't believe it should submit to oversight of congress and anybody else? why. we investigate next. ♪ when you have a cold, stuff happens. ♪ { sneezing ] shut down cold symptoms fast [ coughing ] with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> ♪ >> tucker: the many partisan democrat working on special counsel's robert mueller investigation thought the only cause for concern at the fbi, the bureau acted with out right contempt for congress. they don't tell congress how much they relied on the trump dossier or paid for any of it. took a leak to get peter strzok's text messages. the fbi forced a government watch dog agency to sign a nondisclosure agreement to not share hillary clinton's emails with congress. the fbi is not just ignoring
5:23 pm
congress but sabotaging them. a journalist joins us tonight. how can the fbi force a government agency to sign that pro preventing congress from seeing the information. is that illegal? >> that has never happened before. congress was so happy about this, they will never agree to do so again. it's unprecedented. what it means is that vital information that congress is seeking, namely in this case some of the transcripts of interviews with comey's closest associates can't be turned over to congress because the fbi is pro venting them from doing so. >> tucker: the whole country has to be the system is not corrupt.
5:24 pm
when some verdict comes down we can accept. the office of special counsel and the fbi are making it hard to have faith in them. why are they doing this? >> well, one thing i want to be clear about. this particular office of special counsel is the government body set up to investigate violations. that's separate from mueller's bode. you are right. there can be no faith. when you see the text messages and hear the knews that one of the senior department prosecutors, his wife worked for fusion gps and he was meeting with them. one of mueller's team members was sending emails to sally yates an obama holdover. there can be no faith. the whole reason, trey said the reason we have a special counsel
5:25 pm
is because you need one when there is too big of a conflict of interest. it's to restore the public's faith. but the conflicts are bigger than the trump and russian investigation. >> tucker: you had a suggestion for how congress could force the fbi to disclose information. how should congress go about that and make the fbi give up this information? >> the white house will have to step in here. there is no reason why it should not. this doesn't require president trump to meddle in the investigation. the white house whether it's the chief counsel or the president needs to order the fbi to hand over this information and cooperate with congress or appoint a special employee at
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the justice department. it's the fox guarding the henhouse. they are the ones as we saw in the text with damaging things to hide. >> tucker: the whole thing seems out of control. thanks for your reporting and coming on tonight. police in las vegas are trying to block information in their investigation to the shooting that took place october 1st? why? what could they be mugged? that's next.
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>> tucker: got another update on the investigation into the mandalay bay shooting from october 1st. las vegas police announced they are seeking to keep 14 search warrants pertaining to the shooting sealed. the news media are trying to have them published. unclear why the authorities want to keep those hidden. there are no living defendants being investigated. we will update this story on friday if not before. if you were watching tv the republican party suffered an embarrassing set back in alabama. democrat doug jones defeated roy moore to replace jeff sessions. the loss means alabama that the president won last year will
5:31 pm
have a democratic senator to at least 2020. there are lessons to learn? a radio host. what did you take away? >> i won't miss roy moore. i am glad that's over. people said it was a shocker. oh, this is a sea change. it wasn't a shocker. even with roy moore's previous elections they were close. he is one republican who did not have major success in a lot of ways like president trump did. what we saw here and the biggest issue was the lack of a unified gop. a horrible candidate. the end result of the beginning of what mitch mcconnell did. people talk about mo brooks. a candidate that would have been good for president trump. but mitch mcconnell felt luther
5:32 pm
strange will be more answerable to him. that's when mitch mcconnell first interfered. the end result was the election last night. ultimately everyone is saying -- democrats say this a huge thing. it really isn't. >> tucker: you are at aing it was meddling by republican leaders in washington that caused the chain of events? >> right. it still would have been very, very close. looking at shelby saying i am not telling to you vote for doug jones. but if you right someone in you are voting for doug jones. here's the difference. it reminded me of the scott brown win in 2010. that was supposed to be a sea change in deep blue massachusetts. hello elizabeth warren. this is similar. doug jones will be a senator for
5:33 pm
about 2.5 years. alabama will 10 elect a republican to that seat. what the republicans and the president must learn here is that the establishment interfered from the beginning, separate from the election last night. and that caused a typical republican debacle. this is the lesson for the president to interfere here. it's not a sea change. democrats would make a huge mistake thinking this could be applied to other races. it was a unique dynamic and a local experience. it also won't have any long-term impact on what the republicans need to do. but we need to look at the mid terms. now they have a better chance of expanding their majority in the fall. if the republican establishment wants the majority. i am not sure they do. >> tucker: i agree with that. i am not sure they do either.
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thanks. a student at harvard university you would have no chance of getting into offered a grovelling apology for a grave sin. he evaluated the attractiveness of the opposite sex. that's now banned. details coming up. when it comes to heartburn
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5:39 pm
he failed to object. he said i uncrossed by arms and yes, i discussed which girls were hot. apparentl apparently -- cathy joins us. you are our spirit guide into the brave new world of progressive america. i didn't know that it was a crime now. >> it's objectifying women not seeing them as the intelligent people they are. to see them at harvard as just hot. that's not right. >> tucker: how about if a woman is intelligent. not all people are. the same with men. is it okay to acknowledge that
5:40 pm
you find someone attractive? or is that a form of assault? >> he felt that it was wrong because they had a group of guys sitting around. they were not talking about how intelligent these women. they were ranking these women 1 to 10 according to how hot they were. he felt it was wrong and he was helping a culture of rape on the campus of harvard. >> tucker: but they were not raping people? >> well, harvard has a high incidence of rape and 30% of women graduate from harvard say they are victims of sexual assault. >> tucker: i don't know where you got those stats. but in this case these men were not planing to go out and assault anybody. weren't they just saying i find this girl attractive? >> we don't know what they did. men were behaving badly and are
5:41 pm
at campuses across the country and at harvard they are speaking inappropriately about women. >> tucker: is there a transferrable crime? if women are sitting around and say i think that guy is hot? >> women are not committing the rapes. >> tucker: they are allowed to say that? >> women are not harming anyone. sure. if women are not harming anyone, it's no problem is women do this. if men are harming women and they are, that's a problem. >> tucker: i am just trying to get the standard here. trying to figure out the new rules. america is different from last week. some men harm women, no men are allowed to say they find any woman attractive? because no women harm men, women are allowed to stay they find men attractive. is that the rule? >> it's rare for men to be
5:42 pm
ojectified and go through sexual assault. >> tucker: those of us over 40 are looking on in horror. we see the country changing. >> changing for the better. >> tucker: maybe so. but change is hard. whoever makes these rules, no one gets a head's up on the new rules. they just appear and you are held to account. i am trying to get an accounting of the rules so i don't break them. >> society is dictating the rules and saying men can't get away with this behavior anymore? >> tucker: who is in charge is there a basement room somewhere? >> women are. women are speaking up. we have the # me too going on. we are holding men to a higher standard and letting men know they can't get away with this.
5:43 pm
>> tucker: just to be clear. i could not be more opposed to assaulting or hurting women. i have four in my own house whom i love. >> i know. it's not you. >> tucker: i wonder if you thought this true. if it's a crime to think or say that a woman is attractive, do you feel like you or women in general might lose something in a society where men are too afraid to say you are attractive? >> it's not right to see a woman only as an attractive human being. >> tucker: what if he is i respect you but also find you attractive? >> that's not what this writer said. he wanted to speak up. he helped these guys treat women -- >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: a question man to woman. you have a little bit of contempt for this guy? he didn't assault anybody.
5:44 pm
he is feel with self-hatred because he said he thought a woman was attractive. >> he was sitting around drunk with a bunch of guys. they were saying that women were hot on a scale of 1 to 10. >> tucker: women are hot! >> you don't know what they did. >> thank you. more key players in the rise of facebook are admitting that their website is destroying this country. can we fix it? that's next. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> ♪ >> tucker: facebook made a handful of people massively
5:49 pm
wealthy. but now that they have made their billions. more are admitting that the company they created is destroying society. literally those are the words they used. former facebook president admitted the website was designed to be addictive and bragged his wealth would let him live to age 160. now a former vice-president of the site says facebook is ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. this man is a psychotherapist and author of "disconnected." the directness of some former facebook employees is stunning.
5:50 pm
it's destroying how society works. he says that this thing facebook is destroying society. how should we take this? >> let's like a slow dopamine drip. the craveings that take place inside of us. every like and every bit of attention that we get. they know they have lured people in. the latest gentleman that made the comment feels guilty about it now. >> tucker: yes. in the people who created the product admit it's harming people, destroying american society and won't let their own kids use, what other consumer products in the world would remain unregulated? >> it's unbelievable. the silicone valley executives, there is a school, they don't allow any technology in the
5:51 pm
school. it's all paper and pencil. 75% of the students enrolled are the sons and daughters of silicone valley tech execs. unregulated that we know is affecting people, what are we going to do about it? i think we will see legislation in the future. >> tucker: the closest thing i can think of is video gaming and that's heavily regulated. why not do the same thing with social media? >> we have to. video games, as a therapist, i deal with kids on a daily basis. they get sucked into this. they are quiet and they can lead armies to victory. it's very artificial.
5:52 pm
that's not real. reality is you and i having a conversation. >> tucker: i live in washington. the answer to the question is they have a massive lobbying budget and that's why it's not regulated. thank you very much. canadian broadcaster was fired from his job for an unforgivable sin. he came on this show and they canned him. he will join us next to explain what happened. ♪ what i want, you've got,
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: not long ago we had a canadian tv show host on this show to defend his country use of using a long acronym.
5:57 pm
something like that. we had a great conversation. but his fellow canadians were upset. he was suspended on the ground he was helping the competition somehow. now he was fired out right. he joins us one again. thanks for coming on. >> you are obviously a powerful guy. >> tucker: come on, i didn't know i was in canada. i feel for you having been fired myself more than once. we were talking about freedom of speech in canada. you were saying i can say whatever i want in canada and you got fired for saying that? >> it was 2 weeks ago tonight we were talking about freedom of speech. one person runs the local cable show. it's a popular show. i was told it's against the
5:58 pm
rules. why is that? what is the rule? you didn't pay me. we just had a discussion. they said well, fox is competition to us. later i was suspended. you don't tell everybody i was suspended for 7 days without saying. they thought fox was competition. then they said now you are fired because you are mocking us. no one likes to be ridiculed as a ridiculous decision. tucker, you were fired before. do you know any good agents? >> tucker: no. [laughing] i don't think we have a bureau up there in toronto. >> you should get one. there is lots of good stuff going on. we conduct debate about trump and trudeau, once a week.
5:59 pm
>> tucker: we have a lot of refugees coming into the country. come here. housing vouchers. we will take care of you. >> [laughing]. >> tucker: i am serious. >> i don't need to be taken care of it. i haven't sold my rolls royce yet. new york and washington are good places to be. you are in good shape, tucker. >> tucker: you can say whatever you want in this country and no one can fire you for it supposedly. >> they can put you in jail. >> tucker: not here they can't. it's a free country. you are always welcome here. call me when you are in the land of the free and we will have lunch. we are out of time. tune in tomorrow night and every night at 8 p.m. for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying and smugness.
6:00 pm
guess who is next? sean hannity, you're absolutely right. he follows this show. >> sean: tucker. thank you. we appreciate it. fox news alert. welcome to "hannity." we are folling several breaking news stories. rod rosenstein was grilled today on capitol hill over the rampant political bias of the doj, the fbi and special counsel robert mueller's team. fox news obtained anti-trump messages from peter strzok and his girlfriend. and fusion gps the firm behind the clinton bought and paid for fake russian dossier. the wife of a doj official worked at the company on trump opposition research. this can't be in a novel anymore. you can't m


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