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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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always reach me on twitter, facebook. share your thoughts about tonight's show. especially the question of, should we be having more cards to pay for social security? shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team up next. see you tomorrow. >> shannon: thank you so much. here is what we have coming up tonight. breaking news tonight in the growing tension between the g.o.p. and the fbi. a top senate republican conference the fbi with a copy of the draft statement on hillary clinton email investigation filled with deletions and edits that critics say prove fbi officials water down the findings even more than previously thought. we'll walk you through exactly what happened. plus... >> when you look at this missile, this is terrifying. it's absolutely terrifying. >> shannon: with the trump administration site to unveil its national security strategy next week, general jack keane is here to analyze just how tough trump can get with iran and north korea. plus... >> chicago is tough.
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>> shannon: after chicago mayor rahm emanuel rejected the thought of a national guard patrolling his city streets, a city commissioner is proposing an international force to do just that. ♪ hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. new at this hour, g.o.p. senator ron johnson, the chairman of the homeland security committee, is joining the fray against the fbi and the justice department. senator johnson releasing the original draft statement about the hillary clinton investigation from then fbi director james comey. johnson walked through several key edits, which seemed to be aimed at watering down any potential charges against the former first lady. also tonight, new roadblocks emerging against tax reform from republican senators marco rubio and mike lee. we heard just minutes ago that the text of the tax bill is closed, we'll explain what that means. we have team coverage on both of
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these stories. doug mckelway staying up to speed on tax reform. ed henry is coming through the original fbi document, newly revealed. ed henry, we'll start with you. it's very illustrative. >> big time. it's not good for james comey. breaking tonight, we've heard, as you said, about the early drafts of the july 2016 public statement exonerating hillary clinton in the email mass. now for the first time, we are seeing the actual changes in black and white and it's not pretty for comey braided suggest major edits were made by fbi agent peter strzok and others tr political assist and try at least to prevent republican donald trump from being elected. here is the timeline as put together by senate homeland security chairman ron johnson, as you mention. -- may 2nd 2016. before the fbi has interviewed clinton and other key witnesses. may 6th. fbi officials exchange proposed edits to comey's statement and andrew mccabe forwards it to
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other fee in senior officials like peter strzok, who he later learns sent to those programs or text messages. there were repeated under come at least three times, the words grossly negligent taken out. comey originally writing, there is evidence to support a conclusion that secretary clinton and others used the private email server in a manner that was grossly negligent with classified information. that change for comey when he addressed the country in july. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling a very sensitive, highly classified information. >> careless, suggesting that criminal. another major change, comey originally planned to say "similarly, the sheer volume was properly classified as secret of the time, discussed on email," it supports an inference of the
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participants were again, grossly negligent in their handling of that information." that changed dramatically to say very innocuously, "in addition to this highly sensitive information, we also found info that was properly classified as secret by the intel community at the time it was discussed on email. that is excluding those on classified emails." another big story in this document dump about the fbi's agreement to give immunity to key witnesses like cheryl mills, the fact that comey made a side agreement that require the fbi to destroy evidence on electronic devices that were turned over to the agency. what have you ever heard of the fbi doing a thorough investigation? give us that iphone, blackberry, we will destroy everything. >> shannon: we will exonerate people before we have interviewed the key witnesses or the person who is the subject of the investigation. a really revealing document laid out today. thank you so much. >> good to see a. >> shannon: by the way, we've got more questions for you i
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think. >> chuck grassley wants to weigh in on all this. >> shannon: let's talk about chuck grassley. he did have a lot to say. he is raising the question a lot of people are. >> no doubt. what grassley is saying is, look, all of those text messages we have been talking about in the last couple of days, he sent a letter to the deputy attorney general come around rosenstein, and demanded, get to the bottom of one text. august 2016, they invoked a meeting in the office of fbi director andrew mccabe that appears to go beyond just personal political views of these fbi agents and talks about the insurance policy against a trump presidency. was that conspiracy? he weighed in. >> there is a very good reason to suspect that people that were very early involved in the investigation and very deeply involved in it had biases against the president and very much supporting and anticipating that hillary clinton would be
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president of the united states. >> that's big. something that is very welcome by the white house as the scrutiny of james comey. he's been on social media taunting the president. "beautiful long island sound, to paraphrase the buddha, three things cannot be long hidden. the sun, the moon, and the truth." i spoke to a top advisor of the president, he told me comey's recent posts have been "weird." people at the white house or say, does he want to become a swami or something? they are saying, if he wants truth, why doesn't he get to the truth with what happened to the clinton investigation, as those details emerge, they are worried tonight. >> shannon: we are glad you stuck around. >> you are trying to get to friyay. >> shannon: i do love that. now not want to the trump agenda, regulatory rollbacks and tax reforms, two of the president's biggest campaign promises in the spotlight today. this afternoon, he touted one of
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the first executive orders he signed after taking office and the massive regulatory cuts already taking effect as a result of that. >> let's cut the red tape. let's set free our dreams and yes, let's make america great again. one of the ways we are going to do that is by getting rid of a lot of unnecessary regulation. >> shannon: meanwhile, the fate of tax reform is up at the air. it's not democrats throwing a wrench in the president's plan. it is potentially members of his own party. doug mckelway with that story and their developments around the clock on this. >> shannon: one late-night change to that tax bill we have learned of. it will not include a fix of the lyndon johnson amendment that would have given nonprofits and houses of worship the freedom to speak about government activity without the threat of irs retribution, sure to disappoint christian conservatives. also some senators are still on defense, g.o.p. senators, each of them facing facing tremendous
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pressure. take susan collins of maine yesterday, protesters from the far left center for popular democracy staked out her office demanding that the bill spare medicare from any cuts. collins tried unsuccessfully to persuade them that medicare will be spared. >> what i am telling you is i believe the commitment that i have received -- >> but it's my life on the line! >> other senators are making demands. florida's marco rubio tweeted that he wants a bigger child tax credit, adding at least a few hundred dollars in refundable cuts for working families, seem to always be forgotten, isn't hard to do, he said. his office said he is still a "no." "his vote on final passage would depend on whether there were findability of the child tax credit was increased in any meaningful way." moments ago, we learn the amendment process is now closed and they have apparently moved in rubio's direction. we'll see if he is happy with it. senator mike lee also remains on the fence, his office and, "senator lee is undecided on the
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bill in its current form." keep in mind, for every senators demand, there has to be some trade-off to comply with budget routes, which forbid the tax packages from adding any more than $1.5 trillion to the deficit of the next ten years. despite all that, senate finance committee chairman orrin hatch remains confident. >> yes, i think it will get worked out one way or another but it's going to take good faith on both sides to be able to do it. you know, it's like anything else, we've got to get results and on to get the bill passed. >> here is a likely scenario now. after the conference report is released tomorrow, debate and probably begin on the house on monday. the senate will probably go second so it can wait for absent senators cochran and mccain to get well enough to make it to the vote next week. expect a senate vote tuesday or wednesday. but -- stick with me on this, shannon -- the senate could change the bill to comply with budget rules, that means it will have to go to the house for a final vote before the president signs it into law.
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shannon, thanks for bearing with me. >> shannon: listen, it is unpleasant to watch it being made but this is how it gets done. because these developments are hopping around the clock, we thank you for staying up late. there will be at another twist tomorrow. thank you. republicans believe the hundreds of text messages between a demoted special counsel investigator and a senior fbi lawyer or evidence of anti-trump bias and special counsel investigation. democrats wanted to know why only a fraction of the reportedly 10,000 texts were released. >> when you look at the context of the allegations that the doj inspector general investigating, they were very selective in what they were released. there were multiple reports last year that the fbi was heavily predisposed against hillary clinton. and in favor of donald trump. if there are text messages that run in the other direction, why have they not also been released? >> shannon: let's bring a deputy managing editor for the
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weekly standard, kj torrance, and josh gerstein. thank you for coming into nights. there is plenty going on in the story. i hardly know where to start because we have the text messages, we have the ones that were released, maybe thousands we'll never see, we have the fbi letter coming into night from senator johnson that seems to outline in ways that the original draft statement about hillary clinton was edited and changed in a way that a lot of people would argue very favorable to her. >> right. the other thing the fbi was trying to do when they changed that statement as time went on was trying to explain what they were doing to the american people. i think they had decided as far back as may that they were not going to level any charges. to make a really tough statement and then not file charges was going to put them in a very awkward position. you saw people like peter strzok and others trying to water down the statement. it may not have been for political reasons. it may have been simply so they didn't look like fools and denouncing some outrageous activity and then sing, by the way, we want to bring charges. >> shannon: when we get the
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draft letter today, it seems to walk through taking out specific language, grossly negligent, reducing some of the impact of what the intel committee had set up a potential bad actors accessing her private server. then we have these tweets from former fbi director james comey where he is talking about he can't wait for the truth to come out. how do you think he is feeling about the release of this document? speak if he knows what happened or at least he should know and obviously, this was bent to subordinates for their comments. obviously, he is ultimately responsible. i have to say, it is a very well prepared, well reasoned query about these things and taken together, it seems pretty like a searing indictment to me of how the bureau handled this. i can see them saying, well, when we started drafting the letter, we had certain information and then we got more that changed so we had to change the letter. if you look at the things that were changed, to give one example, he talked about for sheer volume of information that was classified secret on hillary clinton's email server.
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well, the draft ended up getting changed to just -- there was some stuff that was classified secret. it seems unlikely that they discovered there was a list of classified secret than they thought at the beginning. i think they will have a hard time answering some of these questions. perhaps mr. comey might think about a serious response rather than trying to beat trump at the twitter game. >> shannon: he spent some time on capitol hill. either of you think he will head there again or is requested to return over this letter or the investigation? >> i think there will be some request but i think we are looking at a period of three to four months before the review comes out and you will have request both like this letter, and like adam schiff's comments, where are the rest of these text messages? we will see a drumbeat of requests. now the justice department up at them in a position where they may have to respond and put out drops of information all in advance of any former conclusion about whether anyone did anything wrong so it could be a very interesting and prolonged three to four month wait for this report. >> shannon: we have to wait on
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the tax bill we were talking about, whether the gets done. we have seen the dates move and move. the administration seems very determined to get this done by the end of the year. do they know that they have a couple of these g.o.p. stragglers? honestly, the health of a couple g.o.p. senators and question about whether they will be here and able to vote. >> that is something that you can't force someone to get better. i have to say, i think people like marco rubio are doing a bit of grandstanding. g.o.p. senators already knew that each one of them individually had a fair amount of leverage, given how tiny that minority is. given now than it looks like that minority will be even smaller starting at least in january, if not sooner, i think he could tell mike each one is realizing that they have more leverage and they will see what they can get out of it. with marco rubio, that trial tax ramp, it already was more generous than the house version anti-got some part of what he wanted. i think it's a little bit of game playing and making up a better name for himself. >> shannon: it sounds like our
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senior producer on the hill is saying that things did "move in rovio's direction" as they close it out. do they get it done? >> i think what you are seeing from rubio and other senators that are putting on pressure to try to alter this at the last minute is them trying to manage potential downside from this bill, people will say it is too much of a giveaway to the rich. if they were in there as a last minute thing can we sweeten a small for the little middle-class, lower income workers, they say we can put up a good fight and therefore don't blame me if you don't like any aspect of this bill. >> shannon: josh gerstein and kelly jean torrence, great to see you both. we'll all stand by. who knows, maybe we'll be doing this for christmas. today on capitol hill, nancy pelosi said that the republican plan to fund the government moving forward was "not going to fly." this is just one of the latest hurdles because last week congress narrowly avoided a shutdown with an interim funding resolution that lasts through december 22nd. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying
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tonight that he is confident there is no chance of a government shutdown. he says republicans or democrats, neither one, wanted. paul ryan trying to dispel rumors of his departure today, saying he's not leaving congress anytime soon. some reports are speculating that ryan would resign after approval of the tax bill, which we do think will happen next week. or after the 2018 midterms. stay tuned. news of the war on terror. raids against isis and four suspected of terrorist. detail straight ahead. president trump sent to unveil his national security strategy next week. how tough will he get on north korea and iran? general jack keane joins us next. chicago leads the nation and homicides. the president has threatened to send in the feds. the mayor says, no, wait, he wants the national guard patrolling the streets. now one local official is looking for international help. >> we are being decimated by the violence in the city in chicago. i mean, this is really a genocide. we have to do something to stop
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>> shannon: brand-new isis threats for new york city during the holidays. coming just days after a failed pipe bomb attack in a busy transit hub. the terror group also threatening "showers of bullets"
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on america. meanwhile, a long island woman was indicted after she allegedly laundered more than $85,000 through bit coin overseas to the islamic states. federal officials say she planned to join isis in syria. president trump spoke with russian leader vladimir prudent on the phone today. the gremlins as they talked about bilateral relations are north korea. the white house as mr. trump thanked putin for acknowledging america's strong economic performance. the conversation coming a day after two f-22 raptors fired warning flares at russian planes over syria. they reportedly intercepted the russians as they tried to cross the so-called deacon flexion line in syria. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is the ring down the gauntlet at iran over accusations that they are funneling weapons to terrorist in syria. >> these are the recovered pieces fired into saudi arabia. the iranian missile is the only
8:22 pm
known short-range ballistic missile in the world that lacks such stabilizer friends and includes nine valves that you will see running along the length of that missile. those valves are essentially iranian missile fingerprints. the weapons might as well have had "made in around" stickers all over it. >> shannon: what might today's reaction by the administration mean for the iran new detail? box news analyst, retired four-star general, jack keane joins us tonight. what do you make of this presentation? you've discussed, there were only a couple of weeks away from the president having to make another decision about certifying the iran nuke deal. >> is a stunning revelation. i think it's a terrific move to put this right out there, let everyone see the evidence. clearly, it was fired near an international airport, which many of us have been in and out of many times. antitank weapons, and a rigged
8:23 pm
patrol boat that detonating on impact. put that out there. i think it also pulls our allies in a little closer because you get this evidence out there, and recognizing that the major issue that the iranians are having with us is this maligned behavior. their aggressive behavior, not dominating and controlling the region. the nuclear deal a second. this is the main event. the fact that we are pushing back on it, i really applaud the administration for doing it. >> shannon: no surprise, the iranians had something to say about the statement from the iranian mission, "following a series of basins accusations against the islamic or public of around in the last ten months, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. once again took the same line accusing the iranian government of supplying the missile that hit saudi arabia on november. an accusation that we categorically reject as unfounded and at the same time, irresponsible, provocative, and destructive" freebase went on to say that it is "fabricated." what else could they say? >> they have been lying since
8:24 pm
1980 when they took over the country of iran. also, in fairness, while we are pushing back, we have a policy to push back on iran's aggression, we really don't have a detailed strategy with specifics. what are we going to do about iran's domination of syria? a land bridge they are forming from iran through iraq to syria to lebanon. the political influence they have in iraq, at u.s. expense. 150,000 she a militia that are working for the iranians inside of iraq, we have to have a strategy to deal with this. also, a strategy to deal with this problem in yemen and supporting our allies, the kingdom of saudi arabia, and also the uae. >> shannon: so many of these actors are connected and when we look more broadly, north korea, the concern about each of these places developing their own nuclear problems as if they would share and help others who are not exactly our friends. interesting, senator lindsey graham is quoted in "the
8:25 pm
atlantic" saying how our relationship is moving of north korea. "i would say there is a three inch entrance we use the military option. if the north korea conducts an additional test, i would say 70%." do you think that is where we are? >> i don't know about the percentages but i do know this. clearly, we are heading toward a showdown here. time is on the side of the north koreans. the reason for that is, they are trying to nuclearize icbms, the director of the cia says it is months, not years away from that capability. we are trying to take a major diplomatic effort and imposed economic sanctions. listen, we all know sanctions take time to squeeze this regime. here we are heading toward possibly the use of a military option. i'm convinced that the chinese at the north koreans -- and i think the north koreans are beginning to make up -- that this is not president bush, this is not president obama, this is
8:26 pm
president trump, and he's dead serious about the potential use of a military option. i think that's why the russians approached us and said, hey, listen, the north koreans want to talk. i think senator graham has said, after speaking to president trump, at least senator graham believes we should be talking. the north koreans have used talks in the past to advance their agenda. that is been their modus operandi. but in all honesty, i think if there is an opportunity to talk, as opposed to post triggers, let's get down and start talking. >> shannon: we'll see over the coming weeks and months of that is where we go. general keane, great to have your insight. detailed new claims about harvey weinstein, and a list or calling him "my monster." yet another high profile actresses stepping forward with sexual harassment allegations. the senate judges the judge. an outspoken candidate for the federal bench, not afraid of having a little fun on social media with the man who nominated
8:27 pm
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whentrust the brand doctors trust for themselves. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day all night protection. when it comes to frequent heartburn, trust nexium 24hr. >> shannon: the president and the g.o.p.-controlled congress may have trouble getting their domestic agenda past but committee social conservatives who focus on hot button issues like abortion and religious liberty, there is a bigger issue at stake. they see the president is levering. his breakneck success at getting judges confirm to the federal bench has many on the right cheering and many on the left sounding the alarm. >> another day, another traditional domine getting senate approval. the republican majority just hours ago confirming james how to know new orleans-based federal court. he joins texas supreme court justice don willet to the lifetime position.
8:32 pm
>> senator from texas. >> shannon: their home state senator offering this praise. >> these will be the the 11th and 12th court of appeals nominees that we will have confirmed this year. a modern-day record. >> shannon: don willet, a finalist for the supreme court see if to neil gorsuch, has long attracted attention, especially for his off-brand reputation as a so-called twitter laureate. during the campaign, his social media posts including tweaking and candidate trump. quoting the imaginary darth trump, he wrote, "we'll rebuild the death star. it will be amazing, believe me, and the rebels will pay for it." and low-energy trump university has never made it to martha wretchedness or even to the n.i.t. sad." even controversial posts on hot button issues present our difficulties at his confirmation he reads it he reads it on my key ring sprayed and one from 2015, he wrote, i can support recognizing a constitutional right to marry bacon. in this 2014 fox news interview, he defended his views to social media when running to the
8:33 pm
elected office of a state judge. >> it's really political map practice not to connect and engage voters smartly. it is a high voltage, low cost way to demystify and humanize the mysterious judiciary. >> shannon: not a single senate democrats voted in favor of his nomination. a third of drums 60 judicial nominees have been confirmed this year, more than any president since richard nixon a hash century ago, earning praise for conservatives. progressives were a the legacy will be bad for the world. >> trumps traditional nominees will put -- people of color. >> shannon: not all the news is good for the president on this front. to have a traditional nominees were were withdrawn this week after controversy over their record. including one who in speech as described transgender as evidence of "satan's plan."
8:34 pm
as for willett, he is taken down his twitter account and that was on the insistence of the white house. several major developments in hollywood sex harassment scandals tonight. adam housley has the news from los angeles. >> another day, another most of men being accused of sexual misconduct in hollywood. this time, back and forth between harvey weinstein at the mexican american actress salma hayek. an unbelievable "new york times" opinion piece yesterday, the actress that not only did he threaten to kill her, but also forced her to film a lesbian scene for the movie "freda." she would eventually receive an oscar nomination for her role in that movie. but she said she started crying and convulsing and throwing up before shooting the scene. through a spokesperson, weinstein says he does not recall making hayek film a gratuitous scene against her will and he recalls salma hayek is a first class actress. this latest disturbing allegation against weinstein comes as more men are being
8:35 pm
accused of sexual misconduct. pbs has announced it will no longer distribute talk show host tavis smiley after a spokesman called multiple critical, credible allegations of sexual misconduct were discovered by a recent investigation into the late-night shows host behavior. he posted a lengthy statement online and also video to facebook responding to the allegations. >> let me also assure you that i have never groped, inappropriately exposed myself, or coerced any colleague in the workplace ever in my 30-year career. pbs lost its so-called investigation to me without even telling me about it. >> also, noted filmmaker morgan spurlock, best known for "super size me," went on twitter, saying he was part of the problem. in a long online statement acknowledged examples of sexual misconduct in his past and also infidelity in an online confession titled "i am part of the problem." in part he says, "i am part of the problem. we all are. but i'm also part of the solution by recognizing and
8:36 pm
openly admitting what i have done to further this terrible situation. i hope to empower the change within myself. we should all find the courage to admit we are at fault." all this comes as no four women accuse music mogul russell simmons as rape and rose mcgowan claims that harvey levin is harassing her and holding something over her head. in los angeles, adam housley, back to you. >> shannon: thank you. coming up, a surprising place chicago is now looking for help to fight the cities soaring murder rate. well an international force soon be patrolling the windy city streets? a dramatic rescue operation and europe's ongoing refugee crisis. we'll have the details. tonight, where in the world? ♪ bread...breadstick? a matchstick! a lamppost! coin slot!
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>> shannon: you'll remember president trump offered to provide federal help to chicago to reduce its homicide rate, one with the highest in the nation. the city's democratic mayor, rahm emanuel, said no way, he wanted the national guard roaming the windy city. now cook county permission or as promoting a bold idea. he is calling for u.n. peacekeepers to control the states of chicago. he flew to new york to discuss his request with a u.n. official. listen to this. >> i am hoping to appeal to the u.n. to actually come to chicago and meet with victims of violence and maybe even possibly
8:41 pm
help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts. >> shannon: joining me now to discuss that, fox news political analyst gianno caldwell. great happy with us, gianno. >> thank you for having me, shannon. >> shannon: you, more than most people know, and have a personal connection to what is going on in chicago and it it s really heartbreaking. >> yeah. this is not just a personal topic for me. this is a very emotional one. through him memorial day weekend, i got a call from a family member who said that my younger sibling was in a car with two of his friends on the southside of chicago and two men walked up to the car and riddled that car with 25 bullets. thankfully, my little brother lived. however, his best friend died in his arms, right in front of him. this incidence of violence in chicago isn't something that just has impacted my family, but many families in chicago, over almost 35 people, just this year alone, have been shot, over 600
8:42 pm
people have been murdered in chicago. 80% of those folks happen to be african-american and it's really troubling that we have a mayor in chicago who has demonstrated that black lives don't matter to rahm emanuel, black votes matter to him. i want that to be very clear. black lives don't matter to rahm emanuel, black votes matter to rahm emanuel. that has been demonstrated through a number of instances, whether it is an withholding below quan mcdonald tape, unjustly so he can win reelection, or him saying instead of focusing on the violence that has impacted 80% of the african-americans in the city, let me focus on the city's sanctuary city status. this has become very troubling for many of the chicagoans. i applaud commissioner boykin for having an out-of-the-box strategy, at least seeking information that can potentially help save and keep safe many of the residence in chicago who deal with violence, gun
8:43 pm
violence, whatever else, and a very daily basis. >> shannon: of course, he and the president happen -- the mayor and the president -- have been very combative. they have many differences on a number of topics. he didn't want the national guard on the streets, thought it wouldn't be helpful. they have except additional atf agents working on the gun issue issues. but the idea of u.n. folks roaming the streets of chicago, for a lot of americans, that is not something they are prepared for. do you think that there is -- the good could outweigh the bad? the thought of an international force coming into patrol and in wow u.s. it is not very popular. >> it isn't popular but i have to mention in 2010, there was a state representative that came out and had a press conference and he was in one of the areas, in terms of being a state rep for an area that experiences a lot of violence. he requested the national guard in 2010. so these are democrats who have said, we want the national guard here. certainly when it comes to
8:44 pm
peacekeepers coming in, perhaps they wouldn't come in and patrolled the street but maybe they can teach some of the strategies which they have learned in war-torn countries, as you know, chicago has become certainly a war-torn city for many of the residence there. so yeah, i think the mayor come he doesn't want to receive the help, but certainly, there is something that needs to be done. after my brother's situation, i went to the white house the next weekend spoke with senior leaders there and two weeks later they said the resources, federal resources, certainly that is not enough. a lot more needs to be done. president trump made that commitment to the people of chicago that if chicago doesn't fix the carnage, he'll send the feds. i am looking for him to keep that commitment and send in real federal resources. we need to see that and i am looking for president trump, iff you are listening, do what you said you would do for the people of chicago. >> shannon: meanwhile, this is something coming out this particular issue, but the idea
8:45 pm
that rahm emanuel is joking about this on "the late show" with stephen colbert. here's what he said. >> donald trump is driving forward, looking through the rearview mirror, and i'm not going that way because i want my city going that way and i don't want it to be -- >> shannon: he said he wants to change the model that essentially chicago will be the city that trump never sleeps in. he wants nothing to do with the president. do you think they can find common ground on this particular issue? these are americans that we are talking about, american lives. >> it's interesting that he says he wants it to be the city that trump never sleeps and because unfortunately, many of the residence in chicago, they can't sleep because they don't know if there will be a bullet coming through their window. maybe they are sleeping on the floor and not sleeping at all. while rahm emanuel is making jokes, while black bodies are being littered through the streets in chicago, he needs to wake up and lead the town hall, wherever he is on the gold coast, and look at some of the folks on the south and west sides of chicago that are
8:46 pm
battling the violence on a day-to-day basis. students who are afraid, afraid to go to school because of his in action. we need change and we need change now and rahm emanuel has no business being reelected because he is not worthy to serve in the city, especially not all the citizens of chicago. >> shannon: you are calling on them in chicago and in the white house, as well, do step in and do what they can. gianno, we have for everyone's sake, that there is great change coming to that city. when it comes to the lives that are at stake. great to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: democrats say they are feeling great about 2018 but are they overconfident? some on the left think so. stick around for a "fox news @ night" debate. later, where in the world are they banning a ban on smoking? you got that? stick around to find out where that happened. ♪
8:47 pm
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>> shannon: judging by the coverage since the f said win by democrat doug jones, you would think the g.o.p. should just go ahead and give up on 2018. take a look at these headlines. "has comey roy moore doomed donald trump." the suburban for both continued against trump and alabama. how confident should democrats
8:51 pm
be? we have our panel tonight. great to have you both with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: i think it's interesting to look at this, you know, there is a piece in "the new york times" where he said, democrats may like their polling numbers because in a lot of cases though still look good, especially going into 2018 but they need to look at these other things and consider them, 3.3% last quarter's annual growth, growth rate, interest rates are not spiking anytime soon. 4.1% unemployment rate, the lowest in a long time, the rise in the dow jones industrial average and since john became president. adrienne, will people care more about the economy than any thing else? >> i read the piece and i thought it was insightful and he makes some very valid points. i think democrats are people, the voting population are looking for something than more than just a good economy. they want a leader who they can believe in, someone they can be
8:52 pm
proud of, someone who will restore civility, political discourse. president trump has brought down the generic ballot for republicans. democrats right now hold an 11-point advantage in the generic ballot. it's very hard to underestimate how important it is going into the midterm. i can assure you, we are taking nothing for granted given the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. if democrats are in a very strong place right now. we have flipped 33 seats coming down ballot seats, and places like oklahoma, iowa. we just want won a state wide race, the first time a democrat has carried that state statewide in 25 years. we are taking nothing for granted but we are in a very good place. >> shannon: adrienne talked about the generic ballot, the democrats have an 11-point average but we often find in polling when you talk about more generically, versus their specific congressmen, there can
8:53 pm
be of some different feelings. how do republicans turn around that number for next year's midterms? >> that is a great question. the whole narrative surrounding the alabama election and what happened has been really frustrating because i don't think that race was about donald trump. i think it was about establishment republicans mocking things up. mitch mcconnell got very involved throughout the primary process in a very ham-fisted way. he dumped millions of dollars in that state trying to astroturf out tea party conservative republican mo brooks in order to prop up the lousy establishment candidates. i think their rejection of mitch mcconnell's involvement is the reason why we can't growing more as a candidate in the first place and i think he was a very deeply flawed candidate and he lost. i think doug jones' victory and that loss of a republican seat lies squarely at the feet of mitch mcconnell. i definitely have to agree with adrienne that democrats have a lot of momentum right now but i think of that is due to
8:54 pm
republicans not able -- being completely unwilling -- to deliver on the repeated promises we have made. we are a year into them having a majority in both houses and a republican as a president. obamacare is still the law of the land and they are still squabbling over the tax bill. conservative voters, why would they be motivated to keep these people in power? they are not motivated and totally unwilling to do the things that they have promised. >> shannon: and as often happens in a president's first term, there was first elections that happen next mode term generally don't go well for the party in power in the white house. we'll watch and see. a million things can happen between now and november. in the meantime, bre and adrienne, thank you. where in the world? and the ever present threat of terror during the christmas holidays. german police searching properties in berlin, involving 130 officers, part of an investigation against four
8:55 pm
people. in turkey, the coast guard launching a dramatic operation to rescue migrants. 51 of them attempted to illegally cross degrees on a rubber dinghy. helicopters dropping food and blankets. they can attempt a rescue. malcolm if you got them. the incoming austrian government said it will scrap a law banning smoking in all bars and restaurants. instead, the new law would allow for areas for smokers and nonsmokers as long as they are divided by a wall. an exit that could be made for reality tv by a former reality tv star, what omarosa is saying about leaving the white house. that's next.
8:56 pm
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>> shannon: we are learning more about the abrupt exit of white house aide omarosa manigault. sources tell fox news there was some degree of tension. white house chief of staff john kelly chatted with the former
9:00 pm
reality star. during an appearance on "good morning america," she denied she was fired. most-watched, most trusted, most gratefully spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the fbi is america's most powerful law enforcement agency, its most powerful agency actually. it's got national reach, a budget of almost $9 billion. they can break down the front door of your house with guns. we trust them to do a lot of things, to handle investigations of the utmost sensitivity and importance, often against powerful national figures. it's critical, obviously, that a body like the fbi ought to be transparent and accountable. instead the fbi apparently sees itself as a fourth branch of government under no obligation to explain itself to our country's elected officials. this is a problem. republican senator ron johnson represents wisconsin, he chairs the senate homeland


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