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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 15, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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there. >> bill: no doubt. no video around. we had a terrific time. to the folks at home watching what we do, we are nothing without the folks on the camera. to a wonderful team, thanks for a great year in 2017. >> sandra: it was a fun time had by all. merry christmas! "happening now" happens right now. >> jon: we will release the pictures. president trump just wrapping up his speech to a graduating class at fbi -- also taking it the time to attack the borough over the legitimacy. good morning, welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. we made it. the president with plenty to say ahead of his schedule to speak. here's a piece of his remarks to reporters on his way to the ceremony. >> the level of anger at what they've been witnessing with respect to the fbi is certainly very sad.
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>> melissa: white house correspondent kevin corke is live on the north lawn. that was just a little bit of what he had to say. >> let me tell you, he's been talking about this for quite some time both on twitter and today over at quantico. white house officials for quite some time have felt there was this biased against the president among the higher ups at the fbi who are investigating hillary clinton at the time. the president today, well, he was presidential in his remarks over at the graduation over at quantico, celebrating the history of the borough and calling on all in attendance to do the bidding of the american people. that is with fidelity, bravery, and integrity. >> i want you to deliver a message to your fellow officers. the president of the united states has your back 100%. i will fight for you, and i will never, ever let you down ever.
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now, more than ever, we must support the men and women in blue. >> that is consistent with his messaging about a law enforcement in general, but maybe you would think it's a little inconsistent compared to what he said previously about the bureau. he tweeted this back on decembe. after years of james comey, with the phony and dishonest clinton investigation and more, running the fbi, its reputation is in tatters, worst in history. but fear not, we will bring it back to greatness. he celebrated its greatness today, but keep in mind, he more or less took one for the team and declared publicly instead of the attorney general that there simply wasn't enough evidence to charge then secretary of state clinton with a crime related to storing and disseminating classified documents from her server. it was mueller who picked up the russia investigation. after the shocking loss of the
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2016 election, about which the president said this just before heading over to quantico. speak out they are spending millions millions of dollars. there is absolutely no collusion. i didn't make a phone call to russia. i had nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it. that was a democratic hoax. it was an excuse for losing the election. it would have never been this way. if they had spent all these millions of dollars. now even the democrats admit there is no collusion. there is no collusion, that's it. >> here's what i want you to keep an eye on. you hear the president say one thing and then maybe change his messaging depending on time and place. some people would say that's wildly inconsistent, or he can make the argument as some white house officials have made with me, depending on the time and place, that is the accurate and appropriate messaging. this weekend he will be making his way up to camp david in. is expected to receive the security briefings and make phone calls to push tax reform
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over the finish line. we will be watching that carefully from here. for now, back to you. >> melissa: kevin corke, thank you. >> what i have said privately and to the press is it that unless they figure out a way to increase the refundable part higher than $1100, unless i can figure out how to add to the $1100 figure, i won't support the bill. >> jon: the republican tax bill could be on shaky ground after senator marco rubio, whom you just heard, threatens to vote no. that possibility puts the g.o.p.'s razor-thin margin in the senate closer to the brink. what happens now? joining us, glenn hall, chief editor for dow jones newswire. marco rubio has been very active on this point. the g.o.p. cannot afford to lose votes. they have a 52-48 margin in the
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senate right now, and there are a handful of republican senators who seem to be upset come up marco rubio among them. here's what he said in a tweets dorm of sorts. the working class is always forgotten in d.c. made to add more tax cuts for working-class parents, especially those earning 220 to $50,000. it doubles the child tax credit, but only 55% of that 2,000 is available to them. i can only support the bill if the percentage of the $2,000 child tax credit available to working-class families is increased to percentage meaningfully higher than 55%. always hard to read a tweets and make them sound natural. you have news on that. >> it does seem that he is a lobbying there was effective. our "wall street journal" reported that they now agreed in this compromise bill to make it $1400 from the $1100 previously
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slotted for the child tax credit, and is believed that that might be enough to satisfy marco rubio. >> jon: if you get marco rubio vote, are you in? >> it certainly better than without him. there are some wild cards. there are concerns about the impact of the deficit and the spending side. that is what has bob corker concern. how they will offset these things. there's a $1.5 trillion spending limit over a decade that has to be kept below because that's the framework they are working under. there's one other thing, that they had to be mindful of, you have two senators who have health issues right now, and if they are not able to vote, that's your two vote margin. they are working around those issues as well. >> jon: john mccain still undergoing treatments, and walter reed in connection to his brain cancer treatments. that's got to be a tough one for mitch mcconnell to try and figure out when to schedule this vote. >> absolutely. they are on a tight deadline
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here. they want to get this done next week. the plan today will reveal what the language is. we are expecting that by the end of the day. they are sending that right now and committee. they were supposed to be a vote as early as monday or tuesday, and we are waiting to see what the schedule looks like. >> jon: the idea that they get this done by christmas, will that give them time to get the new tax rates out so that people's first paycheck of the year reflects a little more to come? >> there is some concern about that. that's a pretty tight turnaround for all of those, a lot of forms and changes that will be implemented. some of this might get stressed retroactively. >> jon: but the president promised a tax cut for christmas, it appears they will be ready to deliver. >> they are getting close. >> jon: glenn hall, thank you. melissa. >> melissa: the united states looking to increase pressure on a defiant north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program.
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secretary of state rex tillerson speaking before members of united nations security council at a special meeting this morning. >> north korean regime continuing unlawful missile launches and testing activities signal its contempt for the united states, its neighbors, and asia, and all members of the united nations. in face of such a threat, an action is unacceptable for any nation. >> melissa: brian ennis joins us live right now outside the u.n. with more. >> well, the secretary of state rex tillerson urged the u.n. security council to continue pressure and sanctions on north korea. he also called out russia and china saying that it's not enough to just vote for increased sanctions, as they have been doing, but they must do more to actually implement the sanctions. china should stop allowing oil to run into north korea. but also, tiller's an important
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link walked back the notion that he said on tuesday this -- earlier this week, in which he said that there would be no precondition for the u.s. to talk to north korea. he had said earlier this week that the u.s. would be willing to speak to north korea as soon as they wanted to. today, he walked that back just moments ago. take a listen. >> our hope remains that diplomacy will produce a resolution. as i said earlier this week, the sustained of north korea starting behavior must occur before talks can begin. north korea must earn its way back to the table. the pressure campaign must an end will continue until the denuclearization is achieved. we will in the meantime keep our channels of communication open. >> the u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez as well as other members of the u.n. security council have made it clear today that what the u.n.
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wants to do is actually act as an intermediary, making sure there is no miscalculation or miscommunication that could escalate this into a devastating war. that is what the u.n. is trying to do. in fact, just last week, the u.n.'s top political affairs hand jeffrey feltman went to north korea for a meeting, a first of its kind meeting between the u.n. and senior officials of north korea and about eight years. what they talked about there was about a 15 hour back and forth in the north koreans ultimately said it was important to prevent war, but they were uncommitted when it came to whether or not they would engage in talks. the u.n. trying all they can to exhaust all options. one thing is clear, the security council will not accept a nuclear north korea, and a north korea as i'm now doesn't seem like they will accept it being do you nuclearize themselves. >> melissa: right ennis, thank you. >> jon: the washington rumor mill kicked into high gear after
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house speaker paul ryan hints at retirement. does the rocking chair really in his future? plus, ambassador nikki haley making a dramatic presentation at the u.n. on how iran is violating resolutions in the middle east. the evidence she is showing the world body just ahead. >> iran is determined to undermine the international consensus against its conduct. we must speak with one voice in exposing the regime for what it is, a threat to the peace and security of the entire world when you really want to save big
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would let ryan pursue tax reform and overhaul benefit programs like medicare. ryan insists he's staying right where he is. the white house also pushing back on those reports. >> the president did speak to the speaker not too long ago and made sure the speaker knew, very clearly under no certain terms, if that news was true he was very unhappy with it. the speaker assure the president those were not accurate reports, and they look forward working together for a long time to come. >> jon: he took the job when the former speaker stepped aside in 2015. >> melissa: the republican tax bill hitting a speed bump as it approaches the finish line. g.o.p. leaders had hoped to unveil its final version today but are pushing it back until monday after two republican senators voiced concerns about the child tax credit for working-class families.
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the white house urging republicans to get the deal done once and for all. >> we hope that this tax bill actually gets to the president's desk because it is the largest tax increase we've seen in just just -- tax a decrease or cut we've seen it about 30 years, which is extremely exciting for us. we would expect that most republicans get on board. a speed to republican senator oa senate finance committee. thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about where it stands today. it seems like it was certain in all the sudden we are pushing back to monday? >> i feel good about it. i think it will be out tonight or tomorrow, and we will have a vote tuesday or wednesday. i think the votes were there last time in the senate, and they will be there this time. the bill has improved after the house-senate conference. you will see substantial middle class tax relief, which is a lot of people are looking for. you will see improvement there
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on the child tax credit. i think it will be a very popular bill among our republican colleagues we will get the votes. >> melissa: our lawmakers frustrated with senator rubio during a last-minute rocky mensch in there? everybody has something they would like to have improved. >> marco has a passion that that really works for families who are not paying income tax but paying payroll taxes, and that's what he is insistent on the refund ability. i respect that. he is looking out for the very people we are looking out for. the end, the bill will be improved, and we will get the support of our republican colleagues. i hope some democrats will take a look at it. it is helping folks are at the bottom of the economic ladder, as marco has insisted. it also makes our businesses competitive again. >> melissa: those who would take the other side from senator rubio would say that the goal of this is to make it
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simpler and at this as another complexity, it's another deductive, another loophole, it's moving in the opposite direction of the original plan to lower taxes for all. this goes back to favoring a certain group. >> we already have the tax credit and we do double it, but we also disallow the personal exemption. that's how you overcome that. it was a simple location as you know and we also doubled the standard deduction, which is a terrific simplification for about 90% of the americans. doubling it, you will see a lot of folks now being able to use one page for their tax return because they will not have all these deductions, credits, exemptions they are talking about. it provides tax relief, it also provides application. the child credit is already there, but it is expanded. >> melissa: there were some conspiracy theorist out there who might say one of the reasons they are holding out until monday, there are some health concerns for various senators when you get out there for the
8:19 am
final vote, are you worried about that aspect of having everybody who's going to vote yes good enough health to be on the floor to vote? >> of course we all wish for senator mccain to have a great help for as long as possible. my sense is that everybody's made a commitment to be there next week. we will certainly be able to have the vote. our prayers go to him and his family. >> melissa: absolutely. thank you for your time. >> jon: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley pushing for action against iran for violating the nuclear agreement. how she is asking the international community to respond. plus, a devastating wildfire ripping through southern california now blamed for the death of a firefighter. the family of first responders grappling with the loss, as they try to keep that fire from spreading. >> on my phone rang this morning and i got that phone call, it's a phone call that no fire chief ever wants to receive.
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>> jon: an investigation is underway in a regarding a death of a california firefighter killed while battling a massive fire there. officials confirm cory iversen was injured yesterday in the city of fillmore. he later died. an accident review team is trying to figure out what happened. iversen was an eight year veteran in the fire department and leaves behind a pregnant wife and 2-year-old daughter. along with a family of firefighters. >> he's a type of man you'd want your daughter to marry and the type of sun you would want to grow up to be. he's a guy you could rely on, nothing more, nothing less. >> jon: iverson is the second
8:24 am
death a link to the thomas fire. it also has destroyed hundreds of homes and torched more than 250,000 anchors. officials say the fire is now 35% contained. >> melissa: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says iran has violated the nuclear agreement, and yesterday, she presented what she says is "physical proof." she stood next to pieces of an iranian rocket that were fired at a saudi arabian airport by rebels in yemen. she blamed iran for selling the rocket to the rebels and explain how it could bring danger to america's doorstep. >> just imagine if this missile had been launched at dulles airport or jfk or the airports in paris, london, or berlin. the fight against a radiant aggression is the world's fight. >> melissa: joined me now is michael saying, a former middle eastern affairs at the
8:25 am
national security council and managing director of the washington. thank you for joining us. is there any way to dispute that evidence she had there? >> is pretty compelling evidence, and it builds on evidence that was provided a bit earlier by the united nations itself. the missiles and the votes in question are pretty close matches or even exact matches for what we know it is in iran's own arsenal. some of the pieces are actually stamped with the locals iranian manufacturers. some of these items were found on a rainy and cargo boats being transported towards yemen. i think the only question our partners may raise is, when was it transferred? was that during the period of u.n. sanctions or before that? >> melissa: talk about the sanctions because if it appears what it is to be, it violates about four coat u.n. and various resolutions where they had promised not to do that. it's unclear whether it violates the nuclear sanctions.
8:26 am
>> that's right. if eyelets with the resolutions that providing arms to the rebels in yemen and resolution 20 to 31 which was the one that enshrined the iran nuclear deal. it's a iran can't export any arms. it doesn't really violate the nuclear deal itself because unfortunately, and what i think is an omission, that deal leaves out missiles entirely. >> melissa: why do you think that was? >> the obama administration when the deal was negotiated said we would've loved to have missiles in there, but we just couldn't do it. the iranians wouldn't go for it. what that neglects is that missiles are a central part of any nuclear program, and of course iran's missile proliferation around the region risked making all of these conflicts, whether in lebanon, syria, or in iran. >> melissa: this missile was lobbed right and marie had airport. it's not like it's a military
8:27 am
base. this is a commercial airport. i've flown in and out of there. these are civilians. the question becomes now, what do you do about it? what does the international community do? >> that's right. i was at that airport a few days ago. that 900-kilometer range of these missiles put a lot of international interest at risk. i think we will use that to go to our partners now and say we need a stepped up effort, not only to sanction iran for these activities but to interdict these weapons. in both by sea and by air. and the potential overland route via oman over the arabian peninsula. we will face some resistance in doing that, but i think this presentation by ambassador haley is a first step to making that case. >> melissa: it was very compelling. we watched it live. thank you for joining us today. michael singh. >> jon: some new revelations
8:28 am
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>> melissa: james comey statement that exonerated hillary clinton was edited, and
8:32 am
we now know water down. fox news obtaining documents showing the former fbi director said hillary clinton was "grossly negligent for using a personal email server during her time as secretary of state." months later, those words in the early traps were changed to "extremely careless." the white house is reacting. >> the president is absently supportive of and has the sole confidence in the doj and fbi. however, it is troubling, deeply troubling, that the revelations have now come to life that there is extreme bias against this president with high up members of the teams are at the fbi who are investigating hillary clinton at the time. we are a little concerned at what we are seeing here. text messages give us quite a bit of pause. >> melissa: joined me now as attorney and democratic commentator monique presley and jana caldwell, republican strategists. thanks to both of you for
8:33 am
joining me. monique, i will let you go first. this looks pretty bad. >> it looks pretty bad to anyone who is looking for an excuse to derail and discredit the fbi. it's pretty obvious that the fbi agents are supposed to be apolitical. that doesn't mean that they don't have opinions. that doesn't mean that they don't have the right to vote. it just means that their opinions our house was to be publicly held. anyone who works in those positions certainly, internally, has opinions. that's all we are seeing coming to the fora here. >> melissa: it seems like it's a little bit more than that. what we are seeing is someone who in a text it says, "i hope that this president doesn't get elected, but i hope the plan that you laid out happens." at the same time, we will have a backup plan just in case. when you have that same person texting that they support one candidate over another and their
8:34 am
is an actual one who is changing the text in this statement gets to be a little more than just a political opinion. do you think? >> i completely agree. i will start off with a question to monique, which i know the answer to. he's a high-profile attorney who defended many high-profile clients. peter strauch's is somebody she would not want on her jury. i'm sure she would agree with that because he is definitely shown his bias. they showed him an email that he was a guide to protect the country from the minute donald trump. the fbi is not a political organization. they should not determine who wins or loses based on political preference. this is something the fbi and folks on this , which is the most sensitive investigation in our country to potential russian collusion, this is something the investigator should be investigating. everyone on the investigation, we should know what's going on for each individual, not just
8:35 am
the ones we know about currently, but each individual. >> melissa: monique, i would say that this is the individual who went in and change the language to something that was criminal to language that would indicate the clinton's behavior was not criminal. >> yes, because words matter. the individual is trying to wind up the words in the statement with the actual finding, which was that there was not criminal activity, that there was not criminal negligence. i think gianno's a comparison is interesting. i might not want this person on my jury, but to see sound exactly like an investigator whose job it is to ferret out crime and prove it. yes. as a sound like someone in the prosecutor's office who seen that a president or about to be president is a really bad hombrs he shouldn't be doing and everyone is doing things aroundm that's infiltrated them? certainly appear that someone who will not want that person to
8:36 am
end up being the president of the united states of america. that's exactly what this agent was saying. he had way more information that we had at this time. that agent was saying, i hope this guy doesn't end up being the leader of the free world. when the text messages were found, he got rid of them. >> melissa: gianno, if you look at just the facts as they played out in front of us, he went back and change the language to fit the outcome they wanted as opposed to the natural language that came to them when they actually did the investigation. >> and monique is a very reasonable person. she's someone i know and call her sister. i think she can at least acknowledge that the bias here is very consistent with someone who you would not want to be over an investigation and a something as sensitive as our country. this has global impact. this isn't a political win out for the democrats or republicans. this is something that impacts everyone of us and our allies across the country.
8:37 am
certainly, for an individual who is a supporter of hillary clinton and he doesn't want to see that idiot, as he called donald trump, and the white house, for him to be someone that was intimately involved in an investigation which is change the dynamic of how we view elections is something that's very troubling, it's problematic, and the inspector general of the doj is rightly looking into this, and other individuals need to be looked into as well. >> melissa: we got to go. thanks to both of you. >> jon: oscar-winning actor dennis hoffman now accused of exposing himself to a woman when she was 16 years old. the accuser making her statement and variety. she is just the latest woman to accuse the actor of sexual misconduct. hoffman's a lawyer is now fighting back. adam housley lab at with that from los angeles. >> every day it seems like the acquisitions continue and the list grows longer and longer. only in the world of wally wood but in politics and sports.
8:38 am
the latest big name it's only her before, dustin hoffman. it was brought up in the scandal before. five total new women have come forward alleging sexual harassment and assault by the award-winning iconic actor. hoffman allegedly exposed himself to a teenager in 1980 and assaulted a woman in 1987 during a filming of a movie. during the period time of around they did all the presidents men. hoffman's attorney calling all these new accusations against the actor defamatory falsehoods. "the five" new accounts bring the total to eight women now accusing the actor. hoffman did respond earlier this month to a woman that claimed she was sexually harassed when she was 18. hoffman apologized and said they were not reflective of who i and pier that was a quote. meantime, based on media reports, the police have opened an investigation to russell simmons. multiple woman accused him of
8:39 am
sexual misconduct peer nine women now in total alleged the incidents happen over the last two decades. the nypd said it can open an investigation without complaints made directly to them, and clearly this is a case with simmons because that media reports in regards to him that thursday night brad rose released a statement that russell simmons fully supports and will cooperate with the police inquiry and is confident of a swift resolution. meantime, abc has fired chef mario from "the true." and espn and the nfl network are also dealing with accusations. as you mention, the list continues to grow. >> jon: thanks very much. >> melissa: president trump spotlighting his record on regulation by literally cutting red tape. more on this and why he calls it a success for every american. and "the new york times" adding fact-checker. our media panel will look at
8:40 am
that move and what it means for a news industry in an ongoing battle with the president of the united states. >> we are going to speed to strike to the american people and cut right through the fake news media. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites.
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>> melissa: president trump tapping a year of reducing government regulations by literally cutting the red tape. saying at the event that 22
8:44 am
regulations have been removed for every new one that was introduced. a move he says is strengthening our economy. >> let's cut the red tape. let set free our dreams, and yes, let's make america great again. one of the ways we are going to do that is by getting rid of a lot of unnecessary regulations. you will have a great regulatory climate. one, two, three. [applause] >> melissa: the white house is set to release a detailed profile later today, although it regulations undone since president trump was sworn in. >> jon: breaking now, "the new york times" as an additional fact-checker to its staff. political points out that news outlets are increasing reports for accuracy, as errors are
8:45 am
becoming fodder for tax president trump. let's talk about it with our media panel today. he is the white house correspondent and cohost of the minority podcast. hugo gorton is the editorial director for the "washington examiner" ." i think a lot of people were surprised when they saw this piece and political, franco. i just assumed an organization like "the new york times" it would have such a person, but they have added wanted their bureau. what you think about the move? >> i think it's interesting that it's a fact-checker. our news organizations have had copy editors that have done a lot of this role. but you have a fact-checker is an interesting change. i think it's a good thing. there's an onslaught of news happening. there such a rush to get there, to get it first. really nothing trump's accuracy, and we need to work harder to make sure we get the reporting that we are doing and get the
8:46 am
story right. as you pointed out in the intro, the trump administration and others have used errors as weapons in a way. >> jon: and the president just did so this morning, hugo. he was making that appearance in front of the fbi academy, and he drew loud applause when he pointed to the press in the back of the room. here it is. >> many other young americans watching at home, of which there are many, there you see the fake news back there. a look at. fake news. no, actually some of them are fine people. >> jon: the president got a laugh line with the fake news reference, hugo. does burning fact-checkers arm board, does it give him less ammunition? >> melissa: any move to make them more accurate is in itself a good thing. fact-checker might for example have really helped "abc news"
8:47 am
and cnn recently when they made a egregiously bad mistakes of factual mistakes, which relate essentially to the date on which something happened and connections between team trump and the russians. there is a real note of caution that should be looked at here and that is most of the problems with a lot of news reporting are not really to do with factual mistakes. they are to do a story choices. there is a good example of "the new york times" recently. when the stories emerge and facts emerged about text between investigations on robert mueller's investigation of collusion with russia and the election meddling, "the new york times" moved very swiftly onto stories about republicans pouncing on these text as, and using them to justify it. they didn't wile or give proper weight to the fact that they might actually be biased.
8:48 am
in a way, having a fact-checker can be a camouflage or a mask for what actually produces distorted news. that is a story choice, rather than little mistakes it might be picked up by a fact-checker. >> jon: you go to what you just said, political referring to emily cochran, the person who is just given this job at "the new york times," politico wrote this, unlike magazines who have fact-checkers, cochrane, emily cochran does not deal with sources. she would likely not have prevented the type of high-profile sourcing mistakes made recently by abc news or cn cnn. franco, if you're fact-checker can't deal with sources, then they are limited in their role. >> there's no question about it. it stops with us. as newspaper reporters, it's our byline and on the story.
8:49 am
the truth as those examples are, the reality is that one knucklehead can hurt our reputation. we need to work harder. obviously, there's issues with the cuts and copy editing. this has been an issue that we've been facing for years now with cuts and costs, as well as new technology. it's something the industry needs to take a closer look at to make sure those checks and balances are put in place, especially now with the increased news and onslaught of news coming, how it's being used, in addition picked, something that we are looking at as well at the washington borough. i absolutely want to make sure my stories are correct. i don't want mistakes because they can be used against me and my organization, and we want to get it right. >> jon: very good point on which to end. we will cut if they are. thanks very much franco or dona's and hugo gurdon. >> melissa: welcome to the jungle, while u.s. soldiers are
8:50 am
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>> melissa: you know it's almost noon eastern on a friday? coming up on "outnumbered" ," republicans say their final tax bill is done. but marco rubio says he's a "no" vote and what to make other lawbreakers in the hospital, there's a little room for margin of air. can they get this finished by the president's deadline? >> we are learning a more edits and james comey's memo examining hilly clinton and the email probe like removing language on the likelihood of foreign countries infiltrating the personal server. one does of the second council
8:54 am
americans are demanding? all that plus our guy in the middle is outnumbered, i can see them, but you can't until noon. we will see you then. >> melissa: attentions-between the u.s. and north korea, the pentagon is stepping up its preparations for potential war in asia. by sending soldiers to train and the remote reinforce of hawaii. jonathan hunt is live. >> melissa, jungle training here at the 25th infantry division's lightning academy is tough, it's grueling, but it might just save american lives and help the u.s. win the next war. as dawn broke, we boarded a black hawk helicopter for a spectacular journey across the roof of the rain forest that we are being dropped in. joining shoulders who fought in iraq and afghanistan, learning to fight a very different kind .
8:55 am
>> the goal is to be able to teach the skills that students can survive in a jungle environment. >> is every vietnam vet knows, the jungle itself is not an easy enemy to conquer, and the only . >> the loud rumble is perhaps the most familiar from the desert and urban wars of the u.s. have been fighting. here it is the sound of soldiers moving in almost total silence. save for the soft thud of their boots on the ground. >> it so restrictive. everything is so tight. you can -- in iraq and afghanistan, i can move five or 6 kilometers an hour. here, i may be move 500 meters. >> the shoulders spent three weeks living and fighting in the jungle. every minute designed to give them the real world experience of potential future wars.
8:56 am
it's all part of preparing for whatever is next. >> that's what it's our job. be ready for whatever is next to fight. >> to emphasize how intense this training is, 75 the battle hardened soldiers began this course three weeks ago. today, just 33 of those will graduate. melissa. >> melissa: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> jon: some new evidence i have how james comey's statement about any of the hillary clinton email investigation was watered down. fox news obtaining the new documents that reveal the edits that made the difference between recommending prosecution and letting her off. fred would do anything for his daughter.
8:57 am
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>> jon: happy friday. thanks for joining us. >> melissa: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert. the g.o.p. says its final bill is complete and no more changes will be made this hour. members of the house and senate tax conference. signing off on the final language of the compromise bill. now in question. whether they have all the votes they need to pass it, do they? and then handed president trump his first major legislative victory. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. today is sandra smith, katie pavlich, rachel campos-duffy, and today's "outnumbered" guest is gopac chairman david avella. he's


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