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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 15, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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over, i hope i get money and not a ticket. thanks for joining us on the "the daily briefing'. it has been a really great week. i will see you next week. and now, shepard. >> shepard: it is 12:00 on the west coast. president trump says a lot. >> let's put it that way, there is absolutely no collusion. we will see what happens. it let's see. >> shepard: and on his phone call with the russian president, vladimir putin. >> it was great. he said a very great things about what i have done for this country in terms of the economy. >> shepard: a very nice things. the president's comments coming up minutes before his speech to the fbi. he repeatedly blasted, taking aim at leaders and reputations. >> well, it is a shame what has happened with the fbi. but we are going to rebuild the fbi. it will be better and bigger
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than ever before. >> shepard: plus, drama over the republican tax bill. the final version is reportedly locked and, with some very important changes, including deductions for state and local taxes, on the student loan interest. we have just gotten information on what the tax brackets will be. we will explain what is and, what is out, how it will affect you, and why we still don't know if republicans can get the final go-ahead from congress. there is a little bit going on, so let's get it to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live up from the fox news desk. >> shepard: president trump today gave a wide-ranging impromptu news conference. he unloaded on the fbi, saying it is time to rebuild it. he left open the door to pardoning michael flynn, he said there was no collusion, and that he has nothing to do with russia. then he said that's the russian president vladimir putin praised him in a great phone call just yesterday. and all of this happened while
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the president was leaving the white house to give a speech at the fbi academy. he railed against those investigating his connection to russia. >> they are spending millions and millions of dollars. there is absolutely no collusion. i did not make a phone call to russia, i have nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it. that was a democrat hoax. it was an excuse for losing the election. >> shepard: but the president did speak with the russian president, vladimir putin, on the phone this week. >> he said very nice things about what i have done for this country in terms of the economy. he said also some negative things in terms of what is going on elsewhere. but the primary point was to talk about north korea. because we would love to have his help with north korea. >> shepard: he also refused to rule out pardoning his former national security advisor, michael flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to fbi investigators. >> i don't want to talk about pardoning michael flynn it yet. let's see what happens. i can say this.
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when you look at what has happened with the fbi and the justice department, people are very, very angry. stay on the president's lawyer then issued a statement to fox news, saying that there is no consideration at the white house for a pardon of michael flynn. and just an hour after he blasted the fbi to reporters, the president changed his tone entirely, with a speech to a graduating class of law enforcement officers at the fbi academy. >> and as we as a country must do a better job showing our pole officers the respect and gratitude that you have earned, and we will do that. so when he return home to your local precinct, i want you to deliver a message to your fello. the president of the united states has your back 100 100%. >> shepard: and he has a complicated relationship with the fbi. law enforcement officers. he fired its former director, james was 37, calling him a liar
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and a leaker. and he continues to question the assessment of the fbi and intelligence agencies. at the president also today called the fbi's hillary clinton investigation rigged. he said it is disgraceful that a top agent made edits to comey's statements. the special counsel, robert miller, also reassigned the agent from the russian investigation, over anti-trump text messages. let's bring in chris wallace. hello, chris. this matter of the two different statements on michael flynn first thing let's see what happens and then his letter coming out, there is a lot of leeway in their potentially. >> well coming out. obviously, if you think that's michael flynn, as he did in his
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statement that he has pleaded guilty and lying to the fbi, that he's not going to cooperate with the special counsel, in the investigation, and obviously there is a potential there. we don't know that there is a reality, but they potential to say things that were hurtful to president trump, for him to at least leave it open the possibility that he would pardon him a period of maybe he prevents him from saying those things, but that is all supposition on our part. and has been made clear in the past, the president certainly did not say that he was going to pardon flynn. he just didn't say that he wasn't going to, and then the lawyer said there is no consideration. see one of these other matters, what else stuck out to you, chris? >> he certainly is unhappy with the fbi. i don't think it is necessarily contradictory for him to be unhappy with the top level of the fbi with some of the politics of the fbi. we can talk about that in a second. and then to go to the graduation
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ceremony for the latest class of fbi agents and to praise them and their mission, these young people who had nothing to do with these politics. there are things to be troubled by, that the lead agent investigating the hillary clinton case and the president trump case was texting these things to his girlfriend that were clearly political, biased, in favor of clinton against a trumpet. that is troubling. and it is also troubling that there were all these edits being made, that then fbi director james comey made, and all of these things, to lessen the rhetoric of a hillary clinton, which he did with her private emails. this does not go to robert miller's separate counsel,
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because when he learned about this, he fired him up. he kicked him off last july, but it is not crazy for president trump to be concerned by the bias that is being shown by some members of the fbi at the top levels, not at the graduating class level. >> shepard: is there any indication that the personal feelings of those involved to you just mentioned in any way affected the mueller investigation. >> well, we don't know, but i've got to say, if i was being investigated and i found out that people who were investigating me or sending tweets back and forth, saying what a terrible person i was and how you have to keep me from my job, and then even the more alarming to eat exchanged in august of 2016, where lisa, the lawyer, and then the deputy director of the fbi, and peter struck it, the agent, talking about some kind of plan to keep donald trump up from present. there is the old saying that even hypochondriacs get sick.
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and there may well be that there was something there. the fact that he kicked him off the probe in july, i would think that would be reassuring, but what was peter strzok doing there in the first place? why did they not find out about that earlier? >> shepard: the president mentioned his phone call yesterday with vladimir putin. will we learn more about that phone call? he mentioned that putin appraised him on some matters and was less than positive on others. >> only if the white house wants to put it out. that is obviously a private conversation. at the kremlin could put out more about it, or the white house can, and they have not so far. but maybe sarah huckabee sanders well. >> shepard: all right, we look forward to seeing you this sunday. he speaks with steve. also, alabama's new senator elect, the democrat,
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doug jones, he will be on with chris, as well. that is this sunday on your local fox nation. check your local listings. taxes now, and we have new developments on that the tax plan. one of the things -- it still hasn't come together. we will not know until later this afternoon, but we have new information on what the brackets are going to be, and our white house correspondent has gotten that for us. like it, what do your sources a question mark this is according to sources, that will be unveiled at 5:30 later this afternoon. i'm not going to run through all of the numbers here, but you can see it that's there are seven brackets, so this is a win for the senate because this is mirrored exactly. you can see those that at ten, 12, 24, 32, 35, and 37%.
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the exact same as the initial senate bill. if the changes that were negotiated in factory and on those who are married or filing jointly, and again, the numbers are on the left. they are the same on the left-hand side of your screen. the big change here is that that top number, the initial senate bill, have a tough number of $1 million, so this has been brought down significantly. the changes that you get to nr when you start looking at that 22, 24, 32% level in the top numbers. bottom line here, shepard, is that that is going to be what you're going to see coming out here later this afternoon. you can see the income levels there. the administration have been calling for simplification. the current long is a seven brackets, so some may say what is so simplified about this?
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so one of the arguments is that we are headed toward seven brackets. there are not necessarily the big eclipse, if you wanted to bring it down to three or four. it may be simpler for some people, but either way, we have the numbers. and it will be seven brackets, we are told. >> shepard: blake, you are the man. there is a lot to take in there, but we are working to get you those up on the web site. and now some other details that we have now learned that are expected to come out, starting with state and local taxes. remember, right now, if you pay income taxes to your state, city, county, borough, or all of those, as some do, any kind of income taxes that are not federal, you cannot deduct that amount before you pay your federal taxes. same for property taxes, sales tax, all of that. that is changing in a big way. in the new plan, there is expected to be a $10,000 limit. right now, for instance, if you pay 50 grand into taxes, only
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10% is deductible. then, there is a basic child tax credit. this has been the sticking point for marco rubio. you may have heard about this. the current credit right now is $1,000 per child. so you get a credit of $1,000 for every child you have. three kids, $3,000 credit. you do not pay federal income taxes on that. the new planet doubles at $22,000, so three children, $6,000 in income, and you don't pay any taxes on that and the federal federal government. but the key to how much of that amount is available to low income families. senator rubio tweeted this morning that it wasn't good enough for him, it would not get a "yes" vote for him, and a couple of top republicans that it is now $1400, but as a result of this change, senator rubio will be a "yes" vote, so senator rubio is in on this, but there are still some undecided
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republicans, and they are important. g.o.p. leaders can lose just to you to pass the plane without democrats. we will get to the politics and just a moment. first, more on the bill. among the biggest winners, the biggest winner is big business. the corporate tax rate which is now a 35%, it has been for some time, is expected to go down to 21%. remember, when he campaigned, he said it would be 15%, now 21%. part of this plan also affects millions of americans with student loans. the student loan part of this is very important. we are going to have that in just a few minutes. at the bottom line, lawmakers are vastly changing a huge portion of our economy and redoing how everybody gives money to uncle sam. doing all of that in a matter of days. and we will learn about it this afternoon at 5:30, they tell us. and they will vote on it next week. and a possible government shutdown is looking right behind it, so what could possibly go wrong? peter doocy has the news. he is life for us on
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capitol hill. what is the latest? >> it is still a big issue for two senators, jeff flake, and bob corker, who are just not satisfied that these massive changes can be paid for without blowing up the deficit. they want to see the final bill at 5:30, before committing one way or another. so do senator susan collins. her concerns all along have been about potential cuts to medicare benefits. but she has been speaking very favorably about this bill, especially -- mike lee is on the fence as well. he wants more child tax credits, but republicans do you think that have the votes. zero democrats are expected to vote yes on this, and they are trying to rally the public. we heard of chuck schumer doing that earlier today, but there have been questions about whether or not mccain anna cochran will be here. their offices are signaling that they will be here. >> shepard: we are expecting some good news for students, and people paying off their college
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you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. >> shepard: 17 minutes past the hour now. college students, you're apparently catching a break in part because of this republican taxability. negotiators scrapped it to you of the most controversial provisions. so, the current plan will now preserve it tax deductions for student loan interest, so if you
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pay interest on student loans, you can still deduct that from your taxes before you pay them. and also this, graduates students, tuition waivers, for instance, if you get a $30,000 tuition waiver, say your parents work at the school or something, and one of the perks is that you get to graduate school, say it is $30,000, under the plan that they had talked about, you have to pay taxes on the 30,000, which would have been a huge increase. that is not going to happen. although this happens after thousands of grad students protested this, saying it would drive up the taxes, which are definitely would have, and that there was a response, telling them not to tax tuition waivers. it seems they listen. gerri willis is here. so a lot of changes, just from what we knew just a couple of days ago. >> i know college students are going to be very happy about it
12:19 pm
the deductibility of interest on their student loans, because you know as we know, we have something like $1.4 trillion of student loan debt, which is meaningful to you if you are a college student or a parent of a college student. it is funny that you talk about the waiver situation, right? my brother actually falls into this category with his son, and they were worried to death because it was part of the equation going in that they would not have to pay tax on this, so it looks like it is also reverting to what it was before. in actuality, it is the same old, same old. it is what it was before, and that is what makes it so interesting. you and i were talking about this on the breaker, right? originally, the top tax bracket of 39.6% was for people i believe earning 1 million or more. >> shepard: for all of the money earned over $1 million. >> so that resets now at 600,000, so that can be a big tax increase going on there now.
12:20 pm
it now, i have not made the comparison between current tax rates and now, and you are getting them for me, but there is some stuff going on that is going to be surprising to people who thought that they may be able to predict what republicans are doing. and as you and i have talked about a million times, it really started with tax cuts for corporations, right? see one that is mainly what this thing does. it gives huge breaks to corporations. >> yes, 35% down to 21%. it nobody gets us. this is 14 percentage points. big, big difference out there for these companies, and then when you look at small big business tax deductions, that is significant as well. it is not just the tax rate. they will be able to repatriate earnings from overseas at a lower percentage, and my prediction about this as there is going to be such a boom and ordering like you have never seen. >> shepard: ordering? >> equipment. >> shepard: you cannot deduct it all. >> you can deduct paintings that
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you put up in your entryway. it is going to go on and on. see on wow. a lot to get through. we have a lot of hours left in the day. in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> shepard: lawmakers expected to release a final version of the republican tax plan at 5:30 eastern standard time, so about two hours and 6 minutes from no now. congressional reporter for "the wall street journal." good to see you. >> thanks so much for having me on. >> shepard: we just learned a lot about these brackets. it does anything stick out for you in ways that they will affect people watching? >> i think that's lowering the rate is a big change that we learned about this weekend, and then of course, they change to the child of tax cut, that brought senator marco rubio back
12:25 pm
on board. that is the biggest change on the tax front. >> shepard: we have just gotten a statement from a corker, of tennessee, who has been one of those who was wavering. and bob corker of tennessee has just come out and support. >> i mean, that is big because senator corker voted against the bill the first time around, so that is a huge sign of momentum. >> shepard: it is all lining up. i guess we now have mike lee. we need to hear from susan collins of maine, i suppose, but they seem to think that they have the votes, or they would not schedule a vote. >> yes, and senator collins has been speaking in very positive terms. here rhetoric has been a very different during it now then it was during the health care. >> shepard: is there a risk that's the analyst seem to think that there is, that once you start figuring out what this is going to do to you, and the tax
12:26 pm
attorneys gets a hold of it, we really could have something that we are not expecting. >> i think that is true that there is some political risk it to this bill. the be republican certainly thought that there was political risk to not accomplishing anything big this year, and that seems to be a big motivation for them to get something that they could tell voters hey, this is something that we got done. >> shepard: at bob corker, i just got his statement. i will read part of it to you. this bill is far from perfect, and left it to my own accord, we would have reached bipartisan consensus that avoided any chance of adding to the deficit, and far less would have been done on the individual side with items that do you not to generate economic growth, but after great consideration, i believe that this is a once in a generation opportunity. anyway, he is for it. the concerns about the deficit on the republican side are very real. >> yes, the congressional budget scorekeepers have estimated that the tax cuts will not pay for themselves, and that has been a
12:27 pm
big concern for the deficit hawks. many other republicans that say that they are underestimating the growth of that it will generate, so that has been kind of the other side of the argument. he has always maintained that it will add to the deficit, so this is a big change for him. >> shepard: figuratively speaking, it leaves open the possibility of a government shutdown. where do we stand on that? do we know? >> that is up in the air. it is unclear how the government will be funded if current funding runs out next friday night. my guess is that they will pass on the short term extension. they have not reached a budget cap deal yet. that would be for two years, so they may need some more time to do that in january, but we don't really know what else would be added to the short-term spending bill, and the plan will be figured out after it passes next week. >> shepard: and christina pearson, from our great friends of "the wall street journal." thank you so much. good weekend ahead. with concerns growing about
12:28 pm
north korea, the united states military is ramping up it's a jungle warfare survival trainin training. and a jonathan hunt one along for that. he has become the first to be corresponded to take part in this. >> we just landed. another helicopter is on its way in. they are now securing the landing zone. >> shepard: and jonathan hunt will welcome us into the jungle, coming up. patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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>> i am leah gabriel with a fox report. comps and amsterdam say that they shot a man armed with a knife in the airport. he was making it dress. they say that they are not treating it as a terrorist attack. saving an unconscious man who was on a train, headed right for the station. >> sir, wake up!
12:31 pm
>> hopping into the flatbush neighborhood in brooklyn, some good samaritans yelled at the train and got it to stop, while others helped him onto the platform. and a close call for a deputy in wisconsin. it happens near milwaukee. he was helping a driver who ran off of the interested, when another vehicle lost control, plowed through the median, and launched into oncoming lanes. no one was hurt. at the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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>> shepard: a secretary of state tillerson appearing to backtrack on his previous statements while attending the united nations security council. this comes after those close to president trump say that secretary tillerson has not learned his lesson, and that his days in the jobber number. the president and the secretary of state have apparently been at odds as to how to proceed was not there, as that country
12:34 pm
continues to develop nuclear weapons. a secretary tillerson has called for negotiations. earlier this week he said "we are ready to talk any time north korea would like to talk." and if this could happen, without preconditions. it is similar to comments he made during his trip to china back in october. now, president trump responded at the time that secretary tillerson wasn't wasting his time, trying to negotiate with "little rocket man." obviously, his nickname for a dictator kim jong-un. he appeared to walk back his earlier comments, this time saying that north korea needs to stop its aggressive behavior before talks can happen. >> north korea is a threatening must occur before talks can begin. north korea must earn its way back to the table. of the campaign must and will continue until denuclearization is achieved.
12:35 pm
>> shepard: is so that the president isn't pleased with his national security team, including tillerson, and he hasa strong relationship with the president. tillerson has also denied reports that the white house once i'm gone. stamped department reporter with the associated press. where are we with potential talks with north korea? >> well, the united states continues to say that it is open to those talks, that it wants to resolve this diplomatically, as opposed to through a military solution, but that the climate is not ready. that as long as north korea is launching all of these verbal attacks on the united states, continuing to launch different types of technologies, that the conditions are really not there for some type of negotiation. but you are right, it has been difficult to pin down the trump administration with different messages coming from tillerson, from president trump, from nikki haley. and every time this comes up, it
12:36 pm
seems like the administration struggles to be able to say with clarity exactly what its position is, and of course, we already are in a situation where people are concerned about miscalculation, misunderstanding, and the idea that this could spiral out of control very quickly because the different countries are not on the same page with one another. >> shepard: what level of concern is there with this grouping of mixed messages? and what sort of signal that sends it to our adversaries in this case? >> we know that's a very senior u.n. official was -- returned it saying that he was very concerned about some type of miscalculation, where the left hand doesn't understand what the right hand hand to sing, and ts very quickly gets out of control. that said, the administration has said that these doors to have negotiations remain open. we still have these channels. you and a channel in new yorker, and they want to show that they are ready to sit down and talk
12:37 pm
about this, then that door is open to them at any time, and to the trump administration trying to say that it is the north koreans with all of this rhetoric and angry responses to the u.s., saying that they are not ready for that to happen. >> shepard: what is your take it? >> we know that there have been quite discussions with the u.s. and north korea over the last year or two. there were those quiet talks in europe that student auto warm -s called the new york channel. the mission it to the u.n. they have gotten office in manhattan. and american diplomats are able to negotiate with them, have some very basic discussions, if they need to, but it doesn't happen a lot. and the other way that we are talking to them is this track to diplomacy, where you have former government officials, academics, people like that outside of government to deliver messages
12:38 pm
back and forth on behalf of the administration. but it is not the kind of open constant dialogue that the two countries would really need if they are going to find some way out of this nuclear crisis. >> shepard: i'm sure a lot of people are wondering, is getting better or worse? can we tell? >> well, the rhetoric seems to just continue to be bad. so from that point, it is not better or worse, but the big concern is that north korea continues down that path of nuclear development. you had the south korean representative at the u.n. security council saying basically, north korea is there. they have the nuclear warheads, which they have had for a a while, and they are perfecting that technology to be able to deliver it, so the father that north korea gets to be able to deliver that kind of weapon, especially to the u.s. mainland, the more dire of a crisis this becomes. >> shepard: a josh letterman from ap, covering the state department. thank you. president trump's national security advisor has said that time is running out for diplomacy with the north koreans, and he is warning
12:39 pm
of the possibility of war, and it is increasing every day. u.s. troops are preparing for that possibility, as they always do, and in this case, deep in the rain forest of hawaii. the military has focused on fighting in the deserts of iraq, and to the mountains of afghanistan, but analysts say that a ground war in asia would require completely different tactics and skills, so for the first time in a decades, the army has opened a new jungle warfare school. and fox news correspondent jonathan hunt is in hawaii, on the island of oahu, and he and his crew are the first tv journalist to take part in this, as far as i know. how did this go? >> jungle training is intense, it is grueling. but here at the 25th infantry division lightning academy, it is all about preparing u.s. soldiers for a very different war in a very different environment.
12:40 pm
>> and as every vietnam vet knows, the jungle itself is not an easy and way to conquer. and the only way to do it is on foot. >> the loud rumble of armored humvees is perhaps the most familiar sound from the desert and urban wars that the u.s. has been fighting. here, it is the sound of soldiers moving in almost total silence, save it for the soft thought of their boots on the ground. >> it is so restrictive. everything is so tight. >> after two tours in iraq it, and two in afghanistan, the jungle is a whole new challenge for first sergeant george. >> and iraq and afghanistan, i can move five or 6 kilometers in an hour. here, and may be moving 500 meters. it so very restricted. >> a new experience too for staff sergeant, paulo, after three tours in afghanistan, one and iraq >> it is a whole different monster.
12:41 pm
you know. >> of these a soldier spent three weeks living and fighting in the jungle. every minute, decided to give them the real world experience of potential future wars. >> you have to be pretty proud of the work that you are doing here. >> it is all the guys. they are the glue of this place. they make it better and better every day. >> they also make the u.s. army better. better prepared for whatever is next. >> that is our job, to be ready to fight the next fight. >> and, as a sign of just how strenuous this training is, 75 soldiers began at this course three weeks ago, and just 33 graduated here today. >> shepard: a jonathan, thank you.
12:42 pm
protest in and around jerusalem, after president trump declared that city the new capital of israel. nothing new capital, but we are recognizing it. we are live their necks. but first, wildfire alerts. we are learning more about the first firefighter to die in the latest outbreak of wildfires. we reported him dead yesterday, and now we know his name. it is corey iverson. >> he was 32 years old. he has been here since 2009. he is survived by his wife, ashley, his 2-year-old daughter. >> shepard: his wife is expecting a second out of the spring. in the meantime, the national weather service in areas of the santa barbara county. that is the fourth largest in state history. our chief meteorologist has the details from our extreme weather center. >> you know, things are not really looking good over the weekend, unfortunately. very dry conditions across
12:43 pm
central california, we have the weather watch again. throughout the weekend, when they're going to increase. especially saturday and sunday evening. right now, things not looking that bad, but especially in california, we have that fire. that is exactly where i think we are going to be seeing the worst of it on saturday. around ventura. this is our saturday fire outlook. looking very similar. on the other side of the country, very cold air in place. zero at international falls, 18 in boston. you get the idea. there is also snow. starting to come in here in parts of pennsylvania, and new jersey. at this will be out of here tonight. behind it, colder air. all across parts of the great lakes. the temperatures are going to be very chilly. good news, this at least in the short term is kind of our last batch of this cold air. we are starting to see things warm up at least by monday.
12:44 pm
meanwhile, the weekend is looking very chilly. that is below freezing for your high temperatures. you can start to see a little bit of a retreat. finally, on monday, even towards chicago. so, a little bit tonight nicer temperatures. shepard smith reporting period will vary back.
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12:47 pm
>> shepard: protests turn deadly to date, as some palestinians rally against president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. emergency officials say that for palestinians died, and at dozens more were hurt today. in the west bank, israeli police say that they shot and killed a palestinian man after he stabbed an israeli officer, injuring him. they say that it demonstrators at such a tires on fire and threw rocks at israeli troops.
12:48 pm
they responded with tear gas and fire. at more images of the violence in our slideshow this afternoon. you can see a demonstrator wearing a mask, obviously, standing in front of several burning tires in the west bank city. in another, this image, a protester apparently throwing a tear gas canister back at israeli troops. you can see israeli forces arresting a demonstrator while the tires were nearby. and this is gaza, east of gaza city. crowds of palestinian protesters run from the tear gas and the violence appears to continue across the west bank. >> three, two, one. >> and the lift off. >> shepard: the young man packed with supplies, and perhaps a couple of holiday presents for the crew up there. it is the first time ever that scientists have successfully launched a recycled rocket
12:49 pm
together with a recycled capsule. company executives say it is the first step towards drastically cutting down costs, and that they hope to reuse their rockets more than twice. coming soon to california, in shops where you can legally buy weed, even if you don't have a medical reason. in other words, recreational marijuana. of the state handing out its first license to sell recreational pot, after californians voted it 4-inch last year. sales are set to begin on the first of january, and it will be months or even a year before most californians have access to a shop that is less than a half hours drive away. lots of red tape appeared prince harry and his fiancee announced their wedding date to today, but to the american bride to to learn a lot of stuff before she can walk down the aisle, like how to talk to the queen and how to use a proper fork. of course, how to shoot a machine gun and be a proper
12:50 pm
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>> shepard: we've got a save the date for you, that is the weekend before memorial day weekend. they are getting married. prince harry and his american fiance, meghan markle, set to get married that saturday, according to the palace. that is unusual for a royal wedding to happen on a saturday. british officials say that they picked that day so that more people could watch the ceremony. it also avoids overcrowding prince william and at duchess kate, who are due to have their third child of the month before, in the month of april. we are live with more. it sounds like meghan markle has a lot on her plate before that day. >> indeed, she does. on top of all the normal
12:54 pm
pressures like picking bridesmaids and addresses, she will have to learn how to drive out of an ambush, how to avoid being kidnapped, and she will also have to learn what you do if she is ever taken hostage. that is all according to a former royal aide, who also served in the british army. it turns out that she will also be taught how to fire a machine gun. and experts say that she better get used to having company because a bodyguard will be near her 24/7. the royals are so safety conscious that a security plan for the actual nuptials is already underway. how to control the crowd, and where to set up the closed-circuit cameras that so that every inch of the venue is absolutely covered. it turns out that fairy tales are apparently logistical nightmares. >> shepard: isn't there a real conflict on the 19th of may? >> a big one, that is the day of the fa cup, where the
12:55 pm
football -- not exactly the super bowl of soccer, but it is the oldest football tournament, so it is a big deal, and harry's favorite team, they happen to be the reigning champion. so prince harry will not be there, and prince william, who is the best men, will also have to excuse himself, and that is a bigger deal because he is the president of the football association, and it is customary for a royal to present to the trophy. and by the way, if you wanted to go around may 19th to london, you better know somebody with a house or something. by now, hotel rooms across each city should be booked solid. we are talking about soccer and a wedding. of course, you can always get a room, but it is going to cost you. if you want to go to this one. >> shepard: sleep on the street. it is lovely there in may. i don't know who is going. we will be right back with a look at a classic american movie debut on the big screen, and it happens all together this day in history.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1939, gone with the wind had its world premiere in the city of atlanta. the movie based on margaret mitchell's best-selling book about the civil war. it won eight academy awards, including best picture. and he became the first african-american it to win and oscar. when she took home the prize for best supporting actress. "gone with the window" is still one of the most popular american films of all time. after hollywood came to atlanta 78 years ago today. breaking news it changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up, and one thing he will likely mention, the markets have done it again. 24,642. and imagine this.
1:00 pm
bitcoin, when the year began, was at about $1,000. and right now come on the futures, one bitcoin is $18,000. so what is a bitcoin? >> neil: thank you very much. you don't need sort of a cyber currency to figure out what is going on here today. marco rubio and senator corker are both looking like yes votes right now. president trump says that he wants to sign it before christmas, it is looking all the more likely right outcome into the markets, yeah, you know the drill. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. this is "your world." and what in the world is going on with the taxable to that look to be a little dicey. that was some two hours ago. peter doocy on capitol hill come on what we are learning right now. speak out republicans did move two of their own into the s column for this tax bill


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