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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 15, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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young, and honored last night in a very special ceremony. he received the medal of honor for serving in world war ii as a sergeant in the 2037 air for us. thank you for your service. >> jesse: "special report," up next. bret baier, you are up next! >> bret: thank you, jessie. i am. >> jesse: you are welcome. >> bret: right now, we are getting our first look at the final version of tax reform legislation agreed to by house and senate negotiators. just moments ago, the legislation was filed in the house. the big question remains, do republicans have the votes to get it to the president's desk? we get answers from g.o.p. senators who had been on the fence and it looks like it's lining up for the administration. correspondent peter doocy is on capitol hill tonight. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. 14 points will be shaved off the corporate tax rate. it will go from 35% of all the way down to 21% on january 1st. we also just learned the
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corporate alternative minimum tax, disappears if this becomes law. and the obamacare fine for people who do not want to pay for health insurance, the individual mandate, goes away as well. >> the bill is put together. it's not a done deal until all the votes are in. >> that bill might not be quite as simple as advertised. >> simplifying the tax code you can file your taxes on it for them the size a postcard. >> because there are seven tax brackets for single filers and seven practice packets for people married a joint return, the top rate for both reduced from 39.6% to 37%, beginning at $500,000 and up for single filers, $600,000 and up for joint filers. >> this delivers middle class tax relief. for many families in america, working blue-collar families
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will see a tax reduction between $1,200.2000. >> zero democrat showed up to put their signature on the report that negotiators from the senate and house collaborated on in conference and they are still trying to whip public support against it. >> god bless wealthy people, i'm glad we have them. but they do not need a tax break! >> democrats did not leave the conference empty-handed where they stop republicans from repealing the johnson amendment, which prevents churches from engaging in political activity. democratic senator ron white gleefully stated, i will continue attempts to illuminate the provision that keeps the sink that the -- prevents the flow of dark money in politics, keeps taxpayer money from advancing special interest fittings. but republican james lankford laments it, "the federal government and the irs should never have the ability through our tax code to limit free speech. this tax reform bill was an appropriate place to address this historic tax problem." the chances of this tax bill
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passing next week are improving. senator marco rubio is on board because the refundable part of the child tax credit has jumped from 55% to 70% for low income families, republican bob corker also announced he's a "yes" with a phone call to the president for the tennessee senator says, "i believe this one in a generation opportunity to make u.s. businesses domestically more productive and internationally more competitive is one we should not miss." senator thad cochran who had an outpatient procedure to remove and nonmelanoma is expect it to be here next week. and lawmakers think senator john mccain, hospitalized work obligations from brain cancer treatment, will be here too. >> i'm told he'll be here next week and voting. more importantly, and you know, we all wish of the best of health. >> two holds out tonight. senator jeff flake and susan collins still have not committed to support this bill or they have been saying they want to see the final text which was
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just released a few minutes ago. normally when a group or organization drops something well after the close of business on a friday, it is to bury it, but republicans insist, they think this is their big opportunity for a big legislative victory by the end of the year. bret? >> bret: doing the math, even if they both vote against it, they would still have the votes to put it over the edge. >> that's right. >> bret: peter, thank you. president trump today traveled to the fbi training facility for an interesting visit at the graduation for a law enforcement training course. ironic, perhaps, in light of the president's ongoing criticism of the bureau. the trip comes amid new scrutiny of communications between fbi personnel calling their objectivity into question. we have fox team coverage tonight, catherine herridge at the bureau with the latest those texts we been telling you about. we begin with correspondent kevin corke and the president's message to the fbi.
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>> lesson, what a difference have the 5 minutes can make in your life, right? it was in that span that we saw the president once again criticized the senior leadership of the fbi for being unfair and biased in the russia and clinton probes, and headed over to quantico to praise the rank and file for their service and sacrifice. >> the president of the united states has your bank 100 100%. i will fight for you. i will never, ever let you down ever. >> a clear, definitive declaration of support for the fbi and law enforcement today from president trump speaking to graduates at the bureau's academy of quantico, virginia. >> i have so many friends are police officers, so many people in the fbi. these are great, great people. these are really heroes for all of us. >> mr. trump's comments, his
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first at the training facility, since he slammed the agency for apparent bias in the clinton private email server investigation, as well as the ongoing russia probe. the latter of which spurred the president to release a barrage of tweets, including one less than two weeks ago in which he suggested the fbi's reputation was in tatters, wars in history. his attorney general wasn't willing to go that far. >> i don't share the view that the fbi's functioning, not functioning at a high level. all over the country. he spoke to them today, the first time our president in 47 years have spoken to the fbi at quantico. they are graduating, the police academy class. >> speaking at a summit on combating violent crime today, sessions back the president's overall message, trying to keep things positive. >> there's absolutely no collusion! that's been proven! when you look at the committee is, whether it's the senate or the house, everybody, my worst
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enemies, they walk out, they say, there is no collusion, but we'll continue to look! >> just over an hour before speaking at quantico, the president lashed out again at the russia probe, which has led to two unrelated convictions, including that of his former national security advisor mike flynn. >> you consider a pardon for michael flynn? >> i do not want to talk about pardons for michael flynn yet. we'll see what happens but let's see. i can say this. when you look at what's going on for the fbi and with the justice department, people are very, very angry. >> anger, thanks in part, for their latest revelation that several agents involved in the rush investigation. commit to some, to have a bias against the president. based on numerous text messages, many of which were strongly critical of then candidate trump. a standing room only crowd today over in quantico. by the way, bret, mostly law-enforcement officer, family members. but i should point out that most of the folks in the audience were not actually fbi agents. still, the president received a
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very long welcome and robust applause breaking up his speech on several occasions, which is a little counterintuitive when you consider all the negative build up before he went over there, bret. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. secretary of -- that runs counter to before yesterday in "the washington post" ." spoke with our own national security correspondent jennifer griffin today. >> did you find yourself having to not raise issues when russia is belligerent to the u.s. and do you, because they are continues to be this debate whether russia interfered in the election, did russia interfere in the u.s. election? >> no. i have no reservation, that the president has never had any pushback when i bring up russia and national security contexts. obviously this has come up, whether it be in syria or nato
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and all the other places you've heard me speaking about the intel. i have not seen this shyness, including over at the white house. >> with regards to the russian interference, did russia interfere in the election? >> yes, i believe they did. >> bret: on other subjects, secretary mattis says moving the usmc to jerusalem does not put citizens in greater danger in the middle east, and he says north korea's icbms cannot yet threaten the u.s. homeland. now to the latest on those controversial text messages we've been telling you about that have given critics of the special counsel investigation a lot to complain about. a lot to question for cheap intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here tonight with the latest. good evening, catherine. >> as for the -- attorney general jeff sessions said the justice department will act if allegations of bias are proven.
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>> we are going to take seriously the concerns that have been expressed. we will never fail to monitor our people and we are going to insist on the high standards of behavior. everybody has to be accountable and responsible. you can have arrogant ccp into sometimes in the institution. and that is not acceptable. >> the powerful chairman of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley wants more questions about the anti-trump text, exchange between peter strzok and fbi lawyer lisa page, including their deputy director anja mccain who is now set to testify on capitol hill tuesday on closed doors. these interviews show medicaid and -- the russia probe before the special counsel took over. senator grassley said on this august 2016 text goes beyond personal, political view and appears to cross the line, taking some official action to create an insurance policy against a trump presidency.
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the office refers to -- refers to hillary clinton and indicates that strzok discussed on a different phone to avoid being traced. the timing may be significant because the text was sent three days before, i'll -- a week before clinton's longtime aide sheryl mills was question. james comey is under scrutiny leaking memos with conversation after he was fired in may. during this week's conversation, the attorney general who was comey's boss at the time, said the memos were government property. and not comey to make public. >> it comes out, he makes a memo memorializing the meeting. is that memo the o.j. property? >> generally, congressmen, i think it would be.
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it depends on what the subject matter is prebut generally, the answer would be yes. >> fox news as previously reported that the justice department and the fbi are reviewing more than 10,000 text messages. most were without from congress and the media because they are of a personal nature and said to be unrelated to the email or russia probe's, bret. >> bret: catherine, thank you. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager, has been released from house arrest on a $10 million bond. federal judge ruled manafort can relocate from his home in virginia to another in florida, but will still be monitored by gps tracking and have an 11:00 p.m. curfew. manafort pleaded not guilty to charges including money laundering, tax evasion, and failing to register as a foreign lobbyist. stocks today closed at an all-time record high again. the dow surged 143 afterward that the tax deal was looking like it was going through. the s&p 500 gained 24.
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the nasdaq jumped 80. for the week, the dow gained one and a third percentage points, the s&p 500 was about up at one point. the nasdaq finished i had almost 1.5. a federal judge in philadelphia is blocking the trump demonstration from enforcing new rules that would make it easier for employers to opt out of the obamacare requirement to provide birth control to employees. critics say the law would dramatically reduce women's access to free birth control. supporters say it allows companies to abide by religious beliefs. the man accused of driving into a crowd of counter protesters in charlottesville, virginia, last summer is now charged with first-degree murder. james alex fields appeared in court for a hearing yesterday. prosecutors allege fields rammed his vehicle into a crowd that was protesting a white nationalist rally. one woman was killed, several people injured there. now to an amazing story tonight. about how three young computer experts could do so much damage.
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and even more remarkable, in answer to the question, why did they do it quickly hears chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> in september 2016, the french telecom provider ovi h suffered a devastating denial of service attack really hackers employed a botnet, taking remote control devices on the internet of things like webcams, dvr systems, routers, using them to multiply an army of malware spreading zombies. >> this distributed denial of service attack, that's going to require voluntary cooperation among all the different owners and operators in different privately held companies. >> a similar attack the following month struck the american tech for the dyne, knocking twitter and facebook off-line and triggering fears of global cyber war. the question is, was it a work of another country? >> whether it's cyber espionage, not to me. >> i don't have information of who is responsible for. don't make that malicious activity. >> according to filings in
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federal court in alaska, new jersey this week, the culprits behind the botnet technique, though not the dyn attack, three college men who have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in a variety of online schemes. >> in the market places within the video game "minecraft"... figure rather than advancing hostile military interest, the hackers were targeting the server host that provide protection against botnet attacks for the estimated 55 million monthly players of the video game "minecraft," hoping than to provide such protection themselves and make millions in the process. >> they actually enslaved 6,000 devices around the world. it's important to understand as a move forward into an age where so many different kinds of devices are connected to the internet, those kinds of vulnerabilities are multiplied hundreds and thousands of times because you are really opening up so many points of vulnerability. >> an executive order signed by
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president trump in may passed to the secretary of homeland security and commerce was developing a plan to reduce the threat from botnet attacks. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. secretary of state rex tillerson has reversed himself on his offer of unconditional talks with north korea. today, america's top government told world powers north korea must earn the right to negotiate with the u.s. tillerson also called out russia and china during comments before the united nations security council. >> of the united states will not allow the regime in pyongyang to hold the world hostage. we will continue to hold north korea accountable for its reckless and threatening behavior today and in the future. we particularly call on russia and china to increase pressure, including going beyond full implementation of the u.n. security council resolutions. >> bret: secretary tillerson says although we do not want war, it will use all -- defend
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against mercury and aggression. we take you into a rain forest for jungle warfare training for first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering around the night tonight. fox 29 in philadelphia as a grand jury report in a wake of a pledges drinking death says penn state university officials displayed a shocking apathy to dangers from excessive drinking. and it's an action along criminal acts to a curb in the report recommends a series of changes that the school should undertake following the death of a 19-year-old student in february. fox 11 in los angeles where the huge wildfire burning for nearly two weeks northwest of los angeles claims the life of a firefighter from san diego. officials are not saying how 32-year-old iverson was killed. authorities say the blaze has scorched more than 394 square miles. and this is alive look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight and all over the country, the premier of the new "star wars" movie. the lines will be long in many places for the weekend showings
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of "the last jedi." disney says thursday night preview screenings brought in $45 million. that's tonight's alive look outside the beltway for "special report." we will be right back. uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new ultimate surf & turf event. and that means five mouthwatering pairings to choose from. like our new feast with lobster-wrapped scallops and a juicy steak. or a new lobster and seafood-topped filet. tempted? better hurry in, it ends soon.
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>> bret: another first first base space asked for in company has launched a recycled rocket with a recycled capsule on a supply run to the international space center. the rocket blasted off today. the final stage booster is being reused after a six months turnaround. the supply shift is hauling 500 pounds of goods, including 40 mice for same test and 30 barley seeds for budweiser.
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many american military personnel are receiving training on how to fight what could be the next war. it's far from the deserts of the middle east and requires a very different kind of preparation and mind-set. tonight, chief correspondent jonathan hunt suits up for some jungle warfare training. >> as dawn broke, we boarded a black hawk helicopter for a spectacular journey across the roof of the rain forests from being dropped in. joining soldiers here in hawaii, many of the veterans of the campaigns in iraq and afghanistan learning to fight a very different kind of war. >> the goal is to be able to teach the skills that students can survive, fight in jungle environments. >> no one in the 25th infantry divisions academy, as the jungle training school is called, will talk about policy. they won't name the threat, but they all know what might be coming. and as every vietnam vet, not an
3:23 pm
easy enemy to cover, conquer. the only way to do it is on foot. the loud rumble of armored humvees is the most familiar sound from desert and urban wars in the u.s. have been fighting. here, it is the sound of a soldier is moving in almost total silence, save for the soft thought of their boots on the ground. >> it so restrictive. everything is so tight. >> after two tours in iraq and two in afghanistan, the jungle is a whole new challenge for first sergeant george magali. >> in iraq and afghanistan, i can move 5-6 kilometers in an hour while i'm dismounted. here, i am moving 500 meters. >> a new experience too for staff sergeant apollo reese after three tours in afghanistan, one in iraq. >> it's a whole different monster, in simple terms, it's
3:24 pm
completely different from the upbringing over there. >> these soldiers spend three weeks living and fighting in the jungle. [gunfire] every minute designed to give them the real world experience of potential future wars. >> yes, sir. they send it, it's a multiplier. >> are you proud of the work you're doing here? >> it's all of the guys. it's all the instructors. they make it better and better every day. >> they also make the u.s. army better prepared for what ever is next. >> that's our job, be ready to fight the next fight. >> if the next fight is jungle based, it will be tough, so the training is tough too. of 75 soldiers who began this course three weeks ago, just 33 made it through. bret? >> bret: jonathan hunt in hawaii. jonathan, thank you. up next, sending united nations peacekeepers to america? making the windy city a trump
3:25 pm
free zone. and the president asks what's going on in chicago quick to make first, beyond our borders tonight, more clashes in the middle east over the prison's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and move the u.s. embassy there eventually. two palestinians were killed in violence in the west bank and along the gaza border, dozens of others injured. one israeli officer was hurt. nato is expressing concern about a missile system that could carry a nuclear warhead. the weapon could violate a landmark cold war's armed treaty banning a certain class of land-based missiles. russia is rejecting the accusations. france is reacting cautiously to allegations from the u.s. yesterday that iran is supplying weapons to terrorists in yemen. the u.s. presented what it says is proof in the form of charred weapons remains and rockets. the french spokesperson says the french have not drawn any conclusions. these be that administration is
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entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> bret: president trump wants to know, "what the hell is going on in chicago." he asked that question at the fbi academy. he's talking about the seemingly unchecked gun violence in a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. there is plenty of politics and extreme rhetoric blowing around the windy city and the murder rate there? sky high. correspondent matt finn has the story from chicago. >> you look at what's going on in chicago... >> president trump speaking at the fbi academy graduation ceremony did not hold back when it comes to his anger over chicago's violent crime. >> what the hell is going on in chicago? what the hell is happening ther there? >> he went on to say a person is shot every three hours in chicago, which police data
3:30 pm
confirms. 628 people have been murdered in the windy city so far this year. last year, a total of 731 people killed, averaging two per day. cook county commissioner richard boykin is calling on the united nations for relief. >> i'm hoping to appeal to the u.n. to actually come to chicago and meet with victims of violence and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts. >> the president's latest attack on chicago did not specifically mention the city's mayor rahm emanuel weld. however, the president has feuded with emmanuelle over the mayor's defiant stand as a sanctuary city, and he has called him out about the city's crime, warning he would send in the fed. this year, the city has received more atf agents. but this week, emmanuel again thumbed his nose at the president. >> what i think he's doing is wrong for the direction of the city. it's not how i want the election to turn out. we've declared that chicago is going to be a trump free zone.
3:31 pm
>> the mayor is going to be more focused on running four year election than worrying about the over >> it's troubling we have a mayor in chicago who has demonstrated that black lives do not matter to rahm emanuel, black matter rahm >> the city of chicago is witnessing a drop in crime city wise, especially in its most dangerous neighborhood inglewoo inglewood. bret? >> bret: matt finn in chicago. thank you. in tonight's "what ever happened to" segment, gun control. yesterday was the five-year anniversary of the must occur at sandy hook -- students shot dead. two and a half months ago, the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history in
3:32 pm
las vegas, 58 data. this evening, correspondent doug mckelway with the reality check on the current gun control debate and what, if anything, may happen legislatively in the coming congressional election year. [gunfire] >> to anyone listening, the sounds from las vegas in octobey like a machine gun for its subsequent investigation of america's worst shooting, gunman stephen paddock fired 500 rounds, supercharged by an assessor he called a bum stock. widespread agreement that their availability was a mistake. >> that's what we want to prevent for someone to be able to fire 400-500, 800 rounds per minute. >> how many more dead bodies will it take to wake up this congress? >> you show me the law that would stop that. not only will i support it, i will be an advocate for that law. >> a handful of congressional republicans and the nra joined gun control advocates in a call
3:33 pm
directly the devices. the sale of bump stocks was put on hold, but more than two months later, nothing was changed. the committee that many factors of them was back in business a month after the las vegas massacre. on thursday, the fifth anniversary of the sandy hook massacre, a divided nation took a two different tracks. a group called sandy hook promised release this month newscast video urging more gun violence prevention. >> i'm here at the scene of tomorrow's shooting were a 15-year-old will kill four children, two adults, then turned the gun on himself. >> of republican celebrated one of their solutions to gun violence with the house passage of a concealed carry reciprocity bill. >> law-abiding americans should be able to exercise their right to self defend even when they cross out of their state's borders. >> some democrats lambasted it. >> it stunningly dangerous. it opens the floodgates to guns. >> to get democrat votes, house republicans combined the rest of profitability when other area
3:34 pm
that would penalize government agencies are not reporting violent offenders to the nic as, the national instant criminal background check system. that, stemming from the air force's failure, to report the text minutes -- a mistake that allowed kelly to buy the four guns he used in the church massacre. >> in the senate, separate reciprocity and next bills are awaiting action, but there is little sense of urgency. the reality is ever since the virginia tech massacre, once the shock wears off, so does the political will for action. bret? >> bret: doug mckelway in the white house briefing room. if you have a story you'd like us to update, if you are thinking, whatever happened to... whatever. drop me a line on social media and we'll check it out on twitter. use @bretbaier and the hashtag #whateverhappenedto. we get a look at the final tax reform bill in congress. reaction to the panel on a busy
3:35 pm
day. a busy friday when we come back.
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3:38 pm
>> i think it's going to do very, very well. i think we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as next week, which would be a monumental. >> i think it will get worked out one way or another, it's going to take good faith on both sides to be able to do it. >> the tax reform bill is a disaster. it helps the wealthiest and most powerful corporations and individuals, it hurts the middle class. >> may be the most important element people aren't yet thinking about is this april 15th when you file your taxes, that is the last time you will file under this monstrous, broken tax code. >> bret: well, it's in. it's done. they finished the negotiating and it is locked in stone. right now, the bill has been filed, the tax reform bill in the house expecting a vote early
3:39 pm
next week and here are the details. we put them up before grade seven tax brackets, top rate individually at 37%, taken down from 39.6. doubles, standard deduction for single filers and married couples. we talked about the 21%, that begins january 1st, 2018. you have a continual right off her state and local taxes up to a certain amount, expands the child tax credit, that was a sticking point. eliminates the corporate amt, continues the charitable deduction, provides immediate relief from the death tax, the estate tax, by doubling the current mount for the exception. limiting the tax. today we heard from senator marco rubio and senator bob corker who are saying that they were nos and they are now yes plural they are now yeses.
3:40 pm
charles hurt, opinion editor for the washington times. long time coming, steve, this is finally in the stone. it seems like the momentum is unstoppable right now. >> it seems like that. of course, we thought that before. the obstacles have prevented themselves. nobody is happier than this then charles hurt who saw the top rate from 39.6% to 30 -- i know you want to bring it down even further. overall for republicans, this is important for a couple of reasons. one, it will likely have some type of economic benefits for this is what republicans argued all along, they argue what the benefits will be and how assimilative it will be in the short-term, but there will be some stimulus. two, it gives republicans to voters. i think the inclusion of the expanding child tax credit that marco rubio rightfully fought for really all along made a hard
3:41 pm
push for it starting at the beginning and with senator mcconnell, mark rubio made the case to say he would be a no maker turned out to be a threat that he intended to carry out. and won the argument, won the battle. i think that will be helpful for republicans as they make a case that this is something for families and the middle class. >> bret: that debate played out today. >> in terms of the child tax credit, i think you'll see some improvements there for folks in the lower end of the economic ladder. i think it will be very popular bill and among our republican call >> the republicans have >> we are putting in a tremendous child tax credit. and it is increasing on a daily basis. >> bret: so it goes to 2000 and now up to 70% for the lower income. >> again, -- look, there's some stuff in here that's good. certainly stuff in here that's
3:42 pm
good for, you know, my husband, certain people in certain tax brackets but i don't think it addresses all the concerns that the middle-class, especially the blue-collar working class, puts over into that white house with their vote. what do they want? they want jobs, they want to see money in their fists, they aren't getting the check that's cut for $200, when you look at the deductions, they are for the rich. what kind of peoples are itemizing their deductions? lower middle-class americans in this country are doing that. i don't think it's going to help them in the midterm collections. in addition to that, polls show it's not favorable to the american public. at the end of the day, this is, look, we finally did something for republicans, but how much is a politics, can they really pay for this, versus in the best interest of their constituents? >> on the public polling, it's pretty complex to tell an elevator story. if the fact you get to 2018 and that six and in february or
3:43 pm
march, the economy is rising further than even it is now, one would think that would have benefits across the board. >> the reason it's so complex to explain in simple terms in the first place is because the stupid tax code is so freaking impossible to understand in the first place and very wealthy people have to hire people to come and test it all out. >> i love your passion on this. >> it's unbelievable. but i do think -- i think you're exactly right. if, at the end of the day, it does help the economy in those people do get some of those jobs and all you have a hard democrat sitting on the sidelines and talking about class warfare, even though they still make the economic improvement situation has improved, and talking about russia, russia, russia, i think it has a tremendous impact. >> bret: to that point. a little montage of the president interacting with the press on the south lawn this morning. >> it's a shame what happened with the fbi. but we are going to rebuild the
3:44 pm
fbi. it will be bigger and better than ever. there is absolutely no collusion. that has been proven. my worst enemies. they walk out, they say there is no collusion, but we will continue to look. it was great. he said very nice things what i've done for this country in terms of the economy. i don't want to talk about pardons yet. we will see what happens. let's see. >> bret: and a lot of coverage today about not a part in yet for michael flynn, no collusion, absolutely no collusion, what he said before, following up on the fbi, he want to deliver a speech to the fbi which he praised heartily. >> the remarks he made to the agents and the people who work hard every day to carry out the mission of the fbi couldn't have been more couple mentoring and positive. and so he left all of his stinging rebukes for the upper echelon of the fbi on the
3:45 pm
white house lawn, which was probably smart to handle that. >> they weren't in the audience, right? not that they were going to come anyway. look, i think the whole email thing is stupid. i think it was stupid for the two people to be corresponding -- be when you mean, texting? >> text messages, the emails they had to one another. the reality is whether we work inside the beltway or outside the beltway, we have opinions, we have opinions and political leanings. there are a lot of people who know even republicans who do not favor this president or some other things that he said, but these individuals also bash democrats, eric holder, chelsea clinton, the list goes on. the problem i have with what we saw the montage and other things the president has done is do you believe in them or do you believe them now, right? because he's rebuking the fbi and he stands there in front a law enforcement and talks about what a great law enforcement team as we have in this nation as what we do and forgetting the fbi is part of the great big law enforcement team.
3:46 pm
the same thing with roy moore. i backed the guy. he denies it. i backed the guy, rather have a republican, you've got to concede. he flip-flops. >> bret: he already made the call to doug jones to congratulate him on his won. steve? >> the issue with the text messages is whether these private views, which i think virtually everyone agrees they are allowed to have, affected their judgments or their actions in carrying out the response abilities as public servants. i think there are texts that suggest they might have looking into. i do not think the president should have answered the question a pardon for michael flynn. it's not appropriate for the president of the united states to say he's considering a pardon for michael flynn. >> even as he's saying he's considering a pardon for michael flynn. he should've just passed on the question, because he'll be asked again. >> bret: next up, fight a lightning round.
3:47 pm
plus winners and losers. ♪shostakovich playing ♪
3:48 pm
from our family to yours... may all your wishes come true this holiday season.
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♪ >> you look at what's going on in chicago. what the hell is going on in chicago? what the hell is happening there? for the second week in a row, a person was shot in chicago every three hours. you don't think these people in this room can stop that? they'd stop that. >> you recently declared chicago schools a trump free zone. >> the city of chicago, yeah. >> the whole thing? our motto, city you will ever sleep. >> bret: chicago. the lighting round, murder of the crime there. chicago murders so far 628 in
3:51 pm
2017 compared to 2016. but the fact that the president used is accurate, every three hours. >> he's always going to hit back, he always does. it's a good point. chicago is a petri dish of policy, democratic policy and gun laws in particular. it's a disaster as in many other cities. >> bret: just like baltimore has a higher murder rate. >> number one, we were talking off the air, almost double. i'm from boston, that has extremely strong gun control policy. boston was not up there in the top 30 cities. i don't like that argument. i don't buy make it. what i do buy make is if we look at the detroits, the chicagos, the baltimores, they always left him in chicago, a city i lived in four years. it's not about just guns but there is guns, poverty, we
3:52 pm
cannot -- we have to admit that this is a problem with the african-american community that does damages to this community has in all of these cities, and chicago is a big part of that. >> bret: this is not the end of this topic. another topic, however, iran and its activity in yemen. the u.s. comments about that? >> these are the recovered pieces of a missile fired by hootie milliman houthi militants. the target was a civilian airport through which tens and thousands of washingtons tribal each day. the stomach just imagine if this missile had been launched at dulles airport or jfk. it's hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the middle used that does not have iran's fingerprints all over it. >> a strong speech by nikki haley.
3:53 pm
the response by the iranians, the foreign minister when i was based at the u.n., and what it they got, pointing back to preiraq war intelligence. >> it was an important speech for nikki haley and it's important for -- for the better part of eight years, the obama administration was ignoring the fact that iran was a leading sponsor of state terror in the world. jane clapper even wrote out iran, largely, their terror activities, the threat assessment he provided iran, it was a big stink in congress. we need to be calling iran at every stage, to provide people of the evidence what iran is up to with respect to terrorism globally, with respect to dribble making regionally, and more broadly what iran is up to with its nuclear program. >> bret: lightning winners and losers. steve, you start. >> my winner is sassy, roy morris morris, who ever again is going to have to survive the public spotlight. and some awful writing met by roy moore. i don't know anything about thi
3:54 pm
this. the loser is steve bannon, who learned a lesson not backing incredibly accused child predators. >> winners are the men and women in the state of alabama, we women can prevent alleged child molesters from becoming senators. and losers? speaking of, roy moore. not a senator, not even a judge for a take charge off your twitter account. he has to concede. >> loser of the week is fbi jim comey and bob mueller have done more to discredit the agency and the hard work so many people do more and more past week than ever before. the winner is the deep state because his testimony in charge of congress and the white house, the stonewalling and the inability to get questions answered proves that the deep state is here to stay. >> bret: we should say there are good people at the fbi.
3:55 pm
>> i meant to say say that. >> bret: when we come back, notable quotables. at
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
speak of this week's notable quotable's >> he has an accomplished one thing and that's getting a democrat elected in the state of alabama. >> though a young doug jones -- >> i've been around for a while. i may look young and pretty, but i'm really not. >> i see all the guys carrying the blooms are smiling. he's got the highest in the closest. >> i'll continue our efforts until the first bomb drops. >> this is new york, the reality is that we are a target.
3:59 pm
>> a lot of sadness for my neighbors. their home is there one day, and, next. >> if they were willing to investigate senator franken, i think it's only fair they do the same for trump. >> it was a sexist mirror. >> this is breaking news. >> neither of the texts -- >> they are looking for the truth. >> on my best day, i couldn't vote for this or explain it or salad. >> our vote every now and then is chicken. >> cowboy boots keep their feet clean from house manure. >> is a profound story that i know the world will want to hea hear. >> ed was so successful. >> thanks everybody. that is it for this special
4:00 pm
report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. have a great weekend. we'll see you on monday. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum and new york starts right now. >> martha: breaking tonight, that heat continues on the fbi as the mueller investigation and there are indications that make it worse next week. the president blasted the bureau this morning with this. >> we're going to rebuild the fbi, and it's very sad when you look at those documents, how they've done that is really, really disgraceful and you have a lot of very angry people. >> martha: then at this morning's fbi graduation he attended, he spoke with the new agents to thank them and encourage them to be part of the rebuilding process. watch. >> you represent the best of america and you leave us with a


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