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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 19, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> i have gotten to know you over the last couple months, and a lot of secularism sarcasm. very good. "happening now" starts now. >> jon: a fox news alert, investigation into the deadly train derailment in washington state. the amtrak train was done the first run in a more direct route at 80 miles an hour, almost triple the 30-mile-an-hour speed limit. when it careened off the overpass, spilling cars into a busy interstate and killing at least three people. the ntsb, while the data recorder provided information about the speed, it is not yet known why it was going so fast. turning out to what could be the president biggest legislative accomplishment with the house such a vote on tax reform, just hours from now.
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good morning to you, i am jon scott. >> melissa: good morning to you, i am melissa francis. we are live on capitol hill and at the white house, where the g.o.p. and president trump seem very hopeful that the most far-reaching overhaul of the tax code and decades will in fact pass. the sweeping $1.5 trillion tax bill slashes incorporated's includes lots of other cuts, but it is not expected to win any democratic both. meanwhile, there is new closed door action with debbie fbi director christopher a, and john roberts is alive with the story. >> use whatever metaphor you have with the touch down little bit away, the finish line inside, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a train come up with the white house thinks they get tax reform up to me. they do believe when oser's tell
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me, they have the votes to do it. obviously arizona center john mccain is not available, so the margin it's slim, but they have jeff flake on board. flake had concerns about wanting to do more for a daca fix but other fixes, dreamers that were brought into the country illegally by their parents. marc short and john kelly went up to see it senator flake on the hill. here's what senator flake had to say after that meeting. listen. >> we are still looking at the bill, reading the bill. still working on some other issues. just came from a meeting on ntsb. we are trying get that moving with the bill. obviously, it will not be voted on here, but january is going to be busy. >> sources tell me, the white house believes flake is looking good, and have commitment from yes votes for
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the other senators on the fence put the timetable, so you can put it together. they'll be a vote this afternoon, handed to the senate. ten hours of debate, but could be cut back. if the senate votes this evening and favor of the bill, dose 48 hours to enroll, and then sent to the president. then it goes to white house review, which could take a few days. it is likely the bill will not be ready for the president to sign until next week. the bill sit down tomorrow in mar logout for signing. not something he would want to do by remote control being the auto pen, but most likely, the president will schedule a big signing ceremony with a lot of people around him early in january, when everybody returns from the christmas break. something going on on capitol hill today, andrew mccabe become the deputy director of the fbi, is expected to get get a grilling in a clod session for the house intelligence committee with the russian investigation front and center.
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accusation of bias swung around the fbi with the mueller investigation after emails between a former intelligence investigator and fbi, and one of the chief investigators and at least a page, trump went public. the fact that mccabe and his wife ran as a democrat, $700,000 received from a local action committee. and then there's the acquisitions from trump transition officials that robert mueller, special counsel, and the gsa work together and properly to give to the special counsel investigation tens of thousands of emails from the presidential transition. an attorney for the transition said, they acted unlawfully and doing all of that. there's a lot rolling around out there. the session with mccabe it's closed, but we are sure to hear something about it later on today after the senator's -- house members get out. the president weighing in on "washington post" report that he was thinking of pulling back the
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nomination of neil gorsuch after it broke that the nominee had said in an interview with connecticut senator blumenthal, disparaging things about federal judges was quoted demoralizing. the president said, destroying "the washington post" that i was close to receiving the nomination is "fake news." i never even wavered, and i'm proud of what he is doing as a justice. the unnamed sources do not exist. i am told, the president was frustrated when he heard the news about what neil gorsuch said with richard blumenthal, but it was later explained to him by the staff, and he was okay with it. he later saw a letter that gorsuch wrote to him, albeit eight days later it arrived, but in no time, i am told, the president ever stated that we should pull back the nomination. >> melissa: a lot going on there.
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thank you a lot, john. >> typical day. >> jon: a fox news alert on the deadly amtrak derailment. investigators say the train was traveling more than twice the speed limit when it hit the curve and careened off an overpass, spilling cars on the interstate below. three people are dead. >> all of a sudden, it was crashing, and there it was down. the train went like this. this body lying there. hardly had any close on, it had been ripped off of him. he was obviously dead. >> melissa: wow. >> jon: live near the scene and dupont, washington. delays on the investigation. claudia? >> investigation national transportation safety board say they are talking to witnesses and analyzing speed tracking data wide 12 passenger cars and a locomotive jumped the track.
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some of those train cars landed on the busy freeway below. you can see, there is to a lot of activity here unseen, and while it will take many months to determine an official cause, no question, does amtrak train was going too fast on its inaugural run between in seattle and portland. train 501 was going 80 miles an hour and a-mile-per-hour zone. 50 over the speed limit when it careened off the overpass. now we are hearing about those first anguished moments from the conductor himself as he radioed for help. >> amtrak 51, emergency, emergency. we are on the ground. we are on the bridge over i5. on the freeway. we need ems, a separate date are already starting to show up. speak out that conductor and for other
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>> that conductor and for other witnesses. >> today and tomorrow, it will be attempting to interview them we hope that we will get more information about exactly what happened. speak out three of the 85 people on the train were killed. the identities has not been named. 72 others injured on the train or on the freeway below were treated at nearby hospitals. survivors are giving a lot of credit to first responders, who are on-site within minutes cap, as well as bystanders including some with medical training who rushton. heavy rain to lift train cars and other wreckage out of the way on the busy state of interstate 5. detours have been causing long delays for more than 24 hours. jon, officials are hoping to be open the freeway as soon as possible. hopefully later today. back to you. >> jon: claudia cowan, reporting live from dupont, washington. what a sad story.
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thank you. >> melissa: house republicans hoping to pass tax reform this afternoon. it is on to the senate, with the vote could be much closer. can it reach the president's desk by christmas? meanwhile, fears wildflower wir commit 50% contained as firefighters do all they can to protect homes. >> unfortunately when you have winds that severe, and we also yesterday, you physically cannot save every home
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>> jon: right now, california firefighters getting extra help battling one of the largest wildfires in state history. crews and taking advantage of a lighter wind for a second day as a massive thomas buyer is now about 60% contained. the fire burning in ventura and santa barbara county more than a few thousand homes other structures. >> we have lived here for many, many years.
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we expect it. it is said for the people who lose their homes and the firefighter that lost his life. >> and the businesses too are suffering. >> jon: officials think the thomas fire will keep spreading, the largest in state history before full containment. as expected by january 7th. >> this major tax reform legislation will provide much-needed relief to middle, middle class families and small businesses. and will send americana trajectory for more opportunity and greater prosperity. >> now is the time to vote. >> melissa: the house is set to vote on the house bill, and then it goes to the senate for a boat that mitch mcconnell, as you said, will happen tonight. republicans believe it will pass even with some votes still up in the air and with senator mccain absent. here is house ways and means committee, kevin brady. highlighting what he thinks that's plan will deliver.
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>> our representatives have been fighting for tax reform since we all got here. we thought america would keep falling farther and farther behind. we are now going to catch up when things are over. we are excited about a new economy, a simpler tax code, and bigger paychecks. >> melissa: joining me now, national correspondent for "the washington post," thank you for joining us. >> ryan went on later to say that medium families will drop by $2,000, the paycheck distributed over the year, and of the two grand in their bank account. that will be lower withholdings starting in february. what is not to love? >> melissa, this is a huge political victory for republicans. polls show the bill is not popular. they have lost the messaging war war. it is remarkable with no democratic votes in the house or the senate, but it will pass. now is when the sales job begins paired i've been talking to republicans all morning and they think they have a good product
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to sell. people have low expectations for what is in it, and wants they see their taxes go down this year, which most americans well, they will be happy with it. they will see republicans say, economic growth, companies bringing jobs back to the united states. this is a big win. is debiting for republicans that they cannot get this done, and they are getting it across the finish line. >> melissa: it is not cannot sell it, it is about americans opening up the paycheck and it is bigger. that is all people care about at home. it is not what somebody is seen on television. they say, "oh, i have more money." >> that's an important point. we have been what is going to happen -- will it lead to economic boom or not? what matters is what people fee feel. do they and their friends and family have jobs? houser investment portfolio doing? that is ultimately going to be what decides how successful this
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is are not politically for republicans. it is not the deficit, some of that other stuff. we will see what impact it has. i would say, the stock market has been doing well in part the market expect this will happen and go into effect. now, it will go through. >> melissa: the dow has gone up 5,000 points for the first time in one year and it anticipation of this. also, because we have seen the rollback and regulation. that's another thing that's priced into the market. people who are in the market, but half of america, whether through pension, 401(k), whatever they are doing. myself and my neighbors, people in the states we do not get to deduct your state and local income tax, you might see home values drop by the property market slow down a lot. new york, california, new jersey, connecticut. do you think that will matter? will the bad feeling from those areas outweigh the good? >> the compromise that they made in the conference committee when
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they were trying to bring the house phone to send a bill together was to lower the top income tax rate for the top bracket in part to help some of those affluent home owners in places like new york, california, and connecticut. it is an open question. i think there could be some backlash. this is the biggest overhaul of our tax code and more than three decades. since ronald reagan reformed the tax code in 1986. enjoy dealing with the taxes and come it will be unintended consequences. things will happen if the bill. it will be some new loopholes that people do not foresee right now, and that -- sometimes it is when the rubber hits the road, and certainly some people are not going to love the bill and for some people, it will be a little bit more confusing, because they'll have to fill out the taxes in a different weight than they have in past years. the majority of americans are going to pay less tax next year then this year. >> melissa: i wonder if he'll consequence? look at states that are really taxing their citizens, or cities
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even like new york city. a lot of big cities, chicago, san francisco, where taxes are very high, because there is a lot of spending. that is the bottom line. while they see businesses and people leave, and while they have to change their ways as a result? if you are an economist and you believe in the free market and pressure, this should be the punishment to make them change their ways. what do you think? >> we will see. a lot of it conservative comments are divided. they have been debating. the problem is, when you're making a bill, it is like making sausage. the last couple months, we have seen of the lot of the sausage making process, and when you pass a big piece of legislation, you do not necessarily do what the economic optimal thing is to do. do i can get the votes and pass. i think if you talk to paul ryan he would let like to do this a little bit differently to make it even better, but this is the best possible bill that they can get to the house the house. >> melissa: thank you.
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>> jon: british police bust a terror plot. four-minute rested this morning, what had they expected for christmas day. the u.s. blames north korea for the massive cyber attack back in may. what it means for tensions with the kim-regime. >> north korea have acted especially badly for the past decade. many more reported on that. it's malicious behavior has become more egregious and it starts with this step of accountability
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>> melissa: right now, the u.s. publicly blaming north korea for the massive cyber attack back in may that crippled hospitals, bank, and other companies around the world. the wannacry cyber attack
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targeted computers running windows, locking up databases, documents, and other files, and demanding a ransom for the relief. homeland security advisor says kim jong un's government was directly responsible for it. they will be held accountable. >> it's often to figure out who was operating the keyboard on whose behalf. as the biggest challenge. people operating keyboards all over the world on a north korean actor. they have accused the north of launching other cyber attacks including the hacking of sony pictures entertainment three years ago. >> jon: back to one of our top stories. the deadly train derailment in washington state with speed almost certainly a factor. >> the investigator in charge is obtained a download of the event data recorder on the rear locomotive.
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preliminary indications are that the train was traveling at 80 miles per hour and a 30-mile-per-hour track. the train was a 12 car train, and he had a locomotive both in the front and the back. amtrak estimates that 80 passengers were on the train with three crew into service personnel in the cafe cart. >> jon: joining us now, railroad investigator. we are talking to you 24 hours ago when all we had some of the horrible pictures of those train cars still down on the i five from that overpass. what do we know now? yes, speed was a factor, but is there more to it? >> obviously it looks like the engineer may have come upon some of situational awareness, where he lost track of where he was
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at, because that curve, obviously, 30-mile-an-hour curve is at a very crucial point, and you're coming out a 70-mile-an-hour track. whether it was a judgment factor whether he lost track of where he was. either way, it is a real tragedy. and again, a tragedy that could've been prevented with the proper equipment. in >> jon: i was reading this morning, do our speed limit signs that essentially start to miles in advance of that curve, telling the engineer to slow down appeared for those of us that do not drive trains, is it possible to blink and miss things like that? >> certainly, it is. one of the instances that's when we are coming from a 79-mile-an-hour track to a 30-mile-an-hour curve. why would we only have one speed board, and why would we go from 79-30. i know this happens out there. we are prepared for it. is it coming into a small town from a 70-mile-an-hour speed limit and immediately dropping 25.
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they do not do that. they graduate down with different speed limits. that is possibly a suggestion that could have made this a little less likely to happen, but again, if you lost track of where he was, or he misjudged, or you are unfamiliar with the territory, any of those things could have happened, and once again, some positive train control for space and the like saved in the coming we would not be having this conversation. >> jon: this was the first time that amtrak was using that particular stretch of track at least for passenger. with the crew have taken that trip before rehearsal? >> most certainly. they make qualifying runs over these tracks, and i'm not sure what the exact requirements were for this particular group of engineers for this particular track it, but generally, they have a least a couple of trial runs or test runs, which they are graded on and evaluated, and then if they are successful, they move move on to operatingy
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themselves. >> jon: let's hear more from the national transportation safety board lead investigator on this case about what they train and engineer were doing. >> the question is, why was the train traveling at 80 miles per hour in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. the answer is, it is too early to tell. we were glad that we are able to get the data from the event data recorder from the rear locomotive. the front locomotive as you can imagine is a bit more difficult to access, and as you pursue that, we'll give you more information about the speed, exact speed of the train and the speed of the track. >> jon: i am reminded of a terrible amtrak event in philadelphia, where so many people were killed, and eventually it was ruled that the locomotive operator, the engineer lost track of where he was and at least in the early
8:28 am
goings, there was no criminal or other culpability. >> there -- very well could be situational awareness. there's other distractions, he had been hit with rocks or something, but nonetheless, this is a problem. you have one person up there and in most instances, and they have a ton of responsibility. it just takes the slightest oversight and you're in this jackpot. that is why for 25, 30 years, national transportation safety board has been begging the railroad industry to implement positive train control. every time it gets close, our congress pushes it back. it pushes it back. he keeps doing that. realistically, thousands of lives we've lost because you do not have the positive train control. they have money for inward facing cameras, outward facing cameras, satellite monitoring of
8:29 am
the trains. all these other things, and we cannot get this positive train control implemented? although it wasn't place on the track, apparently the locomotive was not equipped for positive train control in this instance according to the president of amtrak. >> jon: ultimately, it is up to congress to provide the money, right? >> it really is. there is no excuse. i hope these guys take a look at this and realize, this was partially their fault if not mostly their fault. you cannot keep giving people extensions. like i said, 25 years ago right near the same spot, five railroad employees lost her life in a head-on collision. at that time, both railroads involved promised the families of these people that will implement positive train control, and here 25 years late later. >> jon: john, thank you very much. we are also getting information about one of the victims from the tacoma transit i.t., it's
8:30 am
heartbreaking to hear, it says, that real aficionado zach wilhoit did not survive the crash. he helped the i.t. committee, and behind the scenes, he was a writer and advocate for better transit for all. he will be missed. one of the victims that derailment. melissa. >> melissa: top republicans on capitol hill turning focus to the deputy director andrew mccabe is a look at possible and to bias within the bureau. what lawmakers are set to question behind closed doors today. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. >> if you see any suspicious behavior or items report that two police officers or members of security to be dealt with. >> melissa: british officials warning residents to remain vigilant after they arrested foreman this morning on suspicion of planning what could have been a christmas terror attack. meanwhile, german chancellor angela merkel attending a ceremony today marking one year after 12 people were killed in a truck attack on a christmas market. can you logan is a live in london. i can't believe it has been a year. >> it i just right. four suspects were arrested in the north of england. three in the city of sheffield in one chesterfield.
8:35 am
an army bomb disposal unit was at the home of one of the suspects. police were concerned they could be explosive the fight at that property. residents are evacuating as a precaution. they are seen, they are part of an ongoing investigation were no details about the target, but ices has threatened to attack christmas events. we are already seen extra security christmas markets in the u.k. such as here in birmingham. one of the largest markets in the country. there are barriers in place, and extra police on duty. police are seen, this is to reassure the public it does come as you say, one year after that truck attack at the berlin christmas market. today, there was a memorial event in berlin, where lester's attack took place. german chancellor was at the ceremony, delayed flowered, and candles besides a new memorial. some remember and they criticize
8:36 am
german authority from preventing the attack or offer enough assistance to the victims, and the government admitted to mistakes and has promised to do more to help those affected families. 12 people lost their lives and 70 were wounded when the truck drove into that busy market, in many of the injured are still recovering. in britain, date is a number of attacks this year, five in all, but is the second highest level and police have of course try to disrupt a number of plots. it look like they may have disrupted one more today. back to you. >> melissa: wow, 5 disappeared >> jon: right now, the number two official at the fbi, enter mccabe is testifying in front of the house intelligence committee with members, hoping to question the fbi director about allegations of political bias within the bureau. this comes as the fbi is under scrutiny over anti-trump text messages sent by an fbi lead
8:37 am
investigator on the clinton email probe. agent peter strzok, and melissa page. trey gowdy reacting to messages earlier on fox news. >> this was a level of bias that you rarely see frankly. when strzok said the vote should be 100 million to zero. he can't think of a single one of his citizens i would vote for donald trump, and you add that in lesa page, maybe you stick around, maybe an disposition to save the country and his response was, i can save the country in a lot of different ways. unprecedented bias is in the middle of the major investigation, thank god he is gone, but i want to know how the heck he got there in the first place. spiritless bring in our political panel. former chief of staff for mitch mcconnell. jim kessler, former legislative and policy director to senator chuck schumer, and
8:38 am
senior vice president for policy, cofounder of third wave. gentlemen, good day to both of you. jim, you just heard trey gowdy congressman tugboat unprecedented bias within the fbi against the man who now essentially heads the justice department on the president as head of the administration of rank. what you think about those remarks? >> the notion that the fbi and the cia for that matter is a hotbed for where liberals are hanging out like berkeley liberals is laughable. look, we know without doubt, the russians interfered with this election. we do not know if there was collusion between pruden and the trump campaign on those. that is what the fbi is finding out, but let me tell you. when you're guilty as sin, you complain about the process and you complain about bias. let the process go, let the fbi do their job.
8:39 am
>> jon: there has been no evidence of collusion, josh, at this point. >> that is right, that's why these allegations of political bias are such a height level. if you look at this investigation itself, year after the president has been elected, we had multiple investigation stretch on. months and months and months, and not a sin to and not a scintilla of evidence that there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. there are some lobbyists who had reporting requirement problems. we know that there was hangers on the campaign that ultimately had a problem with the fbi in their testimony before them. there is no evidence out there was anything nefarious with the trump campaign. i think the question is, why is this investigation going on over and over again throughout many, many months, without any evidence, and that is why this question of political bias is so real.
8:40 am
>> let's be clear, the hanger on, the former campaign chairman of the trump administration and the sun of donald trump, donald trump, jr., and a son in meetings as well. look, i know vladimir putin said that he didn't get involved in the presidential election, and donald trump believes him, but frankly, nobody else does. the cia believes that there was major interference. we do not know beyond a shadow of a doubt if there was collusion. there certainly is enough evidence, evidence that members of the trump campaign knew about leaks of emails before it happened. >> we know that is not true. what you just said, we know is not true, and that story has been recanted by cnn. you're confusing two different pieces. do we think that russia had attempted to influence our election, yes, we know that. to be think that the trump organization had anything to do with it? no, zero evidence to suggest
8:41 am
that, -- >> we do not have a clue. it josh, we do not have proof that it has happened, but there's plenty of evidence. the president himself called on russia to release more emails. we know the russians hacked into the dnc and into podesta emails. we do not know for sure that there was collusion, but we certainly know enough that there should be an investigation into this. >> jon: when the investigator at the fbi, who has been looking into hillary clinton email situation rights to an fbi lawyer, i want to believe the path with the office, that there is no way trump gets elected, but i'm afraid, we cannot take that risk, jim, that sounds like collusion within the fbi. >> there is always a bias within law enforcement. and they do not like the criminals and the cooks. one of the things you have, the fbi investigator, and a judiciary, then you have a
8:42 am
system that does so. the idea that the entire fbi is full of a bunch of liberals, i grew up in a very liberal household in a very liberal neighborhood. nobody said, please, be an fbi agent. that is not the way liberals think. i can assure you of that. >> i think that is fair. here's the question. we are not worried about the full process here. what we are worried about is an investigation that has gone far field from where it started. we have a year investigation into whether or not collusion exists between the trump campaign in the russian government. we have no evidence to suggest that. the fact that it is persistent without any evidence suggests that there is some kind of other agenda here. if there is some kind or another engine to hear, that is what we need to figure out, and you have the suggestion that those political bias, that is a big deal. >> jon: a robert mueller seems to have found that some of his own people are putting their thumb on the scale and had to
8:43 am
fire them or move them from the roles as a result. >> i'm sure there are plenty of people in the mueller team that voted republican. showing people on both sides, let's not get carried away. >> jon: jim kessler, josh holmes. thank you both. >> republicans looking for a victor on tax reform, but the house and the senate expected to vote on the bill today. what the president is predicting it will do for the u.s. economy. and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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you want to house republicans say that bill will pass the senate, giving president trump his first major legislative victory. the president is already predicting a big economic boost, tweeting, stocks and the economy has a long way to go after the tax cut bill, totally understood and appreciated in scope and
8:47 am
size. immediate expensing will have an impact. biggest tax cuts and reform ever passed. enjoy and create many beautiful jobs as opposed to ugly jobs. i'm joined now by congressman jim in a sea of ohio. i remember of the house and weighs community. thank you so much for joining us sir. this is a lot a hope come a lot expectation, ladder promises. we have seen a huge run-up in the stock market. the market has climbed more than 5,000 points in the year, which is the first time it has done that. more than half americans, according to gallup are in the stock market. we are looking at it a little bit down today. just taking a breather after the big run-up. will this create the boom that republicans have predicted? >> thank you for having me, and the answer is, yes. i think it will. i was a small businessman for almost 30 years. opportunities to reduce your taxes and invest more in your employees can invest more of your business, this is what would have drove me when i was in business to know that i have
8:48 am
the opportunity that every quarter, i had to make those tax payments, and now they will be less for corporations and also for individuals. when you think about it, a family of four making $70,000 will get an average of anywhere between 1,002,000 more in their paycheck each year, they will start seeing that in february. they will also build to spend more money. it's be to ryan said that earlier, the median family will pay 2,000 less dollars in taxes. they will immediately see less withholding in their paycheck and no get bigger. the other side, the business boom. you see corporate rates go down so dramatically, there are people out there making the argument that those corporations are going to hoard the cash. they already have so much cash on their balance sheet and they will do stock buybacks and dividends, and they are not ask you going to hire any new people. that will not lower prices and not invest, and not innovate. what you say those people? >> again, does the argument on the other side is making.
8:49 am
i don't believe it. we will see. we can do nothing and let growth and economy stay at 1%-1.5%, or we can cut corporate tax rates, and that's what's happening with the market. businesses are realizing, they will be able to invest more, stay here, have companies coming from overseas there were leaving because our tax rate was too high. again, let's see what happens. it is easy to judge and you cannot line up 100 economists and some say it will be great and some say it will be bad. in the end, we'll find out, and the stock market is or is shown as. >> melissa: logically if you look at it from a business perspective if you are operating a business and your taxes are cut, you hang onto the money, you do not lower your prices or raise her wages, the company next to will lower their prices or steal away for a higher price. in a free market, you cannot just pour cash and raise prices, can you? >> absolutely not. competition will drive people to either increase wages are lower
8:50 am
prices. it is absolutely the free market system. we will see a working, and does what is driving the economy right now. that is was pushing the market right now. >> melissa: we will see what happens. one side or the other, one party is in trouble. we will see who it is. it is right down party lines but they do, sir. have a great day. >> jon: president trump touting sears progress in the battle to defeat isis, but the threat from those terrorists is not over yet. where does the u.s. stand right now? whoooo. looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits.
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before coming up... does this me? president trump on the verge of his first big legislative win. the house to vote soon on the tax form bill. the senate now to vote on it
8:54 am
tonight. it could be a late one. what would the win be for the rest of the president's agenda in the midterm? 's before you sold it, my friend. it's before your turn. >> harris: more more democrats regret calling for al franken to rig design, and what that can mean for the apparent effort to take the moral high ground on sexual harassment. he did not effectively quit anytime soon. >> sandra: , all that and are #oneluckyguy. i just talked to him, he is ready to go. >> president trump touting the fight against isis and his national security at speech, they ousted from the stronghold in iraq and syria, but the threat is not over yet. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon where u.s. military spokesman is wrapping up a briefing. lucas. some people calling this the president biggest victory today. >> with good reason, they had over 30,000 air strikes against isis and defeated them in the
8:55 am
isis capital into raqqa. and u.s. military spokesman a short time ago, and the pentagon said, less than 3,000 isis fighters still remain. including the elusive leader al-baghdadi. in president trump's new security strategy, isis is mentioned 12 time, but the same mission as north korea. fewer than russia and china. "we crossed isis terrace in the battle field of syria and iraq, it will continue until they are destroyed. even after the territory defeat of isis and ike al qaeda, the threat from jihadist terrorist process. for the first time in three years, there was no u.s. lead air strikes against isis in iraq or syria. jim mattis isn't ready to declare mission accomplished yet." right now, isis is getting broken. there is still problems on the fight is not over, but don't
8:56 am
believe it when isis completely down or continue to fight, they are on the run. the pentagon said air sites except the mic stopped -- the u.s. theodore roosevelt had air strikes from the persian gulf. also find strikes in the afghan sent operations ramped up. isis is also moved to africa and in the past year, there has been double the amount of air strikes and somalia compared to a year ago. melissa? >> melissa: lucas tomlinson, thank you. >> jon: another top fbi official grilled on capitol hill. the house intelligent committee questioning andrew mccabe behind closed doors. amid scrutiny over the anti-trump tax. we'll have a lab report from capitol hill
8:57 am
these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors. with no food and no heat
8:58 am
call now and say that you will give a special hanukkah gift of $25 to a holocaust survivor. are we going to feed the hungry? the fellowship is faced with desperate pleas for food blankets and medicine.
8:59 am
to a holocaust survivor suffering all alone i hope and pray you will do so >> melissa: are you ready for the holidays? >> jon: not at all. i cannot find the present i already bought.
9:00 am
>> melissa: i finished today. i am officially done. i know, i am bragging. >> jon: thank you, amazon, right? thank you for joining us. >> melissa: "outnumbered" search right now. >> sandra: this could be the day that president trump and republicans have been waiting for. the g.o.p. tax overhaul making its way to the house this afternoon. and likely the senate tonight. this would hand the president's first major legislative victory. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith. harris faulkner, katie pavlich, for a deputy state department spokesperson, marie harf, entities has taken a one lucky guy, fox news contributor and national syndicated radio host, kevin jackson. he is outnumbered. if it was not evident, everybody is feeling the holiday spirit. >> kevin: we have a tax bill that is about to come


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