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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 23, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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christmas. shannon bream and the fox news @ night team are next. good night from new york. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream. this is a fox news alert. authorities are on the look out for terror around the world as we close in on the christmas holiday. we have seen germany and brittian and california where the fbi found letter and guns in the home of a tow truck driver. the 26-year-old may have been planning a christmas attack on the popular san francisco tourist destination pier 39.
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he loved an on line post showing santa cause threatening to attack new york city with a box of dynamite. he said he didn't need an escape plan because he was ready to die. his father a devout christian said he talked to his son about his muslim faith but didn't see this coming. >> it's not him. that's not the way he was raised. he is not the kind of person that would hurt people. do you know what i mean? he loved animals. he loves everything. he doesn't like when people cry. my daughter is more tougher than he is. if he sees somebody crying, he is crying too. i don't know what they did. if they talked him into it. >> who is they? >> i don't know. the jihad. i don't know if he understood
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what he was doing. >> shannon: in england a suspicious device and in germany a man arrested. and terrorism could have been the motive behind the car ramming yesterday that injured 19. former cia analyst to talk more about this. no surprise. come to the show. that this is happening around the holiday season. isis isis has been asking for it, for months. >> these plots that were disrupted are what the islamic state told its people to plan and execute. it's not surprising given the specific instructions we have seen from isis propaganda chance, putting up posters. telling lone wolves to attack around the christmas holiday and
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new year's eve and using vehicles and acting on their own. this increasing chatter, it's important not to overstate, does reach people who have radicalized and can put them to attack. that seems the case of this averted incident in san francisco that's what happened. >> shannon: this young man used to be a marine. he was a sharp shooter and discharged over a medical issue. i read the complaint. it's extensive in what the agents told authorities about what they said. they found a letter when they raided his place. it said we have penetrated your disgusting country. you heard the sound bite from his father. he sounded baffled. we could not square this with the young man he knows.
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how could he be so far down the path he was plotting allegedly a murderous attack and his family not know? >> it is not uncommon that radicalization considers without family and friends knowing it and not having the understanding of the extent. he had a letter in his home is part of what the islamic state puts out there. they have a playbook online. so there is no confusion and the media can't say it's a hate crime or the person was having a mental break down. they want hem to bring a letter. that's why the attack in new york city on halloween, the individual could not have made it clear it was part of the islamic's state global war. he went to jihad and the fbi,
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they deserve credit for this. they stopped this before it could cause casualties. >> shannon: it just came down in the last couple of days. the complaints and detailed conversations this week before the raid. here are some things that isis suggests. burning down churches. targeting markets. hitting important factories to impact commerce and giving instructions to use christmas lights to trigger explosions. with all of that in mind, we had this car ramming incident in australia yesterday. we were told it was a disturbed individual and not about terrorism. how do you think that case will pan out? >> when one looks at the probability of having an afghan immigrant if australia who says to police he ran over a bunch of people with his car right before the christmas holiday and did so
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because of the treatment of muslims around the world. the authorities in melbourne are saying it looks like they can't come up with a link to terrorism. they are moving slowy on that motive. the terrorists nature of the act is pretty clear. there are a few more bit that could be added into it. it's not random. they said it was an act of evil and not an accident. in australia we see what we experienced in this country, which is a desire in the initial hours and days of the attack, down play. it i think the press and comfort think that does a favor for people because it makes them less concerned. they feel like the authorities are on the threat. that's bad news because every day citizens who are vigilant can play an important role in averting these attacks. we saw that with the times
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square bomber in 2010. civilians who attacked the underwear bomber on christmas day on a plane. every day folks have a role in this. i don't think it's the place of the media or authorities anywhere to try to down play the obvious motivations of some of these attacks. .>> shannon: great to see you and merry christmas. president trump pointing to new evidence that the tax bill he just signed into law this morning is working faster than he the optimist in chief expected. more on that. >> what a difference a few weeks can make. not long ago that health care reform failed and the president was barely on speaking terms
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with mitch mcconnell. with tax cuts, nancy pelosi charged that the people will die if it passed. the republican leaders passed the tax cuts. rather than the sky falling, the president seems triumphant declaring he is ready to pivot and keep the momentum going with bipartisan deals on issues like infrastructure, spending to create more jobs. it was like he was back in campaign mode. shaking hands and holding up babie babies. a meeting at the white house on wednesday was much worse. sources say it got tense as lewandowski suggested to the president that the white house operation didn't have his back. talk of major adjustments needed ahead of the 2018 mid terms.
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this package is deeply unpopular. democrats charged it is only for the rich. a family of 4 will receive income tax cuts of more than $2,000. and 2 more big companies announced bonuses for workers. nancy pelosi insisted such benefits would not reach workers. today she doubled down saying. the president suggested that's wrong. >> i don't think we will have to do much selling. the corporations giving billion dollars away to workers and many more are coming, that's selling
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this maybe better than anybody could including myself. >> democrats are talking about this tax cuts being bred crumbs. back in 2012 president obama to touted the $40 campaign. many americans will get a lot more than $40 back. the president is ready to move on to other accomplishments on infrastructure and immigration form in 2018 will get them set up for the mid term. >> shannon: just before president trump left, he said this about his democratic critics. >> the democrats don't like to see tax cutting. they like to see tax increases. they have like to complain. they complain a lot.
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>> shannon: the editor director and the former executive director of the pro-hillary clinton super pac. merry christmas to both of you. president trump said merry christmas to america. he said you want to raise taxes and complain. >> that's not true. the tax cuts the working people will get in the beginning of this program, 80% of americans are going to get about a 2% tax rebate. that's what obama game in the payroll tax. what trump gave is the size of what obama gave. the overwhelming majority of the tax cuts goes to the wealthy 1% and the largest corporations in america. they are permanent. the tax cuts for middle income americans are not permanent and they will increase.
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>> shannon: lawmakers on the hill will have to decide -- >> that's right. >> we have seen that happen with the bush tax cuts. the tax cuts were capped. now the situation where the individual tax rate because of budgetary mechanisms in the senate is the only reason this structure exists. republicans would have made it permanentoise. -- otherwise. the president said this is rocket fuel for the economy. globally it's 23%. the united states up until this week was at 35%. it makes the united states more competitive. >> let me correct a technical point. they waived the senate procedure that says if you increase the deficit with tax cuts that we don't have the money for, you have to offset it. republicans broke the rules and waived those rules. right now we are a trillion and
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a half dollars in the hole to pay for corporate tax breaking news. >> shannon: where was the concern over the last 8 years raising the deficit when democrats were in charge? >> democrats did a better job. the last balanced budget was under a democrat. it was passed with every democrat vote and every republican voting against it. >> shannon: let's talk about recent history. we have to talk about what happened over the last administration. if the democrats were not cry asking sounding the alarm. >> we use calculators that's the problem. >> shannon: where was the
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democrat concern? >> it's been trying to balance the budget. the same democrats that said the bush tax cuts was a problem and said we ought to pay for things before we spend it. the democrats were supposed to say -- >> i don't think democrats have come to a moment where the deficit is the most important thing. i don't think anybody believes that. the reason the democratic party is making the case this is doom and gloom is because they are plummeting to 2018. >> shannon: the polling is not good for republicans. >> the tax cuts in 10 years will raise taxes. >> shannon: if the parties can't agree to work something out. >> [overlapping talking].
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>> shannon: 80% of american households will get a cut. the average cut is $1600. the polling shows that people think this will be bad for them. >> it's upside down. 75% of americans think they would see no changes or their taxes would go up. 80% of americans are receiving tax cuts. why? because the democratic party and mainstream press has all of these untruths about it. >> we use calculators. >> shannon: stick around. more things to debate. that was just the warm up. >> let's do it. >> shannon: president trump is excited to sign off to a major
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show of support for ukranian forces fighting russian militants to prove a 47 million dollars package. congress would have 30 days to review the sale before implementation by the state department. l.a. is abuzz tonight after a rocket was launched from the air force base. will carr called it one of the crazest things he's ever seen and it's the talk of the town. los angeles wondering what lit up the sky. not a u fo. president trump wants to fire mueller but the white house insists that's not the case. that's next. and later president trump send out huge christmas cards. how they were received by democrats on capitol hill.
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and big news out of the miss america pageant. an exclusive presentation interview on the scandal rocking the runway. >> in my view and all of the former miss americas, it's not good enough. cannot live without it.
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find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: new tonight. attorney general jeff sessions is ordering a review into the handling of project cassandra the investigation into hezbollah's drug trafficking in the u.s. it alleged the obama administration interfered with investigations to pave the way for the iran nuclear deal. the justice department said the review is intended to evaluate allegations if matters were not properly prosecuted and ensure all matters are appropriately handled. president trump denying there are plans to fire special counsel robert mueller. yet, if you are watching the news, you will hear a lot of this.
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>> it would call into question this administration's commitment to the truth and to the most basic concept rule of law. >> he wants to shutdown these investigations and fire special counsel mueller. >> if the president fires special counsel mueller, our country would face a consitutional crisis. >> shannon: fox news john roberts reports that the president's legal team has an excellent relationship with mueller's team and the democrats are manufacturing the idea that mr. trump is even thinking about firi firing foreli. -- mueller. sarah westwood, great to see you. we heard this from a number of lawmakers saying this is a rumor. the white house keeps knocking it down. >> exactly.
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republicans and white officials seldom mention removing mueller at all. the talk about removing mueller from the special counsel office is almost limited to democrats. they are happy to build-up speculation about removing the special counsel. what you have heard from president trump and his allies are criticism of the conduct of some of the agents below mueller like peter strzok who exchanged text messages bashing president trump and another fbi agent whose wife was linked to the company that produced the dossier at the heart of the russian investigation. it's important not to inflate that with criticism of the special counsel. president trump has been careful not to go after mueller the man. >> shannon: i want to play what we heard from the president and
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the white house press secretary to show folks how adamant they are about this. >> [inaudible]. >> no, i am not. >> for the 1,000th time we have no intentions of firing bob mueller. we are working closely with him. >> shannon: there was a piece online saying the reason democrats are so intense of talking about a nixon like massacre is that impeachment is never far from their minds. is that what is driving this? >> it could be one of the reasons. that's what people have been talking about since day one. he heard over the summer that nancy pelosi and the house were tamping down on impeachment talk when there was no basis for it because if there was something
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worthy of impeachment, democrats will be in the boy who cried wolf situation. we have seen nothing approaching impeachment level offenses from the trump administration so far. democrats have brought it up time and time again. there were articles of impeachment by back bench members of the democratic party. this is a wish of democrats from the beginning. democrats are more than happy to build the specter of a mueller removal even though we have no solid evidence that's close to being the case. >> shannon: we will see. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. thank you. >> shannon: miss america former winners react to disturbing behavior that the pageant bosses. an exclusive interview with the former winner. new reason for christians from iraq to embrace a christmas
12:26 am
season this season. and the president vowed to make christmas great again. the results are in. whether or not he succeeded.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> shannon: ohio governor john kasich signed into law to ban abortions after a diagnosis of downs syndrome. ohio right to life say it's a victory. pro-choice say it's a blow to women's right to abortion. winners from the miss american pga tour. -- pageant with a shake-up. >> they suspended their ceo
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after emails became public emails filled with vulgar comments about the winners. he said they were edited. the miss america board of directors said they are conducting an in depth investigation into the alleged inappropriate communication and the nature in which the emails were obtained. a number were said to be from 2013 to 2015 between haskell and pageant board members and writers. one email said he needs to have a blood test because we lost count of the number of men she slept with at 25. other said the former miss america should be referred to as a vulgar word.
12:32 am
he said perfect. he said context was important. he said i was under stress by 2 former miss america. >> i am glad they are suspending him. in my view and all of the former miss americas that we have been in communication with over the last 24 hours. that's not good enough. >> she is a former miss america. won in 2008. 1 of 49 former winners calling on all of the people to resign including the organization's top leaders. >> i have always believed in this organization. it gave me so much. the comments about women's body
12:33 am
shape and their weight and words like disgusting and gross. for an organization that pretends to be about women's empowerment, it's gross. the women's and volunteers are so much better from our leadership. >> one of the women in the emails resigned from the board earlier today. >> shannon: more to come on that story. thanks. a grave new threat for christians in iraq. those not killed were forced to flee their homes. lauren picks up one story from this. >> 13-year-old 56 up marbles left from his burned out home in iraq. it's all that remained after isis terrorists burned their homes and churches and religious
12:34 am
materials. they told us to flee. there were very big crowds and traffic of cars. they were shooting everywhere. we were all scared. the family spent the last 3 years as refugees. his father holds back tears remembering the christmases before the dark days. >> we used to celebrate christmas all together. i used to buy new clothes for the children and make food inside the house for all of us. >> now that isis has been scattered, noah and their father are getting the best christmas present ever. celebrating the holiday in their home in iraq for the first time in three years. >> we need to move these teams back especially at christmas. >> he was brought to america to be the face of christian pers
12:35 am
sowings. persecution. they met with vice-president pence. >> they were christians in a communicate that were historically christians. they still speak the language of jesus. >> for noah it's not enough that he gets to be home for christmas. >> i am addressing this to all the kids of my age in the states. there are many children in iraq without parents. i ask them to pray for all of the children in iraq. >> the latest numbers show the dire situation. according to a study there were 1.5 million christians in iraq. now it's 250,000. >> shannon: lawmakers received a big beautiful christmas card from the white house but not every member of the congress is thankful. we have seen
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> what was the last time you saw merry christmas? you don't see it anymore. they want to be political correct. if i am president you will see merry christmas. >> [cheers and applause]. >> believe me. >> shannon: that was candidate
12:40 am
donald trump in 2016 promising to win the war on christmas. like these cards he sent to lawmakers this week. >> also this huge one! it's probably the gaudiest christmas card i have ever seen. this is not befitting the first family but the king of england. this is the white house christmas card. it's kind of crazy. >> shannon: on the other side this ad in time for the holidays. >> thanks, president trump, for letting us say merry christmas again. >> shannon: we brought back our panel ready to go. welcome back gentlemen. >> merry christmas.
12:41 am
>> shannon: thank you. this one is from the pugh organization about how people feel businesses should greet them. 52% say it doesn't matter. 32% prefer merry christmas. 15% say happy holidays. those are businesses. there were boycotts of businesses over what they choose to say. vince, does it matter to you? >> it matters. we as americans recognize the soft undercurrent of what is happening. you hear happy holidays and people think you are trying not to offend anybody. the key should be stop taking christ out of christmas. the season revolves around christ's birthday. they hear donald trump say merry christmas and they want to make sure christianity is a dominant
12:42 am
force in our america. >> shannon: is what holidays americans are celebrating. 89% will celebrate christmas. 5% celebrate hanukkah and 3% kwanza. why are people so worried about offending somebody? >> i think there is a war on christian values. i don't think it's about our christmas greeting. i think that's a distraction. and the right wingcreated this ruse of a war on christmas. in the 25th chapter of matthew, jesus said the sheep and the goats will be separated based on how we treat the poor, the sick
12:43 am
and the foreign among us. if you look at the policies that have been pushed in the last year in this country, they are the most anti-jesus teaching policies. >> shannon: we are going right back into politics. >> that's not politics. that's what jesus said. >> [overlapping talking] >> our country should reflection the values of how we treat the sick, poor and foreigner. >> shannon: there were a prayer breakfast. democrats and republicans say we will come together to pray. >> [overlapping talking] >> shannon: to get back on track if that's possible. the greeting you choose to use?
12:44 am
i feel bad for the employees. i think some are told this is the company greeting and you will say happy holidays. i say back to them merry christmas. americans, what greeting do you use? this is just person-to-person: >> what is going on in america? >> shannon: 89% of americans are celebrating christmas. i don't know why we are worried about saying that. >> i don't think we should be worried about it. part of this is remembering what it's all about. if you say merry christmas, christ is buryed in there and that's what this is all about. this goes back to people being concerned about the notion of a war on christmas. this is a proxy for the greater war on christianity and its place in our culture.
12:45 am
when nuns are compelled to take on birth control and coaches can't say prayers with their players in high school, we as a country have gone too far. people say i would like to have a president who can say merry christmas without being worried. >> this is not a proxy. this is a distraction on crestian values. matthew talks about jesus and mary and joseph crossing the border illegally into egypt. under the daca policy, we would have sent jesus home and not allowed him in this country. that's a war on christian values and not the holiday greeting. >> [overlapping talking] >> they should be worried about: are we living up to what jesus
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teaches? >> shannon: they will arm wrestle during the commercial. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> shannon: welcome to the hotel in indiana where you can check out but never leave your billing information if you write anything less than a positive review online. ni you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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>> shannon: night court. we pass no judgments on these stories. you are the jury for your consideration. a hotel in indiana that charged a $350 fee to a guest because she wrote a negative review online. now the indiana attorney general's office is filing a lawsuit claiming the hotel's policy violate the deceptive consumer sales act. we have both sides arguing. welcome to you both. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: this woman went to the hotel and said it was dirty and smelled bad and there were bugs. she could not find anyone to help her. they approached here and said have you filed an online review.
12:51 am
she did it was negative and they charged her $350 for writing the negative review. this is the policy she did not read the fine print. if the guests find anything problem with their accommodations provide us the opportunity to: nicole, if that was the policy, she checked in. >> can you imagine reading a hotel policy like this. this was poor management on the part of the hotel manager. >> shannon: this is what the lawsuit says in part:
12:52 am
what say you? >> well, i would say that it is clearly written. a hotel like this has the right to protect themselves from people who come to the hotel and not comply with the procedures and leave and say, i will attack this hotel and hurt their business in the bort. -- future. they put it in writing and they enforced the agreement. >> shannon: we are told the hotel is under new management. this is what the former owner said: the policy is no long every in
12:53 am
effect. the more people dig around about the new couple running this place, is the daughter and son-in-law of the guy who had that policy. nicole, it sounds like he is trying to clean up the mess. we can't verify that but there is some connection between the form asker new owner. the policy is gone. should that mean the lawsuit goes away too? >> it doesn't erase what happened. this is a deceptive practice: reason it is is because if you prevent someone from posting honest comments by bullying them with the threat of a lawsuit or a fine written in fine print, you are preventing other guests from making an educated discussion about whether to purchase that stay. it's deceptive. it's bullying. >> shannon: when i travel i read
12:54 am
every review about the service. it seems if your client would win here, just any hotel or restaurant in the world would be able to tell people, if we have taken your payment information for your stay or meal and we put in the fine print we can come after you financially if you post something negative, how would that be enforced around the world? >> a lot of business put fine print in their contract. have you rented a car. come back with a chip in the window and see what happens to your credit card. we are told buyer beware. they signed the agreement and did not comply. businesss have a right to protect themselves. they have to prevent people taking advantage of social media. this guy took a step that was aggressive. he put it in writing and had
12:55 am
people sign it. >> this will be an interesting test case for trip advisors that help you make decisions. thanks for weighing in. ron and nicole, tweet us and tell us how you would rule in this case. coming up. how santa is keeping a little boy keep his faith.
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> thanks guys. we will leave you tonight with a heartbreaking story. a sand.and a boy in texas did not lose their faith. and asked saint nick to help pay for his doctor's medical bills. and taking the request to a higher power and stopped and prayed with him.
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he said, strangers have responded with gifts. we love that. merry christmas. and we are grateful he spent the evening with america. merry christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and welcome to this special edition of hannity. i'm david webb in for sean tonight. president trump closing out the year with a major legislative victory by officially signing the 1.5 trillion-dollar g.o.p. tax cut. in to law. take a look. >> we are going to wait until january 7th or 8th and do a big formal ceremony. every one the networks were saying will he keep his promise will he sign it for christmas, before christmas. i immediately called and said let's get it ready. this is something that republicans wanted for years and democrats wanted for years and yet it never got done. who would object to


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