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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  December 23, 2017 8:00am-8:30am PST

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pick, charles, it's already up big so maybe yes, maybe no, i wish you luck also. >> thank you both very much. neil: i don't think he means it. >> merry christmas. [laughter] >> continuing with david asman, you are watching fox. david: a new bombshell report saying the obama administration obstructed an investigation into a drug and gun running ring backed by the iranian hezbollah terrorist group in order to ensure that the iranian deal would stay on track. some here say where is the mainstream media on this. welcome to forbes on fox. steve forbes, rich, michael, elizabeth mcdonald, and bruce jackson. the report appeared in politico, this is not a trump organization, but the
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mainstream media are ignoring it. >> if the story had been donald trump obstructing with putin, it would have been nonstop. this is one of the most shameful episodes in modern history and epitomizes the policy of barack obama and makes neville look like winston churchill. david: what do you make of the media ignoring it. >> i'm glad you guys are reading the mainstream media. "the washington post" and new york times has good stories about every day. but "the washington post" had a good story saying that of this 13,000 word piece in politico, that they focused on low level folks and that obama administration didn't give hezbollah a pass on this and this, after all, was the
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administration that got bin laden. >> e-mack, "the washington post" mentioned the story to deride it like bruce said they rely on low level officials. here is what josh meyers said. >> to say the people i quoted were low level people is sort of ridiculous. these were the people that led this task force, they were not ideologs. >> it spent months of meticulous reporting. >> i read "the washington post" and the new york times every day and it was deeply reported. politico is standing by it, he used deep sourcing, court records, government documents and he noticed, you could say what you want, the obama officials are out there defending obama and pushing back on the storiment of course they're going to do that. watch this when you read their pushbacks, there are no claims
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of factual errors in the story. they're trying to undercut it with their own opinion. again, no citation of any factual problems or errors in that story whatsoever. david: let's talk about the charge itself. a very serious charge. a number of congressmen are thinking of starting an investigation into some of those. and here is tray gowdy. >> if it's true, it's an indictment for obama's search for a legacy and willingness to do anything to get one. david: what do you think? >> i agree with steve, if it were trump it would be a bigger story in the mainstream media. my biggest problem is the dea is so large and so well-funded that it can track drug deals on other sides of the world. i'm not trying to minimize hezbollah and minimize iran. bigger threat to my well-being is a $4 trillion government, i think this is small. david: let's talk about hezbollah for a second.
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they're responsible for killing hundreds of americans not only in the beirut bombing in the '80s, but apparently were involved in funneling weapons to the-- to folks in iraq that caused hundreds of american servicemen to be killed in iraq. it was started back in 2001. and that is the government investigation into hezbollah when a bust was made in north carolina, a bunch smuggling money to hezbollah. a lot of those people are in jail now. >> yeah, and over the course of time, that this has added up to about a half billion dollars of drug smuggling. selling drugs in america and bringing back a half billion dollars. let's not forget that hezbollah is the terrorist arm of this iranian regime. i mean, there's no kidding about that. and i agree with gowdy that, you know, obama's quest for a legacy was overrode, either
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overrode common sense or it was pretty nasty. david: it wasn't only drugs. there were a lot of guns and weaponry that were funneled around and some of the explosives, led to the deaths of americans in iraq. >> in the larger picture, david, i think it's irrelevant whether the mainstream media covers this, with social media you don't need to read them or go on television to get the facts. my anger goes to the republican party. where was republican party, when he was wire tapping reporters and his attorney general was meeting with bill clinton before the election, and on on and on and on. the republican party was spineless in stopping obama and that's why we have this. david: you make a good point. john brennan former cia director was one of these who thinking you could pacify hezbollah and iran itself. there were some people in the
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republican party that said this is nonsense, but not enough, right? >> no, they were semi intimidated by the p federal government or barack obama, and john brennan is the most shamelessly appointee for a high intelligence post in modern times. what this underscores, david, this is government, this previous government was abject for appeasement, didn't mind iran dominating the middle east and didn't mind the terrorism the way they should have and finally the truth is coming out. david: bruce, you have to admit in order to get the iran deal the obama administration bent over backwards and excused them for a lot of stuff they shouldn't have been excused for? >> the iran deal seems to be working in the sense we don't know they're building nuclear weapons. i would put this back on trey gowdy, i think he needs to grab more hair gel and roll up his sleeves and get to work on spending smarter and better in the middle east. the president this week basically said listen, we spent
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$7 trillion over there, and he's ready to do some other things with that money. david: e-mack, the whole notion that you could change a terrorist state like iran by being nice to them, by pulling back on an investigation and the fbi people, once again, you have a lot of sympathy and a lot of friends in the fbi. >> yeah, i do. david: they work long and hard for decades to work on some of the prosecutions and they had the rug pulled out from under them for the sake of the iran deal. >> yes, the rank and file gets angry because they leave their families behind and don't join them in the holiday, we're in the christmas season right now. you're right and they don't like their offices or what they do politicized. i would say this, i'm not sure why we're doing personal attacks on trey gowdy's hair gel. and to say the iran deal is working because they're not making nuclear weapons, and
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europe hezbollah with drug trafficking in europe. the lame defense here isn't playing. david: all right, we've got to leave it at that, gang. coming up next, three dead, dozens injured as a tam-- amtrak train derails, and is it finally time to update our infrastructure?
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>> live from america's news headquarters in washington, merry christmas eve-eve, i'm leland vittert. a former u.s. marine is now accused of planning a christmas
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day terror attack. the fbi arresting everett jamieson saying he was plotting to carry out the attack on san francisco's pier 39, a major tourist attraction, involved setting off explosives and shooting people as they fled. a spacex rocket carrying ten satellites into orbit left behind a dazzling trail and some sort of mysterious light. the pictures went viral on social media with some people saying the light was a tv show or a ufo until the l.a. fire department put out an advisory clearing that up. people as far away as phoenix saw it. i'm leland vittert. now, back to forbes on fox. >> this is by far the easiest they want it, republicans and democrats. and i could have started with infrastructure, i wanted to save the easy one for the one down
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the road so we'll be having that done pretty quickly. david: of course, nothing is easy inside the beltway. president trump talking about his next big legislative push while signing the tax bill into law on friday. new infrastructure concerns are growing after a deadly amtrak crash killed three passengers, injured dozens in washington state and in atlanta, an electrical fire shutting down the airport there, which happens to be the world's largest. now some are calling for more infrastructure spending and, steve, it's clear the president wants a bipartisan infrastructure plan, particularly after the party line vote on taxes. >> oh, absolutely, david. and infrastructure in that sense is an easy one because it means giving out money and even democrats like the smell of, you know, the money from pork spending. but one of the key things, if we're going to have a successful infrastructure program, david, is to tie the spending to removing road blocks, to building the bridges and repairing the roads. they have too many studies, too many delays, too many rules that
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inflate the costs, so, make it contingent on making this thing efficient instead of the bloat of the past. david: let's get specific here, we spend about $100 billion every year on infrastructure spending, that includes water projects, by the way. president trump is talking about a $500 billion infrastructure fund. now, he would say it differs from obama's stimulus spending because it's a public-private project, that it would include a lot of private investment. what do you think? >> well, in this case, he gets it backwards. let's remember back in 2009 it was wasteful infrastructure spending under obama that led to this amtrak disaster. my thing here is let's not add to what was already a mistake. we had a tragedy, why would you injure us more with more wasteful government spending? we're better off when government spends less, trump should realize that. david: and i heard bruce chiming in before you finished and go
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ahead, bruce. >> i think the trump administration took the eye off the ball here. steve bannon, a friend of the president and not many other people, a few months ago did an interview saying that they were going to do tax cuts, obamacare repeal, and infrastructure and have it all done by august and somehow that got replaced by the failed obamacare repeal, trying to elect a pedophile in alabama, and the tax cuts. so i hope this isn't too late and i think now what they should do now that the corporations are getting that tax cuts, there should be emphasis on private spending by these companies on improving infrastructure. david: by the way, the obamacare mandate, the individual mandate has been repealed as a result of this tax bill. rich, there seems to be a divide between mitch mcconnell and paul ryan the head of the senate and head of the house, whether you stop spending as much money through changes in some of the welfare spending or whether you add more money in terms of infrastructure. where do you come out? >> well, you know, when you're
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an american and you come back from asia, singapore, countries like china, countries like that and you see really great infrastructure, at least the stuff that you can see, and then you come back and look at our roads and so forth, naturally, spending more money on infrastructure seems like a logical thing to do, but steve has it exactly right. the environmental lobbies, you know, delay projects to a far-- fair thee well. it look it longer than the golden gate bridge in the 30's. david: on the other hand, you look at where we are today. they're filling potholes with christmas trees this holiday season. >> going to that amtrak accident, it was going 80 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. david: that's true. >> i wouldn't tie the two together. i'm going to side with john tamny on this, leave the
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infrastructure spending to the counties, to the local communities and this thing is going to be a boonedogle, i don't care if it's a public-private partnership. david: we remember the obama stimulus package, and it was supposed to solve everything, we had the bridge to nowhere. >> isn't that hillary clinton's campaign? and kidding. and margaret thatcher said politicians take the infrastructure ap we take the bridges and roads. i think you're right it turns into a boondoggle and look at amtrak, virtually no passengers. david: and rolling in at the bottom of the hour, cashin' in, trish, what have you got? >> we're digging into the tax reform bill and surprises, both good and bad for taxpayers. and mandating companies in 2018,
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that could make it harder for them to hire workers in 2018. we will see you at 11:30. david: all right. trish, we will be watching, but up here first, facebook says its new facial recognition technology's intended to help you protect your identity, but someone here says the way facebook wants to protect it could actually jeopardize it. that's next.
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>> facebook is launching facial recognition tool to stop others from posting your face online. they say it will protect your
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>> facebook has found a new use for facial recognition technology. they're now going to be notifying you when your picture has been posted and they say
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it's going to help protect your personal image, but some critics worry that giving our faces to facebook is a bad idea. mike. >> david, this kind of concerns me and what concerns me more is information about me that people or companies are getting that i'm not aware of and finally, i'd like to know a where where i can make remuneration on some of the information that people or companies are using to profit from. david: it's true, it's my face. and what do you think, you're in silicon valley. >> i think you should assume you have no privacy in the social media world. david: it's over, we've lost that war. >> i think the millennials are a lot more comfortable sharing information about themselves than say people of our generation. david: yeah, i think you're right on that, bruce, what do you think? >> i wish twitter would get some facial recognition so i could see all of my fans on fox who hide behind the aliases, like deplorable mary and so forth, right. exactly. you know what?
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i think that some people don't even realize that they're exposing themselves to, you know, various vulnerabilities. if you look at the russian investigation, watch what they're putting out there. there's not much you can do about it. david: e-mack, you've got a face worth a million dollars. what do you think? >> belongs to radio-- and i think maybe too much on the internet and too much on the social media that we're too much on this feature? that's evidence of it. david: john, you're looking for ways to make money, is there a way to do that here? >> in this case, the remuneration, we get so much for free. as far as i'm concerned facebook can do what it wants. it's offering hundreds of millions of people what they want for free. david: there's something spooky. my wife doesn't use those fingerprint recognition at the health club, everybody does that as a quick way to sign in, put her thumb print on there, she won't do that, and she doesn't
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want anybody to get that stuff. >> she's a rebel, but the battle is over. more and more is going into data base. this is a lawyer's bonanza, your picture appears somewhere, what's your remuneration. will donald trump say you can't use my picture unless it's a great one. david: that's a good point, mike. >> well, not while he's president, maybe after. david: the bottom line, rich, silicon valley for all the wondrous things it does and we keep getting extra for less money, we're giving up a lot, aren't we? >> yeah, but, you know, i'm going to take silicon valley's side on this and john tamny's side and they give a lot for free and drive down costs better than any other industry and we're the beneficiaries of that. david: let's look at on the positive side. annual stocking stuffers for steve. will he accept them or reject them? we'll find out in a moment. how do you chase what you love
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>> and this is a segment we can only do once a year and it's going that you look forward to. the stocking stuffers from steve forbes for our stock pickers. e-mack, what have you got? see if he accepts or rejects. >> an israeli defense contractor, it's got contracts and engagements with militaries around the world and commercial applications as well. david: steve, you love israel and the defense sec for. is this a stock you buy? >> david, the answer has to be yes. not a buy. you said stocking stuffers, i presume that lizzie is going to give it to me. >> yes, i am. david: and by the way, for those who don't know, steve is a scot.
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we love toys, you've got a toy company. >> i was going to get steve two tickets to the new "star wars" movie, but instead, i'm going to get my boss something better, i'm going to get him shares of hasbro i think is going to make a lot of money selling toys related to the movie. david: by the way, steve has five children, they are all girls. he always-- i got the idea he fantasized about having a boy to buy a bat for, what do you think about hasbro. >> david, toys, how can you go wrong. "star wars "star wars," transformers. kids go to a toy store and adults go to a toy store and they roar in. david: steve, give them stocking stuffers, what sectors? stocks are high. >> they're high, but i'll say it and regret it, but, hey, my grandfather says you make money
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selling advice not taking it, the stocks a way to go. david: that's it for forbes on fox. everybody have a very merry christmas, thank you for watching, keep is here the number one business block continues with trish regan and cashin' in. trish: you've no doubt heard about the tax cuts and the bill, but probably not about the surprises inside. we've discovered the good and bad. welcome to cashin' in this week. our crew, great to see you all, and we'll start with you, what do you think is the biggest, biggest price surprise here for the american people? good or bad? >> i think that 80% of the folks get a tax cut and that's the good news and may be surprising to people out there. little things people are going to get upset about. if you sell your houses pay more taxes than other ways andt


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