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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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watching. i'm paul gigot. merry christmas to everybody: we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ could be a major job opening at the fbi with deputy director andrew mccabe is planning to step down as growing allegations of political bias have turned him into a lightning rod for criticism. welcome to america's news headquarters. i malia gabriel. >> and i mike emanuel. he will hold on to his current position until he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits. the present meeting andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefit, 90
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days to go in the present also suggesting that he had a conflict of interest because the clinton ally could be the money to his wife's campaign when she iran for virginia two years ago. in the midst of all of this one former assistant says changes in personnel are in order. >> there are some people out there who are questioning what happens here and these are fair questions. if america loses faith in the fbi, the most federal law enforcement agency in this company we will be in a really dark place. housecleaning has to happen right now where we will all be in a lot of trouble. mike: allison's life in washington with four. ellison is the drop the officer on the way out? >> for weeks there have been rumors about a potential mccabe retirement and fox news has learned acting fbi director andrew mccabe is eligible for retirement. in march a handful of outlets reported yesterday that mccabe would retire in the new year. we don't know that for sure but just that he's eligible for those reports seem to have alleged the president trump of
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most recent storm. he attacked mccabe in the states that the white house defended the tweets on "fox news sunday". >> the president is saying we need to know our civil servants are doing the honorable thing and it's important that the american people know what happened in the investigation. reporter: mccabe present two days in over 14 hours testifying on capitol hill. last week democrat said the closed-door meeting and other attacks on the fbi are less about the integrity of the bureau and more about the special counsel's investigation. >> is a part of a to attempt for diversion from the real issue which is the russian attempt to subvert the last election, the possible collusion or the certain conclusion by many members of the truck campaign
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and the possible collusion of the president himself. >> it's critically important that we respect the independence of the department of justice and the fbi. no one is above the law. let mr. muller do his investigation without interference from the president. reporter: mccabe has not commented publicly on any of this. mike. mike: president trump treated about fbi official james baker. what are you hearing about him? reporter: james baker was appointed to the fbi's general counsel in 2014 and fox news has learned that he was recently removed from the council. the council is a really big deal. they are read in on all the investigations handled by the fbi. sources are telling fox news baker was not fired but reassigned. his reassignment may somehow be tied to a separate leak investigation. "the washington post" says sources tell them this is a normal part of a new director coming into the bureau. political reported on friday that baker is tied to of mother jones journalist who first reported on the existence of the trump dossier. that journalist says baker was
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not his source. mike: interesting times at the bureau. ellison, many things. lea: president trump showing his appreciation for members of the military this christmas eve. the president using a video conference call with his for the state to speak with us troops were stationed overseas. esther trump thanked the transport their service and putting their efforts in the fight to end terrorism. stevens live in west palm beach, florida with four. steve. reporter: that was the first item on the president's public schedule today. a video conference call was all branches of the military service. he took time out to thank them for being away from home, from their families and often in harms way during this difficult. but he expressed the nation's gratitude. >> today and everyday we are incredibly thankful for you for your families. your families have been tremendous. they are always underappreciated. the greatest people on earth.
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reporter: the president taking a different, more aggressive tone on her early this morning and just again a few minutes ago. president trump attacking the mainstream media which he says underestimates his base and also underestimates his support in the polls. finally, a few minutes now we are expecting the president to take part in a traditional holiday call and that's the call to norad, the people that protect the airspace above the united states. he will be calling to check on the progress of santa claus on christmas eve. lea: thank you five mitch mcconnell saying he wants to reach across the aisle in the new year and find some common ground with the democrats, especially since the publicans only have a razor thin 51-49 majority in the senate. >> there's not much you can do on a partisan basis in the senate 52-48 or 51-49. that will be the number for us
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next year. i don't think most of our democratic colleagues want to do nothing and there are areas i think where we can get bipartisan agreement. mike: niles is the white house was one of the hill. what about his call for bipartisanship in 2018? that may be more of a necessity with a 51-48 but any sign tops that are interested in playing ball in an election year? >> not really. one of the difficulties here is that political war in our nation right now tend to be toward the extreme rather than toward working with the other side and that goes for both parties. you asked about the democrats, frankly, a lot of democratic voters are mostly animated by and passionate about their dislike of president trump and his party. that means there isn't internal pressure on democrats to see reach out and get bipartisan
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consensus. mike: congress has a long to do less when lawmakers return and are we going to be there on the hill talking government shutdown? >> that is a possibility. the issue of government spending has been a vexatious one for a long time but there are, at some issues, potential at least four common good and thinking perhaps a fixed work for daca, the emigration program that those who came illegally as children and that's one idea and there could be some rollback of the dodd frank banking regulations, not something that democrats in red states have telegraphed that there open for so we could see some degree of progress. it's not a totally hopeless situation. mike: it sounds like mcconnell will have some center of action on daca and infrastructure -- what should we look at how dumb mr. president can get republican
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significant done? >> it is potentially. democrats have said from the outset that they suggested they could be in favor of infrastructure spending but as with so much of this, mike, it all depends on the specifics. there has been some plan to hold out by the president in the early days of his tenure. democrats didn't like that. i remember bernie sanders in particular being asleep critical. it could be an area of cooperation but is not guaranteed. mike: are there early polls suggesting that the could be rough for the republicans to run out the clock and see if they can get the majority in the house or senate in 2019? >> i think they are and that's a barrier to the bipartisan worker talking about. for republicans, republicans want to that they can make government work and that they
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can get things done for voters. democrats in the political sense have no motivation or incentive to help republicans in that respect. it is a stronger argument for democrats to say look at these guys. they can't get anything done, both for us and we can deliver to the people who elect us. mike: the climate on capitol hill, a bunch of the publicans and said they would rather retire than run for reelection and that includes congressman charlie of pennsylvania says congress is worse off now than when he started noting a lack of bipartisanship these days. if you agree what you blame for it? >> i think congress reflects daughter issues with the nation at large here actually, mike. there has been research done by other groups showing that the population itself has become more polarized and there are fewer people who themselves hold a mix of liberal and conservative beliefs. there are more people who have a
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very dim view of the other party so that's where we stand. mike: niles from the hill, many thanks. lea: president trump in the first lady on the phone with north american airspace as they track the movement this christmas eve. he is the first lady will be on separate calls and you can see him right now and let's take a listen. >> i will see you soon when you are in washington, you come and see me, okay? you come to the oval office. i thank you. have a merry christmas. merry christmas then. good luck with [inaudible]. goodbye. thank you. [inaudible] you're from
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goodbye. thank you very much. casper sounds fantastic. take care of yourself. goodbye. [inaudible] brian? brian? how old are you brian? five. that's a good age. what do you think about santa? are you a big believer in santa? you want your grandma to get out of the hospital. that's what you wish for? that is great. that's better for asking for some toy or something. much better, right?
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well. i think we want peace. peace in the country. right? we have prosperity in the want peace. that will be great, brian. your grandma will be good. she's going to be great. what else do you want? [inaudible] >> the president and first lady lonnie a trump at the winter white house mar-a-lago speaking to children who are calling in to find out where santa is in their calling in to the norad hotline and started back in 1965
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and it started when the newspaper misprinted a number for children to call santa and they got the commander in chieff the predecessor to norad and he started this tradition so the president and the first lady taking for calls. from a little boy named ryan it sounded like to told the president that he would like to get to see his grandma get out of the hospital. the president also suggested it may be peace, world prosperity which would be a wonderful thing for everyone. we also heard from a little boy from virginia said that he would the president was repeating that he was saying he wanted building blocks so very sweet calls from his little kids and a nice touching moment from the president and first lady. santa is traveling for christmas. if you are traveling for the christmas holiday you are not alone. aaa is reporting more than 100 million people will visit family by playing, train or automobiles this year. the vast majority of them and driving insecurity will be tight
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in some cities to ensure that travelers are getting there safely. david lee muller is life from our new york city newsroom with more. typically. >> this season is expected to be a record breaker that does not include santa. aaa, as you pointed out, 107.3 million travelers will be heading somewhere if they haven't already done so. most will be on the road despite the fact that gasoline prices are on an average 88 cents higher than a year ago at $2.47 a gallon. more people will also be flying for to a year ago and airline to group credit the proving economy. today and december 30th are the least congested days for air travel this holiday season.
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the busiest airports expected to be atlanta, followed by los angeles, chicago, dallas in new york jfk. here in new york there are expected to be some 6 million visitors during the holiday season. there is increased security at churches from midnight mass through christmas day. in fact, there are separate security forces throughout the entire city including the nypd, state police, and the national guard. they are increased surveillance of bridges, tunnels, train stations and airports, radiation detachment and dogs will be in use governor andrew cuomo says there's no credible threat but says it's best to play it safe. >> given the recent events we believe it is prudent to increase security at the major crossings in the major transportation of. reporter: there a is also heightened security throughout europe. police in rome, london and paris are on high alert and french officials say there are nearly 100,000 extra security personnel on the streets for the holiday season. leah. lea: we also have norad watching santa and his reindeer in the slate. thank you, daniel.
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mike: north korea with the new threat after the un issues more sanctions against the rotation. with the advances it's made in missile program this year, how seriously should we take the warlike rhetoric and president trump says the passage of tax reform will mean more money in your pocket. coming up a financial expert has tips on how best to handle the extra cash if the president is right. >> we are giving them a big, beautiful christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut. if yor crohn's symptoms are holding you back,
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>> the princess spent the christmas holiday at the vatican were just over 90 minutes now you will leave midnight mass. the pontiff prayed for an island
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in the philippines devastated by a deadly tropical storm. he offered prayers for world peace. lea: north korea sounding off a fresh round of sanctions from the un security council in response to its official launch late last one. the new sections limiting pyongyang's access to oil and proceed north korea workers in other countries to return home. the rogue regime calling with sanctions an act of war and threatening to retaliate against nations who supported them. burning me now is professor of international relations at carnegie, research fellow at the for institution boxes foreign policy analyst. nice to see you. >> pick you for having me. lea: thanks for being here. north korea seems to call everything an act of war. every signal time we do joint military exercises with south korea, north korea calls it an act of war so why does kim jung-un do this and what points will be taken seriously? >> well, the newest sanctions
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are so dauntingly punitive that i think there's nothing else for the north korean leader to say. not only are they punitive but they are unanimous. much of the world behind the us-led sanctions resolution and that further isolates the regime and it will hurt its economy and the ability of the leadership to continue to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile program so his rhetoric doesn't compare to the reality of what the world has just done. lea: north korea has also about that every country that voted in favor of the resolution with face retaliation from north korea so presumably that would mean russia and china and what you make of that. >> north korea is out of options in terms of retaliation because it attempts to play nuclear blackmail. the problem with using that type of lack of diplomacy if you will
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is that you have no other options below. so what can it do to the world but threaten some type of nuclear maneuver that would immediately hurt the chinese of which it is attached to territorially so, i think, it's really rhetoric and desperation. lea: how do you think the sanctions will be implemented because in the past the problem is that the sanctions have been implemented as they were supposed to buy the countries involved? >> the fact that we had unanimous numerous resolutions and that the united states is continuing to pressure the great powers that have the resolutions like china and russia and given that the fact that the chinese and russians are part of the sanction resolution they are the only allies of north korea. i think it speaks to the capacity to get a much more
1:25 pm
universal compliance with them. also, they had so many sectors and all at the same time. i think their effectiveness will be much superior to funds in the past. textiles for example are now banned and the importing of north korea textiles and north korea workers more than 90000 are being recalls home from abroad within two years and they have accounted for additional how hard currency. if you go down the list and i think these sanctions will work. lea: that is true but yet today the ap is reporting that us officials say that when north korean coal exports were forbidden, shiploads were basically channeled through russia and sometimes goods and products would be switched from ship to ship out at sea in order to avoid sanctions been inflicted. >> there is more ship to ship compliance and i think in the newest round of sanctions
1:26 pm
because there are ways to check for compliance that did not exist in the past but also the russians and chinese simply have much more skin in the game this time because north korea is so out of control with the development of its nuclear program against prior un resolutions that the chinese and north korean the chinese and russians have really taken notice. they don't want an all-out war and it will be devastating for them in addition to the rest of the world. lea: well, i should mention that china has a defense agreement with north korea so it's sort of to determine what happened if north korea were to get into a military action with another country including the us but i want to bring this up. there is a thought that the moon
1:27 pm
is absolutely unwilling to give up his nuclear program and that he essentially ties that to his own life and to his own state of power and he believes that the kernel would be in place and that they would be alive if they had nuclear weapons. what you say to that ideology that he simply will not give up his nuclear weapons program? >> you secreted this dangerous scenario for his regime of survival in his own personal survival is tied to nuclear program. this is an odd type of nuclear deterrent. the problem is that he's got to be able to continually convince the elites in his own country that the whole country survival is tied to his survival which is tied to the nuclear program. if there is any break away from him among elite, those in the military, those in china that he depends on, i think then he has taken a risky gambit in may not work. lea: we shall see. thank you for your insight tod today. >> thank you.
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mike: california in another showdown with the white house over illegal immigration. governor jerry brown is to find the trump administration with a pair of pardons. plus, present slamming fbi deputy andrew mccabe amid ongoing allegations of bias at the agency. is the criticism fair or out of bounds? we will discuss next. but first here is mike huckabee. >> this is not who they thought. is there a double standard at the justice department where if you have a certain political leaning you get away with things and if you don't, you end up like my client and you get charged. [heartbeat] ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ ding dong, ding dong $50 gift card for them, $10 bonus card for you. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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mike: jerry brown once again at the trump administration immigration policy. the governor issuing 132 christmas pardons, two of them for men who are awaiting deportation for committing crimes while in the us. will car his life in los angeles four. will. reporter: my, it's no secret that governor mike brown has pushed back on immigration policies and the decision appears to only be escalating that tension. brown decided to use a christmas tradition of granting pardons to in his words stole acts of mercy on the mend. were talking about two men from cambodia living in northern
1:33 pm
california. one was convicted in 2003 for felony writing and the other convicted in 1995 on the felony weapons charge linked to gangs in a misdemeanor receiving stolen property. both stop by federal authorities this past october and immigration raids and were said to be decided on christmas but a federal judge just issued a temporary restraining order. one man is already been released from custody and is back to his family. the other is still in custody but in his part in the governor writes several individuals wrote in support of him describing him as kind and generous and as a role model to those who face insurmountable challenges in their lives. governor brown also but it had to drop administration in october when he signed the century state legislation which places limitations on state and local authorities ability to federal immigration agencies enforce immigration laws. to note that just because the men were pardoned does not mean that they still won't be deported at some point. both now have to ask immigration courts to reopen their cases. mike. mike: an interesting battle between the feds and the state
1:34 pm
of california. well, thanks a lot. lea: back to our top story. president trump taking aim at the top brass of the fbi after reports embattled deputy director andrew mccabe may be getting ready to leave the bureau. the present slamming the monitor suggesting a conflict of interest over his wife's run for virginia state senate back in 2015 and that is because she received donations from the clinton ally. twenty me is chris, president of both america now in the public and strategist along with scott bolton, chair of the national bar association. nice to see both good afternoon. lea: i want to start by reading one of these from the present. he said how can fbi director andrew mccabe, the man in charge, along with james comey of the phony hillary clinton investigation, including her 33000 illegally deleted e-mails, be given $700,000 for his campaign by clinton puppets during investigation?
1:35 pm
that money he's referring to is terry mcauliffe, governor virginia. what do you say to this one? >> i understand what he's saying. this is completely wrong. this is not acceptable government. we cannot have a former deputy who oversees an investigation whose wife has taken money from the state democratic party and other democratic donors. this is in the best interest of the party but the best interest of an individual that supports the party to benefit and by themselves. why would they want to indict secretary clinton by any means? they don't want to invite her. excuse me, this is isis and this is partly what people are tired of. this is to be fake government orchestrated government. not real government that is impartial. lea: will hold, scott, hang on. question.
1:36 pm
i want to know do you think this is fair? should someone to speak by virtue of the fact they're married to someone in the fbi not be able to take a campaign contribution for their own campaign? >> of course this is completely unfair to mccabe and his wife. here's the deal. i'm a former prosecutor and i do white-collar criminal defense right now and let me just say this. this is political rhetoric but it's not legal reality. mccabe is married to an fbi agent and his wife is running for state democratic seat and they happen to be married. do you want her to resign from the fbi or do you not want her to run or even make a break up the marriage because she chooses to have a political career? who else is she supposed to take money from? republicans but it's a state house and she took money from the governor like most democratic candidates in virginia do and she also took money from the state democratic
1:37 pm
democrats and where else is she supposed to get that from? what does that have to do with the clinton investigation and i've got to tell you very light reliable i've seen reported that mccabe was not involved in the clinton ministration or the investigation until after his wife lost so this is political handwringing, if you will. legally and ethically and morally nothing inappropriate here. it's an issue that the republicans are driving and donald trump is driving but there's no bridge to bad conduct and i got to tell you it's dangerous and unfair to mccabe and his wife and the democrats. lea: have seen evidence of bias in the fbi. >> what is it? lea: one thing, the text messages we've seen from peter strauch and other things -- >> he was removed from the investigation. lea: he was indeed but there does indicate that there was bias in the organization. the president also referred to documents that were sent e-mails during that were sent to andrew mccabe from his wife that seem to be inappropriate. i want to get your take on those. chris, go ahead.
1:38 pm
>> i'm sorry, go ahead. lea: chris, are you still with us? i want to get your take on the present believing these e-mails that were sent to andrew mccabe by his wife regarding her campaign were unfair. your thoughts. >> i can understand what the president is saying. from my understanding the e-mails were sent in the fbi's actual server and the fbi's e-mail accounts. i think that i can see how anyone in the present can look at that and see that is bias in telling others according to his in the information telling individuals to support her have an interest in her based on out of the e-mail and that is to be inappropriate and wrong. people can argue this anyway they want. they can go back and forth and its politics and it does not make a right. lea: i want to give scott the last word. >> here is the deal. his wife sent him to e-mails. he doesn't send those e-mails to her with a colloquy, she sends
1:39 pm
them to him. the third e-mail was someone sent to him again that he directed them to her website. the office of special counsel investigates [inaudible] and i guarantee you haven't defended many people prefer that agency they would take a look at it and they would not investigate and they wouldn't even raised her eyebrows at it because he is receiving e-mail and does not engage in political dialogue so there's nothing to look at. nothing immoral or nothing inappropriate and nothing illegal about it. this is the republicans trying to distract from the muller investigation is getting closer every day to donald trump. lea: certainly that something eyebrows are being raised up to see what happens. >> only by the politicians. lea: excuse me, nice to see you both. chris, scott, thank you for being with us. merry christmas. mike: it's been six years since occupy wall street became a
1:40 pm
national protest movement against corporate greed. remember things like this? thousands of protesters gathering in new york city and eventually spreading to other cities. whatever happened to occupy wall street? rick leventhal takes a look. reporter: began september 2017 in a park in new york city a few blocks from the financial capital of the world. inspired in part by arab spring process overseas. occupy wall street was a social movement against income inequality, corporate greed and influence of big business and politics. almost overnight the diverse group of demonstrators grew to tens of thousands. spreading to hundreds of cities across america.
1:41 pm
and more than 80 countries worldwide. but patience among city leaders and law enforcement were thin and authorities began resting protesters in clearing their encampments. roughly two months after it launched the occupy movement faded. >> occupy wall street. >> i call it a constructive failure. reporter: he helped launch this from the current one in the canadian magazine. he wanted it to be a revolution for the people and by the people. >> i think it did a lot of good things. i think it change the discourse about income inequality and but do we give new power to the 99%? do we change how democracy runs in america? no. reporter: the crowd that fueled his initial success eventually helped lead to its demise.
1:42 pm
you had all these people saying [inaudible] and yet they were getting in the way of people who also own the streets. >> social protest is one of the things necessary for the progress of democracy and i don't thank you can approach us without people getting upset getting disrupted. it evolved into something else. i would say. it morphed into something else. reporter: michael went to the park nearly every day for two months, not as a protester but as a social scientist. now an adjunct professor at nyu he says the occupy movement energized a generation. >> i think it did change the conversation and change the political equation. it brought something into american politics that had been missing for a long time which i think is the voice of ordinary people. reporter: he cites black lives matter and the surprising success of bernie sanders presidential campaign as
1:43 pm
examples of how occupy carried on. >> i think it was a turning point in the political conversation and i think it will be remembered as such. reporter: white, whose book is called the end of protest says we may never see anything like occupy again. >> i think the problem with protest is when you do these alone at there's nowhere else to go at a certain point. occupy was the biggest, the loudest and after a certain point you can't be any bigger or louder. reporter: whites is the only activist can truly succeed is to win elections. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news five rick leventhal, thank you very much. lea: text for bill is in the books expecting millions of americans showing how they owe uncle sam. will break down those numbers in your bottom line next. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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mike: president trump capping off a month-long effort to pass attention from afterthoughts signing the text the last week. americans are waiting to see how the new tax code will affected them and what they can do now before the law changes for the 2018 year. jean is a cpa, small business advocate in a business columnist for the washington examiner in forbes magazine. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. mike: here we are at the end of the year where some people make charitable contributions and what should folks be watching for in doing in the final days of 2017 following the passage of taxable? >> let's get right to the point even though it is christmas eve and i'm sure people don't want to be talking about taxes. it's important to think about right now. we've got one more week to take action. for starters the concept is this. our tax rates in 2018 are going to be going down so what people are doing now is there trying to accelerate any deduction into this year when tax rates are higher and try to push legally any income they can into next year when your tax rates are
1:48 pm
going to be lower. you mentioned charitable and that's an easy one to do right away. you got a fever cheery to give money to, consider giving more of a deduction. now the end of the year because tax rates are higher this year and you want to try to take as many deductions as you can against those rates. it's not just charitable deductions either. there other expenses that you can try and accelerate. see if you can pay your property taxes or even your local taxes that you might owe to your county or to your township. if you are able to do that you can take those deductions this year and that could provide a huge tax benefit for you. mike: for those on wall street get year-end bonuses or do some kind of income at the end of the year what should they do? >> well, two different sides. first of all if you're a business owner and you got the ability to control your pain your employees is not a bad idea to give bonuses to your employees end of the year. at&t and comcast and other big
1:49 pm
companies are doing that right now because you get induction for this year plus it's really a thing to do for your employees. if you're getting income it's very tough to control that is up to when you receive the money but i tell you if you do your work on the side and if you're a freelancer or you got other type of business income and you got to like a musician or something like that if you control your income that is coming in and asked to get the next year and defer when you will invoice for any services you're performing and if you're able to do that legally try to do that. let's get income into 2018 when looked tax rates five is it safe to say that cpas will be doing starting over the christmas holiday? yes there is. first of all, i'm upset because starting next year you're not able to deduct your fees for tax purposes. up with outside that's not a
1:50 pm
great thing for us cpas. we are still there and we want to provide advice. my best advice to you and supporting end of the year deftly get with your cpa to give that person a call sometime in the next week and see if there's at the last minute things to do. once next year starts your early in the 2018, please i'm telling our clients, meet with your cpa sometime in march or april plan out your tax expenses for 2018 is you want people to make decisions in advance rather than scramble around at the end of the year. mike: good advice. thank you very much thank you very much. merry christmas. lea: christmas celebrations in diverse places is more subdued than this year because of the historic announcement of jerusalem. how the fallout from thaton decision is changing the way some people observe the holiday. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function.
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lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help.
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mike: santa enjoyed some extreme sports before setting off on his traditional christmas eve flights. a waterskiing santa and joined the waves along the potomac river in alexandria, virginia. the show happening every christmas eve since 1986. this year also featured flying else, a jet skiing grinch and of course, frosty the snowman. lea: christmas celebrations are also well underway in battle hymn of the fallout from positrons controversial decision on jerusalem casting a cloud over the holiday this year. connor is live from our mideast bureau with more. reporter: it is normally a very festive atmosphere this time of year and processing of. it's a celebration of not only christianity and also christmas but this year the events they are have been marred by the violence in the last few weeks following president trumps decision on jerusalem. today the events around christmas celebrations in bethlehem have been very peaceful. it's a significant change from
1:55 pm
what we've seen in the last three weeks but the mood there is very different than the past few years following president trumps decision. that decision is very much front and center we've seen signs all over the place in jerusalem, is the capital of palestine and palestinian president issued a christmas message calling on the international christian community to listen to the indigenous christian population from the holy land and reject president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital and the top roman catholic priest there who have been very vocal in his criticism of president trumps decision made a very public display today crossing through a military checkpoint to enter into battle hymn from jerusalem. lea and mike, today was called but we do expect these protesters start up next few days in bethlehem has been one of the sites along with ramallah where we have seen significant
1:56 pm
palestinian protests that have turned violent in the last couple of weeks and it is expected, as i said, to continue once the holidays are over. lea: we will hope they stay in nonviolence. connor powell in jerusalem, thank you and we wish you a safe and merry christmas. mike: president trumps taking aim at deputy director andrew mccabe in a weekend. one storm. what he says about potential bias at the bureau and what to typtop white house aide says abt the whole thing.
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