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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 27, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> david: kennedy, always a win. >> kennedy: we are back at tomorrow at noon eastern right here, "outnumbered overtime" starts right now. >> julie: thank you kennedy and all, a fox news alert to begin the show. welcome to "outnumbered overtime," i'm julie banderas in for harris faulkner today. when president trump returns to washington from vacation, he will be looking to ride a giant wave of momentum from tax reform into his second year in office. the president tweeting "all signs are that businesses looking really good for next year, only to be helped further by our tax cut bill. it will be a great year for companies and jobs, stock market is poised for another year of success." he ends it with an exclamation
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point. live from west palm beach, florida, inv the weather where you are. not far from the winter white house. it is not 17 degrees there i understand. >> that's about it, that's what's going on. it's about 60 degrees warmer, ridiculously beautiful day. no wonder the president spends time down here. when he returns to washington, d.c., according to the white house there is going to be infrastructure spending. democrats say they are willing to work with the white house and republicans to put together an infrastructure package for congress to work on but the outlines of that are still unclear. it's unclear if house republicans and senate republicans or enough of them will support hundreds of billions of dollars in additional spending and where all that money is going to come from. those questions, i guess will be tackled in a couple of weeks when the president hosts the congressional leadership. it house speaker paul ryan,
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mitch mcconnell, at camp david they will discuss those 2018 legislative agenda. there are no public events for the president today, he is spending his day at trump international golf course where he spent yesterday though he has been tweeting over the last couple of days, including some comments on health care, he says he wants republicans to work with democrats on health care and we are also now hearing from an administration official that the trump administration is going to work on relaxing some health care rules that were put in place under obamacare that would make it easier for people to buy cheaper insurance packages, something they are trying to do while congress attempts to again work on health care. beyond health care the president has also tasked congress with working on immigration a member of the so-called dreamers, those were brought to the united states as children illegally, the president has said he is going to end protections for them because he wants congress to work on an immigration proposal. that's something that is on top
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of any budgeting you mentioned, the debt ceiling, all the routine housekeeping congress has to do on top of health care, infrastructure, and immigration. all of this in 2018 which is a midterm election year. >> julie: i still can't stop digging about the weather where you are, it's 23 degrees here. it's getting balmy, there's a heat wave coming through. thank you very much. for more on this we are joined by marsha blackburn of tennessee, also in a much warmer area. thank you very much for speaking with us. as you know, president trump tweeted yesterday that next year is going to be a great year for the stock market companies, jobs, the u.s., et cetera. it had been a tumultuous year but ending on a high note. how difficult is it going to be for this administration to continue the streak into the year 2018? >> right now i think the momentum is with the house and the senate and i think you are
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going to see us continue to move forward, everybody realizes the american people want to see things done. people are excited about what happened with tax reform, there looking forward to seeing how this is going to impact their pocketbook. they are saying let's move onto infrastructure, let's move on to a repeal agenda when it comes to getting regulation off the book books. let's fix the affordable care act and people are excited to see things accomplished and get things done. >> julie: there has been back and forth amongst republicans regarding fixing the health care system in this country. some say let's revisit, others, mitch mcconnell among them saying let's leave it intact. what is going to happen with health care? come january 4th it's going to be an alarming financial burden for many americans who are going to be paying even more in premiums.
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that is a promise republicans made when obamacare was passed and yes the mandate was repealed but there are still these looming costs, people just can't afford health care. >> if you get people out from under the individual mandate and they can move into the marketplace with high deductible health plans, you ease that burden. in tennessee, we had 122,000 families last year that paid the penalty for not purchasing an obamacare compliant plan. 100,000 of those families had income $50,000 a year or less. this is an incredible financial burden. our small business owners feel the same way and they are saying get this off of our back. free us up, let us provide for people. with the president taking the initiative to do some things by executive order to open up the marketplace, doing across stateline purchase of health insurance, you are going to see
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more options that are affordable and people can buy what they want at a price they can afford. >> julie: so you're not stuck anymore. >> we are not stuck. >> julie: moving forward, first of all, the tax overhaul thing. people do not realize how difficult it was to get through this. the g.o.p. still faces a lot of hurdles, funding deadline is on january 19th which pushes difficult issues into early 2018. these are other big hurdles. let's begin with immigration because as you know, the moderate version of the travel ban did pass. what else can we expect on immigration? >> i think you have to remember that during the obama years, every time we came to a funding issue they would say we want a clean cr, we don't want any other discussion of issues. there is a some credit with trying to solve issues and putting these on the table and
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having that discussion. with immigration there is a separate march deadline and i think you are going to see that issue worked toward the march deadline the president previously set. when it comes to the children's health insurance program, house republicans had already pushed forward a five-year extension. we had the democrats who did not want to work with us on it, i think it's terrible that they will not work with us on the funding of that program. our states want answers on this program and when it comes to the continuing resolution and the january 19th deadline, we in the house have passed every one of our appropriation bills where we would like for the senate to act like a majority and to get those over the finish line. >> julie: here is an incentive for democrats, this is why they need to get on board. the president is optimistic that democrats are going to get on
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board on several of these issues. if they don't the democrats are going to be throwing in the towel, the midterm elections because when those voters come to the polls they are going to say, and my better off this year than i was last year? and many people who weren't employed last year will say yes i am and that is what's going to hurt the democrats. >> julie: mack >> you are exactly right about that. with the infrastructure issues, with broadband, high-speed internet, i tell my democratic colleagues, come work with me, let's do this together. the door is open and the invitation is extended. i encouraged him to come and work with us in a bipartisan way, let's solve these problems that the american people are saying, let's get this job done and they are exactly right. it is time to move the country forward. we will have a great economic year, let's make it a year of accomplishment for the american people. >> julie: also looking forward to next year and priorities,
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where democrats are going to stand when it comes to things like infrastructure and welfare reform. infrastructure first off after that derailment in washington, it was a deadly derailment, the president immediately picked up on the fact that our infrastructure problem which has been a problem for years, that's going to be at the top of the agenda. are democrats going to be on board? >> i would recommend that they be on board, whether you are looking at bridges or railways, aviation or high-speed internet, each of those are infrastructure issues, each of them are going to have a role to play. they are things that affect the american economy, they affect our national security. they affect our community. they affect so many different components of our lives. let's comment and let's work together on this because it's the changes we make, the work
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that we do, if we do and in a bipartisan way that's going to last, i think quite frankly people are sick and tired of the difference. when i talk to tennesseans which i do every single day, they want the fussing and the bickering to be put aside. they don't want things to be about washington, d.c.. it is time to make it about people and they will tell us regularly, look. we live in communities, we go to work every day and pay our taxes, we expect your best effort and they are right about that. >> julie: thank you very much, great to talk to you. senate majority mitch mcconnell believes president trump has learned a whole lot during his first year in the oval office. in an interview with the "washington examiner," he says the president "has gotten better and better at doing what's necessary in order to be effective legislatively." he also added "i think he's getting the hang of it" in terms
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of having a working relationship with the people who are already here. let's bring in a member of "the wall street journal" editorial board and former speechwriter for president george w. bush. the "washington examiner" reports basically saying that g.o.p. lawmakers think he is getting good at this legislative thing. is that the overall tone in washington? >> i think so, if you compare it to the obamacare repeal failure, i think president trump basically let congress do its own thing and it didn't produce and i think the tax bill he realize this isn't going to fly and he brought people in and was incredibly constructive in a way that presidents should be to get his agenda through. >> julie: when you say in the way a president should, it is remarkable. those who criticize the president for operating in a way that past presidents have not, one thing president trump has been extremely loyal to is to follow through. even if it's not popular among his own party, he follows
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through. when it came to health care, he could not have put more pressure on republicans to get that done. it was not his fault that it failed. >> i think -- one of the things things -- >> julie: mitch mcconnell -- >> one of the great hidden talents of the president are the set speeches he's given on poland, western civilization, the recent one on national security. they get almost no attention because they are done very well. i think president trump could still get one explaining growth, you mentioned before in the earlier segment, for the people who are struggling, it's not just the money in their paychecks because of a tax cut, even more than that is going to be the opportunity to come from growth, i have two kids were going to be getting out of college and the economy, there
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are jobs and opportunities and a way to get ahead. >> julie: congrats on paying for college, i am dreading that day. when you become a president there is no job in the world that could prepare you. this is on-the-job training like no other job you will ever know and i think a lot of people fail to realize that. if you come from a background of politics are not, this legislative trading he's been doing, from the very get go in the first 100 days he tried to make things happen. he got criticized for not pushing for any major legislation. it takes time. >> there's a reason tax reform hasn't been done in three decades. >> julie: it's hard and complicated. >> it's very hard and complicated. he does like bringing people and, that's why i think in the next year, i think he is very open to working with democrats. sometimes maybe in ways i wouldn't like. >> julie: you saw with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, a lot of people wanted to know
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why he was shaking hands and smiling with them. >> the democrats are looking ahead, they think this is their year to recapture the house end of the senate. they have a couple of advantages, usually midterm elections go against the party in the white house. they have an enthusiasm advantage of nine points the same way obama galvanized a lot of anti-obama voters. i think on a generic ballot they have some advantage but what they don't have, they are having difficulty raising money and i wonder about the flesh and blood candidates. are they going to come up with enough people -- they are not compromising on their identity politics, on extremism on issues like abortion or even on growth, they put themselves out there by not going with the president. his anti-trump enough? >> julie: the democrats have spent so much time talking impeachment and all these other things, what are they going to show as their accomplishments moving into the midterm? that is what people are looking
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for. what are your accomplishments? it's like applying for a job. let me look at your resume. >> they are going to make this all about how donald trump is unfit for office. cooperating with them to get practical things done for people will become a little more difficult. do you cooperate with hitler? >> julie: you do not. i'm not a politician, maybe you do. to get the votes. that's why i will never be in politics. appreciate it, good to see you. while president trump is signaling that he wants to reach across the aisle as he has tried several times, to be unsuccessfully but you have to give him credit for the effort. some democrats still want to impeach him. might their chances improve if they actually capture the house in the midterms? or code that actually backfire? plus, president trump's lawyers say they expect special counsel robert mueller's investigation to wrap up soon.
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with questions about bias at the justice department and fbi clouding the probe, one lawmaker says it is time to purge those agencies. how likely is that?
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>> julie: welcome back to "outnumbered overtime." a republican lawmaker is calling for a purge of the justice department and the fbi. congressman francis rooney of florida warning about people at the agencies who he believes are politically biased against president trump. in an interview he specifically mentioned fbi agent peter strzok who was removed from robert mueller's russia probe after he was caught sending anti-trump texts. here is congressman rooney. >> i would like to see the directors of that agency purge it and say we've got a lot of great agents, a lot of great lawyers here. those of the people we want the american people to see, not these people who are the deep state. >> language like that, purge the department of justice? >> i think that peter strzok could be purged, sure. >> earlier today on
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"fox & friends," a republican member of the judiciary committee was asked about his colleagues comments. >> there has been problems with the leadership, obviously comey, i think the president was right to fire comey. you look at a guy like peter strzok. if he's going to say it's his job to prevent a certain candidate from getting elected in creating an insurance policy, that is somebody you do not want to have power. anybody who determines up in that situation, i think they should get another line of work. >> julie: back from the "outnumbered" couch, the editor of and fox news contributor katie pavlich ended democratic strategists and consultant. and a former aide to chuck schumer in new york. we knew they were very strong words but nothing surprises me these days. >> that is true. look, there are problems at the fbi, the leadership as we've
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seen through these text messages. it is now christopher wray's responsibility to go through, to ask questions, to reiterate as he has to his agency and the people working directly around him that there is no room for politics, interpersonal beliefs, to feed into these official offices and you will not use government resources to go after politicians or candidates who you feel personally should not gain office. that's a question here. the other thing you have to do, there is a crisis of confidence in this country, you have to do it with transparency so the american people understand they are seeing accountability and the fbi. >> julie: you are talking about a lot of dedicated men and women to law enforcement. i don't know if it necessarily speaks to the fbi as a whole. what does it say about the agency? >> i agree with everything you said. i don't understand the advice the president is getting and his
10:23 am
chief of staff should know better. going after the fbi which is a conservative institution filled with law enforcement professionals, because of the bad act of one investigator, does a disservice to the president. ultimately attacking the fbi may be speaks to a small segment of the electorate that was already with him no matter what. but broader folks in key states going into the midst or demand midterms, the fbi has been respected for decades. i don't see it. >> we don't want to go there again, the president can't be more particular and careful in who exactly he is criticizing. there is a situation inside of every federal law enforcement agency, guys on the ground doing the work aren't the problem. we don't know if it was just one or two people. there's an inspector general's report that's going to come out in february, we have to take the
10:24 am
results of that and change some things. it's not just trump space is upset about the institution. america as a whole has a crisis in terms of what they think -- >> i think specifically, professional law enforcement institutions like the fbi, i don't see it and i don't think polling holds that up. we look at the mccarthy hearings, senator mccarthy was attacking another conservative. a member of the legal team was found to be a part of the bar association affiliated with the communist party. mccarthy went after his staff member. the parallels here are too delicious. >> you have to be too careful in terms of being too broad and general and your statements. if you're too broad and general you can't get to solving a problem which is making sure that personal political holdings which fbi agents are allowed to have do not feed into their work. >> julie: would we be talking about this if donald trump did not fire james comey? let's be honest, when you want to play partisan politics in the
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fbi, it wasn't as if the democrats loved him all that much before the election. the democrats now love him because of the leaked information about our conversation he had about michael flynn and of the probe with the president. he was blamed by hillary clinton for losing the election. >> i get a lot of angry responses from my colleagues in my former bosses office. i believe comey did the right thing, reopening the investigation. imagine if comey did not reopen the investigation? hilary won and it came out later that they were sitting on 500,000 emails, there will be blood in the halls. he did the right thing and the fbi is still doing the right thing. some bad actors yes but to disparage an entire institution, i don't see it. >> there are very serious questions about what was done during the clinton probe and whether people are being treated equally under the law based on which side of the political aisle they've come on. >> julie: thank you very much,
10:26 am
appreciate you both. democrats are reportedly growing increasingly optimistic about their chances of taking back the house next year but while republicans insist historic tax cuts will keep them in the majority, our power panel will weigh in. south korea is predicting north korea will negotiate with the u.s. next year after a new round of sanctions aimed at halting their nuclear ambitions. is it a game changer? a live report next. ♪ you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> julie: a fox news alert, the u.s. issuing new sanctions against north korea. these are pretty tough ones aimed at two officials time to dictator kim jong un's missile program. new united nations sanctions announced last friday. south korea is predicting north korea would actually look into open negotiations with the u.s. next year, even as they prepare for a nuclear threat from the north. this is almost hard to believe, too good to be true? i don't know. >> there's a lot of moving parts here. first as you noted, new moves against north korea, are these
10:31 am
coming from the treasury department just yesterday, largely symbolic but still important sanctions against two of the top aides to kim jong un tied to the band missile program. this came just after the u.n. security council sanctions last friday. strong stuff against north kore north korea. it also comes amid talk from an important south korean government agency that yes, perhaps north korea could talk with the united states about its missile and nuclear programs in 2018. as you also noted, preparing and antinuclear unit for the government to fend off any kind of action from north korea. there are no real indications from north korea or the united states that negotiations are -- another important development in the past day or so, doctors in south korea
10:32 am
examining one of those defectors from the north korean military came to south korea in least demonic recent weeks have found anthrax antibodies within their bodies that could indicate that that soldier and maybe others are vaccinated against that deadly biological weapon. it means they could be handling them, there are a lot of concerns. remember this past year, we saw that attack apparently by north korea against the estranged brother of kim jong un. a lot of danger out there and a lot of concerns going into the new year. >> julie: thank you so much and for more on all of this, let's bring in micro wall, former green beret commander and counterterrorism provider to vice president cheney. thank you very much for talking to us. south korea predicting that north korea is going to come to the negotiating table. when i read that this morning --
10:33 am
it would make anybody skeptical. the question is, is it a real possibility? >> i think it's a real possibility, we've seen this behavior from north korea before. >> julie: that's a problem. >> pressure is ratcheted up over time, they will essentially go back to the negotiating table. we've seen time after time again under clinton, i was very close to the party talks under bush when i observed with the vice president. they essentially use those talks to buy time to continue to develop the program and have marched forward to having a fully operational program that can attack anywhere in the world. they are on the cost of having that capability right now. i'm with the prime minister of japan on this, he is very tough and said at the u.n. security council, having dialogue just for the sake of dialogue is
10:34 am
meaningless. right now is a time for maximum pressure. >> julie: talk is cheap. regarding china, and russia, china is basically cutting off all oil exports. words of talk have escalated, this isn't the first time and this is why one must be skeptical. in the past, circumstances force the north to talk and it was all that, talk. are we seeing more of the same with north korea? in the past, china never held up their end of the bargain. they said they were going to cut off north korea, they said they were going to enforce sanctions but in the end they flopped. >> you just said, talk is cheap. time and time again we've seen both china and russia agreed publicly as they just did on the u.n. security council to sanctions but the key is enforcement. importantly, china just released
10:35 am
some of its import/export numbers and they are claiming that they've cut off all oil, all natural gas and a lot of foodstuff that north korea needs in the month of november. and that they are going to continue that going forward. that may be the precursor that south korea is seeing and they are predicting north korea will come to the table but the proof is in the pudding here. we have to see china to continue to ratchet up the pressure and we have to verify through our own means that they are cutting north korea off economically. >> julie: 's diplomacy still our best option to deal with the rogue regime? >> listen, a military option. if you buy into the notion that north korea is not a rational actor and we cannot let them have their finger on the nuclear button, you also have to buy into the notion that he would react irrationally to any type of strike and war on the peninsula will be absolutely
10:36 am
devastating. you are guaranteeing tens of thousands of korean deaths of not more. we have to exhaust everything. cyber, economic, diplomatic pressure beforehand but we have to keep up the pressure and we can't let north korea by time by coming back to the negotiating table. >> julie: what's scary about all of this is we have been down this road before but this is a much scarier road. unlike in years past, north korea is very close if not already has an intercontinental ballistic missile. we don't know, they may have it, capable of tearing a nuclear warhead in its arsenal. we don't have time for these talks to fail. at what point does the president turned to his military advisor and make the decision that it's time to take military action? >> that is the critical question. as we see them marching towards full operating capabilities, we have to look to our intelligence community and get the best intelligence we have.
10:37 am
how do we stop them just short? we get every other option a chance. economic, diplomatic, otherwise. if the policy is we cannot live with north korea, i think it's the right policy. then at that point we would have to take military action. keep in mind our ground-based missile defense in california and alaska is only about 50% effective. that 50% is often a test that is highly scripted. i don't think the president is willing to roll the dice. >> julie: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> julie: democrats are heading into the new year pretty optimistic that 2018 will be the year they take back the house in the midterm election. but republicans tell a much different story. they hope their new tax bill will be enough to keep them in power. the power panel is here to break it all down.
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♪ >> julie: democrats are growing increasingly optimistic ahead of the 2018 midterms. do they have reason to be? that's the question. there are new reports saying the party thinks this could be their best shot in years of regaining control of the house. according to the hill, democrats are banking on the president's low approval rating and the fact that the party of the president historically loses seats in the midterm and what they view as the g.o.p.'s thin legislative record to make that happen. republicans hope tax reform will be enough to keep them in power. democrats would need to claim 24 seats in order to retake the majority. let's bring in our power panel. rnc spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany and michael blake, thank you both for talking to us. obviously both sides are not going to agree on who has the upper hand, the midterm. what will voters consider when
10:43 am
they eventually do head to the polls and about i guess looking back at the past year, do democrats have anything to be worried about? >> they have a lot to be worried about. particularly when you consider president trump's record of achievement in partnership with congressional republicans. for the first time, gdp in the last ten years is approaching -- has hit 3%, is approaching 4%. thousands of dollars back in the american people's pockets in the form of tax cuts. i just saw a fox news report today, 45,000, now there are fewer than 1,000 because of president trump. democrats are a party of obstructionist, party of negativity and that doesn't win collections. >> first of all, merry christmas, happy holidays everyone. >> julie: happy holidays. >> absolutely. let's be clear on the suppose a list of accomplishments that are being referenced. the only thing we've seen
10:44 am
throughout the year from the trump administration is trying to hurt the middle class, middle class families. a focus on trying to take away health care, a focus on not actually continuing the children's health insurance program, and effort on trying to clearly divide communities. every single day. when you look at what's happening right now, you see that the largest percentage gap between who americans want to vote for next year in the last 35 years -- an 18-point gap of people saying they want democrats in office, not republicans. when we look at what is supposedly the list of accomplishments, including those sham tax bill quite frankly where the largest benefactors are those that make more than $308,000, it's clear that people are going in the direction of democrats. they voted for doug jones in alabama, they demonstrated in virginia, the last time we were on air together she was claiming
10:45 am
that we would lose virginia. it's an indication of people supported us. >> julie: americans obviously vote with their wallets. they're going to look at their money, look at their 401ks are pensions and say how my doing now that i was about a year ago? they are going to look at the stock market which has been booming. those who were unemployed a year ago who are now employed are going to be looking at those paychecks. they didn't have one a year ago. how do democrats compete against that? >> they can't compete against that. look at your paychecks, they will increase because of the republican tax cuts. they will look at the same deceptive, flawed, stale arguments michael just made. he say the tax cut is a war on the american middle class, how is that war on the middle class? it's not at all. these are deceptive talking points, it's going to lose
10:46 am
democrats the next election. michael needs to take a step back and ask how can i better this country and work with president trump who has invited chuck and nancy to the white house? let's work together, let's make life or for the people better. >> julie: just to be fair, the reason they stop showing up is because president trump was bashing them on twitter. i think they started to get enough of that and i believe the personal back and forth will hopefully come to an end so the president can actually have sit down, meaningful, constructive conversations about where they can meet in the middle on all of this. tax reform is going to play a huge role in the immediate future. the question is how is it going to play among the middle class when it comes to the midterms? >> you think about this again, i would like for us to focus on the fact that 70% of americans will see increases throughout
10:47 am
the duration of this tax plan. >> that's false, that is an absolute falsehood. >> that comes from that nonpartisan tax policy center. you do make your consistency with facts has been lackluster, let's stay focused here. there will be a minimal tax cut that will happen next year. that is correct. you are conveniently not communicating that by 2027 -- and that is conveyed repeatedly, 70% of americans will see a tax increase. >> that's not true, you are leading -- >> again, the -- respectfully, i listen to you. please. tax policies indicated that. when we think about the question around the middle class and standing up for the country, first as someone who has served in a presidential administration, someone who comes from a military family, my oldest brother serve this country for 29 years. i know a little bit about
10:48 am
serving our country. if we want to talk about how to help stand up for our respective communities, we have two say what are we doing to have a clear agenda as it relates to creating jobs? >> you are filibustering, you have to let me get in here. >> we have to go into a commercial break and we are going to carry this interview in the next segment. i want to give you five seconds to be fair. >> 80% of americans get a tax break under this, if you are a family making $70,000 you will see your income increased by $1,500 or more. michael's facts are wrong. >> you are giving the partial facts, that is for next year alone. >> julie: we are going to continue with you both because of the democrats win the house they could very well move to impeach president trump. that's a question. how likely is that? could that plan backfired? the power panel's days are here to discuss, stay with us.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm jon scott in for dana perino. new reports that the russia probe is expanding, special robert mueller's team questioning some new people. a bomb ripped through a supermarket in a suspected terror attack, the latest on that. and how cold will it get in times square on new year's eve. the chilling forecast ahead on the daily briefing. ♪ >> julie: welcome back to "outnumbered overtime." if democrats went back to the house in 2018 they will have to decide whether or not to pursue efforts to impeach president trump. political reports many progressives are intent on forcing a debate on the issue but others are wary. of sparking a political backlash or appearing too eager to remove a president without bipartisan support. 58 house democrats voted to
10:53 am
start debates on articles of impeachment despite objections from party leadership. we are back with our power pane panel. let me ask you first, there are a lot of democrats that originally did want to move forward with impeachment hearings. those democrats, some of which have started to back down on that. what do you believe the reason is for those democrats that may be necessarily don't want to go full force on this? could it be because it could cost them an election in 2018? >> absolutely. the american people have been clear they don't want to see this kind of political gamesmanship. perhaps their tune has changed because the russia investigation has turned up nothing. we've had 100,000 pages of documents reviewed, 250 hours of interviews, 11 months of investigation and it's proven to be little more than a conspiracy theory. you have democrats who are scratching their heads, there's nothing they can do to force the will of the american people. president trump is president and
10:54 am
they finally have to accept it. >> it's amazing what happened during the holidays, almost as if we have amnesia on the fact. the american people in the last two months elected doug jones in alabama, they elected just in fairfax and herring in virginia. you had record elections happening across the country. you have next year when you need to pick up 24 seats, to have congress back in the house back, let's focus on the number one issue being health care. in virginia for example, health care was the number one issue, 39% of voters. when you think about what's happening right now, people are focused and they want to know what you are going to do to help us keep our health care, keep our jobs, keep opportunities. when it comes to the point around russia, the notion of calling it a conspiracy is ridiculous. you have had multiple convictions, multiple continued processes that are happening. let's let the investigation continue to play out and move
10:55 am
forward from there. >> julie: rod rosenstein appointed mueller for one reason, to expose collusion in the trump campaign. he has not done so. >> he has not done so yet. >> julie: he has had seven months, how long does he need? michael flynn came forward, he struck a plea deal and admitted to lying but other than that -- the proof is in the pudding. you have to look at moving forward, does this investigation tamper democrats who are bent on finding some dirt on the president when perhaps there is none? >> the investigation needs to continue -- >> there was a really revealing moment six months ago when pressed -- dianne feinstein said what evidence do you have of collusion? her answer was rumors and newspaper. since donald trump took office in january, democrats have been
10:56 am
feeding the american people based on rumors and newspapers about some flawed conspiracy theory. republicans put their heads down, worked, empowered the american people, we had a year of success. that is our legacy. the democratic legacy is one of deception. >> we talk about headstone, clearly meaning in the trump tower meeting, when donald trump has repeatedly lied. we look forward to the elections next year, happy holidays. >> julie: happy holidays, ended on a happy no. thank you both. we are going to be back with more "outnumbered overtime" ."
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>> thanks for joining "outnumbered overtime." the daily briefing starts now. >> new report that investigators for robert mueller are talking to staffers in the republican national committee's digital operations trying to learn if there was any connection with russian efforts to influence the 2016 election. hello. i'm john scott in for dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." president trump spending the holidays in florida before meeting with gop leaders to set the 2018 republican agenda. rich edson is in west palm beach where the president is staying. rich? >> reporter: good afternoon, john. special council investigators are investigating republican national committee


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