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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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energy stocks were down after oil surprises dropped. bitcoin down a bit, but still way, way up for the year. trish regan will have more on wall street next. i'm rick leventhal in for shepard smith. thanks for joining us. >> arctic-like temperatures engulfing the midwest and the northeast. that frigid weather is expected to stick around. welcome. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." temperatures expected to be in the low teens for new year's eve in times square. rick reichmuth will tell us how cold it's going to get. bryan llenas is in times square. rick? >> yes, it's cold. i can't imagine outside if it's 40 degrees. if you're standing a while, it's not good. if it's in the teens, the actual air temperature, it will be very
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cold real quickly. i say rethink your plans. we've had incredible snow the last couple days really. record-breaking snow in erie, pennsylvania. 63 inches is across the great lakes. the wind moves across the great lakes. the air is warmer than the water temperature and that causes the air to rise and yes get the lake-effect snow. what we're seeing is changing in the wind pattern. it was coming more from the west. that gives it a longer time. we call it the wind, a longer amount of time over the water to increase the moisture available. we have it going here perpendicular to the lakes. that doesn't have as much time for it to collect. so little bit of a break in the snow for the next couple days. by saturday, the wind direction kicks back in from the west. we're going to see heavier lake-effect snow again. be ready for that. the cold air obviously continues to be the big story. all across the northern part of the country, really cold. it's cold all the way down to the south. 40 degrees in san antonio.
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take a look at that. anchorage alaska, 12 degrees. 12 degrees in cleveland, ohio. you get the idea. the cold has settled down across the lower 48. with the wind in effect, it feels really cold. feels like minus 12 right now in minot, north dakota. it will stick with us. we'll continue to see the lake-effect snow flurries from time to time. the temperatures very cold. we're not going to really see any change in any of thinks temperatures, trish, probably until january 3 or 4. we're talking about another 7 to 8 days at least of the cold sticking around. it will get very tiring, very quickly. >> yes, it will indeed. thanks so much, rick. >> you bet. >> let's go to bryan llenas who is in a frigid times square. i wonder if some people will stay home instead of going to times square this year? >> i hope so. no, nonetheless, you have tons
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of tourists will be out. windchill below that. we're talking about that night being probably maybe the second coldest night for new year's eve in new york city ever. beyond that today, there's the preparations of the added -- they added the waterford crystal triangles on to the six-ton ball hovering over times square. about 400 feet in the air. the crystals are custom designed to give us that sparkle as the ball drops on midnight on sunday. the preparations aside, all eyes and thoughts are on security here, especially after two terror attacks in as many months here in the city on halloween night where eight people were killed as well as a failed u.s. side bombing that happened just two weeks ago. in terms of what we can expect for security, it will be heightened. the most secure in times square ever. there's parking garages, more shut down than ever before in an around times square.
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there will be extra scrutiny on car rental and truck rental businesses an around the city in an effort to prevent someone renting a truck and launching a vehicular attack. and there will be vapor wake dogs to sniff out bombs. and we spoke to new year'see organizers and this is what they had to say. they're confident about it being safe. >> nypd has a thorough system. times square is one of the most safest places in the world. at every corner, there's a settle of barriers, checkpoints. you're not allowed to bring in bags. really thorough and really experienced with this kind of situation. >> those two terrorists that launched the two attacks the last two months in the city were isis sympathizers and isis released a video monday encouraging people to attack
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drunk revellers in the united states. of course, security is on everyone's mind. nypd has it under control as they always do. trish? >> bryan, thanks so much. perhaps we should forget about the cold. this year, the real worry might be on new year's eve terror. is anything being done to thwart it? with me now is aaron cohen from the israeli terror department. how do you prevent these things? you have experience in israel having to deal with the lone wolf attacks. how do we deal with it on a night like new year's eve? >> you want to attack this israeli style. multilayers, multilayers. many rings from the crowd of people all the way out to the would-be terrorist attacks. it would be an event to prevent the terrorists to get to people. you have the ballards which you mentioned. you have the square secured 360
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degrees to all the axis points, the parking garages shut down. you have bags being checked if not taken away. i'm not sure if they're allowed into the sterile area with bags. i say take the bags away. there's to reason to be there. you'll have sharp shooters, a quick reaction force, what is called a qrf, which is submachine guns, assault steal weapons on officers trained to fire in and around crowds. the big key to the israeli sauce. the plain clothes or undercover officers. i would sprinkle dozens of them within the crowds. those are the guys that can see all of the little behaviors, the little anomalies that aren't congruent with the baseline that is established. the undercover forces, we get there in israel and getting the cops plain clothes. >> you say all the anomalies. what is it that a plain clothed officer should be looking for? frankly all of us should be
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looking out for. >> yes. i have a new program i just launched. i called it force multipliers. here's how you force multiply if you're on the ground there in times square. look for male individuals between 20 and 40 walking alone. that's number 1. i'm not saying every individual is a red flag. you have one red flag, look for a couple more clusters. look for the individual whose bag doesn't match his clothing. a $1,000 bag and wearing dickeys and cargo 0, whatever it is, the bag doesn't match the clothing, that have the second red flag. the third red flag, look for someone trying to avoid law enforcement. trying to avoid security. maybe he's parked in a red zone. once you have three red flags, you now have a medium risk cluster. if you see that, report it to law enforcement. clusters of red flags means we move from a basic threat to a medium threat category. this is what i would look for. looking for somebody that is white knuckling a bag.
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when they hold on to it tight, look for something with the tunnel glaze. if he's barrelling with the eyes and steaming towards a direction, it's a problem. tell somebody immediately. keep an eye on him. the other things to look for, any bulges or grease, wires that may be protruding. it sounds obvious but you volunteer to look for them. bombers wear suicide vests. look for wires, look for grease stains, smell for gasoline. all basic red flags to look for in israel. >> and report it. report it. don't be afraid to report it. >> don't be afraid. yes. >> many are afraid they'll be perceived as somehow prejudice in some way, but the reality is, everybody needs to stay safe and we're part of staying safe together. >> run and hide won't save. deter, detect, report it. if you see a red flag indicator, tell security or law
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enforcement. we'll all thank you for it. >> you know how to do it. thanks so much. good to see you. shoppers making the best of the holiday season. so why are new numbers raising some cause for concerns about the new year? we're on it for you. also, former president barack obama appearing to criticize president trump. that's nothing new, of course, but in a podcast with prince harry over seas? here's what he said and why it's fuelling a fierce debate. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
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i promise. keep your promise. >> don't look now but could a bear be on the loose in a new year? even with the massive holiday shopping season? consumer confidence dropped this month. nonetheless, it was coming off a 17-year high. dan schaffer is getting a little concerned. gary disagrees. i could tell you, dan, i haven't talked to a lot of bears lately. they're hard to find. you may be the only one. why are you so worried? >> i'm concerned about all of this euphoria about how great things will be. if you look, there's certain technical indicators as a trader that i look at that show me correlations between different
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asset classes and trading. right now to keep it simple, the yield on the ten-year treasury between the two-year treasury note is collapsing. also, the 30-year coming to the ten and two-year is collapsing. that happened in 2007 and happened in 2000. that usually the sign that the big believers -- remember, the bond market is the deepest market in the world. the big believers do not believe in the growth story. >> it is interesting that we haven't seen interest rates spike a whole lot higher, gary, right? if we believe that the economy is going to grow with possibly a forehandle on it, you'd think bond prices would be influenced by that and that yields would have to go up. >> i'm really surprised yields have not gone higher. remember, we've had central bank intervention across the globe for a very long time. look, i don't like taking the other side of a brilliant mind like dan shaffer, but so far, i
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have seen nothing in the price action that tells me that the market is in trouble. financials are strong. commodity prices are ticking up. that could mean better economic numbers. the price of copper is moving up. i'm not sweating it just yet. get me a 2% correction before i can even start worrying. again, just not there yet. i nice price action to change and it's not happened. >> i've been saying this a lot. i've covered the market for years. back in 99 into 2000 and back in 2007 and 2008, i mean, i was worried about 2003. i could see it coming. you could just see it. rates were so long and there were these teaser rates on the homes. i kept thinking what will happen when these mortgages reset? you could see it playing out. i don't see a ton of scenarios right now, dan. i hear you on interest rates. at some point they have to go
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up. it's concerning that people don't believe in the growth story enough right now. the flip side as gary points out, the central banks have been active and it's kind of good. if we can keep rates low for the foreseeable future, while we have the stimulus out of washington and maybe that's the best of all worlds. >> i beg to differ. number 1, interest rates are so low but we're being told that things are so great. unemployment is low. money is not flowing. the velocity of money, which is recorded by the federal reserve and recorded by a regular basis has collapsed. it's below 1960 levels. money changing hands has slowed down. why is that happening if things are so great? why do we ned a tax reform package -- >> let's get to that. basically what they have done, gary, increase earnings for the
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companies. you'd think if earnings go up, that's got to be good for stock prices. valuations. yes? >> leave no doubt in the last two or three months the companies in the sectors with the highest tax rates had the biggest ba biggest bang for their buck. transports, retail is strong. that's a definite help. i agree on a couple things. it's very complacent out there. valuations are high. sentiment is too bullish. a lot of speculation, look at the bitcoin nut house going on. for me, it's always price action. that is what dictates my life. so far so good. if we start to get to see serious distribution in selling, especially in the financials or the leading groups like retail right now, i'll start talking. we're not there yet. >> we're close to 25,000, folks. about 280 points away. but good to hear from you both. good to hear both sides. dan, good to see you.
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let's move to the standoff with north korea. someone critical to the situation is predicting that we're going to see a lot less of these going on as that ball comes down. find out why. and why you might notice a big change during your next stay at disney. did that shooting in las vegas have something to do with it? we're on it. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> the president is speaking right now at the west palm beach fire station number 2. let's listen in. >> they said would you like to come over here and say hello to a couple vets? many of you know this is palm beach. but you do a fantastic job. we just wanted to thank you very much. really fantastic people. hopefully with the media surrounding us, they'll understand exactly what is happening. we want to give these people credit for the great job they
1:21 pm
do. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. now back to palm beach and you go back to saving people. create some stars in here. any questions? >> the house and senate passed the safer and assistance firefighter grant program. that's coming to you soon. >> they passed it and it's coming to me. you like it, right? >> we love it. >> one of the things people don't understand, we have signed more legislation than anybody. we broke the record of harry truman. they said if we get this big tax break, because that's the legislation of all legislations. but that included anwar, as you know. it included the repeal of the individual mandate, which is a success. that's where you have the privilege of paying a lot of money so you don't have to buy
1:22 pm
health insurance. most people thought it should have been unconstitutional. we repealed it and we got anwar, which is one of the great building sites in alaska. we had a lot of legislation passed and here's an example of something too that will be passed and signed. yeah, we're going to fix it. we've been fighting for that for a long time. a lot of legislation passed. they were saying if we got this one done, we would have exceed xceeded. we have more legislation passed including record was harry truman. a long time ago. we broke that record. so we have a lot. in addition, we have a lot of executive orders. a lot of the rules and regulations -- people have suffered from that, too. a lot of the regulations were voided. now you can go back to work and do your job. in the case of builders and
1:23 pm
farmers and so many other things. you can go back and do your jobs. we have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations. we're proud of that work. that's one of the reasons that the stock market is at a record level. we broke it 84 times this year, the stock market a new high 84 times since we won the election on november 8 last year. that's something that we should be proud of. that makes you very smart. you're a great investment when the numbers go up and the stocks go up. when the stock markets goes up, that affects everybody. not just the rich. it affects everybody. people own stocks whether it's in 401(k)s or otherwise. we'll get it signed. >> [question inaudible] >> good. 15 of them.
1:24 pm
you know who we're talking about? come over here. [applause] >> so again, you're doing what you do better than anybody. we appreciate it, a lot. and the safety and the lives that you save are incredible. chief, thank you.
1:25 pm
thank you very much. [applause] >> you been watching the president there in west palm beach at fire station number 2, talking to the firefighters. thanking them and of course we heard him talk about the repeal of all the regulations that he's been putting through and of course, the big tax cut plan and what that will mean of course for the economy. let me switch gears now and move to what we're seeing possibly
1:26 pm
out of north korea. south korea is predicting talks between their neighbor and the united states in 2018. this is coming after north korea continues chasing nuclear weapons. so could we actually see a new development in all of this? let's ask retired lieutenant colonel bob mcguinness. great to see you. >> thank you. >> are you optimistic? sounds like south korea is encouraged. >> we like to be. the mystery of unification is always hopeful. 60 years of dealing with the rogue regime in pyongyang has shown that they'll be unpredictable at every turn. if we were to give the guarantee that we would accept a nuclear north korea, then in fact i think they would talk to us. because that's what they seek. that is some justification for remaining in this big club, this exclusive club of nuclear --
1:27 pm
>> but we're not going to accept that. >> no, i don't think president trump will. the reality is, we're going to probably inch or way forward. there may be talks about talks. i don't think that the chinese are going to put much more pressure on them. what will happen probably is a repeat of what we've seen this year. we've seen 16 missile launches. we've seen the sixth nuclear tests, a hydrogen bomb and of course, a lot of saber rattling. we'll see more of that. they're going to try to do something with guidance and do something with nose cones and try to do a host of things that demonstrate an ability to advance and actually to deliver a nuclear weapon. that is something that we're very concerned about. >> colonel, aren't we just kicking the can down the road if we ratchet up the jargon? you don't think china won't do what they need to do in this case. that's a problem. >> yeah, you have a couple of people that will help.
1:28 pm
vladimir putin, of course, running for president again, is likely to step in where china hasn't stepped in: they share a border. they have workers. we have two options, trish. that is a military operation to prevent them from moving forward or some sort of containment. deterrence. both have risks associated with it. the military, i haven't seen a lot of movement yet that demonstrates that we're prepares nor a significant strike. so that could happen. >> i would only throw one more option out there, the economic option. we can clamp down seriously with china in terms of our trade, et cetera, if they don't play ball with us. so one more option out there. i keep saying, i'd much rather be in the position of losing business with china and dollars as opposed to lives. >> thanks, trish. >> a presidential pardon for
1:29 pm
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flynn's brother is calling for the president to pardon the general. would a pardon of general flynn do the president more harm than good? we're asking ted williams more. what say you? more harm than good in this case? >> hi, trish. i think that the president always has the power to pardon. quite naturally, he could and may in the future pardon flynn. but i think that the dog is already out of the cart in this one. because flynn is singing. he's talking to the fbi. even if there was a pardon, that doesn't mean that he may not face state charges. also, i think flynn is deeply concerned about his son. he doesn't want his son prosecuted. so he's going to continue to cooperate with the fbi. >> one of the points that alan
1:33 pm
dershowitz has made a concerned to me about this, once you have a special prosecutor involved like mueller, they want to find something and they're going to keep digging and go after someone like a general flynn and they're going to push and push until you start singing and maybe he's not singing the right song. maybe it's not the right tune. maybe he's making it up, improvising as he goes because we know that general flynn has a history unfortunately of lying, including of lying to the vice president. so much can they base whatever they come up with on general flynn? >> what they'll do certainly is whatever flynn tells them or meaning the fbi, they're going to try to corroborate whatever he's saying. so it may be that he's a liar, but that will have to be dealt with perhaps in a court of law. i think though, trish, the
1:34 pm
president has some deep concerns here. if he pardons flynn, that may very well will be looked at and help mulener an obstruction of justice case. >> that's the -- let me ask you this. many people are saying that the fbi is in over its skis or out over their skis and such a bias there, that it's becoming dangerous. i spoke on the intelligence report on fox business with francis rooney from florida. he said he wants to purple the fbi altogether. here's what he told me. watch. >> i was so ever -- overwhelmed when i saw the behavior that strzok and mccabe were involved in. this is -- what i read is very disturbing. i don't think they should be
1:35 pm
working there. >> trish: does he have a point? >> let me say this. the fbi, we need them in this country to fight terrorists and for other international various kinds of crime. the fbi's credibility is always in question. but now they're being used as a political football. i'm the one that believe that some time ago that james comey, if anyone, has learned to politicize and embarrass the fbi. i called for the firing of comey a long time ago because he involved himself in an election and that politicized that election. so i don't know -- >> trish: by the way, he was leaking, leaking, leaking and admitting it. calling a professor at columbia to get something leaked to "the new york times." you question, i suppose, in some ways the integrity of the fbi when the director is doing stuff like that. >> we have some wonderful men and women in the fbi that serve
1:36 pm
us every day and keep us safe in this country. >> trish: absolutely. >> we have to keep them in mind. >> absolutely. that's why we have questions and deserve answers. ted, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> trish: former president obama appears to criticize president trump in and overseas interview is. that right? overseas? is that fair? disney making big changes to security. find out why. liberty mutual saved us
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almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. >>hey. oh, that's my robe. >>is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> trish: after the tragic
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attack in las vegas that killed dozens and injured over 500, one resort is beefing up security. disney resorts are eliminating the do not disturb sign and requiring disney employees to enter each room at least once a day. is it worth giving up freedoms for security? here's the debate. former fbi joint terrorism task force steve rogers join me. what do you think of the move? >> it's a good move. it's proactive inview of the fact that las vegas happened. i can tell you, i spoke to some people about this. they really don't mind. they're concerned about their safety. i foresee probably even stronger measures will be taking place down the road as we move forward. >> trish: when you say stronger measures what do you mean? >> at one point we'll have baggage checks. it's so important. the corporations that own these hotels, they don't want to inconvenience people. today people want to be inconvenienced for their safety. there's so many -- >> trish: yeah, yeah.
1:40 pm
but the privacy debate is a fair one, too. a lot of people say hey, i want to go on vacation. i don't want disney employees going through my bags. i like getting up every day and somebody is making my bed. great. but a lot of people say i don't like people in my room. i don't want them there and going through my things. so i wonder, you know, i -- i'm with you. i love security. i want to feel safe. i think a lot of people like the idea that -- >> yeah, they probably won't like it. it will take a lot of training on the part of management for employees on how to approach the issues. we talk about you see something, you say something. if you sense something, as a young officer, i was always told you'll see your instinct kick in. you'll know when something is wrong. people have to stop fearing making the phone call and making the call. >> trish: i can remember being with the kids at disney a few years back. it was a short time before the
1:41 pm
orlando attack. i was at the disney village. i was surprised, steve. there were tons and tons of people there. it was a disney property. you could walk in with no bags bei being examined. it was different than the theme parks where you had to show your stuff and there were security officers there. i would imagine that this might be on their list, too, to really try to ensure the safety of everyone in all aspects of disney. you might have to go through the security checks. >> yeah. may not be that innovative. i'm not suggesting they should open your bags and move in. so many different -- so much technology out there that could say hey, there's something wrong here. dogs can sniff something that is not right. >> and it's worth it for them. if something happens, their business will suffer. >> you're right. >> trish: badly. >> think about that. we're so used to being reactionary. kudos to disney for doing it.
1:42 pm
>> trish: good to see. thanks very much. why is president obama appearing to criticize president trump now? why, where and how did it happen? it's fueling a fierce debate. he's overseas doing this. we'll talk about it after this.
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1:45 pm
>> trish: former president obama joining prince harry and raising some eyebrows about his comments over social media. many believe he took some jabs at president trump. rich edson has more. >> good afternoon, trish. we've seen very little of president trump here this week. his holiday at mar-a-largo. the president did just speak to the west palm beach fire and rescue station. he spoke about the tax reform law. mostly the president has opinion communicating with americans over twitter on this holiday break. that's something that his predecessor, president obama, mentioned in that interview with prince harry and the bbc warning world leaders about their social media use. >> all of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet. one of the dangers of the
1:46 pm
internet is that people can have entirely different realities. they can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases. it's also harder to be as on noxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet. >> president trump's use of social media has often been criticized, whether it's pressuring cabinet members publicly or goding leaders. the president has said it's modern day presidential to use twitter and he made the argument on twitter. >> trish: of course. thanks so much, rich. should a former president be criticizing a sitting president while he's over seas? joining me right now, radio show host, alex lawson and republican
1:47 pm
strategist, chris pruhdome. interesting. you're on foreign soil and you take a few jabs at the sitting president? >> it's important to show strength in america for any sitting president, any political party should not tuck about any president, i should say, sitting president in office. we need to show reverence and show strength as americans. at the end of the day, another on country. we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. we have to show constraint. we don't want relationships being constrained overseas especially in foreign affairs. that said, alex, one could be reading too much into this. maybe he was just making generalized comments about news flow these days and maybe it wasn't such a pointed attack at president trump. how do you interpret it?
1:48 pm
>> i didn't see a pointed attack at all. i think this is definitely a lot about a very little thing. if he was to mention president trump and his use of twitter, i think that president obama should have done it by name and that i don't think there's anything wrong with that. i think that the discussion of what is presidential when it comes to public facing statements is a fair thing for everybody to talk about. >> trish: well, do you not like his use of twitter, alex? >> you know, i -- platform is fine with me. i think it is interesting to be able to have that sort of access to the president. but i think that the way that president trump uses it is -- can it be bullying and it can be extremely dangerous. with geo political stuff, that should stay off of twitter. i think that that is not place -- that is not the forum for diplomacy or saber rattling.
1:49 pm
those kind of uses of twitter are reckless. and i think that that is open to criticism. >> trish: chris, do you agree with that or you think that this is a new day and age, a new medium. our president has an opportunity to talk directly to the people and he doesn't have to get filtered by us here in the media and something to be said for that and the power of that for him. >> president trump being different in personality and who he is. he has set a unique different standard, this is twitter. so this is 2000 and going to 2018 now in a couple days. so it's different technology, a new way. he's able to interact with people. you have celebrities like kathie lee griffin that did what she did with his head. that's totally disrespectful. that's an entire dynamic. so doing what he's doing on twitter, relaying information directly to the people.
1:50 pm
in my eyes, it's more tangible. you can see what he says -- >> trish: it's not as though he gives a speech and the media cuts a little bit from it and decides that's the headline. he's delivering the headline himself. it's new and refreshing and excites his base. >> that's right. >> trish: i say that he almost single handedly saved twitter. because you want to know the headlines what the president is thinking, you have to check twitter these days. >> and he has a lot of followers as well. >> trish: do kanye west and kim kardshian just give millennials a major market lesson? we'll talk about it after this.
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>> trish: from gold digger to stock ticker. kanye west found the perfect gift for his wife, kim kardshian. giving her hundreds of thousands of stocks in companies like disney, amazon and apple. we're going to cat and ron and the big question is, well, cat, what do you think? is this going to get more young people interested in investing? >> well, first of all, this is super cool. she captioned it best husband alert. normally i hate something like that. if he's giving you hundreds of thousands of stock, that's okay. a recent wells fargo survey this year said that 53% of
1:54 pm
millennials say they wouldn't feel comfortable investing in the stock market. so not just now but never. they need to think about it. it's doing very well under president trump. >> yeah. they could have earned some money if they put it in on election night. ron, you know, i will say that while you're right, cat has a nice gift and there's something impersonal about it. i don't know if i want it for my christmas gift. that said, it's getting people talking. you're looking at a market near 25,000 now. you're looking at kanye west and kim kardshian talking about stocks. people are saying, should i get in? >> you should get in. if it takes kanye and kim kardshian to talk about stocks to get young people invested, that's fine with me. what i'd recommend, start small. there's stash. you can invest $5 and watch it grow. you'll get more comfortable with it and put in more money and put in a little bit each paycheck
1:55 pm
and watch your portfolio grow. you can pick the funds and see which ones work and perform well. the important thing is young people need to get in the door. you're losing out on opportunities. we already have unaffordable housing and high college costs. what we need to do is saving and investing correctly to make up for these others problems. >> sure. cat, kanye, i wouldn't have necessarily thought of him as a stock picker. i'm sure he's getting good advice though. he came up with some interesting plays. he had apple, disney, amazon. three companies that, you know, obviously have done well recently. may continue to do so. how much does his stock picking you think affect young people that are looking to pick stocks themselves? >> those are expensive stocks, guys. this was a $200,000 -- more than $200,000 christmas gift. i've never gotten a gift like that. got some nice stuff but never anything like that. but you know --
1:56 pm
>> trish: the kardshians are all over the top. >> millennials don't trust themselves. they remember the great depression. they have student loans. they're getting something smaller. it can be kind of fun. >> trish: yeah. i'm surprised actually that you haven't seen more millennials doing this. it may have something to do with during the last eight years it's been challenging economically. but nonetheless, the market did okay and the market is going gang busters lately. you'd think they want to participate in the fun? >> yeah. most of us are in college or in college when the big stock crash happened. most people tell us it's like gambling. unless you have role models telling people what to do and saying listen, this worked for me, can work for you, that's what needs to happen. i think these stocks are fine. i wouldn't pick them. the important thing is that young people need to know to diversify. get some aggressive stocks. some that are techie and fast growth but don't be afraid to
1:57 pm
get some bonds that will perform better than your bank account. get the money that you're trying to save out of your bank account to something that will grow for you and your family. >> are millennials -- they're lucky if they have a job, right? >> right. saving is stuff. student loan debt is a huge barrier to save let alone invest. like ron said, even a small amount is good to get started. that's the only way your money will grow. >> i do think it has a lot to do with this generational challenge that millennials have felt. you look at even marriage, for example, among millennials are low. a lot are still living at home. a lot of this has economic consequences. there's certain economic commitments made that feedback into the overall comply and millennials, if they're at home and on their computer and living off of mom and dad are not
1:58 pm
participating enough in that economy. >> yeah, i don't think that is happening as much as sort of the headlines would tell you. a lot of young people, millennials, we're seeing them be the future of the work force around be innovative. many of them have $5 a week to save and start to invest with, that's the important thing. doesn't need to be $1,000 right away. the whole point is to learn. you have to learn how to invest so when you do make money in the future, you can do it wisely. that's the big part of it. listen, millennials aren't these like basement-dwelling lazy people that people make us out to be. >> you guys aren't. >> listen, young people in general are not. they want a future. the issue, yes, this economy is tough for young people in general even though it's doing better. housing prices are off the charts. we need policy makers to do something about that. in lou of that, make good decisions on your own. that's what we're hoping this will inspire. >> indeed. >> i'm unmarried and not close to married. i'm not going to blame that on the economy. >> trish: save $5 a week and put
1:59 pm
it in stocks, right? new year's resolution time. >> great gift. >> trish: i'm trying to encourage my kids to do this in all seriousness. it's very important to think about the habits when you're young. think about savings and think about what a bank account can do for you and maybe even investing a little bit along the way. you know, never too young. never too young. >> do it on your phone. >> i agree. >> trish: good to see you guys. have a very happy new year. make sure you tune in -- well, tune in tonight, first of all. >> i will be in on martha on "the story" here on fox news tonight. join me tomorrow on "the intelligence report" on the fox business network. i will also be back again right here at 4:00 p.m. on the fox news channel in for neil tomorrow. it's a busy week. "the five" is next.
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