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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 28, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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of mayhem and disorderly conduct. what? that is terrible. rob: they say fashion shouldn't be a crime. it was. jillian: thanks for watching. have a good day. >> at least 40 are dead and dozens more injured after a bombing attack overnight in kabul, afghanistan. fox news is told no u.s. or coalition troops were hurt. many of the victims are students. >> caught red-handed, china accused of illegally selling north korea oil defying u.n. sanctions. >> we need to tighten the screws on china now obviously. they are not doing their part. >> president trump wins the award for the worst, most negative coverage conducted by pew research center. >> with an interview with the soon to be married prince harry former president obama took aim at president trump's twitter habit. >> the notion you are going to attack the president for using twitter is akin for attacking fdr or using new fangled radio for fire side
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chat. >> law enforcement officials say get ready to see security like you have never is he seen it before all across the country. ♪ ♪ the applause, ♪ the applause brian: i believe this is a song we have done before. lisa: we have applause for you, brian because you are back. how was christmas? brian: christmas was good. you have been down holding down the fort. lisa: we have been trying. it's been hard without you brian. i'm sure people miss you. brian: put it this way i think we both know all of us know that you can't get away from it. because this president, especially the velocity of the news does not stop. lisa: it never slows. brian: you guys have been holding it down. we will be working on it throughout the alcohol channel today. first things first. people before we can say goodbye to 2017.
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people are still looking at the last president and the first president. and, of course, they are comparing president trump and president obama. and it's really an interview that president obama, former president obama did in september with prince harry that's making news today. lisa: um-huh. take a listen. >> all of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet. one of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. they can be just cacooned in information that reinforces their current biases. it's also, by the way, harder to be as obnoxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet. internet. brian: this was done in september. todd: it just aired now. drama whether he will inviolator president obama to his wedding.
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lisa: he is engaged to meghan markle which i'm disappointed about because he is officially off the market. leland: i thought you were disappointed because you won't get invited. lisa: probably not. leland: saw him in paris criticizing president trump saying there is no leadership anymore and president trump is taking a backseat as relates to climate change. not going after him by name but veiled reference about twitter. so different, for example, than when george w. bush left office. he said, look, former presidents, essentially, should be seen not heard, i'm out, i'm done. i'm going to my ranch. president obama just doesn't want to leave it. lisa: also hypothetical to come from president obama he is one of the most decisive presidents that we h he was extremely partisan. you see things like racial tensions increase exponentially under his watch. it's not like he was this great uniter that brought both parties together. i mean, he was very divisive president. brian: we do know that
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president trump is gone after president obama quite a lot and president obama has gone after president bush a lot. dick cheanel went of a president obama a lot. president bush 43 would not do it. 42 and 41 got along pretty well. bill clinton was critical of presidenpresident bush. lisa: i think we have the tweet here at home. leland: on january 20th the day trump was inaugurated estimated 35,000 isis fighters held approximately 17,000 square miles of territory in both iraq and syria. as of 12/21 the u.s. military estimates the remaining 1,000 or so fighters occupy roughly 18900 square miles. that was president trump tweeting out, talking -- and this is one of the things he has been hammering home. promise made about destroying isis. we a lot of sound bites yesterday going back through that promise kept now, mosul defeated, raqqa defeated isis on the run. brian: president obama's i
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was starting to put the coalition together. this president changed the rules of engagement. lisa: we have also seen the 98% of lost territory from isis, 50% of that happened over the past 11 months alone. so there has been great ground made under president trump. and president trump, as you guys remember, president trump ran on roll back president obama's legacy. that's what he campaigned on. he sure has followed through with that you look at the individual mandate gone. the obamacare contraceptive mandate gone. you look at even on policies like immigration, going after sanctuary cities, something so different than president obama. the paris climate deal. corner stone of president obama's legacy. moving forward on the pipelines. keystone xl, dakota access pipelines as well you look on something like trade pulling out of tpp, net neutrality regulations which is supposed to be the end of times. fortunately that hasn't happened. we're still here. brian: here's the problem.
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if you go out, i think president trump going to do what he says he is going to do. if you go out and say i'm going to undo my predecessor. then if president trump loses four years or eight years. next guy going to come in and say i will will undo the other one. at some point president trump's tweet right before christmas leads to that point. have you got to say enough about the other guy. let's start doing something across party lines to we don't unravel it. leland: it was 2016 president obama was still looking backwards and saying i couldn't get everything done. brian: is that right? leland: may not make it right. brian: that's what i'm talking about making it right. lisa: there are legacy items live on. tax reform. very doubtful the democratic party if they come in are going to want to roll back tax breaks and tax cuts for 80 pierce of middle class families. that simply likely is not going to happen. particularly if you get something done on infrastructure or some of these other things. leland: infrastructure is
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hard to dismantle, right? lisa: surely pulling back the deregulation another president can come in. brian: president trump would do a lot better in the next few years if he doesn't go out after president obama as much. don't put your chin out 365 days a year. i think it will help his overall approval rating and help other republicans if that's what he is looking to do. president obama has a great way about him. he has a presence about him. so he is personally very popular. what you do is go after the policies. if you want to maximize political gain in my humble opinion. but, when people were asked about what top concerns for this year, i'm fascinated to see that healthcare, number one, amongst americans, according to this poll, second is taxes, which, of course, was just addressed. now, immigration 27%. climate change 18%. education, economy, racism, trump is a major issue. unemployment record lows and terrorism which is being attacked. but healthcare, such key.
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mitch mcconnell says leave it alone, mr. president. i don't think we should touch it we got burned in 2017. president trump said a couple days ago oh yeah i'm going back there. lisa: leave it alone for repealing. stabilize the marketplace we have senators alexander and murray who have come together with a subsidy piece of legislation. senator susan collins was promised a vote on this for her vote on tax reform. so mitch mcconnell is saying i don't want to modify forward with obamacare repeal. but he is not saying i don't want to do anything on obamacare. for those republicans who wanted to see repeal happen, you know, of course, you have every right to be disappointed you are likely not going to see that. leland: repeal happened when the individual mandate was repealed. that brings up a very important point. americas now view as republicans as owning healthcare. 48% say that's the most important thing. they now attorneys essentially. they tried to do something with it, didn't work.
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then now you have president trump saying hey, we lived up to our deal, we repealed the individual mandate. you are going to have another whole nine months now of people seeing what happens to their healthcare costs and then it's republicans who are going to be responsible for that in 2018. brian: i don't look at the mandate as unraveling obamacare. i don't look at republicans owning healthcare. i think republicans are responsible for making healthcare affordable. and if they put something forward, if it's the murray -- i haven't looked at it that close because we went over quickly, switched gears quickly to taxes but the murray-alexander compromise would pass the senate if you put it there i'm not sure it would pass the house if you put it out there, that would mute the call and get people working together. there is nothing more personal that lacks politics more than healthcare because it -- if you get cancer, we will be talking about this later, if you got a cold, if you are going to the doctor, you twist an ankle, there is no politics in the waiting room. leland: they are all personal and god knows that the "new york times" and every other news organization loves doing
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stories where they highlight those people. they also love highlighting individual immigration cases. that was another thing that was on this list. 27% say they thought immigration was the top issue. now, you got these liberal governors, both on the east coast and the west coast. jerry brown, cuomo here in new york. really define the president. pardoning 61 people ahead of the new year. including 18 immigrants. what's different is that we always see pardons right before the christmas holidays. in this case both brown and cuomo very specifically saying this is about politics. this is about defying president trump. i am the protecter of president trump. shocking or not shocking that both of these guys have ambitions. lisa: we saw someone bike rahm emanuel. mayor of chicago, who also defied president trump on immigration policy. specifically sanctuary cities. i do think, you know, a lot of this is setting themselves up for future ambitions. wanting to run again.
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and then they can go to their liberal base and say i was the guy that stood up to president trump. i was the personal who fought for you, fought for you hispanic voters. that's really what a lot of this is about for some of these folks. brian: these guys decide what's more important american citizen or illegal. you want him housed here. taken care of here. using all the social money for people who aren't officially here. that will be a very, very blunts republican and democrat issue how they view illegal immigration. jillian mele no doubt about it, shine 5 to 6. can you keep did going 6 to 9. jillian: i will do my best only because you are here today. brian: you didn't try for lisa and leland. jillian: al little. lisa: i'm a little hurt. jillian: you have to make it special when brian is here. all right. we do have some serious news to get to though starting with this fox news alert. at least 40 people are dead and dozens more injured in
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what is being called a crime against humanity in afghanistan. multiple attackers storming a shiite cultural center and news agency in kabul. at least one suicide bomber setting off his device in a packed crowd of students. fox news is told no u.s. coalition troops were hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but isis has been setting up attacks on shiites in recent months. the happiest place on earth is back up and running after a massive power outage. some disney land tourists were stranded for more than 20 minutes on rides as workers fixed a transformer issue. the outage affecting more than a dozen rides during one of the park's busiest weeks. a majority those attractions back um and running within 60 minutes. but some were down for five hours. millions of americans from york to las vegas will be under the highest level of security as they ring in 2018. the nypd is beefing up its counter terrorism unit in times square as 1 million people pack in to watch the annual ball drop. this comes on the heels of a new threat from isis.
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urging fighters to kill drunk partiers. lawmakers also approving more than $350,000 for new year's eve security in response to the las vegas mass scer. law enforcement not the only ones preparing. crews in new york city just finished installing nearly 3,000 crystals on the times square ball. that looks good there, doesn't it, guys? brian: pro-crystal. leland: we can all get on board with that. lisa: thanks, jillian. leland: is america headed for a showdown with china. what are spy satellites just caught them doing. lisa: the other foreign policy hot spots to watch for in the new year next. brian: plus, just when you thought you've heard it all from the p.c. police turns out farmer's markets are racist. leland: everything is. lisa: i wonder how that's possible ♪ dead of night ♪ break my plans, baby ♪ that's all right ♪ this is a drop everything
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call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be. call geico ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it all starts with a wish. the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. brian: get, this u.s. spy slights reportedly capturing image of chinese ships selling toil north korea. this happening dozens of times in the past few months from companies that were sanctioned by us. what does this mean for our relationship overall with china now that we have
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pictures to prove it? here with more including a breakdown of the foreclosure policy hot spot, likely to be pref length in 2018, fox news foreign policy analyst qur'an skinner. when it comes to china, this is damning, right? >> absolutely. what's so damning about this is the u.n. security council resolution on north korea in as i wanted prohibits shipments to north korea. if they are looking the other way, it puts the chinese government in violation of that security council resolution. and, in fact, makes it a supporter of illegal smuggling but furthermore, it makes it a supporter of
3:18 am
north korea's nuclear blackmail program. brian: the fact we know about it we want the rest of the world to see what we see which is an interesting employeeploy, too. north korea, start cracking down letting sanctions sink in. they were the number one issue for president trump in 2017, will it be in 2018? >> yes, it will be. and the president needs the chinese to be an honest broker in this process. because most of north korea's petroleum products come from china. if china would comply it would absolutely hurt the north korean regime. so the administration is going to be front and center on both china and north korea. brian: russia has to step up too. russia has to stop. there is indications that some of their nuclear scientists are the ones expediting their nuclear program. next, when it comes to isis, we need to blow them out
3:19 am
once and for all out of afghanistan and destroy them as they head towards damascus and syria. are we going to? >> yes. absolutely. the military defeat of isis is a number one issue in the new year as well. they are probably about 1,000, no more than 3,000 isis fighters left in syria. and iraq. but, the fact that there are any left is of concern. the territorial defeat of isis is not enough. because isis has spread to other countries and is doing enormous damage and has the potential to do more. for example, it's in sinai, the philippines, libya, yemen, parts of the african continent. afghanistan. these are the hot spots of the world. isis is not the only extremist group there. but it's inspiring those that exist and others as
3:20 am
well. brian: perception was a year and a half ago they were winning. a lot of people don't think they are winning right now. thousands in afghanistan. now there are hundreds. same thing in syria. so at least it's trending in the right direction. finally, a key move, we decided to send lethal weapons to the ukraine as they fight on in russia. now they will begin to pay more of a price. don't you think, the russians? >> absolutely. the russians are going to face a level of lethality that they haven't seen in the crisis in ukraine with the u.s. deliveries of antitank weapons. and the u.s. commitment to shore up the crew rainyians as they attempt to stay a sovereign nation in fact. brian: going to be interesting as vladimir putin pretends to van election. kiron skinner, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: this mom arrested for carrying her gun even though she has a permit. now she is taking her fight
3:21 am
to washington to make sure this doesn't happen to you. she will join us live next. plus, more bad news for the nfl. mark cuban there is a thing about a bad deal. he says he wouldn't invest in the league. it's going in the wrong direction. do you believe him? as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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♪ brian: welcome back, everyone. quick terror headlines starting with an afox news alert. isis fighter american accent thought to be american calling on muslims to living in the u.s. to carry out terror attacks. unmasked man holding a pistol. telling supporters to take advantage of u.s. gun laws. he also has crutches so it looks like we hurt him. it was not clear where or when it was recorded. and a supermarket bombing now listed as an act of terrorism by russian president vladimir putin. homemade device packed with
3:25 am
shrapnel tearing through the store in the city of st. petersburg. 13 people were indeed hurt. no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility. remember, putin called president trump early this month thanking him for a tip to help stop another russian bombing which would have been an act of terror. let's go over the rail and downstairs to leland and lisa. leland: here we are. a pennsylvania mother taking her battle for gun rights all the way to washington. lisa: we have shah neon allen arrested after she crossed state lines into new jersey. she is from pennsylvania. she had her gun with her. she was unaware that her conceal carry permit wouldn't transfer between states. she spent 48 days in jail. after appearing on "fox & friends" about three years ago, she eventually got pardoned by new jersey governor chris christie a year later. leland: allen is now calling on senate republicans to pass the conceal carry reciprocity act just passed by the house. joining us now shah neon allen. shah neon, nice to be with
3:26 am
you. good morning. a lot of support in the house of representatives for this. it's a much heavier lift in the senate, especially considering have you got to get to 60. what are you hearing from republican senators about the chance of this actually getting through the senate? >> well, i'm not hearing much nowadays. but i know right now that we basically have to get this bill to the senate. and they -- right now, they just basically need to get -- put their money where their mouth is and just get on top of this bill. these officials, they came into office. they sworn on, you know, made an oath on the bible that they would uphold certain laws and do different things for the people and they are not doing it so, they need to either get on board or get out of office. lisa: shah neon, you spent 48 days in jail. you said you are a mother. clearly that had an impact on your family. can you tell us a little bit
3:27 am
about, you know, what happened and the impact and toll that's had on you and your family? >> well, it's had a big impact. my kids, drove into new jersey to throw my 3-year-old a birthday party. and i had my firearm on me and i explained to the police and let them know that i'm licensed to carry and i have a firearm on marinmeand they immediately arrested me for 38 days. every time i walk out the door they don't know if i'm going to be taken away from them when i'm carrying to protect myself and protect them. the reasonable i bought a firearm, a lot of people may not know. this i got robbed twice in the same month in philadelphia in front of city hall where there are a lot of police officers. i still got robbed. i bought a firearm to protect myself and me and my children to. get arrested a week later
3:28 am
without using the firearm. lisa: a week later after you were robbed. >> a week later i bought a firearm and was arrested for 48 days. leland: the president is a big advocate of the second amendment. this is something the nra certainly in favor of. they said it's a real priority. and pretty amazing this is the first piece of sort of meaningful gun legislation after the massacre in las vegas. something that actually increases people's second amendment rights. you support president trump not only on this but other things. give us a sense of what you think of his leadership on this. >> >> i do support donald trump. people may not know this as well. but i was there making phone calls in the beginning when he was running. and trying to do everything that i can to get more people to vote for him. i can't comment on everything that he is doing right now. because i try to stay away from tv as much as possible.
3:29 am
i thank him for what he has done. he is bringing change. that's what i wanted. by me being 31 years old and being able to vote for a second time in my lifetime, i can see the change. by him being on this bill, i hope he will sign this bill. i know he will. because he is progun. and i got a chance to go see him at one of his rallies. very excited to see what's going to happen. lisa: we are glad you are safe. thanks for sharing your story with us and being here this morning. >> thank you. i appreciate it. leland: shah neon, we will see if she is in the rose garden. if it makes it through the senate for the bill signing. lisa: yeah. new move as the state moves towards sanctuary status. leland: we showed you this yesterday a couple of times. vanity fair suggestions for hillary clinton's new year's resolution. lisa: this is a good one. >> take up a new hobby in
3:30 am
the new year. volunteer work, knitting. >> improv comedy. literally anything that will keep from you running again. leland: not everyone thought this was funny. the fallout and what vanity fair is doing about it next. ♪ ♪ let out your inner child at the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2017 is turbo for $299 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person,
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>> it's time to start working on your sequel to your book what happened. what the hell happened. >> get someone on your tech staff to disable auto fill on iphone so that typing an f doesn't become form exploratory committee for 2020. >> take up a new hobby in the new year, volunteer work, knitting. >> improv comedy. literally anything that will keep from you running again. >> to finally put away your james comey have do doll. we all know that you think james comey cost you the election and he might have. so do a lot of other things. it's a year later and time to move on. >> cheers to you, hillary clinton. >> cheers to you, hillary. lisa: this is pretty funny. we were watching this yesterday and showed this video yesterday. vanity fair staffers taking some shots across the bough at hillary clinton. and, you know, they have been an advocate of hers. very supportive of hillary clinton. taking a shot at her. her supporters aren't taking it so well,.
3:34 am
brian: brian they are posing as sexist for telling her to take up knitting. maybe you georges-hunt go after someone who was vanquished and lost. the thing was rigged or the russians played a role. vanity fair got all this backlash considering for the most part just jumping all over president trump. i find this astounding. his lives i find it funny. it's pretty good. leland: people burning their vanity fair magazines and saying they were going to cancel their subscriptions it shows you what the outrage will do. vanity fair caved in less than 24 hours. this is what vanity fair says. it was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark. lisa: when have we ever heard a response like that from, you know, late night comedians or "saturday night live." taken numerous shots at president trump or his family. and his staffers as well. they have gotten backlash, they have taken it way other the lines with kellyanne conway, some of those skits.
3:35 am
and never once have we seen them forced to apologize or say hey, maybe we crossed the line here. of course they do it for hillary clinton. leland: note worthy though, it was the people getting angry at vanity fair are the people vanity fair care about. all the liberal celebrities that they cover and that they do stories about. those are the ones who are tweeting about it. and suddenly you have that from vanity fair. brian brian there will be a great deal. get more subscriptions equal opportunity offender and attempt at humor and let people be the judge. now let's move on nfl verse source the nba. mark cuban was asked. now that the carolina panthers are up for sale and p. diddy shows some interest. what about you? you want to get into the basic. in the past have you talked about getting into football. he said something i find somewhat disingenuous. lisa: why do you think it's disingenuous. leland: mark cuban disingenuous? put the quote up. why why buy an nfl team if i think the league is in decline? there is no team i would want other than the
3:36 am
mavericks, certainly no football team in the universe. there is not even a close second. what i'm going to say to my son and his friends or my daughters and her friends, oh, yeah, football is dangerous for you buy i bought a football team. i know i'm a hypocrite from time to time but i really, really try not to be -- you don't buy, this brian. lisa: why do you think it's disingenuous? brian: number one. you have a league that's trending upward. i give them tremendous credit for. steve popovich comes out against the president, that's fine. that's after or before the game. when you watch nba game you don't see politics. for the most part they are all standing during the national anthem. they had an issue 10 years ago. they handled it lebron james very anti-trump. he does it after or before the game. he doesn't put it in your face. what the nfl did was hurt itself by kaepernick taking a knee and following in his wake during the game, making everyone talk about it if you look at the trends, nba is trending up 1.8.
3:37 am
the nfl might be down 9%. but still getting 6.7. it's not even close in terms of value. leland: you are talking about the rating numbers. brian: and value. leland: that said though the ratings have been tanking as you point out. brian: down 9%. leland: the nba has cancelled the final sunday night game of the year. you don't cancel things if they're doing really well and you don't think you can -- brian: compared to the nba. lisa: i think this whole thing is a shame. have you so many americans spending their hard earned money just to go to a game to take their kid to a game to enjoy something. politics has infected every aspect of society these days and people just want a break. they want u. just want to have fun and want something light. they just want to enjoy a sunday with friends, a girlfriend or boyfriend. taking their kid to a game. and now it's been infected by politics. i think it's really sad and very disappointing.
3:38 am
brian: head injuries this year pun intended. work being done than ever before. a lot of stars hurt thisser year. hurt the league. sports illustrate straighted said carnage that's true it hurts the league. number two with the kneeling. the nfl is the most valued franchise in the entire world. more valued than the nba. mark cuban would jump at a chance to get in at that opening. the owners would not give him a franchise because is he too flamboyant and out there. leland: a lot of owners who make a lot of news. speaking of news, jillian is here with some headlines for the morning. jillian: also just real quick i don't think sunday night football would be cancelled if it weren't new year's eve. ratings aren't high on new year's eve anyway. i rest my case. brian: deal or no deal with the nfl? jillian: we will see how that reads. we do have news. and brand new 911 calls
3:39 am
showing the chaos deadly amtrak derailment. survivors begging for help in washington state. >> 911, what are you reporting? >> we have been in an amtrak train accident. is it. >> we're south of tacoma. north of limp i can't. tons of people are hurt. >> there are bodies laying everywhere. >> three people killed and more than 100 hurt when the train flew off the tracks and plunged into traffic. the ntsb still trying to figure out why the train was going 50 miles over the speed limit. illegal immigrants catching a break in california. the orange county sheriff's department will no longer check immate's immigration status. deputies also will not alert ice agents of undocumented offenders. this in coordination with the so-called sanctuary state bill that goes into effect on january 1st. it essentially prohibits local police officers from helping enforce immigration laws. you can now add farmer's
3:40 am
markets to the list of things liberals consider racist. two professors at san diego state university slamming those markets calling them, quote, white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized. they also claim markets cater to rich households which raise property values and displace people of color. take a look, a grandma has the time of her life playing a virtual reality "star wars" game. >>] screams] jillian: granny wearing goggles and holding a light sabre. her grand kid's video game. no word though on if she was able to beat the famous villain. regardless, she is having the time of her life. lisa: it looks like it. brian: i never watch "star wars." lisa: i don't either. i haven't either. we will get a bunch of
3:41 am
texts. leland: yet we all had to say we have nothing. president trump, while he got his historic tax reform passed. that's not exactly how democrats see it. >> have you got to pay extra attention to what he does because he is a bait and switch con man. leland: wow. so will these brutal remarks back fire on the left? debate next. brian: and the congresswoman accused of stealing a first class seat on a plane has a long history of behaving badly. she was once called the meanest member of congress. her bad reputation revealed coming straight ahead ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad bad bad bad ♪ bad bad bad bad ♪ bad bad bad bad ♪ bad to the bone ♪ sometimes a cough gets in the way of a good night's sleep.
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3:45 am
add gaming disorder to their list of classified diseases next year. it auto could be diagnosed if gaming impairs with functions like things personal relationships, education, and even your job. lisa: president trump's tax cuts already paying off. experts predicting an economic boon and a surge of new jobs. that's not stopping democrats from attacks like this. >> i have said all along that this president is a con man. he gives you something that might sound sweet but you know it's going to be bitter in the end. you have got to pay extra attention to what he does. he is a bait and switch con man. lisa: will smears like that back fire on them? here to debate it is former managing director of the democratic congressional campaign committee taryn rosen controlled substance and g.o.p. strategist chris. how are you. >> great. how are you? >> hi, thanks for having me.
3:46 am
lisa: taryn, i want to start with you. liberal group saying a family of four making $75,000 could save an estimated $2,000, perhaps even more, depending on the age of the children. so, do you really think is it democrats' plan to go out on the campaign trail and say that that's not a good thing? >> absolutely. because we're exposing what's really going on. the reality. lisa: saving? tax cuts? >> i'm sorry, wait. let me say the reality is that over 80% of these tax cut go to the wealthiest 1%. that means billionaires. okay? we want to make sure that we say that the truth is that in the short-term there may be a small gain for you, but over 53%, it's 53% of all americans will actually face a tax hike. while the big corporations and the millionaires and billionaires will continue to have that permanent tax cut. lisa: that was because. >> and democrats who will have. lisa: taryn, you know,. >> the truth is.
3:47 am
lisa: tarren, hold on. >> hard working americans get tax increase. >increase. lisa: taryn, hold on. >> yes. lisa: you also know the reason why there is a sun set provision is the fact that republicans were using the reconciliation process. do you really think that democrats, after that time span suspect, do you really think that republicans and democrats are going to be on board with not letting those tax cuts continue? >> i think republicans and democrat will have to answer to the $1 trillion in debt that they added to these tax cuts for big corporations and millionaires. not for hard-working americans. i absolutely think they are going to have to answer to the impact that 53% of americans will face a tax hike. don't be fooled: lisa: chris, i want to get you in here. despite what taryn is saying we also know, again, the tax policy center as i had mentioned a family of four, saving $2,000 or more. they say that 80% of americans, middle class americans. but i said why?
3:48 am
80% of americans are going to see middle class families are going to see tax cuts. the only problem republicans have right now though, chris, is that "wall street journal" is saying that only 17% of americans know they are getting a tax cut. so what are republicans going to do to get that message out and are you worried that americans aren't going to know heading to the mid terms that they are going to see a tax cut? >> no, i'm certainly not worried about that. you said it best yourself. the relate is. this here's what it comes down to there are certain provisions that does not allow the senate to extend it past the new year. that's what the senate needs to know. they are making this elaborate scheme sound like it's so bad. lisa: is it working? >> messaging does need to be more effective. there are organizations such as coke industry and freedom partners going out there plawning tours to do. this look, here is the bottom line. people are sick and tired of this nonsense and this rhetoric. can you play politics all day long on the hill, but don't play politics with the american people's lives. people want to start seeing
3:49 am
things get done. they have finally have something plirnd. this is tax reform. and it effects all incomes, all tax brackets. and that's what this is most important about. i tell people all the time don't listen to me or anybody else. speaker ryan said it best, take a picture of your paycheck today, take a picture of your paycheck in february and that speaks the difference. whatever amount it is, it's all saving something. it's extra gas in your tank. it's extra groceries and extra money to pay additional bills. that is what it comes down to. the proof is in the pudding and it speaks for itself. lisa: one thing we know we will be hearing more of this. soon we will see how this all plays out but i appreciate you guys joining us this morning and have a great day. >> thanks for having me. lisa: thanks, guys. all right. well the congresswoman accused of stealing a first class seat on a plane has a long history of behaving badly. she was once called the meanest member of congress. not a good title there. her reputation revealed coming up. you guys are going to want to watch that also huge
3:50 am
break throughs in cancer research. doctors have their eyes on for 2013. a leading lung cancer researcher joins us live next. and corey join us. stay tuned. ♪ tada!
3:51 am
3:52 am
hello there friend! hi! hey there. i'm an imaginary friend of a kid just like you. you're going through a lot right now and i know you're scared. but you're stronger than you know. but look, we'll get through this together. and remember... we at the imaginary friends society always have your back!
3:53 am
lisa: welcome back. season of giving. medical advances new year that can help save millions of lives. leland: dr. mark siegel specializes in treatment of the director research program at cancer institute. he joins us with a look ahead at 2018. joe biden is talking about
3:54 am
the cancer moon shot to cure cancer. is there a chance 2018 is the game changer? >> i don't think any year will cure cancer. we have certainly made a lot of advances in the last few years. the next year and next five years we will see major advances across the board. tumors both adults and kids. brian: talk about immunotherapy first. what is it? >> this is a story last couple years taken on a lot of excitement. basically the idea is to boost our immune systems to fight cancer. we have therapies patients can come in and receive. come into and turn on their bodies. lung cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma. head and neck cancer. quite amazing. little his there are a lot of families struggling with this and feel the impact of cancer with a family member. you talk about precision medicine. what are we looking toward that in 2018. >> this is the idea of trying to get into the cancer at the genetic level and understanding what makes it tick and give patients therapies, often pills that
3:55 am
target those genetic switches and turn them off. very precise way of controlling cancer. lisa: and as a woman, there can even be early test for breast cancer. tell us about. >> we have always had screening like mammography. the question is can we find cancer earlier. not just breast cancer cancer but lung cancer. screening. the next waive is do you blood tests find genetic switches in patient's blood patients that don't have cancer and people who are healthy and predict if they will develop cancer. brian: will everybody have a shot at the latest therapy if they have cancer regardless? >> i firmly believer that today if you are diagnosed with cancer, a family member, you should be able to walk into any clinic and get access to the latest in these therapies. they should be available to everybody. leland: for so long, doc, we keep hearing that causes cancer. that causes cancer. can you do this to prevent your risk. are we starting to seat evenings of those now in these years of cancer rates going down or is it a race
3:56 am
against time, you still have to deal with the treatment on the other side? >> yeah. it's a great question. you are talking about things like diet and exercise. and we do see advances in those kind of strategies. but it still is early to know, you know, a certain diet or a certain form of exercise will prevent a certain type of cancer. those things are healthy lifestyle hantsd. they are good for all of our health. brian: drinking red wine on prevention. the self-d.n.a. kits. help decide where your family is trending. where you might be more success accept continual where you are from. >> right now i think the big story has been you can find out you have a lost relative and not predict that you have cancer. that could be the trend if we identify signals and then one day you are doing kits at home kind of scary to think about what that could mean how to interpret that. obviously a healthcare teen needs to be involved in that. could be heading in that direction. brian: cool. dr. spigel thanks so much. good luck. >> thank you. brian: coming up next two hours. failed presidential candidate howard dean attacking the president. he called him criminal.
3:57 am
>> i feel this guy, i have said for a long time, i think he is running a criminal enterprise out of the white house. i think that's what bob mueller is on the track of. brian: next hour former doj attorney dean didn't have anything to say when president obama's official was held in criminal contempt. leland: shocking. christmas is a time for giving and one major league baseball prospect is giving his parents a gift of a lifetime. paying off their mortgage. you don't want to miss this. they join us just ahead. >> of all the sacrifices you made to get me where i am. i want our family home to be yours. so i am -- crying] it's the final days of the ford year end sales event. ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey. ♪
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4:00 am
brian: before we say good why to 2017, people are still looking at the last president, president trump. lisa: president trump ran on rolling back president obama's legacy. >> caught red handed china accused of selling north korea oil, defying u.n. sanctions. >> if china is either looking the other way, or outright approving this kind of activity, it puts the chinese government in violation. >> president trump wins the award for the worst, most negative coverage. >> pew research center. >> regardless of where you are. law enforcement officials say get ready to see security like have you never seen it before all across the country. >> arizona diamondbacks
4:01 am
first baseman pafn smith paid off his parent's mortgage. >> all the sacrifices you have made i want our family home to be yours. ♪ ♪ ♪ turn my soul into a raging fire ♪ come now. brian: you get the sense we are still most of new york city is still on vacation. a lot of tourists, which explains the size of our crowds in the back. wild. lisa: it's crazy out there. brian: right around the block is the tree and of course the ball is going to be dropping just around the block. right now a lot of people took this week off. we are here right now and there is a lot going on. leland: there is a lot going on but more importantly, you are back. and donald is very glad to see you back. in fact, he emailed to say he is glad that you are back and evidently that you are dressed as well.
4:02 am
brian: i do want to remind people to get dressed in the morning. that's how we opened up this morning. i am dressed and ready to go. tonight after tucker i will tell you to get undressed. lisa: on tucker mark steyn and i are going to be doing the final exam. brian: on the year. lisa: we're doing the quiz. i hope you paul donna brazile and send me the questions in advance. leland: a big day for you guys. you are the hardest working people in television. brian: tucker carlson does a little quiz at the end where women never lose. leland: shannon bream. have you big shoes to fill. this year has been the year of the tweets. it's been a year of completely different way of the presidency the past vs. the present. the past goes away. president bush melted back to his ranch in crawford. president obama not so much he did this interview with prince harry where he talked in sort of veiled terms
4:03 am
about president trump. take a listen. >> >> all of us in leadership have to find ways in which we can recreate a common space on the internet. one of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different relates. they can be just cacooned in information that reinforces their current biases. it's also, by the way, harder to be as obnoxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet. brian: i actually think it's just the opposite. i think with the internet you can get a wide swath of opinions. you may choose not it do other things. for example, if you are waiting for the main networks to give you the news. not too long ago would and ratings through the roof. leland: you remember those times. brian: used to have one at 11:00 too. three networks and that was it now you have a chance to go wherever you want. that bothers people. you have a diversity of opinions. you could choose to be in a cacoon. i get that number two is i
4:04 am
actually think that -- i actually think that the president is in this respect. if you have somebody on that has differing opinions. i think people get angrier than ever. when people come on a network that's perceived one way or a show that's perceived another way. you bring on another opinion and don't go for the kill with that person, let that person talk. i have never seen such anger since doing the radio show as i feel now when people go -- just by expressing opinions. to me, i don't think you should have to switch channels to get other opinions. in one way president obama never liked the other side of it. lisa: i also think coming from president obama who was a very divisive president, a very partisan president, you know, his comments here fall flat to me. for president trump, he kind of has to use twitter though. he also used rallies. you look at the media coverage. you see study after study. brian: you think he was going after president trump on that. lisa: you see during the campaign as well as
4:05 am
throughout his presidency, he had to use twit to sir couple venting the media and get his message out. did he the same thing with his rallies as well of getting that message out. otherwise, voters would have known, you know, nothing that he. just yesterday, president trump tweeted and was trying to make the comparison, calling out president obama, specifically on the issue of isis and talking about the grounds that they have been able to remove from isis to take back, i think it's something like 98% and 50% of that happened over the last 11 months under his presidency. a lot of his presidency has been rolling back president obama and rolling back some of those regulations, the paris climate accord and the list goes on. leland: the list goes on. sanctuary cities. dakota access pipeline that president obama didn't like. each time you sort of waited for the president to hold his fire. you brought up paris climate change. it was in paris that president obama took a direct shot on donald trump just a couple of months ago. lisa: not happy about that.
4:06 am
leland: talking about how america has lost its leadership. everything that was rolled back, people going to hate and therefore, we're counting on history as democrats. we're going to pick up a lot of house seats. and a lot of senate seats in the 2018 mid terms. however, the democrats, before they get too excited, perhaps check the voter role numbers in two key states. the democrats really thought they needed to pick up, they need to pick up seats in florida, seats in pennsylvania. both states president trump won. take a look at the numbers. this is the decline in democrats on the voter rolls. democrats are not down in florida. 4.5% in pennsylvania. brian: generic poll still trending in the democrat direction. democrats may have history on their side in terms of what happens after a presidential election and a party gets thumpsd like theirs did. and that is they get at least one chamber back. however, when it comes to
4:07 am
money, flowing into accounts, by far the enthusiasm and the dollars are on the side of the republicans. leland: what is it the rnc has about 10 million more than the dnc right now in the bank. the rnc continues to raise more money. lisa, you have run campaigns. you have been there. is this a problem for democrats that they have got enthusiasm but they don't necessarily have enthusiasm from the donors? what's that mean? lisa: races cost money. you look at the race cost a ton of money. and we are looking at competitive seats up for grabs that democrats are going to try to win. in the house they have got to pick up 24 seats to try to take back the majority. a lot of that cost money. they have to be investing. they have to figure out which races to invest. in when you are not making money. when you are campaign committees, you are not pulling in that cash. you don't have as much money to invest in races. it has to make you be selective and judicious about what races you are choosing to invest in.
4:08 am
leland: just listen right now to the democrats. the $100,000 that russia allegedly spent. that was everything. lisa: it was a joke. come on, guys. brian: under reported story has changed over the last 11 months is -- used to be, donald trump and republicans. and there would be a few like senator sessions and others establish republicans on r. on his side. the rest was sitting on their hands. they watched the controversial tweets and said i don't really know if i should go to president trump. i don't even know this guy. now you see at the end of the year the unifying message. they are on the same page. you see mitch mcconnell sticking up for president trump. leland: even defending the tweeting. brian: senator hatch getting emotional. talking about what this president has a chance to do. hundreds showing up at the white house. the biggest, most under reported story is the republicans are all in with president trump. i'm not saying there isn't senator jeff flake who is never going to be. in senator corker came back around. lipids is i graham came back around. rand paul when his ribs get better he will be golfing
4:09 am
again. leland: voted for the tax plan. lisa: i actually think the most under reported story is the sheila jackson lee story. a passenger, i think was united airlines. leland: knows. this he flies first class all the time he sees congress men and women all the time. lisa: i'm not flying in the front sadly. so a passenger blamed sheila jackson lee essentially for taking her first class seat and sheila jackson lee's response was to blame racism. she said, quote, sings this was not any fault of mine, the way the individual continued to act appeared to be, upon reflex, because i was an african-american woman. seemingly, an easy target along with the african-american flight attendant who was very, very nice. brian: should you recap really what happened? a passenger claimed and is suing back at the airline for saying i got kicked out of my seat. i had a first class seat. i paid for it i got kicked out because the congresswoman wanted my seat. leland: perhaps this is the
4:10 am
first time anyone has ever blamed sitting in first class on racism. take a look back at sheila jackson lee. was this racism or was this something else. lisa: or mean? leland: perhaps we will look at old headlines. washingtonian not any means conservative magazine. 2014 called her the meanest member of congress. weekly stashed standard 2002, sheila jackson lee limousine liberal. the houston press, 1998, flying ms. sheila day la caller 2014 congressional bosses from hell. their first pick, sheila jackson lee. lisa: have you read the daily caller. it was brutal. i remember this story hitting 2014, yeah, i remember when this story hit. and you know, everyone was talking about it. it goes through and talks to some people that have worked for her in the past. it is just brutal. there are stories of her just being so mean, so rude to staff. so i think that. leland: people quit because
4:11 am
of it. lisa: i think when you know that very much seemingly it doesn't have to do with racism. it has to do with probably her being mean and taking advantage of her position. leland: this isn't her first time having an issue on a plane. there was actually a reporter who tweeted out saying hey, look, i saw her throw tantrums on a plane because they decided to gate check her bag. she acted in according to this reporter like a 3-year-old. lisa: wasn't there a story about her getting angry at one of the airlines staff over. there was some scuffle. if i'm wrong i'm sorry but i'm pretty sure. leland: her seafood meal was not available. preordered seafood. lisa: i knew there was something. brian: that would put me over the edge. leland: don't mess with brian's seafood. brian: i fly for the food. you want good seafood choose american. 11 minutes after the hour. jillian we choose you to tell us what is happening. jillian: thank you very much. good morning to you guys and to you at home as well.
4:12 am
we do have this story starting with a fox news alert. isis claiming responsibility for a major bombing attack that left at least 41 people dead and dozens more hurt in afghanistan. suicide bombers targeting a crowded event inside a cultural center and news agency packed with students. at least one attacker blowing himself up inside the building in kabul. the afghan president calling this a crime against humanity. the happiest place on earth is back up and running after a massive power outage. some disney land tourists were stranded for more than 20 minutes on rides as workers fixed a transformer issue. the outage affecting more than a dozen rides during one. park's busiest weeks. a majority of those attractions back up and running within 60 minutes. some were down for five hours. president trump thanking the people who keep us safe. the commander-in-chief making a holiday visit to firefighters near the winter white house in west palm beach, florida. >> i want to thank the job you do medically and paramedics the job you do with fire is incredible. do you a fantastic job.
4:13 am
we wanted to thank you very much. really fantastic people. jillian: comes days after the president thanked hundreds of local law enforcement officers and secret service with christmas dinner at mar-a-lago. and we thank them as well. lisa: we thank you for the headlines. jillian: you're welcome. leland: we all remember howard dean, right? he does have a scream. well, now, he is actually using words. but he is attacking the president. >> this guy, i have said for a long time i think he is running a criminal enterprise out of white house. i think that's what bob mueller is on the track of. leland: but where was howard dean and all of his democrat friends when eric holder was held in criminal contempt? we'll break down the hypocrisy next. brian: plus rosie o'donnell has this message for speaker paul ryan, go to hell. this morning that's the message. franklin graham is getting involved. it turns out he does not believe she has the keys to hell. [laughter] ♪
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> pretty clear is he shaking down foreign governments or his staff is
4:17 am
shaking down foreign governments who have moved their events to his hotel in washington. somebody's bequest in order to get favors. this guy i have said for a long time i think he is running a criminal enterprise out of the white house. i think that's what bob mueller is on the track of. brian: there is no proof of what he said. no indication that true. leland: unbelievable. brings up this question of how far democrats going to go in their rhetoric. that was failed, of course, presidential candidate howard dean rather than screaming he was using his words. saying the president was a criminal. our next guest pointing out he sure had nothing to say during the obama era when attorney general holder was held from criminal contempt. lisa: here is more former doj j. christian adams. where was howard dean throughout the obama administration? >> he was defending the obama administration. it's hard to know if this is meant to be laugh line if he is trying to be funny to say that trump is the one running a criminal enterprise.
4:18 am
after all, it was eric holder running a gun running operation, fast and furious. where they were sending guns into mexico. it was that event that led to him being held in criminal contempt of congress. he should have been prosecuted by the u.s. attorney. but, of course, that doesn't happen. there is a long list of other things. irs targeting new black panthers, intimidating people at the polls. you actually have this administration under obama not prosecuting any voter fraud because it benefited them. for howard dean to talk about this only illustrates how criminal the previous administration was. brian: to say that term criminal enterprise out of the white house is -- would be damning if it was said to a previous president. would be outrageous. somehow it's accepted like congressman meeks called him a con man. yesterday, and that seemed to be okay. if president trump wanted to hurt his business, he would run for business. he is taking more thumping since he ran for president.
4:19 am
if he wanted to help his business flourish, the worst thing he could have done was become president. >> yeah, brian, there are no limits to the rhetoric you will hear over the next three years. it is an all out personal smear campaign, destruction enterprise delegitimize the presidency. call into question the results of the elections. the left is in full attack mode. so, it's not going to change any time soon. expect more. leland: jay, i'm still struck by what you said there is no bottom to the rhetoric. it's sort-at what point do democrats run out of adjectives or descriptions? we have already gotten to criminal enterprises. we are not through year one. >> they don't run out when they are stoking mobs in ferguson and baltimore to burn down a cvs. if you need any more evidence that there is no limit to what they will say, look at how eric holder handled all the police
4:20 am
issues during his administration. look at how those same interests are still wound up over things that trump is doing. so, you know, we have had mobs in the streets, burning buildings down, leland. they don't have any limits. lisa: speaking of those limits, real quick, how far do you think democrats are going to go with impeachment. we have seen people like al green bring this up. i don't think we is a loft time. how far will they go with this? >> impivment is the house version of burning down the cvs. it's the way you get the mob wound up into a frenzy where reality no longer matters. it's all a question of light the fire and make it go higher. lisa: that's what it's about. christian, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> right. take care. have a great day. coming up another liberal governor with a gift for illegal immigrant pardons. i botched that. brian: plus, have you seen
4:21 am
this story? it's incredible. a major prospect with the diamond backs giving his parents a gift of a lifetime. paying off their mortgage. lisa: i love. this because you helped me to get where i am i want our family -- what is this? when we love someone, we want to do right by them. but some things we can't control like snoring. (snoring) introducing theravent anti-snore strips. clinically shown to reduce snoring. theravent. the answer is right under your nose. clinically shown to reduce snoring. looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over...
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4:24 am
welcome back, time for news by the numbers. power ball jackpot after no one hit last night's winning numbers. next drawing is saturday. odds of winning 22 million. next, $200. that's how much out of town drivers could soon have to pay if they cut through leo leonia new jersey. and finally, number one.
4:25 am
fox news is the most watched cable network for the second year in a row. according to nielsen ratings and "fox & friends," the show you are watching right now has had its most watched year in network history. for that, we say thank you. brian? brian: let's keep with the thank you theme. christmas is a time for living and one major league baseball prospect gave his parents a gift of a lifetime that every kid thinks about doing for their parents. paying off their mortgage. let's watch. >> have no words more sweet than common love. thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where i am i want our family -- i want our family home to be yours so i am -- i can't do this. brian: here with more is arizona diamondbacks prospect the man who paid off that mortgage. first round draft pick of the diamondbacks, pavin smith and his mom pamela and
4:26 am
his dad tim who is depicted in that home video. first off, pam and tim, what was that like? when you opened up that letter, what were you thinking as you started reading? >> it was -- we really didn't expect a gift from him. we have kind of encouraged him just to save his money and be generous to others and we had no idea he was up to something. so, we really didn't have any expectations. i thought at the last second i thought maybe it was a vacation. i'm like we really don't need a vacation right now. and so i had no expectation. brian: pam, what were your thoughts as you were reading it? >> it was a very emotional moment. just listening to it again gets me kind of choked up. it's just the memory that i will have for a lifetime. brian: pavin, why was it so important to sign first round draft pick of the diamondbacks. you get a big signing bonus. why was it so important for you to let your parents know
4:27 am
right away what their role was in your success? >> yeah. i mean, i wouldn't be where i am without them. so, i think doing that is like the least thing i could do. i mean, all the lessons that they paid for. all the time they spent driving me to games, watching games, you know, those little league games aren't always the most fun to watch. they were there. they helped me through everything. i think, you know, that was just a little bit of something i can do for them. brian: did you have any idea, pavin, when you did this that it would be so viral that america would see this video and just love it so much? >> no. it didn't happen for probably like five or six hours. after like two hours i had like 60 or 70 retweets on twitter. dang, this is a good tweet for me. and then all of a sudden a lot of accounts started reposting it and it really like took off. i had no intent of having it go viral.
4:28 am
brian: tim, so many parents out there have their kids, multiple kids they want to get involved in sports. next thing on travel team and need lessons to keep up. and then they are going to need new cleats. did you have any idea what you were training a major league baseball player? >> no clue. i mean i knew he was pretty talented from natural ability. we just -- we were opening he would get to college and go to a good college and be able to play college baseball and to have him become a professional, particularly a first rounder was beyond our wildest dreams. brian: i know you will do anything for your child, but people at home, give us an idea of what it is like. pavin knew what you were sacrificing. give us an idea of what it was like to have a baseball player tha shows this much challenge and passion and want to support that. what was that like on an average year? >> it was just an absolute bless for us. our girls had their friends from the travel team. it was fun for the whole
4:29 am
entire family. we loved supporting him. the girls support him. they still support him. we just can't wait for the future as well. it's been part of our lives and we hope that it continues to be a part of our life. brian: you know it costs a lot of money. they are not going on vacation because think are watching you. you know also there is a mortgage on the house. why was that aattack plan? >> i don't know. i was talking with my agent about like how i could, you know, somehow help them and we talked about vacations. and we talked about something that would be just like really nice for them. but i think the financial burden of mortgage is something that really can't be matched. and it was funny because after i already decided to do the mortgage, my mom -- i had a conversation with my mom and somehow the mortgage came um. and i acted like i had no idea what that was and asked her questions about it. and she was just giving me answers. but she had no idea it was
4:30 am
already paid off. [laughter] >> he was being very sneaky. brian: have you raised a very sneaky child. i'm very embarrassed for you. >> exactly. brian: now the whole country is going to be watching your success and progress and at least at one time through the pro-station people are going to be pulling for you to be successful. so i would argue as great as it is to pay for the mortgage to see him on the mound pitching for the diamondbacks in a major league baseball team i would dare to say, parents, the best is yet to come, tim. >> i think so. i think. so. brian: all right, great. hopefully you will be paying your mortgage soon even if you have to get one. thanks for sharing your family story on criticisms. continued success, pavin. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. brian: and to your whole family. 30 minutes before the top of the hour. rosie o'donnell had this message for house speaker paul ryan. go to hell now. franklin graham heard, this read this and is getting 1r068d. he has a message for rossi
4:31 am
whrossrosie who is so nice and pleasant. >> i was winning i kept playing. so christmas started with a present. brian: turned out the lottery lied. the grinch that stole christmas next. ♪ feels like the first ♪ feels like the very first time ♪ (avo) help control cravings
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4:34 am
♪ you'll never hear me complain ♪ because i got friends in low places ♪ where the whiskey drowns brian palestine who knew that paul ryan and rosie o'donnell would get along. leland: does rosie o'donnell get along with anyone? lisa: she went into back and for the with daily wire ben shapiro and made really disgusting remarks to him which recently got some news. it seems like she is on this rampage on twitter of just nastiness. maybe for attention? i don't know, brian. brian: she thinks paul ryan is legitimized president trump by dealing with him. so, therefore, she said this tweet at the end of the year, no matter how short or long it may feel, there is always christmas waiting for us in that sense the wonder that shepherds felt when the angels appeared in the night sky to herald the birth of a
4:35 am
savior. that's what paul ryan tweeted. rosie o'donnell's answer was this. leland: paul ryan, don't talk about jesus after what you just did to our nation you goal straight to hell. you screwed up, fake altar boy #judas much. lisa: reverend franklin graham responded on facebook saying rosie you don't have the keys to hell but i know the one who does. leland: with that we bring in president of samaritan's purse franklin graham. wow, reverend, that was quite the come back, quite the comment. the question is nothing left being sacred anymore? >> well, you know, first of all, i'm glad to know that rosie is a fundamentalist. she believes in hell. so many people don't believe in hell. jesus preached on hell. he taught us hell. but i wanted rosie to know she didn't have the keys to hell. only jesus christ has those. and the bible says we are
4:36 am
all sinners and the price for sin is death. it's hell. but got loved us so much he sent his son to take our sins on a cross and he died and shed his blood for our sins and if we are willing to accept that by faith and believe on him and turn from our sins we will never have the fear of hell. god will forgive us and cleanse us. i want rosie to know that and everybody who is watching "fox & friends" to know we don't have to go to hell. god want to save us. he sent his son to take our sins. but we have to accept it by faith and trust him. and believe on him. and so rosie, if you are watching, i hope you put your faith and trust in christ because he will forgive your sins and heal your heart and can you have a new life and new beginning if you put your faith and trust in him. brian: reverend, of course you are being somewhat facetious. she is a very hateful person. what do you do with someone wakes up hating like she does on a regular basis and goes out of her way to ridicule somebody who is not registered to the same party that she is in? >> well, first of all, god
4:37 am
can change a heart. and god does that. when we put our faith in christ, we become -- the bible says a new creation. and things become new. and so, yes, rosie and everybody else, god can clean our lives up and change us if we are willing to let him. and there is a lot of hate. and as we look to the future, as we are going to the new year, our country is in trouble. and i don't have any faith in our political system. i don't have any faith in the republican party or the democratic party. the only hope for our country is god. and there is so much political hate in washington it's broken. and there isn't any hope outside of god and i would encourage people as we go into the new year to pray. pray for the president. pray for those that are in authority that god would give them his wisdom and if hillary clinton if she were president i would say the same thing. we need to pray for our president and those that are in leadership. i would encourage people to do that as we go into the
4:38 am
new year. lisa: referenced, speaking of the president. i know you have mentioned in the past that representing has been under attack in years past. christianity has been under attack in years past. has that changed under president trump. are you happy with what his administration has done so far on religious freedom? >> well what i appreciate about president trump is he is not a politician. and he is not in anybody's pocket. and so, he has felt free to come out and defend the christian faith and i appreciate that about him. and i think he has done a lot already. and i think he will continue to do it. he has prayer with his cabinet. when people are with him, he asks ministers to pray for him and to lead in prayer. he is not afraid to mention jesus' name in public. these are all good things. and i appreciate that so much about him. but we need to pray for him because he is our president we are republicans or democrats. doesn't matter. he is the president of the united states.
4:39 am
brian: what has he not done? >> oh, i don't comment on what he hasn't done. there is so much that he wants to do that he has been blocked and stopped and there is political dysfunction in washington. and that's why i encourage people to pray, that god would give them wisdom and that the hearts of the republicans and democrats would come together and work together for the good of all americans and not be divisive. we need to support one another for the best of this nation. lisa: thank you, reverend. leland: reverend graham, thank you. one thing he has done. christians and evangelicals were very happy about, was moving the embassy in israel to jerusalem. that was a big issue. and promise made, promise kept. brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. hey, jillian. jillian: hey guys, good morning. good morning to you at home. at least 18 convicted immigrant criminals have a chance to stay in the u.s. new york governor andrew
4:40 am
cuomo pardoning 18 people facing deportations over prior convictions. the democrat claiming to be a counter point to president trump's quote targeting of immigrants. governor cuomo announcing 61 pardons in all. the university of wisconsin mad disson will continue to offer a course titled, quote: the problem of whiteness. despite calls from republican lawmakers to cancel it. according to the class description, it aims to help students, quote: understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experience in order to help dismantle white supremacy. republican representative dave murphy says he finds it extremely concerning that the university thinks the class is appropriate. lottery officials are blaming a computer glitch for turning winners into losers on christmas. the south carolina education lottery says programming error from their computer vendor caused too many people to win the top prize of $500. one winner claims he won nearly $29,000. >> thought i was winning. and i kept playing until
4:41 am
christmas. thought it was a present. jillian: the game has been suspended but lottery officials are telling players to hold on to their tickets until the review is completed. if i won 29 grand and they told me i didn't i would be so mad. lisa: that would be very disappointing. brian: i wouldn't play the lotto. jillian: i don't. lisa: i actually never have. brian: where is todd? unprecedented security from new york to las vegas as america gets ready to wring in 2018. leland: brian, you asked, where is todd? he is freezing out in times square with some of new york's finest. lisa: todd? >> yeah. freeze something definitely an understatement. if you look around here right now, not a lot of people. maybe a few tourists and few commuters. obviously it is going to be a much different scene come sunday night when people will be packed in here along times square along seventh avenue. there is a massive security presence every year. but this year will be protected like never before. now here is just the
4:42 am
security we know about from the nypd. 7,000 officers. 65 sanitation trucks filled with sand. aimed to block vehicles from plowing into pedestrians, along with 100 nypd blocker vehicles doing the same, also. there will be garage closures in and around times square. expect counter terrorism units to be working behind the scenes as well. to keep the expected up to 2 million levy revelers safe. >> look for that individual whose bag doesn't match his clothing. got $1,000 bag and wearing dick can is, i would be looking for somebody who is white nuclear ling a bag. see them holding on tight. barreling with those eyes and steaming towards a direction white nuclear ling it. it is a problem. >> all toe though there is no credible threat to new year's eve here on times square. taking no chances following truck attack and downtown in new york city. same goes for las vegas where extra security
4:43 am
measures will be in place fog the shooting on the strip in october. now, here to times square expect to go through security checkpoints and do not bring large backpacks, large bags or your umbrella. lisa booth. lisa: i know, it's going to be freezing. i'm there 8 to 10 for the count down to 2018. i'm going to be layers upon layers upon layers. thanks for bringing us that, todd. appreciate it have a great day. president trump's christmas gift to americans is already paying off. as experts predict our economy will only grow stronger. >> today the entire world can see that america is coming back and america is coming back rapidly and strongly. they see that with what's going on economically. lisa: puzder joins us next. brian: never trust a man that wear as shirt that says trust me. why this man was thrown behind bars. that's coming your way.
4:44 am
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brian: welcome back, everybody. 1 minutes before the top of the hour. president trump's tax cuts already paying off some say. experts predicting an economic boon and surge of
4:47 am
new jobs despite many attacks. leland: in an op-ed our next guest writes while democrats are married in this disingenuous mantra tax breaks for the rich. republicans have focused on tax reform efforts on exactly the right goal. economic benefits everyone. there was a time democrats understood the difference. brian: here now former secretary of labor andy puzder. welcome back. first off this isn't the exact sax plan the president wanted. most agree stats reveal middle class people will be getting a tax break of over $1,000. is it already put into the market, this tax break or do you think that we're going to see some type of boon come winter. >> we will see a real boon. this tax bill is done exactly what it should have done. it gave tax benefits to working and middle class americans as you pointed out, which was important. because during the obama
4:48 am
years they really didn't have the opportunity -- the good job opportunities that a thriving economy would give them. it's also more importantly going to incentivize businesses to invest. that was what was missing during the obama years. we didn't have business investment and g.d.p. growth never got much above 2%. this bill comes on top of regulatory reform which has already got us about 3% g.d.p. growth and the anticipation of the bill has really created a lot of enthusiasm in the business community where the new york fed is now predicting that we'll have close to 4% g.d.p. growth in the current quarter. i think going forward as businesses invest the moneys that they will get from these tax benefits, and from being able to expense their investments in the year they make them, we will see a lot of growth, a lot of jobs created. it's going to put pressure on wages and all americans will benefit from this. leland: a lot of employees of big companies already have. you think about at&t gave out bonuses. comcast gave out bonuses. boeing is going continue to vest billions of more
4:49 am
dollars in terms of their infrastructure as well. bigger question for you though is you travel the country and you talk to folks, not necessarily the ceos of big companies but small business owners we hear from the president paul ryan are the engine of america. any antidotes can you share with us of what they are doing? >> absolutely. a lot of the people i talk to are franchises. they are small businessmen and women who have imvested in my case mostly in the restaurant industry. and over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about how are we going to meet these regulatory compliance costs? our taxes are up. how can we grow? how can we invest when we are afraid tomorrow there may be some new regulation that really deficit states our business. now we are hearing talk about where can i find a site to build? look, all people who own businesses, ceos that run businesses, they all want to grow their business. i have been in a lot of board meetings in my career as a lawyer and then as a ceo.
4:50 am
i have never been in one where people talked about how to shrink the business or they were happy it was stagnant. everybody wants to grow. and when the government relieves the pressure on growth, when it allows businesses to grow, by giving them tax breaks and regulatory relief as this president has done, you see even these small business franchise he is talking about where can i grow? how can i grow? there is a lot of excitement out there. i think you are going to see it in the numbers. brian: andy, a lot of them should understand, too, this is their window. if these corporations don't take advantage of it, it's going to make this president look bad, the administration tank. they will get a liberal president in there and he is going to return it back to where it was and he will have evidence to back it up. so, they have an opportunity, too. and see how they act. andy, thanks so much. >> good to be here. thank you. brian: all right. straight ahead. a wild year on college campuses across the country. we break down the craziest stories. cabot phillips of campus reform. that's coming your way. [shouting]
4:51 am
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♪ brian: all right, from ryan shutting down conservative speakers to blatantly biased professors, it was a wild year on college campuses across the country. and, here to break down the craziest college campus stories of 2017 is the media director of campus cabot phillips. >> you knocked it down to the top five, didn't you? >> tough to do that. lisa: was that a tough job? >> yes. brian: number 5. >> number 5 we had a university president or university teacher at university of georgia who taught students that stress is a bad thing. lisa: it is. >> rather than teaching them how to deal with their stress. giffords are the most stressful things. you guys should be able to choose their own grades. the professor let the student choose their own
4:55 am
grades to help combat this year. pick what you want at the end of the semester. tell me what you deserve. lisa: if only the university of tennessee had this when i was in school. leland: crazy negative connotation. this guy sounds like a new age professor. i could have gotten used to. this i tried this at my job. i told my boss i'm stressed about my salary here is the one i think i deserve. it didn't go well unfortunately. lisa: professor blamed las vegas shooting. talk about it and have you talk about it. >> got elected i told my class this three semesters ago. someone will be affected by this presidency but others are going to die. people will die because of this. and we have seen this happen, right? so far all these guys encourage violence. lisa: cabot? >> this is what happens when you blame everything on president trump. every action he does is going to kill people. you now have dangerous narratives like this coming out of the classroom where
4:56 am
professors are convincing students that you will at problems in the world they are president trump's fault. we also saw students all year, use president trump as like a get out of jail free card. i got poor grades it's because president trump stressed me out. leland: offering counseling too. >> exactly. leland: these students need counseling evergreen students held students hostage in a protest. take a listen. ♪ hey hey, ho ho ♪ have got to go. [chanting black power] >> the part you don't see in this video is the school president says i have to go to the bathroom. can i come out? they said we will escort you to the bathroom. they wouldn't let him go alone. lisa: that was crazy. speaking of crazy. we saw at middle bury university got a rot attention. charles murray was actually violently attacked. >> he was. there was a professor attacked as well. they have had to go to the hospital. wear a neck brace just because the idea was too much for the students to handle. i went to middle bury and try to find out what happened to these students.
4:57 am
none of them punished. reprimanded at first and let go. brian: berkeley has the riots over there cabot phillips hopefully more normal year on campus but i doubt it all right, cabot, thank you. >> thank you. brian: still ahead com woman diane black and dan bongino coming your way. plus. leland: it was a very merry christmas for one vietnam vet he just spent it with a daughter he never knew he had. that incredible story and you can see the reunion when they both join us next hour ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all those times i was finding myself ♪ i didn't know
4:58 am
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♪ brian: before we say good-bye to 2017 people are looking at last president and president trump. lisa: president trump ran on rolling back president obama's legacy. he sure has followed through with that. passenger blamed sheila jackson lee for taking her first class seat. lee's response was this is race system. leland: is this racism or something else. washingtonian called her the meanest member of congress. >> i think he is running a criminal enterprise out of white house and i think bob mueller is on the track of. >> how criminal the previous administration was. >> president trump wins award for worst, negative coverage by
5:01 am
pew research center. >> regardless where you are, law enforcement officials say get ready to see security like you never seen it before across the country. brian: arizona die month back as player gavin smith paid-otherwise parents mortgage. >> it was emotional moment. seeing it, listening again gets me choked up. this is memory i have for a lifetime. ♪ brian: john mellencamp playing for us live somewhere. lisa: really nice of him to do that. leland: he kind of him to get up. brian: do you guys watch reality shows. lisa: yeah. brian: his daughter is on a reality show. lisa: actually.
5:02 am
"the real housewives of beverly hills." actually kind of said that i know that. i like her so far. she is new in the season. seems like a pretty koolaid did i. brian: good news for the mellencamps. president trump ended 2017 on a high note visiting our nation's heroes near firehouse near his house in west palm beach, florida. leland: he touted his accomplishments and fighting back at former president obama. lisa: that was pretty cool. also cool is griff jenkins in washington, d.c., with more on all of this. what is going on. reporter: good morning, leland, lisa, brian. he was in west palm beach to thank firefighters and first-responders for their service. he delivered a report card of his own accomplishments. >> stock market high 84 times
5:03 am
since we won the election last year. that is something proud. that is a record level. we have the all-time record for stopping ridiculous regulations and we're very proud of that. now you can go back to work and do your jobs. reporter: stayed busy on twitter addressing number of issues from the legislative gender to the russia probe. he took a shot at president obama with this picture, day he was inaugurated 35,000 isis fighters controlling iran an syria, with this year's estimate, they are decimated down to 1000 left. the former president didn't keep quiet, in interview with soon to be married prince harry he took aim at president trump without mentioning him by name. >> one of the dangers of the internet people can have different realities, cocooned with information reinforces their current biases. reporter: there is no public event scheduled down in
5:04 am
mar-a-lago where the president remains until the n.o.w. year. we are learning that he will sit down with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell at camp david next weekend, january 6, 7, talk about the next legislative agenda. who knows, infrastructure health care. we'll find out. brian: griff, thank you. republicans seem unified to do something. next thing will be bipartisan. makes me think it will be immigration. leland: kind of has to be because january 19th is deadline for funding the government. you have to get 60 votes in the senate for that. has to be bipartisan one way or the other to fund the military. try to do something on immigration. lisa: they have until march on daca. they will be divide in the republican party how to address the issue. there will be divide in the democratic party with nancy pelosi getting bombarded by protesters on issue of immigration.
5:05 am
both sides will see divide. brian: border security for daca, perhaps. build a wall perhaps. leland: griff hit on in terms of president obama teeing off on president trump. that is not the first time it happened. as president trump really rolled back president obama's legacy, made a point each time he did it, obamacare individual mandate, contraceptive mandate, shielding sanctuary cities, keystone, dakota access pipelines he allowed to come in. especially the paris deal. president trump said i don't like this. there is not american leadership on issue. lisa: tpp, net neutrality regulations everyone said would be end of days. tax reform was supposed to be the end of days. fortunately we're still on the couch. we're still alive. so life is good. leland: people are happy with the president 45% approve.
5:06 am
53 disapprove, latest rasmussen ratings. his approval numbers gone up. brian: other polls have him in the low 30s. rasmussen has a tracking poll has him over 45, just about 45%. we'll see if that is trend. you don't have a poll going into the holidays for health care. that might be the first one we get. what i find fascinating is, pew did a study, what matters most to the american people? number one still, 48% is health care. number two, taxes. 31% say taxes number one. number three is immigration, which makes me think it will happen this winter. climate change is 18%. the president is rolling back a lot of climate change legislation. education 17%. economy, 15. racism. trump in particular issue. unemployment up 14%. terrorism way down there on the list. lisa: health care can you imagine for a lot of americans over the years their health care
5:07 am
has been completely disrupted. a lot of americans see cancellation letters in the mail. americans in midwest, southern areas of the country, don't have many options this year. we're looking one or fewer options. a lot of americans have the right to be concerned about the future of their health care, the health of their families, what options they are going to have. they will see a lot of changes over course of past two years. i don't blame them having number one issues for some americans across the country. brian: makes you wonder what they're going to do the current situation doesn't work. halfway between obamacare and plan we used to have. we don't even have a skinny repeal on deck. one of the most famous billionaires in the america, not only the president, mark cuban, an adversary of the president, he was asked about one of the hot issues with spots and nfl ands future. does he want to get involved in the league. lisa: you were saying earlier he
5:08 am
is being disingenuous. you know a lot of about sports so why do you think he is disingenuous. brian: why would i buy a team if the nfl is in decline. no team i would want other than the mavericks, which is basketball. no football team in the universe. not a close second. that is what i'm going to say to my son and friends and his daughters oh, yeah, football is dangerous for but i bought a football team. i know i'm a hypocrite from time to time but i really try not to be. lisa: don't we all. leland: really try. trying is what counts. you brought up important point. two things could be true. cuban could be hypocrite and disingenuous, but also the value of nfl teams could be declining. you talked about concussions. you talked about ratings and more kids playing soccer. brian: ratings in the nba are up, don't touch the nfl ratings. they are 6.9. sometimes in the 16.
5:09 am
they're off 10% but off 10% of -- lisa: ratings concern for the nfl? brian: compare it to the nba be should be logical, one is worth 2.5 billion per franchise. one is worth 1.5 billion in franchise. they have to vote in the league. they don't want mark cuban in the league in the nfl. he is too outspoken and is a problem. lisa: my problem with the kneeling politics is tainted every aspect of society. you turn on award shows. you go to a sports game. politics tainted every aspect in society. my heart hurts americans that want to go to a game. they need a reprieve from the nastiness. they want to take a son, a daughter to a sports game. they have to deal with this. you know, it is just, sort of changed the game at least for me personally. i think for a lot of people at home watching a well. brian: go to usc or wwe.
5:10 am
never know who wins to the end. >> made a point, nba has done a good job a focused job on keeping politics out of the game. brian: i just thought in the postgame that is when lebron says he hates trump. gregg popovich says i don't like president trump. during the games they stand up for the national anthem. they don't come out with anti-trump t-shirts. they do what they're supposed to do. there is your athletic contest. there is your opinion. muhammad ali didn't get in the ring and said i am against the vietnam war. he fought and then gave his opinion. that is kaepernick bringing it into the game. leland: news in the morning not involving mark cuban. lisa: serious news. breaking news with fox news alert. isis now claiming responsibility for a major bombing attack that left at least 41 people dead and dozens more hurt in afghanistan.
5:11 am
suicide bombers targeting a news agency and crowded event inside of a cultural center packed with students. at least one attacker blowing himself up inside of the building in kabul. the afghan president calling this a crime against humanity. roy moore not giving up weeks after his election. he filed a complaint citing potential voter fraud. moore took a polygraph test to prove sexual misconduct allegations against him are false. we'll keep you posted. millions of americans waking up to bone-chilling temperatures across the u.s. international falls in minnesota plunging to 37 degrees below zero a new record. millions of times square partiers could see the coldest
5:12 am
new year's eve in the years. the force is strong with this one. a grandma has the time of her life playing virtual reality "star wars" game. >> oh, i like him. oh -- [scream] >> granny wearing goggles fighting character darth moll in the videogame. i love it. none of us have seen "star wars" which we have admitted to in the last hour. seems like a pretty cool grandma. leland: what a sport to allow her to be filmed doing that. lisa: maybe she knew. brian: good job. 12 minutes after the hour. got a presidential shotout for her tax reform efforts. this morning house budget committee chairperson diane black has big news. the congresswoman joins us live next. lisa: never trust a man wearing a shirt that says, trust me.
5:13 am
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>> these folks have been so fantastic i had to call them in. plenty of others, believe me.
5:16 am
republicans in the house and republicans in the senate. diane black, rob portman, so knowledgeable. leland: as you heard she got a presidential shoutout for her tax reform efforts and now house budget committee chairman diane black, who is running for governor of tennessee, announcing she will give up her post as her campaign revs up. brian: joining us for her first tv interview since that announcement, congresswoman for now, diane black. chairman, thanks so much for joining us. why now? do you see this as opportunity, something you always wanted to do? >> why now because i believe that i need to release my responsibilities to someone who can spend a lot of time doing what needs to be done in this next year, that is another budget. i'm very honored to serve as budget chair. not that it matters a whole lot, i'm the first female budget chair. had no idea until someone brought that back when i began
5:17 am
serving but to serve with a group of 21 of my male colleagues in the republican party, to bring about the most conservative budget in 20 years, which was a budget by the way that was the golden key to do tax reform. i went to congress for three things and i have now accomplished those three things. to do tax reform, to begin to address our debt and deficit spending, attacking that although we have not done that to the degree i want to do, we changed the culture in washington with this last year's budget and repeal and replace obama care. all three things were done this year under this great senate. the senate didn't follow through on all of those but we were able to accomplish them. i'm very honored. now to turn the helm over to someone that can give this a lot of time and effort to continue what we began last year. lisa: congresswoman, staying on health care and obamacare, they're is sort of a split right now in the republican party looking ahead to 2018 and what
5:18 am
to do on issue. mitch mcconnell saying leave repeal alone. senator lindsey graham says, no, let's address it. where are you on this? >> i'm for giving the american people to choose what they want at a price they can afford for health care. lisa: is that repeal? >> i think it should be a full repeal. that is what we did in the house. i wish the senate would have picked that up and done that. what we promised the american people we would do. i have been there for seven years. six of those seven years we talked about voted on repeal of obamacare. it baffles me how we can not get that done with the senate. we voted on it so many times. 60 times in the house of representatives. i believe that is the thing that will release the economy and to have more of the, just competitiveness in the insurance industry. where we can see new products that don't have all the demand put in place upon them in the
5:19 am
obamacare. leland: as you point out the american people are worried about it. they listed it as their top concern for 2018. 48%, half of americans, top concern is health care. how worried are you that if the republican house and senate, i know everybody likes to blame the senate, but if you all can not get on the same page, get something done, how worried are you that those 48% of americans will hold republicans responsible in the midterms? >> they're holding all of us responsible right now, even though people signed up for obamacare underneath of the exchanges, they can't afford what they have. so they're holding us responsible for that. the marketplace will work. i know that right here in tennessee because we have insurance companies that continue to offer programs that were not in compliance with obamacare, with all the mandates. people were buying them and still paying the penalties. i know it will work if we just get out of the way to allow the
5:20 am
market to work and allow them to put products out there people want and can afford. brian: she will be running for governor in tennessee. she has given her first interview with us. for that we appreciate it. diane black, in the eye of the storm still. thanks for joining us, congresswoman. lisa: good luck to you. leland: big storm in washington when they get ahead. there is storm around this congresswoman as well. she is accused of stealing a first class seat on a plane. turns out she has a long history of behaving badly. she was once called the meanest member of congress. dan bongino's response, drain the swamp, we'll break that down coming up. brian: very merry christmas for one vietnam vet and daughter he never knew he had. >> there he is. >> oh he is cute. brian: they both join us live next.
5:21 am
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♪ leland: 24 minutes past the hour. good morning. time for a quick check of your headlines, law and order edition. talking about getting high? a california couple is busted for allegedly nor delivering drugs. the nine-year-old daughter was living in their home surrounded by drugs and needles. bad haircut landing a barber behind bars. he is accused of snipping the customer's ear and running the clippers down the middle of their head. this is the result. the suspect, barber claims it was an accident.
5:25 am
finally don't listen to this guy's t-shirt. police say a man with, as you can see there, a trust me, t-shirt. the victim left it unlocked to warm it up. two crooks swooped in and drove it off. they are under arrest for theft. brian: vietnam vet spends his first christmas with his daughter he never knew he had. >> there he is. [inaudible] brian: olivia robles found her biological father using giving gary grandsons he never knew he had, all with military background, including a west point cadet. we have olivia and olivia's dad, gary. first of all, olivia, what
5:26 am
prompted you to go to ancestry? >> what prompted me to go to ancestry, first of all to determine whether or not i was hispanic. that was the initial outcome with hope of finding my father. i didn't know his name. i really didn't think i had a great chance of locating him. so that was actually back in 2014 that i originally submitted by dna. i didn't have a lot of information to actually trace at that point. brian: what did you get back? >> i got back recently online back in september because of a friend that encouraged me to go on and see my matches. as a result i ended up finding a match who is actually our cousin. i reached out to her because i was strongest match for her as a cousin. from there she was very receptive to actually help and locate my father. within five days we were actually, we met and we talked on the phone. we didn't meet in person but talked on the phone. brian: gary, what was it like to get that call? >> well, at first i was a little apprehensive.
5:27 am
i, but after talking with her and communicating through email and sending photographs to me i thought, well, if this lady can find her biological father, if it's me, then i just felt so comfortable with it that i agreed with them in a couple weeks to go ahead and do a dna test. brian: right. you got a grandfather. >> a little surreal. still trying to understand it. taking it all in. brian: bring us back to the airport scene. what were you thinking as he was getting off? what were you thinking, olivia, you too as finally get a chance to meet? what was going through your mind? ryan, you first? >> just a little odd i guess. first time coming home for christmas. meeting my grandfather for the first time. my head was still spinning but it was awesome that first hug. i will never forget that.
5:28 am
brian: did you feel a bond? >> yeah, almost immediately. especially due to the military service, knowing he served in vietnam, and the navy. just coming home knowing i had a grandfather with similar background to connect to. brian: olivia, your thoughts? >> still incredibly hard to believe that i am actually sitting here with my dad, my dad i always wanted to find my entire life. it really completes my life. missing puzzle always been there, i never had, like i said, i didn't think i could ever find him. it is just a mir kel, a true miracle. brian: how did you explain the absence? you had no idea? >> just growing up my mom always told me i don't know my father. so just kind of like facts of life for much of my childhood. i never knew the full story. brian: gary, what were the circumstance. >> well i was in vietnam and in
5:29 am
and out of there, i took frequent r&r trips to the philippines during that time. and i, i had a girlfriend, the last time i was there i got my orders to ship out back to vietnam and never returned. i had no way of contacting her. she had no way of knowing how to contact me. brian: wow. >> so -- complete surprise. brian: complete surprise. how stunning is it to have three grandsons in the military, west point cadet to your immediate left? >> oh, pretty amazing. my wife of 40 years is just as thrilled as i am. and the thing is about all this, we also have, i also have a
5:30 am
great-grandson, three years old, and they're all wonderful. i have never had children. so my wife of 40 years, carol, and i are completely thrilled. brian: you're going to have to start your christmas shopping a lot earlier now. i hope you're ready for that, gary. all of you will. >> i did avoid having to change diapers over the years. brian: i'm sure in retrospect you would have loved to have been there. olivia, ryan, gary, thanks for sharing your story. >> thank you. can i just add a quick note? i wanted to thank my aunt lida and tim because it all started at that house. because of them there is reason i am here today. brian: thank you are out. everyone is grateful. thanks so much, guys. straight ahead on a political note, a republican lawmaker calling for special counsel robert mueller's firing attacking agents on his team who are biased against the
5:31 am
president. dan bongino says we need one question answered before we move on from the dossier. have you seen this? major league baseball prospect giving his parents a gift of a lifetime with his signing bonus. paying off their mortgage. >> of all the sacrifices you made to get me where i am i want our family, i want our family home to be yours. so i -- what is this? when we love someone, we want to do right by them. but some things we can't control like snoring. (snoring) introducing theravent anti-snore strips. clinically shown to reduce snoring. theravent. the answer is right under your nose.
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♪ >> why are we not investigate the real crimes of real criminals? why are we not investigating the dnc activities with the fusion gps company was employing bruce ohr's wife, nellie ohr. that is outrageous to see this biased mueller probe continued. if he were anymore biased we would have to give him credentials for the mainstream media. i've been calling for mueller's firing. 20 mem verse about been calling for second special counsel to investigate the clinton foundation and hillary clinton. the con sequenceses of those bribes may undermine american security moving forward. that is why we have to get to the bottom of it. leland: there is question of investigating the investigators really. we were talking about yesterday how the justice department attorney general, investigator general, was looking into so much of mueller's time and what
5:35 am
is going on at the fbi, long before the election. michael horowitz looking into who was investigating the clintons? was she given any special preferential treatment. brian: firing would be huge mistake but expanding investigation would give robert mueller credibility. dan bongino, former fbi guy and secret service agent. host of the dan bongino show. you heard congressman matt gaetz do you share that sentiment. >> i would like this special investigation play out, tell you why, brian. the single most important question in politics for anyone, this case is complicated, fick tick sure russian collusion case, special counsel, american government under the obama administration, was it spying on american citizens due to political information, not evidence of a crime? that dossier, was that dossier, that russian intelligence
5:36 am
provided information, slipped on to the obama administration's desk in the white house and used to spy on the trump team? nothing can go any further until we get the answer to that question and rod rosen teen and andy mccabe at the fbi know the answer and can clear it up today but they won't. that should disturb everyone. lisa: dan, mueller has come under fire because of the text messages surfaced between peter strzok and lisa page, both with the fbi. they discussed an insurance policy in that exchange. what do you think that insurance poll is that they were talking about? >> tell you first this is the single most biased, potentially corrupted investigation of consequence i have seen in modern american history. almost every single player in this investigation has is some level of bias, whether it was the strzok text messages. whether it was andy mccabe's wife running as a democrat. whether it was jim comey acknowledging he initiated the
5:37 am
special counsel investigation by leaking information. this thing has stunk from the beginning. now on the insurance policy if that insurance policy strzok talked about with his love interest there was in fact the fake dossier planted on the obama desk, we have a situation where a constitutional republic spied on free american citizens based on political information and it was hijacked then, the fbi, by the democrat party. brian: dan, if robert mueller goes out, listen, he has mike flynn on something unrelated to collusion, he has this other guy papadopoulos because he didn't tell the truth what he was doing, manafort with nothing to do with president trump. if he continues in non-partisan way, the podesta's brother would be also indicted what he was lobbying. he would do himself such a favor as he is seeing problems, grabbing both sides but he only seems to be grabbing one.
5:38 am
robert mueller supposed to be nothing but law and order, doesn't seem to see that. doesn't seem to see the bias resonates on the right. why is that? >> because justice unfortunately right now is blind to democrats. it is not blind to republicans. lady justice sees republican as a target, as a bullseye on them right now. but if you're tony podesta, you're right, brian, married at hip in his business to paul manafort, tony podesta, we haven't heard anything about that. >> he stepped aside. >> right but he stepped aside. he didn't step into a jail cell like -- i'm not defending manafort. listen but my whole, the whole premise to this looks like founded on dossier. that is equivalent as me as former federal agent planting information in your house disingenuous. and starting a federal investigation and your neighbor
5:39 am
gets arrest. how did this whole thing start? fake evidence in the beginning? that is how this whole thing started there. is no russian collusion. there is no there there and an ounce of evidence this actually happened. lisa: i'm sure you have seen the dust-up with sheila jackson lee over united airlines seat she was accused of taking from a passenger. in her response she blamed racism. we went through some headlines previously at some of her behavior in congress. what is your reaction to that? >> i want the audience, do yourselves a favor. i want you to google sheila jackson lee claims racism. there are seven million pages of sheila jackson lee claiming racism. the nfl. the debt ceiling. i didn't say that wrong. racism over the debt ceiling. accusing various members of congress of racism. accusing anyone she can get hermits on of racism. does the democratic party have
5:40 am
anything else? is the chronic victim status going on forever? do you have a intellectual vacuum where you have nothing else to talk about? the sad part about this, we all know there is real genuine racism out there we still have to deal with, sadly. claims like this against this woman on the airlines, by the way documents human rights violations in guatemala. sounds like stereotypical racist to me. are you serious? she destroys the effort to combat genuine racism by lobbying the charge out there. that is the worse thing you can call someone. brian: especially now. baltimore, we know what happened with a few years back, riots in the streets. we find out with freddy gray's situation. at that time, these cops were told bad people, bad methods, law enforcement has to be reformed. they backed out a lot of high-crime areas. look at the result. record 343 homicides in 2017.
5:41 am
a lot of cops feel so threatened they will not go in there, they worry about their future their families. brian: their pensions. is this the result? >> yeah. the war on cops has turned into a war on inner-city residents who deserve better. i beg and plead, i know liberals watch us in big cities. i get it. i grew up in the city. republicans may not be your answer. i understand that i'm a conservative. we may not have all the answers. but i can tell you the answer what's wrong is unquestionably the cancer of liberalism dominated these inner cities for years. brian, everything they have touched they have destroyed. they have been a forest fire from st. louis, from cleveland, to baltimore. everywhere they go they decimate these communities. there are good, great people there, who deserve better. you don't deserve this anymore. put aside idealogical blinder for a minute. okay, i may not be a republican, may not be a conservative but i
5:42 am
am most definitely not what this is now. what is going on in my city is a cancer, the cancer of liberalism. i wish people would wake up to that. leland: wow, dan bongino, appreciate your thoughts as always. the crime explosion. thanks, dan. crime explosion continues in some much these cities, whether it be st. louis he mentioned or baltimore. lisa: chicago. leland: chicago as well. a lot of local folks are saying what dan said, people coming in from out of town causing all these problems. police back off. activists leave. we're left with this skyrocketing murder rate. speaking of what americans are fleeing? well they're leaving states like new york, california, illinois at record pace. the shocking numbers coming up next. bob massi says you can thank liberal policies for that as well. "the property man" next. brian: plus what does it take to be a show dog? these top dogs make their
5:43 am
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>> good thursday morning to you. back with some headlines. brave police officers pull teenagers to safety from a burning car.
5:46 am
the dramatic rescue caught on body camera. the car flipping over, bursting into flames after slamming into a utility poll in milwaukee. nearby cops jumping into action. getting two unconscious boys out less than a minute. a third teen kicking out a window, escaping on his own. >> backup, the car was on fire. backup. >> the officers say it was their duty to save the boys. >> every milwaukee police district station across the country, they would do the same thing. that is why we joined. that is why we're cops. >> teens are expected to be okay mlb prospect giving parents the christmas gift of a lifetime, paying off their mortgage with the signing bonus. earlier arizona diamondbacks prospect pavin smith and his parents, explaining what the story means to them. >> it was emotional moment. listen to it again, gets me
5:47 am
choked up. this is memory for a lifetime. >> smith says he wouldn't be where he is today, without his parents. a look at headlines. leland, send it to you. leland: great story, jillian. thank you. americans are fleeing blue states like california, new york, where we are, and illinois at a record pace, leaving fewers to cover the democrats tax tab in those states. lisa: so pretty crazy. what could this mean in the long term? fortunately we have with us, author of the massi memo, host of "the property man," bob massi. how is it going. >> good good morning. >> pretty ad sounding here, state of illinois lost so many residents it dropped from the fifth to sixth most poplous state in 2017. when did this migration start? as you guys can see at home there is a map there many some
5:48 am
of this loss of residents here. when did this start, bob? >> it actually started in july of '16 before the election results. essentially what we're looking at where people got fed up in the blue states with high taxes unemployment, lack of development of the infrastructure. they're paying these taxes and the infrastructure is basically crumbling. a lot of people decided you know what? i'm not living like this anymore. i will move from here. sell my house, get whatever i can for it. go to state where more affordable. a lot went to red states. state infrastructure is better and job opportunity is better. this migration started there and this attitude of change of being fed up. leland: that was 18 months ago. president trump's tax reform takes effect for this coming tax year, 2018. what does that do to these migration patterns? >> leland a place like nevada, particularly las vegas with
5:49 am
california there will be a big migration. losing deductions capping at $10,000 on state an local taxes. that will affect a lot of people. those people very, very wealthy people, guys, they will go to their experts. they will work it out and will faith a way to legally get around it if you will, insofar saving money. but those who are still making a good living, you know what, i basically had enough, there will be migration to states like nevada and florida, to texas, more affordable to live, you don't have a lot of state income taxes of the here in nevada, we have none. that tax reform will put another layer of migration, which is great for construction, building, real estate, for business, for everything. lisa: what is impact for all of this, cities and states losing all of this? >> what basically this tax reform said, at least in a lot of ways look, the states you handle some of these problems. i think the states now have to look at it like california, like
5:50 am
illinois and say look, what are we going to do to make it better for our own people, not depend on the feds. so they could have a huge unemployment impact. huge business losses, and of course the infrastructure can suffer even more. they need to get the state governments need to get more diligent in how they handle their own citizens and don't depend on the feds. leland: yeah, there is some talk that states will get a little bit more competitive. california and new york may have to lower their taxes to get more competitive. >> that's right. leland: what is your takeaway for the massey memo real quick? >> number one, migration because of tax reform. impact of states. start taking care of your people, pay attention to business. don't depend on the federal government for everything. leland: see you on "the property man." have a good new year. american kennel club national dog show just days away. lisa: i love my dog.
5:51 am
leland: is she as well-groomed as this one? lisa: yes. ♪
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ leland: this new year's day america's top dogs will compete in the american kennel club national championship. come back here. lisa: before best in show was announced impressive pups stopped by fox and friends with a preview. leland: we have jojo. scooby and archer. we have vice president of the american kennel club with us, gina dinardo. >> thanks for having me. brian: what do we get to the dogs, what happens on animal
5:55 am
planet. >> the dog show airs at 7:00 p.m. brian: that will show different dogs. >> 190 different dogs, obedience, dock diving. our championship had over 8700 dogs and all 50 states. 44 other countries. [laughter] a little camera sly. lisa: what are the judges looking for? >> each breed has a standard of excellence. the judge will compare the written standard to the dog he is examining, the dog most closely matches standard is the dog that should win. brian: talk about these three dogs. >> this is archer, a sky terrier. a very rare breed. they make good family pets. they're supposed to be twice as long as they are tall. very distinctive ears and coloration. they're strong. they can be tough a other dogs. they can be aggressive with
5:56 am
other dogs. they're carriers, they are met to rat out little vermin. they could be tough and tenacious. lisa: who is this one? >> jojo. this is only eight months old. they are quiet most times when you hold them. outside they're active. they have spaniel characteristics. they run around in the yard. easy it take care of. this coat doesn't mat very much. brian: this look like a mini doberman. >> this is toy manchester terrier. they will weigh 7-pound. tenacious breed. very smart, eager to please. brian: the message is? >> these are rare breeds you may not know about. they make great family pets. watching the dog show, you can learn about 190 different breeds. there is a breed right for your family but there is not just one. so do the research. learn about breeds right for you. lisa: january 1st on animal planet? >> that's right. 7:00 p.m. eastern, animal planet.
5:57 am
new year's day. thank you. brian: wrap things up in a moment. leland: i'm getting wrapped up by archer. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates.
5:58 am
maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> >> january 8th i'll be at the hermitage. >> tonight you two are on tucker.
6:00 am
a quiz about the book. i hope you read it. tomorrow we have a great show "fox & friends" as well. geraldo, judge jeanine coming up. have a great morning. stay within yourself. >> rick: isis strikes again. they claimed responsibility for a coordinated attack on a cultural center in kabul leaving at least 41 people dead and 100 more wounded in the heart of afghanistan's capital. good morning, i'm rick leventhal. >> julie: bill and sandra are off today. isis says they detonated three bombs at the entrance to the center before sending a suicide bomber inside. isis is still a threat to be reckoned with even with its heavy losses in iraq and syria. >> rick: greg palkot is tracking the story. what more do we know about the attack? >> we


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