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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i told the cook, bring my the scissors. from where? i don't know. just bring me the scissors. i thought that i had to cut the cord. >> mom and her baby are doing well. that's it for "the daily briefing." thanks for joining us. i'm john scott. >> rick: new year, new agenda. republican congressional leaders agreeing to meet with president trump to stake out a plan for 2018. from the white house, some mixed signals on healthcare. secretary of state rex tillerson is defending the foreign policy effortses of the last year. ahead what he said the trump team has accomplished. also, this is as cold as it gets in some ports. record lows, freezing a lot of folks in the north and the northeast. don't look for warmer weather any time soon. plus, terrifying moments when a train flew off the tracks. emergency calls showing how people reacted in the seconds after the crash. >> 911.
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what are you reporting? >> we're in an amtrak train accident. we're south of tacoma and north of olympia. >> rick: that in this day's news in "shepard smith reporting." i'm rick leventhal in for shepard smith. president trump praising his accomplishments so far in the white house, pointing to the gop's tax plan and the economy and tweeting "you haven't seen anything yet." of course, some critics are saying that the obama administration created the policies that helped spur the economic growth and they say the tax bill was the president's only major legislative win this year despite republicans controlling the white house and both chambers of congress. rich edson has the news live in west palm beach from mar-a-largo. rich? >> good afternoon, rick. the president has just returned to mar-a-largo, spent the day at the trump international golf
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course. very few public appearances for the president since after christmas. he did show up yesterday at the west palm beach fire and rescue squad. he met with first responders there, fielded some questions for them and talked about 2017 in review. talked up his tax law and said it's going to boost economic growth. >> the tax cut bill is something. wait till it kicks in. little did we know, at&t, comcast, wells fargo are giving thousands to their employees and nobody saw that happening right away. that happened early. now what is happening is many of the companies have following suit. so the country is really shifting big. >> democrats oppose the tax law. they say it's a give-away to wealthy and corporations at the expense of the national debt. beyond that, the president talked up some of the other provisions in the tax law. the first being that the
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obamacare individual mandate that requirement that nearly every american have health insurance. the tax law eliminates that. it also opens up the arctic national refuge in alaska for oil drilling, rick. >> rick: rick, i understand the president took a swipe at china. >> he did. part of the administration's approach when it comes to north korea is to try to isolate it and get other countries to do that as well. china accounts for about 90% of north korea's trade. a big part of the strategy against north korea is to pressure china to cut off trade. china supported this u.n. security council resolution that cuts off oil exports to north korea. there was a story that china was linking up with a north korea vessel in the sea to deliver oil. the president tweeted this morning, "caught red-handed. very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go to north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korean problem if this continues to happen."
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the chinese government has responded to that report saying "we're committed to the denuclearization and peace of on the peninsula. the chinese government and the military have strictly implemented the relevant u.n. solutions. they have denied that story. as part of this in an op-ed in "the new york times," secretary of state rex tillerson discussed the issues with china. so china has made some progress when it comes to north korea, but it can and should do more. more on the chinese relationship the secretary wrote in that op-ed, we will continue to pursue other interests in our relationship, including trade imbalances and china's troubling military activities in the south china see and elsewhere. teller son went on to write that washington and beijing will have to carefully manage their relationship.
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>> rick: what about rex tillerson? is there speculation that he might leave? >> there's ongoing speculation that he will be out. they have had their differences, whether it's pertaining to issues of qatar or iran or north korea. the secretary of state is interested in staying and there's long-term planning that the secretary is working on international trips well into the winter. as for the timing of the op-ed, the secretary went through accomplishments in 2017. they say this has long been planned. it's the end of the year. the secretary thought it was a good time to highlight what to do in 2017 and he looks forward to communicating earlier. the administration says the secretary is staying put and he won't last long into the new year. >> rick: rich edson in west palm beach. let's talk to our panel. capri cafarro is here with us
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and bruce lavell is president trump's advisory board nor the 2020 election and a media surrogate for the rnc. thanks to both of you for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks, rick. >> rick: so the president talked quite a bit about his pride in the past year's accomplishments. bruce, you hoping for more? >> oh, my gosh. i'm so excited. happy new year and merry christmas to all. this is phenomenal. this tax cut has been a shot of adrenaline in the american -- the nation's arm. we needed this so desperately. you know, with this meeting coming up with camp david and mitch mcconnell and the other leaders, i hope the democratic leadership will show up and they won't have an empty chair saying let's get together and come up with a strong comprehensive plan to repeal obamacare that is c conducive to small businesses like myself in atlanta.
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my premium went from 800 to $1,600 a month and i'm one of millions suffering from this. i'm prayerful and hopeful in the meeting with camp david and house leadership that they will bring others to the table, the democratic leadership and say let's do something. >> rick: capri, with the control of the house and the senate by the republican party, are you surprised that the list of accomplishments wasn't longer this year? >> most americans and particularly those that voted for president trump kind of assumed that because, you know, the republican party controlled both the white house as well as both chambers of congress that there would be more, for example, repeal and replacing obamacare. there's no question that the tax reform bill is an accomplishment, a promise made and a promise kept as speaker ryan said. i do think that, you know, because of the nature of one party rule, there was an assumption -- i do agree with the other guest.
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democrats do need to come to the table. it will be interested to see what happens in regards to health policy. that is my area of expertise. when you look at the repeal of the individual mandate in the tax bill, that is going to have an impact on increasing premiums. in addition, one of the bargaining chips that was made to patty murray to vote for that tax bill was to work on the cost-sharing reduction payments to help offset the increase in costs in the new year for these health plans on the insurance exchange. i hope that both parties come together and fulfill that promise, at least in the interim to stabilize costs while going to further reforms. >> rick: a lot of people want to see both parties come together on a lot of issues, including the president who says his big plan, the first priority is infrastructure. he thinks the democrats will be on board for that. bruce, you agree. >> yeah. infrastructure. so desperately needed.
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>> rick: will the democrats go with his plans? >> if i were them, i would. if they want to save anything with their party, which is $3.5 million in dead and failing, i would get on board in terms of mobility. we're 30, 40 years behind in our transit initiatives. you saw what happened when a bridge caught on fire. one bridge crippled the entire city. we're so behind whether it's light rail, bus systems, bridges built in the 60s. yeah, this is a win for everyone. so if i were them, i would get to the table and say, look, let's roll up our sleeves and pave roads and build bridges. >> rick: capri, you think they can agree on infrastructure and healthcare? the president thinks it's possible. >> healthcare will be more difficult, as i said. there's some areas that we need to come together on. that will be a little more
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difficult. infrastructure has been a traditional go-to for the democratic party for an economic stimulus. we can't forget about our water and sewer systems as well that need to be upgraded and are a huge key component for economic development and growth in our rural areas in particular. >> rick: let's move on to the planned meeting at camp david. there's stories that the republicans may not be on the same page. that the agenda may be different depending who you talk to. what is your sense? >> if they want to get re-elected, they better get on the same page because this train is rolling. this is -- i'm so elated and so happy on the tax bill. now you saw the consumer confidence. i'm a small manufacturing retailer. we were up 4.9%. the momentum, the train is running. the euphoria is in the air for all americans saying hey, you
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know what? i might not have voted for this guy, president trump, but you know what? i think he has an idea about business and how he can get this economy going. so i think this is going to go into 2018, the first quarter with such a great should i say cheer and i love the way mr. trump police keep cheering the nation. i love it. it invigorates the people and gets them going. so i think it's going to be a big deal where they'll come together, make this happen, rick. i believe that in my heart. >> rick: we heard a short time ago that secretary of state rex tillerson is proud of the administration's achievements in the face of tremendous challenges this year. capri, is that fair and do you think he will be part of this administration for a while? >> you know, i think that all things considered, secretary tillerson has done a pretty good job given the global challenges. i'll give them credit on isis and the caliphate. i'll give them credit on giving lethal defensive aid to ukraine after years of ukraine basically
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being hanging in the wind on the threshold of russian separatists in eastern ukraine. we are part of a global community of nations that we cannot just isolate ourselves. i think some things that have happened, particularly with some of the tweets that have gone on automatic of the white house and some of the policies as well, that we have managed to strain relationships with traditional allies like the united kingdom and germany. recent controversies in the united nations. >> rick: i'm guessing bruce would differ with that assessment as well. >> you know what? the interesting thing on rex tillerson, here's a gentleman that managed 70,000 employees, world travel, handed $167 billion budget, as you might say or -- you know, i like the fact that he's been all over the world and has had to deal with china, isis and a lot of things that's going on in the region.
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i say stay tuned. don't underestimate. the other thing, too, rick -- >> rick: and then we have to go. >> we still need to get president trump's people confirmed. we're dealing with only -- barely 40%. mr. tillerson needs more of his people staffed in the state department. i know there were some frustrations getting people appointed, getting to the senate and et cetera. >> rick: they're cutting the state department off. we have to leave it there. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> rick: officials in alabama certified democrat doug jones as the winner of the u.s. senate race despite an attempt from his opponent to stop it from happening. roy moore filed a lawsuit last night arguing that voter fraud had affected the results of the special election on december 12. according to unofficial results, jones beat moore by 22,000 votes. moore, who dealt with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct
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with teens throughout his campaign, still haven't conceded the race. the alabama secretary of state hasn't found any evidence of voter fraud but he will investigate it in complaint that roy moore makes. mike pence is scheduled to swear in doug jones on january 3. the islamic state has lost a lot of territory and terrorists. now they're claiming credit for a new attack that left 40 dead and dozens hurt. that's coming up. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> rick: the islamic state claiming bombing in afghanistan that killed 40 and wounded dozens more. the white house condemning the attack calling it barbaric and heinous from sarah sanders. it happened in kabul. witnesses say the cultural centered basement was gathered for people when a suicide bomber inside detonated his device. one survivor says he felt his face burning and saw smoke everywhere. the building houses a pro iranian news agency that may have also been a target. greg palkot has more. what do we know about this attack? >> rick, it's basically another sign of the growing danger of the isis group inside afghanistan. just as we saw the strength of
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isis fading in places like iraq and syria, it's coming back here, even more so than the taliban outfit that the u.s. and allies have been tangling with for many years now. one expert said they don't care if they kill muslims. the death and the carnage and the destruction that we saw in kabul showed that. the u.s. embassy putting a stand out there calling the attack horrific, pledging to continue support. in fact, rick, the trump administration has been doubling down on the war in afghanistan. their air strikes, air force operations zeroing in on the isis foe there along with the taliban. >> we're learning more about the dramatic fight against isis in iraq. >> exactly. there's a bill to pay even in places where the isis group is
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not active any longer and is basically defeated in iraq and syria, specifically in iraq. we heard a new figure coming out of the baghdad government there. they're saying it's going to take $100 billion to fix up the cities, the towns that have been occupied, fought over and destroyed by isis in the north and the west of that country. mosul, the main city that saw so much damage, they're saying they could use the $100 billion themselves. the hitch is, the trump administration is saying that it won't pony up anything near to what is needed towards that figure. iraq is hoping the rich gulf neighbors will get involved. the u.n. is involved in repairing some of the structure. we've seen the damage up close. it's horrific and monumental. in the words recently of secretary of state rex tillerson, the u.s. is no longer in the nation building business. in this case, rebuilding.
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back to you. >> rick: the video is ridiculous. horrific is the word that came to my mind. thank you for that report. russian president vladimir putin says an explosion at a supermarket in russia was a terrorist attack. police say at least 13 people were hurt. it happened last night in putin's hometown, st. petersburg. police say someone set off a device with shrapnel. no group has claimed responsibility. but didn't say why investigators are calling it terrorism. some people make a new year's resolution to quit smoking. others to drop weight. this year a resolution getting kicked around to prepare taxes before midnight strikes. could be one way to save money before new rules from the trump tax plan kick in. the irs is explaining why that may not be an option for everybody and that's coming up.
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>> rick: some homeowners that are rushing to prepare next year's property taxes before the gop tax plan kicks in might not be aable to. the feds say people just can't guess how much they owe. the irs does not sell fun.
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blake burman is live with more. >> the irs here tried to create some clarity on it what might have happened with all of this is the irs just created even more confusion. homeowners across the country right now, most especially in high tax districts are determining that they should pay their tax bill now before the $10,000 deduction kicks in next week that limits state and local income taxes along with property taxes. as this rush gains steam, the ers yesterday afternoon posted an advisory on their website saying this could be done under certain circumstances. the first one pretty straightforward. you have to make the payments before the ends of the year. the second one, that is where the big question mark comes into play. here it is. a prepayment of anticipated real property taxes that have not been assessed prior to 2018 are not deductible in 2018. the translation is this. if your municipality hasn't
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given you your 2018 tax bill, you might not be able to deduct that bill this year. the bottom line with this one, rick, this does not appear to be settled, especially considering that tax districts all across this country have different schedules. keep in mind, depending where you live, might determine whether or not it's worth it for you to prepare or not. rick? >> i'm guessing there's no easy answer to this question. what happens to all of those people that we saw who handed over their money? >> they made the determination to do this because they thought the deduction was a shoe-in. turns out if they're on the wrong side of the coin, it's not like they're going to lose the money that they put forward but there's a catch. >> at worst if they made the payment, they made an interest-free loan to their
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government. this is where your tax adviser is the best. >> the tax foundation says this is an unsettled issue and one that could head to litigation. the new york governor, andrew cuomo talked about the tax bill as a whole and he described it as unconstitutional. his basis is this $10,000 deduction, the state and local income taxes and the property taxes he says unfairly hits blue states like his, new york, along with new york, new jersey, illinois and california. rick? >> blake burman at the white house. thanks very much. for all you folks down south, wondering how cold it is in the knot, a fountain almost completely frozen in philadelphia. that's franklin square this morning where temperatures are in single digits. we'll look at just how cold it's going to get and how long it will last and how much reporters will willing to stand outside in
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this freezing weather. that's next.
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>> rick: officials here in new york city say they're planning to deploy more security than ever before for sunday's new year's eve festivitiefestivitie. more than a million people will pack the time square and that makes it a prime target for terrorists. police say they will talk new precautions like monitoring more parking garages and scrutinizing rental trucks. officials also say there are no credible threats for this new years eve. bryan llenas is live in times square. bryan? >> hi, rick. yeah, no specific credible threats to new york city and they are -- the new nypd police commissioner and the mayor are confident this will be a safe
12:32 pm
event. they're adapting like they always do. given what happened in the last two weeks with the terror attack, the failed suicide bombing underneath times square, the subway system, they released a bulletin training people on really how to spot a suicide bomber. just some of the new precautions for sunday night's event. >> you'll see an increase in heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, radiological detection teams and our technology to include over 1,000 cameras in an around the area of times square for the event. >> this 3-d map of times square gives you an idea of the size and scope. over a million people. people will start getting here mid afternoon and they're going to be packed in there. they'll go through a checkpoint one time and then they'll go through a second checkpoint where they will be hauled to the pens in and around times square. they will be here six, eight, ten hours and there will be random backpack checks and vapor
12:33 pm
wake dogs. nypd overlooking hotels for times square. rick? >> rick: i suspect the crowds will be small they are year. it will be so incredibly cold. and i understand officials are concerned about how cold it will be. >> yeah, there's some concern given the fact that there's going to be a low of 11 degrees. the windchill will be subzero. if you're out here long periods of time, that can be dangerous. this could be the second coldest new year's eve ever in new york city. the first was 1917. it was 1 degree here in new york city for new year's eve. the second was 1962 where it was 11 degrees. this could be right up there. listen to what the mayor said earlier today. >> i admire people that want to stand there for many hours in the cold. it takes a special personality.
12:34 pm
they'll be safe. if you're going to venture out, bundle up, wear long underwear, bring hand warmers, all of those basics. take the weather seriously. >> yeah, in terms of preparation, you won't have any heat lamps. there's no bathroom. once you're out here, you're stuck and fend for yourself. the nypd says ambulances will be on call just in case. rick? >> rick: let's hope they don't need them. thanks, bryan. from boston to billings, montana, americans are feeling the pain from this current big chill. there's not a lot of relief in sight. rick reichmuth monitoring the weather. we're breaking records. how low can it go? >> a lot of places -- break records in july for cool temperatures. that's one thing. break records in december, early january, that's a whole other ball game. one of the coldest times of year into january. 11 degrees at midnight.
12:35 pm
i'll tell you, if you're thinking of going out there, do me a favor. google hypothermia and google what to do and how to recognize the symptoms. a lot of people will have potentially symptoms of this dangerous condition out there when you're standing out there very long. it's very life threatening and we're not just saying this. it's a serious problem. we have snow across parts of the great lakes again. 65 inches in erie, pennsylvania. probably another eight or so inches by the time the weekend is done. we have the snow, we have the cold air in place. a little bit better today across the far northern tier. feels like minus 14 in fargo. but again, you go down to the south, feels like 16 in kansas city. yesterday at this time, felt like about zero. so it's a little bit warmer. rick, you know, this time of year, cold temperatures, we're going to be probably seeing someplaces in the minus 30s, maybe minus 40s by the time we're done with this. >> rick: rick, you and i talked
12:36 pm
about the cold. because of that, we'll have a doctor to tell viewers about what to do and whatnot to do. when will folks get a break from this? >> not any time soon. in is where the cold is here. that's the lower 48. canada. you can see this cold air mass. we'd like to see this just solidly around the arctic circle. it's not. it's gotten displaced and around parts of canada, the northern tier of the country, this is one week from now. we're talking about the cold air again towards parts of the south. probably january 7 or 8 before we see any change to this pattern. i'll tell you right now, second week of january is looking to be about average. so we do have some hope in sight. but it's a long ways away from now. >> okay. thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> rick: people in chicago know all about cold weather and they're feeling the freeze. that city seeing temperatures in the single digits and some nights dropping below zero
12:37 pm
without counting the windchill. mike tobin is one of those brave reporters. how bad is it, mike? >> people in chicago at least have some company. about half of the country is socked in with cold weather. most people feel lucky because they're not in erie, pennsylvania. they have been blown away by the lake-effect snow. all the way from ohio to new york and erie, pennsylvania they saw more than five feet of snow piled up. cars are stuck. got so bad, the snowplow got stuck. turned out beautiful in minnesota where the mini ha-ha falls froze. in some cases, the ice, tons of it came crashing down. people said not only is it dangerous to go to the false,
12:38 pm
it's also illegal. another danger, we see a lot of fires caused by old furnishes working double times and space heaters. they they can be dangerous but the power cord, a lot of power going through the cords. if people use extension cords, sometimes that can be the ignition source. sometimes people supplies cords together. that can be very dangerous. >> rick: mike, how many layers right now? >> about three. the outside layer is like the kid from "the christmas story." i can't put my arms down. >> rick: good luck with that. we mentioned hypothermia. dr. david dupri is here. good to see you. >> thank you. >> rick: we all know it. we've been out there and you have as well as me. it's painful when it gets that cold and dangerous, right? >> sure is. hypothermia is real and can kill
12:39 pm
you. i think if you're going to brave new year's eve day for long periods of time in cold weather, you have to be prepared. know that hypothermia is something that is -- takes awhile to endure over long periods of time. if you can enjoy the weather and be prepared with the weather, you can have multiple layers. >> rick: would your advice be not to go? >> i absolutely would go. i would go prepared. >> rick: which means what? >> multiple layers. make sure you have a waterproof layer at some point, mostly on the outside to protect you from getting wet. >> rick: and the hand warmers and foot warmers make a difference? >> absolutely. anything can help. >> rick: when do you know you've been out there too long? >> the first sign is shivering. your body is telling you. you're losing more heat than you're generating. that's the sign of hypothermia. so your body is trying to tell you something. >> rick: a lot of people shiver
12:40 pm
when it's cold. that won't send people out of the pens and to a hospital. >> no, but they have to be aware of what they're doing. ie, put on hand warmers, take a breath mint. huddle up with friends. you need to do something to counter act the effects of hypothermia or you won't last 12 hours. >> rick: some people have to be out there. when do they know that it's time to go? you have to pack it in and leave? >> shivering is important to know. the most important thing to know, when you stop shivering, your temperature is getting low to the point that you can go into moderate to severe hypothermia and you get organ failure, you can have cardiac arrest. these are things significant that can happen. >> rick: knowing that it's going to be 10 degrees, are you concerned that that may be a reality sunday night? >> absolutely. if you don't have areas of exposure controlled, people think the myth of you lose most of your heat from your head. it's not true. you lose 10 to 11%. you have to keep the areas of
12:41 pm
high heat loss, your hands, your groins, armpits and your feat and face, you have to keep them covered. you have to be almost unrecognizable to tolerate 10 degrees for 12 hours. >> rick: we'll see if the folks are following your advice. we hope they do. dr. dupree, thanks very much. one town in new jersey cancelling their polar bear plunge siting safety concerns. they said the temperatures will be 18 degrees and it's too cold to go into the chilly water. dozens of people were on an inaugural amtrak run south of tacoma, washington and enjoying the ride not knowing that they were speeding towards disaster. investigators say the train was traveling too fast for a curve and jumped the tracks. now for the first time, we're hearing the first 911 calls. people scared and confused and
12:42 pm
pleading for help. their calls cup chur the frightening moments immediately after the crash and you hear them next. liberty mutual saved us
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for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> rick: a witness to last week's amtrak train derailment told a 911 dispatcher "there's bodies laying everywhere." local officials released dozens of emergency calls that paint a picture of the scene. the derailment happened near tacoma as the train crossed and overpass sending some cars on to the body highway below. three people died. 100 were hurt. according to the national transportation safety board, the train had been traveling 80 miles an hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. claudia cowan with more. >> rick, these dramatic calls show the panic and widespread devastation that witnesses saw after the train jumped the track. it was making its maiden run
12:46 pm
when it barrelled through a curve in dupont, washington going 50 miles over the speed limit. some of the passenger cars teetering over the busy freeway. >> now listen to what it was like for survivors on the train in the moments just after it crashed.
12:47 pm
>> that woman was so distraught that when the dispatcher asked her her age, she said "i don't know how i am, i'm sorry." nobody on the freeway was seriously hurt. the day after the accident, authorities released the call made by the engineer operating train. he described cars everywhere and multiple injuries. according to federal investigators, the engineer was not on his cell phone at the time of the accident but he was training a conductor on the new route and he may have been distracted. that is just one be possibility, rick. could take more than a year to understand why the train derailed. >> rick: claudia cowan in los angeles. thank you. cameras are everywhere watching every move in obvious plays like casinos, airports and banks. we have them in our homes and drones and phones ready for the right moment. caroline shively has a look at
12:48 pm
some of the caught on camera moments of 2017. >> it was a year filled with instagram-worthy moments. our facebook and twitter feeds filled with laugh out loud videos. some made our hearts swing and others tugged at our heart strings. an elderly doctor dragged from an oversold flight. united airlines paid dearly. a settlement and p.r. nightmare. in the wake, changes were made across the entire industry. jaws dropped when video surfaced from charlottesville showing a car driving into a crowd. they were protesting white nationalists that came to rally in their crowd. a white woman was killed. the driver charged with her murder. cameras love crime. they reported a lot of it. the growing trend of porch pirates. bad guys casing out houses and making off with the deliveries.
12:49 pm
chicken and biscuits weren't safe. plucked from a big apple fast food joint. dash cams were eye witnesses to this. a delivery truck running a red light in missouri and toppling on its side, a traffic stop in ohio taking an ex-expected turn when a s.u.v. slammed into two patrol cars. a police pursuit in utah ending in tragedy. the world's most famous tiger gets busted for dui. an ariana grande targeted by terrorism. a bomb filled with shrapnel killed 23. a blast in new york city sends commuters running for safe tiff. injuries were minimal. police say the homemade devices didn't go off as planned. it's still unknown why this was planned. the deadliest mass shooting in the nation's history.
12:50 pm
gripping video, gun fire raining down on country music fans. more than 500 people got hurt that night. the death toll peaked at 58. cameras were rolling when bad wet rolled in. funnel clouds forming from texas to illinois. a rare snow tornado reported in eastern europe. in 2016, we cheered on the animal kingdom. we witnessed the worst of mother nature. but also the best of man kind. at times when we needed it most. caroline shively, fox news. >> rick: how do begin to rebuild when you lost everything? that's the question facing folks in northern california after wild fires obliterated the landscape. so many families and businesses are struggling to figure out their next steps after the wildfires. we'll go live to wine country coming up. you can't predict the market.
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but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> rick: some folks in northern california's wine country rebuilding after wild fires turn parts of the area into an inferno back in october. officials say the flames destroyed nearly 9,000 buildings. the fires spared most of the wineries but some workers say they're concerned about a possible hit to the business anyway in an area that depends so heavily on tourism. adam housley is there with the news live in a winery in napa valley, california. adam? >> yeah, rick. the worry is about the second blow when the fires blew through northern california. 9,000 strictures were burned down and killed 42. it shut down an industry at its busiest time. now the perception is that nappy and sonoma counties burned down.
12:55 pm
that's not the case at all. a tasting room here was going and the winery and the wines are just fine. they say while the people are enjoying wine, the numbers are down significantly and that should worry people. take a listen. >> most people are very surprised. they're expecting to see charred areas and burned areas. they're few and far between. >> the fires did do significant damage here in wine country. it burned through 3,000 homes in santa rosa. these are blue collar neighborhoods trying to rebuild. many people work in this industry because we know the tourist industry is intertwined here. we had a chance to go to cinderella winery. they were completely destroyed. there's more than 600 wineries.
12:56 pm
they say their wines are okay. even though they have no place to taste them, they'll find a way to get the wines to the community. take a listen. >> we have a lot of hope. people need to keep their jobs. we're still making wine. it could be worse. >> it could be worse, rick. you remember the pictures of the winery there. now it's a wide open lot. they have cleared it up. one of the worries, how long would it take to get the permits done. napa county and sonoma county, maybe six years from concept to completion. they say they'd are be build in two years because they're going to fast track it. >> two years to six years. that's tough. adam housley, we appreciate your time. thanks very much. you want your tweets to become part of the library of congress for generations of americans to view? you only have a couple more days to do it. that's coming up.
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12:59 pm
>> rick: the library of congress has been reporting public tweets since 2006. starting january 1, that is ending. the library of congress reports they will begin archiving tweets on a selective basic around major events like elections. the dow on track for it's 71st
1:00 pm
high of the year. the winners financials and tech stocks. i'm rick leventhal in for shepard smith. "your world" is next with trish regan in for neil cavuto. thanks for watching. >> forget cutting. is the governor of new york threating to get suing? welcome. i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." new york cuomo is accusing republicans of pillaging the blue states. charles payne is here on with this escalating tax hike. >> andrew cuomo called the gop tax bill devilish and he says his states and others are in a economic civil war with the federal government. >> they are challenging our structure of our tax code. we're


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