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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  December 29, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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we will be much better off here. >> yes, i have to wrap it up. happy new year to you. i thank everybody here tonight. i am jason in for laura ingraham. i think her and welcome up ed. >> happy new year. >> breaking news on something big developing over the last 24 hours. >> you saw the report here last night. chinese tankers selling oil. >> beijing caught red handed defying sanctions against north korea. tonight the president responded with a tough tweet. echoes earlier rhetorical fireworks. >> they will be met with fire and fury. >> is the u.s. headed into a new year's military showdown to possible regime change. then, when you add a democrat to the senate and factor in a new
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report showing overwhelming negative coverage of the president, does that equal big problems for the republican agenda in 2018? >> this young generation will pay for that if we don't get the hell out of the way. >> fighting word from howard dean directed at the liberal old guard. is that a sign that democratic chances in the mid-terms are not all they are cracked up to be? >> this is the fox news alert. the republican chairman of the house intelligent committee is drawing a line in the stand in the gop battle with the justice department and the fbi over allegations of an anti-trump and pro-clinton bias in their probes. in a scathing letter addressed to the department attorney general who appointed special counsel robert mueller. nunes gave the doj a deadline of
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nexted with to turn over key documents on the russian investigation. they were sought in subpoenas should in august. he ripped the department for delays and says it's part of a broader pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated. also breaking news in a growing crisis in korea. chinese ships were observed by u.s. spy satellites offloading oil to north korea in open defiance of the u.n. sanctions. president trump tweeted: now late tonight. in an interview with the "new york times," just posted moments ago to their website. the president admitted he's been soft on trade with china.
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he hoped that beijing would pressure north korea to abandon nuclear weapons. now he says his patience is simply running out. trump said oil is going into negotiate. -- north korea. that was not my deal. if they don't help with north korea i can do what i said i want to do. we have a nuclear menace out there. we have analysis. first allison barber with more. >> president trump is very disappointed. china said they did not do it. a different tone from president trump. in november he praised the chinese president xi. he said he didn't blame china for taking advantage of america's trade promise. -- policy. tonight he is changing his tune.
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north korea launched 90 missiles and this year tested 3 intercontinental ballistic missiles. in 2006 the u.n. security council strengthed sanctions against north korea to prevent from developing their nuclear weapons program. the most recent came on friday. a south korea newspaper is reporting that u.s. satellites captured chinese ships selling oil to north korea. china's response: the situation you mentioned did not exist. gordon has studied and written about north korea. he said the accusations are likely true. >> these ship to ship transfers
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from chinese vessels to north korea's they occurred if october. those are violations of u.n. anks already in place. -- sanctions already in place. they were violating u.n. rules. we know that the north korea ship that was not permitted to go into a chinese port. turned on its transponder in a chinese port this month. >> democratic senator criticized president trump's initial response. tweeting and saying: >> we know that chinese banks. even large ones have been laundering money for north korea. we need big fines on those banks have declare them to be primary money laundering concerns.
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sanctions have not stopped north korea up to now. because we have not applied sanctions against countries that keep north korea in business. china, russia and others. >> the u.s. announced sanctions to target 2 north korea officials. >> we appreciate that. straight to ambassador john bolden. these tweets fly by. when the president said there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues, i stopped s. that a big deal? >> absolutely. this overhead. the satellite photography of these chinese ships hooking up with north korea hips transferring oil. it's a fire bell in the night. forget the u.n. security council resolution. not a sparrow false -- falls in
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china that north korea doesn't know about. >> we heard china is the key. if they are working with them we have a crisis? >> they are the key. they supply over 90% of north korea's oil. they keep that regime in power. for 25 years they played the united states acting as though they are concerned and saying they don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons. even now after president trump put it in the "new york times" interview, directly to china, gave them not a free pass but went easy to them on trade. very important issue to him in the expectations they would do they could do on north korea they have not done it. they insulted the president. >> how remarkable of an admission was that from the president of the united states tonight. they didn't hold up their end of bargain? >> he took a chance. he is an optimistic man. i know that. i didn't think the deal would
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work. they screwed him. how many ways do you have to put it? he tried to work with neem and they have not done. we are running out of time. now i think it's clear toula of the analysts in terms of nuclear weapons side where they detonated a nuclear device and they are close to hitting targets in the united states. you can talk about sanctions all you want. >> the fact that they have these missiles that may be able to reach many u.s. cities. you have china which is supposed to be the lynch pin working with north korea and propping them and screwing the president, what is the heck is next? >> we are down on unattractive options. unless china did an about-face.
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the problem of north korea is the regime. >> you are saying regime change? >> regime elimination with the chinese. this is something we need to do with them. the one encouraging thing is secretary tillerson let slip a few days ago that we had military talks with china. the chinese have not been willing to do it. trump has been clear that military forces an option. we got their attention. >> what should our viewers know tonight? are we more likely to go to war in 2018 with what we know now? >> i think we are close to the binnary choice of admitting north korea will have nuclear weapons as far as the eye can see or preemptive military
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force. north korea don't to it voluntarily. >> we teased the possibly of a bloody nose strike. i assume that means you strike north korea militarily and not taking out the regime but taking out the nuclear program or something more serious like taking out kim jong-un? >> there are a range of possibilities. the problem is that almost any of them risk north korea retaliation against the innocent civilians in south korea. north korea's idea of defense is killing innocent civilians. >> hundreds of thousands of individuals? >> i think that's exagg wraith. part of the hysteria is saying you can't use military force.
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i think we ought to suppress the north kor north korea aragoncillo -- artillery. any force could collapse the regime. that's what we need to talk to china. there is an easy way and hard way to do this. >> china is not making it easy. we appreciate your perspective. we will get to the other big development on the russia probe. the chairman of the house intelligent committee nunes is demanding documents by january 3rd deadline. slamming the justice department and the fbi in a strongly worded letter that says:
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he is frustrated and said the doj and the fbi need to be investigating themselves. a call echoed by trey gowdy. a former member of the intelligence committee. >> this is taking longer than it should or needs to. >> let's bring in daniel. i want to start with daniel. this is a strongly worded letter. we see them flying around washington and nobody does anything.
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nunes means business. shaking loose the details about the clinton campaign. he send this letter. what happens next? >> the letter is not out of landfill. -- left field. there is growing support for the justice department and the fbi to have more trance transparency in this process. the justice department is under donald trump's pursue. at what point will donald trump take action and fire people or demand answers? it may come sooner rather than later>> the president with the interview with the "new york times" he said i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. but for purposes of thinking they will be treated fairly, i stayed uninvolved with this
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particular matter. he seems to be saying i want to get a fair shake with robert mueller so i don't want to do anything rash with the justice department going after peter strzok. but there are people wondering why is peter strzok who sent all of these anti-trump texts still have a job? >> there are a couple of things there. the president's comments in that "new york times" interview were interesting. he emphasized he believes that mueller will be fair. i assume that's a sincere belief but it's a piece of the legal strategy of his legal team which is to cooperate with mueller to the greatest extent possible even while we have mr. nunes with a more critical line. >> cobb thinks the presidential face of the mueller probe is
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wrapping up and there won't be obstruction of justice. he won't do anything rash. the president talked about the justice department. you said there some could be something imminent. do you think we will see fireings. ohr at the justice department or others who had question rolls in the dossier? >> i don't know about the days ahead. the president is able to make things happen. this is separate from the mueller investigation. they are all connected. it is separate. you wonder. the president doesn't think the justice department is acting adequately or the fbi. at what point does he say we need to have the justice department and fbi trusted by the american people? i am do something about it?
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>> if the president gets a fair shake in the justice department and the fbi. is he getting a fair shake with the media. they had gallup data that looked at coverage of past administration. clinton '93, 27 positive. obama 42% positive. donald trump 62% negative. 5% of the coverage positive. this is the pew research center. this is not a conservative out fit. what does this tell you. some people are surprised it's only 62% negative? the coverage of donald trump is just plain nasty. >> no one makes friend by going
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on tv and defending the media. i am not a huge fan of these polls for a specific reason. i don't think they take into account the degree of the events that drive coverage. if you win the super bowl you get better coverage. that's not media prejudice. this was based on the feverirsts of donald trump presidency. >> big picture. >> well, the new england patriots may disagree. plenty of good teams get bad coverage. the media hates donald trump. there is no way to -- perhaps it's justified, perhaps it's not. they hate donald trump. you see it in their coverage every day. >> china fighting back economically against the
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1.5-trillion dollars tax cut signed into law by the president. another sign of how much of an impact that might have on the u.s. economy. beijing will exempt foreign companies from paying taxes. here at home a dozen employees are giving perkins. -- perks. today insurance company aflac said it will increase investment in the united states and make a $500 dollar to every single employee's 401-k.
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a disney heirness slammed the new tax law in a viral video. saying the tax cuts are just for the wealthy and corporations and hurt ordinary america. disney blasted the tax plan for killing health insurance for 13 million people. she claims she will pocket $30 million from the tax cuts. her office can accept gifts to reduce debt. only far, mrs. disney, you can give it back. just saying. jena fisher known as pam on the office is issuing an apology after using false democratic talking points to slam the gop tax cuts. she was upset the new bill would
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stop teachers from deducting the cost of classroom splice. -- supplies. lawmakers left that deduction alone. to her credit, she deleted the tweet and issued this apology: coming up, democrats look to 2018, calls from within the party for new leadership getting louder. why is howard dean sounding like he wants chuck and nancy to go. a new report on immigration could help the president crackdown on illegals. a gang leader's murder could be a result of socialist policy. with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory.
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>> this is a fox news alert. tragedy in new york city. 12 reported dead at this hour. among them a baby. 15 people seriously injured. you can see these horrible pictures of fire ripping through a bronx apartment building on this frigid night. the fire commissioner called the blaze historic in its magnitude because of the number of lives lost. 170 firefighters rescued fleeing tennants. working in temperatures in the teens. >> they were starting to get people down and people were trying to get down on their own. people were screaming. fire, help! >> so tragic. we will stay on top of it. in the political world in the
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mid-term elections the democratic party lost control of the senate. 2016 they lost control of the white house. now louder calls for new faces and leadership. does howard dean want chuck and nancy gone? lauren? >> in the alabama special election many wonder how they can keep their momentum going into 2018 and 2020. howard dean said the democrats need to fresh up next: their party's leaders. >> i am for somebody who is younger. i think my generation will get the hell out of politics. >> dean said older party leads like bernie sanders and joe biden and nancy pelosi need to
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hand the reins to the party to someone who not more than half a century old. dean says the younger faces need to take over. li linda sanchez said there needs to be a change in house leadership. nancy pelosi said she is not going anywhere. >> i think it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders. i want to be a part of that transition. >> i respect any opinion my members have, but my decision about how long i stay is not up to them. >> in 2010 dean would only endorse someone in the next generation. naming a few democrats he wants to see. it's not the first time the aging problem has been brought up. last month even "saturday night
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live" spoofed the democratic party who stand for the youth is led by people in the their late 60s and 70s. >> the calls for new leadership further. i am joined by windy a liberal commentator and jared. as a democrat, i start with you. chuck and nancy gone? >> not necessarily chuck and nancy dpn. -- gone. if we look at what happened with the republicans, donald trump won. he is elderly. >> in his 70s. >> he is. we have to bring in the fresh faces. we can't vote people out just because of their age. if biden want to run. >> you want nancy pelosi to stick around for another few
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years? >> nancy pelosi's leadership is questionable in the democratic party and i don't think that's about her age. that's something we have to make very, very clear. >> in the swing districts across the country that will decide who will control the house. if republicans run an ad showing nancy pelosi with a democratic candidate it's deadly. >> nancy pelosi is not popular. i want nancy pelosi to stick around. i can tell you that. >> [laughing]. >> i would never donate to a political campaign except hers. >> democrats talk about we need new blood. they go get all of their blood changed, they are still selling unpopular ideas. that's what they don't get. it's not the messenger. that's the message. >> we need movement. >> you can't change a few words and make an unpopular idea popular. >> wendy, on that point, the
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talking points from the democrats on the tax cuts were this is all for the rich. now they flipped it and said, well, actually it will help the middle-class. they said the corporate tax cut would not trickle down to employees and company after company is giving out bonuses. bernie sanders said the problem is they haven't made the middle-class tax cuts permanent. how can democrats say we want to make something permanent we voted voted on no. >> it's not just the top 1%. will the middle-class see that in the next few months. >> the irs said withholding will start in february. they will see it soon. >> the corporations. they were giving bonuses. also the same corporations that laid people off as well.
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that's a delicate dance. >> bernie sanders is sitting here wishing to be sitting over. there he hasn't introduced any legislation to sit over there. he is in the united states senate. if he wants to change the law, he could offer an amendment. he knew that no democrats would vote for the bill. he didn't care. >> immigration, governor cuomo pardoned 18 illegal immigrants and jerry brown pardon 2 with criminal records. what is happening? >> it's almost to the point it's more adhavenvanithaven'adhaven' to be in this country illegally. they are not pardoning
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americans. they are not pardoned on merit. >> what is happening. these are illegal immigrants? >> but sanctuary cities are making sure that education flourishes in our community. saying immigrants are not welcome here is unamerican. >> we don't like the once climbing being in the back the shooting massacre. a bomb schedule report on illegal immigrant. we will break down the numbers. >> everybody wants to come to the united states. frankly the united states can be choosey about who it admits.
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go to cooperate with an immigration enforcement. an 18-year-old was gunned down and killed. he was released despite a detainer. as the president touts his success of crooking down on the violent street gang. new numbers could bolster his argument and get something done on immigration. a national correspondent reports from los angeles. >> for decades u.s. himigration rules have been based on an outdated system. >> a system the president want to overhaul next year.
12:36 am
>> everybody wants to come to the united states and frankly the united states can be choosey about who it admits. >> the reports shows in 2016, 1.8 million legal and illegal immigrants settled in the u.s. >> what should legal immigration look like? i will make a prediction. in 5 or 6 weeks, we will have to deal with thatsa you start to face the daca expiration. >> more guest workers and foreign students. a surge in central-american women and children. for the first time spouses of the visa holders were allowed to work encouraging those overseas to join new immigrants already
12:37 am
here. >> family immigration has a huge multiplier effect. we are seeing the effects today. >> this graph shows where immigrants are coming from. mexican immigration is cut in half. central americans are up by 100,000. asian immigration almost do you belie believe -- doubled. from europe immigration was flat. >> what is the undocumented population and how we fix that problem. reach over to those who are coming in legally and say how do you maximize the benefits of your new home country? >> the drop in mexican immigration was dramatic. that means the u.s. is deporting fewer mexicans.
12:38 am
president trump removed fewer mexicans that obama in 2016. congress may be more concerned about who immigrates to the u.s. than how many. >> thanks. coming up, security tighter than ever for new year's eve celebrations and in las vegas security up after the mass schooth. -- shooting. why so many questions
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..y so many questions
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>> ♪ fox sports legal an analyst bob massey digs deeper to security on the vegas strip. how the city is still dealing with the awful shooting. bob, good to see you, sir. >> thanks, sir. >> let's start ... it's important all around the country. new york city and times square i will be there sunday night. we will talk about that in a moment. vegas a lot of people there. they want to party and ring in the new year. when i was in new york city last weekend, there is a much bigger police presence. they are ready for anything and everything. are you seeing that that vegas as well? >> absolutely. they are very prepared. they are spending hours to make sure all of the critical areas will be safe for the people that
12:43 am
visit here. 3 to 400,000 people coming here. if you drove from los angeles on thursday here over to vegas, it's a 12 hour drive because so many people are coming to vegas. the presence is there. you see police cars and motorcycle cops and bicycles. >> i have known you for a long time. few people i know who have as much respect for our men and women in blue as you do. the color of the uniform may be different in lags. -- las vegas. i think it's brown or green. you love and respect them. they have gone through a tough time. let's talk about that. >> yes. well, obviously as you know is the worst tragedy we had in america like this. it changed the face of the city in many ways. i think at the beginning metro, handled it well. as well as the fbi. there is a concern it's gone
12:44 am
very quiet. i have been here 44 years. the residents of las vegas would like answers. they don't expect answers to be fabricated and i respect the fact that they are doing the best they can. but we would like to hear something. even if it's not of subitance. something to give us a sense of they are getting to some resolution and understanding. however, what happens is it allows theories to roll out here. as a result, many of us just want a little more communication. love them and respect them. what they are doing. don't try to do their job for them. at the same time, it would make us feel better. >> you are pointing a finger at something important. there have been conspiracy theories. viewers want answers. in this text age everybody wants to tweet and find out in 30
12:45 am
seconds. we respect the men and women in uniform. time is passing. in that void, it feels like the vacuum is being filled with a lot of questions and a lot of conspiracy theorys. >> the victims have lawyered up. major law firms have filed lawsuits against the mg m. they independent the crime scene and brought experts literally from across the world. we have men and women that work at mandalay bay. mandalay bay and the mgm are trying to preserve those jobs. we would like some answers to get rid of this conspiracy theory. >> we hear you and across the country we are hearing that.
12:46 am
we expect in 2018 more transparency. happy new year. coming up president trump christmas vacation. a lot of golf at club mar a lago. critics on other networks are trying to turn it into a scandal. a professional golfer who just goof at links with the president tells us what really happened. the president said it could be the coldest record. how they are handling the deep freeze? >> 2014 we had that polar vortex. this is something we practice in our work shops. one of the things we prepare for.
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>> ♪ >> the president spent time golfing during his christmas vacation at mar a lago. a media controversy broke out that a white truck blocked cameras from getting photos of the president golfing. cnn cameras captured trump golf other from a public sidewalk. today not possible. the secret service said they didn't block their view saying: a spokeswoman for the sheriff's was said they didn't order a box truck to block any views of the president. professional golfer dana had nothing to do with that truck but hit the links in the president. joins us live. great to see you tonight. there is all of this speculation, critics of the
12:51 am
president saying he cheats on the golf course. he is not a good golfer. he lies about his score. what say you? >> [laughing] i tell you one thing. he is a good player. hits it a long way. the only trouble he surrounds himself with so many great players, it's hard to tell how good he is. he plays with tiger and dustin johnson and jack nicklaus and everybody. when he gets through all of those guys, he comes back to me. >> yeah, right. dana had 11 wins on the pga tour of champions. a fixture of the senior pga tour. take us inside the golf game. the other day you were on the same team with senator purdue of georgia and who does the president? >> a little guy called bryce. he won in iowa.
12:52 am
won the u.s. amateur and other the same year. only 5 guys have done that including jack and tiger. >> one of the golf magazines said you were winning the front 9 and the president staged a comeback on the back 9, is that true? >> those guys are peeking through the trees too well. yeah. we donald make two 50 footers that swung the tide of the match. >> the president had two 50 foot putts for birdie? >> 2 of them. 11 and 14. it destroyed us. >> what is it like, you are somebody i played with before. you are a good coach. i need a lot of coaching. >> yes, do you. >> what is it like to have guys can gun watching you swing a golf club? >> it feels pretty safe to me. it's awesome.
12:53 am
20 or 30 carts in front of you and dogs sniffing. it's awesome. professional golfers learn to play in front of crowds. these are crowds but safer. all really big guys. >> the president dealt with north korea and the mueller investigation. the report asked how he was hitting it. hitting it shorter off the tee every single year. >> welcome to old age. >> how is he off the tee? >> he is good. i hit 260 and he is right there. he is a huge guy anyway. he hits it strong. he doesn't leave anything in the clubhouse. he swings at every shot hard. he is a good player. he can hang in there. >> these reports in the "washington post" saying he cheats and doesn't shoot in the low 70s, you say?
12:54 am
>> i say just come out and play him. put some money up and he will play you. >> fake news they are allegingful devo strong. -- are alleging. devo. your son has had some challenges? >> he is starting to move again for the first time in 6 years. >> happy new year. >> great. come down and play. >> 2018, we will play some golf. >> let's do it. >> happy new year. take a look at. this boiling water turning to snow. we will update you on how cold it is getting in some part of the countries. with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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was you had to pay to be on there, and i felt like the people who were on there really value a relationship. - for my family, we are three for three in our siblings for getting married. i thank eharmony for that. - [narrator] stop waiting, start communicating for free today. >> it is looking to be a chilly new year's eve. windchill advisory is posted for much of new york, new england, and northern p.a. forecasters warning of hypothermia and frostbite as arctic air moves eastward from the central plains. as you can see, it's already creating an icicle wonderland along lake erie and turning boiling water into snow high atop mount washington in new hampshire. whether observers say the temperature hit minus 35 degrees fahrenheit today. 14 degrees temperatures turned this fountain into an ice sculpture. president trump weighed in on
12:59 am
the arctic air, tweeting "in the east, he could be the cold the coldest new year's eve on record. perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old global warming." forecasters predict the frigid temperatures will continue their first week of 2018. tune in new year's eve. featuring lisa boothe, dean cain, and yours truly. great music, special tributes to our men and women in uniform. then we are going to hand it off to kennedy and jesse watters. they will take you to midnight with their all-american new year's special. arctic cold. we are buying long johns as we speak. i will be back here tomorrow night for "fox news @ night." we will have all kinds of great guests. shannon bream has been getting a very well-deserved vacation this week, but she will be back in this chair monday night. until then, i am ed henry in washington.
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we'll see you on "fox news @ night" right here tomorrow 11:00 p.m. >> house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez slamming the doj and fbi for what he says is failure to turn over documents related to the anti-trump dossier. >> the president slamming china on twitter, very disappointed china is allowing oil to go into north korea. countdown to 2018 as fox's new year's eve, live from times square provides big time celebration.


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