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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 29, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez blasting both agencies for fail to turn over documents about that fake dossier. >> it's not foreign interference in the u.s. election but domestic. >> president trump telling the "new york times" that the russia investigation is making the country look bad. >> i'm very much for somebody who is younger. i think my generation has got to get the hell out of democrats. >> funny hearing politics saying we need new blood and new blood. they can go to keith richards and get all their blood changed they are selling unpopular ideas. >> he has been soft on trade china. he said he hoped beijing would abandon nuclear weapons program. >> they screwed it how many ways do you have to future he tried to work with him and they haven't done it vanity fair begging hillary clinton to not run again. now they're getting huge backlash with it with subscribers anally attacking
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them and even burning the magazine. donald trump is taking delight in the magazine's plight. ♪ i can fill your cup ♪ you know my won't evaporate todd: dark and chilly out there on the last friday of 2017. welcome to "fox & friends." pete is here with us. rachel as well. i'm leland vittert. great to be with you. big guys are enjoying their well deserved time off. pete: last weekday of 2017. we have got a weekend but on monday it will be january 1st. who knows what you will find on this program of "fox & friends," final 2017 program. rachel: you are all enjoying wisconsin weather. leland: enjoying, i will let you put that on there. pete: do you enjoy it when it's negative 10. rachel: i stay in. once it gets to a certain
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temperature, i look at the kids outside and i wave at them playing in the snow. i don't go out there. leland: missing a fireplace. pete: have a fireplace installed. leland: even if it's one of those video fireplaces you feel warmer. pete: i did the yule log this christmas on the tv. rachel: you don't have a fireplace. pete: i have a fireplace as well real and virtual. and enjoy us all morning long on "fox & friends." we'll move on to little bit of news as well. enough is enough. house intelligence committee chairman devon up in nez blasting the doj and the fbi for failing to turn over documents on the anti-trump dossier. rachel: that's right. nunes is demanding all records be available by next week. leland: griff jenkins live in our nation's capital where there is not a fireplace either.
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good morning, griff. >> good morning, leland, rachel and pete. a strongly worded letter sets a deadline for possible showdown between the intel committee and the agency. chairman nunes is slamming the department of justice and fbi for failing to produce documents related to subpoenaed issued four months ago over the so-called trump dossier. telling rosenstein in the last line of this letter, quote: at this point it seems the doj and fbi need to be investigating themselves. nunes is demanding those documents by january 3rd along with witness lists. he is clearly frustrated with the agencies for slow walking his request and the sentiment is shared on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy. ,. >> i understanding the frustration because when you sit back and look at what has happened, the lack of response. congress has a responsibility of oversight. they have been ignored. they have been delayed. they have refused to send people in to have hearings
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or to be questioned. >> president trump sat down with the "new york times" reporter yesterday who asked about the mueller investigation. the president telling him that he has confidence in mueller say being, quote: i think that bob mueller will be fair and everybody knows that there was no collusion. i actually think it's turning to the democrats because there was collusion on behalf of the democrats. that a clear reference to the fact that the dossier was funded by the clinton campaign. so, a lot of shakeup, you may recall, from bruce ohr to peter strzok to deputy director andrew mccabe. he is rehiring early next year. they are not done trying to question him. we will see where this all goes. it is going to be a very busy week midweek next week. leland: griff jenkins in washington. thank you. you do get the feeling that there is, perhaps, if there is not something to hide, there is at least an attempt to slow walk things. we were talking earlier that if there is nothing there there. if there is no problem inside the doj or the fbi,
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why hide it? if you don't have anything to hide, you put everything out and say i'm an open book. pete: especially under this administration. control the leverages of those two departments they are independent. especially the fbi independent bodies. ultimately you would believe you would get full compliance, i think it is a reaction of whether you call it the deep state or bureaucracy of embedded career civil servant who still have the grips of power. don't have to don't want to give up information. it's new inspector general investigation doj that has actually -- not new it's been going on for a year but now learning more about it that forced the peter strzok text messages to come out. seems to be an independent going on feeding the mueller investigation and creating a problem for that investigation. if there is an ideological viewpoint there. i hope there isn't, a lot of people fear there might be. rachel: i think you are nice saying slow walking. i look at this and say there
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is only one reason why for four months you would be stonewalling devon nunes and the house intelligence committee not turning this over. there must be something embarrassing how they obtained the dossier and how they have really been going after using the doj, using the fbi. using our justice system to go after the president in a really unfair manner. i will tell you what, congress, i have a husband who is in congress, they are mad. you know, this is the united states of america. this is not russia. we were talking a lot about russia. the kgb does not have to respond to the american people. these two departments need to be -- need to understanding they are accountable to the american people. when you stonewall congress, you are stonewalling the american people. leland: it is congress that is the voice of the american people. we have representative rooney out of florida who made news earlier talking about purging members of the fbi and doj the folks that
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pete were talking about. listen to trey gowdy laying out the case here about how everything is different. fbi handling hillary clinton investigation versus the trump investigation u. >> what was different about the investigation into secretary clinton, the answer is almost everything. i'm not interested in litigating their decision not to charge her. just forget about that. you can like it. you cannot like it. no entity is too big to provide oversight over. the fbi and the department of justice are strong enough and ventricle shalthen venerabl. before have you interviewed witnesses and target of the investigation. you have to explain how you reached that decision not to charge before you ended the investigation. that's knot the way it's done for anyone else in this country. so i want to ask the fbi, did you do things differently in her investigation? we already know the answer. the answer is yes.
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so then we are going to ask why did you do it differently in her case? pete: i think the president gave an interview yesterday which we will get to as well. is he playing this very shrewdly. hey, i'm not going to fire bob mueller. i think he is looking into things as fairly as he may or may not. he understands, to your point earlier, there is no there there. there is no collusion. he has reiterated that time and time again. there is abiding sense from regular americans there is no doubt that hillary clinton received the special treatment. if i was intel officer in the united states army and did 1 slrks 1,000th of what hillary clinton did, classified or nearly classified information i would be in leavenworth now. leland: not if. it's is. there are former intel officers and former nsa workers and cia officers who have served time. who have gone jail. who have lost their jobs and their livelihood because of doing much, much, much less. pete: great point. leland: than what hillary
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clinton was accused of doing at some points for the democrats as you talk to them in washington. it's almost about the journey, not really the destination. they feel as though if they can keep russia collusion, mueller trump in the same sentence. they don't care about the verbs between all those words. rachel: right. pete: it's a good point. a narrative they have to feed no matter what. rachel: it's nice getting more of this information that we are getting as you said from this independent counsel proving that hillary was treated differently, the messages that we saw from you peter strzok. but, the american people knew. this i think that's why she wasn't elected. and, by the way, democrat want to move on from hillary, which is why howard dean says old democrats need to get out of the way in 2020. pete: listen to howard dean. >> my generation has got to get the hell out of politics. start coaching and start moving up this next generation who are more, i think, fiscally sane. this young generation is
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going to pay for that if we don't get the hell out of the way and have somebody who is 50 running the country. pete: bernie sanders 76, biden 75. warren 68. kamala harris 53. sherrod brown 65. miller would be somewhere in her 70's. leland: that is not our list. that's democratic insiders people out there raising money. do we still have that picture of howard dean that we put downstairs with him with his arm out here? i think that's the picture from the scream. [scream] leland: he has tempered since then. think about the last three times democrats won the presidency, president obama when he won he was 47. president clinton when he ran in 1992 and won against george w. bush he was 46 and carter 52. dean at least has a point there and perhaps a listen. there is so many democrats that i talk to, democratic
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fundraisers, and then democratic strategists who all say yes, we need younger blood. we just don't nofl who it is. rachel: except that the candidate of the young people in the democratic party is bernie sanders. they love him. i have been to college campuses. pete: they do. rachel: they absolutely love him. they say, the democrats, and howard dean alluded to this as well, that he is hoping that they have as many candidates as the republicans had in their primary. i doubt that will happen because they are just a party of control. pete: they are. certainly from the last cycle. if 2016 is a lesson, we don't know who right now there could be a sleeper that we are not even look right now that people coalesce around quickly. you are right. leland: larry sabato was on a couple days ago the airlines will have to add more flights into iowa some democrats who want to run for president. with that jillian here with some headlines. pete: good morning, jillian.
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jillian: good friday morning. we do have breaking news, guys. get you caught up with a fox news alert. two gunman storm a church in egypt killing two cops. it happened hours ago south of cairo during morning prayers. one of the gunmen shot dead. according to statewide media manhunt on for the other. no word yet who is responsible. isis has killed dozens of christians in church bombings and christians in egypt this past year including twin bombings on palm sunday. flames swept through an apartment building in new york city. people rushing out of their homes into below freezing temperatures to escape the inferno. >> trying to get down on their own, that's how fast it was moving. screaming and that's how he knew it was trouble because people were screaming fire, help. fire, help. we knew it was trouble. >> more than 130 firefighters worked for hours to get the flames under control. this is the city's deadliest fire in 27 years.
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south korea seizing a hong kong ship for allegedly violating u.n. sanctions. the country claims hong kong transferred oil to north korea. meantime president trump blasting china for the same thing. u.s. spy satellites appearing to expose the illegal trading. the president tweeting, quote: caught red handed. very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into the north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen. that's a look at your headlines, guys. i will send it pack to you. pete: they are not part of the solution. they are part of the problem. tax reform check. so what's on deck for 2018. what you want on the presidential jearnd agenda next. leland: plus, christmas, well, it's over. but the nfl is still playing the grinch. they will let players kneel for the national anthem. what about these jingle bell cleats. they are banned. seriously? yes, seriously.
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pete: welcome back. president trump is mapping out his agenda for the new year. what is on conservative wish list for 2018.
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joining us now with more on this ned. thanks for being here. >> good morning. pete: you are a conservative, you support president trump. you saw what he did in 2017. >> that's right. pete: law looking for in 2018 to pursue the agenda. >> build the wall. one of the most important things he was elected, pete, was to build the wall. he has to say i'm going to be relentless on this. 22 billion to build that southern wall. 40 feet high. he has to tell congress there is no daca deal unless i get full funding for my wall. he needs to remember this is one of the top reasons he got elected. he needs to keep appointing federalist society judges to every level of the federal bench. this is important. he has to make sure that they are young. make sure they are 40 somethings. pete, one of the things important to tearing appar the state putting in judges curtail it and start to tear it appar. we talk about draining the swamp. one of the ways you can do that is putting in young judges. other thing i would like to see him do is put out an
3:18 am
executive order in january saying the departments will cut 10% of their staff and spending in 2018. i don't think people understanding there are almost 2 million federal employees costing taxpayers $137 billion a year we could take a 10 pierce cut and people wouldn't notice it other things i would like to see, i wanted to see him carry calderon interest loop loopholes. it was one of his campaign promises. egregious and unfair. save 180 billion in 10 years. can he do it without congress. can he do it through secretary mnuchin through section 707 of the tax code. i would like to see him do it as well. we are not going to give these fat cats loophole. we will not tolerate it anymore. pete: one other place you would like to see funding cut from. >> that's right. planned parenthood. there is no reason that planned parenthood should be getting 550 million taxpayer dollars when a significant
3:19 am
percentage of americans, myself included, find the killing of unborn children egregious. cut funding for planned parenthood. pete, i would throw him something else, too he could do without congress. declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. if he were to do toes things in 2018 when i think congress is going to be hesitant to do the big items, that would be to me a great list of things if he could pull all those off. pete: first item on your list building the border wall. one of the biggest reasons why people voted for him. >> huge. pete: where is the moment where this happens? >> i think it's this whole debate over damascus te'oca. i heard mitch mcconnell saying he thinks he is going to bring that to the floor in january. donald trump has to say, we will not have a daca deal unless you give me full funding for this southern wall. so i think it's going to be in the first couple months of 2018 where there is going to be a huge debate over what's happening in regards to daca. this is where trump draw as line in the sand and says nope, we're not having this conversation unless you give
3:20 am
me that funding. pete: important points. full funding. washington loves to say initial funding and never fund it completely. ned ryun, you have the pulse of what trump voters are looking for in 2018. thank you for your time. reappreciate it a lot. >> thank you, pete. pete: vanity fair apologizing now, not a joke. for suggesting new year's resolution for hillary clinton. >> take up a new hobby in the new year. volunteer work. knitting. improv comedy. literally anything that will keep from you running again. pete: it was about the lightest touch criticism we have seen in a long time. tommtomi lahren has a message for the magazine, get a backbone. college professor said all he wanted for christmas is white genocide. is he making news again this morning. how can he do better than that? stick arranged. ♪ ♪ life happens.
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leland: having a great morning here. hope you are at home. quick headlines for you. democrat doug jones is the official winner of the special election in alabama. the state certification despite republican roy moore's last-minute lawsuit that alleged voter fraud. jones is now the first democrat to win that seat in 25 years. and, the state department expected to dump an avalanche of emails from hillary clinton's top aid today. according to judicial watch. the nearly 3,000 pages of huma abedin's work documents were found on her ex-husband's laptop. you might remember him. convicted sex offender anthony weiner. former fbi director james
3:25 am
comey announced bombshell discovery last november days before the election. hillary clinton claimed over and over that announcement lost her the presidency. pete: that and a few other things. vanity fair forced to apologize to liberals, their readers, saying they missed the mark over their suggestions for hillary clinton's new year's resolution. listen. >> take up a new hobby in the new year. volunteer work. knitting. improv comedy. literally anything that will keep from you running again. rachel: now president trump bashing the magazine for caving to the left. he tweeted vanity fair, which looks like it's on its last leg bending over backwards and apologizing for the minor hit they took at crooked hillary. i love he keeps the name crooked hillary. anna wintour who was all set to be ambassador to court of saint james and big fundraiser for. is beside herself in grief
3:26 am
and begging for foyer giveness. leland: tomi lahren, thoughts on, this because first blush it was vanity fair dishing it out even handed. >> i gave them credit for that, actually. a couple of days ago on hannity. i said hey, good for them. they had humor. poked fun at hillary clinton. of course, any time you poke fun at hillary clinton, the leftist machine is going to come after you. why are we apologizing to hillary clinton for anything? i will apologize to hillary clinton when she apologizes for compromising national security and classified information. lying about benghazi. taking money from countries who torture women and guys. rigging the primary against bernie sanders and just making women overall look bad. that's when i will apologize to hillary clinton. until then, my goodness, vanity fair, get a backbone. pete: i think she is safe. they said quote it was an attempt at humor and we
3:27 am
regret that it missed the mark who did it miss the mark with, tom tommy. >> they can't take a joke. they will can't poke fun at hillary clinton. i think even mostly cloudy might have more of a sense of humor that be her supporters. that's really saying something. pete: it is. we saw that humor come out on the trail. rachel: most admired list. i looked at the list. not one conservative woman on the list. what do you make of this? >> here's the deal. after 8 years of the obama administration u americans have been conditioned to appreciate losing and losers. now we are till admiring losers and hillary clinton is certainly a loser. also keep in mind the other women on this list include beyonce, who is admired for
3:28 am
grinding and thrusting on stapling. i don't know about this list. i don't know about the polling. i haven't trusted polls since november 8th of 2016. i don't know but guys. i don't know why we are still looking at polls when they say hillary had a 93% chance of winning. i don't know about the numbers. pete: she had 12% support last year. 9% of support dents this year. even though she is the most admired. it has dipped. leland: you said no conservatives. 1% of those surveyed named first lady melania trump. tomi, one thing your videos have done is brought to a forefront issue that may not be top of mind to everybody. your take has brought them up and allowed those stories to bubble up. what are your underreported stories of 2017 you think as we head into the new year we need to look back on as important about president trump's first year? >> >> there are so many. of course the leftist mainstream media will never cover them. i think the main thing is understanding that under
3:29 am
this president, in less than a year, we have a tax break for 80% of americans. that is monumental. and that's something that we are going to be remembering for years to come and the middle class is going to be remembering for years to come. not just republicans but americans in general. i think that is a big one. however, there are so many. i think historically, let's look at the president and his moves to recognize jerusalem. and recognize that is israel's capital. move the embassy to jerusalem. that is historic on its own. the three presidents before him promised to do it and failed to do it. this president did it in less than a year. that a testament of the strength of donald trump. that's just going to continue on in 2018. i can't wait to see what we are going to do. i can tell you this much we are going to build twhawvment we are waiting on the edge of our seats for that one. pete: conservatives and trump supporters, that's a big part of what he ran on. there has been a lot of obstruction? washington to that. ultimately if he keeps focus on something like that, his folks are going to love that
3:30 am
and they believe it's crucial to keeping our country safe as well. leland: tomi, thank you so much. happy new year if we don't see you before. pete: yes, happy new year, tomi. leland: the nfl is still playing the grinch. they let players kneel for the national anthem. how about these jingle bell cleats? well, they are banned. we will tell you why. rachel: plus, indulge one more time before that new year's diet kicks. in the recipes you need to try this weekend next. pete: we have leland to thank for this segment. first, happy birthday to jude law. he turns 45. leland: looks pretty good for 45. pete: hanging in there ♪ ♪ usaa to me means
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leland: tweeting a picture of his notice and you guessed it. he is starting a go fund me page where he was raised more than $1,300. he says he is going to donate any extra money over what he was fined to charity. very generous of him. rachel: he is afford $6,000. pete: larger point. talking about it now. got the nfl which some have dubbed the no fun league. not just this but no hits and going soft and all of that got the issue this entire year of kneeling for the national anthem. now you see this fine and a series of other fines players get. listen, there are rules. the nfl is allowed to rules. the issue a lot of us have with it you have got these rules about cleats that look like santa claus for christmas eve game. rachel: and they are adorable. pete: you use cute. i don't know that's a word that i would use. leland: monogrammed, too. when it comes to kneeling and the protocol.
3:35 am
they won't enforce that selective enforcement hey the stuff will go all over. the big stuff that matter to a lot of the americans even though ratings are tanking we are not going to pay attention to. leland: different making statement on christmas. think about folks kneeling. that is a political statement. you also wear cleats as pittsburgh steelers d'angelo quims did about finding the cure. he was fined $5,700 william gray who wore purple cleats for domestic violence. something we can all get together on. he was also fined $5,700. rachel: was kaepernick fined for the pig socks? kneeling, socks these are something that effect the bottom line for the nfl. jingle bell cleats i don't think is going to make a difference. it's not just the things you are talking about, pete, it seems like an odd place for the nfl to take a stand on.
3:36 am
pete: if anything they would say that's really cool why wouldn't they all wear those. at least letting them celebrate in the end zone this year. one little iota of fun the nfl can imagine. rachel: let us know what you think. leland: we all want you to let us know what you think pete: leland has his own special cleats he wears not cleats but cowboy boots. leland: trying to keep up with your socks. pete: boots are cooler than socks. america agrees with you. jillian has headlines. jillian: you will get fined for wearing those leland, you better watch out. two brothers who forced a pack plane to make a u-turn four hours into a flight could face criminal charges. they boarded lax to tokyo using a single boarding pass. the mixup causing detour for passengers. included model christie taking began and singer john
3:37 am
will hjohnlegend. one brother had a ticket for that flight the other brother had a ticket to tokyo but with a different airline. the professor who said all i want for christmas white genocide is now out of a job. george ciccariello is resigning next year. nearly a year harassment by right whing outlets and media thoughts have made death athletics threats against him and his family. he said he wanted to vomit after he saw passenger gave up airline seat for a soldier. he blamed the las vegas shooting on trumpism. a video showing a man drive off a pier into frigid water. he tries to get away from police when he nose dives. at first he tried to swim await a minute quickly turns back letting fisherman help him out of the water. he was treated for hypothermia before trespassing, take the money and run, that's exactly what
3:38 am
a woman is claiming her coworker did with their winning lottery ticket. waitress in arkansas scratchout as part of a christmas gift from boss. it was a winner. coworker and now former best friend pictured here smiling as she claims the $3,000 prize. well she disappeared. she didn't even know up to work. guess we will stay tuned to hear from that pete is starving. pete: sorry, i was paying attention. we all were. after the ball drops on new year's eve. many make resolutions to drop a few pounds and focus on our health. rachel: before you cut out casheissuecarbsand hit the gym. leland: author of take this dish and twist it. chef. pete is on the eating end of this demo and i'm on the working end of this demo
3:39 am
here. >> you will get nice and dirty over here. we have a lot of cheese to play with today. the most deck can't food for me before the end of the year has got to be cheese fondue. party, if he has been, tasty. what we are going to do is very simple. start simmering some white wine and grate some cheese. use the coarser side so can you get thick. leland: i managed to find out a way to screw up grating cheese. >> >> that starts melting and have a nice autoy meltability to the cheese. jarlsburg nice nor region january cheese. look for holes inside of it. that gives unique flavor to it. >> once you melt the cheese wisconsin, wisconsin, you have lovely von do you.
3:40 am
salt and pepper. i have taken italian loaf. hollow out the inside of the loaf. cut it in the base. hollow out the inside. toast it olive oil and this turns into a bread bowl presentation. once we do this hot coming through right over here. poor it like that. let it overflow, too. just like that. rachel: fancy and nice and easy to make. >> truthfullies. trufls we haven wrapped dates over there for you. we have -- i took the bacon off. >> it goes in here. dig in. and then you have a little bit of bread crumbs, too. rachel: pete says he has never had a date before.
3:41 am
pete: i have had a date not this kind of date. >> mac and cheese ball. rachel: how do you get it to stay ball. >> form it into a ball put bread controls if you want. deep try it before the friends come. >> how about deep fried mac and cheese with jarlsberg. leland: mac and cheese with the lobster and shrimp not the von do you. rachel: low carb. >> who talking about carbs right now. rachel: this is supposed to be indulgent that's actually good for you. >> treat yourself before january 1st. and what i have done, actually, i did a little something extra. take eggplant, cut it in half and use that as a base skewers food on it and deck
3:42 am
raive. rachel: this is a cute idea how to do these foods and nice presentation. this is an easy way toll get something decadent for the party. pete: people love fondue. leland: he can do it that easily. thanks, chef. >> thank you. rachel: coming up a republican congressman under fire fo from the left for. this i would like to seat directors of those agencies purge it and say we have a lot of g-8 agents and lawyers here. those are the people i want the american people to see. >> what congressman is francis rooney and he sets the record straight up next. pete: forget the dollar menu. how about the munchy menu. >> we have one here. pete: just for pot smokers coming up soon at a fast food joint near you. can't wait ♪ what's your pleasure ♪ everyone arranged the world ♪ come on ♪
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buy one for $29. jack in the box is taking advantage of california legal riding recreational pot. the fast food chain get this will begin testing a merry munchy meal box next month. it has half servings of curly fries, onion rings. five mini you the price is you guessed it 4:2 4.20 which is also known as weed day. leland, down to you. leland: devon nunes slamming the doj and the fbi for really a laundry list of offenses in the russia probe. rachel: strongly worded letter nunes ripped the agencies for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents and key witnesses saying, quote, the duong and fbi need to be investigating themselves. leland: joining us now with his reaction republican congressman francis rooney of florida. warmer there than it is here
3:47 am
you got hit hard for saying members of it needed to be purged. is this letter and stonewalling we are learning about vindication for you of your position on that? >> >> well, i am really glad to see chairman nunes as well as senator grassley turn up the heat on these investigations because evidently the people who testified before were less than forthcoming. we have got to get to the bottom of what was going on with that dossier and what this people like this strzok guy and ohr were doing which like what was texted. why ohr was meeting with fusion gps. that stuff shouldn't be happening in impartial bureaucracy. rachel: doesn't mueller have a responsibility. especially because he came in as a friend of comey to have done a better job
3:48 am
staffing, you know his investigation also at the fbi, at the doj. he knew about these incidents back in the summer and withheld that information from the congress. what do you think of that? >> that's a really good yes. director mueller has outstanding reputation for so many years. why would he be on one side of this thing and have people on his investigation that gave 12 times as much money to democrats as republicans. leland: you think he could have at least been aware of that when he was picking his team or been cognizant of it when he was picking his team. get back to where we started. you said a couple of days ago because of all of these maybe not improprieties but the appearance of those that you pointed out. that the fbi needs to be purged or at least looked at very, very strongly. backlash from that one word was avalanche. take a listen.
3:49 am
>> com, you called the fbi and the doj off the rails. fundamentally how is that okay to be talking about here. how does does that undermine the work the agencies are doing. that's a pretty broad brush you are. are you sure you want to throw the word purge around? >> what do you make so much is focused on the word rather than the substance. >> that's typical of the liberal media right now that they take everything to an extreme to try to distort the relates. the relate is we are supposed to have an impartial bureaucracy here that protects american citizens and we don't seem to have it in the case of some of these agents and members of the doj. i'm not sure they should be there. rachel: the media tries to accuse you of really trying to discredit the investigation. mueller. haven't they done that themselves by not handing things over, the documents
3:50 am
requested by the american people and congress? >> exactly right. they have discredited themselves. they should clean this thing up and make sure that the people that work there maintain the impartiality and fairness that the american people expect. >the fbi and doj has massive affect on the citizens lives. for people to be conducting themselves like some of these agents did is very disturbing to me. leland: seem adverse to any criticism or discussion of their work or oversight of their work as you pointed out earlier, rachel. congressman, appreciate you being there. enjoy the rest of your vacation. you have a lot of work to do when you get back to washington. >> lee land, thanks for having me on. rachel thank you very much. rachel: happy new year. leland: a lot of people have traditions at christmas. mike huckabee went duck hunting. the snowflakes. latest from this picture
3:51 am
next. rachel: kurt the cyber guy is here to break down technology in 2018. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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3:54 am
pete: welcome back. electric car. crip toe currency like bit coins and more. what trends should you watch for and how will they shape or reshape the way we live, work, play and make money? rachel: that's right. here with a tech round up is kurt the cyberguy. >> leland, good to see you. and pete, thanks for your text. insight there. >> of course. >> news in 2018 that broke
3:55 am
yesterday. apple saying that the new iphone 10 and 8 really have nothing to do with the batteries not working in preferrous iphones. nonetheless, coming out with an opportunity for you to go get a new battery for $289 at a $50 savings starting in late january. pete: didn't look transparent. leland: iphone x may not be selling as well. is it proof apple maybe doesn't have the magic anymore. >> no. i think apple still has the mojo leading the markets. iphone x is actually selling. don't read fake news reports on that one. it's actually doing quite well and still leading the market. talk about crypto currencies that are just crazy he will get less confusing in 2018.
3:56 am
still vulnerable. when you start to show up at wal-mart big retailers in your neighborhood and they take crip toe currency. that's when you can say all right. maybe i will start to whether it can replace or be actual currency. you are predicting in 2018 you can pay in bit join coin. >> exactly. when you see adaptation all over the place and widely accepted. when you see your own bank trading in it that's when can you start banking in it yourself. electric cars will be big. more affordable this year. amazon will grow to a giant company beyond what it is already. employing now a half million people around the world. only number two to wal-mart by the way private industry. and amazon expecting the shopping will change everything coming up in 2018 with a new augmented reality that will be a big part of
3:57 am
our lives in 2018. i have a demo can you hook up and see what the reality is. their goal is you will be able to take amazon product and place it in your environment so you are looking through your phone in living room and drag a pillow in the bedroom. rachel: check out before you buy it in your living room. no more need for interior designer. vncht a wonderful new year. pete: see you back in new york soon. appreciate it. congresswoman sheila jackson lee called this woman racist. now this bumped passenger fighting back. what she just told fox news and how donald duck --
3:58 am
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4:00 am
blasted the doj and the fbi for failing to turn over documents on the anti-trump dossier. >> the reality is we are supposed to have an impartial bureaucracy here that protects american citizens and we don't seem to have it. >> the president has admitted he has been soft on trade on china. abandon nuclear weapons program. >> the nfl now waging their own war. >> the league finding running back 6 grand for wearing santa cleats. >> when it comes to kneeling. they won't enforce that selective enforcement.
4:01 am
jillian: vanity fair just apoll fissed for this video mocking hillary clinton about new year's resolutions. >> why are we apologizing to hillary clinton for anything? my goodness, vanity fair. get a backbone. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's where i come from ♪ where i will be when it's said and done. leland: feel warmer already. 10 degrees in n new york city. rachel: he requested it. pete: they say it is great. turn the television. fire in front of you. did i not have my flask but wonderful producers got me a breitbart flask which i don't have today. it was a wonderful christmas and back to a new year. rachel: we have fireplace, we don't need a yule log.
4:02 am
leland: it may be the coldest new year's day ever. that's south of wisconsin. pete: global warming stuff so cold. bundle up. rachel: when it was 17 below this week in wisconsin. i can tell you bring on the global warming. leland: new york is a relief to you. enjoying the holiday break not so much even though they are off. devon nunes slamming the doj and fbi for failing to turn over documents on the anti-trump dossier. rachel: nunes now demanding all records be available by next week. pete: our own griff jenkins who never stops working in our nation's capitol with the details u. >> things are thought only cold out midwest but it is certainly cold chilling on the hill with the strongly worded letter that sets a deadline next week for a show down between the intel
4:03 am
committee and these agencies. chairman nunes is slamming the department of justifiable for failing to producedocuments from four monts ago. at this point it seems the doj and fbi need to be investigating themselves. nunes is demanding those documents by january 3rd, next week along with witness lists he is clearly frustrated with these agencies for stalling. the sentiment is shared on capitol hill with house majority leader kevin mccarthy. >> i understanding the frustration because when you sit back and you look at what has happened the lack of response. congress has a responsibility of oversight. they have been ignored. they have been been delayed. they have refused to send people in to have hearings or to be questioned. >> this comes as president trump tells the "new york times" today he believes bob mueller is fair but it follows a lot of shakeup of
4:04 am
individuals who have given the appearance of political biases from fbi agent peter strzok. deputy director andrew mccabe expected to retire early next year and former associate attorney general bruce ohr demoted, guys. it's going to be a very busy week next week. leland: griff jenkins in washington. thank you. this brings of michael horowitz the inspector general at doj, which is why we know about all of this stuff. you called it a coverup earlier. rachel: i do think it is. leland: pretty simple logic here. you don't do a coverup. you don't slow walk documents. you don't withhold things from congress if you don't have something to cover up. rachel: that's right. there must be something very embarrassing for the fbi and the doj that they are not turning four months devon nunes has been asking for this information and has not gotten it.
4:05 am
you can see from kevin mccarthy interviews. congress is frustrated. they have demand the documents and got notten them. why? pete: if you went to ninth grade civics three branches of government they are coequal. congress has oversight function u if power is too much in one branch it can be corrupting which looks like may have happened under the obama administration. even though new appointees have you career bureaucrats who can slow walk processes. it takes aggressive lit gators in the house of representatives and the senate to do something about it. rachel: here so much talk from the left about russia, russia, russia. the kbg is not accountable to anybody. pete: except vladimir putin. rachel: these institutions the fbi and the doj are accountable to congress the american people. they are not turning over these documents is an absolute shame.
4:06 am
leland: the contra positive also true. 8th grade math. contra positive. that will be in the 8:00 a.m. open the definition. if the fbi didn't have anything to hide, if there was nothing there. they would say here is all the documents. look at everything. we have nothing. our hands are clean. take a listen to mark steyn saying this isn't necessarily an issue of overseas interfierce but domestic interference. >> don't bring in a so-called independent counsel who is tied into to everybody. who keeps on the team a bunch of hard core democrats who have been to hillary wants victory party who brings in possibly the most partisan state attorney general in the country. everything about this smells and everything about it suggests that the real issue here is not foreign interference in the u.s. election but domestic interference.
4:07 am
pete: we were talking about contra positive while listening. leland: take me a lot longer than 28 seconds to explain it but there will be a tutoring session afterwards. rachel: these guys were talking about that. i was listening to mark steyn and agree with mark steyn. when they appointed muriel, everything on the right and left was like this guy is amazing. estate the best. is he totally going to do this investigation the right way. i scrachesd my head on this. all kind of connections. look how they staffed this investigation. this is somebody who i think did a really bad job staffing or this was inside job. why would you have so many democrats, so many partisans at key points of this investigation. pete: if they wanted to look at it the right way they could have. staffed it with people who have conflicts of interest.
4:08 am
rachel: perception. you have the dossier. you have bruce ohr's wife working for fusion gps. this isn't like perception to me this is bad. leland: it seems as though the narrative wants to push this narrative over and over and over. they will not take no from donald trump that he is not going to fire bob mueller: he said this about collusion. this is an interview he gave yesterday down in palm beach. virtually every democrat have said there is no collusion. this is president trump talking. there is no collusion. these committees been set up, if you look at what is going on and in fact, what it's done is it's really angered the base and made the base stronger. my base is stronger than it's ever been. great congressman in particular. some of the congressman have been unbelievable in pointing out what a witch-hunt the whole thing. so i think it's been proven there is no collusion. talk to democrats on capitol hill and you say where is
4:09 am
the there there? it's almost more about the process than the destination. pete: president who we are told is not transparent and doesn't talk to reporters. he did a 30 minute impromptu sit down with the newspaper he calls the failing "new york times" and doubled down on i'm not going to fire mueller and there is no collusion. this is a little bit more about what he said. he called mueller fair. look at this. he says it makes the country look bad this investigation and puts the country in a very bad position. the sooner it's worked out the better for the country there has been no collusion. he bob mueller is going to be fair. i read this article and the interview. he is sounding a lot more like a tested -- not a politician but a guy who has been through the fire in washington for a year. understands what he believes buy doesn't make sense to take on bob mueller now. let him do his thing go away. rachel: the president is right one of the things
4:10 am
people jad fire we have elections,someone wins and the other side do accept the results of the election. to me this entire investigation, the way it's been handled, the way the left has really globbed on to it and hope it brings down this president shows to me it's embarrassing. it's el embarrassing to the world the left can't accept this election. if there was some there there, listen, this has been investigated first by obama. before he left office. and now a year later, nothing -- there is no collusion. there is nothing there. pete: there is facebook ads paid for by some russians. leland: interesting. to make your point, the few indictments that have come down have absolutely nothing to do with the campaign or anything to do with president trump. amazing really how much news is coming out between christmas and new year's. even on this issue. more news with our headlines for the morning. >> that's right.
4:11 am
good friday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. start with a fox news alert. we are now learning that a natural gas line fueled a fire that killed 12 people. including a one-year-old at an apartment building in new york city. people rushing out of their homes in below freezing temperatures to escape the inferno. >> people fire escape already trying to get down on their own. that's how fast it was moving. screaming and that's how we knew it was trouble. people were screaming fire, help. fire, help. we knew there was trouble. >> more than 170 firefighters worked for hours to get the flames under control. this is the city's deadliest fire in 27 years. brand new information about a major security breach days before president trump's inauguration. two romanians now charged with hacking more than 100 of washington, d.c.'s police security cameras newly unsealed complaint there was no threat to anyone's safety. allegedly planned to email ransom ware to 179,000 addresses.
4:12 am
suspects were arrested in romania and could face up to 120 years in prison in the u.s. nearly a year after inauguration day. president trump will undergo first presidential physical. the results set for january 12th will be made public. then candidate's health came under scrutiny during the 2016 campaign. doctor releasing a letter claiming he would be quote, the healthest individual ever elected to presidency. the president is 71 years old and has no known physical ailments. nine taking oath becoming brand new american citizens. the kids born all over the world coming to the u.s. through either adoption or immigration. >> she had to do a lot of stuff for me to be an american. it was like a big, big honor to me. i was really happy. i was proud to myself. to be an american. each kid held an american flag. they also sang the national
4:13 am
anthem and said the pledge of allegiance. very nice. rachel: i love that story. it's so awesome. it's great. all right. coming up. the media loves to at the president's approval ratings. they must be wad compared to president obama's, right? wrong. the numbers next. leland: we have showed you dancing cops before. but you have never seen anything like this. in case you're wondering, that is actually a dancing police horse. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual saved us
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4:16 am
pete: welcome back. the so-called mainstream media loves to rail against president trump's approval rating. "newsweek" going as far as calling trump, quote: the least popular president ever. rachel: a new poll reveals trump just ended his first level in office on par with president obama. herhere to weigh in fellow with the heritage foundation. >> thank you. good morning. pete: talk to us about this new poll.
4:17 am
rasmussen poll shows approval rating 46% right now. president obama's at the same time was at 47%. yet, president obama -- there it is right there. they have gotten more or less the same approval rating at this moment yet, the so-called mainstream media, which is really the left wing media is saying that president trump is the most disapproved president of all time. >> so when you look at this poll it kind of reinforces what we have known about what donald trump would refer to as the fake news taking a poll like this and still having the narrative that he is not doing well. when you take a look at the month of december not only did he end with tax reform huge for his presidency. also, when you look at some of the media coverage, whether it's abc's brian ross who is now suspended for his incorrect story about the connection with the former national security advisor in finland or even cnn having to retract some stories as well. you see that donald trump really has ended on a high note. yet, many in the mainstream
4:18 am
media networks, not fox, have said that he is not doing well. that's not the case. rachel: i found that so interesting when i saw the poll numbers and how close they were, i thought well, imagine what obama's poll numbers would be if he had endured the abuse donald trump has endured. >> i think donald trump doesn't always help himself by the tweets he sends out. sometimes he does make it harder for himself. let's not forget he has multiple russia investigations through 2017. he has had an uphill battle with the news media. he has had a lot of staff turnover as well. yet, for him to have numbers that are this high when you hear democrats saying there is no way he could be reelected and with mid terms arranged the corner. it makes you wonder if some in the news media are looking at these numbers and just not taking them seriously. when you talk to people across the country, what do you find is many people still support this president and are thrilled with what
4:19 am
he has done. >> makes me think donald trump's approval numbers are about results and maybe obama was a propping up by the media everything he did they approved of. whether he gave good results or not. >> even polling numbers and research at the beginning of president obama's first few months you see the approval or the narrative that the mainstream media was seeing in reference to what he was doing was far more favorable than president trump. 6 out of 10 stories had a negative mayor narrative to it. unfair media battle. this has been controversial presidency when it comes to his relationship with the media. even when i saw the numbers, i was like these are really high numbers and i think largely due to fantastic december and the fact that people wanted results and tax reform being passed was one of those that people carried about most. >> we just put that graphic up what you were referring
4:20 am
to. the pew research center coverage of president trump 67% negative. 23% negative under barack obama. we should point out the previous poll, was much poll. barack obama had a 67% approval rating on inauguration day. president trump only a 56. you think how far president obama actually dropped, which is. rachel: interesting point. pete: much more than president trump did considering all that negative coverage. real briefly, beverly, will the new year bring a resolution from the news media to treat the president fairly? >> i don't think so. part of the reason why is, it's more of the same. we are entering into mid terms. not only is it going to be difficult coverage for president trump but unfair at times. also because democrats think nancy pelosi or senator schumer are going to be using very hysterical rhetoric if i can even say that in reference to daca which is coming up. >> spee sure. >> beverly, we may have
4:21 am
extreme fake news. thank you. >> thank you. pete: forget about new year's resolutions. best 2018 possible? open the bible. pastor robert jeffress will explain why you should do that next. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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4:24 am
pete: now time for news by the numbers. first, 4,000, that's how many firearms the tsa expects to confiscate. break last year's record by 15%. going to the airport. unless you are going to check it don't take your gun through the tsa line. how long it took for the museum to, battles in asia and the spanish american war were covered up by other flags and then sealed in
4:25 am
boxes. they were opened during a recent conservation effort. very cool. and finally more than $300 million. that's how much you'll win if you hit the mega millions or power ball lottery jackpot. tonight's mega millions up to $306 million. saturday's powerball is larger at 384 million. about the time i buy. rachel: all right. as we gear up for 2018, millions of americans are looking for inspiration for new year's resolutions. next guest says look no further than the words of the bible. pete: here with a look how proverbs can set you up for a successful 2018 is senior pastor at first baptist church in dallas and fox news contributor robert jeffress. robert, thank you very much for being here, sir, we appreciate it you say while you are looking at your resolutions and looking at 2018, look no further than proverbs. >> that's right. you know, the bible, not only tells us how to get to heaven in the next life. it tells us how to live successfully in this life as
4:26 am
well. king solomon to the wisest and wealthiest man of his day. he left a lot of advice for living. i selected three secrets from solomon for a happy and successful 2018. pete: give us number one. you talk about the excess baggage that a lot of us have. [laughter] >> yeah. yeah. >> leave your excess bag began behind. don't hold grievances and grudges other people in the new year. let go of them. forgive them. solomon said it is to a man's benefit to overlook transgressions. and you know, the fact is that holding on to bitterness, holding on to unforgiveness really hurts us a lot worse than it hurts our offender. it's like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die. give yourself the gift of forgiveness. someone said when we forgive we set the prisoner free the
4:27 am
prisoner we set free success. rachel: number two is one my husband wants me to take to heart. whatever you earn, spend less. >> that's right. solomon said there is food and oil in the house of the wise but the fool swallows it up. a foolish person spends everything that he earns. and the fact is the way to financial security is to spend a little bit less than you earn over a long period of time interesting fact. 23-year-old worker who saves $100 a month and does that until he is age 70 will have $1.5 million and it's tax-free if it's in a roth ira. take some of that tax cut that president trump is giving us. spend some of it. but save some of it for the future as well. rachel: good as vice. leland: great piece in the "wall street journal." the headline i wish you bad luck and it was quoting chief justice john roberts who gave that great commencement speech a couple
4:28 am
of months ago to his kid's class. you say the bible really had it far earlier to succeed more, fail more. >> that's right. solomon said cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you ever many days. he is referring to a king who sends out ships to find treasure. the more ships he sends out yeah, the more that will come back empty but the more that will come back full as well. in 2018 send out more ships. send out more resumes. make more sales calls. try to make more friendships. yes, you may fail more, but you will succeed more as well in 2018. pete: so true. the key to life is throwing yourself out there and be willing to fail and learn from this indeed. channeling solomon for us this morning on "fox & friends." we need a little bit more of that appreciate it. >> happy new year. rachel: happy new year. leland: happy new year, sir. mike huckabee a friends of the show and a friend of ours. he went duck hunting it's
4:29 am
what he does over christmas. this mere picture the snowflakes have been triggered. we will tell you the story behind the picture. scary for a lot of reasons. maybe not why -- that picture and the story next. rachel: it's freezing outside. if you are too cold that means your pets are too cold, too. how to keep your four-legged friends safe and warm. pete: we have treats, i have no treat for you ♪ ♪ i know when i hand them the keys to their first car it's gonna be scary. but i also know that we're gonna have usaa insurance for both my boys. it's something that they're not even gonna have to think of. it's just gonna be in the family. we're the tenneys and we're usaa members for life. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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mom! slow down! for the ones who keep pushing. always unstoppable.
4:32 am
♪ country station ♪ we're one big country nation. leland: shot of the morning. huckabees are the left posting duck hunting pictures. pete: despite temps of 17 and wind chill of 11, it was great duck hunt near arkansas near w. lock time friend george drunklin jr. former president of ducks up limited and great conservationist #duck gumbo. rachel: back home where we learned who are to do than just bake pecan pies.
4:33 am
pete: this triggered people. rachel: shows you the cultural divide picture of duck hunting would upset anyone. pete: maybe they exceeded their limit. i'm sure they did not the mere visual of dead animal. leland: mike huckabee had an interesting line. if you ever want to move to new york city. you talk about the cultural divide. i will move to new york city when then mayor michael bloomberg will let me duck hunt in central park. and he has yet to move to next. pete: de blasio yet to help with cause. she would duck hunt in central park if she could. jillian: what? no i would not. rachel: she is a religion tarren. pete: didn't think about that one. jillian: let's get you caught up on news of the morning. man behind bars with posing as a cop and pulling over unsuspected drivers. according to the police department in tucson, arizona, the suspect stopped
4:34 am
and searched three cars. take a look at the video and put a man in handcuffs. police arrested him after a victim called 911. they found his car with a red and blue flashing vizor light. dashboard camera and expandable baton. motive unclear. war of words between a bumped unite the airlines woman and sheila jackson lee. firing back at the texas democrat who accused her of racism u simon telling fox news at first she had no idea who even took her first class seat. she said quote it could have been donald duck. simon is a lawyer and human rights activist u as for unite you had the whole thing started because simon cancelled her flight. in new orleans, even the police sources know how to boogie on bourbon street. ♪ ♪ jillian: you go, abe. that's the horse's name.
4:35 am
horses like him have to show the mixed temperament and personality to join the mounted unit. it can take a few months to a year's worth of training. the video has more than a million views. that's pretty cool. that's a look at your headlines, guys. leland: that horse didn't look very cold. but dancing would warm up the horse for sure. looks like they will be warming up the new year with frigid tips. pete: if you are cold, even with all their if you are, your pets are cold, too. rachel: is there a temperature where you should not take your dog out and just let them. pete: you should introduce the guest. rachel: sorry. [laughter] charlotte, thanks for being with us today. >> thanks so much for having me. pete: from the pet buzz. welcome. rachel: we're talking about all these cold temperatures. is there a temperature where your dog should not go outside? >> >> 10 to 15 below no no for all pet. take into consideration each
4:36 am
pet. if you have a short hair. pete: we have a runner. >> a dog that's low to the ground. pete: they got to go to the bathroom. >> can you do short walks. in temperatures like this 10 to 15 minutes. basically a relief walk. and you also want to make sure that they are dry so when they come in, if you don't have a coat. dry them off. i brought some coat. we have a parka on thai here and thy i thai. he needs weather protection. leland: this is thai with the parka. >> mara is 5 and he is wearing a jumpsuit. leland: i have got to got functional. how does one go to a bathroom in a jumpsuit? >> there is a cut out, you know, so the privates have exposure to the elements and they can go to the bathroom and come back in. >> clothes are really important. other things you want to make sure. one thing is we see a lot of times people walking their
4:37 am
dog off leash, that's always a no, no. especially when you walk by. or if there is blinding no storms or rain. i brought these leashes. they light up. 5 feet long. you get lots of control. led very cheap. $24. rachel: what about their little paws? >> i bought some nose and paul rescue. we don't realize we get dry the skin get dry. the noses get dry and paws get cracked. a lot of dogs do not like to wear booze. it's always good to do a little -- come in, wash them. >> hey, guys. >> it is a barrier and also you want to preserve that paws crack and then they hurt. >> he doesn't like this. >> organic shae bitter.
4:38 am
>> one of the things we want to do. >> he does not like me at all. >> he likes you. rachel: smells awesome. leland: one more question about the paus. what about when you are outside, there is salt down and grime down. on the streets especially in new york. your dog lives in a city, what do you do about that? >> two things. number one i like to use epi pet shampoo. antifungal. kills any bacteria on the street. don't bring it into your house. also use ice melter. most ice melter products contain salt. it burns the paw. safe paw enenvironmentally sound. great for concrete. won't mess up the front of yours house. dogs can walk on it without the burning sensation. >> it's yours today. other thing you want to make sure you do you have a great bed. this is a pendleton bed. it is made by carolina pet with pendleton.
4:39 am
it's nice and warm and the cover comes off. if your pet gets dirty, you want to make sure, but you want to have a bed that's cool and stylish. a lot of these carolina pendleton beds are based on iconic blankets. and then for older pets like thai, need indoor strategies we have love and we have massagers. rachel: really, seriously? >> love the massage. great especially if you have older dog with arthritis. it relieves a lot of tension and the swelling. see, he likes it. >> pete definitely has the dog touch. charlotte, thank you very much. >> one more thing, warm meal. just like have you warm soup. >> once it goes in. it's a nice warm stew and turkey and salmon: pete: appreciate it. >> thank you so much. pete: china has been caught red-handed selling oil to north korea. what happens now?
4:40 am
retired green beret commander lieutenant colonel michael waltz is on deck with that information. leland: plus so-called flight to nowhere made big headlines this week in air for hours only to land back at the airport where it took off from. well, now someone could face criminal charges. ♪ with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ leland: 43 minutes after the hour. some quick headlines for you. a university is offering faculty members $250 to take a course on inclusive teaching. participants at james madison university in virginia will meet every other week for an entire semester then they get their $250. this is according to online professors have quote the opportunity to hone their skills for appreciating, leveraging and responding to diversity within their classroom. and men aka pete hegseth less likely to be ecofriendly because it's not manly. according to a new study men fear green behavior because it might make them seem
4:44 am
feminine. that was too easy. pete: it was. appreciate it spy satellites capturing images of chinese ships illegally selling oil to north korea. president trump is not happy about it. slamming china recently in a tweet saying, quote: caught red happened very disappointed that china is allowing oil to go into north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to the north korea problem if this continues to happen. so, what do these reports mean about our relationship with china, moving forward and efforts to contain or denuclearize north korea. joining me now with insight is the author of "warrior diplomat" and retired green beret commander lieutenant colonel michael waltz. colonel, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. pete: you want to believe they are limiting what north korea can do. >> right. pete: now we see at least 30 times since october where china was caught illegally transferring oil to north korea. what do we make of this. >> well, pete, for all of the criticism of president trump for not engaging in diplomacy, you know, we just
4:45 am
had the 10th round of sanctions passed in the u.n. as you mentioned. and i think nikki haley deserves a lot of credit for getting the chinese and the russians on board. but the chinese have been notorious for decades now for publicly agreeing to sanctions and then privately not enforcing them. so, we're seeing yet another case of this again. i think where does the president go from here? one, i'm glad he called them out on the behavior. it needs to be done. but, two, i think, really the next step is additional what we call secondary sanctions, which are sanctions not against the north koreans but against the chinese entities. the banks, the oil and gas, the food stuff. the shipping industry that are continuing to do business behind the scenes with north korea. we sanctioned them and we bring our european allies, the australians, east asians, others on board to, you know, basically start having the chinese feel the pain here. pete: what you are saying not a whole lot we can do about enforcement of
4:46 am
sanctions. eventually we need to make it hurt for them. >> that's right. pete: we have heard about these chinese banks and how significant they are to the state there how far are we in sanctioning them? >> well, we did -- we made initial steps for a number of banks and a number of individuals. but those -- the probable here, pete, is time. those sanctions take time to actually have an effect. we need from a diplomatic stapght to get others on board. europeans and other asian countries to have an effect. at the same time though we are on the clock. the north koreans only need to get an icbm capable of reentry now. they have the range. now it's a reentry problem and they are there. they are across the finish line. pete: our most recent national security strategy relabeled china as adversary someone we have to strategically look to oppose. they have just tested china, a new kind of ballistic missile with a hyper sonic capability tell us what that might mean. >> these type of missiles can essentially fly under the radar. they can glide for a very
4:47 am
long ranges. it makes it much more of a problem for our ballistic missile defense systems. we have -- you know, the united states is trying to develop this capability as well. no surprise that the chinese have essentially stolen it. through cyber and other means. we have seen them roll out new generation stealth fighters. new types of drones. pete, i think at the end of the day, right now today, if conflict were to break out, unfortunately, we could overmatch the chinese, but 20, 30 years now from now, i'm very concerned. i think we take our technological edge for granted. the chinese are eroding it fast. and they are doing it through ibe cyber threat. brian: they have a chinese dream. leader talked quite a bit about it expolice sitly about it they believe they will suspect plant the united states as global power. if there is one thing right now we should be doing in the united states to curtail the chinese threat, what would it be? >> well, there is two things. i can't just pick one.
4:48 am
one we have to and this is why president trump's investment in our nuclear triad and modernizing that and ballistic missile defense is so critical. artificial intelligence and separately controlling our debt. the chinese are the largest debt holder through bonds of the u.s. deficit in the world. that is a national security threat as well. pete: if they can hit us in our wallet. if they have too much leverage that's a bad deal. lieutenant colonel michael waltz. >> good stuff. pete: could implant be key to fighting opioid crisis. new high tech treatment we will bring it to you. the "new york times" the president calls them failing "new york times" blasting president trump's unpredictable foreign policy strategy. they call it unpredictable. maybe a good thing. is it a bad thing to keep our enemies on their toes? we will ask that question. geraldo rivera weighs in on that one on the top of the hour. first, on this day in history, in 1845, the republic of texas became the 8th state.
4:49 am
a lot of them still see it as their own republic. and in 2007, the new england patriots became the first nfl team in 35 years to fin anyone the regular season undefeated. we know how that one actually ended. and in 1999, madonna was topping the charts with her hit music. and i was graduating from high school. ♪ ♪ ♪ tada!
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rachel: back with quick headlines, the indiana lawmaker wants the colts to pay fans offended by the national anthem protest. bill would allow football
4:53 am
fans to the ask for money back during the first quarter at home games if players kneel. the team has not yet responded. back in october, vice president pence walked out of colts 49ers game after several players protested. faith coming under attack over a cake. christian bakers ordered to pay $135,000 fine because they stuck to their religious beliefs refusing to bake a cake for lesbian wedding in 2014. the court ruling the bakery was in the wrong based on sexual. the bakers are now considering appeal. leland? >> 017 did not disappoint at the theaters. movie after movie received critical acclaim and box office success. but which were the best of the best? in order to really break that down, a critical eye here with his top five movies of the year, fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. we are counting on you to be the critic. number 5.
4:54 am
>> good morning to you, leland. yes. thanks for having me on. happy new year to you. number 5 i saw over 100 films in theaters this year. i had to countdown 5 to 1. if you want to see 10 to 6 go to kevin mccarthy. number 5 is logan. this film blew me away james mangold r-rated wolverine film. it transcended the super hero. it feels more like a western while you are watching it happens to have the character of wolverine in it and we have seen hue jackman play this character so many years in the x men films and finally seeing him in are-rated sir patrick stewart is brilliant in the film as well. hue jackman delivers the best performance of his career and he deserves oscar nomination for his appearance. number 5 of the year logan. leland: now number 4. >> yeah. the shape of water. it's a strange film. the idea behind it takes place in 1960's baltimore. a woman played by sally huge constituency falls in love with a sea creature.
4:55 am
crazy. actually ironically one of the most realistic and grounded films of the year. it's a beautiful film. the score is brilliant. every shot is incredible. i love the emotional impact this movie had. every single person in this movie is incredible. leland: blade runner 2049 is number three. sequel to blade runner 30 years after the original. which one was better? >> i think this one was better that sir scott's. it's really a continuation of the classic from the 1980s. to me, it feels more like a continuation of the story rather than a sequel. it's a beautiful film. and i think that ridly scott made a great film in the 80's. a phenomenal film this year. the filmmaker behind 2049 also did secario and arrival. cinematography is a leading character. i love this film and it really grabs you and does not let go for the entire run time a true modern day
4:56 am
masterpiece. that my number two of the year jordan peel's get out. blow you away. daniel's performance is incredible. watch it more than once. the first time you see it you will be blown away by the twists in the movie. second time you see it you will find different easter eggs throughout. it's a social thriller. definitely recommend seeing it number two get out. leland: number one did you know kirk. this is almost epic in the way it was prechted and in a story. >> number one definitely is christopher nolan's did you know kirk. absolute masterpiece of cinema. uses cinematography and score as character. three time line structure of land, sea and air about an amazing story world war ii where 400,000 soldiers were stuck on the beaches of dunkirk and he couldn't get home. civilian boats and pleasure yachts came over to help them get back home it is a brilliant story and christopher nolan really is at the top of his game.
4:57 am
i love this movie. i saw it 8 times. six times in theaters. and the 70-millimeter i meax version of this year blew me away. moe of the year nolan's dunkirk. leland: out in theaters now with the churchill movie darkest hours. kevin mccarthy. thanks a lot. we will talk to you soon. >> thank you, leland, have a wonderful new year, sir. leland: all right. you too. leland: just ahead, remember the college professor who said all he wanted for christmas is white genocide? well, he is making news again. geraldo rivera and larry elder on that and more next. ♪ ♪ working for a living ♪ working ♪ working for a living ♪
4:58 am
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5:00 am
. >> no more delays. house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez slamming the doj and fbi for failing to turn over documents on the antitrump dossier. >> everything about this smells the real issue here is not foreign interference in the u.s. election but domestic. >> caught red-handed. president trump calling out china after reports of the country illegally selling oil to north korea. >> the next step is additional what we call secondary sanctions which are sanctions not against the north koreans but against the chinese entities. start having the chinese feel the pain here. >> nine very proud children taking an oath, becoming brand-new american citizens. coming to the u.s. through either adoption or immigration.
5:01 am
>> really happy, proud to myself to be an american. >> as we gear up for 2018, millions of americans are looking for inspiration for their new year's resolution. >> give yourself the gift of forgiveness. when we give, we set the prisoner free and when we set the prisoner free, it's us. ♪ ♪ pete: that era. name that era. >> disco for sure? i'm the oldest one on the couch. pete: i've got nothing. nothing is going to stop us because we have two hours in front of us. we're glad that you're here with us. >> i just love that story we just did on the kids who just became citizens. i mean, it is such a great story. the president talked about bringing in immigrants who
5:02 am
love this country. look at the faces of those kids and how proud they look. pete: and it's a huge part of what the president talks about. citizenship needs to matter. loving your country needs to matter. just being here is not enough. do you want to become a citizen and become the fabric of america as a participant? it's a huge point and a larger point that is often missed. >> i can think of two people who love america more than geraldo. he loves all parts of america. good to see you, sir, as always. >> thank you. wish you were here. >> yeah. so do we. trust me. devon nunez is ripping the doj and the fbi for failing to turn over those subpoenaed documents and witnesses that are related to the antitrump dossier. it brings up an important question we've been talking about all more than, geraldo. if there was no cover-up inside the doj and the fbi, if there had been no wrongdoing in the clinton investigation, why slow walk and delay handing over these documents?
5:03 am
>> well, i think that, first of all, the most important point is that what has been revealed in the last several months is that the fbi and the doj are just like everybody else in washington. they are politicians. they are politicians with the points of view. they have gripes. they have leanings. and they have clearly used their antitrump feelings to i think affect the course of this investigation. this is just i think what nunez has revealed is what we expected all along. they are playing this as partisans, as players, and it should affect the course of the investigation. now,ner has the dossier. the reason the dossier is important for these legislatures on the intelligence committee to have is that it reveals -- it was used as the basis for the warrants to bug trump tower, to go after flynn. it was used as the basis for the warrants. it is now fair game, and we
5:04 am
should see it because all of russia gate it turns out is based on this silly dossier from 2013 and the ms. universe and so forth. we should see it, reveal it to be the fraud it is, bank roll it by this party and that party, and use it to attack the president of the united states. it's mueller now. i think mueller should have the decency now as the new year approaches to say. okay. we did our best. whatever russia did, trump did not do. let's get past it. >> but did not let it go. the president yesterday gave an interview 30 minutes to the new york times. certainly an adversary of his. asked him, again, are you going to fire bob mueller. he repeated, as he said from the very beginning, die one. there was no collusion. he also basically insinuated that he thinks bob mueller would be fair. he settled into the position of finish your investigation, get it done because there was no collusion. what do you think of him having this kind of disposition to the new york
5:05 am
times? >> i think, first of all, the president has a love hate relationship with the new york times. the party -- the newspaper of record. if you grew up in new york, you wanted the approval of the new york times even though you hated the new york times. i think the president is in that situation right now. and the fact that he gave 30 minutes of the new york times, i heard one of the commentators last week that he may go his entire presidency without giving another network tv interview. i don't know if that's true or not other than the fox news. but talking to the new york times is important and the mention of the new york times in the strongest terms. i think he mentioned it 30 times over the course of 30 minutes that there was no collusion. if the new york times assigning its best reporters to this story now months and months later has not come up with any evidence that the trump campaign colluded, quote, unquote, whatever that means and even though that's not illegal, colluded with the russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. if the new york times putting
5:06 am
aside the doj for a second. if the new york times and all of those well-funded smart guys who hate the president, if they could not find evidence of collusion, isn't that the best evidence? now let's move on. the president wants the affirmation from his hometown paper that there's no collusion. >> but will they let it go? there's no indication that the left -- the media is ever going to let it go, geraldo. and just another point. we saw earlier some footage from kevin mccarthy. i mean, congress is really frustrated that these papers -- these documents haven't been turned over. the only reason why they wouldn't turn it over is there must be something embarrassing; right? >> well, i think that's part of it. i also think that as a lawyer in the discovery processes, you drag your knuckles, you drag your feet, you do the least possible you possibly can for so long -- you delay as long as you can. particularly if the evidence is exculpatory.
5:07 am
in other words, if you're a prosecutor, and you have something that proves the target in your investigation is innocent, you're not going to rush it out. you're going to take your time, you're going to make real sure. are we really sure we don't have it on this guy? yeah, we're really sure. eventually they'll get to it. and what the president's private attorney has been doing and others is trying to suggest to the special prosecutor, yes, we've been very patient. yes, we've let you do your job. you know, we might have said this or that on twitter here or there. but the fact of the matter is we've given you free reign to take the best shot you can at us. now you have the decency in the new year to say to us and the american people, you know, there's no there. >> we have the result of the new york times two fer. by the way, in that 30-minute interview, the president said you'll be the failed new york
5:08 am
times. the second story i want to get your opinion on is not here at home but overseas. they did a deep dive into trump's foreign policy and the headline at least online was trump the insurgent breaks with 70 years, insurgent breaks unpredictably. let me pull out one quote from the article and then get your response. from this tarl wrote most foreign leaders are trying to get a handle on him, said richard, a top state official in the george w. bush administration. everywhere i go i'm still getting asked help us understand this president. help us navigate this situation. isn't that an asset in that america's foreign policy has been predictable and stale for a long time creating a lot of problems. he's shaking it up and the uncertainty of our adversaries. is that really a problem? >> i used to have a guy in my high school richie. he was -- he had a short temper. and we never wanted to mess with richie because sometimes it would be the great richie. sometimes it would be the
5:09 am
crazy richie. i don't mind having a president that has a little bit of richie in him. i just want to say that. also, look what he has accomplished rather than what he has said. president obama as he was campaigning in 2012 made a big point about osama bin laden is dead. general motors is alive. bin laden dead, gm alive. you remember that. obama really went after that in 2011. he used that in his campaign slogan. now translate that to today. here you have -- al-qaeda didn't die. al-qaeda just morphed into isis, and they created a country. actually got a country under the end of president obama's watch. he called in 2014 he called the isis the jv team. so the president has crushed isis. he has crushed the caliphate, he has eliminated the physical entity called the caliphate that isis controlled. so in terms of foreign policy, he has achieved a fantastic goal.
5:10 am
he has eliminated or 95% defeated our terrorist enemy. on the economy, it's not just general motors is alive. the economy is booming. the stock market is at more record highs than it has had in any time in its long history. it's booming, unemployment is down, wages are coming up, the middle class is beginning to prosper. i don't know what the affect of the tax credit is. we'll see. but i think that this president has done a wonderful job in terms of balancing his flamboyant, private life and his sober traditional republican point of view having to do with foreign policy. i worry a little bit about it. i think they'll work it out. transpacific trade, i don't know enough about it. the president doesn't like it. what he's really saying is he wants to negotiate it. and some of these other deals, climate change, particularly, i want the united states to be in the lead on climate change. but i don't want us to be stupid either. so i think this president has been in an understated or
5:11 am
rather overstated, exaggerated crazy way as performed in a very modest, moderate traditional way. >> well, of course, the new york times is obsessed with climate change. 99% of americans are not. so that's why when they look at the critique of his foreign policy, most of them say climate change is not part of my menu either. >> happy new year, geraldo. >> thank you. pete: there's more headlines than just the new york times this morning. >> there are. >> hard to believe. >> jillian has been pouring over them all morning. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. happy friday. we begin with a fox news alert. the death toll rising to 9 in egypt after a gunman on a motorcycle targeting christians open opened fire outside a church. it happened an hour ago outside of cairo. local media reports the dead attack had an explosive belt. no one has claimed responsibility but isis has killed dozens of christians in
5:12 am
church bombings and shootings in egypt this past year, including twin bombings at churches on palm sunday. also breaking right now, we just learned four children are dead as a result of natural gas-lined fuel fire that killed 12 people in new york city. investigators reportedly calling it suspicious. people rushing out of their homes in below freezing temperatures to escape the inferno. >> literally screaming, and that's how we knew because people were screaming fire, help. fire, help. >> the last we heard my mom texted my sister that they were trapped in the room, and that's it. >> more than 170 firefighters worked for hours to get the flames under control. this is the city's deadliest fire in 27 years. turning now to extreme weather and brutal cold already turning deadly. two people in chicago killed by hypothermia. millions across the country now dealing with bone-chilling temperatures. in the northeast, temperatures are 15 to up to 30 degrees
5:13 am
below average. you'll see right there completely frozen and ice trapping both in harbor and maine. satellite images also showing the great lakes frozen over. the arctic is expected to last. it's hard to talk about it, hard to see it. just tough, guys. pete: thanks a lot, jillian. a new report revealing officer fatalities are down 10% this year could have anything to do with this. trump: america stands strong with our men and women in blue. believe me, we stand strong together. pete: from black lives matter to blue lives matter, a former nypd lieutenant weighs in. next. >> plus, christmas is over but the nfl is still playing the grinch letting players kneel for the national anthem. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.
5:14 am
a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> welcome back. a new report revealing officer
5:17 am
fatalities are down 10% this year. some law enforcement leaders thanking president trump saying his strong support for the police has boosted morale and even saved lives. trump: america stands strong with our men and women in blue, believe me we stand strong together. >> with us on the couch to weigh in, former nypd lieutenant u.s. army veteran. good to see you, sir, as always. >> thanks for having me. >> how much of this is correlation and causation? great news that the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty is down is that related to president trump's getting behind law enforcement or the two are happening simultaneously? >> well, the president is at the head of the executive branch of government. the executive branch of government is focused on law enforcement because he points the attorney general. the attorney general has under his control the federal law enforcement agencies like fbi, dea, et cetera. so the president does have a
5:18 am
specific and a direct correlation to the reduction in the crime numbers. and when we look at what president trump ran under when he was campaigning, he was very specific, and he was looking to gain a precipitous drop in crime on a national level. and he wanted to partner with law enforcement, which was in opposition from what we had with the obama administration. >> so you served in law enforcement. you served in the military. you understand ultimately a commander can give a command and say, hey, i back you guys up enough on crime. but if the troops on the ground don't believe in the mission, it's not going to happen. how much of the local policing and what's being done proactively to bring down crime rates is related? do you believe that now they're commander-in-chief or chief executive has their back by default supports them as opposed to seeing them as racist or part of the problem? >> i think it falls in two factions. one, the troops, the officers on the ground, the boots on
5:19 am
the ground, so to speak, do support the president because the president supported them in the election. also, when we look at the economy, we're 3% gdp. generally, when we have a rise in the gdp and the economy is going great, the crime numbers go down. so it's a combination of those two components. the support from police coupled with the increase in the economy. >> i know donald trump and his attorney general made a very specific effort to go after ms13, the gang. how much of that is deporting them and getting rid of them and sort of disrupting their operations has to do with the lower deaths among police officers? >> i believe that's hard. one of the things that's hard is immigration reform. when we look at a lot of the members of ms13, they're coming from central america. deporting those people is very important. but in addition to that, we want to target where is this propensity violence coming from. not just ms13 but a lot of the street gangs.
5:20 am
and donald trump and jeff sessions were just here a couple of months ago on long island, and they targeted ms13 as a result. pete: these nfl things that happened during the obama administration, colin kaepernick was invited to the white house as a hero. that has to matter in the minds of the police. >> colin kaepernick was invited just recently and that affected of the de blasio administration. the de blasio administration i think has failed miserably. one of the things that the de blasio administration is looking towards is partnering with groups like black lives matter and reduction of stop and frisk. i think he's out of touch. but i think the boots on the ground from the police department are doing the right thing. and moves forward to say donald trump has the right vision for law enforcement and us as americans in this united states. pete: two very different world views. doctor, thank you for being here. >> as always, a pleasure. >> coming up, this high-tech treatment.
5:21 am
an implant that can kill cravings for opioids. our next guest's son is using it and how she thinks this can help solve the opioid crisis. the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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>> welcome back a couple of quick headlines for you. the interior department announcing the elimination of obama era fracking rules. a few of them. the trump administration says requiring companies to disclose fracking chemicals used to federal land would have held back the oil and gas industry. the deregulation continues. and the state department expected to dump an avalanche of e-mails from hillar hillary clinton's top -- former top aid today. according to judicial watch, which does a great deal of good work, the nearly 3,000 pages of work documents were
5:25 am
found on her estranged husband's laptop. convicted sex offender anthony weiner. former fbi director james comey announcing that bombshell discovery last october, days before the election. clinton claims that announcement, of course, cost her the presidency. it will be very interesting to see what's in some of those documents. rachel, up to you. >> high-tech new treatment helped cure opioid addiction. our next guest's son jordan got hooked on opioids after taking painkillers for a back injury. eventually a heroin habit developed and jordan started using counterfeit money to pay for it. but instead of getting jail time, a doctor sentenced him to treatment. and that's when his mom saw an opportunity to try to implant that kills the craving for opioids, combined with a unique recovery program to help addicts kick their habit. now, joining me now is jordan's mom andy and brady, a nurse and ceo of biocore x. the company behind this very interesting treatment.
5:26 am
welcome to you both. happy new year. first of all, tell us how your son is doing right now. >> amazing. i mean, he's back to his old self. he's got a sparkle in his eye again. >> okay. and so he got addicted by painkillers. before we get into the treatment, which i know everyone wants to hear about, i want to talk very briefly about -- with you about how parents and patients can get addicted to these painkillers and why hospitals are prescribing them when they know or at least at the levels they're prescribing when they know this can cause this kind of addiction? >> well, back when jordan first sustained his original injury, we didn't know back then. i mean, i could see it because i worked in the hospitals. and i was concerned that they were going to get him addicted to the opioids. and they just acted like, you know, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. but when we got to it, there was no help.
5:27 am
>> right. this is like every parent's nightmare. tell us about this cure and this idea that you can have this implant and somehow have that help you with the addictions. we know that there are just treatment is very expensive these days. >> yeah. and let's be clear. this is not a cure. there is no cure for addiction. that this is a very effective tool that can block those cravings and protect people from overdosing. so once this implant is in their system, it can prevent them from overdosing. if they do use, of course, they can always try to overcome that blockade. but it's not a cure. it's a tool that will give someone a window of opportunity to get into recovery programs and cognitive behavioral therapy, 12 step, whatever they want to be in. now, the more, the merrier. this implant will afford them several months of that opportunity to get their lives back on track. and that's what we developed with the program. it's a very unique company with a unique program, but it
5:28 am
does require a lot of hands on. >> what does it cost? >> well, it's in several thousands of dollars. not tens of thousands. it's less than going away for 30 days in rehab. so cost is an issue, which we need to address. actually, this care should be relatively free. no up front out of pocket. that's a big issue in the treatment of addiction. it's unlike any other disease process where sometimes access to care is a problem in itself. but you have small windows of opportunity to actually get help for people when they're ready. and oftentimes, cost can be used as a barrier to treatment as an excuse, no matter what the cost may be. so we really need to focus on making this care available for low cost or none at all. >> angie, how has your son responded to this treatment? >> he's done very well. we've been very hopeful. we realized that this isn't a cure all as brady said it's a tool. but it's given him opportunities to just focus on
5:29 am
his life. i don't have to worry as the day that he relapses, and he can just move forward. so we're really grateful for that. but we want this opportunity for everyone in the united states that's developed an addiction. and it should be made affordable. >> yeah. brady, tell us how this can help with this opioid crisis that our country is going through right now. >> well, again, as i said earlier, it can block those cravings, it can people a window of opportunity to get their lives together like jordan. we need more jordans. in 2015, half a trillion dollars was spent on the cost of society -- the opioid crisis. that's a huge number. so we need to cut that number down. we need to make an investment on that. if we can get people help and make them as productive members to society as jordan, now they're helping the system. we need to look at this in a different way, and we need
5:30 am
more time with the evidence-based treatments out there. it needs more attention. >> well, thank you, brady. thank you, angie for sharing your story. we wish the best to your son jordan, and we hope that others who are facing -- other families who are facing this are tuning in and see this potentially as an option for them. so thank you so much. happy new year to you both. coming up, christmas is over. but the nfl is still playing the grinch punishing a player for wearing these very cute jingle bell cleats. but kneelers are okay? larry elder on the nfl's double standard up next. plus, a man goes to great length running away from police like this long drive off a pier? stay tuned hurry, it's the final days of the ford year end sales event.
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5:34 am
actor in hollywood? i'm a fan. if you're not awake right now, wake up. you have marky mark and larry elder, radio talk show host who is even cooler than marky mark. come on. >> right out of l.a. >> it's great to have you, man. great to have you. welcome. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> good morning. merry christmas. happy new queer. we always love having you go on. we've got to talk about this. the president tweeted about it yesterday after it was revealed that china has been caught red-handed. and this is the tweet right here. caught red-handed. very disappoint that china is allowing oil go into north korea. there will never be a friendly solution to say it lightly slightly to the north korean problem if this continues to happen. larry, what is the recourse for this at it president and our country. we can pass all the sanctions we want. but if china cheats on them, they don't really matter. >> well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? once a country, especially a country like north korea becomes a nuclear power, your options are very narrow, especially if you want to take the military options off the table. there's not a whole lot lott
5:35 am
we can do other than apply sanctions to china. the problem with that is that they hold a lot of our debt, we do a lot of trade with china, so they would be hurting ourselves. and the moral to the story is one more time don't let a rogue nation become a nuclear power. otherwise, we have very, very few options in dealing with them. all president trump did was to call out what china has been doing. china has been a serial cheater. they did the same thing under the obama administration. obama just didn't call them out. trump is. the hope is that they'll get some international buy in. other nations will get together, put pressure on china to in turn put pressure on north korea and maybe, maybe, maybe some day by the end of donal donald trump's second term, we could have a denuclearized korean peninsula. >> you know, it's interesting, though, in some level the chinese has been doing these for decades. saying one thing and doing another. those pictures that we put up on the screen while talking are u.s. spy satellite photos of chinese oil tankers transferring refined oil and gas to the north koreans. not a coincidence that those
5:36 am
came out. and you were at the point, larry, of the difference between you have china as a trading partner with the united states that president trump talked about going after and trying to get on a fairer balance with. and at the same time the same country we need in order to live up to its obligations and its promises at the un. question to you is which one is more important? are you willing to let china have their trade deals and give us help with north korea? or do you let them keep doing this with north korea, and we want better trade deals? >> well, that's, again, it's a good question. it's all about what's consistent with our own national security. and what donald trump has said is having a nuclear-armed north korea is no longer acceptable. we need to do something about it. the question is what is that something we can do without shooting ourselves in our own foot? and, again, china is complicated. it's a nuclear power. it does a lot of trade with us. they hold a lot of our debt. so i'm not sure, again, what the options are, other than to let the lesson be learned.
5:37 am
don't let iran become a nuclear power because iran is much bigger, more people, more lethal, more deadly, bigger economy, and is the number one exporter of terror in this country. we ought not give the them the same kind of power that north korea has. otherwise, we're in the same box. at least, that's one part of the lesson, anyway. >> great point. let's switch topics on you. the nfl has double standard when it comes to free speech. it seems they are fining a football player over christmas jingle bell shoes, but they let the other players kneel during the national anthem with no -- >> there's alvin's cleats that he wore that he got fined for. $5,700, i think? >> almost $6,000. >> what do you think of this double standard, larry? >> well, remember the dallas cowboys player who wanted to honor the dallas cops and they
5:38 am
wouldn't them them do that. how players offend at least 50% of the fans by kneeling and showing great disrespect. it's weird. it's a business model that these guys are taking a baseball bat to pardon the baseball and football references. but at some point people are going to start losing money, ratings are down, espn has laid people off as a result of lower ratings and once they get smaller checks, they'll have a refound respect for the national anthem. >> this might also give them refound respect for the national anthem. there's a lawmaker in indiana, state lawmaker who wants to pass a bill in indiana and the statehouse that would force the indianapolis colts to give back the ticket sales money to fans who left games that were offended. mike pence, you might remember left the game as well. larry, is legislation the way to deal with this? is the government the way to deal with this? or as you point out through the pocketbook?
5:39 am
>> the government should butt out. what the lawmaker really wants to do is to pass some sort of law so that the state interferes with the player's right to express his first amendment rights. that's dumb. i'm with the aclu on that side. on the other hand just when you go and see a movie you don't like it, you feel offended by it, you can actually demand it and get a refund. the fans probably already can file a lawsuit and get their money back because they feel they've not gotten what they've paid for. they probably already can do it. but don't compound the problem by interjecting the government to suppress the first amendment rights of the players. that's just dumb. >> i agree with you. we all kind of saw that was sort of a liberal -- >> ultimately -- that's right. >> a liberal solution to a problem. let the market deal with that, and i think it already is. >> well, ratings are down across the board. they canceled sunday night football on new year's -- i believe it's on new year's eve because they were so worried about how poorly it was going to rate. they just turned it into a 1:00 or 4:00 game.
5:40 am
this is a league under siege. >> that's right. and there's no coincidence that nba players are up. i think fans respect that. >> yeah. that was the point that brian kilmeade made. leave the political statements for after the game in the locker room say whatever you want. larry, great having you go on. appreciate your insights. >> you got it. thank you. >> take care, buddy. >> all right. now we're going to toss it over to jillian. she has a few more headlines. >> that's right. good morning, guys. good morning to you at home as well. we've been following for days now. the two brothers who forced a packed plane to make a u-turn four hours into the flight could make criminal charges. they aborted the flight from lax to tokyo, two people, keep in mind. causing a 4,000-mile detour for passengers one which included chrissy tegan and john legend. one brother had a ticket for the flight. the other brother had a ticket but for a different airline. the professor who tweeted all
5:41 am
i want for christmas is white genocide is now out of a job. george is resigning next year in a statement he blames quote nearly a year of harassment by right wing white supremacists media outlets and internet mobs who have made death threats against him and his family. the professor came under fire after saying he wanted to vomit when he saw a passenger give up their airline seat for a soldier. blames the las vegas shooting on trumpism. insane new video. just look at this. showing a man drive right off a pier into a frigid river. the man trying to get away from police when he nose dives into the columbia river in oregon. at first, he tries to swim away but quickly turns back letting fisherman help him out of the water. he was treated for hypothermia, including multiple charges including trespassing on boats. unsuspecting workers with a major blessing on christmasee. a ohio passenger asks his congregation to give $1 a week during the month of december.
5:42 am
they then took the money and surprised employees at a nearby waffle house. >> we raised $3,500. now, that's for you guys. >> the pastor saying the waffle house staff are like the shepherds in the nativity story working through the night while everyone else sleeps. >> good point. >> kind gesture. >> i love the waffle house. and they're always wonderful, pleasant people working there. >> and open all the time. even during hurricanes. >> go figure. pete likes waffle house. pete: and i didn't know about it for decades because i lived nup minnesota. i had waffle house there. >> it's the only thing about the south and east coast that pete likes. >> i love the southeast. >> we'll go to waffle house in new york for you. >> we have to do it. remember this report? >> prepared to testify that president trump as a candidate, donald trump ordered him and directed him
5:43 am
to make contact with the russians, which contradicts all that trump has made up to this point. pete: just one problem with that. it was all wrong. it was fake news. and there's more where that came from, next. >> while christmas is over, bahama bug. but it's pick up skip has what you need to make the job just a little bit easier or have skip over to your house. with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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>> welcome back. president trump has repeatedly taken on the fake news by reporters and networks during his presidency and of course also during his campaign. >> so what was some of the worst reporting in 2017? dhabi is the white house correspondent for the w examiner. did i say your name right? >> i should have gotten that right. anyway, thanks for joining us today. >> well, it's that time of year where we look back on 2017. you have a big job because you had to pick out some of the fakest of the fake news and break it down for us. so the first one you have is abc brian ross reporting the guilty plea.
5:47 am
first of all, let's listen to you and have you react. >> full corporation to the robert mueller team. he's prepared to testify against president trump, against members of the trump family, and others in the white house. he is prepared to testify that president trump as a candidate, donald trump ordered him directly to make contact with the russians, which contradicts all that donald trump has said up to this point. >> this is the moment the left went berserk claiming collusion. >> this is easily the biggest whopper from 2017. mistaking a candidate with president-elect is a huge deal when you're claiming that they ordered somebody involved in their campaign to make contact with the russians and obviously this substantiated a lot of liberal journalists thought. i think the worst part of this era, though, was the dozens of journalists who related to brian ross' defense afterwards blaming his sources instead of himself. this is obviously a pattern for brian ross if you go back to 2012, and you look at his coverage of the aurora, colorado shooting where he
5:48 am
erroneously linked a tee party member to the shooting. >> 5,000-word report that they filed claiming that kentucky women want lax abortion laws and let me show you how they described pro-lifers. here where the bible belt cinches tight against the appalachian small town living means, everyone knows your business. matters of sexuality and reproductive health are talked about in whispers if they're talked about at all. you'll hear voices crying out for change, even as the political wins howl against them. her description of pro-lifers are hell bent on outlawing abortion. again, no pro-lifers in kentucky; right? >> i mean, this is a state with are you have 57% of residents who either want abortion outlawed entirely or in most cases. and yet the author of this report did decided to headline
5:49 am
it. here's what all kentucky women want. and in this 5,000-word report, the reporter managed to exclude any pro-life voices. >> unbelievable. >> so i do think that this is a egregious error of bias and one that showed off all of the disdain for pro-lifers within the media. >> sadly, i think pro-lifers are accustom to that treatment. >> you do a 5,000-word report for cnn, and you don't interview a single pro-lifer? tells you everything you need to know. here's one. banned words report from the c.d.c. a headline from this particular report of the washington post. it says c.d.c. gets list of forbidden words. fetus, transgender, diversity. explain this to us, gabby. >> if you want to fire away to get the left riled up of the trump administration, tell them that certain agencies in this case, the disease control is banning words like transgender and fetus. of course, we learned later on that the c.d.c. itself that there are no words prohibited,
5:50 am
banned, or forbidden from using. in fact, some of these were omitted because career c.d.c. officials, some of whom were holdovers from the obama administration wanted to frame their budget request to congress in the right way. of course, that was not the narrative that the washington post chose to run with. they wanted to frame this as ideologically driven and sadly, this happens all too often in the media. >> well, gabby, maybe we'll get more real news in 2015 or maybe it will stay fake. >> hope so. >> thank you for staying on it, going to gabby. >> well, christmas is over. officially. but the cleanup is just beginning. skip is here with what you need to know because cleaning up can just be miserable. how do you make it easier? skip's going to show us. you always pay
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>> now, the teleprompter says christmas is over but the season may not be totally over. but you're thinking about cleanup. >> yeah. i am thinking about cleanup. so what's the best way to store all of these decorations for the new year? i have to tell you when i open my ornaments this year, i had a lot of -- >> cracked and broken. listen, home depot makes it really easy to pack up for the holidays. this time of year, we're putting a lot of the stuff that means a lot to us. the ornaments, trees, lights, how do we keep it all organized? starting with the ornaments, this is a great product. this holds 45 ornaments in a hard case that you can stack together. you can pile them up in a garage, and it keeps them organized and safe; right? >> can you just buy the cardboard part? or do you have to get -- >> this actually comes with a
5:55 am
cardboard part in it. and you can make up to 45 containers. >> you don't have to do newspaper? >> no. because that protects them. this is a soft option. a soft tote that also has dividers in it. up to 25 ornaments. really nice option. lights. how many ties do they get tangled? this thing is so simple. i use it on the construction job site. you roll up your lights up to 150 feet of lights. it's so cheap and keeps them from getting tangled up. anything that detangles the lights; right? and the christmas tree. so for your artificial trees, these are great. this is a rolling tree box. this is -- it rolls, it has a hardcover, and you can put all the sections of your tree right in it. >> what about for your -- if you have a real tree. >> so, yeah, if you have a real tree, it's really important. the mess with the needles and everything. when you see the needles start to fall, the drier they get, the more fire hazardous. so this bag, it's a christmas
5:56 am
tree removal bag and skirt. you put this underneath your tree, basically a giant bag. you take the whole thing out of the house, no necessary amnesty, no needles, it's so easy, so simple; right? this is also a soft rolling option. so this is the simple living rolling tree bag. same thing but just a softer option. >> we only have another minute. >> one more minute to clean up from christmas. >> check this out. organize all of your wrapping paper and put all of this stuff on. wiring makes these great storage options. that heavy duty shelf holds up to 8,000 pounds. put all of your storage boxes right on it. >> if you have 8,000 pounds of christmas lights. >> i know. >> home depot makes it really easy. >> into really christmas. his website. the only man who can cleanup in three minutes for christmas. >> three and a half minute christmas is over. >> christmas shirt. >> you like this? >> i like it.
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>> rick: breaking news on the russia investigation with house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes calling out the f.b.i. and doj. accusing both agencies of failing to completely hand over records concerning the anti-trump dossier as required by a subpoena issued last august. nunes is setting a deadline of january 3 to fully comply. more on this later in the show. but first president donald trump opening up about the russia investigation in a wide ranging interview calling it meritless but saying he believes special counsel robert mueller will be fair.


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