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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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keep the party going on the fox news channel. thank you, shannon bream, for letting me fill in for you. we were all looking forward to return. good night, washington, i am ed henry. happy new year. ♪ >> brian: good morning, and >> brian: good morning, and tonight," i am brian kilmeade, and i will fill in for tucker the entire f hour. the dubious use of i am a's can be run in families, the huma abedin, the only one in her family who had any milkilarç controversy. more of her own emails from her time as the clinton state department.n remember the emails on the ex-husband laptop to make ed henry is here with all new email development. you >> huma abedin once this year to be over. it began with the reality
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setting then that her patron,he hillary clinton would not be present. the year ended with more family drama in november, estranged husband,r, anthony weiner served at 21 month sentence following his convention of sexting with an underage girl. from weiner's laptop. the existence ofç those emails led then fbi director jim call me to open the probe near the 2016 election, and then cal coms and both of the emails were duplicates, not a big deal. breaking tonight, we are learning there are several emails on the weiner laptop that he shared with huma abedin and a classified information. let one of those documents from the laptop to clinton while she was secretary of state in 2012, and had the label classified. also breaking this week as you noted, first cousin of was convicted to a of
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fraud case, fake emails.ç 44-year-old omar amanat faces more than a decade in prison after jury in new york found j e clinton associate was guilty ofc cooking the books and defrauding shareholders at the tech compa company. according to the near post, a judge in pos i the case revoke s bail after he was deemed a flight risk, the father of six, try to fool the jury by introducing fake you must enter the record, passing it off as evidence that would indicate impaired in the 2016 campaign,ok the near post also reported evidence for more than a decade with muslim publication that opposed women's rights and blames the u.s. for the terrorist attacks. a far cry from the way clinton andç associates alike huma aben presented themselves in the losing campaign. this is a year that she wants over, brian. >> brian: it could have been in her mind, she may have been chief of staff's come up with the most powerful woman in the united states, the entire world,
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instead, we are still wondering her lapse of judgment, bring back those emails to her housed for veg or classified to anthony weiner, who clearly has trust issues. he was no longer in congress when he had access to some of the information. clearly, did not have a security clearance. this would raise questions about why hillary clinton is let off the hook. it is also going to raise questions aboutç james comey wanted to insert himself late into the election and suggest hillary clinton still had an email problem in october on the eve of the election, and then a few days later, no, never mind, the emails are not upon. we're looking at things tonight, brian, nancy mentioned, several brian, nancy mentioned, several information. it will raise a lot ofot questions. >> brian: thank you, ed appeared to have a new year's. as ed henry reported, they just released, just a couple of hours ago, emails found on the laptop shared by huma abedin and
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estranged husband, anthony weiner. on cnn thats a show the clinton scandalal will not endáç >> when you clearly have top-secret information on a laptop thatp you serve, you have a server in the basement of o yr house, and then you send those caused by documents to peopleoc that are not clearum to see then and then before to your husband, who by the way, is in jail. in who by the way, is in jail. in it is water under the bridge. no, no, no! will be right back. >> when go to a break. he is a reason why he lost his mind paired the presidents judicial watch, and sued the state department in order to obtain emails coming he's theç reason 2,800 emails are in the public right now. time, i know this is always a long process, congratulation and getting it. how many have you read?
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what have you found? >> i have read about 140. the state department service went down, and it is a big team effort, extraordinary that we have to get our lawyers to sue in court, we look at the documents. after two years, we finally get the records. the fbi found these records last year as ed henry pointed out. we are only getting 60 months later. there is classified information on weiner's laptop at least four or five emails of that.ç there could be others there, but we have to dig through the records to find out. the concern is, you're not supposed to classified information off of classified systems, and you certainly not supposed to take them out of the office, and you're certainly not supposed toot start them and ste them and secure systems. in weiner was involved with allo things to make his laptop a risky place to store the type oi information. you have to wonder why it is fbi and the and justice department d
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hillary clinton and huma abedin off the hook after the fbi knew those on-site information late last year when comey cleared clinton once again. why it nearly brought thp hook? remember, the fbi special agent who is sending these pro hillary and anti-trump tax? he is the top counter until guy, one of them at the fbi, and would have been involved in this decision-making as well. it is all becoming together. wewe a now know that comey in te top officials at the fbi, loretta lynch, they obviously were protecting hillary clinton and targeting president trump, in one of the reasons they were protecting hillary clinton refusing to enforce the law against the mishandling of classified information. they left this classified intel on the internet equivalent of a bench.ourk >> brian: ifç you want to know how somebody might be the president, was the last outcome
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and how did he like? how did they likeast to make usg a private server. how do you handle it? stay truthful, how do they likea you make on-site information on that, denying the data, and then having to turn up? and then getting angry when it is discovered in october beforeb the election that she sent classified, her chief of staff, said to back toassi her house, s is a secret, and these four cases, you found for classified emails already, only through a couple of hundred, and now almost 3,000. it is her actions that prompted law enforcement to haveç to ac, you might love comey, hate h comey, he did not want to do this. her actions f forced him toor fd this and then make a decision. correct.then make a decision. i think don lemon is going to be the following.y we need the justice department to criminally investigate what went on here.e, this time in an honest and forthright way as opposed to the sham investigation that went on
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during the obama administration does protecting hillary clinton, their preferred candidate, for the presidency.atio jeff sessions, i'll love hesi threw cruised himself fromde ths as well, but the justice department, we are throwing all lawsç against clinton with this classified, you may as well throw all those laws out. if you're powerful enough to get away with it, it cannot be the standard, and president trump, he is the president you elected to make sure this sort of stuff was stopped, and i would suggest he asked his attorney general or someone in the justice department to investigate what went on here. >> brian: by the way, people ask why president trump keep talking about hillary clinton? if you flip it around, hillary clinton never stops talking about this election. what happened sto leading up to, everybody except her own actions, including comey and wanting thisrybo investigation n she has some problems to get lookedblem into. thank you soç much.
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joel payne has a different view. democratic strategists. at are you curious at all about what is in those emails? >> this is a nothing-berger, brian. you spent $30 million, judicial watch and all these other conservative acts going to getor hillary clinton for years. $30 million chasing a ghost on hillary clinton, chasing something that doesn't exist. now, you have taken he a formerg aide, draw her family, put out misleading information about her family, cousins anddç whatnot. i really do not understand. >> brian: i understand why you do not want to bring it up, and i respect that. can you tell me what iscan misleading about her cousin going to tel jail? about erroneous emails to make finding them guilty? what is misleading about the
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anti-american newspaper that she used to coed it? >> let's go through what did everyone of your aunts and uncles and one i have done over the last couple of years? that is ridiculous. that's a ridiculous argument. the type of equivalency that is disbelief that comes. >> brian: what is erroneous about that? >> having e any link. it has no linklink to her huma abedinit's whatsoever.i ha i've cousins that you think that i don't agree with either. does that mean i amç responsibt for their actions connect the bottom line is here, you're trying to distract from this president what he is doing in terms of distracting from the russian investigation. smart ruse, bygation. the way, by conservative activists and fox news network to try to treat this atop a new story for the first 15 minutes of your show. not.ry you're trying to confuse the american people, if done at confuse the viewers. >> brian: i understand you do not like the rundown, and i'm sure i you do not like the rundn you put together in the order
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you do it. we are covering the russian investigation could i will provide copies later. >> when? b >> brian: at 20 minutes after it. focusing in f on this, the numbr one story in america last year october, the number onet year reason hillary clinton gives that num she lost was the fact t this email found on her chief of staff husband, who is in jail, s was found on a laptopç at home. state department thinks six of which caused by material. interview.ob she is favorite to win in almost every poll in everyç battlegrod state, and then we see the way she acts in the slipshod weight which is handling classified information. the number one reason why she claimedeaso she lost and for the claimedeaso she lost and for the exposed. this would even help you, joel, go through it and say, i went pg through all the pages and say, there is a lothing hereç.
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it is newsworthy it almost everyone'ss newsroom. i do not know what is newsworthy about this. the thing with hillary clinton, the single greatest reason whyç she lost >> it is orth not newsworthy for you to chase a private citizen working for her for something that has beenb litigated by the fbi.ç your last gasp doesn't think the fbi -- i think you want the fbi to be disassembled. i think that is what he said. the fbi that she is disappointed like a lot oftedç people. some of the actions. >> ed: the fbi is not a tool of the fbi, is that your opinion connectt the fbi hasç infiltrated by clinton democrats cannot gimme a break. >> brian: c you pointed out, give me chance to separate. the right to file the fbi, i have a chance to spend a great e deal of time with himç about 35,000 in the country. to think that there's anythin anything --
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most of those i met, 35 inç the 35,000 in the country, most ares doing are extraordinary, not for fame or fortune, not for a pat on the back. fam t. or not for their pensions, because they believe in this country. however, if you're trying to find out how investigation is progressing, what is -- whyre certain people are being investigated and others, you have to find out who's doing the investigating, and upon further review, we are finding disturbing things that are beinç unmasked >. >> james comey and robert mueller, yes. they were coordinatingç with te clinton campaign to defeatth donald trump. don't you like what james comey did with hillary clinton'sesç emails? >> no, but i didn't believe -- t i reacted like a normal person. if i disagree with something
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andy mccabe didapeç commit something peter at six did mie and critical for the entire bureau? that had justice department or o not like theseam actions. you have a political motivatione and five to find out what the investigations go, i have to find out who is doing it.d to me, there's a logical question's comment that you'd be askingç too.e >> with all due respect, brian, i am concerned about the commander in chief. he spent the last week c beforeg christmas tearing apart theç career of andy mccabe. the last 20 years fighting terrorist, doing things that your network up --ç cares abou. i care more about what he thinks the new. >> brian: seven to half hours behind closed doors, so disturbing, rushing to retirement. that is newsworthy. thank you for joining us, ioel, appreciateç it. >> figure, bright peers peers >> brian: lindsey graham is becoming one of the president's allies in the senates.
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♪ ç >> brian: lindsey graham of south carolina was one of president trump's biggest critics, and now he might be that trump whisperer. he voted for evanç mcmullen when all is said and done, but at the end of 2017, he is an ally and confident to president trump by all accounts. so what doesç senator graham
9:19 pm
think about the trump administration's first year connectnk robert mueller, d white january may be as big as december forç congress? senator, welcome, and thank you for joining us.ks >> thank you so f much. >> brian: is fascinating to see how you went at it, and now it isç very honest, upfront, mutual relationship and respect in my humble opinion, and senator, why do you believe that something will gething done with immigration? what can you tell the people w right now might ei,tz a sense of t optimism. >> i think he outlined what the deal will look like about 80% of the american people wantçeopl e dream act kids to have a good life, they do not want to kick them out of the country, but they have nowhere else to go.e they've been there us since small kids. 80% of the people wantç to see that you need a ball on you need a wall on the border. wan
9:20 pm
people will get away from chain migration,ç so there is a billo be had, and the only reason we will not get a deal is because people are so stubborn, they are cannot get0i,. >> brian: i said senator schumer's twitterenat f, when you pass the budget, has nothing to do with border security. and we d are not going to leavet toç the wall. the government does not get funded. do you think that is not reality? something going on behind the scene that makes you feel as though to look past that rhetoric? >>ç i am deeply involved with working with democrats. i'm one of the authors of the dream act. i think americans believe that not only these kids should haveç a second chance on life, but we do need to secure our borders. this i did that all we care about is the dream act is political theater. we have to do more thanç the dream act, and we will. >> brian: chain migration, aone lottery system, border security,
9:21 pm
and the dream thing t do you believe they will all be? mitch mcconnell says, if you work it out, you're working in t bi-person way behind the scenes, and you put it to him, he ist going to put it to a i vote. he will say,ç i will pass it ef if the majority of republicans do not go for. that's what he says, when i put it to a vote, right? >> it would beç sated stomach hard to say that you do not vote for. he is not seen at 220-mile wall, that the places you need a ball, he will w get his wall and border securityç because that's what e ran democrats have been working with republicans like myself for a decade now to find a way to fix the dream act, that needs toç e done most people do not like chain migration. the lottery system is the dumbest way the world to give up visas. everything comes together to get thisç package. >> brian: you believe january? >> i hope so. sooner rather than later.
9:22 pm
i would like the president to address the t nation into say to theç union, i've increased the debt spending because it had to be increased, our military suffer too long, and i fixed it. we have a borderç security, the dream act kids have a better life, and we are moving away from the stupid lottery system to american based immigrationt system. i think as p!k+r!le. i >> brian: to be honest, even if you may not agree, mccain,omw if he is not in illinois, we we, anywhere. senator, i want to move to one of president trump is 101 tweets in the last couple of days. one of them t said, in an interview within yourç times, which wasfew impromptu, and his spot in florida, i think robert mueller do a doç fair job, hont job.b. he is confident he will do a goo
9:23 pm
good job on the investigation. that is from a legal perspective it makes you happy, to criticize robert mueller's not a good thing to do, necessary legally. do you believe is pursuing this from youç he' know, now you hoa what you know? >>on i believe he is. i believe he is the right guy to have been chosen. happened, and a fair minded way. he is not looking at the dossier, thatis is not his charter. i have spent time in the last couple ofç days after a lot of fighting with the department oft justice to get the background on the dossier, and this is what i can tell your viewers. i am very disturbed about what the department ofç justice with dossier we need as special counsel to look into that, because that is not in molars charter and what i euju$e last couple of days bothers me a lot, and i would like somebody
9:24 pm
the doj to look at how the dossier was handled and what they did with a. >> brian: you diue not know, anddid5(p&c @&c% you already disturbed by it, and it is about what is in the contents or how it was used in the investigation andç unmanne? attorney, as a prosecutor,ç dad duty to disclose things that are relevant. any time the document isç used for legal reasons, i think theee department of justice owes it to the court to be up and up with what this document is about, who paidç for, who is involved,mi motives, and i can say this. aft after having looked at the history ofooki the dossier and w was used by the department of justice, i am really,ç very concerned that this came out to
9:25 pm
be the new normal. >> brian:n: senator, name thehe company in south carolina that is respondingca to the tax refom and how?ndç >> a pharmaceutical company, 5%e wageas increase to all of their employees, specifically because of the tax cut. the average personç makes $70,0 a year, 5-cent pay raise is real money, and you look at the tax cut was the pay raise, plus the increase in the 401(k) plan, this is beenúh very good presidency for people who are working out there. president trump tax cuts is going to help working people. his policies have generated a lot ofç economic growth. employers are sharing the profits of the tax cut with their employees, which makes me very happy. >> brian: li%dsey graham, have a so good new year. y we'll talk in 2018. he comes from clemson, who mayju be the national tempest. according to buzzç feeds, amera is ruineded
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>> brian: buzzfeed found a problem with america. ready? jpá might be you. they lets what it says, 37 things white people need to stop doing in 2018, the oscars, united states ofç america, generalal term, mac & cheese, we ruined that, i'm not sure.
9:30 pm
sneakers, korean pop music and protest. forç the hill and is also whit, joe, you are responsible. you are not listed in the 37. where do they get off coming off theç list?>> >> i think i am only halfway. lease 16 of the things are responsiblest 1 for, what are ty responsiblest 1 for, what are ty >> they are getting aththat white peoplehey are bad for this country. for one of them was, why people voted for donald trump as opposed to hillary clinton, 37. hent is an office there for whie people, because theç parentless play game. let's wipe out white people ruining america, 37 ways and put it in black, latino, or any minority group, and you tell(md how buzz feed, the editor, would not be fired right now and every advertiser would not be attack attacked? >> brian:ç the writers ofrs "vanity fair" came out and said, politically dense and terrible behavior over the last few yearr
9:31 pm
you saw and apologize. you can imagine. you can imagine. would think, but no. that has not been happening. that has not been happening. one story they wrote, white people are a plague to them planet, another one. there is a theme at the buzz feed. your floor director was walkinge out he said, because of that story i stopped following buzz feed. i willç not read it anymore. and can only cross the line so many times..he >> brian: lastly, is therere aha chancet that they are having fu? they are throwing it out there to get us talking about a?çing dare i say, buzzed? or do you think there is an agenda? >> i age think they are despera. i look at the numbers, and they missed the revenue targets according to "the wall street journal" they are supposed toç have an ico, most i know that this will not happen. what do you? you stir the pot even more and more. when you do that. >> brian: when you bring inn }átját likeyo joe, you have to come up with a least two topics,
9:32 pm
i think we came appeared scene and has spent most of this past week reporting every detail about a white truck they;h!elie president trump spent to keep the media from watching him? >> he got back on the golf cart, not that we could prove it, because of aç giant white bus black reporters. >> what is with the white truck blocking wha his golf swing to e >> the white house is sensitive for whateverç reason about rids of president trump on the golf course. to speak of thishi trucks showep out of nowhere, we do not know it came from. >> back to the mysteriousç truk one of the advantages of having your own golf course, you can also get a guy to get an attractive black the golf course from the road. what is the obsession? not only do obsession? not only are his tweets on theth entire network, but so are his nonactions. >> what was in the boxç trucki?
9:33 pm
ice cream, that was a cnn report.f or maybe how many die coats he is having. tha maybe that should be thevest investigation. cnn is not the network that it n onceotç was. aaron brown and bernard sharp it was a big story that no one talr about? the isisyaody caliphate being decimated in iraq andç syria. they i lost 90% of the territor, 45,000 fighters and now have than 1,000 now.and now have if there's ever a story that wasn't seen in his wheelhouse, done in theetorys wheelhouse, pasé uerms with the middle east, is, this the isaheel story. i do not see too much coverage on that, and i see, and this is, these typesç of from a once prd not work it is ridiculous. they are bent ondiculous. some stories wrong, because of it. anthony scaramucci, links to the russian government, they had to apologize for that. andç they filed the mic three
9:34 pm
reporters. onened had one make a pulitzer,p a couple weeks ago, the donald trump, jr., inç the campaign had information ten days before everybody else and it was already in the public domain, and does because they relied on unnamed sources but also cbsbsunç and nbc, revealio that source was in that source was purposefully putting out false information, however they met ben, political operative in "the washington post" did there, brian.tç they asked for the document, actual evidence to see if donald trump, jr., -- scene and went to air with,ç i do not wat to stompo on cnn and say, this s a bad network on it and everybody is bad. i think jake does a great upcoming. upcoming. been on "fox & friends." they haved good people there, bt they haved good people there, bt like this, it destroys the credibility of the very once
9:35 pm
proud network, get back to theç guys you used to be and focus on news is that focusing on takingt her down. >> brian: prediction d in 2018, less anti-trump and more balance onç the two? knock them down when they think is wrong, but most the stock market, economy. see more of a bounce? >> the toothpaste is already out ç the two. you cannot unring a bell. t we are already down that path. cnn made a business decision to go negative on president trump. the problem, they lost audience in primeéile on the previous year. 2017, chaotic, great year for news in terms of consumers bringing it in, and they actually ver lost audience bid t is very hard to do. >> br[x7: joe, very nice to see you on a beautiful >> it is gorgeous out, is nick hi i'm going to go swimming. >> brian: wear a coat. meanwhile, we have anç update n the mass shooting investigationv that story is next, plus, let's discuss how they're keeping
9:36 pm
new year's safe after the deadly shooting in american history.ç do not go anywhere. ♪ ♪ dad promised he would teach me how to surf on our trip. when you book a flight then add a hotel you can save. 3 waves later, i think it was the other way around... ♪
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>> brian: believe it or not, at three months since las vegas mass shooting,ç deli's in. victims and their families, it may be you for answers. they're ramping up security to block any mass violence duringç new year's eve celebration. s t 330,000 people expected to visit vegas. an attorney representing vegas shooting victims,ç 58 while stl lives in many moreein were injud in some way, shape, or form. kevin, thank you so much for joining us. as you look at theg. shooting. i am mystified. mysç i know tucker carlson has been following this, how little we still know about the shooter, motivation, what his plan was, who killed him. while we knowç so little about
9:40 pm
the initial security guard that got in. do you know more than we do? (qq' conducting the investigation for almost three months now, and on monday, it would bebe the three month anniversary. recently, they made a statement, andç said, they're not going to be releasing any of the reports since 2018. that's an entire year. weç all think that is entirelyg too long. enough.ç i've also have a lot of investigators out thereç my clients want answers. one of things they are standing, the authorities, and further doing an iç fantastic.
9:41 pm
i'm very happy to hear, because video, they was haven'tç released they've also sent out a dozen search warrants and executed those search warrants, but i think enough is enough. it has been long enough.ç they are in defense of keeping saying,rmation from us it is part of an ongoing criminalç investigation. however, they also say, there was one shooter, that shooter is dead because heause killed hims, and therefore, who are theyç investigating? what criminal investigation? the public has a right to know. and so the press has filed a few lawsuits to unseal the search ad warrant and to get theç public records in the 911 calls and the video saying that the public interest always their desire to
9:42 pm
keep things hidden for nowç. >> brian: 12 federal search the warrants, five federal grand juryry subpoenas, 1500 leads, and 500 worldwide. this500 wor guy, who is a wury y guy, which is relatively unique, able to tick this room up for wii, fascinating, able to pull at the arsenal, enough for army small army, and no one wouldç notice, they pull that surveillance video. what i am wonderingrvei is, arey convinced, there is no conspiracye? here? a number two, whereç his liens i linkage can make it this was a terrorists attack, they're going back to the same location, and t look at this number, 500or worldwide, why would a guy who livesld leaç in las vegas travw times on cruises, i a few timeso the philippines. why do you have worldwide leads? >>edç related maybe to his dealings, his girlfriend is from the philippines and he gave her
9:43 pm
$100,000 and sent her back to the philippines"demujtjut the shooting. they brought her back, picked her up at the airport, and the t fbi didheç interview her and im hoping to see that report sometime soon, to see what sheee knew and how she was involved. as far as theç manpower that tt put to this investigation, it is phenomenal. this is unprecedented. >> brian: if it is just onehat guy, and is thatç simple, it'sy not one guy with a lot of money and a lot of guns, makes me think that it is a lot bigger than that, and i do not know how to tell us, they do not have all ç answers. that is something we need to tell her i'm out ofbeca time, thank you so much, catherine. we're thinking of all your victims and family and clients.ç i think last groups much of the country, president trump is eating up the debate over global
9:44 pm
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>> brian: most of america is having a very chilly into the air, especially us inca f the e,
9:48 pm
and president trump, that offers a great chance to talk aboutç global warming or lack thereof. he treated this, it may be the coldest new year's eve on reco record, we could use a little bit, but other countries are going to pay trillions of dollars to protect us against. bundlecoun up! the president's remarks upset al gore, warning us for more whn warning us that the for more whn caps will go a day now. >> the entire north polar ice capsç during summer and some of the summer months could be som completely ice free within the next 5-7 years. >> unfortunately and regrettably, aç lot of damage s beendama done. greenland, for example, losing y single day. i went down to miami and saw fish from the ocean swimming inç the streets on a sunny day. >> brian: and kids were fishing to catch thoseere fish.
9:49 pm
"inconvenient facts" andç he gs on al gore statements and brings his science to them. thank you so much for joining us, i appreciate it. >>)p'k you, i appreciatedweet donald trump's tweet. >> brian: he is getting ripped th everyone. is getting ripped i'm going to say some of the end, i believe in science, climate is real, we have a moral obligation toç say this planet, and a lot of people mocking the president. you're not, and why?y?f >> i spent the day on climate alarmç it blog websites, and wn they were not deriding him for being a climate change denier or ecaug a climate change denier or deriding him and couldn't tell theç difference between weather and climate. apparently, weather is whenever thepera temperatures do not agre with what they have to say and climate is when it does.ç you north of 75 degrees and times times square on new year's eve, it would be afrn
9:50 pm
front page story. >> brian: gregory, you dodoç>>t believe that a man is destroying the earth? >> i do not. actually, there's aç lot of evidence that increasing co2 and rising temperatures are having a significant beneficial aspect to the earth and the human condition. ç things like heat waves and forest fires, there been a long-term decline, something that your listeners have never heard. something really needs to get çing there. if you and your book is about taking al gore's principles and very popular documenpy, the sequel wasn't, in bringing youro version of science to it. i will throw this at you. y the rate at which the ocean, it isç doubled, and reaching even deep in water, according to new study. that?
9:51 pm
>> i do not. there is evidence that the oceans have heated up a little bit, not isç anywhere near thee theyth claim, and the predictio. a lot of the climate apocalypse eventsç are based on extremely flawedwed climate models >> brian: you think it has accelerated with the increase in fossil fuels that began inç the 19 century? >> the trend, it started, we know the year, 1695. those the littleç ice age, and the next 40 years, the rate of warming is four times what we haver seen in the 20th century. for theç next, until 1850, we d more warming than we haveve16 s. if we look at the warming we have seen in the 20th century,r it is very similar to other
9:52 pm
the end ofsimilar to other the last icethe age. it is unusual or unprecedented. >> brian::un what is yourç background that leads the science that contradicts so many other scientists that the left l goes to to say, we have to act? >> i'm a geologist forç it i spent 35 years researching various aspects of the earth crust. i didnves not set out to write a book.tart i weft to seek the truth. in that, while i was seeking the truth, i knew there was some climate things being told that were wrong, based on my knowledge of geology.ç suspected that others were wrong, and as i delved into it, i wasers shocked. most of these of what we are being told isç completely, 180 degrees. >> brian: went to pick up his book, it takes extremely readable. i can digest it, gregory writes stone. it is the joi hottest debate in americaç today.
9:53 pm
we will have an update on the forecast for this weekend. cold? more tomoreç come. i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry.
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>> this is fox newsaler this is a fox news alert. get this, it is freezing. almost everywhere. cold temperatures sweeping across the united states of acr america. my favorite nation,ç and my favorite weather guy, do not tell janice dean, has the latest forecast. rick, i amç hoping to get sunnh and hot. >> it will not happen. not appen chance. maybe, a few months ago, but. take a look at this. here is where weç are, granite city, minneapolis, minus three, that happens quite a bit, but take a look at this. o this right here is the coldest patch of air that we have had anywhere across north america right now. by theç morning, the wind barb, ill be moving in towards part om
9:57 pm
north dakota, montana by the money, you see when chills in the minusç 40s to minus 50's. cold all the way down parts of the south and that is going to get colder. system moving here are upçnd because parts of the great lakes for the ohio valley, not like places like erie pennsylvania, 65 inches pots of snow the last couple ofow. days. probablyç another 12, 18 comine by the time this is done.oves that storm moves on, "star trek" towards the north, california very ç dry it will move an overnight from d.c. to philadelphia by tomorrow afternoon, allotted o couplef hours of snow, it wasç cold to mature and cold ground, maybe in an inch or so of snow,c itol offers more snow, by the te to get to new year's eve, we will not be breaking our coldesç record, which happened a hundred
9:58 pm
years ago, but will be close to the second be coldest ever arouw 11 degrees in the windchillç below zero when the ball drops. it is awful if you saw me, but you better take precaution. it is she pretty serious. >> b2ihn: we got reports that kennedy is at macy's buying under armour for this weekend. the tucker team cesc rick reichmuth has your own folderç. thank you, rick. have a happy new year. they are celebrating and stepping five hours ofng ogra programmingç, do not miss the countdown with ed henry and lisa boothe and dean cain starting at 10:00 p.m.ll it is the all-new, all-american newç year kennedy jesse watters if it goes well, it will be back next year. and we will use the same graphic. and destroy, president trump at theç disney, and bother vacatin
9:59 pm
damaged by yelling at it.ç >> george w. bush. barack obama. now the president one we can place our eyes the idea ofç a president as we have from the beginning. [lock him upç] >> brian: the men shouting who publicized, publicity stunt. it he uploaded the video on twitter said, iç booed him because i wl not li dumbing never get this close and rely. asas you bring 2017 to a close,i want to take the time to say, have a great new year, i klo.5(% know you have a better year than that guy, who has a lot of free time. let me urge you. in an unbiased way, to go and buyç my book "andrew jackson ad
10:00 pm
the miracle of new orleans post-quote. it at that in order brian tucker will be backç next weekf don't go anywhere.ç ♪ >> president trump the first year, we are quickly now approaching 12 months since donald j. trump tookç the oathf office and tonight, for the full hour, we will focus on big president trump's biggest moments, battle aga against thee news media, and we will show you the highlights the from the twog sitdown interviews that we did with the commander in chief, president trump has owed to fire up a crowd, making america great rally again, we we will start wç highlights from those rallies particular. ♪


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