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tv   President Trumps First Year  FOX News  December 30, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PST

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keep the party going on the fox news channel. thank you, shannon bream, for letting me fill in for you. we were all looking forward to return. good night, washington, i am ed henry. happy new year. on the other side of his head. don't go anywhere. >> welcome to hannity. president trump's first year, we are quickly approaching. 12 months since donald trump took office. tone for full hour we will focus president trump's big moments. battle against the fake news media and show you the highlights from the two sit down interviews we did with the commander in chief. president trump known to fire up a crowd at rallies. tonight we will start with highlights. take a look.
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[music] >> so great to be here in >> that. my second home with you. this is a state i truly love. this is the state where we all had great victory together. thank you. [applause] >> it is has been a month since my inauguration. and i am here to tell you about our incredible progress in making america great again. >> i'm also here to tell you about our plans for the future. and they are big and they are bold and it is what our country is all about, believe me. [applause] i'm here because i want to be among my friends and
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among the people. this was a great move am. a movement like has never been seen before in our country or anywhere else. this was a truly great movement and i want to be here with you and i will always be with you, i promise you that. [applause] >> i want to be in a room filled with hard working american patriots who love their count country. who salute their flag and who pray for a better future. [applause]. i also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. >> the dishonest media, which has published one false story after another.
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with no source. een though they preted they have them. they make them up in many case. they just don't want to report the truth and they have been calling us wrong now for two years they don't get it. but they are starting to get it. i can tell you that. [applause] they have become a big part of the problem. >> they are part of the corrupt system. [music] >> it has been over 50 days since my inauguration. we have been putting our america first agenda very much into action, you see what's happen. we are keeping our promises. they have signs, he kept his promise. they are all over. i have. we have done far more may be
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more than anybody's done in this office in 50 days, that i can tell you. [applause]. >> and we have just gotten started. wait until you see what is coming, folks. [applause]. we appointed a supreme court justice to replace the late, great scalia. his name is judge neil gor ghiorgorsuch. >> we believe especially the people in tennessee i know you well. in peace through strength. is what we will have. and we are attacking steps to make sure that our allis pay their fair share.
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[applause] we begun a dramatic effort to eliminate job killing, federal regulations like nobody has seen before, slash, slash, we will protect the environment. we'll protect people's safety. but let me tell you, the regular lagz business has become a terrible business. and we are anything to bring it down to where it should be. [music] we sacrificed our own middle class to finance the growth of foreign countries. but those days, ladies and gentlemen of kentucky, are over. is that okay? [applause] >> those days are over! it is crazy.
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you know what thatis. much more than 60,000 factories. that is a map how do you put that many dots on the map. more than 60,000 they are all coming back. you see car companies we'll build elsewhere now they are saying because of trump we'll build in michigan. we will build in ohio. we will build in kentucky. they are saying it loud and clear. because from now on, tell be america first. america first. [applause] we will be, i promise you, a rich nation once again. [applause] and we will do what we have to do, we will not allow other countries to take
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advantage of us like they have been doing to a tlaefl is hard to believe. hard to believe. not going to happen. not going to happen anymore, kentucky. remember that. we will take care of the rest. but to be a rich nation we must also be a say nation. that is why i am following through in my promise to secure and protect borders of the united states. [music] >> >> just the first few months, we created 99,000 new construction jobs. 49,000 new manufacturing jobs.
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and 27,000 new mining jobs who are the miner here? the miners finally we are attacking care of our miners. we love our miners. and we have over 600,000 new jobs. and by the way, the stock market since our election is through the roof. [applause] [music] >> everyone in this arena is united by love and you know that. do you know that? everyone. united by their love for this country. and their loyalty to one another, their loyalty to its people.
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>> and we want people to come into our country who can love us and cherish us and be proud of erica and the american flag! [applause] we believe that schools should teach our children to have pride in our history and respect for that great american flag. we all believe in the rule of law and we support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. thank you for being here. [applause] [music] >> the russia story is a total fabrication.
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it is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. [applause]. it just makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about. what the prosecutors should be looking at are hilary clinton's 33,000 deleted e mails. ... [applause]
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>> and they should be looking at the page russian speeches. and the owned russian companies. or let them look at the uranium she sold that is now in the hands of very angry russians. most people know there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. that i can tell you. [applause]. we won because we out worked the other side. we won because millions of patriotic americans voted to take back their country.
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[applause] have you seen any russian in west virginia or ohio? or pennsylvania? are there any russians here tonight. russians? they can't beat us at the voting booths. so they are trying to cheat you out of the future and the future that you want. they are trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly, demeaning to our country and demeaning to our constitution. [applause] i just hope the final determination is a truly honest one. which is what the millions of
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people who gave us our big win in november deserved. and what all americans who want a better futurement and deserve. [applause] [music] >> the media can attack me but where i draw the line is when they attack you, which is what they do when they attack the sdeour supporters. you are honest, hard working, taxpayering and you are over taxed we will get your taxes down. [applause]. you are tax paying americans ho love our nations, obey our laws and care for our people. it is time to exexpose the crook
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ed media deceptions and to challenge the media for their role for divisions and yes, by the way they are trying to take away our history and our heritage. and i say it and you know we are all pro's we are like we have a certain sense. we are smart people. these are truly dishonest people. not all of them. you have some good reporters and fair journalists but for the most part honestly, these are really, really dishonest people. and they are bad people and i really think they don't like our country. i believe that. and i don't believe they will
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change and that's why i do this. if that would change i would not say it. only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself in the fake news. [crowd noise] that's so funny look back there. the live red lights they are turning those off fast. they are turning those lites off fast! like cnn, cnn does not want its following viewership to watch what i'm saying. the advantage i have is that we do have a big voice. and you know they are always saying twitter or social media. if i did not have social media i
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would not get the word out i would not be standing here. i withstood be standing here. if i don't have social media i probably would not be standing here. and do you notice when i go on and i will put out a tweet he is in a twitter storm again. i don't do twitter you won't see ese folks at the post ofce.
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>> sean: welcome back. president trump's first year as we have been highlighting. the liberal mainstream destroyed trump media they have a massive purhave an office of fake news to hurt and undermine president trump and his agenda. since president trump took
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office the fake news and lying reached unprecedented levels. which created a massive informational crisis in this country. before we show you the worse of the worse examples from the mainstream media. let's go back and look how everyone in the press said that donald trump was never going to win. they were laughing up a storm. remember this. >> donald trump said he will run for president surprising i assumed he was running as a joke. >> look at me. do it. >> i will personal low write you a check now on behalf of this country does not want you to be president but wants you to run. >> be ready for the fact he may lead the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believe that. [laughter]. >> president bomal go down as the worse president in the
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history of the united states. at real donald trump. >> well, at least i will go down as a president. >> that's like my favorite video. media dead wrong. president's victory set the stage for the intense media backlash against the administration. the worse examples of biassed from your partisan press. >> america is crying tonight. i'm not sure how much of america but a very significant portion. i mean, literally crying. this is a sadness. it is a mourning moment for those people. and it is a moment filled with fear. >> extraordinary thing to say. if you have a son in the marine corp and you don't trust the commander in chief. people in the military defend the constitution. >> this was a white lash
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against a changing country. it was a white lash against a black president in part. >> well is a sign out there that has been hung up in the white house or outside the white house saying, if you are not white you are not welcome. >> this is a man who is not well. he between a whiney six year old with his game taken away and the cranky man condemning everyone who does not worship him. >> donald trump is being himself more than any other previous president with disgraceful racial views. >> he said today, america first was not just racial background to it. >> is donald trump competent to be president? >> president trump saying america first. he put himself first. >> trump's critics those who are worried about this president and this white house saw a live special television event brought
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by narcissism. thin skin and grievance. >> donald trump is a president there is grave question about his ability to conduct the office. >> donald trump is jesus to followers of jesus. donald trump allowed right wing christians to vote for judist and the colden calf. >> you have a deranged president or pathologically lying president lying about the operations of the american government and lying about the previous president of the united states. >> that's enough. to envocabularying the 25 th ma'am. mike pence is not there yet. i understand why people voted for him. i understand where you were coming from and why you liked him but this man is lying to you. >> start with this week in russia gate >> there are no shoes on the trump human centipede that are
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not about russia. russia, russia issue russia. >> the crowd is about collusion with russia will hang over him. >> feels like we are in the opening stages of a devastating political chapter in american history. evidence is mounting for the president meddling. >> russia hacking is the caliber of a pearl harbor or 911. do you agree. >> i completely agree >> donald trump sits at the threshd ofimpeachment. you told the washington post, there is a smell of treason in the air when it come to the investigation. >> a lot of people are afraid to use, the, t word. >> you think you had an earful of donald trump >> check out what is in the ear of the beingel in britain named chief. brace yourself. >> is this president trying to impersonate hugo chavez.
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putin? >> president gets two scoops everyone around gets one. and no word if there were sprinkles. >> desert course he gets two scoops of vanilla with his chocolate cream pie. >> he gains weight according to source. does not trust people around him. he is with drawing. if he wants to say that obama and bush says i look the in his ice. >> he is president snowflake. okay. everything he said. they are mean to me and don't like me and i don't understand. >> populist. way to stand out mr. president. we are proud of you, buddy. way to go. you are a populist >> making a fake cover of a magazine about himself. lying and destroying the country. >> donald trump, being a smuk. >> looked leak a thug.
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like a goon. you look at the handshake, look at this. what a thug. it is -- an embarrassment. he is mauling him like an idiot. >> this is unbalanced. he is not well. >> he is putip's hostage. >> like somebody pooping their pants and peopling looks and saying that is modern art. don't you understand? i'm making a stap against russian aggression. this is not funny. this is really bad. just for the record, we are all nervous. >> and up next, highlights from our interview with president trump in pennsylvania. we asked him about the north korean threat and more as we condition hannity president trum
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>> welcome back to hannity. president trump's 50 year. we traveled the great state of pennsylvania to interview president trump in front of a larnl audience. we asked the commander in chief how he would deal with the north korean nuclear threat and more. look at the highlights. [applause] how are you, mr. president. >> very good >> my second interview since you have been president. you guys want to start with good news? [applause]. go ahead you don't get a lot of
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good news in the media. market's up 25% since you won. tweeted nobody in the media brings it up. i will bring it up 5.2 trillion in wealth created. lowest unemployment rate in 16 years. the best labor participation and lowest people on food stamp in seven years. >> really well. laws laws i'm love itting. i'm doing a job for the people and the people are seeing that and i'm proud of the 5.2 trillion of increase in the stock market. now if you lock that is one element we have many other elements. country we took it over 20 trillion the last eight years they borrowed more than in the history of our country. they borrowed 10 trillion dollars, right? and yet we picked up 5.2 trillion in the stock market
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possibly picked up the whole thing in terps of first nine amongs and value. so, you can say in one sense, we are increasing values and may be in the sense we are reducie ini debt but we are honord and happy. >> sean: you came back to pennsylvania you have been in wisconsin and ohio and north carolina a lot of people need opportunity and jobs. you are here you will talk at length about your economic plan. let's talk about it. >> first it is a massive tax cut. it is a reform [applause] >> you know when we first introduced it and for years they talk about tax reform. i said the problem with the word, reform, nobody understands it. it could mean you will raise taxes. this is the largest tax cut in the history of our country. it is incredible. it will put people to work.
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right now, sean, we are the highest taxed nation in the world and we are going to be down in the lower rung in terms of taxes. there was a lot of coverage of your phrase, they would report it cryptic phrase. the calm before the storm. seemed related to rocket man, this term. ju in terms of having nuclear capability. firing muscles over japan. threatening guam and reaching the united states with a nuclear weapon. at some point this will come to a head. >> we can't let this go on. we can't. you can say what you want. should have been handled 25 years ago. 20 years ago and 10 years and 5 years ago it should have been handled not just obama but
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president obama should have taken care of it. now it is far advanced. we can't allow this to happen. china has been helpful. i think. you know who knows they seem to be very helpful. they cut off bank to north korea that is something they have not done before. cut down on fuel and other things. we will see what happens. we cannot allow this to happen. this should have been taken care of long ago. clinton game them billions of dollars. gave them other things and before the contract the ink was dry they were starting again with the missiles and nuclear, frankly. we are in a position, we are strong i'm building up the military. close to 800 billion dollars in spending. mruz mrauz. i don't know if you know but the military our military was totally -- depleted.
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you look around and you see what is going of you look at what we are buying now with the jet fighters and the equipment and it is two things. it is jobs. that is less important. we build the greatest military equip in the world. we have missiles that can knock out a missile in the air 97% of the time. if you send two it will get knocked out >> pair to say if he keeps firing that will end? >> i don't want to say anything. i don't want to talk about it you know the people they talk. i remember when mosul. i use this all the time. we are going to attack mosul in four months in three months and i say why do they say it, attack. do it or don't do it but they talked about it and by the way turned out to be hell on wheels. they were totally prepared. i'm not saying i'm doing
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anything and i'm not saying i'm not we should talk about it. >> calm before the storm. you will not talk about that. >> no , i don't talk about it. >> iran, was interesting. bill clinton when he made the deal with kim's father he said this is good for the american people. it was not. seems the same mistake was made with obama and the i riranian deal. you can pull out of it. john bolden suggest you pull out completely. why decertify and scrap it. >> you can do both. you can decertify. i know exactly what i'm going to do. i can't give it away tonight. >> why not; right . >> i will. it is no secret. i think it was the most incompetently drawn deals. 150 billion dollars begin we
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feel got nothing they got a path to weapons quickly. 1.7 billion dollars in cash. this is cash. out of your pockets. you know how many airplane loads that nub. did you see a million dollars in hundred dollar bill its is a lot. this is 1.7 billion dollars. you say withhold be authorized to do it. and who are the people that deliver it. you may never see them again, right. >> plane loads. >> so -- this is the worse deal we feel got nothing. we got nothing. so i'm not giving anything away but i have been saying this for a long time. you have people dancing and screaming in the streets of iran. i have to tell you those people are possibly staged. i believe the people of iran are great people and want freedom and want to be sort of friendly with us. i believability that. but they are dancing in the streets and they are singing death to america. and carries out the negotiating
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a deal and giving up every single point. go in like this. you are not having it. done, done. whether it is country wide or any other wide well is no. we will see what happens. a lot are guessing. but may be well is not so much guessing. it was an inchronotropic tent. >> you want out of the deal >> it is a bad deal. i'm not saying anything different i haven't said for two years it is an embarrassment to our country. we did it out of weakness when we had great strength. >> and coming up this was the first show on cable the sit down with president trump once he got in the white house. we will play you highlights from our first interview with the president as we condition the special edition of hannity. han.
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>> sean: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. president trump's first year. back in jeopardy, we traveled down to washington, d.c. to interview the president at the white house. we focused on his agenda. liberal, biassed media and got a tour of the oval office. >> mr. president, go to see you. what a week this has been. >> it has been a great week we accomplished a lot. >> first i have time to talk with you earlier in the week in
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the oval office. and the thing that stood out to me is you seem to be enjoying yourself and very focused on all the promises you made in the campai campaign. is it your intention to keep every propgmise. i'm going to keep as many as i can. politics is tough. you want to keep a promise and the other side will not let you keep it. we will do things that i said we were going to do and we will take care of people that were mistreated by government for many, many years. that is really how i won the election, sean, you know that better than anybody. >> sean: the media a contentious start. i have seen the new york times, cnn, nbc they use the word, liar to describe you relating to crowd size.
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>> they are hostile, angry people. >> they colluded against you in a campaign. >> they are dishonest people. media is dishonest. say openly. i say journalism is dead. they are dishonest people. have you some honest ones but -- i get stories that are so false and so dishonest. i wish. yea, they said martin luther king's vest was taken out of the oval office by me. >> it is there. >> that is a serious charge. they are saying i'm a racist. that is a serious charge. then it turned out i got angry at my people i said who took that bus stop. they said it was never moved. it was in the same spot. how could they say it? >> a reporter said it was taken out. >> that is a very serious charge because that's a racist
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charge. then when it was revealed they were wrong, nobody talks about it. it was a head line. massive story trump takes. i would never do that i have great respect for doctor martin luther king. i would me that when revealed it was wrong. >> i'm saying is this, the media, much of the media, is very dishonest. honest low it is fake news, it is fake. >> sean: energy and you know this, from your years in building. the life blood of our economy. we are dependant on foreign nations many don't like us. we have more shale, natural gas. we are the middle east of natural gas. how important a goal is it you want this country to move toward energy. >> very important. >> four years. >> i think you can do it in less than that. they stop you environmentally.
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they use the environment to stop a lot of good things not only energy. buildings and factories issue plants. they use it to stop things. it is like a roadblock but that will not happen. i'm an environmentist. i believe strongly in the environment and i will protect the environment. you don't have to have a man who wants to build a factory or a person or company wait 10 years going through approvals at the end get rejected. okay, sean subpoena i menning the forgotten man a lot during the campaign >> and women. >> sean: and women. you mentioned last night. i gave you statistics 95 million americans out of the labor force. 50 million in poverty. forty-four on food stamps. >> i never hear you say that. .
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>> this is the oval office. great stamp of lincoln. by the way. the bust -- the bust of martin luther king. whi which -- was falsely reported, falsely reported that it was
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