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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 30, 2017 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ [national anthem] >> the state department released a new batch of emails from weiner's laptop. >> there were several laptop. there were several emails on the laptop he shared with abedin that had classified information. >> you have to wonder why it was the fbi and the justice department let huma abedin off the hook. they left this on equivalent of a park bench. >> about the agenda ahead. >> democrats have been told and fully understand there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border. >> we do need to secure our border. this idea that we are only going to do the dream act and nothing else is just all political theater. >> happy new year.
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>> new year's eve organizers test dropped confetti friday. the new york police department is taking extra measures to protect times square to terror attack in new york city. >> president told the coast guard today the job is yours. >> 16,000 people. unheard of. so i just want to thank you. the coast guard is fantastic. ♪ ♪ pete: no you be not in a disco club it's 6:00 a.m. in manhattan on "fox & friends." it's a party as you can see. rachel: it's a party. pete: look who we have peter doocy. rachel campos-duffy. i feel like you should be sitting here. this is the doocy seat. pete: it's pete hegseth's seat today. pete: only on the weekend
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temporarily. your family is still down hanging out and you decided to hang with us. pete: they are. pete: it's national bacon day. >> bacon. rachel: national holiday for pete. rachel: i saw the piles of bacon and i thought of you. pete: if you are waking up this saturday morning find bacon. you know how the first person gets up and makes bacon and the whole house smells like bacon. peter peter i have a question how long national bacon day has been going. pete: started by the national industry. emails made public very close to the campaign huma abedin. peter: these work related
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emails were found on a laptop that belonged to huma abedin. >> we are still going through the 2,000 emails released by the state department yesterday. can i tell you already at least four of those emails are marked classified. these emails were either sent or received by hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin and disooferred by fbi agents that personal laptop that abedin shared with her husband anthony weiner. many were related to scheduling upcoming meetings with foreign leaders. those that have been marked classified. important to note they were marked classified after they were sent heavily redacted. including this one november 2010 that includes call notes to help clinton through a discussion with saudi arabia foreign minister about the use of diplomatic cables by wikileaks. the note suggests clinton say i deeply regret the likely upcoming wikileaks
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disclosure. i seek your help inspect preventing wikileaks undermining our national interest. these emails were released following a request by judicial watch. the emails show further investigation needs to be done. >> the fact that classified information from clinton and abedin on weiner's laptop shows the urgent need for a criminal investigation. a serious one by the justice department. >> it is important to note that a former fbi director james comey was asked about these emails this past summer in an appearance on capitol hill. and at the time he said the bureau did not believe that abedin was aware of what she was doing and suggested like, with hillary clinton, it was simply a case of an extreme lack of carelessness. back to y'all. pete: exactly. a extreme lack of care. some would say grossly negligent. of course those words were changed. again, more evidence and we wouldn't know about it if anthony weiner had not been investigated for all the.
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rachel: for being a sexual predator. pete: his misconduct as well. hillary clinton feels like that's why she is not in the white house today. a lot of us step back even more evidence there was indeed a double standard. rachel: not the only double standard. we also know that peter strzok, the fbi investigator who we learned from his emails had, you know, anti-trump bias, a pro-hillary bias who interviewed michael flynn also interviewed huma mills -- huma abedin and cheryl mills. pete: that's a great point. rachel: both of them lied to peter strzok in that interview and said they didn't know that there was even a server to begin with. how was huma abedin treated? how was peter film treated. lying to the fbi is bad no matter how are. peter: you talk about a standard point. president trump has been trying to make the point the duong is stacked with a bunch of democrats trying to help the clintons and take down the president.
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now there are new emails we are seeing. rachel: that's a double standard. pete: they were following documents to anthony weiner's campaign account. call sheets to the saudi foreign minister. emails about debbie wasserman schultz being the head of the dnc. this was email grab bag for anything. peter: imagine if any one of those things was on -- who was trump's right-hand man during the campaign if it was found on jared kushner's blackberry. pete: name the amount of outrage. jonathan turley was on the network earlier towering about democrats and bob mueller and the double standard. take a listen. >> just as i said that people should let mueller finish his work, i also think it's strange for democrats to say oh, don't investigate this, the election is over, except, of course, for the trump election. so, i don't get why people are bothered by congress to exercise authority to
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investigate this. the clinton staff got an enormous amount of deference. deals were made to destroy computers. immunity deals. just as a condition of turning over government property. none of that really makes a lot of sense. now, in the end, was there a crime? probably not, but, once again, the public has a right to answers has to how its government performed. pete: crime might be the sense that so many americans have that special treatment is given to those with privilege and anyone else, as we have said before. anyone else in the military, elsewhere who did that would get friday. peter: look at david petraeus two years probation and $100,000 fine. pete: exactly. that's how it goes. one investigation into the emails and then you have got of course the russia probe ongoing. rachel: that's right. matthew gatz a representative out of florida says maybe it's time that we wrap this up. that we move on from this investigation because we are seeing that there is so much bias and there is no there
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there on the collusion with russia. here is what he has to say? >> well, the con dex of this investigation demonstrates a tremendous amount of bias. if you look at justth time line, robert mueller was interviewing, wanting to get his old job back as the head of the fbi on the 16th of may. rod rosenstein then walked him out of that interview and within 24 hours rosen stein appoints mueller to go and investigate the president. mueller then populates his team with people who dislike the president. over half of them gave money to barack obama, hillary clinton, or both. and the number two person in this investigation, mr. weissmann, actually attended hillary clinton's non-victory party. so there are a lot of things that evidence bias to me. what's most important about president trump's interview these let actions of an innocent man. he goes on the record on a recording to say no collusion, ask your questions. the president demonstrated his innocence. it's time to wrap this up so
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it doesn't become a dampening future we could have in 2018 in this country. peter: you want wonder how bad they want to wrap up the mueller probe and start a second into the russia probe. these republicans on the hill want to take control. they have their own investigation into special counsel goes away the more people will be paying attention to what they are doing at their hearing. pete: that's a good point. it also means the democrats have completely lost their narrative which they have run on since resisting election day that this is not a legitimate presidency. it was collusion with the russians. if the investigation wraps up, that goes away two. competing investigations with a lot at stake. we will be following that a lot feels like in some ways the rear view mirror. president trump has been talking about is the future. he tweeted this yesterday talking about potential deals and the wall. what might be coming next. he tweeted the democrats have been told and fully understanding that there can be no daca without the
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desperately needed wall at the southern border and an end to horrible chain migration and ridiculous lottery system of immigration, et cetera. we must protect our country at all costs. there is a lot of questions about what will capitol hill do with this. the democrats are obsessed with daca and getting the deal there. the president is standing firm it looks like. rachel: they want daca with nothing attached to it. i think president trump is contact isly wher is exactly whe american people are. they say they want something to be done with daca kids -- adults. they are much older than that they don't want this to happen again. they have want this problem to be solved so that we don't have another wave of them. i think what happened was that the electricit electorate n hearing immigration reform, they wanted immigration reform but they also wanted the border secured and they didn't believe that the republicans in maury were going to do it. donald trump comes along.
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they hear that tough rhetoric, they see he is willing to withstand a lot of the attacks that would make most politician goes into a fetal position which is racism. pete: the politician position. rachel: i think he is going to follow through with his promise. peter: seems like a squeeze is coming in the next couple weeks. there is another deadline to shut down the government on january 19th. the democrats have been saying for years, we want or for months, we want daca fixed by the end of 2017. now, nancy pelosi says well, we want it fixed but by, you know, january. january count as the end of the year. they can use this as leverage. republicans are l. say please help us keep the government. in democrats will say how about clean daca. pete: pelosi told them it would be done by the end of the year. they dothey don't have levers of power. peter: remember only one vote majority in the senate now and jeff flake is
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somebody who says there has to be a daca fix. pete: there is a big meeting on wednesday could determine the future of this as legislation moves forward but we have headlines. rachel: turning to your headlines, an officer is shot and wounded in ambush attack overnight. los angeles police say a female cop was conducting traffic stops when multiple rounds were fired in her direction. she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to the thigh. she is in stable condition. a 28-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene. authorities say there may be other suspects at large. now horrifying scenes are unfolding in the middle of the work day. employees fleeing from gunfire at prominent california law firm where police say attorneys shot and killed a colleague injuring another before killing himself. the shooter was reportedly just fired from the firm. and in houston, investigators believe a former auto shop worker killed two exco-workers before turning the gun on
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himselfself. unclear what led to either shooting. the u.s. sending a warning to iran as thousands in the country protest the government. president trump tweeting his support for protesters as iranian regime cracks down on some of them. he writes, quote: many reports of peaceful protests by iranian citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and its squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad. iranian government should respect their people's rights including the right to express themselves. the world is watching. pete: a lot of criticism on the obama administration for not similar unrest. christians undersiege by isis around the world. at least 10 dead in the terror group's latest attack. how do we stop the carnage. peter: she was supposed to be testing drugs from criminals. thousands could be thrown out because this lab worker got high on the evidence. rachel: wow.
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♪ the times are a changing ♪
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pete: welcome back, isis ramping up its rah tacks on christians around the world. at least 10 people were killed when gunmen opened fire outside a coptic christian church in egypt. the late nest a string of similar attacks carried out
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by isis and their affiliates. rachel: joining us now is station chief who served in moscow, and pakistan. good morning. >> good morning. pete: first of all, talk about this particular attack. we know christians have been under siege in the middle east and in egypt recently. tell us about this development. isis has taken responsibility. >> right. i think egypt's in many ways is a microcosm of what we are seeing throughout the middle east and in south asia. the coptic christians have been targeted by isis. particularly over the past couple years with significant attacks. isis is at war with the government of egypt in the sinai and on the border of egypt and in libya. and isis wants to strike back at what they consider a soft target: they want to try to spark some ethnic violence. they want to demonstrate that the government of egypt and their president el-sisi is not capable of protecting his population. rachel: is this a harbinger
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of what we could see. we have seen attacks on christian markets and churches. is that something we should be worried about this season right now? >> well, we should be very, very, i would say, alert to that possibility. we know that isis has mounted a propaganda effort, trying to incite their followers to launch attacks during the christmas season. whereas in the past, we tracked al qaeda through their finances and communications because they required some command and control over individuals. they were trying to direct, to mount attacks in this day and age, isis is trying to inspire their followers. and they are definitely trying to inspire them to launch attacks against christians. pete: daniel, recently we heard good news about the amount of territory taken back from isis. iraq and syria. dismantled. brand, unfortunately not gone. somewhat status of isis and then particularly thousand pertains to their targeting of christians as well? >> well, you know, first of all, isis has done a tremendous amount of damage
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in what was their former so-called caliphate in iraq and syria. i served in iraq. and iraq is a place with lots of extraordinary christian history there are no more christians left in second largest city of mosul. significant amount of damage has been done. cryptions have been killed or have fled the reasonable. what isis is doing now, having lost much of their geographic formerly ungoverned space is that they are used cyberspace to encourage their followers. much of the past history of attacks is just fodder for them to encourage their followers to mount attacks worldwide. they are trying to make this into a war between muslims, between islam and the west when, in fact, really isis and al qaeda are at war with islam themselves. pete: sure. rachel: it's amazing. used to be if you wanted to hear about christian persian cushion and you pick up a book and find out about first century christians it's happening in realtime right now. people with big bully
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pulpits like the pope to bring more attention to this and other sources. pete: good point. >> for my background this comes down to collecting intelligence. we need to collect intelligence on the extent to which isis is trying to target specific christian here churches and state and local law enforcement need to penetrate networks that involved. individuals need to stay alert. new york knows this better than anyone. you see something, say something. pete: thanks for your expertise. we appreciate it? >> thank you. pete: coming up, a prank on police turns deadly. new arrests overnight and how a video game battle led to this real life tragedy. rachel: president trump set to undergo his first physical in office in the new year. what can we expect to find out about his health? dr. marc siegel takes us inside the exam room up next ♪ it's going to be a good life, a good life ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ helped put a roof over the heads
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patience across several states. the group says the employee in question does not have access to financial information. and major outbreaks of the flu getting an early start this season. according to the cdc. 36 states are already reporting widespread influenza activity. 21 of them with a high number of cases. including my household. doctors pointing to the reduced effectiveness of this year's vaccine. peter, rachel, over to you. rachel: nearly a year after inauguration day, president trump will undergo his first presidential physical. the results of the standard exam set for january 12th will be made public. peter: what goes on during one of these exams and what can we expect to find out? here to break down for us is fox news medical a team member dr. marc siegel. good to have you come in this morning. >> good to see you. rachel: you too. peter: came out to say he was the healthiest person ever to run for president.
3:25 am
was that medical professional as reliable as what we are about to get from walter reed? >> well, i don't want to comment on his previous physician, but i will say, this his current physician, dr. ronnie jackson is a rear admiral in the u.s. navy. he has been fland emergency medicine sinner. president bush brought him in. is he an iraqi veteran. is he a really, really good doctor. that's one thing. i expect that he is going to get a very thorough going over here. rachel: president trump is the oldest president we have had. what is he going to be looking for. >> what i do yearly physical they focus on hearing. they focus on vision. they focus on the heart. they will ask his medical history. good news here all he has is a history of high cholesterol that's very well controlled with lipitor and he takes an aspirin. makes sure his immunization is up to date.
3:26 am
rachel: all ofs have you seen footage of president trump eating things that maybe doctors wouldn't like. he likes kentucky fried chicken and he likes mcdonald's. are these things that a doctor would be worried about and actually recommend that he might cut back on? >> they will ask him about that. they will ask him about his diet and caffeine. great news with president trump he doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke. everyone out there should learn from that. no drinking no smoking is a really good prognostic sign. they will do vital signs on him. we know from previous exams his blood pressure has been under control. what his weight now. how can he bring it down? what is his height? they will examine his belly. they will do a thorough cardiac going over. lungs, neurologic exam hearing and eye exam. basic examinations. laboratory testing they will do. they will check his cholesterol, prostate. they will do electrocardiogram. past presidents have had stress tests done. will president trump undergo cardiac stress test is a question. they have done that they did it with president bush and
3:27 am
with president obama as well. peter: there have been many clips where president trump has seems like he had a dry mouth and sniffle and everybody on twitter is you haddenly an m.d. this s. this kind of examination going to, would you expect, quiet a lot of the people who look at him and guess what may be ailing him? >> i certainly hope so. that's one of the reasons he is having it now. yeah, you can't diagnose somebody with a dry mouth over the internet. never having had a medical degree. i really find that irritating. by the way, exercise is another thing they will ask him about. everyone always says he doesn't exercise. but i heard from senator rand paul when i interviewed him there is no better golfer than him. he is an excellent golfer. he scores very high. rachel: is golf great exercise? >> i will tell you walking is and it's under appreciated. walking is one of our best cardiovascular exercises. i also like the bike but it's good. rachel: he raises his hands up and down during rallies
3:28 am
and that was his exercise. which i thought was probably comical. >> poin fit bit would point out it does count as exercise. peter: we have you back after we get the results. doug jones likely win in alabama democrats eyeing moral in 2018. can they pull it off? we'll analyze. rachel: national bacon day. we are celebrating only way we know ohio with bacon on everything. what do you think about that? >> it raises cholesterol. >> bacon!
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my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. pete: welcome back with extreme weather, incredible pictures. parts of niagara falls freezing over. rachel: some parts of the country temperatures as low as 34 below zero with dangerous wind chills of 89 below. pete: thanks global warming. peter: even lake erie feeling the effects. rock solid with ice. pete: our own rick reichmuth is on top of all of it. rick: 13% of the lake is
3:32 am
frozen over. still plenty of fuel for lake-effect snow. the cold is certainly in place. more snow coming on. right here you see the snow moving across parts of the ohio valley and in towards d.c. and eventually up throughout parts of new york today. that means behind that the colder air moves on in again. take a look at this, temperatures for tomorrow minus 9 as a high in fargo. 18 degrees here in new york city. so the cold solidly in place. obviously solidly in place. for new year's eve unfortunately, guys. where temps are going to be around 10 to 11 degrees. actual air temperature feels below zero for the big ball drop on new year's eve, want to go? pete: no thank you. warm cozy couch with a fire sounds way better. rachel: that sounds better. turning now to your headlines, army soldier home for the holidays is among the 12 people dead in new york city apartment fire that also killed four children. emanuel's dad emotional as
3:33 am
he says his son died a hero trying to save others from the inferno. [inaudible] rachel: the officials say the fire was caused by a young child playing with a stove top burner. police making an arrest after a prank leads to the killing of an unarmed man which police say they were swatted before an officer shot and killed 28-year-old andrew finch. he lured cops into going into a phony hostage situation at finch's house in kansas. an officer there shooting and killing him when he reached towards his waste band. online reports suggest the prank caller had an argument over a video game with another person not related to finch. the officer is now on paid leave. more than 8,000 drug convictions likely to be tossed because a lab worker was high on what she was supposed to be testing. prosecutors are trying to have cases tied to sonia
3:34 am
farak dropped after shy admitted to stealing drugs from the massachusetts lab for 8 years she spent 18 months in prison. this after 21,000 convictions were also dropped in the state after another chemist andy dukens admitted to fakes tests. john jr. is teaching his daughter a lesson on slurpies. don't drink too fast. the president's son posting this adorable picture of him and his 3-year-old daughter chloe enindulging in very first slurpy. don saying he may have unleashed a monster while teaching her a valuable lesson on how your brain freezes. those are your headlines. pete: rachel, thank you, i have won word for you. bacon. the word alone makes all of us hungry. >> bacon. peter: today is national bacon day. we are celebrating with the only way we know how with bacon on everything. rich rich chef peter sherman believes in serving bacon with a side of bacon. he is here with recipes for
3:35 am
the savory and versatile treat. >> we are here every day at this time base of this day obviously. today i had brought something interesting we brought kentucky fried bacon which is currently. in i made little nuggets for you. mcdonald wants has monopoly on the nugget name. rick: what makes it kentucky fried. >> i have bacon blue cheese ranch that we can dip it in. bacon on bacon on bacon it's healthy. >> pork belly. rick: bacon is pork belly in general. >> in general in the united states the lion in canada the shoulder in europe. rachel: this doesn't taste like the kind of bacon you put in a trying pan. >> it's thick cut bacon. >> bread and then. >> what else do we have
3:36 am
here? >> i did a bacon and cornbread which is unbelievable. some bacon burnt ends. i did a chipotle bacon taco. same kind of concept. flavoring it with different varieties. bacon comes in an unbelievable amount of varieties i mean all over. if you are in louisiana you will get cajun up in vermont you will get your maples and whatnot. rachel: are all these recipes online for our viewers? >> not currently. rachel: let's get them online. rick: you have a restaurant in new york. >> bar bacon. rick: not just like a bacon restaurant. >> we didn't want to do it for the sake bacon for the sake of bacon. we wanted to put forward bacon as product as good of a product that you could possibly find and something that the united states does really well as opposed to every other country. peter: when did bacon become so cool?
3:37 am
rachel: in chocolate and everything. >> i didn't know when bacon wasn't cool. you are talking about one the oldest products. rick: you ask a dumb question. rachel: people saying low carb and sudden suddenly bacon and things that seemed like forbidden foods became suddenly allowable. >> i can tell you despite all of the healthy trends that have gone. in one constant that everyone has in their refrigerator has been bacon. everybody's substitute for a diet. i'm jewish and i own a bacon bar. you can understand. >> it's easy to buy. easy to make. >> you can't sky it up. pete: do you like it crispy? what's your perfect recipe for bacon. >> i like it thick. because i like to try it i prefer it a little bit under but can't get it krispie if you cut it as thick as i cut it you are not getting it crispy. rachel: i like thin and almost burnt. >> it varies. >> you like bacon bits
3:38 am
basically. >> we do a bacon slice four different varieties at the restaurant. people get to sit there and make their tasting notes around bay council. rick: alcohol? >> alcohol. we infuse a bunch of alcohol with bacon so make a vodka infused bacon. bloody marries, bacon infused. pete: regular thing of bacon today. what's something they can do to spice it up a little bit? >> can you coat it in sugar. rachel: brown sugar. >> put it in the oven and candy it. and is that true garnish for all your deserts and takes it to another level. peter: we will take a break so pete can have another adrink of that more ahead, new trouble for huma abedin,over night a batch of classified emails found on the laptop that she shared with her h estranged husband
3:39 am
anthony weiner. tom fit con from judicial watch sued to get those. more about them next hour. pete: democrats are eyeing more upsets in 2018. but can they actually pull them off? scott rasmussen breaks down the races to watch in 2018 next. no bacon for him next. ♪
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peter: some quick saturday morning headlines for you, friday, 686 mega millions drawing without a winner. tuesday's jackpot now an estimated $343 million. if you can't wait that long. the powerball grand prizes still up for grabs tonight at $384 million. and say goodbye to signatures. major credit card companies are getting rid of them. american express, master card and discover will no longer require signatures for purchases in u.s. and canada. the company is claiming it's no longer needed to fight potential fraud cases. pete? pete: democrats are setting their site sights on 2018 after upset in alabama. doug jones is the first democratic senator from
3:43 am
alabama in quarter century. as the calendar flips over to 201 2018 what will be biggest races to watch. scott rafn joins us. thanks for being here and breaking it down for us. the conventional wisdom right now is that democrats have the advantage. not less nit senate a lot of tough tear for for them. they think they have the advantage. what do you say recommendation they do have the advantage. party out of power almost always gains seats in midterm election. is it big advantage that leads to the control of the house and senate or more modest. pete: you will take us through three senate races and three house races. >> three senate races are salute must wins for the democrats if they want to win for the senate it is possible. they need to flip two seats. these three seats all toss-ups right now. first one dean heller in nevada only republican in a state won by hillary clinton. clearly vulnerable. clearly facing a big challenge. he is the most vulnerable
3:44 am
incumbent. jeff flake would have had that title except for the fact that he decided not to run. pete: danny tar cannian ran before. >> former head coach. >> nevada is going to be a tough state for the republicans. pete: row are democrats running? >> democrats are going to have a great opportunity here no matter who they run. when you move to indiana, republican state most of the time. midwestern values. every day americans. joe donnelly a little bit of a prize there. this state is in play because donald trump won it by 19 point this is a state donald trump's message on tax cuts. tax reform. reducing the regulatory burdens very you, very well. this is a race republicans should expect to see a pickup in. if the democrats defeat.
3:45 am
pete: joe donnelly tried to look like a trump democrat. also not voting with them. >> right. it's a team sport. people understand you are voting for the president or you are voting against. pete: got it. >> claire mccaskill been there a long time. won races she shouldn't have won. trump carried this state by 19%. not only tax reform. pete: which she voted against. >> tough to explain in missouri. we are talking about the senate, we are talking about supreme court appointments. when you talk about the supreme court in missouri they won't like chuck schumer having more say. pete: a vote for claire mccaskill is a vote for chuck schumer. >> that's correct. here is the story line. if the democrats win all three of these states, they probably win control of the senate. pete: that seems like a long shot for a lot of observers, especially considering the other races they have
3:46 am
democrats defending in six states good for republicans. >> if the republicans win all three states well then it's going to be a huge republican year. you probably have joe manchin getting nervous. pete: the senate while possible, unlikely. the house is what a lot of people. >> there is no way to pick three must win race. 435 races. i picked three to talk about that are representative. the first in illinois 6 peter roskam. this is a suburban district in illinois. a district that voted for mitt romney by 8 points. voted for hillary clinton by 7 points these are the kind of districts republicans could lose. these are the suburban white college educated women who are not thrilled with donald trump. pete: sure. >> if republicans lose this seat or others like this. pete: how playing his hand as far as the campaign? is he embracing president trump or running against him. >> he is trying to say i like some policies but i am
3:47 am
not associated with donald trump. pete: that half approach hasn't been very effective. >> if you are in illinois 6 or a suburban district, you don't have a great approach right now. pete: got it. >> this is a race now mia love, i would expect to win she is favored. utah not favorable to democrats. salt lake city mayor. very good candidate. if she runs a good campaign and if political winds by democrats are very strong. mia love could be in trouble. here's the story here. if you and i are talking about mia love's race in october, november, that means the democrats win control of the house: this one, again, stretch for the democrats. pete: obviously she has become a prominent voice for conservatives on capitol hill as well final race i
3:48 am
picked john cul culbertson. a race where he is it's a slight toss-up district at this point. is he not taking it seriously. he hasn't seemed to adjust to the fact no longer a district can you win by cruising as a republican. this is the kind of race that gives campaign strategist nightmares. the race if you lose it it's because you didn't play the game. pete: outraised by two of democratic opponents and has not offered a campaign manager problematic. >> problem tha problematic. that's when they lose when they get comfy don't realize the demographics of their district. >> if you are looking at this from a national perspective. you have ros roskam and mia love. surprise or maybe forced error. pete: i know democrats are focused on the house. they feel like if they could take control of that take control of the narrative. we know what they want impeachment.
3:49 am
>> if they talk a lot about impeachment that will be good news for the republicans. pete: that's a long. >> thanks, pete. pete: 2017 ending on a winning note thanks to president trump's tax reform. the winning note for the economy and how it could get even better in 2018. did you get an amazon echo or another smart device for christmas? i didn't. i know a lot of people did. beware of hackers. kurt the cyberguy is here with tips to secure your smart home so people don't invade it next. ♪ tada!
3:50 am
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3:52 am
pete: welcome back. quick headlines for you. u.s. forces now focused on regions ravaged by isis. less than a thousand extremist fighters left. secretary mattis says since 2018. troops will be helping to rebuild syria and iraq once home to 45,000 radicals. that's a tall order, no doubt. mattis acknowledged that the group still poses a threat albeit less significant than it once did. and, north korea show nothing signs of backing
3:53 am
down on their nuclear program. state run media praising its rogue regime for its invincible power. this as the crew of a hong kong ship is being held in south korea. the vessels accused of of violating u.n. sanctions by transferring oil to north korean ship last month in. china, of course, denies any involvement. peter: more and more people getting smart devices. doing so could be giving hackers keys to your house. can you keep your smart home safe and secure. rachel: kurt joins us now to break it down. should would he be worried about all of these digital devices spying in our home. >> no doubt. no doubt. rachel, good morning one haven chilly and two peters. speak no evil, see no evil. rachel: hear no evil.
3:54 am
>> sort of like that. 25 million of these, for example, home speakers, smart speakers that you speak to, like alexa, i just triggered it didn't i like the google home and apple will be coming out in 2018, home pod. their idea of a smart speaker. these things are really catching on. so are the companies behind them that love to find out how they can get more and more into our lice. one of the later ones from amazon. quite frankly i gave one to my mother for christmas. it has a camera on it. acts like a clock radio in her bedroom now. they got me giving my mother a camera in her bedroom. rachel: that's so creepy. >> it does, doesn't it? right now these companies are really really good convincing us a good idea. seems to be outweighing privacy or security colonel.
3:55 am
reality is you really should be aware of what is occurring. number one is, yes, these devices are listening. yes when you see the little ring spinning around on top of the device it is hearing you. what you should be aware of at this moment. they seem like nothing is really a big deal. but as we get more and more comfortable with these devices, the' cans are going to become a little bit closer where it may be on a nightstand. it could be in bed with you soon. they want to know more and more about us. the more they discover bus. whether it's our life behaviors to information that we're spouting out of our mouth or even calls that are being made in the same room, the more they can target us with advertising. and data. sell data. sounds great and are fun. but there is the possibility to lawsuits in the future
3:56 am
could really seek out the information that's being recorded on these devices and stored at servers in other locations. i have a child custody dispute and i want to subpoena everything that's this thing has heard that may be recorded on that. smart devices where can you control what is stored. good idea to always do this at least once a week, once every couple of weeks. log on to whatever your smart device is and get rid rid of the history on it especially if there is something on there you won't want the world to see. assume everyone is seeing data. rachel: that sounds terrible. >> it does sound terrible but it is just something -- you really need to keep your eye on it especially moving forward. rachel: there was a domestic dispute once and alexis called the cops and cops
3:57 am
interveensd. i think of my own family. i'm going to kill you maybe the cops would come. i am just really concerns me. >> conversations from a tv in the background can also be misinterpreted or maybe you are having a private conversation somewhere else in the kitchen and doing another conversation and it's recording that and you didn't know about it more online go to cyberguy and go to pete: you bring us blessings and warnings. >> happy new year. rachel: thanks for the creepy message. all right, the president taking his message straight to the american people via twitter. next hour, we will break down the first year of the presidency in tweets. peter: judicial watch president on the latest huma abedin emails. ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that?
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4:00 am
i used to maybe give a little. then i got so much back. i used to have cancer. please give at pete: classified emails made public from hillary clinton's close aide of the campaign huma abedin. >> you have to wonder why it is the fbi and the justice department let hillary clinton and huma abedin off the hook. >> democrats have been told and fully understand there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall at the southern border. >> we do need to secure our border. >> this idea we are going to do the dream act and nothing else is all political theater. >> temperature as low as 34 below zero. dangerous wind chills. >> solidly in place for new
4:01 am
year's eve. >> the president told members of the coast guard today the course is yours. >> the job they did in texas saved 16,000 people. it's unheard of. i want to thank you. the coast guard is fantastic ♪ ♪ spice ice, ice baby. pete: we have the ice rink at rockefeller center. we have our own ice rink in midtown, manhattan. come and join us. try out ice skating skills. peter: every sidewalk in midtown is like ice rink. i'm not sure we did anything. pete: a little bit different. the ice rink is empty. rick reichmuth was supposed to be out there is supposed to be out there. like the rest of america he
4:02 am
is freezing. peter: you think anybody would know how cold it was going to be before you go outside would t. would be him. pete: rick, come on you, you follow the weather we wanted to watch you twirl. rachel: he needs a mom like me to tell him. put your hat on, your gloves on your sweater on. pete: my 7-year-old gunner is with me. we might find him on the ice u. rachel: is he minnesota boy. pete: basketball player not yet a hockey player. stick with us you the see entertaining. be here to recreate the ice and get it right this time. we have lots of news this saturday morning on "fox & friends" thanks for being with us. a lot of speculation. infrastructure. and potentially work with democrats. continues to be the wall and building the wall. the left chuck and nancy seem to be and have been obsessed with daca.
4:03 am
we have got to do something on did daca. their supporters are if you are use they haven't done anything already. the president weighed in yesterday, putting his marker down and letting everybody know what his conversations have been with democrats. this is what the president tweeted. he said, the democrats have been told and he says fully understand that there can be no daca deal without the desperately needed wall at the southern border. we must protect our country at all costs. setting down a pretty firm line there, rachel ramp raach he is he is in line with where the american people are at. this is a president who really started his campaign on this issue. pete: absolutely. rachel: they want immigration reform. they want it to be done compassionately. the real sticking point has been border security. the american people have said we want to help the daca kids. we want to reform our very
4:04 am
antiquated immigration system. but we don't want to do it before we do border security and the american people have not trusted republicans in the past to do that. pete: correct. they feel they can trust donald trump on his rhetoric and willingness. peter: i asked mitch mcconnell on this after a hearing last month. are democrats going to do this right away he said well, there is no emergency to do it until march. the administration gave us until march it seems like what's about to happen is that the republicans by january 19th will have to go to the dems keep the government open again schumer and pelosi will be positioning themselves not unless you fix daca first. brought all these across the country illegally as children. they want some clarity on that. trump wants the wall. lindsey graham is saying border security is one place they can work with
4:05 am
democrats. >> i'm equally involved in working with democrats. i think most americans believe that not only should these kids have a second chance on life we do need to secure our border. this idea we are going to do the dream act and nothing else is political theater. we have to do more than the dream act and we will. we are moving away from the stupid lottery system to a merit based immigration system. i would like for the president to be able to say that in january. i think it's possible. pete: would democrats be willing there are three things the president mentioned. the wall, chain migration and the visa lottery system. to your point republicans have done am amnesty before without building the wall. ronald reagan did it. rachel: the other question is are the democrats willing to shut down the government over daca without border
4:06 am
security? it may prop their base but not help them win back so many millions of americans that they lost. pete: big meeting. peter: there is a big meeting at the white house with the president on this. there is going to be mick mulvaney, the legislative affairs director mark short, then speaker ryan and mcconnell from the right side and minority leader pelosi and chuck schumer on the left side. what's going to be really interesting though. come january 3rd once luther strange is out and doug jones is in alabama. republicans have a one seat edge. we know there is one republican jeff flake who wants to get a deal done just as much as any of his democratic colleagues. let's see what they can come up with if you are a conservative believes in border security no better people to have in that room
4:07 am
as far as president trump leading the charge on this. mick mulvaney and mark short al conservative. they have the right people at the table. is there any daylight between paul ryan and michigan mcconnell. that will matter as well. peter: somebody else not at that meeting big wall guy john kelly. pete: lots to continue on this. previewing it first day back on tuesday. rachel: emails just made public. pete: work related documents discovered on laptops belonging to abedin's estranged husband anthony weiner. >> these are. so emails that prompted former fbi director james comey to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's emails just 11 days before the elections. >> yesterday, the state department released 2800
4:08 am
emails the fbi found on that laptop that huma abedin found on a lop top shared with her husband anthony weiner. we found emails later marked as classified. most of the messages are related to clinton's daily schedule, travel plans and talking points in conversations with world leaders. those emails the state department determined were classified are either completely or largely redacted. one exception is this exchange with saudi arabia's foreign minister warning about wikileaks plan to release diplomatic cables including conversations with the saudis about iraq, iran, and afghanistan. the clinton say i deeply regret the upcoming wikileaks disclosure. i seek your help in preventing wikileaks from undermining our mutual national interests. these were released following a lawsuit by judicial watch. the justice department needs to relaunch an investigation into hillary clinton's emails.
4:09 am
>> i personally have prosecuted those cases as a special agent. i know people have been jailed for a fraction, a tiny fraction of what has been made public and documented judicial watch's investigation. >> former fbi director james comey was asked about these very emails this past summer in an appearance on capitol hill. and he said this. >> with respect to ms. be a dibiasio in particular, we didn't hav --abedin in particule didn't have a sense what she was doing was in violation of law. >> most of the emails ended up on abedin's laptop as a result of her phone backing up the messages. didn't d. find two classified email chains manually forwarded to the laptop. pete, rachel and peter. rachel: this is unbelievable information we are getting from judicial watch. >> we will have tom fitton in a matter of minutes to
4:10 am
get his reaction to what they found. if anybody has been digging through it it's him and he will give us a sense of the importance and substance found in any of these email messages do. not go anywhere. if you woke up this morning tired. it's because you have endured so much winning. stocks finished higher in the month. story caught our eye. you were midwest factories are growing at the largest pace they have in three years have you seen the stock market boom and almost hit 25,000. stocks out of holida hollywood e down. folks who voted for president trump. if i can make a tradeoff getting my factories back in the midwest and wisconsin and elsewhere and hollywood can have a rough patch because they make movies that no one cares about anymore i think they would take that. rachel: maybe this is the redistribution that the liberals have been talking about all this time.
4:11 am
redistributing the wealth away from the liberals on the most maybe thanks to salt tax and back to the midwest. democrats telling throughout the obama years that these factory jobs were on forever. on -- were gone forever. peter: white house gleefully reminding people on election night when markets took a dive, there were people from mainstream outlets saying the numbers were going to stay in the basement. sarah sanders the white house press secretary tweeted this greatest story of the year booming donald trump economy. worse prediction of the year and then she tweeted a picture of a paul krugman economic prediction in there he does say there is a line in there where when the markets will recover, the short answer is never.
4:12 am
rachel: this election of donald trump is going to be a boon for the stock market. a boon for the economy. and boy was she right about that. pete: tweeted from sarah sanders. paul krugman so-called intelligence of the economic left whatever. he gets a lot wrong. in this case hyperbole never going to come back. calm about that. mr. krugman, i would love to read the column in the new york daily news times. unfortunately we have to move on. we have a lot more program here. president trump getting his message straight to the american people. carley shimkus looks at the year of trump tweets just ahead. peter: mike huckabee went duck hunting. the left is upset. the governor says they are clueless. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
pete: more drama for hillary clinton eight huma abedin.
4:16 am
peter: we are learning four documents on those emails on the shared laptop were marked classified. tom fitton the president of judicial watch which study the state department in order to obtain these emails and he joins us now. good morning, tom. >> good morning. peter: tom, what was the holdup in getting these emails and based on what you have seen did the justice department have enough to criminally prosecute huma abedin before the election? >> these emails were found back in october of 2016 it's now near the end of the year and we are finally getting those. the fbi sat on them for months and state department sat on them for another half a year or somplet they are a remarkable demonstration of why we have laws against the mishandling of classified information. you don't put material on secure systems if anthony
4:17 am
weiner's laptop doesn't meet the definition of unsecured laptop i don't know what would. to say ms. abedin didn't know what she was doing was bunk. she had an obligation to protect classified material and, of course, one of the reasons it's classified material on anthony weiner's laptop because abedin had email account on which she was communicating with hillary clinton. from her secret server. the server she set up classified information from anthony weiner's laptop. anyone else would have been prosecuted. this is why the justice department needs to get its act together and reevaluate what james comey and loimpleg did in terms of getting hillary clinton get of jail free card. pete: was this negligence? did they understand what they were doing and did it any way? >> it was intentional and
4:18 am
negligent in the least. it was intentional that they were warned nonsecure places to do government business. hillary clinton herself talked about well, you know, security told me x and did i y anyway. they were warned repeatedly on this. yet they put this material out there to for the whole world to see. james comey had zero interest in upholding the rule of law there. this is why people are upset. they know what the rules are 4.5 million people with security clearances. they all know what the rules are. and i get that most of them are upset that hillary clinton and huma abedin got away with outrageous violations of law. again, we have got to have in the justice department reevaluate what went on last year. especially given all the pro-clinton anti-trump bias that we uncovered on comey
4:19 am
top intel guy at the fbi. made this decision not to prosecute hillary again in october. pro-hillary clinton and anti-trump. peter: just so our viewers have an idea some of the stuff just disclosed is from huma emails one of them a call sheet when hillary clinton was going to have a meeting with a saudi. regret the upcoming wikileaks disclosure. the other one i seek your help in preventing wikileaks from undermining our mutual national interests. tom, right after the state department did a friday news dump yesterday with these emails, the website went down. i got an he a mail from somebody that you work with when the files were inaccessible if the server was overwhelmed or the state department changed their mind about releasing these things. do you guys have any more information about this outage? >> we were told by the
4:20 am
justice department who represents the state department that the state department was overwhelmed. they didn't expect the public interest and they weren't able to keep up with it. and so, had trouble getting >> a.c.: says. this is why put it out there. at this point particular pay give them to us outright and put them on the internet. they are out there now. the justifiable department should explain what it is they are going to do about these evident violations of the law. pete: they certainly look like that. tom fitton thanks for your work at judicial watch. come back with us with more as you scan through emails. we appreciate it. peter: thanks, tom. pete: california governor jerry brown pardoned two illegal immigrants and governor cuomo one upped hi
4:21 am
him. peter: carley shimkus looks back at the year of trump tweets next ♪ ♪ boom, clap ♪ ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day.
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4:24 am
peter: some quick headlines now. an officer shot and wounded in ambush attack overnight. los angeles police say a female cop was conducting traffic stops when multiple rounds were fired in her direction. she was rushed to the hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to the thigh. she is in stable condition. 28-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene. authorities say there may be other suspects at large. and new video first glimpse inside the new york city apartment building where a raging inferno killed 12 people. we are also learning in addition to four children a u.s. army soldier, home for the holidays, died in the fire while trying to save others. the fire was caused by a young child play wag stove top burner. pete? pete: president trump 2017 has been the year of the tweet, well, 2016 was as well. especially this year. this as he promised to tone down the tweeting during the 2016 campaign. listen. >> you know, i tweeted today
4:25 am
@ real donald trump. i tweet. you know, don't worry i will give it up after i'm president. i won't tweet. not presidential. pete: turns out he hasn't slowed down a bit. president trump spent 40 hours tweeting from the oval office in 2017 taking his message straight to the american people. here to break it all down is fox news he had had line 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. as president, he has not slowed down a bit. >> not at all. the first president to actively use twitter during his time in office. last year there were a lot of questions was he going to use at potus account or @ real donald trump account. turns out he didn't tweet less, 12400 times using @ real donald trump account. pete: you scoured and found which ones have been retweeted. >> retweeted were more controversial than policy driven or inspiring. his number one retweeted
4:26 am
tweet was a video showing him body slamming the cnn logo. some thought it wasn't very presidential. others thought it was funny. regardless of what you thought about it certainly was a talker. which is why it was retweeted about 360,000 times. pete: i was hosting that morning. we didn't know what to do about it either. how you feels about the fake news media. >> second most retweeted tweet also kind of controversial. some people thought it was funny. it was an attack on kim jong un. why would he insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat oh well i tried so hard to be his friend and maybe some day that will happen. retweeted. kind of a classic trump style. pete: he knowes how to weaponize with humor. >> that's right. speaking of humor. third most retweeted tweet this year the classic the infamous co-fe covfefe.
4:27 am
maybe he meant to say coverage. we still don't have the coverage on that one. pete: was it deleted. >> it was delete you had. pete: lives on now as an official word in the dictionary. >> another thing he has done classify his tweets into three different styles. the first being personal attacks on members of the media, political opponents and people in hollywood like arnold schwarzenegger sent out this tweet yes arnold schwarzenegger did a really bad job as governor of california and even where's worse on the apprentice but at least he tried hard. that style tweet is popular with the president. pete: and all the nicknames he loves to give out. >> also effective his attacks on the faulk news media. he used that phrase 160 times this year on twitter u on twitter. fake news refuses to talk about how big and strongs our base is they show fake polls just like they report fake news despite only
4:28 am
negative reporting, we are doing well, he wants to get that make america great again message out. third classification of twitter use is tweeting about policy, of course, the most important tweets that we get from him. he talked about the travel ban. that's right. we need a travel ban for certain in this country. not politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. he is speaking to his base not only talking about immigration issues but also the term politically correct. something that many trump supporters hate very much. pete: of course. >> this next year will be the first full year that twitter went from 140 to 280 characters. we have a whole lot more to talk about in 2018. pete: that much more work to dissect in 2018. >> fun. double the work. thanks a lot. pete: coming up, mike huckabee went duck hunting with his family and it triggered the left. the governor says they are
4:29 am
clueless those criticizing them and he will join us live next. plus, the video is nothing short of insane. a woman breaks out of her handcuffs and then steal as cop car. we will tell you how this one ended. and we're putting our own rick reichmuth on ice. we're going skating out -- there is rick. he has got his shoes on. come on, rick. you have the proper attire on now but no skates. he will be out on the ice rink on the plaza. we may join him as well ♪ ♪ with 5 times more ethnic regions... ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from... and the paths they took to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at
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4:32 am
good morning governor huckabee. >> good morning. i'm sure that that triggered a lot of people out there. but it's a part of the culture in which i grew up and i think a lot of us in america did. and it was pretty innocent for us to do what we have spent a long time doing. my daughter got in on the action. we had a great time being together and being outdoors. even though it was cold.
4:33 am
rachel: i loved your tweet. she said we don't just bake pies here we know how to hold a gun. i also triggered some snowflakes. i think we have some photos of my boy who took hunter safety class and my husband's family. i think they might pop those up here in a little bit, too. shows a lot not just the tell you can you recall divide but ignorance on some of the tweets that came through without b. conversation and about hunting in general, right? >> the fact is if it weren't for hunters and i know this sounds like something that seems illogical. but without hunters, we would not have many of the species we have. rachel: right. >> species are endangered because they don't have enough habitat or taken over pry predators. hunt something a way that creates a management of resources including the physical resources of deer, duck, turkey, elk, all sorts of the animals that we want to preserve and want to keep going. i'm a member, for example of the national wild turkey
4:34 am
federation. the wild turkey in america was virtually extinct in the early 70s until they began contributing money to build habitat protection and the result now is turkeys are everywhere. same thing with deer. deer were becoming extinct 50 years ago because of overhunting. now because of management there are more urban areas. cities are figuring how to get rid of some of these deer. if you don't have something called chronic waste disease. i'm a member of ducks unlimited. same thing duck us unlimited dues and license fees of the hunters. that's what pays for the habitat, the feeding and hatching areas. now we have millions of mallards who fly on the central and mississippi fly aways down to mexico. pete: turns out they care about the environment and areas they hunt as well. we just had tom fitton on from judicial release. they just received a tranche of foias.
4:35 am
emails off anthony weiner's laptop have to deal with huma abedin close personal aid of hillary clinton. how flippant, reckless, grossly negligent with classified information. in light of that. and the investigation ongoing into hillary clinton and her server. and then you contrast that with the so-called russian co-collusion aren't we see a double stashed. >> it's a horrible double standard. imagine your sufficiently as a low level military recruit who takes a picture from his smart phone of a nuclear submarine because he was stationed on it innocent, foolish but innocent. he is in prison, think about that. he is in prison for that if you are going to take some kid who is serving on a ship and who just takes a photo and he doesn't like share it with the russians. he just took it but he is in prison for that. hillary and huma abedin is not in trouble.
4:36 am
i'm sorry americans will become increasingly cynical about the justice many is. something we can't afford to have a justice system we don't trust and increasingly americans don't trust the department of justice. don't trust the law enforcement agencies because they feel like that think are politically selective in who they go after. peter: governor huckabee in the "new york times" this week president trump suggested that he thought jeff sessions has not been as loyal to him as eric holder was as the attorney general to president obama. if huma abedin skates on this and the doj does not prosecute. how long a leach do you think president trump is going to let him have or lose patience with his attorney general? >> i think we are all going to lose patience with the attorney general. i love jeff sessions. i think he is a great guy. he has got to do the job he is there to do. that's to universally
4:37 am
enforce the law. when i say universally. without regard to who the person is highest or lowest person in the land. if the law doesn't work against the highest person in the land. then it shouldn't work against the lowest person in the land. the person who really doesn't have stature or power. rachel: governor, what do you think is holding attorney general sessions back? he does seem really reticen reticent. >> i don't know if he is fearful of getting into areas where he will be accused of par sanship. this isn't about par sanship. this is about justice. one thing that i believe most americans want except for the extremes on the left and edges treatments on the right, the fact is we want the law to be equally applied. we want people like lois learner at the irs who abused her position and used the power of our government, not her government, our government and all that it entailed against us. we want people like bruce ohr and peter strzok and
4:38 am
lisa page who used the power of their government offices to go after people. not because they were criminals but because they were political opposites. this is a dangerous place. this is the kind of thing you see in totalitarian countries where the power of government is used to step on your political enemies. that's a dangerous. pete: have you had to make calls about clemency of sentences. have you been criticized for some of the calls have you made. governor cuomo in new york recently granted clemency to 61 convicted criminals on wednesday including 18 illegal immigrants who face deportation but now could be home free. some pretty touchy crimes, included on that list. it is seen as a shot at president trump and his immigration policy. what do you make of this 61 clemencies in new york? >> i'm going to be very
4:39 am
careful. there are were over 1200 come and sit on my desk to review. i try to take them seriously and look at them not politically buy judiciously. i can tell you, this there is no political upside, ever, in granting any kind of clemency whether it's reduction of sentence, whether it's commutation or outright pardon. all of this fall under the barner of clemency. because people will be angry at you for doing it very few acolytes come your way. also responsibility to see if this is a person who deserves because of a life well lived, maybe a crime committed when they were 16 or 17 and they did something stupid and now they can't even get a job emptying a bed pan in a nursing home because if you have a conviction of a felony, it may have been 20 years ago. but, under a background check rule that most states have. you're prohibited from going to chef school. you can't work in a nursing home. you can't be a janitor in a school. even if your crime had nothing to do with elderly
4:40 am
people or children. so, you know, until i looked at every one of those cases and reviewed them to see what cuomo did, i would be a little hesitant to be quick to criticize him because i didn't enjoy getting on the receiving end of that myself. pete: fair point. governor mike huckabee thank you for your time. now can you go hunting. >> happy new year. and happy hunting. rachel: yes, happy hunting. turning now to your headlines horrifying scenes. employees fleeing from gunfire at prominent law firm shot killed another before shooting himself. the lawyer was just fired from the firm. in houston, investigators believe a former auto shop worker killed two exco-workers before turning the gun on himself. it's unclear what led to either shooting. insane video capture ago woman freeing herself from hand cuffs and stealing a
4:41 am
squad car. the 21-year-old then leading the south carolina deputies on 15 minute chase before crashing. he was accused of of causing another driver to crash after grabbing their steering wheel. new charges assault and battery with intend tent to kill. president trump closing his west palm beach golf course to members to host a tournament for the coast guard. a thank you for their efforts during their years devastating hurricane. the job you did in florida and especially the job they did in texas, saved 16,000 people unheard of. i just want to thank you. the coast guard is fantastic. rachel: about 60 servicemen, many local to the area, took part in the tournament at trump international golf club at mar-a-lago. and those are your headlines. pete: very cool. the coast guard doesn't get a lot of love. rachel: that was awesome thing to do for them.
4:42 am
pete: rick reichmuth out on the ice. he was wearing shoes before. he is lacing them. rick: i'm half there. pete: you are slow rolling. pete: they just got the ice skates off the truck and the truck, i'm sure, has been sitting out here in about 20-degree weather all night. pete: your feet feel great. rick: i have one frozen foot the other in a sneaker. it's cold. that's what we have been talking about for days and days. unfortunately be talking about this for lots of days. again, here is what it feels like across the northern plains. feels like minus 46 in my my minmyminot. we also have a little bit of snow move across parts of the northeast today. maybe just coating up to about a an inch for some folks. behind that even colder air comes in unfortunately and that's why tomorrow night
4:43 am
for new year's eve it's going to be around 11 degrees. it does not sound fun to be outside. peter: thank you, rick. rachel: if you get moving you will warm up. peter: coming up, it was a wild year on college campuses across the country. coming up we will break down the craziest campus stories of 2017. pete: the crazy wrist oiest of e crazy universities. the left ended the year with serious name calling. >> have you got to pay extra attention to what he does because is he a bait and switch con man. pete: they finished the year the same way they started it. amy holmes says it's only a matter of time buff this backfires on the left and she joins us next. good morning. ♪ i didn't start the fire ♪ it was always burning ♪ since the world's been turning ♪ we didn't start the fire. ♪ i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
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4:46 am
i need that stuff like you don't know. and now that you do, please give at rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." democrats ending the year with some serious name-calling. >> trump is as much a symbol
4:47 am
of northern bigotry as you have others that were southern. >> this is the conduct of someone who could become a tyrant if we don't step in and speak out against him. >> i have said all along that this president is a con man. >> will this name-calling come back to haunt the democrats come mid terms? here to weigh in is political analyst for rasmussen reports amy holmes. welcome. >> happy new year. rachel: almost. happy new year to you too. are these serious concerns they are making or just positioning themselves to maybe become the most beloved person in the resistance movement. >> rachel, i think we know the answer to that will these hyper partisan democrats suffer throwing red meat to their rabid constituents in safe districts? no. nor will the talking heads who, you know, have their fan trying to get attention. they will not suffer either. you know who might suffer are democrats in those
4:48 am
not-so-safe seats. not so safe states. democrats in states donald trump won in 2016 they need to be careful. rachel: they lost some of these. some of them union democrats in the lazarus election. >> i remember donald trump part of his victory people voted for president obama they felt the swamp wasn't delivering for them. they wanted someone though ogo out there and drain the swamp. rachel someone i think has been saying interesting things might be a bit of a prognosticator for some of these democrats is newly elected doug jones from alabama. the democrat as you remember beat roy moore upon being elected he said we need to move on from 2016, accept the election results and he opposes this impeachment mania. do you know why he says that rachel? he is in alabama in a state that donald trump won by nearly 30 points. he knows which side of his bread is buttered. rachel: that's -r789 one of the interesting claims he makes. jackie spheres says he is a
4:49 am
tyrant. he wants to take more power into the executive branch and, in fact, she says he is trying to consolidate power but, what's interesting to me is it seems to be like president trump is trying to roll back all these regulations, get back power to the states. get power back to families. >> this is rich coming from a congressman and a party where the former president said that he didn't need congress. he could work around congress. rachel: pen and a phone, right? >> with a pen and a phone. donald trump as you say is actually repealing at love these executive orders, orders from on high. but i also would point out jackie sphere the democrat from california someone who liewted chrisly claimed she had inside knowledge that president trump was going to be firing robert mueller over the holidays. one someone who is trying to throw out red meat for constituents. rachel: we will see if it's red meat or ends up back firing. thank you for stopping by. >> you gout it, rachel. rachel: democrats also slamming the president for
4:50 am
saying he can do what he wants with the justice department. is he wrong? former doj official j. christian adams here to weigh in coming up. plus, it was a wild year on college campuses across the country. we will break down the craziest campus stories of 2017 next tada!
4:51 am
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4:53 am
rachel: from riots shutting down conservative speakers to biased professors, it was a wild year on college campuses all across this country. pete: joining us now to break down the craziest i'd long call stories from 2017 is cabot phillips. you have been on this all year for us. often on set covering some of the crazy stuff. we forced it you boil it down to 5 which is tough in light of state of faye fairs on college campuses. first university professor at georgia university of georgia well let's -- i will put the quote up of what he had to say and get you to react. he had a stress reduction policy. if you feel unduly stressed by a grade for any accessible material or course can you email the
4:54 am
instructor what grade you think is appropriate. no explanation in required. pick your open grade over there at the university of georgia. >> this is something that the professor doesn't realize by coddling the students he is actually hindering them in getting ready for the real world. stress is something you need how to process and do it away and i should be able to change my circumstances in life and stress would be gone. i told my land lord my rent is stressful i wanted it to be cut in half that's what i deserved it didn't go well. pete: email your own grade is unbelievable. peter: this professor claimed blamed the vegas shooting on the president. >> got elected i told my class this a year ago some of us won't be affected by this presidency but others are going to die. people will die because of this. as you is seen this happen, right? encourage violence.
4:55 am
>> it's important to point out that's a taxpayer institution. our money funding that kind of thing in the classroom. also, there was no proof or evidence of that statement. she just is throwing it out there. that's something we saw all year from the left classrooms professors and administrators were blaming everything on donald trump no matter what the issue was. that's one of the most egregious examples. peter: do we know if that teacher still has a job. >> she does. there is coverage of that and usually accountability is the best thing for getting professors like that out of the classroom. she does still have a job. rachel: we have evergreen students protest. i think we have video of that, too, right? >> we do absolutely. rachel: take a listen. >> hey, hey, ho, ho. these racist teachers have got to go. >> black power, black power. >> it's a little tough to tell exactly what's happening there. pete: barricaded the library. >> they actually held their administrators at school president hostage in their offices, demanded that one of the professors be fired because they felt that he wasn't racially inclusive
4:56 am
enough even though he was a liberal professor. the president came out and said i hey i have to go to the bathroom can i leave my outside of? they said we will escort you to the bathroom and you are going back to the office and you are not leaving until you fire the professor. these students said they were expressing themselves. allowing them to essentially get away with it other students were held accountable or represent prix handed for those actions. >> letting students escort you to the bathroom. the flipping of that dynamic is unbelievable to me. another one here charles murray a famous conservative writer. a scharp at the american enterprise institute. he tried to go to middle bury college and give a speech and was shut down. >> shock ily, it did not go well trying to bring conservative ideas to middleburg college. these students rioted. there was a liberal professor trying to escort him to the speech. and they were attacked. the professor spent a month. i actually went to middle bury to talk to the administrator about what happened. none of the students were held account being or
4:57 am
reprimanded for those actions. also, they have a new policy where any speaker who comes have to get approval. if they are too controversial they are not allowed. rachel: finally we have berkeley riots with myelo i didn't know annapolis. i spoke at burkly defend free speech if we are going to make campus alberto. >> escorting college presidents to the bathroom and choosing our own grade. cabot, well done. see new 2018. >> thank you so much. pete: we flow the president has been fighting fake news. we have more on that coming up next. ♪
4:58 am
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vof hundreds of families, he'se hmost proud of the one the heads he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you. pete: classified emails now found among thousands made public from hillary clinton's close aid during the campaign huma abedin. >> this secret server hillary clinton set up is the reason there is classified information that was put on anthony weiner's laptop. and anyone else would have been prosecuted. >> president trump took to twitter to warn democrats about the agenda ahead. >> the democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no daca without the desperately needed wall on the southern border. >> it's been too long since we have had real reform. we are looking all across america at congress to get something done. >> some parts of the country temperatures as low as 34 below zero with dangerous wind chills.
5:01 am
>> the cold solidly in place. obviously solidly in place for new year's eve. >> huckabees trigger the left with duck hunting photos. >> i'm sure that triggered a lot of people out there. it's a part of the culture in which i grew up and i think a lot of us did. ♪ ♪ ♪ sleigh bells ring ♪ are you listening ♪ in the lane snow is glistening ♪ beautiful sight ♪ we're happy tonight ♪ walking in the winter wonderland. peter: almost had our first spill of the day. pete: i keep looking for rick reichmuth. lach. rachel: is he there? pete: he is coaching from the side. rachel: there must be a heater there. pete: great games is out there. helping the kids. rachel: i want to ice skate but i'm not looking forward
5:02 am
to the weather. pete: peter you are a tall guy 6'4". >> over 6'4". pete: a tall dude. are you an ice skater. peter: no. they would have us push the plastic chairs across the ice so we didn't fall down. rachel: that's 6'4", that's hockey player size. pete: pete they skate a lot. i don't skate either you are from minnesota you don't skate? pete: i know how to skate i don't know how to stop. peter: they won't let you back in the state. some serious news this morning. classified emails were found among thousands found hillary clinton's very close aid huma abedin. rachel: belong found on laptop belonging to anthony weiner. >> good morning, y'all.
5:03 am
we are still going through the roughly 2800 emails that the state department release wanted. so far we have found emails that were marked as classified. these emails were either sent or received by huma abedin who while most of the messages are related to hillary clinton's schedule and talking points conversations with world leaders. those of the state department determined contain classified information are either partially or entirely redacted. one exception is this exchange phone call with saudi arabia's foreign minister warning him about wikileaks' plan to release sensitive u.s. diplomatic cables. including conversations with the saudis about iraq, iran and afghanistan. the note suggests that clinton say, quote. i deeply regret the likely upcoming wikileaks disclosure and i seek your help in preventing wikileaks from undermining our mutual national interests. the fbi uncovered the emails in the course of its sexting investigation into huma abedin's husband anthony weiner. they have now been released
5:04 am
following a lawsuit by judicial watch which is calling the justice department to take action. >> there are, i think, four and a half million people with security clearances that allow them access to classified information such as. this they all know what the rules are i guarantee you most of them are suspect set that hillary clinton and huma abedin got away with outrageous violations of the law. >> james comey was asked about these very emails this past summer in an appearance on capitol hill. he said no charges were. >>ed because investigators didn't believe abedin knew what she was doing was against the law: pete: she didn't know what she was doing was wrong or illegal. it's been the defense from the clinton team from the very beginning. i have had a top secret clearance. you understanding what you are doing with information that's even remotely sensitive let alone cleafd oclassified or secret. documents on her husband's
5:05 am
laptop totally unsecured. i guess they probably lock their door to their house. that's it. you know you are being negligent when you conduct something like that. pete: so much talk about this dossier every day. the claims in that are still unverified. but it's still all that anybody talks about. these emails are verified as classified. pete: great point. rachel: absolutely, remember, she was interviewed by peter strzok the former investigator who also interviewed hillary clinton and by the way michael flynn. and huma abedin in this interview said that she did not know about the private server until hillary clinton left the state department. that's a blatant lie. i believe that lying to the fbi is what got michael flynn in trouble. i think the american people are looking at this and going why is there such a double standard? pete: because you can't lie to the fbi unless you are connected to the clintons and protected by those folks. it seems inside the fbi. that's the feeling that so many regular americans, forgotten americans that voted for president trump. i look at the swamp and see
5:06 am
people who have privilege and access and another set of rules that i don't have. they get to do whatever they want. if i make one misstep then i end up in prison. this email investigation reopened. still have ongoing doj inspector general investigation. it could find some real things that lead to a reinvestigation and investigating et investigators. we had mike huckabee on, former arkansas governor. former presidential candidate. we asked him about this double standard. here's what he had to say. >> it's a horrible double standard. it's something that we can't afford to have. it's a justice system that we don't trust and increasingly americans don't trust the department of justice. don't trust the law enforcement agencies because they feel like that they are politically selective who they go after and what they try to do to them. this is a dangerous place. this is the kind of thing you see in totalitarian countries where the power of government is used to step on your political enemies. that's a dangerous, dangerous thing for a republic like the one we
5:07 am
live in. peter: something i hear from a lot of conservative lawmaker types, you know, congressman and their aids in washington is that they're getting really frustrated that the attorney general jeff sessions is not prosecuting stuff like this. the president suggested to the "new york times" this weekend he thinks that obama had an attorney general in eric horl who was more loyal to him than sessions has been. this could be a real test. is huma abedin going to be prufted the same way that somebody like david petraeus was a couple years ago or does she skate? i think i will see loot of republicans and conservative was watching the attorney general very, very closely the next couple days to see if there actually is a double standard. rachel: it's in the hands of the attorney general. a lot of people w50eu6 is he doing this? some are suggesting the deep state may have something on him.
5:08 am
i'm joshuaing my he had h. head going why not jump on this. pete: ech believed to be political under the obama administration. look what happen with the client email server. it's note that hard to play of it down the middle even if bob mueller hasn't figure figured out how to do it. peter: something i have hard is daca. pete: certain live advocates are advocates not necessarily children now. buff they are invested in making sure she stay. president trump has said we're going to build that wall and end chain migration base wally as the lottery program. there can be no dal can a about the end of the rekick columbus lottery schism. why must protect at all cost. rachel your news works on
5:09 am
capitol hill. is there a deal to be had here? rachel: the president also has a heart for these kids who have been caught in the system. he said that repeatedly. i want to do something about this. and he extended the deadline to march because he is trying to make time for congress to do it the proper way through the people's house, through legislation and not through executive order as we know can be undone. look, i think that the president has a pulse on the american people. he always has. he has his america first agenda. and that includes securing the border. i think the american people vpghted immigration reform. they have wanted a solution for daca. they also want it to be done properly. they don't trust immigration reform or an amnesty for the daca kids without securing the border. they don't trust republicans to do it but they do trust donald trump. >> can they do it? >> be they also want it done right and also done in the next three weeks. the next dead line to fund the government is
5:10 am
january 19th. it appears that schumer and pelosi are positioning themselves when they sea help us keep light and coming up. we will do that if you come up with a permanent saluting for these people brought here illegally by their parents. something has to the to give the detective tias attorney general in a state where a border wall would be helpful it's talking about howl he thinks that a what you will there could make a big difference. >> el paso used to be one ever the highest crime cities in our state. now because there was a barrier built. a fence, it now is one of the safest cities in america. i think there is lots of data points that the president can point to that would suggest that this would be successful policy for our state and for our country. it's been too long since we have had real reform. it's also, you know, we are looking all across america
5:11 am
at congress to get something done. i think that's time that that happens on immigration. there is something for everyone in this type of deal as long as they are willing to come to the table and talk. >> so there is one -- there is a big meeting on wednesday, peter. which i'm sure you will be following on capitol hill. >> rinsd and pelosi chuck schumer. talk to the president and some of the other power players there. mick mullen veiny and marc short the ledge laivelg director. >> this where the conversation begins on where wall on daca. >> >> a.c.: tri vistas are furious about not getting daca done. one thing i heard is bills that wall. we have migrate feet lottery system. >> a a lot to borge out we
5:12 am
will bring it to you on this program. rachel: we have to go to headlines right now. officer shot and wounded in ambush attack overnight. los angeles police say a female cop was conducting traffic stops when multiple shot were fired hadder yection. she was rushed to the hospital after suffering gunshot wound to the thy. she is in stable condition. of the 28-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene. sending a warn, to iran president trump tweeting his support for the protesters as the iran yanel regime tracks down on them. many people protest by iranian citizens fed up. nation's illustrate should respect their people's you was rights including the right to express themselves. turning now to extreme weather. beautiful pictures.
5:13 am
part pressing o'er. 34 below zero. even the great lakes are feeling the evening like erie near buffalo and much of the shoreline rock solid with ice. those are your headlines. peter: democrats slamming the president for saying that he can do what he wants with the justice department. former attorney general eric holder even calling it dangerous. but is the president wrong? or not? former doj official christian adams is going to weigh in next. pete: plus, president trump has been fighting the fake news all year long. it took a group of college students 36 hours to win the battle. how did they do that? we will tell you how they did it when they join us live. don't miss it. ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we're on the move
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ peter: welcome back. president trump facing backlash from the left over comments he made about the justice department's russia probe. his interview with the "new york times" president said
5:17 am
quote i have absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. now democrats though are firing back. congressman adam schiff tweeting no you don't. you can do what you want with your golf courses but the country and its justice department belongs to the american people. and former attorney general eric holder tweeting in part wrong,/dangerous. trump doesn't have absolute right with the doj. but are these wrong? here to weigh in is former doj official j. christian adams. good morning. >> good morning. >> so who is right here? can the president do whatever he wants with the duong? >> well, not everything, of course. but to have eric holder this morally degraded active attorney general who was running a gun running operation to mexico talk about anybody doing anything wrong at justice. he should have to go away 20 years and not be heard from. president trump is talking about something very important. that is that the justin department ijusticedepartment ih
5:18 am
ideological law enforcement. it has to be adjusted and get away from holder model that was normalized of helping democrats through political law enforcement. peter: you talk about the doj being inel fested with partisan. when you see something like these new classified emails that huma had on her husband anthony weiner's computer that think knew about in 2016 and were not prosecuted. does that boost president trump's argument that the doj is filled with people who want to help the clintons and want to hurt the trumps? >> of course it does. that's only one of a list of about 30 other examples. right now you have representative devon nunez from california asking for all of the the documents related to phony dossier. remember the one i can't even describe what it says on the air. that says that president trump likes to do certain things u and this came out during the campaign. we now know democrat created
5:19 am
fake document that the justice department relied on, quite possibly, to get national security search warrants, to possibly bring criminal charges against individuals, to unmask individuals, to launch criminal investigations. representative nunes has scud the doj to turn that over. if he doesn't he is going to hold rod rosenstein deputy attorney general in criminal contempt. it is continuing this partisan law enforcement to help democrats even today today. peter: rosenstein is in charge of the russian meddling russian probe. he does have oversight over mueller right now because sessions recused himself as a campaign surrogate. is there anything rosenstein can do about this? >> yeah, can he do what he is supposed to do. rod rosenstein is more concerned about the institutional bureaucracy of the department than he dose the constitution and the
5:20 am
country. is he obsess bid not offending anybody, with making democrats happy which incidentally are the people who got him where he is today. are powerful democrats. rod rosenstein. so this is a guy who is facing, quite possibly, the first deputy attorney general to be found in criminal contempt of congress. he might not take representative nunez seriously, but he better. because nunez is serious. he is going to get these documents from rosenstein about how they handled this phony dossier or else rod rosenstein is going to be held in criminal contempt of congress. he might not believe it but it's true. and it's time that the department's deep state bureaucrats from rosenstein on down start obeying the constitution. start giving congress what they are asking for about something that was used to manipulate the presidential election. >> all right. j. christian adam thank you very much for coming in this saturday. >> merry christmas. peter: we know president trump has been fighting fake news all year long. it only took these college
5:21 am
kids 36 hours to win the battle against it. they will tell us how coming up. there they are ♪ ♪ nobody can drag me down ♪ nobody, nobody ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ pete: welcome back. president trump ramps up border security going into the new year. planning to carry out january executive order to hire 5,000 new border patrol agents. awarding massive contract to a consulting firm to accelerate the hires. the pentagon will begin accepting transgender military recruits starting next year. this after the trump administration choice not to repeal the court's objection of the stay of the request in the case. the doj says it's waiting for independent study on the issues before being released before filing an appeal. rachel: president trump has been fighting fake news all year long. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> fake news. >> fake news. [laughter] pete: it took this group of college students just 36 hours to defeat fake news by developing software called open mind. it alerts users when they visit fake news sites and
5:25 am
help them find more balanced coverage. pete: joining us now are two of those students yale doctoral student lopez and cal tech student alex beret. this is part of a contest to figure this out. you are a psychologist doctoral student at yale and cal tech guy. how did you find each over on this project. >> we just found each other on like social media called slack where people were forming teams for this competition. that's all it really took. people said we want to deal with fake news and me and my friend agreed. pete: on the psychology side what are you looking for fake news. >> fake news look for subtle biases present in articles. how the business cease in the articles might effect the users reading them. peter: how can you tell or how does the program tell the difference between somebody maybe in the "the washington post" or cnn that may be ha leaning left because
5:26 am
author has liberal tendencies versus something that's not true. >> our definition of fake news on our software, we are not just -- we don't look at biases. we are looking at news sites that deliberately try to deceive their viewers. example of the website msnb dot cov trying to impersonate msnbc. that's the kind of site that he would trying to tackle. rachel: this is how he started getting really really rich. >> exactly. rachel: what do they wants with you guys? >> seems they are pretty interested in the idea. when we started this project previous attempts have focused on trying to use machines to classify an article as either fake or real. but none of them have actually tried to target the users. and to see if we can train users in just being more careful and skeptical when
5:27 am
they are reading news sites regardless of whether or not it agrees. pete: you enter search temple for a certain news story or go to a site. for the reared, what's dinner about the interface -- what's different about the interface. >> we show a pop-up warning that shows them why this site was being marked as the fake news. they can dismiss the pop-up and continue reading. on the other hand in the background we are analyzes the news sites they are reading and major topics and biases. will he's say they are always reading negative news about a politician, we might suggest a positive take on this politician from another news site to give them a more balanced diet of news. that gives them a clearer view of both sides of the story. >> we bump in with president trump talking over and over over the past fake news. how much of what people watching right now see online on facebook, on their news web sites, how much of
5:28 am
it is fake? >> that's actually a very good question. something that was very alarming to us as we were working on this. people's definition of fake news. as i said earlier, people believe that, you know, biased news against their opinions tends to be fake. we want to show just because it doesn't agree with your opinion doesn't mean it's fake news. we wanted to show people examples of fake news by having depository where people will see news and they can go ahead and investigate themselves. >> rachel: we had a story a couple weeks ago about the pope actually said the dissemination of false information, fake news is a sin. you are not just opening your mind. you might be saving your soul in this. tell us how we can find out more about. >> it sure. if you go to our website. open mind dot press. you can sign up to be to get early access to our plug-ins over 500 people have signed up so far. people from all walks of life, teachers, firefighters, seniors and
5:29 am
others among others. pete: give us the website again? >> open mind dot press. pete: i assume you are doing doinged me media hits on this. people called fake news. rachel: msnbc is near there too, right? thank you guys, this is cool stuff and ultimately a solution which is the type of thing we are looking for. rachel: awesome job. >> thank you so much. pete: thanks a lot. online shopping has dominated in recent years. could there be a retail rebound in 2018. we'll look at some financial predictions over the year coming up. rachel: it may be freezing outside. but synchronized skaters are about to heat up on our plaza. they will perform for us next ♪ cool kids ♪
5:30 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:33 am
♪ ♪ rick: all right central park ice synchronized ice skating team is that right? ashley walker green you are their coach. >> i am their coach. i am. rick: this is synthetic ice rink. >> it very synthetic. rick: probably a little
5:34 am
smoother. can you one of these in your yard to enjoy the winter. >> i mean, sure. rick: tell us about your group. and is this like ice scraght groups in every city or are these people trying to be in the olympics? what's going on. >> there is a big push in our sport to be part of the olympics. the push is for 2022. it's obviously not happening next month. 600 teams across the country. our teams right now are preparing to compete at eastern sectionals in florida. going to be lovely after this weather. so, that's the qualifying competition for nacialtion. rick: which one of you can do a triple will you tell us. at thitriple lutz? >> focused on building strong edges. do you want to show some of our strong skating on this lovely synthetic ice?
5:35 am
rick: as a meteorologist we always use the analogy of this for a hurricane tighter, the figure skater the faster it spins? >> same thing for us. today there is only five of them so when they do a circle it is really small so it goats around fast. when there is more of them when we have our time of 15. slower rotation allows them to do travel circles and other things on the ice. rick: i will be watching for you guys 2022? we will find that out. you will you can answer that for us on twitter. appreciate it also thank great games. obviously the weather is cold. that's what everybody is talking about. these are actual air temperatures right now across the northern plains. it is minus 25 in miont and the wind is also blowing. you factor that in and we have been seeing temperatures filling in the
5:36 am
minus 50's. minot minus 45. parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york seeing a few flakes fly right here. because it's so cold any snow that falls will stick immediately. take a look what happens behind this storm. here is your wind chills by tomorrow morning, guys, it's going to feel like minus 3 right here in new york city. how about that? minus 3. send it back to you inside. pete: that's why we are inside, rick. we will be out there next hour giving it our best go. appreciate it. rachel: turning now to headlines. new video giving us first glimpse inside a new york city apartment building. stair casstaircases completely scorched. u.s. soldier home for the holidays died while trying to save others. emanuel's fox all sta fox allem.
5:37 am
>> i can hardly watch that. fire was caused by a young child playing with stove top burner. a florida man is accused of rigging the front door of the home to electrocute his pregnant wife. deputies responding to the home after wilson's father-in-law called 911 saying wilson warned children not to touch the front door. authorities say wilson booby trapped the door with electrical cords, wires and battery charged with clamps before telling his wife to make sure to use the front door. he is being held on $150,000 bond. more than 8,000 drug convictions likely to be tossed because a lab worker was high on what she was supposed to be testing. prosecutors are trying to have the cases tied to sonia farak brought after she was
5:38 am
convicted of stealing drugs from the lap 8 years. she spent 18 months in prison u this after 21,000 convictions were dropped in a state after another chem nist andy dukan admitted to fakes tests. a colorblind teenager gets the surprise of a lifetime. his co-workers pulling his money together to get glasses to see color for the very first time. [crying] rachel: i didn't know those glasses existed. kohl williams had never seen true color before until his friends at the sonic drive-n arkansas gave him a pair of these expensive glasses as a secret santa gift. what grade friends they are. those your headlines. pete: that would be amazing. like walking into the new world. rachel: like wizard of oz black and white to color. that's amazing.
5:39 am
pete: very cool. >> north korea not backing down on oil program as russia may have given to the rogue nation. how should the u.s. handle this new threat in the new year. pete: russia, russia, russia. 2017 ended for a bit coin ba bananza which i'm eternally grateful. what does it hold for 2018 next? vo: gopi's found a way to keep her receipts tidy,
5:40 am
even when nothing else is. brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you.
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5:42 am
♪ pete: welcome back, a couple of quick military headlines for you this morning. u.s. forces now focusing on attempting to stable blizzard the region's ravage by isis and their caliphate with less than a thousand extremist fighters left. defense secretary james mattis says in 2018, troops will be helping assisting to rebuild iraq and syria. the institutions therein. once home to nearly 45,000 radical islamists. mad disacknowledged the group still poses a threat albeit less significant than it once did. and to better help fight those terrorists underground. the military is putting out a challenge. da are fo the research lab for the defense department is finding ways to man made
5:43 am
tunnels trantsdz mitt systems and caves like the ones isis used in mosul. they will develop simulation software. the final competition will be n 2021. time to put together good technology. pete: talking about capping off the year with a financial bang. the national retail federation now estimating almost $680 billion in holiday sales. rachel: as we close the book on 2017, what financial breakthroughs should why be looking out for in 2018? pete: joining us to break it down is founder of benchmar benchmark. >> thank you, guys. >> we lo having you on the show. >> wear my ugly christmas sweater. pete: can you wear it any day of the year don't let anybody judge you. let's talk about bit coin. rachel: you want to talk about bit coin?
5:44 am
pete: personally invested. >> there is a lot of mystery. 2017 was a set-up year for 2018 when it goes mainstream. we saw actually the chicago member can tail exchange the world's largest future. same thing with the chicago board options exchange. that allows financial instruments to be traded on it really only professional traders with utilize that you will start to see utfs. anybody can buy it they trade on the exchanges. buy it like a stock. over 12 filings. we will see people have easier access through the bit coin market through that regard also, everybody is going to end up using the technology. the technology behind it is already being deployed by companies. block chain technology. so you are seeing it being deployed all over the place because of the decentralized system safer and more secure. pete: quickly, could it be used as currency more. >> i think it will be used
5:45 am
as currency more. overseas in under developed countries. that's why you are seeing the price go up. especially in some bad areas. peter: if they do use it as a currency how do you know if you go to buy a pizza with bit coin the pizza a year for now isn't worth because of these wild swings in the cost a million dollars? >> i think you are bringing up a great point about hyper inflation. bit coin is being used in countries hyper inflation. they know they can transact and don't have to worry about governments coming in and use them to control them. rachel: did he make a good investment? >> he made a great investment. pete: you are welcome back to the program any time. rachel: we are seeing a lot of growth. growing in tandem with the rest of the world. what is the opportunities now for financial services? >> pretty impressive. what we are seeing happen. we have never experienced this before where have you the world's largest 100 largest economies in the
5:46 am
world grow in tandem. you are seeing a rising global middle class because of it think about over in china. they will have more people in the middle class than we do as a population here in the united states. that's by 2020. you are start toggle see the ste mobile. if alli pay. it's money market fund already has $250 billion in it. and that is bigger than any other money market fund in the world. it's growing. so it's growing into a consumer platform. pete: equivalent in the united states again? >> it would be amazon. pete: if you have a phone and pay with it, that industry. >> they don't have credit cards. you are seeing the emerging economies they use mobile plat forms. seeing with the global growth the mobile platforms are the way they transact and that middle class is going to disrupt the entire world in how they transact. here in the united states we will start to see it next
5:47 am
year. peter: third thing for 2018. you say is the rebound of retail shoppers. rachel: i'm seeing it even in my little town that, you know, sales are going up in all these little stores. >> we had a really hard 2017 when it came to the retail store. you are starting to see it swing back the other way. and guess what we got here? we got a middle class tax cut. you are going to see that start to play out in the economy. you actually have to look what's happening behind the etailers what did amazon do? they actually built a bring and mortar store. they have one in columbus circle. they partnered with kohls. two and do in-store returns in kohls. they want access to that bring and mortar. entertainment happening around the malls. the malls have down sitzed themselves with store closures and turning it more entertainments at the continue nation and venue. so can you go there and not only shop but also you can
5:48 am
entertain your whole family. pete: we're going to buy retail with mobile platforms, middle class via bit coin in 2018? >> let's hope so. >> one of the things that's telling is the merging of the ecommerce and retail. i will go buy something online but i will go into the store to pick it up, try it on. you are starting to see the emergence of that. rachel: did i that at christmas. i bought stuff at wal-mart and picked it up in the store. >> nordstroms has completely you can see it play out that's how they have been able to do very well this year. rachel: great predictions. i will see you back on fox business. >> yes. rachel: vanity fair apologizes for suggesting new year's resolutions for hillary clinton. >> take up a new hobby in the new year. volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy, literally anything that will keep from you running again. rachel: this morning, we are making resolutions for
5:49 am
somple politicians including nancy pelosi coming up. pete: looking forward to tharmt dymon and silc a get ready for more winning. they join us next. peter: we are live at the wonders of wildlife museum with the man who started it all bass pro founder johnny morris coming up ♪ where i come from ♪ you won'
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ peter: some quick saturday morning headlines for you ringo starr among those
5:53 am
reunited by queen elizabeth as by annual new year's honor ♪ we all live in the yellow submarine ♪ a yellow submarine peter: the 77-year-old has remained active since the iconic band broke up. bee gee's co-founder barry begin also honored by the queen. president trump closing his west palm beach golf course to members so he could host a tournament for the coast guard. a thank you for their efforts during this year's devastating hurricanes. >> the job you did in florida and frankly especially the job they did as you know the job they did in texas, saved 16,000 people. it's unheard of. so i just want to thank you. the coast guard is fantastic. peter: but 60 servicemen, many local to the area took part in the tournament at trump international golf club at mar-a-lago. i have spent a ton of time across the causeway from
5:54 am
mar-a-lago watching a lot of the people, the coast guard who were playing golf yesterday sounding very loud siren to some boaters very curious. >> really? pete: they spend their hollywoods policing and protecting those riverways and he said i'm going to give back just like when we whasaw over christmas opening up the ballroom at mar-a-lago for first responders and police staff and other staff. rachel: great gesture. peter: people i hear from law enforcement across the area even if they weren't invited they appreciate that. pete: it's not window dressing. you know it's window dressing when they believe it means that much more. speaking of true believers. rick reichmuth attracting extreme weather. rick: guys it's cold out here where are you from. >> scottsdale, arizona. rick: i'm from arizona did you know that i'm from prescott. >> yes, did.
5:55 am
>> i'm from was s owasso, wisconsin. >> this is actually warm compared to where i'm from. it's subzero right now where i'm from. rick: i know the when wind chis are bad. did you see the pictures of niagara falls frozen. >> yes. i can are rick take a look at that lake erie as well. coastal areas of lake eecial erie are frozen where the water is a little bit shallower. great lakes about 13% frozen right now. that means there is plenty of open water surface. so we will still will see lake-effect snow that's going to fall. eary, pennsylvania this week saw 65 inches of snow breaking all kinds of records. another 12 to 18 inches of snow before this is all done. take a look at the map. these are actual air temperatures across the plains. minus 22 in international falls. zero in alliance, nebraska. 3 in oklahoma. one in des moines. you get the idea a lot of territory is dealing with
5:56 am
the cold air. winds coming out of the north and make the wind chill feel mine news 27 in duluth. clipper system move across parts of the mid-atlantic. any snow that falls is going to stick on the ground because the ground is so solidly cold. take a look at the temperatures. this is the forecast wind chill throughout the day today in towards tonight and tomorrow morning. it is going to be very, very cold. it will feel like minus 18 tomorrow morning in boston. the chill is on for the last day of the year, guys. rachel: rick, is the lady from owe was saw still there. tell her rachel campos duffy is here. >> she wanted to say hi. >> i love pete and peter, too. i love all of you. can i have an autograph. i'm serious i watch. rachel: say hi to rachel at the same time she said she wanted to say hi to you. pete: thanks, rick, appreciate it diamond and
5:57 am
silk get ready for more winning in 2018 they will join us live. rachel: they are so funny. a bride to be literally swept off her feet by a romantic proposal on the ice. that couple is here on our rig outside. we will give them a second chance to make it picture perfect. i think that was perfect already. live, coming up. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
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some classified e-mails now found among thousands made public from hillary clinton's close aide from the campaign. >> the secret server that hillary clinton set up is the reason there is classified information that was put on anthony weiner's laptop. anyone else would have been prosecuted. >> president trump took to twitter to warn democrats about the agenda ahead two they fully understand there can be no daca without the wall at the southern border. >> it's been too long since we've had real reform. were looking all across america for congress to get something done. >> temperature as low as 84 below zero with dangerous
6:01 am
windchill. >> it is solidly in place for new year's eve. >> ryan fuller popping the question to his girlfriend. when she leans in for a kiss she slips and falls on the ice. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> if you've ever been to new york city, it's a pretty cool place. >> it's actually very cold. >> but it still beautiful. the lights are still up, the tree is up. >> your right. you will need many layers but if you want to join us, corner we will be out there ice-skating. we will re-create that wedding proposal.
6:02 am
it was successful because she said yes, but not successful because she bailed. >> is so adorable, so cute and memorable. now they are going to be on fox and friends because of that. >> and that means i'll probably get a lot more engagement gifts. >> do people get engagement gifts? >> yes. >> do they? >> you should bring them a gift. >> actually. [inaudible] were glad to have peter and rachel on the couch for today and tomorrow so tons of fun here on the saturday saturday. we have a bunch of news. news never stops. a lot of news ends up being made on thursday and friday so we are busy on the weekend. daca is something on the left, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are obsessed with. they want to deal. president trump, the man in the middle holding most of the
6:03 am
cards on capitol hill and the white house says he doesn't want a deal unless he gets when he campaigned on. he said the democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no daca without the wall at the southern border. and an end to the horrible chain migration and the system of immigration, et cetera. you must protect our country at all cost. the folks who voted for him, many of them gravitated to him initially and throughout the campaign because of the promise to build that wall and change our immigration policy. what you make of the opportunity for a deal going forward. rachel: i don't think there will be a deal unless the democrats agreed to do border security. the president has made a case about chain migration that some of these terrorist attacks have reinforced. he is standing on solid ground and channeling the place where the american voters are. they want a solution of compassionate these children
6:04 am
were caught in the middle of this failed immigration system that we have, but they also want to make sure that we don't have another wave of daca kids. the only way to do that is to secure the border. i think he's on pretty good ground. >> on wednesday when the senate goes back to d.c., there will this meeting where schumer and pelosi will be there for the democrats and ryan emma, will be there for the democrats for they will something daca. i asked mcconnell last year, do you have to get this done anytime soon because the democrats really want too. he said the administration has given us until march so no emergency yet, but it does not look like that's the way the democrats see things, because they have another government shutdown looming on january 19. it appears that schumer and pelosi are positioning themselves to say when the republicans ask for cash to keep the lights on, we will do that but you've got to give us
6:05 am
some clarity about what's going to happen to all these people who are brought here illegally as kids. >> they said the same thing before the end of the year end a lot of activists are angry about that. >> they demanded a lot of congressional hispanic caucus was mad at the leadership for blinking on daca but nancy pelosi said january actually counts as the end of last year because they never buttoned up the budget so it's coming in the next couple of weeks. rachel: we will see if the democrats think it is politically a good idea to shut down the government over daca. remember the criticism they gave republicans when they wanted to shut down over funding over plan parenthood and other things that came up in the past. rachel:'s before he has taken a strong stance on immigration even without the wall but the oaks on the ground say a wall is necessary if we are really going to take on immigration.
6:06 am
>> because there was a barrier bill, offense, it's now one of the safest cities in america. i think there's lots of data points and that the president can point to that suggest this would be successful policy for our state and our country. it's been too long since we've had real reform. we're looking all across america for congress to get something done. i think it's time that happens on immigration and there's something for everyone in this type of deal as long as they are willing to come to the table and talk. rachel: i think border security is a bipartisan issue. the position that schumer and pelosi have is really on the extreme which is open borders. i think the american people really want this and they believe donald trump is the politician, the man who can get it done. >> border security may be bipartisan but the wall which president trump says is a dealbreaker is not.
6:07 am
>> your right. they been captured by the far left so your moderates on the democrat party have been forced and will continue to go in that direction because they are more scared of primary challenges and their base than they are looking like their centrist. it'll be interesting to see where this goes but we have more news. classified e-mails found among thousands made public from hillary clinton's close aide. >> these were discovered on a laptop beginning to her estranged husband anthony weiner. rachel: garrett tenney is life in washington with what we are learning from these documents. >> good morning. this isn't the first time we've heard about these e-mails. it was these messages that prompted james comey to re- open his investigation just 11
6:08 am
days before the election. while the e-mails are new, this is the first time the public has been able to see a lot of them. so by the state department released about 2800 e-mails and of those we know of at least five that were later deemed to contain classified information. most of the messages are related to her schedule and talking points with world leaders and several marked classified which are either partially or entirely redacted. one exception is this exchange from november 2010 regarding an upcoming phone call with saudi arabia's prime minister warning him about diplomatic cables that were about to be made public by wikileaks. that suggested clinton say i deeply read grad the likely upcoming wikileaks disclosure. i seek your help and preventing wikileaks from undermining our mutual interest the fbi uncovered the e-mail in its course of sexting investigation with anthony weiner. some of the messages came from an account on hillary private e-mail server. >> this is the reason is
6:09 am
classified information that was put on anthony weiner's laptop. this is why the justice department needs to get its act together and re- evaluate what james commented and loretta lynch did in terms of giving hillary clinton a get out of jail free card. many may remember james comey said investigators chose not to recommend any charges because they believe she didn't know what she was doing was against the law. >> thanks for that report. you've been up all morning long but bertie tells me you have another reason to be up early, a new addition. congratulations. >> thank you so much. tell us about this little guy. >> heaven sent us a little angel for christmas. dallas joined us, beautiful perfect child. we have now not been getting much sleep. we are getting used to that but despite that, life has never been happier. >> but so great. congratulations. >> well done. go home and change some
6:10 am
diapers. >> what he was just talking about with uma aberdeen, all those things that have been known to law enforcement, we are just finding out about because judicial watch suit. why hasn't she faced more scrutiny? is there a double standard? >> a lot of people are asking that question right now. you have two competing investigations. you got the ongoing special counsel and other investigations into the russian collusion aspect and then you got a look back at whether or not there were two standards as it pertained to hillary clinton and her e-mail server. this is what the governor had to say. >> it's a horrible double standard and something we can't afford to have. it's a justice system that we don't trust and increasingly americans don't trust the department of justice, don't trust the law-enforcement agencies because they feel
6:11 am
they are politically selective in who they go after and what they try to do to them. this is dangerous place. this is the kind of thing you see in totalitarian countries where the power of government is used to step on your political enemies. that is a dangerous thing for a republic like the one we live in. >> it's really a double standard. first of all, she lied to the fbi. we know michael flynn lied to the fbi and we saw nothing happened. also cheryl mills. winkleman came out in defense of why she wasn't prosecuted, she said she didn't know what she was doing. remember there was that enlisted naval, what rank was he? very low ranking who took a picture in a submarine which was classified, he also didn't know he was breaking protocol when he did that and he sat in jail for that. uma aberdeen, i guess you have friends in high places. >> the president and many conservatives are trying to present the justice department as this place filled with, they call it the deep state,
6:12 am
lifelong bureaucrats who they believe are doing whatever they can using the instruments of the justice department and the fbi to help democratic lawmakers like the clintons while giving unfair scrutiny to the trump spread this is a big moment for the attorney general because a lot of conservatives are very upset. does he now go prosecute her for having all these illegal stuff on her estranged husband's laptop, or does he let it skate? that could really determine whether or not you hear more complaints in the next couple of weeks based on what i have heard on capitol hill. >> you can do it in a way that reestablishes some trust in the department of justice as well. president trump has to believe that the system is not rigged against them and for the wealthy. rachel: clean it up. turning to a headline, and officers shot and wounded and it ambush attack. she was conducting when
6:13 am
multiple ones were shot. she is in stable condition. the 28 year 28-year-old suspect was arrested. there may be others at large. >> new video giving of us our first glimpse inside after a raging inferno killed 12 people. we are also learning that in addition to for children, u.s. army soldier home for the holidays. [inaudible] understandably shaken up. >> the fire was caused by a young child playing with a stovetop burner. those are your headlines. >> so terrible. coming up. north korea showing no signs of backing down on its nuclear program. russia may have given oil to the rogue nation violating un sanctions penthouse should the
6:14 am
u.s. handle this threaten the next year? and, it was the perfect christmas proposal. the couple got engaged at rockefeller ice-skating rink when the bride-to-be slipped and fell on the ice spread that couple is joining us live. that's coming up
6:15 am
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6:17 am
north korea not backing down on its nukes. they say they will remain committed to nuclear development in 2018. >> this as we learn russia provided oil to north korea in several instances but how should the u.s. handle this. >> joining us is harry, thanks for being here. this north korea problem is not going away. their ambitions are only increasing. the threshold for what we can do about it gets narrower as their capabilities grow. what should we be doing as we look at china and russia dabbling on the side, actually helping the north korean regime. >> i'm not surprised that the russians, specifically are doing this. keep in mind, the russians and the north koreans have been, were actually straight up allies during the cold war after the end of the korean war, actually going back even further, and into the 1980s. in fact, the north koreans
6:18 am
would not have a nuclear program if it wasn't for the old soviet union. they provided them with their first research nuclear reactor in the 1950s and the young nuclear facility which we talked a lot about built in the 1980s with soviet help actually, in fact, in the early 1990s was russian scientist who went to north korea and help them build their missiles. if you actually put the north korean missile next to a russian missile, the local most identical. rachel: a lot of people are talking about this, it's affecting all of us, it is looming on the horizon for all of us. people say the past -- the path is through china, but what can we do. we can really get in a trade war with them. >> we have to remember that the u.s. china bilateral relationship is were something like $6 billion. this is a massive trade relationship. there are jobs at stake on
6:19 am
both sides of the economy. considering the president has done such a great job building this economy backup from the obama years, i think he's a little leery to go down that road. you can actually see that in some of his comments. i think he's doing the smart thing here, but there are a lot of ways we can put pressure on china. the chinese are trying to dominate the south china sea. we could do more to push back on that. they're always trying to stifle the democracy of taiwan. we could do more there. there are things we can do to push back on china, and beijing needs to be aware that. >> harry, we may be leery of a trade war with china but i'm more weary of a true threat from north korea. 2018 is going to be a make or break year. you hear a lot about more pressure here and there, but it hasn't changed the calculus in north korea. can we prevent them from having the world's worst weapons and the ability to hit us and what could we actually do in 2018? >> the challenge here is that the north koreans have nuclear weapons are ready. this is the reality. it's a horrible reality. i don't want to admit that, but i think we need to speak
6:20 am
truth on that one. they have those weapons in their building long-range missiles. it will be very hard to get them to give those up. i think the president has the right strategy. think about this for a second. 90% of north korea's exports are gone. they are losing billions of dollars a year trying to build that nuclear program so the best option we have, short of war is to really strangle their economy. their economy is the size of vermont. it's worth $13 billion. that's our ace in the hole to strangulated the north koreans and get them to the negotiating table. and the president has the right strategy. i think in 2018 he will push on. >> but vermont doesn't have its own nukes. >> i appreciate your point. thank you very much. >> vanity fair is apologizing for suggesting very lightly and kindly some new year's resolutions for hillary clinton, but this morning, we are making resolutions for some politicians including
6:21 am
nancy. rachel: 2017 is ending on a winning note thanks to president trump's tax reform. get ready for even more winning in 2018. join us live with your new year's prediction, next ♪share the spice of life. ♪baby slice it right. from the makers of lantus, toujeo provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction. toujeo is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash,
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6:24 am
time for your news by the numbers. first, $384 million, that is the estimated jackpot for tonight powerball drawing. hundred thousand dollars, that is how much the minimum wage is for government employees at according to a watchdog group. they are offering six-figure bonuses and over and too much
6:25 am
aid time off after just three years on the job. number one, vin diesel is the top grossing actor of 2017 according to forbes. the 50-year-old breaks in $1.6 billion, partially due to his role in the fast and the furious and guardian of the galaxies. >> i can't hate on people getting rich. good for them. 2017 ending on a winning note thanks to president trumps tax reform. rachel: it was an epic year for the economy, but how can i get even better? >> joining us now, diamond and phil, good morning you saw year one of president trump, what's year two going to be like. >> we believe these democrats, they won't be able to hold this president because they didn't mold him. they won't be able to break
6:26 am
him because they didn't make him. he is going to continue to make america great again. we also predict that if jeff sessions don't come back from session, he is going to be fired. >> that's right. >> and i got one more. nancy pelosi said with these tax cuts people are going to die, we predicted she is going to have to eat her words and if anybody dies there to die happy with money in their pocket. >> and we predict that prosperity is going to rain on this country like we've never seen it before. >> and we also predict more diamond and silk. >> all vote for that. >> we been talking all this morning about daca and the wall. what's your prediction about president trump as it pertains to that big campaign promise he made. >> listen, the wall has to be built. that's right. this has. [inaudible] if the left wants doctor, they
6:27 am
need to fund the wall. we believe the wall is going to go up. there is a prototype being made as we speak. the wall is going up whether they like it or not. >> that's right. >> very interesting. under obama, family income dropped by almost a thousand dollars in just one year. black family income under president trump is up almost a thousand dollars or over thousand dollars. we also know unemployment is down. home ownership is up for black americans. you predict that minorities and particularly black community are going to give donald trump a chance? >> i depict that. when we are out and about, we have african-americans coming up to me, coming up to us and saying the president is doing a phenomenal job. thank you for speaking out, thank you for saying things we can say. we do predict that more african-americans are on the trump train and want to be voting for donald trump in 2020. >> and a lot of them have given him an opportunity and a chance, that's why they voted for him.
6:28 am
>> about give us your crystal ball on the midterms. democrats are already celebrating. they think will be there big year. they want to take back the house. if they get the house, what stops them from trying to vote on impeachment? what is your advice to republicans? >> a little bit of president trump but i'm a little afraid of him, his record has shown if you embrace, it helps even more, doesn't it. >> it does help. i want these republicans to stop folding like paper. stop crumbling. stop doing that. get behind this president and his agenda. you want to always bet on trump. you want to always make sure you support his agenda because you have to look at all the people that got out and voted for him but the democrats won't have a leg to stand on. they clearly said that he must have money in our pocket. they want everyone walking around here and barely surviving so they can dictate
6:29 am
to you how they want you to be and is not going to work. listen, people are tired of that mentality. the goal is happening across the world like in the rim. people want economic opportunity. so if the democrats don't want to do it the megan had to get out of the way and let president trump make america great again. >> what about the republicans in congress. do you think they are doing, are they helping the president follow through on his agenda to your liking? >> well i guess they may be trying to, but trying is not enough. either you're on the trump train or not. sometimes i get irritated with these republicans because with every thing going on with the fbi in this new investigation, this is, whatever her name is, you would think these republicans, if this would happen to the obama administration, all chains and fences were broken loose.
6:30 am
it's time for the republicans to get on the trump train and fully support this president. when you see something that's not right, you need to call out like you see it. b5 will no one called out like diamond and silk. thank you for your predictions today. i will make sure we pass that message on to the republicans. >> thank you very much. happy new year. >> remember when defense secretary james madison said nothing keeps him up at night, i keep other people awake at night. wait'll you hear what he just said about north korea. rachel: it was the perfect christmas engagement in new york city that rockefeller center until the bride to be filed on the ice. that couple is here and we are giving them a chance to make it picture-perfect. that's up next.
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
welcome back. it was ten years in the making but now it's the largest and most immersive fish and wildlife attraction in the world and it is officially open. it's called the johnny morris wonders of wildlife museum. joining us now is the man behind it, bass pro shop founder johnny morris. good morning.
6:34 am
>> the morning. we are happy to have all our friends with fox here with us in our hometown of springfield missouri. it's a wonderful wildlife museum and aquarium. >> the size and scope of what you created is truly remarkable. we have outdoor shots of it as well. the wonders of wildlife. where did this idea come from and how did you bring it too life. >> i feel very blessed, my whole life has been around the great sport of fishing. my mom and dad would always take me and my sisters fishing when we were young and so, from that evolved that i got to spend my life pretty much in the fishing business at bass pro shops and really none of these opportunities would have come to be at the word for one thing and that's conservation and this facility is really a tribute, much like your national museum you have their new york city of museum of natural history, but this is particularly dedicated to
6:35 am
sports men and women, anglers and hunters that in many respects has been the true conservationists in our country. this is a tribute and slew to them to all the work they have done and continue to do from the days of president roosevelt and james audubon and others. we salute our conservation heroes and we try to get a lot of kids like the students here from our major schools just inspired a little bit more about fish and wildlife and getting outside to enjoy the great outdoors with her family and friends. rachel: we just had governor huckabee and he had some hunting pictures he tweeted about and some negative comments came in. there's certainly misinformation about hunters and anglers so it's great to have this museum sort of clearing up this information. what can families expect and what can kids look forward to if mom and dad take them to
6:36 am
this museum? >> there are a lot of things. we have like 30 some thousand fish in here, all types of wildlife, you can see the students have some, but one of the main things that we are proud of is our partnership with 30 national conservation organizations from audubon to the national turkey federation , and many, many more. there's always continuous quest for storylines that everyone can learn who comes here. one of the key challenges we face in nature and conservation and management of our natural resources, but also we celebrate a lot in this facility the success stories and conservation and by all of us pitching in with common sense, how we really can make a difference and be good stewards of our land and our water. we're all here sharing them.
6:37 am
the main thing is inspiration. hunting and fishing to me, it's not the trophy you get, it's the memories you make from being outside with your family and friends. >> in missouri they say half the country can get to the museum within it days drive. >> bass pro shops has been a great partner of this program. you can go to wonders of to vote, and the museum could be listed in usa today is one of the top attractions of 2018. >> a great family trip. the u.s. sending a warning to iran as thousands protest government demonstrators rallying against economic conditions, corruption and the form policy. president trump showing his support for protesters. they are fed up with the regime corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad.
6:38 am
it should respect their people's rights including the rights to express himself. he warned that the world is watching. a firm message being sent by james madison regard to north korea's missile program. the former general told foxnews nothing impresses me. he is now expecting the rest of the world to apply pressure to the rogue nation. >> what format pressure takes in terms of physical operations is something that will be determined by the government. >> this all comes just days after china was reportedly caught selling north korea oil violating un sanctions. outbreak of the flu, getting an early start the season thanks in part to this frigid cold weather across the country. according to the cdc, 36 states are reporting influenza activity. doctors pointing to the reduced effectiveness of this year's vaccine. don junior is teaching his daughter a lesson on not
6:39 am
drinking too fast. he posted this adorable picture of her indulging in her first b. he may have unleashed a monster. while teaching her a valuable lesson on brain freeze. those are your headlines. >> thank you. a couple brings a whole new meaning to the term falling in love. brian popped the question to his girlfriend at the ice-skating rink in new york city and of course, she said yes, but when she leans in for a kiss, the bride-to-be slips and falls on the ice. she was a good sport, raising their arms up and then standing and then she said yes. the proposal has gone viral and the couple is now with us back on the ice. joining us now are amanda and brian. welcome. congratulations. >> thank you. >> totally on anticipated, i'm sure.
6:40 am
how long have you been together. tell us your story. >> we've been together almost four years. it will be four years in april. i've been planning this out since may. we were on vacation in florida and i saw this online and i knew i wanted to do it. i thought i'm a good ice skater, i'm romantic, i can teacher it will be no problem. she falls every time we go ice-skating. as part of her. she went the whole time without falling that night, and then she picks the best moment to do so. every girl growing up dreams of the day prince charming will get on any and ask for her hand in marriage. did you ever come in that dream, i imagine prince charming might take a tumble. >> i'm always a klutz. it's just typical me but i was not expecting that. he's always been a private person so when he did that and everybody around us, i was speechless, to be quite honest, and then fell to the
6:41 am
ground. >> have you made any plans yet? is the date or place for any of us? >> not yet. we been looking just hypothetically. were thinking. >> how close will the venue be to the nearest ice rink. >> far far away. we're going to make sure it's in the middle of nowhere. >> array. we want to give you a chance to try to do this again without anyone falling. we will tell you which ice-skating rink. >> there were a couple hundred people watching that night. we have a couple watching aroun around. >> no pressure. no pressure at all. take away. give it one more shot. >> i am so excited for you.
6:42 am
that's perfect. ready? >> yes. >> amanda, i want to spend the rest of my life with you. will you marry me. >> yes. [applause] >> she said yes. >> i can fill my fingers. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> congratulations. >> brian, thank you very much. we are going to all try as well. we probably won't be as graceful as you guys. vanity fair may have been forced to apologize for their
6:43 am
resolution suggestion for hillary clinton. >> take up a volunteer act. knitting, improv, literally anything that will keep you from running again. >> we are making resolutions for some politicians including nancy posey. that's next. 14 years in the nhl is lacing up his skates to give us. [inaudible] adam is here. that's next. look out. i've got the skills, or not. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:44 am
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6:46 am
vanity fair forced to apologize to liberals thing they miss the mark over their suggestion, their lights hearted suggestion for hillary clinton's new year resolution. >> take up a new hobby. volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy, literally anything that will keep you from running again. >> this morning we will make some your new year's resolution for some select politicians. breakdown is chris, author of the art of the donnal, lessons from america's philosopher president. the morning mr. bedford. you've got a resolution first for mitch mcconnell. >> i do. in 2017 he repealed the individual mandate, he passed tax reform so now it's time for mitch to focus on his
6:47 am
childhood dream of the next kfc mascot. [applause] you're saying there's some resemblance there. >> and it's paying homage to his home state. they do use a different actor for every colonel sander commercial. >> you call me with the curveball but i see where you're going. your next one is for elizabeth one. >> in 2018 she should try to paint all the colors of the win wind. >> and not so veiled reference to the president's favorite nickname which is pocahontas. some people say she may run in 2020. there may be more about. >> number three, nancy closely, resolution. >> she is too young and life is too short to devoted entirely to politics so i think in 2018 she should pick up surfing or maybe giving guided trolley tours. >> they say have have a second career of that first one doesn't go your way. number four. the leader of the republican
6:48 am
never trump movement, just like. >> 2017 showed that jeff flake really needs hobby and i suggest knitting. >> why knitting for the senator who is on his way out. >> because you want to try and even things out. vanity fair got into so much trouble for lightheartedly suggesting knitting to a woman, who course is the most accomplished woman in the history of the galactic empire, according to the left. people are burning the magazine because i suggested this so i want to try to even it out. i think jeff flake would be a great candidate to lead the mail knitting charge. >> number five, the independent senator from vermont, bernie sanders. >> now that he has achieved the socialists revolution, he can achieve the capitalist dream and retire wealthy. >> he's already kind of working on the. >> he has made a pretty penny on the socialist revolution. >> to think he will retire this year? >> no, he probably will not
6:49 am
achieve his or new year's resolution. >> you made a lot of resolutions for others. what might be yours. >> don't take things too seriously and don't hold yourself too accountable in 2018. >> we can have you back at the end of next year to see if you taking yourself too seriously. >> great stuff. we appreciate it. up next, he spent -- we like to have fun on this program. >> he spent 14 years in the end nhl. now he's going to give us some lessons. >> we need to go put on our skates. he will join us on the plaza. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ helped put a roof over the heads
6:50 am
of hundreds of families, he's most proud of the one he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you.
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6:53 am
rachel: some quick headlines. an extremely close call for a sheriff deputy during a traffic stop. >> don't take this as. >> oh my god. i've got to go after him. >> the wisconsin deputy nearly hit by the passing truck. he was able to chase the driver down. the deputy was not hurt and gave the driver several tickets. well deserved. in insane video capturing a woman freeing herself from handcuffs and stealing a squad car. the 21-year-old then leads deputies on a 15 minute chase before crashing. she was initially accused of causing another driver to crash after grabbing her steering well. she now faces charges including assault and battery with intent to kill. >> it's freezing out and we
6:54 am
are right here on the plaza with skating lessons. >> former hockey player, take it from here. >> we now have hockey-stick's to help us. >> at number who currently serves as a senior pasto pastor at every nation church parties also the chaplain for the jets. >> you didn't cheer for the giants but you gotta pray for the jets. >> what are the basics for a spread but clarify, we are on. [inaudible] olive oil. >> you just gave away. >> the most important thing is straight leg. get that senator gravity down. now no one can push the sky over like this. >> i'm impressed. >> rachel i was counting you out and i think you are going to be my goal scorer this
6:55 am
morning. can i get you a stick. i'm really teach you right now, this is going to be the forehand, backhand move and so what happens is you will pretend like you, shoot the puck, you pull back, bring it across her body and that's when you go top shelf on the goaltender. >> she's a sniper of the crew right here. >> clearly. peter are you up for one? you are my dangler. you got it. i'm a teacher the under the stick fake. so what's can happen, i'll come down and i want to fake, make you lean and i'll put it underneath your stick. >> so i don't have to do that. >> you're gonna do it.
6:56 am
>> believe me. i got it on the ice all the time. >> i think this might be my first time with a nice hockey-stick. >> put it underneath like that. >> i just put it between your legs. [laughter] smith. >> with that improvisation. what he got. >> hold on. >> he's an arizona boy. >> we play broom hockey. so here we go, here's what i'm thinking okay for you. were going to do, this is called the gordy move. high degree of difficulty here so it's a toe drag pretty want to take it, drag your puck into your skate like that. there you go, you got scale. >> that's it. we've got much more coming up. thank you adam. thanks a lot ♪
6:57 am
♪ ♪ with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪
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new family connections, every day.llion that's more ways to discover new relatives. people who share your dna. and maybe a whole lot more. order your kit at we want to thank adam for being here teaching us.
7:00 am
>> thanks so much for having me. special shout out to my wife who's a little under the weather today and my two lovely daughters and everyone out there at every nation. >> good luck. happy new year. it's good having here. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> as the new year approaches, the market is rocking. holiday sales soaring and president trump is promising we haven't seen anything yet. as tax cuts get ready to kick in, will the markets keep kicking up? happy new year everyone. this is bulls and bears. the bulls and bears this week, welcome to all of you. happy new year. you think


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