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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 30, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PST

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[♪] eric: a new trove of emails sent by hillary clinton aide huma abedin, some of which we are told were marked classified. that raises questions about hillary clinton's use her private email when she was secretary of state. and it turns out a full investigation of this was actually missed. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." arthel: 2,200 emails were made public after being retrieved
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from a computer belonging to her husband, anthony weiner. two of the emails were marked classified. garrett tenney is in washington with the story. reporter: the state department released 2,800 of huma abedin's emails. at least five contain classified information. the bulk of them are about the logistics of clinton's schedule and travel plans. but even a lot of those mundane emails are heavily redacted. four of the classified emails are almost entirely redacted. but another contains talking points with saudi arabia's foreign minister which was mostly about wikileaks plans to publish sensitive information
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about the united states government and our allies. she said i seek your help in preventing wikileaks from under mining our mutual national interests. they were discovered in a laptop that she shared with her husband anthony weiner while he was being investigated for sexting with a minor. >> 4.5 billion people have security clearance. they all know what the rules are. and they are upset that hillary clinton and huma abedin got away with these outrageous violations of the law. reporter: they claim she didn't
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know what she was doing was against the law. eric: thousands of people have rallied in support of the government while other protests have been growing over the nation's weakening economy. president trump keeping an eye on this and defending the iranians to their right to free speech in speak out against the mullahs. reporter: the unrest in iran a focus of the president's attention. he tweeted twice saying oppressive regimes will not last forever. last night on twitter he wrote the following. many reports of peaceful protests by iranian citizens fed up with regime's corruption and its a squandering of the nation's wealth to fund
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terrorism abroad. the response from the iranian ministry was swift. the iranians give no credit to mr. trump. he's expected back at the white house monday. eric: 20 minutes from now we'll look at the iranian opposition and what they are doing getting more demonstrators against their regime out under the streets. president trump's lawyer telling fox news the white house continues to fully cooperate with special counsel's office robert mueller. he says he believes he will be fair.
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meanwhile, house intelligence chairman devin nunes is blasting the department of justice and the fbi for what he says is stonewalling congress. the congressman saying the investigators need to he says investigate themselves after all those private emails were released. reporter: a letter addressed to rod rosenstein. mueller us requesting more information related to the russian dossier. nunes ends the letter saying at this point it seems the doj and fbi need to be investigating themselves. the latest report published in the "new york times" suggests the russia investigation did not
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begin with the dossier. rather it began because of something george papadopoulos said in a bar and was passed on to american officials by australian officials. >> if they don't produce those documents on the third of january they should be held in contempt. >> whether it's lisa page, we need to interview anyone with access to information and we need access to documents. >> i want the doj to look into how this dossier was hand what they did with it. reporter: at least three house republicans say special counsel robert mueller needs to lose his job. some say republican attacks on mueller and the fbi are a distraction meant to diption credit the special count's investigation. >> this is a case where a
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republican president appointed a republican attorney general and he appointed a republican special counsel. we need to let him do his job. reporter: president trump spoke to the "new york times" earlier this week. he says he believes mueller will treat him fairly, but it will be better for the country as soon as the investigation is worked out. arthel: at least a million people are expected to brave the below freezing temperatures in times a square in new york city. brian le llenes is there. >> look at these house of people. if you look over here, this is
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where the ball will drop on one times square 400 feet in the air. today they tested the ball. the last thing they want is for this to malfunction in front of a billion people. over 26,000 crystal triangles were added to that also it can illuminate the way it does. that's a 6-ton ball. we had the confetti drop, a symbolic event. 25,000 balloons were inflated earlier today. there was all these other preparations when it came to where people wrote their worst memories of 2017 and shredded them in times square. but we also have security concerns.
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two terror attacks. the nypd says this will be the most of secure. there will be police officers in every single hotel working with private security in office towers as well overlooking times square, a result of the las vegas mass shooting october 1. everyone in times square will be screened at least twice. it's not just new york city. las vegas is doing security as well. they will be adding snipers to their observation teams and over 350 national guards troops will be on the ground. this is sphof what we have got here. these are the heavy weapons teams they added in times square. but this is a festive atmosphere. earlier today we actually caught a propose am in times ask squire.
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this was -- in times square. this is jennifer who was going to propose to rudy. that's the festive atmosphere taking place here. we are less than 16 hours away. stay warm and stay safe. the temperature is expected to be 10 degrees. the second coldest new year's eve in new york city history. so stay warm. about a million people were expected to stay out here for 6, 7, 8 hours. arthel: i couldn't do it. i guess i could if i had to. make sure you recall your worst memory of 2017 so you can get rid of it tomorrow night. reporter: i will. eric: the arctic blast leaving
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half the country in a deep freeze. let's take a look at erie, pennsylvania and all that snow. people are trying to dig out from five feet of snow that's fallen since christmas eve. adam klotz is in the extreme weather center named appropriately. adam: it's incredibly cold. other folks didn't get the snow, just dealing with the cold. we are looking at the northern plains. actual temperatures in the dakotas getting down to close to 20. if you add in the wind, you get the wind chill. it has been ferocious. negative 40 is what it feels like in fargo. these numbers will spread out a little bit. we talked about the snow. it's out in front of the coldest
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weather. we are seeing light snow showers stretching back inland. the bigger story does continue to be frigid temperatures. this is an hour by hou d hour forecast. some of the cold air does begin to settle and get closer to the coast. you are talking about new year's eve. negative 2 degrees. that's the forecasted wind chill for n city and lots of areas looking at stretching back into the plains. times squire will be a spot where you will be feeling it. brian mentioned the low temperatures around 10 degrees. but with the wind it will feel like below zero. it only gets colder as we head
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through the overnight hours. this chill will be sticking with us for the first couple of days into the new year. arthel: it will be january soon so i guess we can expect it. thanks, adam. tomorrow night here on the fox news channel you can watch the special live coverage. the programming starts 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. eastern time. dean cain will kick off the festivities. countdown to 2018 begins at 8:00 p.m. then kennedy and jesse are live from times square. it starts at 10:00 p.m. it could be one of the coldest new year's eves, but on the fox news channel it will be one of the warmest. bundle up and stay with us and you can be part of it, too. you can go to the hashtag fox
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news 2018. hopefully they will be warm tomorrow night. but having fun. arthel: iraq and afghanistan veterans spending a day out at sea. why one group believes fishing could help our nation's heroes get back on their feet. whether president trump and republicans can get democrats to help with next year's agenda. after a dvt blood clot...
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arthel: president trump looking ahead to his 2018 legislative agenda telling the "new york times" he's willing to reach across the aisle on rebuilding america's infrastructure and reaching an agreement on daca, but only if democrats meet a dede manned. the president saying we can do a great infrastructure plan through bipartisanship and we can .through immigration and daca. and we can do something that's terrific through bipartisanship. but i wouldn't do a daca plan without a wall. we see the drugs pouring into
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the country. we need a wall. arthel: is daca in exchange for a wall a none starter? >> it's difficult to see how democrats agree to the wall in the way president trump has presented that idea. i personally think what may happen is an increase or enhanced border security that will allow the president to claim he strengthened the border. but the idea of democrats backing a border wall in exchange for a daca fix. arthel: it may not be a full-blown wall. so maybe what you just note. perhaps there will be cooperation in terms of some sort of beefed up security at the border. so that said. where is the support and the bush pac? >> the support is from two
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places. democrats want a fix for daca. that's clear. a fix for the so-called dreamers is supported by a broad cross-section of the american public. people understand there is a moral difference between these people who may have been brought across the border when they were 3, 4, 5 years old. so there is wide trade support for this. but this is washington, congress is congress, lots of noble idea die in the swamp for a whole range of reasons. >> shouldn't the two issues be in the same bill? >> in the sense of daca and the wall, i think it is possible to separate them to some extent. but i think republicans sort of in the center of the party will want some for of at least strengthening of the bored if they are going to meet
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democratic demand on daca. there needs to be a compromise that allows both sides to claim victory. arthel: what might the final bill look like? >> i think there is a couple of things here. i think there will likely be some measure to enact the pretensions of daca. there could be increased security at the border and drones, increased funding, and i would assume the incentive on both sides is to get this through congress before march when the program lapses. arthel: your analysis is you think there could be some kind of compromise where they can save the dreamers and increase security there at the border. >> i think there can be
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theoretically. there are reasons for both sides to go for that. but one of the difficulties with that issue as with so many things in our politics, so many of the political incentives are to the extreme. the carrot and the stick is for extreme where politicians can get more fundraising and money or they face a primary challenge if they try to compromise. so that complicates everything. arthel: when we are talking about daca and border security, which lawmakers do you think would run the risk to buck up against either of those? >> i think there are republican house members in districts that were carried by hillary clinton last year. they would have an interest in saving the dreamers. democrats for their part could
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argue we believe in border security. we don't want a wall. but we believe in border security. that's a price worth paying to enshrine daca into law. arthel: you think it will get done before march. weep keel an eye on it. thanks for your analysis. eric: a non-profit group is taking veterans off dryland to open sea to help them cope with ptsd and the challenges they sometimes face in transitioning back into civilian life. phil keating has more off the coast of florida. reporter: for these combat veterans, this sound sure beats the sound of bullets.
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>> this is good therapy for any combat veteran suffering from ptsd. just being with people who have been through what you have been through. and you can talk about it. giving fellow combat vets who have seen and heard the worst of war and still dale with its impact out on the high seas to focus on fishing and camaraderie. >> i was separated from my wife. i just had a 6-month-old son born at the time. i hit rock bottom. starting this, i have a purpose in life. i'm surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, combat veterans who understand me. it has become almost a form of
2:25 pm
therapy. reporter: martinez says his day of deep sea fishing is surging in popularity and demand. as more combat vets hear about it and more patriotic owners donate their vessels. they want people to know ptsd isn't something to be afraid of and shouldn't be stigmatized. >> one thing about marines, we gravitate toward each other. reporter: for these combat vets it's about a positive attitude. tomorrow is a new day. days like this are great ones. off the palm beach county coastline, phil keating, fox news. arthel: massive demonstrations in the streets of iran as anti-government protesters clash with police and state-sponsored
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supporters of the regime. the northern u.s. is in a deep freeze that is likely to stick around for a few more days. we are live from the fox weather center and we'll take a look back at the extreme weather of 2017. that's up next.
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[♪] arthel: thousands of demonstrators in the streets of iran marching in support of the
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country's supreme leader after days of anti-government protests at those angry at the country's failing economy. reporter: there have been protests and counter-protests today. the anti-government movement shows no sign of stopping despite the number of government supporters out on the streets. the protests have strung up in numerous towns and cities the last few days. they threw stones in conflicts with riot police. outside tehran university protesters were outnumbered by pro-government protesters. they carried flags and banners
2:31 pm
backing islam's supreme leader. these were annual pre-plans rallied planned to mark a sign of solidarity with the current leadership. but they coincided with this anti-government protest. this began as small demonstrations against the rising prices of basic food items. they turned political and violent. video on social media shows protesters clashing with police. at least 50 people were arrested but iran state police say they were released. while political protests may be unusual in iran, there is underlying anger about the economy. so there is a chance the demonstrations will continue. eric: the national council of
2:32 pm
resistance in iran is encouraged by the brazen protests in the street that shows anti-regime demonstrators ripping down an image of iran's supreme leader. >> i to peninsula khomeini -- the ayatollah khomeini. that defines is almost unheard of in iran and it could be growing. the opposition group tells fox news there have been demonstrations in at least 31 cities calling for death to khomeini and rouhani. how far can this go? rebecca, we haven't witnessed this type of anti-regime anger since 2009.
2:33 pm
does it possibly potentially threaten the power grip the mullahs have on that nation? >> there is great discontent among the iranian people. this has been brewing and it continues to pop up. but there is a pro-democracy movement that existed there. it's against the mullahs. this is a government that jails protesters. this is a government that has morality police that has thrown acrid in the face of women who don't cover their heads properly according to the drelings codes. they are tired of this regime that has used such an iron 50s with its people. eric: among them is the leader of the national resistance of iran. she gave a videotaped statement
2:34 pm
praising the brave actions of the demonstrate towards. here is part of her statement. >> if you could demand the overthrow of the ruling religious dictator smip. it is the right to topple this repressive regime and i emphasize regime change in iran is within reach. eric: she has been saying that for quite some time. does her message resonate? and can it resonate in the oval office? >> i think it does. i think the iranian people -- one of the smartest things the trump administration has done toys differentiate between the iranian people and the iranian regime. rouhani, the president of iran. obama officials try to perpetuate the myth that he's a
2:35 pm
moderate. he's not a moderate. they have tests missiles in violation of u.s. security council conditions. so the iranian people are tired of the isolation. they are tired of the oppressiveness of the iranian regime. what the trump administration can do is what the trump administration didn't. support the iranian people, support the democracy movement. don't fund the regime. isolate the regime. eric: why do you think the obama administration didn't do that? >> i think they believed they have could legitimize the iranian government and it might have the effect in the long term of moderating the government. that isn't the way it works. you don't reward regimes that repress their people and are
2:36 pm
anti-american and anti-israel. all iran did was legitimized the regime. so nowy what the trump administration needs to do is take a whtake a whotake a holis. eric: president trump had a stinging tweet. can you contrast this president's actions against the former president trump who sometimes if he didn't put the full weight behind the revolution they would have been toppled in 2009. >> we missed a major opportunity in 2009. he did worse than not say
2:37 pm
anything in the beginning. when he did speak he equivocated that it was up to iran to deal with the issue. he didn't condemn the iranian regime. what the obama administration wanted more than anything was to legitimize the regime. it didn't even ends the nuclear program. it nearly paused it. now it will continue the program. eric: do they cut these deals to preserve the nuclear deal at any cost? >> absolutely. it plays down, -- there was a report about the obama administration ending an anti-hezbollah drug cartel. it was look for opportunities to please the iranians. and so we missed a major opportunity with this pro-democracy movement. this isn't the united states imposing our whim or desires on the regime.
2:38 pm
the sovereign nations, the people get to decide. the green revolution started? 2009 after these fraudulent elections. the iranian people want to govern themselves and want self-determination. >> do you think if the president stakes stronger measures of some sort, can that change? she calls on the international community to support the iranian people uprising for freedom in iran. what should the president do to make that happen? >> you can demonstrate just open and unapologetic moral support to the green ref delusion to the people who are there. you do what we can to make sure we condemn the iranian regime and further isolate and levy further sanctions and drive this wedge between those who want
2:39 pm
self-determination and freedom. and the iranian regime that the president poses a direct threat to our people and our allies. eric: you can strike while the iron is hot. rebecca, thanks for joining us this afternoon. arthel: severe weather making headlines in 2017. hurricanes taking lives and destroying homes in texas, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. but that is not all. janice dean takes a look back. reporter: from deadly hurricanes to devastating wildfires. 2017 was marked by a host of extreme weather events. january started off deadly in parts of the southeast. 8 some confirmed tornadoes across georgia claiming the lives of 20 people and causing $1.3 billion in damage. in february, northern california
2:40 pm
receiving its wettest winter weather on record. jeopardizing the state's large orville dam. march was a snowy one in the northeast. a late-season blizzard dumping three feet of snow in some areas. march also saw destructive tornadoes in the central u.s. as twisters hit missouri and illinois. damage from straight line winds costing $2.1 billion. in april more tornadoes. this time in the nation's capital. a rare ef-0 twister touching down near d.c.'s tidal basen. several cherry blossom trees uprooted. and the most of expensive
2:41 pm
hailstorm in colorado history. may also seeing historic flooding in missouri and illinois. 20 people were killed. in june 10 states affected by hail and wind damage. new york was especially hard hit. and this summer an active atlantic hurricane season. 17 storm, including six major hurricanes. among the biggest, hurricane harvey in late august, inundating texas and louisiana with water. killing 90 people and costing $200 billion in damage. days later in early september, hurricane irma record ashore. a catastrophic storm responsible for 130 deaths. it didn't stop there. september went on to be the most of active month on record for atlantic hurricanes. toward the end of the month, another deadly store. hurricane maria devastating
2:42 pm
puerto rico. beyond hurricanes, the fall was the warmest ever in parts of new england. in florida, california and the southwest. this september through november marking the warmest people on record in more than a dozen cities including caribou, maine, miami, florida, and san jose, california. wild with fires * consuming 325 square niles in california. as for the winter ahead. government scientists predict a balmy winter with mild temperatures expected across the south and the northeast. there is a chance of chillier than normal weather from the pacific northwest to north dakota. in new york, i'm fox news senior
2:43 pm
meteorologist janice dean. eric: new year's means resolutions. as we wait to ring in the new year, a board certified family physician joins us to discuss the common traits of those who live to be 100 years old. we have a 100-year-old in our family. 100 1/2.
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each of these food boxes represents a gift of life for people here in israel who are in desperate need.
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in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill, they're sick, they're alone.
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they don't have the money to afford i ask you to please help. that you stand with israel at her time of need. you can make a life changing difference to help a family in need in israel.
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arthel: we are 24 hours from the countdown to 2018. for those of you looking to achieve a longer and healthier life, our next guest has tips that can help. the doctors a associate professor at rowan university.
2:48 pm
you are telling us that you have some keys to living to be 110 years old? what's the secret? what do we have to do to get there. >> i wish i could claim them as my own, but they are not. a researcher and his colleagues looked at some of the areas of the world where the longest living people are and they are in pockets of the world. they look to see what things were common in those groups of people. they found 9 different things the older people have in common. so i think we should go through those. one of the things they found, intense exercise is important. also making sure that we are minimizing stress. people who minimize stress tend to do better. these are groups of people who tinted to wake up with a sense of purpose. there were other things as well.
2:49 pm
eating in moderation. and moderate alcohol consumption, and finally one of the things we don't think about is our relationships with other people. these are groups of people who had good relationships with family and friends. who spent time with people with similar religious or personal views. all these things combined might help us live longer. arthel: is there such a point where it's too late to start? if you are in your 60s or 70s, is it too late to get going on some of these practices? >> let's hope so. the idea as a family physician, i think these tips, even though the researchers found these were commonalities between people who lived long lives. as a family doctor i think these are wonderful tips we should all be employing. we are talking about healthy eating and eating in moderation
2:50 pm
and drinking moderation. spending time with family and reducing stress. we can all start this right now if it hasn't started already. arthel: one of the tips, don't eat until you are full. when you feel satisfied, don't wait until you are stuffed. now you have overdone it. do you have a new year's resolution? yes or no. >> i do make resolutions every year. i actually make them. one of the things that inspires me by this list, i love the fact that often times in the new year we think about our bodies. i'll exercise more. but i love how this list reminds to us think about our mind and spirit. spending time with family and friends and being happy and fulfilled and living a life of purpose. i'll make those resolutions and keep that in mind.
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arthel: we'll be right back. eric and i have a lot more ahead for you. of your brother. hey. oh. that's my robe. is it? you could save seven hundred eighty two dollars when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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eric: a tragedy in the heartland over what prosecutors say was a false report to police. suspect arrested in california after officers in kansas shot and killed an unarmed man thinking there was a hostage situation at his house. they think it started as taken online dispute between two gamers. reporter: authorities in wichita thought they were dealing with a dangerous situation after the 911 caller said he was armed and killed one person and had hostages and wanted to burn his house down. the only thing was, it was all a
2:55 pm
hoax. >> i am snaight quloats my mom and little brother. reporter: that call totally fake. it was a hoax called swatting in an effort to get s.w.a.t. teams top arrive at somebody's house. andrew bench went to the front door trying to see what was going on and was shot and killed. authorities are investigating if this all started from an online video game dispute fitch may not been part of. his family says he didn't even play video games. they are calling the caller a murderer. arthel: president trump continuing his holiday vacation
2:56 pm
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>> the response from iran's foreign ministry was quick and sharp, coming on state-controlled television, it read, iranian people get give no credit to the deceitful remarks of the american people or mr. trump. the protests spread to more condemnation of the government itself. the president's schedule, he was seen in a golf shirt. nothing official. he's expected to return to the
3:04 pm
white house monday. they will report "new york times" reporting that the investigation did not start with the controversial trump dossier after all. alison barber is live. reporter: the report from the "new york times" suggests the russia investigation did not begin with the notorious.ier, but it began with information the united states received from australia in the summer of 2016. george papadopoulos had drinks with a diplomat in a bar and said they had dirt on hillary clinton. australian officials reached out to their u.s. counterparts. the anti-trump dossier is what many republicans focused on.
3:05 pm
>> the american people need to know if their own money was used to discredit the president of the united states. reporter: fox news obtained a letter from chairman destrip nunes. he's requesting more documents related to that dossier. nunes says the department of justice and fbi have failed to turn over documents despite a subpoena they sent back in august. republicans criticized top officials at the fbi and doj. at least flee republicans want to see special counsel robert mule for fired. democrats say republican attacks on the fbi and the doj are a distraction meant to discredit the special counsel's investigation and anything they might find. >> we'll be vigorously working to deny the brazen attempts to
3:06 pm
destroy special counsel robert mueller and his investigation. reporter: the white house and the president called the russia investigation a hoax. president trump said he believes mueller will treat him fairly. but he said it will be better for the country the sooner it's worked out. eric: it's the eve of new year's eve and that means at least one million people are expected to ring in the new year in below freezing temperatures in times square tomorrow night. the nypd have been stepping up security to make sure all the visitors re safe and sound. brian llenas has been braving the cold all day. he even saw a proposal.
3:07 pm
>> i haven't seen any more proposals, but i'm sure more will happen. that's what people like to do in times square this time of year because it's so fess tifer. obviously the nypd is doing the best they can to secure this event. there have been two terror attacks in as many months so all the precautions have been taken. there will be multiple heavy weapons teams, vapor weight dogs trained to work together to sniff out bombs in the air and on people. sand trucks will be used on the perimeters to protect against potential vehicular attack. and they have been given a
3:08 pm
tactical bullet penn reminding them of what to look for with a suicide bomber. besides security. there is one more thing. look at that hotel. that's the marriott overlooking times square. they are adding officers in buildings and hotels overlooking times square. every single one will have more officers because of what happened in las vegas october 1. weather is being talked about. 10 degrees is the forecast tomorrow night. that will be the second coldest in new york city's history. the first was in 1917. 1 degree. the second was 1962. if the forecast holds true, it will break a record. we spoke to organizers about whether they believe this will keep people from coming out. >> when it's warmer people come out earlier in the day to get
3:09 pm
their good spot. my guess is they will come out later in the day, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. of course, we'll have great entertainment. >> no bathrooms. no heat lamps. you are on your own. you have to bundle up. the ball drop preparations are continuing. there will be tons of performances including mariah carey. everyone there remember what happened last year. she blamed technical glitches. abc blamed her for not showing up to rehearsals. we'll see what happens. be sure to catch all the festivities here on the fox news channel. it will be a great time tomorrow night, guys. eric: i know they hang out for hours. you were mentioning, you mentioned earlier a proposal.
3:10 pm
there actually was a proposal. our cameras captured it. tell us about that couple. what happened? >> rudy and his buddies came out here. they set up a whole thing. they started dancing. he got on a knee and proposed to jennifer. she said yes, obviously. tons of tourists didn't know what was happening until it happened. people like to start off the new year, and this is a great way to start it off. arthel: pretend i'm wonder woman, i have a golden lasso, you have to tell the truth. would you be in times square if you were not working? reporter: no. it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. but i couldn't do it. it's going to be 2 degrees. i just can't do it. but i admire people who travel
3:11 pm
from all over the world. arthel: the no bathroom thing doesn't work for me. eric: it's a bucket list thing. it's a great thing to do. you have to do it. arthel: frigid temperatures gripping many parts of the country with erie, pennsylvania expecting more snowfall. people trying to dig out from 5 feet of snow that has fallen since christmas eve. adam klotz live from the extreme weather center with the forecast. adam: it will be absolutely frigid. we are seeing low temperatures piling up there into the plains states. these are the current temperatures. you are looking down into the negative teens and 20s. but you add in that wind chill it feels much colder. the feels like temperatures
3:12 pm
getting down to negative 40 degrees. all this cold air will settle deeper into the country. there has been snow across portions running up the mid-atlantic. that's not the real story. the bigger story continues seeing frigid numbers. this our future forecast for wind chill. we'll take you through saturday night eventually into new year's eve. you see all that cold air. a lot of folks out there celebrating the new year, this would be early monday morning. stretching all the way back to the west, you are looking at spots down to negative 15, negative 21 degrees. look at that one. negative 32 degrees in des moines. very cold air moving across the country. not going to be a lot of spots where you can avoid this. we were talking about times square. and that will and spot where
3:13 pm
there are a lot of folks who help keep it a little bit warmer. at 12:00 a.m. obviously the temperatures drop through the early morning hours. with at negative 2 degrees. if you are heading out to that, get into the middle of it. avoid the wind. also i would not be there. arthel: you trumped my question. you got there before i could do it. adam: i have to walk home through it tonight and dreading it. we'll have to fight our way through. arthel: be sure to tune in to fox news tomorrow night for a special live new year's eve programming from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. that's eastern time. look at this photo. you have to watch these guise. ed henry, lisa boothe, actor tim kaine.
3:14 pm
they will have a special two-hour countdown to 2018. then kennedy and jesse watters are live from types square at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and there will be live music including performances by singer andy grammer and that's happening right here on the fox news channel. and you can also be a part of the fun through social media. tweets, retweeted. don't forget our hashtag fox news 2018. we'll see you on twitter. eric: president trump is at the winter white house in florida. could there be a shakeup in personnel at the washington white house in the new year? more allegations against harvey weinstein.
3:15 pm
that and more as we look back at the year in scandals. a city on edge one day before the countdown to 2018. two police officers fatally shot at a las vegas casino early this morning. we'll have more on that developing story straight ahead.
3:16 pm
3:17 pm
3:18 pm
. . . . . . >> los angeles police often has been shed. it happened last night at 10:00 p.m. an officer and police academy has not been identified. she's patrolling with an officer when a bullet hit. the officer is in stable condition. the gunman, 28 years old is under arrest. >> arthel: families i wanted a loss of two police officers shot
3:19 pm
and killed at a hotel. it happened at arizona charlie's decatur hotel and casino. the gunman then shot himself. is not expected to survive. s-uppercase-letter of the las vegas strip. preparing for new year's eve celebration. security on high alert three months after the mass shooting at a country concert on strip. >> arthel: white house that originated in alabama. shakeup is spearheaded by chief of staff, john kerry. will be and what will it mean? susan is joining us tonight.
3:20 pm
expect a major white house shakeup in the new year? >> it sounds like will have new faces. we've seen some people leave administration. many vacancies need to be so. including the communications director. i don't see it as a shift in operations, more of tuning things up. trying to steer the administration into a steady second year. first are tumultuous and a factor in president trump is the true outside of president. he brought in a lot of outsiders. you saw a lot of chaos in the first year. that is not a good book going into 2018. i think the general kelly wants
3:21 pm
to do is bring instead your hands into the administration. you will not see dumping out of a lot of people. just a few here and there and filling vacancies and replacing early exits. >> eric: you have space bar, banning, scale and she, alamosa, previous, time price, this has been a 34% turnover, that is the highest. twenty-one of 61 names. when you think back in the president said he is the only one that counts. you have an overarching leader versus a jimmy carter who had all of that staffed. >> jimmy carter do not do well with his staff, he shunned the
3:22 pm
whole washington staff as well. it hurt his relationship of congress. that is different from president trump. he has an excellent relationship congress. has democrats coming to the white house republicans talk about a great relationship. there is no complaints there. >> eric: democrats have have supported the president, note democratic votes on the tax bill. healthcare. how can you paycheck? when the president comes to washington because they know apparently someone may have booted them out is it due to the president and a sense of the job you don't have someone close like matt mccarty who went to kindergarten with bill clinton. >> and forget steve bannon who left.
3:23 pm
this whole campaign promises to voters. think trump is a different kind of president. he has been somebody who axonal, very independent. i do not see him as a president who depends on her right hand man josé to steer her left eye. he does his own thing. aides say one thing and the presidents tweet something different. he is his own person. i do not think having his police man -- i don't think it matters to him. probably matter most to him are his daughter, ivanka and his seminar, jared kushner. their family, i think they are
3:24 pm
wants to watch whether they stick around into next year and beyond. >> eric: do you think they will? they said they were going to look at six months. >> i've heard it to waste. that they are planning to stay and also that they are planning to me. i don't think everybody is entirely sure. they did leave .-ellipsis he would still be talking to them. i think those two are critical. also kellyanne conway, i think he listens to her. they are very important advisors. this is about buttoning up the administration and try to show a steady hand in front of the 2018 election. interlopers to think what's going on here. if you like what's happening with the administration -- he
3:25 pm
needs to not be trapped in the tax reform and other things. >> eric: how does he do that? what strategy will he pursue in order to face the democrats? >> i think you head out to promote tax reform and almost as important, work on infrastructure deal with democrats and republicans to try to get something going. it's a job producer. something people in the public would like to see happen. we know bridges and airports and roads need help. i think work on the dion infrastructure as well as immigration reform which is in the works as we speak and to materialize by march. then he will be out campaigning and talking to the voters and understand the extra money in the paychecks are because of him and the republicans.
3:26 pm
i think that is the strategy will see going forward. >> eric: there's a lot there. also not at white house, there's still a telephone and they could still talk even if it is not official. talking a lot in the new year. election midterms. >> arthel: 2017 was filled with scandals in hollywood and washington, d.c. we'll take a look back. >> lala land, and applicable under at the oscars when lala land is clipped. tonight wins best picture. moments later, -- there is a mistake. moonlight, you one best picture. >> the mistake was corrected but the cast and crew went on to
3:27 pm
accept the crew. kathy griffin created a body mess with her holding a mask of president trump that he had. she initially said she was sorry the literally of the apology. united airlines race relations nightmare. two security officers dragged passenger plane. the passenger refused to give up the sea. see the company policy. you might want call him can't speak, he dragged, before performing sexual acts. the judge declared a mistrial after judges were not able to reach a verdict. coming up for racially insensitive commercial. black woman removing her shirt
3:28 pm
to woman. the soap company said it missed the mark of representing women of color. dozens of women come for accusing weinstein sultan rape. he was expelled from the academy of motion. in addition to investigations, he denies allegations. the stories created a perfect with dozens of men to accused and kevin spacey, jeffrey templer, ben affleck, dustin hoffman, sylvester stallone, former president george w. bush. malott was terminated from nbc after napoleon filed a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. nbc news chairman said it was the first complaint launched against him. the network booze it wasn't an isolated incident. was aside from cbs and his show
3:29 pm
was dropped after several women accused him of harassment including grouping and phone calls. harassment allegations shaking up washington as well. more accused of dating and sexually assaulting teenage girls when he was in his 30s. he denies the allegations. >> more ended up losing the seat in the election against doug jones. al franken shown in the civil case and his fans -- several other woman's accused of him touching on inappropriate campaign events. after pressure he resigned. this, days after john conyers seems was on allegations announced his retirement. 2018 around the corner there would be more scandals in the
3:30 pm
news. we'll be covering it all the right here. >> eric: their chanting death to the dictator. protest continuing and iran. demonstrators hitting the streets. and numbers will not seen in years. opposition to manny democracy. this is a critical moment to make that happen. appears over what north korea is up to. more weapons.i we'll take a look tonight on thh fox news channel. ue extended ree technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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3:33 pm
>> eric: the continued in iran it's continuing this weekend, thousands of iranians hitting the streets in protest. many angry over the worsening economic conditions and other state spent sponsored rally supporting the government. the protest against the regime has been spreading to several major cities there senate could be a critical time. the following the developments for the london bureau. >> there were large state organized running today there are met with fresh protest against the reigning government. the sprang up in several towns
3:34 pm
and cities in recent days. they chanted down with the dictator and threw stones. there is an antigovernment gathering outside to run university. protesters were later outnumbered by counterdemonstrators. 4000 government supporters were on the streets in tehran. many took part in other rallies. they carried flags and banners back in the supreme leaders. this was meant to mark the end of the 2009 antigovernment protests. they coincide with the latest wave of antigovernment protests like this one on friday. this began as a small demonstration about basic food items. it turned political and violent at times. video shows protesters clashing with police at least 50 people were arrested most were later
3:35 pm
released. president trump called on the iranian government to respect the people were protesting. many people are unhappy with the current economic conditions. the protests may go on. >> eric: thank you. >> arthel: north korea has been defined the world by testing nuclear missiles. now new fears the regime could be experimenting with biological warfare. this, after traces of anthrax antibodies were found in the body of a north korean soldier who defected to the south. what threat could oppose to the year? rebecca is president of an independent research a national security analyst. what is the biggest concern here? >> many concerns.
3:36 pm
the number one concern is how far north korea may have gone with weapons program. south korea says they think the north is working on as many as 13 types of bio agents. the question is can a weapon nice these? their doubts. their choices. one is to put them on a missile, and others to put them on an artillery shell for use humans to carry the agents across. south korea thinks the north could weapon nice small batches of anthrax or smallpox in about ten days. it reminds us of what a threat this regime is become a. >> arthel: is kim jong-un is experimenting and biological warfare, does he need help from another country to develop the anthrax and pathogens he's developing?
3:37 pm
>> north korea has gotten it somehow. the anthrax strain was easy to obtain in the 80s and 90s. they likely have this in the country for some time. anthrax is also naturally recurring strain. there's reasons why they may have it in their blood. one, he was exposed to. maybe he was vaccinated with the idea he would be immune under an attack. it's also possible that he handled farm animals. since he is a soldier, i don't think so. the question is how much they're going down the road about weapon nice in a bio agent. >> arthel: can kim jong-un develop this on his own? is anybody helping him? >> i think they're capable of doing a lot of it on their own. what they will need help with
3:38 pm
this to weapon nice it into something that will fit on a missile. they are not as capable of doing that. but this maniac regime has gone too far. no wonder the un security council is so adamantly opposed. >> arthel: so what should the u.s. and its allies do about this? >> this is not new to south korea. it is more vigilant and what our allies need to do is stick behind the un security council about harder sanctions on north korea. we had to drive them to the negotiating table. the anthrax issue reminds us we cannot let kim jong-un develop at a more offensive capability more sophisticated weapons. what he is doing is unprecedented and attends us in north america, canada, europe,
3:39 pm
asia, and that's i has to be stopped. >> arthel: talking about chemical weapons are military weapons like bombs. you don't think he is capable of developing an icbm that he can put that anthrax on top of. what are you concerned about? >> if we let him continue with no sanctions and he can do ballistic missiles were purchase and about cruise missiles and continue with a bio agent research, maybe going to chemical weapons. at this point was on example with iraq that they had produced anthrax and had maybe 20 missiles ready to go. a coalition attacked and 91 but we need to have the military plans in place.
3:40 pm
and make sure that all countries are abiding by the sanctions. no more smuggling or military assistance going in. >> arthel: would you say that if kim jong-un can develop chemical weapons, with that make china stand up and take notice to make sure they put all sanctions on them as possibleh they came out of nowhere, sir!
3:41 pm
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>> arthel: video the deadly apartment fire in the bronx.
3:44 pm
the fire department released images from inside the building showing the damage from the five alarm fire that killed 12 people. the fire commissioner said started with a 3-year-old playing with the stove on the first floor. other than 9/11 is the deadliest fire since 87 people perished in march of 1990 during an arson attack social club. >> arthel: the russian investigation could have new charges in the new year. they've already brought charges. manafort's business partner of former policy advisor george papadopoulos. future charges could come against manafort. can we expect that? let's bring in the criminal defense attorney and had prosecutor, welcome.
3:45 pm
bob, they're talking about an indictment against manafort. explain what that is and what we could expect. >> it's not an unusual move. what it is his additional charges they had on to be an original indictment. the superseding indictment adds those on 20 previously had. the probably be adding tax charges at a minimum. the financial crimes case they go about it because they're trying to put pressure manafort and gates to drive wedges between them and get cooperation moving up the chain of command. >> eric: you add more and more charges and ratchet the pressure up? >> absolutely. i believe that's what they're trying to do.
3:46 pm
there are no signs that the investigation will slow down. with the superseding indictment you can narrow down the charges from the original indictment. it is likely there'll be more indictments played on manafort and gates. they said more charges are forthcoming. it was up to manafort to be aware that more charges were coming. >> eric: they were a conspiracy to making false statements. papadopoulos was making one false statement. citizens not in direct connection with the -- they're just financial crimes are making false statements to the fbi. >> that's a demonstration has been same. it's been a witch hunt. no coercion. we have seen that most teams are at the investigation have been
3:47 pm
following the money. every time they do that they found something and they know that george papadopoulos admitted to lying to the fbi. now he squatted with wallerstein. present for the indictments against manafort and gates. i don't see chances of slowing down. >> reports say that the paint plan f somebody who is lying and save in his own skin. >> they will find independent objective evidence to support what he's saying. he will be a major witness. it will come down to his credibility. but the other independents they say they should be a major. >> and what that objective be?
3:48 pm
>> we don't know. it could be other witnesses, electronic data or e-mails. >> eric: can also be electronic surveillance. >> sure. we just don't know right now. a lot of times witnesses understand about cooperating evidence. >> how do you think of and prosecution testimony could play out? >> it's up to the individuals to determine credibility. it is shown that he is working with mueller's team and cooperating with wallerstein. it's likely will determine whether or not they find him credible. this is something we'll see in the future. >> and the president has been saying there is no collusion
3:49 pm
don't know public evidence. there has been collusion or evidence of drug coronation between the truck campaign and the russians that we know here's what the president said that i want to get your reaction mr. trump repeated that democrats do this is a hoax. everybody knows he did not clear with russians even though he insisted the ministries of our democrats work. there is no collusion that i think you'll be fair he said mr. after he slammed it. what i do now, can he be here? >> i believe he can be fair. these are political talking
3:50 pm
points. as head of an agency myself .-period-paragraph to twisted around. people will be fair and independent. one reason he sees sense is to move up the chain of command. he exonerated version is not a crime, it's conspiracy. is going to be guilty or not. >> there are not, stephanie? >> absolutely. you have to remember that mueller has been following the money throughout the investigation. it's made in the chain further up in the administration. >> eric: follow the money. happy new year. happy new year. i know you will be busy. we'll be right back show me used trucks with one owner.
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>> eric: final perhaps underway for new year's. a separate in pasadena, california. this year's theme is making a difference. gary scalise was chosen to be the marshall. he returned from afghanistan last week and he spent time with the troops before the holidays. >> arthel: and online play turned to my as a prank 911 call results in police killing an innocent man. live in los angeles. how did this happen? >> of edward white-collar said he was armed and killed one person, had hostages i wanted to burn the house down, but it was all a hoax.
3:55 pm
>> i'm just pointing the gun at them and making sure that they stay in the closet. is sending someone over here. >> the call was fake. they were plotting where people perform fake crimes. when authorities arrived the 28-year-old was unarmed according to his family. he went to the front door was shot and killed. the wondering if it started with an online video game which he may not have been part of. he was a father of 200 play video games. they have a message for the caller. >> is very loyal and faithful. and he was scary. >> you're a murder an accomplice and killed a wonderful man. >> is my questions while authorities which someone based on an emergency call.
3:56 pm
they said he did not comply to keep his arms raised. >> the incident is a nightmare for everyone involved. including the family and our police department. due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim. the police department arrested a 25-year-old. he was also arrested in 2015 for macon bomb threats. >> arthel: horrible. thank you. we will be right back.
3:57 pm
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a cat in wisconsin may now only have eight lives left. here's why. after being stuck in a storm drain in below freezing weather, a nimble police officer had to get down, flat on her stomach to reach in and pull the cat out to safety. police are searching for the owner. this is a great story.
4:00 pm
thanks to the police officer, the cat is good. everybody is good. we like that. >> yeah, absolutely. thanks for joining us tonight. we're back tomorrow. >> we will see you then. molly line up next with the fox report. >> new details on what may have prompted the fbi to investigate the trump campaign. a bombshell report claiming that it was not the antitrump dossier but a tip from an australian diplomat. i'm molly line. this is the fox report. >> the new york times -- the new york times citing unnamed officials reporting that australia raised a red flag over the may 2016 conversation one of its diplomats had with a trump foreign policy advisor, george.


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