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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 31, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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lisa: president trump with a strong warning to china, to stop
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any illegal oil sales to north korea. he's very disappointed that china is allowing oil to goin north korea. not appears russia is doing the exact same thing. former ambassador to the u.n., ambassador john bolton is with me. you reiterated something cia director mike pompeo said. north korea is a few months away from perfecting their nuclear weapons capability. what are the options on the table that the united states has between now and then. >> we are running out of time. there are a lot of ideas being thrown out that 20 years ago might have been effective ways to deal with the north korean threat. we don't have the luxury of time any more. if you have misestimate when
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north korea does have the capability to drop thermonuclear weapons. at that point it's too late because of the risk of nuclear retaliation. lisa: what tools do we have at our dispostal? 39 * -- disposal? president trump tweeted, china is cheating. they are not following through on the sanctions. >> i think we misapplied sanctions for a number of years, and that's a different story. i think there is one diplomatic play left. i do think there is an argument to their national interests that we are reuniting the korean peninsula should work for them. the people want to exhaust every potential diplomatic option. otherwise we are getting down to
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unattractive options for the president. this is a legacy of 25 years of not stopping north korea. but the options will come down to two very quickly. one is snret north korea have deliverable nuclear weapons. or look at the use of preemptive military force. but if those are the two there to choose, you will have to pick one. lisa: the pentagon said the only way to fully and competently get rid of the weapons they have is grounds invasion. sing what options militarily do we have and what would you suggest or where do you think we go if that many the only option we have left? >> i don't think that's the pentagon view. lisa: there was a letter to congress from the pentagon saying that was the only way they would be fully confident. >> if we completely occupied it
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we would be fully confident. the issue is, is there a way to go after the facilities we know about and destroy them? i think the answer to that is very clear. i think that's entirely doable. any use of force against north korea, a targeted amass nation of kim jong-un, the use of special operators, cyber warfare could trigger a north korea yarn retaliation against south korea. that's what people are most of worried about and le tonight matily -- and legitimately so. and there have been analyses and contingency plans drawn for that. nobody wants this conflict. but you have to look at it in a very cold and objective way. because the threat to the american people of north korea not only having this capability itself, but selling it to
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others, selling it to iran and tear wrist groups. selling it to aspiring nuclear weapons states means we are at the points today if we don't stop north korea we will have lost 50 years of international effort to counter the proliferation of nuclear weapons. that's what's at stake here. lisa * what are the -- lisa: what are the biggest national security threats in 2018. >> the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the context of iran. i don't think the iranians have given up their pursuit of that objective and they could well be doing it with the north koreans. i think the spread of international terrorist continues apace. we have seen attacks as recently as the fast few days and egypt
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and pakistan and afghanistan. i think it will particular through the the new year, and the slightly longer range threats of china and remain. i think it administration has begun that. but the threat reef mains acute. 2018 on the national security front is going to be a busy year for the administration. his as * happy new year, thank you, sir. a look back at judge jea anyone's interview at the
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jeanine" #r. lisa: welcome back to "justice." my power paneling is here. charlie hurt and danielle mclachlan. let's have fun with this. it's almost the new year and fun is need. 2018 predictions, what are your top three? >> the gop will win bigly in november in 2018. i think we'll hit 5% economic
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growth because of this amazing tax cut that was just passed, and finally i think that the russia investigation will exonerate president trump and backfire against original intent to politically harm the president. i think it will give a clean bill of health and show there was no collusion in the 2016 election. lisa: those are some pretty big predictions. charlie said big wins in 2018 for republicans. mueller will common right president trump and we'll hit 5% check in growth. >> i have trouble with 5% economic growth. that would be amazing. i think we'll see a blue wave in 2018. democrats are up 13 points in a generic ballot.
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the last thing, women, women, women. we'll see women in 2018 running for everything from dog catcher to senator. lisa: do you think democrats are overplaying their hand in opposing tax reform? we have seen companies dole out bonuses? do you think democrats are overplaying their hand? >> it's possible. we'll see. if this happened in 2008 and 2010 and we saw a big swing. lisa: i worked in politics for a long time. we feel like it's a year away, but it feels like five years. danielle, what are your three biggest predictions.
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who women are taking away in all these races. we'll see. once we get to the bottom of it. whatever happens, happens. we just want to get to the truth. women, mueller, then the royal wedding. will obama and trump both be coming. this is a huge political scandal in the making. i hope they both go. lisa: do you think the president wants to attend the wedding? >> i don't think that will be a top priority. i will comment back on what you are mentioning with the supposed democratic wave building in 2018. be careful saying that. the map is heavily favored republicans. north dakota were missouri, west virginia, indiana, those are incumbent democratic senators
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with high rating for trump. you are seeing companies dirk out hundreds of billions in bonuses. the democrats will be on the wrong side of tax reform and tax cuts which they proved they were in december. lisa: we talked earlier on the show about immigration. and daca. and the deadline that president trump gave congress to march to figure it out. charlie. i'll start with you. do you think something is going to get done on daca? president trump said he wants the wall. he wants to get rid of the diversity lottery. do you think he will get those objectives? will he get those priorities done? >> my prediction will be the president stand firm and he will do what he said he's going to do. you will see defecting republican senators who will do a bait and switch deal to get a back end deal to have daca continued or have the wall not
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funded. the president will stand firm. but a lot of decisions have to be made. until we have strict border security, immigration will be a perpetual problem because we never fix the issue itself. lisa: what is wrong with border security? democrats seem to oppose it. i think democrats will have a split in their party as well. we saw nancy pelosi get an earful from immigration advocates. and any concessions they make will be perceived negatively. what do you think can happen with daca and democrats? will they concede on border security or not? >> to try and thread the needle, the wall is a symbolic piece of resistance. and it's seen in a negative light. the democrats should be willing to spend money on security.
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lisa: what about the wall? >> i don't see democrats coming on board. lisa: do you think they should? >> think from an environmental perspective and property rights perspective. >> you just said it was symbolic. >> symbols matter in politics as you know. >> walls work. lisa: we are running out of time. i want to get you guys on infrastructure. does infrastructure go get done? >> i hope so. the democrats have to get on board for this. the president has bold ideas he's going to start rolling out. some of the whispers in the wind are they will have a 5-g wi-fi plan. the question is how do you pay for it. >> that's a good question. lisa: danielle, does
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infrastructure get done? >> i hope it does. the devil will in the details, and that means payment. how it gets paid for. lisa: they made their predictions. i can't speak for judge jeanine. lappie ne -- happy new year. religious liberty will be an important topic in 2017 and i am sure it will be in 2018 as well. let's look at judge jeanine's interview with the owner of hobby lobby, steve green. judge jeanine: you have undertaken this mammoth project, the museum of the bible in washington, d.c. there is nothing like it anywhere in the world.
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why? >> i group in a home that had a love for god's word. i group in a christian home, my parents took to us church and raised our family according to the bible. in our business, the first statement in our business is to operate our business with biblical principles. i'm blessed to be in a country where our founders built based on principles in this book. we want to encourage others to consider this book for themselves. we want to inspire them to engage with it and consider the principles this book teaches for their own lives. judge jeanine: they say 90% of american homes have within them a bible. this generation unlike previous generations has never been more distanced from the bible. why do i think that is? >> we are probably more ignorant
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of this book than we were as a nation. i believe it's because we don't teach it like we once again. it was regularly taught. our founders would speak from the bible and necessity wouldn't have to give chapter and verse because everybody knew what they were talking about. today when you have a quote from a bible, common phrases come from the bible and people have no idea that's where it comes from. judge jeanine: in this museum you created technology to tell this story. technology that didn't exist. you created it and patented it. >> one specific example is there is a digital docent. a tablet smaller than an ipad, larger than an iphone. a visitor can tell it how long they want to be in the museum, what their interest is, then it will direct them through the museum using indoor guidance
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that knows where they are at within inches. this is some of the telling we patented. judge jeanine: powerful, impactful, the tablets, how much do theyway weigh? how do you deliver 16 tons of doors? >> one piece at a time. >> it's amazing how much of our american history reflects quotes from the bible. >> this is if the museum of the bible. we are a few tbloks the united states capital. we do some of the paintings there in the rotunda, there is a bible they are showing, a geneva bible in the painting. this writes we have scripture around us all day long and in many cases we don't know it. it's just phrases from our
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language that are used. judge jeanine: here you have victoria beckham with a tattoo that literally quotes the song of solomon. that the bible is so relevant to so many people in so many ways that we don't recognize. one of the things you have done that also speaks to how religion plays such an important part of your life is as that not for profit business owner of hobby lobby, you took the obama administration to the united states supreme court. you fought for religious freedom. you funded the case. where the obama administration made a mandate that religion be be -- be damagend and i would have to pay for the abortion
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pill for any employee in your employ. you felt that was a violation of your religious freedom. how hard was it and what did it feel like when you won? >> if life begins at conception as our family believes. to take part in an abortive drug or process, we view that as taking life. that's something that violates our religious beliefs. there are until this country. there are many who believe in the same way we do, that taking life is obviously in our mind wrong. for the government to come in and tell us we had to freely provide to our employees products that could take life. that violated our conscience and we felt like we had no option but to take and challenge the government on the mandate they required to us take part in. we met as a family and the decision was unanimous that we feel like we had no option but to challenge the government we love on the mandate they put on
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our business. judge jeanine: when you won? >> it was an exciting day. for many of us, we somewhat felt like we would have a win, but there is no guarantee. there is a certain comfort that we lad that we knew we were doing the right thing. and we were at oxford, my wife and i. rest of the family were at the corporate offices in oklahoma city. we were zmiepg and it was a thrilling day to know the foundational principle this nation was built upon, our religious freedoms were upheld. and just the pride of our country as i remember some of the feeling i had. this section is called "bible now." showing how people are engaging right now. another app shows how people are engagement bible. there are people all over the world right now engage" this
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book. and there is no book that can compare to that. judge jeanine: what do you say to american families about coming here? >> we want to invite all people to engage with this book. this is a museum for all people. this book has spoken to people of all walks of life. so this is a place for people to come in and learn. judge jeanine: steven green, on behalf of so many of us, you and your wife jackie have done an unbelievable job here. thank you. >> thank you for coming. lisa: president trump blasting the media. his latest tweet upon why he has to use
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lisa: is president trump's battle with the media dominating much of 2017, it's hour to make headlines in the coming year. president trump said he uses social media not because i like to, but because it is the only way to fight a very dishonest and unfair press. joining us is political consultant and member of the advisory board for trump 2020, harlan hill. i want to get your reaction. the media did not like a lot of the things the president did. president trump did not like a lot of the thing the media did. but i want to talk to you specifically about that statement i read and that tweet he read. saying he doesn't use social
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media because he likes to, it's because he has to. what are your thoughts on that? >> when you look at how the media has covered him over the last year, just 5% of their coverage has been positive. comparing that to obama in his first year, their coverage was glowing. they put a halo behind because head to make him look like he was jesus. the coverage that he has gotten, the lack of respect they have for the office and the president of the united states uncharted. lisa: what are some of the more glaring examples you have seen? >> the most of offensive example is the fact they don't cover any of the positive things that he has done. you look at the stock market.
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we hit over 70 highs on the nasdaq and new york stock exchange over the last year. the economy of is roaring. we haven't lad this in a long time. we have an historic tax bill. they are not looking at the positive. it's not about the president. the president makes this clear. the news here isn't that he's
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deserves credit for all this. we have common sense and the last 8 years things felt like there wasn't anything getting done. lisa: do you think the negative media attention president trump gets, the pew research center, you mentioned it in what you are talking about. and the fact is we have seen president trump has gotten three times for negative coverage in his first 60 days of office. does this have a galvanizing effect for those who support the
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president? do necessity view of this as the president is under attack. he's being treated unfairly. there are a lot of positive things going on in their life in terms of the economy. but they are not seeing that on their television screens. does this have a galvanizing effect? >> republican confidence in the media, republican belief in the media is down to 14%. only 14% of republican voters in this country believe the media is reporting real news. this didn't happen overnight. this isn't just about president obama. the reason president trump was elected was because republicans were fed up and finally took a stand against the mainstream media's rhetoric. they finally took a stand against the talking points that have come down from on high with the dnc literally going to writers at the "new york times" telling them how to carry out a
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story. so they are finally taking a stands and saying enough is enough. lisa: does he ever take it too far? we'll leave it there. thank you. all right. thank you, happy new year. coming up. you have been waiting for it all night. the best of "street j - the reason i chose eharmony was you had to pay to be on there, and i felt like the people who were on there really value a relationship. - for my family, we are three for three in our siblings for getting married. i thank eharmony for that. - [narrator] stop waiting, start communicating for free today.
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lisa: let's look at some of the best of judge jeanine's "street justice." he wants to make real differences in people's lives. i feel the world is going to be right the right way. we are kicking this guy on his airplane back to where he belongs. he will have to wash his own damn dishes tonight. judge jeanine: why are they protesting? >> they are not working, they are bored. >> i was stopped at the airport.
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judge jeanine: did they let you through? let's get over it. what now? are these mainstream media people out of their minds? >> they are. forget by the. judge jeanine: i didn't forget by the. we have to do a segment. should hillary come back and run for mayor? >> no! >> everybody should be on obamacare and let me know how they live their life. judge jeanine: the media is focused on russia and investigation. what would you like the president to be doing now? >> building the wall. jenna: what would you like the president to do? >> stop tweeting. judge jeanine: we are on the bored in oh this county in arizona. wire going for a walk to find out how protected we are. we are coming to the ends of the 20-foot fence and going further there is virtually no fence.
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there is virtually no fence. you can see. it's dark. we are on a dusty road, we are going right to the bored. what you are seeing is me 100 yards from the border through the telling and the night vision that the border patrol has. their technology is even more advanced. they can see shadows, they can see individuals coming along the border irrespective of how black and dark it is. here we are securing the border. fox news at work. have you heard about the rats at the white house? how do x find out who is doing the leaking? >> i guess you get someone to leak that to you. judge jeanine: very good. are you worried about nuclear
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war? >> no. i'm worried more about these dogs at the moment. what should we do to kim jong-un in north korea. >> strap him to a rocket. judge jeanine: how tall are you? >> 6'9". judge jeanine: why are football players protesting? >> they are not protesting. judge jeanine: what are they doing? >> i don't know. >> they are commies *. is this the real melania trump? you don't any he's the sexiest man alive? >> i'm sorry, no. >> that guy? is that the right answer? >> i love him, too. judge jeanine: that's me, baby.
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lindsey vonn says she'll represent the united states in the olympics but she won't represent donald trump. >> i think donald trump is our president and whether you like him or not you have to respect the fact that he's our president. >> nobody likes trump any more, except me and you. judge jeanine: let me ask you -- hang on, is there a reason hillary clinton keeps blaming people? did she blame you? did hillary blame you? lisa: we'll be right back.
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