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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 5, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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again the splattered with purple and green paint. rob: the police in the u.k. blasted for posting photos of hot breakfast vegans saying photos of meat are offensive and thoughtless. at some point have you got to draw a line under it and that is just ridiculous. jillian: have a good weekend. >> the east coast braces for round 2 as a below freezing temperature coming just hours after the powerful system unleashed havoc. >> look at the forecast wind chills. bone chilling dangerous temperatures. >> the justice department has opened a new inquiry into the clinton foundation. >> the bureau focusing on whether the clinton foundation engaged in pay-to-play politics while hillary clinton was secretary of state. >> hillary is going to find out the art o an answer to her n question what difference does it make. >> the president finally responded on camera to comments made by former
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chief strategist. >> he called me a great man last night he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. >i'm knot going to waste my time talking about a book that is complete fantasy. >> the president met with six republican senators to talk about immigration. >> we are going to have a wall. remember that. >> the dow has another record day on wall street closing above the 25,000 mark for the first time ever ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want ♪ then girl you got me. brian: never heard this song. steve: jason derulo. yesterday a blizzard was bearing down on new york city. it has come. it has gone for the most part. here in an hour or two they are going to open one of the big airports because it's been closed the whole time.
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here we are in that building right there. ainsley: such a beautiful shot. i walked in this morning and tweeted about it i still pinch myself. it's friday. i love my job. love you guys. thank you so much for waking up with us. it's going to be a great weekend. steve: it is. ainsley: yesterday if you looked out the window here in new york you saw so much snow and true along most places on the east coast. you walked outside. no one wanted to but when i walked out, it was so peaceful. there weren't a lot of cars on the road. steve: you could only hear the chattering of everybody's teeth. it was cold. brian: you know the squirrels were in the tree. ainsley: people can handle the cold it's the wind. brian: i cannot handle the cold. i quit. steve: bring me spring. brian: let's talk about a series of things that we have to get through that all are extremely important. arguably the most important a finally there is going to be a legal examination to the clinton foundation and was there aindeed a pay for
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play operation in the years in which she was secretary of state and he was a forme former -- steve: apparently the "wall street journal" and other news outlets have discovered apparently there have been fbi investigation in little rock, arkansas which of course is the home of the presidential library and foundation of bill clinton and, brian, you are absolutely right. what they apparently are looking into is when she was secretary of state, did the clintons promise something to get something in return? and also, did the clintons comply with tax laws? in other words, were things supposedly tax exempt but used for personal purposes. ainsley: this morning when i was hearing that i thought doesn't anyone who don't united states to a campaign, they are doing it because they want something in return for the most part? foreign governments do that individuals do that but what they're also investigating here is the clinton foundation, which obviously is a nonprofit organization, it's like a church. they don't have to pay taxes. so if you gave millions of
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dollars to this organization, to this foundation, were they using that for political gain, promising individuals, promising foreign governments, we will do this for you while hillary clinton was secretary of state under the obama administration? brian: sara carter doing this investigation knew about it ahead of time. and now it's been formalized. here she is. >> not only with regard to the uranium one scandal but all we have to do is look at what happened with the clinton foundation. we know that that actual investigation was never thoroughly shut down. it never officially closed. so, this is very important. and there are a lot of senior fbi agents. a lot of people not just in little rock but in new york and in florida and in other places where they have been investigating the clinton foundation who are breathing a breath of fresh air right now and are really taking heart to what's going on in little rock. and i'm sure there's going to be a lot more information coming out in the next few months. steve: here's the thing. they better hurry. the statute of limitations when it comes to most federal felonies is five
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years. hillary clinton left federal office five years ago -- let's see 2013. we are now at 2018. it's got to be done this year if they are going to do it the all. ainsley: the doj, department of justice are really busy. they are working on that investigation. they have agreed to land over all of the documents associated with the dossier. house intelligence committee who was chaired by devon nunes has been requesting this for months. steve: stonewalled. ainsley: that's right. the detected line was wednesday. the doj has said okay we'll release all the documents now and we are going to release all the introduce that we had with people that were affiliated with this. brian: this is pretty amazing because for the most part we are going to get a look at the you were herb echeln of the fbi peter strzok, ms. page, as well as foble the ohr couple that. steve: bruce ohr. brian: i was going to say bobby ohr. steve: that's because there was so much ice. brian: both these people had all their teeth unlike bobby
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ohr who had a couple. ainsley: they interviewed them now they are going to release that information. brian: it's going to be fascinating to see how this thing went down. ainsley: they are also going to release all those text messages between lisa page and peter strzok. steve: of all the people they are going to be talking to, the fbi people and unredacted witness testimony as well, they are looking at all these people regarding the dossier because it looks like a they are at the fbi yet they have a political bias which you cannot have that the fbi is not used to this kind of scrutiny of the people who work up on the seventh floor but, you know, now devon nunes as of next week is going to have all the stuff he has needed to look to see whether or not there was political bias going on in the decision whether or not to essentially for this government to spy on the trumps. brian: keep your eye on this. a federal judge has said fusion gps has to expose their financials and find out who was paying whom. fusion gps who wants transparency cut a deal to
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go behind closed doors transcripts does senator grassley think that's relatively laughable. now fusion gps is suing to get -- excuse me, appealing to stop the release of their financials to find out if christopher steele was getting paid by the russians and getting paid by fusion gps. ainsley: this judge is saying no. they are being subpoenaed, fusion gps to release all their financial documents. they are appealing it because the judge said no. you have to release all of this. meanwhile, president trump was tweeting last night. and he was slamming michael wolff's new book. and giving steve bannon a new nickname. steve: indeed. here's the tweet if you missed it this is from the president. he tweeted i authorize zero access to white house, actually turned him down many times, mr. wolf, for author of phony book. i never spoke to him for book, full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. of course, sloppy steve.
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ainsley: is not you. steve: he is referring to steve bannon. i was watching on twitter this morning, people think of his nicknames that he has dubbed people that is a very effective one. that will stick. ainsley: within minutes it went to the top trending list. brian: you know the problem is he has been on the inside for the longest time. if anyone wants to marginalize and say there is another trump hater writing a book and what do you want he? they're surprised steve bannon prior to this book being released which he cooperated with it seems has been in trump's corner and said as late as yesterday he is still going to fight for the trump agenda and thinks donald trump is a great man. the problem is he gave hours of introduces, many of which are taped. a lot of people come out and say they were misquoted they have to know, too. if they did walk across the street to the hey adams and talk to michael wolff that he taped those stories, those introduce. steve: absolutely. ultimatery though the president of the united states probably sold a lot of books for michael wolff because his lawyer came out
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yesterday and said you have got to stop that now mike wall wolf's publisher said as of yesterday, you know what? we are going to put it on sale as of midnight. so you can go out and buy it. ainsley: on tuesday. that's why this book was going to drop next tuesday. steve: or friday. ainsley: they are going to drop it today because they are planning on it being such a success. brian: the ink will still be wet so watch your fingers, rush limbaugh on the leak and damage to trump. listen. >> i will tell you everything that i heard all about bannon's time in the white house. i'm just going to -- it's some of it is real. some of it you might call gossip. the thing that i think everybody believes and that everybody knows is that most of the leaking that was coming out of the trump white house was steve banno bannon. over half of it.
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and that's what don jr. and jared -- well, don jr.'s comments primarily that's what they are referring to. and i have that on almost unassailable authority. steve: and then he went to a commercial. i recognize that music. i think what the president has learned with this book coming out is in washington, d.c. you hire some of the professional people who have been in washington for years, there is absolutely zero loyalty. somebody who is loyal though to this president is sarah huckabee sanders, she is the press secretary. she will be with us at 7:30. speaking of numbers, did you miss this yesterday in the dow jones industrial average closed above 25,000 for the first time ever. brian: they have also added a ton more jobs about 55,000 more jobs than they thought. unemployment claims are down as low as they have been since 1990; all indications are that this economy is going to continue to grow like this. and even "the washington post" today writes about all
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the cataclysmic predictions for the trump four years in office because of his -- because of some of the policies and how he was viewed. yet the world has responded, the international markets are doing great and our economy is roaring. so all those doom and gloomers so far are 100 percent wrong. ainsley: this book everywhere i went yesterday everybody saying that's a distraction. distraction to take away from what's really happening. if you are retiring any time soon, your 401(k) looks really really good. steve: 401(k) is now like a 601 can. they say the next stop will be 30,000. nothing stopping. ainsley: don't retire yet. brian: i watched "fox & friends first" this morning. are you retiring, jillian? jillian: i have been considering. this retiring just a little early. brian: just a little early? okay. jillian: good friday morning to you guys and to you at home as well. let's get to the extreme weather. the east coast bracing for round 2. brutal air is moving in and fast. we are talking as low as
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40 degrees below zero. the below freezing temperatures coming just hours after the powerful system unleashed havoc leaving major cities paralyzed. four deaths and left boston drowning in floodwaters. intense winds and out when conditions forcing the world's largest passenger yet to land at new york's tiniest airports the air bus 380 was on its way from germany to jfk airport when it was diverted to stuart airport bowers the runways at jfk had been shut down. crazy. now to a fox news alert. for the first time in more than two years, north and south korea will sit down for formal talks on tuesday. the rogue regime accepting the south's offer after reopening the border hotline. the rivals will discuss the winter olympics and how to improve their strained relationship. this comes as the u.s. announced it will delay annual military exercises with south korea until after the olympics next month. the popular game show jeopardy now on hold as its popular and long time host
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alex trebek recovers from brain surgery. >> i had a slight medical problem. subdural hematoma, blood clots on the brain caused by a fall i endured about two months ago. surgery was performed. the prognosis is excellent. and i expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy program very, very soon. jillian: trebek thanking his fans for support. the show's production company sony says there are plenty of finished episodes ready to air. we certainly wish him well. ainsley: wow. steve: is he a legend. brian: straight ahead, president trump took a huge step ahead on promise of energy dominance. the former president and ceo of gulf oil explains and go over some of the blow back to declaration. ainsley: the cdc wants to make sure you are prepared for nuclear war. brian: yes, we are.
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apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans. ♪ >> this executive order starts the process of opening offshore areas to job creating energy exploration. steve: that was in april of last year president trump signed an executive order
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encouraging more drilling rights in federal waters to help the u.s. achieve energy dominance. well, now you the administration is announcing its five year drilling plan that will allow oil and gas drilling in nearly all u.s. coastal waters. so what will that mean for our economy and what about the environment? joining me now is former president and ceo of gulf oil joe pre he joins us from naples. >> good morning. steve: you have been waiting for a president to say this. haven't you? >> absolutely. you have to look at the history of the importance of energy not only to our economic well -being but to our national security. most great law wars have been started over the fight of energy whether it was japan bombing us shortly after we embargoed oil in 1941 or the germans moving into the polish or uranium energy
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fields in world war ii. the fact of the matter is it's great for our national security and great for our economy. steve: so it's good, joe, for our national security. it's good for our economy. what about our environment? because there are a number of even republicans, for instance, rick scott from the state you're sitting in right now down in florida, he poses the plan. he said this, i have already asked to immediately speak to secretary sinky, interior secretary to discuss the plans i have toll remove florida from consideration. my top priority is to ensure that florida's natural resources are protected. he doesn't want an oil spill. everybody thinks about the deep water horizon bank in the 1970s with the spill out in california. they don't want that to happen in their state. >> oh, listen, i fully agree with that as a resident of naples, florida. but, a current resident of naples, florida. the fact of the matter is i will point out two things. most oil spills occur transporting the oil not
3:20 am
drilling for it. i mean, obviously deep water horizon was a terrific and tragic exception to that but the fact of the matter is, we're going to have drilling in offshore places, i know both china and saudi arabia have approached the u.s. about drilling in our waters. and i would much rather have a u.s. company. steve: sure. >> drill. because they are subject to u.s. tort and as long as we have tort lawyers in this country, i think that's better than any regulation. and the fact that bp cost almost $100 billion both in market value, penalties. steve: great point everybody would be very safe if they didn't wind up with one of the leases. joe, you you would know, you used to run a big oil company. we thank you for joining us from down in naples where it's 42 degrees right now. thank you, sir. >> thank you. steve: all right v a good
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♪ ainsley: we have some quick headlines, republicans still control the virginia state house thanks to the luck of the draw literally much the names of the two candidates who landed in a tie dumped into a ceramic bowl, swirled around and then the name was drawn. republican david yancey's name was pulled out, meaning he gets to keep the state. virginia state law calls for tied elections to be decided by a drawing. it hasn't been used since 1971. the democratic candidate shellie simons hasn't conceded. this politician winning in a stroke of luck.
3:25 am
tom sworn in after the mayor elect didn't she up to the ceremony. dave wagner won november's election against nelson but never quit his other job to take the office. the cit city council then forced to appoint nelson. brian? brian: the missouri legislature kicked off the 2018 session. during the pledge of a auto allegiance bruce jr. chose to raise his nois an act of protest. he claims to pledge allegiance to the people and don't acts of defiance like this hurt and divide the community some would say or do they bring it together? is that why he was elected. here to weigh in is kevin jackson. kevin, he says he was making a statement because there is a lot of things that happen to his people that he wanted to speak out about. >> yeah. a lot of things happening to his people, brian, are things that he is allowing to happen. i was looking at the statistics and if you were to look at st. louis in
3:26 am
comparison to chicago in terms of size and population. st. louis would have had about 1700 murders this year had it been chicago. they topped over 200 murders in that city. it's been a city that's been economically depressed for decades now. they have gone from 25 fortune 500 companies in the state of missouri down to 12. and the city is in try age it's gone from a population of over 800,000 in the mid 1950s to 318,000 today. and this guy wants to raise his fist in solidarity of, what? in solidarity of democrat rule over a city that has absolutely crated problems beyond belief. brian: well, he also has a bit of a past. it shouldn't be a surprise. we know he was -- we know he was protesting on black friday. he also is a rapper. talked about shooting snitches and dismembering murder victims. so this is -- all you have
3:27 am
to do is google him. >> yeah, his rap name is oops. and i think that they could say that that's the proper name for him in terms of how he got elected. look, these guys that are living on this circa 2016 muscle memory of barack obama's presidency and thinking that this kaepernick type of thing of holding up the fist is going to mean something, they need to look forward and look at the policies that are going to move black folks forward in all of these cities and they can start by stop focusing on these racial things that are dividing the country and start looking at the policies, quite frankly of what donald trump is doing. st. louis is poised to do some very, very good things if they get rid of these clowns like this guy that seems to want to continue this, you know, pretend that the economic problems that are plaguing black folks have to do with solidarity. brian: i would have to say i'm disappointed after year one the president has not put anything forward
3:28 am
publicly urban. he said you don't have anything to lose. i would like to know what his plan is to help people in all different situations going forward what ben carson is doing. what they might be working on the inner city. i'm a little surprised we haven't heard much from the president on that. are you? >> no, i'm not, brian. look, we have got jobs that are finally becoming available in the inner cities because of the low level -- the unemployment level. we've got, you know, and i don't like focusing on the stock market but look at what is going on with the economic boon that's occurring under president trump the fact that all these different corporations are coming back. barack obama said manufacturing wouldn't come back to america. he lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs in the last year of his presidency and president trump has gained 171,000. so, of the jobs are coming back. you've got. brian: black unemployment is going down. i'm saying the president could be more forward on that and he could maybe push ben carson to do something. >> i think he will. brian: more publicly. >> yeah. i think he will eventually.
3:29 am
he will get there. brian: thanks kevin jackson. thanks so much. >> all right, brian. brian: more trouble for hillary clinton a brand new fbi investigation coming her direction. congressman ron desantis knows the details. he will unveil it next. how far does this happen? a teen dangling from a ski lift. how this one ended next ♪ hold on tight to your dream ♪ yeah ♪ hold on tight to your dream ♪ ♪ nose... up to 38% more than cold medicine alone nose... go to today to request a free sample.
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♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ something to talk about ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ something to talk about. ainsley: that is a great song for our next guest especially. let's bring in the republican congressman ron desantis from the great state of florida. is he a member of the house judiciary committee and house oversight and governor reform committee. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning.
3:33 am
ainsley: you want to give the folks down in florida something to talk about. tell us your big announcement. >> well, you remember a few weeks ago the president tweeted support for me as a candidate for governor of florida. so today we are going to be filing the paperwork to begin that effort and as somebody who is a military officer, iraq veteran, a proven conservative and then with the support of the president, i'm in a position to exercise the leadership that can build on the great work that governor rick scott has done to advance economic opportunity, reform education and drain the swamp in tallahassee which needs to be drained just like washington and people can go to my website at ron if they want to take a look. steve: i did read down in the florida press, mr. desantis, that apparently you have got your own leadership team, some prominent americans who have signed up to help you. they include a couple of billionaires, sheldon avildsen is on your team. rebecca mercer is on your team. foss err freeze is on your team. why are they on your team?
3:34 am
>> i think a lot of it is because i have been somebody who has a proven track record of leading in the congress. you mentioned some of the investigations into the foundation, into uranium one. what we are doing to hold people like peter strzok and the fbi accountable. and then some of the legislative initiatives from helping with the tax bill to doing things to hold iran accountable. i think if you work hard and you do good things, i think people tend to notice that. brian: right. and you are willing to take action and go front and center and talk about it meanwhile, the fbi has done something you have been calling for for a while. they are finally looking into the clinton foundation. they are doing an investigation to find out if essentially that nonprofit, that charitable organization was actually a pay for play a wink and a nod for the clintons to get the president possibly huge speaking fees for influence for the secretary of state and the supposed heir apparent for the president of the united states in hillary clinton. what do you think they will
3:35 am
find. >> this has been an issue that has really lingered for years, brian. finally last year i and a couple others in the congress with revelation that there was a confidential informant who was involved in the russian racketeering underlying the uranium one deal that he wanted to come forward. we brought him forward. we started an investigation. but if you look at what happened around that time, the chairman of uranium one gave $2.3 million to the clinton foundation in 2009, 2010 while this deal was pending. and, yet, there are other people on the cfius board clearly if the secretary of state objected to that deal that would probably be fatal. >> that was never vetted and investigated. the effort we started in the congress and going to continue the fbi had to take a look at it and i think they are talking to the informant and getting to get all the facts along with the congress. steve: good. also, there is a report out with the daily beast, they are suggesting that the department of justice is looking in to reopening
3:36 am
hillary clinton's email server case as well. and this goes to the larger issue about as you know, it was just a couple of days ago that devon nunes got the information to all of the redacted fbi interviews and stuff like that. so they can finally figure out whether or not there's a political bias at the fbi. because that troubles all americans. >> well, think about it. you have a former sailor in federal prison because he took a picture of a submarine inside. you are not supposed to do that i mean, it's wrong. but hillary had the server set up where there was all kinds of classified information transferring on that all the time. huma had access. anthony weiner ended up with this stuff on his computer. yet, nobody was held accountable. now we know with the peter strzok text messages this is a guy who hated donald trump. he wanted hillary to be president. is he responsible for changing gross negligence in comey's statement which is criminal to extreme care
3:37 am
alsoness. he was also involved in downgrading the fbi's assessment that her server was very likely hacked by foreign agents. brian: james comey said. >> exactly. so everything that was done that was questionable dove tailed with them trying basically to bend over backwards not to make the case against her. it's a big contrast to how they are doing the mueller investigation where they are trying to scorch the earth and do whatever they can find to stick. and i think americans look at that and say should we have equal application of the law or should some people get the easy way and others really get the screws to them? steve: before you go, i have one question for you, ron, regarding a segment we did two segments ago that is how the federal government and the president now opening up lands or rather offshore drilling leases so that people would be able to drill off the east coast, including florida, off california. rick scott, who is the current governor there, doesn't like the idea. what do you think about it? >> well i agree with governor scott. in florida, our coast line
3:38 am
is so important to our economy. it's important to property values. it's important to tourism. and we need to protect our coast line. i am for energy exploration. i was for anwr. and if there is other states that have different calculations and they want to do offshore, that's fine. i'm going to be fighting with governor scott to protect florida's coast line. you know what? i think this is just a draft proposal. i think that the white house will ultimately be with us. and i think we will be able to work it out so that florida's beaches are protected. we want want to make sure that you are coming down and enjoy your time in florida. brian: he also talks about energy independence. >> i think we can do that. if you look, look at the permian basins, look at the ball can, look at the anwr and other states that may want to do off shores. they may not be as sensitive as florida is i think we have had a long history of wanting to have protections for our coast line and guys like me are going to fight to continue that. i think we will get that done.
3:39 am
ainsley: congressman, thank you first for serving our country and thanks first for serving washington. could become the next governor of florida. he announced he is going to be running rick scott has served two consecutive terms so he has to step down. we wish you all the best. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us this morning. get you caught up on news of the day starting with this. sec chairman forced to skip lebanon electronics show because of death threats. investigating the threats which come after the fcc voted to scrap obama era net neutrality rules. the scrutiny isn't new to pia when protesters were leaving nasty notes at his house. >> one thing in america that should remain sacred is families, wife and kids should remain out of it. jillian: the exact nature of the most recent threats remain unclear.
3:40 am
as north korea hurls threats against americans u.s. officials are now preparing for nuclear war. the center for disease control holding a briefing later this month to make sure americans know what to do if we're attacked. that includes sheltering in place for at least 24 hours and paying attention to directions from state and local governments. this week dictator kim jong un washed he had a nuclear button on his desk. president trump though says his button is bigger. terrifying moments for a young skier caught upside down on a chair lift some 20 feet above the ground. the girl stuck for several minutes at california's mountain before rescuers were able to catch her. [cheers] jillian: skier's mother says the safety bar cass down on the family tried to get on the lift. she was not hurt. brian: she wasn't? steve: worry about with the dismount from the chair.
3:41 am
ainsley: turning now to extreme weather the east coast digging out from bomb cyclone and bracing for another deep freeze. brian: i can't believe the names people in the weather business come up with. even though it couldn't stop the patriots. running through the snow and wind to get to practice on time. their idea of getting around much more effective than this. steve: there they go. brian: let's wait. steve: i heard a little rumbling there. it's the mercedes convertible with its top down getting stuck in the snow in rhode island. the driver claims he was on his way to get the roof fixed. ainsley: oh, no. steve: the snow has stopped. what happens today? let's turn to janice dean how got the storm right yesterday. janice: it was a group effort. we all got the stor storm right. long island a foot of snow. parts of massachusetts and
3:42 am
rhode island a foot of snow. the system is out of here which is great news. we still have strong wind gusts as that low pressure moves into canada and that means it's going to feel colder than it really is with wind chills oh in the minus 4-degree range in new york city and d.c. cold outside. minus 19 in detroit and minus 16 in chicago. going to get colder as we head into friday and saturday. wind chill advisories for millions of folks here and as i mentioned as far south as south florida, steve, freeze advisories in effect. at some point during the show i want to address the fact that brian kilmeade has bought himself a full body suit to combat the cold. steve: really? ainsley: what? brian: now i have no time to explain myself. i said instead of long johns i want under armor as a full body suit. and this was going. ainsley: like spanks? brian: full body spanks. i don't know what they're. supposed to keep me warm and keep me flexible.
3:43 am
janice: we need more time. brian: we need more time. a unitard. ainsley: the dad who danced with his little girls. steve: leap tall buildings in a single leap. brian: although you can't see my thighs. ainsley: appreciate it janice. brian: you are never coming on radio again. ainsley: statelegalize marijuana and some people are not happy. >> i will be putting a hold on every single demonstration from the department of justice until attorney general jeff sessions lives up to the commitment he made to me. ainsley: but our next guest a former drug czar says the attorney general is on the right side of history. he is going to join us next. brian: republicans mad at jeff sessions. nancy pelosi called the president's tax plan armageddon. are $2,000 bonuses really the end of the world? meet the ceo who is handing
3:44 am
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3:47 am
brian: u.s. attorney general jeff sessions rolled back policy that cleared the way for legal marijuana. while some on the left are outraged and some on the right are outraged i should say, new policy has republicans like cory gardner upset of colorado. >> i will be putting today a hold on everywhere single nomination from the department of justice. until attorney general jeff sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me in my confirmation, in my preconfirmation meeting with him. the conversation we had that was specifically about this issue of states rights in colorado. ainsley: our next guest says it is a fight worth fighting. the former drug czar and
3:48 am
executive vice president of the hudson institute john walters joins us now to weigh in on this. good morning to you, john, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. ainsley: so he would all wondering, it's not like the republicans to allow legalized marijuana. why did jeff sessions, why is he allowing this? >> well, what he can is he changed the decision to not enforce federal law which wasn't changed by changing the law. the obama administration put red lines in, no spread to youth. no spread outside of the states. no haven for crime. all those red lines have been crossed. the obama administration looked the other way. jeff sessions going back and enforcing the law. i think there are millions of american families and employers today saying hallelujah, thank you. brian: but here you have about 8 states who say marijuana legal use, first medical marijuana and then recreational marijuana like california january 1st okay you can do that the federal government never legalized marijuana. they have just been watching. jeff sessions now jumped in and senator cory gardner is
3:49 am
not pro-pot but he is saying my state voted this in. even the democratic governor didn't want it now it's there. now you are asking law enforcement to do the impossible, aren't you? >> well, look, nobody is saying that law enforcement is going to stop this overnight. what they are now able to do is able to enforce the law in the most egregious cases. that's what the federal government does in enforcing federal law. what's happened in his state, if you look at the reports from there is huge problems with young people ned occasion. huge problems with employment and sober workforce. huge problems with the cost of this not being as sold to voters. voters got a raw deal. and in states where you can look at this without the loud shouting of the left. without the marijuana industry, the dope industrial dope shouting everybody down, where you see the real cost. look, we are losing tens of thousands of people every year to overdose deaths. president trump and jeff sessions are keeping the promise of stopping this carnage. you can't stop it if you continue to make people addicted which is what's happening here. ainsley: all right. jeff sessions he sent out a
3:50 am
memo to the u.s. attorneys he said in deciding when which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the department's finite resources prosecutors should follow the well-established principle that governor all federal prosecutions. what are your thoughts. >> well, it's just use resources for the biggest threats. this is now becoming a bigger threat. again, we are losing more people to overdose deaths in this country than everybody who died in vietnam over 20 years. brian: john, i agree with you. some very level headed people who also are anti-legalization of marijuana who are in an impossible spot now. people in their states voted for it shouldn't have about there been a more organized way-to-approach it? >> we are going to see an effort to look seriously at what's being sold and what the consequences are even the fda has said claim marijuana is medicine. we have to prove that we have a situation where we just don't have people sell snake oil they have to demonstrate something. brian: i hear you. >> on the recreational and medical side we are going to use real debate.
3:51 am
real self-government. not the president, president obama unilaterally writing law. brian: john walters, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, nancy pelosi called a tax cut armageddon. ll it? we'll explain. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops. and for fast acting nasal relief, for up to 12 hours, try zicam extreme congestion relief and zicam intense sinus relief. for colds and allergies, get your better back with zicam.
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ainsley: dozens of u.s. companies are gifting employees bonus notice wake of the president's tax reform. joining us now is one of those generous ceos, mr. bob funk. he is the head of express employment professionals and he is giving out $2,000 bonuses to more than 200 workers. that is so nice of you, mr. funk. thank you so much for joining us. >> happy new year, ainsley. ainsley: happy new year to you, too. >> happy new year to the working employees of america. ainsley: it's just wonderful. we have been reporting these stories and we all have worked so hard and at that
3:55 am
point where many americans are where you are living paycheck to paycheck. 2,000ness a bonus check is going to make a lot of your employees very happy. why did you decide to do that? >> we decided to do that because i believe that our best assets of the company are our employees. they deserve the support and the help that they need on the continuum basis as wages rise, as their wages rise and of course we give full child care to our employees and 100% of their healthcare. i believe that our employees are our treasures of tomorrow. so the middle class that get the tax increases and trump's tax cut benefit is extremely important to our company. ainsley: that's just great. i know you are making them so happy because these are nonexecutives. they probably don't make a lot of the money. tell us about your company what do you and how many people you do employ. >> well, we have about 800 franchises across north america. including canada and south
3:56 am
africa. and we employ this year about 540,000 temporaries in the staffing industry. we have about 100,000 employees an our payroll. we would love to find a way to give some of this tax cut back tomp rather employees 500,000 out there working every day. working hard to support not only our economy but their community as well. ainsley: real quickly, what's the reaction to some of these employees as you are passing out the checks? >> the reaction was unbelievable. they were totally ecstatic. i had about 100 to 125 of them come by my door the next morning and gave me many stories of how it helped their lives and helped their families, of course, pay the bills for christmas and fix some of the issues in their lives that needed fixing just because of the extra funds. ainsley: that is wonderful. i'm sure some of them were crying tears of joy. thank you so much. >> they were crying. ainsley: that's so nice of you. thank you. god bless you for helping
3:57 am
your employees and contributing to our country. >> thank you. steve: president trump issuing a new nickname to steve bannon that and sarah huckabee sanders next hour. ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ( ♪ ) only tena intimates has pro-skin technology designed to quickly wick away moisture to help maintain your skin's natural balance. for a free sample call 1-877-get-tena.
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4:00 am
cold air is moving in and fast the below freezing temperatures coming just hours after the powerful system unleashed havoc. >> finally there is going to be a legal examination to the clinton foundation and was there, indeed, a play for pay operation during the years in which she was secretary of state and he was a former president raking in big dollars? ainsley: president trump was tweeting last night, and he was slamming michael wolff's new book and giving steve bannon a new nickname. steve: look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. >> donald trump is very much his own man. he is his own strategist. he is maybe the greatest single salesman in america's history. >> the dow has another record day on wall street
4:01 am
closing above the 25,000 mark for the first time ever. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free steve: there have you kid rock it sounded last year for while like he was going to run for senate. he is not. he is still performing. he is performing in his city i read over the holiday weekend. ainsley: that's a great song. if you were born in the united states of america you were born free thanks to the men and women who fight for our great country. brian: by the way, why is he not? i know you know him a little bit. why is he not running? steve: he has decided he is going to continue to perform right now some day he would like to serve the nation and have a future in politics. brian: go home thursday, he could do concerts friday, saturday and sunday and come back monday. i should have discussed this with him.
4:02 am
steve: look at the cam rand tell him. brian: kid rock, i would love to see you do two jobs. ainsley: you are friends with him do you call him kid? steve: i call him bob richy. i have known him from way back. ainsley: is he like move on. steve: what else do you want to know. ainsley: i want to hear how you segue way this speak of born free what? steve: of america and freedom, yesterday we broke through a smile stone like we have never seen before. it only took 23 days for the dow jones industrial average to add 1,000 points. we finished above 25,000 yesterday and just in the last 20 minutes, the president of the united states wanted to remind everybody of that. he tweeted this: ainsley: dow goes from 18,589 on november 9th, 2016, to 25,075 today for a new all-time record. jumped 1,000 points in last five weeks. record fastest 1,000 point move in history. this is all about the make
4:03 am
america great again agenda jobs, jobs, jobs. $6 trillion in value created. brian: remember paul krugman who won a nobel prize for being good in economics said the trump presidency was going to be a disaster. a regime ignorant of economic policy and hostile to any effort to make it work. that turned out to be wrong, oops. you have this guy mccormick who is a veteran analyst who previously had worked for goldman sachs said disruptive changes in trade capital flows will cause this economy to struggle under donald trump. and the fitch team. responsible for evaluating government markets concluded that the trump administration represents a risk to international economic conditions. wrong, wrong, wrong. not only does the stock market go up. but unemployment is going down. more jobs are added. they expect adding 350. growth three straight quarters revise dollars 3.3.
4:04 am
steve: mainstream media predicted if he was elected president doom and gloom and fast forward a year the dow over 25,000. the fbi reportedly is reopening the hillary clinton email investigation and the department of justice is targeting, it sounds like, the clinton foundation. brian: all because that guy in the backseat is looking over her shoulder. ainsley: because we have a fines exclusive. letter revealing the dirty dossier was used to justify the mueller investigation. brian: what? griff jenkins is live in the nation's capital to break it all down. that's not what we heard. we heard it was all about george paparazzi. >> brian, ainsley and steve, good morning. let me tell you what we know fox news has learned the department of justice has launched a new investigation into hillary clinton. that is the headline. it centers around allegations the clinton foundation engaged in a pay-to-play scheme while she was secretary of state. investigators also looking at how much classified information may have been sent over that email server of hers. something the president of
4:05 am
judicial watch tom fitton says is long overdue. >> this is why it's interesting to see the justice department as reported today is actually we looking at this issue, finally. so the pressure is working. >> this as the department of justice agrees to also finally release all remaining investigative documents pertaining to the house intelligence committee's probe in a letter exclusively obtained by fox news. chairman devon nunez expressed concerns to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein that the trump dossier was used as justification to investigate the president. nunez writes in the letter the committee is extremely concerned by indications that top u.s. government officials, who are investigating a presidential campaign relied on unverified information that was funded by the opposing political campaign and was based on russian sources. among witnesses that are agreed to in this letter, fbi agent peter strzok, fbi lawyer lisa page, fbi general counsel james baker
4:06 am
and intel chief bill prestab as well as senior doj official bruce ohr. it is friday. quite a lot of the developments which you will hear more about going into next week, guys. steve: indeed, thank you very much, griff. the question still remains was the dirty dossier used as one of the reasons they were able to effectively spy on the trump campaign by the special folks who do the spying. brian: last week while a lot of you were off it turns out the "new york times" had a story this whole investigation was spread from george papadopoulos getting drunk. steve: not the dossier brian brian not the dossier. there is still push back. a lot of people don't believe that story. we will see where the investigation goes. the fusion gps lost a judge's decision in order to protect their financial records which would show where they might be going, were they paying the reconciliations as well as chris steele. and now they are going to appeal that. steve: that's right. meanwhile, steve bannon, as you know, is one of main
4:07 am
sources in michael waltz' new book which is the number one book in the whole wide world right now. we do know parts of it were wrong. a little sloppy. apparently a number of people who were quoted in it were told it was off the record and then it wasn't. however, it sounds like steve bannon knew full well he was being recorded. so he is on the record about the stuff he said. ainsley: president agrees with you with the word sloppy. he tweeted this he said i authorize zero access to white house, actually turned him down many times, referring to michael wolff, for author of the phony book. i never spoke to him for the book. full of lies, misrepresentations. and sources that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. speaking about steve bannon. brian: just unbelievable and really causing a division among people that brought steve bannon in when at that last minute from rebecca mercer who is from the mercer family that gave about $5 million to
4:08 am
revitalize the trump campaign that was not going strong before bannon, bossy and others got kellyanne got in there. they can't figure out why steve bannon would do this. and by the way there is other people reportedly on the record saying negative things about the president from the inside going over to the hey adams and making their -- and speaking regularly or reportedly to michael wolff about it. roger stone has been there from day one before donald trump officially declared. he is befuddled. >> it's a stunning act of betrayal and also a complete misunderstanding of donald trump. in donald trump's world, in trump world there is no karl rove. there never has been and there never will be. donald trump is very much his own man. he is his own strategist. he may be the greatest single salesman in american history. and the president's agenda on which he was elected, i should say his platform, was determined long before steve
4:09 am
bannon joined the campaign and was determined by one man, donald trump. is he a phenomena. he is a force of nature. he cannot be handled or managed. he is not a puppet and he never will be. ainsley: sarah huckabee sanders said michael wolff requested an interview with the president dozens of times. said more than 24 times. he was denied. she said we saw him for what he was. there was no reason to waste the president's time. she is going to be on with us in about 20 minutes. steve: she will be. one of the things -- there is her image right there. one of the things the left has been seizing is the fact that they are portraying this book 100% of donald trump's advisors think he is a nincompoop. brian: and that he is crazy. steve: think about the people he actually trusts. he trusts john f. kelly. he trusts steven miller. he trusts ivanka and jared. do you think those people think is he a nincompoop? that is unrealistic.
4:10 am
brian: did some damage. every other network go with the fact questioning his mental state all day yesterday. ainsley: yeah. brian: even had a democratic lawmaker wants to put together a committee to invoke the goldwater rule to see if the president's 25th amendment to maybe oust the president. ainsley: it's a distraction. many on the left they wake up every single day with an agenda to destroy the president. ened if you turn on many of the networks, you are going to see that they hate him as much as the people who love him. steve: what are the networks talking about? they're talking about the new book that quotes steve bannon, architect of donald trump's genius. not talking about how the fact that we passed 25,000 on the dow jones industrial average yesterday. ainsley: it's a distraction. the book was supposed to come out on tuesday. as all books drop on tuesdays except they have made an exception in this case it's now going to come out this morning at 9:00. steve: if you want a copy there, it is. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: i like the fact we are using the word nincompoop. i haven't heard that in 25
4:11 am
years. thanks, steve. talk about extreme weather we have been dealing with. east coast bracing for round 2 brutal air as low as 25 degrees below zero leaving major cities paralyzed. the city i storm is blamed for r deaths. people trapped in icy floodwaters. look at the images. out when conditions forcing the world's largest passenger jet to land at one of the typiest airports. the air bus 380 on way to germany from jfk when it was diverted to stuart airport. the runways at jfk had been shut down. mike pence saluting an american hero killed in the line of duty. the body of sergeant first class arriving at dover air force base in delaware. he was killed on new year's day. a latvian immigrant. he first enlist dollars in the u.s. army after being in the states for only a year
4:12 am
four other soldiers were hurt in the attack. the u.n. security council calling an emergency meeting today to discuss how to approach antigovernment protests in iran. 21 people are dead and hundreds arrested after a week of violent demonstrations fueled by unhappiness over the country's economy. u.n. ambassador nikki haley calling the protests a matter of human rights. this as the u.s. cuts off more funds to pakistan until it takes, quote: dispiive action against the taliban and other terror networks. the state department suspending security assistance but not saying how much that's worth. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you guys. steve: a busy day. ainsley: thanks, jillian. steve: meanwhile two lawmakers, republicans both are call for attorney jeff sessions to consider stepping down now. one of those lawmakers representative jim jordan is going to join us live next. ainsley: plus prototypes of that big beautiful wall as the president says are taking shape. the ceo of one of the companies competing for the job is going to join us live for an exclusive interview
4:13 am
♪ ♪ freedom freedom rt. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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4:17 am
steve: republican congressman mark meadows and jim jordan are calling on attorney general jeff sessions to either step down now or do his job. in a new op-ed the congressman writing attorney general jeff sessions has recused himself from the russia investigation but it would appear he has no control at all of the premier law enforcement agency in the world. the fbi. joining us right now is ohio congressman and vice chairman of the house freedom caucus jim jordan joins us from statuary hall. jim, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you have called on him to step down before but this time there is so much leaking going on somewhere in the department of justice or at the fbi it looks like he has lost control. >> well, yeah. this whole story last week in the "new york times," four unnamed sources saying that a 28-year-old shooting his mouth off in a bar was the catalyst for the russia investigation. this is just too convenient. i think largely to draw attention away from what we
4:18 am
believe was the focus of this investigation and what launched it. and that of course, is the dossier. this is as i said to someone before, this is kind of like pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. pay no attention on the dossier we have had for a year now it's really something else. i don't buy it the leaks continue. the document requests just this week to say oh we are now going to start giving you the documents. that's good step but where has that been for the last six months. of course, we called on the special counsel seven months ago and to date no one -- it hasn't been named. all these things start to build up. not to mention the fundamental fact why won't you answer our questions when you come in front of the committee. one the central questions i asked him is did the fbi pay christopher steele? were the taxpayers paying christopher steele. reimbursing christopher steele at the same time the democrat and national committee and clinton campaign were paying him for this dossier? that's a fundamental question and he would not answer that in the committee hearing we had a few weeks ago. steve: you know, congressman, it is extraordinary though to think that you've got donald trump as the president of the united states, his own
4:19 am
department of justifiable has been stonewalling congressman who simply are trying to get to the bottom of the same thing he wants to get to the bottom of. >> a great question, steve, this is no different than the treatment we got from holder and lynch when they ran the justice department. we tried to get all kinds of information. fast and furious. all these other issues they wouldn't provide witnesses and give us information. steve: who is running the show over there? >> that's the scary part. that is the scary part. particularly when you think we called for a special counsel six months ago. july we called for it think about what we have learned since we first called for it all the people, the growing chorus of people who believe we need a special counsel. we learned the clinton campaign paid for the dossier. we learned that lisa page and peter strzok had all these text messages. we have learned that peter strzok was the agent who changed the exson-in-lawner ration letter from gross intelligence criminal standard to extreme carelessness. we learned he was the guy who ran the russian investigation. these text messages talk about insurance policy and can't take the risk might
4:20 am
make donald trump president. still no movement on the second special counsel. this is something we think is obvious and the attorney general should do. steve: your message if he was watching right now, what would you say to him? >> i like jeff sessions. i just want you to do your job. we expected different -- we expected a different process and treatment and a different justice department when you took over. but, unfortunately we are getting the same kind of slow walking on witness access. slow walking on document production. so, that's what we want to see happen. steve: you know, people say deep state permanent government. is that what's at play here? >> well, certainly it seems that the folks from the seventh floor, remember the vast vast vast majority of the fbi are hard working people every day. some of the top people in the justice department. bruce ohr, peter strzok, lisa page. think about all the questions we have to get answered. why did jim baker get reassigned two weeks ago. all kinds of unbelievable questions we need eabsz to. that's what we are calling on jeff sessions to provide. steve: let's see what happens today. congressman, thank you very
4:21 am
much. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on this friday. "fox & friends" exclusive. one of the companies selected to build the prototype for president trump's big beautiful wall joins us live next. the gummy squish. centrum micronutrients fuel your body from the inside out. grab a centrum and join in. repeat daily.
4:22 am
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and find out how you can save 25% on your first purchase, plus first shipping. life hurts, feel better.
4:24 am
governor he joined us just this last hour to make the big announcement. >> i'm in a position to exercise the leadership that can build on the great work that governor rick scott has done to advance economic opportunity, reform education and drain the swamp. steve: the swamp in florida which he says there is a big one. president trump recently endorsed desantis which is filing his state election
4:25 am
paperwork later on today down in tallahassee. and that man lost an election but became mayor anyway. tom nelson, the guy right there, sworn in as the mayor of laurel, montana after the mayor elect didn't show up to the ceremony. dave wagner won november's election against nelson but never quit his other job to take office. the city council then forced to appoint mr. nelson. all right. ainsley, an exclusive. ainsley: that's right. an exclusive interview. you will be interested so keep your tvs on. the border wall remains the top priority for administration. four companies in the running to build the wall. one of them is called fisher sand and gravel. tommy fisher is the president and ceo out of arizona. and he joins us now. flew in to new york with this exclusive interview. tommy, thank you so much for joining us. what was your reaction when you got a call saying you're one of the top four companies, you could be chosen to build this wall? >> all the employees at fisher industries were very,
4:26 am
very excited. and this goes way back almost a year and a half ago when i was first inspired by president trump. when he made a bold statement that we're looking to protect the entire border security from one end to the other. and i have always been a person that thought outside the box along with our team and because we are so vertically integrated i wanted to really do something that was unique and so we started working on it almost two years ago when he first in some of his campaign pledges. i believe we have enacted one of the best techniques to build this border wall quickly. ainsley: talk about what you are doing. show the video of the 8 prototypes down there on the border and i want you to tell us which one your wall and yours is the one on the right, right? >> that's correct. we are the only one solid cast and plate concrete built on side with patented form system. ainsley: when we roll the video you can see more than four walls. why is that? why are there 8 walls. >> there was actually six companies that were chosen, two types of wall.
4:27 am
we felt concrete was the only constituent that would last the test of time when you are out in the environments. so we chose concrete. we're a big steel manufacturers as well but the steel we use for the forms. four concrete and four alternative walls. we are the only solid concrete. the other concrete walls are precast where they cast offsite and have to hal haul in and set up. we cast in place where our form system. ainsley: that's your wall right there. >> no. that's basic alternative wall. ainsley: is yours big and beautiful. >> it s when we build our wall and as you can see on up there with the excavators and stuff, we basically have 32-foot high by 34-foot forms. three of them set together and we do 100-foot pours. our wall is actually 32 feet high. 2 and a half feet thick solid concrete. ainsley: one on the right that you see there if you are watching at home. tell us about your company. your dad started this? >> yeah. dad started of shoveling sand by hand almost 70 years ago. i was fortunate that he
4:28 am
turned the reigns t over to me in family business 23 years ago and i have been running the company 23 years. my sons are groomed to come into the company as well. really big achievement when our company was picked. with our system we were able to secure bonding support to give unsolicited bid to land security that's on their desk right now where we guarantee we can build 700 miles of wall continuous with no exceptions through the mountains for a complete border protection system to start. for roughly about 10.77 billion. all backed by a bond guaranteed to finish in six years. and also backed by two year warranty. and we believe so much in our construction technique is in this border protection system, not only are we building a wall, we are building two high speed access roads for the border agents. what happens is we are building infrastructure along with the wall. because there is a built-in base right now with all these border agents that i met when we built the
4:29 am
prototype that need that access. sometimes they don't have access to and from. so, again, with president trump's bold thinking, that's what we want to do is to sell everybody in congress the president, anybody out there, the people that are for it or against, it is border patrol needs the ability, the agents, need the ability to do their job, you know, effectively and fixturely. what happens is when those roads are there, these agents now will be able to drive five times as fast to respond to any potential maybe wrong doers or crossers or someone who might get left. there is going to be complete security from one end to the other if we're picked and our walls will work. our sand wall will work -- the whole length. so our proposal specifically to california, arizona, and new mexico and that's where i live in arizona. we have done tons of project on the border and we know what we are going to encounter there. we got approval for the 60 miles as well in the rio grande valley of texas. ainsley: what do you say to the critics?
4:30 am
there are a lot of people who say that building this wall it gives off the impression that our country is racist. >> well, i extremely disagree with that. only because i have met every type of border agent out there from hispanic to african-american, feel male, female, caucasian. you name it they all looked and the people i met and they basically said if you can build a wall and when i told them that not only with the wall comes our high speed roads for infrastructure in it they are like you don't understand how much more efficient we can do our job we hear a lot that maybe they want to hire more agents and stuff. the main thing is if you can cover five times the amount of ground with the agents we have look how much better we can be protected. and i believe we asp very diverse company. we build great projects. you know, sort of tough to get caught in a political thing, but we're here and we are ready to go. ainsley: all right. no matter who wins, which company the president chooses the you still want the wall. >> we still do. we really feel comfort than once they do all the testing they will see that our wall
4:31 am
has the longest life span and has the most versatile uses because one of the things really proud about is our final design in texas. and when we get to the rio grande valley, we actually believe now that we have a design and a cop concrete wall that will function for three uses, border protection, levee protection and floods, same concrete could have protected boston. and elevate roads on top of ours, because our roads are strong enough to be backfilled where none of the other ones are. ainsley: have you done at love projects which largest. >> i-580 in nevada. at love pundits thought we couldn't build we did it on time and under budget. ainsley: we did reach out to all the other companies. we didn't hear back from them. thank you for accepting our invitation. it is the book that everyone is talking about this morning. it is called fire and fury and people say it's sad and pathetic because it's all about the first family. at least the president has been saying that and that's what sarah huckabee sanders is calling it as well. she is going to join us live from the white house next.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
♪ then i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ not a trace. brian: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. that is the white house it's dark and looks cold much like most of america which that house represents. steve: just outside the front door and to the left sarah huckabee sanders is going to be -- she is getting miked up right now. we are going to be talking to her about all sorts of things, including this new book by michael wolff which is the number one book in the world right now where they, quote, extensively steve bannon and everybody thought he was so loyal to the president and yet he had some very unkind things to stay about the president's family. ainsley: it's called fire and fury. and mainstream media is loving this because of all the negative press that surrounds the president so they were supposed to release the book on tuesday
4:36 am
ever next week now they are moving it forward or moving it up. brian: mike wolf just spoke on another show. you will hear some of that at which time he said whether the president knows it or not we spoke. steve: after he was elected president. brian: after he was elected they spoke a few times. did i read they spoke five to seven minutes. the president said he was never given access to michael wolff who did say a lot of his interviews were because he was set up in a hotel nearby. steve: okay. let's go over to the big wall. this is what donald trump tweeted yesterday. i authorized zero access to white house. actually turned him, michael wolff down many times for author of phony book. i never spoke to him for the book. that's what the president said in the tweet and continued full of lie, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve and with that tweet, he dubbed steve bannon sloppy steve.
4:37 am
ainsley: let's bring in sarah huckabee sanders. she is now miked and ready to go. she is there at the lawn at the white house. steve: she is freezing. ainsley: good morning, sarah at the press conference you said you denied michael wolff more than 24 requests to get an interview with the president. he is on another network this morning saying did he talk to the president. whether the president knew it was an interview. it was not off the record. what's your response? >> look, we said they spoke once by the phone for a few minutes but it wasn't about the book. they had a very short conversation. but he never interviewed the president about the book. he repeatedly begged to speak with the president. and was denied access. and he makes it sound like he was sitting outside the oval office every single day which is just not the case. this is a guy who made up a lot of stories to try to sell books and i think more and more people are starting to see that his facts just simply don't add up. brian: word is that mike michael wolff was seen often in steve bannon's office. would you say that's true? >> no.
4:38 am
i know there were a number of times that he met with steve and i think they have both said in repeated that that happened. we looked at the logs. we know that they met on multiple occasions. he was frequently seen meeting with him. so i think that's a pretty indisputable fact on that front. steve: yesterday, during your press briefing, i heard you describe in some detail about how some parts of the book are just flat out wrong. you detailed john boehner thing and stuff like that. additionally, we are learning, sarah, that apparently a number of people who were quoted in the book have revealed that they spoke to him. but it was off the record. but he still put it i in book. any idea to what their reaction is to thinking okay it's off the record now it's in the book. what am i supposed to do. >> not only that not only did they say it was off the record. a number of them have said that the things that are attributed to them they simply just didn't say. i think that this
4:39 am
individual, michael wolff, has a long history of not being very credible when it comes to sourcing, when it comes to putting books together. in fact, reporters that are routinely incredibly critical of this president have said that the journalistic practice of michael wolff, i think gives everybody in journalism a bad name. and i think every day we are seeing more and more examples of why that's the case. brian: one theme we keep hearing about how the president flies off the handle. doesn't like to read. is mentally unfitted to be president. and that when you have people on the inside say this where the whether they are quoted accurately or inaccurately it plays to that theme. we even had a democratic lawmaker yesterday talk about the goldwater rule convene 5 council to evaluate the president's mental makeup. what's the president's reaction to that? what's yours? >> i think it's absolutely insane to think all of these
4:40 am
individuals, reporters and others now all of the sudden have a medical degree and think that they can diagnose somebody, many times that they have never even had a conversation with. it's absolutely outrage just to make these types of accusations and untrue and sad people are going and making these desperate attempts to attack the president. what i think is really mentally unstable is people that don't see the positive impact that this president is having on the country. the economy is booming. we are crushing isis. day after day things are getting better for americans all over this country. and i think it's really sad that these people don't see that. and that they are not celebrating and trying to join in the president's efforts to turn our country around. ainsley: sarah, he didn't have political experience. and i guess he is learning lessons, too, about what he can say and what he can't say. you know, there are people that have left the white house. and this morning we had rush limbaugh saying in a sound bite from his radio show yesterday that steve bannon
4:41 am
was the leaker in the white house. is there truth to that? >> look, i think we all know that he spent a lot of time with reporters. i have think he spent a lot more time with reporters than he ever did with the president. and i think that's very telling. one of the most important things that you can do when you are working in any capacity but especially in politics is to be loyal. and i think we have seen a side that is frankly very, very disappointing. and something that i hope we don't have to deal with again. brian: by the way, senator bill cassidy for the record is a doctor. met with the president multiple times and he said there is no doubt about it he is mentally fit to be president of the united states. i will go with his suggestion because he has had the face to face and he went to school for that. >> absolutely. i agree. steve: all right. meanwhile, sarah, some other breaking news that we led our program with the department of justice apparently is looking into the clinton foundation and this is a fox news alert. they are trying to figure out whether or not did the
4:42 am
clintons promise something when she was secretary of state to get money for the clinton foundation, something, you know, get something during the barack obama administration, also whether or not they broke any tax law us, et cetera. i know you've talked in the past about why isn't anybody looking into this? well now they are looking into it. >> look, i think that's good news. certainly i think there have been a lot of things that give us cause for concern. i think it's a great thing that it's being looked at. and we'll have to wait and see what happens. but there has certainly been a lot of information out there that i think gives all of us cause for concern and i think it's important that they are finally taking a look at it and we'll see what comes from it. steve: yep. ainsley: jeff sessions, some people are upset with him about what happened with the legalization of marijuana at the state level. but if you look at what the doj is doing. doj is launching this investigation into the clinton foundation. they are also agreeing to hand over all those documents, i guess, because they have to. they are agreeing to release
4:43 am
all those documents that deal with the dirty dossier. what's the future for jeff sessions. we are hearing he could step down. >> look, right now he is focused on doing his job. we are focused on doing ours. we don't have any reason to see that there is anything different today than there was yesterday. we feel like we are in a great place and we are moving forward. and the attorney general is going to continue showing up to work this week and next week just like he has every day since we started and keep doing good work and moving the president's agenda forward. brian: sarah huckabee sanders freezing for us. we appreciate it. >> i don't think i can stay much longer. steve: all right. ainsley: we will release you. thank you so much sarah. ryan brian very nice to get the latest from the white house. the media mocked the president when he mocked nuclear button. turns out that tough talk might be working. there is evidence of that and that story is next. steve: plus abc news reporter brian ross who
4:44 am
botched that trump russia story is supposed to be back to work following his suspension but he still hasn't shown up why? ♪ nowhere to run ♪ nowhere to hide ♪ you know what they say about the early bird... he gets the best deal on the perfect hotel by using tripadvisor! that's because tripadvisor lets you start your trip on the right foot... by comparing prices from over 200 booking sites to find the right hotel for you at the lowest price. saving you up to 30%!
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4:47 am
brian: tweet aimed at kim jong un? response nuclear button what he said the day before. looks like tough talk might be working. north korea has just agreed to talk with south korea. what's on the agenda? the story is they are talking for the first time in a long time. here to weigh in is the president of security studies jim hanson. jim, is this a good thing? because you have a liberal leader of south korea who came, in wanted to distance himself from the united states and now he is talking to north korea. are they trying to get between us or are they giving in. >> i think you can look at the way this went down. you know, kim jong un makes a threat about nuclear weapons and a button on his
4:48 am
desk and president trump did exactly what do you when you are dealing with a bully and a tyrant. he faced him down he said that's a nice hermit kingdom that you have up there. it would be a shame if it turned into nuclear radioactive rubble. look what happened. the north koreans picked up a hotline that hadn't been used in two years and called south korea a couple hours later. i this that i speaks for itself. brian: we also decided no war games during the olympics, jim mattis made that official yesterday. in terms of war plans between mcmaster, dunford and mattis, my understanding is they are working on scenarios as if it could really happen this year. do you fear or do you think a confrontation is inevitable? >> i think it is impossible for diplomacy to work unless there is a credible threat of force involved. otherwise, you know you have nothing to worry about. the u.s. always has been planning, it was my area of operations, the korean peninsula.
4:49 am
we have had plans to take them down forever. what they are doing is updating those and making sure they're as optimal as possible. general mcmaster said to me directly, he doesn't like when people think if there was a war between the u.s. and north korea there is any doubt about the outcome and that it would be some horrific tragedy. we can win and beat them if they push us to do that. we don't want to, but they need to believe it can happen. brian: so you believe, jim, that this talk, this relentless pursuit and the squeezing and the sanctions have produced this meeting between north and south? >> absolutely. and i think at some point no bully like kim jong un wants to contemplate the idea that his entire regime could disappear. i think now president trump has convinced him that's the option if he does not take the idea of denuclearization seriously. that's where you are and you can thank the president's tough talk for that. brian: joe biden is very
4:50 am
critical of the president's tough talk. >> joe biden. when was the last time he was right on any major foreign policy issue in the senate or during his time as obama's failed foreign policy team. no thanks. i don't think we need to listen to him. brian: jim hanson president of security special forces knows reality of what war brings. thanks, jim. >> you brought it, brian. brian: the media questioned the president's mental fitness. you see all. this geraldo rivera weighs in. he was with the president a couple months ago. plus abc news reporter brian ross who botched a trump/russia story is supposed to be back to work following his suspension. he has not shown up. the latest from carley shimkus. she has the details of that story. she is walking. she is walking, ♪ rumor has it ♪ rumor has it ♪ g. even in accounts receivable.
4:51 am
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♪ steve: investigative reporter at abc brian ross suspended for from the news operation for a botched report last year. although his suspension ended this week he is still not reportedly at work. ainsley: here now is carley shimkus on 24/7 sirius xm. carley: big news with brian ross his suspension was supposed to end yesterday. did he not show up to work. of course he was suspended for four weeks after he botched that big report he said that michael flynn was willing to testify that president trump ordered him to make contact with the russians while he was still a candidate. that turned out not to be true. steve: during the transition. carley: yeah. big, big difference there. abc declines to comment on whether ross will ever be coming back. brian: i do know that evidently the president of abc news blistered everyone in the department because he
4:55 am
said this is exactly what i told you not to do. carley: big deal. for ross' part he did say on twitter it's his job to hold people responsible for their actions he is holding himself responsible for his. he did take this whole situation very seriously. brian: he could be gone. we don't know. carley: we don't know. ainsley: mark zuckerberg did that casual video he wants to fix facebook so he is being mocked. >> he makes big new year's resolution every single year. this one might be the most challenging one yet. he has vowed to fix facebook. facebook, of course, has had a lot of issues being accused of spreading fake news that affected the 2016 presidential election many other other things. here is what he had so say. my personal challenge for 2018 is focused on fixing these important issues. we won't prevent all mistakes or abuse we currently make too many errors in forcing our policies and preventing misuse of our tools. ainsley, like you said, a lot of people not so sure
4:56 am
this is going to' ha. pretty big challenge. mya says zuckerberg's personal challenge for himself is the work he should be doing as facebook ceo anyway. actions speak louder than words and my 2018 challenge is to stop using fain. steve: commonwealth of virginia tight race. so close they drew the winner out of a bowl and who won? carley: the republican. cheers, i guess, i don't know. let's take a look at this. >> the winner will be in the first canister. the winner of house district 94 is david yancey. >> no bragging rights there because it was chosen out of a hat essentially. this isn't the first time they have had to pick a name out of a bowl. last time they did it was in 171 though. been a while. brian: big democratic turnout and got very close.
4:57 am
there it goes. republicans get one win. steve: thank you very much. >> thanks so much. steve: meanwhile straight ahead john the floor manager who you just saw indicated geraldo rivera is next on deck. stay tuned. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing. save up to $8 on one a day. see sunday's paper.
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5:01 am
overall before we dive into it to the president that infuriates me.
5:02 am
no doubt that the president emotionally and intellectually went from his days at celebrity apprentice. and spent an hour with them as i recall. it is a slander and it is absolutely false this man is as lucid and ends intelligent as in charge of he has ever been. i don't sit in the lending library. he is extremely aware of everything that's going on. i think has problem is he is
5:03 am
aware of too many things. he has 70 things on his plate. the challenge of the job is more than he ever expected it to be. if you look at the learning curve in the first year of his office and look now how his business acumen and his ability to chart -- to cheerlead and to be the charismatic central focus has taken the american economy from a kind of lackluster mediocre wishy-washy they did a fine job helping recover from the catastrophic but he has jumpstarted the economy in a way that is so impressive that everyone is cheering and there's not a person watching right now who owns a single share of stock who is not better off today than they were before that. than they were before that. he is a billionaire.
5:04 am
you become president of the united states when he he's clearly doing something right. he might talk to a reporter here and there. the past presidents had been in politics for a long time. why would he do this. >> backed up on first bannon than bannon. i think his inexperience is why one of the reasons he allowed steve bannon to become so connected to him ideologically and that golden theory where bannon, navy veteran has an interestinger to him, a simplistic view of the world where he's very good on messaging. >> why did the president so embrace him in such an intimate way only to reject
5:05 am
him bannon wasn't there? so i think that was perhaps an error in judgment to make bannon such an intimate because bannon then is the one who opens up the bannon book. bannon is the one who slouch on the couch. lets him become the fly on the wall. brian: he told people to cooperate with michael wolf. >> that i think is unfortunate because bannon had a deal that it was going to be a bannon book. not a trump book right from the get-go. steve: we had sarah huckabee sanders on with us about 40 minutes ago and here's what she had to say about bannon and reporters. >> he spent a lot of time with reporters. i think he spent more time with reporters than he ever did with the president, and i think that's very telling. one of the most important things you can do when working in any capacity, but especially in politics is to be loyal. and i think we've seen a side
5:06 am
that is frankly very, very disappointing. and something that i hope we don't have to deal with again. steve: you know, one of the things about this particular book that we came out. this loyalty that we showed was so many said, well, you know, donald trump's brain was steve bannon. you've if known donald trump decades before steve bannon came along. he was never his brain. >> donald trump's brain is donald trump's brain. it's not george h.w. bush at all. but i want to say something very specifically about steve bannon. steve bannon suggests that the meeting that don jr. and the others had with the russians in trump tower summer of 2016 was a treasonist act. i submit that what bannon did in saying that don jr. took those commies upstairs to meet his father, you can take that to the bank and bet on, what bannon did was suggest did
5:07 am
meet with the russians indeed very active treason. bannon stabbed trump in the back by making that suggestion. there's no investigative reporter from the new york times, you name the trump-hating news organization, no one has in any way suggested that president trump had anything to do with the russians that don jr. in his inexperience can be in a meeting in trump tower. brian: i'll add a couple of things to that. he was not in the building, number one. and he was not hired at the time. it was all conjecture on his part, something you would suggest from david corn, somebody on the left who has a presumption about the president that is predominantly negative. but what's the motivation? is it pure ego? he's not a wall street guy. multimillionaire, ivy league grad, he's not dumb.
5:08 am
what is he up to? >> i've seen it in show business where the agents are helping shepherd the career of a central person in the movies and now you're here. and the agent seems to take on the personality of the principal. the agent feels himself or herself the center of the universe. i truly believe that steve bannon saw himself as the character. he was the puppet master. he was going to really be the trump presidency. one was going to be about donald trump, the self made billionaire, one was going to be about steve bannon, the scrappy outsider, the guy who took over breitbart website and going to be a brave new world. i don't think bannon is getting a piece of michael wolf's book or anything like that. i think this was purely ego driven and just a barroom bragger. once you go down that room,
5:09 am
you have to top that brag. you like that one? how about this one? and i think this was much more than bannon's ego than anyone else. attempting to criticize and attack this book, the president has helped propel it. steve: something to get you going this morning. is the president is meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill tossing out how do we get a new budget deal for maybe two years but at the same time democrats are saying if you're going to get your money, i'm going to get daca and the president is saying i'm going to get a wall. >> the thing about daca, daca has to stand on its own. daca is the right thing to do in geraldo herrera opinion.
5:10 am
steve: you sound like a republican because there's no urgency right now. >> will soon be liable or vulnerable to deportation. i think that the dreamer situation if i were the president and i urge him as his friend. this is an act of compassion. do this as a stand-alone. in other words, don't link it to the wall. don't link it to the immigration leverage. but something, steve. if you had a little baby in stress, would you say i'm not going to help the baby in distress because i want you to tear down that -- i -- this -- some things are not negotiable in my view. he talks about his new york values. he grew up here. he knows these kids as well as anybody else. let him give the daca kids slack and then attack chain
5:11 am
migration. you can easily end chain migration. brian: not with one party you can't. >> sometimes with leverage when you wield leverage, you look like the jerk. when you wield leverage. brian: no, but it's a deal. >> but when it's about humanity. i understand that. these are totally vetted, many of them are in military, in college. brian: lindsey graham, what many of them said is very telling. he has a different view. watch. >> obama couldn't do it. bush couldn't do it. i think you can do it. there's deals that he had if you want it bad enough, you'll get it. you have to give a little bit. brian: this is the time to give. you want this, that you get. lindsey graham, hard. he didn't even vote for president trump said you can do it.
5:12 am
bush and clinton and obama couldn't. >> i will reserve comment on senate to graham. think about the book even. the people that hate trump are still going to hate trump. the people that love trump are still going to love trump. this is a sliver of a chance right here with the dreamers where the president can show he can strip away a talking point for all of those fiery antitrumpian commentators on the other cable news networks. he can just take away the talking points. and then you deal with the -- you want to negotiate, i'll negotiate. let's end chain migration. here's how you end it. you define the personal family, the core family as grandparents, parents, and children. i will negotiate that. you want to build the wall, take the wall and replace it with the 700 miles you've already built that has fallen down. steve: see, you want something the president ran on the wall, he's going to use this as leverage.
5:13 am
let's fast-forward. ainsley: because he would give that gift to the democrats. the democrats aren't going to give anything back. he's not going to get the wall without the leverage he won't get the wall, geraldo. >> i think that sometimes you take a chance when the worst thing you can do is something compassionate or nice. brian: i'll talk more. let's talk more on the radio. i'll change your opinion. >> okay. so why don't we make money? let's talk about making money. brian: stuart varney is going to do that if geraldo doesn't interrupt me again. [laughter] somehow we always leave packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
5:14 am
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5:17 am
ainsley: another record for the markets as the dow closes above 25,000 for the first time ever. president trump weighed in this morning tweeting this: steve: dow goes from 18,000 something on november 9th to 25,000 today for an all-time record. jumped 1,000 points in the last five weeks. record fastest 1,00 1,000-point move in history. this is all about the make
5:18 am
america great again agenda. jobs, jobs, jobs. $6trillion in value created. brian: stuart varney didn't even know this. what's your reaction to hear this news for the first time? stuart: very funny. brian: you're "varney & company" all news. what's your reaction on this? stuart: the president tweeted $6 trillion. it is almost $7 trillion. by the end of the day, it will be $7 trillion run-up the value of all stocks since the election. let me just say something. one thing that drives me nuts about this. everybody assumes or the left assumes that this run-up in the stock market just benefits the rich. that's what it's all about. the rich get richer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. nonsense. in this country, 43 million americans have an ira. 54million have a 401(k). he have single one of those people have seen a huge run-up in their pension fund because of the trump rally. steve: stuart, let me ask you this. how much of the credit should
5:19 am
donald trump get? stuart: a lot of it. steve: why? stuart: well, a, he came in with a growth agenda. he was elected on a growth agenda. steve: cut regulations. stuart: cut regulations. that sent a message to capitalists all over the world, especially in america. the reigns are off. get out there and exercise your animal spirits. expand, employ, and grow, and they did it. now we have a tax cut which is very, very good for business and going into this year, we will have a expansion of the economy, an expansion of profits, and the static has started the year with a very nice rally. ainsley: those who like the president, they don't want to hear this message. stuart: oh, let me just show you this one. this is preciselyless. this is the new york times which has consistently failed to report on the trump rally but now as we hit 25,000, the headline in the times reads after dow 25,000, the party has to end.
5:20 am
oh, yes. there's a correction coming. talking about insinuating the negative. that i think is absolutely pathetic. brian: i'll give you the other side. the washington post theory is the worry is they're going to go in after the terrorists and the trade deals. stuart: that's in the washington post? brian: washington post. stuart: they're just eager to see it come down. brian: would it worry you to see nafta? stuart: would it worry me? i would like to know what's in it. i would like to know the details, please. that's all i would like to know. and then i'll make a judgment whether it's good for the economy or not. ainsley: all right. steve: well, right now the stock market is or your. stuart, thank you very much. ainsley: and it's friday. and you have the weekend today. stuart: constituents going up again. steve: in the meantime more trouble for hillary clinton, a brand-new fbi investigation
5:21 am
apparently. sarah palin joins us on this latest bombshell. up next. brian: and what does he think of steve bannon? one of the persons who brought steve bannon into the president. how does he feel? you know what's awesome? gig-speed internet.
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now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> good friday morning we're back with some headlines. china now tightening restrictions on north korea after intensified un sanctions. this includes a cap on oil supplies to the north. it comes as the north and south korea prepare to sit down for former talks on tuesday for the first time in more than two years. the rivals will talk about the winter clippers and how to improve their relationship. well, deported five-time
5:25 am
illegal immigrant convicted. josé could get up to three years for possession of a firearm. his acquittal on charges caused outrage after he admitted to accidentally firing the gun that killed kate steinle in 2015. that's a look at your headlines. i'll send it back downstairs to you, brian. brian: thanks, jillian. a new year into the foundation but this one might stick. ainsley: hillary clinton is in the hot seat again as the fbi is taking a closer look at pay to play allegations within her foundation while she was serving a secretary of state. steve: fox news contributor sarah educator has been following this extensively. she joins us from dc. good morning to you, sarah. >> good morning. steve: okay. we're talking about this is perhaps a new investigation. but the original investigation never really shut down, did it? >> no. it never shut down, and it wasn't just open in one field office. apparently there were five
5:26 am
field offices across the united states. actually looking into the clinton foundation. now i think what's significant here is that they're no longer insulated. this was the thing. under the obama administration, many fbi agents, the bureau itself was insulated to an extent. now what we're seeing is the little rock office reopening that, and i know -- and this has been absolutely verified -- had interviewed a very significant witness, and they provided very significant information to the little rock office. steve: interesting. brian: is that that secret informant? >> we can't talk about that right now, but i can tell you that it has been verified. brian: can you blank twice if i'm right? >> you're making me blink, brian. ainsley: sarah, this is basically to find out if foreign governments or individuals -- an individual can get to a campaign, only give x-amount of dollars.
5:27 am
small amount. but if they were giving big amounts of money to foundation and then using that money to pay them off promises, and you give my foundation a lot of money, we don't pay taxes on it. i'll send my husband over to russia to give a speech or we'll do something for your company or your country. is that what they're looking at? >> i think that's exactly what they're looking at, and they're looking at tax status as well, ainsley, so you brought up a really good point. so you remember at that point in time obama wanted to reset with russia. so it's not like the clintons -- and i think this is coming from a number of sources. were saying, look, we're going to make this happen if you give us money. i think they already knew it was going to happen. and according to the sources i spoke with took advantage of that situation. so that's something they're going to be looking at as well. steve: the meter's running, isn't it? because doesn't the statute of limitations on most federal felonies end after five years, and she -- and i was just looking it up. i could be incorrect, but i
5:28 am
think she left federal office february 1st, 2015. so of this year, five years is up, isn't it? >> well, five years is up but that doesn't mean they won't find something elsewhere they can extend that statute of limitations. so i don't want to jump the gun here by saying something, but i do believe it can be extended. not on what we're thinking but maybe on something quite different. ainsley: that means you know something. brian: let's talk about hillary clinton's e-mails. they're up again evaluating what devon nunez and company in the house how they handled that investigation also thanks to the fisa act and judicial watch, we now know what all of those thousands of e-mails on aberdeen's laptop were in which we knew were classified. where are they going with hillary clinton's e-mail investigation? >> well, they're certainly reevaluating it. i wouldn't say at this point it's being reopened. i would say they're reevaluating it to see what they need to do. and aberdeen is in hot water
5:29 am
here. she knew she was transmitting those, she was printing them out. and another issue here is that the fbi and people within the bureau believe that foreign agents had infiltrated not only hillary clinton's server but possibly aberdeen's yahoo! account as well. and that's the reason for the gross negligence statute; right? it's not so much the intent. it's if you take these e-mails, these classified documents, anything, outside of the perve of government, anybody can access them, and that gross negligence puts the national security of the united states at risk. and this is what they're looking at. steve: a lot to talk about. sarah, thank you very much for joining us on this friday. have a good weekend. ainsley: thanks, sarah. >> thank you. ainsley: it is a fox news alert. will the economic boom continue? we are waiting on brand-new jobs numbers. we will have them for you live next. steve: plus, president trump on twitter new nickname for steve bannon. does he look like a sloppy
5:30 am
steve to you? that's what the president described him as. david bossie with the reaction. he's bossy. he's next what is this? when we love someone, we want to do right by them. but some things we can't control like snoring. (snoring) introducing theravent anti-snore strips. clinically shown to reduce snoring. theravent. the answer is right under your nose.
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5:33 am
brian: i know what city that is. it's on the tip of my tongue. steve: yeah, you're. new york city. brian: david bossie the former trump campaign manager, fox news contributor, author of let trump be trump. and one of the people responsible for the revitalization, i believe, of president trump's campaign from -- guys came in, kellyanne conway and steve
5:34 am
bannon and there was an injection of energy and direction that brought you to -- brought the president to the presidency. how hard has this been for the last 48 hours for you, david bossie, and how unexpected if at all is it that steve bannon would turn in this way on president trump? >> well, first of all, let me just say that president trump is responsible for his election. he's -- did 99.9% of the work. the hard work that he put into it, the money, the time, and the energy that he put in, he's responsible. the rest of us. steve bannon, myself, kellyanne conway, and the rest of the team accounted for literally .01% of his win. he's responsible for his victory. no one else. so i'm shocked to be honest with you sitting here, and i'm disappointed that we're sitting here talking about this national enquirer on steroids, you know, salacious book. this person should never have had access to the white house. he should never have had
5:35 am
access to any of these people, and i'm just disappointed that we're sitting here talking about being off of the tremendous agenda that this president has set forth for america. steve: well, the book you're talking about is michael wolf's book, and it's officially going to be released in let's see. 25 minutes from right now. >> well, i'm going to run right out and get one. steve: i know it. and we all know right now parts of it are wrong and some people who were speaking off the record turns out it was on the record, and they look pretty bad. but what are you going to do? and the other part is his sloppy reporting, and i think that's what the president was keying in on when he gave him a new nickname in this tweet we're going to read. brian: yeah, the president said i authorized zero access to white house, actually. turned him down many times for the author of the phony book. i never spoke to him for the book. full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist. look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. now, he was on another
5:36 am
network, david, earlier this morning saying that he did talk to the president. the president said everything was on the record. what do you think? you know bannon. you know sloppy steve. you know him well. what really happened? i feel like we don't know the whole story. why would they do? why would he speak out and not be loyal to the commander-in-chief and to his boss? >> well, let's get to the book, and i'll get to that. i am looking at just the excerpt. i have not seen the book. no one that i know has. but i could tell you just from the excerpts, i was there during the campaign segment of what he's writing about not of obviously inside the white house. but there's just factual inaccuracies in this book. so i'm going to go through this book when i get a chance and look at it. brian: i'll throw some out at you. did melania cry because she didn't want to go to the white house? >> that's so outrageous. i was standing there with the trump family on election night actually the morning after
5:37 am
wednesday morning at 2:00 a.m. when kellyanne conway got the famous phone call to call the election for then president-elect trump. and melania, like the rest of us, was ecstatic that her husband had just been elected the 45th president of the united states. there was no tears. it was -- it's an outrageous that this person would stoop to such a level to write just trash. and that's what i think it is. brian: the president didn't want to win? >> nobody worked harder than donald trump. he traveled over 2 million miles, road around in that jet killing himself six events a day all day every day going to rallies, giving speeches, talking to the american people about the make america great again agenda, and it's outrageous that they say he didn't expect to win. he didn't want to win. he worked his fingers to the bone, and he drove the staff to want to work as hard as he did and no one worked harder than him. steve: well, one of the things, and we haven't seen the book yet either.
5:38 am
there have been some selected excerpts released and one of the other ones was, you know, one of the things about donald trump according to his long time friends is he repeats the same thing every 20 minutes. but since he has become president, he repeats the same thing every ten minutes, so that has, david, driven some of the left to say he is not mentally fit to be president of the united states. that's something they're talking about right now on other channels. >> the democratic party, the leadership of the democrats need a mental health evaluation themselves. look at nancy pelosi, chuck schumer. these folks are living in "la la land." this president with his agenda has been making america great again since his first day in office almost one year ago. and if you look at the numbers, you look at isis being killed on battlefields across the middle east, if you look at our economy, if you look at what america's done just since his inauguration, it is phenomenal what a little
5:39 am
hope, growth, and opportunity will do for the american people. so i'm just not in the -- this president talks about anecdotal stories much like ronald reagan did, and they are treating these two presidents very similarly. they said these things about ronald reagan, and they weren't true about him. and they're not true about donald trump. brian: these aren't enemies. katie walsh, this is steve ban open, mike mcmaster, gary cohn saying things forward. but i'm going to ask this, david. would you ever work for somebody that you thought wasn't mentally or emotionally up for the job? >> absolutely not. this president is unbelievably qualified. he got elected because he is incredibly smart. he is well educated, he is well read. that -- it's the misnomer of the left and the leftist mainstream media in this country that he is not. he is an incredible human being, he is a warm, kind human being.
5:40 am
something that -- look, i'm not here to sell my book but in our booklet trump be trump, we talked about those sides of president trump, and i urge people to go out and read, you know, the real firsthand account about him. ainsley: all right. folks at home can get both books and make their own comparisons; right? steve: fair and balanced, apparently. brian: boss will be bossy. ainsley: thank you, david. let's hand it over to jillian who has some headlines for us and you can get her book as well. >> good morning, guys. let's start off with these headlines. thanks to the luck of the draw, the republicans keep control of the virginia statehouse and name the two candidates who landed in a tieback in november were dumped into a bowl, rolled around, and drawn at random. republican nancy's name was pulled out, meaning he gets to keep the seat. virginia state law called for elections to be decided by a drawing, but they hadn't been used since 1971.
5:41 am
democratic candidate shelly simmons has not yet conceited. north american rolls, u.s. officials are now preparing for nuclear war. the disease control holding a briefing later this month to make sure americans know what to do if we're attacked. that includes sheltering in place for at least 24 hours and paying attention to state and local governments. this week kim jong-un warned he had a nuclear button on his desk. president trump says his button is bigger. terrifying moments are caught upside down on a chair lift some 20 feet above the ground. the girl stuck at california's mammoth mountain before rescuers were able to catch her. [cheering] >> the scared mother said the safety bar was down as the family tried to get on the lift. somehow the teen's leg got caught. she was not hurt. it's never too late to get
5:42 am
into politics and 92-year-old world war ii veteran just swore into office for the first time ever. >> solemnly swear that i will support the constitution. >> sworn in as the mayor after winning the seat in number. the republican war out two pairs of shoes going door-to-door to hand out 7500 campaign fliers. he's a former electronics engineer and a u.s. navy veteran. many congrats to. steve: he did it the old-fashioned way. ainsley: 93? >> 93. ainsley: congratulations. brian: let's toss out to somebody much younger. ainsley: much younger. hey, janice. >> you know, we're keeping warm out here. what is the temperature? 9 degrees. with the wind chill, it feels less than that.
5:43 am
we're here with folks from australia. what's your name? >> blare. >> this was a bucket list for you guys? >> yes. it was on our list when we came to new york to go to fox and friends. >> would you love to meet steve, ainsley, and brian? >> we would love to. >> what's your name? >> bobby. >> and. >> lee. >> the only big story today, of course, was the bomb cyclone yesterday. but it's the extreme cold that's going to be with us through the weekend so make sure everyone's bundled up. and you know what the good news is, guys? next week, there's a warm up on the way. you want to go meet my friend steve, ainsley, and brian? >> yeah. >> okay i know the ticket in. we're coming in. steve: thank you very much. open the door. ainsley: howard dean says all the democrats in his generation just need to get out of the way. but joe biden says huh-uh. not so fast. >> i can take him physically. okay? ainsley: so does that mean he's going to make a run in 2020? or maybe he's going to fight
5:44 am
him? brian: yes, i would like to see that. and you see him all the time on fox but did you know that steve cortez can also cook? the entire cortez family is cooking with friends.fu don't ask me how i know kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. brian: we're back with a fox news alert. don't ask me how i know because i know. the job numbers are now in. steve: that's right and according to the bureau of u.s., the economy added 184,000 jobs in december. that's down from 220,000 in november. that's less than expected. ainsley: and the unemployment rate stayed at 4.1% in the month of december. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. apparently howard dean, the chair of the dnc, he was on, and he was talking about how older members of his party should get the hell out of the way. brian: yes, howard dean was talking about that. so joe biden was asked about that on pbs. are you going to run for
5:48 am
president? don't you feel a little old especially howard dean is calling you out? watch. >> what i worry about is fundamental miscalculations. this is not a business deal. >> ceos saying we're going to grow. we're going to raise wages, and they are saying we're so glad not to have new regulations added on. did your administration go too far? >> no. not at all. we tried to clean the air. we said the same ceos in a much larger and deeper poll that was done also have greater weight of the evidence out about his judgment. also about his behavior and stability. >> howard dean said this morning the old people in the party need to quote get the hell out of the way. >> well, tell howard i can take him physically. okay? you're going to be running against a man who's going to be 75 years old or 76 years old at the time, whatever his age is. and it may be that i developed
5:49 am
some problem, and i'm not capable of doing that. it's probably the least consequential of any election because who he would be running against in all probability. brian: he'll be 78 and they're talking about president trump being 74. he clearly looks like he's running. ainsley: i think he will. i think he will. i think the democratic party is probably pushing him to run because who else do they have? brian: kamala harris. steve: well, those are the young folks. the ones who are really well-known, they're all bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. ainsley: they have to find someone who's extremely strong to go up against an incumbent, and we've seen that in every election in the past. i think he's probably their strength. brian: i do think you're right. i also think it's bernie sanders nomination to lose. steve: he should have run last time. he could have beat donald trump. brian: but who could blame him for not because of what happened with his son? ainsley: yeah. brian: meanwhile, you see him all the time on fox. did you know that steve cortez could k also cook? the entire cortez family is here to help and witness. steve: but first, let's check in with bill hemmer who cannot
5:50 am
cook. he joins us live. >> good-looking family there. good morning, guys. joe biden sounds a little bit like i do today. big two-day meaning at camp david starts today. kevin mccarthy will be there. but first, he'll join us live. fiery. and then you have iran and north korea and pakistan, they're all in the news. how can the trump team affect each? sandra and i will see you ten minutes top of the hour. with expedia, you can book a flight, then add a hotel, and save. ♪ everything you need to go. expedia
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steve: well, you see him on tv all the time on fox news. but this morning, steve cortez is cooking with his friends and family. brian: that's according to reports. he joins us now with people he claim as his family. ainsley: because you love the
5:54 am
bears because you're from chicago. we go on all the time talking about chicago. tell us the best part of being a dad of four kids. >> well, listen, we're so blessed to have happy, healthy, and smart and pretty good looking kids. the lord has been good to us, and we have a lot of fun. of course, we fight like any family does. steve: there's no fight in the kitchen today. holly, as you go ahead and start. ainsley: this is chase. chase is going to start accelerate. steve: where did this recipe come from? >> this is a recipe my mother gave me. it's so easy, let's have the kids take it away. ainsley: chase is going to start. what are you doing? >> so to start out, you just take your chicken breast, and you're going to make two incisions in the center and take a slice of cheese. steve: i love this already. >> just roll it up, and it's ready for the next station. >> i have butter, garlic, and mustard, and i'm just going to coat each side of chicken in this and pass it along.
5:55 am
ainsley: and what do you do? >> i have the dry mixture and the ingredients and coat it in the mixture. i have bread crumbs, graded cheese, and salt. >> and my job is to stick it in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour. [applause] ainsley: very good. steve: so you stick it in the oven, it comes out like this, and that is beautiful. >> great for big parties because you can roll a ton. brian: how long does it take? >> to make them or in the oven is one hour. brian: one hour. we love to entertain. holly is a fantastic hostess. whether it's birthdays, holidays, this is a good way to feed a lot of people not very expensive and relatively easy. steve: and we're sorry because of the blizzard yesterday you didn't have to go back to chicago. but they had a whole 'nother day here. >> they're pretty happy. ainsley: what did you all do in new york yesterday? >> we did a spin class, ice skating at rockefeller
5:56 am
center. brian: and is there something that you celebrated yesterday? steve: no, you should celebrate it today. it's his birthday. [applause] ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ happy birthday dear steve. ♪ happy birthday to you. steve: it's the perfect birthday chicken for your party. brian: and you didn't make it. ainsley: there's nothing better than chicken and cake. [applause] >> 26 years old today. [laughter] >> plus 20. - [narrator] imagine a shirt that actually makes
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> i have a privilege of laying a wreath the at adam jackson's
6:00 am
grave. i'll be working the diners in nashville. the president will be there making a big speech. >> can i cut the cake? >> have a great weekend. >> bill: thanks, guys. the author of that explosive white house tell-all book is talking publicly. the white house claims the book is nothing but lies and threatened legal action yesterday. the publisher responding to the threats by moving up the release date of "fire and fury" to today. i feel better than i found. welcome to "america's newsroom". it's friday. we have that in our favor. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: you have your sense of humor. that's good. >> bill: thank you for your contribution yesterday to the cause. >> sandra: you do sound better. i'm sandra smith. "fire and fury" exploding like a bombshell across our nation's capital. author michael wolff says it's based on conversations he said he had with president trump and his inner circle for more


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