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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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banner yet wave ♪ rob: tuesday, january 9th, respecting america, donald trump with a lesson for the nfl standing tall and proud with our nation's euros, what he is doing today to make good on his campaign promise to help veterans. >> cnn has been extraordinary biased and unfair to the president and is not doing their information, viewers honest information. jillian: stephen miller slamming cnn after being escorted offset after chaotic interview, how the trump aid is firing back. rob: oprah 2020, speculation growing over a potential political run and the white house just weighed in. "fox and friends" first continues. ♪
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>> to the end zone, alabama wins. jillian: while you were sleeping the alabama crimson tide pulling off a stunning come back when over the georgia bulldogs to claim the ncaa national title in ohio. rob: wish you cleared your schedule today, alabama playing their freshman quarterback in the second half. this kid who delivered a 26-23 win, can you imagine head coach nick sabin has won six national championship time we all-time college football record by a former alabama coach. jillian: good morning, you are watching "fox and friends" first on tuesday. rob: donald trump front and
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center for that amazing game with a roaring crowd last night, before the game the commander in chief standing shoulder to shoulder with our nation's euros on the field showing respect for the national anthem. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ jillian: griff jenkins joins us with the president plans to honor them today. >> reporter: freshman quarterback freshman receiver down 3 in overtime, unbelievable and the president taking it in and honoring servicemembers, something he does continue when he signed innovative order supporting veterans during transition from uniformed service to civilian life. on the way down to the game, he stopped in god's country and national addressing the annual farm bureau convention calling for respect for the flag and the national anthem. >> we want our flag respected, we want our nasal lesson
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respected also. there is plenty of space for people to express their views and to protest but we love our flag, we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way. >> reporter: the first appearance by sitting president at the american farm bureau's, joined by the secretary of agriculture sunny purdue healing the tax overhaul for family farmers and rural america. >> i'm working hard on nafta to get a better deal for our country and our farmers and manufacturers. it is under negotiation as we speak. see even more victories for the american farmer and the american rancher. >> reporter: following the speech he signed an executive order on oral broadband increasing access to farmers by streamlining and expediting requests for broadband
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infrastructure in rural america something farmers are saying very important and addressed issues like nafta and the opioid crisis which had communities so hard. jillian: what is the impact on farmers across the country? we asked a farmer in the audience at the nashville rally. >> donald trump exceeded her expectations. >> to tell you the truth i was personally surprised to hear about the plans he had. just to have him listen to what we have been going through and have solutions for us was a really great moment for rural america. jillian: donald trump saying the american dream is roaring back to life. trade and tax cuts at the top of his agenda. breaking overnight north and south korea kicking off their first diplomatic meaning in two
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years, the south expecting analytic team to participate in the game, the rogue regime has agreed to send athletes, south korea, in both countries to margin the opening ceremony. and peace talks after months of rising tensions. rob: mike pence rescheduled his middle east trip after several delays, he will visit egypt, jordan and israel through january 19th through the 23rd and hold talks with world leaders in each nation. pence was originally to visit last month but the trip was pushed back and kc was needed for the tax code down the wire. aid in denying the postponement was related to intense criticism over donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. jillian: explosive reports
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parking the brand-new investigation into the too close for comfort relationship between the fbi agent and the media. rob: new never before seen text messages, federal employees, and the white house leaks in this administration. >> reporter: having sources in the news business is normal but you can't break the law to become a source so white house and senate committees investigating whether key players, and according to the hill, in one exchange fbi counterintelligence agent peter strzok and lisa page sent texts before election day suggesting they knew about an article in the wall street journal and we need to stumble onto it, share
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with colleagues. page right article is out but hidden behind a pay wall can't read it, strzok responding wall street journal, that was fast, should i, quote, find it until the team? fbi contact with the media not necessarily criminal unless they spell confidential law enforcement or classified information. >> one of the lines of question we talk to is who was in the bureau authorized to talk to the media, i can't speak for the clinton investigation but i can tell you with respect to the investigation of the trump campaign, serious concerns about people in the bureau talking to various media outlets not authorized to speak on behalf of the bureau. >> donald trump's lawyers will ask the interview with the president as part of the russia probe, conversations with mother's team in the early stage but the president's legal team is considering options including
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in person, written responses to questions or an affidavit, the president suggested he's willing to speak with mueller if asked. jillian: one of the suspected killers of a washington state if you are facing a judge, and first-degree murder charges. daniel mccarthy was gunned down during a chase, and 40 miles south of seattle. and it is not clear which one killed mccartney. >> he is a young deputy who signed up to watch other people. and ethic in his heart for doing something with other people. >> reporter: that we for your veteran leaves behind a wife and two young sons, memorial fund is set up at blaming a disappearance on a bad reaction to medication.
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courtney rowland was found unharmed under houston overpass, police say she didn't know she was even reported missing, she vanished after texting roommate that she was being followed by a suspicious man. >> a fraternity band from pennsylvania after a pledge dies during a hazing ritual. michael bay was killed in 2013 after members beat him when he passed out, he didn't call 911. former members who pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter spent two years in jail, the fraternity ordered to pay $110,000. a major security scare at one of the country's busiest airports after a man jumped the fence and runs onto the tarmac, police taking him into custody, a runway at miami national airport, he was there to fill out an application of some sort
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but got lost. the man's name was not released, no charges have been filed. jillian: pink will raise a glass to this announcement. ♪ raise your glass ♪ going all the right ways ♪ jillian: see what we did? rob: are we clever on "fox and friends"? she has a good voice, she will be singing in the national anthem at super bowl liii in minneapolis, nice and cold, can you imagine? in october the artist released her seventh studio album beautiful from a marking her first album in five years, justin timberlake at the halftime show should be pretty good. all the remains is which team as we will see in that game, the patriots will be one of them, we shall see. 10 minutes after the hour, national law enforcement appreciation day, someone has
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some disgusting words of disrespect to 2 dozen police officers, messages hate written on police lockers. >> will democrats compromise with republicans on daca and the border wall. the president of the national border patrol council breaks down the hypocrisy from the left. ♪
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here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. >> hateful messages including towards muslim cops. it is unclear who was responsible but there are reports veteran officers could be looking at rookie cops getting the same assignments and papers the internal affairs bureau has launched an investigation. today to pay a special tribute to our nation's heroes as we celebrate national law-enforcement appreciation
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day. recent reports show line of duty death dropped 33% as well as crime in major cities plunging. is this thanks to the president's pro police message? national police officer vincent helen retired lieutenant detective for new jersey police department steve rogers joined us earlier, saying the president is the answer. >> for eight years we had an administration, bad guys to a large demographic of the population but with donald trump, he said law-enforcement are our friends to keep our streets safe. >> scriptures is greater love has no man who fights for his friends and that is the greed police officers, thank god for a president who supports them. rob: border security front and center on capitol hill as the white house holds a bipartisan meeting to hammer out try to hammer out a deal on daca, the
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border wall, immigration and this whole mess we have, the door is not open yet and democrats already threatening a government shutdown. >> there should be border security, real border security and help for the dreamers. what they want to do is take 800,000 dreamers, kept them. democrats have to hold the line. rob: what do people defending the border think, the people who have to keep this under control? brandon judd is president of the national border patrol council and he is speaking at the homeland security hearing and joins us live, thanks for coming on this morning. >> appreciate you having me. >> we have got these issues, daca has bipartisan support, to extend daca and give them the right to stay, kids brought here as children, they didn't know better. my question to you is the wall,
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the big thing is this wall. are republicans going to fight as hard as the president to get this border wall with mexico? >> to this point happened. we hope to see a switch. republicans have got to get behind the president and the public to support them, ultimately the republicans are going to but at this point they haven't. we will see a switch very quickly. rob: typically immigration has been a bipartisan issue. let's look at a number of democrats who may be flipping on this issue but these are democratic senators who voted yes to increasing security putting more money into the border to protect the border as of 2015 a few years ago, 39 of them democrats. more security, nobody else
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fascism and protest when democrats say we need to protect the border but when the president says we need a wall to protect the border gets eviscerated, why is that? >> what democrats don't want is another huge win for the president. going to win on daca, he is going to get daca done where president obama wasn't able to get it done, not only get daca done but the walden and the democrats are deathly afraid of that because in 2018, did back the senate and tough time because of all the things the president is getting done. rob: he is on a pretty good rule, this would be a huge win for them. the far left portion of the democratic party are the one standing in the way, making the noise about the wall and the
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entire democratic party seems to hate the idea of the wall even though they want border security. do you agree the wall sent the message of not inclusivity? >> it does. what we are seeing, the height of hypocrisy from the democrats, democrats in 2013 wanted immigration reform for an additional 700 miles of double fencing, the only thing that has changed is we have trump sitting in the white house instead of obama in the white house and against, where they anti-immigrant in 2013? that is where the hypocrisy comes in and what the american people are tired of, tired of deadlock, politicians playing politics with security. rob: is like hillary clinton and barack obama voted not so many years ago voted for more fencing, let's see what happens,
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good luck. rob: does your child a toy that might have been spying on your kids without you knowing it? the lawsuit just settled and what it means for your family. rob: a test kitchen, basketball court, even a room for yoga classes, just the beginning of presidential library plans president obama has, carly shimkus here with a very lavish plan, what people think. ♪ i got some financial guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' it's bryan with a 'y.' since birth. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you.
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>> at one point oprah pressed the young donald trump on a
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possible presidential run. >> sounds like political presidential talk to me. people hawked about whether you would run, would you ever? >> probably not but i do get tired of seeing what is happening with this country. i would never want to rule it out totally. rob: now as the left is gushing over oprah's political future the trump administration is welcoming the challenge. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 has the response from the white house. how 30 years can change, that was in 88. he is president. >> reporter: following oprah's rousing golden globe speech, calls for her to run for president have reached new heights and garnered a response from the trump administration. a spokesperson said we welcome the challenge whether it be
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oprah winfrey or anybody else. american urban radio network's april ryan tweeted if oprah ran for president in 2020 she is every person, she has been poor and now rich, she is a self-made billionaire, has a grasp of the issues and she used to cover local politics, she can articulate any issue and has mass appeal beyond race and gender but could oprah absolutely work against her? 's and democrats don't want another celebrity running for president. best as we don't need another celebrity. we need someone who understands government and the constitution. if oprah does run for office she could have a celebrity opponents. roseann bar set i do love oprah like everyone else but i think it is time for us as a country to shape things up and try something different.
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i think i would be a better president than oprah. what do you think? >> i loved roseann, it cracks me up. with john goodman. jillian: she is getting involved. >> john goodman, the old original cast, stick to that. jillian: what is the deal of the library? >> plans for obama's presidential center underway in chicago but it will not be the traditional library. it is going to include a basketball court, yoga center and a kitchen where people can learn about nutritious food. michelle obama's call for the nutritious food thing, a lot of people confused about this, samantha says not surprised by this, do as i say, not as i do, this is going to be very expensive so why don't you just
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build ten amazing chicago schools instead. seems kind of fun. rob: what do you need a kitchen for the library? >> i don't think they are going to live there but you never know. look at that, fake news jeep -- $90. jillian: i expect to see you in them. rob: not a prayer. 27 minutes after the hour, cnn shutting down an interview with a top white house advisor. >> you're being obsequious. >> you know who i care about? >> i have wasted enough time. rob: stephen miller telling his side of the story to fox news. jillian: american pride on full display of donald trump shows
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what it means to stand for the national and in front of the entire nation. our next guest lost his legs and a bomb blast in afghanistan, johnny joey jones, standing up isn't a right or left issue, it is the right thing to do. ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪
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when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops. >> a terrorist couple who met through an online dating site convicted of plotting and isis inspired mother of satan chemical attack. the two falling in love over the extremist views they share, will not come which at the time of their arrest the terrorist lovers had some of the ingredients needed to build this chemical bomb. the publisher of the white house to all fire and fury colin donald trump's attempt to stop
2:32 am
publication, quote, unconstitutional. in an email to employees, the ceo the publishing company has no intention of honoring the president have cease-and-desist letter. he told staff this with the first amendment fight and, quote, much more than the book itself. >> a $650,000 settlement with the federal trade commission after accusations of violation of us children's privacy laws claiming a massive data breach allowed kids personal information to be collected through smart toys. and the hong kong based company's products. it must comply to security practices. >> now too extreme weather, heavy rain and high windss unleashing in california overnight. >> first major storm of the season forcing 20,000 people to evacuate. the hardest hit areas santa barbara, ventura county of los
2:33 am
angeles. the destructive and deadly wildfires. rob: sandbags placed outside homes that will survive as californians prepare for dangerous mudslides which are even more common after a fire rolled through. dana steen tracking the latest on this storm. >> reporter: this will be a big one. we have burn areas, the rain is run off. what should be a good news story for california is turning out to be potential for a disaster but moisture from the pacific, this is the time of year they see rainfall but too much is happening. it should not be a deluge from 24 to 40 hours, more like 12 to 24 hours and the northern plains, got to get through the next few hours to the overnight and you see precipitation around
2:34 am
those burn areas so that could lead to flash flooding, mudslides and debris and the potential for heavy snow. there is your forecast, the west will be unsettled, central us is calm and a nice note, 44 ° in new york city. above average. what do you say? >> feels like you don't even need a coat. >> exciting stuff. so donald trump showing the anthem protesters how to honor and respect the american flag. ♪ over the land of the free and the home of the brave.
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jillian: standing shoulder to shoulder, before the ncaa championship game in atlanta, here to react to all of the events is marine corps bomb technician joey jones. thank you for joining us. let's start with what we saw, the four members of the band performing the national anthem, a beautiful job, donald trump out there singing the national anthem. what do you make of it. >> an incredibly proud moment for me. i worked for zach and his various businesses on the southern ground, and they are singing a song that means so much to me to have none other than the chief executive on the field honoring the men and women that served and those 20y men on the field about to take on the biggest game of their lives, a
2:36 am
proud moment in the georgia football fan. jillian: what message does this send to nfl players who are still kneeling at this point? >> i spent a lot of time around nfl players the last year, spoke with multiple teams and had a good time. one thing i try to point out his every time one or two nfl players protect the anthem there are hundreds that stand with their hand over their heart every sunday throughout the season and i want people to keep that in mind. won't let someone who takes the anthem a flag that is important to me and neil but ruin the anthem and the game i love and that is something i want people to keep in mind but this is how you counter the protest, standing on the field as president of the united states, biggest game of the year showing your support for the anthem, the military, the men about to play the game and all fans -- sometimes actions speak louder than words. jillian: the men about to play the game, i was taken aback when
2:37 am
i read this. alabama player joe scarborough was hurt before the game, before they went on the field saying expletive trump. what do you think of that? the biggest game of his life. >> he carry the ball four times, conversely if you look at jake's twitter account, every time he steps off the field in his exemplary young man at 19 years old, being at notre dame and winning, for every store you can find you have jake froms out there, the message i want to get across, i hope someone on the alabama staff told him to the side and said there's a lot of ways -- there are a lot of instances of people doing things
2:38 am
like that but dozens more where players in the nfl and college football are doing amazing things, can't take the spotlight away from them to put on someone who has lapse in judgment of that character. jillian: you fought for your country, let your leg fighting for the country, you see something the naacp calling for people to bring white towels referencing the snowflake word and to, quote, create a massive blizzard in the stadium because donald trump was going to be there. are you offended by something like that? >> no. there were two colors of people last night, red and crimson and that was it. after the game was over there was only one and that was proud football fans. i don't think many georgia fans were upset and a lot of alabama fans were happy and it started ends there. this is a game that puts people hugging each other afterwards. every politician could learn
2:39 am
from it. jillian: thank you for joining us. rob: clothing controversy, h&m called out for an ad featuring an african-american kid wearing a hoody that says coolest monkey in the jungle. how the company is responding to this. jillian: cnn under fire after shutting down an interview with a top white house advisor. >> you know who i care about? jillian: stephen miller telling hill side of the story on fox news. ♪ puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar,
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exchange. >> not going to give 3 minutes for the american people -- >> one viewer you care about. >> there were reports miller had to be escorted out of cnn headquarters but he says that is not true. >> anything cnn says with the story has the most -- virtue of all cnn stories of being not true, another example of cnn's low journalistic standards. glad to have people here when i said on camera and off camera which cnn has been biased, extraordinarily unfair to the president and not giving their viewers honest information. rob: appearing to talk about the controversial book fire and fury which the white house -- jillian: hillary clinton's top 8 accused of lying under oath to the fbi, new bombshell report
2:44 am
revealing him of a abedin backed up emails on her ex-husband's laptop after leaving the state department on january 20, 2013. a month later she went out of her way to save messages on anthony weiner's computer but told feds she did not archive exchanges. rob: forget girls night out, is band at harvard. guys might feel left out. the first sorority kappa kappa gamma caving, forced to go coed after the administration band same-sex hangouts off-campus. sororities and fraternities who don't follow in the same footsteps could be blacklisted from campus activities including athletic competition.
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rob: it is about split-second decisions. >> users can see job -- and a livelier alternative with business cuts. free speech under fire, the two company sued for allegedly silencing conservatives. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness.
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>> coming up on "fox and friends," a lot of people talking about that. turns out some of those fbi
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leaks were coming from fbi investigators. congressional leaders me later to talk about what to do about the dreamers. judge andrew napolitano joined us, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and marco rubio, a big the 3 hours on the channel you trust for your morning news. rob: gaming, gadgets and gigabytes, the consumer electronics show kicking off in las vegas with 4000 companies showing off their best in chinese products. jillian: and kurt the cyber guy, you are having a blast, i want to know if you have found your favorite thing yet. >> reporter: i am living the
2:50 am
dream. how are you this morning? jillian: good, you? reach is good to see you, happy new year, welcome to las vegas. what is incredible is, and about to slip out of his hand, and hands and a living room or bedroom, this is a 65 inch, 85 inch, 75, 75, 49, the x1 extreme processor, and it looks spectacular, and the action with great clarity, in dynamic range, it is amazing, and a new sound
2:51 am
bar, and this makes it so much easier, and and you jump at this. and the cvs innovation award, the xps 13, the alpine white one, and amazing rose gold color option, the eighth generation processor, superpowerful, has a really mobile connect, that will be something you see coming out, seamlessly taking your phone calls from the laptop no matter
2:52 am
where you go and the battery life on this thing is crazy long. i love this, pizza on the way to your home. toyota has come out with a new technology, hours ago yesterday they announced this, this is a whole new idea from toyota where they put together a consortium of companies, pizza hut, amazon, a number of logistics companies, looking at a new way of ridesharing and a new way to get logistics such as packages from one place to another in retail stores expect to come to you to let you go shopping in these vehicles in the future. there's a whole bunch more to show you in another hour as we get into "fox and friends" later this morning. if there's anything you want besides the winning jackpot from one of the casinos, i love hanging out here.
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>> the retail store coming to my house, can't wait for that. we are ready. have fun in vegas. a foxbusiness alert, speech under fire, top tech companies being sued for silencing conservatives. jillian: tracy is here with the legal action being taken. what is going on? >> reporter: james a more was fired for distributing a memo questioning the company's diversity policies. he filed a class-action lawsuit against google claiming it discriminates against white men and conservatives, this on the same day conservative publisher charles johnson sued twitter for banning him in 2015 from the website. them conservatives challenge these text companies because they favor more liberal or
2:54 am
moderate voices echoing political views of silicon valley. rob: an urgent apple update, i'm scared to update my phone anymore. >> reporter: this is one that you don't want to delay to fix the chip flaw we found out about last week, the intel chips putting a lot of information at risk in our ipads, iphones and all that, do this software update right away. jillian: get over here to try this. this is starbucks, their latest new espresso, the first one adding to the permanent menu in 40 years, white roasted blonde espresso with the espresso. it is supposed to be a lot
2:55 am
smoother and lighter than traditional espresso which is very bold, getting a kick to it. the most important thing is it has the same amount of caffeine. >> i -- the other stuff is too strong. >> very light. >> don't you love it? >> good coffee. in case you don't know what coffee looks like. >> we are coming right back. >> we will be back in three minutes. . .
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, a big debut for princess charlotte on first day of nursery school. isn't she cute the mom of duchess of cambridge taking photos of littlest royal on the way to class in london. jillian: couple's $30,000 tree house must be torn down. they need a permit after someone complained even though the couple was told otherwise by the city in 2011. rob: finally the ugly h and m force toad poll guise for children's sweatshirt featuring the little african-american child featuring coolest monkey the jungle. some call it racist and
3:00 am
insensitive. the sweatshirt is no longer available. likely a mistake. jillian: thanks for watching. rob: somehow we will still make it late for "fox & friends" though. no, we are not going to do that. goodbye. happy tuesday. >> the american dream is roaring back to life. we have been working every day to deliver for american farmers just as they work every single day to deliver for us. oh, are you happy you voted for me. >> border security in this country, front and center as the white house holds a bipartisan meeting to hammer out the deal on daca, on the border wall. >> we need strong and real border security. we need -- >> if democrats are pass border wall they want continued immigration. >> fbi agents and the media. federal employees may be behind the white house leaks. >> we have serious concerns about people with


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