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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 29, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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or maybe he did something wrong, who knows. >> guy: that's a baseless piece of speculation from the former attorney general, he does not know. >> sandra: and our full of breaking news, more to come. thank you to guy benson for joining us today, here's harris. >> harris: let's continue with the breaking news, this is coming up. we are awaiting the start of the white house daily press briefing expected to kick off minutes from now. fox news confirms that andrew mccabe is leaving the agency. the news coming about 24 hours before president trump is set to deliver his first date of the union address. chief white house correspondent john roberts breaking down from the north lawn outside the white house this breaking news. >> good afternoon. it looks like this took the white house by surprise, they learned about this from seeing it on television so it appears there was no prior notice given to the white house by the fbi or the department of justice that
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we were able to confirm very quickly, they were in the loop on all of this. president trump four months has been casting sidelong glances at andrew mccabe, back in december tweeting "how can fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, the man in charge of the phony hillary investigation be given $700,000 for his wife's campaign by the clinton puppets during the investigation? "and the president more recently tweeting... our understanding of this is that andrew mccabe is stepping down or leaving the fbi immediately, he has taken what are called terminal benefits which means he's basically taking any vacation, sick days, whatever paid leave he has accrued which will take him to march so he will retire with
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full benefits. we don't know what changed between last week and today for the fbi deputy director, to suddenly announce he is stepping down but we do know the fbi director christopher wray, who was appointed by the president not too long ago was up on capitol hill yesterday viewing the four-page classified memo on fisa abuses that was written by the house intelligence chairman and trey gowdy from government oversight as well. we don't know if that played into it or not but certainly something changed between last weekend today, andrew mccabe is stepping down suddenly. he was the subject of some news reports last week, after james comey had been fired, mccabe was going to erase him.
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the president allegedly asked him who he voted for and according to one news report, went and not ballistic but was certainly tough on mccabe for the fact that his wife jill had taken an enormous amount of money from a pack was associated from a former virginia governor. the reference to jill mccabe was brought up in context. the other big question in all of this is the deputy attorney general rod resin rod rosenstein. apparently talks about rod rosenstein, he is the guy who is in charge overseeing the special counsel investigation of the department of justice and is there some sort of intent to try to get rod rosenstein out as well? with all of this swirling, there
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is also the michael horwitz, the inspector general at the doj, report that's coming out at some point, the text and allegations of improper behavior by many senior people at the fbi. we don't know exactly what played into the mccabe leaving but all of that is swirling around this case. >> harris: a source of familiar to fox news is saying he will be more accurate to say that mccabe was removed. notwithstanding the information you gave us, that is an interesting component in this. >> it is, you don't know. did they wait until today or was this cast over the last few weeks or several days and they waited until today when they could trigger this terminal benefits provision so he can retire with full benefits or was it suddenly that they decided today was the day he had to get out? clearly we will have to do a little digging to find out the circumstances but already on
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twitter and some of this is coming from the the presidentsf sonic donald trump, complaints that mccabe is running out the clock to his benefits and that means he will retire with a full fbi benefit package. which will be a lot of taxpayer money that will be going to andrew mccabe over the next how many decades. >> harris: john roberts, we are going to continue with the breaking news and move on. bret baier, we talked about twitter a little bit, here's the tweet, fbi director andrew mccabe is and has been a dedicated public servant, who's served this country well. your thoughts? >> two things. mccabe has served in the fbi
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under mueller as fbi director, under james comey, and he's been there since 1986. he has a long history there, he has been in recent months as john just mentioned swirled up in this controversy, not only about the election and what his wife took on campaign contributions in the run for virginia state senate but also text messages and whatever this memo is going to be and we will likely see it in a matter of days, one would think the release of this memo -- the former attorney general doesn't know all of that, what's in there, what's not and obviously he can say that all these attacks and concerns about the fbi are illegitimate but i don't think he knows what he doesn't know. just to put context and that and also the context, eric holder's is the only attorney general censured by congress in -- that
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we can remember in recent history for the fast and furious investigation. this is all coming to a head and i think you are going to see a lot of detail about the concerns on capitol hill about how the fbi and doj are dealing with this investigation in coming days and the fact that the source is telling jake gibson at the justice department that you can say he was removed, suggests it moved the timeline once they got to the point where he could again take the final days of his vacation and sick leave and still get those benefits. >> harris: i want to remind everybody if they are just tuning in, the left of your screen we are waiting for the press secretary to step up to the lectern and hold the briefing today at the white house and as more people pull into their chairs we will know we are getting close to that. we've been told that will be happening in the next few minutes.
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i want to let everybody know that. what can you tell us about the 5:00 p.m. vote on whether to release the house and tell memo that was written by republicans to say there were these improprieties and things going on inside the fbi at the highest level? >> we have not seen this much partisan reaction and overall reaction to a memo we haven't seen ever. we've been talking about a memo that no one has publicly seen beyond of the people who have classified access to read it. and it's really interesting to see the vote today in the house intelligence committee to release it, there is the possibility that the president could declassify it, he has the ability to do that, did to declassify anything but he is stepping back and letting congress make that decision with the advice and advice consent of
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his fbi director. >> harris: i want to make sure we hit a point in this. we know through the white house representative marc short in particular that the president wants full transparency on this. at this point he is taking a step back, if it's a situation where it would be his decision it may be that the president will say yes, we are all going to get to see this memo. quickly before i let you go, the democrats, what's that about? >> they are alleging that the republican leadership and specifically the house intelligence committee went through hundreds of pages of classified material about fisa and the early parts of this investigation and boiled it down to a four-page memo that is very partisan and how they look at i it. the democrats went through the same hundreds of pages of classified material and what came up with the democratic version of their memo. we don't know what's in the memo yet, we've heard it characterized but obviously it's
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egregious from everything the lawmakers have seen it stay on the republican side. the democrats say it is cherry picking intel. >> harris: we have this coming not far from where you are, representative adam schiff, ranking member on the house intel quickly walked out by the microphone, he did not take any questions. our full cameras will be standing by about what would the grounds be for democrats not to want us to see what's inside that memo without them quickly coming back? we know christopher wray, the now trump appointed fbi director got a look at that memo yesterday and if he had problems with it, he will tell us what the inaccuracies are, where are we with all this with the democrats? >> i don't think they wanted out. >> harris: can they block it? >> i don't think they can, i
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think their appeal would be to the fbi and the doj to pressure the president on why it's important not to put it out. it's also interesting that the fbi director ceases four-page memo for the first time sunday according to our sources and then here we are at 1:00 p.m. monday and the deputy director of the fbi is saying he stepping down and we are getting sources saying he was removed. it's interesting timing. >> harris: where do we go in terms of what's coming up next, the state of the union. is this the sort of thing that gets talked about there? or is this something separate? the president heard the question, we think. at the very end of the meeting leaving for that united nations security council lunch. what's true about reports that mccabe has resigned, where does he go tomorrow night?
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>> not this. one would think the state of the union is much more -- 30,000-foot look at policy, what he envisions for 2018. many things he's trying to put forward that reach across the aisle, to convince voters that he can work with the other side, i would suspect infrastructure will be a big thing, i think he's forecast immigration which obviously is very contentious, but to try to come to some bipartisan conclusion. usually state of the unions are kind of like shopping lists. the wish of the president for the coming year. this one will be different, it's his first state of the union, he had a joint address last time, it will be interesting to see how he lays it out. >> harris: this is breaking news on this day as the deputy director of the fbi has been removed according to sources that are close to fox news.
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before you step away to go work the story further, we are watching for the white house press briefing to begin at any moment now, no doubt this will be a question. what would you like to see asked first? >> did the white house have advance notice, john was saying the communications team seemed to be caught off guard by it, what was the process and did the fbi director -- the deputy director, was he removed as our sources are telling us? i think you are going to see a series of questions about this fact but also about the investigation overall. >> harris: bret baier, coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night, stated the union. we will see you there along with martha maccallum, thank you for being along on this breaking news. as we await the white house press briefing to begin, we will take you there live as it happens. president trump is set to deliver that first state of the union address, charting out his
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2018 agenda on the biggest stage there is, the president is also expected to tout the successes of his first year in office. you just heard bret baier calling it shopping list. we are joined now by trump for president senior advisor and the president's daughter in law lara trump, always great to see you. we've got this breaking news and i just want to touch on that, you and i were able to talk off camera. >> it's a very exciting day, never a dull moment these days, it seems there is always something happening. i'm glad to see that hopefully this memo gets released as i think all americans are, we are very interested to see what's going on here. you see how crazed the mainstream media has been about this russian collusion with the trump campaign and here we are a year later after the president's inauguration, nothing to show on that and finally there's something coming around from the other side that i think is rather interesting.
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i, like everyone else in witnessing this as you are, are very interested to know. >> harris: we've been reporting the deputy director at the fbi is out, you are talking about that drumbeat to the president has talked about and now he's got to turn the page and talk state of the union. talk to me about that, just that turning the page. >> nobody can do it better than the president, we all know that. he's got a great year behind him, so many incredible achievements that i know he wants to highlight. very few presidents can say they've done is much in their first year as donald trump has. the booming economy, over 2 million new jobs coming back to this country, unemployment at record lows right now and here we are, only a year in and i think is going to highlight all of that, i'm sure we will hear about immigration, infrastructure, he's got a lot on his plate he wants to see happen. >> harris: what is the tone of the president takes tomorrow night? we are hearing he wants
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bipartisanship, talk about the dreamers and daca, with heart. what's the tone we should expect to hear? >> i'll be there watching alongside everyone, i am excited to see myself but i think is very sensitive to this topic, he cares greatly about it, he wants to see the right thing done and i think we'll have the appropriate tone. >> harris: we introduce you as the senior advisor, you and i met when you are on the previous campaign, i know you've got that on the stump experience and leadership there. a former journalist as well. as you talk with the president, i know through family i would imagine you are talking, where is he right now on the economy, his excitement, there's been a lot going on. the russia investigation. >> he is very focused on his job and we can all see that based on the results. he wants this country to be back on the right track, you look at the way our country is now viewed around the world, we are the leader of the free world
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again, he has really put that back at the forefront. the economy, there's no doubt, 91% of americans are going to receive more money in their paycheck, that's very exciting. as much as a distraction as i think all this other stuff could be, i think is very focused on the task at hand. >> harris: the military, very much in the forefront. a very quick but definite government shutdown, military pay another thing on the forefront but also the work the military has been doing against the islamic state savages as i call isis. >> you're down to less than 1,000 isis fighters and it's very underreported but i'm sure he will highlight that as well, that is huge. if you remember even a year ago, people in this country were very concerned about what was going to happen with isis and here, they are almost gone and it's all thanks to president trump. >> harris: i want to talk about something that came up at the grammys last night.
10:18 am
hillary clinton reading from the tell all book "fire and fury" looked a little out of place, maybe a little thirsty. what were your thoughts as you saw her? >> i would use tell all book very loosely, it's a ridiculous book. i find it so despicable, so sad that hillary clinton feels she needs to put herself back out there by doing something this ridiculous. if she wants to read something, maybe we can all read the 33,000 missing emails she has somewhere that no one has heard about for a long time. it was just really disgusting, i thought. >> harris: before i let you go, the president has struggled with his numbers among women voters. you were leading the dash among the leaders on women for trump. are the democrats giving an opening through the hypocrisy we are seeing now? hillary clinton has some things that are alleged to have happened in her past having to do with the sexual allegations
10:19 am
among staffers. where do you put all of this? >> you and i spoke about this during the campaign, everyone kept saying, donald trump can't win because women will vote for him and everywhere i went, we had women constantly coming up to us saying don't believe that, those numbers are not right. i believe we will see the same thing here and i get exactly what you are saying, the hypocrisy from the left, people like hillary clinton makes it that much easier for women to say hey, this country is going in the right direction and donald trump is the reason that's happening. >> harris: are you excited? >> so excited, we are going to be there tomorrow night. >> harris: thank you for coming in, congrats to you and eric on that beautiful baby. the biggest 7-month-old i've ever seen. >> he is huge. >> harris: we await that white house press briefing, no doubt the departure of the man on the right of your screen, andrew mccabe, the now former
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deputy director at the fbi. that happening within the last 45 minutes to an hour as our reporting has confirmed he is out, he will be on what they call terminal leave until his benefits run out, vacation time and so forth. stay close. baby boomers,
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>> harris: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's life for us in washington, i want to let everybody know we are watching for that white house press briefing to begin, we have been given a warning so within just a few minutes we may have to pop up and pull away but in the meanwhile, this breaking news, tell us what you've learned. >> we were the first to report this morning that christopher wray went to capitol hill late on sunday and in a very small group with the house intelligence committee was able to review the republican staff memo. the timing seems to be significant with the removal of the fbi's deputy director, based on our contacts, andrew mccabe was going to try to tough it out until march which was when his retirement was scheduled but something in the last 24 hours it seems has moved up that timing from march to the end of january because it's effective immediately. we've already talked to other folks about his connection to
10:25 am
russia and the clinton emailing investigation which is being looked at by the justice department inspector general. the big headline to me is that andrew mccabe was the chief operating officer at the fbi, nothing happened without his say-so and he was part of what people called director comey's skinny inner circle, a super tight group of advisors that were in on all of the big discussions and all of the big decisions, whether it was the exoneration statement that was drafted in may of 2016, to go months before hillary clinton's interview or the text messages that refer to the insurance policy, he is right at the center of this and this is another individual closely aligned with the former fbi director james comey who has been effectively peeled away from this story for the time being. that's really what jumps out at
10:26 am
me, he was that senior, that central, that connected yet he was removed in very short order here. >> harris: i want to step in a little on those antitrust text messages that were exchanged, the two employees at the fbi, one of them very much involved in the investigation, the russia investigation and they were having an affair reportedly. and he is the name they used in their text messages to refer to andrew mccabe and i know the judicial watch wanted to get copies or any kind of information on mccabe's text messages and they just recently found out that they won't be getting any more of anything. and among the list they won't get are the text messages of andrew mccabe. >> that's interesting to me because a former fbi agent who was involved was trying to get
10:27 am
text messages between andrew mccabe and others prior to the russia investigation. it was in fact around 2151 hillary clinton's server was first discovered and there was a referral by the inspector general of the u.s. intelligence committee to the fbi. to begin an investigation as to whether classified information had been mishandled. a request to get mccabe's text messages because they believe there was contact between mccabe and agents of the bureau at that time telling them basically to back off, not to do anything until you return from overseas and that matters because there's been so much discussion about whether mccabe should have recused himself from the clinton email case, he went to the ethics people inside the fbi, they felt the donations to his wife by the democrats, was not
10:28 am
sufficient for him to remove himself but as we've seen in the most recent text messages between strzok and page, director comey's chief of staff felt differently and mccabe ultimately recused himself from the clinton email case, just one week before the election. it was a recusal in name only, really. >> harris: catherine herridge, thank you very much, we appreciate you taking questions and digging deeper. interesting maybe now to get a democrats perspective because now it's being said by congressman matt gates who is a republican has just issued a statement that the news that the fbi director mccabe is stepping down as a step forward. let's go live to democratic congressman, serves on the house intel committee. there's going to be about later today, how will that go? we would like to see this all-important memo, some pretty
10:29 am
interesting goings-on inside the fpa at high levels. >> thanks for having me back. if the american people see anything as it relates to our investigation, i hope they see the full picture and the democratic side will offer that today. i believe that memo as written is our brainwashing memo that relies on inaccurate facts to send it to the whole body of the house of representatives who may be called one day to decided on the president's actions. i hope the american people get the full picture and that may b be. >> harris: this g.o.p. memo, reports show that the attorney general, deputy attorney general did not sufficiently explain the reason for extending a longer look at a campaign member of the trump campaign. they wanted an extension on that end of this memo reportedly exposes the fact that they didn't dig deep enough to see why they should be taking a
10:30 am
longer look. do you see how maybe this could appear problematic at all, that there is reports of antitrust bias and a longer look without any proof of evidence of what they are looking for? >> i can't comment on what is in the memo, i have read the memo. i can tell you the highly sensitive facts that relies upon art not true, are not there. it looks like this memo is an effort to discredit robert mueller. we are going to offer in the memo today that puts all of this into focus. we hope that is approved. to your question, we have oversight of the intelligence committee. including the fbi, the nsa, the cia. we should always exercise that oversight, nobody is above the law but when you try to invade on the rule of law we should also do all we can to prevent that from happening and that's what i think is happening here.
10:31 am
>> harris: democrats pushed hard against the release of this memo or the simultaneous release of your own memo to clarify, are you afraid or concerned about something in this g.o.p. memo? >> i am afraid of false information being put out to the public and that information undermining an important investigation that congressional committees are conducting. it's a poisoning of the well, as i said and it is very hard to undo that once it's put out there and it will be very unfortunate if the guardians of classified information as we are on this committee would allow all false information to put out there. i hope we take a step back and take our role seriously. >> harris: i am going to try to ask a "yes" or "no" question. do you think there is any connection between the departure of the deputy director at the fbi andrew mccabe and the vote you are having to release this memo by the republicans that 5:00 p.m.? >> no. i don't know why he's leaving, i hope it's his personal choice
10:32 am
and he is not being forced out as president trump has tried repeatedly. >> harris: we appreciate your perspective. we are waiting for that press briefing, we are told it's just a couple of minutes away, stay close. stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am.
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10:37 am
deputy director of the fbi? >> it's completely appropriate that he either be removed or he retire and it probably should have happened long before now. there's always been a question about his impartiality because of his family's ties to hillary clinton and because of that he should not have been in the position he was to investigate either president trump or investigate hillary clinton's emails. whether or not he is reassigned or whether or not he is removed or retired, all of those would've been appropriate actions. >> harris: interesting to get your perspective on that, simply because the wording is just the departure. there's a vote to put this g.o.p. memo out to the public today at 5:00 p.m., the president will potentially weigh in on this about transparency and whether or not we need to see in that memo. no doubt house members all over the hill are talking about this, what are you hearing that you can share or reason to put this
10:38 am
memo out? >> i think there are always reasons to be more transparent, you never go wrong trusting the american people. the more information the american people can get, i think on the whole day will be and we can be as their elected representatives. >> harris: you been making news about something you said about the president's immigration proposal, you are not in favor of amnesty, is that what you think the president is proposing? >> yes, he is proposing amnesty for twice as many people as president obama did a couple of years ago, he's adding citizenship on top of that but the real concerns i have about this is that it does not include e-verify which is a workforce verification system that says employers can only hire legal workers in the united states and that protects jobs for american workers and will also reduce illegal immigration if illegal immigrants can get these jobs. the other flaw is that it has
10:39 am
amnesty today, the legal immigration reforms don't take place until a distant tomorrow, in some cases 17 years from now. you can guess the likelihood of that occurring. amnesty today, it doesn't have workforce verification and it's really an invitation to fraud because they are going to allow a lot of adult illegal immigrants to apply under the daca program to get amnesty, they may be 30 years old, yeah, we came into the country when we were younger and there's not going to be any way to confirm that. it is ripe for fraud as well and for those reasons we need to take a look at it and i hope revise it in a number of ways. >> harris: this is the bottom line for this president, no matter what you call it, if he chooses to go forward and lead in this particular manner with this proposal, are there enough republicans like you who would
10:40 am
say no to this to stick it? >> i think there are enough republicans and democrats who have concerns about that proposal right now that it would force either a withdrawal of the proposal or force us to start over again and in my view, put more structural reforms in it, better secure the border, have a legal immigration reform start a lot earlier and then you can talk about what to do with the individuals who are in this country, who came in as children and who are still here but that's a narrow group of individuals who have been approved, only about 700,000, this proposal is amnesty to almost 2 million people, twice as many as president obama did. >> harris: some of these people are potentially in your state of texas. speak up i'm sure they are in almost any state. we let in 1 million people legally every year. there is a right way and a wrong way to come into this country.
10:41 am
apply, wait your turn in line and to come in when you are admitted, not cut in front of the line, not come into the country at the expense of american workers and taxpayers. play by the rules, you will be admitted if you play by the rules. >> harris: is this a point where you step in and this becomes a bargaining chip with e-verify? >> i hope it's more than a bargaining chip. >> harris: can you insert it into the conversation i guess it's what i am saying? >> absolutely, e-verify should be a part of the conversation. 82% of the american people support e-verify. i have no good reason why it's not in this proposal. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, you got a lot to get done by february 8th, you only have a few more legislative days. how's it going in terms of reaching some sort of agreement on immigration? the president gives his speech at state if you do union tomorrow, i'm sure you will at least be there or paying attention to it. >> i will be at the state of the
10:42 am
union, i don't think we'll get an immigration bill by february 8th. i think is the senate has promised, there will be some debate on immigration after february 8th but we've got a ways to go, as we should. >> harris: are you worried about another government shutdown? >> i am not. i think the democrats learned their lesson about trying to shut down the government, i don't think the american people will support another government shutdown. >> harris: we hit on a lot of topics, we appreciate your time, thank you, congressman. this is inside the white house, the press briefing and as you can see those chairs have filled in and we know in just a few minutes because we've gotten word that this will start. breaking news this hour, the deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe out and a whole lot of fanfare about what it may have looked like but you just heard from the congressman for
10:43 am
republicans, they just wanted him out of his seat because they thought it was a compact of interest potentially with both his wife running for office and having taken democratic money. we will stay with this picture, you stay with "outnumbered overtime." we will come right back for what's breaking. of (great tasting) ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours.
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sometthat's when he needs they way ovicks vaporub.'s sleep.e. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. >> harris: the power panel now, guy benson is back from "outnumbered," political editor for and fox news contributor. liz smith is here, both political perspectives and we've had it on this hour, a democrat and then a republican leader as well. guy, i am going to come to you first. confirm for fox news, the removal of the deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. >> in my mind i can think of three potential reasons why. the first is whatever is in this memo that may get released, there is a memo the fbi director
10:48 am
read it yesterday, there is something that is really bad for mccabe so he is out. don't forget there is an expected general investigation going on, there could be some revelation that is now forcing mccabe out. there are reports already that he was planning to leave before his march departure and he was planning to use his vacation and paid time off to keep his benefits. this could be coincidental, i don't think he was forced out. >> harris: what's interesting, he called it brainwashing. if there's anything in that memo it points to, it's brainwashing. if it actually turns out that andrew mccabe, because we haven't been able to see these text messages and i know -- if it turns out there was this
10:49 am
antibias against the president or antitrust bias against the president there in the fbi, he was in charge of the time, where will democrats be? >> the whole idea that there is this antitrust bias is not really factual. i have read them, i can get to that in a second. if you remember during the 2016 election, the fbi was attacked for leaking information to rudy giuliani, they were attacked for announcing an investigation 11 days before the election. the general idea that the fbi is some liberal institution is strange. it lets go to the text messages. i read those more as flirty banter than any -- look. i'm not saying they aren't flirty banter. >> harris: i want to be able to go to this live event when it happens at so we need a little more time on the flip side of this. flirty banter, stay close.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
i don't want to get ahead of the president will say during his remarks but it will obviously be must watch tv. i do want to make an announcement about one of the most important traditions, the guest who will be sitting in the first lady spot. i will name a few of those individuals in a little bit, first, corey adams. a skilled welder and manufacturing solutions in dayton, ohio. yesterday last year cory and hie able to become first-time home owners and they will invest their extra money into their two daughters education. elizabeth, robert, evelyn, and freddie, these two couples are the parents of beautiful young girls who were brutally murdered by ms-13 gang members. corporal matthew bradford. he was blinded by the blast and lost both of his legs.
10:53 am
after multiple surgeries and therapy he became the first double amputee to reenlist in the marines. john bridgers. he founded the cajun navy in 2016, a nonprofit rescue and recovery organization that responded to flooding in south louisiana and in 2017 to hurricane harvey in texas. he and his team have helped thousands of people across the south. a fire technician who saved 62 children and staff members from a raging wildfire that encircled their camp in southern california. officer ryan, served as a police officer in albuquerque, new mexico. in his six years on the forest, he has been shot twice and experienced several near-death encounters. he and his wife adopted a baby from parents who suffered from opioid addiction, breaking down walls between drug addicts and police officers to help save
10:54 am
lives. ashley rescued dozens of americans during last year's devastating hurricanes to use. cj martinez, a special agent for isis homeland security investigations unit, his investigations have led to more than 100 arrests of ms-13 gang members were prosecuted for crimes including homicide, assault, and narcotics and weapons trafficking. just impact. he was part of the team clearing iuds from territory previously controlled by isis. when one of his compatriots was struck by a blast, he rushed to their side, saving their life or risking his own. preston sharp has organized the placement of more than 40,000 american flags and red carnations on soldiers graves as part of his goal to honor veterans in all 50 states and challenge others to join the
10:55 am
flag and flour challenge. steve and cindy, the siblings -- thanks to the trump bump in the economy they were able to grow in new heights in 2017 and thanks of the trump tax cut they were able to give all of their employees larger christmas bonuses. some of these individual stories are heroic, some are patriotic, others are tragic. but all of them represent the unbreakable american spirit and will inspire our nation to continue growing stronger, prouder, and more prosperous. with that i will take your questions. >> the news came down in the last hour that andrew mccabe is stepping down, can we get reaction from the white house and the president back at the end of december was tweeting about andrew mccabe in a less than effusive praise of manner. what is he thinking about? >> secretary sanders: we've seen the numerous reports as all
10:56 am
of you have and any specifics, i can tell you none of this decision was made by the white house and any specifics i would refer you to the fbi who i believe will be making a statement later today. >> you said the white house is not involved in the decision bucklew the president -- >> secretary sanders: the president stands by his previous comment but we've seen the reports just as all of you have, we don't have any specific comments and i would refer you to the fbi for any specifics on the things that are taking place today. >> does not mean the president was not informed by anyone in the fbi? has he had any conversations with anyone there? >> secretary sanders: no, he has in it. >> can you say definitively that the president did not play a role in andrew mccabe stepping down? >> secretary sanders: we would refer you to the fbi, where christopher wray serves as the director which as i said last
10:57 am
week and i will repeat again today, the president has full confidence in him and has put the decisions at the fbi in his hands. >> did the president ever convey that he wanted to fire robert mueller to anyone on the staff? >> secretary sanders: not that i'm aware. >> no one at the white house contacted the fbi about mccabe, no one had any discussions about his tenure at the fbi to anyone at the white house? >> secretary sanders: now that i'm aware of, nothing specific to mccabe and is stepping down as of today if that is what is being reported. >> what would you say to critics who believe that this white house and this president have had a steady pressure put on the justice department and the fbi since the president came into office on this special
10:58 am
counsel investigation? whether it be conversations with jeff sessions about the recusal, whether it be about the desire for robert mueller to go away and now it andrew mccabe, there are reports that rod rosenstein was also feeling pressure from the white house. it sounds like there are multiple officials at multiple levels being pressured by the white house and by the president, what would you say in response to that? >> secretary sanders: i would say what i said probably 100 times before and continue to sa say. the white house has been fully cooperative and is going to continue to be fully cooperative. we have gone above and beyond many times and certainly done everything we could. the white house has provided over 20 witnesses and tens of thousands of pages of documents of the special counsel. we are going to continue to do that throughout the process. >> the president has been
10:59 am
applying pressure for months. >> secretary sanders: the president has been applying pressure to make sure we get this resolved so you guys and everyone else can focus on the things americans actually care about. and that is making sure everybody gets the russia fever out of their system once and for all, that you are all reminded there is no collusion and we can move forward and focus on things like national security and the economy and solving the immigration crisis in our country. >> no obstruction of justice, nothing at all? >> secretary sanders: i think we've been pretty clear on that. >> the president continues to have confidence in the man you wanted to beat deputy attorney general rod rosenstein? >> secretary sanders: when the president had no longer has confidence of and someone, you will know. >> the house intelligence committee could vote as early as today to release this memo that
11:00 am
today to release this memoc that was reportedly crafted. what's the current thinking, what's >> can you shed any light between this white house and capitol hill? >> no one at the white house is actually seen the memo. it will be hard for us to make a decision or to speak about it before that would take place. we're letting it play out. if inwhen it's time for the white house to weigh in, we'll do that through the proper protocol. making sure we follow the legal process. we're not to that point yet. >> following up on that. is the white house, you said you have to wait and see, is the white house open to the idea of a release of this memo to the public? can you say in the state of the union address whether the president will mention at all


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