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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to get their takes in advance of the speech. more of my interview with mitch mcconnell. all of that tomorrow on "the daily briefing" from washington d.c. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. where the deputy director of the fbi and frequent target of the president is stepping down. did andrew mccabe go voluntarily or did somebody give him a push? starting to look like this may not have been his idea. not today. the secret republican strategy memo on russian investigation. lawmakers could vote today to release it. we're learning more about the information inside. all this as the president prepares for his first state of the union address. let's get to it. good monday afternoon from the
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fox news deck. the fbi's number 2 guy is out. we knew andrew mccabe was planning to retire in march when he reaches pension status. but a source said that he was removed from his post effective today. andrew mccabe has been a frequent tart get of president trump and republicans in congress. they accused him of political bias in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. back in 2015, mccabe's wife ran for senate as a democrat in virginia. state senate. she got a donation from a group tied to the clinton family. last month president trump referred to what he called clinton's puppets giving money to mccabe's wife's campaign. the fbi confirmed mccabe had no role in the clinton e-mail investigation while his wife ran for office. last week "the washington post" and others reported that president trump pressured andrew
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mccabe to reveal who he voted for in the 2016 presidential election while the two men were meeting in the oval office. according to the report, mccabe said he didn't vote at all. the white house has not denied the reporting. eric holder defending mccabe after learning he was out at the fbi. holder tweeting today fbi deputy director andrew mccabe has been a dedicated servant that served this country well. bogus attacks on the fbi to distract a criminal inquiry does long-term unnecessary damage to these foundations of our government. we have team fox coverage this afternoon. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live. first, catherine herridge live in d.c. >> the deputy director is now officially out and andrew mccabe was removed in advance of the independent review by the
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justice department's inspector general into the handling of the clinton e-mail case. mccabe, a member of comey's inner circle of advisers was going to retire in the spring. that was apparently moved up and fox has questioned into the fbi over whether the house intelligence committee republican staff memo laying out alleged abuse in the government surveillance systems which involved the fbi was a factor. this photo shows mccabe with lisa page that sent the anti-trump messages. she's there on the left in the corner of the screen out of shot of this camera have the fbi's general counsel, james baker who was also reassigned. so it shows you how tightly connected he was to comey and his associates. the next in line is david bowduch. he was working outs of the los angeles bureau and took a leading role after the san bernardino terrorist attacks. he's not been named at this time but described as former agents as someone that is a good guy
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and well-respected. >> shepard: the house intelligence committee could vote on whether to release the memo on the russian meddling investigation. >> christopher wray went to the capitol sunday, which is unusual and looked at the documents. while the department declined to comment, wray was asked to point out inaccuracies in the memo or wording that he took issue with in advance of it being made public. a senior republican said it was important for the bureau leadership to review it before others saw it. >> this memo answers what i think are really legitimate questions and i think the fbi should look at it before it is released. i have provided that counsel to chairman nunes and i think that he's taken that under advisement. i want to place face off poker. i want the bureau to know everything in the memo. it's not a hit piece on the
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department and the fbi. >> democrats see it differently. on the sunday shows they singled out devin nunes. >> i cannot believe -- when i say this, no pun intended, but what congressman nunes has done basically to the intelligence committee on the house side, he's neutered it from having any confidence of the american people. any confidence in the house intelligence to come out with something in a professional matter, unbiased. >> based on the congressional roles, our contacts believe the committee must wait five days after tonight's vote, which seems to be a near certainty that they're going to vote in favor of a public release. even if the president waives objections, several days of waiting before we have a chance to read it, this is the news cycle where anything is possible, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: team fox coverage continues. john roberts is live on the
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north lawn. hi, john. >> shep, good afternoon. mccabe's resignation seemed to take the white house by surprise. when we heard about it, we contacted the com shop and they said they just heard about it. there was no advanced notice given by the fbi or the department of justice that mccabe would soon be stepping down. the president not shedding any tears about it. back on december 23, before christmas, the president with mccabe in his cross hairs tweeting out how can fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, the man in charge of the phony hillary clinton investigation be given $700,000 for wife's campaign clinton puppets during investigation? talking about $700,000 in donations that jill mccabe got from terry mccullough's pact. the election was in 2015. the investigation into hillary clinton e-mails did not start
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until february of 2016. as the white house reminds us, it's the spirit of what the president says that is important, not necessarily the accuracy of it. the president going on to tweet about rumors that mccabe would be retiring soon. "fbi deputy director mccabe is racing to retire, 90 days to go." while sarah sanders didn't have any reaction to mccabe's ouster, she did make a point that the white house had nothing to do with it. listen here. >> we've seen the reports just as all of you have. we don't have any specific comments. i would refer you to the fbi for any specifics on the things taking place today. >> you said the white houses not involved in the decision but clearly the president seemed to be involved in a public relations campaign against mccabe. >> the president stands by his previous comments. in terms of the situation today, as i just said, we've seen the reports just as all of you have. we don't have any specific comments. i would refer you to the fbi for
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for any specifics. >> certainly mccabe was in the news again last week after it was reported that back in may during an oval office get-to-know-you meeting, the president asked mccabe of who he voted for. he was looking for a suggestion of loyalty and chewed out mccabe from the donation that his wife got. the wife house insists the president never asked him who he voted for and any reference to his wife, jill mccabe, was made in a joking fashion along the lines oh, isn't she the one that had the fabulous relationship with terry mccullough. christopher reyes at the justice department according to that leaked section of the nunes-gowdy four-page memo may be the latest to be in the
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crosshairs of the administration. he's overseeing the special counsel investigation. the president not happy about the fact that rosenstein appointed mueller in the first place. shep? >> shepard: the white house said the president has been pressuring investigators. >> when you look at the firing of james comey, the pressure on mccabe, the fact that rosenstein may be in the crosshairs as well, some people are saying the president is trying to influence this investigation. others would go so far to say he's trying to obstruct justice. sarah huckabee sanders this afternoon said that if there's pressure from the white house, it's only in one direction. listen here. >> the only thing that the president has applied pressure to is to make sure we get this resolved so you guys and everyone else can focus on the things that americans actually care about. that is making sure that everybody gets the russia fever out of their system once and for all, that you're all reminded again there was no collusion and that we can move forward to focus on things like national
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security, the economy and solving the immigration crisis that we have here in our country. >> as a monday afternoon, there's still no word on whether the president will sit down for the interview with the special counsel, robert mueller. the president last week said he would be happy to do it, but the indications we're getting from his legal counsel is they're increasingly inclined not to let mueller anywhere near the president. shep? >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. thank you. much more ahead on andrew mccabe's departure and what sort of fallout this could bring. that's coming up from the fox news deck on a monday afternoon. glad to have you in. ravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of fox's top story. a source told us that andrew mccabe was removed. he seemed to make it clear that he was stepping down on his own accord. the white house says they did not make the decision. president trump and some republicans have criticized andrew mccabe for months now. they say he has a conflict of interest because his wife accepted a campaign donation from a friend of the clintons, that was the governor of the state running a pact at the time. democrats are saying republicans are trying to distract from russian meddling and possible collusion on the part of team trump. john bussey is here from the "wall street journal,".
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what to make of this? >> muddies the water, doesn't it? not a clear victory in the public domain for really anybody. this whole issue is being played out in two different zones. one is public opinion. so it muddies the water that is advantageous to president trump's allies in that it's another fbi official stepping down under pressure. gee, is this an unbiassed investigation into the white house? maybe not because all these people are stepping down. from democratic standpoint and those that oppose president trump, it's another example of pressure being brought to bear perhaps unduly by a president of the united states through his tweeting, but members of congress, especially forcing a guy to step down. i'm not sure who wins in that. but there's other zone, the legal one being pursued by
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robert mueller who is investigating this. that will be tried by -- in front of a judge or a jury if it comes to that. if there are issues that mueller wants to take the next legal step. so far the judiciary does not report to the white house. so that is the one to keep your eye on. all the public harranging over this, maybe not so much. >> shepard: andrew mccabe had said all along he's resigning. come march, he will be fully vested in the pension program. so he would step down with full benefits. this is the first day on which he can resign, take the leave and sick days and other things he's accrued and still have full benefits. so technically he's still working for the bureau between now and march. >> right. he's available to bob mueller to talk about his experience, including with the washington reported, which is that at one point in this, the president asked him who did you vote for. was that another desire to kind
12:16 pm
of extract loyalty, to put pressure on mccabe, does it fall into the -- sort of the evidence of obstruction? we'll find out. we'll see what mueller decides on that. remember, 2018, the election day, early november, is around the corner. so from the white house standpoint, maybe it gets somebody out of the way that they didn't trust in the fbi. on the other hand, it puts this in a news in a big way before the state of the union message where they're trying to portray a different trump to get a larger electorate to be thinking positively about president trump come the elections. and it is going to be talked about now for weeks. the campaigns are underway. >> shepard: to say that there's distractions involved here is an absolute. this nunes memo, they've got ten it to the point where later today they may vote to release the thing and democrats yell at republicans and republicans yell
12:17 pm
at democrats over a nunes memo. >> that's right. the house intelligence committee has been criticized for politicizing their investigation. the justice department has criticized the committee for possibly releasing this information because they fear that it's going to show methods, show how the fbi and others collect their data. that one too is going to be yet another point of contention. points of contention at a certain point are distractions from the message that the white house and that the republicans wish to convey to the electorate going into these very important mid-terms. >> shepard: john bussey, thank you. >> pleasure. >> shepard: the removal hoff deputy andrew mccabe has happened as president trump gets ready to make his first state of the union address. we're getting a preview of what the president is expected to say tomorrow night. we'll bring you that next.
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>> shepard: continuing on fox's top story, the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe is out today. that news just a day before president trump delivers his first state of the union address. let's go to jill colvin from the associated press. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: conflicting reports on how andrew mccabe is out tied. >> yeah, sarah sanders said the white house had nothing to do with it, had no interaction with anybody at the fbi. we'll wait to see how that pans out. so we all keep this in our minds, somebody cabe was scheduled to leave in march
12:22 pm
anyway. he's planning to retire. he's going to be staying on payroll to qualify for his pension. it's an early departure but an extraordinary development. it's another distraction into the russia investigation. >> shepard: sometimes they focus on the deep state and it was the chatter that andrew mccabe was part of it, right. >> yeah, the president has made no secret of his dislike and his suspicion of mccabe. he tweeted about him multiple times. a campaign to discredit him in some ways. so this is not news that the president will be upset to hear about. >> shepard: it's my understanding from multiple reports that the rank and file in the fbi found out about this on the news. >> yeah, this is what we're hearing as well. the white house also saying that's the way they found out about this. we'll see -- >> shepard: something weird happen. who comes to work on a monday
12:23 pm
and says last day, guys. see ya! >> absolutely. it will be interesting as this pans out, we start to understand the exact chain of command here, what kind of role the fbi director had in potentially telling him look, you know, we're moving on without you. it's time to go. you can stay here, but you're not going to be much use to it. >> shepard: that's it as of noon today. what do we know about what the president is expected to say in the state of the union tomorrow? >> this is the big political theater event of the year. we expect the president to talk about agenda items, the infrastructure plan, about trade quite a bit. he's expected to go over the immigration proposal they just released. really what the speech is about is setting the tone for if year ahead. we're expecting an optimistic message. not the doom and gloom that we hear. most importantly, we'll hear the president touting his economic accomplishments, what they see as a turn around in the economy,
12:24 pm
the gdp, the unemployment numbers. we'll hear the president talking about that really making the case as we head into the rest of 2018. this is an election year. the republicans right now have been in charge over a year and they're all going into these races where they're going to need to explain to people what they've been able to accomplish in office. you'll see the president teeing up that argument for all of those folks. >> shepard: if he sticks to script, which is always an if, but if he sticks to script, no russia. >> if, if he sticks to script. the pattern we've seen, in the big speeches, the president does stick to the teleprompter. the problem is, what happens when he steps off of the stage. what happens over the next 24, 48 hours as the administration is trying to build on the momentum, what is it the president will tweet, what will he say. >> jill colvin. nice to see you.
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>> you too. >> shepard: a russian fighter jet flying dangerously close to a navy spy plane. actually coming to within five feet of it. a spokesman said the navy pilot was flying legally in international airspace when the russian jet cut directly through the plane's flight path. the pentagon reports it happened over the black sea. the two planes were close for nearly three hours. north korea apparently feeling the effects of economic sanctions because its scaling back its annual winter military drills. that's what u.s. officials told the "wall street journal." the newspaper with which this channel shares common ownership. they said the drills got off to a slow start and were less extensive than usual. the journal reports that could be because of u.s. restrictions on oil and fuel shipments to north korea. but analysts note those sanctions have yet to significantly affect the
12:26 pm
military capabilities, including nuclear program. more ahead on andrew mccabe leaving the bureau. we'll head to capitol hill from reaction from lawmakers and mike emanuel. but first, police say a man tried to run over people with his car so an officer shot him. what else we know? part of our bottom of the hour headlines two minutes away. high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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12:29 pm
mesa about 30 miles south and east of los angeles. nobody hurt. the new england patriots and the philadelphia eagles arrive in minneapolis ahead of super bowl lii. thousands of patriots fans rallied outside gillette stadium before the team talk off. the eagles landed in minnesota yesterday after an unofficial send-off from fans at home. the two teams square off sunday night.
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12:32 pm
i don't know if there's anything new in this. we're concerned on capitol hill of maintaining the integrity of the department of justice, their independence and so they're not interfered with by the white house. >> a democrat on the house intelligence committee says he hopes it was mccabe's decision to go. >> i don't know why he's leaving. i hope it's his personal choice and that he's not being forced out as president trump has tried repeatedly. >> sounds like the two lawmakers don't want to get ahead of the facts, figuring out why he's going rather than reacting and perhaps having to dial it back. >> shepard: what are you hearing from republicans? >> a member of the leadership team talked about the need for the public to have full conference in this premier law enforcement agency. >> i'm not sure of the reasoning behind mccabe stepping down. i do know the american people, congress, we need to have confidence in these institutions and the fbi, that we have law and order in this country. >> a texas republican congressman that sits on the
12:33 pm
judiciary committee says it was probably the right thing for mccabe to go. >> it was completely appropriate that he be removed or he retire. probably should have happened long before now. there's always been a question about his impartiality because of his families tie's to hillary clinton. because of that, he shouldn't have been in the position he was to investigate president trump or investigate hillary clinton's e-mails some time ago. >> that's a reference to mccabe's wife running for a democratic seat in virginia. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. let's turn to jordan fabian, a white house correspondent for the hill. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: where are we on this? do we know? >> it's another turn of the screw here in the white house russian probe. the white house saying that president trump had nothing to do with his ouster. the president has taken multiple shots at andrew mccabe believing
12:34 pm
he's responsible for politicizing the upper rungs of the fbi. there's concern that the president might make moves against other top officials in the fbi. he's been putting pressure on jeff sessions and rod rosenstein, the deputy general behind the scenes. we're all waiting to see what happens next. >> shepard: the white house says they had nothing to do with this. >> that's right. sarah huckabee sanders came out in the briefing and said they had nothing to do with it, again, as we know, we heard the public statements from the president, critical of andrew mccabe including last week when he popped into the chief of staff's office when we were sitting there and started firing off on andrew mccabe. he denied that he asked mccabe who he voted for. >> shepard: tell me about the rest of the firing off though. >> he went off on this really kind of rant about mccabe saying remember him? he was the star of my speeches. i used to talk about how he dot political donations from people
12:35 pm
tied to hillary clinton. it's not somebody that i think is doing a good job at the fbi. so his feelings there still raw. he denied the tidbit about asking andrew mccabe who he voted for in 2016. >> shepard: we're led to believe he's part of the nunes distraction memo, too. >> that's right. a lot of wrangling right now between the white house and the justice department and fbi about whether to release this. there were some warnings given to the white house that this document shouldn't be released on national security grounds. they didn't want the classified information out there. but the president has made it clear he wants it out there. it's just yet another data point in this conflict between the president and his own justice department. the president believes that the justice department should be protecting him both from the russia investigation and any other political matters. it's another conflict shaping up and the house intelligence committee is meeting later today and might decide whether to release it. >> shepard: in the middle of
12:36 pm
this, there's a discussion about immigration. from what you read, republicans are going one way and democrats are going the other. they're not getting closer. they're getting further. is that fair? >> a pretty good read. the president put out this plan and it was designed to break the impasse on capitol hill. but really, it's run into a proverbial wall. the republicans don't like it, democrats don't like the cuts to illegal immigration. so it's almost as if we're back to square one. the president plans to talk about that issue in his state of the union and put pressure on lawmakers to act on his plans. >> shepard: what kind of pressure might move, for instance, the freedom caucus away from their traditional demand and might move the far left away from theirs? seems as if what you don't want is an immigration decision, we're in a good place to get nothing. >> that's always been the issue with immigration. you move toward one side and the other side gets angry and vice versa.
12:37 pm
if the president wants to get more democratic votes, he might have to reduce those cuts to legal immigration. that could anger tom cotton and david purdue and people on the right that want the cuts made. the same with the freedom caucus. if he moves in the direction of more restrictions, he might lose more democratic votes. so this is a really sticky issue and it's not clear we'll have a resolution before march 5 when the daca program expires. >> shepard: you expecting any surprises at the state of the union tomorrow? >> well, the white house is telling us no surprises, that this is going to be an upbeat, optimistic speech like we've seen other presidents give during the state of the union. shep, this is an untraditional president, so wouldn't surprise me if there's a surprise or two along the way. >> shepard: thanks, jordan. we'll know by this time wednesday. good to see thanks. >> thanks. >> shepard: a fitness tracking app could reveal sensitive information about the location of u.s. military bases. that's according to the
12:38 pm
reporting of the "washington post" and others. they're reporting the gps tracking company strava uses satellite information to map the routes of users by showing areas of activity. but think of it. in afghanistan, it's mostly soldiers walking around with fitness apps. it's not so much the locals. in remote areas, the heat maps are almost entirely dark except for the scattered areas that could be soldiers and bases using the app. that could be a security threat if the pentagon has not revealed the location of those bases, a spokeswoman tells the a.p. that the department is reviewing the situation and takes it very seriously. 11 afghan soldiers are dead after the fourth major terror attack in that country in less than two weeks. the islamic state is claiming responsibility. it happened at a military academy in the capitol of kabul. officials say a suicide bomber attacked a security unit and
12:39 pm
other militants and then opened fire. two days earlier, taliban terrorists packed an ambulance full of explosives and set it off in the middle of kabul killing more than 100 people. afghanistan is the site of america's longest war. president trump said with terrorists carrying out attacks like these, it will be a long time before the united states negotiates with the taliban. nikki haley say we're closer to talking with the taliban than we have been before. jennifer griffin at the pentagon this hour. jennifer? >> i don't think it's any coincidence these attacks follow the president's decision to cut off $900 million in aid to pakistan as a punishment for their continued support for the taliban. that announcement came through the state department on january 4. look at the state of attacks since then. january 20th, at least 22 people are killed in an attack on the intercontinental hotel in kabul.
12:40 pm
a 13-hour siege that left four americans dead. january 24th, armed militants stormed save the children headquarters in eastern afghanistan. not far from the pakistan border killing four. hours later, the british aid agency suspended all of its afghan aid operations. january 27, an ambulance packed with explosives killed more than 100 people in downtown kabul. two days later on january 29th, today, armed gunmen tried to storm a military academy in kabul killing 11 soldiers outside the premier training facility. four attacks in less than a week. this is not the typical spring thaw and start of the traditional fighting season. this state of attacks is well-planned and designed to send a message to the u.s. and other international aid groups operating in afghanistan. it's designed to create pressure to drive foreigners out of afghanistan. another 1,000 u.s. troops are slated to arrive in april and
12:41 pm
president trump just today said that there will be no negotiating with the taliban, shep. >> shepard: what are pentagon officials saying about the war in afghanistan? >> it's the one star marine general that recently returned from a tour in afghan was slated to brief the press here at the pentagon about the progress being made. that was slated for this morning at 11:00 a.m. we were told before that briefing that it was unexpectedly called off this morning with no explanation. when my colleague lucas tomlinson asked the press director whether it was the state of attacks, the press office denied that that was the reasoning but the timing is suspect. another example of how the pentagon may not want to talk about the afghan war right now, a government watch dog used to track how much territory the taliban controlled and releasing their findings in quarterly reports. today we're learning that that figure is classified by the pentagon for the first time since the war began, shep. >> shepard: thanks, jennifer griffin. the state department is
12:42 pm
demanding the full release of an american-i ran prisoner as officials let him out for four days for medical reasons. the man is 81 and his wife says he has a serious heart condition. he and his son are iranian american citizens. they're both serving ten-year sentences in iran. the man's wife says they're in prison for in reason. iranian website accused the son of trying to help westerners infiltrate iran. government forces arrested him in the year 2015 and arrested his father the next year when he was visiting his son in prison. analysts say iran is holding both of them and other duel citizens for leverage in future negotiations. updating fox's top story and the removal of the fbi's number 2. the latest bomb shell in russia investigation which has been going on for months. we'll take a look at how we got to today's developments and where it all began. that's next.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the number's number 2. andrew mccabe faced criticism f of -- from president trump because of connections to the clintons. trace gallagher has more. >> certainly the tension between the president and andrew mccabe goes back a ways, but then it was temporarily in charge of the trump russia investigation. for context, we'll nail down the key moments. last year in september, michael flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the fbi. admitting that he lied to fbi agents about two discussions he
12:47 pm
had as a private citizen to sergei kislyak. prior to mr. trump firing james comey, the white house was said to have gone easy on him. and then the texts turned over to congress between fbi agents and reported lovers peter strzok and lisa page that the agents went easy on hillary clinton in the e-mail investigation. republicans specifically point out anti-trump techs talking about conversations that happened in andy's office. gop speculation is that andrew is andrew mccabe but that has not yet been confirmed. on december 17, president trump said he did not consider firing robert mueller, but last week fox news correspondent ed henry
12:48 pm
said the president wanted to fire mueller in june but reconsidered when his counsel threatened to resign. playing into this is when the president will talk to robert mueller. when the president was asked if he would speak to mueller, he said we'll see what happens. two weeks later, the president said he is willing to speak with mueller under oath. though his current counsel says that is up for negotiations. so bottom line here, andrew mccabe is out. the parts are still moving in many directions. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. the grammys were in new york last night for the if first time in years. well, it wasn't all music. some of the music was really good. there was a dramatic reading as well. stay with us.
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: it's now official. chief wahoo is out in cleveland. the cleveland indians baseball team has ditched their controversial logo. huge news there and the top two stories on the website of the big local newspaper. chief wahoo was a cartoon image of a smiling native american. the team will remove it from the uniforms and the park starting next year. the mlb issued a statement today. it reads in party "major league baseball is committed to a culture of inclusion throughout the game. the chief wahoo logo started showing up in the uniforms in 1948." long time critics say it's racist and offensive. some fans say it's an important part of the team's history. a new logo a block c symbol you'll see in 2019.
12:53 pm
hillary clinton making a surprise appearance in the grammys. the former democratic presidential candidate, former first lady, former secretary of state read from the book "fire and fury" about the president's time in office. james corden billed it as an audition for a spoken world grammy. >> he had a long-time fear of being poisoned. one reason why he liked to eek at mcdonald's. nobody knew he was coming and the food was premarried. >> shepard: some of the president's supporters say the grammys shouldn't be political. rick leventhal has more. >> i'm not sure we saw an awards show without politics. not everybody loved that. the critics, donald trump jr. who treated, the more hillary goes on television, the more the american people realize how
12:54 pm
awesome it is to have donald trump in office. well, there's a -- >> i'm here on this stage tonight because just like the dreamers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. they showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up. honestly, no part of my journey is any different than theirs. >> that might have been her. she spoke out at the grammys last night. i don't know if you were watching. not quite as many as last year. >> some of the artists paid tribute to violence around the world. >> yeah. a group of country stars that spoke out in memory of those people that were lost in las vegas and also in manchester at the concert last year. strangely perhaps, there were fake gun fire on stage during
12:55 pm
one of the numbers by kendrick lamar that opened the show. he had a scripted interruption by dave schapelle that had some commentary on race. >> i wanted to remind the audience the more frightening thing than a black man being honest in america is being a black man in america. >> the biggest winner was bruno mars that took home statutes for song of the year and record of the year. raters down more than 20% from last year. that may be an all-time low. >> shepard: rick leventhal in new york. thanks. a final thought and top of the hour headlines moments away. stay with us.
12:56 pm
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>> shepard: on this day in 1936, the baseball hall of fame elected its first members. the baseball writers association
12:59 pm
of america chose those players calling them the five greatest superstars in all of the game. remember, this was 1936. the best of them all according to the writers? among them ty cobb and babe ruth. now they share that honor with more than 300 others, including ten umpires after the hall of fame first recognized baseball's best 82 years ago today. well, the dow a big day, let's take a look at the board. the dow itself is down a little over a half a percent. 148 points. apple took a hit. seems shareholders are concerned about the iphone x and whether it will have staying power as expensive as it is. there was some tech news as well. the vast majority of the dow 30 were off on the session. neil cavuto will have details on most all of this coming up. brett and martha will be here tomorrow night on fox news
1:00 pm
channel for coverage of the state of the union. i'll have coverage on fox broadcast network on your local station. check out fox coverage wherever you feel like it. have a great afternoon. "your world" starts right now. >> the only thing the president has applied pressure to is to make sure we get this resolved so that you guys and everyone else can focus on the things that americans care about. that is making sure everybody gets the russia fever out of their system once and for all and that we can move forward to focus on things like national security, the economy and solving the immigration crisis that we have here in our country. >> neil: all right. it was all about the interest and not in the departure of andrew mccabe at the fbi. the interest in interest rates. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." just a deflection from the normal attention in a politically embraced washington or interest rates


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