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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 30, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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night. the first official state of the union address. great to be with you. >> thanks for joining us. more coverage straight ahead tonight. sean hannity joins us. stick around, folks. good to have you with us tonight. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> president trump: let's begin by recognizing that the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs. unemployment claims have hit a
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45 year low. african-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded. small business confidence is at an all-time high. the stock market has smashed one record after another. 401(k)s, retirement pensions, and college savings accounts have gone through the roof. just as i promised the american people from this podium in 11 months ago, we enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history. so to every citizen watching at home tonight, no matter where you have been or where you have come from, this is your time. if you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in america and you can dream anything, you can be anything. together we can achieve absolutely anything.
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>> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are in washington, d.c., again tonight. the swamp, whatever you want to call it. those were some of the highlights from president trump's rousing first stated the union address where he highlighted many of his accomplishments. of course the booming economy, foreign policy and so much more. the president was also laying out his plans for immigration, infrastructure. we are going to have reaction and analysis for that historic speech throughout the hour. donald trump jr. and department of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen will join us on the set. first, tonight breaking news, opening monologue. glad you are with us. we begin tonight with president trump's very powerful and historic for a state of the union address. he touched on several key themes. american culture, referencing the flag and standing for our national anthem. he also touted the massive economic growth it's happened in the last year and business, creating jobs, record low on
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employment and of course rising wages. the president declared a new american moment and that there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. the president also listed how he is fulfilling key conservative principles tonight by appointing conservative justices and judges, honoring and helping events, energy independence, and one of the best lines of the night that stood out for me, the president said the era of economic surrender is over. it's best when the president can push aside the bias filter of the liberal mainstream media like he did tonight and speak directly to you, the american people. it was obvious during many moments tonight that the democrats will never give this president a fighting shot. his list of the compliments speak for themselves. after eight years of failure and a year of solid record success, you would think that the never-trump crowd, that they would appreciate america is now moving in the right direction. people are getting back to work,
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off of food stamps. the economy is growing. tonight's the night that the president was able to bypass everyone and go right to the american people, make his case that his programs, that his policies, that is principles are working and that we the american people are rising up in the world. you would think this would be a moment people would celebrate. not about the media. not about the democrats sitting on their hands, often looking like fools. not about the hatred of the president. not about liberal conspiracy theories or obstruction. it has really become a battle for the vision of the america that you want. this to me is a fork in the road moments, and that's pretty much what tonight was all about. ask yourself this. one was the last time the media ever talk or mentions the president's numerous accompaniments in one year? your answer is probably never. since the media ignores everything the president has been able to do, we decided to do their job for them.
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take a look at this screen. we will run it throughout the night. the presidency compliments in one year. the economy is booming, record low on employment numbers, regulations are being gutted. ice is defeated. the individual mandate repealed. we are finally on the path to energy independence and that means millions of high paying career jobs for millions of americans in america is now back bleeding on the world stage. this has been an epic first year for the trump administration and more portly, and epic year for the american people, the forgotten men and women that martha was talking about. that is with democrats that have resisted every second of every day. obstructed in every single turn. and of course never trump-ers. holding back the trump agenda. the media that worshiped barack obama, defended his terrible failed policies for eight years are not willing to give this president a break or credit for anything they been so
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biased. something we've never seen in american history. they media seemingly wants the president to fail. they are actively rooting for it which is why speeches tonight help the president explain the vision for the country without the spin, without the smears. joining us with reaction, donald trump jr. you are in the gallery. you've had a bad flu. are you feeling better? you are a trump. you keep working. i am a conservative, and i talked to a lot of friends during the speech tonight. this is the speech that conservatives have wanted to hear since reagan. more people, independently telling me that than any other comment i got tonight. >> i think it was phenomenal. you could see it, not just from the republicans. i got a leg workout standing up every five seconds because he hit every point. watching the democrats was actually where i noticed it
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because you could see them all wanting to stand, sean. you can see them looking around, like we almost have to stand for this but the derangement is real. they have to do the opposite. they have been forced to take the opposite approach of everything he does come everything he says. even things that are common sense solutions for the merit of people, they have to do the opposite. you could see it. it was amazing to watch. >> sean: record low unemployment. demographically, for black america, hispanic america, women, 17-year low. economic growth and success. how do you sit down and not want to cheer that. there has been a lot of suffering the last eight years. >> i don't know. it doesn't make sense to me. those are people -- when they see thousands going back in their wallets and billions being repatriated, the money being infused in the economy. thousands of dollars in bonuses.
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this was a unifying speech, speech to all americans. hit everyone deeply. it was amazing to watch come amazing to see it firsthand. >> sean: 2.4 million jobs. 200,000 in manufacturing alone. 2 million americans off food stamps. one of the big issues, i remember one of the first interviews i did with you, you called your dad a blue-collar republican. >> i called him a blue-collar billionaire. >> sean: sorry. >> i used to get criticized for it. he gets those people. that's where he spent his time building his business. he didn't become a great builder in an office. he became a great builder by being on job sites, being around the men and women who built those projects, talking with them, not at them. stay when i know you've done the same thing in your life. working in restaurants, being a
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dishwasher, cook, busboy, waite waiter. it changed my life. honestly those are the americans that have suffered. >> they are the forgotten americans and he's giving them hope. he has always been able to speak to them. he is an unlikely person to be able to breach the boundaries. the billionaire from new york city being the guy, the voice of a blue-collar american. but he can do it, and he doesn't genuinely. now they took a chance. they voted for him, and now they are seeing the results. and it's amazing. >> sean: people try to ask me about your dad. i have always been and remain today a reagan conservative. and i keep arguing with people. i am not a nationalist, not a populist. i am a conservative. i look to the list of accomplishments. we will put it back up on the screen, list of principles from judges to immigration to energy independence. these are all important issues.
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and that's what's happened in a year, the heritage foundation said was more conservative than reagan. >> i saw that command more successful by the numbers. for them, they weren't exactly always the biggest fan. for them to come around and say wait a minute. this is working. you see the republicans do it. last week you sought. it's the first time the republicans didn't just fold. they have a history of being amazing at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. that is their specialty, their superpower. now they have someone who will fight for them, someone who will back them up and go to the wall. that's what's been incredible. now that they see that, i think their spirit is invigorated. more importantly, the voters who voted for him, who entrusted my father with this incredible responsibility. they see it too. >> sean: let's talk about the distractions. all of the accomplishments had to be achieved in an environment
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that i would argue historically unprecedented. hatred, vitriol, conspiracy theories, lies. you yourself -- i thought i was tough on twitter. i can't compare to you or your dad. >> when you've gone through what we've gone through, the amazing thing is the media, the left, they went all in on the conspiracy theory. they couldn't figure it out, how could he do this to our anointed one, our chosen one with one-tenth the money and and one-tenth the staff. they needed these things to be true. they went all in for their credibility for this nonsense to be true. without evidence, without anything. despite 25 hours of congressional testimony, millions in legal fees, the only thing they found out was that they themselves were the ones doing all these things. i really hope for all that stuff to come out because imagine what he could do, given what he's accomplished in the last year, imagine what he can do without this fictitious baggage.
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imagine what he could do if he was unleashed to actually fight without those distractions. >> sean: i say this often and i spend a lot of time. it was about a year ago when we first reported on this program with john solomon and sarah carter that trump tower, there was a fisa warrant. there had been spying going on. now we learn a lot of the background. imagine if your dad fixed the primary, had it rigged against 16 people, imagine if james comey and other agents rigged an investigation, exonerated your father before actually investigating him. imagine if your dad did pay for russian propaganda through a dossier and imagine that dossier was used as a foundation for a warrant against hillary. let's reverse roles. you can't even fathom. >> if you heard about this stuff going on in angola, you would say that's terrible but it's happening in our backyard. this isn't a banana republic. it's the united states of
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america. for this to be going on at that level. we have to make that his diction because you heard it tonight. my father is fighting for the guys in law enforcement and all those agencies. but the boots, not the suits that are the lawyers of the top. they are not the same. i was at the floor last week and i had 15 fbi agents active and retired, tell your father to keep going because those guys on the seventh floor are tarnishing my badge. the blood, sweat and tears. they get that he is still fighting for law enforcement, for the military come all the things he promised. there is a difference between the boots and suits at the top. those suits, lawyer's income of the corruption is real. when you look at it, what other conclusion can we draw that this is the prior administration effectively weaponizing the doj and fbi. >> sean: one of the things he said tonight that really stood out to me was for example people have different diseases. maybe they have been given a death sentence.
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and we have government bureaucracy that prevents people from making choices. may be they want the right to experiment with a drug that we are told is promised -- >> what do you have to lose? >> sean: nothing. but the government, the people behind me in the freezing cold, they don't care. >> any chance at life. it would encourage medical developing. it's not always going to work but when it does, think about how fast we can expedite those things. getting other people those medications. i relate to the builder. we built the empire state building in the year. now takes ten years to get a permit to build a county road. ten years to get a permit to start, let alone building it. those other regulations he is cutting, the nonsense, and the layers and layers and layers of government bureaucracy. we don't need them. this country got to where it is without all of that. >> sean: amazing statistic.
8:15 pm
i pride myself on giving out a lot of statistics. i don't know if you have heard a few of them. but when he said they eliminated more burdensome regulations than every other president combined in a year. government has gotten so big, so bureaucratic. between that and him taking on the culture and talking about the flag and talking about the anthem and challenging the nfl. i think what he's done, i think one of the reasons there is such fierce opposition. he's bringing the business acumen so we can build up the country. they love that culture. >> it's made them rich. it's made their friends rich. that's why the beltway is the richest place in america come on the backs of the american worker and yet this area hasn't created anything. they don't build anything. they don't manufacture anything. they don't create anything. they peddle influence. he is giving it back to the people, allowing them to use
8:16 pm
their money. >> sean: why didn't you go with your father to washington? >> i don't know. i can do more on the side. i'm always going to be active and vocal. >> sean: of all the kids, i think you have the same temperament as him. >> maybe that's why. [laughs] as an american and the father of five young kids come i'm so proud to be able to watch what he's doing. i want to make sure they grow up in a in america i grew up in. when you look at the attacks on so much. looking at the democrats. they don't stand up for god. they are reluctant to stand up for the flag. they don't even think about standing up for the anthem. i am watching it and saying i can't even believe. two of them didn't. the vast majority, reluctantly i've got to do it.
8:17 pm
he has taken the culture on and hit them hard. >> sean: that is the swamp, that's the sewer. sorry you are sick. glad you could make it anyway. we have to take a break. when we come back, newt gingric newt gingrich, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen will be with us. as we continue in the freezing cold in washington, d.c. patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> president trump: this is our new american moment. there is never been a better time to start living the american dream.
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so to every citizen watching at home tonight, no matter where you spend or where you've come from, this is your time. if you work hard, if you believe in yourself kind if you in america, then you can dream anything. you can be anything. together we can achieve absolutely anything. >> sean: that was the president earlier tonight. here with reaction to this important moment is homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. let's talk specifically about the immigration proposals. give us some detail. >> sure, so what i think what the president laid out is that clear vision. part of the borders is not just infrastructure. it is the technology, personnel, and closing the loophole so we
8:23 pm
can remove those who come here illegally. i think the president was clear. he asked for bipartisan support. it was really a unifying moment i think on some important issues. >> sean: secretary, i've been down to the border a dozen times. i've been from the rio grande to san diego. i've seen drug warehouses. i've seen gang members. i've been in helicopters, boats, all-terrain vehicles. you can laugh at me on horseback. i've seen all of this and we always end up getting the consideration, the amnesty going back to '86. we never, ever get the wall funded and built.
8:24 pm
is this going to be different? will the president insists on the money that he controls to build the border before any deal? >> we have to have the wall. we have to have the wall. walls work. we've seen it in san diego. and the funding. he's been clear. in the proposal, he offered last week, $25 billion fund which will include not only the infrastructure but technology for the southern and northern border as well as some of the personnel costs and things we need. i think he's made it very clear this is a priority. our border, as you know, sean, is more secure than it's been in the past. however the numbers continue to increase. we had a 300% increase in unaccompanied minors in the last six months. we also had a 600% increase in family units. when we talk -- the president talked about gangs tonight. it's time to do it. he's very committed. i am committed. i will work with anyone and everyone who will talk to me about this. >> sean: madam secretary, i have seen it firsthand. in terms of national security, it's if not the number one priority we have. i suspect when chuck schumer pulled his offer off the table and then listening to other
8:25 pm
democrats, it sounds to me politically they don't want a deal. they don't want daca. they want to run on daca in 2018. for all their sanctimony, i suspect politically they are very different motives. and then you have liberal republicans like lindsey graham and senator snowflake -- i am sorry. jeff flake. i call him snowflake. out in arizona, seems like they want amnesty. >> well, sean, it's disappointing because senator schumer voted for the wall. many of our democratic colleagues have voted for the wall. this is politics. i think what you heard from the president tonight is enough of that. it was a unifying message. it was a call across the aisle. it was a call across both houses of congress. it was a call to action. it's time to do it. we need to increase the security for our communities. it's time to reform and immigration system that's on autopilot and is not in any way help improve our economy. >> sean: do you suspect as i do that there is politics being
8:26 pm
played by the democrats? in other words, i question the sincerity of whether or not they want this deal because as the president said, this is a compromise deal. you get what you want and we will get what we ran on. >> no, i think it is a compromise. he listened to members from both parties, as did i. and all i can tell you with respect to that is we are committed. we are negotiating in good faith. i've been on the hill many times over the past few weeks, talked to hundreds of members of congress. i will continue to do that. i've been to the border myself. talk to state and local officials there as well as landowners and americans who live there and see the threats coming across the border. we are negotiating in good faith. we will continue to do that. i hope they will agree to do the same. >> sean: madam secretary, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> sean: with more reaction for the first state of the union address, former speaker of the
8:27 pm
house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. mr. speaker, you sat behind presidents for five years during state of the union addresses. if i'm not mistaken. i watched this president tonight and i thought it was probably by far the best speech he ever gave. >> well, i think it was certainly the best speech he gave that i can get rivaled reagan at his very best. no one has ever taken the guests who were there and woven their personal story into general principles about america as well as trump did tonight. i'm trying to build a list because i wasn't fast enough during the speech. how many specific reforms he is proposing, many of which the democrats are going to have a hard time opposing. i think it was very effective, very powerful speech. i think you build on what he did the other day in davos. it puts him i think in a very
8:28 pm
strong position. if they will stay focused on these messages and not let the elite media and drag them off into junk, i think in a week or two, he will have a huge impact on the country. as you know, the constant repetition, tremendous amount in -- >> sean: the media has been fixated on one subject and one subject only. when you look at the accomplishments. i will put them up on the screen. foreign policy, isis, recognizing jerusalem as the capital, conservative justices. energy independence, jobs created, the number of people dependent on food stamps reduced. and that doesn't even include the tax cut which is going to result in a significant dollarsn the pockets of many americans. >> you are beginning to see the effect of all of this.
8:29 pm
one of the strangest moments of the evening was when the president announced correctly that black and latino unemployment was the lowest it had been in history. and nobody on the democratic party in those caucuses could bring themselves to vote -- i mean to applied. watching them on tv and thinking let me get this straight. you dislike the president so much in your community has the lowest unemployment in history, you can't applaud? tells you a little bit about how bitter and how deep some of the partisanship is. the president outlined a program for the next year that is practical. i think people are going to be interested. i don't know what his program is going to be but i will be interested in his effort to lower the cost of drugs, very interested -- you have a right to try if you have a fatal disease, that the government should not block you to have access to trying to survive.
8:30 pm
i think that will have strong bipartisan support. his announcement that the infrastructure program, not all government money. this is donald trump the entrepreneur. they have some ideas for how you enlist a lot of different sources of revenue to get 1.5 trillion. that's a big enough program that even the democrats began to sit up and take notice. >> sean: how would a private- private-public partnership on infrastructure work? >> one way would be to have companies put up money and actually take over and run things. in britain, if you go through heathrow airport, it's private. in the canada, air traffic control is private. there've been highways built in indiana they were private, the company put up the money, ran it as a toll bridge which is how
8:31 pm
the first u.s. highways were built in the late 18th century. we once had a tradition that many people build roads and they charged you a fee to use them. it was true almost everywhere in the country at one time. >> sean: mr. speaker, you are the great historian, and i am looking at a disruptor that won the presidency. after eight years, i would classify it as abject failure. we have had a year of significant success. one of the keys to the success of the speech was rooted in the fact that the policies, principles, positions the president has taken is working. where do you see this disruptor following conservative principles, going from here in spite of all the hostility that's been shown to him. >> first of all, i see him
8:32 pm
wanting more and more with the american people, and i see them reaching out in ways. i predict the democrats the spring was split into two parts. there will be the national left-wing radical party. and there will be people who want to survive and you come from districts where there is going to be a lot of common sense. and you are going to see i think a steady erosion is people -- we are a very practical people. one of the reasons obama fails. he didn't fail in the end because he didn't give great speeches or didn't have great language. he failed because his policies were a disaster. they were a disaster and the personal lives of normal americans. if trump is a success in their personal lives of normal americans, his ability to get things done. >> sean: i remember during the campaign you said he's either going to grow or not going to win. how would you judge's growth, considering his miraculous rise
8:33 pm
in politics from outside the world of politics. how would you charge the trajectory of growth in the year? >> well, he won't agree with me but i would say the first six or eight months, he was really learning the job. he said this today and a brief comment. he said i had to learn that some of the things that are truly -- in a funny way the failure to get obamacare through was a very painful moment but it taught him to listen much more carefully. he got the tax bill through. i'm not sure they would've gotten that through they had to have -- hadn't have the experience of getting congress to do things. i think every week he grows. look at his role in the world, the speech talking to foreign leaders, the kind of
8:34 pm
relationships he is building with people like macron of france and the crown prince of saudi arabia. this is a guy who people wondered could he do foreign policy. he's going to do which is fine. more portly from america's standpoint, he has a gut feeling for america and a gut feeling for what works that may be better than any president in my lifetime. that's beginning to really make a difference. >> sean: in the lives of a lot of americans. forgotten men and women, they were the ones that made the difference november of 2016. we appreciate your time. when we come back, senator ted cruz of texas. sebastian gorka. don bunn gino. we continue from the nation's capital. it's "hannity." we are glad you are with us. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing.
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>> president trump: here tonight are two fathers and two
8:39 pm
mothers. there are two teenage daughters were close friends on long island. these two precious girls were brutally murdered while walking together in their hometown. six members of the savage ms-13 gang have been charged with their murders. evelyn, elizabeth, freddie, robert. tonight everyone in this chamber is praying for you. everyone in america is grieving for you. i want you to know that 320 million hearts are right now breaking for you. we love you. thank you. >> sean: very, very sad, touching moment. the president taking time to recognize family members of two girls brutally murdered by the
8:40 pm
gang ms-13. by the way, where i live in long island, new york. herewith reacted, senator ted cruz from the great state of texas. senator, good to see you. let's get your reaction overall. >> i thought that moment you displayed was one of the most powerful moments of the entire speech. i think the president did an incredible job highlighting the parents of those who have lost children to ms-13 and violent illegal aliens. highlighting heroes, whether police officers or coast guardsmen or first responders across the country. i think the president did a tremendous job overall focusing on jobs, wages going up, on the historic tax cut. i thought it was a very, very strong speech and a strong night for the president. >> sean: the president i know
8:41 pm
has counted on you a lot and you have forged a very strong relationship. to me, everyone talks nationalism, populism. i am a reagan conservative. i see this agenda as conservative. your thoughts. >> i very much agree with that. it is stunning the successes we've had delivering on our promises. whether it was a historic tax cut, whether it's regulatory reform, reducing job killing regulations, whether it's repealing the obamacare individual mandate or confirming a record number of constitutionalist judges. we have delivered on the promises we made. i think the president did a terrific job highlighting that and sean, i've got to say it was stunning to watch washington democrats at their stone-faced and refused to applaud more jobs, higher wages, jobs coming back to america, refused to applaud wins for the working men and women of the country. >> sean: almost embarrassing. it was embarrassing at times. where are you on the immigration proposal? we always get the spending increase. we never get the tax cut.
8:42 pm
we always get the amnesty. we never get the wall. >> you are exactly right. three planks are strong. border security commanding the visa lottery, ending chain migration, all of those i strongly agree with. i do not believe it's right to grant a path to citizenship to 2 million people here illegally. we shouldn't be granting amnesty or path to citizenship to anyone here illegally. that would be a real mistake. not consistent with what we promised the american people. i hope congress doesn't do it. >> sean: you have a couple of liberal senators. you know i'm talking about, they want that. republican senators. >> it makes no sense. our focus should be on the working men and women of the country. giving a path to citizenship to those here illegally, i have to point out that the position way
8:43 pm
to the left of obama. obama and daca didn't grant a path to citizenship. it was about 600,000 people, not 2 million. i don't know why republicans are falling all over themselves to get to the left of obama on this. >> sean: i know a senator from arizona and one from south carolina you could have that conversation with. senator cruz, good to see you. thank you for being with us. good luck on your reelection. also tonight the president had tough words for the rogue regime in north korea. >> president trump: no regime has oppressed its own citizens more totally or brutally in the cruel dictatorship in north korea. north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland. we are waging a campaign of maximum pressure to prevent that from ever happening. >> sean: here with reaction, former deputy assistant to the president and fox news national security specialist
8:44 pm
dr. sebastian gorka. when we first met, you said isis can be defeated. look where we are in. unless this president tries to bribe irani and mullahs and rogue dictators, the press will never like him. that's the only policies they like. capitulation and appeasement. >> the legacy of the obama administration, releasing $150 billion to a regime that his state department said was financing terrorist. >> sean: let's start undoing it. >> this is what 12 months tells you. the obama administration said isis is a generational threat, meaning your children, my grandchildren are going to be fighting jihadis. president trump truncated a generation in the six months. the hair on the ropes.
8:45 pm
the floors being wiped with isis. that's what will to victory means. that's what our soldiers being allowed to do their jobs, marines, airmen. >> sean: the rules of engagement. >> what can you disagree with intimate speech? we had the democrats sit down to safety, dignity. the words of tonight's speech. >> sean: lowest unemployment, they couldn't even cheer that. >> dignity. getting the working men and women of america dignity back. safety from ms-13. pride. pride in our nation. how do you reject that? >> one of the most powerful moments as well as watching members of the congressional black caucus sit on their butts while we see the lowest unemployment rate.
8:46 pm
the greatest untapped resources are citizens left behind run by liberal democrats. baltimore, st. louis, and the fact that this president that the democrats hate so much has driven black unemployment down so low. they sat on their and did nothing. >> sean: got to lay out a of success. bypass the media that hates him, go directly to the american people and say this is what we have done and this is what we are going to do. >> what is their response? this is the cherry on top of the sunday. the response is an angry kennedy ranting at us. the clinton called. >> sean: what was up with the makeup? >> and then the kennedy cult? >> sean: president kennedy was
8:47 pm
very different than ted kennedy. >> president kennedy would not be allowed into the democratic party today. >> i think he is right. that democrat bench. uncle bernie, redistributionist, socialist. >> sean: senator warren, pocahontas, we've got it all. good to see you both. when we come back, the one and only herman cain in the house. and joe concha straight ahead. [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure.
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>> sean: joining us now, we have joe concha and fox news contributor -- love the hat. tell everybody what you said to me. >> i am wearing my hat because i have less hair than sean hannit sean hannity. he can get away with not wearing a hat. >> sean: it is literally 30 below 0. i don't know whose bright idea was like let's put everybody out in the freezing cold on a roof. everybody that's working here is saying the same thing. you are in the gallery. >> i was in the gallery. my first time and i thoroughly enjoyed it. when you are actually there, you cannot only see the electricity. you can feel the electricity. the other thing i was able to do by being in the gallery, reading the body language of the democrats in the congressional black caucus. there were a couple dreamers sitting near me and i noticed something. when melania walked in, they sat down. and i'm going, that wasn't an accident. throughout president trump's entire speech with all of the
8:53 pm
accomplishments, all the strategies he talked about, they never stood. they never applauded. i wanted to know, why did they come? >> sean: i don't know. the lowest unemployment in history for black america. thank god, thank god. let me go to joe. joe, you cover the media. let me ask you, i am watching -- putting up the list of accomplishments. the president goes direct to the american people and i'm thinking you know what? this is a powerful moment because with all of their hours and all of their minutes, guess what. he made a strong case tonight and i am betting the ratings are probably going to be through the roof and a lot of people have literally said wow, i didn't know all this. because nobody in the media tells them except may be a few others. >> you're going to see an
8:54 pm
audience tomorrow between 45 and 50 million people. as you know television is a visual medium. on one side of the chamber you had optimism, you have the president. with the wind at his back in terms of the economy, jobs, military successes. on the other side you are democrat sitting on their hands when higher wages are brought up. for folks in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan where election was decided in 2016, the reason why trump won by 10,000 votes and 40,000 votes and 22,000 votes in those states, the independents said what are you going to do for me to make my life better? donald trump had a message around the economy and jobs. hillary clinton was well, that guy socks. vote for me because i'm a woman. that got replayed again tonight in real time between the resistance and the guy touting his accomplishments.
8:55 pm
>> sean: at the end of the day, herman cain, i think you if we keep creating jobs people have more opportunity and they get more money back and there's less bureaucracy and we are safe and secure, i think all the noise we've been hearing from everybody isn't going to mean a darn thing. >> you're absolutely right. we are going to save the savable. some of those in the audience who wouldn't stand, i don't think some of those people are savable. and i came to a conclusion. trump derangement syndrome is no longer a sickness. it's a mental disorder. >> sean: good to see you. i am borrowing that hat. more "hannity" right after the break. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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9:00 pm
we will never be the destroy-trump-media. we are back to pushing to release the memo. we might see this early as tomorrow, if not, we hope on thursday. let not your heart be troubled. fox news continued coverage of the president's first state of the union address. laura ingraham, it is 12 degrees out here. >> laura: i'm not a fool sitting on the roof. >> sean: and you are in the comfort of a warm studio, and i want to know who is the bright light executive who made this decision. everybody is laughing. we are all frozen out here. >> laura: i heard you did a little peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate. that was nice to put a little checkered picnic cloth out. very sweet of you. love it. >> sean: i guarantee you, whoever that is executive is is asleep right now. take it away in the heat of the studio that you have over their plans >> laura: don't call my town a swamp. that is -- only trump can do that. welcome to this late


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