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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 31, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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up in charlottesville and we will be actually going -- we will actually be going to -- we will be going back to the greenbrier and continuing on with it. that's a little bit -- apparently that call has been made. >> sandra: congressman, how do you think this is going to change the tone of the retreat? >> oh my gosh. with the fatalities, with the injuries, with the magnitude of this, it's definitely going to put a very somber tone over the entire retreat. people are understandably shaken. this is a tragedy. and i think it will clearly effect the tone of the retreat. and, again, we just found out that they have decided that they are going to come on with this. my understanding that other members of the cabinet have been planning on going there. we have an agenda for the retreat. but clearly this will effect
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it. >> sandra: congressman fleischmann if you can hang on for just a second. listen to any instructions you are getting. to confirm what you are telling us, we have confirmed we are told the train will go back to charlottesville, load the members onto the bus and then caravan them to west virginia from there. i want to bring senator rand paul back in because he is with us today. i'm still trying to get the number. >> the train is moving by the way. >> sandra: the train is moving. okay. senator rand paul, your reaction at this point? >> you know, one of the things that struck me in particular when you were talking to rachel and i know rachel and i know sean and i know they have this big beautiful family is that we have so much anger in our country when you hear about rachel and sean and their eight kids people need to understand that we're all just humans. we all have different opinions but we are just like anybody else. and when you think of them all being at risk and their safety, i think it should humanize politicians. i think people think of politicians as being somehow oh they are easy targets for violence or for anything
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else or for hatred. we are all so angry at each other all the time. i think when you see and hear about this nice sweet family potentially being hurt it should make us a little bit less upset with each other and a little bit more willing to have honest debate but not necessarily be so angry at each other. >> sandra: amtrak has not tweeted. katie, have you been following the twitter. has not put out official response on twitter. number of the people on the train is still a question mark. as you just heard another congressman confirmed 200 members of congress on the train. senators and congressman and women. some wives, so many children. you heard rachel campos duffy say there were many other children on this train as well. >> katie: the point that kennedy made earlier splitting up the train a little bit not having so many people in one place is a good one. this is a horrible tragedy but it seems like in the big grand scheme of things, most of the people on the train are going to be okay. what's happened to the workers on the truck is to be foreseen with the one
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fatality and they have families, too. they probably are finding out on the news that there has been an accident with their company and they are not exactly sure if it's their husband or wife or whatever was there working is one of the victims. and so lots of questions about why the truck was there. the intersection is clearly marked as a railroad crossing. rachel campos duffy on the phone earlier saying they are supposed to clear the way for the train to get to the retreat because it was such a high profile passengers. so, lots of questions still. and we will just have to wait and find out. >> kennedy: yes, obviously very nontraditional journey on this congressional express. and it will be interesting to see where the conversation goes from here. yeah, i know the president spoke a lot about infrastructure. do you think that is going to be a big topic at the conference. >> whenever we see a tragedy like this, we have to learn the right lesson. there are probably a couple lessons here. one is it's sort of like the post office. the post office loses a billion dollars a quarter. should we give it more money or less money?
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amtrak loses money for deck after decade has a terrible safety reported. maybe the thought shouldn't be less' spend more public money on amtrak. maybe the thought should be why don't we have private enterprise more responsive. look at the technology in cars because they are responsible to safety and need. >> competition. >> none of that is going on in the train industry because you have one person running train travel and that's the government. >> kennedy: great point. >> sandra: continuing coverage on train collision carrying members of congress just outside -- by the way, they are in route to this retreat in west virginia just outside the charlottesville. a lot more details to come. to harris faulkner now for continuing coverage. ♪ >> harris: fox news alert here on outnumbered overtime. i'm harris faulkner. if you are just tuning in this afternoon, let me tell you and catch you up on what has happened on the train track outside charlottesville, virginia. carrying some estimated 200 members of the senate and congress among the republicans who were traveling for a republican
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retreat in west virginia. there has been at least one fatality already confirmed. we believe it belonged to or it was a person who was on the truck that's at the center of the screen right there. there was a dump truck on the tracks as this train, this amtrak train came barreling down. some members of congress have described the speed as upwards of 70 miles per hour. it split that truck and there were three people on board that dump truck. and we are told that one of them has died. in just a short little while ago we had congressman fleischmann of tennessee on with us. and he looked out the window at 12:55 eastern and said it looks like they have just now put another person on a stretcher. we can tell from you previous talks that we have had in the last hour or so with members of congress that two people have been air lifted. there have been some fortunate and lighter moments in all of this in terms of hopefulness about the injuries on board. there are several doctors.
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some of them traveling with this group to go to this retreat. so you had republican lawmakers who also are doctors on board that train. you had eminents mov emts move y quickly. many of them head injuries because of the concussive force when the train hit the truck, many people were thrown forward and in to the backs of seats. those who were fortunate enough to be in a seat at the time. there were members of congress who were standing on their feet, tumbling forward, hitting the floor with hard impact. some of them hurt. we're told no life-threatening injuries at this point. many of them bumps and bruises. and we have been talking with members who actually have had those injuries and described them to us as being some that have left them sore. some feeling some shades of whiplash. others with some an nausea. there are things playing out on that train.
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they are also still on board that train. now we want to find out what it's like to be inside that train that has been in fits and starts trying to move out of position. they had to put part of that train back on the track. they had engine derail. they will depend on the other gin that has not derailed to get them out of that scene and return them to charlottesville. on the phone now, representative bradley bern, republican congressman from alabama. you are with us? >> i am, indeed. >> harris: how are you doing? >> i'm personally doing very well. i was in my seat when it occurred. and i didn't have any problems. >> harris: you no doubt have heard not only witnessed as well people being injured on the train because it felt like a direct impact. can you tell us what you experienced nothing seemed out of the ordinary as well. there was a sudden, very hard jolt. i happened to be looking into the car ahead of me. amtrak personnel standing and it almost knocked her to the ground. i was worried about her.
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then the next thing i realized we were slowing down significantly and coming to a stop. and that's when we all knew we hit something. of course we didn't know immediately what we had hit. people that were closest to the actual place on the track where it actually occurred realized that it was a garbage truck and that there were people in the cab of that truck. we have physicians as members of congress who got off the train pretty quickly to get to that truck to try to help the people in the truck. we did have some emergency first responders from the come as well. obviously we have one fatality which is a tragedy. we have another very seriously injured person in that truck and third person injured but we don't know how much. we do have a couple of people on the train who were taken off the train mainly for precautionary measures. one of them probably had a concussion. they want to take him in to town, make sure that he gets the attention he gets so that it's not some ramification from this concussion there are no real serious injuries on the train itself.
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>> harris: you know, congressman byrne, we have been trying to get a real firm number of just how many people were traveling. can you give us from your vantage point how many people were on board? >> well, you have a couple hundred members of congress. have you family members with children and obviously staff. i would say a minimum of 300 people. >> harris: okay. that's a much larger number than we had been working with before. we didn't know if that 200 initially was a mix of spouses and aides and now you were saying those are members of congress and then you go beyond that and begin to add. virginia governor's ralph northam has tweeted first responders and response to today's train crash outside of charlesville. congressman byrne, what are you seeing outside the window right now? i understand that the train was moving just moments ago. >> yeah. the train is moving. it's moving back towards the direction of washington, d.c. towards charlottesville, virginia. as i understand it, it's just one engine pushing us.
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so we're going fairly slowly. and i understand they are going to try to figure out a way to get us back on the path towards our retreat. but there are a lot of people on this train. if they can't get another engine to pull us back where we need to go and figure out another means of transportation which may mean buses. i don't know. they are still working on it. >> harris: are you still determined to go to the retreat? >> well, this is a very important retreat. this is where we set our policy agenda for the coming year. if we don't do it now, we have got to do it at some point. this is the time that's been slotted. it's hard to schedule things with congress when we have all these other things we are voting on. so trying to find a way to keep us on track, even if we have to lose a big part of today to try to continue this work on our agenda for the year. >> harris: you know, congressman fleischmann of tennessee was on with us a short time ago. he said this will change the mood, the tone, if you will, at the retreat, that this takes it to obviously because of what has just played out that you described to us in terms of injuries and the one
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reported death. somber level. but, also, it tends to focus you in a little bit, too. talk to me about that if you can. >> the mood on the train is very somber no. question it's going to change the tonal of the mood. the issues we are talking about are very serious effect the people not just in each of our districts but people across the united states of america. we need to stay focused on that. at the same time that we grieve for the loss of one human being, and worry about the lives of others. one of the things we need to talk about is infrastructure. i'm not saying this accident is a result of some insufficient infrastructure but important to make sure we not only maintain the infrastructure we have got but continue to modernize it so we can all move around america efficiently but also safely. >> harris: you know, you bring up the word infrastructure. you saw where the president was in his state of the reunion, state of the union, rather, last night with that again i hear your point and want to make it, too.
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that there is no correlation no, straight line between what we are looking at now and the talk about that with the exception of the fact that you are looking at a train on tracks and that's how people tend to see these things unfortunately. it's not from the vantage point of on a sunny day a great thing has happened. it's because something bad has happened. that conversation goes far beyond the train industry and so many other areas. it was such an important part of what the president talked about last night. >> no question about it. and i will tell from you my vantage point, infrastructure was a very big issue before this incident. this just underscores and these accidents happen across america from time to time. this underscores the need for us to be continually looking for ways to improve the way that we get around the united states of america. whether it's by car, by train, by boat, or by airplane. hires hairs you know, before i let you go, i want to just look and people are tuning in for the first time, congressman. and they are seeing these pictures. and they are pretty
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daunting. they are from moments ago before you were moving however slowly you are now back on one engine on board this large amtrak train back to charlottesville, virginia. the first responders on the ground. i hear leadership like you talk about first responders all the time. i want to just get your last thought about the support you had out there and then i'll let you go. >all right. i think we have lost him on his line. we appreciate congressman byrne being with us from alabama. let's look at this picture again and tell you what's happened. upwards of 300 people now we have learned from congressman byrne. there were about 200 members of congress, republicans, senate and house who were headed to a very important retreat in west virginia. it's where they set their policy going forward, an important retreat that many of them hope to still get to, even considering the tragedy that's happened today. the train that they were riding on hit a truck that
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was on the tracks, a dump truck. and that impact was direct, according to the members of congress, we have been speaking with. and that caused the carnage that you see on your screen. injuries on the inside of the train, at least one death from the person inside of the dump truck. there were several people in the truck. let's go now to congressman roger marshall of kansas, who is one of those doctors being talked about today who they were so fortunate to have on board. congressman, you actually performed cpr on an injured person inside the train. bring us up to speed. >> well, you know, it is just a tragedy. [broken audio] big bump. [broken audio] i was worried about -- what's going on. everything was okay. the capital police staff. got us down there to the
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scene of the accident. i came upon it. and it looked like dr. dr. michael was with the first patient along with dr. brad win strum. dr. burgess had airway. was working on that. dr. wind strum was checking for other injuries. i went beside him and there was another victim laying there. and dr. phil roe, my mentor was there trying to get an airway on that person. so i went and helped dr. roe. we could not get a pulse on this person. could not get a good airway on him. looked pretty bad. we tried cpr. we tried shocking him and just never, never could get him back i'm afraid. >> harris: oh, congressman. >> dr. roe and i called that code. pupils were fixed and dilated and just going nowhere. i told all the people to turn their attention to the first person. by then dr. cassidy was
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there and dr. larry bucshon doctor and his wife is anesthesiologist was attending to that person and trying to get a good ayerway. to their credit the -- pretty incredible. had a pulse of 76. and stabilized that person as best we could. e.m.s. showed up. did a great job. got the person to the ambulance and assume they got onto the helicopter okay. >> harris: wow, this is the first time that our viewers and all of us are getting to hear now how this played out on the ground. tragedy as you described it as you could not save one person. and you continued to work and work and work and work to save that next life. these are the kinds of things that we normally don't get to hear, doctor almost in realtime. congressman roger marshall is joining us who just
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happened to be on that train with his fellow members of congress traveling to a retreat. and you know it's been described and we didn't know who they were talking about until now the person and the people working on those outside the train. as far as you know, the injuries on the inside of the train, can you kind of describe to us because we have had some people say that many had head injuries. have you gotten back on the train. it's moving now. what do you see. >> there is quite a buoy lumps and bumps, headaches. especially the young lings that were with us, children running up and down the aisle. when we hit that bump, a couple of them hit pretty hard. they all looked okay to me. i didn't see any serious injuries. i don't see anybody seriously injured. somebody told me that one person was taken to another hospital.
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i did not see that congressman. so i think we're all okay. a little stunned. you know, so many people setting around me. [broken audio] >> harris: congressman marshall, the good news is that you are on a moving train and what that means sometimes is that your cell signal will go in and out so we are getting you in bleeps and blush blurbs, we heard so much of the information that you gave us and the fight that you and others put forth to save lives. and we appreciate that perspective. we're so glad you are okay and thank youful that you are on the move now and thank you for your time. all right. we have just gouten word that vice president pence has tweeted about this train crash. we had told you the white house has been kept apprized of this over the last couple of hours since this happened
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vice president the tweet says he is headed to west virginia later today. he says he is still headed to west virginia. i have reached out to confirm that fact but that he is now tweeting about this train crash as the white house and others have been kept up to speed. you heard dr. marshall and i know it was a little hard at points to hear him, but i hope you leaned in as i did because the important information that he was giving was what it was like to jump off that train. remember rachel campos duffy told us last hour they wouldn't open the doors right away to let the doctors out. they weren't sure where the gas was located. the gasoline after the impact. and they didn't want there to be an explosion and if there were they didn't want anybody to be outside. they kept people on the train. but these doctors broke through. and they forced their way out and they went to the people who were injured in that dump truck, that the train had hit. and doctor marshall for the very first time just moments ago we heard it together
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talked about what it was like to try to save a man's life who was inside that dump truck. they lost him. he said they tried, they tried. they tried. you could hear it through the cell phone reception struggles that we were having, but the important words were coming through. and when they had lost that first man, they moved to the next. and they were able to save the second person's life, at least for them. and we had heard of people being air lifted. now we have confirmation of at least one because dr. marshall worked on that person. then we got his vantage point from inside the train, describing those injuries that others say they have had and suffered. he confirmed once again, yes, you're going to have some people with head injuries. and you're going to have some bumps and bruises, but nothing like what he had seen outside that train. and outside the perimeter of that accident where they had been thrown out of the car or however it -- or rather that drumpt. nothindump truck.
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perspective from dr. marshall, also a member of congress from the hill who is traveling today to that republican retreat. he said -- he and others have said today they are determined to get to the retreat. even if it takes the rest of today to get there in west virginia. more than ever they feel that the issues that face americans are strong in their minds and they want to get to work. senior chil capitol hill producr chad pergram joins us by phone -- oh, we get to see new personal. thank you for being here. >> of course. >> harris: you and i have been going back and forth in on email and getting the numbers of people on the train i want to get your reporting now. >> we think there are 200, to 250 people on board this train. that includes members of congress, republicans. it includes staffers. it includes security officials from the sergeant at arms office, u.s. capitol police, some medical personnel from the office of the attending physician. you know, they pack these up. have you wives. have you children as you heard from congressman duffy's wife a little bit
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ago. so it's an amal gum of people going to this retreat. they are determined to get this we have just been told in the past 15 minutes or so that they're moving the train back towards charlottesville. they are going to have buses there and continue to head to the retreat. the amazing thing about this, harris, this is the second year in a row where have you had members of congress trying to get to their retreat and someone has been killed. last year senate democrats were trying to get to shepherds town, west virginia. via bus in the eastern handle much west virginia. police had closed off the interstate at the intersection of i 70 and 270 to let the bus caravan come through. there was dump trucks there and suv that stopped and got caught between the dump trucks. it erupted in a ball of fire. and the driver of the suv was killed. they stopped the motorcade, members of the senate democratic caucus and securities here from the capitol got off to assist. two years in a row now almost to the date that wassian 25twaslast year.
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trying to escort members of congress to their retreat. senate democrats in fact are meeting today. they are having a one-day retreat just a few miles south of washington, d.c. in mt. vernon. you can imagine the logistics that go in to get these members there and then you have a tragedy like this. especially to have one two years in a row. >> harris: wow, you know what? we remember reporting on that. i did not remember the dates were so close and maybe even a little bit of the circumstances in terms of where they were going. chad pergram we appreciate your reporting. thank you very much. let's bring in by phone jeb henserling. he joins us now. i understand, congressman, the train has been on the move for about 15 minutes or so. >>all right. we are going to continue to probably experience a little bit of phone drop, cell drop if you will because this train is moving. the good news in all of that is that they are moving away from the crash, obviously,
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and towards the next destination point which we understand to be charlesville, virginia. we're still, you know, waiting to see what the next leg of transportation will look like. there is talk of maybe members and their families and aides being bused from that point to the retreat or to the next point where they would desire to go in they are not going to go onto the g.o.p. retreat in west virginia. we'll continue to try to check in with the members of congress who are on the train. they do have many of them cell phones and their aides do as well. we know that there are a number of families with small children. even a member of the fox family rachel campos duffy and her husband congressman sean duffy on board with eight of their children. and everybody is safe at this point according to rachel but really traumatized by what they have seen and experienced. and she was the first person to tell us, rachel campos duffy about the push against the doors to try to get the doctors who serve in congress outside of that train and onto the ground to
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help those people who had been hurt in the dump truck that the train hit on the tracks. if you were just joining us, let's do a quick reset now of what has happened. because there are more facts to collect and we want to fold those in. so it's been about two and a half hours now by my count that a train traveling upwards of 70 miles per hour according to people, witnesses on board the train. hit a dump truck, which you see the remnants of in the center of your screen there, center left, and that truck split. the people inside the truck were very hurt. one of them has perished today. the doctor who performed cpr for several minutes and tried to save his life along with more doctors in congress and then the people showing up, first responders getting there, too, trying to save a life and they couldn't do it. that is the one confirmed fatality that we have in all of this and other injuries. let's try now to pick up that call from texas congressman jeb henserling.
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are you with us? >> i am. i am. >> harris: terrific. i know you are on board a moving train. sometimes the technology goes in and out. i just want to let you talk. tell us what is happening. >> well, it's a very, very sobering moment for all republican members of congress knowing that there is at least one fatality. some of us are here with family members and a time you hold your family close. the train is moving backwards. we are moving to charlottesville. the closest major urban area to where the wreck occurred. but, again, it's a sobering time for us all, knowing there has been one fatality. i saw at least two individuals taken off the train. i don't know who they were. it was at a little bit of a distance. actually two of my colleagues have what i hope would be minor injuries. but for anybody who was standing on the train when the wreck occurred, a couple
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people went flying. there was no doubt. it was a huge bump. the train did not appear to be slowing down at all, so i can only think the truck kind of came out of nowhere. i'm sure it will be thoroughly investigated. again, a sobering, somber moment. you just want to reach out at your family. also recall how many friends have you because cell phones have been going off nonstop for people checking on us. >> harris: how about that? >> there will be a lot of prayers for the individual who passed away and as i understand it there is one more in critical condition. >> harris: absolutely. congressman henserling, you are giving us vantage point now of a train moving backwards at very slow pace you be on the move. are you traveling with aides, friends, family and are you intending to head on to the retreat?
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>> i think we are going to go ahead with our retreat. certainly again we are sobered. there are prayers that will being had we are also here to do the people's business i have been a member of congress. both parties have these retreats. they are important for the planning of the people's business. we will go forward. but, again, it is a much more sobering and somber gathering than we had anticipated. and my family is back in texas at the moment. and i wish i was a little closer to them at the moment. >> harris: yes, you said you find out who loves you by your phone ringing and yours has been ringing off the hook. we are glad that you are okay. we hope that the journey continues to be now that you have left the crash site a smooth one. thanks for joining us by phone. be safe. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> harris: all right. so you heard the congressman just saying moments ago that there were two people who
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were taken off the train track. or off the train and transported to local hospitals. i want to give you the detail that i'm now getting. this is an incident update if you will on that amtrak train that came into contact with the truck that was on the tracks. a little bit more than two hours ago. 11:20 east coast time. crozet, virginia, just outside by about 12 to 15 miles, charlottesville. two amtrak crew members and two passengers were transported to a local hospital. we're told with minor injuries. but they were taken off that train. that is in addition to the three people that we know were severely injured inside the truck that the train hit. the truck that was on the tracks. one we know has perished. the other in -- more serious condition. the third condition of that third person, rather, the condition of we do not know at this point. and if we do know, maybe it's mixed up in some of these other numbers and we
10:30 am
can't delineate that we can tell that you dr. mark, the mar, the congressman there who joined us one of those who jumped to the rescue and tried to save the life of the one man who perished who was on with us a short while ago. that was our first opportunity to hear what this would have looked like with hands on trying to save lives and what people in the windows could see because we have talked with enough members of congress and witnesses now who say that they could see it play out. there were three or four cars down. some of them were on their feet when this happened. others of them were part of that medical group that they were so fortunate to have on that train because, of course, the livelihoods of many of the members of congress can stretch across many different industries and in this case the profession was medical. and so they were fortunate to have those doctors on board and to get that perspective from a doctor who tried to save a life. the one point of view that you really want in all of this we had that on the phone just a short time ago.
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we have also called in our own doctor. dr. marc siegel who is sitting alongside. and dr. sealing, i want to let everybody know that you are here. we are still trying to get phone communication with people both on board the train and also talking with our own staff. some of our staff is traveling up to cover the retreat so on and so forth. we have a lot of assets moving around. you are one of them. concussion,s head injuries, talk to me about what might have happened as people hit the backs of those seats, those who were seated? >> twelve well, actually, harris, you don't know that in advance. you know that once you examine a patients. they may not know time that they're suffering from a head injury or dizzy or headache. they can develop it hours later. hospitals in the area you mentioned. university of virginia charlottesville has a level one trauma center. it's a very top center. trauma surgeons on call in the hospital 24/7. they are clearly, i know a couple people were air lifted. they can clearly analyze the situation readily and the doctors on the scene can as
10:32 am
well. the doctors on the scene were -- went to the truck as you said dr. representative marshall did cpr. there was cardiologist there. there was anesthesiologist there that's very heroic. the thing i worry about with the dump truck, of course is the crush injury. it collapses from the train hitting it. and then the train themselves you said people can fly around, luggage we have talked about this before. luggage is on seats, it's on the floor. it flies in the air and people get hit. >> harris: you know, it's interesting. we're talking about a situation where there are no seat belts that are mandated. and nobody today, you know, we had one lawmaker on who said he was on the transportation committee and he would say you know what? i know a lot about this. i'm not saying that there needs to be an order to put seat belts on trains. i'm just simply telling you that stuff flies around which is exactly what you are saying. >> right. >> harris: stuff and people. >> right. that's why i'm on the side of wanting seat belts. i would point out that trains themselves are built in a way like buses are with
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open compartments if god forbid you are flying around you are less likely to hit something. that's not enough of an answer. i think you need both. i think you need a compartment that's constructed this way and also have seat belts. and, you know, we don't know what speed the train was traveling. it sounds like it was traveling pretty fast. >> harris: actually from very early on congressman mark walker told us they thought it was traveling 70 miles per hour. they were cooking along not expecting to find anything on the tracks. there was no word of any indication. we don't know this until they investigate. but he said it was moving. it was moving pretty quickly. >> if you are in a truck and get hit at 70 miles per hour. can you have a heart attack. bleed. these are very common very tragic. >> harris: 70 miles per hour to zero. take a look at the left side of our screen. these are live pictures of charlottesville, virginia. this is where the train is headed. and, remember, they are expecting to get on buses to take the lawmakers, their aides, their family members to the greenbrier resort in west virginia.
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we have got pete doocy, peter doocy is in charlesville, waiting for that train to arrive. this is also, you see a bus off to the side. i want to get more details. maybe peter can get to those details. peter? >> harris, we just pulled in to downtown charlottesville at the amtrak station here. i'm moving along the bridge because the police -- state police from virginia had it completely shut down. they are trying to keep it clear. they did say we could take some pictures as long as we keep going. what i can see right now so far in addition to a bunch of police and more coming are seven coach buses that are pulling up. they have been going through a security sweep. and i apologize with the slight delay you are going to see some tree cover here. but we have got seven buses and then a lot of security. it looks like at least one vehicle that they would be using to transport maybe a member of leadership or somebody else with the
10:35 am
detail. and a lot of other local authorities and state authorities who are waiting outside the amtrak station. it seems like a lot of folks just found out that this is where they need to be to meet up with this 100, 200 plus member delegates of congress because they are locking it down. more and more by the minute. and we believe right now that we're about within 20 miles of where the crash site happened. so, we think that they should be here, considering that there was damage to the train and they are going backwards, within the next half an hour but we are standing by right now, harris, with all of the charlottesville police, the virginia state police, and the capitol police who are on the ground as well as the authorities overhead monitoring things just to get some more reaction and to get our first look at these lawmakers who did experience this trauma this
10:36 am
morning, harris. >> harris: yeah. you know, i was trying to remember who it was who was on the transportation committee moments ago who gave us such great details. it was jeff denham of california. and he was talking with amtrak officials on the ground at the crash site. the reason i say, this peter, is because that was the first we had heard that there had been some sort of derailment with this train. now, it wasn't the entire train, obviously. but, there was one engine that they lost in the crash, and they needed to lift part of that train back onto the tracks, according to denham at the time. now, maybe the investigation has moved forward. but what we do know is that as you pointed out they are traveling on one engine and that the other engine derailed. there were two. it's moving very slowly going backwards. we know that from all the congressman and senators whom we have talked with in the last couple of hours. you kepple that with the fact that you do have some injuries on board. however some minor. some are head injuries. they are going to be extra cautious. you will sit tight until they arrive.
10:37 am
i'm curious to know, peter, what's being told to the family members who are gathered on the ground because they are going to have a command center situation and pretty short order with a ton of questions coming from people. >> harris, i hate to interrupt you but the train right now with the congressional delegates is arriving at the station. >> harris: look at that. >> in charlottesville. it is, as you can see very slow-moving. i'm looking all the way down the track. i'm going to try to keep the picture steady since i am holding an iphone right now and not to have it too shaky. but the train, it looks to be at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. it's more than a dozen cars long. there is no obvious damage yet. and because of some of the glare, it is hard for us to see inside but as you can see right here, the first look at this train that collided with the trucks heading backwards now into charlottesville and in the foreground where a little
10:38 am
bit between us and the truck, rather and the train cars you can already see authorities are moving in to action and some of them are blocked by buses. but they are heading to the doors. normally open. so they are heading to the doors that we expect to open. and now we wait, harris. >> harris: right. peter doocy, reporting for us there in charlottesville, virginia where we were told this train would trek the 12 to 15 miles from the crash site where it had hit a dump truck on the tracks. it has now arrived. want to point out again, this was on one remaining engine going backwards. and this train has just pulled. in we know people, as peter was just pointing out, figured out moments ago that this is where this thing is coming. if you want to meet somebody on this train you have got to get there you have the buses in place. peter, we believe those are available for the congressional members, their aids, their families that are on board to jump on and continue on to whatever
10:39 am
destination they will be going to. many of them have confirmed to us on the air that they intend to keep on their route to the republican retreat where they were headed to the greenbrier resort in west virginia. they say that they have the people's work to do and that they will be doing the people's work. that's what we are hearing from some of the members of congress. they say it's important now than ever to show their resolve to get their jobs done and to do what americans expect them to do. a lot of big words and big hearts today. and somber feelings. some of those congressional members telling me that this changes the complete mood as you might know, turning it to somber at their retreat. but you had rachel campos duffy and her husband, sean duffy, a member of congress and their eight children on board. they are all okay. and they were saying, yeah, this changes things. so, peter doocy was capturing the train moving in to the depot there in
10:40 am
charlottesville, virginia on his iphone. and simultaneously trying to narrate a little bit of what we could see. when peter first arrived, he was the only member of the media that he could see that was prepared to capture all of that, so we are seeing it first here on fox, no doubt. people are figuring out now this is where they need to be. we will await word on how people on board the train are doing and we have got john hyatt who has been along with me for breaking news in instances like this prior. he is a railroad road investigator. john, you are with us by phone. as this train moves in, your thoughts. >> well, there's a lot of things to unpack here. of course there is so much we don't know. very tragic and my sympathies of course the family members of the person who lost their life. it's a very unusual crossing. the first thing that jumped out at me when i looked at it is it an elevated crossing which you are coming up an incline to the crossing. from at least from the side that we could see. of course, the train was
10:41 am
traveling from right to left as you guys were showing it on the screen. i don't know if there was gates at this crossing. it was hard to see because it was obstructed. but there are a set of red lights that you will see there. and i noticed from early on in the footage they weren't activated but they may have shut those off ma'amly at the site. and then i noticed the when train was pulling out of there again they weren't flashing. but that could be that they were manually shut down. but, also something to take note of is the visual. as you are coming up to that crossing, you will notice on both sides, it's quite tree lined and coming out of a curve. obviously this truck needs to heeds to the warnings that were there. have to question whether or not those warning signals were working properly also. there is three people in the cab of that truck. apparently. and to not see these red lights and looks in that view that we are seeing right there, it looks as though there is a crossing gate there on the right side. can you just see that little piece of white coming out. that's a crossing gate.
10:42 am
>> harris: i see that you know it better than i do. i would not have known that's what that was. >> if it's still intact, that means that the truck didn't go through the crossing gate. that they came down after the fact. which is a little bit -- i mean, that's just by looking at this picture. they could have been put down manually, but why are they still intact? there in that picture right there. can you see a crossing arm. and i'm not even sure which side of the track the truck was coming from, obviously, most of the truck ended up on our side of the track, the tv side of the track. but as you look up in that photograph right there, look at that bullet, look at the view as you are coming up as he was coming from our side. >> harris: i see it. >> it's different. >> harris: it's a question. and you say this is so early in the investigation but those are the sorts of things they will be looking at. that's a very forensic look and, again with my eyes, i don't have your investigator's experience. i would not necessarily have seen that, but that's why people like you were on site
10:43 am
to look for those things that are not consistent with a crash site or what you might anticipate things would look like with the carnage here. that's an interesting. what happens now? they have just got than train moving. that train by the way i'm curious, too, john, it's part of the scene of all of this now it's gone to another place. is that problematic? >> that's very interesting that you say that i don't think if any other instance probably that train would have been moved. i have to -- you know, i have to believe it was probably done because of the precious cargo so to speak. >> harris: human life on board they need to move. >> we need to answer some questions. that's like lower on the list. perhaps they had answered those questions to their satisfaction and decided it was okay. i also noticed they moved back washed early obackward ears the ambulance and getting people off the train that
10:44 am
need medical care. obviously they had determined that the track was in good condition. that they had gotten the front trucks of that locomotive back on track. it was unusual. i was surprised to see them move it i thought they would have bused them from that location. there is so many enanswered questions. again, a tragic and maybe, you know, these people imagine on this train as we had last month out here in seattle, you know, they had a lot worse result. but the centrifugal force and inertia inside these cars is scary. and my hats off to all those people that attended to the people and responded the way they did including the on board employees and the responders. >> harris: we had members of congress who are doctors who performed cpr on the people who were inside that dump truck. and just hearing that person's perspective of trying to save a life they could save and how hard they tried. and there was another life that they could save. i mean, those are the types of things, that's the human condition. that's the human element in all of this as you and i
10:45 am
look forensically how this happened and why had happened and why they moved the train that's right, those are lower down the steps. want to prevent it from happening again. charlottesville, virginia. peter doocy has an iphone up. john hiat. >> it is along with us as an investigator of the railroad. we have experience on one hand and a pretty unique picture on the other through an iphone there to show us that train arriving. and, peter, i don't know if you can still talk with us because you are filming with your phone. but if peter is able to hear us. >> yeah, i don't think he can. >> sounds like we lost peter. >> harris: we can see what he can see but can't talk to us yet. multitasking i'm sure. i don't know if you can see this picture or what you know about this train, but it looked like a lot of cars. peter was trying to count them and he count count them all, with his cell phone he couldn't see them all. >> yeah. it looks like they had quite a crew on there. i don't have a final number
10:46 am
on it. >> harris: sure, we don't. >> that's a large group for sure. >> harris: they were saying one of the members of congress we talked with said that there were about 200 g.o.p. members of the house and senate on the way to this greenbrier resort in west virginia for their huge policy making, policy agenda setting, very important retreat this west virginia. many of them still determined to go even after what's happened today, the tragedy that's happened today. but, so then you add on the family members and the aides and it could be upwards if not more of between 250 and 300 people. that's quite a few of people to have to move. we were talking about why would they move a train. i don't know if the location they were you could get buses to. we won't know the answers to all these questions but we will ask them because we see buses all in our view here. we know the next step is to put them on those buses. john, talk to me a little bit what's going on at that crash site right now. with the train gone, what are they looking at. >> obviously testing the
10:47 am
crossing signals and make sure those are working properly. there is a lot of things to do on those lines. that equipment is very important and very crucial. some of it is set to a certain speed. maybe if that setting is incorrect the crossings don't come down promptly. they come down a little late. that's what they will be looking at out there. they have will be looking at the same things i talked about about the visual approach and how well you could see coming into that crossing. and, of course, there will be a head end camera, outward facing camera on the locomotive that will tell us a lot of the story. i can tell you this. this is an epidemic. we really have so many crossing accidents going down right now. it's part of the infrastructure problem. i mean, you increase rail traffic and you are going to increase crossing accidents. so, it's part of the infrastructure plan. i hope to figure out a way to protect these crossings a little bit better and obviously you see red flashing lights or crossing arms. have you got to stop. you can't be taking any collapse. when people have their windows up and radio on and don't hear a train whistle, things can happen.
10:48 am
>> harris: all right. john, how long have you been doing this? >> 25 years as an investigator, 10 years as an engineer. >> harris: so as i hear you and you say the crossing accidents are an epidemic, that's coming from a place of knowing. you have been there a long time. we appreciate your experience and you sharing with us your expertise. john hiatt, railroad investigator, thank you. >> you bet. >> harris: i want it turn now tore a spokesperson congressional institute spokesperson in a statement we just received. we had chad pergram on. our correspondent mike emanuel is also on the story. mike is sending this out. again, congressional institute quote a statement regarding the incident involving the train carrying members of congress. after consultation with leadership and the u.s. house and the u.s. senate, the retreat will proceed with an adjusted program. our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by today's incident. that program will now include a moment of prayer for those involved in today's incident and a security briefing from the
10:49 am
sergeant of arms and united states capitol police. let's go now to the texas congressman michael burgess. he is one of the doctors who administered aid. we have been getting this very important one person account of what happened. i will call you doctor for this period at least. great to have you on board here tell us what you experienced today. >> harris, first off thank you for having me on: there was a jolt or bump and made you wonder what the heck was going on. seeing out the side of the window as the train came to a rapid stop was the wreckage from the vehicle that was impacted. there were three individuals in the vehicle. one appeared to be deceased. one was transported with very serious injuries. one apparently was able to walk to the ambulance on his own. so that was the injury
10:50 am
report in the immediate aftermath. it appears that crossing arms were down. they appeared to be functional. there were -- the lights on the crossing arms seemed to be working. obviously i don't know if they were down before the vehicle entered the intersection but they -- as i left the train, they were in the position you would expect. >> harris: um-huh. can you tell me about some of the other injuries inside the train? i mean, we have been hearing first person accounts of head injuries, people falling to the floor who were not fortunate enough to be in their seats when this train hit a truck direct. >> correct. the train was probably going between 50 and 60 miles per hour. it came to a very sudden stop. so, yes, even someone sitting down was going to be significantly moved around. if you were standing, it's easy to see how someone could have fallen and sustained an injury.
10:51 am
it did appear that there were two individuals taken off the train before they began towing the train back to charlottesville. but otherwise, i really don't know the extent of any injuries to people on the plane, members of congress, or the senator or the staff or their families. >> harris: where is everyone now? where are you? because we see buses outside. this is an airline look for everybody who is watching right now. charlottesville, virginia where that train pulled in and then there are buses waiting out front. are you off the train? are you able to get on those buses or what's the plan? >> well, i'm encouraged to hear you say that the buss are close by. we actually have not been informed of that fact. so you are telling me something that i need to know. we are still on the train. we have been told to stand by. >> harris: okay. >> there is some discussion do we go forward with this legislative retreat as planned or is it too much to continue this? it is part of our work as members of congress. i won't lie to you. there is a significant part
10:52 am
of me that says get home to texas fast as you can. but, at the same time, we have a job to do and this is the planning retreat, literally for the rest of the year. both the vice president and president have made plans to be there with us. the house members and senators have a rare chance to sit down and talk with each other without the bright lights and pressure cooker of washington, d.c. so it's t. is an important time. democrats do the same thing. there is a schedule for next week. it happens every year. usually in january. it's not -- this is not an unusual event that we were headed to this type of activity the day after the state of the union. >> harris: sure. were you seated near other members of congress? were you able to talk to people about, you know, because outside of the fact and i have got a doctor on set with me who is holding up signs tell me your entire resume so apparently you are a very impressive surgeon. so we know that's true. it's the whole body experience i know you as a doctor and others have to
10:53 am
treat. what was it like for people on board. and have you been able to give that shoulder that i know that you as doctors do so well? >> well, really, it all happened so fast. and i mean the train literally came to a complete stop almost immediately and that's startling. you are in a train with, what, 300 members of the house and senate. and their families and some staff. and clearly, there is some element of terrorism that entered into the discussion. so that is one of the first things that goes through your mind. i was on the side of the train where the garbage truck came to rest. so looking out the window, you could see the debris from the accident. and so for me it was almost an immediate affirmation this was unintentional vehicle accident. this was not an intentional act of trying to hurt people on the train. but, it's one of those things that does cross your mind. >> harris: sure. you know, no one has put it as bluntly as you have.
10:54 am
i know earlier we had a member of congress say that there were choppers ahead and that made him maybe feel better about the fact that they were looking at this as an accident and making sure that there was nothing nefarious there. but now you are actually articulating what maybe a lot of people hadn't said out loud. members of us covering this in the media are thinking okay, are they worried about anything inside the train. and you were confirming that of course, we are all human. those things come into our heads. was there anything that you were told right away as well just in terms of the first responders showing up, any sort of p.a. system, overhead system on the train? >> no, i didn't hear any announcement. now, of course, my immediate reaction after i realized there was an accident oh my gosh, there was somebody in that vehicle that may be hurt and they may need help. i quickly made my way to find an open door on the side of the train of the accident where i could exit the train and there were already other members on the ground who were assisting the victims who were closer to the front of the car. i was to the back of the
10:55 am
train at that point. the thoughts about why would this happen, i mean, yes, that's going through my mind but the other predominant thought is somebody is hurt and needs help and i need to get there so was that kind of a driver for me as i was exiting the train. and i will tell you this: for someone my age, it's not that easy to exit a train without a platform there. there is little hands for rails that don't work as well probably don't work as well for someone my age. but i got off without getting further injury to myself. i was grateful to have some help to get back on when the time came. >> harris: god bless you. it sounds like there were a lot of people who put out those helpful hands. i know congressman duffy's wife was on with us earlier. rachel campos, duffy. she is a member of our fox family here. >> right. >> harris: she was describing the fact that it was hard to get you as medical attendants out of that train because you were being told to stay in. we don't know what the gasoline situation is outside. we don't know, you know, if there is a chance of an explosion. >> correct. and there was leakage from
10:56 am
the gasoline tank on the side of the truck. there was a large amount of what appeared to be antifreeze on the ground, which, you know, worries you something other than antifreeze and could it ignite. yeah. it's very active accident scene with a lot of hazardous materials around it. >> harris: you could see the leakage? i don't mean to cut you off but this is the first time that we have heard in detail that there was something there to what they were saying stay in the train. what could you see exactly? >> well, there was a gas tank. and there was liquid dripping out. it wasn't running out it wasn't gushing out. it was a pretty steady drip that was going to the ground. again, the substance that i would describe as antifreeze was lime green in color was much more prevalent on the ground. and it made things a little more difficult. you have to kneel down to where the victim is to try to stabilize airway and there is all this goop on
10:57 am
the ground. that made the situation a little harder. there weren't -- most of us did not have the benefit of having gloves. so, it was a situation where you are attending to someone who has active bleeding and you don't know their health history and you are just doing what you can to help. there weren't -- there wasn't time for a lot of niceties. there wasn't a lot of equipment, at least early on as we got there and started to work. >> harris: you know, for viewers who are just tuning in right now and they may have seen this on their phones on twitter. they may have been watching and other devices and wanting to know the whole scope. this started about two and a half hours ago. the train that you were traveling on, dr. burgess hit a truck. can you take me just real quickly from the beginning whenever this started and what you were doing? >> i was sitting at a table talking to two other members. i think we were planning something for the months ahead. and one the train just came to a complete stop.
10:58 am
it came to a stop jolt, kind of a jump. the lights went off. there was unpleasant electrical smell which filled the air. and, you know, the whole sequence of events where you wonder is there something nefarious going on? you see the accident dewe and this appears to be a vehicular accident. and there must be victims. i better get out there to help. that was kind of the rapid sequence. >> harris: wow. all right. dr. burgess, one of those who attended to the injured outside a truck that was on the tracks that this amtrak train hit. we appreciate your perspective. and your accounting of how you were part of life-saving measures today. thank you very much and for your service as well. >> thank you, harris. thank you for your time. >> harris: he was serving like a soldier out there on the field. wasn't he? my goodness. and there were other members of congress who were doctors who were doing the same thing, trying to save lives. and one perished today. the driver, it would appear. the three people inside that dump truck that got hit by
10:59 am
that amtrak train, we believe it was the driver who died. there was one other who was taken away with very serious injuries, life flighted and a third person who was able to walk to an ambulance. we learned all of that from that particular doctor and previous to that we have been talking with many members of congress who have told us what it was like to be on board that amtrak train as they headed to the g.o.p. conference where they are going to be working on policy going forward. it's a retreat that they do. they say their work is the people's work. it's important. many of them still dedicated and determined to get there even after this. but they are stuck on a train right now waiting to get on buses to go to their next destination. if they do decide to go to that retreat, we know from the congressional institute that it's still going to happen. they will amend the schedule. they will do a prayer right off the bat for lives lost and injured today and then they will go on with an amended program in west virginia at the resort where they are headed. it's been my pleasure to serve you this hour to bring you all of this breaking
11:00 am
news. we are happy to report that most of the injuries are minor on board that train. one person perished in the truck the train hit. thanks for joining us. on outnumbered overtime. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: republican members of congress in a fatal train crash on their way to a policy conference in west virginia. the train hitting a truck on the tracks, leaving one person dead. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." one person in that truck reportedly killed, another seriously injured. amtrak is reporting two passengers and two crew members with minor injuries were taken from the train for medical treatment. peter doocy is live in charlottesville, virginia. peter, what do you know? >> reporter: well, dana, right now i know that in the last 15 or 20 minutes since this amtrak train that was just towed in reverse from the crash site to ch


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