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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 31, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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news. we are happy to report that most of the injuries are minor on board that train. one person perished in the truck the train hit. thanks for joining us. on outnumbered overtime. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: republican members of congress in a fatal train crash on their way to a policy conference in west virginia. the train hitting a truck on the tracks, leaving one person dead. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." one person in that truck reportedly killed, another seriously injured. amtrak is reporting two passengers and two crew members with minor injuries were taken from the train for medical treatment. peter doocy is live in charlottesville, virginia. peter, what do you know? >> reporter: well, dana, right now i know that in the last 15 or 20 minutes since this amtrak train that was just towed in reverse from the crash site to charlottesville, virginia.
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we haven't seen any members of congress get off. we have seen the ten buses or so brought in by security. they have the bottom luggage department open. it appears they are open. can you come down here. we are going to show you a picture on an i phone on a 20-second delay. it does look like some members are starting to get off of the amtrak train. this is the first time that we will have seen them. they're definitely unloading, it looks like big boxes or crates or something. you'll see it in the distance. again, this is an i phone picture we are transmitting because all of our crews are in route. we are getting our first look now as people walking off on their own from this train. they're at the amtrak station in charlottesville. and we understand that there are a lot more capitol police reinforcements with vehicles and
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buss that are on their way. the responders right now that we're seeing are the local charlottesville police, the virginia state police and some capitol police. on the ground, vehicles that have the sirens on, both marked and unmarked. also up in the sky. looking at one helicopter that is at a low distance and one that is much, much higher making sure, obviously, that this parking lot that they were not expecting to have, most of the republican members of congress made a pit stop at today remain safe. i will tell you that some of the law enforcement officers who have been walking a bridge that goes over the train tracks here. it was very tense a few minutes ago. a big truck, construction vehicle stopped on the bridge. of course, that's just a few hundred feet, if maybe 150 feet away from where this train is sitting. and the police went running over
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screaming that the guy had to move. he did move. there's just a lot of urgency right now. we are being held back on a sidewalk that runs parallel to the parking lot where the train and the buses that are going to take them to the retreat are. this is a college town. there are a lot of small shops here. the star hill brewery is right across the street here on main street in charlottesville. but right now we cannot get closer to the members, but i'll tell ya, as they have started to disembark, there are some heavily armed s.w.a.t. officers who are keeping an eye on all of us and the crowd to make sure they are safe, after what has been a very traumatic day. again, dana, i cannot see anybody disembarking with any visible injury. but with that said, both of the
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exits are obscured by these buses, dana. >> dana: quick question for you, peter. i know there are some injuries. we know there's one fatality. what do you know about that? and then will the members then get on the bus and continue on to west virginia to continue their policy retreat? >> reporter: we know that there was at least one member -- multiple member, i don't have an exact injury account, but there were multiple members who were being treated for things like concussions. in terms of the retreat, we understand the plan is for them to go. and that the vice president is still planning to go later on this evening. he was going to be the big vip speaker. obviously, there has been a significant delay for this tragic accident. and it is gonna take them a couple hours, probably about -- well, we've got sirens and police cars clearing the way, maybe about an hour and a half to get down there. but they are on their way and we
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will be behind them eventually, dana. >> dana: peter, thank you. congressman pete sessions was on the train and had this to say earlier about the accident. >> it looked like it was compacted trash, like corrugated stuff all wrapped together. there are probably 25 emergency vehicles here. we've had several members who did need medical attention. and we are moving forward to just check each other. we immediately checked each other. we knew what happened immediately. >> dana: joining me now a passenger on that train, california congress woman mimi walters. congress woman, take us through what it was like for you what you experienced, and let us know if you are okay. >> well, first of all, my prayers go out to those that were injured and to the person that passed away. this has been a horrible, tragic accident. my husband and i were on the train. we were in car number 6.
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we were just outside of charlottesville and suddenly felt this jolt. and didn't know what had happened. we knew we had hit something. we looked out the window and saw this big white truck, you know, was just smashed up, and there were a couple then on the ground. we saw trash everywhere. there was like another big u-haul of some sort of trash just all over the place. and then suddenly the train came to a stop and everybody was, you know, just shockeded a what had happened. and then the next thing i knew is i heard, we had several doctors on the train, and people went back in when the train stopped they went out to help the people that had been hurt. so it was just really sad. >> dana: tragic accident, and also one that really jolts you in the morning after a night
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where the republicans were certainly feeling in a celebratory mood. you'll move on now from here and go to west virginia, is that correct? >> that's correct. in fact, i'm sitting on the train. we went back to charlottesville. the buses are waiting for us. in fact, we're leaving the train right now and people are getting on the buses and we're gonna continue on to greenbriar. >> dana: all right, congresswoman mimi walter, thank you for joining us and giving us your witness testimony. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert. the fbi weighing in on the house intelligence committee's memo alleging abuses by the agency during the 2016 campaign. the bureau issuing a statement today saying, quote, with regard to the house intelligence committee's memorandum, the fbi was provided a limited opportunity to review this memo the day before the committee voted to release it. as expressed during our initial review, we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the
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memo's accuracy. white house chief of staff john kelly saying this earlier on a radio show. >> as far as the memo goes, the memo came over. we've got our folks in the -- our national security lawyers in the white house that work for me, work for the president. they're slicing and dicing it, looking at it, so we know what it means. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> what do you think? >> it will be released here pretty quick, i think, and the whole world can see it. >> dana: we now bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." thank you for being with us. we were just together last night and already this morning, there was so much breaking news. let me get to the first one with you. in my experience, a dispute between the fbi and the white house is actually very unusual. what are your thoughts? >> absolutely. and generally speaking, in that kind of situation, the white house would bow to the fbi. but general kelly and president trump, who was on the hot mic yesterday saying 100% we're
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going to release the memo soon, seem to be pushing back on the fbi. when they talk ab grave concerns about accuracy, you have to wonder are there grave concerns that this could expose some national security sources and method, that kind of thing? or are there grave concerns because they think it paints the fbi in an unflattering light? we don't know that. but you sure hope as those national security lawyers, general kelly was talking about inspect this. that they do everything they can to protect national security and don't necessarily protect the political security or image of the fbi. >> dana: i saw this morning, critics of the president saying when he said last night on the floor as he was leaving the state of the union, absolutely 100% we're gonna release this. that when they say there's a national security review that is really pro forma. that the president intended to release it and there's probably nothing they can do about it. >> look, he can release it. he can also release it with some
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redactions if he felt there was something. obviously, you take what he said last night and then what general kelly was saying today. they haven't taken up, they haven't completed the national security lawyer review yet. so one assumes that if they come back with grave concerns, the president would listen to that. >> dana: the other breaking news, somebody that we know as a congressman from south carolina, trey tkpwou gowdy, announcing he will not run for re-election. nikki haley, the u.n. ambassador tweeted, i always say the reason trey gowdy was amazing at his job was because he disliked politics so much. thank you for your impatience, your sacrifice and your fight to make our country a just place. south carolina and our country thank you for your service. i thank you for your friendship. he said in his statement, chris, that he plans to return to the judicial system. so perhaps there's a judgeship in his future. >> well, i don't know about that. let me just say, i would second a lot of what ambassador haley
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says. from my experience as a journalist, interviewing trey gowdy over the year, from the ben ghazi investigation to the fisa investigation, he's a pretty straight shooter. >> dana: yep. >> when i interviewed him, lot of republicans very critical of the investigation of collusion saying it's a hoax. i said, do you think robert mueller should be fired? he said 100% not. i think that he needs to go ahead and finish this investigation. there's a lot of time when i think he's a very straight shooter, trying to do the best job he can. in terms of the judicial process, that may be more of the legal process. >> dana: could be. >> it might be more about becoming a lawyer and less about becoming a judge. among other thing, he is so controversial and such a political target for democrats, particularly after the ben ghazi
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investigation, the confirmation process in the senate and any judge would have to be confirmed, would be pretty high visibility. >> dana: i would say in south carolina, in a state where that wouldn't be a problem. obviously that's a pretty safe republican seat. before i let you go, last night you were asked to give instant analysis of the state of the union. after sleeping on it, do you have any other thoughts this morning as we wrap it up here? >> well, briefly, i think that part of the problem -- and i mentioned this last night -- is how it was sold. sat down, listened to the president's speech, i would have thought it's a pretty strong speech in which the president is taking a victory lap on a strong economic performance, on the appointment of conservative judges, especially neil gorsuch, on the progress of foreign policy, especially with isis. the thing that i think threw me off and perhaps some other people off is there was all this talk about unity and reaching across the aisle and bipartisanship and, yes, the president paid lip service to
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that and he did talk about wanting to deal with the democrats. whether it was infrastructure or immigration. it was very much on his terms. and the way he described it was in terms that i think it will be very hard for democrats -- i'm not sure, look, if he didn't care about that, i'm sure there isn't a problem. if you were hoping he was going to move the ball forward and make it harder for democrats to resist him, i'm not sure that was a mission he accomplished last night. >> dana: all right. chris wallace, thank you for being here. >> it was cold last night, wasn't it? >> dana: indeed. it was right about that. a train carrying republican lawmakers to a retreat crashing into a truck in virginia killing one person. we will bring you more details as we get them. president trump urging congress to pass an infrastructure plan while also calling for big changes of the way the government approves construction projects. can the plans get bipartisan support?
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>> dana: president trump calling on congress to pass a sweeping infrastructure bill and saying he wants to cut red cape to help get those projects up and running. >> america is a nation of builders. we built the empire state building in just one year. isn't it a disgrace that it can now take ten years just to get a minor permit approved for the building of a simple road? i'm asking both parties to come together to give us safe, fast, reliable and modern infrastructure that our economy needs and our people deserve. >> dana: let's bring in ray lahood former secretary of transportation under president obama and co-chair of the bipartisan infrastructure coalition, building america's future. somebody who has known he said i was a cover reporter and let's
11:18 am
hope those cases never surface, sir. let me ask you about what the president said in terms of infrastructure. this could be a bipartisan issue for sure. your thoughts on the funding aspect of it, but also, i'm very interested in the idea of streamlining these approval processes so that things can get approved more quickly. >> dana, good to be with you. thank you for inviting me to be on your show. i know there's a lot of other important news. infrastructure's important, too. and what the president talked about last night, $1.5 trillion is a big number. how we get the funding for that number is the big question. when i was in the house we passed two bipartisan bills, transportation has always been bipartisan. i believe it will be this time because the president has stepped up and said we need a big bold bill with the funding. it will be incumbent upon
11:19 am
congress now to find the money to fund all of these projects that are so important for america and will put a lot of people back to work building america's infrastructure's. >> dana: how does this take shape in the congress? what do they have to vote on? is it just the funding aspect? >> no. what's gonna happen is, the transportation committee and the house will form a bill with what's really needed in america, and everybody knows. there's 60,000 structurally deficient buildings, the interstates are crumbling. we have 60 to 70-year-old transit systems all over america that need new infrastructure. they'll put together a bill, which is what i did when i was on the committee, and then we try and figure out how to fund it. i have got a lot of ideas about that, some of which you probably like. some you won't like. but then congress debates that bill. when i was there, we passed two six-year bills. >> dana: right. >> it always has been bipartisan.
11:20 am
so i think it will be again. a lot of leadership has to come from the white house. and i think that started last night, with the president saying $1.5 trillion, let's get it done. >> dana: let me ask you before i let you go, sir. you know there was that terrible accident this morning with amtrak. you used to be the secretary of transportation. in an after action report after something like this, what would the secretary of transportation really want to know about what happened? >> well, why will it happened. what was the -- obviously, a truck was in the pathway of the train. how that could happen. and, you know, what really occurred. the engineers and the people driving the train, what was their reaction. a complete report. the ntsb will do a complete report. dot will be involved and others will, too. >> dana: all right, ray lahood, thank you very much. >> thank you, dana.
11:21 am
>> dana: president trump making the case for bipartisanship at last night's state of the union where the reaction was decidedly sparpbt. we'll talk to a pair of lawmakers who say republicans and democrats have more common ground than you might think. >> when i heard the speech tonight and i heard the president extend the branch to the other side of the aisle, i wanted to just stand up and say to him, there's a group of us already here working together, having real conversation with each other, respecting each other's point of view. not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started. get going with carnation breakfast essentials® high protein drink. it has 21 vitamins and minerals with 15 grams of protein to help you be your best. try our high protein drink.
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>> dana: bipartisanship on full display at last night's state of the union. president trump touted his accomplishments to enthusiastic to republicans but democrat, not so much. >> after years and years of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising waeupbls. [ applause ]
11:26 am
>> dana: joining me now, two members of the problem solvers caucus, josh godhimer and republican congressman from new york. if i can start with you. i did it again. i called you by your first name. >> call me josh. >> dana: we're just old friends. what was it like to be sitting there? i understand why democrats wouldn't applaud for some things, but for rising wages? did you want to get up and applaud? >> i applauded. >> dana: you did? >> yes. i think rising wages are great. so is creating jobs, so is bipartisanship. there were plenty of things that i thought were exactly on the right message. and i frankly think that there are plenty of times where we're going to disagree, but there are times to agree. you saw moments where i think we should stand together as americans and always put our country first. >> dana: do you think democrats sort of missed an opportunity there? even if it's to stand up and say, you're welcome, we were happy to help you get to this
11:27 am
point? >> it didn't just happen overnight. this is years of hard work. i think there are plenty times where we should have applauded. just when the republicans sat on their hands under president obama, i think it's wrong for us, when there's good moments as americans when we accomplish things, we should. talking about veterans and law enforcement and infrastructure and jobs. those are all things we can get together around and applaud together. >> dana: congressman reed, i wanted to read you a quote from the wall street journal who wrote, there is broad center left and center right coalition in the country that is willing to support a reasonable compromise in both phases on immigration. the question is whether congress will reflect the will of the majority or succumb to partisanship. the purest democrat and republicans are unrealistic. he was talking about immigration in particular. do you think that the way that the president has set it up, by making an offer, that there is a chance now for the problem solvers caucus to help get this to the president's desk for a signing? >> well, absolutely, dana.
11:28 am
the problem solvers caucus just announced, we got to that 75% consensus among us as democrats and republicans to support an immigration proposal just on the lines of what you heard last night. we're tying to it the budget process so we get away from this government process. that's why i love josh. he is a democrat. i am a republic. we are proud to represent our parties but we are both americans. when he stood, i stood and clapped for that good economic news. when you see those outcomes, that's positive. we should be uniting as a country on that good news. >> dana: i'm calling you josh. >> it's tom and josh. >> dana: i was not raised this way. congressman, on immigration in particular, there are some people who think that the democrats actually don't really want a deal, they want an issue that they can run on. but do you think that what the president has offered is something reasonable as he thinks? >> i think that we have to, as
11:29 am
tom was pointing out, we've got to solve this problem. we can't let dreamers be sent out of the country. and we need tough borders. and so i think there's room for a solution. we came up with a bipartisan idea. and i'm going to encourage all my colleagues to sit at the table together, democrats and republicans, and find the answer. we can't shut down the government again. we can't keep punting. we have to solve this. you talked about where are the areas where we can applaud? when fighting terror, we're solving tough problems, tough ones. that's where we need to get together at the table and not sit on our hands. we have to work together and fight for a solution. >> dana: congressman reed, if you could listen to marco rubio, he was talking about immigration. listen. >> if you think about the things he's proposing, getting rid of the visa lottery, the 2013 bill did that. democrats have supported that before. limiting family migration to the nuclear family. democrats supported that in 2013. if you would have told anyone a year ago that donald trump was
11:30 am
going to propose 1.8 million people a path way to citizenship, nobody would have thought that was possible. that is being railed against by the democrats on the left. just shows you how hard this issue is. >> dana: this issue is very difficult. it has led to a shutdown already this year. if you were to figure out a way to grow the problem solvers caucus, do you think there are people willing to come with you? or are we in the middle of a midterm where it might be just intractable and end up being punted again? >> i will not give up hope on governing for the american people. that's what the problem solvers caucus is all about. the extremists on the left and right that are trying to drive the parties to those edges on the peripheral of the party are not accomplishing anything for the american people back home. you heard that in the speech last night. what resonated with me in one of the lines i was very critical of when he talked about, we are strong because of the american people. it's not d.c. lected officials that we should worry about. it's the american people we should put first.
11:31 am
that's why guys like josh and myself and the other problem solvers caucus get it. they want to get this done for america. it is time. these problems have to be solved. that's drawing people in. >> i heard that this morning. i sat with some constituents this morning from out of town and they said, just, please -- we all sat around the table. can you please just sit down here and try to figure this out? what we have to do back at home with our businesses, can you please do the same thing here? that's why tom and i keep working with a bigger group to get done. >> dana: congressman gottheimer and reed, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: brand new developments in the deadly crash of a train heading to a gop policy retreat. what we know about the lawmakers on board. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today
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>> dana: fox news alert. a live look at charlottesville, virginia, as lawmakers are leaving by bus after the deadly crash involving a charter train carrying republican lawmakers to a retreat in west virginia. president trump said to be getting updates with his press secretary, saying there are no serious injuries among members of congress or their staff. chief congressional correspondent mike e manuel is live on capitol hill. what do you know about some of the key republican leaders? >> reporter: well, dana, good afternoon. number of the republican leadership type weres not on the train. house speaker paul ryan was on that amtrak train, and his staff said he is fine. speaker ryan calling today's event a terrible tragedy and said he would pray for the
11:36 am
victims and their families. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was not on the train but offered a statement saying, quote, my condolences and those of the entire senate family go out to the victims family, friends and co-workers. our prayers are with the other accident victims fighting to recover from their injuries, and deep gratitude with the police, firefighters and personnel who sped to the scene. chuck shumer reacted on twitter. awful to hear my republican colleagues train accident. we're praying for the safety of everyone on the train and in the truck. certainly a shock, just hours after president trump delivered his first state of the union address. >> dana: turn of events. what happens to the republican retreat? it proceeds? >> reporter: it does proceed, dana. we got a statement from the congressional institute, a spokeswoman from them saying, quote, after consultation with leadership in the u.s. house and senate, the retreat will proceed with an adjusted program. our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by today's incident. republican lawmakers are currently being bussed from
11:37 am
charlottesville to west virginia. lot of lawmakers we've spoken to said it was important to go on planning their 2018 agenda. dana? >> dana: mike emanuel, thank you. james komer was on the train. he joins me now. he is on a bus, on his way to the retreat. sir, what did you witness? and what is the mood like on the bus? >> well, the mood on the bus is solemn. i was in train car 8. i was near the end of the train when there was a big impact and the train pretty much came to a stop right after that. i looked out the side of the window and i could see the garbage truck that had been hit. i could also see two bodies that had been ejected from the garbage truck. as you can imagine, the mood is very solemn. our prayers have been going out to the families of those that were in the vehicle, the truck, as well as passengers on the
11:38 am
train that were hurt. >> dana: indeed. i was wondering if you were able to witness any of the efforts by members -- your colleagues who have medical backgrounds, who were able to administer some first aid? >> i was. i was. absolutely. all the doctors that are members of congress, roger marshall, dr. bishon, congressman from evansville. they all left the train and immediately went to the injured and started performing cpr and doing everything they could to keep the second person alive and well enough to be transported when the helicopter got there. of course, the other victim was, from what i understood, didn't have a pulse by the time they got there. >> dana: all right. congressman jim comer, thank you very much for providing us your eyewitness account of that. >> absolutely. thank you.
11:39 am
>> dana: all right. bye-bye. president trump saying there's never been a better time to start living the american dream. reaction to the state of the union address and the latest on a major congressional retirement. >> you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in america and you can dream anything, you can be anything. and together, we can achieve absolutely anything. [ applause ] i take pictures of sunrises,
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>> shepherd smith at the fox newsdesk. the fbi reporting it has grave concerns about the potential release of that republican memo on the russia investigation. the warning came after president trump said he's 100% on board with releasing the memo. we're expecting to hear from the president. we'll see if he talks about this. plus, as we've been covering, republican lawmakers on their families on their way to their retreat when a train hit a
11:43 am
garbage truck. the truck driver is dead. we'll get a live update from the scene. it's a big news day. we'll have all of it at the top of the hour on shepherd smith reporting. we'll see you there. >> dana: fox news alert. south carolina congressman trey gowdy announcing this afternoon he is not going to run for re-election in 2018. let's bring in chris stirewalt, editor of halftime report. that was big news today. we've all known trey gowdy, he loves the law, he loves government, but he doesn't love politics. he's made a decision, he's going to return to the judicial side of things. >> i don't know whether he doesn't love it. >> dana: that's what he said. >> well, i mean, that's what you gotta say when you're in politics. he's too good at it. he's been too good at it to hate it completely. i take him at his word when he says he's leaving because he wants to go back on the judicial side of things. who do you think will be the most sought after attorney in south carolina when he gets home? he'll be the number one defense attorney in south carolina
11:44 am
before they can get the yellow pages out. >> dana: this comes on a day after the president's state of the union. i wanted to have you look at two things. the republicans have been way down in the generic ballot. but this just in from monmoth, a poll that we take seriously. showing republicans are only two points down in the generic ballot, which basically said if the election were held today, who would you vote for? that's serious ground the republicans have made up in just a month. >> it tracks with other polls, including our polls that show there's been a bounce for republicans. republicans have consolidated. when we talk about republicans, we are talking about self-identified as republicans and independent to lean republican. those independents have been holding out on trump and the republicans. the success of the tax cut legislation and the robust economy has helped them in a big way. they look like they can get stuff done. things are optimistic and republicans are coming home. if the election were held today,
11:45 am
if the democrats only had a two.advantage, the republicans would handedly hold the house. >> dana: exactly. i want to ask you how the democrats are faring on fund-raising. their outside groups are pretty much keeping pace with republicans. take a look at the new numbers in just today from the dnc and the rnc. rnc basically doubling the dnc's number in fund-raising. that's pretty significant. >> it is, except for, as you say, there's a lot of other place for that money to go. the dnc is still suffering from hillary clinton. and the mismanagement and ine ineptitude that was at the dnc. my hat is off to tom perez who is trying to get things in order there. >> dana: the ceo of the place just resigned this week. >> he has a lot of work to do and is doing it. i think in time he will be able to probably restore some confidence in donors and rank and file democrats in the dnc. boy, the wreckage was severe from debbie wasserman schultz
11:46 am
and hillary clinton. that was a mess. >> dana: the democratic senator from your home state, joe manchun, on this question of stand up, don't stand up, clap, don't clap. watch. >> just sit there and frown is not gonna fix anything, so let's embrace each other and try to make it work. when we disagree, we can work through that. >> dana: what about that visual last night of republicans cheering at everything the president said and the democrats sitting on their hands, even when you talked about rising wages, which i thought was kind of something curious. >> it really is a hideous institution. the state of the union as an institution is horrible. this kind of partisan hackery is reflective of why it's a bad idea. why it is long outlived its moment. and if we get to the point that we're scoring people about how many times they jump up and down like jacks in the box so they can applaud the supreme magistrate of the united states, we are a long way from a madisonian republic. this is a bad institution.
11:47 am
when we're keeping score of people for how many times they bark like seals for the president, that's not a good sign. >> dana: chris wallace was saying he maintains the white house billed this as a speech for bipartisanship and he didn't feel it was that way. i remember the 2007 state of the union when president bush gave it. when you give a speech that's filled with bipartisanship that's when you lose the house majority. president bush said, madam speaker, and it was speaker pelosi. >> fully associated both of your chrises are in complete agreement today. the only real mistake that i can tell that the white house made on that speech was overhyping the promises of bipartisanship when it turned out to be -- look, there's an opening there for democrats on immigration. there's no question. and the ball is moving there. rob norman from ohio has a proposal. you heard the problem solvers proposal. there's real movement there. but that was not a bipartisan speech. they shouldn't have billed it at
11:48 am
such. >> dana: i do think, you bill it that way and then you give the speech. you think, who wouldn't be for all of these great things that are happening? it's a messaging trick. all right. chris stirewald, thank you. >> you bet. >> dana: president trump said to speak soon amid a fatal train crash involving republican congress men. we'll have that for you as soon as it starts. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours.
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>> dana: fox news alert. let's go to griff jenkins who joins me now from the site of the train crash in crozet, virginia. what's it like there? >> reporter: we're at the crozet staging area. when we were coming through charlottesville, traffic was really bad because the members of congress obviously loading on those buses that will take them to the resort, 200 or so. the crush happened at mary mart farm and lands town road, just about two miles from where we are. we're about ten miles outside charlottesville. we're at a high school where the media is staging, as well as some of the ntsb who have already put people in here. the fbi is assisting this. we haven't seen them, but local law enforcement is all over the place. they have the lead in this. this is some student, some were
11:53 am
actually in journalism school. i was talking with them a little bit. your name, again, was julianne? >> yeah, i'm julianne. >> reporter: you told me that one of your friend's moms lives near there. tell us what you know. >> well, right after the train in crozet happened, my friend was showing snap chats from her mom, showing where the train hit and showing paramedics come in ten minutes after it happened. >> reporter: did she say what she saw in terms -- we heard there was one fatality, possibly the driver of the truck. did she say what she saw in terms of the injuries of people and what was taking place? >> she said she thought she saw someone being taken out, possibly the person who had passed away. >> reporter: thank you, julianne. we're trying to get there. a few of the media have gotten an escort in there. because of the area where we are, the police have it cordoned off. as you heard from this young
11:54 am
student, julianne, it's out on this farm road, so they're trying to get through a tree line to get to it. we'll bring you more as we get it. we're hoping to get to the site with an escort here in the next hour or so. but for right now, fairly quiet scene. we're hearing more and more stories. u.s. members of congress, dr. michael burgess, jumped into action to help some of those. fortunately, mostly minor injuries, with that one likely fatality, possibly the driver of the truck the train collided with. >> dana: tragic accident. all right, griff general kin, thank you. president trump hailing a new era of prosperity during his state of the union address. let's bring in bruce melman, founder of melman, castignetti and thomas. >> well done. >> dana: we don't have as much time as i would have liked because of the breaking news. i'm gonna get right to it. at the end of last year, you said that you believed that 2018
11:55 am
could be even crazier than 2017. can you tell us why? >> i wish i didn't think that, but i think it will be for a couple of reasons. first, both sides, both parties, ended the year believing that they're winning and unlikely to double down. trump folks with legislative accomplishments, judicial accomplishments, regulatory accomplishments, a traoeufrbing thriving economy and stock market. by contrast, the democrats, through polling, the energy in their base, winning special elections in virginia and alabama, think they should just keep on keeping on. you saw that in how they approached the state of the union last night. >> dana: certainly. you say the middle has disappeared but their actions are needed. i guess that's why we saw the shutdown. >> for all of the trump accomplishments there were none that required 60 senate votes. the tax bill didn't. it needed 51. an organization did a great analysis looking at the freque t frequency of party line voting. they found out when you take out
11:56 am
the unanimous vote, you saw more straight party line votes in 2017 than you've seen in 100 years. they're losing the muscle you need to compromise. >> dana: let me ask you about this third one. both parties amidst civil war. i think the republicans have improved upon their situation in terms of their division, but that the democrats civil war has gotten worse and that's natural when you don't have your president in the white house. what do you think? >> i agree with you. i think the republicans are at least in a temporary cease fire with bannonout and focused on the 18 elections. i'm not certain the democrats civil war is worse as a result of the fact that they're out of the white house as much as you have a declintonification going on in the democratic party. they're moving pretty hard to the left. it becomes a question of who really has the energy of a party that used to be bill clinton's party and very moderate and very centrist and is now e lhreuzliz warren's party.
11:57 am
>> dana: we're not bored. that's the good thing about 2018. bruce melman, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dana: i'm dana perino. thank you for joining us. shepherd smith will take over right after this break.
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>> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in crozet, virginia where a train carrying republican lawmakers to a retreat slammed into a trash truck. the truck driver reported dead. others hurt. we'll hear from some of those on board when it happened. plus, the fbi warning the republican memo about the russia investigation leaves out important details and it's inaccurate. president trump has indicated he wants to release it. last night, he said 100%. so will the fbi warning make any difference at all? let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck this wednesday afternoon, terrifying moments for


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