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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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accused this show of harming american national security and working for vladimir putin. it's going to be an incredibly intense couple of months. we're going to cover every bit of it on this show. thanks for sticking with us. hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to hannity. breaking right now, the highly classified fisa abuse memo has been released and it is absolutely shocking. it is stunning. now this now is the biggest abuse of power, corruption case in american history. now tonight we have irrefutable proof of a coordinated conspiracy to abuse power by weapon thighsing and politicizing the powerful tools of intelligence by top ranking obama officials against the trump campaign against the constitution and against your fourth amendment rights. they have been deeply shredded by deep state unelected bureau cats all in an attempt to influence an election and then undermine a duly elected
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president that being president trump. this is something that should never happen in the united states of america, but it has. we will go line by line through the memos findings, it shocks the conscience, it proves that the entire basis for the russia investigation was based on laws that were bought and paid for by hillary clinton and her campaign, the mueller investigation does need to be shut down. and the people responsible, who we will name tonight, many need to go to jail. also tonight, the memo is exposing just how wrong your media has been for over a year, with no evidence about trump and russia and collusion. they have been lying to you the american people, while on this program we have been uncovering the truth. it is more proof of how abusively biased and corrupt the press is in america. they have been missing in action. one of the biggest stories in history. that is tonight's friday night breaking news opening monologue. >> alright. there's a ton of information to
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cover tonight. we're going to go point by point through the memo. we're going to give you the important background information so we can fully explain just how massive this scandal is. everything that you're going to hear, well a lot of it should sound familiar because we have been uncovering this piece by piece every single night now for months. we've been way ahead of the curve. but there is new vital information that is even more damming, more damaging than anything we've told you so far. as we have been explaining, this is watergate times a thousand. you're about to find out why, and here are the key findings from the memo that we're going to cover in detail. here's what you need to know. the fbi, deep state officials used a hillary clinton campaign, bought and paid for dossier, that was filled with russian lies, russian propaganda, totally unverified, to lie it a foreign intelligence surveillance court, to obtain a warrant. so they could spy on trump
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campaign advisor carter page. now during that fisa warrant process, the fbi, or at least the upper echelon, not the rank and file, repeatedly never told the fisa judges that the phony salacious dossier was financed by hillary clinton and the dnc. in other words they purposefully omitted crucial information from the fisa court judge so they could continue this process. james comey, andrew mccabe, sally yates, dana boente, rod rosenstein are all complies sit in this because they all approved surveillance on page. now this part is shocking. the fbi then used a yahoo news report that was written by michael his cough about a carter page trip to russia as evidence to corroborate information in the phony dossier. the source for the information and the yahoo news report was
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none other than christopher steele, the same author of the dossier that they were using. so the fbi used steele's leaked to ya other to corroborate the dossier created by the same person, steele. this is what we call circular reporting, because the fbi was pretending that they had two sources, when in facts it was the same source, and they were presenting that go to the judge. now the memo was also exposing how christopher steele the former british spy that according to reports was known to pay russian sources, had previously worked closely with the fbi, was suspended and then terminated as an fbi source for leaking to the press about his relationship with the bureau. we also know, independently from the memo that in september, 2016, steele and fusion gps briefed in person, in person, so-called journal lifts from the new york times and the washington post and yahoo news and the new yorker, and cnn
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about the hillary clinton phony russian dossier. and glenn simpson testified that both the clinton campaign and the dnc were well aware about this press outreach. they all knew it was a lie. in other words hillary clinton wanted the media to run with this total false fabricated dossier, hoping to lie to the american people and convince you, that's a reason to vote for her and not donald trump. now let's get back to the memo. steele maintained a close relationship with the now demoted department of justice official bruce ohr. o'er is the guy who had an office four doors down from rod rosenstein and was removed from his position for not disclosing that he met with fusion gps both before and after the election. now, bruce's wife, her name is nellie ohr. she worked for fusion gps. she was hired to dig up dirt on donald trump for the dossier. and it is also revealed during
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september 2016 steele said he was quote, desperate, this is steele that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president. i thought we didn't like outsiders influencing our elections. now according to the memo none of this was disclosed to the fisa court, which is a massive problem. i can't wait to hear from the fisa judge. and this also points out in the memo that during the initial application for the fisa warrant, that the head of the fbi counter intelligence division said it was quote in its infancy, that means the fbi never corroborated any of this. but they still presented it to a fisa court to get a warrant to spy on an opposition candidates when one candidate paid for those lies. and this is the part that is massive. the memo explains how former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe testified before the house intelligence committee that the fisa warrant to spy
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would not have been approved without the dossier. so when you put all of this information together, here is what it all means. the fbi misled and purposely deceived a federal court while using an unverified completely phony opposition research, bought and paid for by hillary clinton to spy on an opposition campaign during a presidential election. all to help one candidate out. all to mislead the american people. now that type of abuse of power, that type of corruption, that threading of the constitution, it is unprecedented in american history. now the fisa laws which are all about your government spying on american people, they have been abused, and literally to surveillance on an opposition campaign to undermine, later a duly elected president. they have never ever in history seen anything like this. and it was spear headed not by rank and file members of the
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fbi, intelligence community and department of justice, no. high ranking officials, james comey, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, peter strzok, lisa page, likely loretta lynch. we can also tell you tonight many others. we will be learning about in coming days, many will be implicated in this. but here is the bottom line. crimes have been committed. there is no way that they did not know that the fbi was lying to a fisa court in order to spy on an opposition campaign during an election year. they have aided and abetted what is a massive constitutional violation, comey, mccabe, rosenstein and others, all need to be investigated, and in many cases prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, because these crimes have been committed. remember, comey testified under oath the dossier was salacious and unverified. remember he told that to donald trump when he was the president elect. if that's the case then why the
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hell did he use it two months earlier to get a fisa warrant? now of course comey is running scared. he's out of his mind right now, now that essex supposed with this memo. he actually tweeted out today: >> here is the problem. the only thing that was dishonest and misleading in this was james comey. as i said last night, jim, you might want to keep your mouth shut because anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. you do have the right to an attorney. speaking of rosenstein, now remember, this is a guy that appointed the special counsel, because remember the attorney general recused himself. he appointed robert mueller. he should now resign immediately, because his actions now prove he is incapable of
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honestly serving the american people as the deputy attorney general. here is another massive revelation that i want you to think about. the entire foundation of what we now have gone through, this mess for a year, no evidence, trump, russia collusion, the special counsel, it's been built on lies and built on a phony fake fuse dossier that was funded by hillary clinton. now the fbi then used that to target then the trump campaign then an incoming president. now if this never happened there would be no robert mueller. and these revelations are so profound, this corruption so deep it is so obvious that the special counsel needs to be shut down immediately. that's not even taking into account mueller's massive conflicts of interest itself and how his team is filled with dig democratic donors and how he
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gets overturned 9-0 in the supreme court. overturned fifth circuit court of appeals p mueller's investigation is and has been a witch hunt from the very beginning. it's built on a house of cards. tonight it is crashing down. look, if we as a country, if we care about the constitution, if we believe in civil liberties, if we believe in those protections, then the special counsel must be disbanded immediately. by the way, nobody else will say this, all charges against paul manafort and general michael flynn need to be dropped. it's that simple. president trump by the way is reacting to all this breaking news. here is what he said about the memo. >> president trump: i think it's terrible, you want to know the truth, i think it's a disgrace. what's going on in this country, i think it's a disgrace. the memo was sent to congress it was declassified. congress will do whatever they're going to do. but i think it's a disgrace
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what's happening in our country. when you look at that, and you see that, and so many other things, what's going on, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves. and much worse than that. so i sent it over to congress, they will do what they're going to do, whatever they do is fine. it was declassified. and let's see what happens. but a lot of people should be ashamed. >> sean: more than ashamed. a lot of people broke the law. it's more than a shame. this is so deep in its corruption it should shatter the conscience of law abiding american citizens. fox news is also reporting tonight the memo is being sent to the department of justice and the in suspects or general which could lead to criminal charges. we've been reporting that this memo believe it or not is only about 15% of what's coming. this scandal is only in phase 1. now congressman devin nunes told bret baier tonight that more memos are coming, stay tuned, tick tock. also tonight, now that this memo
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has been released, look, we've been telling you about this for a very long time. it was march of last year when we first reported that there was a fisa warrant on trump tower. everything that we have been talking about and uncovering for a year on this program is now being shown to be true and exposed. in the meantime, all this while, the liberal mainstream media have wasted an entire year holding this country hostage with a false narrative based on a conspiracy theory that president trump colluded with the russians. they have and have had no evidence whatsoever. because it doesn't exist. the media has been corrupt and lying to you the american people. at the end of the day they're nothing but propaganda extension of the democrat party and tinfoil conspiracy theories of that are so locked in of their hate of president trump they don't know at this point. all the information has been out there. but you have overpaid journal
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lifts too lazy, too rigidly ideological to do their jobs. they've been sitting on the sidelines while the biggest scandal in their lifetimes has been unfolding right before their very faces. we've been talking about the fisa abuse, spying on the trump campaign since march 6th of last year and the media has ignored it every stem of the way. here is what i said in march of last year on my radio show: this is the swamp. obama holdovers, lifelong bureaucrats, that are sabotaging. this is the shadow government i've been talking about. this is what deep state means. they are sabotaging the trump presidency. a cardinal rule of the obama administration was no white house official ever interfered with an independent investigation led by the department of justice. that's not a denial that it happened, meaning the fisa request. it says as a matter of practice neither the president are any
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white house official ever ordered any -- they didn't order it, that doesn't mean it didn't happen and that doesn't mean obama didn't know that it happened. >> sean: we've known the whole time we were right. we've taken a lot of heat. but the evidence, facts, truth is what we should pursue s the media doesn't care about any of this. they want president trump to fail, otherwise they would be reporting on this story instead of ignoring it. now they're doing everything they can do to try to discredit it. it's not going to work. here is the thing. facts are facts, truth is truth. the media cannot twist and distort truth. and you the american people and those of you that have supported this show, we thank you tonight because you in part have made this possible. you called your congressmen and congress women, you asked them to release the memo and they did. sadly, it does shock the conscience. joining us fox news contractor sara carter, fox news greg
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jarrett, former deputy assistant to the president sebastian gorka. it was march 8th of last year, you and john solomon on this show broke "the story" of the fisa warrant, and surveillance of trump tower. how few in the media cared to follow what is the biggest abuse and corruption scandal in their lifetime? sara? >> it's incredible sean. because there was so much evidence out there, little bits of evidence that if they just latched on to it they would have been able to see through and see the truth. they chose not to. the obama administration and people associated with hillary clinton and fusion gps, christopher steele, bruce ohr and the doj, sally yates, andrew mccabe at the fbi, former director james comey, they were presenting the disinformation campaign. you know what's interesting? they tried to say it was the russians. but the whole time based on an
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unverified and salacious dossier and those are the words coming out of comey's own mouth, they used that to spread lies about the trump campaign to the media and anybody they could try to share it with. this is what is so incredible. the media bought it. and they chose to ignore the other side. they chose to ask for verification. and the entire precedence of the special counsel was based on that dossier, according to mccabe. >> sean: you know i even have testimony, i don't have time to play it all, we have so much information to get out tonight. remember when comey met with donald trump, he said it's unverified and it's salacious, but two months earlier he was arguing just the opposite. and the worst part is, they knew where this dossier came from, and they never told the fisa court. criminally speaking, so in jeopardy tonight? >> oh absolutely. this is just proof of government corruption and it's sad. the fbi and the department of justice, they concealed evidence
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and they deceived a federal judge. they knew this was a fabricated document, knew it was paid for by democrats and hillary clinton. they knew that the guy who authored it said he was desperate to stop trump. and the yet they used it. they signed a document in front of a judge that said we vouch for the reliability and authenticity of this document. in other words they were lying to the judge. that's a crime. 18usc242. it's abuse of power. and it's tragic that the people that we expect to uphold and enforce the law are breaking it. this is the proof. >> sean: so sebastian, this is what they do. they knew the dossier was false. they knew that hillary clinton paid for the dossier, they never told the judge. they knew the guy that was responsible, steele, hated donald trump, and didn't want him to win. they knew they couldn't spy on a
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trump associate without the dossier. they were shut down the first attempt they tried to get it. they got it on the second shot and admit without it, they never would have got it. >> so let's just remember what happened eleven months ago. the president tweeted out that his campaign had been spied upon. he was rid called by the left and the mainstream media. we now know not only is it true that he was spied upon by the obama administration but the warrant was acquired illegally. i had a chief of police text me today and he said if any of his officers had acquired a warrant while excluding exculpatory information that officer would be charged with perjury or abuse of power. not only that, this is fascinating. let's unwind all of it. congressman gates just reminded me on the 16th of may rod rosenstein escorted robert mueller to be interviewed by the president to be the director of the fbi again.
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he failed the interview. the president wanted somebody new. he of the didn't want a bush era person. the next day, may 17th, after he failed that interview, rod rosenstein appointed him as the special counsel to investigate the president. >> sean: unbelievable. >> how can he investigate the president in a subjective fashion? lastly, lastly, what about all the congress men and women who lied about this memo? for four days they've been telling us it would reveal sources and methods. >> sean: that's par for the course. none of which was true. >> no sources and methods. >> sean: sara, about a year ago you broke this story. my sources tell me this is just the tip of the spear, the tip of the iceberg. and that there's so much more to come. i was given a percentage, about 15% of what is coming. what are your sources telling you? you were dead on accurate on march 8th of last year.
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>> my sources are telling me, 10% of what is coming. so maybe there's even more out there than what we expect. this is even more important. the investigation is now going to be reversed. i know that members of congress are going to call foye at special counsel to investigate the investigators. there are going to be a number of people involved in this. also the information as you reported that is going to the ig they're gonna look at criminality here. was there anything criminal going on? from appearances there was. so they lied to the fisa court, allegedly. that's what they're going to be looking at. i tell you sean this is just the beginning, this is not the end and the investigation is in reverse. >> sean: last thoughts where is this going? >> i don't know. but i can tell you a congressional source tells me that rod rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened the chairman nunes and members of congress that he was going to subpoena their texts and
10:22 pm
messages because he was tired of dealing with the intel committee. that's threats and intimidation and retaliation. >> sean: all of you have been doing the work of the media for an entire year and sharing it with our audience. i can't thank you enough. wish it didn't happen though. we have a lot of cleaning up p when we come back a hannity exclusive the president's attorney jay sekulow reacts to this fisa memo. that's next. stay with us. the more you know the the commute is worth,
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. >> sean: joining us now with reaction to the explosive memo detailing fisa abuses president trump attorney jay sekulow. jay i'm calling this the biggest abuse of power, corruption case in our lifetime. this was all designed to impact
10:27 pm
the presidential election and an incoming president and to undermine an incoming president and to undermine an election. i want to get your general thoughts first. >> yep. well you have to look at the timeline here sean to show how dangerous the president that's been established by the fbi. james comey and the fbi attempted to get a fisa warrant in the summer of 2016. they were not successful. they then moved in october by adding to their request the steele dossier. then they get a fisa warrant. so the fisa warrant is issued. in january before the president was sworn in james comey as fbi director meets with the president, tells him about this, as his words were salacious and unverified dossier but said the president was not under investigation and that not to worry about that. yet seven weeks before then, he obtained a fisa warrant based on that dossier. then it was renewed a day before the inauguration and then renewed subsequently again. and so when you look at just the
10:28 pm
chain of events, that's why i want people to focus on the timeline here, it's very very not only dangerous but i mean, what did they tell the fisa court? they didn't say this was political opposition research, they didn't say it was unverified. christopher steele leaked the information to a media source. the fbi said they cut off formal relations with him. did they tell that to the fisa judge? i think the real issue is as the nature of what they did but also what they did to the courts and i think that all has to be reviewed. and i think a special counsel is necessary to review this entire matter, we're not even including the bruce ohr the situation or any of that. you add all of that together i think it needs to be an outside counsel. >> sean: what happens if you know this is a democratic bought and paid for dossier and you know the information is false, and you don't disclose this to the judge on four separate occasions. now if i was the judge in this case i think i would be pretty
10:29 pm
angry about all of that. >> yeah 50usc requires all applications for warrant are under oath. you can't commit perjury. more than that what's at stake here is the fact they utilized this information knowing it was not truthful, knowing it was unverified, not notifying the court of the entire process but they didn't do it once, they didn't do it twice, they did it three times. then james comey going to the president of the united states saying there's a dossier out there, i'm not trying to do a j edgar hoover on you, those were james comey's words, you're not under investigation but he utilized that again to obtain the warrant. [ overlapping speakers ] it doesn't work both ways. >> sean: you're saying that he used this. what he called in front of then president elects unverified and salacious dossier, two months earlier he used to get the warrant to spy on the trump campaign and then the trump
10:30 pm
transition team so the level of duplicity, which is it? >> you don't get both. >>. >> sean: if you presented it to a court and you signed off on it and that was the terming factor as you point out, it was denied first in july. >> right. >> sean: then james comey has a big legal problem, doesn't he? >> i think he does. christopher steele by the way tame came to the fbi and the time frame looks like it was july. christopher steele the so-called british spy that was getting this information, by the way who was working on it with him, bruce ohr, his wife works with fusion gps on this project. if there was a need for special counsel this is one of the moments. this is not the rank and file fbi members, we've been clear on. that this isn't deep state as people call it. this is the top. this is leadership. james comey doesn't get it both ways. he didn't make the statements he made and then go back to get a warrant. he got a warrant based on this
10:31 pm
information. i don't care if someone is a republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, green party that's not the way it works in the constitution until that republic. >> sean: let me go to the end when they talk about andrew mccabe and his testimony? 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought. >> sought. >> sean: from the fisa court but for the dossier information. the democrats are trying to jump on that and say he didn't exactly say that. i checked with numerous sources on the committee that have confirmed he was asked this question multiple times and actually his answer is far worse than what the memo actually states in this particular case, that in fact they wouldn't have sought this in any way without the dossier. so this is the situation, jay. you've got hillary clinton, a bought and paid for, and of all things dossier full of russian propaganda. wow! pretty ironic when had you think about it. >> and the mccabe statement is very significant. >> sean: okay. but it's to lie to the american
10:32 pm
people, to influence the election, which ratchets up the typical lying done in political campaigns, then it's used to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on an opposition party and incoming president. >> this is done by an fbi director who democrats were calling for his removal, and by the way i was very critical of his intervention into the political process. i thought that was absurd, what ed in the summer and fall in the election, which is against the fbi's role where he became the super attorney general, which is not his function administratively or procedurally yet ed that. i was critical of that, but this is what ed. those people that are defending james comey should go back and remind themselves of what they said a year ago, year and-a-half ago. >> sean: it's interesting, would we have had the special counsel but for all of this? >> well there's the question. because -- so the question is, did this dossier lead to this --
10:33 pm
create this investigation? and that question is a real question i think has got a significant legal consequence. that is the underlying question. did this, nick fisa warrant start this investigation? and again i can't opine on that i'm not going to. i will tell you this, it raises serious questions. >> sean: i believe it did. and that gives justification if i was general flynn tonight, and my lawyers, i would be in a room tonight coming up with vat at this i didn'ts, strategies, same with paul manafort. i won't drag you into that. we check in with mark meadows, jim jordan and so much more tonight on this big breaking news friday news night. 75 million of us suffer from the gritty and frustrating symptoms of dry eye. we need theratears®. theratears® is more than just eye drops.
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10:38 pm
the memo was sent to congress, it was declassified, congress will do whatever they're going to do. but i think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. >> sean: the president earlier today reacting to the stunning fisa memo it was in fact declassified. joining us with relax north korea north carolina and jim jordan, congressman meadows let's start with you. i was wondering at times if people were over selling this. in many ways i think you under sold it in this respect. i think this is the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal we've ever had where you had one presidential candidate using phony russian propaganda bought and paid for, and then you have the highest ranking people in the doj, in the fbi, using the powerful tools of the intelligence to try and spy on and successfully spy on and help, hopefully der rail an
10:39 pm
opposition party candidate and then undermining an incoming president. we've never seen this before, congressman. >> well we haven't sean. you've been covering this for many, many months. in fact when everybody was criticizing you, about what you believed to be going on, today we now know that indeed it was going on. sean i can tell you, probably the thing that concerns me the most, is that this is the tip of the iceberg. we're already looking and reviewing other documents and other sources of information that would indicate other parts of collusion. and you know, i can tell you, there was no russian collusion between this president and the russians. but now what we're seeing is collusion actually did take place but it was from the hillary clinton campaign and really trying to affect the election through this dossier that they paid for and was used to spy on american u.s. citizens. >> sean: congressman jordan i watched you in committees and
10:40 pm
there were times i went finally somebody is saying it. i felt like i was hanging out here on a thread by myself some nights with some of my good partners and friends on the show. but it is worse than we thought. >> yeah. >> sean: i'm told we might have a grassly memo as early as next week that takes it yet to another level. >> remember what we learned today not once, twice, three times but four times the top people at the fbi took this salacious and unverified document, this dossier to see kret court to get a secret warrant to spy on a fellow american. guess what? they never told the court that the democrat national committee and the clinton campaign paid for it. four opportunities to tell the truth to the court and they didn't do it, to spy on a fellow citizen. they did that in the context of a presidential campaign. as mark just said this should never happen in this great country. >> sean: it never should. congressman meadows what does this mean? i would argue without all of this, what we are describing and talking about tonight there is
10:41 pm
no special counsel mueller. i'm saying he needs to go, yesterday. because he never should have been appointed based on what we know tonight. >> well what will we do know is much of the information that actually called for a special prosecutor was tainted. and when we see that, you know, you have to look at the fruit of a tainted investigation. and it's very troubling. i believe that the special counsel maueller will come back and show this president didn't include with the russians. i think the underlying problem is, jim was just talking about it, four times they went to a fisa court to spy on american citizens. but three of those times they did so after knowing that the very person who wrote the dossier, was not telling the truth. >> sean: they knew it was hillary's in the beginning and they never told the court the truth. >> they did. without a doubt. >> sean: that omissions a lie. alright congressman jordan what
10:42 pm
should happen next? what is the next step in terms of, if we want to right this tremendous injustice and constitutional violation? >> the thing mark and i and several other members called for a second special counsel. we know mueller can't exhibited expand his probe. ye we know jeff sessions has refused himself. i'm in a big fan of special counsel. i see no other remedy than a second special. make sure they're not from the swamp , pick someone to come in and look at this entire situation so the american people can once again have confidence in the top people running these important agencies in our government. >> sean: biggest abuse of power corruption case in our history. thank you both for what you have done to help expose this. the american people deserve the truth and i have to thank all our listeners for calling your congress men and women, you helped make this day possible. but it's only the beginning, we'll need your voices in the future. when we come back, ed henry on
10:43 pm
the democrats reaction, and joe condition cha, ari fleischer, so much more on this breaking news night.
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. >> sean: joining us now with details on how democrats are reacting to the release of this fisa memo fox news chief national correspondent etd henry. big breaking news day. >> no doubt about it. democrats are renewing their calls for congressman devin nunes to be removed from the committee, which leads top republicans to say this is a signal the house intel chairman actually succeeded on delivering on explosive information, despite media outlets saying it was going to be a did youed. in 2016 former british spy christopher steele told obama official bruce ohr he was desperate to block trump's election to the white house. the memo allegations o'er's wife
10:48 pm
was employed by fusion gps. he provided his wife's opposition research paid for by the clinton campaign via fusion gps, it was in ex lick ka blue concealed from the fisa court. the current dnc chair perez fired back calling it a shamed memo aimed at discrediting special counsel mueller's probe: no one is above the law, on that question of law there's a lot more information we need to be digging for in the days ahead. democratic senator mark warren suggested the dossier was only a small part of the information submitted to the fisa judge for the warrants. tweeting unlike almost every house member, i've actually read the underlying documents on which the nunes memo was based. they don't come to the
10:49 pm
conclusion. andrew mccabe testified before the intel panel in december 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the fisa court without the steele dossier information. that suggestion that the dossier was central to the fisa warrant. we should note after the current fbi director chris wray saw this republican i can memo from nunes andrew mccabe was gone less than 24 hours later the. >> sean: i think devin nunes needs to look at the democrat attacks as a badge of honor. ed henry great reporting as always. we appreciate t democrats are not the only ones trying to dismiss this. the allies in the dismissive media trump did what they do. take a look. >> the only thing you can conclude is that you have a white house that is hell bent on having some kind of hand in this investigation. >> this is a fabricated manufactured hack partisan side
10:50 pm
show, circus act. >> the president's actions here only raise the suspicion of those that aren't sort of in his sort of, in his kool-aid or sit. outside of the kool-aid orbit everyone else is wondering why is he denying, why is he trying to thwart this investigation so much? this memo with regard to the mueller probe is a did youed. let me repeat that, having read it and covered "the story" for awhile, as to the mueller probe this memo is a did youed did you youed. dud. joining us now ari fleischer, here's what we know from the memo. i've actually talked to one person in particular that red the underlying documents. ari, we know the fbi and doj knew the dossier, they knew it was fabricated, they knew it was false information. even they said they were in the infancy stages of verifying t
10:51 pm
remember months later, it was james comey that said, oh, it's not verified, and it's salacious. as he informed the president elect. they also knew it was bought and paid for by hillary clinton, they never told the fisa judge. they also knew the guy who wrote it christopher steele hated the president and had an agenda. they also knew they couldn't spy on a trump associate as mccabe said without the dossier. they used it any way. they used it to impact a presidential election, using the opponent's bought and paid for lies. you can't write a spy novel worse than this. >> no, it's very disspiriting sean. the idea that you can have a campaign pay for opposition research, that then gets funneled over to the fbi so you can investigate your opponent, that's now how american elections are supposed to work. what's so distressing to me as somebody who is watching this is how the press wants to pay no
10:52 pm
credence to this unless it sports that donald trump committed collusion with russia. it's as if this story could only go to one conclusion. we have to believe that robert mueller can get to the bottom. i will not turn a blind eye the way the press has where they only think "the story" can travel in one part and that part is to hurt donald trump. people in america need to know the truth. that's why i think it was the right thing to put this memo out. >> sean: without all of this happening and the basis for all of this, is -- lends itself to what happened with robert mueller being appointed. joe concha you study the media, you follow the media, i think this is the biggest corruption, abuse of power case in our lifetime, far bigger than watergate by a long shot. the media barely touched it and still clinic to the russia trump collusion story and there's never been a shred of evidence
10:53 pm
in a year confirming it at all. >> to ari's point if you look at some of the headlines today this is largely being dismissed. new york times editorial board the republican plot against the fbi. washington post editorial, the nunes memo is ale giant damaging distraction, also a joke and a scam. let's just change some names out as an educational process for the people at home. let's say there was a dossier that was compiled by the -- i'm sorry that was paid for by the trump campaign and the republican national committee and the that dossier contained information that was obtained by the russians by a hostile foreign agent who was no fan of hillary clinton, okay? then that information was fed to a federal judge, without mentioning the political aspects of it, to achieve a fisa warrant? that is a legitimate disturbing story. if the tables were turned here i guarantee you people would be very interested in that collusion. and that seems to be, unless it
10:54 pm
could be told to me any differently, that is proven collusion. in the end there's a movie out called the post. tom hanks, ben bradley and meryl streep and transparency is cheered and speaking truth to power is cheered because that was the nixon administration, 1971, now in 2018, cripple we areally extras he will says it's best. have been in journalism all my life. have never ever seen the press corps fight so hard against transparency. what was wrong with putting this memo out? it's sources and methods were not disturbed in any way, were not revealed. >> sean: we've been lied to for the entire week. ari now that we know what we know there was some collusion and hillary paid for what turned out to be russian propaganda, it was designed to lie to the american people and then designed and used to spy on an on possession candidate in an election year and then spy on an incoming president. you want a special counsel for
10:55 pm
that? >> well i think you're on to something here sean. i'm hoping the ig when the department of justice investigative general, ig comes out with their report about what's going on inside justice, that may have actually saw the emai emails they'll shed light on this. >> sean: thank you very much. when we come back my final thoughts on this fisa memo and where we go from here. that's straight ahead. running a business is not for the faint of heart. luckily, office depot® officemax® is here to take care of you. ♪ taking care of business with print services done right. on time. guaranteed! expert tech support. and this week all dell pcs are up to twenty five percent off! save even more when you purchase a dell monitor. and make sure you protect your investment. office depot® officemax. ♪ taking care of business
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. >> sean: we've been saying on this show the nunes memo is 10 or 15% of what we are told will come out of this scandal. there's a lot more coming. in many ways the fact that the media has been so wrong and so corrupt it is a story that will haunt them i will argue for decades to come. we'll have more coming. stay with the fox news channel, stay with us. this story is only beginning. you deserve to know the truth. thanks to all of you who helped get this memo released.
11:00 pm
i hope you have a great weekend. i think the patriots are going to win but what do i know. we'll see you back here the monday. laura ingraham is next. we'll see you then, have a good weekend. >> laura: welcome to the ingraham angle i'm laura ingraham live in washington tonight. a city that has been shaken to its core over a memo released today that alleges serious corruption at the you were echelon of the fbi and the department of justice. tonight, we're going to tell you the complete story about how these abuses unfolded during the trump campaign. who was targeted. who did the targeting. how the media advanced a phony narrative throughout. and where the mueller investigation goes from here. and along the way, we're going to speak with people who have intimate knowledge of the fisa court, including a lawmaker who has read the documents not even made public yet. we also have l. have an exclusive reaction


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