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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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for any clues. >> we are assuming in 2018 proposal that daca deal is done and border wall is funded. jillian: infrastructure overhaul whether he recollects break down exactly what is in his $1.5 trillion plan. rob: and remember when actor robert de niro had the choice words for president trump? >> i would like to punch him in the face. is this somebody we want for president, i don't think so. rob: newest attacks launched at the president, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: we were on top of the
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world on friday, right, rob. [laughter] jillian: we were sky diving and we will have the story for you at some point in the upcoming days and weeks in "fox & friends first" and we will let you know when to stay tune for that. rob: that's right, you'll get a kick out of it. jillian: thank you for joining us, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, president trump expect today unveil massive trillion dollar infrastructure plan and lay out budget for road map. jillian: that's right, griff jenkins with what we can expect, good morning, griff. >> good morning, jillian and rob, what the president calls crumbling infrastructure and later today he's meeting with state and local officials who will share the burden on paying for it. it's aiming to fix what the white house calls a broken system of funding for
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infrastructures, here are the four goals of the plan, first, want to stimulate 1 and a half trillion in new investment, shorten the permit process to two years under one authority, he wants to invest in rural infrastructure and fourth, to improve the workforce training, improving -- excuse me in previewing the new 2019 budget omb director mulvaney says he'll focus on things like the new infrastructure plan. >> take the money that the democrats want to put in social programs, move to opioid relief, things that are if line with the president's priorities because if it does get spent, it gets to the right places. >> addresses objectives of both republicans an democrats but initial reaction from democrat members like pete suggests otherwise. >> it would cut existing transportation programs to pay for wall street and foreign investors to toll our roads and it would gut bedrock
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environmental environmental protections in speeding up projects. this is not a real infrastructure plan, it's simply another scam. >> the white house calls for 200 billion in new federal funding, 100 of which we spent on incentives, interesting how it's received on capitol hill today. rob: certainly will, griff, happy monday to you. fox news alert, hundreds of rescuers are coarving -- combing through the wreckage of commercial air crash that killed 71 people. saratov, 703 seen in the distance exploding in fire ball shortly after takeoff from airport in moscow. the aircraft made several trips that same day with no apparent issues. investigators searching for a cause set to be looking for
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weather and human error. jillian: one step closer to war, the jerusalem post reporting israel has deported antimissile system to the syrian border including the iron-dome battery design today shoot down rockets, this comes after weekend full of conflict which started when israeli helicopter took out iranian drone launch from syria and israeli fighter jet was shot down sparking air attack on several syrian and iranian targets in syria. rob: prosecutors want the death penalty for man accused of killing two ohio police officer ifs he survives. 30-year-old smith face twos aggravated charges while in hospital, last listed in critical condition after being shot by police. anthony and eric ambushed by gunfire when they showed up to smith's home responding to 911 hang-up call.
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>> 911, what's the emergency. >> please help, please help. he shot the police officers. >> your husband did it? where is your husband now in rob: records show smith wasn't allowed to own a gun and had numerous run-ins with the police. officer moreli's cruiser turn intoed memorial and nearby police department are patrolling while officers mourn. jillian: democrats prepared to black out parts of memo so it can be released to the government without spilling government secrets, let's get live to todd piro with the latest on the political war. >> good morning, seems like we are closer than ever to see what is inside the democrats' classified memo rebutting the conservatives memo if justice concerns are addressed after
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white house legislative director marc short accused top democrat adam schiff of intentionally sabotaging the release of memo by including sources and methods he knew would have to be redacted setting up a situation where if the white house redacted it, short said there would have been an outcry that president trump was trying to edit it. >> we are not not afraid of transparency. the president said is that we believe that congressman schiff intentionally put in there meths and source that is he knew would be redacted. >> democrats in the house voted to release their memo and voted against republican memo. there is a hypocrisy, chuck, we asked them to clean it up. >> he plans to meet with the fbi to go through concerns and material, nevertheless, he continues to battle the president. >> the president doesn't want to public to see the underlying facts, what is revealed in the memo quotations from the very
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fisa application that really demonstrates just how misleading the republicans have been. but the president doesn't want you to see the facts from the fisa application because it completely undermines this claim of vindication. >> house intel committee devin nunes, the author of republican surveillance memo at center of all of this he actually wants the democrat memo to be released calling the dem, quote, ridiculous on the face of it. jillian, rob, back to you. rob: we will analyze this much more in five minutes. jillian: united states dominates winter olympics, jamie anderson earning gold medal. >> anderson celebrating the win wrapping herself in american flag, look at that, she won gold in the same event at the sochi games back in 2014 in russia, 17-year-old gerard won gold in the u.s. men's slope saturday. jillian: two first for team usa, chris, first american to medal
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earning silver. rob: figure skater maria becoming the first american woman to land a triple axil in olympic competition. that is not easy. helping the u.s. to a bronze in teen-free skating that happened overnight. >> so impressive, isn't it? third in medal count with four total, germany leads with three golds. rob: all right. all right, brad taking the checkered flag in the first nascar race of the season. >> brad from last to first wins the clash of daytona. rob: wow, last to first. leading team to sweep of top two finishers earning the win, the clash at daytona. jillian: ryan finished second, setting the stage for daytona 50 this sunday, the first official race of the season. congrats to all.
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rob: yes, a lot of winners this morning. jillian: i know. it's fine. we are not concerned at all. good morning to you, it is 8 minutes after the hour, the media smitten over kim jong un's sister at the olympics glamorizing a dictatorship, the reality of what that regime is capable of next. rob: critics to president trump for not immediately releasing the democrats' rebuttal memo. >> donald trump was quick to release and promote his chief house republican devin nunes russia memo. >> no transparency. rob: all right, who is really playing politics with national security? our political to debate this on both sides coming up next. >> somebody has that determination, i would be willing to help him. lend somebody a helping hand. jillian: single father walking 11 miles to work every day gets the gift of a lifetime, make sure you stay tune for this one.
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in the 2018 lexus es and es hybrid. lease the 2018 es 350 for $339 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. jillian: good morning, and welcome back, the media under fire for making kim jong un's sister a shining star at the olympics, the washington post running a headline calling her the ivanka trump of north korea, but cnn bearing the brunt for saying that she was stealing the show, the article provoking fierce and outrage. active duty u.s. army jeremy hunt joining us earlier calling the normalization of such a brutal regime shameful. >> our hearts should be broken. what we are seeing here the american media has the trust of the american people and now the ball is in their court to see if
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they are going to walk back any of the stories, would we see any apologizes from some of the headlines that have taken place over the past weekend. jillian: to put north korea's human rights in violation to perspective, estimated 120,000 people in prison in political prison camps. president trump rehashing his war on fake news. >> truly dishonest people in the media. the mainstream fake media because they are fake and phoney. that was just fake news. jillian: our commander in chief tweeting, quote, so many positive things going on for the usa and the fake media doesn't wanting to there. no wonder the people no longer trust the media whose approval ratings are correctly at lowest levels in history, #make america great again, rob. rob: all right, democrats and the media blasting president trump over his decision to delay
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releasing the democrats fisa rebuttal memo. >> donald trump was quick to release and promote his chief house republican devin nunes' russian memo. >> democrats write a memo, no transparency. rob: all right, so was this the trap that congressman trey gowdy and a couple other people had predicted that the democrats would lay for the president? here to weigh in our panel, former campaign spokesperson katrina pearson and democratic campaign strategists mustafa. mustafa, i want to start with you, some republicans say that this was a trap that was well layed by adam schiff, what do you think? >> look, trey gowdy himself said that the memo -- the republican memo that was released said nothing about exonerating the president and the president is running around saying that it exonerated him. the democratic memo lays out
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inaccuracies, false information put out by republican memo. this was voted in the intelligence committee both by democrats and republicans and now that the president has it in the first time in his life he's concerned about national intelligence. he's so concerned about national intelligence he should read daily brief rather than hold memo back. rob: there were concerns of the fbi, it didn't seem to really expose anything too important in my opinion. >> well, it wasn't, it was supposed to be doom's day if the republican memo got out, they were saying that it exposed sources and methods which we know now that it did not, but this is difficult, this is the democrats playing politics with national security and you don't have to go back very far to watch adam schiff on russia tv explain his own concerns that he had with government surveillance even suggesting that they should
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declassify judges' opinions. suddenly that it's president trump it's to big deal and want to help cover this up. it's just simply going to vote, republicans voted unanimously to put out that memo. it's going to come out and, of course, they stacked it with things that they knew were going to have redacted, adam schiff asked for a letter from the fbi and the doj if there were to be redactions and they sent him exactly what he asked for. rob: sure, musstafa over to you, he's doing a lot of talk about his memo, both of the memos are very political, we have this other memo, though, the grassley-graham memo and schiff got caught in a lie over the weekend basically saying that chuck grassley was trying to put a stain on the bob mueller investigation by releasing a memo that backs up in some respects what was in the nunes memo and criticizes some of the things in nunes memo as well but
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schiff says he's putting a cloud over the mueller investigation and gas i will says that he's not and wants the investigation to continue unfettered. >> look, this whole memo gate has been started by republicans, they continue to put information out and mislead the american public, all adam schiff is trying to do is correct the record that both democrats and republicans voted for and president release it. putting that aside, the president should enact the sanctions that both houses of congress overwhelmingly passed against russia but the president refuses, he refuses enact the sanction that is both houses over majority of both houses have passed. when katrina talks about russia, we need to ask why the president is so concern about him looking bad politically and not protecting our national interest, not protecting our elections when a foreign power like russia is intervening in
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our elections. >> i want to correct the record real quick, barack obama was in charge when the interference from -- >> you keep going back to barack obama. the president of the united states is donald trump. >> donald trump was not the president at the time. rob: one at a time. >> why don't you focus on the president that we have in the white house today? that's what we need to do. rob: real quick. >> came from the russia hoax which was started by the democrats and that's why we are having this discussion. >> it was passed by the -- only by the vice presidents and it was put out by the president, was not considered national security. that's the issue that we should be dealing with. rob: okay, we will get a revised memo in the next day or two and see when the president decides to release that, if that changes any opinion on the matter. guys, thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. jillian: 19 minutes after the hour, power plant explosion,
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brand-new effort to get electricity, massive blackout that hit puerto rico once again in the dark. rob: denied service, a police officer shocked after mcdonalds employee refuse today serve him. carley shimkus with the backlash that's growing online, hi, carley (nadia white) the moment a fish is pulled out from the water, it's a race against time. and keeping it in the right conditions is the best way to get that fish to your plate safely. (dane chauvel) sometimes the product arrives, and the cold chain has been interrupted, and we need to be able to identify where in the cold chain that occurred. (tom villa) we took our world class network, and we developed devices to track environmental conditions. this device allows people to understand what's happening with the location,
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jillian: excuse me, the liberal media, choked up over this, fawning over kim jong un's sister at the olympics with some even calling her the north korean ivanka. >> south korean president moon jae-in shaked the hand. >> sharing historic handshake.
2:24 am
>> ground breaking moment. rob: well, there was a lot more -- more overt display of affection. it was it was ridiculous. carley is here to tell us about that. carley: good morning, guys, a day after cnn was criticized for glowing review of kim jong un's sister, "the new york times" has come out with an article of their own, they posted this to twitter saying, without a word only flashing smiles kim jong un's sister outflanked vice president mike pence in diplomacy. now article goes onto say that kim jong un's sister was a good ambassador for her country while at the same time the article criticizes vice president mike pence, reaction to this on social media was swift, colorado senator corey gardner took to twitter, reminder, there are currently over a hundred thousand prisoners enslaved in north korea, former cia agent
2:25 am
said, the new york times believes that mike pence, our vice president and the psychopathic north korean crime family that starves mutilates and murderers millions of people over generation are basically on the same level. one person probably likes the article, kim jong un himself and could use toward propaganda campaign. jillian: robert deniro thinks we are all insane. carley: do you guys remember this moment in. >> i would like to punch him in the face. this is somebody that we want for president? i don't think so. carley: he's back at it again. he said this during recent summit in dubai talking about climate change, he says i'm talking about my own country, the united states of america, we don't like to say we are a backward country so let's just say we are suffering from a case of temporary insanity. should he be talking about climate change? a lot of people on social media saying the same thing that he jet sets around the country, so
2:26 am
maybe a little bit of a double standard there. [laughter] rob: i was reading the rest of the tweet there. carley: i'm so glad that you're captivated. that's the whole point of this. rob will be let's talk about mcdonalds. carley: a police officer was denied service, i have been working in law enforcement in over 20 years and never thought i would personally experience what just occurred at the drive-through, i will never eat at mcdonalds again, never been treated like that before. a spokesperson for mock don ealdz -- mcdonalds. unacceptable and not tolerated in restaurant. they are investigating, usually when they investigate these kinds of things doesn't work out too well for the employee if this is, you know, actually true. jillian: hate to see that. rob: not corporate mentality but one employee but nevertheless.
2:27 am
thank you so much. 26 minutes after the hour, president trump delivering on a big campaign promise. >> we will rebuild our military and alliances, destroy terrorists. jillian: pentagon getting biggest budget ever. $700 billion, our next guest breaks down what it means for our defense and explains who the biggest winners are. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today.
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bp's natural gas teams use smart app technology to share data from any well instantly. so they can analyze trends and stop potential problems in their tracks. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. rob: we are back with fox news alert, hundreds of rescuers battling the elements overnight scouring a plane crash scene in russia for any clues. jillian: jet plunged into a field killing all 71 people on board. kelly wright joins us live with brand-new information on the investigation, good morning, kelly. kelly: take a look over my shoulder. you can see what's happening live there. when the saratov flight took off
2:31 am
from moscow's airport there was no indication anything being wrong. everything appeared to be normal, in fact. but just minutes after take-off the flight failed from radar indicating that plane, its crews and passengers were in serious trouble. a distance surveillance camera show it is plane and this is very graphic to look at plunging into a snowy field bursting into a ball of fire. rescue crews quickly rushed to the site of the crash but no survivors were found. all 71 people aboard the flight perished in the crash, some residents from nearby villages reported hearing a loud explosion, boom, that rattled homes and even blew out windows, recovery crews working through the night had the grim task of recovering bodies. earlier one of the plane's black boxes was found. airlines told russia news agency that the plane made several trips on the day of the crash
2:32 am
and before each of the flights the plane was checked, the last two technicians who serviced the plane were flying on board of the aircraft at the time of the crash, the final check before the fatal flight did not reveal any deviations on the aircraft at all. flight sw701 was flying where relatives of passengers had been waiting and were told about the tragic news of the ill-fated flight that killed their loved ones. upon hearing the sad news white house press secretary sarah sanders said this, it is deeply saddened the united states deeply saddened by those on board airline 703, we send condolences of families who lost their lives and people of russia. the cause of the crash, by the way, remains under investigation. they will continue until they found out. back to you. rob: thanks so much. jillian: thank you. rob: former indianapolis colts linebacker killed by illegal immigrant will be layed today.
2:33 am
funeral services in hometown of atlanta, georgia, the 26-year-old and uber driver were killed in indiana after being hit by and illegal immigrant who was drunk three times over the legal limit, in fact. manuel zavala has been deported from the u.s. twice before and does not have a driver's license, his blood alcohol level was as i said about three times the legal limit. jillian: a major setback for recovery efforts in puerto rico as fiery explosion plunges part of the island nation into darkness. malfunctioning switch at power plant in san juan sparking the massive fire. photos on social media showing damage to the equipment, crews say it's unclear how many people are without power but they hope it will be fully restored by later today. the blackout comes as over 40 million people in parts of island are still without power, that's more than five months after hurricane maria. rob: president trump keeping a big campaign promise as the new white house budget includes a
2:34 am
record $700 billion in defense spending for the pentagon. >> the reality is that the president wanted to defend the nation, the president's first priority, he said this during the campaign and he said this since he was elected. he said it the other night was to defend the nation. jillian: so what does this mean for our military, retired u.s. navy commander is here to weigh in. thank you for joining us this morning, i guess i will tart is 700 billion enough in. >> good morning, thanks for having me on and quite frankly it's not. when you look at that number while large in and of itself, the reality is it is not nearly enough for what the military needs after almost a decade of declining funds. they started out as percentage of grows domestic product in 2010 it was 4.5%, today it's down to just 3.1% with this plus-up, so quite frankly it's just a start and while the number may seem big in actuality it's not and we need a lot more to do what's necessary.
2:35 am
rob: i remember the obama speeches when he would talk about how he would spend 10 or 20 times the amount that other countries do on military, that we would spend more in nine nations or top 10 combined or showing what he thought was blowing budget, how much did he pull us back in years in office? >> when you look at what he did, he undermined the military, the ability to man, train and equip the forces in a manner that would allow us to be able to address long-term threats. those threats are now becoming real, we can see the shift as we have gone from a strategy focused on terrorism for a number of years, now to a strategy where we once again have to deal with the peer near competitors in russia and russia while at the same time dealing with countries like iran, north korea, and, of course, the terrorist threat. jillian: if it were up to you how would you allocate the money now? >> i think you allocate it based upon what the real needs are,
2:36 am
you need admirals an generals to come down and say, look, you have a national security strategy that has this much that we need to do. we are only given this much. the piece right here is called risk. what they need to do address to the american people to make sure that congress understands what that risk is, how big it is for each to have services and what they need in order to make sure we fulfill all of the requirements in the national security and national defense strategies. rob: you know, for people that are obsessed with the deficit we are just terribly in debt at this point, we have been fighting a war for 17 years now, what do you do about a situation like that, there's no end in sight for a war that's costing us billions of dollars, how do you deal with that? >> you're looking at a great start to president trump, by saying pakistan, you're not getting any more military support and we are going to start redoing the strikes in
2:37 am
there we had before to cut off networks to cut off funding, to cut off training basis because the reality is we cannot stabilize and help afghanistan grow so that it can become stable nation in what is essentially the arc of stability running from china through pakistan, afghanistan and over the iran. we need that country there, we need to stay engaged there but by the same token, we need to make sure we are looking at long-term stability that we have against china and south china sea and what they are doing there, taking over islands and militarizing them and by the same token you look at the print that russia is doing in syria, they are not there to help isis, they are to rebuild force and the united states needs to make sure that we understand and counter properly. rob: interesting stuff, yeah. jillian: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: we saw wicked weather on the east coast yesterday, i know that you were flying home
2:38 am
and you felt it in the air. rob: bumpy landing, janice, i woke up this morning and felt like a summer day out there. >> we do have a front moving through but it's warmer in new york than it is in corpus christi this morning, it's going to feel like springtime along the east coast. going to bring the temperatures down tomorrow and way back up as we head into wednesday and thursday, so past 12 hours, we had a lot of rain in the northeast, that front is going to move on through in the next 6 to 12 hours and then we watch future radar, next system moves to portion of the northwest and rockies and even southern california get moisture with this. next five to seven dais, a lot of rain again for eastern part of the country, mainly rain, too warm for snow but we have a lot of know in northern rockies, central rockies, forecast for monday, 47 in new york, dropped the temperatures a little bit in new york city watch what happens
2:39 am
in 40, 50 and thursday 60's degrees. we will celebrate on thursday. jillian: yeah, we did. rob: what did the ground see in janice: there's more winter behind this but we will take the 60-degrees. rob: i never trusted a ground hog. 39 minutes after the hour, al-qaeda terrorists living quite well at guantanamo bay, bing-eating oreo cookies and watching sit coms. >> next guest gop strategists says hold the brakes and why it should have liberals in washington worried. note
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rob: all right, thousand of fast-food employees protesting today pushing for 15 dissimilar an hour minimum wage. workers rallying for union rights as well coming in 50th anniversary from the memphis strike, calling to carry on the fight for african american who fight. perdue pharma making announcement that the company played major role in prices. dr. mark segal offering insight in how the so-called epidemic did spiral out of control. >> look, don't worry about it, no side effects, we will cure the problem, that's false advisor -- advertising and
2:44 am
that's why they are under the gun. jillian: democrats are heading into the 2018 midterms ready to take back power on the hill but the new members are in and it's no longer looking like a sure thing for the left. here to help us break it down is gop strategists jen, thank you for joining us this morning. let's go ahead and take a look at the numbers because the gap is certainly inching closer and closer, we are looking at average here of the latest midterm polls and you can see 45.1% for democrats versus 38.4 for the republicans, should the democrats be worried? >> i think they should be. pundits nearly everywhere have been predicting that a democrat would likely win midterm elections and for good reason, historically it's usually the opposition party that ends up winning in midterms but there's a new poll out which test it is generic ballot, what the generic
2:45 am
ballot does it says let's test the mood, would you vote for democrat or republican for congress, the numbers are quite interesting, in december the democrats were pulling about 15 points ahead of republicans, that number just a few days ago falling to only a 2-point. jillian: interesting. a couple of reasons why the democrats' lead is slipping. >> 3 million americans receiving pay hikes an bonuses from their bosses, you have the tax reform coming, people are starting to see a difference in their paychecks, compare that to democrats who are showing themselves to be the opposition party here and, boy, you really start to see a contrast between the two, so what's more interesting, jillian, if you compare the number where democrats are now versus where they were in 2014 midterms, in 2014 midterms they were 8 points up. even in those elections they got
2:46 am
trounced at the polls, republicans took back control of the u.s. senate and they gained the largest american majority in the house of representatives and they are in a worst position this year so does not look good for democrats. julie: you also have on the list the government shutdown. >> yes, republicans not only gained victory with tax cut act but also won battle with chuck schumer, republicans jumped out ahead and labeled it the schumer shutdown. republicans doing a good job in terms of messaging, something that hay haven't been good at in the past, that's helped him as well in the polls too. jillian: let's talk about the next topic here. hbo, this is an interesting one, hired former obama staffers to create specials ahead of midterm elections, when you heard this what was your reaction in. >> it's interesting, hollywood does seem to be doubling down on this liberal propaganda, they don't quite understand how the rest of america thinks and the fly-over states out there, the state that is delivered the
2:47 am
election victories, it's interesting hollywood sort of starting to become a caricature of itself, we see hollywood liberals all of the time prophetizing from their pundits, whether it's grammy's, oscars, they are telling americans how to live. look at how they faired in the youtube scandal. they have been critiquing donald trump, their entire industry was guilty in the youtube scandal. jillian: right, we have to remember that we now have many options of where we want to watch things, how we want to watch things, we don't necessarily have one or two options as it used to be. >> liberals have owned the air awes for so long with the three major mainstream media networks. it'll be interesting here, this is an interesting situation because these are paid channels, hbo, showtime, those channels, that comes out of people's pockets and people do pay attention even though people are fairing better on paychecks, people do feel that and they do have other choices, they have
2:48 am
hulu, netflix and go to other places and i predict what will happen here is what happened with the nfl protest and the kneeling, if you look at the people who unsubscribed, 600,000 people who unsubscribed out of espn out of cable package the month that donald trump was elected. jillian: we will see how this plays out. check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends", good morning, steve. >> good morning, jillian, nice to see you. we have a whole plate of people that will top by, great op-ed how he talks about the grassley-graham reaffirms the memo. yes, the liberal media yawns. and chris kobach, a lot going on in dc and a lot on the
2:49 am
television, put down the remote, we will back in a couple of minutes and "fox & friends first" continues in two minutes, "fox & friends" starts in 11 minutes. a lot to say. you. you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. and lasts for up to 12 hours, with zicam extreme congestion relief and zicam intense sinus relief. for colds and allergies, get your better back with zicam nasal sprays.
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jillian: al-qaeda terrorist turned prosecution witness now living like a king at gitmo complete with strawberries and oreos and episodes, scoring a sweet deal in exchange for snitching on fellow terrorist, brother-in-law a 911 hijacker who crashed the plane bo a pentagon, scheduled to return to saudi rehabilitation program later this month under obama era plea agreement, wow. rob: the trump administration once again coming under attack
2:53 am
for enforcing the law, aclu in oregon, sanctuary state slapping a lawsuit against the feds over the presence of ice, immigration and customs enforcement at courthouses, claims the move is against sanctuary jurisdictions causing illegal immigrants to feel unsafe. aclu also demanding to scourer the federal agency's past arrest records. jillian: fox business alert, all eyes on wall street market set to open after worst week in years. rob: correction and tracee carrasco on what to expect on monday. >> good morning, they were up about 291 points, so that's good to see but it's not how you open, it's how you close, so friday the dow was up 330 points after a pretty wild week we saw swings of about 500 points every single day, so you can imagine investors nerve on edge today,
2:54 am
of course, watching very loosely, some volatility could be expected once again. jillian: orange juice are exploding and not because of mimosas. tracee: could be because of flu outbreak that we are going through. oj sales 1% of increase, they haven't seen this much of an increase since about 5 years ago in 2013 and t interesting, i fine myself subconsciously drinking more juice this time of year, people are trying to get the vitamin c although institutes of health say there's no correlation and preventing the flu. rob: florida grapefruits, i've had fantastic -- i might the only weirdo that likes grapefruits. you have to get a second mortgage if you want to go to
2:55 am
disneyland? >> yes, it is going to cost you more, prices at disney world and disneyland went up this weekend, so at disney world you are going to pay between 2 and $5 more for a ticket just to get in, at disneyland up about 7 to $11, so for a family of four, it will cost you about $526 to go to disney world, that's just to get in and doesn't include food and souvenirs. expensive trip. jillian: all right, tracee, thank you. >> thanks. rob: glad i don't have kids yet. [laughter] .
2:56 am
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jillian: good morning, the good, the bad, and the ugly. u.p.s. employing punishing in to buy a coworker for a coworker who walks 11 miles to work every day. >> i wanted to be with my daughter to support her because i want to be a father. >> that's a young man that wants to work. and will do whatever it takes to be successful. >> oh, well the arkansas man had kept his commute a secret until a coworker had found out. rob: well diseeshed. next the bad. dramatic dash cam video. look at this. a massive inferno ripping down a highway. a truck loaded with gas crashed right before exploding and it sparked this fireball. and it took a number of cars in its path with it. flames reaching several stories high and a number of people were seriously hurt. that is something. jillian: finally the ugly. a mouse tries to sabotage a
3:00 am
police officer who was headed to work. california deputy snapping this determining the mouse was a san antonio spur fan sent to intimidate him. interesting one. thanks for joining us this morning. rob: see you later. ♪ ♪ >> president trump expected to unveil a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan today. >> chairman devin nunes and the committee's ranking democrat adam schiff butting heads over the fate of the rival memo. >> we actually want the democratic memo out. we think it's ridiculous on the face of it. >> what's really going on here is the public doesn't want the public to see the underlying facts. >> here are the headlines of so-called mainstream press, fawning over the sister of the dictator who murders people. >> "the washington post," the ivanka trump of north korea captures people in the south at the olympics. >> dreamers now speaking out against democrats saying they


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