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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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all a way of continuing our coverage of media. what a packed week it has been. sometimes we have to get everything into just 60 minutes. see you here next week with the latest buzz. we start with a fox news alert as president trump goes on an early morning tweet storm this morning, blasting president obama over the on going russia investigation. this as the mueller indictment reveals moscow started planning to attack america by infiltrating our sacred political process during president obama's second term. hello everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the president also criticizing the fbi for not investigating tips they received on the confessed gunman accused of killing 17 people last week. the president saying the agency should focus more on protecting americans and proving russian -- russia collusion with his campaign team.
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well, white house correspondent kevin cork has it all live from his now west palm beach florida near the president's mar-a-lago estate. what are you hearing from there? >> this was not a rare moment of bipartisanship when we're talking about the president of the united states actually agreeing with adam schiff the california congressman. instead what we heard from the president's tweet storm if you will call it that was an acknowledgment that finally adam schiff and others are admitting that the obama administration missed a lot of the signals and if they received the signals they did relatively little about it when it came to russian meddling in the 2016 election. now, before we get too far ahead and show what the president tweeted about this, let me first share what the california congressman had to say. >> i've said it all along that i thought the obama administration should have done more and indeed when we discovered and we could attribute the conduct of russia, senator feinstein and i took the first steps to make public attribution because at that time we couldn't get the obama administration to acknowledge
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the russian interference. they were very wary of appearing to be putting their hand on the scale. >> here we go, time to take it to twitter for the president's morning tweet storm. okay so he tweeted this, arthel, finally, little adam schiff, is now blaming the obama administration for russian meddling in the 2016 election. he's finally right about something. obama was president, knew of the threat, and did nothing. thank you, adam. president also added this for more context, he said i never said russia did not meddle in the election. i said it may be russia or china or another country or group or it may be a 400 pound genius sitting on his bed and playing with his computer. the russian hoax is that the trump campaign colluded with russia, it never did. there was a lot more than that. meanwhile in florida the president is enjoying the weekend at his estate over at
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mar-a-lago. as you also know, arthel, that's about 40 miles from parkland where that deadly shooting took place at the end of last week. the president not only talking about that, but once again, making the point that not just the administration, but the entire american community is standing in unison and speaking with one voice in support of those who suffered that terrible tragedy. i also want to tell you about this, there's been quite strong reaction to the news of the fbi was apparently warned about the gunman before he killed those students. the fbi of course is now looking for answers into the question, how did the -- if you see something say something fail to stop the killer before he acted. we have all heard that saying. obviously someone said something to the fbi. that did not trigger enough of a reaction or a response to stop the gunman. the president again taking to twitter said this: very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida high school shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time
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trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. get back to the basics and make us all proud. now, the president as you also know has reached out to a great number of victims, their families, as well as first responders during his time here in florida. the beginning we suspect of a very important national conversation that will continue this week. arthel? arthel: absolutely. kevin cork, thank you for that update. eric? eric: as kevin just reported there are a lot of questions about the fbi's handling of several allegations about the confessed gunman, nikolas cruz. the bureau under scrutiny after admitting it did fail to investigate those tips they received about him. you know, he is the confessed shooter behind the horrific school shooting that left 17 people dead. meanwhile, that massacre is now reigniting the battle over gun control, especially the question over assault type weapons. yesterday students survivors were among thousands that gathered at an anti-gun rally in
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ft. lauderdale. >> we know there are mental health issues. i'm not a psychologist, but we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn't -- this isn't just a mental health issue. >> rick leventhal now joining us live from parkland florida where of course that horrific shooting took place. hi, rick. >> eric, the streets have now reopened around marjory stoneman douglas high school but the campus itself is still closed at least through wednesday. the goal we're told is to get teachers back into the building before the end of the week. as for the gunman, 19-year-old nikolas cruz, of course he is still behind bars. he has another court appearance scheduled tomorrow. his public defender said that cruz is prepared to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison, but the state's attorney says it is too early to take corporal punishment off the table. meanwhile, here in parkland, the surviving students have turned political, many calling for stricter gun control laws.
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>> my message for the people in office is you are either with us or against us. we are losing our lives while the adults are playing around. >> meanwhile, a newspaper interviewed the parents who took in cruz after his own adopted mother died in november. she told the paper we had this monster living under our roof, and we didn't know. we didn't see this side of him. and her husband james said everything everybody seems to know we didn't know. it's as simple as that. the couple admits they knew that the boy had guns but he kept them locked in a safe and they say they thought they had the only key. but they were wrong. eric? eric: so sadly and tragically wrong on that. meanwhile, rick, the emotions understandably still very raw. grieving, mourning, and as you just reported, a lot of anger. >> yeah, there are vigils and candlelight vigils virtually every day and every night and funerals every day now. we had two funerals on friday, one more on saturday. and two scheduled for today.
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including services for geography teacher scott buyieigel who insd of running for his life stopped to open the classroom door to let the kids in the classroom. some of the football team took part -- >> oh my lord i can't tell you how proud i am of the kids for them to come out here. there's a couple of these guys that walked past their friends in the hallway, you know, laying -- walked past the coach laying in the hallway. it's not been easy for them, but man they came out. >> some students and family members are coming here too to the school to thank the officers who are working the perimeter and to leave flowers and balloons in memory of their classmates. >> incredible story with coach
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feis, a real example. rick, thank you. arthel: absolutely. for more on this now let's bring in politics editor at the national journal. josh, let's get right to it. is the fbi so overtaxed with the russia investigation that it would lead to this very unfortunate and ultimately deadly mistake? >> well, look, the fbi is a big bureaucracy, and the folks who are investigating russia are in a totally different division than the folks who received tips about violent crime and people who may want to commit school shootings. it was a clear miss. a clear botch by the fbi. you have the state's governor and likely senate candidate rick scott come out in front and say hey, the director of -- the new director of the fbi chris wray needs to resign as a result of missing the signals on this school shooter. but look, trump also has a political motive in what he's doing. he wants to create doubt about what the fbi is doing in investigating ties to russia interference in american elections. and he seems to be willing to
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talk about the two separate issues in order to benefit himself politically. arthel: can we expect an aggressive investigation into how this mistake happened? will there be equal fire behind finding out how the shooter was able to legally purchase these weapons given his back ground or will politics cripple all of the above? >> gun control politics is very difficult in congress and it's -- republicans have been opposed to a lot of gun control measures, but you also have some red state democrats who were up for reelection in the senate who have traditionally opposed more gun control as well. coming and finding some bipartisan ground on the issue of guns, even on the issue of mental health, i mean there's so many causes, so many red flags that were raised about this school shooter that were missed. there's a whole lot of blame to go around, but certainly there's going to be a moment and the student activists, the students who have lost their loved ones who are really trying to raise political awareness over -- over
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guns they will have an ability to get politicians attention. there will be window where there will be pressure on congress on issues over gun control. it's difficult in congress because you have a lot of members of congress who represent districts and states that have a lot of people who own guns. arthel: meanwhile we haven't heard much in the past few days from the president on that issue, gun control. does the president risk political paralysis and becoming barricaded into in action if you will as he seems fixated on saying or tweeting that russia did not help elect him >> right, the russia investigation is looming over this presidency, and he seems -- you know, it is weird because you have president trump often times at odds with his own administration on russia. and just this past week, you had deputy attorney general rod rosenstein lay out the indictment about how detailed and how well crafted an operation that this russia ability was to interfere with
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our presidential election. and you had the donald trump's national security advisor mcmaster challenge the russians in munich and yet donald trump, president trump put out a tweet this morning saying, you know, mcmaster was out of line and in criticizing him for not saying more about how the russians didn't interfere with the election in the president's mind. there's mixed messages coming out of washington. the president is often at odds with his own administration over issues related to russia. arthel: i think the president was more critical of mcmaster for not emphasizing that this did not prove collusion with his campaign. but let's move on. how do the president's political advisors help him, the president get on message to his accomplishments thus far and to continue down that road? >> the president's biggest political strength right now is the economy, the growing economy. people are feeling more optimistic about their personal future, their financial future than ever before. if you talk to congressional republicans, you talk to a lot of folks at the white house, they want the white house's
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message to be the economy first, the economy second, and the economy third. once we get this discussion over gun control behind us, i think into the midterms, the republican message is going to be all about the economy and the tax cut that they passed last year. arthel: i'm sure others will focus on gun control as those brave students are really taking matters into their own hands, planning this march, and they are really galvanizing the community there in florida and perhaps nationwide on the, you know, paying attention to the issues here at hand. josh, i have to leave it there. we will talk to you again soon. thank you. >> thanks, arthel. eric: arthel, there's another fight on capitol hill. congress getting ready for an immigration battle when it reconvenes after recess later this month. the clock as you know is winding down on that march 5th deadline on daca. lawmakers hopeful they can come up with a bipartisan measure that also aligns with the principles that they have set forth so far by the white house. doug mcel way now live in washington with the latest details on this brewing fight.
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>> many congressional observers are doubtful that any daca deal can be reached before the midterm election. certainly no deal will be reached during next week as congress will not be in session. in addition, president trump's deadline of march 5th to reach a deal is increasingly irrelevant made moot by two recent court decisions which have blocked the president's executive order ending daca. the administration came under really heavy attack after thursday's failure by the senate to pass any one of four daca bills before it. the white house opposed the one bill that got the most votes, the grassley bill. its opposition, based on the bill's failure to limit chain migration and the diversity lottery. in addition, it set a date of june 30th, this summer before amnesty would take effect. the administration hard-liner said that would mean a surge of new illegal immigration before the deadline. hardliners saw it as a poison pill. >> political issue that the democrats don't want sol fed.
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-- solved. this is an effort by the democrat party to provide themselves for a permanent underclass that is dependent upon the government for their survival >> president trump also blamed the failure on democrats but they pushed back. >> for the speaker to say this could go on march 5th, the end of -- means he doesn't know the fear that they have instilled in to the families and into the hearts of these children. >> but as we know, the republicans have their own factions the moderates who are willing to compromise and the conservatives who seek concessions of the dreamers to go against the president's campaign promise to his base which could threaten g.o.p. seats in the midterms. that's where we are, eric. not a good place. eric: yeah, we will see as it goes as that clock winds down. doug, thank you. arthel: president trump insisting his campaign has been cleared of alleged collusion, following friday's announcements of indictments in special counsel robert mueller's russia probe.
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arthel: fox news alert at least 65 people are dead after an iranian commercial plane crashes into a mountainous region in bad weather. the flight 3704 came down near the city which is about 500 miles south of tehran. the plane disappeared from radar 50 minutes after leaving the capital city. iran's president has asked the transport minister to lead an investigation into the cause of the crash. eric: radical islamic terrorism has targeted our nation as you know, but this past week, senior national security officials were warning that may no longer be the biggest threat facing our country. at the annual assessment of worldwide threats to the u.s. at the senate intelligence committee hearing this past week, cia director, fbi director
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and national security agency, the director of that agency, all testified that the greatest challenge we now face comes not from jihadists but the halls of moscow and beijing, that russia and china now rank at the top of the list as principal threats to our national security. joining us now is judy miller, she's an adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research, a pulitzer prize winning author and journalist and fox news contributor. what happened to the radical islamic terrorists who hate us? >> i think they are still there, eric, but what was really striking about that testimony is that as someone who has covered terrorism for the past 30 years, the top national security advisors and intelligence officials in this government no longer even spent much time talking about the islamic threat. now, does that mean that isis is gone? no. it doesn't -- it doesn't.
9:21 am
i know that. you know that. we know that here at fox news, but the fact of the matter is the numbers of fatalities and attacks have declined along with the actual retaking of territory in syria and iraq. depending on whose numbers you are looking at, between 85 and 90 percent of the territory that isis used to control is now back in government or non-isis hands. but here's the problem, these guys haven't gone away. and they are still capable of doing enormous damage. look at what happened. last year there were 22,487 attacks in which 18,475 people died. that's worldwide. now, that's down, but it's still a significant threat. and i think that our nation's national security and intelligence people should have devoted a little more time to that ongoing continuous threat.
9:22 am
we have every -- every fbi district in this country. there is an open investigation in all 50 states. so let's not get complacent. eric: we're still busting these type of cases. there was one in new york city. the two accused brothers -- >> absolutely. >> -- accused of bomb-making. happened this past week. but what's so striking is about what you are saying is in a way we are back to what we grew up with, facing the other super powers, being aggressive against our democracy, notwithstanding the horrendous figures you just mentioned, it is back to russia and china. >> right. it is the cold war all over again. only in a new version. you know, i think we journal ilss are -- we journalists are often accused of having a short attention span, but i think the same kind of shortcoming is also true of our intelligence community. i have covered them a long time. and i worry about sustain -- sustaining the kind of attention
9:23 am
that's resulted in this dramatic drop in attacks by isis. in britain there are 30,000 people being watched who are suspected of still having ties to the islamic state. here you have the ongoing investigations. i worry that we will shift our focus so dramatically to russia, to the growing chinese threat, that we will lose focus on the people who still every day want to either do us in or inspire others to do so. eric: what you wrote in your article, let me read a quote from that, you say that russian efforts to effect the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections and other influence operations against the u.s. were on going. concern about the implications of aggressive russia and rising china now overshadow the challenges that's driven america national security since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. we just saw what the mueller indictment this past week, the threat directly from moscow to undermine the very sacred democracy that we hold, you
9:24 am
know, so dear in this country. what should the president do? he's not going with the sanctions in congress. he hasn't harshly criticized moscow or vladimir putin although he has said russia is a bad actor. are you satisfied with american response so far? >> i don't think anyone who really watches what's happened and has looked at the president's response to the russian meddling and interference is happy with the president's response so far. i mean, look, even though he can claim tremendous credit for isis, for defeating that threat, this other threat has been on the table, has been staring at us since he was running for office. eric: since the obama administration -- >> absolutely. eric: they incorporated this internet agency in 2013. >> yes. eric: and president obama, that administration, basically didn't alert us until, what, october, publicly and then took action after the election. what do you think the president should do? >> i think we need sanctions.
9:25 am
the sanctions that steve mnuchin the treasury secretary has been promising. we need sanctions that will get putin's attention because if he thinks that he can continue to do this and by the way, the national security and intelligence community said the russians are continuing these activities and will do so straight up until the 2018 midterms, unless vladimir putin knows this is a red line and he better not cross it, he's going to continue doing what he's doing. he hasn't heard that from president trump. he needs to. eric: judy miller, that sanction bill, it's on the president's desk. we will see what happens. thank you. >> thank you. eric: very sobering analysis of the threats we face. >> thank you. eric: arthel? arthel: thank you. prime minister netanyahu vowing israel will respond after four soldiers were wounded by a bomb planted along a border fence in gaza. we will have more on the deadly attack ahead. plus a nation in sorrow, mourning the lives lost in wednesday's shooting at stoneman douglas high school in parkland,
9:26 am
florida. this as the fbi faces scrutiny for failing to respond to tips. >> i'm sure everyone in the fbi, every employee from director way on down is sick about this, but it does illustrate i think the tremendous pressure that's put on other things, while we ignore the big problem of guns, particularly assault rifles. ancestrydna is only $69. and now, with more than 150 ethnic regions to connect to...'s the perfect time to find out where your greatness comes from. save 30% at ..
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ordered an immediate review. he appeared earlier this morning on the fox news channel with maria bartiromo on "sunday morning futures." >> i met with a group of sheriffs yesterday. they all believe we need to do a better job of receiving these signs are not in on them and following up on them better. it is probably the most viable thing we can do to stop these kind of cases. eric: adam housley joins us live with more on what we can expect. reporter: we can expect a lot of changes in a number of different ways because there were a lot of signs that have been missed. people my enforcement saying this is the catalyst that gets more agencies to work together. we did hear about the criticism of the fbi including the tweets when the president appeared more closely there are also other side midst of public records, interviews with friends and other acquaintances that the killer had obvious mental health
9:32 am
issues. my enforcement notified about violent behavior and yet nothing was done for the florida department of children and family done for cutting himself in posting the snapchat video online. school disciplinary records as well as being diagnosed with autism and adhd. although this does the fbi has questions and attorney general jeff sessions looking for some sort of changes. take a listen. >> absolutely we've got to do better about that. the department of justice policy than we are not perfect either and we will make sure we are getting to the highest possible level of responding to appropriate notices a danger that probably out there in this case. >> the killer legally purchased his rifle which ended up being used to kill 17 different people. how does this happen when you've been expelled? he been reported to law enforcement a number of times and he also had been diagnosed with very clear mental health
9:33 am
issues. tree into just tremendous. thank you so much drinker for more on this, let's bring in denny colson, former fbi assistant director. so many people are asking, how did this happen and how can they add me i prevent a deadly mistake like this from happening again? >> well you know, one of the marks of leadership is if you admit there's a problem you admit you have a mistake. you can't fix a problem until you say you have it and identify it. i will promise you the fbi will get into this thing. they go after their own and they will find that will find out what happened and they will fix it. that is the mark of a good institution. we have to remember the fbi stopped hundreds if not thousands of cases like this, but they dropped the ball here and they know that. the information given to the tip center here didn't go to the field office for some reason. we don't know yet.
9:34 am
but the director will get to the bottom of this. we will know what happened and it won't happen again. my concern is the other part of it is the mental health issue. this young man came into contact with police, mental health officials and still roaming the streets. that is a huge problem in our country. arthel: and i want to go back to that because adam housley just touched on that in his report. i want to go here for a second, dna. the president treated the fbi made this mistake because they are too focused on an overloaded by the russian investigation. does the president have a valid point? is the fbi unable to focus on multiple cases simultaneously? >> no, absolutely not. i ran all the violent terrorism programs for the fbi. 20,000 cases on my desk. the fbi is a vast organization did they conduct thousands of investigations and a variety of
9:35 am
different crimes and intelligence functions. the russian case has nothing to do with this. the fbi simply dropped the ball with the russian investigation or not. they didn't do their job. i keep referring to me, i am still there i guess. it had nothing to do with that. he is wrong about that. the fbi is a multifaceted organization can keep a lot of in the air at the same time and has nothing to do with the russians. tree into a always part of the fbi family, dna. authorities say listen, if you see something come and say said something on the fbi tip line that went unreported. the broward county sheriff's office received 20 calls in the last few years, 9-1-1 calls made from the shooter's house from as far back as 2010. the florida department of children and families dealing with the shooter stable. can you expect more people to say something? >> well, they have to.
9:36 am
they are failures during the system in the system fails at the mental health level. they generally do their job, but we have to keep doing the right thing. we made a mistake or the fbi made a mistake on the society made a mistake and i had to figure out ways to remedy that. we have to start protecting our schools. there should be an armed police officer in every school in the united states. too expensive, get over it. if we have to go for private funding from private and solutions to fund police officers are armed guards in the schools, are most voluble thing we have in the world is our children. arthel: but that is adding more guns into the mix and suddenly it goes -- do they become the targets? you've got somebody like the shooter in the instance of last wednesday. become infamous makes his way in. the first target is the armed police officer or guards standing there. >> better to have an armed policeman there that are not
9:37 am
good but rather take my chances to defend my children and grandchildren do not have been there. if there's no one there, the kids have no chance. if there's a person armed and trained, they at least have a chance and i vote for that one. arthel: i understand your point. what about getting guns out of the hands of criminals and people with evil intent. it's easier for people with mental illness to get guns and what about banning military style weapons. who needs those? >> we can debate that one all day. the bottom-line of the issue with people who are mentally deficient or have propensity for violence. first we have to identify who they are. that has to be some adjudication that the individual is dangerous before it even gets into the system. that is where breaks down. this man should never have a weapon like this and i have questions about whether they should be on the street. but it's got to be a point where
9:38 am
we say ok, this man is a danger to himself, a danger to society and he needs to be incarcerated into a mental institution until he gets treatment and someone decides he's no longer a threat. it will never get into the system until the decision is made. that is the problem right there. arthel: what is the immediate fix? >> we need to look closely at our mental health laws. it's the most frustrating thing. i'm dealing with one right now in my private business with the threat of the internet and we are almost helpless to deal with this individual until somebody make some adjudication that he or she shouldn't be on the streets and get him treatment. arthel: wait, are you saying that for instance you have a case that someone is being investigated, police authorities grabbed this guy, or that the woman, and and then gets out.
9:39 am
is that what you're saying? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. but all the battered women we have here. it's an epidemic and we see they are battered, they get arrested in a come back and kill them. it's the same thing. if you think about it, every time we have one of these, the people involved say we've got to do something wrong because these abnormal. he's criminally insane. it happens almost every time. the breakdown is at that level. what kind of mental health issues do we need to address and be a little treat these people and get them off the street. there's the breakdown for me. arthel: appreciate your analysis. we'll talk to you again. >> it's always a pleasure. thanks for having me. eric: arthel camino president trump is saying that the more investigation clears him. does he have the law on his side? coming up, we will delve into that with the former prosecutor. >> the president is adamant in saying he didn't collude and
9:40 am
refusing the fact because there's some sort of russian collusion. there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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treason to president trump was back to reading about the russian investigation say in the seven page indictment had advice -- a counsel robert mueller friday clears his campaign from any page of collusion. the president treated this. i never said russia did not meddle in the election. i said it may be russia or china or another country or group or maybe a genius sitting in bed and playing with this computer. the russian hoax was that the term campaign colluded with russia yet never did. alex little, the former assistant prosecutor and defense attorney joins us now. alex, so astounding about the indictment is that it shows this whole operation started in 2013 when they incorporated the internet agency and the help does not candidate trump the
9:45 am
bernie sanders and jill stein. if your view this indictment clears the president's campaign overall? >> not in any way. a big investigation like that has stages. it rolls out like chapters of the book. this is one chapter that lays out in detail what the group of russian individuals and agencies did to influence the election, but it's only one piece of a much larger investigative puzzle. it doesn't help the trunk campaign and the president in the white house at all. eric: they can make the claim that the indictment says the russian style with unwitting individuals who were associated with the trunk campaign. that word, unwitting clearly shows campaign officials or other act to this were duped. >> yes, certain interactions were unwitting. were they ever waiting later and were other transactions where they had some awareness. this indictment doesn't talk about the hacking of the dnc e-mails than those related to
9:46 am
hillary's campaign, which obviously was clearly an aspect of the russian investigation. the silence is the dog that doesn't bark here. eric: don't you think mueller had hard evidence that officials were waiting, as you said, that they would be indicted by now? >> no, not at all. this is by no means his last indictment. if the investigation continues, my clan in church papadopoulos had those kind cooperation deals. we don't know what information is given robert mueller. he gave him deals not to be nice because he believed they would have information to help his investigation. when they find out what that is, will be much closer to the trump foundation. eric: the americans we were not told about it until basically october and whether or not president obama did enough. right from the indictment in or
9:47 am
around on july 2013, the organization with the russian corporate entity. beginning as 2014 beginning operations to interfere with the u.s. political system, including the 2016 presidential election with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidate and the political system in general. 2014, president trump was talking about running, but it's clearly not the stated goal to get them elected according to that. >> the stated goal is to do what they've done. the most successful intelligence campaign in modern history. it is done not in its continued to do that. the trunk campaign, trump presidency has been divisive in the russians must be happy what they've accomplished. >> he said if he was the goal of russia to create discord, disruption and chaos, with the committee's hearings
9:48 am
investigations and party hatred we have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they are laughing their off. let me read that again. they are laughing their asses off. the president of the united states. >> and that's embarrassing because that's the president of the united states. the president cared about this issue wanted to be presidential he would impose sanctions on the russian and one thing you asked early on was whether this clear trunk. i'm a defense attorney attacked my clients and tell them don't act guilty or not guilty. president trump has done nothing but act guilty with the way he's denied any sort of involvement in the campaign. i said i didn't say that. it's one of his persistent eyes. more importantly he is not acting in any way that he wants to punish the russians for what they've done in this campaign. eric: he goes back saying he's telling the truth, that he did not collude and it was the russians for his campaign. finally, in terms of sanctions.
9:49 am
>> there's no reason we are not sanctioning the russians. eric: he could say perhaps it is an international relations. >> he could say lots of things. so were talking about -- eric: wetting your view a chosen that he would impose sanctions. >> 100% to not treat putin like a drinking buddy. they would successfully interfere with our elections by imposing all sorts of campaign ads in all sorts of efforts to disrupt american political system. treat them as an enemy could until the white house starts doing that come i don't think anyone will take them seriously. >> they tried interfering with the election process that is part of our democracy for founding fathers and the president to defend this nation against all foes foreign and domestic. there's no question it seems that russia is trying to interfere with our democracy. >> if he had treated that
9:50 am
instead of his jovial treat this morning it would be much better about the presidency. eric: thank you so much. arthel: eric, it is being called the most serious incident on the gaza france has 2014 the way the israeli military launched a major overnight offensive. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through february 28th. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. and i recently had hi, ia heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin.
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arthel: an overnight strike or the israeli military adding to an already tense situation in the gaza strip. coming in response to an ied explosive situation that injured four is really soldiers. com are powell is in jerusalem with more. reporter: tensions have been relatively calm in comparison to the past few years along the israeli gaza border for the last several months. the situation there is weakening to intensify once again following the explosion that happened yesterday. they held a small demonstration saturday near the border protesting israeli blockade after the palestinian demonstrators left the area, they went into gaza to take down a palestinian flag to protesters were waving that a black bear. inside the flag was an explosive device. the bonaventure for israeli soldiers in response to the
9:55 am
attack. the israeli military used tanks to fire on gaza and launched airstrikes. at least two palestinians have been killed. israel and hamas have fought two different wars in the last decade over gaza, the longest and bloodiest since back in 2014. the united nations has been warning for some time now the situation in gaza, warning that there is a brewing humanitarian crisis inside gaza because of the israeli and egyptian blockade in the remnants of the 2014 war. tensions increasing america's towel rail travel not only for those in gaza, but the wider region as well. arthel: conor powell, thank you for the update. eric: the deadly florida shooting is regarding the debate over gun control. memorials are being held this weekend to honor those 17 innocent lives lost in that horrendous massacre. we will have a live report from
9:56 am
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eric: powerball players still have a chance to win the job. arthel: that is not. there were no winners come which means this could be worth an estimated $246 million. the last person to win the powerball is a woman from new hampshire who is now fighting in court to stay anonymous and i don't name her.
10:00 am
i would get bored. i wouldn't have anything to do. eric: even with $200 million. we are back at 4:00 eastern. >> president trump takes to twitter today and it defends his statement on rush after special counsel robert mueller's investment of 13 russians on friday. the russian hoaxes that the trump campaign colluded with russia. we will go live to the winter white house. leland: plus, survivors of the parkland school shooting demand new gun control laws, plus new details on what red flags fly enforcement missed. >> there's still no clear pathway to compromise on the daca and immigration in congress. we'll find out congress. we'll find out what is standing in the way of the deal. ♪


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