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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have the same thought and a meme like this one is making its rounds. if we make guns illegal, no one will get shot anymore, that's how we start everybody from doing drugs. it [laughter] so true. thanks for a great show. sean is next. >> sean: great show. welcome to "hannity." a hannity investigation. for an official trying affect the election, they should be concerned. we will slain all of this. the president blasting the corrupt media after the indictment of 13 russian nationals confirmed everything he's been saying. they are not telling you this. there is no trump-russia conclusion. the appearance did not impact the russia outcome. we have a report tonight come out byron york laying out why the media and democrats are over blowing what is muller's indictment. his analysis tonight will stun you. the russian spent as little more
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than three grand on facebook ads. hillary clinton wasn't even bothering to campaign in those states. this election meddling shouldn't be of surprise, which we will explain. it has been going on for decades. just as president barack obama. we have videos to show you. breaking news from attorney general jeff sessions. he is saying that the doj abuses and the bought and paid for dossier will be investigated finally. that's at tonight opening monologue. tonight we start with president barack obama ignoring a major warning in march 2014 that russia would try to interfere in the elections. what did obama do in 2016, 2015, 2014? did he even tried to stop it? absolutely not. just weeks before the election, listen to what then-president obama said. >> i have never seen in my
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lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the elections process before votes have even taken place. it's unprecedented. it happens to be based on no facts. there is no serious person out there that would suggest somehow that you could even rig america's elections. there is no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that incidences and that will happen this time. i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> sean: no serious person, really barack obama? he owes you, the american
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people, tonight an explanation. why didn't he know? how did he not know what he was warned in 2014? that sounds like a dereliction of duty. a sign for president obama to start talking may be under oath. now that you have the important background information, it makes sense why the president is firing back against this completely biased news media and the democratic party that have wanted to destroy him from day one over this donate russia collusion conspiracy theory. the facts do not matter for the left. they've convinced themselves by repeating their talking points and their echo chamber that somehow in some way, president trump colluded with the russians, even though as we have repeatedly pointed out, along over a year, to this day, there is no evidence of trump-russia collusion. the only concrete evidence of collusion with russia we have is hillary clinton and her bought and paid for dossier that's filled with russian lies, russian government lies, and propaganda and salacious details
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that would never be verified. she used that and try to influence an election with it. just like he always does, president trump is fighting back and is fighting back on twitter to react to mueller's indictment for the 2016 election meddling. the president writes, "how funny that the fake news media doesn't want to say the russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run even though i did not know. robert mueller's indictment clearly lays out that this russia attempt influence the election that started in 2014, under obama's watch. he was warned. he did nothing to stop it. by the way, go back to 2012 during a presidential debate. barack obama mocking mitt romney for saying russia still pose a very serious foreign policy threat. mitt romney was right. obama was wrong. the media ignored all key facts
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in at the mueller indictment. you corrupt people in the media need to listen closely, very closely to what the deputy attorney general brought rosenstein said while announcing the charges on friday. pay very close attention. you may actually learn somethin something. >> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was annoying participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation of indictment that the charged content altered the outcome of the 2016 election. after the election, the defendant allegedly staged to rally support for the president while simultaneously staging rallies to protest his election. for example, the defendants organized one rally to support the president-elect and another rally to impose him both in new york on the same day. >> sean: did i just hear it? no americans were wittingly involved in this russian effort.
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this was used to soak political discord. after the election, these russian cyber trolls were trying to undermine the president-elect, donald trump. they were organizing dueling trump rallies in new york city in an empty trump rally in charlotte, north carolina. instead of focusing on what is actually in the smaller indictment, what brought rosenstein said, that come corrupt media of yours is trying to use it to further their fake news, russian conspiracy narrative. take a look. we have the proof appeared to speak of the goal here was simple. damage hillary clinton and elect donald trump. these russians allegedly went to great lengths. >> he's found this incredible network of meddling. he has a stronger basis on which to go on collusion, the emails. and the issue of the obstruction of justice. >> what is going on here is establishing an ongoing crime and how it will be conspiracy to
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obstruct or collude. >> there may well be information and a lot of evidence that there was not only unwitting but witting assistance from the trump campaign. >> i think the president has continued to advocate responsibility here about leading the country in response to attack on the most core fundamental part of our democracy, are free and fair election. >> sean: he is the dumbest attorney on tv. the destroy trump media also missed key pieces of information that was not in the mueller indictment. it has nothing about trump colluding with the russians. we shall have zero evidence. i'm waiting. it says nothing about them members of the trump campaign colluding with the russians. it says nothing about donald trump jr. colluding with the russians. it says nothing about the president obstructing justice. liberal media, are you paying attention? do you even care about the truth? president trump has been saying that over and over again. take a look.
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>> there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians. no collusion. bottom line, they all say there is no collusion. and there is no collusion. there is absolutely no collusion. everybody knows it. let's put it this way, there is absolutely no collusion. that is been proven. there is absolutely no collusion. i didn't make a phone call to russia. i had nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it. what has been shown is no collusion. no collusion. there's been absolutely no collusion. >> sean: the president also tweeted this weekend, "i never said a brush i did not meddle in the election. i said it may be russia or china or another country, or it may be a 400-pound genius sitting in his bed and playing with his computer. the russian hoax was at the trump camping colluded with russia and it never did." he added "if the goal of russia was to create chaos within the
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u.s., then with all the committee hearings, investigations, and party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. they are laughing their butts off in moscow. get smart america." for over a year, russia has been laughing at those. democrats and the media have been playing right into putin's hands by creating chaos and political discord. frankly, it's working better than what russia could have ever dreamed of. that is what this russian effort was all about. causing chaos, political unrest in this country. the "washington examiner" byron york will join us later tonight. he is out with a great article, which is entitled "a nonalarmist reading of the mueller russia indictment." they make some key points, namely that russian started all of this in 2014. donald trump wasn't running. the focus was on damaging hillary clinton. everyone thought she was going
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to win. all of you in the media were laughing at the idea of donald trump running. byron york also cites, figures from the central intelligence committee, that in key battleground states of wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, the russians only spent $3,000 on facebook ads. the indictment is very vague about how much these russian troll spent on social media as. it only says they spent "thousands every month." that is small when you look at the combined $2.4 million that the clinton and trump campaign spent during the election. mostly clinton. it's not that much money. tonight, a facebook executive is sounding off about the brush investigation. his rate is rob goldman. he's a vice president of advertising on facebook. he said, "the majority of the russian add spent happened after the election. we share that fact, but very few
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outlets have covered it because it doesn't align with the main media narrative of trump and the election. he goes on ," the main goal of the russian propaganda misinformation effort is to divide america by using her institutions like freedom of speech, social media against us. it instills fear and hatred amongst americans. it is working incredibly well. we are quite divided as a natio nation. even facebook is throwing cold water on the media's fake news narrative about molars indictment. let's get back to obama's failure to stop this interference. congress meant devin nunes in 2014 raise a red flag that vladimir putin needed to be watched closely. obama didn't seem to care. two weeks before the election, he's lecturing trump, "stop whining, it could never happen here." obama didn't do more to combat russia. he thought hillary was a shoe in. why interrupt this? was even more disturbing is that
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there were even earlier warning signs from russia. we have been telling you on this program how vladimir putin had russian operatives inside america right here on our soil and how they were involved in a sophisticated plot that started in 2009. it had a main objective to get a foothold in americas uranium market. we actually had an fbi informant and now know his name, douglas campbell. we've been telling you about this guy. this guy has testified for three congressional committees and literally was uncovering at the time in 2009 and 2010 that putin and his operatives were involved in bribery and kickbacks and money laundering and racketeering and extortion, all while corrupt uranium one deal was all being approved 18 months later. he couldn't understand why it didn't take his intelligence. that gave russia a hostel for an actor, controlling 20% of
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america's uranium, who would be stupid to do this? apparently obama and hillary clinton and eric holder. at the time, the fbi director robert mueller. mueller, when are you going to answer questions about this? america already doesn't have enough uranium for nuclear weapons. why would we give 20% to a hostile nation, russia, and a hostile actor, putin. it never made sense and doesn't make sense. here we are years later in the media and democrats are shocked. they are flabbergasted that russia would ever even dare to try to influence our election, even though as i just explained, they were easily able to be involved in bribery, extortion, kickbacks, wondering money laundering and secure 20% of america's uranium. why would they start? they already knew we were being
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stupid. what is obama trying to do to israel? influencing elections is wrong? remember the congressional investigation found that back in 2014, an israeli political group used 300,000 taxpayer dollars, the obama state department, to create a political apparatus to try and defeat our closest ally in the middle east, the israeli prime minister. it doesn't stop there. we've been involved in influencing elections. that dates back to places like italy, iran, guatemala, chile, nicaragua, and those are just a few examples. take a look at the former cia director told laura ingraham about the u.s. and how we interfere in for elections. take a look. >> have we ever tried to meddle in other countries elections? >> oh, probably. it was for the good of the system in order two to avoid
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communist taking over. in europe, the greeks and italians -- >> we don't do that now? >> well... only for a very good reason. >> can you do that again cuts to speak only for a very good because. >> sean: let me be clear. i'm not going to say america should not be doing this. i do believe we ought to be doing this on a bit regular basis. i believe intelligence and covert operations, plausible deniability. i believe in all. thank god we have good people, cia, intelligence committee, military that are doing this every day. it's beyond naive to think that this wouldn't happen to us, especially given russia success with uranium one back in 2009 and 2010. acting surprised by the russian election meddling, all these people on the media art either flat out lying to you or they
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are just totally ignorant. you pick. either the obama administration was not compared for russia trying to interfere in our election, or his administration made a choice to ignore the threat. probably the latter. probably because i thought hillary is going to win. it's that simple. that's why president obama tonight, if you really care about this, owes you, at the american people, and explanation. also breaking at this hour, now that robert mueller has indicted the 13 russian nationals, very serious legal questions are being raised about hillary clinton, about the dnc, about the law firm, about fusion gps, and about that former british by christopher steele. look at this headline from the website law and crime. "does mueller indictment mean clinton campaign can be indicted for christopher steele?" wait a minute, is there a double standard? of the article makes some fascinating legal points. robert mueller indicted the notion trolls in part for
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failing to register as foreign agents of not reporting their activities to the elections commission. if that's the legal standard that mueller has set up, that's fine. the special counsel should also be looking to looking into hillary clinton, fusion gps, and christopher steele. here's why. he is a foreign citizen, a former british spy. he was paid by fusion gps throughout long firm. the law firm tied to the clinton campaign in dnc. we see nothing to suggest he was a registered foreign agent and reported to the sec that he was being compensated. if that's all true, given the information, that would mean that fusion gps, perkins cooley, the dnc, the clinton campaign, christopher steele should all be in serious legal jeopardy. at a minimum, mueller should be investigating them, or is there a double standard? there's already been a complaint filed against the clinton campaign and the dnc, accusing
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them of violating campaign finance laws for failing to disclose the up to $12 million that was shelled out too fond of the dossier. we know that the dossier was used to influence the election. that was the whole point. use lies to manipulate you, the american people. we also known now that it was used by the fbi to get that fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. in an election year, an opposition party candidate. that is the only evidence we have after over a year, going on a year and half of russian collusion in 2016 that we know exists. here with reaction, sara carter. david shown. gregg jarrett. what about that legal argument? >> robert barnes is making a long time and it's a great legal argument. it's going to end badly for glenn simpson and fusion gps. they well knew that they were taking money from a political
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campaign and paying it to a foreign national, christopher steele. it's a violation of the campaign laws, and is also a conspiracy to engage in illegally with an unregistered foreign agent. he's in big trouble, fusion gps, christopher steele. the question is, did hillary clinton actually know this along with the dnc? >> sean: that's her campaign money. >> i know. she would say she didn't know how her money was spent. she would always claim. >> sean: sarah, i want to bring you into this and that we will get david's take. you have a piece about andrew weissmann. i also want to investigate robert mueller now. if that is the argument that they are using against the russian national, why would it apply here but then again, look at the team he appointed. >> that's correct. if you just look at andrew weissmann, the case of andrew
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weissmann had half of the special counsel, half of the people that were appointed by robert mueller were openly donors to hillary clinton. we know that for a fact. andrew weissmann was reprimanded in the past, quite extensively. in 1997 by a judge for withholding exculpatory evidence. if we look andrew weissmann, he also attended, allegedly, hillary clinton's party on election night. he was also very supportive of sally yates, who basically stated that she wasn't going to follow through with president trump's orders. there is a long list of reasons why people should be concerned about the makeup of the special counsel. >> sean: david schoen, we expect general report by mr. horwitz to come out next month. you met with him and you actually spoke at length with law enforcement officials about
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the packets of what "the new york times" calls "robert mueller's pitbull." >> that's right. i met with the inspector general a couple years ago actually about a broad set of problems involving him and some of his colleagues that -- they weren't guilty of the crimes the were convicted up in the evidence was overwhelming for mr. wiseman knew that the t. can you imagine, as i'm listening to you with the secrecy surrounding a warrant application to the pfizer court to have someone that is a fellow traveler of these folks submitting application, we know something from the devin nunes memo about what was omitted from those applications. >> sean: and they didn't tell who paid for it, did they? >> that's right. we may know more. i know that congressman nunez and congressman good luck has asked the pfizer court to provide additional situation.
6:22 pm
i was to the court has said it's a novel issue and want to think about it, but go to the justice department. we welcome the justice department to turn over those documents to you. i think the problem is, if you have a person with an agenda, like in andrew weissmann, who in the normal scheme of things for example, in the eastern district of new york court cases that i told you about which the judge reprimanded him and suggested he should be sent for disciplinary action, the order was withdrawn at the request of the u.s. attorney. >> sean: he can't withhold expository evidence. >> invite to a judge. that's what appears to have happen at the hands of james comey, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, and sally yates they signed off on the document. they verified their truth and authenticity. it appears that that was all a
6:23 pm
lie. that's six different felonies, perjury, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud. >> sean: thank you all. when we come back, michelle malcolm straight ahead ♪ when you have a cold, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels.
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>> sean: following friday special counsel indictment, the liberal mainstream destroy trump media went out of their way to attack the president, as they usually do. it casts an ominous shadow over the future of the trump administration, doom, gloom, hysteria daily. they've been wrong the whole time. >> it's now obvious that the russians were trying to interfere in our election. >> it appears the stress might be getting to him. >> this is getting closer and
6:28 pm
closer to the trump inner circle. for the white house staff getting more and more worried about that? or is it just donald trump freaking out alone? >> it might just be donald trump freaking out alone, but his staff has to be freaking out about his freak out. >> the big stuff is probably you have to come. it seems as though muller is beginning to lay the groundwork. >> donald trump seems to be more except about the mueller investigation and what came out from that this saturday morning then these kids who were shot. we go i think trump's got some problems. i don't think mueller wouldn't have taken the case if he didn't see a serious problem here. >> sean: some of the dumbest people work in this profession. michelle malkin is here. hillary rodham clinton paid for russian and russian government lies to lie to the american people to lead us to the election. it wasn't verified. it was used to get a fisa
6:29 pm
warrant because they never told the judge the truth. we have the barack obama administration, putin operatives involved in money laundering, extortion, kickbacks, and bribery. they got 20% of america's uranium. nobody in the media is telling their viewers about these important things. why? >> because it doesn't fit their narrative. they are going to go kicking and screaming like toddlers and a tantrum as long as they can to e reporting nightly, sean. the reaction and response that you have shown in the wake of this underwhelming indictment on friday show that though much of the opposition media is part of their own 4h club. you mention hysteria that's also hyperbole, hyperventilation, and also hypocrisy. when they are plain and obvious,
6:30 pm
neon splashing signs and evidence of foreign meddling and corruption, not just a uranium one deal, but so many others over the stretch of both republican and democrat administrations. this 4h club of the opposition media has been nowhere to be found. you have to have a little bit of historical perspective here. these were the same people that look to the other way at walter duranty and the clear and convincing and overwhelming infiltration of communist agents during the roosevelt administration. these are people who look the other way at saudi and chinese and mexican meddling in our election. the idea that they care now and are touting this indictment as somehow on the order of 9/11 or pearl harbor, as some of these more hysterical journalists have
6:31 pm
done, please. their hypocrisy is showing, and is the true colors of this media. they don't care about foreign meddling. they care about bringing down president trump. >> sean: it's always been about that. no one understood about mueller. one guy in the world, juliana sounds, he know where he got his information from. in terms of the dnc, if they wanted to find out the leak and wear it that, they would ask him. at least, at least try to talk to the guy, that's never happened. what i see about mueller, is here you have all of this other evidence. mueller was the fbi director when we had an informant inside of the actual operation of vladimir putin in this country, and the fact that the media is acting all surprised and feigning such moral outrage, it is just one huge massive lie.
6:32 pm
it's not true, michelle. he got 20% of our uranium. how stupid are we that he got 20% of our uranium? we handed it to him, and we knew these crimes were committed on our soil and they did nothing. >> yes, that's right. 2009, i came out with a book called "culture of corruption," and i pointed to all the ways in which chicago and the potomac and the obama administration were endangering our national security, our public safety, every last pillar of civil order in our country. i feel somewhat vindicated, but i'm not going to cheer about it. the deep state has posed the greatest amount of threat to the fabric of our nation, and we certainly didn't need 13 russian trolls to so that division and chaos. so much of it of course has been advanced, not just by the obama operatives that remain in the deep state, for goodness sake,
6:33 pm
clinton and carter era barnacles are still in that deep state and foggy bottom and embedded in all of that intelligence and law enforcement agencies. the biggest sewers of division within american soil are the operatives of the so-called mainstream media. >> sean: so corrupt. it's all boomer ringing back. exit 2018 would be the year of the boomerang as a relates to these issues. michelle, thank you. when we come back, the attorney general tonight made a huge announcement about potential obama era surveillance abuses. we will explain straight ahead. even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, once-daily toujeo may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪let's groove tonight. ♪share the spice of life. ♪baby slice it right.
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>> sean: the attorney general jeff sessions made a major announcement yesterday right here on the fox news channel. he told us that they will be
6:38 pm
investigating the nine abuses committed by the obama administration. finally. take a look. >> are you going to investigate the fact that the fci use the dossier to get a wiretap against trump associates and they did not tell the fisa court that the democrats paid for that dossier? >> let me tell you. every fisa warrant based on facts submitted to that has to be accurate. that will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate as a department of justice and providing anything less than the proper disclosure to before the issuea fisa warrant. >> sean: now with reaction fox news contributor byron york and sebastian gorka. it's very interesting. we learn first and broker here on those programs that jeff sessions never recused himself from the uranium one issue.
6:39 pm
a few weeks back, lo and behold, we had another indictment. everyone thought that was a dead issue. i think hillary talking point is that was wrong. that's ongoing. what i'm hearing is that if you lie to a fisa judge, you withhold information, a footnote that says it might have some political connections is not that the other candidate paid for these lies. i took that to be a very serious shot across the bow. >> absolutely. everybody's talking about the 13 indictments. byron just wrote a very good piece about it, but the real story that we have to get to the bottom of are the leaks out of the white house. there are 27 referrals. the doj are looking into the leaks, including the leaks between mike flynn and the russian ambassador. serious national security investigations. uranium want absolutely
6:40 pm
strategic level. it's hard to imagine something larger than a sale of 20% of our uranium, when we have laws on the book right now that say america must be a self-reliant. we must not import it from anybody. hillary clinton approved the sale of uranium while her husband got half a million dollars speaking fee. it's just the tip of the iceberg. these things take time. rest assured, justice will be done. >> sean: byron, you had a great column out. your website -- that website is horrible. i had to get you to cut and paste it to send it to me. every time i click on it, that smoking thing comes up again and again. it drives me nuts. i want you to go through this. if you really look at the mueller indictment the way you are looking at it, it's not what
6:41 pm
people think. >> i think you need to look at this indictment in conjunction with the testimony of facebook and other social media executives on capitol hill a few months ago. there's a lot of stuff that they talked about that was not in the indictment. what they talk about the sum of the scale of this russian operation. they talk about the russian spend about $100,000 on facebook and spirit that compares to $81 million that the clinton ank ads. they talked about how just 44% of those ad impressions, when they are up on the screen somewhere, 44% of those were from before the election. 56% were after the election when the odyssey had no chance of influencing the election, and the amount of money that the russian spent in some key states because as you know in that the indictment, talked about how the russians became sophisticated and learn what purple states
6:42 pm
were. they were directing their efforts in the state of pennsylvania. according to facebook, they spent $300. in michigan, they spent $823, and in wisconsin, $1,079. the problem was, all but $54 of that was put towards the primary. not in the general election. all of that is testimony that we had for congress. >> sean: facts and context and texture mean an awful lot. except it doesn't fit the media narrative. that's great reporting on your part. limit go back to you, sebastian. what goes to the heart of this for me. everybody is so sanctimoniously and in their pompous arrogance talks about this russian influence. okay. we can't talk about russian influence and ignore uranium one. we can talk about russian influence and ignore the hillary clinton bought and paid
6:43 pm
for russian government dossier. >> how can we ignore it -- again, we got to stick to the facts of the matter. the opposition research found that they paid more than $12 million for one file was used to illegally obtain a surveillance warrant against an american national during a presidential campaign. that's the enormity. it makes watergate pale by comparison. it's a massive scandal. >> sean: last word, byron. >> i think we're going to see more and more information about this. as a matter of fact, we will see how the intelligence committee asking for more information from a variety of current and former officials about, what do they know about this dossier? when did they first hear about it? when did they first learned that it was supported and bankrolled by the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. these are very basic questions
6:44 pm
that we still don't know the answers. >> sean: your reporting has stood very much independent and apart from the those that liven that media bubble. when we come back, rush limbaugh on what the rush of probe is really all about. you won't want to miss this nex next.
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>> sean: rush limbaugh sat down with an interview on fox news sunday yesterday where he had some very strong words about this russian probe and what he believes the real reason is for this. take a watch. >> i believe this is all politics. it hasn't changed from the get-go. it is about protecting hillary and obama. obama is the primary person
6:49 pm
being protected because all of this spying and collusion to destroy trump happened with his knowledge and probably encouragement. the reason hillary isn't charged is because that would mean obama would have to be exposed as participating. >> sean: dead on. dan bongino, daryl parks join u us. darrell, does russian involvement in the united states bother you? speak it without question it bothers me, especially when it's with our election. >> sean: does a body that hillary's campaign paid $12 million to manipulate the american people? >> if that's true. i don't think it's true. i really don't think it's true. >> sean: the russian dossier is filled with lies about donald trump. it was never verified and used for a fisa warrant. is that part of the russian interference bother you that she paid russia and russian
6:50 pm
government sources? does that bother you? >> it's not an issue with it bothers me. it's the indictment issues. >> sean: i'm trying to find consistent. does it bother you that hillary clinton, barack obama's administration, that we knew putin had operatives in america, does it bother you that putin and his hostile regime got 20% of the uranium rights in america and that the clintons got a lot of money. should we be concerned about that interference? does that bother you? speak out what is a connection to the clintons and the uranium money? you haven't shown that yet. >> sean: bill clinton doubled his speaking fees and all the people involved in the deal kickback money to the clinton foundation. >> is coincidental that the most people involved paid massive speaking fees. clinton takes a trip over to because expand as the deal takes
6:51 pm
place for a guy who later donated a large part to the clinton foundation. the hypocrisy on this thing is fascinating. we know the source of the dossier with the russians and the clinton campaign. nobody's bothered by that at all, yet in this case of fairy tale like russian collusion with a trump team, nobody can show you who the cool looters are or collusion happened. >> sean: isn't it interesting that the bank that paying clinton and it's connected to russia, their nuclear group that they have there, isn't it interesting that doubled bill clinton speaking fee for that speech at that very critical time? that doesn't seem fishy to you? doesn't not seem fishy to you that all the people involved in that deal, and canada, all these other people that they were throwing money at the clinton foundation needed hillary to sign off on that deal that gave uranium 120% of our control
6:52 pm
took putin? >> i think you gotta be careful sean. >> sean: i'm telling the truth. >> the problem now is that mueller is fighting between the trump administration and russia. that's a real issue. >> sean: what i'm hearing is you only care about trump and russia. do you have any evidence that you can tell dan dan bongino tonight? on trump pressure collusion? it's been a year and a half. what is it? >> 37 pages of the indictment tells all the story we need to hear right now. >> interesting. >> speaks for itself. >> where in the indictment doesn't point to to anyone who wittingly colluded? where does it -- let me ask you -- it doesn't say that. in a matter of fact, if you will read a line 53, it says they supported groups. one of them said support
6:53 pm
hillary, save american muslims. did you miss that one? that's line 53. >> i think the indictment truly lays out who russia supported. that's what it does. >> to a support hillary group, that's what happened. did you read the indictment or are you making this up? you must've missed that line 53 where it's at support hillary, save american muslims. they supported that group. did you see that one too? >> i think for those people who read the document, it will show -- >> you keep saying that. you must not ever read the document. support hillary, save the american muslims which is in the indictment that you didn't read and you say you did. nice work though. >> i did. >> you missed line 53. check that out and come back in another show. >> i think you have to read the whole document. >> are we into bizarro superman land? i'm telling you it's in the indictment on national television. look it up yourself. >> sean: you guys want to bet on this? >> i don't want to take his
6:54 pm
money. >> sean: if after 18 months you can give me any evidence of trump-russia collusion, any? >> you got to be careful. you use the word collusion. >> sean: that's what the media has been telling us. give me any evidence you got. >> i think you got to -- collusion is not a legal term that would fit the situation. >> sean: the bottom line is you have none. >> i think time will tell. >> is a legal investigation. >> sean: our venue of the day and hannity hotline will wrap things up coming up. -i've seen lots of homes helping new customers
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6:59 pm
witnesses, the massive fight, which spanned on for over three days -- what are they doing -- involved 23 people, and guess what? they were all reportedly from the same family. finally after three days of chaos, the cruise stopped early in australia and police had to remove all 23. [laughs] you can't make this up. time for the hotline. let's see what you've got. >> sean, all these jobs you had, paperboy, busboy, dishwasher, roofer, framer, plumber, on and on and on, do you know what it sounds like to me? you couldn't hold a job. >> i was so sick with the flu that every day i watched your show and every day you made me feel a little bit better. watching you is the best medicine, so anybody with the flu, they need to watch you, because you give us hope for the
7:00 pm
future. and we know we are going to be better. >> sean: thank you. by the way, i started as a dishwasher, then cook, then boss by, i worked my way up. we will always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. call us. katie pavlich tonight standing by. hey, how are you? >> thank you, see you later in the week. >> sean: i will see my friends and see pac this week. >> katie: see you there down in d.c. welcome to "the ingraham angle" from new york, i'm katie pavlich into the night for laura, who is all for the holiday. a terrific show for you this evening, and the pressure is mounting on the fbi to explain how it failed to prevent last week's florida school massacre. president trump lays into former president obama for failing to stop russian election meddling. plus, political hackery meets presidential history. so-called experts in "the new york times" say trump isn't just bad, he's the worst president ever. but first, the fallout from the


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