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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 21, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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good night from washington. have a great night, we'll see you tomorrow, sean hannity is next. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> sean: how we doing? >> sean: hello, cpac! how are you all doing? [cheers and applause] >> sean: wow. first night of cpac. grab a seat. we have great guests, you will have a great time. you are on live television, peck's mom and dad and grandpa
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and grandma and say, "i'm going to be on television. watch me." welcomeat to cpac. we are broadcasting from cpac. national harbor, maryland. a lot of breaking news tonight. chairman devin nunes and the house intelligence committee they launched now phase ii of their investigation into the phony unverified russian sourced, right, clinton bought and paid for dossier. [cheers and applause] of course, that was used to influence the election. also sara carter is heresi we have more breaking news.. the fbi informant that uncovered russian bribery and kickbacks and money laundering and racketeering, that scheme on uranium one, they are now demanding that the doj launch an investigation into deep state leaks meant to disparage the informant's character. we have a great lineup of guests that will join us onre stage. dr. sebastian gorka is here. [cheers and applause] dan bongino is here tonight. byron york, gregg jarrett, tomi lahren, charlie kirk, kayleigh mcenany. wow.
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also tonight we have a special tribute to the reverend billy graham who sadly passed away today. the conscience of a nation at the age of 99. and later tonight, president trump holds an historic meeting at the white house to talk about how to prevent mass shootings, how to protect our students, our teachers. very powerful, very emotional day today at the white house. we have the highlights. but, first, it has been one year since we were last right here at cpac. a lot has happened with president trump now in office. there's a long list of accomplishments. massive tax cuts, booming economy. and then, of course, you have all the destroy trump forces in this country. they will stop at nothing because they want to topple this president.hi now those forces tonight right here at cpac will be exposed because, like we have been saying, 2018 is the year of the we have that and so much more. we're at cpac. tonight's breaking news opening monologue. ♪
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>> sean: on the stage cpac on friday. are you all happy to see the president? is coming to see you. he has a lot of accomplishments to talk about. these are all things that the destroy trump media never reports on because it doesn't fit their narrative. they are singularly focused on one thing, not the truth evidence, and the facts. it's about how to tear downon this president by any means necessary. that's why they will never tell you under president trump, this is one year unemployment in america, 17 year low. african-american hispanic unemployment have also reached record lows now under one year of president trump. thank you. jobless claims are at a 45-year low. and since the election, 2.5 million new jobs have been created. and there are 2 million fewer americans on food stamps in the country. [cheers and applause] why have consumer confidence near a 17-year high. business confidence reachedie
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levels not seen since president reagan. all of that is before the president's historic tax cuts have even started to kick 90% of americans are expected to see bigger paychecks. 3 million more americansck have received bonuses. oh, by the way, those bonuses that the democrats like nancy pelosi, they are calling thousands of dollars in bonuses crumbs. it's a crumb if you are 100-million-dollar net wealth person like nancy pelosi. are those crumbs? i don't think that's a crumb. no. all right. also on the economy, president trump is reversing what was a precipitous decline that we witnessed under eight disastrous years of failed obama policies. president trump is cutting regulation at an historic rate. we're eliminating 16 for every new regulation enacted. look what it's done for the energy sector alone. isis has been crushed because he has allowed the military to do their job. we are now rebuilding the military. [cheers and applause] thank you. and the president is demanding that the border
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wall be built in any immigration legislation. now, if a democrat had h accomplished half of what president trump has at this point in their presidency, the liberal media would be trying to put this individual on mount rushmore. they want obama on mount they want obama on mount rushmore. in spite of his failure. but we also have those in the media in this country, that's not how they operate. now, for over a year, the news media colluding with liberals. basically advancing their agenda. they have been hyperventilating over what we have exposed so far as a hoax, conspiracy, a fabrication. that is what they created about donald trump and trump-russia collusion, even though the media knows there is no evidence to prove any of this is true after nearly 18 months. there is zero evidence, but, yet, look at the disgraceful coverage you get every single night from your so-called mainstream media. >> a dizzying 24 hours in the russia investigation. no longer just inching toward the president. this morning, it is more like careening.
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>> i think this is a potentially more dangerous situation than watergate.. we are at a very dangerous moment. that's because we are looking at the possibility that the president of the united states and those around him during an election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power to undermine the basis of our democracy. >> donald trump is afraid, a a political hurricane is out there at sea for him. we will call it hurricane vladimir if you will. the whole russia thing. >> this is evidence of i willingness to commit collusion. >> there is outright treason. there is no question that what is he doing is giving aid and comfort to thehe enemy. >> tom friedman said the election hack something at the caliber of a pearl harbor or a 9/11. do you agree with that? >> i completely agree with that. >> donald trump now sits atld the threshold of impeachment.
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[boos] >> sean: um-huh. it just shows you the people in the media are nothing but liars and frauds. and by the way, they are really just an extension of the democratic party. by the way, speaking of liberal democrats, they have been in lock step with the media. you will notice they all say the same thing. they parrot each other. their fake, phony, talking points and their little bubble. so you have had democrats, the media, over a year pushing a made up, false narrative about so-called collusion, but now it's all beginning to start boomeranging back, as i predicted at the beginning of this year. everything accused donald trump of in his campaign of doing with russia is exactly what hillary clinton and the dnc and fusion gps and christopher steele are all guilty of. and people should go to jail and likely will go to jail over all of this. and unlike the media's fake news
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narrative, we have real concrete, incontrovertible evidence of real crimes and real wrongdoing. let's look at the phony dossier for example. hillary clinton, the dnc, they paid over 12 plus million dollars for the former british spy -- oh, i thought foreigners weren't supposed influencece our elections -- to create a completely unverified dossier that used russian government lies and sources and steele, who hates donald trump, didn't want him to win the election, briefs the media outlets like "the new york times," yahoo! news, the new yorker, fake news cnn, and they try to influence the election, manipulate the american voters. fusion gps, their cofounder, glenn simpson, he testified that the clinton campaign and the dnc were aware of all of this media outreach. now that sounds an awful law like they were using phony russian information that they bought and paid for to influence
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the american people and to win the election that way. on top of that, you've got steele meeting with the fbi, steele giving them all of the russian sourced information, and we now know from two g.o.p. memos that that dossier was used to lie to a fisa court judge, all in an effort to get a warrant to spy onso a trump campaign associate and the campaign, that of course being carter page. and the memos are also exposing how of course former fbi directort andrew mccabe testified without the dossier, the application for that warrant would never have been applied for, certainly not approved. we know from the grassley-graham my mouth the bulk of that application consisted ofto hillary clinton's bought and paid for dossier. this is the dossier that james comey testified under oath wasn't salacious and unverified. the fbi and fusion gps, they never bothered to even begin to corroborate this. then you had to comey, remember back in january of 2017, briefing the president-elect
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before he was inaugurated about how the dossier existed, and he said it was unverified and salacious. that was only months before, when in 2016, and october, that dossier, it was good enough to use as a justification to spy on carter c page. this is what we call the deep state in action. this is unelected, obama holdover bureaucrats. they thought they knew better than you, the american people, about who should be the nexten president. make no mistake about this. the deep state tried to stop donald trump from ever becoming president, and now they are doing everything they possibly can do to damage and destroy his presidency. at one point, remember at the beginning of his administration, over 125 weeks in 126 days. here's the thing about all of this. the corrupt officials are all now being exposed. they never thought this would happen. everything is boomer ringing back on them. as we like to say, on my twitter
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account, tick tock. what we have been reporting on for a fast year is only a small sample of what is coming. we expect the inspector general's report to have a lot of new n information, and that will be coming either by the end of this month or early next month. joining us here at cpac with, reaction, former deputy assistant to the president, give a big hand, fox news contributo contributor, sebastian gorka. and former secret service agent, dan bongino. [applause] welcome to cpac. they all like free footballs. let me start with the year that has been.n. you were in the white house in the beginning of this. here you have an incredible turnaround in the economy. all in 2016, dr. gorka, he said to my audience, every day,n i da it on purpose not to hear myself talk. i said, oh, we have 13 million more americans on food stamps,
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8 million more in property after eight years of obama. worst recovery since the '40s, lowest labor participation rate since the '70s. we doubled the national debt on the lowest home ownership rate in 50 years. in one year, this dramatic change has occurred. but it's not reported on. t why? >> why? because the majority of the media is in the tank for hillary clinton and the dnc. let's just be very clear. if we didn't have president trump's twitter feed and sean hannity, hillary clinton would be president. okay? >> sean: i am a convert, by the way. there were times i said please, don't tweet that, no, no -- >> he won him. he's up to 47 million followers. >> sean: when you add all of his social media -- >> just on twitter. why? because he's jumping over the fixed wowx fake news industrial complex.
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this is the truth. do youou want to divide isis? do you want to have people also have jobs? do you want to close the border? what is the democratic party going to run on a november? we don't want jobs, we don't want growth, and isis should come back? >> sean: they will run on "i hate donald trump." >> bingo.or nothe even the russia thing is working. where is the collusion? its hillary, her lawyers, a former mi6 spy, not registered as a foreign agent -- >> sean: foreign matters? > when there is a republican president, i guess it does, right? it was a democratic candidate i guess not. one more thing: $13 million. id mean, that's the kind of joi would like to wait $13 for one file. that is made up. as propaganda. it came from where?ka >> sean: >> sean: russia. >> russia! so they colluded to undermined
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our election. i will close on this and i will let dan talk. if you didn't believe in god, well, you have to change your mind in november. i mean, it just -- and we had the divine intervention because she had the media, she had the deep state, she spent $1.4 billion $1.4 billion and guess who won? the outsider won. god bless donald trump. >> sean: well said. dan, i remember i was here in 2015, and when elvis got started on the stage, i interviewed donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, and all of these candidates. here we are, we got a republican president, and look at the turn around in a year. i want to ask the same question. no credit given. what's even worse, we've been lied to for over a year. there is no evidence of this. but there is evidence of collusion, paying for a russian
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dossier. the uranium one deal is unconscionable. we will talk with the lawyer inside tonight. where are we in terms of an information crisis? >> it's bad. i always w think, what the democrats slogan? a call at the wheaties box message for the material misplayed is going to be dems 2018, crumbs and collusion, vote for crumbs it -- that's all they have. the irony of this whole thing, the democrats produced crumbs under the obama era. numbers don't lie. sooner or later, they are going to have to come to accept the fact that their secular stagnation theory, in other words, it wasn't obama's failure, it the economy just stunk. it's done. one year in office and we have had three quarters of 3% growth. obama never hit it at all. the numbers don't lie. thees obama-i tes, and the obama files, collusion is real. don't anyone believe that it's
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not real. it just didn't happen with the trump team. there is no question right now that hillary clinton dealt with a foreign agent, christopher steele. he is british. he's from the united states, who in turn dealt with russian sources. i'm telling you, you know they tick tock on one. there's a lot more to come about steele's and interactions with the russians that you don't know about that was deeply disturbed even the most skeptical people in the room. >> sean: t this is the thing i'm trying to understand, to me, this is the biggest story that the media has missed in their lifetime. if you have a presidential candidate -- and we are supposed to care that the russians are trying to influence the election, and then one candidate pays for russian lies, and its use to get a fisa warrant but they don't have a fisa judge that hillary clinton bought and paid for it, there's a footnote that says it might have some political tainting, it wasn't political thinking. that happens in october. in january, comey is telling the president-elect, it's salacious and unverified but they are
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telling a fisa court in october that it's good enough to get a warrant to spy on not associate of the campaign. >> the bottom line here is, there is a reason that in 1776, we did not create an internal political police force. america doesn't have an am i five, a secret police that spies on americans. if you have proof, if your probable cause that somebody is doinget something, you have to o to a special secret court and say, this is pretty incontrovertible that something suspicious is going on and we will allow you temporarily to spy on americans. what happened? we now know that happened illegally. how did that happen? the highest people in the fbi and the doj signed off on that warrant application. we have had nine people in just the last two months be retired, moved to other positions,s, or fired -- >> sean: i think we are up to 12. >> that's even worse.
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>> sean: how does peter strzok and lisa page still have a job? how is bruce ohr still allowed in the building? i'm sure this audience knows what theyy have done. >> i refuse to use the word worp state until a few months ago. >> sean: why? >> i thought it was a little too much of a tinfoil hat. but when i saw the text messages coming out, and you belted up on your monologues, i pray one day that the text of your monologues for the last four months will be used in a court of law to send people topl jail. >> sean: if we have equal justice under the law, there will be people, a lot of them, they go to jail. true or false? >> i think so. i think the next shoe to drop will become awarere those 302s changed? they are -- when i was in the secret service, -- >> sean: what dan bongino is saying, pay very close
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attention. i wasi there when. this is goings to come out. >> when i was in thete secret service, after you did an interview, you did enough to fill out unofficial formal form. the fbi has a form called the 302. that information on mike flynn and the interviews of hillary clinton, there were 302s. the big question is, where those 302s changed? because of the fbi agents in that room -- and i know who they were -- you interviewed my client, both came out of there, but one of them came out of there with the opinion that mike flynn did not like to thems in that interview. someone's going to have a wholed lot of -- >> sean: what has happened to general flynn is nothing short of a national disgrace. what they have done to him -- horrible. surveillance, unmasking, no minimization, and then leaking -- >> the logan act. the federalpe jaywalking. people had been arrested for jaywalking. no one's ever been prosecuted for the logan act logan act. >> sean: you guys are great patriots.
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great to see you at cpac. we will catch up. would make him mad, congress meant avenue niles. he's willing to subpoena high-ranking obama administration officials if they don't answer questions about the phony dossier. byron york, gregg jarrett, we continue from cpac. ♪ [applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are asking several former and current officials to answer ten simple questions. these are questions at the public, not only should not have a right now, but i think they should have a right to know. when did you learn about the dossier? when did you learn it was paid
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for by the democrats? when did you learn that this was a political piece? part of what we sent out today, the questionnaire q with ten questions are not,es also was a cover letter that says if you don't answer this, we are giving them a couple weeks to answer it, you will be subpoenaed and come before congress to tell us when you knew about this. >> sean: that was the house intelligence committee devin nunes saying he is not going to subpoena former high-ranking obama officials if they do not answer ten simple questions that he sent them about the anti-trump dossier. according to catherine herridge, these obama officials include former fbi director james comey, former cia director john brennan, former director of national intelligence james clapper, and nunes' hestionnaire as part of what calls phase two of the house republicans investigation into the phony anti-trump hillary bought and paid for dossier. meanwhile, democratic congressman adam schiff, soon to be msnbc contributor, he
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expressed his parties fisa memo will be released this week with reactions after president trump rightfully blocked it initially because it contained sources and methods and other sensitive information. also "abc news" is reporting that congressional investigators are unable to locate an alleged source for the anti-trump dossier. joining us now from the "washington examiner," big warm welcomes from cpac to byron york, and our friend gregg jarrett is here, fox news legal analyst. get to see you guys. >> thank you. >> sean: what's really interesting, this has never takens h a turn towards obama. i predict that this is going to happen, a lot of arrested. who knew what, when, where, why? who do they share it with? >> the theme that emerged on the dossier is how high did knowledge of the dossier go in the obama administration. when we first heard about it, it
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was a couple of people in the fbi. then we found out that more people in the fbi knew about it, then we found out that people in the justice department, the largerer justice to her apartme, knew about it, going up pretty high. then wepa found out that a lot f people in the state department knew about it. the nunes letter -- >> sean: was thatec because ofmi that final, last-minute executive order? you can now share the intelligence with 16, 17 other agencies? >> i think it was an interlocking web of personal connections, people know christopher steele, the state department knew him from ukraine stuff, the fbi knew him from the world soccer investigation stuff. i think it was more personal connections than anything. we need to see who all this nunes letter is going to, and then you get a better idea of where he thinks that knowledge would be. >> sean: what about the people we do know that it's going to? it seems that -- we now know what happened january 5th.
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15 days later, susan rice is writing a note to self, the last act she does in the white house. >> it was a classic cya letter. a misleading letter, as well. it's inconceivable that the fbi and department of justice would be launching a criminal investigation of a presidential candidate and displaying on one of his campaign associates without high officials in the obama administration knowing about it, probably including the president. so the question is, and nunes wants theer answers, who knew this? was a clapper and brandon and comey? comey clearly knew because he was head of the fbi. >> sean: then he went to trump tower three months later and lied to his teeth to the president-elect. >> or he was telling the truth. he kneww it was an unverified -- >> sean: that's a better point.t. to d speak of the dossier, comey knew, was a
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fabrication. anyone who reads it -- i have read it 100 times -- i laugh every time. >> sean: the ritz in moscow? >> it is so obviously absurd anl preposterous, that anyone with half a brain would look at this and throw it in the wastebasket and say, good back, mr. steele. goodbye, glenn simpson. we want rely ono you. >> sean:n: let me pick your legal mind.e i have a question for byron. legally speaking, who do you see now that is in serious legal jeopardy? >> i think james comey, who signed off on it, rod rosenstein, who signed off of i it, andrew mccabe, sally yates, as well. using a fake document as an officer of the court to convince a judge to spy on an american citizen is six different crimes, abuse of power, false and misleading statements, its perjury, its major fraud,
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conspiracy to commit fraud, and obstruction of justice. those other crimes and people need to be prosecuted. >> sean: byron, imagine for just onene minute, let's reverse roles here. this is donald trump. donald trump pays for a phony russian dossier to lie to the american people, manipulate them. in the course of a lead of june election and the phony dossier is used to get a fisa warrant to fly on the clinton campaign associates. imagine if that is the scenario. tell us that wouldld be playing out in the country.ry >> we would be on fire about it. >> sean: we meaning... speak of the entire political media world would be on fire about it. we have seen, even when the president has saidts things lik, he wants the attorney general to be loyal, even though the attorney general, eric holder, described himself as president obama's.
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we have seen people get up in arms about things like that, that are fairly small -- >> sean: you've been a pretty honest broker and all of this come about by being honest, you kind of present isolated yourself from "mainstream media colleagues." you're not a partisan, you are not me, in terms a of -- everyoe knows i have a strong opinion, but you are getting to truth here, and that i is what i see missing from the media more than anything, i desire to ascertain truth. >> i got this idea a while back, that the dossier is an interesting thing, and there are people who have been investigating it, trying to pull the threads on this, who have learned more and more aboutbo i, and they still think it's an interesting thing. as far as the other stories that dominate other networks or big newspapers, i don't worry that they are going to be under covered. i do worry that this is going to be under covered. that is one of the reasons i pay attention to it. >> sean: where would you say this is going? >> nunes a setting in the right direction. he doesn't have authority to prosecute. i think is important to have a
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second special counsel. i have no confidence that jeff sessions and the department of justice -- >> sean: you wantt to sessions out. i >> look. he's a nice guy but he's been so compromised but i think it requires a second special counsel. >> sean: if he appointed the special counsel, would that give you more confidence? >> absolutely. a he is the authority to do that. he has not recused himself from that aspect of the case. >> sean: he didn't recuse himself from uranium one and we saw now that is back in play. >> what's interesting is that two months ago behind closed doors, the deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe, according to fox news, told congress that after all of this time, we still haven't been able to substantiate a single thing in in the dossier except that carterco page flew to moscow and gave a speech, n which is not a crime.
10:33 pm
byo the way -- >> sean: sortedd bill clinton. >>as it was public information,t was clearly gleaned from the public venue by the guy who compiled the dossier, christopher steele. and then used knowingly for political purposes by people like the hillary clinton campaign, glenn simpson of fusion gps, and others. >> sean: you guys have done amazing work great thank you. big cpac hand for these guys. when we come back, sara carter here with a new bombshell report on the uranium on a scandal. and the attorney for the informant that was within putin's network in america back in 2009 and beyond, as we continue from cpac. stay with us. ♪ try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we are alive at cpac 2018. how are you all doing? having fun, i hope!
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welcome, john solomon, sara carter, victoria toensing. sara carter has another breaking newst tonight. this is another story that the mainstream media is ignoring. the attorney for the fbi informant, that would be victoria, as pressing the doj for the investigative leak. in this report, sarah detailing how victoria, the attorney for this fbi informant, is now asking the attorney general jeff sessions for a leak investigation into an unnamed federal official who she now claims illegally leaked "false information about her." this is happening way too much. joining us know the reaction is the attorney for this fbi informant, victoria toensing. fox news contributor sara carter, and from the hill, john solomon. all of these guys have been amazing in terms of helping us and peel the onion, and i give them -- they deserve pulitzers at the end of thee day. so you are the attorney for an fbi informant in 2009 that, for
10:39 pm
about 30 years of his life, he worked in undercover -- and the fbi starting inin about 2008. >> sean: in 2009, he infiltrated and discovered that vladimir putin had operatives here in america. >> yes. putin wanted to control his uranium and wanted the first step to buy back uranium one, have as russian companies buy uranium one. >> sean: your informant in 2009, the year before the uranium one --ra he discovered putin's operatives in america are involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion, wonder laundering, and racketeering. >> wanting to control the world's uranium. >> sean: and america needs uranium. we don't have enough. >> we don't. he did all this work for his government, he now has leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy. and guess what happened. twice now, the justice department officials have given
10:40 pm
false information about him. once, the first time, to the press. that was in mid-november 2017. just right after the gag order was lifted. is it a coincidence? and gave it to yahoo! news, michael isikoff and they regurgitated. >> sean: is it fair to say that this informant knows about putin's network, everybody cares about russia and the media, but they are involved in these crimes, they wanto to get a foothold in america's uranium network, is it fair to say he was risking his life? >> yes, he was threatened on numerous occasions. john solomon goes to the justice department after these leaks came out, and he gets an interview with a justice department official who says, those leaks weren't authorized. they were unauthorized and they were not accurate. >> sean: is it illegal? >> the leaking was illegal, yes. the first leg. there is a second time, though, that they give falsefa information. a afterme john's article comes ou,
10:41 pm
saying the justice department says no, that's not -- >> sean: is it fair that there is an effort to trash this 30-year cia fbi informant who risked his life because of politics? >> i have no idea why. i just know that john got the quote from a justice department officials, who said w the leaks weren'td authorized. guesscc what, ten days later, senior justice, justice department officials go out to brief the hill and they give the same false information about my client. now i want that investigation, because i wanted or -- wants to know who sent those officials there, and when they were briefing the hill, they said we are repeatingng what we were to. so they were given false information and they want to know who didn't. >> sean: plus talk to you guys about sara, go ahead. >> i think what's important here is that we have to establish who william campbell is, the informant. he spent the majority of his life working overseas, putting himself in very dangerous and
10:42 pm
precarious situations in order to give information to the united states government in the u.s. intelligence community. this is somebody that the u.s. government trusted so much so that he spent more than three decades working for us, basically for the united states. first as a counterintelligence operator with the fbi, later moving into the criminal division when they went after the transportation legislation international, that was a trucking company that was moving uranium in the united states. >> sean: let>> me explain this to this audience because this is gets complicated. everyone cares about russian influence and interference. wewe had an fbi informant that w putin operatives in the country getting a hold of uranium, 18 months notice, and we stuck a putin 20% of our uranium anyway. >> we did. not only that, but we know from thee informant now is that he nt only was dealing with these fbi handlers, but the case was so sensitive that it was going up the fbi chain of command. >> sean: and the fbi was paying him. >> that's right. in the end, look, the fbi gave
10:43 pm
him permission to work as an informant, gave him permission to launder money, money he was working for the russians, so they could continue to collect information. in the p end, they pay them $50,000, congratulated him, thanked him, and then when he got back, was a threat from the united statesal attorney general of office under loretta lynch from the doj, saying, if you say anything, if you make this public, we will ruin your reputation and we will go after you. >> sean: unbelievable. so pick it up from here. all of this is known, we are supposed to be upset about the russians influencing our elections, but they got 20% of the foundational material -- >> they got billions of new contracts to sell uranium toak u.s. nuclear reactors, making us more dependent on russia then even if they took it out of ourk land, so i think there is another consequence here. i keep hearing this from people in the fbi and lawaw enforcemen.
10:44 pm
the more they trash doug campbell, the more they discourage people from doing the courageous work that he did. he served his country for 30 years, and they made up a story -- i know they know it's false. here's how i know. after the first story came out, i read the stories and i said i can't be true, sara knew this, he did tell aboutut uranium one, he told them about bribe payments, all of these things, we have the documents. i want to the justice department telling them this, and they wanted a copy of the documents -- >> sean: how muchd information does this source have? >> thousands of pages. >> sean: and tapes? >> audiotapes -- the fbi has them all. he didn't keep every single one of them. everything he gave, he gave it all to the fbi. so they were writing down the notes. everything. >> sean: they did it anyway? and hillary's husband got double the speaking fee and we look at
10:45 pm
peter schweizer's book, 145 million about the kickback to the clinton foundation of the people involved in the deal? >> c hillary clinton's husband t a half a million dollars -- >> sean: speaking in russia. >> from renaissance capital, a russian bank, which is controlled by the ssp. >> sean: that had a stake in this deal. >> gas but stock, uranium one? half a million dollars, four months before the deal. >> sean: this is unappealing layers of an onion. all three of you have been phenomenal, just last quick predictions. will this become bigger than any other scandal? >> we know that the fbi isat investigating the clinton foundation. so we might have some -- >> sean: bigger? >> i think so. >> it will go back to '06, and will go forward to the time when the famous russian oligarch -- >> sean: to people go to jail? >> depends on how the justice
10:46 pm
department does is draw. >> they better lay off my client. [laughs] >> sean: she is the toughest attorney.>> clap for these guys. they've done amazing things. president trump has an amazing discussion on mass shootings with students, parents, and teachers at the white house today. we will pull you the highlights. tomi lahren, straight ahead. ♪ ♪livin in this crazy world
10:47 pm
♪so caught up in the confusion♪ ♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪maybe we can find a way ♪there's got to be solutions ♪how to make a brighter day ♪what do we do? ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ ♪try a little more ♪harder than before
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♪ >> we are going to be very strong on background checks, very strong background checks, very strong emphasis on the mental health of somebody, and we are going to do plenty of's other things. it's been going on too long. too many instances.
10:51 pm
we are going to get it done. >> the solution is not going to be a singular thing. it's going to be multifaceted and is going to be created by a collection of different people working together. >> people are dying and we have to stop this. we have to stop it. if he is not old enough to buy a drink, buyul a beer, he should t be able to buy a gun at 18 years old. >> fix it. it should have been one to school shooting and we should have fixed it! and imad because my daughter, i'm not going to see again. >> sean:al the president holding a very emotional listening session at the white house today on the issue of safety and mass shooting. joining us now, fox news contributor, tomi lahren, and charlie kirk, and rnc spokesman kayleigh mcenany. to me the solutions. is simple. every school should have a full threaty assessment, security
10:52 pm
assessment, retired armed military, retired armed police, need toro be in the schools to e a front s line of defense, and many said that tonight. >> i think that's a logical solution but any time with tragedy, it's filled with emotion, as it should be. we should all be honest with ourselves, it's a tragic time and we need to let the victims grief and the families grief, we need to let them speak. everybody here, because we are first amendment advocates, believe that everybody has the right to speak about these issues and we can come to some kind of a consensus, but i do think that ween also need to tackle the cultural problems that play. it is not just a gun problem and we should be able to have that conversation. >> sean: if we decided to my charlie, that we wanted every single school in america safe, we could do that. we are capable of doing big things. >> a great point about the threat assessment. it's amazing how many of these goalsss have not been properly analyzed and they don't even know what to do in the case of a horrific shooting. in moments like these, this will really define the nation's character, what our founding principles are. we should be deeply troubled by what happened but we also have
10:53 pm
to estatepl principled to what , as freedom lovingg americans, really believe. this is where it will take us, to double down and say, we do thinkk we should have mental health checks that we shouldn't sacrifice her mental health rights. >> these threat assessments, we had the man who lost his daughter and the sound right, he said when 9/11 happened, guess what, we secured our airports. it should have taken one of these, not several. i wantntl to point out the man o lost w his daughter, rachel, and the columbine massacre, he's been working on solutions for 20 years. when tomi talks about cultural changes, she spot on. we've lost respect for your fellow student, classmate is your friend, that t needs to be implemented. >> sean: you're right. everyone around the whole tableb is like this. as crazy. >> it's an awareness issue. whether we are talking about terrorism, school shootings, safety in general. it's an awareness issue. people are buried in their
10:54 pm
fronts, not paying attention, taking pictures, they are not seeing what's around them. that leads to less safety in the schools, airports, malls come on the street. >> sean: it so easy if we wanted to do it, we would do it. >> you could take the guns away, which is not a good idea and a near impossibility. you can take the evil away. >> sean: well sad. >> be very careful in moments like these to give away your freedoms because when you do, you areng never going to get thm back. >> sean: last word, kayleigh. >> you take god out of schools and you'dl take god out of the societies and you will see more of this happen on a daily basis. >> sean: it's great to see these three young people, and so many that are coming to cpac, which open today, and they will be here for the vice president tomorrow and the president on friday. you guys are helping the country in ways you can't even measure. thank you all for what you do. when we come back, more "hannity" as we continue from cpac. we lost the reverend billy graham today. we'll explain.
10:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: sadly today, we lost a true american icon, the reverend billy graham. he was called home at the age of 99. back in 2005, i had the honor, the privilege, , i interviewed reverend graham while he was holding hissa final crusade, hee mustard 500, and he i asked him how he wanted to be remembered, take a look. >> how will people remember you? >> i want to people remember faithful. faithful to the call that god gave me when i get to heaven, why call me? >> sean: thought great, good, and faithful servant went home today. our thoughts and prayers are with franklin graham, the entire graham family, and we really appreciate all he has done to be theon conscience of america.
11:00 pm
we will be back here tomorrow at cpac. but let not your heart be troubled. let's give a warm cpac welcome to laura ingraham, who is in the comfort of her studio! weight, she can't hear you. say it again! laura, take it away? night, friday morning i guess i'm speaking right before the president. it is great to be here, good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." what a show we have for you tonight from politics to prayer. and of course, just as sean did, we are remembering billy graham after his passing today. marveling at this unbelievable legacy with some of the nation's top religious leaders. pastor rick warren, dr. pat robinson and


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