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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 23, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PST

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as we leave the show, dave turn around. that guy will leave the show. work on some. good luck, scott >> bill: good morning, everybody. a one hour from now, president trump delivers his speech at donald trump, that's the conservative political action conference. growing a national debate about gun rights after the florida school shooting nine days ago. there will be information in the speech regarding north korea.
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good morning, and welcome to "america's newsroom." i am bill hemmer. >> sandra: i am >> we are going to do strong background checks. we are going to get the age up from 18 to 21. we have to harden our schools not soften them up. a gun free zone to a killer or somebody who wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. that's like here i am, take me. we have to get smarter on gun free zones. >> sandra: john roberts is live for us on the white house lawn this morning. >> good morning to you. we have breaking news. an hour from now, the president speaks to cpac down there, just south of washington, d.c. he will announce a new package of sanctions on north korea. this has been described by white house officials as "a massive package of sanctions. the biggest yet." and that's will follow the
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speech, adding a greater level of detail to this new package of sanctions that will be against the pyongyang regime. the president will be talking tough about north korea. it was the vice president who was talking tough ad cpac, explaining why at the opening ceremonies two weeks ago at the olympics, he did not applaud the north korean delegation. let's listen. >> for all those in the media who think i should have stood and cheered with the north koreans, i say the united states of america doesn't stand with murderous dictatorships. we stand up to murderous dictatorships. >> bill: and of course, we will be carrying the president's speech alive this morning, so you can see the news that he makes on north korea. it is also going to focus on the douglas high school shooting, gun safety, and what can be done to avoid such things in the future.
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the present voicing support for improved background checks. we are just a moment ago raising the minimum agent to buy a rifle to 21 from 18. that would match with the age needed to buy a handgun. and of trained individuals to act as a first line of defense if a shooter gets in, schools are soft targets that need to be hardened. listen here. >> we have teachers that are marines. for 20 years, they have been retired, become a teacher, they are army, navy, air force, coast guard, they are people that have won shooting contest for whatever. this is what they do. they nail guns, and they understand guns. we need to let people know, you come into our schools, you are going to be dead. and it is going to be fast. and unless you do that, you are always going to have this problem. >> bill: clearly, the president has very strong opinions on that particular aspect of what he believes,
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making schools safe. he gets a lot of opposition to it, though. even though some schools in america already are doing this. on a very limited basis. i am already told that the president is not likely to mention this news that we got about this sheriff's deputies who stayed outside of the school, even though he was armed. he was a school resource since the 2009, while the carnage was going on inside the school. sandra. >> sandra: he has now resigned. john, clearly this is going to be a wide-ranging speech by the president set to begin in about one hour from now. what else we know the president is going to be talking about? >> he is going to spend a lot of time talking about immigration, the threat from the and the tories i must 13 gang. this is something that he was talking about yesterday as well, lamenting the fact that california has got to the sanctuary city, at the same time, there is a huge gang problem coming across the borde border. so yesterday threatening to pull
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i.c.e. agents out of the area. listen here. >> we haven't pulled our i.c.e. out, and we haven't said let them figure it out for themselves. in two months, they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging. and you know what, i'm thinking about doing it. >> we have been told that there is no plan for the president to pull i.c.e. agents out of california, but clearly wanted comes to california, the president also taking aim at democrats over daca. for those of you who are still interested, the democrats have totally forgotten about daca. i am told that he is also going to go after nancy pelosi for her comments yesterday. take the lawn mower and cut the grass. 32 we look forward to that speech from the president and just about one hour. john roberts, thank you. >> bill: organizes cpac. what a week it has been.
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you will introduce the president. when do you expect to hear from him? >> i expect to hear from the president -- a bit of an intimate conversation with these conservative activists. he has built a strong relationship with them, and i think he is going to get honest about how serious our problems are and his proposed solutions to solve them. >> bill: such as what? >> i think the vice president talked about the problems overseas. he was specific about north korea. i wouldn't be surprised if the president explained our threats overseas. i think it is true that the president wants to make sure that people understand when it comes to the question of immigration he is serious. he is serious about wanting to get a deal on immigration. he is taking only problems that we have in society. sometimes he makes people little bit concerned about where it will end up. it is the job of the president to engage the people in the problems of the day.
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>> bill: what do you think of the gun issue? what is your expectation? >> i think more of the same, what he did with the family as it was the next right stuff. the president was consoling the families. he is also opening up the door for the conversation about what to do on guns. the vice president said that no american teacher or student should fear for their lives in our schools. this is the line in the sand that we must draw, we must protect our kids. we have a penchant towards violence in our society, into the president is going to take that honor. >> bill: at one point, he paused and took notice of how quiet the room was. what was going on inside that room when he was speaking? >> i think it was more somber. these people at cpac, they strongly support that wayne lapierre is a friend. it is a somber time.
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i think the audience participation reflected that. i think conservatives are open to the idea of keeping our kids safe. and what those policies are, we are going to have a big debate about it. what a democracy should you, and there are times when we should listen more and talk a little bit less. >> bill: 55 minutes away. we will have live coverage right here. we appreciate your time this morning. the headliner, you could say, comes up at 10:00 eastern time. it is 8 minutes past the hour. >> sandra: shocking new details from last week's high school massacre in florida. the sheriff's office revealing last night that the schools armed officer, the only one on duty outside, and it did nothing while shots rang out inside the building. that officer, scott peterson, who is seen here back in 2015, reportedly stood there for 4 minutes without going in. the shooting spree lasted 6 minutes. the broward county sheriff is completely in disbelief.
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>> a deputy arrived at the west side of building 12, take up a position, and he never went n. >> was he there when the shooter was still inside the building? >> yes he was. he went in, address the killer. >> sandra: live in parkland florida, there is word that they are returning to the school this morning. >> good morning, sandra, yes. a difficult, emotional, and clearly very trying and heavy day underway behind me where for the first time since nine days ago, they were in their classroom where the gunfire erupted, and 17 people lost their lives. today, they can voluntarily return to the school, go inside the classrooms, collect any personal items they may have abandoned in their rush to evacuate the building.
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things like briefcases, purses, cell phones, anything else of a personal nature. they are not required to be here, but they certainly are allowed. and there are many people choosing to do that. they will actually be returning here for work for planning days next week, monday and tuesday. as for that school resource center officer, on the floor for 30 plus years. he resigned/retired yesterday afternoon yesterday after broward county sheriff's suspended him, pending an investigation into his behavior as the shooting was unfolding. that man, also seen in a board meeting video, from 2015, just four years ago, he was awarded school resource officer of the year. but now, we all know that on the day of the shooting, shooting and killing people, peterson was outside the door of building 12, and not going inside, as is the
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new national protocol, established over the past 19 years after the columbine high school massacre when all of the responding cops and deputies covered outside of the school, waiting for squads to arrive. now, you hear shots fired, every responding officer immediately storms into the building, looking for the shooter. as for the suspect, nicholas cruz, more than 20 times of the sheriff's department was called for his erratic and volatile behavior over the last few years, and the sheriff also announced yesterday that two of his deputies are now suspended, pending an investigation for some of their encounters with the suspect and what little follow-up they did or did not do after that. sandra. >> sandra: from florida this morning. thank you. >> bill: absolute systemic failure. and when you think about the last 48 hours, learning about what has gone wrong, and that is just what we have been told. there is so much more to the
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story. >> sandra: you can only imagine the thoughts. complete disbelief. >> bill: and the presidents too. president trump now threatening to pull i.c.e. officers out of california. a big topic at cpac today. >> sandra: paul man afford and rick gates. and now, a spokesperson suggesting that mueller is exceeding his authority. >> bill: and a warning from the vice president's about to the midterms. head of the rnc, we will speak about that coming up next. they got any leader who says that $1,000 in the pockets of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the american people. >> it would be a disaster for our cause if nancy pelosi became speaker of the house again. but we are not going to let it happen.
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>> they are doing everything they can to try to win back the congress next november. we don't have to wonder what would happen if the party of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer won the house and senate. do we? i mean, remember the last time it happened? i do. i was actually there the last time democrats were in congress. and they nearly ran america into the ground. >> bill: the vice president
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yesterday speaking at cpac, blasting democrats along the way. remembering republicans not to be complacent before this next election. welcome back here, and good morning to you. i don't need to tell you democrats are motivated, what is the response to that? >> well, they are motivated. they thought they were going to walk away with the white house in 2016. it was a huge wake-up call, and we have seen them energized in the special elections. and we have too much that urgency, and we are seeing that. we have had more voter contact, they have had 500,000 new small donors, small dollar donors since the president trump took office. we have a past every fund-raising record. we have to keep that going, and i think vice president pence is right. we need that urgency going into these midterms because we have something to fight for. we need to protect america's come back. >> bill: so the money is one thing. and if the economy stays good, we stand a pretty good chance,
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frankly. you have the state house. this is where donald trump at won overwhelmingly, and now they are flipping. why is that? speak i think when you win 900 legislative seats under barack obama, you are going to lose some humor there. they are given credibility and attention. we won a 3 out of 4 in florida, some of them are anomalies, like what happened in kentucky. but we did win five congressional races, and that is what is really going to matter with the tipping point of majority in the house and the senate. >> bill: so you are not worried? >> now, every day, i am worried about it. i don't want to turn it over to pelosi or schumer. but we are taking the right steps. we are in 22 states. by the vice president pence is right, we have to be energized, we have to turn out and vote. we have something to protect, which is this comeback is that are feeling across the country.
6:19 am
this is something to fight for, and we know the democrats will just take us backwards. >> bill: you have been at cpac to this week. it do they get the sense of urgency, those in attendance, like you? >> i am heading there today, but i have been watching. yet, they get the energy. we see it at the rnc all year with the record small dollar donations we have seen, with volunteers signing up. but we are going to have to keep that going, and president trump has turned our country around with policies that have made america greater, and we cannot was going back to the dark ages of pelosi and schumer. >> bill: the dark ages. now we can show our viewers that we raised about $12 million, about $40 million in cash on hand. last point, mike pence it said yesterday that donald trump throughout the playbook, and he will do it again in november. what does that look like? >> well, i think president trump brings a whole new energy and a whole new coalition to the republican party.
6:20 am
i sighed in michigan. he connects it with the voters. he says to you i understand that your wages were stagnant under barack obama. he is going to be on the road, fighting for this comebacker, and fighting for this majority because he knows how important it is that we keep america going in the right direction. we cannot go back. >> bill: so he will be on the road then. >> we want him on the road. we want him all over this country, there is nobody who energizes our base better than president trump. >> bill: come back real soon. thank you for taking your time. >> sandra: he was a rising star, a rising political star, but no one governor is a free falling. facing felony charges. it new on allegations involving black male and a mistress. and massive flooding overtaking the midwest. why it could get worse very soo soon. >> we always expect this, but you don't expected to go like
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>> sandra: all right, well the president is now taking questions at the white house. he is en route to cpac to 2018 to maryland, where he will be speaking within the hour. we are going to bring that to you live when it begins, but we are told that on his way, leaving the white house, he did start answering questions. and so when we get those and get that video, we will bring it to you live when we have it. meanwhile, president trump putting california unnoticed, threatening to pull i.c.e. agents out of the stated. saying is that it would teach them a lesson. >> frankly, if i wanted to pull
6:25 am
our people from california, you would have a crime nesta like you have never seen it. all i would have to do is say i.c.e. and board up and border control, you would see crime like no one has ever seen crime in this country. yet, we get no help from the state of california. they are doing a lousy management job. >> sandra: joining me now, attorney general from the state of arkansas, she will be speaking later on today about sanctuary cities at cpac. she joins us live from there now. leslie, thanks for joining us this morning. so what did you make when you heard the president float this idea of pulling i.c.e. agents from the state of california? >> well, it's unfortunate that the leadership in the state of california hasn't pushed to the president and federal authorities to this limit. what they have done in california, making it a sanctuary state, it is tying the hands of local law enforcement, who are now unable to arrest of
6:26 am
those criminals, and instead, our law enforcement agents are being handcuffed. so i think the president is making a very strong point. if you don't want to protect your city, then why should the federal government puts those resources in place. unfortunately, we need those resources and place in california. we need those resources in place around the country. >> sandra: you know, leslie, he suggested that if he was actually to follow through with that threat, the state would "have a crime nesta like you haven't ever seen. if they'd be begging for us to come back." with this be a good move for the present? would he support that kind of move? and how do you think california would respond? >> well, i am hopeful that california is going to respond to the mere talking and say you know it, it is time to do something about crime in california. we don't need another person to die in the hands of a reputed criminal illegal alien in our century space. that's good hardworking americans need to feel safe in
6:27 am
their neighborhoods, safe in their schools. unfortunately, we have too many criminals who are illegal aliens living amongst us, and we will no longer protect those criminals. we will instead protect the good citizens of america, so i'm hopeful that the folks in california are going to step up and say it mr. president, we want to work with federal authorities appeared we want to rid our streets of crime, and we want to welcome in these i.c.e. agents, so that's why, our families in california can be safe. >> sandra: you know, this battle over sanctuary cities, and the fights that you are firmly engaged in and have been for quite some time, the speech that you are going to be delivering later on is called a tale of two century cities. can you give us a little previe preview? >> well, essentially, i'm going to be talking about a very different vision for america, whether it is the liberal left a vision of creating unconstitutional chaos with the russians and inviting in an deference to illegal immigrants,
6:28 am
versus u.s. citizens, versus america. america is the original sanctuary city. and it always will be. we are a country of laws, and we have to uphold and defend those laws. the reason why we have all of the freedoms that we do is because we are a country of law laws. it is imperative that states, cities, and federal government work together. we must to support our law enforcement officers, we must support those federal agencies, so that way, they cannot work together to keep america safe. it is all about defending the rule of law. law is the very fabric of our nation. again, and it is imperative that we protect those freedoms by protecting and defending of the rule of law. >> sandra: you know, leslie, if i could, could you give us the temperature there at cpac? when wayne a lapierre, giving a speech, only days after this mass shooting.
6:29 am
the president now showing a willingness to change some gun laws in this country, what is the chatter there, and the response? >> oh, i think the response is one let our hearts break it, and they certainly do for the victims, the families, those affected by last week's tragedy. it is important that as leaders, we come together and put forth common sense laws into place. addressing the mental health concerns, giving it the law enforcement the authority not to impede on someone's rights, but rather if someone is a danger to themselves or others, and if they have a firearm, to temporarily take that firearm away until we are able to see whether or not they are going to commit a criminal act and harm others. >> sandra: it sounds like the conversation is leaning towards what we are hearing from the president, that there are some gun laws that could be and should be changed.
6:30 am
>> well, it is a matter of addressing those again with mental illness who have displayed that, whether it is in person through conversations, social media, so much of what is being said is on social media. having law enforcement address that, giving parents and students, and empowering them to step up and say, my child has been burned, or someone in his or her class has said that they are going to harm other students at their school, and taking those matters to law enforcement, so they can properly investigate, and the court can determine whether or not to that individual, again, is a threat to him or herself or to others, and if they have access to firearms, perhaps, they need to not have access to firearms. let's make sure that they have access to the mental health treatment that they need. >> sandra: as the attorney general of your state, immigration is on the forefront of issues that you are dealing with. what is the message that you are winging it to cpac on that front today? >> with regard to immigration, i
6:31 am
want americans to know that we are for immigration. we want individuals to come to this country legally and in adherence with the law of the country. and we want them to come and love, respect the united states of america just as we do. however, we cannot tolerate these cities and states who defy the rule of law. who tell their local law enforcement now, you cannot work it with i.c.e. agents. you cannot work with federal authorities, and certainly, when we have individuals who are charged with upholding the law, such as my colleague in california, who has already said that he will hold his go to patriotic businesses accountable for working with these federal authorities, he should be focused instead on prosecuting criminals, rather than prosecuting good at, american businesses that create jobs. >> sandra: leslie, how would you describe the estate of the republican party as you stand there behind that audience?
6:32 am
awaiting the presence moments, he is a departing the white house now. the second year in a row, addressing this crowd. what does it feel like? you know? how would you describe the state of things? >> well, the crowd is certainly energized. this morning, they are currently looking into i believe laura ingraham is speaking right now behind me. they have heard from secretary perry. this crowd is energized, and they have been energized for a number of years and will continue to be. now, because of tax reform, because of rolling back regulations, that americans, conservative americans, all americans are seeing their paychecks bigger. they are seeing more jobs, businesses staying in their hometown, their families having the opportunity to stay right where they are and to continue working. that sort of positive momentum that this president has done in his first year in office has energized this crowd. >> sandra: leslie rutledge, ag
6:33 am
of arkansas. thank you. we will hear from you later today. >> bill: so we mentioned this. this was recorded a mom to go. on his way to cpac. a stopping to with reporters. >> it is a very big subject. it is a subject that everybody's talking about, obviously, for all of their own reasons. we are going to do something about it. we are going to make changes. i see congress wanting to ask now for the first time. so we certainly have to strengthen background checks. everybody agrees with that, and we're going to make background checks very, very strong. i will be thinking about that at cpac. very, very important just to do that. and also, mentally ill people that potentially have mental problems, we cannot allow them to have guns. so we are going to be very strong on that. that is going to go a long way way. i also believe that we have to have some a form of protection in schools, they can just be
6:34 am
open and gun free. gun free is an invitation for these crazy people to just come in and shoot. if they are not gun free, if there are guns inside, held by the right people, by highly trained professionals, you're going to see the sand. it won't be happening anymore. our schools are potentially gun free zones, and that makes them very dangerous places. >> the sheriff was armed and he did not go on, the sheriff was armed, and he did not go in, does that give you any pots? because the deputy sheriff peterson, i guess his name is, they brought it out, i was surprised. it deserves to be brought up. what he did, when it came time to get in there and do something, he did not have the courage, or something happened. but he certainly did a poor job, there is no question about that. he was there for 5 minutes.
6:35 am
that was during the entire shooting. he heard it right at the beginning. so he certainly did a poor job, but that's a case where somebody was outside, they are trained, they didn't react properly under pressure, or they were a coward. it was a real shot to the police department. >> would armed teachers be any different? >> well, i really think we have to -- we have a group of people who want to do the right thing. the nra has proposed to people, that i know very well, these are good people, in many cases great people, they are patriots. they love our country. the nra wants to do the right thing for our country. they do want to do the right thing. i haven't been here that long. this has been going on for a long time, many years, decades. and we are going to get it fixe fixed. but the only way we are going to get it fixed is you have to have
6:36 am
a certain degree of offensive power within the school. it can't only be defense. you have to have protection within the school. and we are going to work it out. we are going to be very, very powerful, strong on background checks, especially having to do with people with mental problems. this person that did this horrible act, he was mentally deranged, and everybody knew it for long periods of time. i guess they had 38 red flags, 39 red flags. it you can't do any better than that. unfortunately, they didn't catch him. they should have cottage. it could have been prevented. so the whole mental situation is very big. but background checks to me are very important, and we have to strengthen up our schools. i'm going over to cpac. i will be talking about it. thank you very much. the one that from the white house a moment ago, talking about background checks,
6:37 am
saying that congress is ready to act. sandra, this news coming now with this fee is coming up on at 10:00 eastern time. a report out of miami last night about a series of systemic failures. that went on for a period of years. now the campus cop never went inside. we know that now. was on a 20 minute delay, and november of last year, weeks prior, a similar report went in as well. two years ago, the same man who was outside who did not go inside, that is in addition to those that went to the fbi. that is what we know of so far. and we are nine days into this right now. a lot more to cover. >> sandra: and it makes your stomach set, as you learn those details. meanwhile, special counsel robert mueller, with a new indictment against paul manafort. it charges of tax evasion and bank fraud.
6:38 am
asp six spokesman speaking. having nothing to do with russia and the collision. mr. manafort is confident that he will be acquitted, and it will be remedied. former trump campaign manager industry, chief strategist, he is joining us on the morning of a lot of action. good morning to you. so what did you make when you learned of these new charges against a paul manafort and gates? >> well, i think what we have seen here is what paul and rick have been accused of are clearly predating their time or any relationship they had with the trump campaign. so what they have been accused of is sometime during 2006, so about ten years ago, they were doing business overseas with a number of russian oligarchs and others, and they did not disclose that information either on their taxes, which is what
6:39 am
mueller has said, or filing their money through a number of foreign entities. cypress and others. and so they are going to be held accountable for that, but the very important thing here is this had nothing to do with the trump campaign, with russian collision, and everything that they have been accused of by mueller and his team, it predates the campaign by ten years, so i think they need to be held accountable for their wrongdoings, if they have done something wrong. but to their point, and i think it is a fair one, it has nothing to do with anything as it relates to the campaign, russian collision or in cooperation. >> sandra: is he exceeding his authority, do you believe? >> you know, i don't know because i think as you look at what paul and rick have been accused of, clearly, that started because of their relationship with the trump campaign. and what we have seen is that paul, for whatever reason, had an email that said he was willing to greet some russians privately. some people who would he used to
6:40 am
work with privately on how the campaign was going, so that is probably where the mueller investigation started, and i don't know. so it began there, by paul offering in an email to brief some russians that he used to work for on the status of the campaign. but i think it does fall under the umbrella of the mueller team. but whatever took place at ten years prior, the money laundering, supposedly, and the tax evasion, does that predate the campaign? you bet it does, did it start with the emails? i think it probably did. >> sandra: it is a 32 count indictment, including false income tax returns, failure to file a report with bank and financial accounts, five counts of bank fraud, and i asked you that's about exceeding his authority, mueller, because it seems that that is what paul manafort is suggesting in that statement. he is innocent, he is thing of all of these allegations, but bottom line, there is still no evidence of collusion.
6:41 am
and of the charges have nothing to do with russia. >> well, in that regard, i happen to agree with paul. there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia or cooperation or coordination. that never took place. we now know, based on the information which is publicly available, the only campaign that potentially colluded with russia was the clinton campaign. they took $5 million, they give it to chris for sale, he went to russia, try to dig up this dirty delsea, and that is all public information. and rod rosenstein said this. it never has anyone in the trump campaign bennett tied with a colluding to russia in any way, shape, or form. what we know is that there was no material impact on the outcome of the election by the russians, which is what we have seen very clearly. >> sandra: this has been a big conversation at cpac. he said we are talking about russia here, to start off the conference. because the mueller investigation has been going on for over a year, and there is
6:42 am
still no evidence of collusion. we want to know what they've got, and we want to know what it is now. cpac is underway, your final thought before we go? >> look, i think the president today is going to deliver a very important address to cpac. the issue of gun safety has to be paramount right now. we have to do, like the president said, anything we can do, humanly possible to protect our children as they go to school every day, that has to be the priority of our country moving forward. >> sandra: all right, thank you for being here this morning. we deal with the present now. >> bill: minutes away, the present arriving there seconds ago. also, the president believes that some american teachers should be armed in the classroom. that debate is hot, and that debate is next. >> if you harden these schools, you are not going to have these problems. these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools. those schools are going to be safe.
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>> i think we need hardened sites. we need to let people know you come into our schools, you are going to be dead. these people are cowards. they are not going to walk into a school if 20% of the teachers have guns. i would recommend doing this. the people who do carry we give them a bonus. we give them a little bit of a bonus, so practically for free, you have now made the school into a hardened a target. >> bill: we are going to hear a little bit more in a moment, president trump calling for arming some teachers, suggesting bonuses, as this debate continues post-parkland. one political analyst and cohost of "the five." good morning to you. >> what is going on and the broward county? you look at this list of warning signs, the system has failed over and over again. and it was alarming when the fbi
6:47 am
came out and said we were indicated twice, and we did not ask. we did not pass that information down to miami, and now we know how many times they were warned, as early as last november into the weeks prior to that. and now we see the security guard that was -- she was there, he was armed, he was ready, and did not go in when shots were fired. this stuff makes your stomach turn. >> it does. every new revelation here is gut wrenching. it is hard to work your way through the stories, like the one that ran in the "miami herald" yesterday. these details, seeing one example after another of how law enforcement both at the local and federal level failed. i think it is particularly awful that law enforcement was pointing the finger at the fbi, gladly trying to shift the blame, knowing full well that many times in their own past that they had overlooked these reports and not taking the kinds
6:48 am
of steps that one would imagine they would take. to prevent something like this from happening. >> bill: you know, this is just what we know today. and we are only nine days into this. and these people continue to grieve and will for the rest of their lives. in the early stages of this investigation, for this amount of information to come out, this is system failed those families. >> yeah, clearly, if you're talking to the local cops, and i could not agree with you more, they had every opportunity. but clearly, they would say to you that they are not empowered to deny somebody their liberty or put them in an insane asylum because someone says, they are acting suspicious, they look funny. to me, the system failed even with the ability of that young man to get a gun, not 21, and knowing that he had been thrown out of school, knowing that he had had interaction where the police were called it to look at him and look at his
6:49 am
situation. i don't understand why he was given a gun. >> bill: and that is part of the debate as well, to both of you, what do you of the successions that we have heard so far? >> i think there are steps that we can take it to make our schools harder targets. i am very skeptical of the idea of giving 20% of teachers guns. >> bill: i think just talking about it will help. they released one dozen reports that have been foiled in schools across the country, you know that is leading to? that is a no-tolerance policy, and that's what we need. >> i think you can look at it that way or flip that formula and suggest that what we are seeing is people copycatting based on the amount of attention that has been given to nicholas cruz, and that he has been cell advertised because of the attention that he has gotten. i think on the specific suggestion of giving 20% of teachers arms. that it won't cost us much, i
6:50 am
think it would be tremendously costly. it is not at all clear that it would solve more problems. if you want to hearing more and more about schools that are going public with the fact that some of their teachers are carrying already. now, quickly, what do you think of these suggestions that are out there? >> i think 7-8 states already allow them to carry, they don't disclose all the cases where teachers hurt themselves. i don't think it is getting support from teachers or principals, and especially not from law enforcement. so you have to keep that in mind. we are looking for things that are effective. i think raising the age of someone who can get that kind of thing, hardened targets are always good, but i do not want to send my child to school in an army. >> bill: we have to push the word out there, in case there is a sick, demented killer out there. they want to take action, and can't because they will be met with bullets from the other side. >> while, there was a guard of
6:51 am
their last time. >> bill: i am aware. thanks for the debate. >> sandra: we are minutes away from president trump speaking at the cpac conference in maryland. we will take you there live when it begins. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. oh! there's one.a "the sea cow"" manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend.
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what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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6:54 am
>> sandra: facing legal trouble, a grand jury slapping the former navy seal with felony invasion. he is accused of blackmailing his mistress after taking a sexually explicit photo of her. we have more on the story. what is the status of the governor? >> released on his own recognizance, he is free to travel about the country. in fact, he was scheduled for a meeting in d.c. up with the national of governors. the word is that he will not attend it. he now joins the fraternity of
6:55 am
governors with mug shots. however, he insists that he is absolutely innocent, and it was made by a reckless liberal prosecutor. he says that it was intended to prosecute peeping toms and not to consenting adults. >> the charges against the governor are baseless and unfounded. eric is absolutely innocent of these charges. and we will be filing a motion to dismiss. the allegation comes from an extramarital affair because he was elected. the governor and his hairdresse hairdresser, he tied her to a piece of exercise equipment with her consent and blindfolded her. she climbed in an audio recording by her husband that greitens it snapped a photo of her partially it, and was allegedly without her consent. >> he was going to mention my
6:56 am
name. >> now, the threat could qualify as a misdemeanor, however, according to the attorney, the picture was transferred to a computer, and again, according to the circuit attorney, that is where this case it fits the parameters of the statute, qualifying for felony invasion of privacy. sandra. >> sandra: we will keep falling that story. thank you. >> bill: we are minutes now away from the main event. the president will be arriving at cpac, and we will have that live when it begins. much love will have the introduction. there will be news on north korea and the gun debate. looking at all of that, coming on back. we are live at cpac.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
address the annual gathering of conservatives for the second time as commander in chief. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: good morning to you, i am bill hemmer. president trump set to charge up that crowd. he gave it raucous speech about a year ago, and now, a year into his presidency, he returns it to give a speech. he will be a powerful asset on the campaign trail, come this fall. >> he connects with the voters. he says to you i understand that your wages were stagnant under barack obama. he is going to be on the road, campaigning, fighting for this comebacker, and fighting for this majority because he knows how important it is that we keep america going in the right direction. >> sandra: chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. he joins us now as we were the present. chris, what are your expectations this morning?
7:01 am
>> we had a bit of a preview yesterday from vice president pence. he said the 2,017th had been the most consequential year in the history of of the conservative movement, and then he went on to lay out a number of accomplishments by this president. the other phrase he used, which is one that you are hearing a lot from republicans, promises made, promises kept, and while there have been some setbacks, they failed to repeal obamacare, they obviously -- there are a number of things that they did accomplish at the end of the year. the major tax cut, and that included the repeal of the individual mandate for obamacar obamacare. a major move in a pushing back it, pulling back regulations, the nomination and confirmation in the supreme court, a record number of anomalies that were confirmed to the court of appeals, the second level of courts in this country, below the supreme court, and successes
7:02 am
against isis and iraq and syria. so we also expect him to announce today, a new set of sanctions, they are going to say the biggest ever against north korea. you know, there is some question. we have maybe sanctioned out. there are so many things that they have done over the year to and pose sanctions. at that the era of the strategic patients is over, and we are going to put pressure on after these feel-good winter olympics. >> sandra: of this, of course, the speech by the president, second year in a row, there was a raucous speech that he delivered there. he got this crowd going. do you expect -- do you expect the president to go off script here? sort of give us a classic version of himself, and attack a lot of the hot button issues right now because mark >> i am far too smart to predict what
7:03 am
donald trump is going to do. i suspect that it will have a lot of red meat in it. he is a great communicator. how to identify with the crowd, how to read a crowd, and if he sees something that he feels is getting people going, sure, he will do a riff on that. he is very comfortable going off script, but i think this will be on the one hand, a victory lap in what he is going to say that he and the conservative movement, the people in the crowd have accomplished in 2017, and a call to arms as to what they are going to try to do in 2018, leading up to the selection, as has been pointed out earlier. the rnc chairwoman pointed out, 2018 is a very big election. this president has been contested by democrats, and they have been able to block a lot of these initiatives already. you get democrats taking control of the house, you get nancy pelosi back as speaker, conceivably though i think it is less likely, the democrats taking control of the senate.
7:04 am
there are a lot of bad things that will happen from the president the point of view. his agenda will be blunted. instead of having paul ryan as speaker, you will nancy pelosi. you will have adam schiff, there will be investigations, people will be subpoenaed. so there is a lot at stake. so they're trying to hold onto their majorities in the house and the senate in november. >> sandra: and here we are in the last friday in february, hard to believe. timing is going to start getting very interesting for the midterm elections, so perhaps it is not too far off to predict that the president is going to take that stage in a few moments and take a bit of a victory lap, now that he is returning to address this crowd after he has got a track record and a year under his belt and office. >> that's right. as i said, one of the lines that is being used, pence made it, promises made, promises kept.
7:05 am
they are obviously have been some setbacks and some disappointments, but there is a record, and he can run on that record. obviously, he hopes that a lot of republicans will run on that record in 2018. you know, we were pointing out, is a strength on the campaign trail, the fact is president trump that mobilizes both sides. he still has an enormous connection with his base, and immobilizing of those folks that helped elect him president and 2016, and they are vital to republicans retaining control of the house and the senate. he also mobilizes the opposition. there is a reason that you saw in the special election in arizona, and alabama involving roy moore, you really saw lots of democrats, women, minorities, young people coming out, mobilized. so he is going to be a key figure in the selection both pro and con. >> sandra: you know, the
7:06 am
chairman, matt schlapp of cpac, he made it very clear that russia is on the agenda there at cpac. why? because of this mueller investigation is ongoing. we just chatted with cory lewandowski as more charges have been brought against paul manafort and gates, formerly with trump's campaign, and i wonder if the president is going to address that. matt schlapp said of the goal is to find what mueller has now. they are owed an answer. as this investigation continues. >> well, again, i am not going to predict what the president will say. i am sure that his lawyers will ask him to stay away from it, but we know, we have seen all the tweets. at this president it genuinely feels that this has gone on for more than a year. his frustration is obvious with the fbi. over this past weekend, even linking the failure to act on some of the tips about the shooter, nicholas cruz, the shooter at parkland. he linked to those and some people would say it has a basis,
7:07 am
and some people would say that it has no basis. all of the concentration by the fbi, the special counsel on investigating what he says is a hoax. the idea that there has been any collusion between the present, the trump campaign, and the russians. so he obviously feels that. and one of the points that we may, yesterday, we obviously saw dozens of new charges, a new indictment against paul manafort, and rick gates, who was one of the right-hand man. and at one of the points at the white house makes, those were crimes that were committed long before either of them were involved in the trump campaign. >> bill: chris, one of the things that struck me this week is perhaps this president greatest asset is the way that he interacts with people. we saw the two days ago when he listened to all those students, the parent, and what a moment that was. and you mention the new charges in the mueller matter, russia,
7:08 am
russia, russia. it has kept a lid on this president. you know that he would rather talk to reporters and probably conduct the press conferences on his own, but he can't because the lawyers at the white house don't want to allow the opportunity to get tripped up in a question. and that has to be a part of the thinking. you think about the only press conference that he has really held at the white house, it goes back 8-10 months, that's moment where he called out cnn. i -- you are not fake news, you are really fake news. and if you go back and look at that, the whole room is laughin laughing. even jim is laughing when that came out. that part of this presidency has been sidelined entirely because of the mueller matter, and certainly, that must be, that's must be a blow to the present, a blow to the white house, and a way of preventing the message from going forward on a daily basis. what you think about that? >> well, no, i think a lot of
7:09 am
what you say is right. that trust conference, it was a year ago. it was last february. and that was the only formal news conference. yes, he has these events, and he's going to have one today, they take two questions from the american press, and steam foreign press. and he will have that today, but the kind of freewheeling news conference that he has had at points during the campaign, that he had last february, he hasn't been able to have. and i suspect that russia has a lot to do with that. and as far as his connection with the american people, i completely agree with you that this has been, on wednesday, the listening event with the teachers, with the parents, with some of the kids, from that high school at parkland, was extraordinary. as someone who has covered a lot of white houses and a lot of present, advisors don't allow themselves to be in situations that they don't know that they can control, and they obviously
7:10 am
knew that it is a highly charged political and emotional situation that they would not have control over their students. we saw it. it was a range with people who set armed the schools and some who were crying and said how can these people who are demented, demented, who are deranged, how can they have access to guns, so he was in a situation he could not control, which is very rare for a president. and which is even more extraordinary, he allowed her to be broadcast live on national tv, and that doesn't happen ever, either. if you're going to have that kind of uncontrolled situation, you do it behind closed doors. so this is a president who very much likes to be out there. some people have said you know, he views every day as an episode of a reality show. with him cast as the leading figure. >> bill: to that point, he understands how it works. he understands how media and television works. it is like a being a commander in chief with one hand tied behind your back.
7:11 am
and with these new charges in virginia yesterday, the mueller matter could go into 2019, chris. >> and we also have the key question, whether it is in days, weeks, or months, whether he will sit for an interview. we know that mueller and his team want to sit down with the president. there is talk, i don't think it has been decided yet, that they would advise him to oppose that. if that happens, then mueller is going to go to a grand jury and get a subpoena, and if the president resists that, that is going to go to the court, and who knows how long that will take? for all the talk that we got from some of the presence lawyers, this will be over by christmas, this will be over by the new year, this will be over by the state of the union, this is not going to be over for a long time. there is no question about it, and some will say legitimately, some will say utterly unfairly, on this president and his ability to pursue this agenda.
7:12 am
>> sandra: so, matt schlapp, the chairman of cpac is now walking out onto the stage. he will be introducing the president there at the age of 2018. as we do awaits the president's remarks here, as the president is about to address this conservative crowd, how would you describe this president standing a year in it with the conservative movement? and i ask you that a day after wayne lapierre, is the head of the nra gave a fiery speech on that same stage. it was almost minutes after that the president was at that listening session at the white house, suggesting that he is very much open to changing some of the gun laws in this country. >> oh, i think that he is going to be welcomed as a returning hero. you know, look at, there may be some differences, and there is on one specific issue with the nra, which is whether or not to raise the age, the minimum age, to be able to purchase an ar-15
7:13 am
from 18 to 21. that is what it is for handguns. the difference on that, but in the vast majority of issues, there is a tremendous -- a tremendous agreement both of the conservatives and the president. and if they feel very much that he has pushed and kept weight with his promises. a year ago, whether given his history, whether he really was a true conservative, whether he would keep faith with what he campaign on, whether it is the wall, tax cuts, whether it is obamacare, a variety of issues, whether it is conservative judges, he very much has kept faith with the people of cpac. before i go, may i quickly plug my show because we are going to have a great show on sunday. we are going to have rick scott, the governor of florida, who in about an hour is going to announce his agenda for what he wants to see on the gun that. he gets an a+ from the nra. it will be interesting to see what he proposes. plus, we will speak with andrew poliquin, he is a father who
7:14 am
spoke at the listening session, and andrew poliquin was the father of a student who was gunned down. and he spoke about why don't we fix things now? it was a real cry from the heart. any parent felt that very keenly. the one his daughter was 18 years old. chris, we will expect a walk out here any moment. internationally, there is a big deal in the korean peninsula. you have closing ceremonies on sunday, and then getting into the calendar being at mid-march. and the rubber is going to hit the road on this story. what is your sense with ivanka trump arriving there and south korea earlier today? the pressure has not let up, despite the fact that sometimes it moves out the headlines, and the president's, and all likelihood will announce that these tough sanctions against north korea are here. so where are we three weeks from
7:15 am
now? >> well, that's is an interesting question, remember that the north koreans made some progress when kim's younger sister came down. she invited presence moon of south korea up to a meeting at pyongyang. he is going to announce his sanctions today. he is going to want to make sure that the alliance between the u.s. and south korea is firm, and he is going to want to see, and i think he is going to want to speak it with presence moon of south korea to make sure that they are not softening at all, and continuing it to apply extreme pressure. if moon goes up to meet in the north korean capital of pyongyang with cam and announces they are lessening some of their economic sanctions, they are going to continue to do business, that is bad news for president trump, so i'm going te the president is going to come out. >> bill: chris, thank you very
7:16 am
much, we will see you on sunday. chris wallace in washington, d.c., and let's take you live to cpac now. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> president trump: thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you, matt for that great introduction, and thank you for this big crowd. this is incredible. really exciting. we've all come a long way together. we've come a long way together.
7:17 am
i'm thrilled to be back at cpac, with so many of my wonderful friends and amazing supporters, and proud conservatives. remember when i first started running. i wasn't a politician, fortunately, but do you remember, i started running, and people would say are you sure he is a conservative? i think that would prove that i am a conservative. for more than four decades, this event has served as a forum for our nation's top leaders, activist, writers, thinkers. year after year, leaders have stood on the stage to discuss what we can do together to protect our heritage and to promote our culture, and to defend our freedom. cpac has always been about big ideas, and it has also been about putting those ideas into action. and cpac really has put a lot of ideas into action.
7:18 am
talking about some of them this morning. but the last year, with your help, we have put margaret conservative ideas into use, then perhaps ever before in american history. [cheers and applause] by the way, was a nice picture that is. i love that. i would love to watch that guy speak. [laughter] i try like hell to hide about the bald spot, folks. it doesn't look bad. hey, we are hanging in. we are hanging in there, right? together, we are hanging in. we have confirmed a record
7:19 am
number, so important, of circuit court judges, and we are going to be putting in a lot more. and they will interpret the law as written. and we've confirmed that an incredible new supreme court justice, a great man, neil gore we've passed a massive -- the biggest in history -- tax cuts and reformers. you know, i don't use the word reform. very positive. and when we were first doing it, i told everybody just to talk about tax cuts. people don't know what reform means. they think a reform that might mean it is going up. and i said do tax cuts.
7:20 am
[boos] thank you. how did he get in here, matt? why? okay. just for the media, the fake news back there, they took very good care of him. they were very gentle. he was very obnoxious. it was only one person. so we have thousands of people here. so listen. tomorrow, the headline will be a "protesters that disturb --" a one person, folks. doesn't disturb deserve a head. it doesn't deserve a mention. one person, he was very nice.
7:21 am
we looked at him, he immediately left. okay. [laughter] [cheers and applause] no, i have had it too often. you will have one person. you can hardly even hear him. they biggest disturbance are you people. you know why? he will say something, nobody hears them. and then the crowd will start screaming at him, and then all of a sudden, we stopped, and that's okay. you have to show your spirit, right? you have to show your spirit. so we passed the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country. and it was called tax reform. and i said to our people, don't use the word reform because they are were going to call the tax reform act, and i said no water for 45 years, nothing has been passed, and they don't know what reform means. reform can mean they're going to pay more tax. so, i convinced politicians who have done this all their lives,
7:22 am
and they do a great job in many cases, but this was one where it was the tax reform act of whatever year we want to put, okay? so we have the tax reform act, and that was it. and it is called the tax cuts act and a jobs. we had to add jobs into it because we have been giving out a tremendous number of jobs. 2.7 million jobs. 2.7. so now, people here tax cuts, and it has been popular. remember, it started off a little slow. then it got past, and we had some great help. i will say, we had some great help in the senate, we have guys here today. we have a lot of congressmen, we have a lot of senators, we had a lot of help. and we got it passed. it was not easy. we did not have one democratic vote, and i think that is going to cost them in the midterms.
7:23 am
i know that whoever wins the presidency has a disadvantage. a you know what happens ?-questionstion -mark i'm trying to figure it out because historically, if you win the presidency, you don't do well. and you know what? we can't let that happen. no one has been able to explain that. just happen statistically, almost all of the time. what happens is you try so hard to win the presidency, you fight, fight, fight, and then two years later, that is a very short time. by the time you start campaigning, it's a year. and now, you have to go and fight again, but you just one. won. so you end up not doing that well because the other side of, they are crazed -- they are crazy anyway. they are really crazed. so you know, i kept trying to say why is this?
7:24 am
but it is just as they are. so the great enthusiasm, sitting back at, watching television, maybe i will vote today. we just won the presidency, and then we get clobbered, and we can't let that happen. we get clobbered in '18, and we can let that happen. only because we are so happy. we have passed so many things. honestly, and i will use the word of my administration, as opposed to me. my administration, i think it, has had the most successful first year and the history of the presidency. i really believe that. i really do. i really believe it. so, i mean, judges, regulations, everything. and the beautiful thing, the beautiful thing, about the tax cuts, is nobody thought we could do it. again, we had to get 100%.
7:25 am
and nobody thought we could do it. and frankly, i mean, to me, we got it, and it has turned out to be one of the most popular things. and by the way, for the republicans in this room, of which i assume, is that 99%? or 100%? i would hope it is close. you know what? hey, we probably have some democrats that want to come over. we have a great governor from west virginia that left the democratic party. big jim. he came over to the republican party. so people are sitting there. and they are saying we just had that great big it -- let's not vote. let's go to a movie. the republican party, we are going to do great. and then they end up losing. so you have to keep up the enthusiasm. you know it happens, by the way? they lose, and then you have the presidential election coming up again. and you clobber them because everybody gets off their ass,
7:26 am
and they work. and they work and work and work. and you end up winning the presidency again. and we should do that. hopefully, we are going to do that very easily. but never, never, we have to worry. right now, you have to get up, you have to just gets that enthusiasm. keep it going. see, the word really is complacent. people get complacent. it is a natural instinct. you just won, and now, you're happy and complacent. don't be complacent. okay, don't be complacent. if they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts. they will put judges and that you wouldn't believe. they will take away your second amendment, which we will never allow to happen. they will take away your second amendment. [cheers and applause]
7:27 am
remember that. they will take away -- remember -- they will take away those massive tax cuts, and they will take away your second amendment. by the way, if you only had a choice of one, which would you rather have? second amendment or tax cuts? i go ahead. it second amendment. [cheers and applause] i am going to leave it at the second amendment. i don't want to get into that. all right. we are going to say that you want the second amendment the most, but we are going to get them all. and remember this. remember this. some of the got on television and said actually, this is the
7:28 am
first time that i can remember -- he may be the only person that actually fulfilled more promises then he made. i think that is true. i don't know. but we have a very crooked of media. we had a crooked candidate, by the way. [cheers and applause] we have a very, very crooked media. i will say this, folks. everything that is turning out, now it is amazing, it has come full circle. boy, have they committed a lot of atrocities, when you look, right? have they done things that are wrong. but remember this. not only did we get the tax
7:29 am
cuts, which everybody said we would not get. and by the way, repealed in that tax cuts, the individual mandat mandate. this is where you are forced to pay in order to not have health care. you pay for the privilege of not having health care. subsidizing lots of other people. that is gone. i know people came up to me with tears in their eyes. i am forced to pay not to have health care. and by the way, we have health care plans coming out that are much better than obamacare at a fraction of the cost. [cheers and applause] and except for one senator, who came into a room at 3:00 in the morning and went like that, we would have had health care too. we would have had health care too. think of that. but i think we may be better off the way that we are doing it. piece by piece, by piece. obamacare is just being wiped
7:30 am
out. the individual mandate, essentially, wipes it out. so i think we may be better off. and people are getting great health care plans, and we are not finished yet. but remember, one person walked into a room when he was supposed to go this way, and he said he was going this way, and he walked in, and everyone said what happened? what was that all about? boy, oh, boy, who was that? i don't know, i don't know. i don't know. i don't want to be controversial so i want to use his name. what a mess. but it's all happening anyway. it's all happening anyway. and we, at the same time, eliminated a record number of job killing regulations, and people are going back to work. right? people are going back to work. so, you know, the fake news --
7:31 am
if i say something that is like a little off -- makes the headline. i have to be careful. in the history of presidents, no president -- and i am saying no president. maybe they will find i was off. no president -- while i read it and lots of good papers, actually. but they will change the story when i say it. no president has ever caught so many regulations in their entire term. okay? as we have cut in less than a year. and it's my opinion that the regulations have had as big of an impact as these massive tax cuts that we have given, and i really believe that. we have ended the war on american energy. we were at war, and we ended the
7:32 am
war on beautiful, clean coal. one of our great natural resources. very important for our defense comical. very important for defense. because we have it. we don't have to get it from foreign countries. they wanted to ended, and our minors have been mistreated. and they are not being mistreated anymore. we are doing tremendous busines business. i was anna vietnam, and the prime minister and the president or there. we have a massive debt with them like we do with everyone else because these presidents have just let it go to hell. we have too big of a deficit with vietnam, i am not happy. he said you know, we had bought coal from west virginia and other places, and it is the finest coal.
7:33 am
it is interesting. and west virginia is now doing great. you look at what is happening in west virginia. you look at what is happening in pennsylvania. you look at what is happening and ohio. and you look at what's happening in wyoming. you look at what's happening all over. it's like a different world. and remember this. virtually as soon as i got into office, we approved the keystone pipeline and feed the access pipelines, which would never have been approved. and we announced our withdrawal from the totally disastrous job killing wealth knocking out -- you know, knocking out our wealth, or it would have. they basically wanted to take our wealth away. they did not want us to use our wealth power. we knocked out the paris climate
7:34 am
accord. would have been a disaster. [cheers and applause] you know, basically, it said we have a lot of oil and gas that we have found. technology has been amazing, we found things that we would have never known. we have massive energy reserves, we have coal, we have so much. and basically, it makes us uncompetitive. it is not going to happen. i told them. it is not going to happen. and you know, china, their agreement did not kick in until 2030. right? our agreement kicks in immediately. russia, they are allowed to go
7:35 am
back into the 1990s, which was not a clean environmental time. other countries, big countries, india, and others, we had to pay because they considered them a growing country. they were a growing country. we -- are we allowed to grow too? [cheers and applause] they called india a developing nation. they called to china in nation. but the united states, were developed, we can pay. so, folks, if you don't mind, i tell you what, it's amazing how many people understand the paris accord. it sounds so good. it's like some of the environmental regulations. they have the most beautiful titles. and sometimes you say i am just going to close my eyes and sign this because i am going to get killed on this one. the country knows what i'm doin doing.
7:36 am
we could not build, we could not farm. they called it a lake for the purposes of environmental. i mean, it is crazy. and i signed certain bills, and i have farmers behind me. and i have house builders, homebuilders behind me. and these are tough people. strong people. they have fought hard, they have worked all their lives hard. and half of them would be a crying because we gave them their property back. we gave them the right you are and 11. they couldn't do it. they couldn't do what they had to do. we gave them their property back. we gave them their dignity back. [cheers and applause] by the way, you don't find if i go off script a little bit because you know, it's sort of boring. [cheers and applause]
7:37 am
we've got this beautiful suite. everything is wonderful, but a little boring. we have to -- you know -- but we gave them their dignity back. and that's why our country is it doing record business. we are doing record business. we're doing business, and you have to look at the fundamental fundamentals. companies are pouring back into this country. they are pouring back. not like it -- i mean, when did you hear about car companies coming back into michigan? coming to ohio and expanding? when did you hear that? you never heard that. you hear they are leaving. i have been talking about it for 20 years. i was a private-sector guy, but i always had these guys covered more than anybody else. i always got a lot of decent characters. they use to treat me so good until i ran for office. i use to get the best publicity. a friend of mine said you used to be the king of getting good publicity, he said what happened? well, i have some views that
7:38 am
they are opposed to for a lot of bad reasons. they are bad reasons. but when you look at what is happening to our country, it's incredible. and the fundamentals are so strong. the stock market, i just to see, with all of the ups and downs, since election day, it is up with 37% from election day. 37%. [cheers and applause] now, it did a little bit of a correction. in fact, it is to say, and it for like 13-14 months from election. is this a sucker ever going down a little bit? this is a little embarrassing. up 100, 200, 1,000, of 90, up 63. i said that's better. we've got seven years to go, folks. we've got a long time to go.
7:39 am
so thank you, everybody. you've been amazing. you've been amazing. you know what -- what matt didn't say, when i was here in 2011, i made a speech. and i was received with such warmth. they used to give it -- i don't know if matt does that. you might not want to be controversial. they used to give the best speech of speech. do they still do that? you better pick me or i am not coming back next year. budget -- and i got to this. everybody loved that speech. i think, matt, i would say that's might have been the first real political speech that i made. it was a lovefest. 2011, i believe, the time was, he a lot of people remembered. they said it we want to trump. we want to trump. everybody said he cannot.
7:40 am
he cannot do it. you need $270. you need electrical electoral . the popular vote. that would be so much easier. you just go, you do a great job. hilary forgot that. i said why does she keep going back to california? crazy. next time, they are going to remember iowa. they are going to remember ohio. remember? they spent a lot of time in pennsylvania, to no avail. they spent a lot of money, they spent a lot of money in north carolina. the great state of north carolina. we did very well there. we have a great person, mike meadows, from north carolina. where is mark? where's mark?
7:41 am
and we have jim jordan. warriors. worry is all. we have a lot of grated -- we have a lot of great people here. but you know, we just hit a chord. and if you're a member, 2011, that was probably the beginning of what we have done. hopefully, at the end of that period of time, people are going to say thank you because it is not easy. we are fighting a lot of forces. they are just doing the wrong thing. i don't want to talk about what they have in mind, but they do the wrong thing. but we are doing what is good for our country for the long term. liability and survival. like for instance, we got money approved for our military. our military was going to hell. we declined to certify the terrible one-sided i ran a nuclear deal. that was a horrible deal.
7:42 am
whoever heard that you give $150 billion to a nation that has no respect for you whatsoever? they are saying death to americ america. if summary said death to america while i am signing an agreement as president, i immediately say what is going on here, folks? i'm not finding it. they just kept going. terry may be the worst negotiator i have ever seen. how about -- how about this guy? obama, of course. he's the one. [boos] how about 1.8 billion in cash? did you ever see what's like $1 million look like? a lot of people do it as a promotion. it's a lot, it's big, it's thic thick. now take that, go to $1.8 billion in cash. 1.8 billion. for what? for what? why do we do this? why do we do it? anyway, we did not certify, and
7:43 am
a lot of interesting things are happening with that whole mess. but we have to treat people that treat us well. we treat them well. people that treat us badly, we treat them much worse than they could ever imagine. that's the way. that's the way it has to be. we officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. [cheers and applause] you know, every president campaigned we are going to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
7:44 am
everybody. for many presidents. you have been reading it, and then they never pulled it off. and i now know why. because i put the word out that i may do it. right? i thought i would do it in my campaign. so that usually means, that i am going to do it. i was hit by more countries, and more pressure, and more people calling, begging me, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it. i said we have to do it. it's the right thing to do. and we have to do it. and i did it. but every other president really lied because i campaigned on it. that was always a big part of the campaign, then they got into office, and they never did. so i understand why they never did because the campaign against it was so incredible. you know what? the campaign for it was also incredible. and we did the right thing. so we kept our promises, as i said, to rebuild our military, rebuilding the defense.
7:45 am
it is a disaster. and i don't know if you saw the number $700 million, you know ultimately, that comes before everything else. and if we don't have a strong military, you may not be allowed into this room someday, okay? you may not have your houses, your home, your beautiful communities. we have to take care of our military. these are the greatest people. and we are going to take care of our veterans. we're going to take care of our vets. we have been doing a good job on the bus. semi, and after years of rebuilding other nations, we rer nations. we rebuild other nations and -- and not have a lot of money. we don't ever say hey, you're going to help.
7:46 am
we are finally rebuilding our nation. we are rebuilding our nation. and we are restoring our confidence and our pride. all of us here today are united by the same time as values. we defend our constitution, and we believe in the wisdom of our founders. our constitution is great. we support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. true. we know that a strong nation must have strong borders. we celebrate our history and our
7:47 am
heroes, and we believe young americans should be taught to love their country and to respect his traditions. don't worry, you're getting the wall. don't worry. [cheers and applause] i had a couple of these characters in the backside, he really doesn't want the wall. he just use that for campaigning. can you believe it? you know, i say every time i hear that, the wall gets 10 feet higher. you know that. every single time. okay. or they're not going to have what they want. you know, we have a problem. we need more republicans, we have a group of people that vote against us in a block.
7:48 am
they are good at two things. resisting, obstruction, resisting, obstruction, and they stick together. they do. they always vote. it is so rare that you get a couple of them to come your way. we are going to be fighting these people in the election. we are going to be finding them in the vote against the tax cuts. they are popular and helping people, helping her country. you saw that apple just brought 350 billion anna. exxon brought 50 billion end. so we are going to be fighting. the fact is we need more republicans to vote. we want to get our agenda because now what we have to do is in order to get a vote to fix our military, we have to give them $150 billion, nobody in this room, including me, once in many cases. it's terrible. we need more republicans. that's why you have to get out,
7:49 am
and you have to fight. you have to do it. we salute our great american flag, we put our hands and our hearts to the pledge of allegiance. and we all probably stand for the national anthem. above all else, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are at the center of american life. we know that. because in america, we don't worship governments. we worship god.
7:50 am
our nation's motto is in god we trust. and of this week it, our nation lost an incredible leader. who devoted his life to helping us understand what those words really mean. leader. he was a leader. we will never forget the historic crowds, that voice, the energy and of the profound faith of a preacher named billy graha graham.
7:51 am
great man. a great family, frankly. they were for us, i will tell you, they were for us. right from the beginning, they were for us. as a young man, billy decided to devote his life to god. that choice not only changed his life, it changed our country, and indeed, it even change the world. reverend graham is belief in the power of god's word gave a hopeo millions and millions who listened to him with his very beautiful but very simple message. god loves you.
7:52 am
[applause] and a very special tribute, because it is almost never done. on wednesday, we will celebrate billy graham's life, as he lies in honor and the rotunda of our capital. [applause] one day, wednesday till thursday at 11:00, i bet those lines are going to be long and beautiful because he deserves it. not everybody deserves it. but very few people. you look back. ronald reagan, so honored.
7:53 am
very few people are so honored. it's a big thing. and he really, almost more than anybody you can think of, he deserves to be in the rotunda. so that is going to be very special. wednesday at 11:00. and a paul and mitch and the whole group, they work very hard to make it all happen. so we want to thank them too. everywhere you go, all over the country, city small and large, americans of all faiths reach out to our creator for strength, for inspiration, and for healing. a great time for healing. in times of grief and hardship, we turn to prayer, to solace, and for comfort. in recent days, our entire nation has been filled with terrible pain and sorrow over the evil massacre in a great community, parkland, florida. the senseless act of mass murder
7:54 am
has shocked our nation and broken our hearts. this week, i had the honor of meeting with students from a stoneman douglas high school, with families who have lost their children in prior shootings. great families, great people. with members of the local community right here in washington, d.c. our whole nation was moved by that they are strength and by their courage. we listen to their heart-wrenching stories, asked them for ideas, and pledged to them. i can speak with all of the senators and congressmen and congresswomen, all of the people in this room that are involved in this decision, that we will ask. we will do something. we will ask. with us on wednesday was one of the families whose daughter didn't come home last week.
7:55 am
a beautiful young woman named metal pollock. i had them in the oval office. incredible people. you have probably seen her picture. she had a beautiful, beautiful smile. and a beautiful life. so full of promise. we wish there was something, anything we could do to bring meadow and all of the others back. they are not enough tears in the world or to express our sadness and anguish to her family, and for every family that has lost a precious one. no family should ever say -- it should ever have to go in and suffer the way these families have suffered. they have suffered beyond anything i have ever witnessed.
7:56 am
a father drops his daughter off at school, kisses her good-bye, waves to her. she is walking up the path. and never sees her alive again. get the call, can't believe it. things it's a nightmare. once you wake up from the nightmare. so we want to hear ideas from americans of all backgrounds and the police about how we can improve security at our schools, tackle the issue of mental health. because this was a sick person. very sick. and we had a lot of warning about him being sick. this wasn't a surprise. to the people that knew him, this wasn't even a little bit. in fact, some said they were surprised that it took so long. so what are we doing? what are we doing? we want to ensure that when there are warning signs, we can act and act very quickly. why do we protect our airports
7:57 am
and our banks, our government buildings, but not our schools? [cheers and applause] it's time to make our schools a much harder target for attackers. we don't want them in our schools. we don't want them. when we declare our schools to be gun free zones, it just puts our students in former danger. far more danger. well-trained gun adopted
7:58 am
teachers and coaches and people who work in those buildings, people who were in the marines were 20 years and retired, people in the army, navy, air force, coast guard, people who are adept, adept with weaponry and with guns. they teach. i mean, i don't want to have 100 guards standing with rifles all over the school. you do a conceal and carry permit. [cheers and applause] and this would be a major deterrent because these people are inherently cowards. if they thought -- like if this guy thought that other people
7:59 am
would be shooting bullets back at him, he would not have gone to that school. he would not have gone there. it is a gun free zone. it says this is a gun free zone. please check your guns away far away. and what happens is they feel safe. nobody is going to come out them. this way, you may have -- and remember, if you use the school as an example, this is a very big school. tremendous floor area and a lot of acreage. big, big school. a lot of acreage. he would have to have 150 real guards. you had one guard, he did not turn out to be real good, i will tell you that. he turned out to be not good. he was not a credit to law enforcement, that i can tell you. that i can tell you. [applause] but as i have been talking about this idea, and i feel it's a great idea, but some people that are good people are opposed to it. they don't like the idea of
8:00 am
teachers doing it. but i'm not talking about teachers. you know, cnn came on and said it donald trump wants all teachers. okay, fake news. fake news. i don't want a person that has never handled a gun that it would not know what i gun looks like to be armed. but out of your teaching population, out of your teaching population, you have 10%, 20% of what very gun adept people. a military people. law enforcement people. they teach. they teach. and something i thought of this morning. since i found and watched peterson, the deputy who didn't go into the school because he didn't want to go into the school, okay? he was tested under fire, and it wasn't a good result. but you know what i thought of as soon as i saw the outcome of teachers, and i've seen


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