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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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ones. we'll investigate that plan tomorrow. if you liked jordan peterson. the month of march the series on state of men in this country. not good and we will tell you what we can do about it good night from washington. sean is next. hey, sean. >> sean: hey, tucker, great show. liberal congressman adam schiff's counter memo on the fisa abuses finally released. a complete disaster for schiff and company full ever flat out lies, complete fabrications and it actually, in the end corroborates everything we have been telling you over a year on this program. now, like that, the fbi and the doj like they lied about the fisa judge in that case about the origins of the clinton bought and paid for dossier. full of russian government propaganda, they used that to get a warrant to spy on a member of the trump campaign. we will go through this schiff memo, point by point. we will separate fact from democratic fiction. this is something the
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destroy trump media will never do. house intel committee chairman devin nunes and carter page the former trump campaign advisor at the center of all of this, they will both join us tonight with exclusive reaction. and also breaking tonight, growing calls for broward county sheriff scott israel to resign over new information about his department's repeated failures to stop and then properly respond to the florida shooting. and according to new reports, a total of four officers did not enter the high school when they had an opportunity to confront the gunman and possibly save lives. we will describe in complete detail this bureaucratic failure and how every sign was missed that could have prevented, definitely could have prevented this tragedy. we will have the very latest on that breaking news in a mini monologue. first we get started with our breaking news opening monologue tonight. ♪ a lot of breaking news. we will go slow. a lot of details surrounding this democratic memo put together by liberal trump-hating congressman adam schiff.
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now, we will dissect this thing point by point. we will give you all the information that the media went tell you about. before we get into all of those details. here is the biggest take away. everything from a year ago that we have been uncovering and telling you about involving rampant fisa abuses, spying on the trump campaign, has actually now been corroborated by the democrats. now, it's all true, the schiff memo was supposed to take on the credibility and challenge the memo that congressman nunes put out. in reality, the exact opposite is happening. now, here's why. facts are facts. the truth is the truth. both republicans and democrats are now confirming that the completely unverified killerry clinton bought and paid for dossier filled with russian lies made a large part of the fisa application that was used to then spy on a member of the trump campaign. here is another key point you have to consider. have you noticed the near radio silence from fake news
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cnn, conspiracy tv, msnbc when it comes to the schiff memo? the liberal media they are not talking about it because they know that it proves all of the definings and facts of the republican memos. and now that you have that important background information. let's dive into this democratic memo. here's what this schiff memo corroborates. just like the nunes memo in the house grassley graham memo in the senate. they lay out the fbi, the doj did in fact lie and mislead a fisa judge about the fact that hillary clinton and the dnc that she controlled actually paid for the russian dossier full of lives. now, schiff, he actually quotes a section o of the fisa application in his memo. reads that the doj disclosed that christopher steele was approached by an identified u.s. person who has indicated a source one steele, that a u.s.-based law firm had hired the identified u.s. person to conduct research regarding
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candidate number one's ties to russia. trump. the identified person and source number one have long-standing business relationship. now, the identified u.s. person hired source number one to conduct the research. the identified u.s. person never advised source number one as to the motivation behind the research into candidate one's, trump's ties to russia. the fbi speculates the identified u.s. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate number one's campaign. mostlhillary clinton, the clintn campaign, the dnc. here's the shock. they are never mentioned. in other words, they are outright lying by omission. slowly. in other words, it is an indisputable fact that the fbi, doj, lied to the fisa judge in order to get a warrant to spy on trump campaign associate. he will join us later,
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carter page they purposefully and maliciously hid all ties to clinton and the dnc because there is no way on this green earth that any fisa judge would ever have approved the application if in fact the judge knew that clinton and the dnc paid over $12 million for a dossier to influence the election. and that last sentence about the fbi speculating about the purpose of the dossier, that's especially important, that indicates that the fbi and the doj they knew about the political smote investigations behindth russian paid for dossier and they used it any way. that key point hab pre-season and undoubtedly true understand how profound this is, the fbi and doj new hillary clinton and the dnc and they paid for a dossier filled with russian lies and
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russian government lies they covered up the fact before the fisa judge to get the warrant and in the process what are they really doing? they are shredding the constitution. fourth amendment protections. schiff is also exposing himself to be a big fat liar. in this memo admits that the dossier had political motivations. but on february 2nd, after the nunes memo came out, schiff put out a statement that statement reads in part, quote: the majority suggests that the fbi failed to alert the court as to mr. steele's potential political motivations and the political motivations of those who hired him. this is inaccurate. so schiff is saying something that is an outright lie. there is the proof the schiff memo is cooperating the nunes and grassley memos because they expose how the dossier was the essential part of the fisa application. and if you look at the grassley graham memo, it finds, quote: their words,
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the bulk of the fisa application consisted of the unverified clinton bought and paid for dossier. wow. now schiff tries to down play the dossier by writing in his memo that it only made up a narrow part of the fisa application. schiff also writes that a specific section of the fisa application actually references the completely unverified claims in the dossier about carter page and june 20th, june 2016 and the meetings that he had in moscow. page has denied over and over again it's never been confirmed. schiff is admitting contrary to its claims that the fisa made up to get the fisa warrant. current position on dossier trying to minimize it complete opposite of what they were saying back in march during a congressional hearing this is all
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politics. they are all liars and they are all phony and we have been right for a year now former british intelligence officer who is reportedly held in high regard by u.s. intelligence. russian sources tell him that page has also had a secret meeting with -- according to steele's russian sources page offered brokerage fees also according to steele's rust sources the campaign is offered documents damaging to hillary clinton. according to steele, it was manafort who chose page who serve as a go between for the trump campaign and russian interests. my focus today is to explore how many claims within steele's dossier are looking more and more likely as though they are accurate. the reputation of the author, christopher steele is a former accomplished career built on russia is important. this is not someone who doesn't know how to run a source and not someone without contacts.
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>> sean: they know better. andy mccarthy and other legal experts are pointing to a very key fact northbound to get the fisa warrant approved. page will join news a minute. page was acting as an agent of a foreign government. >> help russia or likely that violation of federal law. now as we have been reporting on. the dossier put the fisa warrant over the top. sign off on the warrant. we have also been telling you that the fisa application. first and probably the second time. then in the dossier was helped win approval. smangeg, it was the bulk of it and probably why the nunes memo says that the former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, he testified without the dossier, a judge would never have granted a fisa warrant to surveil carter page and by the way
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nunes memo was released. democrats oppose nunes about lying mccabe's testimony on the dossier. interesting, the schiff memo doesn't offer up any evidence to refute that wrong, why wouldn't schiff and the democrats provide a transcript what mccabe said to prove the point. my sources told me mccabe said that and much more. democrats didn't do it the for the obvious reason. the fact aren't on their side. make big deal about credibility. he worked for the fbi. schiff is trying to change the subject here and hide the fact that steele used current and former russian government sources in the dossier. and that none of the information, this is the posh part. none of it was ever verified by the fbi. it was never verified by the department of justice, by fusion gps which hired
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steele. fisa warrant, the credibility of the person is not nearly as important as the credibility of the sources or where the information is coming from. as we have been telling you none of the information from russian sources was ever corroborated. none of it. this modern fact from you the american people. g.o.p. memo details how the fisa application written by article written by carter page what schiff lies about is that steele was the source for isikoff and yahoo news which the fisa judge was not made aware of. he is like thinking these are two independent corroborating sources. no, one source, same person. and the republican memos explain how the yahoo news article was used to independently corroborate steele dossier and other source but steele was the
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only source. another lied to the judge. another yet key aspect of all of this is the schiff memo is admitting to be true. the former british spy christopher steele remember, why was he terminated as an fbi source? oh, he was leaking to the media what schiff conveniently leave out steele lied to the fbi about talking to the press and bringing information to them which is why senator grassley and senator graham have made a criminal referral against christopher steele. the schiff memo is full of other massive and outright lies as well. for example, schiff falsely claims that carter page was never spied on. while the member of the trump campaign. that's not true. because with the fisa warrant, the federal government has the ability to access all of page's old electronic communications. all the emails. old text messages old phone
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calls when he was part of the trump campaign. the fbi spied on the trump campaign and getting the warrant on page allowed them to do it which is why they lied to get the fisa warrants in the first place. page will join us and explain later on. now, if the guy was a russian spy. carter page, like the schiff memo is claiming. why wasn't carter page been charged with a crime? if the evidence against page is so overwhelming, you know, that the fbi didn't need the phony dossier to get a warrant. again, just like schiff and the democrats are claiming, then why was it used? now, schiff writes that carter page actually talked to the fbi in march of 2016. after the fbi got the dossier, months later why wouldn't they just go to talk to page again and find out what he knew. he cooperated in march. getting a fisa warrant on an american citizen is supposed to be the last resort. it should only be necessary when the foreign intelligence that the government is seeking cannot
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be obtained through normal investigative techniques. from what we now know, the fbi didn't get in contact with page again when the bureau apparently got their hands on the phony dossier in the fall of 2016 only months before the election. now, why wouldn't the fbi do that when page had already been corroborating? none of this makes sense. and then again maybe it isn't supposed to because the truth is finally coming out. here is the bottom line, the fbi top echelon not rank and file lied to a fisa judge about clinton and the dnc. they never told the judge that she paid for these russian lies in this dossier that was then used to get a warrant to spy on the trump campaign. it should be -- it is one if not the biggest political scandal in our history here with reaction is house committee chairman devin nunes. congressman, good to see you. thank you for being with us.
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>> good to be back. >> sean: i am a bit stunned at the schiff memo. i guess there is a reason that many in the liberal media aren't covering it because it corroborates so much of what you said the steele dossier as the graham grassley memo says was the bulk of the information, the phony unverified russian bought and paid for russian dossier, that was the biblical of the fisa bluck of th -- bulk of the fight. >> it's the bulk of the investigation. what the democrats have used over and over again. they have always went back to carter page. it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that they started to distance themselves from the dossier which was their information that they paid for. >> all right. and they -- what is so important to me is. so hillary, she has bought and paid for, her and the dnc, then it's used as the basis for a fisa warrant. but here is what is not addressed by adam schiff and he loves television. i mean, is he literally
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auditioning daily to be an msnbc contributor. but the most glaring thing to me is that it never mentions in his memo at all clinton or the dnc, just like it like it was never told to the fisa judge. >> right. that's our biggest problem from the beginning, remember that was only about fisa abuse. phase one was to say look fisa abuse occurred. the reason we wanted the democratic memo out if you recall over two weeks ago as soon as that as soon as it was sent over to the white house hey we want it out. the white house came back. the fbi and don said hey, make the changes and get it back out. then whawp had is this supposed coverup. they were blaming the president. saying the president weapght getting this out. that was the farthest thing from the truth. they could have gotten this out two weeks ago. they could have made the redactions the fbi and doj wanted and they could have gotten this out. we wanted it out for precisely the reasons that you are mentioning tonight. >> the doj and fbi never
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verified the clinton bought and paid for dossier although they knew it was political in nature, that she had paid for it? they never did their own verification? >> well, i think that's what is even more telling about the democratic memo that we like is that they are actually saying -- they actually say in there in the footnote and they give you the verbatim. they go out of their way to actually say how this was used, how it was political. but then they don't say specifically who paid for it appeared we just can't have a fisa court, we can't have our intelligence agencies used to target one political party against another. that's what happened here. >> sean: isn't that lying by omission, sir? >> well, i'm not an expert on that, sean, but clearly the way we see it, it was a lot more complicated to put what they put in to what the -- to put what the fbi and doj presented to the fisa court than it would have been just to say look,
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here, judge, this is who paid for it. >> sean: i guess the next thing i want to know is so we have had allegation after allegation after allegation trump russia collusion. is there any evidence to date of any trump russia collusion of any kind that you or anybody on your committee or anybody in the fbi or department of justice or robert mueller's investigation has come up with that you have seen? >> not that i have seen. and the only collusion that i continue to say that i have seen and we have proof of is that the democrats hired a british agent, former british agent who went to supposed russians to get dirt on the trump campaign. i mean that is -- it is collusion, it is clear collusion and nobody is investigating it and nobody is talking about it. >> sean: are crimes in your view committed here in terms of the fisa application, the role of high ranking not rank and file, high ranking fbi, doj intelligence people and what does it say about this whole year plus that this country has been
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consumed with an investigation that apparently has no evidence whatsoever should it go away? >> well, look, i think you have -- there is a variety of crimes that you have to look at. have you conspiracy would be the largest, also the hardest to prove. you have a lying misleading congress. you have the court that could actually do something if they feel like they were lied to. but the bigger problem here, i think, overall of this. just for -- fisa abuse specifically, is i just think the american public reject the idea that you can use a secret court, take political dirt from one party and use it against another. i think all american americans h can agree with that. >> sean: didn't glenn simpson also admit in testimony that in fact he never corroborated, he never verified, and at times i believe it might have been the senate. maybe not your committee. but i believe he also admitted that they had coordinated, in terms of media outreach to get out information that was never verified that was clinton bought and paid for. that was connected to
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russia? >> well, look, you have to assume, i mean, you know that glenn simpson and steele were meeting with numerous reporters. maybe this is why when i say the media is dead. maybe they are embarrassed, right? so many of them were briefed, maybe they can't actually bright about it because the emperor would have no clothes. height of hypocrisy if some of these reporters would come out and say yeah, we were briefed on this dossier way back when and now knowing that it's totally false and totally disproven. salacious and unverified. >> sean: let me ask you this last question. you said this is phase one. at a another point in an introduce we did together you talked about at least four other phases. can you outline what else is coming and the specific areas of interest that you have in terms of investigations? >> well, the area that we're focusing on right now is the state department. if you look at the questionnaire that we have seen out so, we have a questionnaire that went out to current and former senior members at the highest
6:21 pm
levels of government. we're asking them very simple questions about the dossier when they knew about it, who they told, what they knew the democrats had paid for it that questionnaire is due this friday. >> sean: did you find susan rice's note to self on the final day of the obama administration odd? >> well, i would say it is a another example of a long string of actions by susan rice that i think are odd. >> sean: does it scare you that an unverified political bought and paid for document full of russian lies with all the talk about russia collusion could make its way to the fisa court, that the fisa judge is not informed about its origins and that it becomes the basis to spy on opposition party in the lead up to an election? does that scare you as much as it does me. >> well, sean, let me tell you what scares me more than that. it's that the party who did that, okay, meaning the democrats in the house and
6:22 pm
the senate, whose party did this, that they are actually in -- and if you read the democratic memo closely, they actually say that that's okay. >> sean: that's scary. >> that to me is really bad. it's not oversight. and i think it brings up many questions about when did they actually know about this dossier. when did they know it. it was actually their own dossier that they used to drum up an investigation on republicans. >> sean: all right. congressman. thank you. keep up of the good work. >> thank you, that un. >> sean: the american people deserve it when we come back. we will talk to sara carter and also gregg jarrett and also an exclusive interview with. that and much more straight ahead. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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♪ >> sean: here to exclusively react to the democrats' fisa memo former trump campaign associate carter page. how are you, sir? >> good to see you. >> sean: you are not a traitor to the country. let me give you some background here so our audience understands. by the way you are a naval graduate. you went to annapolis? >> yes. >> sean: you were part of a foreign policy advisory counsel on the trump campaign. they met once and you weren't there. >> yeah. i had a previous meeting scheduled with some top military leaders very far from washington. >> sean: you never met donald trump? never communicated with him in any way? >> no. you yourself as a junior underpaid. >> unpaid. >> sean: unpaid advisor. okay. you did speak at commencement ceremony moscow at the new economic school. by the way president obama spoke there, too. >> i have spoken at a lot of universities in moscow going back 15 years but, yeah. >> sean: you lived there. why did you live in moscow? >> because in 2004, merrill
6:28 pm
lynch was, you know, they moved out in 1998 when the emerging markets crisis occurred. and so 2004 was the fastest growth market in the world. so they -- me and another guy went over to get the office going. >> sean: you admitted to lawmakers and anyone else who. i won't ask you because you can't talk about it, can you. certain meetings you might have had. in moscow you had brief encounters with people who may have been senior government officials. >> i said hello. one of the other speakers at the new economics school was a government official. i said hello as he was walking down the off the stage. >> sean: that's the deputy prime minister of russia. >> yeah. >> sean: 10 seconds? >> not even. i have been asking to try to get footage of that. and i have been asked about that in various interrogations, literally. >> sean: in all your time, on the campaign or not on the campaign, did anybody in russia ever suggest to you that they had negative
6:29 pm
information on hillary? >> not one word. nothing whatsoever. and not even a glimpse of an whoever offer. >> sean: anyone ever suggest to you in any way that there was a hacking that they were aware of? >> absolutely not. you know, i heard about it in the news, eventually. >> sean: you are identified a lot in this steele dossier, you know. >> yeah. >> sean: page 9 of it says that you held meetings with two ey igors. i'm going to say it the wrong way the vatican. >> did that ever happen? >> i had not even heard -- i started when i heard the word -- they started calling me "wall street journal" was the first that called me in july of 2016. and i started -- i kept getting these calls from people for the next couple months until it finally broke in september. >> sean: is anything written in the steele dossier true. >> not one word.
6:30 pm
>> sean: not one word. they were completely false. >> it's a laughable joke. absolutely. >> sean: i know trey gowdy asked you this. what factual inaccuracies stand out the most against you? >> the complete ridiculousness of it all, sean. >> sean: do you think you would have been charged by the special counsel now if they had any evidence considering that that fisa warrant gave them an opportunity to get every text, every email. every phone call you ever made? wouldn't that have led to an indictment by now? >> you know, i'm not -- you know, i don't talk about those things. but typically, if anyone would have -- i have never been given any information that i am under any serious consideration over recent months. >> sean: i have no information the russian government or anyone associated with it played a role in the 2016 election. you added your visits to moscow you were never approached in any shape, manner or form.
6:31 pm
what coul do you make if that's true what you said because you said it under oath and you said it to the house intelligence committee? >> sean, you know, in that context, i have to thank you because you have been the edward where murrow of this whole process. process. >> sean: the media is going to love that comment. so completely out of control going back really a year and a half from now. so your and your team they used to call it the murrow boys. your team with gregg and sara and everyone. to dig through and actually get to the bottom of things. i mean, there is a lot of people. >> sean: has the country been lied to by the media and by adam schiff on a regular basis? >> it's been nonstop, absolutely. and that's the funny thing about this -- the memo from saturday. it's just a continuation of the same game the dnc has been playing since the summer of 2016. >> do you know christopher
6:32 pm
steele? not michael. is he my friend. >> never met him. >> the government by the way spied on you for different warrants for a full year. >> you know the memos anything that would implicate you associate yourselves with russians to impact in this country. >> i have no fear whatsoever. it's like map libs on this. typically you have to put in a word and comes out with a crazy saying. er you know, it's already the crazy idea and the 10-page memo and then whatever is underneath in these blacked out boxes i'm sure would be even more crazy. >> sean: you know the steele dossier he cased out on the truth of his own doss yea? >> meantime, amaze
6:33 pm
knew deaf follow immigration. >> lou suing. >> both inc. which observes yahoo news as well as hufing hu. >> sean: meabs others when it's all said and done. >> when you look at fake intel report of january 6th,2017. two weeks before the inauguration attacking really throwing up a lot of dirt on the incoming new administration leaving open these -- all these questions, there's two themes to it. one is the hacking. and we all know i have been hacked now. and the other is the fake news media. my lawsuit right now is focused on the fake news ministry. and i'm suing broadcasting board of governors which is the thunder. i have been back and forth with doj many months now. so far they have been
6:34 pm
kicking and screaming. now that the truth comes out they will be more cooperative. >> carter page will be back. sara carter and gregg jarrett weigh in next. stay with us.
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>> sean: joining us now fox news contributor investigative reporter sara carter and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. a lot to respond to, carter page and devin nunes. >> you know, adam schiff insisted that once his memo came out, it would contradict everything in the production nunes memo. it contradicts nothing. in fact, it supports and corroborates everything in the nunes memo. you know, schiff should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself for those representations. for example, he said the fbi and the department of justice follow president the fisa laws did everything properly. we now know that is completely untrue. they broke the fisa laws. schiff said well, the fisa
6:39 pm
court will show was properly advised about the political connections. >> sean: but why? >> that's a lie. and his memo points out he was lying about that. you go through every part of schiff's memo, and it corroborates and supports nununes' memo. >> sean: that's the point. the steele dossier was key, sara, no dossier as mccabe said, no dossier, no fisa application. never mind warrant. they withheld the clinton bought and paid for this thing. i mean, everything was corroborated that nunes and the grassley graham memo said. everything they corroborate. >> absolutely, sean. they implicate themselves. this is the fbi director, former director james comey. and others implicate themselves with their own words. if you think about the time line, october 21st, 2016, they get the fisa warrant to spy on carter page. then on january 5th.
6:40 pm
they debrief then president obama. on january 6th, they brief president-elect trump. and james comey himself says you know it's salacious. it's unverified. then you have christopher steele himself telling the court you know, he didn't verify anything in it. so everybody is using this dossier for a fisa. this is a violation of the fourth amendment if they. >> sean: big time. >> if they lied to the fisa court. >> sean: you broke this on this show almost a year ago. that's how long we have been unappealing this onion. what do you think of darter page. >> feel sorry for a guy like carter page. is he completely innocent. there is no evidence to suggest that anything that is claimed in the dossier is true. and here's a guy whose reputation. >> sean: wouldn't he have been charged by mueller by now? >> of course he would have. >> sean: he is not being charged? you don't think it's happening. >> one of the things the fbi should have done under the fisa law they are required to do, go talk to the subject of the dossier.
6:41 pm
carter page. do they ever do it? no. he would have sat them down and told them his whereabouts. who he talked to. and his brief stay in moscow where he is delivering a speech. the fbi, if they had an ounce of brains, would have said okay, this is obviously a fabricated dossier. >> sean: sara? >> that is unless, greg, and sean, that is unless they needed to open up this investigation into carter page because they were planning on doing it. and that's something that should be very concerning. i mean, they slandered carter page and when christopher steele leaked information from the dossier to the media and. >> sean: unverified. still viewed as a lie. most of it has been debunked and they lied to the court. i wish -- we will bring you back tomorrow. this schiff memo literally has back fired big time. thank you both. appreciate it. mini monologue i will take
6:42 pm
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>> sean: so less than two weeks ago on february 14th a deranged psychopath murdered 17 people in florida. dozens of encounters with law enforcement and dire warnings to authorities, many are now asking why nothing was done to this lunatic's rampage. more questions being raised about the timid response on the day of the shooting from some in the broward county sheriff's department. at this hour there are growing calls for the sheriff, scott israel to be suspended or to be resign or to be fired. that's tonight's mini monologue. ♪ >> sean: let's start with four important words, see something, say something.
6:47 pm
that's exactly what happened in the case of stoneman douglas shooter nikolas cruz. in fact, the fbi was warned twice about cruz, including one call weeks before the shooting where an unidentified woman told authorities that she feared cruz would, quote: get into a school and just shoot the place up. and, according to the name pelsz daily news the broward county sheriff's office, they received 18 warning calls since 2008. law enforcement visited the home of nic lazarus cruz 39 times over a seven year period. and we also know that while enrolled at majory stoneman douglas high cruz was not allowed to wear a backpack out of security concerns and ultimately exspelled because of violent behavior. despite all of these warnings he was not in jail or mental health facility or ivan being observed by law enforcement. instead cruz was easily able to enter the high school with a large bag containing an ar 156789 school resource officer scott peterson armed with a gun and a
6:48 pm
bullet-proof vest he took a position behind a concrete column outside the building when the rampage was taking place. as one witness observed peterson remains standing still shot after shot and scott peterson never entered the building. here is how one student described this officer's enaction in the case. >> the resource officer was behind the stairwell wall standing there. had his gun drawn pointing it at the building. and you could -- shotsed going off inside. you could hear them going off over and over again. only one with a gun. wearing a bullet proof vest and he has all that while school security guards, you know, coaches, pretty much, were running in, shielding kids, coach feis, hixon, were running in. shielding kids from bullets and losing their lives while he did nothing. >> sean: that's the opposite of how 99% of law enforcement would respond. now, this officer resigned but is he claiming that he followed protocol. did nothing wrong. and according to multiple reports, we know that three
6:49 pm
other broward county deputies who first arrived on the scene were also taking up stationary positions outside of the school when, in fact, coral springs officers arrived on the scene and rushed into the school. we have a simple question for the broward county sheriff tonight. why didn't your deputies enter that school? here's what israel actually said yesterday on cnn. >> at this point we have no reason to believe that anyone acted incorrectly or correctly. that's what an investigation is. everybody is entitled to their own opinion. but nobody is entitled to their own set of facts. >> coral springs sources say when coral springs police arrived there were broward deputies there in addition to peterson. >> and i don't dispute that but that is an active investigation. >> do you think that if the broward sheriff's office had done things differently this shooting might not have happened? >> listen, if ifs and buts were candy and nuts o.j.
6:50 pm
simpson would still be in the record books. >> i don't know what that means. 17 dead people and whole list of things your department could do differently. >> sean: because of the timid response in the immediately aftermath in the stoneman douglas shooting and increased signs about the signs of deranged cruz. legislators are calling for sheriff scott israel to be suspended immediately. unbelievable in the aftermath of what some are calling a total breakdown as it relates to law enforcement. israel is praising his own leadership. >> jake, i can only take responsibility or what i knew about. i exercised my cue diligence. i have given amazing leadership to this agency. >> amatzs leadership? >> yes. jake. there is a lot of things we have done throughout. you don't measure a american person's leadership by a deputy not going in. >> sean: as you probably noticed in the wake of one
6:51 pm
of the worst mass shootings sheriff israel has been quick to get in front of a camera with multiple appearances al over tv and everywhere. you probably noticed during his tv appearances israel has been quick to blame the shooting from the lack of police funding, the nra. what you won't see israel do is take the responsibility for his department's failures during this horrific mass shooting where his department's response was anything but quick. i think it's time for sheriff israel to take responsibility. here with reaction. former white house press secretary sean spicer. from the hill joe concha. i think it's important, joe, to point out 99% of police, law enforcement that i know would do the opposite? what's the important of having an armed guard on campus if he is going to stay outside as the shots are going off. >> sean, you said that in the singular, three other officers reportedly now. >> sean: four, yeah. >> coral springs officers
6:52 pm
showed up. and when they went in, they didn't even join them at that time. and that goes, despite what sheriff israel says, that goes to leadership. that goes to the top, and, again, i can't get over this win answer he gave jake tapper. if you did things differently could have you prevented of this. >> if ifs and buts were candy and nuts o.j. simpson would still be in the record books. >> sean: what is that. >> flippant analogy while playing cya on television. ologic sinks is still in fact in record books. i hope the next time israel goes in front of a reporter or a host and he seems to graf at a time towards the spotlight to your point, i hope they ask did you know during that cnn town hall last week that one of your deputies did not go in. three of your other deputies did not go. in if so why didn't you share that tapper asked him this yesterday. press him on this. why did you grandstand on that town hall and go after
6:53 pm
dana loesch and knowing this. he seems to be the a guy seeking higher office at this point. i don't think that will happen after the scrutiny he has been getting lately. >> sean: i have to really support law enforcement. these guys on the ground. most of them auto would take a bullet for anybody, shawn. then you would see -- never got toth miami field office. would have been dealt with it seems at the least of level of being advised. you can't miss these opportunities when people are saying look, he says he wants to be a professional school shooter. and look, he is going to shoot up a school and nobody, the person that got the information did nothing. >> well, exactly right. we have got to remember, this is a massive tragedy. there are so many families that are hurting right now. and as we search for blame, one of the things that we have to do is really look back and recognize as you pointed out twice the fbi was notified.
6:54 pm
18 times local authorities were notified. people were calling out to make it very clear that this person was a danger to his community, to his macious, to knows around him in a house. yet, how many times does somebody have to reach out of to law enforcement at the various lessons to make it clear. >> sean: the lesson is people -- see something, say something. people saw and said. >> absolutely. i mean, yeah. you get on a metro bus or subway car in any major city. in u. see something out of the ordinary and till us. that father specific so he brilliantly when he met with president trump last week. we have got to recognize warning signs are there and things we can be doing. if somebody yelings out that many times there is a problem and govment fails to act. the failure is not with everyone else. it's the government.
6:55 pm
>> joe. i have never picked up a gun in my life. i have no dog in this fight as far as the nra is concerned or marco rubio. >> i hope you i will stick with that. >> i will stick with super soaker he was i'm fine. there was a successful boycott campaign against the nra. delta, metlife. >> sean: going to back fire. >> no longer giving nra. it seems to be going in that direction. that's the point thought now it seems to be focusing more on the i didn't recall of local law enforcement to prevent this from happening. >> sean: got to roll. >> these a giewfd thing now. >> sean: more hannity after this.l.
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>> sean: all right, that's all the time we have left this evening. we are going to have a lot more on this memo which only corroborates what the republicans and we have been telling you for over a year. we thank you for being with us. it's like peeling one layer of
7:00 pm
an onion after another. we will never be dd straight trump media. we will be be fair and balanced part. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. look at laura ingraham. what snarky remark tonight? i didn't have a hard time tonight. i ran out of time. i keep thinking you are saying the adam adam shift memo. >> sean: it is the very shifty schiff. i'm going to get you and i in trouble and it will be your fault for provoking it. >> laura: great to see you. good evening from washington. i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle." we have big news from coast to coast tonight, including exclusive information about that florida school shooting t


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